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Ode to Coffee Shops and Tired Werewolves

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Isaac woke up around 7 PM. He was rubbing his eyes as he walked into the main coffee shop but he looked refreshed, relaxed. Ready to fight whatever the world was going to throw at him, (which Stiles suspected was a lot).

“Thanks for this Stiles, I um, needed that,” Isaac said whilst twiddling with his scarf.

“Dude, I said no problem, and I meant it, come round any time you need. I live upstairs so if the shop’s not open just ring the buzzer, I’ll probably be in.” He quickly made Isaac a soy milk latte and handed it to him before he could walk out of the shop.

Isaac thanked him and looked around in his pockets for some change before Stiles stopped him.

“No charge.”

Isaac gave him a mock glare and put a $5 bill into the tip jar instead. He gave a quick wave and left the shop. Leaving Stiles to his thoughts and a queue of high schoolers.

Stiles didn’t expect to see any more of the crew (nope not crew) today, he’d seen Scott early this morning just as he was opening and Allison and Lydia had popped in for lunch. Usually (excluding that time when Boyd had practically carried Scott in) they stuck to visiting the shop in daytime hours, Stiles felt they were probably doing something else at night. So it was definitely a surprise when at exactly 3:00 in the morning, Erica and Boyd stumbled in. You may be asking, but Stiles, you’ve been working all day, when did you last sleep? And your answer would be - caffeine. 

Erica’s skin had a sallow sheen and Boyd had purple under his eyes. What was that man doing to them? Not that Stiles could be sure it was Derek of course but he seemed to be where all the arrows were pointing.

“So are you guys here for coffee or my delightful company?”

Neither of them said anything, Stiles pulled out a couple chairs and gestured for them to sit down. “The answer is both if your wondering.”

The silence was beginning to become ominous when Boyd’s stomach rumbled. He started to look embarrassed but Stiles jumped in - “Luckily for you my friends, food is something I can do for you. What are we thinking? If it’s not cake or bread related we can head to the kitchen upstairs.”

Erica gave him a wobbly smile. “Do you mean that?” she asked quietly.

“That you can come upstairs? Yeah, sure, I need to show off my renovations to someone anyway. Really you guys would be doing me a favour.” Stiles may be lying and there are no renovations, but Erica doesn’t need to know that.

“No, not that, well yes that but, do you mean it that we’re your friends?”

“What? Of course, I mean it, I didn’t realise that was in debate, you guys are the best. Now, food, what do you want?” he asked before this could get anymore crushingly heartfelt.

“Noodles?” Said Boyd.

“Right. Good, I do actually have those, Erica, what about you?”

She smiles at him, properly this time. “Whatever you want.”

“Alright, noodles coming up, Catwoman. Follow me, guys.” He points up towards the stairs. “Welcome to Casa a la Stiles”

They pad up Stiles bare threaded carpet stairs and he grabs two pins from his pocket to pick the lock. He’s pretty good at it by now, but Erica and Boyd are emanating an air of confusion so he turns around to explain before they think he’s robbing his own house.

“I lost my key, okay? And I haven’t had time to get a new one cut.”

He’s given twin looks of disappointment. He gets on with picking the lock, it takes a few seconds longer than it should but he’s blaming that on being watched, don’t judge the performance anxiety.

He pushes open the door and waves them both in. He sits them down on some chairs he’d gotten cheap from a thrift store and goes to see what’s in the kitchen.

“What do you two think of stir fry? I’ve got some chicken I need to use up, ooh and vegetables, veg is good for you.”

He looks over to see eyes full of glee. “Jeez, who looks after you lot?”

The weariness starts to creep back into their faces so he cuts it off - “No matter, you have me now.” He raises his hands. “And I’m fucking awesome.”

They mutter quietly to each other as Stiles dances around the kitchen humming. He thinks occasionally they might be laughing at him but he decides to see that as a positive as at least they’re laughing at something; Stiles is going to make these kids so happy Derek Hale won’t know what hit him.

He sets two full plates down on the coffee table in front of them. Nobody moves for a moment and Stiles stares at Boyd curiously, he seems to be waiting for something. Stiles tries nodding at him. They take that as their cue, managing to eat it as quickly as possible but savour it at the same time. Stiles starts writing a mental grocery list, he’s going to have to feed them more often.

They finish up at the same time, putting knives and forks neatly in the centre of the plate. “Well, at least you weren’t raised by wolves,” Stiles mutters to himself.

Boyd and Erica share a look of amusement. Stiles has no idea what's going on in their minds but hey, they're smiling. He takes their plates into the kitchen, piling them into the sink. Footsteps follow him. They both look so earnest it’s scary. “So what’d you think?” 

They’re walking towards him slowly, is this where he gets murdered? Was his food that bad? He’s about to ask exactly this when Erica wraps her arms around him, Boyd too.

“Um, group hug then, that’s cool. Love you too guys.”

Erica nestles further into his shoulder and Boyd’s grip remains tight

He pats them both awkwardly on the back, “Wow I’m not ready for parenthood.”

Erica snorts, though it sounds slightly more like a sniffle, he courteously ignores it. “Sorry mom, you’re stuck with us now.”

Boyd chuckles and Stiles gives a little squawk. Erica pulls away slightly, doubt evident on her face, thinking she took it too far. Stiles playfully swats her. “Do I look like a mom to you Erica? Why aren’t I the dad in this situation?”

She gives him a significant look. “You just aren’t Stiles, that position's taken, sorry,” she smirks, “mom suits you” Boyd nods as if he agrees.

By who?? And they could have two dads thank you very much, heteronormativity is not employed in this house, but he finds he doesn’t actually mind. Stiles edges away from them both slightly and hitches himself up on the side next to sink.

“Right. I’m going to bed, I don’t think I’ve slept in 48 hours, if you guys want to stay you can squidge in with me or take the couch.”

Erica opened her mouth, closed it, then shook her head. “We should probably get back.”

“I’ll wake you guys up in the morning? I need to get up in a few hours to start baking anyway.”

Boyd looked hopeful, he nudged Erica. “Okay, we’ll stay, so will we all fit in your bed?”

Stiles smiled. “We’ll make it work. Just don’t ever tell Scott, he’ll get jealous.”

They make it work. Stiles luckily had a twin bed and for some reason Erica and Boyd arranged themselves so Stiles was in the middle (was medium spoon a thing? If so, he was the medium spoon) Boyd was the big spoon and Erica the little. Boyd's arm was reached over Stiles and clasping Erica’s hand which he found sweet. He was glad they had each other, and for those few hours, before he had to get up, he slept the best he had in a while. He could take an educated guess that Boyd and Erica did too.

His alarm went off at 6:30, truthfully, he normally got up earlier than that if he had to bake but it was nice staying in bed for longer. And he wanted Erica and Boyd to get a few good hours at least. Hopefully, his customers would last on yesterdays bakes. He nudged Boyd, who had managed to somehow move so he lay almost completely on top of Stiles and Stiles legs were tangled with Erica’s. It was strange how completely not strange it felt. He prodded Boyd's arm again when he'd still not moved an inch.

“Dude, cmon, I need to get up.”

“Mnn, sleep” he grunted, but reluctantly moved aside slightly so Stiles could just about manage to scramble off the bed.

“Boyd, not that I don’t want you to have a nice lie in all day, because I do. But didn’t you guys say you had places to be? I don’t want you to, uh…get in trouble.”

Boyd rubbed his eyes then, he looked at Stiles, looked back at Erica lying peacefully in the bed, “Nah, he can fuck himself, we’re staying for a bit… If that’s alright with you.”

“If that’s alright with me? Of course it is! Mi casa es su casa, I’ve got to go but, make sure you say bye before you leave, yeah?”

Boyd had turned over and nuzzled back into Erica, “yeah, thanks Stiles,” He smirks “mom.” he shut his eyes.

Okay then, was this even a joke anymore, who knows? Not Stiles. But anyway, cafe, baking, make coffee, on with the day.

Stiles kept an eye on the stairs most of the morning, he didn’t want Boyd and Erica to escape without coffee and food, wow he had a problem. What if they climbed out the window? Though it was a second-story window so really they couldn’t, but somehow he wouldn’t put it past these people. He was meaning to go check up on them at some point soon. At around 11 Stiles was minding his own business cleaning tabletops whilst there weren’t many customers when Scott came storming up to him, Isaac on his heels. Scott seemed to be sniffing something in the air.

Stiles wasn’t able to get a word in before Scott got out - “Boyd and Erica.”

Stiles nodded. “They're here, upstairs, they may still be asleep though.”

Scott looked like he’d let out a breath of relief. “So they’re fine?”

“Well, they were a bit tired, and hungry, but apart from that.”

Isaac piped up, “Can I uh, can I go see them?”

“Yeah, course dude, doors unlocked, if they’re awake tell them to come down get some food.”

The boy nodded, then turned and rushed towards the stairs.

“So Scottie, how are you? How’s the vets? How’s Allison? Does it smell weird in here? You keep sniffing, I can’t smell anything but you know how everyone gets desensitized to the smell of where they live, which is kind of problematic really, why do we do that? Unless you were living in a place that was really an assault on your senses then I guess it could be helpful, but otherwise? A lso since that one time that souffle exploded in my face everything kind of has a strawberry tint you know? So I don’t think my nose is the most reliable anyway.

Scott just smiled at him. “Nah it smells nice, of… family.”

“Family has a smell?”

“Ugh, not so literally as that, doesn’t matter Stiles,” he said, smile still fixed upon his face “ But yep, I’m good, the vets good, animals still love me, Allison’s also good; we’re going out for dinner later.”

“Fun, want a coffee?” Maybe everyone around him being in loving relationships was getting to him slightly, Erica and Boyd, Scott and Allison, even his dad definitely had something going on with Melissa McCall, he knew Lydia had a boyfriend (though Stiles had been reliably informed he was an asshole) it seemed just Stiles was an odd one out, apart from Isaac, though Stiles felt if Isaac got into a relationship he would have to start threatening people with bodily harm. Scott looks as if he sniff out what Stiles is thinking, so distracting people with coffee was his thing now. Who was he kidding, it had always been his thing.

He’s about start on Scott’s latte when he hears three sets of feet descending from his flat. Erica seems to have repurposed one of Stiles’ hoodies and it drowns her slightly but it makes Stiles’ face twitch into a smile he can’t explain.

Stiles gives them both fist bumps when they get down, then Isaac too because he looks left out. “Who wants to eat? I have croissants!”

Scott gave him a questioning look, “You can’t make pastry Stiles.”

“I didn’t say I made the croissants, I said I have croissants.”

“Emily made them didn’t she.”

“Shut up Scott. I make brownies, we all know where the talent lies here”

Everyones face perks up at brownies, “Nope, it’s breakfast time, we don’t eat brownies for breakfast.”

Erica sighs, “Awww, mom…”

He flips his middle finger at her.

Boyd smirks, “Mom’s mad at you now Erica, you’re not gonna get any croissants.”

“Oh, are we calling Stiles mom to his face now?” Isaac butts in.

Stiles jaw drops. “Guys… oh, whatever, cmon sit-down, I might as well do my parental duties and provide for you all.”

Everyone sits.

Breakfast is sadly a rushed affair, halfway through Erica gets a text, which she ignores, Boyd then gets a text also and, after some silent eye communication with the others (excluding Stiles) at the table, he excuses himself and takes the call outside the shop, Stiles can’t hear what’s going on but he can see the hardening of Boyd's face when he walks back inside.

“I guess our little family breakfast is coming to an end then.”

Boyd frowns slightly and nods.

“Well, kids I’m not one for wasting food so who wants a takeaway?”

They all leave with a paper bag of food and a coffee each. Stiles had tried to force it on them for free but they had all chucked crumpled notes on his table that seemed well worth more than the breakfast. Scott had lightly punched him on the shoulder and said it was for their own benefit since Stiles going bankrupt meant none of them could get coffee here anymore. Which, true.

All in all. Stiles was having words with Derek Hale.