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(Open)Fodlan pornstar Q and A

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Q: Byleth; how do you feel about shooting porn videos with your former students?

A: “It doesn’t really bother me because we’re all pretty much the same age, some of them were older than me even. Also considering my heart was literally made of stone back then I don’t exactly have strong emotional hang ups about it.” She says.

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1: “Well I have to say Coco is definitely the dom in our relationship especially ever since she grew her massive futa cock.” Hapi says. “I try to get her back when we’re outside in public but when we get home she just gives it back to me tenfold.”

2: “Dost thou think I am stupid!? I am well aware that in the future House Nuvelle’s glory will come from being the personal cocksleeve’s for our glorious Emperor! I take pride in knowing that my descendants will be servicing royal cocks for generations to come!” Constance gasps out as Edelgard fills her cunt with the twelfth load of that day.

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“Well obviously it hurt like hell when I first realized her cock was up inside my rib cage. But I definitely take pride in knowing I’m the only one to ever conquer that evil bitch. The down side though to doing so many scenes with her and her monster cock is that my pussy is so stretched out it’s almost ruined my personal sex life.” Edelgard reminisces while casually fisting herself.

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1: “Ooh little Lysithea is such an adorable girl.” Coos Manuela. “We’ve shot about 20 scenes and 3 full movies of the dom teacher/sub student dynamic, but she’s deceptively powerful so expect a few scenes coming up soon were she gets her revenge on me.”

2: “Oh, it was definitely “Knight on Prince 4: Roughing it” we used a ridged dildo for that one and his groans as he emptied his balls for were just so exhilarating!” Catherine laughs out heartily, masturbating while remembering the shoot.

3: “Yeah well I mean I try to a be dom on screen as much as possible (because Coco doesn’t let me at home.) but I mean come on B is so tall and his cock is sooo big it really hard not to submit to him.” Hapi giggles.

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Ingrid: “As much as Dorothea wishes otherwise I am in fact straight, so a hung man would definitely be my choice.”

Edelgard: “I definitely prefer futanari’s as is plainly obvious from the many videos I’ve made with Seiros and my wife Byleth.”

Dorothea: “Oh yeah, I love hung girls especially my beloved King Petra.”

Hilda: “I don’t really care what the cock is attached to as long as it’s extra large and smelly, and can inflate my womb with loads of thick gooey jizz! Hehe.”

Marianne: “Umm… my crest… my curse makes all manner of beasts go in to heat just from th…the scent of my womanhood. Bu..but I don’t mind. I love doing beastiality videos especially with horses I adore getting gang-banged my beloved Dorte and all of his horsie friends!”

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1: “Goddess I don’t know, they were all good but I have minor regrets about them.” Leonie said. “Obviously with Professor Byleth I would preferred it to be Jeralt. My beastiality gangbang could never live up to Marianne’s incredible work. Raphael is just too nice to give me real good hard fucking but his cock is so massive I have to say ours is my favourite work out of the three.”

2: Dimitri and Claude look at each other awkwardly “Yeah the spit roast video was supposed to be with Mercedes, but that was before we found out she became a nun.” Said Dimitri. “Totally, since nuns are Lady Rhea’s personal fuck toys she would’ve raped or asses for using one of her pets.” Claude said. “Anyways,” Dimitri continues “Annette was really amazing for a last minute replacement, so everything worked out.” Both men nod in agreement.

3: “Tch, how did you find out about that.” Rhea exclaims. “Yes it’s true I love it when my mother calls me a “bad girl” and forces me to suck her toes, and when she walks on my prone body is amazing especially when she steps on my testicles.” *blush* “I mean. I do that stuff for views and revenue only of course!”

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1: “Honestly she’s totally overrated people talked her up to be a menace but it was pretty much the same as working with Cassandra *heh* (my partner hates when I call her by her real name.) any way the only difference is that Kronya is really scrawny so I can easily overpower her if she gets out of line.” Shamir said.

2: “She had it written into her contract.” Dimitri said scowling. “Damn woman is too conniving for her own good”

3: “I think it’s an open secret that the nuns at Gareg Mach are anything but chaste.” Mercedes says smiling “Each of us get creampied by Lady Rhea’s two foot futa dragon dick everyday and… OH I’m sorry I haven’t answered your question yet, I’ve portrayed a nun in 777 videos to date.”

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1: “In the future?” Rhea scoffs. “The three of us have already done over a thousand videos together, with every dom/sub combination as well.” Edelgard says proudly. Byleth can only nod in agreement with the words of her wife and girlfriend.

2: “I’m sorry El but I really don’t know who’s baby is growing inside me.” Byleth says rubbing her heavily pregnant belly. “I love you both so much I’d be happy no matter who my baby daddy is.” *blush* Edelgard and Rhea both latch on to Byleth’s nipples as their lover’s engorged breasts begin to leak milk.

3: “That would be extremely hot.” Edelgard says “Have you done that scene with our resident size queen Marianne?” Byleth nods “Well in that case I’d love to try it.” Edelgard says proudly.

4: “More like she’s the one who’s fallen in love with me.”
Rhea says heartily. “Well my massive dragon cock at least.” Rhea laughs as she pushes Edelgards face into her sweaty ballsack. “Although I admit I’ve grown a soft spot for our little sluty emperor.”

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“Obviously I want the baby in my wife to be mine.” Byleth says rubbing her El’s swollen belly. “But I think she cares about the parentage a lot more than I do.” She exclaims happily squeezing some milk out of her wife’s breast.

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Edelgard: “I’m not going to risk aborting my baby or anything drastic like that. But I have no plans on raising some filthy hybrid.” She said with contempt.

Rhea: “Oh please,” Seiros cackled “your family has been mothering my bastards for over a thousand years. You’re just carrying on the family tradition sweet princess.”

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“Hmmm the biggest cock I’ve ever seen was in the video of The Immaculate One spearing Flayn. For a person however it was when Professor Byleth was possessed by the Goddess and her cock swelled to 30 inches I could barely take half of it.” Dorothea says reminiscing happily.

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1: Byleth: “ I have 612 children currently 599 from my dick and 13 from my womb.” She says proudly “Other than my wife, my favourite girl to breed is Flayn, her tiny body looks so adorable when it’s all swollen and pregnant. I think I like being a mom more just because of how my tits swell and lactate.” Byleth exclaims squeezing her breasts allowing milk to pour out.
Edelgard: “I am a proud father of 744 and mother of 15.” Edelgard says. “I love putting babies in Marianne most of all… I mean other than my wife of course, and I love using my dick.” She says balls deep inside the bearer of the crest of the beast.

2: “Th…the first time I saw that one of my videos hit a thousand views I fainted.” Bernie gasps out. “My success has helped with my confidence though, but I’m not ready to do a circle jerk bukkake like Hilda does. But I just shot some glory hole scenes so keep an eye out for those.” She whispers.

3: “Well I am totally a sweet innocent girl so I have no problem with taking on those roles.” Flayn says smiling. “…But if they were to cast Cethleann that would be a whole different story.” She says grinning evilly.

4: “Sorry Catherine can’t answer your questions right now.” Annette says balls deep in the tanned woman’s throat. “I have no doubt she doesn’t regret her decision.” Constance groans out busting a nut in the former paladins ass. “She’s definitely proud of the movement she’s started.” Shamir says pumping in and out of her partner’s pregnant pussy.

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1: “Well since my husband Dorte is a horse I obviously have to go with horses.” Marianne says “For those of you just starting out with beastiality, the most important thing is to make sure you and your partner love each other no matter their size.”

2: “I don’t think I even have a proper cervix anymore, my cunt and womb have become one now.” Leonie says “My cervix training regime is pretty simple, just taking really big dildos 4 hours a day everyday for 5 years!”

3: “Well none of them have ever complained about being enslaved.” Ingrid says cheerfully. “But if you have any doubts I can always make you a slave as well, then you could join Felix and Sylvain as my living dildos.”

4: “I’m so glad that my products are a huge success.” Dorothea proudly exclaim. “I think the next step would be to monetize my friends, although if they refuse I can always sell breast milk.”

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“Well there’s no better time to confirm it.” Byleth says. “In fact that was the Black Eagles sex-ed final exam.” “It was an absolutely brilliant experience to lay with noble so hung.” Constance laughs. “That little girls penis was longer than her legs.” Said Petra. “It’s still the biggest penis I’ve ever taken.” Says Bernadetta. “It was nice to finally know the name of one of my baby daddies, considering I’ve been pumping out bastards since I was 13.” Dorothea coos. “Definitely a great exercise to strengthen the bonds between classmates.” Says Edelgard.

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1: “Wh…while yes ii…it’s true I went feral, I w…was the one pounding him.” Marianne whispers.

2: “Oh yeah! Definitely proud of my ASSets.” Says Claudia. “I love it that everyone stops to watch me walk, and making Teach and Rhea blush is just a bonus.”

3: “Ashe for certain, his bum just clenches around my cock so well.” Petra declares.

4: “I’m pretty sure about half a dozen girls are tied for third largest futa cock.” Bernie squeaks out. “Mine looks larger cause I’m short I guess.”

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“Ha ha, yes Lady Gomeril was indeed a most wonderful test subject for my latest invention.” Constance laughed.
“Like oh my gosh it was so amazing to filled up like that. I mean I do a lot of bukkake videos but that was like on a whole nother level!” Hilda exclaims. “Coco’s Potion of Rubber Womb was a success but I was just happy to have a cock for a change.” Says Hapi.

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1: “Yes definitely, and not just mine.” Reveals Seiros. “The former Flame Emperor is a full blown foot fetishest now. I can overhear her begging her beloved professor for foot jobs every night.”

2: “I was super embarrassed at first I hadn’t left my room for ten days prior to that not even to bathe, so my nuts were extremely slimy and gross.” Explains Bernie. “But the way my classmates snorted up my ball grease made me so excited, just thinking about it is making me leak pre.”

3: “Yes absolutely, I simply adore giving rim jobs, and yes Petra is my favourite target.” Says Edelgard. “Why? I guess she bathes often and is very clean so that’s a plus, also her ass doesn’t get used a lot so she’s really tight, some times when you’re rimming a real anal slut your face can get lost in their hole and it just not fun.”

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“Hmm… it honestly wouldn’t have been that bad, El and I have an open marriage and bring home different partners all the time.” Byleth pondered. “ I was just elated that my mother had been resurrected. Unfortunately Seiros made me wear a chastity cage for the shoot. Fuck my balls hurt for days, never again.”

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1: “Well I’ve never tried to suck off Mariannes husband before so I guess Dimitri wins by default.” Ingrid says. “However with my Pegasus I’ve managed to get 27 out of 36 inches down my throat.”

2: *unintelligible* see: Not mine but I love it please support the original author.

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1: “The thing with mind control is that my partners don’t have to be willing.” Says Lysithea. “Don’t get me wrong I’d never want to bring any harm to my friends. But if I had to it would be pretty easy due to me being small and cute.”

2: “My Lords station is usually enough for women to comply. Even if they refuse Her Majesty’s power is absolute so it dosent matter.” Says Hubert simply.

3: “When I was a pure maiden of faith I would spend my efforts helping orphans.” Says Mercedes. “Now that I’ve fallen into lustfull degeneracy my affection for young children has remained.”

4: “There is nothing to say about my ancestors sexual preferences, unless of course you have a problem with it.” Says Petra frankly “The Emperor and Empresses adoption of me was definitely for intercorse reasons and yes I do plan on giving my kids to their fathers as concubines.”

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1: “I think you answered your own question.” Petra says “Yes it’s true that Brigidians are much more hung the other peoples.” She says stroking her 19 inch futa cock.

2: “I mean I did pioneer the genre *hehe* I definitely love putting big strong proud women in their place, especially Catherine and Cornelia.” Kronya laughs.

3: “Obviously it bothers me, being overlooked even though I have biggest rack on the continent.” Cornelia says “But I guess that’s just a perk of being Archbishop.”

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1: “Whoever is available honestly.” Says Petra. “But I have my favourites, those with scent fetishes Catherine, Edelgard and Sitri.”

2: “Very satisfying.” Edelgard smirks. “Everything she’s done to me she definitely deserves it.” She says rubbing her balls on the Nabatean’s face.

3: “Of course I did.” Says Byleth. “Not just the girls but the boys as well, anything to get my classes grades up. And who can resist my thighs especially in these stockings.” She says slapping her own ass.

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Corrin, Camilla, Elise, Hinoka, Sakura, Azura, Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Veronica, Fjorm, Gunnthrá, Laegjarn, Laevatein

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Flayn: “Edelgard for me I love seeing Seiros ruin her.”
Dorothea: “How could I not choose my best friend Edie.”
Hilda: “Marianne, I get so jealous of her.”
Mercedes: “As a holy woman I definitely prefer Edelgard’s videos especially when she’s with Lady Rhea.”
Ingrid: “I have to support Marianne as a fellow beastiality lover.”
Sitri: “Edelgard is wonderful young woman, my daughter sure has good taste.”
Manuela: “Marriane’s videos are a most wonderful to watch.”
Hapi: “I can’t decide they both get me so hot.”

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1: “Um… yeah I’m pretty new to porn I’ve only done 69 scenes and have bottomed in all of them even when I get to use my penis I’m still the sub.” Corrin says.

2: “That was a fake wedding just for the screen.” Says Cornelia.

3: “I’ve done a good mix of everything.” Says Yuri. “But definitely more gay porn.”

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1: “23.” Says Cornelia. “And they were all super enjoyable.” Leonie said.

2: “I don’t like she’s too domineering, almost evil.” Says Ignatz. “Although I guess I am a shota, huh.”

3: “Femboy’s are the easiest to dominate.” Says Cornelia. “But a strong man is just so satisfying to break.”

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1: “I used to be woken up by my cutie baby sis.” Camilla says. “But ever since she met Sakura those two have been inseparable.”

2: “Hmm,” Azura wonders. “I don’t think singing has improved my felatio skills, but everyone asks me for blowjobs so it must be true.”

3: “I don’t do that anymore now that I’ve become a professional actress.” Says Anna. “Buuut… back when I did turn tricks behind the armoury 3000g and my most frequent customer was Alfonse.”

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1: “On the contrary, it’s made me realize settling down is overrated.” Manuela said. “Going forward I’ll just have plenty of friends with benefits.”

2: “There isn’t much to watch anymore.” He says. “Except of course all of the quality pornography we’ve been producing.”

3: “I think it’s held me back.” Seteth said. “But for some my old age is the reason to co-star with me.”

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“When I first felt the head of Seiros’ massive dragon cock in the bottom of my throat I thought I was vomiting .” Said Edelgard. “Manuela told me that I would’ve lost the baby if it wasn’t half Nabatean.” She says stroking her baby’s hair, while breast feeding her. “Byleth was so happy to suck Seiros, cock and make out with me at the same time. She looked so hot getting showered with the semen coming out of my mouth like a fountain.” She sighs, reminiscing. “Actually our resident beastiality queen Marianne is coaching me for my first horse scene.”

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1: “Unfortunately my Corrin always wore a cape when I first met them so I could never get a good look at their booty.” Chimes Azura. “But the first time I saw Corrin in a swimsuit I was down on my knees in a second eating out that fat ass.”

2: “Dorothea seemed to be the only one excited to try it.” Said Petra. “She said it would be great for her “side hustle”.”

3: “Um no. She’s so tall and pretty, and a queen as well. I expected her to be super mean and degrading.” Says Bernie. “But she was super nice and motherly, and pampered me a lot. I love doing ABDL videos with her.”

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“Well you know I’m a gold digger so I never miss a chance to go down on some royal dick, right Edie.” Says Dorothea. Edelgard rolls her eyes and says. “Anyway Prince Corrin was an amazing lay wether he was using his penis or his asshole to pleasure us. I definitely wouldn’t mind working with him again.” “Mmmm yes, or maybe his alternate female or futanari selves.” Dorothea said.

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“Ever since Musphel and Nifl merged we’ve been fucking some pretty pale girls already.” Said Laegjarn. “Honestly she was a pretty big slut, both her holes were totally loose.” Said Laevatein. “I’m no stranger to black cock.” Says Edelgard. “King Petra is one of my baby daddies after all. I think I preferred Laegjarn, because she is taller and had deeper more powerful thrusts. As for incest… I’m pretty sure I like it, but I don’t know if Byleth and Seiros are actually related or not?”

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“Ooh, precious little Princess Edelgard. She certainly has proven to an excellent lover.” Says Rhea. “At first all I wanted to do was to put that pathetic little tramp in her rightful place, in between my legs of course. But my darling Byleth has convinced me to treat Edelgard as an equal, and I wish I had done so sooner.” Rhea begins to jerk off her 24 inch cock. “A set of genitals like that don’t belong on such petit body. I love rubbing my face on her greasy smelly ballsack, and climbing on that dick and having my El deposit gallons of her grimy ball sludge into my filthiest hole.” Rhea coos.

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1: Ignatz: “I don’t think producing a film with Raphael would hinder our friendship. I would definitely be the bottom though, and just vanilla sex would be fine.”
Raphael: “It’d be fun to do a scene with Ignatz, I think it’d be cute if he wore girls clothes as I fucked him.”

2: Ignatz: “If Maya was one of our coworkers I’d love to do a scene with her. It’s always nice to work with friends.”
Raphael: “I’d just be happy seeing all my friends get along.”

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“Umm… I think I’ve answered a similar question before, but yeah I love it. It makes me feel important and wanted. It’s great to wake up to the sight of my friends faces between my legs. I even asked Dorothea for oral in the middle of the cafeteria the other day so my confidence is up.” Says Bernie.

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1: Rhea: 30 inches (Immaculate One 80”)
2: Byleth: 22” (temp 36” possessed by Sothis)
3: Edelgard: 22” (temp 32” Hemogen)
4: Petra: 20”
5: Dedue: 20”
6: Laegjarn: 20”
7: Catherine: 19”
8: Corrin (futa): 18”
9: Laevatein: 18”
10: Bernadetta: 18”
11: Raphael: 17”
12: Balthus: 17”
13: Dimitri: 16”
14: Constance: 16”
15: Claude: 15”
16: Kronya: 15”
17: Yuri: 15”
18: Sylvain: 14”
19: Felix: 14”
20: Ferdinand: 14”
21: Corrin (male): 13”
22: Alfonse: 13”
23: Lorenz: 12”
24: Hubert: 12”
25: Caspar: 11”
26: Annette: 10”
27: Ashe: 10”
28: Ignatz: 9”
29: Lysithea: 8”
30: Marianne: no penis (30” feral)

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1: “Hmm that’s a new one, we'll have to get on filming it right away.” Says Cornelia.

2: “Girls, there more diligent about shaving back there.” Says Cornelia.

3: “Oh yes, two powerful men fucking me without remorse? Theirs no way I could’ve taken those mighty cocks and stayed conscious.” Says Cornelia.

4: “As the CEO I’m the one who asks people to make films, and no I don’t think people would care to see a castle as the costar of a porn film. Hmm but maybe some of the monastery’s wyverns?” Contemplates Rhea.

5: “Ahh! Yes, now I know how professor Byleth feels. Corrin was a natural, but not just him I was also tasked with introducing the rest of the Nohrians and Hoshidians to beastiality as well.” Explains Marianne.

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1: “Gah I love being spanked by my mommy.” Rhea gasps out, while bent bent over her mothers knee. “Yes my daughter has been a very bad girl and deserves to get her ass beat raw.” Chimes Sothis.

2: “It’s fine and my penis isn’t even that small.” Lysithea says. “I think my relatively small cock only adds to my cute pseudo-loli image.”

3: “Yes I’ve recently joined joined Marianne in a few horse movies.” Says Edelgard. “I don’t know if it counts but the only time I’ve been in an animal is when Corrin and I took turns with each other when they were in their dragon form.”

Chapter Text

1: “Of course not.” Says Edelgard. “My ass isn’t exactly my most notable feature. I’m glad though twerking hypnosis is just weapon in my arsenal.”

2: “That would be Lady Rhea.” Says Mercedes. “When she first raped me in the chapel I was mortified but I came to enjoy public sex.”

3: “Elise and her sister have been corrupting my baby sister.” Says Hinoka. “I was so surprised when Sakura pinned me down and began to fist me.”

Chapter Text

1: “I prefer to worship Rhea’s feet.” Says Edelgard. “But my wife, Byleth gives better foot jobs.”

2: “I don’t know if she technically counts as a loli but we did film me knocking my wife up.” Laegjarn says as a heavily pregnant Fjorm bounces on her big black cock. “I also have done scenes with Flayn.” She continues.

3: “Like that would be wild.” Says Hilda. “The best part would be having to fit two dicks in my cunt at once, right?”

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1: “All of them do of course, it’s an enforced rule after all.” Says Rhea. “But the most eager to greet me are Sitri, Catherine, and Mercedes.”

2: “Bernie is definitely more dominant now.” Says Byleth. “In fact I just saw her forcing herself on Flayn behind the dining hall.”

3: “Contrary to appearances I don’t sleep around that much.” Says Camilla. “When the cameras aren’t rolling my wife and I are pretty much exclusive.”

Chapter Text

1: “I’m married to Hinoka.” Says Camilla. “Our favourite sex position is me fucking her from behind with a strap on.”

2: “Absolutely not I still hate her.” Said Edelgard. “However I do love fucking her though.”

3: “Well since I was a student I guess.” Mercedes reminisces “As part of my training as a priestess I was to service people in the confessional booth.”

Chapter Text

Rhea: “My mommy Sothis.”

Bernadetta: “Umm… professor Byleth.”
Hilda: “Definitely Claudia.”
Annette: “Lady Catherine.”

Chapter Text

1: “I wouldn’t think so, I expect Sitri and Byleth to bend over for me in public so why should my mom treat me any different.”

2: “Well I’m recognized in public more now.” Says Azura. “But it’s made Corrin and I more money so I don’t mind be catcalled now and then.”

3: “It wasn’t much of a date.” Said Bernie. “I was to nervous to go out in public with someone else’s wife especially one so beautiful. So we just stayed home watched Netflix and took turns creampieing each other.”

Chapter Text

“Yeah that was pretty intense.” Said Byleth. “Robin’s cock was really big, but my El wasn’t the only one who was walking stiff.” Continued Byleth stroking her futa cock.
“My ass was super sore for days.” Says Eldelgard. “Especially after Grima took ove.”

Chapter Text

1: “No one denies me.” Says Rhea “That ninja skank tried her hardest to resist, but she broke in the end. Orochi cried when I hilted inside her, Corrin however is a total butt slut he moaned so hard as my cock crushed his prostate.”

2: “I’m mistress Ingrid’s loyal butt slave I’d never feel bad about getting railed by her.” Says Felix. “Her strap ons have been getting bigger though.”

3: “Heh can I say both?” Says Sylvain.

Chapter Text

“Um Flayn is a normal woman too.” Says Tiki. “I just like making other people happy and if they want spear my pussy all day that’s fine with me.”

Chapter Text

Flayn: “I definitely would love to impregnate the goddess Sothis. Also Professor Byleth.”

Dorothea: “Petra has knocked me up a dozen times so I’d love to get her back, or Professor Byleth.”

Mercedes: “I would be so happy if Lady Rhea could bear my children and Professor Byleth as well.”

Marianne: “Hilda would be a perfect mommy for my babies and Professor Byleth too.”

Chapter Text

1: “Oh yes definitely, especially my cutie daughter Seiros.” Says Sothis. “Edelgard is the biggest foot slut I’ve ever met. Ooh I just can’t get enough of beautiful women slobbering all over my feet.”

2: “Mmm I love it.” Says Corrin. “Being a femboy buttslut I can’t get enough of my other self’s futa dragon cock. Just thinking about it is making my clitty leak in my chastity cage.”

3:”My darling baby sister was such a kind and innocent girl.” Says Camilla. “But Nohrian royalty has to be strong and dominant, so I had her practice dominating me and we just got carried away.”

4: “Mostly Gunnthra is mine and Fjorm is Laegjarn’s.” Says Laevatein. “But we do sometimes swap and have four somes and of course when we’re on camera all bets are off.”

5: “Yes I’m a huge butt slut, mostly thanks to Anna.” Says Alfonse. “She thought pimping out a prince would be an easy way to make money.” “Alfonse and I are the best brother sister whore duo in any world!” Chimes in Sharaena.

Chapter Text

“Yes my cunt is definitely ruined beyond repair.” Says El. “If not from the constant reamings from monster cocks then definitely from all my birthing. The twins in here will be my 19th and 20th.” She says proudly patting her swollen belly. “Anyway when I’m not pregnant I can easily take Dorte’s cock in me our six fists.”

Chapter Text

“My favourite urinal is the one who pays me the most.” Says Anna. “Ha ha, just kidding but cute boys are my favourites, Alfonse and Ashe especially. If you ask for my piss you’re getting pushed down on your knees right then and there.”

Chapter Text

“Well you know piss is definitely a gateway fetish.” Says Anna. “I love getting other futas to piss so I can sell it. Warm futa urine is quite tasty. Girls who are already in to dirty stuff like Edelgard and Catherine were quite receptive.”

Chapter Text

1: “Anna treats me very well.” Says Alfonse. “I think it’s because she sees me as a product and getting damaged would be bad for business. Anyway I’m loving all the big cocks Mistress Anna’s found for me definitely helping my femboy training.”

2: “*heh* Between my pussy and her cock the two of us can wear out anyone in half an hour guaranteed.” Says Shamir. “Damn right partner!” Catherine chimes in.

3: “Sometimes, I love drinking milk from Queen Camilla’s huge tits.” Says Sakura. “But if I’m doing sister stuff with Elise then it’s mostly three ways with Corrin.”

4: “Anna said it’s normally 1000 g to rent Alfonse’s butt for a night. But she gave me a discount because my penis was apparently smaller than his.” Lysithea says pouting.

Chapter Text

1: “After escaping Tharja it is very cathartic to dominate futanari women.” Says Robin.

2: “Robin huh, what did he call himself Grima?” Said Rhea. “That man is definitely a dragon with a mighty cock like that. I might have to make him my husband, and let him ruin me everyday.”

Chapter Text

Byleth: “I love spending as much time with my family as possible,” says Byleth “especially fucking. Seiros’ cock fills me up so good plus Sitri and Sothis have the most wonderful feeling pussys.”

Camilla: “Part of being a good big sister is making your younger siblings feel good and nothing feels better than making love.”

Elise: “I love taking baths with Camilla and drinking her milk as well.”

Hinoka: “I was apprehensive about sleeping with Sakura at first, but she’s grown into quite the capable lover.”

Sakura: “I love playing nude games with Hinoka, it’s so fun to cuddle and be touched by her.”

*futa*Corrin: “All four of my sisters are my baby mamas.”

Chapter Text

1: “…”
“My brother doesn’t do on camera work but he’s very important in behind the scenes work.” Says F-Byleth.

2: “The only thing I’m letting I’m me is a futa cock.” Says Robin “If I’m with a chick damn right I’m the one wearing the strap on.”

3: “Definitely my hubby gets jealous when I get to fuck hot girls.” Says Sully. “But he also cucks be back as well when sleeps with some hung guys.”

Chapter Text

Constance loves having Hapi be her ballsack cleaner, also Bernie’s fat sperm tanks are a constant target for worship Dorothea and Petra especially love lapping up cute Bernie’s ball grease.
On the other hand Hilda and Marianne are the most prominent testicle lovers the pair seek out the fattest sweatiest scrotums to rub their faces against.

Chapter Text

“Obliviously it infuriates me to know that peasants are running around with phallus’ larger than mine.” Says Lorenz.

Chapter Text

“It is definitely unfortunate that I am passed over for futanari stars.” Say’ri explains. “But I am not jealous of any of my coworkers the amount of scenes I take part in is fulfilling enough for me.”

Chapter Text

I have never played Awakening and no nothing about the story or characters I appreciate the asks and interaction but I won’t be answering questions for Awakening characters any more except; Robin, Chrom, Lucina, Tharja and Tiki.

Chapter Text

“I love both getting and giving golden showers.” Says Catherine. “Anna says I have extra dark urine which makes for better content. My favourite piss scene was getting pissed on by six futas at once. I do as much pee fetish play at home as Shamir will let me.”

Chapter Text

1:”Yes Robin and I have become quite close.” Says Corrin. “Our double sided dildo scenes are quite popular and I love going feral with Grima as well.”

2: “Tiki is super adorable and a total cock slut.” Says Sothis. “Im so glad I adopted her now I have an obedient daughter whore for each of my fat testicles.”

3: “Alfonse’s most frequent buyers are Veronica and Eir. They both had huge crushes on him and were very disappointed when I claimed him as mine.” Says Anna.

“I love it when Plumeria and Triandra rent me and spit roast me on their massive futa cocks. I also like being rented my Camilla because she lets me have play dates with my fellow enslaved femboy Corrin.” Says Alfonse.

Chapter Text

Now introducing: Eir, Nótt, Dagr, Reginn, Peony, Mirabilis, Plumeria, Triandra.

Chapter Text

“Hell yeah I have a bigger dick than my brother.” Says Byleth. “They might’ve been the same size originally, but Sothis, Rhea and Constance have done so much experiments on it, it’s probably double the size of my bros.” She says proudly as her harem of cock cleaners polish her near two foot meat rod.

Chapter Text

1: “I absolutely adore my little Seiros, but she stepped out of line when she used her own name instead of mine for her church.” Says Sothis. “I have a thousand years of punishment to give out to my naughty child. Probably being my ball cleaner, or semen toilet.”

2: “I made Sitri to be a mother, but I grew to love her like a daughter.” Says Rhea. “Sitri is a perfect cock sleeve and is super loyal to me, totally willing to engage in any fetish with me.”

3: “I wish I could’ve had been there for my daughter’s childhood, but I couldn’t be prouder of the woman she’s grown into.” Says Sitri “After being raped by Seiros my entire life I thought I’d be able to get a turn on top, but unfortunately or fortunately Byleth is just as dominant as her grandma.”

4: “Oh my goddess I don’t even know, I have almost one thousand kids after all.” Says Byleth. “My favourite kid I’ve mothered would have to be my first son Jerrod, he’s already such a stud so good at fucking his mommy. The true born child that I fathered that I’m closest to is Edelgard II she’s a futa just like both her parents and is a huge ABDL star. As for the bastards I know the triplets I gave Marianne (I think she named them Hilda Mercedes and Byleth Jr) they are all animal lovers like their mom.”

Chapter Text

“Hell yeah I love doming futas.” Says Robin. “I was a bit apprehensive about fucking Sothis because she’s so tiny. Byleth on the other hand was definitely enjoyable to rape it was a shame she was already pregnant cause I would’ve loved to knock her up.”

“I loved getting a day off after that scene.” Says Byleth. “Getting a day to spend with my kids was nice.”

“I have my cutie daughter pampering me.” Says Sothis.

Chapter Text

1: “I don’t think so.” Says Chrom. “I’m not so comfortable with incest like everyone else. I’d be happy to fuck Robin though.”

2: “Definitely not, my male counterpart is a wimp.” Says Grima. “He tries to rape futas because Tharja bullied him, but he totally broke before my alpha cock.”

Chapter Text

1: “Well of course,” say Sothis. “‘I am the progenitor goddess after all. Every man and woman in the world should be in their knees worshiping my cock whenever they see me.”

2: “I’m not sure about the exact price, Anna handles the money. But Dagr and Nótt rented me for an entire week once. Their cocks are so big my asshole has never been stretched like that before.” Alfonse says fondling his chastity caged penis.

3: “Oh I think Alfonse is more popular than me.” Says Sharena. “Their are less sissies than girls so I guess it makes sense, but I am still disappointed. Either way I’m just happy I get to be a whore with my big brother.”

Chapter Text

“I’d love to impregnate my Byleth.” Says Sitri fondling her pussy. “If Sothis blessed me with a cock that is.”

“Lady Eir is so elegant and beautiful.” Says Petra jerking off. “I’d love the chance to knock her up.”

“Wow fuck, Dagr is absolutely massive I definitely want to fuck her and prove my strength by forcing her to carry my kid.” Says Catherine.

“I haven’t had the chance to have a child with Emperor Edelgard.” Says Lysithea. “I want to spend more time with her and Byleth.”

Chapter Text

Dagr: 36”
Nott: 36”
Eir: 18”
Plumeria: 17”
Triandra: 17”
F Robin: 16”
M Robin: 12”
Chrom: 14”
Trarja: 13”

Chapter Text

“I…I just… how did you find out!?” Yells Tharja. “I take so much care to hide my true hair-trigger micro penis, I have to spend two hours a day casting hexes on my dick to make it the nasty monster cock that everyone knows. P…p…please don’t tell Robin they won’t love me if they find out my secret.”

Chapter Text

1: “Getting breast implants raised my confidence.” Bernadetta. “I’m going on lots of dates now.”
“I can finally wrap my boobs all the way around Byleth’s dick” Edelgard says.


2: “Mercie definitely has the best ass.” Says Ingrid.
“Whenever she walks her cheeks clap together making every futa super hard.”
“Th…thank you.” Says Mercedes blushing.


3: “Hilda has the best felatio technique, even though Marianne can deepthroat anything.” Says Claude.
“Awww❤️. Thanks baby💖💖. Is this your way of asking for a blow job. Hee hee” Says Hilda.
“Agh💕*choking on three horse cocks*” Marianne.

Chapter Text

1: “It was great our asshole is amazing to fuck.” Says Robin. “Grima and I are going to have an interesting relationship going forward.”

2: “My ass is so sore and colon is so full of cum.” Says Grima as she tries to stand up but her legs give out. “Ahhh.💕 I’m gonna ask Robin to partner with me from now on.”

3: “Hmm. It would have to be Petra it’s always nice to be with a fellow monarch.” Says Camilla. “Her cock is nice and thick, plus she has extreme sexual stamina.”

4: “It was jarring to see my little sister have a large penis.” Says Ryoma. “But she’s a dragon so that takes some of the sting away.”

Chapter Text

Byleth: “I’ve been a mother 22 times and a father 722.”

Edelgard: “I’ve mothered 23 children and fathered 803.”

Dorothea: “I have 30 beautiful children.”

Petra: “My 4 daughters come from my womb and 539 from my dick.”

Bernadetta: “I gave birth twice and only have 12 kids from my penis.”

Marianne: “I made 13 babies with my womb.”

Hilda: “Like I totally got knocked up 16 times.”

Leonie: “Mmm yeah I’ve got 12 kids.”

Lysithea: “I’ve made 7 babies with my womb and 130 with my penis.”

Mercedes: “I have birthed 16 children into this world.”

Ingrid: “I have given birth 9 times… Ooh Ah make that 10.”

Annette: “I’m a mother of 11 and a father of 156.”

Chapter Text

1: “She tried.” Says Chrom. “I first thought getting double penetrated by the Robins was just for a movie. They both hate Anna to and helped me get free from her contract.”

2: “When Camilla rented me out to those three I thought I was fuck some hot ladies. I was only slightly disappointed to find out they only wanted to use my ass. Especially Rhea she’s definitely the Alpha-dragon and can breed my sissy ass whenever she wants.” Corrin said moaning as he fingers his used sloppy boipussy.

3: “It was really fun we went on a dinner date and then went to see one of Dorothea’s operas.” Says Bernie. “The sex was amazing as well his bussy was so soft and sexy I cream pied him so many times. Then I let him get me pregnant, it was pretty fun riding him even though Anna keeps him locked up. I’ll be patiently awaiting my little baby.”

Chapter Text

“Hell yeah we did!” Says Leonie. “We had over a hundred guys and futas run a train on his bussy.”

“Like totally it was so hot.” Chimes Hilda. “I love fucking sloppy full assholes so it was super fun to be apart of.”

“He did end up getting pregnant.” Marianne adds. “It could only have been the Goddess, I’m excited for all of the new scenes we can shoot now knowing boys can get pregnant.”

Chapter Text

“Everyone can plainly see we’re the strongest around we don’t need to prove it by conquering every pussy around even though we could. Big sis and I are actually pretty gentle doms.” Says Dagr.

“Byleth and Rhea are total size queen sluts who fell in love with our cocks as soon as they laid eyes on them. Neither of them need submission training just training their holes which is going great Byleth can already take one of us balls deep in her ass and pussy.” Says Nótt.

“Of course my favourite lover is my adorable hubby Alfonse, after I freed him from Anna’s cruel clutches of course. I might have to thank her though she turned my Alfster into quite the butt slut.” Says Dagr picking up the prince of Askr with one hand and spearing his loose ass pussy on her colossal fuck stick.

“It’s not fair!” Fumes Nótt. “All the cute guys are too intimidated by my size. None of them want to sleep with me, except Ashe he’s so handsome and his mouth is so well trained to worship monster cock. I’d take him in marriage except we’d probably miss the ceremony cause we can’t stop fucking. Right Ashe?”
“Yesh Nótt, honey.” Says Ashe his mouth trying to wrap around one of his lovers giant balls.

Chapter Text

1:“Why I don’t do scenes with men? It’s simple I’m not gay.” Says Robin. “Also I just have a thing for huge tits.”

2: “My wife understands porn is just work and doesn’t get jealous of my on camera lovers.” Says Chrom.

“Camilla pimps me out so there is definitely no jealousy there.” Says Corrin. “My ass is totally fine I’ve taken much bigger cocks.”

3: “I am the Emperor of Adrestria, and have hundreds of breeding bitches so it’s safe to say I already have taken over Fodlan.” Says Edelgard. “My popularity as a top pornstar has garnered me more faithful followers than Seiros could ever dream of.”

Chapter Text

1: “Yep❤️ I’m mistress Anna’s number on selling pussy.” Says Sharena happily.
“Shut up you little slut. I paid good money to rape your royal pussy and I don’t want to hear you talking.” Says Constance as she unloads a gallon of chunky ball sludge into Sharena’s awaiting womb.

2: “Hell yeah, Saturday night is for the girls. Robin, Corrin and I just cruise around town raping any cute piece of ass we can find.” Byleth says.

3: “Hmmph… I still am the top dom around here thank you very much.” Says Sothis definitely.
“Rhea and Byleth are my little jizz addicted cock sluts. As well as any of these new girls from other realms everyone submits to the Goddess.”

Chapter Text

1: “When I first received word my mother had been resurrected I was very worried that she’d be disappointed in me for becoming a pornstar.” Says Byleth. “I was so happy to find out mom is just a big of a slut as I am! I love fucking her and introducing her to all my baby mamas.”

2: “I’m Lady Rhea’s cock sleeve plain and simple.” Says Sitri. “She didn’t do much traditional parenting, but she sure taught me how to be a slut.”

3: “I love my mommy sooo so much.” Rhea cries. “I'm super grateful to Byleth for bringing her back. I’ll do anything for Sothis, I’ll happily clean her feet or balls. I love love looove it when mommy tweats me wike a baby spanking me and letting me drink her milk.”

4: “I'm a god so I don’t have parents I kinda just came into being ya know. I mean you definitely don’t cause you’re a pathetic mortal. Now clean my cock human!” Sothis says.

Chapter Text

1: “Yes Tharja really is absolutely scary, or was I just found out her cock is fake and she actually has a micro penis.” Says Robin.

2: “It was really hot and sweaty, but I think she enjoyed it a lot.” Says Dimitri

3: “Of course I got off to that movie all of them are exceptionaly beautiful.” Says Chrom

Chapter Text


“HOLY SHIT!!!! Rape my ass pleeease, fuuuck❤️❤️❤️! Yesh im a cumslut whoore witsh a micro penis! PWEASE GRIMA GIIIVE MEE YOUR MONSTER COOCK💕❤️💕! I only wanna sissygasm from now on💗, Griiima you were right im a pathetic whore with a pathetic clitty. I… I wuv it when you degrade meeee❤️💖 beat my shriveled useless balls🥰 dish whore doesn’t desherve dem hah aah. GAAHHH pweeeeease rape me till im dumb💖. I wah… wanna be your brain dead cock shlut for EVAAAAH!❤️!❤️!!

Chapter Text

1: “Ah Lucina has an amazing pussy.” Says Robin. “She’s such a great lover I love making films with her.”

2: “Grima has such a big cock I love being fucked by her.” Moans Lucina. “I’m such a slut for monsters and Grima is disgustingly huge he he.”

Chapter Text

1: “Oooh little Tiki is just the most wonderful cock slut.” Sothis says jerking herself off. “I love having another dragon be my foot slave it’s just extra enforcement that I’m the alpha.”

2: “Grima is an aaaamazing dom the way she beats the shit out of me while simultaneously giving me the most intense orgasms with her monster cock is like nothing else.” Moans Byleth as Grima rails her pussy while pouring hot wax over the teal haired teachers boobs.

3: “I give Anna a lot of money.” Says Edelgard. “Askr has been annexed by Adrestia by virtue of me constantly renting its prince and princess. I also provide Anna with products. She happily accepts even though they are pretty well used, Kronya especially has been a big earner for Anna.” Edelgard moans as the redhead entrepreneur dutifully sucks her shaft.

Chapter Text

1: “Ahhh❤️💕❤️💕💖 Emperor Edelgard has such a huge cock. I love that she turned me into a concubine and still let me run my business. The six ways are the best when her and her two wives dick down Alfonse Sharena and I.”
Says Anna.

2: “Mmm it was amazing.” Says Rhea. “I know Camilla wants to keep M-Corrin as a cute subby butt slut, but I couldn’t help myself I had both of the transform and spit roast and double penetrate me with their four foot dragon cocks.”

3: “I found out the same time as everyone else.” Says Sothis. “When Grima brought her to a shoot gagged, caged and plugged, on all fours on a leash. I have to say it’s a good look for the witch. Hmm I wonder if Grima will let me borrow her to use as a foot slut.”

Chapter Text

“Honestly not that many of us are related for incest to be common.” Says Byleth. “However I have had kids with my grandma Rhea and aunt Flayn.”

“Both of the Corrins are technically my half siblings.” Says Azura. “Both of them have knocked me up and I absolutely love raising dragon babies.”

“Both of us take turns getting each other pregnant right baby sis.” Says Laegjarn. “Of course big sis I adore seeing you inflated with my offspring and bearing yours as well.” Replies Laevatein.

Chapter Text

1: “None of my children are full horses.” Says Marriane. “But I have single-handedly created the race of centaurs. Sothis said I should be proud of myself and I certainly am. I love all of my mixed children so much they can talk dirty during sex and at the same time have massive horse cocks.”

2: “As if I would ever let any of my brothers baby dick any where near my pussy.” Says Camilla indignantly. “As for my futa sister however I’d spend 6 hours a day taking care of her erections, and of course I bore many children for the more hung Corrin.”

Chapter Text

“Heh you have some good memory I haven’t had abs in almost a decade due to the fact I’ve been constantly pregnant. Glad you were a fan of my physique when I had it dude.” Says Byleth.

“I’m pretty proud of my muscles, my abs especially. Honestly I think I like having my abs jizzed on more than other girls like jerking off to my muscles. Catherine has the most fap worthy bod girls bust their nuts just from seeing her in the sauna.” Says Leonie.

Chapter Text

“He he well I don’t have any need for money which made miss Anna very happy.” Says Sothis. “She was a very good foot slut though always happy to clean the sweat and grime of my cute loli feet.”

2: “It was a very pleasant surprise to be father.” Says Azura. “Lady Rhea is so beautiful but at the same time a huge whore. It was nice to put a baby in that bitch hee hee.”

3: “Not just my stockings but my boots as well.” Says Elise. “Camilla said she took them so I’d have to go bare foot like Corrin, but I don’t believe her. I think she’s just turning into a foot slut like everyone else. I kinda hope she fucks me while using my stocking as a condom. That’d be hot.” Elise moans playing with her cute little pussy.

Chapter Text

1: “It was absolutely cathartic to turn Tharja in to a drooling brain dead cum slut.” Robin Says.
“It was so happy help my darling hubby destroy that evil woman, I don’t normally get the chance to use my dragon cock so it was nice to drain my balls in some bitches warm hole.” Says Tiki.

2: “Robin dommed us because that’s what the script for the scene said.” Said Byleth
“”There definitely isn’t any other man the three of us would submit to.” Says Sothis.
“He was very bold in asking to rape us like he did and Robin is the only man who is ever consider letting take us.” Rhea states.

Chapter Text

“Of course I’m not only a lolicon, I love women of all ages.” Says Edelgard. “Buut… ever since I abolished the age of consent and mandated that sex be taught in schools before reading and writing, rates of lolicons have gone up all around the Empire. With all of my wives and concubines there is over a hundred kids running around the castle so we don’t have time to dress them all so they go naked until they can cloth themselves. Oh over here sweetie.” She calls to Dorothea’s ten year old daughter one of the great many Byleth Jrs. “Please come and suck on your auntie El’s cock.”

Chapter Text

1: “I am a Goddess every woman in the would be my foot slave if I wished.” Says Sothis. “However my darling daughter Seiros has found me 10 exceptionally devoted nuns to be my foot sluts 24/7. There isn’t a second in the day where my feet aren’t being worshiped.”


2: “I’d love to, there are plenty of women and femboys around here that could make me plenty of gold. The only problem is all the best potential whores are already claimed by super dominant futas. Ugh it’s not fair.” Laments Anna.


3: “Oh of course Elise and Sakura are Constance’s best customers, at least when it comes to the futanari potion. Darling little Elise and Sakura grow the thickest nastiest futa cocks you’ve ever seen. It’d be impossible for me to not bend over and offer up my holes to my baby sisters.”
Says Corrin.


4: “Sorry Tharja is completely brain dead now thanks to the constant rape she’s been enduring.” Says Grima. “I honestly thought she’d last longer, but it’s nice to have a cock sheath that doesn’t talk back.”



5: “Um yeah feet are pretty hot.” Says Bernie. “I worship the professors feet most often… I wanna suck Edelgards toes too but I’m too afraid to ask.”

Chapter Text

“Bernie was so much like her school self when she asked to lick my feet. So cute and awkward.” Says Edelgard. “The two of us had a romantic foot fetish date. We lit some candles and took a bath together. Byleth said it was so hot to watch to short pregnant futas slobber on each other’s feet.”

Chapter Text

1: “Like yeah totally I love being professor Byleth’s personal cock warmer.” Says Hilda. “She has a different nighttime cock warmer every night of the week so I’m on Wednesday nights duty. Like I swear she’s got hyper balls or something cause her dick totally leaks non stop.”

2: “Oh yeah Veronica is my best customer she rents me all the time. She says she loves me but I don’t really care about that, all that matters to me is making Madame Anna money and having cocks in my butt.” Says Alfonse, the femboy prince has completely fallen into degeneracy. Almost unrecognizable due to the copious amounts of make up and hair dye. Alfonse now wears a mesh top showing of his nipple piercings, red platform stripper heels and a pair of crotchless leopard print tights to expose his chastity cage.

Chapter Text

Rhea: Father of 100,000+, mother of 18

Manuela: Mother of 27

Flayn: Mother of 378, father of 46

Catherine: Father of 536, mother of 3

Shamir: Mother of 12, father of 84

Sitri: Mother of 12

Kronya: Mother of 3, Father of 298

Hapi: Mother of 15, father of 82

Constance: Mother of 9, father of 496

Chapter Text

1:”I’ve never been wronged by a woman so I don’t feel the need to brutally rape them and am content to just have vanilla sex with regular girl. Honestly it’s a nice change of pace.” Says Robin.

2: “I’m really sore obviously, that scene was the first time I managed to prolapse. But I’m definitely ready for Ryoma to fuck me again.” Says Chrom.

3: “Hmmm, Ashe has a really cute femboy ass. But it’s gotta be Yuri he and I just click you now. He's more on the femme side which I love but is totally willing to dom me with his huge cock too.” Byleth says.

Chapter Text

1: “Mmmm oh yes my feet are the most sought after our of all the girls. Even Grima can’t help but slobber all over my toes, and she has some pretty cute feet as well. I love it when we give each other mutual foot jobs.” Says Corrin.

2: “Well we just are.” Says Elise. “Sakura and I love abusing our power as princesses to get cute girls between our legs. Any way we get cast as unlikely doms a lot, because there is something extra hot about a loli domming the shit out of MILFs.”

3: “Of course I get anything that I want.” Says Sothis. “And poor Anna is always aching for cock since she locks up all of her products penises. She has some very talented whores I might just have to steal one or two to be my permanent foot sluts.”

Chapter Text

“Ooh yeah I totally tried to get my daddy to dick me down.” Says Lucina. “But you’re right I’m not interested in anyone else now that I’m Grima’s personal baby factory.”

Chapter Text

“My week starts of with Peony being my Monday night cock warmer.” Says Byleth “Then Tuesdays are Hapi’s responsibility. As you already now Hilda takes care of me of Wednesday. Thursday night I leave my dick inside of Ingrid, and Fjorm is my Friday cock warmer. I don’t have a girl for Saturday because that El and mine’s weekly 24 hour all-nighter fuck marathon. Finally to finish of the week on Sunday is Flayn.”

Chapter Text

1: “Of course I enjoyed it. Getting spit roasted by two lolis with monster cocks was amazing.” Says Sothis. “There’s still no way I’m submitting to anyone. I don’t care how much thick nut sludge Sakura’s grimy cock pumped in my womb or how roughly Elise grabbed my as her sweaty greasy ball sack slammed into my nose… hehe.”

2: “L…lady Rhea offering her ass to me to use as a cum dump was so unexpected I had no idea what to do.” Says Bernie. “ I was completely frozen in fear, until Rhea started grinding her fat ass on my dick. Edelgard forced her to be my slut for a day but I still pumped I’ve a dozen loads of jizz into her ass.”

3: “I thought it was quite odd when my fellow futanari asked to rub the cocks on my armpits.” Says Petra. “I let them do it of course, I would never want to disappoint my friends. Leonie and Hilda seemed oddly eager to use my pits.”

Chapter Text

1: “Of course we love Sothis she’s just so beautiful.” Says Sakura.
“Sothis is such a good cock slut I wish she would be a sub more often because she takes my cock so well.” Says Elise.

2: “I mean yeah I guess. I just love watching my muscular friends work out and getting lick the sweat of their bodies is amazing especially the armpits.” Says Hilda.

3: “I couldn’t believe it but I absolutely savoured the experience. Getting to fuck her loli body as hard and much as I wanted.” Says Rhea.

Chapter Text

Hubert: 1
Kronya: 1
Yuri: 1
Gatekeeper: 1
Seteth: 1
Annette: 1
Felix: 1
Sylvain: 1
Tiki: 1
Sully: 1
Say’ri: 1
Lorenz: 1
Ryoma: 1
Dagr: 1
Nótt: 1

Manuela: 2
Claude: 2
Shamir: 2
Flayn: 2
Laevetein: 2
Laegjarn: 2
Raphael: 2
Hinoka: 2
Sharena: 2
Lucina: 2

Hapi: 3
Constance: 3
Ingrid: 3
Dimitri: 3
Ignatz: 3
Sakura: 3
Grima: 3
Sitri: 3
Tharja: 3

Catherine: 4
Leonie: 4
Lysithea: 4
Alfonse: 4
Elise: 4
Azura: 4

Dorothea: 5
Mercedes: 5
Chrom: 5

Hilda: 6
Camilla: 6
Anna: 6

Marianne: 7
Petra: 7
Cornelia: 7
Corrin: 7

Robin: 8

Bernadetta: 10

Group: 12

Sothis: 14

Rhea: 18

Byleth: 20

Edelgard: 21

Chapter Text

1: “Father has never bred me but Lady Seiros certainly has especially during heat she breeds me for a week straight. Honestly I think I prefer laying eggs than giving birth. Oh and father definitely has made Tiki his breeding bitch.” Says Flayn.

2: “I definitely have a lot of selfcest with my male self especially transformed.” Says Corrin “Ever since Camilla broke him I’ve been the top using my futa cock on his cute dragon bussy.”

3: “Of course she has Byleth is super nice and treats her slaves very well.” Says Leonie

Chapter Text

“No I never really talked to Tharja, she was always a bit to creepy and reminded me of TWSITD. Seeing her as she is now frightens me I hate to end up like that but at the same time it’s be nice to have a drooling brain dead cock slut to service me 24/7.” Says Lysithea.

Chapter Text

1: “Sothis has such an amazing pussy.” Says Robin. “I love making her loli body tremble with multiple orgasms. I don’t know how a supposed goddess can be such a brat she definitely deserves to be taking down a peg.”

2: “*yawn* Honestly sometimes I’m scripted to be asleep. Especially for NTR scenes with my “wife” getting secretly fuck right next to me.”

4: “Ryoma made my belly get so big I haven’t been inflated that much since Corrin fucked me in her dragon form.” Says Elise.
“My brother in-law definitely fucks hard it was over a week ago and I’m still having trouble walking.” Camilla Says.

Chapter Text

1: “You’re right we haven’t cum in a month to prepare ourselves for Sothis.” Says Sakura.
“We haven’t bathed in that time either. She’s going to be no match for our pungent girl musk.” Adds Elise.
“Ooh what do we have here two little girls who thought they could get one over on me?” Says Sothis. “Too bad for the two of you I had the same idea. Now come over here and worship my smelly armpits.”
“Yesh Goddess.” Elise and Sakura replie as the two willing make out with Sothis’ hairy sweaty armpits.

2: “I had no idea my voice could affect dragons like that. Says Azura. “I’m definitely going to take advantage of it as much as I can.” She continues putting collars on Flayn and Tiki.

3: “Oooh yes❤️💗💗💖 fuck Lady Rhea please don’t stop!!” Bernie groans as Rhea sucks on her fat smelly ballsack. “I’m such a bad girl for never bathing but maybe you can help me at least keep my balls clean.”
“Yessss….❤️💗💗 love smelly balls…. wanna be your seat forevah.” Moans Rhea.

Chapter Text

1: “It was amazing at least until Edelgard took her back. I loved waking up every morning to Rhea slobbering on my smelly balls. Everyone would get jealous of me and ask if they could sit on my chair.” Says Bernie.

2: “Of course I’m the keeper of all dragons. I love having pets that’ll serve me. Right Tiki?” Says Azura.
“Mmmmm your pussy tastes so goood.❤️❤️❤️“ moans Flayn.

3: “Of course I train each and everyone of my products personally. It’s very important that my whore are up to my exceptionally high standards. I take business very seriously and it would be very bad if one of my slaves gets a bad review.” Says Anna.

Chapter Text

“The strangest movie I filmed is when a bunch of futas came in an empty tub for Byleth and I to take a cum bath. It was amazing I’d definitely do it again.” Says Edelgard.

“My Pegasus flew away when it was fucking me.” Says Ingrid. “It was an interesting experience to fly underneath my Pegasus instead of on top.”

“Like when Constance and Hapi totally inflated me with their hyper cocks it was like so amazing my jizz fetish is totally still there.” Says Hilda.

“Mmm I got gang banged in public by strangers.” Says Manuela. “It was exhilarating to be fucked and watched by a bunch of random people.”

Chapter Text

“Ugh yesh thank you goddess, i looove my new life❤️💗💗💖.Pleashe I never wanna stop cumming. My lewd tits and shameful cock need to be milked for evah💔💖. Yessssh my gross pussy is for horsies only now. AGGHJHHJHGHJG!! Dorte come her your depraved wife is ready to get pregnant again.” Groans Marianne giving birth to her tenth centaur baby.

Chapter Text

1: “Oh yes of course that would be Lucina. Chrom was mad at first when I got his daughter pregnant but he accepts it now Lucina is in her third pregnancy. She’s definitely become addicted to my cock.” Says Robin.

2: “While Ingrid is very skilled with a strap-on I can’t not choose my boyfriend. Fuck Felix always makes my ass feel so good.” Says Sylvain.

3: “Cause cute femboys like me should just sit there and take whatever their dom has planned for them. I only want my bussy fucked as long as that happens I’ll do what ever you want hehe.” Says Corrin

Chapter Text

“Hmmm I don’t think so I am a lesbian after all. If I was going to fuck a shota it’d have to be one be one of sons. I do have a huge incest fetish afterall.” Says Edelgard.

Chapter Text

“Ahh fuck I when I’m in heat is when I let loose and get to use both of my cocks. I can’t really remember anything from my heat mating sessions but I’m told my cocks are thirty inches long. I’m scared to go into heat because I did end up accidentally killing one of my lovers while we were fucking.” Says Corrin.

Chapter Text

“Ha ha yes those would have been my great great granddaughters. Byleth and Edelgard have appointed me as their official royal babysitter. Ohh I absolutely love spoiling my descendants. I’ll happily slobber all over their armpits, feet and even their cute loli futa balls.” Says Sothis.

Chapter Text

“Hmm my personal harem is very small mostly because I'm already part of Edelgard’s harem. But the girls that my husband lets me keep all to myself are Flayn, Sitri, Sothis, Catherine and Shamir.” Byleth says.

Chapter Text

1: “Heh I’m always for sale. I just price myself so high that no one would want to or is even able to buy me.” Says Anna. “That being said I do give myself out for free to my most loyal customers like Edelgard and Robin.”

2: “Oh Bernie is definitely more dominant than me with that nasty massive fuck stick hanging between her legs. When she whips her unclean cock and greasy ball out of her tiny shorts I can’t help but burying my face in her nuts and worshiping her.” Says Flayn.

3: “Oh it’s a mutual agreement.” Says Sothis. “The three of us all take turns worshiping each other’s feet. I love getting my toes sucked on as much as the next girl, but Corrin and Grima have some of the most sexy feet I’ve ever seen I just have to slobber all over them.”

Chapter Text

1: “If my libido could go up it probably would have. Seeing futas walk around with bulged pants and tented dresses is hot, but I’m already fucking 24/7 so it’s almost impossible for me to get more honry.” Says Byleth.

2: “Hmm it might be fun for a day or two but I don’t think I could stand being locked in there for the rest of my life. Hilda would probably enjoy it but I overheard Flayn and Mercedes talking about how the milking machine will replace crucifixion as the punishment for heratics.” Says Ingrid.

Chapter Text

“Kronya is the next girl to get mind broken. I’ve been getting complaints about her being a bad product. Her punishment is going to be locked in the milking machine and turned into a brain dead cum slut. She’s definitely going to be a better seller just lying there helplessly and taking cock.” Says Anna.

Chapter Text

“Hmmm well since Marianne has monopolized horse sex I suppose I’ll give her to the dogs. Kronya is a masochist so she might enjoy being bitten. Her milk and jizz better be of top quality since I’m going to be selling it.” Says Anna.

Chapter Text

“Well considering the milking machine dose the breaking, she was forced in. She kept saying stupid things like; “No please don’t mind break.” and “Wait no I don’t want to get fucked by animals.”. Fuck if that’s how Kronya really felt maybe she shouldn’t’ve gone and got herself a one star review. Now she’s a brain dead flesh light. Serves that bitch right. Hmmm… I might sell her as a living body pillow.” Says Anna.

Chapter Text

“Ahh I didn’t think I’d enjoy it so much. Constant stimulation to my genitals was amazing. I might have to go back in and become a Pegasus breeder.” Says Ingrid.

Chapter Text

1: “Definitely Tharja that evil bitch tormented me for so long it was very satisfying to get my revenge on her. It makes me so happy to see the drooling brain dead mess Grima turned her into.” Says Robin.

2: “Nope I only love my papa. His cock is just the best. I know he can’t resist me either. Daddy can’t get enough of my cute child body.” Says Morgan.

3: “Obviously Byleth, the professor has the best fatest ass and loves twerking and grinding on futa cock.” Says Ingrid.

Chapter Text

1: “That may have been what it looked like, but I haven’t fallen for loli sweat. Byleth’s kids are new employees and I had to teach them the proper way to service armpits and feet. I mean I might have to keep one of these adorable futa lolis as personal assistant, but I’m totally not a degenerate.” Says Anna.

2: “Um thank you all for attending my wedding.” Says Bernie standing up from her seat at the front of the hall. The purplette is wearing a tiny white dress that completely exposes her massive sweaty cock and balls. “If everyone can look over here we’ll be preforming the vows now.”

Bernie takes Rheas hand leads her down the stairs of the stage to the floor of the hall where Byleth awaits them.

“Seiros do swear to provide daily cleanings and pleasure to your husbands massive smelly cock?” Asks Byleth.

“I do.” Replies Seiros wearing a similar outfit to Bernie except hers exposes her massive tits as well.

“And do you Bernadetta Von Farley swear to give your wife adequate amounts of cock grime and ball sludge.” Continues Byleth.

“I… I do.” Says Bernie.

“Great you may now kiss the bride.” Finishes Byleth as Rhea gets down on her knees and deep throat’s Bernie’s nasty fuckstick, her own cock spurting out ropes of jizz as the hundreds of guests applaud.

Chapter Text

1: “Mmm it worked out just fine I do have a few cute little clones running around. It was more trouble than it was worth though. Those brats have been ruining the image of House Nuvelle with their slutty public behaviour, instead of saving it.” Says Constance.

2: “It’s fine I don’t mind my bodily fluids being sold. I just don’t want to strapped into the milking machine and get my mind broken like Tharja and Kronya.” Says Tiki.

3: “Yes especially when he got drunk. I got molested a lot when I was a kid and not just from dad. It was probably responsible for my entire life and starting my porn empire as you called it.” Says Byleth.

4: “Jeralt’s anal pregnancy was definitely Rhea’s doing. I was definitely happy with it though my little Byleths are so adorable I wish I could’ve gotten him pregnant more times before I died.” Says Sitri.

Chapter Text

1: “Ha Mercie and I totally got Ingrid addicted to our futa cocks. Poor thing we absolutely filled her up with our jizz and inflated her. We’re definitely gonna spit roast her again.” Says Annette.

2: “Like I don’t know probably like 100. I totally love bukakae and being in circle jerks. I’m super addicted to cum to the point I bathe in it.” Says Hilda.

3: “Yeah I can just barely Bernie has a massive fuckstick if I had known she was packing something like that i might’ve married her. Not that I don’t love my hubby Petra she has a huge dick as well, which is good for me cause I’m a total size queen and gaping addict.” Says Dorothea.

Chapter Text

“Of course I have. Sothis is an amazing teacher when it comes to being a dom. It’s very fun to dom Rhea or as Sothis would call her “My stupid maso slut daughter.”. Rhea loves feet and she dose cum immediately when anyone steps on her dick and balls.” Says Bernie.

Chapter Text

“Welcome to the finals of the eleventh annual Whore Auction! Hosted of course by me the wonderful Anna! Our centrepiece item today is the brain dead cock sleave Kronya! I see we have three people bidding on this item come up Constance, Flayn and Grima! So I have to know what are your plans going to be if you win the right to purchase this bitch?”

“Well it would be perfect to have a test subject for my body modification potions and spells who won’t protest.” Says Constance.

“I want revenge on her for kidnapping and raping me.” Says Flayn.

“Tharja is so fun to play with so I want to expand my collection of catatonic flesh lights.” Says Grima.

Chapter Text

“The best gang bang victim in our House is Dorothea. She is very skilled at taking multiple cocks at once, as well her holes haven’t been completely ruined yet.” Says Edelgard.

“In the Blue Lions Annette is the most likely to on the receiving end of a gang bang. She has a cute supple body and is very eager to please.” Says Dimitri.

“When we have our Golden Deer orgies Hilda is always at the centre of attention taking as cock as she can. She up to being gang banged more than any other girl I’ve ever met.” Says Claude.

Chapter Text

“Absolutely I love Morgan she’s such a perv for her daddy. The real reason her and Lucina came back in time was so they could both fuck their dads in their prime. Now that this Morgan is here to stay the two of us are going to become lovers and fuck everyday.” Says Robin.

Chapter Text

“Obviously I’m the most thicc girl in the whole school.” Says Dorothea. “My darling Petra has the most fresh tightest ass and pussy around. Unfortunately Edie’s holes are totally gaped and ruined.”

Chapter Text

1: “Of course not I spent all that money so she’s mine and mine alone. And don’t you assume that this is a rental, Kronya is my body pillow forever.” Says Flayn.

2: “Um well it was when I asked her to clean out my foreskin and she dug right in with her tongue. My new wife so eagerly ate my gross cock grime. If I had know this is what married life was like I’d’ve done it sooner.” Says Bernie.

3: “Hmph they’ve always been my pets and Rhea was too until I got bored of her and gave her to Bernie. Anyway Rhea was so needy it’s nice to have a closer knit family now.” Says Edelgard.

Chapter Text

1: “Our pussy’s are obviously filled with thick jizz, but other than that me and my sisters are totally fine. Robin viscous rapes are reserved for futanari after all.” Says Anna.

2: “Licking Camilla and Orochi’s feet would be a waste. They both have the fattest mega milk titties there is. I’ll be worshiping their nipples if any thing.” says Corrin.

3: “Guh I’ll be fine I am a goddess after all. Besides I don’t need to go anywhere now that I have an army of my loli descendants to service me.” Sothis says.

Chapter Text

1: “Of course I did in fact the two of us have fully embraced being nudists. I need constant access to Bernie’s cock grime and her cock being exposed all the time causes the scent to waft in to my nose including when we’re in bed.” Says Rhea.

2: “Edelgard is still just a kid, Byleth could take over anytime she wants. As for Cethlean I’m glad she’s finally taken on some more dom tendencies.” Says Sothis.

3: “For proper whore maintenance the most important thing is usage time they can only get fucked for ten hours a day. Obviously we screen our customers heavily diseases and violent tendencies the worst thing is when the products are damaged.” Says Anna.

Chapter Text

1: “Oh it’s going amazing, grandma is so kind. I love stepping on cocks and domming people with my feet.” Says Flayn.

2: “No I don’t need anyone else Rhea is the only cock cleaner I need. She’s enough of a smegma slut to satisfy me by her self.” Says Bernie.

3: “Mmm, Azura has the softest feet, she gives the best foot jobs. I love sucking on her cute toes.” Says Corrin.

Chapter Text

1: “Robin is my favourite gay partner. I honestly just really love him.” Says Chrom

2: “Of course not daddy’s one of the older guys who fuck me after all.” Lucina says.

3: “I don’t know what exactly made Robin fall for me. I’m just glad he did.” Says Tiki.

Chapter Text

“It was a bit shocking at first, but looking back it’s so obvious. I love Morgan so much, fucking her especially. The two of us have decided to officially become a couple.” Says Robin.

“I love daddy’s big cock. I can’t wait for him to put me inside of me!” Chimes Morgan.

Chapter Text

1: “I’m creampieing Rhea’s pussy everyday. Hoping to get her pregnant. I love filling Rhea’s womb with my nasty jizz.” Says Bernie.

2: “My ideal husband is someone influential and with a big cock. That being said the futas I’d want to marry the most are Edelgard, Petra and Byleth.” Manuela says.

3: “As the Emperor my harem is everyone. The women I use the most are Byleth, Rhea, Flayn, Marianne and Dorothea.” Says Edelgard.

Chapter Text

1: “Ugh fuck, Flayn ish so goood! I was very surprised when Sothis asked me to be a training bitch for Flayn, I’m so glad she did though.” Moans Byleth.

2: “Well of course, when Hero’s are summoned to Embla they are subjected to complete psychic domination. I’ve definitely taken advantage of that rape those two sexy princesses.” Says Veronica.

3: “I’ve said before that Sharena and I are the best brother sister whore duo out there. I’m so glad we’ve finally got the opportunity to ply our trade together.” Says Alfonse.

Chapter Text

“Yes I do have a dragon fetish and since Flayn is particularly small and weak she the perfect partner if I just need to get some stress out and force myself on someone. As for Marianne, most women are to weak to handle my monster cock. Being a beastiality slut and married to a horse Marianne’s well used cunt is one of the few that can take my most ruthless assaults.”

Chapter Text

“Mmm I don’t know if I can choose it’s easier for young men to keep up with my libido, on the other hand older guys really know how to make a woman feel good. Dimitri is my favourite young man to fuck he’s such a strong powerful lover. As for dilfs Chrom is definitely a good fuck.” Says Manuela.

Chapter Text

1: “I was definitely surprised Flayn was my… or still is one of my cock warmers. I know Sothis put her up to it but Flayn is still going to get her womb crushed as punishment.” Says Byleth.

2: “Yes I am bisexual, cocks used to be a huge turn off for me but now I can’t help but love a big strong man especially Chrom.” Robin says.

3: “I love Bernie’s new dominant attitude. Getting to fuck Rhea with her was amazing, even though Rhea was paying more attention to her than me. Rhea is so loose having two mega cocks in her is the only way she can be tight now.” Says Edelgard.

4: “Veronica is an unexpected but good domming partner. Rhea has been a naughty little girl so she was due for a rape Byleth unfortunately just got caught up in it.” Says Sothis.

5: “Futas are honestly my last choice behind women and men. But yes the Robins or Robin and Grima I guess used my ass very well.” Says Chrom.

6: “Hmph easily my summoned hero’s are completely brainwashed to serve me. All of those prince’s and princesses fell before me. Laevatein and Gunthra are especially good sluts.” Says Veronica.”

7: “Ahhh ahhh please mistress Veronica use my ass more.” Moans Alfonse.
“No no please use me instead my pussy is aching.” Moans Sharena.

8: “Heh, I guess I feel a little bit bad about betraying Alfonse and Sharena, but I’m making a lot more money now that I’m working for Embla. Anyways Veronica let’s me use the former Askran royalty any time I want.” Says Anna.

Chapter Text

1:”Hee hee, of course I am my own mom after all. Anyway I’m a huge slut for daddy’s cock, so I’m definitely ready to become Robin’s baby factory.” Morgan says rubbing her heavily pregnant belly.

2: “heh, see for yourself. COME ON GET OVER HERE DUMB PIG BITCH!” Yells Anna.

“Oink oink.” Says Kronya crawling over her massive inflated tits dragging on the ground leaving a trail of milk. The brain dead cock sleeve presenting her holes as it’s the only thing her simple mind can remember how to do.

Chapter Text

“Ugh I don’t care what that dumb bimbo says about how I stole her girl. It doesn’t matter now because Marianne is my completely loyal and ruined personal cockslave.” Says Edelgard.

Chapter Text

1: “*sniff* yes I am in fact Robin just filed a divorce so he could be with Morgan.” Says Tiki.

2: “Fuuuck Robin left me ruined for weeks that man is so intense and powerful.” Say Edelgard.

3: “Hmmm other than my cute daughter Seiros huh. Well that would be my cute granddaughter Sitri. As a widow Sitri needs someone to take care of her, and that’s me I’ll breed her as much as she wants.” Sothis says.

Chapter Text

“Oh fuck I might just be addicted to cocks now. I wanted to be a knight all my life, but now I realize my feminine body is a gift. I’m definitely going to be doing a lot more receiving from now on and my Pegasus has always interested me.” Says Ingrid.

Chapter Text

1: “Ugh no way I hate gross old guys. I prefer my partners clean and fit. Their is nothing in the world that could convince me to fuck an ugly bastard.” Says Dorothea.

2: “Yes it’s true I love rimming cute butts. Cleaning out cream pies after a three way is a particular hobby of mine. I have Dorothea to thank for bringing me into Edelgard’s harem, and my Emperor has blessed me with three beautiful daughters.” Manuela says.

3: “Mmm yes I do have my favourites, all of them mine of course. Right now my go to is Sasha, mine and Petra’s daughter. She’s only eight and already has a foot long dick, but more importantly she is super proficient and polishing her daddy’s rod.” Says Edelgard.

Chapter Text

1: “Yes, yes that’s got to be it (ignoring the fact Morgan is already pregnant) I’m going to force Robin to get me pregnant. Even if that means r…raping him.” Says Tiki.

2: “So you’re interested in beastiality huh? Well it depends on what animals you like. Kronya gets fucked by pigs. Ingrid is for Pegasus’. Tharja is the dog fucker. Their are so many girls who do dragons and wyverns. And obviously Marianne loves horses.”

3: “Most of all I prefer being raped by my futa loli husband (Laevatein), I haven’t thought of being fucked by my horse. But now the ideas in my head it’s making me wet.” Says Gunnthrá.

Chapter Text

1: “*sniff* you must have good eyes I looked a lot different when I was a little kid. That footage was of my rape. After I swore to never let an ugly bastard near me again.” Says Dorothea.

2: “Edelgard is far and away the best lover I’ve ever had. Almost just based on size alone, I thought Dorothea was telling tall tales when she told the size of Edelgard’s cock. I’m so glad she was right however, I am absolutely in love with Edelgard’s cock.” Manuela says.

3: “No, I have a preference for big cocks. It’s just coincidence that some of the most hung futas are black. As for Sasha I’m the one fucking her pussy, honestly her one foot cock is too small for a size queen like me.” Says Edelgard.

4: “It depends on who’s cocks. I have very strict requirements on who’s allowed in me. For instance if it was my mommys absolutely I’d love to get my ass ripped apart by Byleth and Sothis.” Says Rhea.

Chapter Text

1: “Um Bernie doesn’t try to dominate. Women just flock to Bernie’s cock.” Bernie says as Rhea and Byleth slobber all over her fat cock.

2: “Alfonse knows his way around a cock, and Sharena is very skilled at eating out pussy. Together they are the perfect sex slave couple.” Says Veronica.

3: “Chrom is the first dick I’ve had in me since Tharja. I admit I was very nervous but he was amazing. I love Chrom’s dick.” Says Robin.

Chapter Text

“I met with Byleth and Edelgard for the first time in five years, both the emperor and empress decided to share my cock. I can’t wait to take over Edelgard’s harem and become the new top dog of Fodlan.” Says Flèche.

Chapter Text

1: “Anna is being a whinny bitch just like always. Her sex slave training is going fine now that Morgan has taken over. As for Kronya I got her so Morgan and I could have a daddy daughter project.” Says Robin.

2: “Definitely Dorothea her mouth is known throughout the continent after all. Who knew singing skills could translate to blow jobs.” Says Byleth.

3: “Yes, in the past Lady Rhea made frequent use of my ass.” Says Seteth.

Chapter Text

1: Marianne’s pussy can stretch indefinitely thanks to the crest of the beast. The only thing that stoped her was the fact she was paralyzed in awe at the size of Fleche. Marianne can easily take Fleche’s entire length.

2: Sothis just needs some time to recover from the fucking. Fleche is still a pretty short girl so Sothis is still going to sleep with her a lot.

3: Her body may have gone through puberty but she still has the mind of a child. Fleche was locked in a dungeon her entire life and used for her huge cock. In reality Fleche is just a really nice and sweet girl who doesn’t want to hurt any one. But yes she was Cornelia’s favourite experiment, because Fleche can grow her cock out to a gargantuan 10 feet.

Chapter Text

1: “Fleche is just a sweet innocent little girl, she was just misguided that’s all I could never wrought a terrible punishment upon her. I will see it she receives proper etiquette training however.” Says Sothis.

2: “Rhea’s dick is a total mess now it’s constantly twitching and drooling precum. I was so happy when Byleth and Edelgard agreed to help me punish my wife’s cock.” Says Bernie.

3: “Whenever I go out I guess. I don’t necessarily see the point of showing of my pets, but I keep Alfonse and Sharena with me at all times nude and leashed of course.” Says Veronica.

4: “Lots of hot sweaty, ball-slapping gay sex.” Says Robin.

Chapter Text

1: “Oh my gosh, all of my friends would look good impaled on a Pegasus cock. Any of Mercie, Annie, or Leonie would be my pick.

2: “Like I’ll be totally fine the Blue lions have nothing that could compare to the monstrous futa cocks of Byleth and Edelgard. Hell even little Bernie has a disgustingly huge bitch breaker.” Says Hilda.

Chapter Text

1: “Considering the other Robin has twin tails and a pair of huge tits I’m not that worried about a mix up. Also I’ve already gotten bored of Kronya and give her back to Flayn.” Says Robin.

2: “Trust me I know my boyfriend. He was the real deal alright.” Says Chrom.

Chapter Text

1: “Obviously Manuela, she taught me everything I know and also set me up with my first guy. I’d love to just lie in a pool of sweat and suck cocks with her.” Says Dorothea.

2: “Ashe has such a cute butt. I would love it for my cock to be warmed there. However Leonie needs a good raping. She is absolutely a brat and needs to be taught a lesson via cock.” Says Petra.

Chapter Text

Morgan: “Auntie Anna said it was a mistake and she wasn’t really trying to enslave me and momma (Tiki), I don’t know if I believe her but daddy apparently does. So now I’m working for Anna, going around and finding new girls for her brothel. Daddy said if she tries anything funny though daddy says quote: “I’ll fucking destroy you. I’ll through you on the pile and you’ll be just another brain dead beast slut.”.”

Chapter Text

1: “Rhea hasn’t had any monastery duties for years, except providing “holy water”. Professor long since has taken over the church and changed it to a church of cock worship.” Says Bernie.

2: “Polish my balls mostly. Even though Fjorm is owned by Laegjarn.” Says Veronica.

Chapter Text

1: “I’m pretty sure Sothis is just faking being broken. From what I’ve seen of her she likes to experiment, so she’s probably going to just get up and leave soon.” Says Robin.

2: “Of course I want Robin all to myself, but honestly after spending so much time with Morgan I might like her more. I love Morgan so much and she’s just about to give birth to herself, I can’t wait.” Says Tiki.

3: “Grima.” Chrom day plainly.

4: “It means I’m one of master Robin’s favourites. He’s famous for his futa hating cock, so since I’m a woman I get treated really good and fucked really hard to of course.” Says Lucina.

Chapter Text

“I’d still be a paladin in the loyal service of Lady Rhea of course.” Says Catherine.

“Hopefully I’d still be the queen of Brigid alongside my beloved Petra.” Says Dorothea.

“I hope I would have been able to continue on my path and become a nun.” Says Mercedes.

“Like I’m kinda a slut so porn might’ve been my destiny or whatever.” Hilda says.

Chapter Text

1: “Hmmm no, Kronya isn’t so much of a pet but more like… I hesitate to say living… like a breathing dildo/punching bag. So no, no pet date cause honestly her brain is so destroyed she has forgotten how to walk or even crawl.” Says Flayn

2: “Oh definitely the twin Jotun Princesses Dagr and Nótt. They thought they were so tough when they challenged Shamir and I to that tag team sex fight. It didn’t matter they’re ten feet tall and with three foot cocks, we totally wrecked them and made them our pets for a week.” Says Catherine.

Chapter Text

Dorothea: “Absolutely, I love that Edie is going with a skirt now. Pants are just so Ugh. Her massive bitch breaker constantly hanging out is so delicious. The way her cock is always leaking just leaving a trail of slime behind her like a snail, is just ohmygossh I’ll offer up my throat as cock holster anytime.”

Chapter Text

“Robin and his alpha dick can use my Lucina, my wife and even myself whenever he wants. Lucina especially desperately wants to be a top bitch in Robin’s harem.” Says Chrom.

Chapter Text

Byleth, Rhea, Dorothea, Shamir, Fjorm, Marianne: “Never, not a chance!” They say in unison as they go back to sucking their husbands hyper cocks. (Edelgard, Bernie, Petra, Catherine, Laegjarn, and Dorte respectively.)

Chapter Text

Edelgard: “It’s pretty simple my school friends and I were playing truth or dare, and Dorothea dared me to fuck an ugly bastard.”

Chapter Text

1: “Fuck yesh I luv Pegasus dick in my assh. I’m sho shorry lady Rhea I can’t be your knight anymore my new mashter ish Pegasus hyper cockkk.” Says Ingrid.

2: “I might just have to. Even though it looks scary it also seems fun. My bras are getting stained so it might be a good thing to drain my *ahem* “mega milky milf titties” as Annie calls them.” Mercedes says.

3: “If that’s true then Claude is an idiot. Cause like I’ll totally be a free use gangbang fucktoy for free.” Giggles Hilda bouncing on Ferdinand’s dick.

4: “Every one who’s been locked in it so far has become a brain dead living fleshlight. I don’t want that to happen to me, and yes Petra’s bbc is to precious to ever let go.” Says Dorothea.

Chapter Text

Edelgard: “Ugh I know right Dorothea is going to get what’s coming to her. It was absolutely horrible he was smelly, fat and hairy all not in a good way. Plus he couldn’t even get me close to cumming, I’m used to 20+ inch monster futa cocks there was no way his six inch penis could even make me feel a damn thing.

If the footage does manage to get out there I guess I’ll have play it off as just another porno not reflective of my personal tastes. As for who it could be I have no idea my main enemies Cornelia and Rhea have been fucked brain dead already.”

Chapter Text

Edelgard: “Pft no way it’s been a while since it’s been showcased, but I’m still a massive foot fetishist. I’ve haven’t had a lot of chances to do foot fetish play with her since her mind was broken by Bernie’s cock musk, but Rhea feet have long since been my favourite. Her soles have just the right amount of wrinkles and her toes. Oh her toes just the perfect shape and length and they are always painted so cutely mint green to match Rhea’s hair.”

Chapter Text

“Hmm it’s always an amazing sight to see that brat Edelgard in such an uncomfortable and awkward position.” Rhea says.

Chapter Text

1: “Oh yes definitely my broken wife is such a foot slut it’s impossible for her to hide it. Rhea cums instantly as soon as my feet touch her, and she loves it when I walk on her and step on her cock and balls.” Says Bernie.

2: “I don’t know if tamed is the right word but it seems every futa in Fodlan is a massive foot slut.” Corrin says while giving foot jobs to Byleth and Edelgard at the same time.

3: “I suppose conquer more realms. Musphel and Nifl both have cute princesses that look fit to be my cock and foot sluts.” Says Veronica fucking Alfonse’s boipussy while Sharena slobbers on her toes.

Chapter Text

1: “Heh you caught me. These are my stories. I’ve been the interviewer all along, it’s been nice hiding in the shadows recording everyone’s most lewd sex acts.” Says Bernie.

2: “Yesh totally I fucking love being a dumb prego bimbo slut with huge milky titties. I’m gonna give birth soon and I want to get knocked up again right away so my boobs will continue to squirt milk.” Says Hilda.

3: “Absolutely not Morgan can nurse herself, she’s gotten to much attention from master. This is a perfect opportunity for me to get some exclusive one on one time with master Robin’s cock.” Says Tiki.

Chapter Text

Byleth: “My husband has an impeccable professional persona. No matter what it seems El absolutely hates men especially old and ugly ones. The two of us as Emperor and Empress of all of Fodlan and beyond are already rich and have no need for the extra income that filming ugly bastard porn would provide. That being said it is amusing to see my hubby cringe at unwashed smegma coated dicks being shoved in her face.”

Chapter Text

Nótt: “Our massive sizes give us some leeway. Despite my sister and losing that sex fight and being publicly humiliated there are still plenty of girls wanting to ride our three foot dicks.”

Dagr: “Ugh this is so fucking shitty I can’t believe we lost our sex fight debuts. I can’t go anywhere now without someone calling me a pathetic sub. I hate it! It’s all stupid Nott’s fault she’s the one that came first after all.”

Nótt: “You’re so wrong as usual sis! You’re the one who lost it for us.”

Both: “Ugh fuck you, bitch!” And the twins start to have their own sex fight to place the blame.

Chapter Text

1: “It was just a simple trade I help her conquer Musphel and Nifl and in return she stays out of Fodlan. And of course there was a lot of nasty sex too, us borrowing each other’s slaves.” Says Sothis.

2: “Byleth doesn’t have many opportunities to become a full blown foot slut like Rhea and I, because her feet are the ones we worship most often. Don’t get it wrong though my wife still loves feet, we especially enjoy giving each other mutual foot jobs.” Says Edelgard.

3: “Of course foot training is first thing you should do with a new sex slave, at least that’s what Grandma Sothis tells me. Having my feet massaged, licked and just generally worshiped is great. But what I love the very most is walking on top of Kronya and getting to step on her cock and balls.” Says Flayn.

Chapter Text

“Eeep! Actually I’m fine with just Rhea I don’t need more than her to satisfy me.” Says Bernie.

“I don’t know how given how pathetic Rhea is, but these nuns are already well broken in fuck toys. They’ll definitely be addded to my harem and I guess I’ll give some to Anna for her to rent out.” Says Edelgard.

Chapter Text

1: “I have the slightly bigger bust. M-cup, compared to Demeter’s L-cup.” Says Claudia
“Edelgard gets jealous very easily, we don’t even have to actively bully her, for her to get mad at us for our bust sizes.” Says Demeter.

2: “Unfortunately getting stuck is a very common experience for us.” Says Demeter.
“It depends on who finds us, for instance Hilda will fuck us about ten times before helping us get unstuck.” Says Claudia.

Chapter Text

1: “Oh definitely professor Byleth’s, though my hubby Petra is a lose second. Byleth’s jizz is so sweet, warm, and thick but not chunky, I wish she’d have a stint in the milking machine. So there’d be a stockpile of her seed, cause Damn if I had the choice the Professor’s cum would be the only thing I’d ever drink.” Says Dorothea.

2: “Yes Edelgard has put her ultra fuckstick inside of me. A lot of things have changed since the war and now I love fucking Edelgard.” Says Catherine.

Chapter Text

Edelgard: “I lost my pussy virginity to Petra and my cock’s virginity to Kronya.”

Byleth: “I lost my cunt’s virginity to a random man in my dad’s mercenary company. And first got my cock wet in some whore.”

Sitri, Flayn, Catherine, Mercedes, Marianne and Ingrid: “Lady Rhea was the first to use all of our pussys.”
“Hilda was the first girl to take my cock.” Adds Marianne.
“And Shamir pussy was the first I used.” Finishes Catherine.

Chapter Text

1: “Yes I love it! Little me is attached to my nipple twenty four / seven, even when daddy is fucking me and stealing my milk from myself. I can’t wait ‘till I grow up so I can teach myself how to pleasure daddy.” Says Morgan.

2: “I don’t care about it being a dragon pussy, I’m addicted to fucking it cause it’s my wife’s pussy. And yes Tiki currently have huge milky tits is a plus.” Robin says.

Chapter Text

1: “Hmm whatever I do I want to help people. If I were to work for Anna I’d be a stress relief toy for futas, which is noble but there is already so many. Oh! I know I’ll appeal to Edelgard to be a nanny for her kids, although I’ve heard that some of her futa loli daughters are quite rambunctious, oh well hopefully they’ll enjoy my chubby milf body.” Says Mercedes.

2: “I love my girlfriend so much, I’ll follow Mercie wherever she goes. She has such big milky boobs. I love being babied by her.” Says Annette.

3: “Like I mean it was totally hot getting pleasured 24/7, but milking machines were designed for futas so I wasn’t getting the best experience. I’ll stick to getting my holes filled and bukakaed.” Says Hilda.

Chapter Text

1: “Ahhh Mercie, Annie! What are you two doing!? Oh fuck. I can’t believe it I’m losing to my own strap-ons. And wielded by my best friends at that. Shit, why does it feel so good. Mercie, Annie Please fuck me harder.” Moans Ingrid.

2: “Yesh it feelsh sho good.” Groans Marianne gaining back a semblance of cognition for just a few seconds. It had always been an open secret that Marianne had married her horse. But now there was absolutely no doubt as Dorte paraded his wife around Gareg Mach, firmly impaled on his meat spear.

Chapter Text

1: “Like I don’t know maybe. Horse dicks are like so totally huge it’d hot. Call me simple but I kinda prefer humans.” Says Hilda.

2: “Made me? I asked Edie and the rest to make me a bath full of cum. In fact there is now a hot permanently filled with jizz cause of me.” Says Dorothea.

3: “When Petra and Bernie come then our most frequent gang bang victim is Flayn. I still don’t get how her little body is so slutty and experienced, she could probably take all four of our cocks in the same hole if she wanted.” Edelgard says.

Chapter Text

1: “Pfft there is absolutely no way I a noble Nabatean would ever get a filthy Agarthan pregnant. Kronya is rape and beating stock nothing more.” Says Flayn.

2: “It would obviously be the Professor, before me even. Byleth would be perfect she already is sort of. Byleth is an amazing preacher, she gives the most excellent sermons about how we all should abandon all gods, and devout all our worship towards futa cock.” Mercedes says.

Chapter Text

Byleth: “Hero, villain it doesn’t matter everyone’s eyes are on me. As for Shez, that little skank has no chance of taking my El away from me. If that purple haired cunt even looks at my husband the wrong way she’s getting locked in the milking machine and turned into a brain dead flesh light.”

Chapter Text

1: “Why yes I do, in fact I’ve managed to convince Bernie to join in on foot worship too. Her, Rhea, Byleth and I all take turns licking each other’s feet.” Says Edelgard.

2: “Obviously I’m going to keep on fucking her fat pregnant pussy. But I think I’ll give our kid to the Professor and Edie, they know how to raise kids right.” Says Bernie.

3: “So good! Everybody loves my tiny body, I keep getting passed around and filled with cock. My sweet little Seiros was the most eager to use me.” Sothis says.

Chapter Text

1: “Hmm. There’s; Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Fjorm, Gunnthrá, Laegjarn, Laevatein, Reginn, Letizia, Ash and Elm. So 11.” Says Veronica.

2: “One time but those hyper sluts took it as reward instead of a punishment.” Says Sothis.

3: “Ahhck! No, one wife is enough for Bernie.”

4: “No way all that bitches punishment will be public. Whores like her don’t have the right to privacy.” Says Flayn.

Chapter Text

Edelgard: “Ahhh ha… Robin’s futa hating cock. It’s nowhere near the biggest I’ve taken but Damn it ruins my pussy like no other. Robin is definitely the only man I’ll let in me.”

Chapter Text

1: “*blushes* Oh my Goddess yes. That would exhilarating. I’ve already been outed as a Pegasus fucker, but no one’s been able to catch me in the act. So I think it’s finally time to take my kink public.” Says Ingrid.

2: “I am loving my new life. I love raising kids but I’ve never had any of my own. Until now at least I’m happy to announce I’m pregnant with Edelgard’s grandchild.”
Says Mercedes.

3: “Of course my girlfriend and I do everything together. Mercedes and I are tag teaming the nanny duties with her raising the kids 9 and under, and I take of the Emperor’s offspring that are between ten and sixteen.” Annette says.

Chapter Text

1: “For a gay threesome the best was with Chrom and Robin, and as for one with girls the loli step sister duo of Morgan and Noire was amazing.” Says Niles.

2: “It doesn’t really matter what I think. Honestly Robin’s alpha cock is probably responsible for fathering every kid in the Shepherds. I’m happy to get cucked by my best friend, especially if I get an ass reaming too.” Chrom says.

Chapter Text

1: “At least three times a day, I’m on a purely cum and breast milk diet, and big sis Camilla provides me with most of the milk. And yes sometimes she gives me happy endings.” Elise says.

2: “Why yes of course I’m the one who introduced the fad to Faerghus. Riding in with Marianne the two of us strapped to are husband mounts’ belly’s was the best. It was so liberating to reveal my true nature as a beastiality slut.” Say Ingrid.

3: “Let’s I’m thirty six now so I probably have four or five pregnancies left in me. I’ll probably give two to Byleth and two to Cassandra, and yes I love getting bred.” Shamir says.

4: “Fuck I love Coco, but monsters and mutants are so the best. Anything with a horse cock or tentacles are my favourite. I hope I can mate with more monsters in the future.” Hapi says.

Chapter Text

Mercedes: “Hehe yes I have filmed a porno with my brother. Quite a few in fact, my favourite was one were he was in his Death Knight persona and he “raped” a bunch of us nuns.”

Chapter Text

1: “With my massive futa cock obviously, my cousin tried to have me killed and now she’s my drooling cockbitch, and as for Elm he has such a cute ass I’m sure Alfonse will be happy to have another femboy to play with.” Says Veronica.

2: “Thousands upon thousands, by daily masturbation shows draw larger audiences, than any of my daughters sermons ever did.” Says Sothis.

3: “I’m so fucking jealous of her, she got Jeralt’s cock and I never did. Hmmph.” Says Leonie.

4: “Yep! And that masochist slut even liked me beating the shit out of her, in fact Catherine has been training be in melee combat so I can beat up Kronya even better.” Says Flayn.

5: “Well let’s see, there’s my husband Bernie, Byleth, Edelgard, mother, and any one else with a thick smelly cock.” Says Rhea.

Chapter Text

Mercedes: Innocent Nuns Get Plowed 7

Annette: Annette Fantine Dominic; exposed

Ingrid: Brutal Strap Ons Part 2

Marianne: Horse Gang Bang Infinity

Hilda: Ultimate Bukakae 4

Lysithea: Nerdy Loli Wrecked In The Library

Leonie: DILF Fuckers, Featuring: Leonie

Chapter Text

1: “Hmm that would be fun, I see all of the other girls getting fucked by horses, I’d like to be different and try dogs. Although Laegjarn probably would be hesitant to let me get fucked by any one else.” Says Fjorm.

2: “No I’ve never been locked in the milking machine, but I often do have my breasts pumped for milk. Either way I don’t have time considering I have the responsibility to take care of Edelgard’s kids.” Says Mercedes.

3: “All of them, cum is such a good power source for my mech. I’ve almost died so many times cause I orgasmed in the middle of a fight. Priestesses are the best power source cause their chaste so they cum at the slightest touch.” Reginn says.

Chapter Text

Before Dagr and Nótt could finish their contest and decide once and for all which of them was the sub Anna along with her futa slaves Eir and Reginn defeated both of the twins and claimed them for Mistress Anna’s slut emporium. Both giantess princesses are premium priced whores at Anna’s brothel.

Chapter Text

Byleth: “I wasn’t cucked. Why does everyone always think El and I are cucking each other, the two of us have an open marriage. Anyways that was just Shez’s audition to see if they were worthy of joining my hubby’s harem.”

Chapter Text

1: “If Anna wants to rent out one of my slaves as a public use onahole, then she has replace that slave until their shift is done. Usually it’s her self, isn’t that right Anna?” Says Veronica slamming her cock down Anna’s throat.

2: “That girls feelings are very impure. As a woman of the church I worry for her, so I might lock her in a milking machine, or perhaps teach her the lesson myself.” Says Sitri stroking her futa dragon cock.

3: “Mmm yes, ever since I saw Flayn working out on Kronya I was so eager to get strung and beat up myself. Both Edelgard and Cassandra have been using my as a living punching bag.” Rhea says.

4: “That would’ve been the time the two of us fucked Lucina and Morgan as they were giving birth to themselves.” Chrom says.

5: “Hmm, oh no actually it’s the opposite, all of my sisters have been become foot sluts. I guess walking around in bare feet has had a big effect on all of the women around me. Hinoka and Camilla love licking the soles of my feet and Elise and Sakura are more into sucking my toes. I don’t know how Grima got into this rumour, maybe she has turned Noire into a foot slave.”Corrin says.

Chapter Text

Mercedes: “I think both of us are getting fucked about the same amount. But in different ways because I take care of the younger kids, and Annie watches over the older children. Now if you’ll excuse me I have plenty of lolis and shotas to breast feed.”

Annette: “Mercie is right my wards are going through puberty and are a lot rougher… urk ugh *gasp*” Moans Annette as Byleth and Edelgard’s teen children octuple penetrate her.

Chapter Text

1: “Hmph I plan on keeping her forever not just a week. Cornelia is going be nothing more than a brain dead living hole.” Says Fleche.

2: “Mmm nothing I’m fine with being a living dildo / punching bag. Maybe I’ll ask if I can taken for a walk and have a play date with some of the other pet-girls.” Kronya says.

3: “Not as broken as would have hoped. It’s obvious that skank takes Pegasus cock daily. Nothing a that few more days of reaming shouldn’t fix.” Says Judith.

4: “Mostly just Marianne and Byleth. Especially when it’s a full moon, and Marianne grows her horse cock she seriously won’t stop cummimg. Byleth too has like bottomless nuts or something, like she totally could cum forever.” Says Hilda.

5: “We’ve done shoots together before, but we were absolutely not friends. How could I get along with someone who abuses her wife and daughter when I love my own family so much.” Camilla says.

Chapter Text

1: “Kronya’s to stupid to answer so I’ll do it for her.” Says Flayn. “Of course I stomp on my pets nutsack. And no she’s never lasted an entire ball busting session. But that’s on purpose I’d never ever give her a reward.”

2: “It sounds fun but Edelgard would never let me do it, because I’m always pregnant and she wouldn’t want to put our babies at risk.” Says Byleth.

3: “No, I’m very satisfied with my current lifestyle. Although I think there are quite a few futas who would make me their slave wife.” Says Sitri.

4: “Well I’m Askr’s first ever billionaire I’d say I’m doing pretty good. Sharena definitely earns me the most money out of all my employees, there are so many people who would pay good money to fuck a teen princess.” Says Anna.

5: “Unlikely considering Anna keeps her femboys in chastity cages. Although I won’t deny there was some foot worship going on.” Chrom says.

6: “You must be thinking of my female self because I treat my family very well. Anyways the beating was fucking horrible. It looks like those Damn futas didn’t learn their lessons. I’ll just have to rape all of them again I guess.” Says Robin.

Chapter Text

1: “Oh it was so good, I normally just stick with my partner. But the gang bang was so amazing getting my holes filled with multiple Pegasus cocks at once was simply sensational.” Says Ingrid.

2: “Probably at least a hundred gallons, they are thirsty kids after all.” Mercedes says.

3: “Probably, but I don’t want any help. I want to keep all of these wonderful futa teens for myself.” Says Annette.

4: “Of course I have, but my hubby Petra would never let me.” Dorothea says.

5: “FUUUCKK YESSSHHH💖💕💖!” Moans Hilda.
(Oops, It looks like another girl has become brain dead.)

Chapter Text

Lindhardt: “Well they must as every morning my ass is sore and full of cum. Personally I suspect Bernie is the one who’s raping my while I’m asleep.”

Chapter Text

1: “Yup! I’m so happy I can punish Cornelia anytime I want.” Says Fleche happily punching Cornelia hard.

2: “All these rates will for a whole night.” Says Anna with a smile.
“Me: 2500g
Sharena: 1000g
Alfonse: 500g
Elm: 1000g
Veronica: 3000g
Laegjarn: 1500g
Laevetein: 2000g
Gunnthrá: 500g
Fjorm: 1000g
Eir: 750g.”

3: “I don’t know how making a fleshlight my wife would increase my political influence, but I definitely used her loli pussy.” Said Veronica.

4: “I wish I could say that I was Grima’s mistress, however her and I were simply having feral sex. And I just happend to end up on top that time.” Says Corrin.

5: “Well the first thing I do when wake up is throw Kronya on the floor and walk on top of her so my feet don’t get cold on the stone floor. I usually just leave her lying there, then I’ll come back at lunch to string her up and go a few rounds. Again I’ll just leave her hanging till I come back home at night, take her down and stomp on her nuts for a while before falling asleep while cuddling her.” Says Flayn.

Chapter Text

Judith: “Unfortunately Ingrid’s cunt is pretty loose from being gang banged by pegasi. She was still pretty satisfying to rape with my brand new futa cock. She’s definitely broken enough for me.”

Chapter Text

Edelgard: Marianne
Petra: Dorothea
Bernadetta: Edelgard
Marianne: Hilda
Lysithea: Edelgard
Constance: Hapi