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Skittle-chan flutters her eyelids, her cyan gaze trapped Beluga with her charm. She stutters out; “wanna see a movie with me?” Her meek smile was innocent and in love.


Beluga responded with a flat voice. “I hate movies.” Licking his paw with thought, he decided. “Let’s go to the park.”


The girl sadly murmured “but I don’t like the park.” Memories of getting harassed by ugly birds flew through her mind like a tidal wave. Surely her friend would understand?


He flipped her off (somehow, despite being a cat). “I didn’t ask. Lemme check the weather.” He opened his phone with paw identification. The screen flashed blue for a second as he opened the temperature’s app. His eyes widened at the information and he whispered ‘wait what?’ under his breath.


He lifted the phone and showed it to his crush. Skittle also gasped. It showed a very menacing message that made both of their blood freeze.


[ 4AM- 500 degrees ]


They both stay still in shock for so long that Ralph, one of their moderators, came over to check on the love-birds. After noticing the problem, the man scoffed, arms folded with an unamused sigh. “Ignore that, it’s probably a glitch.”


Both heads whipped in his direction sporting similar unconvinced expressions. Beluga was holding his phone tight in his mouth so let it go to respond. “Really?”


“Yes. It's the new update, just ignore it and move on with your day.” Satisfied to have been of use, he bid them goodbye and walked away to do whatever mods do. Probably gone to message young girls or something.


They both agreed that going to the park is still too dangerous and parted ways. As he was getting back to his bed (it’s never too late to take a cat-nap) he was interrupted. On it sat his best friend Skittle, wearing a strange tin foil hat instead of his usual get-up (a stylish astronaut hat Beluga got him for his seventh birthday that he refused to take off (until now) ).


“It’s happening!” The hyperactive dog shouted at him the moment he entered the dorm. The cat was just confused, asking him to elaborate. 


“The apocalypse…the end of the world- it’s here!” He says reverently. In Beluga’s opinion it sounded almost cult-like and really weird. Yet, as he looked into Skittles manic eyes he could feel himself starting to believe in the dog. “No way!”


“Yes way.”


“Prove it.” He challenged.


Skittle cleared his throat. “In one minute, the stars in the sky will line up in a certain way.” His agitated arms pointed towards a star map on the wall that Beluga is only now noticing.. 


Beluga mocked him. “You expect me to believe that? Lol.”


The cat could feel his friend’s despair and betrayal from his refusal to play along with him. The ex-astronaut cries out, voice cracking, tears in the corner of his eyes. “I’m not joking!! The world is really ending and we need to prepare!”


He sighs, annoyed with Skittle for the 100th time this week. Fine ok he’ll indulge in the weird fantasy. He wonders out loud in a sarcastic tone. “If the world really is ending, I might as well tell my girlfriend I love her right?”


Skittle nods, happy his bff is finally taking this threat seriously. He says “You do that, I’m gonna get the supplies!” The dog then scampers off.


Wow he really does believe in this mumbo jumbo huh? Maybe he’s right… Welp, he had already promised to tell Skittle-chan his feelings so now he can’t back out. He starts feeling agitated as he walks over to her door. The cat bumps his head twice against the wood and waits patiently.


Finally, after what feels like an eternity, Skittle-chan peeks her head out and raises her eyebrows upon seeing him. “Already done so soon Beluga? Usually you nap until noon.” 


The cat frowns before sharing with her knowledge that he doesn’t even believe in himself. “I have something to tell you… In one minute, the world is gonna end.”


She lifts her eyebrow, confused at first what brought this up. “ Does this have anything to do with that 500 degrees weather thingy?”




“What?!” She screams.


He pats her head comfortingly. She stares at him scared out of her mind. “It’s okay, we have supplies.”


She lets out a breath feeling calmer now that she is assured of her survival.


Beluga spies out of the corner of his eye, in Skittle-chan’s blind spot, a little dog carrying a sign. On it read [DON’T TELL HER ABOUT THE SUPPLIES]. He sighs, whispering ‘nevermind’ so quietly Skittle-chan couldn’t hear.


He clears out his throat nervously, feeling his face heat up as he thinks about the next thing he will need to do. “Anyways uhm, Skittle-chan…”


She looks at him puzzled as he is unable to elaborate. Finally she asks him: “yeah?”


“I just wanted to tell you I… I love you.”






She doesn’t even blink before answering “oh yeah I knew that already. It was kinda obvious haha.”


Flashbacks to all of the time he kissed her goodnight, or simply told her ‘I love you’ outright. Honestly she’s surprised he even had to say it since they were already dating.


He didn’t have time to decipher the mess of emotions raging in his heart because Skittle skidded over to them shouting “10 seconds guys!!”


They all looked up at the moon, waiting with rapidly beating hearts for the end of the world.


Nothing happened.

Skittle’s weak voice said “just wait… any second now…”


Suddenly they all heard laughing coming from the other side of the hallway where Ralph stood, a giant smile on his usual bored face. He yelled pointing at Beluga (for some reason!) “It was a GLITCH! Just like I told you guys it would be.”


He continues with a lower voice that they could all only barely hear. “The world doesn’t end until I say so…”


Skittle slumps, dejected by his failure as a conspiracy theorist. He mutters: “oh well, at least we still have 1000 tomat-”


The entire facility shook with the sound of a massive explosion. Ralph grins. Another great day of moderation.