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Wayward Wings of Metal and Freedom

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-Elric-Yeager POV- Unknown Area-
(Maria)"It all started, when the universes and the galaxies was created."

(Edward)"And the start of the solar system and the worlds."

(Eren)"We are the very first humans, and siblings, to become reincarnated in every single world after Earth was created."

(Yukala)"Once a whole world dies, we will always restart it by force and prevent it from extinction."

(Satoshi)"It is what we call 'The Laws of Timelines', or Timelines."

(Alphonse)"This law, or timelines, are in every single world, even the very first ones, and make them live forever."

(All)"There is no wrong and death to the worlds, because of this law. We are known as Guardians of the Timelines, or Protectors of the Worlds because we were part of it. Despite the fact that we do not believe on God, we believe in science, powers, friendship, love, and determination as our will. It may seem that we look like gods, but aren't. We are just normal humans, or heroes to most people. In these timelines, we are separated into single or groups to different worlds to save it, but this one we are gonna do soon, is special because it will crossover two worlds we live in the most. We will have to face something new though, but taking flight on our wings of freedom, hand in hand on our metal hearts, we will stop it, with our friends, togehter."