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its silver calculations

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“You get a statistically-improbable number of green lights whenever we’re going anywhere. Every time.”

“Shen Wei.” Zhao Yunlan’s voice curls upwards in a half-whine from behind the hands over his face. “Baby. I will listen to you talk about bears again, you know that, just please spare me the math.”

“I don’t recall the last time we had to stop at an intersection,” Shen Wei continues, patient but relentless. “Except when it’s someplace you are very much in favour of not going to.”

Case in point: the string of roadworks that had manifested almost overnight the last time SID’s chief had been invited to a bureaucratic function – arriving very regretful for his tardiness, of course, but some things are so very unavoidable with their need to be in the heart of the city instead of the ministry districts, you know how it is –

Said chief peers out from the gaps between his fingers, lashes fluttering. “That doesn’t mean it’s me. Maybe it’s just the universe hinting at me to play hooky and spend the time with you instead!”

Right. A universe so-coincidentally aligned with Zhao Yunlan’s desires, the city bending almost imperceptibly to give him what he wants.

Which is as it should be, as far as Shen Wei is concerned. Just as well.