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Necromancing the Wolf

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Fenris approached the mountain fortress, eyeing it with intense scrutiny. He wasn’t sure if he would be welcomed by this “Inquisition” after the events in Kirkwall, and his association with the Champion, Hawke. However, since he left the Champion’s side he had been seeking for a purpose, a reason to be.

For so long his reason to be was a slave, but that all changed when he ran, and it changed his purpose into survival. Fenris had always had a strong instinct for survival, even before he became Fenris, when he was still just the Elf slave known as Leto. Then in Kirkwall Fenris met Hawke, who changed his purpose yet again. He had fallen for the enigmatic and charming Hawke, but Hawke’s heart belonged to Anders. What Hawke ever saw in that mage, Fenris would never understand.

After Hawke there had one other. A short encounter with a blonde elf that had, after 3 nights of sharing drinks and personal stories, had resulted in a single, searing kiss, and a promise made.

After fleeing Kirkwall, Fenris was one of the first of the companions to leave Hawke’s side. He agreed to help Hawke fight against the Templars, but after what Anders did, Fenris could not be near him without going into a fit of rage and hatred. As long as Hawke was with Anders, Fenris had to stay away or be consumed by his own hatred.

Fenris kept hoping that the other … the blonde elf … would somehow manage to find him, to fulfil his promise, but it seemed even he had abandoned him. Fenris sighed and tried to forget that kiss had ever happened.

When Fenris had heard of what happened at the Temple of Andraste, Fenris was almost certain Anders was involved again, and ultimately was surprised to find out he was not. Then he began to hear the stories about this so-called “Herald of Andraste,” and the good that he was doing with his Inquisition.

A few weeks earlier the newly formed Inquisition successfully managed to close the breach in the sky, before nearly being wiped out by a new threat, an ancient Darkspawn mage named Corypheus.

“It figures, yet another mage to plague us,” Fenris thought to himself, with a snarl, when he’d heard the news.

His hatred of mages had only increased since leaving Kirkwall, and yet while the Inquisition had decided to side with the mages, Fenris decided to try and throw his lot in with them anyway. He desperately needed a purpose in his life and this looked like the best opportunity – to be able to help fight and end the current threat to life in Thedas.

He approached the guards at the main gate, noting that they were both former Templars, still wearing the armor of their former order. He took this as an encouraging sign.

“I am here to speak with your Inquisitor. I am interested in joining your Inquisition,” he stated as means of introduction.

One of the Templars spoke up, “He isn’t in Skyhold currently. He’s off at the Storm Coast on a mission. However, we are always welcoming new conscripts. Let me get Commander Cullen.”

“Cullen?” Fenris thought to himself. “Knight-Commander Cullen is now in command of the troops of the Inquisition?” He began to feel even more encouraged about his choice of coming here. If Cullen was a commander of the Inquisition, then the mages surely were being kept in check.

Cullen recognized the Elf immediately, as he strode out to greet him. “Fenris! You know I should have you clapped in Irons for what you and Hawke’s crew pulled off in Kirkwall. You’re lucky I am no longer the Templar Knight-Commander there,” he said sternly. Then Cullen smiled and extended a hand in greeting “Welcome to the Inquisition! We could certainly use more warriors as skilled as yourself on our side.”

“Does the Inquisitor travel often?” Inquired Fenris, as he accompanied Cullen into Skyhold.

“He does, actually, which makes me worry about him,” Cullen stated, matter-of-factly.

Fenris cocked his head in curiosity of the statement and Cullen blushed openly at the quizzical look.

“Well, it’s hardly a secret, but the Inquisitor and I … have … developed feelings for each other. I know, I know very unprofessional of us, but … well, there you have it,” said Cullen, stumbling over the words in embarrassment.

They rounded a corner and ran into a very familiar dwarf. “BROODY!” shouted Varric. “Hey, good to see you. Man, it’s been ages. What are you doing here?”

“I was just about to discuss that with your Commander. I’ve decided to offer my help to the Inquisition, if they’ll have me,” said Fenris. “Why are you here?”

“Long story. Join me for a drink in the pub later and I’ll tell you about it,” said Varric, clapping the Elf on his shoulder before striding off.

“Have any other former companions of Hawke joined?” Fenris asked Cullen.

“Well, Hawke himself was here a few weeks ago, soon after we settled in Skyhold. Varric had lied to us about knowing his whereabouts until Corypheus showed up,” Cullen said, slightly irritated. “We’re all still a little angry with Varric for withholding that for so long.”

Fenris sighed “They were probably trying to protect Anders. Was he with Hawke when he arrived?”

“No, there was no sign of Anders so he’s probably still in hiding,” said Cullen.

“Good I hope he stays that way, at least for Hawke’s sake. Curious that Hawke would leave Anders’ side. They were practically joined at the hip the last time I saw them,” said Fenris, with thinly veiled anger.

“Save that temper of yours for Corypheus,” warned Cullen. “Were you there when Hawke killed him the first time?”

“Yes, I was. Corypheus seemed quite dead at the time, but one can never tell with magisters,” sneered Fenris.

“We’ll have to set you up with some quarters …” began Cullen

“Could you please make them as far away from the mages as possible? I cannot promise to control my temper if I am subjected to their presence on a regular basis,” interrupted Fenris.

“Ah, yes, good idea. Do you see that tower over there, to the right of the main building? We’ve housed all the mages in there right now. They are not confined to it, but they prefer keeping to themselves and only a few venture out from that tower. I think some of them even miss their old Circle life,” said Cullen.

“I’ll be sure to steer clear of it then,” Fenris said with a hint of a growl.

“I can see why Varric refers to Fenris as ‘broody,’” thought Cullen to himself. Then aloud he said “well let’s get you settled in then. I think I know the perfect spot, it may need a bit of sprucing up but it should suit your needs.”

With that Fenris followed Cullen up the stairs towards the ramparts, glowering at the “mage tower” across the hold.