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I can Explain

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Danny Phantom, hero of Amity Park, flew over an unfamiliar countryside. The sun had set only moments ago, but it was already getting cold. Not that Danny minded, he was good at cold. Ice was one of the many powers that he gained as a result of him being half dead. Half ghost. Whatever.
Danny been flying for two days now, heading towards a town that had apparently had some 'ghost related deaths'. Personally, Danny thought that people were being over dramatic again, but if the deaths were his kind of problem and he ignored them, then the people wouldn't stand much of chance. More lives would be taken. No, much better to check and make sure.
Besides, Amity had been so quiet lately, he was bored. Only the Box Ghost and other weak spirits came out lately. He needed a challenge, and Sam and Tucker had said they could handle it while he went to check this out.
Danny let his thoughts slip away as he shot past trees, racing towards a faint light. That would probably be the town. He breathed in the cool air. It had been so long since he'd been to the country, he'd forgotten how dark it got. Even his ghost night vision was straining to see the land racing past beneath him. But then something flickered to life beneath him. What was that? Too small to be a house, but not the steady shine of head lights. It looked almost looked like fire.
Curiosity getting the better of him, Danny decided to check it out. Speeding down to the small patch of flickering light, he slowed his descent as the trees brushed past. It was a fire; not huge, but not small either. He launched a shot of Phantom Phreese at the flames, immediately extinguishing the fire. He landed by the charred ground that was now encased in a block of ice. His eyes struggling to adjust to the sudden dark, Danny ignited a handful of ectoplasm, looking for what could have started the fire.
He peered into the ice with the aid of the ghostly green light. Though the block came up to his waist, the source appeared to be at the bottom of a hole. "Weird." Danny muttered to himself, looking closer. He jumped when he saw that at the bottom was a charred skeleton in an old rotting casket. Looking around he realized he was standing in what looked like an ancient graveyard.
"But how did that happen?" Danny wondered out loud trying to think of why a grave would be dug up and on fire. It didn't make sense. Maybe some kids were playing a really creepy joke? Maybe some Satanist weirdos performing a ritual? Who knows, but there would have to be someone to- oh.
Danny realized too late that he couldn't be alone, and started to turn, but the clicks of a shotgun being loaded sounded behind him. He spun to see two men melt out of the shadows. Danny panicked, turning intangible and taking off, the men shooting at him. Even though he was intangible a burning curled in the flesh of Danny's left calf where a shot had hit it's mark. He faltered, but he tried to fly on, gasping with agony as more shots riddled his body. Danny's brain was getting foggy as he wondered how bullets could hit him while intangible, but he couldn't focus. Whatever the reason was it hurt. Danny tried to access invisibility, but it just caused his vision to blur. He stumbled on air as two more shots hit his back and he fell to the ground, blacking out.

"What the hell is this thing?" Dean Winchester toed the unconscious figure with a look of confusion. It's head was covered with shock of white hair that wisped in a non-existent breeze. It's entire body seemed to produce a faint glow, and it was encased in what looked like a hazmat suit.
Sam Winchester stared in wonder at the strangest 'ghost' he'd ever seen. He was tangible and completely colored, not the washed out grays of most spirits. "No clue, you wanna see if Bobby's got anything on it?" Sam tore his eyes away from the figure to meet his brother's gaze.
"If he does I've never heard of it, but I'll give it a try." Dean turned to pull out his phone to dial Bobby Singer.
Sam turned the thing over to get a look at it. He clicked on a flashlight and was shocked to see that it was a kid. 'Looks like a kid.' He mentally corrected himself. This thing was definitely not a human. They had seen the thing fly for gods sake, and the thing that had materialized around the grave, plunging them into darkness pierced by that ghostly green light.
Thinking of it, Sam turned to see what had extinguished the flame. He couldn't believe what he found. It wasn't some huge object, but a block of ice.
"What the-" Sam murmured. He touched the ice, but jerked his hand back immediately. The stuff had seemed to crawl onto his flesh as if trying to consume him.
Sam heard Dean close his phone and huff dejectedly. Sam shot the ice another look, before going to see if Dean had learned what they were dealing with.