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Mermaid Stiles

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Ever since Stiles was little he had loved swimming. He would swim a whole day away, if his parents had let him that is. His mom would never let him stay in the water for more that an hour a day. He timed it every time and it was always the same. One hour on the dot Claudia would drag him out of the ocean no matter how much he begged her for just a few more minutes. When she died her dying wish was for Stiles never to go into the ocean again. Of course Stiles promised her right away that he would never go back. Now thinking back Stiles wonders why? It was such a strange wish.




Stiles feels bad every now and then because with all the supernatural crap that's going on Stiles rarely thinks about her, but he's kept his promise and he's never returned to the ocean. So when a mermaid shows up in the lake near the old hale house and the pack goes to tell her to leave he doesn't think twice about joining them in confronting her.

"What are you doing in Beacon Hills? How did you even get here?" Derek asks as soon as they break the tree line to see her floating on the surface of the water.

"Oo... Straight to the point. I like you wolfy." She said with a smirk on her face, not even opening an eye or even moving much at all. Then all at once she turns her head in their direction before flipping over completely as she gasps starring right at Stiles.

"Oh my...the legends are true..." She whispers. " do exist...I'm so sorry my King I did not know it was you...your scent has mixed with these wolfs and you do not smell as thou you are one of are kind, I'm terribly sorry!" She says in a low tone with her head bowed.

"Umm....what?" Stiles asks

"Permission to look up sir?" She asks. Everyone looks to Stiles.

"Sure, whatever, permission granted." Stiles says, a little annoyed.

"You do not know your origins do you, your highness?"

"Apparently not because you keep calling me your king and I've never been a king in my whole life or seen a mermaid for that matter." Stiles starts to yell at the end of his speech still getting angrier.

"Your mothers name? Is it Claudia?" Stiles nods "Has she ever taken you to the ocean or a lake and let you swim but never longer than an hour?" Nod. Everyone's looking at Stiles now. "And you have a birth mark on your left shoulder blade that is the shape of a star?" Stiles' hand flys to his shoulder and rubs the birthmark there. "How do you know that?"

"It is in the legends, but never mind that. I am right you are the rightful king of Atlantis. It is my pleasure to escort you home."

"Whoa there!! No said anything about me going with you anywhere." Stiles says stepping back a few times.

"But... My king, you must. The ruler now is not the rightful heir to the are. You must return home and take what is yours." The mermaid sputtered.

"....what's even your name?"

"In Atlantis they call me Mira, but are kind do not go by are birth names with other species." She finishes with a particularly mean glare at the pack. Then looks back at Stiles. "Do you not go by a nickname or your last name?" At this comment everyone's eyes bug out as they still stare at Stiles.

"no. No. NO! I'm not one of 'your kind'. I'm human!"

"I can prove it if that is what you wish."

"Yeah, sure, prove that I'm who you say I am." Stiles finishes with an epic eye role as he gets drowned in water that the mermaid threw at him.

"What the hell was that for?!?" Stiles yelled as he started to get a funny feeling in his stomach. He falls to the ground blacking out as he sees his dad running into the clearing yelling.




"Damn it!" John yells as he points his gun at the mermaid.

"Why hello there John! Long time no see. How long has it been? oh yeah, somewhere around 30 years, right?"

"Something like that. Scott, take Stiles home, turn on the bath tub in my bathroom and put him in it carefully." John ordered and Scott picked up Stiles and took off with Isaac close behind.

"It's too late John there's nothing you could do...he belongs to us now!"

"He will never belong to you, Miranda. He was raised too right to ever become like you." John backs this up by loading his shotgun and aiming it at her again.

"You really think you could hurt me with those little bullets of yours. You've tried that before, John what makes you think it will work this time."

"These aren't just any old bullets. You see before you killed my wife she told me that there was only 2 things that could kill you: cutting your tail off and this little flower that can only be found on one of the four corners of the world...but lucky for me, we have an emissary here that has jars full of mistletoe." One shot. She fell back into the water and started to sink.




When John and the rest of the pack got to the Stilinski house they all practically ran up the stairs and into Johns room where that could hear Scott, Issac and Stiles' heartbeat. When they walked into the bathroom Scott looked up at everyone with a sad look. They took spots around the bathroom waiting for Stiles to wake up.

And soon enough Stiles shot out of the water screaming. Everyone flinched at the volume of the scream. John rushed over to the tub and pushed him back under the water. Stiles tried to fight it but soon he settled and closed his eyes again.

When he opened his eyes again the room was empty except for his dad. He set the clothes he was carrying for Stiles on the counter and helped Stiles out of the tub.

"What happened?" Stiles asked his dad as he tried to stand but his legs weren't working properly.

"I will explain everything when your changed and downstairs with the rest of the pack.

Stiles didn't reply, he just started to change.

Not 5 minutes later he walked ,more of a stumble really, into the living room to see the whole pack there. Erica and Boyd were sharing the love seat. Scott, Allison, Isaac and Danny were all on the couch with an empty spot in the middle for Stiles. Jackson was siting in one of the arm chairs with Lydia in his lap looking at her nails and Derek was leaning against the wall across from the couch.

"Ok, can you explain what the hell happened now, John?" Erica announced as soon as John and Stiles walked in the room.

"Sure." John said as he walked Stiles over to the couch and sat in the empty arm chair himself.

"Ok. So as you all know, that was a mermaid. She probably told you her name was Mira...." He looks around to see them all nod. "Her real name is Miranda. She was Claudia's sister, but she hated Claudia because she left Atlantis to come be with me." John said looking down at his hands.

"She was a soon to be queen but in order for her to become queen she would have to marry some prince she never even she ran. Atlantis went to the ends to the ocean trying to find her. They couldn't because she had found a way to change her tail into legs." John took a deep breath and started up again.

"When Stiles was born, Claudia wanted to continue the tradition of her kind. Which is why very few know your real name." He said looking up at his son.

"Your mother could see your need for the ocean... But she knew what it would do if you stayed to long. She would only let you swim for just under an hour...if you had stayed would have changed. She didn't know if she would be able to change you back so she made sure it never happened. When she was dieing she made you promise you would never go into the ocean again, but she had built you up to being used to the ocean so even the smallest drop of ocean water would change you. When Miranda splashed you, you were starting to change. We had to get you into filtered water and fast or you would have never been human again." John said with a tired look.

"Shit" everyone looked over to Stiles.

"What?" Derek asked

"Umm...I can feel it. The change. It's like an itch under my skin. I've had it for the last few years...but it's gotten worse sense she splashed me." Stiles said looking right at his dad.

"What does that mean?" Isaac asked John.

"I don't know." He said getting up and walking over to the book case on the wall in the next room. When he was right in front of it he reached to the ever top of the self and grabbed the key that was hidden there.

"Dad, what's that?" Stiles asked from a few feet behind John. The whole pack was now gathered behind Stiles.

"Your mother never wanted you to have to worry about this. She never wanted you to even know about the supernatural." John said the last part looking at the pack as they all looked sheepish. "but she would be proud that you had found a family in it." John said with a smile and turned back to the book case. He pushed the book case about a foot to the left to reveal a small safe in the wall. John took the key and opened it and pulled out its contents. When he turned around to show the group the book in his hands, there was a gasp from one pack member.