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Two Teams, One Agent

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Tony DiNozzo had a secret. A secret he thinks that even Gibbs didn't know about. A secret that in truth he didn't want anyone to know about.

He wasn't going to get his wish. And the person to blame was Tobias Fornell.


The day started off easy. Tony arrived at work an hour before Gibbs, like he always did, turned on all the electronics, signed Gibbs in on his computer before doing the same with his own. He checked all the files that appeared on his desk some time after he left yesterday. After finishing his morning routine, he sat down at his desk and started working.

Gibbs stepped off the elevator and was not surprised to see his SFA at his desk working. A sense of pride filled his heart to see the younger man at his desk before he himself got in. When he made his way to their area Tony looked up and smiled before greeting him, Gibbs did a quick look around the bullpen before stepping close to Tony, smiled in return and lightly kissed the younger agent.

Chuckling softly at the SFA's dazed look, Gibbs turned and went to his own desk and saw that Tony had logged him in. It made the senior agent feel loved and taken care of, two of the things he loved about Tony.

The only thing that surprised the younger man was that his boss had kissed him at work, something that was against the man's rules. He and Gibbs had worked together for eight years and four of those eight they have been dating. The first two years were setting up ground rules and getting to know the more personal things about each other as well as mapping out their likes and dislikes during sex. To Tony's surprise Gibbs was biter and a cuddlier. Gibbs was surprised that Tony liked to be spanked whether it was sexual or as punishment and he liked to be dominated just as long as it was soft core and not hardcore.

He pushed away his thoughts when Tim and Ziva stepped off the elevator and he noticed that the other NCIS agents were sitting and standing around the bullpen. He shot his lover glare before greeting his team members.


Their day was going easy, no calls came in so they all sat working on cold cases. Tony heard the elevator just as his gut told him that trouble was coming, but he didn't look up from his paperwork until he heard Gibbs voice.

"Fornell, what the hell are you doing here?" Gibbs growled

"I came to talk to Agent DiNozzo." the FBI agent answered

"I told you before Tobias, you can't have him. Tony belongs here at NCIS as long as I'm alive to make sure of it."

"Now Jethro, the boy is an adult let him decide for himself." Fornell gave Gibbs a hard stare before turning to Tony, "DiNozzo I need to talk to you about something."

Tony sighed and ignored Gibbs glare "What do you need Tobias?"

When the elevator sounded again, three people stepped off and everyone looked in their direction. Tony stood up and looked over Tobias shoulder. Coming his way was SSA Aaron Hotchner, SSA Derek Morgan and SSA Dr. Spencer Reid. Tony was shocked. So much for keeping a secret, a secret he thought as he walked to stand next to Fornell.

Spencer had a huge smile on his face "Tony, oh I missed you."

The young doctor walked faster and pulled Tony into a tight hug. Tony smiled and hugged back before shaking hands with Morgan and Hotch.

"I missed you too Spence. Why are you three here?" He directed his question to Hotch.

"Tony we came to ask if you would come with us. We got a case that is stretching us thin and our leads are coming to an end. Reid suggested bringing you in would do us some good."

"Hotch with all due respect I just can't leave. Both Gibbs and Director Vance has to sign off on it and knowing Gibbs he would want to be briefed on the case before signing anything."

"Tony this a federal investigation, NCIS can not brought in on it. Hell no one would want to see or hear the contents of what this case is about. I don't even want Reid near this case." Derek spoke up.

"Babe quit being so over-dramatic. Just because I sleep in your bed doesn't mean you can tell me which cases are acceptable." Tony smiled when Spencer called Derek on his macho bullshit.

"Oh Morgan you let genius burn you in front of Navy cops. Spencer I'll hold him down if you want to make a run for it or at least call Garcia for backup." Tony joked

"DiNozzo, I wouldn't talk about getting burned by a genius in room full of cops if I was you. Or your Navy pals might like to hear about California." Derek threaten with an evil grin plastered on his face.

Tony's eyes went wide "You promised not to bring that up, besides it won't matter anyways because I have the perfect counter-threat for that."

Derek's grin faltered, "Which is?"

"Oh you remember. It involved Captain Kirk, Jack Daniels, Vanessa Carlton and karaoke." Tony gave his own evil grin

"You were just as smashed as I was, there is no way you remembered all that."

"Camera babe. And to let you in on a secret I only had a three shots out of that bottle and I was drinking fruity virgin drinks at the bar."

"You evil asshole. I don't believe you."

"When the case is over, come by my place and I'll show you a copy. The original is in hiding for safekeeping." Tony laughed

"I'll find a way to get you back." Derek warned

"Looking forward to it."

Gibbs had reached his breaking point when Tony gave the darker man an endearment that he was not given permission for. He growled and stalked over to his young lover and grabbed his arm to pull him close.

"Tony you have five seconds to explain everything or I swear I'll pull your pants down, bent you over your desk and turn your ass a bright cherry red." Gibbs whispered close to Tony ear before the giving the lobe a quick sharp nip

Tony gasped, leaned back and saw the fire in the older man's eyes. He nodded to Gibbs and stepped back.

"Let's take this to the conference room."

Tony looked around the bullpen, the NCIS agents were trying to figure out what was going on, Ziva and Tim were confused but Ziva had an amused looked on her face. Reid and Hotch looked annoyed and happy at the exchanged between the two friends. Gibbs was mad and Fornell didn't know what to say.

"Lead the way Tony." Hotch spoke first.

Tony turned and walked towards the conference room not looking back. When he entered the room he unplugged all the cameras and turned off the bugs before taking at seat the end of the table. Everyone else came in, Gibbs brought up the end closing the doors and locking them. Spencer sat on Tony's left, Morgan and Hotch sat on the same side, Fornell took the opposite end and Gibbs took the spot on Tony's right.

Gibbs started first, "Why do you need my agent?"

"Tony is the best. He will be able to find something we missed." Hotch answered

"How do you know DiNozzo?"


"I wasn't asking you DiNozzo. I was asking the man in charge."

"I'm Unit Chief SSA Aaron Hotchner, this SSA Dr. Spencer Reid and SSA Derek Morgan. We met Agent DiNozzo in Baltimore on a case. He and Dr. Reid and Agent Morgan hit it off and became friends. After Baltimore, Reid and Morgan told our Tech Analyst about their new friend. She looked him up and got his information, when she informed me that Agent Fornell knew him, he and I had a meeting. Agent Fornell told me that DiNozzo had left Baltimore shortly after we did and was signing a contract with NCIS."

If Tony didn't know Aaron as well as he did he would have believed that lie, but he did know the stoic agent and knew all his tells when the older man lies. Tony fought hard to keep a straight face and knew that Morgan and Reid were having the same problems. He just hoped Gibbs believed the lie.

"That is a bunch of bullshit. I want the truth right now or you four can walk out that door and never speak to Tony again." Gibbs spoke in that tone that he only used when interrogating suspects.


"Tony I'm not going to tell you again."

"Oh for the love of...Jethro, damn it its classified information. You only need to know that the FBI heard of Tony when he was on the force in Peoria, Philly and Baltimore. Other than that its classified." Fornell glared at Gibbs.

"Then declassify it, because I'm not playing games. You want Tony, then tell me the goddamn truth right now."

Tony stood up "Jethro please. I'll tell you at home. The cameras and bugs may be off but you can't put anything past Abby or McGee and Vance can't know. Just follow me home and as I pack a bag I'll explain everything. I promise." He turned and looked at the FBI agents "I'll meet you three at the airfield, give me an hour at least."

They stood up and Hotch spoke "Alright one hour or I'll have Garcia track your phone and send Morgan to get you."

"Garcia hasn't met Abby so your threat doesn't scare me as much as that little Goth does. I'll be there."

The three nodded and walked out with Fornell following behind. Tony looked at his lover with pleading eyes. Gibbs hated that look, he sighed and nodded his head. The younger man smiled and kissed him quickly before walking out of the room.

Tony stopped at his desk grabbed the stack of files off it and put them in his bag before grabbing his gun and badge. After clipping them on he shut his computer down and grabbed his jacket. The last thing he did was getting Ziva and Tim to stand next to him, to give them orders.

"Ziva if you three are still here at five and there are no cases, order Gibbs anything spicy off the Chinese take-out menu and make sure his coffee comes from the bakery across the street, tell them to give you The Gibbs. McGee, I'm asking this as a favor. When eight rolls around and there are no cases, call Abby or Ducky depending on his mood and have them force him to leave, when he does turn everything off for him. If I'm not back tomorrow, come in at 5:30 turn on Gibbs computer, log him in and have his email up on the screen. Then go across the street to the bakery and get you some breakfast, the girl in the morning is Amiee, show her your badge and she'll put your order on my tab."

"Tony, what's going on?"

"I have to go help the FBI with a case, I'll try to be back tomorrow." He answered McGee's question.

The two nodded and said their good-byes. Tony return it with his own and followed Gibbs inside the elevator.


The ride was quiet with the tension riding high, Tony knew that Jethro was pissed and it was only going to get worse. The trip to the house gave Tony 45 minutes to pack and leave again, he packed his bag quickly, the saying about old habits was true when it came to packing.

Jethro sat on the bed on watched his lover pack quickly and efficiently. When the bag was zipped Tony sat next to him and looked him in the eye.

"Jethro I love you. I wanted to tell you but I had my orders, so please if you want to be mad at someone be mad at me."

"I love you too Tony. What orders?"

"Before Baltimore or the reason I was on the BPD, was because I was undercover."

"I know, you mentioned that when you tackled me." Gibbs smiled

"Well the whole story is, I was undercover but not for the BPD but for the FBI. When we met I was actually undercover Agent Tony DiNozzo, I started working for the FBI after Philly, a year with the agency they sent me undercover to flush out a corrupt cop. I spent a year gathering information, then I tackled you and you know the rest. I fell for you, so I finished my job and put in an agency transfer with Garcia's help. She locked out my FBI past and added two years of false Baltimore information." he finished and looked at the older man.

Gibbs processed the information Tony told him. He didn't know what to say or feel. He was pissed that Tony kept this from him and pissed that Tony was an ex-FBI agent. He knew one thing, he wasn't going to let Tony leave without getting punished first.

"Babe I don't know what to say right now. The only thing I do know is that I want you over my knees with your pants down."

Tony sighed, this Gibbs he can handle, pissed off Gibbs he can't. He stood up and went to the dresser and pulled out the wooden paddle out of the top drawer, handed it to Gibbs and then removed his clothes before climbing over his lover's lap.

Gibbs put a hand on the small of Tony's back and used his other hand to give the younger man's ass warm up spankings. After twenty he picked up the paddle and gave Tony twelve more. Those were focused on his sit spot and thighs. His lover's ass was tempting.

"How much time do we have?" he asked in a husky voice.

"For you I have enough time. They can wait." Tony spoke in the same husky tone.

Gibbs growled and move Tony on the bed. Tony knew that after spankings Gibbs wanted him on his hands and knees. Jethro made short work on preparing Tony before coating his hard cock with lube and thrusting fully into his lover. After feeling Tony tilt his hips Gibbs went to work setting the pace as quick and rough.

As his hips pounded against Tony's well spanked ass, the head of his cock hit Tony's prostate ruthlessly with every thrust. His fingers gripped the younger man's hips to insure that the bruises with be there for days. When he knew that his lover was close, he stopped rolled Tony on his back and then entered him swiftly again to resume his pace. He leaned forward and attacked the man's neck marking it as his with several lasting bites on both side before doing the same to the collarbone.

Tony was in heaven, Gibbs brutal thrusting and biting was sending him over the edge quickly. He tighten his legs around Jethro's waist and match his thrusts. The only words out of Tony's mouth was ohgodohfuckJethrofastersoclose, Gibbs was moaning Tony's name.

Jethro felt Tony's inner walls clamping around him. "Come on baby, come for me." He said rolling his hips and pushing Tony's legs toward his chest giving him deeper penetration. Tony came loudly, without any of them touching his cock. Seeing his lover come undone and feeling the inner walls clamp around him, Gibbs emptied himself inside Tony's ass and continued to thrust until they came down from their high.

Gibbs collapsed on Tony, keeping his cock inside his lover's ass. Both men didn't care as they worked to bring their breathing back to normal. After what seemed to be hours, the two almost dozed off but was brought back to reality by Tony's phone. Both groaned and climbed out of bed.

Tony answered his phone. It was Hotch telling him to get his ass to the airfield. "Alright give me twenty minutes and I'll be there." he informed the older agent and hung up. He walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Leaving the water running Gibbs stepped in as he stepped out and got dressed.

After they were dressed Tony grabbed his bags and Gibbs drove him to the airfield.

"Be careful, I'm not there to watch you six. If you come home hurt in any way, your ass won't be able to sit for a week."

"I'll be careful. You too. And try not to kill Ziva and McGee."

"Can't make promises." They both laughed

"Jet, I'm gonna keep my phone off while I'm gone. I don't want Abby to track it and land herself in trouble."

"Keep your phone close by and on. I'll handle Abby. Call me if you need me for anything."

"I promise."

Tony didn't say anything and the rest of the trip was quiet.


They arrived at the airfield and got out of the car. Tony grabbed his bags and waited for Gibbs. Together they walked over to the other agents. Gibbs looked at Hotch.

"I don't know you and you don't know me. Therefore that makes this easy, you get him hurt in any way I'm going to shoot you and demand your badge. Do I make myself clear?"

"Are you threatening a federal agent?" Morgan growled.

"Yes I am. If Tony gets hurt while he is with you, there will be hell to pay for all of you."

"Gibbs please we've already talked about this. Just let me go, you go back to work and try not to kill Ziva, McGee and Palmer. And please keep Abby from tracking me. I don't want Strauss and Fornell demanding her job."

Gibbs looked at his lover and smiled softly, "I can't make any promises with the others but I'll keep Abby from tracking you. Remember watch your six or its your ass."

"I'll be careful, besides Spencer is the danger magnet I'll be safe." He joked. Spencer glared.

Gibbs shook his head, "Do I need to remind you about the Y-pestis, or the time you and Ziva were trapped in a box, or the time you got shot, or the time you almost damaged your already damaged lungs by jumping into freezing water."

"Actually that last one was your fault. I was saving you and our witness. Besides all my troubles doesn't compare to you getting blown up, falling into a coma, then losing fifteen years of your life, flying off to Mexico but not before giving me a 'You'll Do'." Tony ranted.

As always Gibbs felt bad, he tried everything to make it up to the one person he loves unconditionally. Hurting Tony hurt Jethro because that will always be between them.

"No matter how many times I break rule six I know it won't erase what happened, but I won't stop making it up to you any way I can."

"I know Jethro. I'm not mad anymore. Look we'll talk about this when I get back, you need to get back to work before Vance finds cause to fire you and the team."

"I like to see him try."

"SecNav can't help. After Jenny's death he decided to pull rank. Who do you think approved of my transfer when Vance asked for it?"

Gibbs growled. "How do you know that?"

Tony laughed. "You aren't the only one with contacts in high places."

"Tony we need to go." Spencer said from the plane's door. Tony nodded.

"See you later. I love you." He whispered.

"Later. I love you too." Gibbs whispered back.

Tony took another minute to look at his lover before turning around and walking up the steps. He sat down and watch Gibbs walk back to the car. This was the first time he left Jethro since coming back from Agent Afloat. It made him uncomfortable but he knew he'll be back before Jethro has time to miss him.


Gibbs watched the plane leave. It hurt to watch his love fly away with an unknown team for an unknown case. He wanted to stay but his phone brought him back to reality.


"Agent Gibbs there's a body in the woods, local said he's wearing full tac-gear."

"Alright we'll be there." he hung up and dialed McGee's phone.


"McGee, you and Ziva follow Ducky to the crime scene, start pictures and interviews, I'll meet you there."

"On it boss."

He looked at the sky one last time and then got into the car and went to work. It was going to be hell with out Tony.


Hotch and his team greeted Tony after the plane took off. Tony was introduced to Rossi and Prentiss and liked the two immediately. The team briefed Tony on their case and then left him to go over the file. He wasn't even in the air an hour before his phone ranged. he put it on speaker.


"Anthony DiNozzo Jr. you are in a lot of trouble."

"Abby not now. I promise when I get back you can lecture me all you want."

"Tony you need to come back." she pleaded, "the team got a case with a dead Corporal in full tac-gear. Please come back."

"Abby I just can't come back, I'm on a plane. The team will be fine without me."

"No they won't. Tony you know Gibbs. I respect Tim and Ziva but without you there as a buffer Tim won't be able to focus and if he isn't focus he'll screw something up and piss Gibbs off. And Ziva, she'll shoot first and ask question later, especially if a suspect says something about her misused idioms."

Tony sighed Abby was right. Gibbs is on a short fuse, McGee won't focus and Ziva will hurt someone. There was nothing he could do at the moment, except have Abby keep him updated.

"Alright Abbs, here's what I want you to do. You are going to keep me updated on this case. Send me emails if you can, I don't want you to lose your job for calling me. Tell Palmer to write Ducky's findings down for you to email to me, you do the same with evidence and everything. Also find some way to get Tim to send me sit-rep reports. I'll try to read it if I have time. That's all I can do."

"It will just be easier if you come back."

"I know but I can't. I need to go, keep an eye on everyone and don't o.d on Caf-Pow."

She laughed. "I will. No promises. Love you and be safe."

"I will. Love you too." He hung up and sighed.

"Are you alright Tony?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. Can you patch in Garcia for me?"


Garcia showed up on the screen, "How can the Goddess help."

"Garcia I need a favor." Tony replied stepping in front of the tv.

"Oh my god, Tony. I missed you so much. You are in big trouble."

"Get in line. First I need a favor."

"What do you need?"

"I need you to find the name and profile of the dead Corporal, NCIS MCRT is investigating."

"Sure thing sweetness. Good to have you back."

Tony took out his laptop and checked his email. He clicked on the updates Abby sent him, there wasn't a lot. He was looking over when photos when Garcia showed back up.

"Well that was fun. I have the information you needed. The Corporal's name is Edward Marks, 20, enlisted after high school. According to his file he was moving up the ranks, good marks in all his classes. His CO recommended him for sniper because his marks are almost as good the top sniper. Your Corporal turned it down wanting to be in the field."

"Married, engaged, dating?"

"His credit cards indicate that he's dating but nothing serious. Just dinner every few weeks."


"No kids. Has a sister who is married with two kids. Parents still live and work in the same town."

"Where is he from?"

"Stillwater, Pennsylvania."

Tony felt his stomach drop. "Shit. Thanks Pen."

He picked up his phone and dialed Gibbs' number.


"Hey it's me. What are you doing?"

"I'm in the car with McGee and Ziva. Why?"

"Please trust me. Just turn the car around."

"Tony I'm working a case. We'll talk about this later."

"Damn it Jethro! Listen to me, I read the case. Don't go to Stillwater."

"Tony you are on a plane for a different case. Why are you going through my case?"

"You know why. You aren't going to find anything in Stillwater. Everything you need is on the base."

"Tony why don't you want me to go to Stillwater."

"Because Marks wasn't the only one to enlist. When I get back we'll take a few days and go see Jack. I'll explain everything."

"Fine I won't go. You owe me more than explanations."

Tony felt his face heat up. "Whatever you want."

"I'm holding you to it."

"I know. Be careful, Gunny."

Gibbs laughed, "Always." Then he hung up.

Tony released the breath he was holding and saw that everyone was looking at him.


"What the hell was that about?" Morgan asked.

"Just saving my boss' life." He answered.

"Why, what the hell is Stillwater?"

"Stillwater is Gibbs' hometown. He enlisted in the Marines right after high school. He didn't exactly leave on a good note. Pissed everyone off. Just before his accident Gibbs patched things up with Jackson, his dad. Jack told me, when Gibbs was in a coma, news about Stillwater. According to him the town is pissed at Gibbs again. Some of the boys are enlisting, to add salt to the wound some girls as well. Everyone made threats to shoot him if he comes to town."

"So your boss is going to trust you and turn around." JJ replied.

"Yeah. He knows that I'm watching his six and that I'll never compromise an investigation."

"Tony, you can't work two cases. You'll end up mixing them and that will compromise them." Hotch added.

"I'm not working two cases. Even if I did I can still keep them separated. NCIS is working on the death of a Corporal. Who was training at the time of his death. Your case involves a serial killer, who is killing single mothers. The women are all blonde and have more than one kid. That means your UnSub's mother was a single parent, he may have one or more siblings and he may be under the age of forty." He explained

The BAU team looked at him with mixed expressions. He felt a little proud of himself that he can still pull a profile together like that. Their case was easier than the one Gibbs was working on. Tony liked the Navy cases better than the FBI's, that was one of the reasons he wanted to transfer. Well that and Gibbs.

"You pulled a profile together that quickly." Rossi spoke his thoughts out loud.

Tony raised an eyebrow, "You guys didn't have a profile?"

"Not like that. How did you do that?" Rossi asked.

"Easy. All the women are single parents, the father or fathers aren't in the picture. The kids are at school when their mothers are attacked. The common denominator is that they are all blonde in their thirties. Put it together, your UnSub is in his forties possible late thirties. He has a job were he can leave during the day or works nights. He came from a single parent home, his mother worked long hours. He and his siblings had to care for themselves. His mother was a blonde and of two possibilities either had her children taken away or worked herself to an early grave. This and the crime scene photos tell me that he has a lot of pent-up anger and decided to target someone who resembles the cause of that anger." He blow out a breath finishing his explanation.

"Aaron where did you find this guy?"

"Dave, Tony used to work for us. After two years he transferred to NCIS. And yes he was always like this. Gideon wanted to adopt him and Spencer."

"Speaking of, where is Gideon? I received a letter a few years ago but nothing after that."

Spencer answered, " He left. An UnSub killed his girlfriend then there was an incident in Arizona. It was too much for him."

"Poor Gideon. You know he never recovered fully from the bombing in Boston. The Bureau should have let him retire when he asked for it."

"What?!" They all yelled.

"Yeah. Didn't you know? He asked the director in a meeting, told her that it was time for him to retire. In turn she told him to take a sabbatical, teach at the academy and see a counselor." He explained.

"Gideon and I were close. He didn't mention any of that to me." Spencer spoke in a soft voice looking a little sad.

"Spence, I'm sorry. I thought he told you. To make you feel better, he didn't tell me. I overheard the meeting."

"Overheard it, how?" Prentiss asked.

"I was doing something personal when the meeting took place." He smiled.

"Oh and what is this something personal?" Morgan asked with his own smile.

"If you must know I was under the table with a trainee. And yes I was well aware of the no fraternization rule. It didn't stop me from having a little fun."

"I didn't need to know that." Hotch said shaking his head.

"Well good thing I'm not your agent anymore."

"Yeah." Hotch agreed.

"Anyways back to the topic. You're a damn good profiler. Why did you transfer?" Rossi changed the subject.

"After I tackled him and after we finished the case, I spoke to Gibbs. He thought I was a regular cop and tried to recruit me. He explained what being a Navy cop entails. I was sold when there wasn't a single mention of child kidnappings, rape, pedos or any of the other stuff. I loved being a profiler but things that had involved kids was getting to me and I had to end it before it ended me." He explained.

"Explain what you do now?" Morgan asked.

"Fine. On a good day McGee, Ziva and I look over cold cases. Some involve missing sailors or soldiers who were state side, murders that went cold, missing ships, anything that involves the Navy or Marines and their families. Other times we're consulting out of country sailors or soldiers. Other days we get cases, finding out why a soldier or sailor was killed. We had cases like a Marine killed on Air Force One, a homegrown terrorist wanted to destroy Virginia's cell towers or my favorite, an arms dealer named The Frog came back after 20 years to kill the agent responsible for his downfall and losing his family."

"So you deal with terrorists and good ol' fashion murder." Rossi replied.

"Yep. And let me tell you, being an ex-profiler interrogating suspects is funny because I know when they're lying and call them on it. Gibbs, he just scares them to a point where they start crying their confessions." He laughed.

"What are the other two like?" Spencer asked.

Tony smiled, "McGeek, he somewhat the opposite of you Spencer. He's smart but its limited to technology. Ziva, she's ex-Mossad and likes to remind people that she kill fifty ways with a paperclip. She's a good agent but needs to work on her anger. Tim is good too but needs to work on his people skills. He knows how to question them but can't look for tells. Ziva is opposite of Tim, can find the tells but can't question. Funny thing is, Gibbs puts them together to better each other. They haven't figured it out yet."

"And the others?" JJ asked.

"Abby is Garcia's complete opposite. Where Pen is sunshine and rainbows, Abby is tattoos and black. She's a Goth and damn proud of it. She also is the damn forensic scientist you'll ever meet. There is nothing people can hide that Abby won't find. She's also really good with cars and computers. Ducky is the M.E, he claims the dead are good talkers. He's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He can talk your ear off about nonsense but piss him off and you'll regret it. Jimmy works with Ducky. He's like Spencer, before Spencer dated Derek. Shy, awkward, and doesn't have the confidence to speak to people outside his comfort zone."

"Did you profile your whole team?" Prentiss asked.

"Nope. Didn't have to. McGee opened up about his life when Kate and I took him out after his first case. Ziva came along after Kate died. Jenny, Director Shepard, informed us of her background and listening to Ziva talk spoke a lot of words about her character. Abby talks when you dope her up on Caf-Pow, Ducky will talk if you sit and have tea with him, and Palmer talks when you get him drunk."

"Family." Hotch spoke softly.

Tony looked at the older agent. "What?"

"Family. You made these people your family."

"Don't profile me."

"Can't help it." Hotch smiled, "Your voice goes soft when you talk about Abby or Ziva, which makes them sisters. You smile when you talk about Tim or Jimmy, makes them brothers. There's a fond look when you mention Ducky, makes him the father or grandfather." Hotch explained.

"Hotch you didn't mention Gibbs." Morgan pointed out.

Hotch and Tony shared a look but remained silent. Everyone on the plane was trying to figure them out. Rossi was the first to come to the conclusion.

"Oh I get it." He laughed, "Gibbs is the lover."

Tony looked at the other agent and smiled, "The best damn lover I've ever had. We spent a weekend in bed, leaving long enough to eat or empty bladders. Gibbs broke rule three b that weekend."

Rossi gave him a confused look. "Rule three b?"

"Yeah, Gibbs' rule. Three b, never be unreachable."

"How many rules does Agent Gibbs have?" JJ asked.

"Fifty, by my last count."

"Fifty?! Do you know them all?" Emily asked.

"Of course. Eight years with the man and four of them we been dating. Jethro has them written down. The first four years I learned all fifty." He laughed.

"What are your favorites?" Spencer asked.

"Its a long list," He smiled, "Rule 1a, never let suspects stay together; 3a, don't believe what you are told. Double check; 3b, never be unreachable; 8, never take anything for granted; 9, never go anywhere without a knife; 10, never get personally involved in a case; 12, never date a co-worker. Jethro and I broke that one.; 13, never ever involve lawyers; 14, bend the line, don't break it; 15, always work as a team; 16, if someone has the upper hand, break it; 22, never ever bother Gibbs in interrogation; 23, never mess with a Marine's coffee, if you want to live; 35, always watch the watchers; 36, if you feel like you are being played, you probably are; 39, there is no such thing as coincidence; 40, if it seems like someone is out to get you, they are; 42, never accept an apology from someone who just sucker punched you; 44, first things first, hide the women and children; and finally the odd 69 never trust a woman who doesn't trust her man."

"Wow his rules are great. Does everyone know them?" Hotch asked.

"Outside the team. All three directors Morrow, Shepard, and Vance. A handful of agents, Jethro's mentor Mike Franks, CGIS Agent Borin and I think Tobias knows some."

"CGIS? What's that?" Rossi asked.

"Coast Guard Investigative Services. They mostly investigate crimes that occur on the ships out at sea. Sometimes those crimes involve piracy."

"Huh, how come the FBI doesn't know about this?" Hotch asked.

"Dunno. Ask Tobias. Are we done learning about Tony and his NCIS life?"

They all laughed and shook their heads. Tony sighed and hoped the pilot would announce their arrival. It didn't happen.

Morgan broke the silence, "You're hiding something. What else do you do for NCIS?"

"I'm their best undercover agent. Hell their best agent period. FBI wants me back, CIA and NSA want me for covert ops, DEA and ATF want me for undercover ops, the military expressed their interest as did the Secret Service. NCIS wants me to run my own team in a different country. Also when Vance became director he assigned me to Agent Afloat, good job but being on a ship for six months made me want to jump and swim thousands of miles to the nearest land."

They all had drop-jaw expressions. Tony laughed at them.

Hotch recovered first, "You have all these offers and you still choose to work for NCIS."

"Yep I love my SFA position and love working with Gibbs. Occasionally I do undercover work for the other agencies to make them happy, gain contacts, and rack up favors that could help NCIS when needed. Gibbs has three rules involving me and undercover. One he gets briefed, two he gets to one of my handlers, and three I'm not allow to do more than six months."

"Why not more than six?" Rossi asked.

"Because when I become someone else for a long period of time, I slowly forget who I really am. So after every operation I have to do two weeks of psych evals. The team helps me get 'me' back, Abby and Gibbs help the most. Abby does movies and trivial things and Gibbs does the personal parts."

"How often do you go undercover?" Hotch asked.

"Before Gibbs' accident, I went undercover maybe ten times starting around my fifth year at NCIS which was the same year Jethro and I started dating. After his accident, I went one time which resulted Director Shepard's death. During my two weeks eval, SecNav brought on Vance. When I was cleared, the man put my ass on a ship. Gibbs was pissed. I've been back two months and you all show up." He explained.

"You could have said no." Morgan replied.

"I know but I wanted to do something that didn't involve my own team."

After he said that the pilot announced their arrival. They rushed to the SUVs, and went straight to the station. They met the chief and Hotch assigned tasks.


Tony got paired with Rossi, they were assigned to the first crime scene. Tony walked around following the pictures and looking at the rooms as a whole. Rossi examined the room where the body was found. As he walked through each room he made notes, then met Rossi in the main room to go over their findings.

"He has a lot of rage. The blood splatters indicate that he used more than one weapon."

Tony nodded, " The bedrooms, kitchen, and living room were trashed and nothing was taken. Maybe those rooms have meaning."

"Could be that they lived in a small house or apartment. He spent a lot time in the living room, sharing a bedroom with his sibling or cooked for himself and his sibling." Rossi added.

"It seems like he's focusing on things she should have been doing instead of working."

"You think he was punishing her?"

"With the brutality of the killing I say yes, but maybe it could be the way the victim lived."

"What do you mean?"

"Look around. Fifty inch television, game system, blu-ray, movies, the kitchen has top appliances, the bedrooms have TVs and toys. Mom's room looks like it came out of a magazine. He was envious and angry that her kids have a better life than he did."

"Okay, lets head back and compare notes."

They left the crime scene and went back to the station. Morgan and Emily walked in ten minutes after they did. The two confirmed that their crime scene looked similar to Rossi and Tony's. That confirmed Tony's theory. They spent two hours and a half dozen trips to the coffeehouse, that was next door to the station, going over maps and last locations of every victim while Garcia went through phone records.

While going over the maps with Spencer, Tony told himself that he did not miss this part and hoped that they found the guy quickly. That was when his phone decided to ring. He put it on speaker so he could keep working.


"Tony, Tony, Tony." Abby spoke loudly over the phone in a panic tone.

"Abby deep breath and calm down. What happened?"

He heard her breathe deeply before answering his question. "Oh god, Tony, you have to come back."

"Abby I can't. I'm in the middle of something. What happened?"

"Tim got hurt. Please come back."

"Abby!" Gibbs voice was heard.

"Someone tell me what happened right now." He demanded.

"It's nothing. The suspect had a knife, McGee moved to disarm him. He got cut then the two went down as McGee fought on. He landed wrong on his wrist and fractured a bone. Ducky says he'll have to wear a brace and limit his time in the field for a couple of weeks, he also needed stitches but otherwise he's fine. The suspect has a nice shiner and is in custody but only for the assault, we still need our killer." Gibbs explained.

Tony let out a sigh of relief. "So Probie will live. Make sure Ziva gives him hand to hand lessons."

"Don't worry she already recruited him. By the time she's done Tim might have skills of a half trained Mossad." Gibbs joked.

Tony was shocked and surprised to hear his lover make a joke. "I don't believe my ears. Abbs you are my witness."

"Oh god Tony, it's the end as we know it." She laughed.

"We didn't have time to prepare." He laughed too.

"Will you two cut that shit out." Gibbs growled, they laughed again.

"Crisis adverted Abbs. That was a close one."

"A little too close."

"You two are not allow to spend time together anymore."

"But Gibbs." Abby whined.

"Oh no, those eyes don't work on me. You are in a enough trouble after I told you several times not to call Tony."

"But Gibbs..."

"No buts Abby. Stop calling or no Caf-Pow for a week."


"Jethro that was too harsh." Ducky interrupted, "Abigail was only concerned and thought Anthony needed to know."

"Ducky she disobeyed an order. She needs to understand that Tony is too busy doing something else and doesn't need to be bothered." Gibbs defended.

"Jethro try to remember they are family. Abigail is upset that her big brother wasn't there to protect his little brother. She knows that its his job to do that and its his right to know if one of his family members got hurt." Ducky reasoned.

"Gibbs I'm sorry, I should've asked first. Tony really did need to know." Abby apologized.

"Abby you're right you should've of asked first. I told you Tony needs to worry about the case he's working on, not you calling about something little or our case."



"Uh guys, I'm still here do you think you can end the call first." Tony interrupted.

"Anthony, how are you doing?" Ducky asked.

"Good Duck. Its raining here and the case is a tough one but things are good."

"Anthony stay out of the rain. If you get sick..."

"I know Duck. You'll handcuff me to the hospital bed and force me to eat hospital food."

"Good boy. Are getting along with the M.E?"

"Haven't met them but the reports are well written. Your's are better."

"Don't kiss ass Anthony." Tony knew he was smiling. "How bad is the case?"

"Bad, Duck. The UnSub used multiple weapons. The M.E can't tell which one was responsible for the C.O.D."

"Do you have a computer near by?"

"Yeah, I brought mine."

"Good. Abby will connect me to you and you can email the M.E reports."

"Alright." He did as he was told ignoring the BAU team. After a few minutes he disconnected the call and looked at Ducky's smiling face. Abby and Gibbs were in the background.

"Okay I got the reports, although you know I would like it better if I met the deceased."

"I know, but trust me you don't want to meet this one."

Ducky was reading the reports. "You're right. Such a terrible thing, poor dear. Trauma to the head, ribs, and legs. Stab wounds in the chest and stomach. Shallow cuts on the entire body. Its a blessing this monster didn't rape her."

"I know how you feel Ducky."

"Well your C.O.D is a combination."

"Which is?" Hotch asked looking at the laptop.

"He could have stabbed then beat her until she either passed out or went brain dead, if she passed out then she bled to death. Its the same results if she went brain dead."

"Thanks Ducky."

"Anthony, make this bastard pay."

"I'll make sure of it."

"Did you read all the M.E files?"

"Truthfully no, sorry, I was marking all the places the victims went before they were killed. Why?"

"Your second victim was four weeks pregnant. Her C.O.D was caused by him slicing her stomach open."

The BAU team had the same heated look. Tony saw that Gibbs had a dangerous look as well.

"Thanks Ducky. We'll make sure he pays."

"Good luck and see you when you get back."

"Thanks again. See ya later." He left then Abby appeared.

"Oh Tony."

"Abby don't cry, we'll catch him. Why don't you go buy McKlutz and Ziva some muffins put it on my tab."

"Okay. See ya later, love you."

"Love you too."

Gibbs waited til she was gone. "Tony I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"Abby calling you."

"Don't worry about it. Ducky was right, I need to know. McGee is my probie."


"Jethro don't punish Abby for calling, don't punish Tim for getting hurt and don't punish yourself for the fact that Tim got hurt. You couldn't control it or stop it. If anyone is to blame its the idiot who had the knife."

"You're right. Please be careful and catch this bastard."

"I will, don't worry."

"And stay out of the rain." He ordered.

"Can't make promises Gibbs you know that."

"I know. I don't like it, but I know. Come home soon."

"I'll try. I'll call you before I go to sleep. Please don't spend all night in the basement with the bourbon and boat."

Gibbs smiled, "Can't make promises babe, you know that."

Tony smiled back, "Cheeky bastard. Talk to you later." Gibbs nodded and then the screen went black.


Tony closed his eyes and collected himself, he knew there was going to be a lot of questions.

"Alright let me hear it."

"You didn't mention that she was young." Emily spoke first.

"She's not that young, its just the pale skin and pigtails. She's the same age as Spencer."

"Why did they keep telling you to stay out of the rain?" Spencer asked.

"Because a few years ago I came in contact with Y-pestis or the plague. Damn near killed me but I didn't have Gibbs permission to die so I fought it and in the end it damaged my lungs. A common cold can land me in the hospital, or a punch in the stomach or chest can make it difficult for me to breathe."

"Why didn't you tell us before we left D.C?" Hotch asked not looking happy.

"Because its not something that I want to broadcast."

"Tony if Gibbs finds out you are in one of the wettest cities in the U.S he'll kill us." Hotch glared.

"Don't worry he won't do anything. Gibbs is nothing if not over-protective. Besides he knows its for a job."

Hotch sighed, "Fine, just don't stay out in the rain too long. If you get sick I'll punish you myself."

Tony smirked. "Why Hotch I didn't know you had a kinky side."

"Don't push me DiNozzo."

Tony laughed and held his hands up, "Okay, jeez Hotch, still can't take a joke. How the hell have you manage to put up with Morgan all these years?"

"Hey! You are worse than I am."

"Maybe, maybe not. Are you still switching coffees on Spencer?"

Spencer laughed, "He stopped doing that when I told him that he would be sleeping alone and experiencing a case of blue balls."

Tony laughed with him. It felt good to be with the BAU team again, but Tony was missing his own team. He started making mental plans to take them all out when he got back.

"Alright lets finish this." He told the others.

They went back to work. By ten they were getting nowhere, so they drove to a hotel and checked in for the night. Everyone on the team doubled up except for Tony. After his shower and getting settled for bed, he called Gibbs.

"Gibbs," he answered on the first ring.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Sitting on the couch thinking about you. You?"

"Sitting in bed missing you."

"How's the case going?"

"We have the profile and everything else, but its not getting us anywhere or the suspect's name." He vented his frustration.

"Tony just step back and look at this as an investigator. As a NCIS agent instead of a profiler."

Tony sighed, "I'll try."

"Good, now walk me through it."

"Alright. Our UnSub's targets are thirty year old single mothers who either work with family support or works two jobs. They live in a middle class area and their kids have everything. The moms' have magazine inspire bedrooms and kitchens."

"Keep going Tony. Talk about the latest victim's day."

"Okay. She was off that day, so she drove the kids to school, went to the party store to get decorations for her son's eighth birthday, then went to the game store to buy him the game he wanted, after that she took her car to get the oil changed and the brakes checked. She met her mother for lunch to finalize the birthday plans, then she went to the grocery store. After the shopping was done she went home put everything away, then she..." He trailed off.

"Tony you still there?"

"Babe I love you. You're the best."


"You just helped me in a big way. I got to go, I'm sorry."

"Hey its alright. Besides the faster you solve this thing the faster you're back home in my arms and our bed."

"I love you Jethro."

"I love you too. Don't forget to get some sleep."

"I won't." They hung up.

Tony put his clothes back on, grabbed his stuff and left the room. He knocked on Hotch and Rossi's door rapidly. Rossi opened it with an annoyed looked.


Tony ignored him and walked into the room. Hotch was sitting on his bed with an open file, Rossi closed the door and sat on his bed.

"We got the profile wrong." He informed them.

"Got it wrong, how?" Hotch asked looking surprised.

"Well I got it wrong. Gibbs helped me realize that it was wrong."

"Helped how?" Rossi asked.

"He told me to look at the case as an investigator not a profiler. So I went over the latest victim's day with him and that's when I realized that the profile was wrong." He explained.

"Okay just hold that thought." Hotch picked the phone and told the others to come to the room, Rossi moved to open the door. Few minutes later the others joined them.

"What's going on?" Morgan asked.

"Tony says the profile is wrong." Rossi answered. They all looked at him.

"Tony you probably just need some sleep." Spencer looked at him with concern.

"Sleep no, Jethro yes. But that's neither here nor there. Trust me the profile is wrong, not completely but its the important part." He rambled, "sit and I'll explain this as quickly as I can, try to see it as an investigator. Shouldn't be too hard for Morgan since he used to be a cop. Now I'm going to walk you through the latest victim's day just like I did with Gibbs."

"This couldn't wait til morning." Morgan complained.

"Morgan," Hotch warned. "Continue Tony."

Tony nodded, "Okay, now it was her day off. She dropped the kids off at school, ran errands, met her mother for lunch, then went to the grocery store. Came home, put everything away and waited for the next half of her day. Are you following?"

They nodded, Rossi spoke, "So far but I'm not seeing how the profile is wrong."

"Hold on I'm getting to it. Now the next half of her day. She waited for the cable guy because the living room's tv wasn't working right. Then the water guy because the hot water wasn't working, after him was the roofer because there was a hole over the kitchen and finally the repair man because the dryer broke." He waited for them to see it, before explaining further.

Morgan got it first, "Son of a bitch. You're right it was wrong, How did I miss that?"

"You were looking at it as a profiler." He answered.

"You two care to share with the class." Rossi looked annoyed again.

Tony and Morgan looked at each other. Tony nodded.

Morgan explained, "The guy's job. We got that wrong. He works for one of those companies and drives to the houses to do the job." He looked at Tony, "Which one?"

"Going by the M.E's time and the time on her calender. I say the roofer but I'm leaning towards the repair man."

"Okay I'm smart but not a genius like Spencer nor street smart like Morgan, so can you throw a bone and tell me why?" JJ asked.

"Think about it Jay. How could he have known she was a single parent or that she would be off and home that day. Then looked at the rage and violence of the killings. He didn't stalk her to learn her routine, this was on the spot rage. He walked into the house saw the pictures, probably made a comment or two about the children."

"And like any mother, she brags and let it slip about raising them alone or he asked if she was married." Hotch finished for him.

Tony smiled, "Yeah then after he learns the truth he hits her over the head and you know the rest."

"Okay so we'll run a check on all the employees and see who stands out. But all of that can wait til morning." Hotch informed them.

Morgan clapped his hands, "Great. See ya in the morning. Come on Spencer." They walked out.

"I'll get a hold of the Chief in the morning." JJ said following Emily out of the room.

Hotch and Rossi looked at Tony. He stood there smiling at them, he wanted to see who would say something first. Rossi didn't disappoint.

"You can leave now."

Tony smiled, "Fine. I'll go, good night."

"Night." The two senior agents replied.


Tony left the room and sighed he knew he wasn't going to get any sleep and Gibbs wasn't with him so his only choice was work. The station wasn't far from the hotel and Tony was thankful that it wasn't raining. The third shift officers didn't pay him any attention as he made his way to the conference room only stopping to grab some coffee.

He grabbed the files and notes of all the victims, settled in and started reading and making his own notes. When he was done, he found the connection. All the victims called the same repair company. He walked into the squad room and sat next to the closest officer. He asked if the officer knew anything about the repair company. The officer didn't know anything but pointed Tony to another informing him that the cousin of the other works for that company.

Tony thanked him and headed over to the other officer. He liked the man right away, the two talked then the cop called his cousin, who answered all his questions and even gave him a name. After the phone call Tony and his new friend searched the database. Tony thought it was his lucky night.

The repair man was in the system. He had been arrested for assault, drunk disorderly, assault with a deadly weapon and a DUI. He asked if the officer wanted to join him, he said yes and the two left to go pick up their suspect.

The front door of the suspect's house was opened. The officer gave Tony a vest after showing him that he was already wearing one. Then two quietly walked towards the front door with guns drawn.

"Seattle PD!" The cop yelled.

"NCIS!" Tony yelled as a habit.

The two men looked at each other nodded and entered the house. Tony watched officer's six as they cleared the house. He had the officer call in the crime scene unit and as habit handed over a pair of gloves.

"Where these come from?"

"My bag. My boss Gibbs has a rule. Always wear gloves at a crime scene. I'll need your help, tonight you're my partner. We'll walk through slowly this time observing and bagging and tagging then the CSU can take pictures, dust for prints and everything else. I need to know if you can watch my six before we start."

"I'm an Army brat, even enlisted. Served six years before getting medically discharged when I shattered my knee. I got your six since you had mine when we searched the house."

"Good to know. Which branch?"


Tony nodded, "My boss was a Marine sniper."

"It thought about the Marines but the Army gave me a chance to get a college degree for back up."

"Good choice. You know NCIS is always looking for new agents if want a career change."

"Nah, I love Seattle too much to leave it. Thanks anyways. And what exactly is NCIS?"

"Its stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Services. We're basically Navy cops, crimes involving the Marines and the Navy. Occasionally we get other branches but only if the FBI wants our help."

"Sounds like a good job, but I'll stick with being a cop."

"Good choice. Married?"


"Really good choice. NCIS is not a job for the married ones or relationships in general unless they know how to make it work."

"Does your's work?"

Tony smiled, "Oh yeah don't really have a choice when your lover is also your boss."

"Really, your boss?"

"Yeah. Tackled him eight years ago when I was working for the FBI on an undercover job, four years after I started NCIS we confessed our feelings after a hard case and one too many bourbon. Now four years later we're still together and our closure rate at work is doubled. We were always a good team but since we got together we've been better."

"Sounds like you got the perfect relationship."

"Yeah." He smiled then sobered up, "sorry, talking about Gibbs always gives me a one track mind. Lets get to work."

"No worries. I'm the same way with my girlfriend."

"You can tell me all about her on the way back to the station."


They got to work. Tony explained to the cop what they were seeing around the house as they went through each room, the cop wrote everything down. Then they got to bagging and tagging after the cop grabbed an evidence box out of the car.

CSU showed up, Tony explained what they needed to do after apologizing for the lateness. Patrol officers showed up shortly after. Tony showed the suspect's picture and name and told them its possible he's armed and dangerous. The officers left, Tony and his new friend stayed until CSU was done. It was after five when crime scene was done and Tony signed everything.

As promised he let the his friend talk about his future wife. Tony didn't mind, their story was better than his and Gibbs. He learned that they were high school sweethearts, after graduation she went to college he went to boot camp. They kept in touch. When he got shipped off, the night before he gave her a promise ring and one night of passion. Nine months later in a care package she sent him a picture of their daughter.

He went on with his story of having nothing but pictures and videos for six years. He told Tony that he was happy when he shattered his knee. The day he got home he bought a ring, proposed to his girlfriend and hugged his daughter for the first time. Now they were set to get married in two months. Tony congratulated him, and made a comment about having a long engagement after six years apart. He laughed and told Tony that both his mother and her's wanted time to do things the proper way and it would give him time to heal and get settled. Tony understood that.


It was six when they arrived at the station. They walked in and was met by the Chief. The cop explained everything to his boss, the Chief just nodded and told the officer to go home. The two said their byes and Tony followed the Chief and gave the older man the updated profile and new findings. The Chief had another officer print out and make copies of the suspect before the shift change.

After giving his report, Tony went to the CSU lab to see if they found anything to lead them to their suspect. WIth no development he went to the conference room to cleared the map and started working on the suspects whereabouts. That's how the BAU found him an hour later.

"Tony how long have you been here?" Hotch asked with a surprised look on his face.

He looked at his watch then at Hotch, "Let's see, I left the hotel at 2430, found the connection and the suspect, left with an officer around 0245, at 0330 we cleared the house, 0400 supervised CSU, came back here at 0600 and been working in here after briefing the Chief." He explained.

"Tony you should've been sleeping." Rossi replied.

"Can't. Once a case gets like this I don't sleep until its solved. Gibbs calls it an obsession and thinks its the reason I'm a great agent."

"Tony, Obsessing over a case is not healthy. You need to sleep, you've been up for who knows how long." Spencer reasoned.

"Twenty six hours, I was at five yesterday, made Gibbs coffee and breakfast then went to work."

"Twenty six! Jeez Tony, go back to the hotel and get some sleep. We'll handle this from here." Hotch ordered.

"No damn it! I'm going to finish this." He yelled.

Spencer slowly stepped forward and put a hand on Tony's shoulder. "Okay just calm down. Why don't you just take a short break. I'll get you some tea while I'm out getting coffee. Sit for a bit and catch everyone up and I'll be right back."

At Spencer's soft words Tony felt the tension slowly leave his body. He nodded and sat down. Spencer told his team softly to keep Tony from working and don't upset him. He then left for the coffeehouse.


Jethro Gibbs was on the edge. He had gotten no sleep the night before. Working on the boat and drinking half a bottle of bourbon didn't work. Over the last four years he realized that sleep was impossible without Tony sleeping next to him.

For four years he and Tony shared everything. Tony knew that Gibbs still had nightmares about Shannon and Kelly and sometimes he would find himself back in the desert. Gibbs knew that Tony would have nightmares as well, and Tony always told him they were from his time as a cop. Now he realized that Tony's nightmares came from his time working with the BAU.

Before sending Ziva and McGee home he asked McGee to find news articles about the BAU. He didn't like what he saw, even Ziva was stricken about some of them. Jethro wanted to get on a plane and get to Tony and bring him home, but he stopped himself because he knew his lover wouldn't leave until the case was solved.

Now here he was sitting at his desk staring at his lover's empty one. He came in and found his computers on like always, he felt his heart squeeze. Even gone Tony still manages to take care of him. Just as Ziva and McGee walked in his cell went off, the two stopped and looked at him.

"Gibbs," as always he didn't look to see who it was.

"Agent Gibbs, this is Spencer Reid. We met yesterday."

"How did you get this number? Is DiNozzo alright?" He jumped up and his heart was pounding.

"I'm calling on Tony's phone. For the most part Tony is fine but my team and I are worried about him."

"Why? What is wrong with him?" Gibbs hoped it wasn't Tony's lungs.

"I don't think I'll be able to explain it right but Tony is agitated, wired, over-worked and exhausted."

Gibbs released the breath he was holding and sat back down. He looked at McGee and Ziva, they looked worried. He let out a short laugh.

"How long?" He asked the other man.


"How long has he been awake?"

"Oh. He said twenty six hours. Up at five yesterday and hasn't slept yet."

"Your boyfriend, how much can he bench press?"

"About his weight. Why?"

"When you give Tony something to drink be sure to have it dosed with half a sleeping pill. If you don't Tony will continue to work and the longer he's awake the agitated he'll get and you'll have to restrain him." Gibbs explained. "So just drug his drink and put him on the couch, half a pill will give him a few hours of sleep. When he wakes up have him call me."

"Okay I will. Thanks Agent Gibbs."

"No problem." He hung up and looked at the other two.

"Tony pulled an all nighter." McGee commented.

"Yeah, twenty six hours this time."

"Gibbs why does Tony do this?" Ziva asked.

"Its just how his mind works. If the case is getting to him, his mind won't let him sleep until the case is solved and the bad guy is put away."

"Doesn't he realize he's hurting himself."

"I don't know for sure Ziva. Ask him when he gets back."

"Boss where is Tony?" McGee asked.

"None of you tell Abby. Tony is in Seattle working with the FBI's BAU team. They wanted his help to track down a serial killer who is killing single mothers."

"No wonder Tony is over-working himself. Is there anything we can do to help?"

"No McGee, the FBI's director doesn't want us involved, if he found out Ducky already helped we're all in trouble. That's why I'm strict on Abby right now, I don't like it but my hands are tied."

"I understand. So our case, what do you want to do next?"

"I want you to run financials on all the boys who enlisted from Stillwater and everyone who has rights to give orders. Ziva, I want you to go over phone records of the Stillwater boys and our dead Corporal. I'm going to check with Ducky and Abby for new findings then I'll be in MTAC."

The two nodded and went to work. Gibbs sighed and went to the elevator. This was going to be another long day and missing his lover wasn't helping. As the doors closed Gibbs started making plans to tie Tony to their bed and never let him leave again. Yeah another long day, he needed Tony back soon or he'll risk his job and fly to Seattle to get him back.


Spencer went back to the station after getting everyone's orders. He didn't have to make any other stops because he had sleeping pills in his bag. They were non-narcotics, his doctor had prescribed, so he felt a little better that he wasn't necessarily drugging his friend. He just hoped Tony would forgive him.


After the genius had left Tony checked his pockets without the others looking. He started cursing out the younger man in head when his phone wasn't in his pocket. Spencer was going to get it, calling GIbbs about this was going too far and Tony knew what his lover would tell the genius.

Tony watched Spencer walk back into the conference room and handed him his cup first. He just looked at it then picked up a file and started reading.

"Fottuto genio dimenticato come lo conosco. Seil suo dannato ragazzo non c'era non bere. Gibbs e un cuore vacanza lunga sul lettino e seminterrato con luccetto. (Fucking genius forgot how well I know him. If his goddamn boyfriend wasn't here I make him drink this. Gibbs is so going to get an earful and a nice long vacation on the couch and the basement padlocked.) " Tony ranted in Italian knowing Spencer and the others, except maybe Rossi and Prentiss, didn't speak it.

Rossi looked up from his work, "Qualunque cosa sia e stato solo cercando di aiutare, andare a facili per i bambini. Se vuoiti distrarre il ragazzo se si desidera vendetta. E grazie a dio non essere sul vostro lato negativo. (Whatever it is he was only trying to help, go easy on the kid and if you want I'll distract the boyfriend if you want revenge. And thank god I'm not dating you, remind me to never get on your bad side.) " He responded in Italian to give Tony the privacy to speak freely.

Tony wasn't really shocked that Rossi spoke Italian since the man himself was Italian. It was a nice change for him, he missed talking to someone in another language with the freedom to say anything.

"Non ricordare nulla di cio che e una buona cosa che nessun altro conosce Italiano. Potrei accettare che off rono. (Don't mention anything its a good thing no one else knows Italian. I might take you up on that offer.) "

Prentiss didn't want to feel left out and she respected Tony too much not to let the other man know something about her.

"In realta io parlo Italiano. Non voglio dire nulla se mi dite che cosa ha fatto. (Actullay I speak Italian too. I won't say anything if you tell me what he did.) "

Tony again wasn't shocked, he made a mental note to let Prentiss know that he knew who she was. He had called Garcia earlier for more information on the suspect, then the conversation lead to him asking her about Rossi and Prentiss. She told him everything.

"Ha drogato la mia bevanda con un sonnifero. Ha chiamato Gibbs quando ha rubato il mio telefono e Gibbs gli ha detto di farlo. (He drugged my drink with a sleeping pill. He called Gibbs when he stole my phone and Gibbs told him to do it.) " He explained.

"Stupido idiota! (Stupid idiot!) " They exclaimed.

"Would you three like to share with the rest of us?" Hotch asked with an annoyed look.

Tony looked at Prentiss and Rossi, who looked at each other then back at him. Rossi looked at Hotch.

"Nope. We're good, Aaron."


"Everything is fine."


"Relax Hotch. I'm gonna go talk to the Chief."

He grabbed his cup and left the room, not missing Spencer's worried face. He tossed the cup in the trash can next to an officer's desk and knocked on the Chief's door, entering when he heard the 'yeah.'

"Chief, can you spare a minute?"

"Sure Agent DiNozzo. What do you need?"

"I was wondering if you could spare an officer for a couple of hours. I want to check out a couple of places our suspect has been to or called the last several days."

"Sure. Hold on." The Chief got up and went to the door, "Jackson get in here."

The officer walked in, "Yes, sir?"

"Jackson, you and Agent DiNozzo are going to run down a few leads. Follow his orders, understand?"

"Sure Chief. Ready to go at anytime agent."

"Let me grab my bag. I'll meet you out front."

Jackson nodded and left. Tony shook the Chief's hand and went back to the conference room. He didn't say anything, just grabbed his backpack then walked over to Spencer and held out his hand. Spencer looked reluctant. Tony gave him a hard stare, the Gibbs look, until the genius took out the cellphone and handed it to Tony.


He found Jackson standing next to a squad car, they got in before the officer asked his first question.

"Where to first, agent?"

"You can call me Tony. Let's go to the suspect's sister's first."

Jackson nodded, pulled out and followed the directions Tony gave him. The trip to the sister's wasn't a complete waste of time. Tony learned a little more about the suspect and she was able to give them a few more places.

Their next stop was his favorite bar, the bartender didn't know anything except that the suspect still needed to pay his tab. A cousin sporting a black eye told them that his asshole cousin hit him and stole his keys. Tony had Jackson call it in and put a BOLO on the car.

The fourth stop sent them to a rough neighborhood, they kept their guns ready and looking for the first sign of trouble. The house turned out to be abandoned but they searched it. They found evidence that someone had been there. Tony made notes like he has been doing since leaving the sister's.

The fifth had been the first on the list the sister had given them. She told them it had been the house they grew up in. It was a single story home and up for sale. Tony and his temporary partner went in and began their search. Like the last one, this one also had signs that someone had in been staying there. More notes for Tony.

On the way to their final stop Tony got a bad feeling. He informed Jackson to stay on alert and asked if he had a vest on. Jackson nodded and confirmed his vest, he also told Tony he had an extra in the trunk. They pulled up to an abandon warehouse, Tony put the vest on and drew his gun. Jackson followed his lead.

Around the side of the building they spotted the cousin's car, Jackson called it in and asked for backup. The two went into the building, announced themselves and heard the suspect running. Tony and Jackson stayed together and moved slowly searching for the suspect.

"Come out slowly Williams. We can do this the easy way and no one has to get hurt." Tony called out.

"No. I'm not going to prison." Williams responded.

Tony looked up hearing the voice from over his head. The suspect was hiding. Tony silently told Jackson he was going up, Jackson nodded and followed. At the top Tony gave the signal for him to go around the other side. He waited until Jackson was halfway to the suspect.

"Give up Williams, there is nowhere to run to and you are outnumbered."

The suspect moved quickly. He moved out of his hiding place, took a shot at Tony, who returned the fire at the same time. The suspect took a hit to the leg and Tony took one to the chest that pushed him back and caused him to lose his footing. Next thing he knew he was tumbling down the stairs. He groaned when he hit the floor. Jackson was reading the suspect his rights and their backup showed up just as he was leading him down the stairs.

As he stood up a pain in his shoulder made itself known. Tony knew it wasn't from the shot to the vest. He saw the BAU team rushing towards him. Morgan was the first, the agent reached out to keep him steady.

"Are you okay, DiNozzo?"

"I'm fine, Morgan. I think I dislocated my shoulder."

"I swear Tony, you are just as bad as Spencer." He joked.

"Shut up Derek. At least I kept the asshole alive so he can spend the rest of his worthless life in prison."

"Not the point. The point is you went off without backup, I swear Tony I'm close to treating you like Spencer right now."

"But you're not going to because you know I can kick your ass. Also, I had backup."

"That was reckless DiNozzo. If you were still working for me, your ass would be fired right now." Hotch lectured.

"Calm down Hotch, everything is fine. The suspect is alive, Jackson did good, and the bullet hit my vest. The only thing that took a major hit was my ego when I tumbled down the stairs." He laughed.

Hotch shook his head, "You're Gibbs' problem now. Just leave me and the team out of it."

"Don't worry, no one will face Gibbs' wrath but me. Now can I go to the hospital?"

"Yeah. Reid will go with you."

"No, I'll go alone." Tony said, not missing the hurt look on Spencer's face.

"Tony, I want someone with you." Hotch insisted.

"I said no Aaron. Now excuse me." He didn't wait for another word just pushed his way through and left the building.


The ride to the hospital was uneventful. The doctor took the x-rays and then put him in a room. He decided to call Gibbs.


"Babe its me. Are you busy?"

"Tony. No we're taking a break right now, our last lead dried up. What's wrong?"

"Well we caught the guy, he's still alive. So I'll be home soon."

"Tony, what happened? And don't lie to me."

He sighed, "I took a bullet to the vest and it caused me to take a tumble down the stairs. Now I'm waiting for the x-ray results."

"I'll be there as soon as I can."

"No Jethro. As soon as I get the results and the all clear from the doctor I'm on the next flight home."

"Tony please, I don't want you to be alone right now."

"Jethro, right now alone is all I want. I only called to give you the heads up. That little stunt you pulled with Spencer earlier landed you in hot water."

There was a knock at the door and the doctor walked in. "Anthony DiNozzo?"

He nodded. "Babe I got to go, the doctor is here. I'll be home in a few hours, love you."

"Love you too. I'll pick you up at the airport."

"No I'll take a cab. Stay at work."


"Not now." He hung up, "Sorry doc. What's the verdict?"

"Well Agent DiNozzo, you are extremely lucky. You only manage a slight dislocation. We'll pop it back in and put it in a sling." The doctor finished explaining and brought a nurse in.

"Great. Can I leave after this?"

"Sure. Do you need any pain medication?"

"No. My lungs can't handle the meds, aspirin will be fine." He explained.

"Your lungs?"

"Yeah, I'm a plague survivor. Damaged lungs was my prize for beating it."

"Do you want me to check them too?"

"No I'm fine."

"Alright. Lets get that shoulder fix."

It hurt like hell. They popped it back in and put the sling on then he signed the discharge papers. The doctor told him to take it easy for a couple of weeks. He left the hospital and took a cab to the hotel, got his stuff and checked out. His next stop was the station, he dropped his report off at the desk, having to write it out when he was waiting at the hospital, and gave his card to the officer to give to the cop he first met. Then he left and went to the airport. He was finally going home.