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Midnight Frights and Spider Bites

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Izuku sighed as he flopped onto his bed. He wasn’t taking All Might’s words well, in fact, he spent the whole afternoon tearing down every poster and throwing every action figure into a box. He was gonna sell it, a few of those Items were limited edition or, even better, completely one of a kind custom. Izuku had no idea what he would even do with the money, but he’d probably buy some paint and change the colour scheme of his room, at the very least.  He was never going to a Hero-Con again. 

Yellow felt mocking. The bright, warm, fuzzy, happy, exciting feeling Izuku once had gotten from the bright yellow, slightly chipped paint on his bedroom walls was no more. Instead, Izuku felt… Bitter. All Might had just won the luck of the draw, is all. He had just been born with a good quirk and good looks and that is what made him shoot so far up in the hero rankings so quickly. Izuku was allowed to be jealous of that, right? Izuku was allowed to be jealous sometimes… Right? He didn’t just have to be the poster boy for happiness? 

Izuku groaned, rolling onto his side and glaring at what was supposed to be the now bare spot on his wall, however, his face came straight in line with the lying smile of All Might with the line ‘Anyone can be a hero’ in faded lettering at the bottom. Fuck All Might. 
Izuku grabs the poster, ripping it from the wall and not noticing the bright yellow spider crawling over his knuckles as he gets up. Izuku tosses the poster in the box, huffing slightly and shoving the box under his bed firmly. Izuku then freezes at the slight movement over his knuckles, fear rushing through him. 

Is that… what the fuck kind of spider is that? Izuku is almost hyperventilating, staring at his hand as the basically glowing yellow spider crawls further up his hand. Okay, okay, Izuku just needs to calm down… Izuku takes a deep breath, moving to shake the spider off his hand. Just need to get it off his hand and then he can let it go outside…
Izuku winces harshly as the spider bites down hard on his hand, making Izuku shake it off harder and faster than he meant to. Fuck, fuck! Where is it? Izuku puffs, running to the wall where the spider should have landed. Where is it? Izuku runs his hand through his hair, gripping it tightly. 


It bit him and he had no idea if it was poisonous or just a bright colour. Is he dying? He was so dying! Izuku wraps his other arm around his ribs, now aching with the effort of breathing. Izuku groans, sliding to his knees and letting his head hit the wall lightly. Izuku’s pain helped cut through the haze, allowing Izuku’s eyes to focus on the wall, trying to force himself to take deeper breaths. He couldn’t do anything to stop him from dying if he was freaking out.

Izuku let himself take a few more moments before he googles Japanese spiders. Hopefully one would look like the spider that bit him and he’d find out if he needs a hospital or just how to treat it himself. No, No, Nope. Not that one. Almost, if it was yellow….
Maybe the colouration was a quirk? Long shot, but… Izuku scans the floor of his room again, finding the body of the shrivelled up spider that has the same patterning as the spider in the photo Izuku is looking at. The same colouring too, if not for the little bit of yellow on the abdomen. Not poisonous, but it says here that they barely go into peoples houses and are a rare species of spiders because they are all descendent of the first known spider with a quirk - his name was Ben - and they all should, theoretically, be super intelligent with individual quirks. Looks like this little guy glowed yellow when he was threatened. Unfortunately.
Izuku sighs, picking up the spider corpse, opening his window and stepping out onto the fire escape. Izuku moves a handful of dirt, laying the spider in the little grave and then covering him in the dirt. Poor thing. Izuku felt a wave of guilt as he sat a rock on top of the grave. This spider had a quirk, and anything with a quirk was more important than a quirkless deku like - Izuku cut off his own thoughts. What happened, happened. Izuku couldn’t change that. As much as he wishes he could. 

Izuku sits next to the flowerpot, now complete with a tiny spider grave, looking out into the night. City lights. Amazing, glittering like stars in the distance. Stars… Stars are so pretty. Izuku found himself laying on the roof of the apartment complex, staring up at the night sky. There aren’t many stars out tonight, too cloudy, but Izuku stares anyway as if the only thing he could ever care about was right in front of him. If Izuku didn’t have school, he’d choose to be completely nocturnal just to look up at the stars for as long as he could. Or, well, if he couldn’t find a job. 

Izuku runs his hands down his face, sighing. He looks at the hand that was bitten, which is significantly less swollen than Izuku thought it should be, but he’d never been bitten by a spider before, so he wasn’t exactly an expert.  Maybe it’d go down if he slept? Izuku needed to get back inside soon anyway if the way his arm hairs are raising is any indication of his coldness.
Izuku slips back into his room, and for a moment he thought he was in someone else's. But no, Izuku’s bright yellow bag was still leaning against the desk at his feet, and Izuku’s bed is still bare as he didn’t even bother making it after he tore off his All Might sheets. Maybe he misjudged how angry he was at All Might. Maybe All Might wasn’t that bad, he did say it… nicer than most people would’ve. Have. Not would have. Have .

Izuku runs a hand through his hair, walking out and grabbing a spare set of sheets from the cupboard. Maybe… Green? Why did they even own green sheets? What else is there? Blue? Red? Black? Black and gold, maybe? Kinda gives Izuku Eraserhead vibes, honestly. Maybe he shouldn’t… Though, maybe red and yellow? No. Blue and yellow, like the colours that mix into the green. Though, it’d be easier just to go with green -

Izuku was arguing with himself over the colour of sheets, half an hour past when he was usually asleep. That was kind of embarrassing, actually. Izuku sighs, just grabbing the black sheets and a new duvet cover, walking back into his room. Arguing with yourself over bed sheets just because you had your dreams completely crushed… Actually, seems better than what most people do when their dreams are crushed, so Izuku assumed he was just trying to cope with a complete overhaul of his style. 

After Izuku had made his bed and flopped down in it to sleep did he pause to think about his alarm clock, which is thrown under the bed in the All Might box. He would probably wake up without the alarm, right? He was used to waking up at the same time, so Izuku pushed the thought aside and let his mind go blank with sleep.

Izuku did not wake up at the usual time. 


“Izuku! Izuku, get up! IZUKU YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE!” Inko opens the door to her son's room, shaking her son's shoulder. Izuku groans, rolling onto his back and half opening his eyes.
“'s fine… Just, like, five more minutes and I’ll get up,” Izuku mumbles, covering his eyes with his arm to hide from the harsh sunlight. That’s weird, usually, the sun doesn’t hit his bed until after he’s already left. Huh…
“School starts in five minutes, get up now!” Inko replies, throwing her sons uniform at him as he bolts upright, mouth going dry, “I can’t believe this, Izuku! Are you sick? Do you need to stay home?” 

“No, no, I just overslept,” Izuku is already pulling his uniform on, also grabbing the books he needs from his desk and stuffing them into his bag while trying to wrestle on his pants. Fuck he was so gonna be late. Izuku hurried to zip up his bag and head towards the door, patting each of his pockets for anything he might’ve missed. Nothing. Good , Izuku thought as he pulled his shoes on. Now, just gotta run to school and hope to be there on time. Unlikely, but Izuku tried to hold his head high as he run through his usual route. Why did he have to be late? 


Why couldn’t he have just set an alarm on his phone? That would’ve worked, right? 
Izuku is panting by the time he arrives at the school gates, and he rests his hands on his knees, coughing and sputtering a bit after his unexpected run this morning. God, he really was useless if he couldn’t even turn up to school on time, it didn’t matter if it was the first time since elementary… It was Izuku’s fault he was late, so he’d… He’d have to deal with whatever punishment was set out by his teacher.

With a deep breath, Izuku straightens and steps into school.

Izuku kept his head down when he came into the classroom, taking small quiet steps to his seat and feeling all eyes on him as he sits down and pulls out his class books.
“Midoriya, detention. Just because you’re quiet doesn’t mean I don’t know you’re late.” Fuck you, dude . “What was that, Midoriya?” Shit, he must’ve said that you loud.
Izuku just shrugs, “I didn’t say anything,” 

“Sir, he said fuck you,” One of his classmates, the fucking rat, announces pointing at Izuku. Izuku rolls his eyes, glaring at the teacher from under his hair. Of all the fucking days. 

“Midoriya, go to the Principal's office. Now!”

“Yes, sir, sorry,” Izuku fakes his usual anxious voice and quickly packs up his bag he didn’t even get to fully unpack yet and swinging it roughly onto his back, ‘accidentally’ hitting the classmate that just ratted him out. When did Izuku grow a backbone, you might ask? He didn’t, internally he is screaming to abort mission .
“Sorry,” Izuku says quickly, “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” 

“Midoriya! Go.” Izuku looks up at the teacher with wide eyes, apologising again as he rushes from the room. He pushes away the slight tears. Why the hell was he crying? He couldn’t cry at school, he needed to be tough, no matter what. Izuku knew that if he let out any emotions he’d immediately have a breakdown. He was not going to have a breakdown at school. Never again. From now on, Izuku vowed to never show those emotions during school. That would just get him hurt more. He knew that. Why had he never tried this method before? Well, he didn’t have anything going for him right now anyway, so he was reserved a front-row seat to watch his life crumble and burn.

Suspended. Two days. For one curse… one curse word. Ugh!

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Izuku walked home, the school had called his mother and she said Izuku should just go straight home. Izuku wasn’t excited to explain what happened to his mother, let alone how it was probably going to stay on his permanent record. Hopefully, it wouldn’t affect his ability to get into UA next year. Maybe it wouldn’t - especially because Izuku knew swearing wasn’t exactly a big deal even for a school like UA. Hopefully… Ugh, he needed to stop being so hopeful. He just needed to work harder.

He could probably get into the support course then transfer into the hero course? Izuku sighs running his hands through his hair and turning his head up to the sky as he starts walking through some alleys to get home… ‘faster’. A ‘short’ cut. He wasn’t avoiding his mother… he just needed time to know what to say when he got home. Hopefully, it would be okay, even though Izuku only lasted, what, five minutes? In school today.  She wouldn’t be too angry if Izuku explained himself and what happened, right? Maybe Izuku’s anxiety was just getting the better of him. 

Izuku pauses, hearing a little bit of rustling - almost like a muffled sob - in the nearby dumpster. The fuck? Izuku looks around, walking forward and cautiously unlatching and opening the dumpster. There’s a boy around Izuku’s age, who has clearly been crying and by the way, his hands are bruised he’s been trying to punch the dumpster open. Though, that wouldn't’ve worked because the latch was pretty firmly locked in place.

“Hey, are… You want help getting out?” Izuku extends his hand to the boy, the boys purple - god that’s a beautiful eye colour - eyes narrowing in suspicion at Izuku’s hand. Izuku doesn’t waver, “What school do you go to? Do you want me to walk you home or call someone to pick you up or something?”

“G-go away,” The boy commands, and Izuku shrugs with a small smile.

“Sorry, I don’t exactly have anywhere to be,” Izuku pulls himself up on the side of the dumpster, “And I’m sure you don’t want to go to school smelling like trash, so,” Izuku extends his hand again, and this time the boy only hesitates for a few seconds before grabbing Izuku’s hand and letting Izuku help pull him out of the trash.

“My bag,” The boy gestures and Izuku looks around, using his spare hand to grab the ledge of the bin and lean over, grabbing the bag and pulling himself back out.

“For real, you got a phone or anything? Did you try calling someone?” Izuku climbs down next to the boy.

“My dad works the night shift so he wouldn't be up and anyone else I could call work at this time,” The taller, purple-haired boy explains simply, as though the conversation is over.

“You wanna hang out?” Izuku offers, falling into step as the boy tries to walk away.

“You won’t like me if you knew about my quirk,” The boy pulls out his phone, plugging in earbuds and putting one in.

“You wouldn’t like me if you knew about mine either, so let’s just not ask, okay?” Izuku offers, pulling out his own phone, “Here, give me your number and I’ll call you when my mum stops yelling at me after I get home, okay?” Izuku extends his phone to the boys, who half scoffs but takes the phone and writes his number, texting himself and nodding when the notification lights up his phone.

“I’m gonna put you under dumpster boy,” The other boy chuckles slightly, already typing in Izuku’s new name.

“I’m gonna put you under lavender,” Izuku takes his phone back, smiling slightly, “I’ve never met someone with purple hair before, so,

“...I’ve never met someone with green,” Lavender smiles to ‘dumpster boy’ and then waves bye while putting the other earbud in. With that distraction over, Izuku sighs again before heading home. He was pushing it as it was. Izuku, hopefully, wouldn’t run into any more problems. 


Izuku pushes the front door shut, wincing at the noise before he slips off his shoes, heart pounding in his chest and trying to swallow the lump in his throat.

“Izuku, is that you?” His mother calls out, poking her head around the corner.

“YeAh…” Izuku clears his throat, walking over to his mother, “I guess, uh, I’m sorry?” 

“For getting suspended? Nonsense, I was wondering when you’d start being a bit more rebellious. It’s completely normal for a teenager,”

“I… You aren’t angry at me?” Izuku was dumbstruck. How could she not be angry? Izuku was suspended. She almost sounds proud of him, though all she knows was that Izuku was ‘back chatting’ a teacher.

“Well… What did you do?” Inko asks, smiling slightly at Izuku’s jaw dropped expression.  

“I… Swore at the teacher…” Izuku eventually says, “he gave me detention for being late and I said ‘f you’ back, so…” Izuku rubs the back of his head, mumbling, “You aren’t angry with me?” 

“Well, no. I don’t see the point in being angry at you.” 

Izuku breathes in relief, changing and dumping most of the contents of his bag in his room before his mother asks, “Do you want to do some baking today?”

“Uh, well, on my way home I found this guy in a dumpster so I was thinking about asking him to hang out,” Izuku explains, shrugging and looking up at his mother with hopeful eyes.

“Be home before dark.” Inko hug Izuku tightly, “Oh! Do you need money to hang out somewhere nicer, maybe even lunch? I’m sure I have some spare somewhere.” Inko frantically searches the room for her money stash - which she keeps trying to insist Izuku is allowed to take money from whenever he needs it but Izuku is too awkward to actually accept that.

“Oh, I think it’ll be fine-” Izuku sighs as his mother finds the jar - which is full to the brim with cash that neither of them wants to spend on themselves. When Inko starts counting out a few notes, Izuku speaks again. “I wanna sell all my All Might merch,” He blurts, “It’s all in a box under my bed,” 

Inko blinks, frowning slightly, “Why? You don’t like All Might anymore?”
“I -” Izuku swallows, “I just think it is too much, you know? I don’t like the yellow paint either, I think. Uh, I just - maybe, a blue or green for my room, and there was this new Hawks merch drop- or more preorder - recently and you can get custom shirts - I was thinking about a design for one but it’s pretty expensive… ” 

Izuku Isn’t lying here, Hawks did just launch a custom shirt line that you can design yourself - it’s Hawks signature shirt but you can choose what shape is in the centre from a diamond, circle, square, a spider maybe and about twenty others, and it can be long sleeve short sleeve or basically like a one-piece with gloves attached. Then, if you get a long sleeve you can choose what sort of gold pattern goes on the arms - whether it matches the main pattern of the shirt or is slightly different or if it’s blank. There is also the option to add a hood, and it could also be quirk proof (Usually reserved for those with dangerous quirks). Thing is, the more of these mods you add, the more expensive it becomes. Izuku had not, however, thought of what design he would go with. He’d better figure it out if the way his mother's eyes have lit up is any indication.

“Oh, no, baby, you order that shirt if you want it, I’ll help you sell your All Might merch on eBay or something if you need me to,” She hands Izuku some cash, “I’m proud of you for trying to be so independent, but you don’t need to cut me out of anything, alright?” 

“Thanks, mum, I won’t cut you out.” Izuku hugs her, “I promise,”

“Izuku,” She holds him for a few seconds, sniffling quietly. Izuku rubs her back softly.

“I love you mum,” Izuku meant it. Only his mother could be this calm, even sort of happy in a way after her son got suspended. She was happy he found a dumpster friend too judging by the way that she willingly gave Izuku some money to go hang out with him.

“I love you too, Izuku,” Inko pulls away with a deep breath in, “Go make a friend with the dumpster - is he safe? He’s not like, a twenty-year-old that you pulled from a dumpster, right?”

“Oh, no, no, he was in a Middle school uniform,” Izuku assures, smiling at his mother as she relaxes slightly.

“Alright, have fun today, sweety,” She hugs him again, then gently pushed him towards the door with a sad look in her eyes.

“Thanks, mum, you’re the best,” Izuku quickly pulls his shoes on, grabbing his pretty much empty bag shoving the money in the secret pocket before zipping it up all the way and waving bye to his mother. Once Izuku closes the door he pulls up Lavender’s contact and dials the number.

“Let me guess,” The boy’s deep voice drawls when he answers, “You were grounded or something, right?”

“Actually, my mum just gave me money to shout some lunch, if you want to meet up somewhere?” Izuku chuckles at the stunned silence, “I mean, I was super expecting to be grounded and have to sneak out the window, but turns out she thinks I’m just going through a rebellious teenager phase - oh my god, we should get piercings together!” Izuku runs down the stairs of the apartment building. The other boy hums.

“Maybe, I have always wanted a tongue piercing…” Izuku smiles as he busts through the door of the building, finally hitting the fresh air, “Tell you what, I’ll meet you at… What’s that Cat cafe called?”

“Uh, I don’t know but you mean the one that’s like a block from the train station, right? I can be there in… about twenty minutes,” Izuku slips into an alley, leaning his back on the wall, still smiling.

“Twenty minutes works for me,” The boy seems amused, judging by his tone, “I guess I’ll see you then, Dumpster boy,”

“It’s a date, Lavender,” Izuku teases, chuckling slightly, “I’ll call you if I’m running late. Who knows, I might find another boy in a dumpster,”

The other boy chuckles, “I’m jealous,”

“As you should be,” Izuku mutters, smiling wider as Lavender chuckles again, “Bye,”

“Bye,” The connection is cut, and Izuku tucks his phone away. This was the weirdest way he’s ever made a friend, and also the most spontaneous. But, Izuku could admit that not knowing each other quirk could be a problem later on, but for now? Izuku didn’t care. It wasn’t like Lavender was going to use his quirk on Izuku because he seems just as desperate for a friend as Izuku is. 

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Izuku spots Lavender - a mental note to ask his real name later - before Lavender spots him. Lavender is sitting in one of the booths, patting a kitten on the table in front of him - the kitten in question seems to thoroughly enjoy the belly pats. Izuku chuckles, walking into the Cafe and paying for his time and also some coffee - iced, oat milk with a caramel flavouring and extra whipped cream. Izuku slides in opposite Lavender, who half-smiles at him while continuing to pat the cat.

“Hey,” Lavender starts and Izuku smiles while sitting his bag to rest on his leg.

“Hello,” Izuku says, and then while he looks at the kitten, “And hello to you too, little guy,”

“So… Why were you even in that alley earlier?”

“I- Well, I got suspended, so I was walking home.” Izuku explains, smiling at the waitress who brings him his drink, “Thank you!”

“Suspended?” Lavender repeats, “Great, my new friend is a hooligan,”

“I am not! I just… Ugh, I swore at a teacher because I overslept and was therefore late and he gave me detention and I didn’t even mean to say it out loud but I was half asleep and I hadn’t had time to turn my filter on yet. Anyway, I was ‘talking back’ or some shit, so I got suspended for two days.” Izuku shakes his head, sighing before sipping his drink. God, it’s good, he’d have to tip whoever made this.

“Sounds fake,” Lavender teases, and Izuku snorts, “Seriously though, what kind of person just… pulls someone from a dumpster and then offers to take them out for lunch?”

“Someone who has been in the dumpster too,” Izuku offers, shrugging and sipping his coffee, “Seriously, I’ve been trapped in one of those things for like, I think six hours? My phone was dead and it wasn’t until really late, like midnight or so, that a Vigilante let me out.”

“Oof…” Lavender shakes his head, “I’ve never been trapped that long, but it’s not the first time it’s happened.”

“Why don’t they have something on the inside, like an alarm or some shit so people don’t get trapped?” Izuku wonders aloud, glaring at the table and subconsciously reaching to pat the cat that jumped on the seat next to him. 

“I don’t know, especially because most of them have latches to seel it shut from the outside - I know it’s just to keep the animals out,” Lavender adds, glaring at nothing in particular.

“Anyway,” Izuku announces, “You said you wanted a tongue piercing?”

Lavender blinks, “Yeah, but I sort of thought you were joking about getting a piercing because your mum thinks you’re being rebellious or whatever?”

“Oh, no, My mum has always been super supportive of me and whatever career I want to get into - I doubt she’d mind! Besides, I have the money for it.” Izuku shrugs.

“What does your mum do? If you just have enough for, what, breakfast, lunch and two piercings on you, she must have a pretty good job.”

“Oh, I have no idea what she does,” Izuku shrugs, “We have a savings jar - which is always full because neither of us wants to take out money from it - and that’s where the money I have on me is from,”

“So, you’re impulsively spending savings on piercings and food? Sounds like a rebellious teenager to me,” Lavender snorts at Izuku’s look of fake betrayal.

“It’s not rebellious if she offered me the money,” Izuku grumbles, blinking at his finished drink, “Fuck…”

“They have a way with drinks, huh?” The purple-haired boy chuckles while finishing his own drink, “We can go soon, but first I want to play with a few of the cats,”

“Fine by me,” Izuku shrugs, grabbing his bag and patting the cat next to him a few times before the two walk to the play area - a padded area with a lot of cat toys and cats and a few other people playing with the cats.

Izuku sits next to the other boy while he plays with a few cats. Izuku looks around for a while, spotting a rather cute gay couple laying with the darker haired one having at least three cats on him asleep and his head resting in that of the lighter haired one. That’s adorable, but something about the blonde is familiar. 

Present mic?

“Hey, what’s your actual name?” Lavender asks, and Izuku jolts.

“Uh, Midoriya, you?”

“Shinsou,” Shinsou smiles minutely, “You ready to find a piercing parlour or did you have somewhere in mind?”

“I mean, how old are you? Cause if you’re under sixteen you’ll need parental - or at least guardian permission… in all the legal places,” Izuku glances at Shinsou, who sighs.

“I’m fourteen,”

“That’s fine, I know a place but I would recommend gloves, and also a lot of hand sanitiser,” Izuku smirks as Shinsou glares at him.

“Is this place legal ?” He asks.

“Legal enough.” Izuku tilts his head slightly, “I mean unless you’d prefer to forge a signature or two. Or even better, I could do it!”

Shinsou quickly shakes his head, “No, no. I’ll go to a professional. I - ugh, I know a guy, okay, and he’s supposed to be at work right now, but he could get away with being a legal guardian if I asked but It’ll probably be really awkward…”

“Shinsou, I’m always awkward, just call your dude.” Izuku waves Shinsou off, pulling out his phone and sending a text asking his mother if he could get a piercing. Izuku glances up at Shinsou who has approached the guy with the Present Mic look alike - no that’s actually Present Mic. Izuku sighs and gets to his feet, walking up behind Shinsou.

“... You expect me to come and give my permission for you to get a piercing because your dad is asleep?” The tired man seems to repeat to Shinsou, who nods. The guy seems like he’s about to decline, but instead, he sighs, “Fine, but you’ll have to introduce your friend.”

“He’s not my friend-”

“We’re friends,” Izuku rolls his eyes, smirking slightly at Shinsou’s groan.

“Fine, this is Aizawa, my cousin, and his husband, Yamada,” Shinsou introduces, gesturing to the two men in turn, “And this is Midoriya,” Shinsou gestures to Izuku, who waves.

Yamada - most definitely Present Mic - waves back excitedly, “Hey, there, little dude, it’s super that you and ‘Toshi here,” Izuku badly muffles his snort at the nickname, “Are friends. We were getting worried that he was never gonna get any,”

Izuku nods, chuckling, “Yeah, that’s pretty much what my mum said to,”

“Really? But you’re much more bubbly than Hitoshi here!” Izuku and Hitoshi cringe slightly.

“Yeah, it’s a quirk thing, I guess?” Izuku shrugs, glancing at Shinsou who nods.

“It’s a don’t ask, don’t tell situation,” he explains, cutting off Aizawa’s very obvious questioning.

“So, he doesn’t know about your quirk?” Yamada asks, looking to Izuku who nods.

“Yep,” He and Shinsou say at the same time, making Izuku chuckle before adding, “It’s not important anyway,”  

“Righto!” Yamada agrees easily, “So where are we going for those piercings?” Izuku checks his phone as it buzzes with his mother response.

“Uh, anywhere, really,” Izuku looks at Shinsou, “You know any places?”

“What? What makes you assume I know places?”
“Come on, I decided this, like, not even an hour ago, I assume you’ve been thinking about it longer, considering you immediately-”

“Fine! We can just go to the mall and pick whatever one we see first,” Shinsou huffs, “You impulsive bastard.”

“Hitoshi,” Aizawa sighs, brushing the cats off him, “I know a place, it’s mostly open when school is in so they don’t get impulsive teenagers - wait, what are you two doing outside of school, anyway?”

“Oh, I’m suspended,” Izuku shrugs, watching as Aizawa and Yamada help each other stand up, a few joints clicking, “And Shinsou was-”

“Trapped in another dumpster.” Shinsou finishes, huffing, “I mean, I know it’s a scary quirk, but I still hate that everyone treats me like…”

“A villain.” Aizawa nods, “It was the same when I went to school too,” 

Shinsou sighs, looking at Izuku, who shrugs, “Hey, it’s not like I can help, unless you transfer schools but it’d probably be the same, if not worse cause you’d be hanging out with me and all,” 

“Ah, I’m sorry I forgot you were a delinquent,” Shinsou teases, and Izuku groans.

“You swear at one teacher,” Izuku huffs, chuckling slightly at Aizawa’s and Yamada’s surprised expressions.

“You… swore at a teacher and… that’s why you’re suspended?” Aizawa asks, frowning softly. Izuku shrugs.

“Eh, details as such don’t exactly matter,” Izuku waves off.

“Doesn’t suspension go on your permanent record, and affect what high schools you go to and stuff like that?” Yamada asks, surprisingly soft, “Not a good way to start the year.”

“It’s not like most schools check when you apply for the support course,” Izuku shrugs, “Even then, it’s just one mark, I’ve never even had a detention before today,”

“... Fair enough,” Yamada eventually says, though frowning. 


Izuku tries not to smile at himself in the mirror trying not to aggravate his new piercings - they’re called spider-bites, ironically. And Izuku had double spider bites - so four new piercings in total, threaded with black rings. His mouth hurt. Izuku checks how much money he has after that. Enough for something to eat and a cold drink - hopefully, that would keep his lips from swelling too much. Izuku walks out to the waiting room, smiling at Shinsou and immediately dialling it down. Shinsou grins, poking out his tongue to show Izuku the piercing.

“Looks good,” Izuku confirms, “Now let go get a cold drink or something, we both need it,”

“Shouta already went to get us one, he should be back soon,” Shinsou similes hesitantly, “Your piercings look pretty good,”

“Thanks,” Izuku smiles - keeping it small enough that it doesn’t hurt, “I like ‘em,”

A few seconds of awkward silence pass over them. Izuku perks up when he hears Aizawa and Yamada coming back, and he looks around the corner as they walk into the store. Aizawa chuckles at something Yamada says, and they both give a polite wave to Izuku who nods and offers his hand to Shinsou. Shinsou takes it and Izuku pulls him to his feet and starts walking to meet the two men.
After siping some ice-cold water, the two boys bid the two men goodbye and start walking towards the park, fully intending on laying down and finding something to talk about.

“So, you really aren’t concerned about high school?” Shinsou asks sipping his water again.

"Not particularly,” Izuku shrugs, “I have about the same chance of getting in as I did before - given that’s fuck all, but still,”

Shinsou frowns, “Why was it fuck all before?”

“Quirk thing,” Izuku responds, “I get that discrimination is illegal and everything, but that doesn't mean it doesn’t happen,” 

“Yeah,” Shinsou mutters bitterly, “I get that,”

“What high school are you hoping for?” Izuku asks, sitting on a patch of grass and patting the ground next to him.


“Oh, same,” Izuku nods, “Maybe we could study together sometime? Not that you have to, but we’ll be taking the same Written exam and then I’ll have the support practical and you’ll have the hero - you are trying for the hero course, right?” 

“General and Hero, but I’ll go for the hero course if I get in,”

“You should do more muscle training and hand-to-hand… Maybe we could do that together?” Izuku frowns, mumbling, “I don’t really know what to do with friends,”

“I don’t either, to be honest.” Shinsou shrugs, “Just, whatever we want to I guess.”

“Well, I mean,” Izuku smiles, “We already got piercings together, and we’re going to study and train together… I don’t know, I guess maybe we talk or something?”

“About what?”

“Heroics? I mean, Aizawa is married to Present Mic - oh my god, I never got his signature!” Shinsou chuckles, shaking his head.

“I’m so telling him-”

“No!” Izuku says quickly, pouncing on Shinsou, “Please don’t, that’s so embarrassing!” 

Chapter Text

Hanging out with people his own age was… weird, decidedly. Izuku and Shinsou did talk for a while, got lunch together and even ended up spending the last of their money on an arcade - which neither won anything particularly significant. However, they had a good time. It was a good way to waste some of the six or so hours they were supposed to be at school. When they were in the arcade, Shinsou’d dad called so Shinsou had to go home, but he did invite Izuku as long as Izuku assured him he wasn’t an ‘axe murderer’ or any other sort of villain that would break-in in the middle of the night.

Izuku wasn’t about to pass up more hanging out with his new friend, so that’s how he ended up awkwardly standing in the entry of the house, waiting for Shinsou to confirm with his dad that Izuku was allowed in the house. It was a rich enough house - similar decorations to what Inko kept up in their home. However, this place is huge, compared to the apartment. Like, this place had to have at least six bedrooms. 

“Come on in, then,” Shinsou’s dad has a voice is significantly deeper than Shinsou’s voice, with a bit more of a growl to it - not to mention a lot more volume to it, “There’s no point of you just standing there!”

Izuku quickly takes his shoes off, crossing over the boundary from the entrance to actually in the house with a small breath. His dad sounds… kinda scary, actually. Izuku walks into the lounge room, one hand clutching his yellow backpack strap with a death grip. Shinsou’s dad is actually scary - huge frame compared to Shinsou, scruff beard the is only just growing out by the looks of it, several scars over his face and arms. He also has a lot of tattoos, piercings, and a rave-shave. In all black with a leather jacket and various patches. His hair is a few shades darker than Shinsou’s - a sort of royal purple - and a bit longer, coming around his chin line but still with the wild untamed mess that comes with mental quirks - Oh, that’s why Shinsou’s quirk would be villainous, mental quirks are often considered that way. 

“So, you must be ‘Toshi’s new friend,” The man - his voice is very commanding, huh? That must be where Shinsou gets his voice from, “I’m his father, you can call me Robin!” 

“Like… the Hero?” Izuku asks, fear temporarily forgotten. One thought of heroes and Izuku was suddenly very excited.

“Ugh, I forgot you’re a hero nerd,” Shinsou groans, rolling his eyes, “Yeah, the hero,” 

“That’s cool,” Izuku awkwardly nods, “Your quirk is like, verbally dismissed, right? So when you say something after someone is paralysed it breaks their paralyzation,”

“You know your heroes… But my quirk isn’t supposed to be public information.” Robin frowns at Izuku, “How’d you find out about it?”

“Uh, I spend half my time picking apart hero quirks and fights, so I’d probably be bold enough to say you aren’t the only quirk I know about that I’m not supposed to,” Izuku shrugs, 

“Quirks are interesting and easy enough to analyse.” 

“So you really just figured out what my quirk is by watching a few videos online or something?” Robin scoffs slightly, and Izuku shoves down his urge to flinch. It’s just the effects of his voice, not his actual words.

“Well, actually hearing your voice helped too, most verbal quirks have hardcore effects on the vocal cords in a similar way to how most strength-enhancing quirks affect muscle size, even if the person doesn’t exercise or anything.” Izuku shrugs again. Why was he acting like this was a big deal? This is a hero! A good hero, too.

“So, you could probably tell me what Hitoshi’s quirk is, then?” Robin challenges, arms folded in front of him with a stern look on his face.

“Oof, unfortunately, we do have a deal going where we don’t ask - or in my case, don’t care - about each other's quirks,” Izuku rubs the back of his head with a small grin, “So while I could, I won’t.”

“... Thanks?” Shinsou - Hitoshi? Are they on a first name basis now or did Izuku have to wait a few more months?

“Your welcome?” Izuku grins slightly, “So, what next? Are you gonna tell me that Aizawa is Eraserhead or something?” If Izuku was the type to scare easily, he would’ve been terrified of the sudden change in atmosphere. The bad news: Izuku is the type to scare easily and he feels his heart jump up to his throat when both the other guys in the room fix their eyes on him. “Fuck me, really? That was meant to be a joke. Jesus.”

“How the fuck do you do that?” Shinsou asks, “Seriously, how could you tell?”

“UH….” Izuku shrugs, “His eyes show signs of prolonged quirk usage - not to mention the eye drops in his pocket. Also, the fact that that scarf is clearly made out of some sort of metal alloy - it didn’t move like a normal scarf fabric would when he walks - that implies some sort of support item. I wonder how you’d made that sort of thing. Uh, what else?” Izuku shrugs, “I don’t know, maybe being married to a Pro hero,” 

“Um,” Robin didn’t seem too impressed, but after a second of what was clearly sizing Izuku up, he just smiles and slaps Izuku on the back, “A smart one you got here, Hitoshi,”

“Thanks,” Hitoshi says drily, shaking his head, “We’re going to go study, in my room, and no, we don’t want any cookies or anything, don’t be weird about it.”

“I want cookies though,” Izuku whispers to Hitoshi as they walk through the kitchen and Hitoshi sighs, before reaching into the cupboard and getting out a packet of cookies.

“We’re studying at your place tomorrow, I expect cookies,” Hitoshi grumbles, dragging Izuku upstairs to his room. Izuku was not about to deny Hitoshi cookies, his mother and he would probably bake them together while Hitoshi was in school anyway. 


Izuku left Hitoshi’s around six - dinner was at six-thirty and he didn’t want to be late for his mother's sake. The walk home was quiet - the streets were empty and Izuku could finally think about the friend he made - he made a friend!! He felt like he was on cloud nine.

Izuku gently trails his hand along the wall of the building he was walking next to, using it to guide himself into the alleyway that would shorten his trip home significantly. The alley wasn’t as empty as Izuku anticipated, however. Shit. What the fuck? No one was supposed to be around right now - who the fuck is this guy? Is he… Pinning someone to the wall? Oh, that’s not good. Is that a knife?

Fuck fuck fuck. Izuku starts forward, taking a deep breath.

“Excuse me?” Izuku starts, clearing his throat loudly. The man with the knife aggressively turns around, brandishing the knife in his hand as if to show that he is a threat.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing - interrupting my fun like that?” The guy is short - probably only an inch taller than Izuku - and he seems like an intense smoker, almost wheezing as he speaks. No wonder this chick seems like she doesn’t want it.

“Uh, well, it’s kind of illegal to have sex - if that’s even what this is - in public, you know?” Izuku glances at the girl, who seems to be trembling under the guy's hand pressed to her chest to keep her from leaving, “So, I’m just asking you to stop, okay? I’m fourteen, I don’t need to see that,”

“You think I care that some pipsqueak walking around sees me?” this guy is clearly high, not thinking clearly in the slightest, but Izuku shrugs, anyway. He needs to get him away from that girl so she can run - Izuku was small enough to get away after that.

“I mean, I would if my dick was that small, you know what I mean?” 

“WHAT?” The guy lunges for Izuku, and Izuku doesn’t have to try very hard to dodge. This guy might be drunk as well, who knows? Izuku gestures for the girl to leave when he dodges another poorly executed attack. He seems like a naturally aggressive drunk - Why would someone drink if they knew they’d get like this?

Whatever .

Izuku takes the moment when the guy is trying to retain his footing to bolt - Izuku was much more coordinated and faster than the guy would be even if he wasn’t drunk so it was really easy to lose him by taking a few extra alleyways.


Izuku flinches as somehow all and none of his senses screams at him that he’s in danger. Danger of what? Where? Behind- Izuku grunts as a weight hit him from behind. Fuck, that hurt. 

Izuku feels something very cold and very sharp press against his neck and the full weight of a warm person resting on his back, thighs gripping his waist and pinning one of his hands under it.
“You little brat.” Shit… how did he catch up? Must have something to do with his quirk. Izuku squirms away from the knife against his throat, only to feel the guy lean in closer and chuckle right on the back of Izuku’s neck.

Danger, Danger, Danger. Run, run.

“Since you decided to take away my other plaything, I’ll just have to play with you,” The man’s arousal seems to be seeping through his words - and also his pants.  

Fight, fight!  

Izuku tries to move his not-as-stuck hand to hit the man, only to have it grabbed and twisted painfully behind his back. Izuku groans in pain, flinching away as the knife digs further into his throat. SHit… The man mounting Izuku chuckles again, sliding himself down slightly over Izuku’s body to start grinding on Izuku’s ass and thighs. Izuku whimpers, feeling his body shaking with fear. He needs to get out of here, now . Izuku, channelling any and all energy he has into it, manages to flip the man off him so he can run. Running won’t exactly work, because the man managed to catch him last time, but if he could just get home… 

Or even the corner of the alleyway, there might be people there, right?


This time Izuku listens to the feeling and jumps to the side. Izuku was exhausted, every part of him felt like it was one wrong move away from falling off his body, but he still raises his hands in defence as the man - who Izuku can now see has a shadow/teleportation quirk - lunges for him. 

Fuck that.

Izuku grabs one hand around the man's wrist and brings the other arm down on the man's arm - the one with the knife - and feels sick when the whole arm gives out with a loud, gruesome crunching sound. Izuku should not have been strong enough to break someone’s arm, but he doesn’t care at this point, he just runs. Hopefully, the man will be distracted long enough that Izuku could get home - he knew a few of his neighbours were involved in some shadier activities and he wouldn’t complain if this man suddenly ‘disappeared’. Izuku would feel a little guilty, yeah, but if something didn’t happen to this man then he’d just continue doing this to others - playing a sick game of cat and mouse in an alleyway. 



Izuku tried to not slam open the front door, panting heavily and blinking back tears. Fuck. If he was any slower - or if he didn’t get that short warning earlier - if Izuku was any weaker… Izuku leans against the now-closed front door, feeling tears on his cheeks but not having the energy to wipe them away.

“Ma?” Izuku’s voice cracks, and he follows up his call with a sob, his hands gripping the fabric on his knees.

“Izuku?” Inko calls out back, coming around the corner, “Oh, Izuku, what happened?”

“I-I… Ma…” Izuku curls into himself, another sob racking his body and making him start shaking harder - he never really stopped shaking on his run back here.

“Izuku,” Inko gently picks up her son, rubbing his back softly, “It’s okay, your safe now, okay? You want to try and tell me what happened?”

“I - There was this guy-” Izuku swallows another sob, “On my way home, he - he tried to -” Izuku chokes on his sob this time, clinging to his mother.

“What did he do, baby?” Inko asks calmly, stroking her son’s back in long, smooth, relaxing motions. Izuku didn’t know what to say, let alone with how hard he is now crying he probably wouldn’t be able to say it. Inko seems to realise this and sits Izuku and herself on the couch, letting Izuku curl up at her side and cry himself out. 

Chapter Text

Ejirou had seen his life flash before his eyes - it looked different than it seem to in the movies. He definitely didn’t expect that.

When he opened his eyes, he didn't feel like he'd been hit by a truck.

Which is weird because he definitely was hit by a truck. He had hardened himself for protection, sure - but he knew from the CRUCH on the impact that something was broken. However, Ejirou got up, dusted himself off and cracked his neck. Not a scratch on him - but he had... scars. Everywhere, in a similar pattern to how he usually looks when his quirk is activated. Those weren't there before... not to mention the way there's blood practically soaking his white shirt... 

He just bought this.


When did it get dark? 

He was so past curfew.

Eijrou curses. He needs to get home. Eijrou starts running - he had to be only one or two blocks away from home and he could figure out why he had passed out - Wait, he was hit by a truck. He’s still alive? Fucking rude , honestly. Why hadn’t anyone stopped to help him? Or even just… pick up his body?

Eijrou is panting when he gets home, dripping with sweat and it made the blood spread further along his shirt, and also seemed to stop it from congealing too much.  Now all he had to do was sneak in through the window and sneak back out to wash his shirt at the laundromat before his mother ever saw it, and he’d be home free. Well…

Eijrou grunts when he hits the ground of his room - why did he have to have the second-floor room? It’s basically an attic - and fucking freezing in winter. He rarely snuck out - unlike his older sister, who was out basically every night - so why did he get the room that was so hard to sneak out of - or in this case in to? He’s a reasonably good kid - he hasn’t gotten in any fights or anything… 

Eijrou pulls the shirt off his back quickly, then glances down at his red and black pants. If there was blood on them, Eijro couldn’t see it. Maybe he should stick to blacks and reds… It’s not like he’s actively going to seek injury, but he didn’t want to deal with washing whites that have bloodstains on them every time he got hurt. His quirk must’ve mutated or something - because he didn’t have a single scratch but he had scars… They didn’t flatter him at all - and they were more noticeable when he used his quirk.  Bullshit. That’s what that was. He could hope his mother wouldn’t notice but he wouldn’t hold his breath with how his face looked right now.

Why was he hiding this from his mother again?

Eijrou managed a quick shower to scrub the blood off his skin before he snuck back into his room, ready to grab the bag of clothes he needs to wash and hopefully his sister wouldn’t snitch on him being out so late. If she was even home before him. His mother had to pull another long shift at the hospital - healing quirks are in high demand after a rogue truck driver ran over thirty-five people. Thirty-six including Ejirou. If he had hardened himself in time he probably could’ve stopped the truck from going any further, he could’ve protected those other people from getting hurt. Instead, he just got floored. He needed to get stronger.

Eijrou sighs when he pulls his shirt out of the washing machine and it’s still stained. It’s an orange colour, not a pink like he thought it would turn out, and he pushes it straight back into the machine before he starts to look at the different detergents he could use to get blood out of his clothes… there had to be some, right? Because like, period blood and like, people accidentally cut themselves all the time and they would need to wash the blood out. Maybe Ejirou should look it up…? 


Ejirou was uncomfortable. People were staring at him, and for a minute he failed to understand why. But, then he remembered his new scars. It was weird how little difference it made to him - it just looked like he had his quirk activated. Jesus, how was he going to hide this from his mother? The scars on his face weren’t too bad, but his own mother would notice.

Ejirou got his shirt out of the washing machine and put it in a drier, flicking it to the low heat setting and setting the timer. He could go home soon and be done with it. Well, he still hadn’t come up with a solution for his scars. Maybe he could just pass it off as overusing his quirk until he figured out a better way of hiding it..?
Make-up? His sister could probably teach him, but he’d have to explain how they’re scars… Eijrou shook his head, pulling out his phone again and googling how to hide scars from people. He could think up an excuse later. Right now, he just wants to go home and crash. 




Eijrou answers his phone when it rings, even though it made him jump slightly. 

“Where are you? It’s past your curfew, you’re supposed to be home already.” His mother doesn’t wait for Eijrou to even say hello before she starts on him.

“I’m… literally on my bed right now, what are you talking about?” Eijrou frowns, pushing a few blankets and peeking out of his cocoon. His very confused mother is standing in the doorway of the room, staring at him with her mouth open slightly and phone in her hand.

“Dinners ready.” She says eventually, hanging up the phone while Eijrou crawls out of his cocoon and pulls the cords of his hoodie. Eijrou wants nothing more than to shrink into it and stop existing.

But first, dinner.

Izuku woke up the next morning in his bed - he had no idea how he got there or any memories of what happened to even get home yesterday. Izuku sits up, wiping under his eyes and looking around his room. Right. Home. He lives here. Izuku climbs out of bed, frowning at the fact that he’s still in yesterday's clothes. Shower, food, school…. Not school, not today. Izuku gets out a t-shirt and some track pants, heading to the bathroom.

He could probably sleep for another week, but Izuku wanted to get up and maybe even get his mum to help him paint his room today. And cookies - for Shinsou to come over later. Oh! He needs to tell his mum that too.

“Morning mum,” Izuku passes her in the kitchen, looking over at where he collapsed against the door last night. Why did he collapse again? Something from his walk home, right? “Oh…”

“Morning Izuku,” His mother steps out of the lounge room, “Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah… Just, uh, I ran into a guy on my away home yesterday and he… uh, he tried to…” Izuku makes a noise, shaking his hand near his head to try to stimulate his brain into making the right words and looking at the ground, “He touched some places he was supposed to. I got away, but…” 

“Do you know what he looks like?”

“N-no…” Izuku shakes his head, watching his mother’s feet step closer to him and gently rest her hand on his arm to comfort him, “It was too dark and he pinned me stomach down so I couldn’t see him… I broke his arm. To get away, I mean,” Izuku rubs the back of his head, lifting his gaze from the floor to his concerned mother’s eyes, “Uh, Can we make cookies today? Shinsou is coming over later so we can study and I owe him some cookies.”   After a small moment of hesitation, Inko nods.

“Sure thing, baby,” she pulls him into a hug, “I’m sorry you had to go through that,” Izuku makes a noise of acknowledgement as he leans into the hug, nuzzling into his mother neck and holding her tightly.

“I’m gonna have a shower real quick, but we can start cookies after, yeah?” 


Izuku turned last night over in his mind a few times before he realised something - He really shouldn’t’ve been able to break that guy's arm. So, what the hell happened? Izuku couldn’t’ve suddenly developed a quirk - that is not how that works . Unless the spider bite… Did that give him a quirk? The spider had a quirk so, theoretically, maybe, it was a quirk that could be transferred. Is that why the spider died immediately afterwards? Ugh. Izuku had a spiders quirk? 


Shinsou arrived that afternoon in the same uniform that he was in when Izuku helped him out of the dumpster. Hopefully, it wasn’t the exact same uniform and Shinsou had multiple copies of his uniform like Izuku did. Izuku smiles as he steps aside and lets Shinsou into his house.

“Hia! Glad you’re here,” Izuku closes the door behind Shinsou, lowering his voice, “Mum is working in her office right now, so we can’t go to the far side of the house, but we can probably go to a cafe nearby if you want - uh, don’t mind the painters tap in my room, It’s almost done,” Izuku gestures to his room, which is open to let the most airflow dry the paint, “We just need to remove the tape and move my stuff back in - you’re here earlier than I thought you’d be.” Shinsou nods, making a noise of confirmation as he sits on the couch stiffly.

“Oh, rough day at school, huh?” Izuku asks, not waiting for a response, “I get that… Your tongue piercing doing okay? I can make some Iced tea or… cold juice or something? I forgot how much piercings can swell right after you’ve gotten them done - but you want a drink?” Shinsou gives a short nod, and Izuku pulls him into the kitchen. “I’m not used to quiet people, so I’ll talk at you to fill the silence and I hope you don’t mind, cause I probably wouldn’t stop even if you did.”
Izuku gets a few grunts of acknowledgement - or just to show Shinsou is listening - while he pours him a cold drink.

“Anyway, did you see that hero fight earlier today? All Might’s in town.” Izuku slides the drink to Shinsou, who hums and sips it, “Some sort of tentacle villain - sort of like an octopus, I’ve never seen those sorts of mutation quirks in heroics but whenever they show up as villains they’re always crazy powerfully - it sort of sucks that they feel like they’ll never make it as heroes because they look weird - Like, Heroics has ingrained that the people saving you have to look good while they do it, rather than actually be good at saving people.” Izuku shakes his head rolling his eyes, “Underground heroes and Vigilante’s do so much more actually saving people than spotlight heroes. Not enough heroes go out at night, either. Sorry, I’m just a bit pissed off about a guy I ran into last night - fucking rapists - Anyway, I’m okay, so you can stop looking at me like I’m about to drop dead, please.” 

Chapter Text

The school year had barely started - though Izuku had changed significantly compared to last year. 

Izuku was bitten by a spider less than a month - about two weeks - into the school year. He was suspended for two days the very next morning. Now Izuku was here again - walking into school knowing he now has a quirk, but having no idea what sort of quirk - Okay, actually a vague idea that it’s mild strength enhancement also possibly mild future prediction, kind of like Sir Nighteye’s Foresight maybe? - No idea of its limits, its properties or activation requirements. And Izuku didn’t have any time to research it because he had to go to school. 

Izuku sat at his desk as normal, and of course, his daily bullying began shortly after. It’s just the small things - like tossing little balls of paper at his head that he has to clean up during lunch. However, today? Izuku knew where every single little piece was going to hit - he still let it hit, though. He wasn’t about to suddenly whip out amazing reflexes - he barely understood his quirk and he would hate to have to go through Quirk counselling so late, He was already in his teens! He’d be mocked for it - it was a habit for everyone in his year at that point.

So, instead of thinking about it and getting depressed, Izuku spent the day designing the shirt he wanted to order from the Hawks collection. The spider symbol felt ironic at this point, so he stuck with it. Like an inside joke that only he knew about. A secret! Izuku had a secret! Long sleeves - oh, yeah, with a pattern… Ooh, that’s a nice pattern, sort of like a wrap around his arms and going into his gloves. That doesn’t seem too bad. A hood? Fuck yeah! And to make sure it’s expensive and his mother would buy the lie he told her the other day, make it quirk proof. 

Izuku should probably get two of them - he wanted to mess around with one a little bit and he could hide it from his mother so she didn’t freak out about him using an expensive Hawks shirt as a test run for one of his support items designs… the material was the important bit, not the design, So Izuku just ordered two copies of the one shirt, though one is two sizes too big for him. He wanted to have room to mess around without messing up the shirt. 

Now Izuku could start designing what modifications he wanted to make. He wanted to take it into the support course exam so it had to be good. Uhm… Maybe, sticking with the spider motif, web slingers? On the wrist, twip, twip. Sort of deal? Izuku’s sound effects weren’t great, actually, but Izuku understood his own thoughts well enough to write the idea down. He even started a few sketches. What could be used for the webs though..?

A month went by quickly.

Izuku and Shinsou fell into a routine - they went over to each other's houses, switching every day, to study, or sometimes spar with each other - they had both wanted to physically train and Izuku, even though he wasn’t trying for the hero course, wanted to be stronger. Izuku usually spent Saturdays alone - though sometimes he’d meet Shinsou at a trash covered beach that Shinsou decided to clean up as part of muscle training - Izuku liked all the pieces of scrap metal he could find for his web slingers, though they took only two weeks to build. 

He had them with him most of the time, they clipped onto his wrist and only flicked out when he put on the gloves that came with his Hawks merch shirt. It took the shirt a little under two weeks to arrive. The shirts were sturdy too, and Izuku had finished the blueprints for the googles that he wanted to attach to the top of the face mask - he had gotten it as a gift with his order. It was nice - almost like he was designing a hero costume in and of itself. 

Izuku had also started working on the more important aspect of his design - he wanted to completely collapse the shirt into something around the size of a fist that acted as a button - you just tap it and it opens up and locks onto your body. Of course, this was proving to be harder than Izuku had been hoping for. He was hoping to master it before the entrance exam. That would get him in, for sure.


Anyway, it was… well, just another day. The teacher was handing out career aptitude tests - or he was about to, but he just tosses the tests into the air.
“But you’re all going the hero route, aren’t you?”
Quirks went off left and right, and Izuku found himself shrinking back. He wasn’t strong yet - he’d only been training for a month and it was with Shinsou - someone who needed the training as much as Izuku did. He couldn’t dodge any attacks if someone decided to ‘accidentally’ hit him with their quirk - that’s probably why quirk usage is illegal in schools. Izuku flinched when Katsuki started yelling.

“Sensei! Don't lump me with these guys. There's no way I'm gonna be stuck at the bottom with the rest of these losers!”

“Oh, that’s right, Bakugou, you want to go to UA, don’t you?”

“No way, that’s a national level school-”

“There entrance exam difficulty is 79-”

“Their acceptance rate is less than 1%-” 

That's exactly why you guys are nobodies! I aced the mock test! I'm the only one at this school who could possibly get into U.A. I'll definitely surpass All Might and become the top hero! My name'll be inscribed on the list of top earners!”

“Oh, Midoriya is trying for UA too…” The teacher is such a fucking rat - why would you rat Izuku out like this?

Huh? Midoriya?!”

“You're kidding?!”

You can't get into the hero course just by studying!”

“I’m trying for the support course, not the hero course.” Izuku mutters, rolling his eyes and glaring up at all his classmates, “Not that it’s anyone business where I apply. Sensei,” Izuku’s eyes narrow at the teacher, who shrugs with a grin.

“Yo, Deku! Forget the rejects! You're Quirkless! How can you even try to put yourself on my level?! UA wouldn’t accept a quirkless reject like you.” Izuku turns his attention to Katsuki, who sparks a few more explosions.

“Again, I’m trying fo the support course,” Izuku states calmly, “That means, 1, I am not trying to compete with you. And 2, UA would have no reason not to let me into the support course,” Izuku watches Katsuki spark a few more times before he finally realises what that means.

“Good thing you decided to give up on being a hero, Deku!”



“We aren’t done talking, Deku,” Katsuki grabs Izuku’s notebook.

“Hero analysis for the future?” Fingers - Izuku never remembered his name - read, scoffing, “I thought you gave up on being a hero,”

“Analysis is important in support items, you need to know a lot about someone’s quirk in order to make something suited to their quirk and I’ve been looking into a few designs, actually,” Izuku is cut off from his tangent by an explosion. On his notebook. Fucking Katsuki Bakugou.

“I want the notability of being the first student to make it into U.A. from this mediocre city junior high school.” Katsuki tosses Izuku’s notebook out the window, “So just to be clear,” Katsuki leans right in, resting a hand on Izuku’s shoulder and starting to burn through his uniform, but Izuku is wearing his quirk proof Hawks shirt so it doesn’t burn his skin, “Don’t apply to UA, Nerd,”

Izuku is shaking and he hates it. He hasn’t felt this weak in just over a month now - that same night when he broke that guys arm. Shit, Izuku was scared .

Why did he think he’d be left alone just because he didn’t want to be a hero anymore? (Well, not if being a hero meant being like All Might.)

“Come on, you could at least try to talk back - ”

“Let it go. He's pathetic - ” 

“If you wanna be a human that badly, there's a quick way to do it. Believe that you'll be born with a Quirk in your next life and take a dive off the roof!” Human ? If Izuku wanted to be human… Izuku looks up from where he was staring out of the window, looking at Katsuki, who sets off a series of explosions to seem more threatening. “What?” 

“You’re a bad person,” Izuku states, voice quiet and surprisingly even. He’s crying, but he still meets Katsukis eyes as Katsuki falters in his expression and movements, clearly struck by Izuku’s words.

Izuku then moves towards the window, swinging his legs out and turning just enough to catch Katsuki’s eyes going wide and him dropping his bag to run to catch Izuku. Izuku wasn’t jumping - he was just climbing down so he didn’t have to walk past Katsuki to get to his notebook.

Izuku slides down slightly, hands gripping the window frame for a moment while Izuku finds his footing and slides down the wall a little more to grab his next handhold and continue like that. This was risky. Izuku knew it was, but he didn’t stop.

Then he slipped. He fell, just for a moment. He whimpers, trying to grab something, anything . He doesn’t feel his fingers latch onto anything, but clearly, they had to, right? He stopped falling, so he was attached to something…

Izuku opens his eyes, finding his hand - the one that was holding him up - attached to nothing. 

The fuck?

Izuku inhales sharply, pressing his other hand to the wall and trying to gently peel himself off. His hand doesn’t budge for a moment, and Izuku frowns, trying to relax it enough to even figure out how exactly he is sticking to the wall. Just a few deep breaths . Izuku’s hand eventually relaxes enough for him to continue down the wall, reaching the ground in a matter of seconds and fishing out his notebook before he glances up at the window, where he can still see Katsuki’s face. He flips him off, holding his hand high up enough for the blonde to see before he walks off. He’s supposed to meet with Shinsou today at Shinsou’s place, so he’d better hurry. Katsuki didn’t make him too late, thankfully.

Izuku pulls up his mask, shoving the last of his uniform in his bag before he traps it to the roof of the overpass with one of his web-shooters. He was stripping his uniform anyway - like he usually did when the day was over - and he had heard some movements behind him, which turned out to be a villain. He’s made of sludge, by the looks of things. Not good. So far, Izuku’s quirk includes super strength and sticking to walls. Neither would help him here. His webs probably wouldn’t help very much either. 

Izuku pushes himself against the wall as he hears the grate moving again, and the villain turns to the sound as well.

All Might. Again. It had been over a month since Izuku had seen the man last at a Hero Con that he spent months preparing an All Might cosplay - he’s a massive hero nerd, leave him be - where the said man said that a quirkless person like Izuku could never be a hero. Izuku wasn’t quirkless anymore, but still. He didn’t phrase it particularly nicely. Just the sight of the hero made Izuku’s anxiety spike.


“TEXAS SMASH!” All Might yells, though no one is around to see him or hear him. Not that he could see, at any rate.  The villain is blown away - literally - and All Might sets himself to work picking up all the pieces. He’s nearly out of time, and this guy needs to be taken into the police. All Might gives one final glance around - as a pro hero, he’s used to being able to tell if someone is watching him - but again, he sees no one and just decides to launch himself towards the police station.


When All Might finally disappears into the distance, Izuku breaths in relief and crawls up the wall to get his backpack down from the overpass. This new aspect of his quirk was useful. 

Maybe his first instinct should’ve been to run - not immediately pull up his mask and act like some sort of vigilante. Izuku pulls down his mask, flicking down his hood while he is going. The material has a sort of blending property to it, so his hood is hidden by his backpack when he shrugs it back on. His mask also blends seamlessly as he tucks it under the front of his shirt. The shirts themselves were more comfortable than Izuku initially thought, which was nice.
Is that… something falling off of All Might? Didn’t All Might put the villain into little bottles… in his open pockets…
Shit .
Izuku ditched his bag, pulling up his mask and hood again before he started to run his way there, the way he saw the bottles falling. It would’ve been faster to swing with his webs, but he couldn’t risk getting arrested for public quirk usage - even though it wasn’t his quirk, he still technically couldn’t use his support gear in public. If he could get there before the villain got out, his web could detain it in the bottle long enough that All Might could find it and take him into custody - properly .

Was this Vigilantism? 


Did Izuku care at that exact moment?

Absolutely not.



It took Izuku nearly ten minutes of running to get to where the bottle had fallen - through a few buildings have been knocked down by… Shit, a hostage. Why aren’t the heroes doing anything?
Izuku climbs up a nearby wall in an alleyway to get a better vantage point - the fires are why the heroes can’t do anything. The hostage has to have some sort of fire quirk - that makes things harder because they’re clearly freaking out and their quirk is out of control.


No. It can’t be… Katsuki. 

Kacchan .

Izuku had swung his way into the middle of the commotion without another thought. He roughly rolls when he lands, his hand reaching inside the sludge and gripping Katsuki wrist. Shit , Izuku tugs. Not budging. The villain spread himself further - as though he’s about to try to choke Izuku the same way he is Katsuki. Shit. Uh-uh .

Izuku pulls Katsuki again - and for some reason, he feels a deep tugging internally and he feels the world bend slightly, then suddenly, he and Katsuki are nowhere near the sludge villain - instead, Katsuki pulls violently away from Izuku and coughs to the point of throwing up. Paramedics have arrived already - now searching where Katsuki just was - where the sludge villain is now being fought by Deatharms.

Some civilians and reporters are recording Izuku and Katsuki - who have somehow gotten off to the side of the commotion. Had Izuku just… teleported?

That’s a new one.

Shit. This was definitely Vigilantism… And if Izuku didn’t want to be arrested…

Izuku glances at Katsuki, assuring himself that he was okay and that Back Draft would be able to handle the fires - hopefully, the fire trucks would be here to help contain and deal with those fires.

Izuku uses his webs slingers to swing himself away quickly - before any new heroes arrive on the scene to arrest him. Now he could start a false trail - away from where his bag was, then he could loop around and go back to get his bag and head to Shinsou’s.

Shit, Izuku was so going to be late.


Chapter Text

Izuku managed to fight off his panic over his brief act of breaking the law while he pulled on his white undershirt from his uniform - he didn’t want to be seen in the shirt that a vigilante was seen it, especially because he was the vigilante seen in it. Izuku then pulls on his backpack, running a hand through his hair - though no one saw his hair earlier - and continuing on his way to Shinsou’s. 

He tried to convince himself that no one would be able to recognise him - but he kept his head down, just in case. Izuku didn’t mean to break the law, and it was just the once so he shouldn’t be in trouble… right? He’s fourteen… he should be fine… It was just once - at fourteen. He should not be in too much trouble, even if he gets caught. It’s not like anyone in Izuku life could -

Izuku pauses in his tracks. Shinsou’s dad… Robin! The Robin - FUCK! Izuku’s first friend’s dad is a pro hero - not only that, but one Izuku - who is now a vigilante - sees frequently. Izuku takes a deep breath, shoving down his anxiety enough to keep walking. The last thing he needs is someone to try to talk to him while he’s having an anxiety attack in public. 


Izuku knocks on Shinsou’s door, hesitantly pushing it open. He hadn’t checked his phone yet, so he was assuming he had missed a few calls. He was only about ten minutes late - but it was the first time he’d ever been late so maybe this would be the final straw for Shinsou - he wouldn’t want to be friends anymore because Izuku was a terrible friend and late-
Izuku’s thought was cut off by the door opening.

“About time! Why weren’t you answering your phone?” Shinsou asks, pulling Izuku into his house and Izuku cringes slightly.

“Uh, well, There was a villain and I sort of had an anxiety attack on the way here because one of my old friends was the hostage…” Izuku loosely explains. It was in the realm of truth, so Izuku figured he’d be fine to omit a few details.

Shinsou eyes Izuku for a second, then nods. “I’ll get you a drink, you can head up to my room, ignore Shouta and his loud husband - they’re here to work with my dad on a case. Same with their boyfriend.”

“They have a boyfriend?” Izuku asks, frowning slightly.

“Yeah… Is that a problem?” Shinsou asks, straightening his posture and narrowing his eyes at Izuku.

“No,” Izuku assures quickly, shaking his head, and taking his shoes off.

“What happened to your red ones?” Shinsou frowns, looking at Izuku’s bright yellow boots. Izuku seemed to only own shoes in obnoxious, bright colours.

“Oh, ah, school… I’ve fixed them, but they’re setting at home so I had to wear the yellow today.” Izuku explains, shrugging, “these were part of an All Might cosplay I did once - but, turns out, All Might is a dick…”

A snort comes from the loungeroom before Izuku hears a faint slapping sound and a playfully scolding, “Shou.” 

Izuku rolls his eyes, following Shinsou into the kitchen briefly to stop for snacks before they head up to Shinsou’s room to study.

“Are you sure you don’t want a signature?” Shinsou teases as they start the stairs, and Izuku flushes as another louder laugh comes from the lounge room. Damn it.

“You’re embarrassing, you know that?” Izuku mutters, playfully glaring at Shinsou, who chuckles and nods.

“I do. Dad tells me all the time,”


“- Our informants said that it was 8-Ball. They overheard her saying something about the victim attempting a sexual assault on her son - who is yet to make any appearances in the underground, at least none with the affiliation to her,” Tsukauchi is talking, and Izuku hears the rustling of some paper as if they’re looking through them.

Izuku didn’t mean to overhear, he was just grabbing two water bottles so that He and Shinsou could start sparring. This sounded serious. It was a case, of course, it was serious.

“It’s possible that her son doesn’t know about her criminal activity,” Robin states, “He could have informed her about the attempt without knowing what would happen - he could be an average citizen, it’s best not to look into who he is if he isn’t making any moves.” 

“I agree with Robin, he probably didn’t know what would happen, however, finding her son could be an important step to tracking her down.” Aizawa sighs, “It’s just… When she kills - it’s always with a purpose. That means that, because of how brutal this particular murder is, it’s safe to say whatever happened, happened to someone extremely important to her. A son or daughter being assaulted - whether it was just an attempt or not- is a realistic motive. Especially for 8-ball.”

“Well, I can’t say she’s doing any good, but the amount of sexual assaults that’ve happened over the past three weeks is lower than it has been for the past twenty years,” Tsukauchi sounds tired,

“So, that’s something. We don’t have nearly as many petty criminals, either.”

“That bad part about that is that now they’re all part of organised crime. 8-ball is smart. She plans things out. She keeps her bases hidden - she’s been active for nearly ten years now -”

Izuku pulls himself back up the stairs, clutching the water bottles in his hand tightly.


Izuku wheezes as he’s slammed onto his back again by Shinsou. They’d been training for hours at this point - Izuku hadn’t even won a single match.

“You need another break?” Shinsou asks, leaning over Izuku, who grunts and nods, taking Shinsou’s outstretched hand. Shinsou pulls him to his feet and hands him his bottle of water. Izuku takes a few gulps before there is a knock on the door and it creaks open.

“Hey, Hitoshi, uh, your dad wants to know if Midoriya is ‘finally’ staying for dinner or if he needs a lift home with us?” Aizawa asks, closing the door behind himself. Shinsou looks at Izuku, who shrugs.

“I should probably go,” Izuku mumbles, sipping his water again while glancing at Shinsou, who seems… disappointed, almost? “You could always come to stay the night or something, but she’ll ask about your quirk and shit,”

“Would she care about it?” Shinsou seems dejected, “Is there any way for her not to find out?”

“More than I would, at least,”  Izuku shrugs, “and I don’t know, honestly. I could probably get away with being a bit snarky, but that’d only last a few days, max.” 

“What if you tell her parts about it, but not the whole thing?”

“Look, even if she doesn’t want us being friends anymore, there’s nothing she can really do to stop me, dude,” Izuku shrugs.

Shinsou breathes deep for a second, sighing and looking at Izuku fully, “It’s brainwashing.”

“That’s sick,” Izuku mutters, “But I’m so not telling my mum that,”

“While this is nice, boys, I need an answer.” Aizawa prompts, leaning against the door frame.

“I’ll stay,” Shinsou decides, nodding to Izuku, who pulls out his phone. Mother… Mother. Ah, mother.

Izuku presses the call button, holding it to his ear.


“Hey, ma,” Izuku greets, “I’m just letting you know I’m gonna stay at Shinsou’s for a while longer, and we’re both staying with you the night.”

“... Izuku, I’m glad you’re making friends, but I… What’s his quirk? Are you safe?”

“Of course, I’m safe,” Izuku assures, rolling his eyes, “you shouldn’t worry about me so much, you know.”

“You don’t have a quirk to protect yourself, of course, I’m gonna worry. Do they know?”

“No.” Izuku sighs, “I’m not in the mood for this. I’ll text you when we’re on our way”

“It’s a school night.” Inko reminds him, and Izuku snorts.

“Yeah, it’s not a big deal, It’s about the same distance from home anyway,” Izuku sips his water again, and Shinsou offers a sympathetic smile.

“Alright… If you’re sure you’re safe. Just call if you need me.”

“I will. Bye,” Izuku doesn’t wait for a response before he hangs up, flopping down on the exercise mat.

“She was fine with it?” Shinsou asks, sitting next to Izuku.

“Eh, as fine as she can be.” Izuku shrugs, “honestly, I think she’s proud that I’m growing a backbone.” 

“You know, for a friend I made from being trapped in a dumpster, you’re pretty cool,” Izuku snorts.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever been called cool.”

“Well, you’re the first person to ever call my quirk ‘sick’, so I think we’re pretty even, yeah?” 

“Yeah…” Izuku looks over at him grinning, “Now we can organise some quirk training too!”




Ejirou wasn’t surprised when his bullying ticks up a bit. He came in with weird news scars after a few days of being absent, refusing to talk about where he’d gotten them. They were scary scars too, so other kids would try and scare him off - not that he was trying anything with them to begin with, but anyway. Mostly, he just kept his hair down in front of his face, eyes to the ground to avoid seeming too intimidating. It didn’t help his classmates fear when Eijrou started working out. 

He managed to pass off his new scars as hardening too much when falling out of the shower - effectively overusing his quirk from quirk training earlier that day. Thus, his fall cuts his face. He used his fake embarrassment to say he hide it from his mum because he didn’t want her to judge him for falling on his ass while fucking naked. 

It took a little while to convince her he didn’t need the hospital - because he obviously didn’t but he couldn’t just tell her his quirk mutated because he was hit by a truck. She wouldn’t believe him and he’d get in a lot of trouble for lying again. It wasn’t an abusive household - she was just incredibly strict when it came to things like lying. 

He struggled a few years ago with compulsive lying, so he knew he didn’t want to deal with whatever the fallout might be if she did decide he was lying to her. Obviously, he was lying to her, but she didn’t need to know that and she hadn’t questioned him too intensely about it, so he assumed she bought the lie? He couldn’t read her after long work shifts, so it was hard to know anything with a great amount of certainty. 

Hopefully, she did buy the lie because if not then Ejirou was thinking she’d go into her old habits. She always blamed him for her old drunkenness. Which, now that Ejirou was thinking about it, was probably alcoholism. It wasn’t fair to blame Ejirou, but he was the youngest and when his quirk came in he caused her a lot more stress than his sister did. He had the scar above his eye to prove it - given it blended into his face now.

Ejirou was lonely. He noticed that a lot when he was at the gym. He was working through his stuff like he usually did. Which meant taking all of his negative energy out on a punching bag. Unlike the kids at school, that meant an actual punching bag. He enjoyed working out. It made him feel a bit better, he could actually see his improvements since he started working out a little under a month ago now. It also made him feel like he wasn’t limited by just what his quirk could do, but also just his body in general. His quirk was useful for defence, but for offence, he needed to start improving his body too. Maybe a weapon or something?

OH! A Sword! That’s Cool and Manly(™) and would look awesome with his scars. Maybe that image isn’t something he should encourage, if he’s going to be a hero he needs to maintain a nice appearance, right? So, a sword and a bunch of scars might make him look too scary to gain younger fans - which are usually vital for a persons popularity, which is a vital part of heroics. Therefore, appearance is a vital part of heroics. And Ejirou wasn’t much to look at - even before his new scars - and his quirk wasn’t flashy, or nice to look at, or even too powerful. Sure, it was also some sort of healing quirk, but he would probably scar from every injury he gets and he would also have to tell people how he found out it was a healing quirk in the first place - which, Eijrou really wants to wait until he’s in hero school (Fingers cross for UA) before he ‘develops’ the new aspect of his quirk. 

For now, Eijrou is content with gym workouts and looking into sword fighting lessons. A sword was still manly enough that he’d risk never being too high up in the hero rankings - not that he thought he really could because his quirk wasn’t all that great, but he could still idolise it, right?

Regardless of ranking, Ejirou was going to protect people. He could at least do that with his quirk. He could make sure no one got hurt! That’s a vital job on dangerous hero missions! He could-

Eijrou jumps as he hears something thump to the ground in the alleyway he was walking past. 


Chapter Text

What the hell? 

Eijrou feels his heart thumping. 

What was that? Should he check it out? It’s dark, so whatever heroes patrol this area might not see or hear anything when they’re patrolling… Maybe Ejirou should call the police? Eijrou hesitates for a moment, then turns into the alleyway. Police would get here too late by the time Ejirou could explain why they needed to come to check out the suspicious noise. Eijrou could simply do it himself.

He could, at the very least, protect himself - if it came down to that for whatever reason.

Needless to say, he ran in front of a sword without a second thought.

Well, actually, His second thought was ‘fuck’ . But that was more of an afterthought.

He hadn’t meant to move - but as soon as he saw a sword swinging down towards a person , he had to step in. He had to help them - protect them.

That, however, led him to be standing face-to-face with The Hero Killer: Stain. Eijrou didn’t know what he was doing. 

Stain didn’t know what Eijrou was doing either, and he was surprised about the sudden child standing in front of him, sword completely shattered against the boy's skin. It’s an impressive quirk, and a perfect counter to Stain’s own quirk if he truly was indestructible. Stain could tell the boy was terrified, much like Stain himself in his first act of vigilantism. 

For a second, they stare at each other, red eyes staring into red eyes. 

Then Stain moves



“MA! We’re here!” Izuku calls, kicking off his shoes.

“Your Uncle Yori and his daughter Momo are over!” Inko calls back.

“Uncle Yori!” Izuku cheers, gesturing for Shinsou to come into the lounge room, “It’s good to see you, it’s been forever!” Izuku hugs the tall, lanky man standing in his living room. He’s in a white suit with a red undershirt and a black tie. He has a gold watch, which Izuku notices is three minutes slow right now. He has black hair like his daughter, but he has bright gold eyes, which soften as he smiles.

“Forever? It’s been three months,” The man chuckles, hugging Izuku back before looking at Shinsou, “I see you made a friend this year. Good, good,” the man pats Izuku’s back after he lets go.

“Momo!” Izuku greets, hugging the slightly taller girl with one arm and making sure to keep his head turned away from her slightly larger bust. She’s in a simple pink blouse with ruffles around the collar and trailing down her bust, a black waist belt cinching it in at the waist and holding up her lavender shorts. Underneath that, she has black stockings and her knee-high, black, wedge-heeled boots are sitting next to her fathers dress shoes at the door. On her neck is a rose-gold diamond necklace, and her hair is in her usual poofy ponytail done up with her scrunchy, several chains loosely dangling from it with a few more diamonds scattered through them. Her left hand has a simple gold bracelet, and her nails her painted in a light shade of pink with french tips. 

“Izuku,” Momo greets back, smiling politely at Shinsou with a nod.

“Oh, this is my friend, Shinsou Hitoshi,” Izuku introduces, “This is my mum’s friend, Yori Yaoyorozu, and his daughter, Momo. They just got back from a trip to America, what, yesterday?” 

Momo nods, “It was quite the flight. Aunty Inko was just telling us about you painting your room, would you mind if I see it?”

“Oh, no, come on, we were just about to fold out my couch and watch a few movies, if you want to join us?” Izuku offers, guiding Momo to his room, “I got rid of all the hero merch too, Ignore the mess of projects on my desk, I’ll clean them up in a sec,”

Izuku opens the door, flicking on the light. “Shinsou, if you want to pull out the couch, I’ll grab you some sheets and pillows… Oh, uh, the projector is in the third draw down,” 

Izuku opens the linen cupboard and pulls out the sheets and pillows he needs before he walks back into Momo and Shinsou folding out the couch to make a bed.

“Are you and Uncle staying the night?” Izuku asks, sitting the pillows and sheets on the bed and looking at Momo.

“I believe so,” Momo nods.

“Okay, well then me and Shinsou can share this and you can sleep in my bed, you know how your dad is sometimes.” Izuku nods over to his bed.

“Oh, thank you.” Momo smiles, “I’m going to change into my sleeping clothes, and I imagine you boys will be doing the same?” Shinsou nods.

“Yeah,”  Izuku nods.

It wasn’t long after that Shinsou, Izuku, and Momo were snuggled up on what would be Shinsou’s and Izuku’s bed for the night, blanket wraps around the three of them and a scary movie playing on the wall, projected from the little box at the end of the bed.

Izuku yelps, pushing himself back at one of the jump scares, arms coming up to cover his face. Momo only jolts slightly, then she wraps an arm assuringly around Izuku’s shoulders.

“We can turn it off.” She looks to Shinsou, who chuckles and gently pats Izuku’s back before he pauses the movie. Izuku chuckles, albeit nervously, and moves his shaking arms away from his face.

Why was he so scared? 

“Izuku?” Shinsou frowns, gently putting a hand on Izuku’s shoulder, “You good?”

Izuku swallows, “Y-yeah, I don’t know why it freaked me out so much…” Izuku adjusts himself, breathing out steadily.

“Well, now’s a good a time as any for a snack and drink refreshment,” Momo offers, standing, “I’ll go grab some more things while you two decide on the next movie, alright?” 

Hitoshi and Izuku nod as she leaves. 

“So… first name bases?” Izuku asks, running his hand through his hair.

“Yeah. If you’re good with that, at least.” Hitoshi offers, shrugging and starting to scroll through his phone to find another movie to watch. 

“I’m good with that. We’ve been friends for, what a month now?” Izuku shrugs, moving to peer over Hitoshi’s shoulder, “What about the third Ultimate All Might’s documentary?” 

“I thought you didn’t like All Might?” Hitoshi frowns.

“I used to love All Might, and that’s a documentary I’ve actually memorised.” 

“Then why would you want to watch it again?”

“... Fine , we can watch…Uh… Spider-man?”  Izuku reads one of the titles, “Is that a pre-quirk movie?” 

“Yeah… Seems to be about some random dude getting superpowers from a radioactive spider bite…” 

“Spider bite?” Izuku repeats, eyes glancing briefly outside to the flower pot where he buried the spider that bit him last month. “Uh… Seems interesting enough, chuck it on.” 


“I like his suit design,” Izuku mentions, watching the action unfolding on the wall in front of him.

“Uhm… I don’t know if red and blue go well together.” Momo frowns, shaking her head.

“No, I meant the tech that would’ve had to have gone into it - he has to have especially made goggles to do that zooming action to account for his sudden improvements in his senses, including his vision and hearing.” Izuku points out, “And the web-shooters on his wrist are also advanced for the time -”

“He doesn’t have web-shooters - he’s got glands in his wrist that only open when he holds his hand like that…”

Ew .” Izuku scowls slightly. He’s glad he didn’t get that . However, this is similar to what happened to him. He obviously doesn’t have an Uncle Ben - unless you count that first spider with a quirk, whose name was Ben… Fuck. Bitten by a spider, Super strength, sticking to the walls… Maybe Izuku could research more into spiderman - clearly, he doesn’t have much of a choice…


Izuku, Momo and Shinsou all groan at the sounding of Izuku’s alarm. They ended up binge-watching all the spider-man movies, including Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse (Which explains Izuku’s teleporting, both the original 2018 and the 2304 remake - plus the sequels), the 2012 Andrew Garfield, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spiderman movies, the early 2000’s Tobey Maguire Trilogy (again, Izuku is glad he didn’t grow extra glands in his arms), and all of a sudden it’s seven fifteen and they all have to get up and ready for school on no sleep.

Izuku sighs, stretching and climbing out of the bed, watching Hitoshi and Momo climbing out to the bed themselves. Momo looks dead on her feet, but Hitoshi is almost completely unchanged. Insomnia is a bitch, huh?

Izuku and Hitoshi bid Momo goodbye at the door, her father was already awake and even had made breakfast for the three of them by the time the alarm was going off. Then, Izuku and Hitoshi get ready, both comfortable in the quiet while the change and Izuku writes down a few more ideas he had for support gear for himself after last night movie marathon while Hitoshi sits on his phone until it’s time to leave.


“Hey, did you hear there’s a new vigilante?”

“Oh? What’s his name?” Izuku asks, just finishing up his last sketch before the two of them walk out the door with a quick goodbye to Izuku’s mum.

“He didn’t give one, so every media outlet is just calling him Spider-man,” Hitoshi shrugs, “Apparently he saved a middle schooler in a hostage situation.” 

Oh shit, that’s me!

“Wow, really? Is that the guy from the sludge villain incident? My Classmate was the person he saved,” Izuku walks over, peeking over Hitoshi’s shoulder, “Wow, he looks so different on camera!” I look dumb. That’s a shitty vigilante disguise if ever I saw one. I’ll have to fix that in the next suit - next suit? 

“Yeah… is that a Hawks shirt?” Hitoshi asks, zooming in on the paused video. Izuku snorts.

“Yep. I have the same shirt,” Izuku shakes his head, holding up his shirt button up to show Hitoshi the Hawks shirt which he has on underneath.

“I guess it’s harder to trace that way?” Hitoshi shrugs, “Not to mention, there are going to be vigilante fans who now bulk buy the same design…” 

“Yeah, whoever is tasked with finding him is gonna have their work cut out for them.” Izuku agrees, patting Hitoshi’s back sympathetically, “I hope it’s not your dad,”

Hitoshi groans, “No, Izuku, you just jinxed me! He loves cases like these.” 

Izuku chuckles, “ Oops . I’ll see you after school,”

Hitoshi nods, “Yeah. Meet you at your place, the usual time.” 

Chapter Text

Eijrou internally curses as Stain brings up his sword - of course, he would fucking curse this is the hero killer and Eijrou is just a child . An indestructible, regenerating child, but a child nonetheless. Eijrou blinks when - instead of attacking - Stain slides his swords back into their sheaths and stares at Eijrou for a few more tense moments.

“Come with me.” Stain instructs, already turning and walking away from the person who was paralysed on the ground. Eijrou blinks but starts to follow.

“Mister, Uhm, Stain, Sir? Can I ask where you trained to use your swords?” Eijrou asks, watching the villain pull himself up on top of a dumpster and start to scale the building.

“A wiser question to ask is ‘can you teach me to use swords’.” Stain corrects, and Eijrou quickly climbs the dumpster after him.

“Can you teach me to use swords without killing people?” Eijrou asks, watching with awe at how quickly Stain climbs to the rooftop. Stain scoffs, shaking his head.

“Swords are dangerous, effective tools,” Eijrou tries to climb the wall, but ends up sliding back down the wall and landing on the dumpster, which dents the dumpster because he had hardened himself to avoid injuries, “and Criminals need to be taken down, one way or another. Taking the killing shot in a fight might be the key to ending it before you or others get hurt.” Stain kneels down to watch Eijrou stand and try to jump again. Eijrou huffs at his second failed attempt and looks up to Stain.

“Killing can be unnecessary, though. I don’t want to kill people if I can avoid it.” Eijrou argues, and Stain lets out a quick, startling huff of laughter.

“I can teach you how to tell when it is necessary and how to fight effectively when it isn’t.” Stain agrees, and Eijrou jumps again - Shit, he’s gonna fall… Stain’s hand wraps around Eijrou's outstretched arm effectively catching him and heaving him onto the rooftop with a little grunt of effort. 

Izuku was freaking out the rest of his walk to school. He’s a vigilante - and he was filmed!! In his shirt! 

This was awful. He wouldn’t last the week. Maybe he would be okay because it’s just one time? He should wait before he goes out and starts doing more vigilante shit, at any rate. 

Why did he think like he was planning more vigilante shit!? Probably because it was the first time he ever felt useful in his life.

Izuku kept his head down, shoulders in, and tried to ignore the way everyone was talking about him (Be it Izuku Midoriya or the new Vigilante persona Spider-man). Izuku wouldn’t’ve minded if the way they talked about the two versions of the same person weren’t so different. It was all ‘ Spiderman is amazing and beautiful, even if his outfit is bland’ or ‘I ’m going to get an exact replica of his spiderman shirt’ for Spiderman, then in stark contrast, it was ‘why are you even here ’ or ‘get your creepiness away from me, quirkless loser’ for Izuku. He didn’t know why everyone liked his new vigilante persona so much, all he did was accidentally use his completely untrained quirk to save Katsuki.

He was dangerous if he didn’t know how to use his quirk - what if he only teleported half of Katsuki? What if it was just an arm? Just a part of Katsuki? What if he had accidentally just teleported the sludge villain with them and just ended up putting them in an isolated area instead of where the Pro heroes could help once Katsuki was out?  He couldn’t pat himself on the back just yet, he had to train his quirk in a safe environment…

He didn’t know how his mother would react to him just saying that he suddenly has multiple quirks. Besides, he didn’t want to risk it getting tied back to his vigilantism. So, that ruled out his home. He couldn’t exactly train it at Hitoshi - that would lead to another long story and it could even get to Robin, who might genuinely be placed on Izuku’s case. That would cause problems, and definitely tie Izuku to Vigilantism because of the timing of the incident and his sudden quirk development.

So, what could he do? Where could he go? He needed somewhere to train his quirk - illegal in public - without anyone knowing - basically impossible - before he could fully be comfortable being a vigilante - very illegal. Izuku suppressed a sigh. Sometimes, he just wanted to learn about things without his brain going a mile a minute to solve a problem he didn’t have the resources to solve.

Maybe he could get the resources? It wasn’t illegal to use your quirk at home, so he could find somewhere cheap as hell to rent and do some odd jobs around the place until his quirk was up to his standards. He could do that. He could also train while his mother was out of the house - and if Izuku was so bold, possibly out at night (Less police or heroes to arrest him for public quirk usage) in the streets, to have more room to work with. He was already breaking the law - by not registering his quirk and being a vigilante. 

Maybe that’s just something he should be a bit more comfortable with. He couldn’t be a hero - he had already given up on that idea (He wasn’t cut out for it) - but a vigilante? Izuku could be sneaky when he wanted to be. Izuku had already broken the law - and this way he wouldn’t have to worry too much about the HPSC breathing down his neck like they would if he became a hero. Because, obviously, they’d be concerned with Izuku fucking up his heroics - like his teachers are always concerned with Izuku fucking up his grade and that’s why they were always breathing down his neck. 

There wasn’t exactly a number one vigilante spot, but Izuku never much cared for the title as much as he did the effects of their actions. Besides, he made a pretty startling debut. He could’ve started out with small-time crimes, like mugging or pickpockets, but no , He just had to save the very public, hostage while being filmed. 

God. He was sort of an idiot. Not like he really planned to be a vigilante, but with this quirk? He had to do something . He now had the power to stop crimes. He had something to stop crimes with, he wasn’t quirkless anymore. That didn’t mean he’d made a good hero, however. He was still useless to some degree. He still gave up on that idea over a month ago. Heroes were strong, they had flashy quirks and they cared about money or fame to some degree. Izuku wasn’t like that - he didn’t want to get paid for doing the right thing. Izuku just wanted to help people. Vigilantes don’t get paid, and Izuku would be happy to make support items for the rest of his life with Vigilantism on the side.

Izuku shook his head to clear it, trying to listen to whatever lecture the teacher was giving him, but he just couldn’t. This was so boring. Izuku wanted to work on his designs for his next spiderman - he still wasn’t entirely sold on the name - suit, and he wanted to train his quirk or do something - probably spar with Hitoshi, considering he would be coming over, especially for that purpose. Still, Izuku could barely sit still. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t like learning, he did, but right now? Everyone was talking about him in the best and the worst way possible. It was ‘Spiderman’-this and ‘Worthless Deku’-that. Izuku was lucky he didn't talk or do anything else recognisable -
A voice changer! Izuku needed a voice changer. If Hitoshi's quirk was verbally activated Izuku could use him as an excuse as to why he was making a voice-changing mask! And Izuku wouldn't even be lying! 

Izuku - who was now obviously classed as a delinquent - has no issue with texting during class. However, he does think that Hitoshi's hesitancy to tell him his quirk has to come from somewhere, and Izuku knew that most teachers would class his quirk as 'villainous', so texting Hitoshi during class wasn't an option. Izuku didn't want to give a teacher any reason to give Hitoshi any shit. So, Izuku was resigned to waiting for Hitoshi's lunch hour to roll around so that Izuku could find out if it's a verbally activated quirk. Maybe Izuku should sketch out a few mask designs anyway - it's not like he's in danger of falling behind in class anyway. If he did, it just meant more studying with Hitoshi. He has friends to study with now! 

Izuku watches Katsuki rubbing his wrists again . He must've majorly overused his quirk during the villain attack yesterday. If he had something like Izuku's retractable web slingers to support his wrists properly he would be able to use his quirk a lot more effectively without as much damage risks - maybe Izuku could design something for him to use when he is in UA. Or to get into UA. Was that allowed? Supplying hero course applicants with support items as part of the support exam?

 Izuku read an article about it the other day - what was it? Is that allowed ? The article he read was condemning it - obviously saying that students with the right connections to support course applicants were bound to do better in the entrance exam than those without those connections. But Izuku couldn't think for the life of him whether or not UA had actually changed their exam policy. He could look it up… 


UA Official - statement from UA High School Principal Nedzu in regards to the Daily Bugle's latest article mentioning UA's unique support exam policy, hinted at putting some hero students at a disadvantage. 

"Our courses are designed for those who take our classes seriously. Having good connections (with support companies and heroes alike) is a vital part of the career. Students unwilling to seek out those connections before high school will already be putting themselves at a disadvantage - our exam highlights that, but it does not cause it."


Now it's just a matter of cornering Katsuki and pitching his support item - oh, Jesus this'll be hard . Hitoshi would use Izuku's mask but Hitoshi wanted all the help he could get. Katsuki was stubborn and hot-headed and not someone Izuku would ever want to work with in the field - so, obviously convincing him to use a support item Izuku designed would be almost enough to get Izuku into the support course. Or the business course if Izuku recorded it - but Izuku wasn't a business person. Alright, well Izuku has to make and design Katsuki's wrist pieces before he could pitch the idea - wait. Wait. Why was Izuku helping Katsuki? Just yesterday he told Izuku to - yeah. Izuku didn't want to help someone who said that sort of shit. 

Besides, Izuku has other things to make right now. His web slingers worked alright - he didn’t fire off much, but they didn’t jam on his escape yesterday so he figured they’d be alright for a little while. His face mask didn’t slip around too much - though it’s definitely not something he’s gonna stick with. Once he makes the other parts of his suit, he can get back to thinking about his mask. He does need some sort of goggles though, the sudden improvements in his vision are starting to give him headaches. Definitely needs somewhere to put his phone. He needs to make his phone untraceable too - maybe just a burner for now. That’d work as a way to alert the police too. Yeah. Izuku didn’t need to be a big, flashy hero that does missions across Japan. He could just be… a friendly, neighbourhood vigilante Spider-man.