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Midnight Frights and Spider Bites

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Izuku sighed as he flopped onto his bed. He wasn’t taking All Might’s words well, in fact, he spent the whole afternoon tearing down every poster and throwing every action figure into a box. He was gonna sell it, a few of those Items were limited edition or, even better, completely one of a kind custom. Izuku had no idea what he would even do with the money, but he’d probably buy some paint and change the colour scheme of his room, at the very least.  He was never going to a Hero-Con again. 

Yellow felt mocking. The bright, warm, fuzzy, happy, exciting feeling Izuku once had gotten from the bright yellow, slightly chipped paint on his bedroom walls was no more. Instead, Izuku felt… Bitter. All Might had just won the luck of the draw, is all. He had just been born with a good quirk and good looks and that is what made him shoot so far up in the hero rankings so quickly. Izuku was allowed to be jealous of that, right? Izuku was allowed to be jealous sometimes… Right? He didn’t just have to be the poster boy for happiness? 

Izuku groaned, rolling onto his side and glaring at what was supposed to be the now bare spot on his wall, however, his face came straight in line with the lying smile of All Might with the line ‘Anyone can be a hero’ in faded lettering at the bottom. Fuck All Might. 
Izuku grabs the poster, ripping it from the wall and not noticing the bright yellow spider crawling over his knuckles as he gets up. Izuku tosses the poster in the box, huffing slightly and shoving the box under his bed firmly. Izuku then freezes at the slight movement over his knuckles, fear rushing through him. 

Is that… what the fuck kind of spider is that? Izuku is almost hyperventilating, staring at his hand as the basically glowing yellow spider crawls further up his hand. Okay, okay, Izuku just needs to calm down… Izuku takes a deep breath, moving to shake the spider off his hand. Just need to get it off his hand and then he can let it go outside…
Izuku winces harshly as the spider bites down hard on his hand, making Izuku shake it off harder and faster than he meant to. Fuck, fuck! Where is it? Izuku puffs, running to the wall where the spider should have landed. Where is it? Izuku runs his hand through his hair, gripping it tightly. 


It bit him and he had no idea if it was poisonous or just a bright colour. Is he dying? He was so dying! Izuku wraps his other arm around his ribs, now aching with the effort of breathing. Izuku groans, sliding to his knees and letting his head hit the wall lightly. Izuku’s pain helped cut through the haze, allowing Izuku’s eyes to focus on the wall, trying to force himself to take deeper breaths. He couldn’t do anything to stop him from dying if he was freaking out.

Izuku let himself take a few more moments before he googles Japanese spiders. Hopefully one would look like the spider that bit him and he’d find out if he needs a hospital or just how to treat it himself. No, No, Nope. Not that one. Almost, if it was yellow….
Maybe the colouration was a quirk? Long shot, but… Izuku scans the floor of his room again, finding the body of the shrivelled up spider that has the same patterning as the spider in the photo Izuku is looking at. The same colouring too, if not for the little bit of yellow on the abdomen. Not poisonous, but it says here that they barely go into peoples houses and are a rare species of spiders because they are all descendent of the first known spider with a quirk - his name was Ben - and they all should, theoretically, be super intelligent with individual quirks. Looks like this little guy glowed yellow when he was threatened. Unfortunately.
Izuku sighs, picking up the spider corpse, opening his window and stepping out onto the fire escape. Izuku moves a handful of dirt, laying the spider in the little grave and then covering him in the dirt. Poor thing. Izuku felt a wave of guilt as he sat a rock on top of the grave. This spider had a quirk, and anything with a quirk was more important than a quirkless deku like - Izuku cut off his own thoughts. What happened, happened. Izuku couldn’t change that. As much as he wishes he could. 

Izuku sits next to the flowerpot, now complete with a tiny spider grave, looking out into the night. City lights. Amazing, glittering like stars in the distance. Stars… Stars are so pretty. Izuku found himself laying on the roof of the apartment complex, staring up at the night sky. There aren’t many stars out tonight, too cloudy, but Izuku stares anyway as if the only thing he could ever care about was right in front of him. If Izuku didn’t have school, he’d choose to be completely nocturnal just to look up at the stars for as long as he could. Or, well, if he couldn’t find a job. 

Izuku runs his hands down his face, sighing. He looks at the hand that was bitten, which is significantly less swollen than Izuku thought it should be, but he’d never been bitten by a spider before, so he wasn’t exactly an expert.  Maybe it’d go down if he slept? Izuku needed to get back inside soon anyway if the way his arm hairs are raising is any indication of his coldness.
Izuku slips back into his room, and for a moment he thought he was in someone else's. But no, Izuku’s bright yellow bag was still leaning against the desk at his feet, and Izuku’s bed is still bare as he didn’t even bother making it after he tore off his All Might sheets. Maybe he misjudged how angry he was at All Might. Maybe All Might wasn’t that bad, he did say it… nicer than most people would’ve. Have. Not would have. Have .

Izuku runs a hand through his hair, walking out and grabbing a spare set of sheets from the cupboard. Maybe… Green? Why did they even own green sheets? What else is there? Blue? Red? Black? Black and gold, maybe? Kinda gives Izuku Eraserhead vibes, honestly. Maybe he shouldn’t… Though, maybe red and yellow? No. Blue and yellow, like the colours that mix into the green. Though, it’d be easier just to go with green -

Izuku was arguing with himself over the colour of sheets, half an hour past when he was usually asleep. That was kind of embarrassing, actually. Izuku sighs, just grabbing the black sheets and a new duvet cover, walking back into his room. Arguing with yourself over bed sheets just because you had your dreams completely crushed… Actually, seems better than what most people do when their dreams are crushed, so Izuku assumed he was just trying to cope with a complete overhaul of his style. 

After Izuku had made his bed and flopped down in it to sleep did he pause to think about his alarm clock, which is thrown under the bed in the All Might box. He would probably wake up without the alarm, right? He was used to waking up at the same time, so Izuku pushed the thought aside and let his mind go blank with sleep.

Izuku did not wake up at the usual time. 


“Izuku! Izuku, get up! IZUKU YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE!” Inko opens the door to her son's room, shaking her son's shoulder. Izuku groans, rolling onto his back and half opening his eyes.
“'s fine… Just, like, five more minutes and I’ll get up,” Izuku mumbles, covering his eyes with his arm to hide from the harsh sunlight. That’s weird, usually, the sun doesn’t hit his bed until after he’s already left. Huh…
“School starts in five minutes, get up now!” Inko replies, throwing her sons uniform at him as he bolts upright, mouth going dry, “I can’t believe this, Izuku! Are you sick? Do you need to stay home?” 

“No, no, I just overslept,” Izuku is already pulling his uniform on, also grabbing the books he needs from his desk and stuffing them into his bag while trying to wrestle on his pants. Fuck he was so gonna be late. Izuku hurried to zip up his bag and head towards the door, patting each of his pockets for anything he might’ve missed. Nothing. Good , Izuku thought as he pulled his shoes on. Now, just gotta run to school and hope to be there on time. Unlikely, but Izuku tried to hold his head high as he run through his usual route. Why did he have to be late? 


Why couldn’t he have just set an alarm on his phone? That would’ve worked, right? 
Izuku is panting by the time he arrives at the school gates, and he rests his hands on his knees, coughing and sputtering a bit after his unexpected run this morning. God, he really was useless if he couldn’t even turn up to school on time, it didn’t matter if it was the first time since elementary… It was Izuku’s fault he was late, so he’d… He’d have to deal with whatever punishment was set out by his teacher.

With a deep breath, Izuku straightens and steps into school.

Izuku kept his head down when he came into the classroom, taking small quiet steps to his seat and feeling all eyes on him as he sits down and pulls out his class books.
“Midoriya, detention. Just because you’re quiet doesn’t mean I don’t know you’re late.” Fuck you, dude . “What was that, Midoriya?” Shit, he must’ve said that you loud.
Izuku just shrugs, “I didn’t say anything,” 

“Sir, he said fuck you,” One of his classmates, the fucking rat, announces pointing at Izuku. Izuku rolls his eyes, glaring at the teacher from under his hair. Of all the fucking days. 

“Midoriya, go to the Principal's office. Now!”

“Yes, sir, sorry,” Izuku fakes his usual anxious voice and quickly packs up his bag he didn’t even get to fully unpack yet and swinging it roughly onto his back, ‘accidentally’ hitting the classmate that just ratted him out. When did Izuku grow a backbone, you might ask? He didn’t, internally he is screaming to abort mission .
“Sorry,” Izuku says quickly, “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” 

“Midoriya! Go.” Izuku looks up at the teacher with wide eyes, apologising again as he rushes from the room. He pushes away the slight tears. Why the hell was he crying? He couldn’t cry at school, he needed to be tough, no matter what. Izuku knew that if he let out any emotions he’d immediately have a breakdown. He was not going to have a breakdown at school. Never again. From now on, Izuku vowed to never show those emotions during school. That would just get him hurt more. He knew that. Why had he never tried this method before? Well, he didn’t have anything going for him right now anyway, so he was reserved a front-row seat to watch his life crumble and burn.

Suspended. Two days. For one curse… one curse word. Ugh!