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Andrew: [continues from talking about the movie]-and, besides that, acting on the movie also meant a lot for me on a personal level, not only because of the story, but because I got to reunite with James (McArdle) and work together again and … [little pause] that led to us reconnecting, in a way, and now I owe it to this amazing film the fact that we are actually together…

[The audience cheers]

Interviewer: Wow! Really? Congratulations!

Andrew: Yes. Thanks. Thank you [to the people cheering].

Interviewer: Amazing! So, you guys had worked together in Angels in America on Broadway in 2018, right?

Andrew: Yeah, we worked together on Angels for about two years between London and New York. James played Louis, my character’s boyfriend, and it was a beautiful, very magical experience that culminated in a very strong bond between us and- I think that, you know, at the time, we understood it as the bond that our characters had and we really grew attached to each other in a very natural way. Cause, we were sharing our bodies with these characters that felt so much for each other and there was no way that we wouldn’t feel that pull.
The thing is that we both attributed those feelings to the… immenseness of that play and the work that we were doing, but, when we got to work together again and- talk, really, we felt like that bond never went away, that- that it wasn’t Prior and Louis, it was Andrew and James and, for some reason, we still felt that.

Interviewer: That’s beautiful! I’m really happy for both of you and- it’s really interesting hearing you talk about this because, it feels, for me, that this was a typical case of “is this love or method acting?”

[The audience laughs].

Andrew: I- I think that’s one way to describe it, yes.

Interviewer: Yeah. [laughs]. Do your characters in the movie also have some sort of romantic relationship?

Andrew: No, they don’t! Which made it even more confusing, for me at least, because- I felt the pull, like, “our characters are having this normal interaction so- why do I feel like kissing my scene partner in the mouth?” [laughs] It- it’s really nothing like Angels, and I still felt that way, so we sat down and talked about it because, at some point, it was interfering with our work and we had to kind of… sort it out.

Interviewer: Was it- was it an easy conversation to have? Did you guys immediately know or…?

Andrew: No, actually, it- it involved a long sleepless night of talking and-, you know, it was scary! What if it ended up it hurting our performance or- our friendship? We were trying to be very professional and open and honest about it and- it worked, thankfully. But it wasn’t easy. It was also- my first time ever having that kind of conversation with a man - he’s my first ever boyfriend - so it was very emotionally charged, for both of us.

Interviewer: Yeah, about that, him being your first boyfriend, what is that like for you? Were you like, out, for the people in your life or…? And- how do you identify now in that sense?

Andrew: Hm…Well, I always said that I would use the word “straight” or “heterosexual” for as long as it served me and I knew I was open for dating- anyone if I ever felt something for them so…Yeah, I guess, the word doesn’t serve me anymore and I don’t know- maybe, maybe “queer” would be the word I’d go for now, but I don’t feel a strong need to find a word, really. I don’t feel like I have to.
Hm, and yeah, my family knows. I’m very lucky they’ve been nothing but accepting and loving and caring, as they tend to be, so yeah, I’m lucky.

Interviewer: Yeah! Congratulations, man. It’s amazing to see that you were open for love in that way having never, you know, felt like that before.

Andrew: It- it is strange because- there are some things you only kind of… realize after coming out… cause it’s not like I woke up one day at 38 and said “Okay! I’m attracted to men now!” [laughs] It- it’s much more nuanced than that, and I only got to realize that recently that- the way attraction to women and attraction to men feel – for me – is very, very different. I expected it to feel the same and that’s why it took me some time, but… I- I sort of had this moment of looking back and realizing that many, many times what I was feeling for some male- uh, friends or, you know, men I knew, was not some deep appreciation or friendship, but attraction. I thought, at the time, uh, “Wow! It’s so weird, I want to be around X all time, and- and tell him how much he means to me…” [laughs].

Interviewer: [laughs] “Huh, I wonder what it would be like to kiss his sweet lips, uh, in a friendly way!”.

Andrew: [laughs] Don’t even mention kissing because- oh god [covers his face with his hands]. I kissed so many guys “as a joke” that- that I actually had feelings for. I was a whole- gay mess.

Interviewer: Well, on that note, we'll take a quick break now, but in a few minutes we’ll be back with more of the amazing Andrew Garfield!