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every move is magic

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Being Pat’s boyfriend was wonderful.

There had been a time in Pran’s life that he would have thrown punches if anyone dared say he and Pat would end up together like this – it would have been too much for his heart to handle.

Now, however, Pran couldn’t even imagine not having Pat in his life like this, with kisses on the cheek when they were together, little pecks on the lips when they were alone, holding hands and cuddling whenever possible. It was paradise. Pran couldn’t be happier.

And yet…

Since they had started dating, they hadn’t had one single open-mouthed kiss, which meant that they hadn’t made out yet, and by consequence, all the unresolved sexual tension they had had while on their competition trying to get the other to ‘fall’ (Pat had been a fool to compete against Pran, who had been in love with him for years) hadn’t been solved yet.

And Pran was at his limit.

They were together every day, in close proximity, being lovey-dovey with each other, Pran’s heart was so full of love for Pat that he could barely hold it all in. Because of all that, though, Pran was also constantly horny.

It didn’t help that, multiple times a week, Pat would sleep over, holding Pran close to his warm, hard body. And fuck, what a body. There were nights in which Pran had a tough time falling asleep, as every inch of his body was attuned to Pat’s, and every time their skins touched, Pran felt his whole body heating up.

Pran knew that part of the reason that none of these things were happening was probably because of him. After all, Pat was constantly trying to touch him, kiss him, hold him, and Pran would always playfully push him away or admonish him.

However, before, when they weren’t even dating, Pat would always do things to tempt Pran. Had he been doing these things now, Pran wouldn’t have hesitated in jumping him. But Pat had stopped. All his teasing and touches were soft, tender and very domestic. Pran wondered why Pat had given up doing those things, if it had anything to do with Pran specifically, or it was because Pran was Pat’s first boyfriend.

It could be that Pat was just a bit self-conscious. After all, before Pran, Pat hadn’t had to touch another guy’s dick, so perhaps Pat was a bit anxious regarding that? It wasn’t about who had the most experience – although Pran had to admit that he didn’t know where Pat was a virgin or not – since he, himself, hadn’t done more than making out with other guys before.

He was very much a virgin himself, but he knew he liked cocks, always had, so the idea of seeing Pat’s, touching it – maybe even putting it in his mouth – won against his own embarrassment and shyness.

Probably the best course of action, at this point in their relationship, would be to talk.

Pran wanted to have sex, yes, and he would be very willing if Pat so much as stared at him with a hungry face. However, being the one to initiate this conversation, to point out that perhaps they should do more x rated things? No, Pran couldn’t possibly do that.

While Pat didn’t talk about it nor tried to get on Pran’s pants, he would take matters in his own hands.

Fortunately, he had a silicone dildo he could always count on – it was said to have the same feel of a real cock, and it did the trick of getting Pran off, so he couldn’t complain. Besides, Pran had been using it almost daily with how turned on he was because of Pat.

That helped take some of the edge off, but he had to admit that he yearned to feel Pat’s heavy body on top of his, and his wet, hot mouth marking Pran’s skin. These thoughts helped him reach orgasm, even if Pran hadn’t had such experiences yet.

Usually, Pran would only masturbate or use his dildo during the night, before he slept, or even in the morning, if he knew he could spare some time before class (or before Pat joined him for breakfast). Very rarely he would use his dildo during the day, when he didn’t have classes or if he knew Pat wouldn’t be around to bother him.


Pran was eating breakfast when Pat entered his dorm, and all Pran could do was sigh and roll his eyes, even though it was clear that he was more endeared by Pat’s presence than annoyed. Pat came to him instantly, like an overly grown puppy, hugging him and giving his cheek a long kiss.

“I’ve missed you,” Pat whined, tightening his hug before letting go of him altogether in order to steal some of Pran’s breakfast.

“Hey!” Pran complained, hitting him, but Pat only laughed, stealing more from his plate. Pran always made more food because he knew his boyfriend would do this, so he wasn’t really upset, but he had a reputation to maintain.

“Anyway, I’m gonna piss. Don’t leave without me!” Pran shook his head with a smile and continued eating his breakfast.

It was a wonder that Pat had managed to get to his room before Pran had to let him know he was leaving, because he was often missing his alarm – which was adorable sometimes, if Pran was honest with himself, but he would never admit it to Pat.

As he was putting his dishes on the sink, ready to get them cleaned, he heard Pat coming back from the bathroom. He only turned to look at him, however, when Pat cleared his throat and asked: “Hm, Pran? Why was this on the bathroom sink?”

Pran felt his whole body go cold as he realized he had forgotten his dildo in the bathroom after last night’s activities. He had cleaned it and left it to dry on the sink, and today after his shower he might have overlooked it. And now Pat had seen it. Pat knew about Pran’s dirty little secret.

“Pran?” Pat asked, and Pran moved his head quickly to Pat’s face, no longer looking at his dildo.

“Hm…” Pran started, but he was too embarrassed to actually say anything. Instead, Pran bolted. He took his bag form the kitchen counter and left his dorm in a run.

He didn’t have a plan, exactly, but he couldn’t handle talking to Pat about that right now. Pran realised that sooner or later he’d have to talk to Pat about what he had found, but not right now.

However, it was all for naught, as Pran couldn’t possibly pay attention to any of his classes. Even during lunch with his friends, he wasn’t paying much attention to what they were talking about.

It was on his last class of the day that he got a message from Pat, and Pran was actually impressed with his boyfriend’s capacity to not bother him as soon as he left the dorm.

[ PAT ]

I hope u r ok

there’s nothing wrong with ur toy!

in fact i’m happy to hv found it

because i get to tell u my dick’s bigger than that

and i’m sure i’ll fuck u better than ur toy

Pran’s eyes widened as he read the messages. It had started well enough, and then Pat went on and said that. Pran put his phone down and groaned, covering his face. Silly him to think his boyfriend would leave something at that. His phone pinged a few more times and Pran pointedly ignored it, as he knew Pat would be saying filthier things.

It was only when he was dismissed from class that he dared open his phone, and he almost dropped it when he saw that Pat had sent him a picture of his dick.

He hid in the bathroom to look at the latest messages from Pat, and his cock betrayed him by getting instantly hard.

[ PAT ]

how do u use it

on ur back? on ur front? fuck do u ride it?

can u show me how u do it? pls lemme watch

do u think it would be enough to get u ready for me?

And then, there it was. Pat’s cock beside Pran’s dildo, and Pat’s dick was indeed bigger than Pran’s dildo. His dildo was of average size, around ten centimetres. Pat, on the other hand, was probably around twenty as it was double the size of the dildo, and much thicker as well.

“Fuck,” Pran gasped, free hand going to his cock on its own volition. Pran didn’t know if he felt a little self-conscious because his own cock was slightly smaller than his dildo – which meant it was much, much smaller than Pat’s – or if he felt exhilarated because his boyfriend had a dick so huge it would make him see stars.

While Pran was having a minor freak-out, Pat texted him again, the words showing up under the pic that was still glaringly in Pran’s face.

[ PAT ]

i think u should come home

The invitation made it clear that Pat was in Pran’s dorm, cock hard and ready for Pran. On one hand, Pran should probably be angry that Pat had sent him a dick pic unprompted, but he was so horny, so fucking turned on that he couldn’t really care about anything else except Pat’s glorious cock.

He left Pat on read, but then he made his way home, more than ready to get physical with Pat. With images of Pat’s cock running through his mind, Pran completely forgot why he was in such a situation in the first place.

Pran walked quickly to his dorm once he got in the building, and he fumbled with the keys before entering. Pat wasn’t in the living area, and Pran almost tripped trying to take his shoes off before making his way to his room.

Pran had to stop in his tracks at the door, because Pat was leisurely lying on Pran’s bed, completely naked, hard cock in hand as he jerked himself off slowly. Pat was so handsome, it was ridiculous. How could this man be real? How could Pran be so lucky to have him?

Pat might have heard him at the door, before he raised his head enough to look at Pran, and he smiled mischievously when he saw his boyfriend rooted on his place. It was only then that Pran realized that Pat had one of his shirts beside him, and Pran knew Pat had been using it to smell it while he jerked off.

“You’re finally here,” Pat said, finally letting go of his cock and sitting on the bed. He patted the place beside him in invitation, but Pran hesitated at the door. “What is it?” Pat frowned, and Pran realized that Pat was about to backtrack whatever he had been doing, if it meant to make Pran feel comfortable.

Gathering every ounce of bravery he had left in his body, Pran made his way to the bed, straddling Pat’s body, even though he was still fully dressed. Pat seemed surprised, his hands going to Pran’s hips instantly. Pran was glad to notice Pat’s cock was still fully hard, and it looked perfect. Pran wanted to touch it, to put it in his mouth, to have it inside of himself.

For now, though, he only brought his hands to Pat’s shoulders and pulled him for a kiss. Pat’s mouth fell open instantly, and their tongues met in between. Pran had never felt this turned on before, and his hips started moving to get any type of friction against his cock.

Pat, who had clearly spent far too much time jerking off already, was clearly impatient, and his hands tugged at Pran’s shirt, bringing it up until they had to break their kiss in order to kiss. Pran was ready to dive back in for another kiss, but Pat held him back and just looked at him.

It dawned in him that Pat rarely got to see Pran shirtless. While Pat would shamelessly take off his shirt when he was hot, sweaty or uncomfortable with a shirt on, Pran had a harder time taking his own shirt off. Sure, Pat had seen him a couple of times after he had left his shower, but it had been a glimpse here and there, never long enough for him to admire Pran’s body.

Now, though, Pat took the time to look, and Pran couldn’t help but feel a bit self-conscious. He felt small in Pat’s lap, which should have been odd, considering Pran wasn’t short nor small.

And yet, Pat’s hand looked huge on his chest as it caressed his uncovered skin. It was warm and firm, groping and squeezing Pran’s flesh with intent, eyes hungry as they followed his own hand, as if trying to memorize Pran’s body.

Pran could understand the feeling, as he too would often try to store the images of Pat’s naked chest in his mind – although Pran was much subtler than Pat.

“You’re so hot,” Pat said conversationally, eyes still on Pran’s body. Pran was starting to feel too embarrassed at Pat’s intense gaze, so he squirmed on Pat’s lap, hand going to Pat’s to stop him from caressing Pran.

“Look who’s talking,” Pran mumbled, his face heating up at the compliment he gave Pat. It was enough to make Pat look him in the eye once again though, and the smile he shot his way made Pran’s heart skip a beat. Pat was truly an incredibly gorgeous man.

Before Pat could say any more embarrassing things, Pran pulled him closer for another kiss. Pran moaned at the kiss when their chests touched; he wondered if this was supposed to be this hot, as Pran’s cock hadn’t even touched Pat’s body at all, but he quickly dismissed such thoughts. He was too turned on to think.

Desperate to have more, Pran pushed Pat until his boyfriend was lying on the bed, and Pran was still straddling him, his front laid on top of him. In this position, Pran could rub his clothed cock against Pat’s own cock, and it felt amazing. He moaned again, and then even louder when Pat’s hands went to his ass and squeezed them tightly.

In a swift move, Pat switched their positions. Pran’s eyes widened in expectation, and they stared at each other for a moment. Pran could hear his own heartbeat thumping loudly in his ears and he wondered if Pat could hear it too.

“I love you,” Pat suddenly said, and then he was lying completely on top of Pran, mouth on Pran’s neck, mouthing at it with a little of tongue and teeth, and Pran’s breathing grew harsher, his cock throbbing in his pants.

It hadn’t been the first time they had said things like this, and Pat was so open about his feelings on how he kissed and hugged and pestered Pran that there wasn’t a need to say these things, but Pran couldn’t help the way the words eased his heart a little. Despite his arousal, it was nice to know Pat was about to have sex with him because he loved Pran, and not only because he was attracted to Pran’s body.

One of Pat’s hands went to Pran’s pants, and he started to struggle to open it, so Pran brought both his hands to his pants and took them off, underwear and all. Pat put some distance between them so Pran could properly take them off, and then their cocks were finally touching, and they both moaned in ecstasy.

It felt so fucking good to have Pat’s hard, long cock against his own. They rubbed against each other erratically, simply needing some friction while kissing desperately.

A couple of minuted later, though, Pat broke the kiss and sat on his own legs in between Pran’s and stared at him.

“Fuck,” Pat’s hands were on Pran’s knees, and he started stroking his legs, hands getting closer and closer to Pran’s cock. Pran held his breath, staring at Pat’s face while his boyfriend stared at his cock.

Once again, he was reminded of the fact that Pat’s cock was twice the size of his – and his eyes searched for such length in between Pat’s legs, and it looked majestic – and he had no idea what was going through Pat’s mind. Would he hate it that Pran’s cock was a little smaller than average? Or would he mock Pran? After all, they had been competing since they were born, how could they not compare their cocks when they had just been against each other?

However, Pat was the most wonderful boyfriend Pran could have ever had, because instead of pointing out his size or making any comment that might have made Pran feel self-conscious, he rearranged himself on the bed until his face was level with Pran’s hard-on and, with no hesitation at all, he put Pran in his mouth.

Pran moaned, his hands finding purchase in Pat’s hair, tugging at it softly. He had never felt such a thing on his cock, and Pat was enthusiastically licking and sucking on his cock – perhaps he wasn’t good at it, but Pran was so aroused that he wouldn’t have been able to tell if Pat was bad at it or not even if he wanted.

Besides, Pat seemed really into it, moaning and groaning as he took more and more of Pran into his mouth. Somehow, Pat was still capable of thinking, because a few minutes later, he brought Pran’s legs up until they were over Pat’s shoulders.

In this new position, Pran was more exposed, and Pat took no time to grab at his ass, moving his hips up and down to help fucking Pat’s mouth. And a moment later, Pat was running the tip of a finger on Pran’s crack, and Pran was embarrassed when his hole clenched and unclenched at the feeling, almost as if begging Pat to do it again, to go inside.

Pat repeated his movements, and that, plus Pat’s wet, velvety mouth around his cock was almost driving Pran over the edge.

With a tug on Pat’s hair, Pran said: “If you keep that up, I’m gonna come.” He was breathless, and he could feel himself sweating from their activities, and it Pat insisted on what he was doing, Pran would come far too soon.

Thankfully, Pat let go of his cock and, while holding Pran’s legs on his shoulders still, he sat back on the bed. Pran had to bite his lower lip as he noticed Pat’s swollen, wet lips, and he wanted nothing more than to kiss him stupid.

“Can you show me how you use your toy?” Pat’s question had Pran blinking dumbly for a few seconds, as he had completely forgotten that what had prompted this had been the discovery of his dildo. His face started burning up and he knew he was blushing, and without thinking, he brought both hands to his face to hide, but Pat only chuckled, tugging them softly away. “Hey, it’s okay if you don’t want to do it. It’s just… I’ve been thinking about you playing with yourself the whole day, and I’d love to watch one day.”

Pran wondered what he had done to deserve such an amazing boyfriend. He understood what Pat was saying, because had the roles been reversed, Pran would have been delirious with lust by now. And it wasn’t like Pran was against using his dildo in front of Pat – in fact, it did sound hot as fuck, and it would be a good way to get himself prepared for Pat’s much longer and much thicker cock – but he couldn’t avoid being shy.

He lowered his hands and stared at Pat, who he could see wanted to be a good boyfriend but was also at his limit.

“Yeah,” Pran agreed, and he smiled when he saw Pat’s eyes light up with excitement. “Alright.” Pat moved around, but always mindful of Pran’s body, until he reached the dildo at the bedside table. “Let me get the lube.”

Pat nodded, handing Pran the dildo and then giving enough space for Pran to prop himself on the bed and fumble with his bedside table drawer until he found the lube. Then they rearranged themselves on the bed, Pran’s legs falling to Pat’s sides, as it would be better to be wider open instead of propped up by Pat’s shoulders.

Pran held the lube for a moment before looking at Pat, who was looking with such intensity that Pran couldn’t help but feel thoroughly loved by him.

“Hm,” he started, and Pat leaned forward slightly, showing that he was listening.
“Would you like to, you know?” At Pat’s impassive face, Pran cleared his throat before continuing: “Finger me?”

Pat’s mouth fell open, but the next moment he was nodding enthusiastically. Pran handed him the lube and he was quick to cover some of his fingers with the clear substance. Pran licked his lips as he watched Pat’s hand disappearing below Pran’s cock. With no hesitation, but no force behind it, Pat touched Pran’s hole.

Pran squirmed at the cold sensation, a gasp escaping him, but Pat wasn’t demotivated. He continued rubbing the furled muscle, feeling it clench and unclench, just having a feel of it, and Pran was thankful that Pat wasn’t just shoving it inside – but then again, Pran had no idea if Pat had ever fingered anyone, so perhaps he was just doing what he knew needed to be done.

His thoughts vanished, though, when Pat finally put some pressure on one of his fingers. The ring of muscle opened up easily to that finger, and Pat gasped in awe as he watched his own finger slid inside Pran, who gasped in delight at the feeling.

Pat’s finger was already longer than Pran’s, so it reached deeper inside than when Pran got himself ready for his dildo. Pat tried to move his finger out and then back inside, and Pran could tell that he was hesitating, but as Pran’s breathing got more laboured, Pat got more confident in himself, and he started fucking Pran with his finger.

“Another,” Pran asked with a moan. It hadn’t been long since the first finger, but he was still relaxed from the previous night and he knew his own body, he knew he could take another this soon.

Pat shot him a glance to make sure Pran was being honest before inserting a second finger. Pran moaned louder, head tilted back. Pat moved his fingers around, trying to find Pran’s prostate, and when he did, Pran tried to close his legs as his whole body tensed, but Pat held one of his legs open.

With a smirk, Pat started fucking Pran more earnestly, his fingers brushing deliciously against Pran’s sweet spot, and Pran was a writhing mess in no time. If Pat continued like that, Pran wouldn’t be able to last too long, but this time he was too aroused to turn his worries into words.

“Pat, Pat, Pat,” instead, the only words his mouth were able to speak was Pat’s name, over and over.

That seemed to be warning enough to Pat, though, as he stopped the assault on Pran’s prostate, slowing down the thrusting of his fingers. Pran whined, eyes glazed over looking at his boyfriend in betrayal, but Pat only kissed Pran’s knee before he started scissoring him.

“Should I add another finger, or I can put it in?” Pran’s brain almost short-circuited at the question, but he eventually realised Pat was talking about the dildo, not his own cock.

Clearing his throat, Pran spoke, voice hoarse from all the moaning. “I’m ready for the, the toy,” he stuttered, unable to bring himself to call his dildo what it was, as if that was more embarrassing. Not that Pat cared, he was certain his boyfriend wouldn’t shame Pran for how he called his toy, but Pran was still too self-conscious.

Pat nodded solemnly, and with all the care in the world he took out his fingers. He then added some lube to the dildo, making sure to cover all its length. He then hesitated and bit his lower lip.

“Can you do it? I wanna watch.” Pran knew he was burning up with embarrassment, but he nodded.

Taking his dildo in hands, Pran widened his legs once more. He brought the dildo to his hole, all the while watching Pat, and his boyfriend wasn’t even blinking, so focused he was.

With a little pressure, the head of the dildo slipped inside and Pran moaned, toes curling. Slowly, Pran inserted the dildo, his insides already used to the shape of the toy and easily accommodating it. Once fully inside, Pran started thrusting the dildo in and out of himself, gaining speed little by little, twisting his wrist this way and that in order to brush his prostate whenever he drove the dildo in.

He was moaning unabashedly, and Pran noticed Pat was holding his own cock with such force that he might actually rip it off, probably trying not to come at the sight alone of Pran masturbating with a toy.

That, more than anything, filled Pran with pride and he knew that, although he was shy, this was also a first for Pat, and he might be just as anxious about it as Pran.

Pran decided to give Pat a show. Trying to ignore his embarrassment and shyness, Pran let himself go, and he started pumping the dildo quickly, raising his legs to his chest. He could see Pat’s eyes widening, and had it been anyone else, Pran would have felt too exposed, too self-conscious, but Pat was looking at him with something akin devotion, and Pran knew he would never have to worry about his body when Pat was concerned.

His moans were loud, and he could barely keep his eyes open, the pleasure he was feeling almost overwhelming. However, he couldn’t bring himself to not look at Pat. Pat, who seemed in the brink of coming, who was still tightly holding his own cock, and who couldn’t look away from Pran.

Suddenly, Pran knew that if he didn’t stop, he would come before Pat fucked him, and he couldn’t have that.

With determination, Pran stopped his movements, and then took his dildo out. His hole clenched around nothing, and Pat’s eyes darkened in lust.

“Pat, fuck me,” Pran managed to say, and Pat didn’t need any more prompting.

Pat almost used all of Pran’s lube as he coated himself with said lube, but Pran didn’t care about it. All he needed was Pat’s fat cock buried deep inside of him.

The touch of Pat’s cock against Pran’s hole was amazing, and definitely different from his dildo. Pat pressed in, but his cock didn’t instantly slide inside, as Pran’s body had never been opened to such extents. Pran gasped at the feeling, unused to being stretched more than his dildo.

However, Pat didn’t force himself in. He started to rub his cockhead against Pran’s hole, and the feeling was amazing. That was enough to make Pran more relaxed, and when Pat tried getting inside once more, it did enter, although Pran could feel a little burn.

Pat started entering him, and Pran could only moan in ecstasy. Pat went in, and in, and in, and it seemed like he would never stop filling Pran, until he finally felt Pat’s hipbones against his ass.

Pran felt so full, so overwhelmed, he felt like he could come right that instant.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Pat commented with a chuckle, and Pran knew neither would last long.

“So big,” Pran gasped, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. At the compliment, Pat thrusted deeper inside, making them both moan loudly.

“Fuck,” Pat said again, and he finally started moving, thrusting in and out in a punishing pace, as if he wouldn’t be able to just go slow, as if he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, and that was enough to make Pran come with a silent scream.

He clenched impossibly hard around Pat, and a moment later Pat stopped, flooding Pran’s insides with hot come.

They remained in the same position, too high to move. Pran was the first to get down from his orgasm, and when he noticed that Pat had barely been inside of him before they were both coming, he wanted to facepalm himself for how ridiculous it was.

However, a moment later Pat was chuckling, and Pran frowned at him – and how was it fair that Pat looked this hot even though he was all debauched, dishevelled and sweaty?

“I’m still hard,” Pat commented, moving, and Pran gasped as he noticed that yes, of course. His boyfriend had a huge dick and also no refractory period, as he was still rock hard inside Pran.

Pran clenched around Pat, causing his boyfriend to moan, and fuck. Pran thought he could again.

“Then fuck me. For real this time,” he taunted Pat, knowing how they worked, and Pat smirked. He instantly started moving, but much slower than the first time.

Pran groaned, untangling his hands from the sheets and bringing them to Pat’s shoulders – and once again he was dumbfounded at how large Pat was in comparison to him. Feeling his heart full, Pran pulled Pat down and kissed him.

Their kiss was awkward, considering they were rocking up and down the bed with Pat’s rhythmic thrusts, but it felt so good to kiss the person he loved while he was fucked.

When Pat quickened his pace, he started biting and sucking on Pran’s neck with hunger, and Pran wondered if that was Pat somehow holding himself back. He couldn’t think much, though, as his neck was incredibly sensitive and Pran could only moan and gasp dumbly as he held Pat tightly against himself.

Pat’s hands were gripping Pran’s flanks tightly as he fucked into him with intensity, his huge cock hitting his prostate spot on at every thrust. Pran felt overstimulated, his hole clenching around Pat’s cock like a vice.

The sounds in the room were loud, their moaning, grunting, the continuous slap of skin against skin, the bed hitting against the wall. It was intense, to say the least, but Pran couldn’t hear any of that. All his mind was capable of comprehend was the intense pleasure Pat was giving him.

Pat moved a little, getting on his knees. He then rose Pran’s knees on his arms and continued to pound into him. This new position made Pat’s cock slide even deeper and Pran threw his head back at the feeling, hands grabbing at the sheets aimlessly. It was even more intense in this position, Pat had more momentum to thrust into him, and Pran could feel his throat hurting from how much he was moaning and babbling Pat’s name.

Pran had been very happy with his dildo before this. He knew his dildo wasn’t an impressive length, but considering the average length, he thought it was accurate enough, and it had given him many amazing orgasms.

Now, though, Pran knew it would be impossible to ever use his dildo again, as it would never compare to Pat’s huge dick. Maybe he could buy a new one, bigger, more similar to Pat in size. However, now that they were having sex, Pran doubted he would need a toy at all when he had the real thing just a door away.

The thought reassured Pran, and he was suddenly overwhelmed by the need to fuck more, to get more of Pat.

“Pat,” he called with a whine, but Pat didn’t seem to realize Pran wanted to speak with him instead of just calling his name like a mantra. “Let me, let me ride you,” he managed to blurt out and Pat instantly stopped, looking at Pran with big eyes.

“Really?” Pat asked, overly excited and Pran would have chuckled at how puppy like his boyfriend was if he wasn’t so lust ridden.

At his nod, Pat slowly pulled out and Pran gasped at the sensation. He was so empty and the feeling was just so wrong.

Thankfully, Pat moved Pran to the side before lying down. Pran sat on the bed before straddling Pat’s lap once again. He held Pat’s cock, and he realised it was the first time he was touching it, holding it, and it felt huge in his hand.

With one hand on Pat’s chest and the other holding Pat’s cock, Pran started sinking on it, and the drag of Pat’s dick was wonderful just like the first time. Pran moaned wantonly as he finally sat on Pat’s lap, his cock fully sheathed within Pran.

Pat had his hands on Pran’s hips, and Pran had to take a moment to appreciate how breathtaking he looked. His hair was sticking at his forehead, his skin glistening with sweat, and he looked utterly beautiful.

Unable to hold himself back, Pran started bouncing on top of Pat, the delicious drag on his walls making him throw his head back in pleasure. Pran started slow, trying to find the best position of his hips, but when Pat’s cock brushed against his prostate, he quickened his pace, riding Pat eagerly.

Usually, when he was using his dildo, he would mostly do it lying down; rarely he would do other positions, such as riding it. It didn’t mean he didn’t like it, it was simply that he was often tired when he started, so he didn’t have the energy to do much more than just lie there.

Now, however, Pran was absolutely wrecked by riding Pat’s cock. It was amazing; although if he was honest, before it had been just as good. Now, though, he managed to set the pace, to fuck himself just right. It seemed to be good for Pat too, who was squeezing his hands on Pran’s hips every now and again, groaning and moaning unabashedly.

With both hands on Pat’s – hard, chiseled – chest, Pran moved his hips in the most erotic way possible, his moans filling the room as he pleasured himself on Pat’s magnificent cock.

“I’m close,” Pat warned, and Pran nodded.

“Jerk me off,” Pran told him, and Pat didn’t need to be told twice. His huge hand grasped Pran’s cock and started jerking him off in the same rhythm as Pran was bouncing on his dick.

Less than a minute later, Pat was coming once again, the hand on Pran’s hip squeezing so hard that Pran was sure it would leave a bruise. Feeling himself being filled by warm come, Pat’s cock throbbing as he came, Pran came soon after, his come painting Pat’s hand and abs.

As they tried to catch their breath, Pat put his clean hand on Pran’s shoulder and lowered him slowly until Pran was lying on top of Pat. They kissed then, leisurely, and it was a perfect ending to their first time.

When they broke the kiss, Pat had the most radiant smile on his face, and Pat started feeling a bit self-conscious. Now that lust wasn’t clouding his best judgement, Pran couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about having left his dildo on the sink, or the fact that Pat’s cock was double the size of his when erect, or even that he had asked to ride Pat.

“Stop overthinking,” Pat said with a chuckle, and Pran felt himself relaxing once again.

As much as his mind played with him, Pran shouldn’t forget who his boyfriend was. Pat was incredible and he would never shame or judge Pran, not for any of these things he was worrying about.

However, there was still one thing in his mind that he couldn’t quite understand.

“Why didn’t we do this before?” Pran asked, head lying on Pat’s chest, listening to his heartbeat (and avoiding his eyes).

“Don’t laugh,” Pat started, and that made Pran curious. He propped himself up so he’d be looking at Pat, and it was interesting to see his boyfriend looking self-conscious. “I was afraid you’d be intimidated by the size of my dick.” He admitted, and Pran couldn’t help but chuckle. “Hey, I said don’t laugh!” Pat pouted, and Pran gave him a quick kiss, a smile still on his lips.

“I mean, I was intimidated when you sent me a pic of it with my dildo,” Pran commented, trying to sound casual, but Pat looked guilty then. “It was good to know how big it was before we… Well, before we got to do this.”

“Really? Sorry for the picture, by the way.” Pran shook his head, giving Pat another peck on the cheek. Pat, in turn, held Pran tightly against him. “Did I hurt you? You seemed to like it, but—” Pran interrupted him.

“I loved it, don’t worry. It didn’t hurt, it was amazing.” Pran felt himself blushing, but he was happy they were having this conversation. “Speaking of sizes…” He trailed off, and Pat blinked at him. When Pat clearly didn’t understand what Pran meant, Pran sighed and hid his face on Pat’s chest once more. “After I saw your picture, I was worried you’d find mine… Underwhelming.”

“Why? It’s average sized, and it fits you.” Pran frowned, confused at the compliment, so he looked at Pat once again, who was looking at him with honest eyes.

“It’s not even ten centimetres,” Pran commented. “That’s below average.”

“Not by much, and honestly, your dick looks pretty.” At that, Pran groaned.

“Pretty?” Of all adjectives Pat could have used, he went with pretty?

“Yeah, just like you,” Pat smiled happily and kissed Pran’s cheek, ready to kiss Pran’s neck.

“Alright, alright, that’s enough.” Pran blushed, but he was delighted.

“Pran, now, whenever you feel like getting off, I’m just across the hall. I’ll stop everything I’m doing. I’m at your disposal,” Pat said seriously, eagerly, and Pran had to laugh.

Pran really did have the best boyfriend in the world.