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OffGun January Short Stories Collection 2022

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"Here Papii." Gun reached out and ran his thumb over the corner of Off's mouth, wiping off some of the sauce that had been left there, and then smiling sweetly at him.

On the other side of the table, Tay calmly sipped his juice while Arm looked at them with a knowing look.

"So…" He started to say, causing Gun to stop smiling dreamily at Off and pay attention to the conversation again. "The series is going really well."

"Yes, we're very happy." Off finished his meal. "I hope it keeps going well."

"Oh, I'm sure it will be great, Peng." Tay said, smiling at his friends. "Your chemistry is even better, it will definitely be a success."

"Thanks pet!" Gun said happily, sniffing Off's neck before resting his head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, I can't wait for the next scenes." Off says.

"Just say you want to kiss Nong Gun again." Arm teases, wiggling his eyebrows and Gun blushes.

"We already kissed." He responds, rolling his eyes and Gun gasps. "For the series, I mean for the series!" He corrects quickly, a slight tinge of red covering his own cheeks. "I'll take the dishes to the kitchen!" He announces, taking his plate and Gun's, who hasn't even finished eating yet, and leaves the room.

Tay calmly continues sipping his juice, while Arm looks at Gun and smirks.

"Nong Gun..."

"I have to go!" Gun stands up abruptly. "Pim is waiting for me."

"Do you want a ride?" 

"Thanks, but I came with my car yesterday..." He explains and then blushes even more. "I am going!"

Arm watches as Gun leaves the room and then nudges Tay.

"Did you see that?"

"What?" Tay asks.

"They're weirder than usual."

"Really? I think they were always weird." Tay shrugs.

"I don't know, I think Off is enjoying all this closeness to Nong Gun too much right now." Arm scratches his chin thoughtfully.

Tay shrugs again and gets up from the chair, heading towards the kitchen.

Off is at the sink, washing the dishes, and Gun approaches him to say goodbye.

"See you Papii." He leans to kiss Off's cheek, but Off turns to respond and their lips end up crushing in a loud 'smooch'. "Papii!" Gun giggles and Tay, who has been standing in the kitchen doorway, lets the glass slip from his hands and the sound of the glass shattering on the kitchen floor catches their attention.

Off opens his mouth to say something, his cheeks bright red, but Tay asks first.

"Pet just kissed you?"

"What are you saying, P'Tay? It was just an accident!" Gun walks away, embarrassed, heading to the door. "I'll text you later, Papii."

The shorty leaves the kitchen and Tay looks at Off, who says,

"You heard him, it was an accident."

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'Could the Sorting Hat make a mistake?'

That was a question that popped into Maetee's mind from time to time, especially at situations like that, where the school was almost empty and he had to walk through the halls all alone. His qualities as a wizard were put to test every day, and even after six years, Maetee couldn't quite believe that Sorting Hat had decided it was a good idea to put him in Gryffindor.

Maybe it wasn't a mistake but a joke instead, because who could imagine a Gryffindor who was terrified by ghosts and spirits? For god's sake, he'd been dealing with them for years now! How could he still get startled every time Nearly Headless Nick greeted him?

Anyway, there was Maetee, swallowing hard as he watched the empty hallway he'd have to traverse to get his breakfast. It was the holidays and unluckily for him he couldn't go home that year, which meant fewer people and more ghosts around.

Muttering every kind of protection spell he knew, he started walking very fast - he was almost running, as no one was there to judge him anyway - and managed to reach the Great Hall in record time.

His luck, however, didn't last long, because as soon as he walked through the big doors he crashed heavily into another person, falling to the ground as loudly as possible.

The few students who occupied the tables in the Great Hall glanced at him briefly, but Maetee couldn't care less about them because his attention was on the person in front of him.

Vatee Ruangritiroj, better known as T-Rex, the Ravenclaw model student. The sixth-year wizard that all the teachers were betting would be the best in the school. The most loved and adored prefect, not only for his friendly and cute appearance, but also for his cheerful personality and his ability to understand others around him.

Everyone knew T-Rex.

"I'm sorry!" Maetee says, getting up quickly to help the shorty. "I should pay more attention."

"It's all right." T-Rex accepts his hand and smiles. "I am fine."

"I'm really sorry..." Maetee says again, embarrassed.

"It's okay, no need to apologize." T-Rex assures him. "Are you alright, Maetee?"

Maetee frowns.

"Do you remember my name?" He asks dumbly.

"Of course I do." T-Rex chuckles softly. "And you didn't answer my question."

"Oh sure, I'm fine, everything is fine." He responded quickly, looking away and biting his lip - of all people, he didn't want T-Rex to know about his silly fears.

"Okay." The shorty continues to smile sweetly at him and Maetee realizes he is still holding his hand.

"Sorry." He lets go of his hand and takes a step back, blushing.

"Do you…" He looks at T-Rex again. "Do you want to join me for breakfast?"

Maetee blinks in surprise, then looks quickly at the table where there are some Ravenclaw students.

"I can sit with you next to the Gryffindor students if you prefer." T-Rex suggests. "Unless you don't want me around." He makes a sad face.

"What? No! I just thought you were already leaving the Great Hall." He explains, making the smile return to T-Rex's face.

"I was just looking for someone." He shrugs, heading towards the table.

Maetee follows him.

"And you're not looking for this person anymore?"

"I already found him."

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"So… I am really making you uncomfortable?" T-Rex asks, making a sad face. "You're not even eating." He points and Maetee sighs, taking a sip of his hot cocoa before answering.

“It's not that, it's just…It's just that you surprised me."

"What do you mean?"

“I just can't imagine why you would want to talk to me.” Maetee bites his lip, looking away, his mind flying away to memories of their first year at Hogwarts.

"Maetee." T-Rex smiles. “I always want to talk to you. You didn't notice?”

Maetee frowns, confused for a moment, and then his mind starts to play a movie of every time the shorty asked a question during Charms and he answered succinctly, afraid to prolong the conversation. Or when he waved at him from afar and he just assumed it was for someone else… All these times were T-Rex trying to be friends with him?

Oh no, Maetee's eyes widened, he was so focused on hiding all the time that he never thought T-Rex might want to get close to him.

“Haven't you really noticed? It was pretty obvious.” T-Rex chuckled.

"I'm sorry, I was just embarrassed." He explains, feeling guilty.

"Embarrassed? For what?" The shorty looks confused at him, and then his face lights up in realization. "Is this about what happened in our first year?"

He grunts, both that T-Rex still, in fact, remembers it, and that he has to talk about it with him. Maetee, supposedly, was brave and fearless, that's why he was a Gryffindor - just not! Just because he'd learned some silly protection spells - all to ward off ghosts, of course - he thought he might get into a fight with the second year students!

"I thought I could use that spell to scare those second year kids, but I ended up freaking out when the Gray Lady came out of nowhere asking me where the hell I was pointing my wand." His face starts to heat up with just the memory. "So of course with the fright, the spell turned on me and I ended up vomiting slugs for a whole day!"

Maetee never had the courage to look at T-Rex again after that.

"I still don't understand how a coward like me can be in Gryffindor." He sighs, crestfallen, not just embarrassed now, but sad that his one and only attempt at being brave has ended badly because of his stupid fear of ghosts.

"That's not how I remember this story." He looks back at T-Rex, who smiles sweetly at him. “I remember that I was always bullied by the older kids because they thought I was so weird. I enjoyed watching people and watching them interact, and that's why I'm good at helping others now. But back then, I was just a weird kid and they got really mad at me when I didn't answer what they asked and they almost pushed me down the stairs! But then you showed up and they were so shocked by your spell that I was finally able to ask for help.”

"Of course, it's not every day you see a Gryffindor curse himself." Maetee mutters.

“Because of you, the teachers saw what they were doing and punished all of them! You saved me that day, Maetee.”

“I don't…” He tries to say, but T-Rex grabs his both hands, nearly making him drop his hot cocoa in the process.

“Being brave doesn't mean not being scared, it means doing something even when you're scared! I was paralyzed, afraid they'd hurt me, but you tried to save me and it worked, even if it wasn't the way you wanted.” T-Rex's eyes gleam with conviction. "You are like my hero, Maetee!"

Maetee gasps, feeling his whole face heat up.

“You're exaggerating…” He stutters, but T-Rex looks at him with bright eyes.

"I always wanted to thank you and tell you this, but you always avoided me and I thought you didn't want to be friends with a weirdo like me."

"That's not true!"

"Now I know that." T-Rex huffs. "If I knew you were just embarrassed, I would have cornered you long before."

"Corner me?" Maetee coughs.

"Yeah, you're pretty hard to get, Maetee." The shorty smiles brightly. "But you can't run away from me anymore."

"I wasn't running away..." He was still very shocked that T-Rex thought of him as a hero.

“So…” T-Rex starts to say, his gaze shifting to something like insecurity. "So does that mean you're going to be my friend now?"

Maetee looks into his bright eyes and rosy cheeks and nods, smiling genuinely happy for the first time.

His hot cocoa has never been this sweet before.

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"Be careful to not step on the glass!" Off yells and bends down to pick up the broken glass on the floor.

Tay is still a little bit shocked, so he looks at Off and asks,

"So this was an accident?"

"Yeah." Off huffs and continues carefully picking up the shattered pieces. "You heard him."

"Right. And how many 'accidents' have you and Nong had?" Tay asks and Off freezes for a moment, the tips of his ears turning red. “Peng?” And it takes a while for him to finally say,

"A few."

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Gun felt the chill go through his bones before he even opened his eyes and looked at the gray landscape around him, the book still open in his hands as he sighs in surprise. It wasn't snowing yet, but it felt pretty close to it.

Carefully, he closes the heavy book, tucking it into the old bag where he kept his only treasure: his mother's cloak.

His temperature starts to drop very fast as his whole body starts to shiver from the cold, but he can't concentrate on that because a strange emotion starts to take hold of him and all his mind can think about is whether the spell worked or not.

But then, suddenly, all questions vanish as the warm feeling envelops his chest, and then his eyes know exactly where to look. Left, three more steps ahead, just past a lone tree and two bushes, in front of a big house. There was a boy.

It's him.

He knew it. He felt it. That boy holding a stick, scratching invisible draws on the ground. It's him!

Is he going to be my best friend?

Is he the one who will be with me forever? Just like mom and dad?

He felt moved, relieved, on the verge of tears. After so many years walking alone in the world, after so long talking to himself at night… He had finally found his soulmate.

Gun steps forward, eager to know everything about the boy, but a sudden surge of self-awareness washes over him.

What if he doesn't like me? What if he doesn't want to be my friend?

He was suddenly aware of his shabby clothes, his bruised fingers, and he wouldn't even know what to say to him.

It had been so long since he talked to someone...

But he didn't have time to question himself further, because the boy stopped what he was doing and looked right in his direction. As if he felt Gun's presence, just as Gun felt his.

He frowns and walks towards Gun, who starts to panic.

"Hi!" The boy says, stopping in front of him, looking down at his bare feet. "Why are you dressed like that in this cold?"

"Uh…" Gun feels his whole face heat up in embarrassment, and he couldn't do anything but stand and stare at the taller boy.

"Are you okay?" Gun nods frantically. "Why don't you have shoes?"

Gun bites his lip and looks down. He had to enter the witch's house barefoot, to make as little noise as possible. "Sorry." Gun feels something warm around his shoulders and looks at the boy in surprise, seeing that he has taken off his own coat. "You must be cold." He smiles, tucking his coat around Gun and ruffling his hair in an affectionate gesture. "What is your name, shorty?"

"Gun..." He almost whispers, amazed by the gesture.

"You can call me Off." The taller boy says, poking his cheek with a finger. "Well Gun, you have really adorable cheeks."

His world finally seems to fall into place as a shy smile spreads across his face. 

His heart finally found his home.

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Off took a deep breath, putting the wood in the fireplace - in reality it was just a few dry branches he had found around, as they wouldn't be there for long - and now he would have to light it.

He frowns, because he doesn't have matches and not even a lighter, so how was he going to do it? Before he could think too hard, however, a tiny fireball simply appears, right on the dry branches, lighting the fireplace instantly.

'Magic boyfriend, of course' Off rolls his eyes, smiling as he turns to see his cute and small boyfriend standing by the couch, rubbing his sleep-swollen eyes.

"Papii..." He calls in a sleepy voice. "Why didn't you wake me?"

"I wanted to let you get some rest." He gets up, approaching the shorty.

"But I woke up and you weren't there." He frowns and pouts adorably, but then his eyes start to water and his bottom lip trembles. "I thought… I thought it was a dream, I thought Papii wasn't Gun's soulmate anymore, I thought…" He sobs and childishly raises his arms towards Off, asking for a hug. "Papii…"

"I'm here baby." He hugs the shorty tightly, kissing the top of his head and stroking his back gently, trying to calm him down. "We will never be apart again."

Gun was still getting used to feeling all those emotions all over again - and also the new emotions of an adult in love.

"Never?" He pulls back a bit to look into Off's eyes.

"Never." Off cups his cheeks, gently wiping his tears. "Gun."

"Hmm?" He wasn't crying anymore but was still pouting, so Off leans to kiss him tenderly.

"Did you know you have really adorable cheeks?"

Gun widens his eyes for a moment, but soon a happy, loving smile spreads across his face.

"What's it?" Off asks softly.

"Nothing." Gun closes the distance between them and kisses him again. "I just remembered something."

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“Papii, wait!” Gun yelled, eyes widening as he saw the raven transform into human, right in front of the enemy tower. "It's dangerous!" He tried to warn, holding his staff tightly to his chest, glancing quickly to see that the last two enemies were running towards them.

"Gun! I'm going to use the portal." Off said, eyes fixed on the tower ahead as he raised his hands to conjure two massive portals, one beside him and one beside Gun, connecting them. "Now!"

Gun grunted, annoyed with that stupid plan, but knowing that neither he nor Off could do anything to avoid it if the player had chosen to make that move, especially when it comes to TawanV, and in the end the only one harmed was always his Papii.

The portal wouldn't last long, so Gun entered quickly, stopping in front of the enemy's tower next to Off, who used his simple attacks to try to bring down the structure.

"Come on, Nong, use your frostbolt and your blizzard right on the tower!" Off exclaims, almost breathless from having spent so much of his energy on the portal.

"Okay, Papii." Gun nods, feeling the cold rush through his veins and pours all his magic into a powerful blizzard, right at the base of the enemy team. "Papii, they are coming!"

"Keep attacking, Nong, I'll protect you!" Gun doesn't respond, too intent on keeping the blizzard for as long as possible.

The two enemies approach, a powerful mage who was already conjuring a huge purple orb in her hands, ready to throw it towards them, and a huge red demon coming in front of her. Gun's magic nearly fails as the wave of terror washes over him and he starts to freak out.

Before they can reach Gun, however, Off uses his heroic ability, the polybomb, and turns them into two sheeps.

"Gun, it won't last long, you have to attack them now!" Off yells and Gun immediately turns towards them and uses his heroic ability as well, the Ice Ring, rooting both enemies to the ground and leaving them vulnerable. "Damn it!" The polybomb's effect ends and they return to their original form, ready to attack again. Off looks at Gun for a moment before using all his remaining magic to cast his Force of Will on Gun, making him immune to all damage. "Now!"

They can't dodge the large purple orb of energy the mage throws at them, but Gun launches his blizzard again and manages to defeat the two. When he looks to the side, however, he realizes that Off has taken all the damage from the purple orb and is now falling and disappearing.

"Papii!" Gun runs to his side, crying, as Off disappears into his arms. "Papii, don't leave me!"

The rest of the team manages to infiltrate the enemy's base through the tower they destroyed and win the game.

Half an hour later, Gun was clinging to Off's neck in the middle of the Nexus great hall. The fight was over and their team had been the winner, but Gun was sulking.

“I don't like this TawanV! He always gets Papii into dangerous situations!” He buried his face in his neck, sniffing and cuddling.

"At least we won." Off shrugs, stroking his hair gently.

"But Papii died." Gun mutters, still upset.

"Nong, I was just going to be out of the game for a few minutes." Off smiles, restraining himself from being too affectionate there in the middle of the great hall. "It's not like I have died for real."

"But Gun doesn't like to see Papii get hurt." He snuggled even closer into the embrace.

Various heroes passed by, being chosen by players to join matches or returning from a match. No one paid them any attention, however, because for them this was simply a normal scene between Gun, the ice mage, and Off, the portal summoner.





In a place far away from the Nexus, however, two men were arguing about the game.

"I can't believe we almost lost the match because you keep trying to figure out whether our heroes are lovers or not." Arm huffs, dropping his laptop onto the couch and getting up to stretch his back.

"They are lovers, Arm." Tay says, turning his laptop screen to Arm. "Did you see how Gun cried when Off died? They are really cute together!"

Arm narrowed his eyes at him.

"So you almost made me lose the match because you were shipping our heroes?" 

Tay shrugs.

"We didn't lose, though."

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"Did you set a different time with Two and Bone?" Third asks as he walks through the door of Khai's apartment, leaving his bag on the floor.

"No, I just texted Bone saying I might be an hour late." Khai closes the door and smiles at Third as he walks and sits on the couch.

"Why?" Third asks, as if he doesn't know, but he averts his gaze and a soft shade of red tinges his cheeks.

"To spend some time alone with you." Third blushes harder and bites his lower lip. Khai smiles even more and opens his arms in an invitation. "Come here." 

"Hm?" He doesn't approach and Khai knows he is embarrassed.

Their relationship is still very fragile, very new, and Khai needs to convey all the security he can to Third.

“Just while we wait for Two and Bone,” he explains and Third looks at him, but doesn't move, so Khai reaches his hands and pulls him by the wrists. “Just for a moment, Third.” Third doesn't put up any resistance, just lets Khai pull him to the couch, snuggling with him into a warm hug. "Let's stay like this, okay?" 

Third doesn't say anything, just settles into Khai's arms, the tips of his ears turning red.

They stay that way until Two and Bone knock on the door.

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Everything was ready.

He had checked that Off was all right, had fixed the hole in the garden and left the photos on the table before leaving, taking the bad weather away with him.

Off would probably be happier, because he didn't look comfortable with all that rain.

He walked silently through the white doors, into the main room of the spaceship and sat down on the floor, his back against the metal wall.

Where would he travel now?

He didn't know yet, but he really wanted to find out if he would ever see Off again.

Wanted to know if he was okay. If he had talked about love with that human that he saw in his mind...

"You're back too," his best friend's voice draws his attention, making him look towards the tall figure who has approached to sit beside him.

His appearance was very similar to Off's. Perhaps that was why he had come there, perhaps his friend's resemblance to Off was what caught his attention.

"Yes, a few minutes ago," he replied, unable to look away from his friend's face now that he had noticed the resemblance.

"And how was it?" his friend asks, keeping his gaze on his.

"I learned a lot about human love." He smiles. "They are unnecessarily complicated."

"They are." His friend nods. "I talked to a human, his name was Gunn, and he looked a lot like you," he says, lifting a finger and touching his cheek. "He has dimples."


"Yes, when smiles," his friend's finger is still on his face, but it doesn't bother him at all.

"Like this?" He tries to smile a little.

"I think it needs more," his friend says, taking his finger away from his face.

"More?" He nods. "How?"

His friend seems to think for a moment, before reaching out and putting his hands on his waist.

"What… ?"

"Gunn said it's called tickling."

Before he can ask though, his friend's hands start making funny movements on his waist and he starts laughing really loudly.

"S-stop!" he says, breathless, and his friend stops, looking at him with bright eyes and a smile.

"I knew you had dimples too."

His heart starts to pound. 

Just like Off said.

"Why is your face getting red?" his friend asks, taking a closer look, which only makes his heart beat even faster.

"My heart is beating fast and it makes the blood pressure send more blood to my cheeks," he explains.

"I see..."

They are silent for a few moments, sitting side by side, shoulders touching.

"Next time, I want to go with you," his friend says again.


"I don't like it when we go apart," they look at each other. "It hurts here…" he puts a hand on his chest, trying to demonstrate.

He leans in a little, because his friend is taller, and brushes his lips against his.

"Off told me that when you love someone, you want to kiss that person," he explains, not moving too far from his friend's face.

"Put your lips together like that?" he approaches and repeats the action.


They smile, closing their eyes and letting their lips meet again. 

And then again. 

And again.

At some point, he feels his friend's hand touch his. Feels as he touches the tip of their index fingers together, making a shiver run through his body.


Now he needs to figure out how humans manage to kiss while smiling.

Maybe he can ask the next time he sees Off.

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“Here, Papii.” He hands the blanket to Off and turns to lie on his side of the bed. “Good night.”

“Err, Gun?” he calls, confused, and Gun sighs, closing his eyes and just muttering an ' hm? ', trying to pretend that nothing weird is happening, but his voice betrays him. “Isn't this your comfort blanket?”

“Yes, any problem?” He doesn't turn around, feeling his face heat up at the thought of Off discovering his silly plan.

“No, I was just thinking…” he starts, unsure. “I was just wondering why you didn't give me some other blanket…”

“Oi Papii, does that bother you so much? Are you disgusted by my blanket?” he asks, nervous, and turns to look at him. 

“No!” Off quickly denies. “It's just that you have a bunch of new ones there.” He points to the closet on the other side of the room. 

“What? This one is too old for you?” Gun is embarrassed but still raises an eyebrow, daring him to say something bad about his comfort blanket.

“Oi, I didn’t say that!” he says, wrapping himself in the blanket before Gun got upset with him. “I just thought you wouldn't want to share it with anyone.” 

“The others aren’t clean…” 

“All of them?” he asks and Gun blushes.

“Oi Papii, why are you asking so many questions? Go sleep already!” he exclaims, looking away and pouting. 

“Alright, alright, I’m going to sleep.” Off snuggles into the bed and soon Gun approaches, laying his head on his shoulder, still pouting, which soon turns into a smile.

"Good night, Papii," he says, sighing happily.

"Good night.”

And two nights later, there was Gun, getting ready for bed at the Safe House. He lies on the bed, hugs his comfort blanket and takes a deep breath, smelling the combination of the two best smells in the world: the smell of his childhood and the smell of his Papii.

'I'm so smart,' he smiles, wondering why the hell he didn't come up with that idea before.

Chapter Text

It had been a busy day. Too many assignments, too many classes to attend and that headache that had started in the late afternoon was still there.

"Third, can you take me home? I don't want to drive today," he asks, his head lying on the counter, staring at the shorty who frantically typed into his laptop.

"I'm busy, Khai," he responds without taking his eyes off the screen.

"But Third…" he starts, pouting, but Third is also stressed from all the work, so he turns to Khai very annoyed.

"Oi, can't you see I'm trying to work here? Stop bothering me!" he yells, but soon seems to regret it. "Look, I'm sorry I…"

"No, Third, it's fine, you're right, I shouldn't be bothering you," he says and Third looks at him confused, because normally Khai wouldn't give up that easily, but he didn't want to fight or make the shorty angry that day, so he just gave a pained smile - feeling like his head was about to explode. "I'll leave first then, okay baby?" Third trembles at the nickname and the kiss Khai leaves on his cheek. "See you tomorrow."

"Uh, see you…" he replies shyly.

Khai smiles again and goes looking for Bone before leaving. 

The truth was, it had been a bad day, and all he wanted was to be able to ask Third to come over to his apartment and cuddle with him all night, because he needed rest and he needed affection from his boyfriend, but Khai knew full well that he hadn't earned his trust yet, and that there was a lot of struggle ahead if he wanted to be in a relationship with Third.

But there were those days when he was just really tired. It's like he's in debt - and it was a huge debt, he couldn't deny it - and because of it he was always afraid of upsetting Third with even the smallest things.

"I am going," he says to Bone. "I'll leave Chawee here until morning, I'm not feeling well enough to drive."

"Why don't you ask T..."

"He's busy, it's okay, I can take the bus for today." Bone looks at him with concern. "I'm fine, really, just keep Chawee for me, okay?"


Then he leaves.

It was cold and it looked like it would soon start to rain, but he managed to get on the bus before. He chooses an empty seat, leans his head against the window and closes his eyes, feeling his temples throb with pain.

'Maybe I should have taken some medicine…'

The bus starts moving and he takes a deep breath, trying to calm his messy mind.

Chapter Text

Third tried to keep working, but his mind could no longer focus on the article he had to finish writing, because he kept thinking about Khai's sad expression when he said he was leaving.

He didn't want to be so hard on him - really, he didn't - but it seems like getting defensive with Khai had become a habit in the last year, and he couldn't suddenly change that just because they became boyfriends - even though Khai was doing his best. And Third loved the fact that Khai valued and wanted to take care of him now.

Sighing, he closed the laptop and decided to text him. When he took his eyes off the screen, however, he realized that Khai had left his coat there.

"That dumbass…" he mutters, picking up his coat and hearing the jingle of keys.

Third frowns and reaches into the coat pocket, realizing that his stupid boyfriend has forgotten his keys there. He rolls his eyes and tries to call him, but the call drops.

He shrugs. Khai was probably driving, so he couldn't answer. Soon he would arrive at the apartment and realize he'd forgotten his keys, so he would have to go back or cry for Third to take the keys to him.

Third smiles fondly at the thought, deciding he had enough work done, so he closed his laptop and grabbed his things to leave - or rather, to go to Khai's apartment, because it had started raining and it would be dangerous if he came back driving Chawee.

"Are you leaving, Third?" Bone asked, approaching the counter.

"Yes, Khai forgot his keys." He huffs and Bone makes a face.

"He really wasn't well when he left." Third frowns and he continues, "He left Chawee and said he was going to take the bus. I think he was sick."

"What?" Third feels his stomach drops. "Why didn't he tell me?"

“I tried to tell him, but he said he didn't want to bother you.” Bone sighs. "Anyway, maybe you should go already, the rain is only getting worse."

Third nods and tries to call Khai again.

"He's not picking up," he says, his voice filled with concern now.

"Let me try," Bone tries to call from his own phone. "Nothing."

"Shit," Third curses, stuffing his cell phone into his pocket. "I'll wait at his apartment."

"Okay, text me when you know something," Bone asks.

Third nods again and almost runs to get into his car. His heart full of worry.

'Why didn't he tell me he was sick?'

Chapter Text

“Nong?” someone called and soon he felt a hand shake his shoulder. “Wake up, Nong!”

"What?" He opens his eyes, confused, looking into the old man's face - the bus driver.

“This is our last stop.” The old man stares at him, as if expecting something, and Khai looks around, realizing that there was no one but them on the bus. "You have to go."

Khai frowns and it takes a few seconds for him to understand what was happening.

“Sorry, phi!” He exclaims and then feels his head hurt. “Fuck!” He whimpers, massaging his temple.

“Is everything okay, Nong?” the old man asks. "You look sick."

"It's just my head." Khai sighs, looking out the window and seeing the rain pouring down mercilessly outside. “Phi, where are we?”

The old man shakes his head disapprovingly.

“Where do you live?" Khai makes a sad face and tells him the address. “That's almost an hour from here, Nong! You should be more careful!” he scolds.

"Sorry." Khai looks out the window again.

"Don't you have someone you can call?"

“Yes, I'll call Th…” he starts, but soon his voice dies and a weird feeling invades his chest. "Actually, there's no one I can call right now."

He didn't know if it was the way his voice sounded or if it was because that driver had a really good heart, but soon Khai heard him take a deep breath and say, "Stay here boy, I have to pass close to where you live.”

“Thanks, phi.” Khai leans his head back against the bus window. He takes his cell phone out of his pocket, only to see that the battery is dead. "Shit." He would have to wait almost another hour to get home and he couldn't do anything but try to deal with the headache and stay awake.

He thanks the driver a couple more times before getting off the bus and running out into the rain, feeling the icy drops running down his skin and causing his temperature to drop too fast. He curses himself for forgetting his coat as he enters the building and rubs his arms, shivering.

So immersed in his own world, Khai doesn't even remember his keys until he stands in front of his apartment door and turns the knob, realizing it's open. He is startled, but he doesn't even have time to think about it before he is startled once more when he hears the voice saying, "You've finally decided to come home."

Khai nearly jumps, placing a hand on his chest and feeling a twinge of pain in his head again.

“Third?” he asks dumbly, turning on the light and seeing the small figure in his short boyfriend curled up on the couch. "How…?"

“You forgot your keys,” he mutters, looking Khai up and down.

His eyes were swollen, as if he'd been crying, and Khai could see as relief crossed his expression at the realization that he was okay.

"Oh, I... Thanks for waiting for me," Khai mutters, confused for a moment. “I, uh, fell asleep and…”

"You should take a shower." Third interrupts, averting his eyes and getting up from the couch, heading towards the bathroom. "It's cold and you got wet in the rain."

“Third…” Khai calls and he stops midway. "Aren't you going to ask where I was?"

"Why didn't you tell me you were sick?" he asks, without turning around.

"I didn't want to bother you."

“You didn't want to bother me…” he repeats in disbelief.

Khai feels a pang in his chest, making him forget about his headache for a moment. He stared at Third's back, seeing how his shoulders were down, as if he was about to cry again. Nothing really serious had happened, but it looked like they were both hurt now. He swallows hard, with an unusual seriousness, wanting to take the right steps to prevent the two of them from getting hurt more than they already were for god knows what reason.

"You were busy and I didn't want to fight, besides, it's no big deal to take the bus, so I just went..."

"You weren't answering your phone," Third mutters.

“My battery ran out, sorry.”

"You forgot your keys, didn't answer your phone and disappeared in the rain for hours." Third turns to face him.

Khai takes a deep breath.

"I didn't mean to bother you, Third, I just..."

“Why do you keep saying that? Am I not your boyfriend?” he says the word 'boyfriend' without blushing for the first time, but Khai can't smile because his chest keeps hurting for some reason.

"You were stressed, I understand Third, I'm sorry but I didn't want to argue today, I didn't want to fight, my head hurts too much," he says at once, wanting to explain himself, but his words seem to hit Third like a punch.

“Are you…” He looks away, crosses his arms and takes a step back, the fragility almost palpable in his voice. “Are you tired then?”

Without a second thought, Khai crosses the distance between them and pulls Third into his arms, wrapping him in a tight hug and sighing, feeling warm for the first time since he's walked into his apartment.

"Tired of what? What are you talking about?" he asks, his voice muffled against his hair.

“From me, from this...” Third tries to pull away, and Khai knows that's his nature, but he doesn't let go of his embrace. “I'm your boyfriend and you can't tell me when you're sick? When we were just friends you wouldn't hesitate to say anything."

"Third, it's not that, I..."

“I know I yelled at you and…” His tearful voice nearly breaks Khai's heart in two.

“Baby, no, stop,” Khai interrupts him, pulling away a little to cup his wet cheeks and look him in the eye. “Listen to me, Third, this isn't your fault. I wasn't thinking straight and my head hurt a lot, I'm sorry, okay?" He brushes away the tears with his thumbs. "There's no way I'm tired of you, don't ever think about it again, it's the stupidest thing you've ever said to me."

“Khai…” He sobs.

"You're already giving me a chance and that's more than I could ever want after all."

“No…” Third shakes his head. "I don't want to treat you badly."

Khai smiles, knowing full well how much it cost Third to say those words.

"You did not." He leans to kiss his lips softly. "I was being stupid again, next time I'll harass you until you give up and pay attention to me," he teased, but Third still wasn't smiling, his eyes were still filled with two things Khai hated to see in them: fear and insecurity. "Oi, if you feel so bad why don't we go to the bedroom and you warm me up?" And then, he runs a hand down his back until he grabs his ass.

Third's eyes widen and he pushes away, but Khai holds him even more tightly against him.

"Asshole!" Third yells, blush covering his cheeks.

"Come warm your boyfriend who almost died of hypothermia, huh?" He burrows his face into the crook of his neck, sniffing his scent and kissing the soft skin.

"Hypothermia my ass!" Third pushes him weakly and Khai knows he needs affection as much as him right now.

"I love you." 

"Can't you say this without squeezing my ass?" Third whimpers and he laughs.

"Why are you talking so much about your ass, Third? Are you trying to say something?" He squeezes his ass again, getting a slap in the chest, but he just presses their lips in a deep, passionate kiss, sliding his tongue over his, showing how much he wants and needs him.

Perhaps he would have to be more careful in holding him, to not break his still-bruising heart again, but Khai knew that sometimes he needed to be firm and steady, to reassure his adorable boyfriend that he won't go anywhere without him.

Not anymore.

When the kiss ends, Third is bright red and panting. They stare at each other for a moment, affection pouring between them.

"I-I love you too." 

And that's all Khai wanted to hear from the start.

Chapter Text

Tay enters the room to take a nap and finds Off sitting on one of the couchs.

"What are you doing here, Peng?" he asks, taking a seat on the couch on the opposite side of the room.

"Playing," Off responds without even taking his eyes off his cell phone screen.

"That new game?"

"Mh," he just mutters and Tay pouts.

"Aow, is this how you treat your precious friend?"

"Uh... Shit, I died..." he curses, pausing the game, and looking at Tay guiltily. "Sorry, it's just that this mission is very difficult and talking makes it difficult for me to concentrate."

"Alright." Tay rolls his eyes. "Go back to your game, I just came to get some rest before heading back to filming."

Off nods and immediately returns to focusing on his game. Tay shakes his head and is about to put his headphones on when the door opens again and a smiling Gun enters.

"Oh, P'Tay, you're here..." And then his gaze falls on Off and his entire face lights up, his smile getting even wider than before. "Papii!"

"Hi Pet, I just came to take a nap," Tay says and Gun nods, heading straight towards Off and sitting next to him on the couch. "You shouldn't…" he tries to warn, but Gun is already tilting his head towards his Papii and asking questions.

"What is Papii doing?"

"Ai'Gun." He quickly glances at the shorty and smiles. "I'm playing a new game."

"Oh, and what is it about?" Gun asks cutely, laying his head on Off's shoulder - which would probably make it difficult for him to play well, but instead of complaining he just keeps playing while starts to explain to Gun what the game's story is all about.

"His number one, of course," Tay mumbles and rolls his eyes again, but of course neither of them pays him any attention, and soon the room is filled with several 'Papii, what's this?' and 'Papii, you can't lose, hit him!' and also 'It's ok Papii, try again, you can do it!' and then they're huddled on the couch and Tay can't even tell how Off can still play with Gun practically lying on top of him like that.

But when his friend's hand slips around the shorty's waist as they move to snuggle even closer on the couch, Tay decides he's had enough and decides to leave the room.

Again, none of them notice, of course.

Chapter Text

Everything was ok until it wasn't.

Despite being annoying and nosy, Porsche was Pick's best friend, and of course, despite always complaining, Pick actually enjoyed living with him. But then Porsche started dating Emma, and after three long years of relationship and after witnessing more embarrassing situations than he thought he deserved, Pick decided he was an adult and could live on his own.

The first day he announced his decision, Porsche literally cried - which was gross, to say the least - but the next day he seemed to see the situation from a different angle and was soon planning to move in with Emma.

So there was Pick, two days later, carrying his only three boxes of belongings to the new small apartment - he chose a furnished one, as he didn't have much and didn't want to go through the headache of having to buy furniture.

The place was pretty and cozy and maybe a little too cheerful for a person living alone - Pick wasn't interested in knowing about the previous owner - but it would do for now.

There was a wardrobe and a few stacked boxes in the room - the previous owner's stuff - which Pick honestly had no idea what to do, so he just left it there for now.

It was a week later, on a Saturday night, when he was lying in the darkness, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom, after realizing that he had spent the whole day without saying a word - because he hadn't left the house - that Pick felt a very great feeling of loneliness taking over him. Almost suffocating.

Deal with it.

He swallowed hard and got up to get a glass of water. Before he could reach the fridge, however, he nearly screamed in fright when he saw a figure curled up on the couch in the small living room. Immediately, Pick turned on the lights and saw a boy sleeping on his couch.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Chapter Text

When Pick yelled, the boy's eyes widened and he fell off the couch, startling.

“Huh?” He looked at Pick, confused. "Who are you?

"I asked that question first!" Pick returns.

"This is my apartment," the boy says.

"Your apartment? I rented this place a week ago!” Pick yells again, nervous.

"What? How could you have rented it if I live here?”

The two stare at each other for a few seconds.

"I..." Pick starts, not knowing what to do. "I'm going to make some tea."

And then, ten minutes later, there was Pick waiting for the water to boil while the boy sat at the kitchen counter, muttering nonsense.

“A few hours ago I was sad, watching romcom because I felt lonely….” Pick looks at him and arches an eyebrow. "And now there's a handsome man making me tea in my kitchen, I don't know if I'm crazy or lucky."

"What!?" Pick chokes.

"Nothing phi, I didn't say anything!" The boy blushes. "I'm Rome, by the way, and what's your name phi?"

“Pick,” he mutters, already sensing that this whole situation is going to be a big headache.

"P'Pick," Rome says and blushes again. “What are we going to do now, phi?”

"If it wasn't too late I would solve this right now." Pick huffs, placing two cups on the counter.

“Okay, phi.” Rome smiles and Pick frowns.

"Why aren't you freaking out about this?" he asks, pausing his actions for a moment. “I've been here for a week and I've never seen you, how is this your apartment? Where have you been?"

“I was right here, phi.” Rome shifts uncomfortably.

"And don't you think it's weird that all of a sudden there's a guy in your apartment?"

"Err… Uhm… I…" Rome stutters, standing up and getting nervous. "I don't know."

“You don't know,” Pick repeats, taking a deep, nervous breath, reaching out to pick up the cup from the counter and accidentally dropping it. "Shit!" he curses, bending down to pick up the pieces of the cup on the floor.

"Let me help, phi." Rome says, but when he reaches out to take the same piece Pick was picking up, his hand passes right through Pick's, as if he's transparent.

Rome pulls his hand away quickly, looking scared at Pick, the two of them frozen in place for endless seconds.

Chapter Text

"You're a ghost!" Pick yells, standing up and pointing in his direction.

"I'm not a ghost!" Rome yells back, resolute.

"Of course you are! Your hand went through mine!" Pick explains, waving his hands in exasperation. "You're a fucking ghost!"

"Stop saying that!" Rome says, face red with nervousness. "How are you so sure? It could have been your hand that went through mine!"

"Okay, get the cup then," Pick points to the other cup on the counter.

Rome scowls at him, but approaches anyway and reaches out for the cup. His fingers pass through the porcelain as if the cup were a hologram. Except it wasn't.

"See? Ghost," Pick points out, taking a deep breath and shaking his head. "I can't believe it, how did I end up in a house haunted by a ghost?"

"Phi..." Rome says shakily, but Pick is immersed in his own disbelief.

"Of all things... A ghost?" he continues to complain to himself, while Rome takes several steps back, startled.

"Stop saying that..." the shorty asks, his voice broken. "I don't like this."

"Much less me!" Pick exclaims hysterically. "What do I have to do now? Do I have to exorcise you?"

And then, he hears a sob.

Rome is huddled against the wall, face red and full of tears, looking much smaller and fragile than before.

'Can ghosts cry?' It's the first thing he thinks, but then he feels a tightness in his chest at the sight of the shorty so sad.

"Rome?" Pick calls his name for the first time.

"P'Pick am I...?" Rome sobs again, looking sadly into his eyes. "Am I dead?"

Oh. Suddenly, all the hysteria and shock are gone, leaving only the desire to comfort the poor ghost.

Pick didn't really understand the situation at all, but he already knew he hated to see Rome cry like that.

Chapter Text

They start traveling together, never apart like before.

His small friend has a lot of similarities with Gunn, but the more time passed, the more he found his shorty cuter and more adorable.

They stop at this new planet, because from the first time he saw it he had felt that he had to share that view with him.

"What is it?" the shorty asks, pointing in the direction of the thousands upon thousands of spirals of ice that stretched across the land ahead.

"Icicles," he responds, holding his hand - it felt good to be this close.

"They're beautiful," his small friend says, eyes sparkling as he tries to look at everything at once. He reaches out to touch the frozen tips of a tree, but the ice eventually crumbles on top of his hand. "It's cold."

He takes the shorty's other hand and brings it to his mouth, gently blowing and then leaving several soft kisses along his fingers.

"Better now?" he asks and a dark shade of red takes over the shorty’s cheeks.


"Thanks," he hears him whisper shyly and cups his cheeks.

"Is that your heart beating fast again?"

The shorty nods and he leans to kiss him on the lips.

Chapter Text

It was past 2am and he's still wide awake.

Can't deal with the confused feelings that take over his mind every time he closes his eyes.

Couldn't understand what had changed.

Couldn't bear the sudden need to take care and protect that person.

That person lying next to him.

That person that suddenly seemed kind and fragile .

Someone who's never cared about him before, someone he's never had a good relationship with before.

Someone who now made his heart do funny leaps.

Well, Sean wasn't finding it funny at all.

The body next to him shifts on the bed and Sean takes a deep breath, trying to ignore the proximity to his roommate.

But then he hears a sob.

And then another one, and then he turns to the side and looks at his tear-stained face.

His hands itch to wipe them, but he clenches them into fists.

"Black," he calls, but the other seems to be trapped in a nightmare.

The sobs increase, he moves closer, hands shaking, sweat making his hair stick into his forehead and now he is close enough for Sean to hear his whispers.

"No..." if it weren't for the total silence of the place, Sean probably wouldn't be able to understand what he's saying. "Don't leave White alone."

Sean feels something tug in his chest.

"Black, wake up," he tries again, slightly shaking his shoulder - a softness he's never addressed to this person before.

"Don't leave White alone," he repeats, delirious. "Don't go away, Black."

Sean's hand starts moving up and down his arm, trying to calm him down.

"Black," he calls again. 


With his heart racing and a feeling he still can't name rising in his chest, he tries something different, "White," he could hardly believe the gentleness in his own voice, but it seemed to make the sobs stop for a moment, then he tries one more time, "White, wake up."

A soft sigh leaves the boy's mouth and he frowns, lashes fluttering. Sean's heart flutters in anticipation.

When those eyes finally open and look into his own, Sean finally understands. 

The truth is crystal clear now.

And with that, he can't help but reach out and cup his cheek, wiping the tears away.

Black would never allow something like that.

"Sean?" he mutters, confused.

"It was just a nightmare," Sean explains and the boy seems to notice the hand on his cheek, but instead of pulling away he just blushes.

"A nightmare?"

"Yes," Sean nods lightly. "Just a nightmare."

Sean approaches, hugging him by the shoulder, surprising him, but again he does nothing to pull away.

"Go back to sleep… Black ," 

And he doesn't know if it's because he's still confused, or scared from the nightmare, but the boy leans even closer, snuggling against him.

Sean smiles, that name repeating in his mind.


Chapter Text

They were on the set, everyone had already wished Off a happy birthday and now they were finally eating lunch.

“I heard that P’Off once gave P’Gun a very expensive gift, is that true?” Mond asks and everyone immediately agrees, making Gun blush.

“He gave him a Rolex,” First says.

“He also gave him that super expensive bag, didn’t he?” Sing joins the conversation.

“Yes, all those, plus the sums of money he always gives P'Gun,” Film confirms, like a good, devoted babii.

“Oi, why are you so interested in this?” Gun asks, pouting.

"I was just wondering what kind of gift P'Gun would give P'Off," Mond says and everyone looks at him, waiting.

"Gun won't say it!" Gun is embarrassed and Off just smirks, eating his lunch calmly.

"Why not?" Mond insists. "P'Off?"

Off looks at Gun and then back at them.

"I'll just say it's something that's not for sale."

"Ui, you mean it's his heart then?" Mond continues, but Film just shakes her head, noticing how even the tips of Gun's ears are red, and says, 

"I think the answer is something less decent, phi."

Chapter Text

"It's been seven months," Gun says, sitting at the kitchen table, while his mother looks out the window with a worried expression.

Seven months since the magic that controls the change of seasons was suddenly stolen, leaving the people of that kingdom to deal with a situation they were not prepared for: an eternal winter.

"You never know who you can really trust," Gun’s mother says and he looks at her in confusion.

“Are you talking about…”

"Yes, Prince Tawan's ex-best friend, the man who stole the magic."

Gun stares at his plate for a few minutes.

“No one knows what happened,” he counters and she gives him a sad look.

“Oh dear, I know you had a crush on him, and I also thought he was a good person, but after what happened…”

“Prince Tawan said he doesn't know what happened. He passed out and when he woke up the sphere was broken and there was no magic, and P'Off was gone... He never said P'Off stole it," Gun defends Off fervently and then blushes. "And I didn't have a crush on him."

She just smiles sweetly and shakes her head.

"Whatever you say, son."

The truth is that he had only seen P'Off a few times, when there were big fairs in the streets near the castle. They had bumped into each other once and Off had helped Gun pick up the bags on the floor.

Gun had blushed heavily and hadn't been able to formulate more than two coherent sentences, so he hadn't had the courage to approach P'Off again.

None of that matters now, because he is gone.

“You're not eating,” Gun's mom says, getting his attention.

"I was just thinking."

She doesn't press because she knows this is a sensitive subject for Gun.

Most people believe that Off is a traitor, but not Gun.

Lunch ends quickly and Gun leaves the house, looking for any piece of wood that could be used to keep the fireplace burning.

He walks for several minutes into the forest, casting glances at the sky, realizing that a new blizzard would soon begin, until he stops, static.

The air is suddenly charged with magic, as if emanating from something or someone. Gun feels the magic with his entire body, shivers because it's something very powerful, and then, without even realizing it, he starts chasing the source of magic.

His footsteps in the snow aren't as careful as they should be, his heart beats fast and his hands start to shake, but Gun knows it's not from the cold.

Gun feels it inside him, feels how his own magic pulls him towards that power and all he knows is that he needs to find it.

He doesn't know when he started to run, only notices when he trips over a rock and falls into the snow, rolling downhill towards the frozen lake.

The impact against the ice, however, doesn't happen, instead he crashes into something soft and furry.

Gun opens his eyes, startled, seeing a huge, white wolf, and is even more scared when he realizes that magic comes from the wolf.

The wolf glares at him and Gun fears for his life. He tries to think quickly of some kind of spell to escape, but soon the wolf puts his face close to Gun’s and, to Gun's complete surprise, starts sniffing his hair.

“Y-you…” Gun stutters, in shock.

The wolf rubs his snout against Gun's cheek and backs away, wagging his tail frantically, as if demonstrating that he wouldn't do Gun any harm.

Gun smiles tenderly.

"It's like you're a puppy."

The wolf does little jumps and pushes his snout into Gun's leg, who whimpers in pain.

“Alright puppy, my leg hurts a little, so I need to get home,” Gun explains and feels silly, because the wolf obviously couldn't answer him.

Gun struggles to his feet, but the wolf slips his head under Gun's arm, as if indicating that Gun should lean on him. With that, Gun leans on his back, clinging to the fur on his neck and soon he is being carried through the forest by the white wolf.

"You're not just an ordinary wolf, are you?" Gun asks, even though he knows he won't have an answer. "It's like you understand everything I say."

The journey to the edge of the forest doesn't take long. Gun manages to stand, feeling that the pain has eased and then the wolf takes a few steps back, looking at the sky.

“The weather gets worse and worse,” Gun says and the wolf looks at him for a few seconds before lowering his head. Everything about his body language shows that he is sad, but Gun couldn't understand.

The poor animal looks up at the sky sadly, with ears down and Gun feels his own heart ache in pity.

The magic around them starts to get heavier, almost palpable, the wolf howls in pain and Gun is startled, not knowing how to act.

"Puppy, let me help you, let's go to my house, Mae and I can..." he tries to say, but the wolf turns around at once and runs back through the woods. “Puppy!”

The weather suddenly gets worse, the snow starts to fall hard all at once, as if something has forced it. Gun remains staring at where the wolf ran, breathless, feeling his heart pounding for something he didn't understand.

Gun turns around and heads back home.

Chapter Text

Gun finishes packing everything he could possibly need into a bag and silently walks down the stairs. It was early in the morning and the blizzard had finally stopped after three long days. Three long days where Gun was almost consumed by anxiety.

Since childhood, Gun had always been very sensitive to his own magic and relied heavily on it. He wasn't particularly powerful, but he could understand and control the magic around him very well, he'd spent years of his life studying it, it was almost like a natural talent. His big dream was to work in the castle, alongside the great wizards and scholars, but everything seemed to be over since the incident with the sphere, Prince Tawan and P'Off.

The fact is, Gun couldn't stop thinking about Puppy, and as crazy as it might sound, his magic is telling him to go after the animal, because that wolf certainly wasn't just a wolf and Gun needed to find out what he was or who he was,  and why the hell did he look sad and hurt when Gun talked about the bad weather.

So there was Gun, at the door of his house, having argued with his mother a few times about going after the wolf, but as always, he trusts what the magic inside him says.

"Gun." His mother's voice stops him before Gun can walk out the door, and he turns away, looking guilty.

"Mae I..."

"It's okay," she says, approaching and smiling. "I knew you would go anyway. Just be careful, please."

She takes Gun's hand and gives him a new pair of gloves.

"Thank you."

Gun smiles back and hugs her before leaving. 

He walks through the forest towards the frozen lake where he found Puppy three days ago, but he still can't feel that powerful magic from that day, so he walks further and further away, feeling lost for a moment, until he feels it again.

Gun smiles and this time he walks more carefully towards the power that attracts him like a magnet and, like last time, the magic seemed to be moving.

Puppy is getting closer, he can feel it, and then, half an hour later, Gun is standing between three large snow-covered trees. He looks around and the wolf is supposed to be there, but Gun can't see him.

He hears a 'Hoo' and looks up to find a snowy owl.


Chapter Text

The snowy owl does 'Hoo' again and flies around Gun, who laughs in disbelief.

"It's you!" Gun reaches out and Puppy lands on his arm, looking at him curiously. "But how?"


Gun giggles because the snowy owl is cute so Gun pats his head.

"Are you okay? How did you turn into an owl? What are you? Are you human?" Gun asks too many questions at once and the poor animal just flaps his wings, doing 'Hoo Hoo' frantically, as if trying to tell Gun something. "Sorry Puppy, I can't understand you."

"Hoo..." Again, an aura of sadness surrounds Puppy and the magic around them starts to get heavy, as if something is going to happen.

The snowy owl takes flight at once, flying away and soon Gun starts running after him.

"Puppy, come back! Don't run away from me, I can help you!" The snowy owl keeps flying away. "I'm going to chase you until you stop, and you don't want me to get hurt, do you?"

That seemed to work, as Puppy lets out a saddened 'Hoo' and lands on the ground this time, on top of the snow, magic so strong and powerful it seems to overflow through him. 

"Hoo..." The sound snowy owl makes is now sharp and painful and Gun approaches, wanting to help but not knowing how.

The magic is almost palpable as a light begins to shine throughout the poor animal's body and then, right in front of Gun's eyes, the snowy owl transforms into a rabbit.

Gun is amazed and scared, because he's never seen that kind of magic before, so very carefully he reaches out and gently takes Puppy into his arms.

"Puppy, are you okay?"

The rabbit's ears are down and his breathing is weak, as if he is tired. Gun feels sad, but now he understood a little more about the magic that came from Puppy and with that maybe he could help him the next time the transformation happens.

With his heart torn between worry and hope, Gun looks up to the sky and sees that a new blizzard is coming.

Chapter Text

When the first snowflake touches Gun's cheek, he starts to get worried. He hugs the rabbit to his chest and stands up, looking around and realizing he has no idea where they are now.

"Puppy, I think we're in trouble," Gun mutters and the rabbit moves, seeming to have finally recovered from the transformation process.

Puppy looks at the sky with worried little eyes and then at Gun, lowering his ears even further and jumping off his hug, startling Gun.


The rabbit looks back and makes small jumps for Gun to follow him, so Gun follows without batting an eye. They walk quickly as the snow starts to fall harder. Gun is already shivering from the cold when he spots a cave.

The rabbit fidgets nervously as Gun enters the place, and the magic starts to get heavy around them again.

'His lack of control must be linked to his emotions' Gun thinks, as he had already read something about it a while ago.

"Puppy, come here, calm down," Gun calls, but the rabbit just moves nervously and Gun realizes he's panicking. "Puppy, I can help you."

Gun picks him up again, but the magic had already reached the point of no return and he would go through another transformation, there was nothing to be done to stop it.

"Calm down, I can help you control it, focus on me okay?" Gun says gently, feeling how Puppy trembles in his arms.

Gun concentrates, sees the magic as if it were a heavy cloud of all colors and no colors at the same time. Taking a deep breath, Gun pushes his own magic out, cornering the expanding magic in all directions and helping to push it back inside the rabbit.

A light starts to shine all over Puppy's body again and Gun pushes his magic some more, keeping it under control.

"Focus on your true form, who you really are, I'll help you," Gun says, and the light starts to shine brighter.

Gun closes his eyes because the light is too strong and takes a step back.

The air gets lighter, the magic dissipates, and Gun opens his eyes, finding himself face-to-face with a person, as he'd always suspected the Puppy was.

The problem is who that person is.


Chapter Text

Gun is in shock, because the person in front of him is none other than Off, the man everyone believed has stolen the magic.

'Now it makes sense'

All that power emanating from Off is because of the broken sphere then?

Before he can ask any questions, however, Off passes out and Gun is startled, noticing that he is naked.

Blushing heavily - even in a dangerous situation like that - Gun quickly grabs the blanket he had brought in his bag and wraps it around Off's body. Soon, he leaves the cave and gathers a few sticks he finds around, setting up a campfire as best he can and uses his magic to light the fire.

This, however, isn't enough for Off to stop shivering on the floor, so Gun swallows all of his embarrassment and lies down beside him, wrapping the blanket around the two of them and hugging him tightly until they are both toasty.

Chapter Text

Gun didn't know how many minutes or hours had passed, as his mind was focused on keeping the fire burning and watching P'Off's face. He's handsome, very handsome, and Gun knew the flush in his own cheeks wouldn't go away anytime soon, especially while Off is naked.

Off's eyelashes flutter and Gun's heart pounds, knowing he's going to wake up at any moment. It only takes a few seconds for Off to open his eyes and look directly at Gun.

"Shorty," Off says, blinking a few times.

"P'Off, are you okay?" Gun asks shyly, but Off's eyes widen and he jumps away.

"You…" he stutters and then looks down at himself. "Am I human again?"

Gun nods, blushing and trying to not look at his naked body while handing him the blanket again.

"Sorry," Off mutters, picking it up and curling up again.

"It's okay, let me check my backpack, I think I have a couple of extra clothes," Gun says, not looking him in the eye, too embarrassed by the whole situation.

Off watches him all the time.

"Here, I have a sweater and a pair of pants. I always wear oversized clothes, so I think it will do." Gun hands him the clothes and turns around.

Off gets dressed quickly and then the two of them sit close to the fire.

"Are you okay now?" Gun asks, rubbing his arms from the cold, despite the fact that it's not snowing outside anymore.

"Yeah." Off opens his arms in an invitation. "Come here, I can't let you freeze to death, shorty."

Gun blushes even more than he thought possible but approaches anyway, letting Off wrap the blanket around them both.

"What are you doing here?" Off asks, when the two are already snuggled together.

They are face to face, which makes Gun even more shy, because their faces are too close.

"That day when you helped me to get back home, I could feel the magic in you and I felt like I should meet you again," Gun explains.

"Well I... This power makes me confused and most of the time I don't know where I am or what I'm doing, but I recognized you that day and that's why I helped you get back home, so you don't get hurt, but now... Here you are, in a cave in the middle of the snow with me and I'm human again, I don't understand." Off says, shaking his head.

"Did you recognize me?" Gun asks, surprised and this time it's Off who blushes.

"Well, I've seen you a couple of times in town... Err... You were always with your mom shopping for stuff or reading some book and we bumped into each other once..."

Gun's eyes widened, because never in a million years did he think Off would remember him. His heart started to beat faster, but it wasn't the time to think about that, as there were more important things to discuss now.

"Papii… Puppy! I meant Puppy! Err..." Gun blushes hard and covers his face with his hands. "I meant P'Off," he mutters and Off laughs.

"You are very cute." Off pulls his hands away to look at his face again. "I heard your mother call you Gun once, that's your name, right?"

"Yes." Gun nods frantically.

"Okay Gun, I appreciate you wanting to help me and I don't understand how I got back to being human, but it's dangerous here," Off says, making a worried expression.

"P'Off, can you tell me what happened to you?" Gun asks, noting how Off's expression has become sad. "You disappeared and... The sphere is broken now, nothing has been the same since that day."

Off takes a deep breath before starts to tell Gun, "This year, Tay would be doing the changing season ritual. But he told me he didn't feel ready for such responsibility, but his grandmother, the queen, was too tired to deal with so much magic, so he had no choice."

“He had to do it even though he knew it wouldn't work,” Gun says and Off nods.

"Yes. I went to try to help him, even though I don't understand anything about magic. You know, theoretically, The magic was supposed to pass through Tay and spread to the rest of the kingdom, inducing the transformations for the spring, but when the magic tried to get through him, something happened, I'm not sure if he got nervous or what, but when he passed out on the floor I ran to hold him and I realized he was dying so I just... I let that power into me."

Gun felt a lump in his throat. 'I knew it ,' he thinks, ' I knew you hadn't stolen anything .'

"Why did you run away?" Gun asks.

"As soon as the magic entered me, I transformed into a wolf, similar to the one when we met, and the guards tried to kill me so I ran. I didn't realize where or how long I ran, as I said, the magic is very strong and overwhelming and sometimes I lose sight of reality," he explains. "So I just ran and then I turned into a fox, and that freaked me out, so right away I turned into something I don't even remember, because I passed out and when I woke up, I was a bear."

"Papii, that must have been terrible!" Gun says, noticing just seconds after he's said ' Papii ' again, but since Off doesn't say anything he just ignores the fact. “The transformations... It makes sense now. Since the nature of this magic is the change, I now understand why you change into different animals. The power in you now is enormous and it seems to pour out by transforming you.”

"Yes, I've noticed that it snows a lot when I transform, it must be something related to this... I don't know what to do, I'm lost most of the time, I just have lapses in consciousness," he says sadly. "Tay... Is he alive?"

"Yes." Gun nods frantically, feeling his heart ache for the situation. "You saved him, the magic could have really killed him if what you said really happened, and it's a miracle you're alive too... You are very strong for being able to withstand all these transformations."

"I'm relieved that everything is okay," Off says and smiles, but then notices that Gun's expression isn't one of relief. "Everything's fine, isn't it?"

"Papii… I mean, P'Off, how long do you think it's been since the day of the incident?"

Off frowns at the question.

"I'm not sure, but I think…three weeks maybe?"

Gun looks at him sadly before saying, "It's been seven months."


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Off is in shock, looking out of the cave.

"Has it been snowing for seven months?" Gun nods. "That’s... I didn't know, I didn't..."

"It's okay." Gun holds his hand. "I'll help you and we'll go back to the castle."


"Now that I've found you, I can help you control the magic, everything will be fine, I promise," Gun tries to reassure him, but Off starts to get nervous and panic as he realizes everything that happened.

"Seven months! I can't believe this has been going on for seven months!" Off yells, agitated, and Gun feels the magic begin to build up around them.

"Papii, look at me, calm down, I'll help you," Gun intertwines their fingers, trying to get Off's attention. "I will help you control it just as I helped you return to your original form."

Off looks into Gun's eyes, still nervous but trying to hold on to his words.

"Let the magic out," Gun says, smiling. "Close your eyes, trust me."


"Trust me," he repeats and Off nods before closing his eyes. "Focus on me and the magic inside you, let it flow through you. Don't try to contain it."

Gun closes his eyes, feeling some of the magic rush through him, but he takes a deep breath and lets it out, like water cascading over the floor. He can almost see the ice melting around then.

"This.." Off starts to say and Gun feels his hands shake, but he holds on tighter. "This feels weird..."

The air becomes light again and Gun opens his eyes.

"Papii, look around!" Gun says excitedly.

When Off opens his eyes, he is amazed as the ice covering the cave around them has melted and there are some green bushes just in front of them.

"The magic came out of you and spread around us!" Gun gets up and pulls him by the hand.

Off smiles and follows him out of the cave.

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Off almost trips as he steps outside the cave, but Gun's smile is so wide he can't complain.

"It worked!" Gun's eyes sparkled as he looked at the dark green trees, with no snow on them, the bushes and the evergreens that were beginning to bloom around them. "This is amazing!"

“Why are you so surprised? I thought you were certain about what you were doing."

“I was, but…”

"I'm just teasing you." Off laughs and Gun slaps his arm. "Oi! I thought you wanted to save me and not hit me.”

“I wanted to save the kingdom, not you,” Gun pouts and fakes a frown.

"Really?" Off makes a sad face and Gun smiles again, shaking his head, then Off smiles back. "Thanks, Gun."

And then, to Off's surprise, Gun jumps on his neck and hugs him tightly.

"I thought you died..." Gun mutters and Off's heart melts.


"Everyone said you had stolen the magic, but I knew it wasn't true!" Off shyly returns the hug. “I never believed any of this.”

“Thank you,” Off says, touched. “Thank you for believing in me and coming to help me.”

Gun just nods and hides his face in his chest, embarrassed but at the same time pleased to be in Off's arms after so long thinking he'll never have the chance to see him again.

They hug for a while, and even though Gun is blushing from the closeness, being in each other's arms just feels so right he didn't want to pull away.

"How are you feeling?" Gun asks, finally ending the hug and looking into Off's face.

"Empty, I think... It's like a weight has been lifted from me, but at the same time I can still feel the magic is here." Off places a hand on his own chest.

“Well, that's right. We have to go back to the castle and decide how to resolve this,” Gun says, and then they look ahead, noticing that the snow has melted just for some distance around them. “I think we still have a lot to do to complete the changing process.”


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After resting for a while and taking two more breaks to let the magic flow and melt the ice around them, they continued walking peacefully through the forest, towards the castle.

Off just smiled, noting the shorty's cute features that he'd secretly admired for months - well, for years now, since it had been so long since he'd lost himself to the magic.

Gun walked gracefully, looking happily at each dark green bush that bloomed around them and Off couldn't believe his luck, that it was Gun who found him and helped him control the magic.

Off could never thank him enough.

"Papii,” Gun calls. They walk so close now that their shoulders brush. "What is the weirdest animal you've turned into?"

Off grimaces.

“There was this time when I was falling off a snowy hill and then I remember turning into a penguin.”

"What? For real?" Gun bursts into laughter. “I bet Papii was a really cute penguin.”

Off rolls his eyes.

“It was kind of hard to walk though,” Off says, shaking his head.

“You should change now, for me to see,” Gun suggests, grinning widely.

"No way, I spent too much time in the form of random animals, I don't want to transform again anytime soon, thank you."

Gun pouts.

“But Papii was so cute,” he looks at Off with puppy eyes and Off's heart melts just like the snow around them.

"Oi!" Off exclaims.

“Papii is cute in any way,” Gun says shyly as a soft shade of red spreads across his cheeks.

Off swallows nervously, not realizing the magic begins to build up inside him.

“I'm not cute, you're the cute one here,” Off says and Gun blushes even more, but that doesn't stop him from holding Off's hand and moving closer.

“Papii…” Gun calls softly again.

They stop walking and Off gets even more nervous.

“What is it, Nong?”

Gun bites his lip before looking at Off and saying, "Since Gun saved Papii, can Gun ask for something?"

“What does Nong Gun want?”

Gun thinks for a moment, unsure, but then gathers all his confidence to say, “If Papii wants to, after we get back to the castle… I mean… If Papii wants to see Gun again, we could… If Papii...”

Off smiles, not believing how cute the shorty could be. Without thinking too much, Off leans over and leaves a kiss on his cheek.

Gun's eyes widen in surprise, but then he smiles sweetly and cups Off's cheeks with both hands.

Off's heart pounds.

Magic accumulates around them, but they don't realize it, too absorbed in their feelings.

Gun stands on tiptoe and closes his eyes before brushing his lips against Off's in a soft kiss.

“Gun likes Papii,” the short man whispers against Off's lips, who feels butterflies in his stomach. "And Gun wants to go out with Papii, if Papii wants too."

Gun opens his eyes and Off is glowing.

“Oh no, Papii!” he yells, but it's too late, the transformation is already happening.

Off takes a step back, startled, and then it happens.

Gun gasps, looking at the tiny cute thing flying around him.

“Papii!” he calls, reaching out for the beautiful colorful butterfly to land on his palm. Gun is stunned for a moment, but then he laughs non stop. "Now you can't say that the weirdest animal that you've turned into is a penguin."

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“I’m sorry Papii,” Gun says, walking slowly among the bluebells and the many other flowering bushes in the forest. "I should have noticed sooner."

Perched on his head was a colorful butterfly, waiting for the magic to arise again so he could go back to being human - it would be reckless to transform so quickly again and Gun didn't want to risk Off passing out, or worse.

Off, the butterfly, flies around Gun, trying to demonstrate that everything is fine, but obviously unable to say it with words now.

Gun giggles and looks ahead, knowing there's a lot to be done, but happy to be able to do it all alongside Off this time.

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Contrary to what Maetee thought a week ago, he wasn't spending his holidays just in the company of ghosts because now there was a very funny and very cute shorty who dragged him through the castle and into Hogsmeade at every opportunity they got.

That didn't change the fact that he had to walk past the ghosts and greet them every time he left the Gryffindor tower, however.

Maetee was still getting ready to leave the dorm when a voice said behind him, "Nong Maetee."

Maetee jumps and almost screams, but he manages to contain his panic as he realizes that's just Nearly Headless Nick.

"Sir Nicholas, hi…." Maetee greets, trying to calm down.

"Your holiday is pretty hectic this year, isn't it?"

Without realizing it, Maetee walks backwards, away from the ghost. Of course, after all this time, he'd gotten used to being around Nearly Headless Nick, but that didn't make the uncomfortable feeling of being near a ghost magically disappear - of all the things that could magically disappear, his fear wasn't one of them.

"I'm going to meet a friend…" Maetee nearly ran across the Gryffindor common room. "See you later Sir Nicholas!"

He only heard the ghost saying 'Don't run through the halls!' before running out of the Gryffindor tower.

Everyday Maetee was amazed at how quickly he managed to get out of there - being a frightened Gryffindor made him fast, at least.

As soon as he got close to the Quidditch pitch, however, the cold reminded him that he'd forgotten his scarf. In a hurry to get away from Nearly Headless Nick, Maetee had forgotten it and now he would freeze to death in that cold winter and soon a ghost would appear and...

"Maetee?" T-Rex's voice snaps him out of his thoughts.

"Shorty," Maetee greets him with a smile.

"Are you alright?"

Maetee thinks about how silly he was for running out of his dorm and just nods frantically, not wanting to look stupid in front of T-Rex - the shorty think of him as a hero, Maetee can't destroy his dreams!

"I'm fine, let's go?"

T-Rex grins and pulls him by the hand to find a place to sit. Apparently, there would be a Quidditch match between the players who didn't return home for the holidays. It would be a quick game, just for fun, and T-Rex invited Maetee to watch with him, as some of his friends would be playing.

The two sit side by side in the nearly empty seats.

T-Rex stares at Maetee for a while, smiling in a way that makes Maetee's cheeks flush - T-Rex does this often - until he frowns and asks, "Maetee, aren't you cold?"

"A little bit." Maetee shrugs.

"Where's your scarf?"

"I forgot…"

Then, T-Rex takes off his own scarf and hands it to Maetee.

"Here, use mine, I don't want you to be cold."

Maetee widens his eyes.

"No, you're going to get cold too, I can't get your scarf," he denies it righ away and T-Rex pouts, but soon the shorty's face lights up in a smile, as if he just had a brilliant idea.

"Let's wear it together then," T-Rex says and before Maetee can ask, the shorty wraps one part of the scarf around his own neck and then moves closer to wrap the other part around Maetee's.

Their faces get very close and T-Rex's breath hits Maetee's face as he says, "Better now?"

Maetee nods frantically, feeling his whole face heats up and his heart beat even faster as T-Rex hugs his arm and lays his head on Maetee's shoulder.

"This way is better for us to share the scarf," T-Rex says and all Maetee can manage to respond is a 'Mh' .

T-Rex giggles, and Maetee feels the sound reverberate through his entire body, making him feel butterflies in his stomach.

"Maetee is so cute!"