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Happy New Year!!!

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"3, 2, 1...Happy New Year!" Victor, Yuuri, Otabek and Yurio all shouted at the same time, watching on the television of Yuuri and Victor's place in Russia as the clock struck midnight. 

Victor leaned forward and kissed Yuuri with an amount of passion that still took his breath away, after all this time. He kissed him back with a matching level of enthusiasm, which caused Victor to let out a happy sigh. He couldn't have been happier to start another new year with his husband and the love of his life in it. Meanwhile, Yurio and Otabek also kissed, if not more awkwardly, somewhat tentative and shy in their nature, owing to the public nature of the kiss. Besides, this was the only the third time that they'd shared a kiss together on New Year's Day; they'd been together since the summer of 2019, by which point Yurio was 18, and Otabek was 20, going on 21.  

As they broke away, Yurio stuck his tongue out petulantly towards the couple that were still kissing, despite not especially minding if the happy couple kissed. He was almost 21, after all; he knew not to be so immature, now. Yet, he couldn't help but indulge himself in his previous childish behavior nonetheless. Otabek smiled, a rare thing for him to do, and something he only usually did because of his boyfriend, or, occasionally, his family and Victor and Yuuri, who practically were his second family, at this point. It was sweet, Yurio thought. Truly, it was. 

He rolled his eyes when they eventually broke away. 

"Get a room already, you two!" he exclaimed, scowling. 

Shy as ever, Yuuri blushed and adjusted his glasses, while his lover merely chuckled. 

"Ah, Yurio, happy New Year to you, too! Never change."

His bubbly nature truly was admirable, Yuuri thought with admiration as he watched his cerulean eyes sparkled with glee. Lovingly, he pressed a chaste kiss to Victor's snow-white cheek, causing Victor to beam at him and pull him into a warm hug. Yes, they were over the top sometimes-but who cared? As long as they were happy with each other, at the end of the day, then that was all that mattered. 

"Besides that, who's to say we haven't done that already, many times before, in the past five or six years?" Yuuri pointed out with a sudden burst of confidence and a  smirk as he detached himself from Victor's tender embrace. 

One of Otabek's eyebrows quirked up in amusement. 

"No need to tell us that, Yuuri. We'd pretty much guessed that ourselves already, before we were even together."

Victor laughed again and grabbed Yuuri's hand, while Yurio placed an arm around Otabek's shoulder. 

"That's fair enough," Victor responded with a casual shrug. His lips quirked upwards into a smile. "Anyway, let's hope 2022 is better than 2020 or 2021 were." 

"Agreed," Yurio and Otabek both said in sync, before turning to each other with a smile. It was cute, Victor thought, to be so close to someone in that way. The same way he was with his precious Yuuri. 

"Definitely," Yuuri murmured, while burying his head into Victor's shoulder sleepily. 

Victor looked down on him with nothing but pure love and adoration in his heart, and took to stroking his hair in an instant. Even Makkachin, old though she was, appeared to agree with the statement, raising her head from her dog bed to bark. It was a miracle she was still here, Victor thought, but didn't say out loud. Little miracles occurred every day, he believed, if only one opened their eyes up enough to see them. 

He could only hope that this sentiment would continue on in to the New Year.