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A Year of Drabbles

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Day 1

Prompt: New

Characters: Harry and James Sirius

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Harry looked down at the tiny bundle he held in his arms. He could scarcely believe that not only was the baby here, but he was Harry's. His son. The thought of it took his breath away.

James blinked and opened his eyes, seemingly staring up at his father. Harry knew James wasn't really seeing him of course, only hours old, but Harry smiled just the same.

"Hey there, little man," Harry said quietly, so as not to wake Ginny. "I'm your dad. You don't know what that means right now, I know, but you'll figure it out soon enough." James continued to look at him solemnly as if concentrating on Harry's every word. Harry grinned at the newborn.

"I never knew what it was like to have a real family until I met your Uncle Ron. And I still screw it up sometimes. Your mum's far better at it than I am. But I'm willing to give it a go if you are. What do you say?"

James blinked once and then yawned widely. Harry chuckled.

"I'll take that as a yes." He dipped his head and kissed his son's forehead, as James' eyes shut and he slept once more. Harry looked from the sleeping form of his son to that of his wife and smiled in contentment. His family.

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Day 2

Prompt: Glory

Character: Draco

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Draco lay in his four-poster, staring at the canopy. His mother would insist he dress for dinner soon, the routine and rules of their life still followed regardless of his father's incarceration. But right now, Draco had no desire to move. His arm still twitched and ached slightly from the branding a few nights before and he brought it up to rest on his stomach.

He stared at the Mark as he had numerous times since he'd received it. It represented everything he had always been taught, believed in, strived for throughout his sixteen years. It was nothing short of an honor that he had been chosen, especially given his age. And the task that the Dark Lord had set him, that task would return the Malfoy family to their earlier standing in the Dark Lord's circle, his father's failures quickly forgotten.

It was a privilege really; a testament of the Dark Lord's faith in him that Draco had been given such an important assignment. Draco was quite sure his father would have been puffed up with pride at the honor bestowed upon his son had he been there. He chose not to think about his mother's stricken face after the Dark Lord had left them or her tears that he pretended not to see when she had tended to the Mark later.

Draco sat up on his bed, his face set in determination. A small smirk curled up the corner of his lip as he imagined Potter's face when his precious Dumbledore was no more. And then the Dark Lord would grant Draco the glory that he had always been seeking. He would be rewarded handsomely and his family would reign supreme once more. Just as it should be.

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Day 3

Prompt: Snow

Characters: Fred, George, Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: G

George and Fred watched her walking dejectedly towards Hagrid's hut. Harry and Ron were still being prats because of the confiscated broom and the issue between Crookshanks and Scabbers. A bossy Granger they could handle, an irritated Granger, yes, an angry one even. But this sad and gloomy Hermione they did not know what to do with. George looked at Fred and Fred's eyes narrowed.

"I think it has to be done, oh brother of mine."

"She's not going to like it."

"Of course not, but that's the beauty of it. At least she won't be moping about for a bit." Fred grinned and George chuckled. They both bent down and gathered up a handful of snow, forming it into perfectly round snowballs. They glanced at each other and counted down from three, both firing at the same time.

Fred's snowball hit her in the middle of her back, but George's connected with the back of her head. Hermione shrieked and spun around. The twins ducked behind the large tree they had initially been hiding behind. They smiled at each other as they heard her stomping towards them angrily.

"Fred and George Weasley!"

Fred peeked out from behind the tree. Hermione stood with her hands on her hips, mouth in a thin line, clearly fuming. Fred bit his lip as George began to shake with silent laughter behind the tree.

"Can I help you with something, Granger?" he asked innocently. She opened her mouth to speak, then clamped it shut again.

Suddenly, Hermione's expression changed and her face crumpled. She brought her hands to her face and her shoulders began to shake. Fred poked George who looked out from the other side of the tree trunk. They glanced at each other in horror. This had definitely not gone as planned.

"Granger," Fred said as he took a step towards her.

"Hermione," George added as he too moved out from behind the tree until he stood next to his brother. "Hermione, please don't cry." Her shoulders shook harder. George looked at Fred and Fred shrugged helplessly. They held a silent argument punctuated by frantic gestures and neither one of them saw Hermione slip one of her hands into the pocket of her cloak. It was only when they heard her mutter something that they turned back towards her.

She had her wand in her hand, a smirk on her face, and before either of them could say anything, a pile of snow from an overhead branch fell on top of both of them.

"Oi!" Fred shouted as the snow ran down the neck of his cloak. George grunted as a clump of snow slid down his cheek. Hermione broke into peals of laughter as the two boys shook their heads to try and dislodge the snow. The twins looked at each other in shock, realizing they had been taken in by the third year.

"George, I do believe we've been had," Fred said with a grin.

"You may be right, Fred."

Hermione smirked again and picked up her fallen school bag. She gave the boys a little wave and continued on toward Hagrid's hut.

"Well done, Forge."

"Went better than expected, Gred."

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Day 4

Prompt: Heart

Characters: Molly, Ron

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Ron is 3 or 4 here.

Molly hurried into the living room, her youngest son curled into a ball on the couch, obviously crying. He was clutching something in his hand.

"Ronnie, what's the matter?" She sat down on the coffee table and looked at the tear-stained cheeks of her youngest son.

"Nuffin'," Ron sniffled.

"Are you hurt?" He shook his head.

"Sick?" She reached a hand out and laid it on his forehead. Another head shake.

"Then why are you crying, sweetheart?" Ron shoved the item in his hand towards his mother. Molly took the piece of blue paper that was cut into a crude circle. There were scribbles and quite a few smaller circles drawn on it. There was also a tear on one edge.

"What's this?"

"Charlie telled me the card you got from Bill today was a Valentime, so I wanted t'make you one. Then Percy said Valentimes is s'posed to be a heart. But I can't cut a heart. Fred said that Valentimes is s'posed to be red, but I maked it blue 'ready. And then George telled me it has t'say sumthin' but I can't write." Ron's voice had gotten progressively more shrill. "And then Ginny ripped it!" At this pronouncement, he began to cry again. Molly smiled down at him before moving to the couch and pulling him into her lap.

"Well, I think it's a beautiful Valentine."

"S'not," Ron protested.

"It is," Molly insisted. "I love the color blue. Do you know why?" Ron shook his head. "Because it's the same color as your eyes." Ron looked at her in surprise.

"And see these circles here?" Molly pointed to the shakily drawn circles. Ron nodded.

"Well they look like the letter 'O' and your father told me that sometimes Muggles sign their letters with X's and O's. The O's mean hugs. So you gave me all kind of hugs, didn't you?" Ron looked up at her thoughtfully.

"What does the X's mean?"

"Those stand for kisses." Ron kissed her cheek.

"Now I gived you kisses too. Happy Valentime's, Mummy." Ron grinned, tears forgotten.

"Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart."

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Day 5

Prompt: Starlight

Characters: Remus, Tonks

Pairing: Remus/Tonks

Rating: G

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight," Remus said quietly as he stood near the large window in the sitting room looking out into the night. A noise behind him caught his attention and he turned to see his wife walking towards him. She smiled when she reached his side and his arm automatically came around her as she leaned into him.

"I thought you were resting," he said. She huffed.

"If you son wasn't playing kick the Quaffle with my bladder, I might have been."

"Still sure it's a boy then?"

"Remus, when will you learn that I am always right?" Tonks replied cheekily. Remus chuckled and tightened his hold on her waist.

"What was that you were saying when I came in?" she asked.

"It's part of a Muggle nursery rhyme my mother used to tell to me when I was small."

"What's the rest of it?"

"Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight

"Are you supposed to make a wish then?" she asked. Remus nodded.

"Sometimes, my mum would take me outside and we'd wait for the first star to appear. Then we would both make a wish." Tonks looked out the window at the starless sky, save for one shining faintly in the distance.

"So what did you wish for just now?" she asked. Remus smirked.

"If I tell you, it won't come true." She pouted for a moment before standing up on her tiptoes and kissing him softly. He rested one hand on her belly, the other cupped her cheek. "Besides, I've already been rather blessed in the wish department."

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Day 6

Prompt: Uncertainty

Characters: Narcissa, Lucius, Draco

Pairing: Lucius/Narcissa

Rating: G

The waiting was the worst part, the knot of uncertainty twisting in her belly. The Wizengamot were talking amongst themselves, some more loudly than others if the gestures Narcissa could see were any indication. Cloaked by a privacy spell, no one in the chamber could hear just what they were saying, however. This had not happened at her trial and the discussion at Draco's had lasted only minutes before he had been cleared as well. She suspected that the testimony of Harry Potter had more to do with that than anything else.

Narcissa knew that the assurances of the Minister and Auror Robards did not guarantee that Lucius would be released. While they expected he would be, given the information he had provided about the other followers of the Dark Lord and the fact that he had not fought in the Final Battle, Narcissa knew better than to count on promises from politicians.

She glanced at her husband, who sat bound in the accused's chair, staring straight ahead; the slight clench of his jaw the only indication that he was at all affected. Still, he would not survive another stint in Azkaban, even with the removal of the Dementors.

There was movement from the front of the chamber and the gallery could once again hear the hushed voices of the Wizengamot. Regardless of the emotion swirling within her at what the final outcome would be, Narcissa straightened her spine and presented herself as was expected of a Black and a Malfoy. A slight pressure on Draco's arm conveyed to her son to do the same.

The two sat in silence, eyes on the Chief Warlock as the verdict was read. The only emotion Narcissa allowed was a silent drawing in of breath and a slightly longer than usual blink when the chains around Lucius' arms were released and he stood on shaky legs to face them.

"Come, Draco," Narcissa ordered quietly as they rose. Lucius managed to take a few steps towards them before Narcissa reached him and tucked her hand into his arm. Lucius placed his hand over hers and squeezed her fingers, giving no other outward indication that he was anything but indifferent about the outcome. Narcissa could feel him leaning on her heavily, however, as they made their way across the dais. They both nodded in acknowledgement at the members of the Wizengamot as Narcissa discreetly led her husband from the chamber, their son following behind.

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Day 7

Prompt: Breakfast

Characters: Dudley, Cho

Pairing: Dudley/Cho

Rating: G

Dudley awoke to the smell of something burning. Blinking sleepily, he scrubbed a hand down his face and then sat up quickly when he realized what he was smelling. He threw the covers off and jumped up, running down the hall of his flat and into the kitchen.

He skidded to a halt when he saw a familiar figure sitting at the kitchen table, her face in her hands, shoulders shaking. Looking around to make sure nothing was actually on fire, Dudley saw a few wisps of smoke coming from what looked to be his toaster. It was difficult to tell with the mangled mess it now appeared to be, bits and pieces scattered everywhere. There also seemed to be some kind of congealed mass in the frying pan that now occupied his sink, smoking and blackened.

"Cho?" he said in confusion. His girlfriend glanced up in surprise, her mouth hanging open for a moment before she put her face back in her hands. He could hear her crying now. Dudley hurried to her side.

"Did you burn yourself?" He tried to pull her hands from her face but she shook her head and pulled away from him. "Love, what happened?" He put a hand on her back and she sniffled, finally dropping her hands. He wiped a line of tears from her cheek with his thumb.

"I-I wanted to s-surprise you on your bi-birthday," she stuttered through her tears. "I was g-going to make you br-breakfast. But I c-couldn't get the t-toaster to w-work and then the eggs, and, and I tr-tried to fix it with m-magic, but it, it, exploded!" She began to sob in earnest and Dudley pulled her into his arms, all the while trying to stifle a laugh.

"Have you ever even made breakfast before?" he asked when she had finally quieted. She huffed and pulled away from him with a glare.

"Of course I have."

"Without magic?"

"," she confessed. He smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Let's just go out, yeah?" She glanced around the ruins of the kitchen and smiled sheepishly.

"That's probably a good idea." He chuckled and kissed her.

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Day 8

Prompt: Achievement

Characters: Fred, George

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Fred and George looked down at the row of four seemingly innocent looking sweets that sat atop the desk.

"Which one first do you reckon?" George asked Fred. Fred seemed to study them for a moment before turning to his twin.

"Well, I don't fancy bleeding to death and you know Mum can sense sick a mile away, silencing charm or no." George nodded, moving the Nosebleed Nougat and the Puking Pastille to the side.

"Faint or fever then?" he asked. Fred chewed his lip in thought for a moment.

"Faint," he finally said. "If the cure doesn't work, you can always cast an 'Ennervate' right?"

"Right." That was the theory anyway. Fred grinned and clapped his brother on the arm.

"If it doesn't work, I'll just have a nice long dream about that bird with the blonde hair we saw in the village the other day." He waggled his eyebrows. George chuckled.

Fred picked up the sweet and broke off the fainting end. He sat down on his bed, toasted George and then popped it in his mouth. Seconds later he slumped back against the wall. George picked up the cure side and gently lay his brother down before putting it into his mouth. He watched anxiously for a few moments before he saw Fred's eyes flutter and then open. George sighed in relief. Fred looked around the room and then up at his twin.

"Since I'm still looking at your shining face, I'm guessing it worked then?"

George grinned. "Of course it worked."

Fred smiled back mischievously.


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Day 9

Prompt: Obsession

Characters: Ron, Harry, Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Ron watched through narrowed eyes as Hermione put her hand on Harry's arm. Harry said something to her and she laughed. They were talking too quietly for Ron to hear what they were saying. They thought he was asleep again, no doubt. The dream he had been having for the last few nights surfaced in his mind, the dream of the two of them together and Ron's expression darkened further. The Horcrux around his neck thrummed.

Ron sat on the bottom bunk, his eyes nearly burning holes in Harry's back. Hermione was on watch and Harry sat paging through yet another of her endless number of books. It was one that Ron was quite sure they had read three or four times already. Ron made a scoffing noise deep in his throat. Harry turned, his face moving to confusion as he took in Ron's dark look.

"All right, mate?" Ron grunted and turned his back, flopping down in the bunk. The Horcrux pulsed.

He was supposed to be on watch, but instead he sat just inside the tent flap. He stared between a sleeping Harry and sleeping Hermione, his thoughts whirring with accusation and suspicion. They had gone to look for food together today and been gone for much longer than they should have been for what they brought back; a handful of berries and a few mushrooms. He ignored the fact that Hermione had asked him to go with her first, before she asked Harry. It was just a ploy to throw him off, Ron was sure. She was probably dreaming about Harry right now. The Horcrux throbbed.

They were so happy with themselves, finishing each other's sentences and hurriedly looking through notes as Harry told Hermione how brilliant she was. Neither of them even acknowledged Ron. And now there was one more thing to find, not to mention the danger his sister had been in. The fact that Harry didn't seem to care about that was just one more thing to prove what Ron already suspected, knew really.

He knew what Hermione would say when he asked her to leave with him, but he asked anyway. No use in fooling himself. Ron didn't even notice that the Horcrux was beating in time with his heart as he tore it off and threw it at his so-called best friend in disgust. The two of them could have each other, Ron thought, as he stomped out of the tent.

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Day 10

Prompt: Flutter

Characters: Neville, Hannah

Pairing: Neville/Hannah

Rating: G

Neville awoke to the soft light of dawn as it filtered in through a small opening in the curtains. He sighed. Clearly, he was still on his Hogwarts schedule despite it being the second week of the summer holidays. He never seemed able to sleep in these days.

Still, it wasn't all bad, he decided as he looked down at the woman whose head currently lay on his chest. It gave him the chance to study her unhindered. Whenever she caught him at it, Hannah would roll her eyes and shake her head, telling him he was mental. She didn't take compliments well and brushed him off whenever he told her she was beautiful.

He gently moved her so her head was on his pillow and he lay on his side next to her, propped up on one elbow. Her eyelashes were a shade darker than her hair, long and curled up slightly at the ends. When her eyes were closed, they lay in two golden fans in the hollow beneath her eyes. He gently ran a finger along the ends of them and she twitched, but didn't stir. This was what he missed the most when he was away at Hogwarts teaching; waking up beside her every morning. Even after five years of marriage, she still made his heart speed up when he looked at her.

She shifted in her sleep again and he heard her breathing change a bit. He knew she was waking and so he simply stared, as this was his favorite part. Her eyes moved behind her lids and then her lashes fluttered against her cheeks for a few seconds before her eyes opened completely. She looked up at him.

"Good morning," he said with a smile. She blinked slowly once and then a small smile graced her lips.

"Staring again were you?" Neville shrugged unapologetically. "Are you ever going to stop doing that?"

"Never," he said. She rolled her eyes and he chuckled before he leaned down and gave her a proper good morning.

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Day 11

Prompt: Breeze

Characters: Hermione, Severus, OC

Pairing: Hermione/Severus

Rating: G

He watches from the back door of the cottage as the breeze rustles the grasses and wildflowers that grow rampant behind their home. The little girl twirls in circles and her mother laughs as she plops to the ground in a dizzy heap after a few moments of spinning. His lips quirk into a half smile as he watches his daughter snuggle up to Hermione as her mother continues making the daisy chain she had been working on.

He can always find them here in the meadow on warm days when he has been out. The breeze blows again and plays through the curls on both their heads. He knows that wide-open spaces that are difficult to defend still make Hermione nervous, but Olivia loves the meadow and Hermione can deny their daughter nothing. Neither can he, if truth be told; a fact that still mystifies him given his many years of loathing children.

Hermione senses his presence and looks up. He does not miss the way her arm moves and knows she has drawn her wand. He wonders if either of them will ever react to every noise any other way and realizes that they probably will not. Not after everyone they have lost and all that has happened.

His wife smiles and leans towards their daughter before pointing in his direction. Olivia jumps up and runs at him full-tilt. He braces himself for the collision and swings her up easily into his arms.

"Papa, you're home!" Always Papa, never Father which he cannot stomach given his own upbringing or Daddy which is just too…something.

"I am."

"Did you get all your 'gredients?"

"I did."

"Mummy made me a crown. Look!" She points to the daisy chain atop her head.

"It is very pretty."

"Cause I'm a princess!" He smirks.

"You are, are you?" She nods vigorously and then throws her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly. His breath catches as he brings his arm up around her. The fading edges of the Dark Mark become visible as his sleeve moves and he closes his eyes briefly before thanking whomever is listening yet again for giving him all that he has.

Hermione reaches them then and he bends forward to kiss her. The breeze picks up once more and swirls her curls around his face. She smiles.

"Welcome home, Severus."

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Day 12

Prompt: Unpopular

Character: Dobby

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Dobby looked up at the commotion that was going on in the back of the kitchen. There was a group of elves standing around Mipsy, who was gesticulating wildly.

"Clothes, there is clothes in Gryffindor Tower. Every night there is more and more clothes." Dobby wasn't sure why this causing Mipsy to be so upset, as the students were always leaving things lying around in the Common Room. Another of the elves must have wondered the same thing for Mipsy continued a moment later. "House-elf size clothes, hidden to trick Mipsy!"

"Clothes for house-elves?" Dobby asked as he walked toward the group. Mipsy nodded once.

"Mipsy does not want to be free. Mipsy will not clean Gryffindor Tower." Some of the other elves nodded in agreement, but a few gasped at Mipsy's impertinence. They were Hogwarts elves after all and cleaning the Common Rooms was part of their job. But still, leaving clothes lying around for them was an insult.

"Dobby will clean Gryffindor Tower." He smiled as the rest of the elves looked at him, some gratefully, others with disdain. Dobby knew most of them thought him strange and looked down on him for taking wages, but it did not bother him. He was a free elf. "Dobby does not mind clothes."

Dobby smiled as he snapped his fingers and reappeared in the Gryffindor Common Room. It was empty, but maybe one of these nights he would see his friend Harry Potter.

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Day 13

Prompt: Ruined

Characters: Remus, Lily

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"I've ruined it haven't I?" he asked. Lily looked at the blackened, congealed mass in the bottom of the cauldron.

"I would say so, yes," she agreed. He groaned. She looked up at him and he could tell she was trying not to laugh. He tried to glare at her, but failed miserably and soon both of them were laughing.

"Honestly, Remus, you're brilliant at everything else," she said once she had sufficiently recovered. "Why don't you just accept that Potions is not going to be one of those things?" He instantly sobered, but it took Lily a few more seconds of soft chuckling to realize it.

"Remus?" He had turned his back to her and crossed his arms over his chest. "What did I say?"

"Nothing," he said. "It's nothing."

"Rubbish." She came around to stand in front of him, putting her hands on her hips. "Tell me." Remus looked at her for a minute before shaking his head.

"I just want to take as many N.E.W.T. courses as I can to keep all my options open."

"Well, I hardly think you'll have any problems finding a job even if you're pants at Potions," she teased. He smiled and hoped it looked genuine, before turning back to the table on the pretense of cleaning up.

"That's what you think," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," he replied and gave her another smile. He would just have to try harder.

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Day 14

Prompt: Heaven

Characters: Hermione, Ginny

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Merlin, Hermione, why haven't we ever done this before?" Ginny groaned. Hermione chuckled.

"Well, we were preoccupied with other things. I never thought about it, I suppose."

"You've been holding out on me."

Hermione laughed again. She tried to turn her head to look at her friend, which was a bit of a feat given that they were both lying on massage tables. Hermione's masseuse stopped his ministrations and waited while Hermione shook her head in amusement at the sounds coming from Ginny. She then put her face back into the head rest and sighed in contentment.

They really should do things like this more often. More than a year after the war had ended, Hermione finally felt like their lives were getting back to some kind of normalcy. Taking Ginny to a Muggle spa to celebrate finishing their years at Hogwarts had seemed like a good start to that normal. Next time, she would invite Luna to come with them; maybe Angelina and Fleur too. Although Hermione wasn't sure if the Muggle spa would survive the five witches. She laughed again thinking of what Luna would say about everything.

"Your hands should be illegal," Hermione heard Ginny say to her masseuse, another muffled groan coming from the redhead. Hermione smiled once more before settling in to enjoy the rest of her own massage. When they were finished, Ginny lay boneless on the table, dreamy smile on her face, as Hermione sat up and put on her robe.

"That was heaven," Ginny said with a sigh. Hermione smiled wickedly and made a mental note to inform Harry just how his girlfriend responded to massages.

Chapter Text

Day 15

Prompt: Competition

Characters: Severus, Minerva

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"I don't know why I bother bringing this along every year," Severus drawled as he sat down in the stands next to Minerva. "Seeing as it has been warming my pocket for so long." He held the small bag of galleons in front of the two of them, swinging it back and forth slightly.

"Now, Severus, gloating doesn't become you," Minerva answered with a small smile. "And I fully intend to regain my winnings today." Severus snorted.

"You have two brand new players and another that was merely a reserve last year. Slytherin, on the other hand, is not only fielding an experienced team, but has won the Quidditch Cup for the last three years. Not to mention that we have beaten Gryffindor for the last five."

"Something we intend to remedy in short order, I assure you."

"As much as you wish it, Minerva, I do not think that Potter will be your saving grace," Severus sneered, spitting out Harry's name as if it were poison in his mouth.

"We shall see."

"I do believe you owe me ten galleons, Professor Snape," Minerva said with an amused smile once the match was finished. Severus glared at her before dropping the bag into her hand. She put it in the pocket of her robes and patted it. "It seems that this will be warming my pocket for some time now instead." Severus merely smirked.

"We shall see."

Chapter Text

A/N - January 16

Prompt: Song

Characters: Sirius, Harry

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Shh, Harry, it's all right," Sirius said while trying to soothe the wailing nine month-old. Sirius had fed him, burped him and changed him; he had tried every toy and book in Harry's room and still Harry cried. Sirius had walked, rocked, bounced, even turned into Padfoot, but nothing seemed to soothe the baby for more than a few minutes. Sirius finally sank down into the rocking chair and sat Harry on his knees.

"Your mum and dad are never going to let me mind you again if they see you this upset," Sirius said running a hand over Harry's already perpetually messy hair. "What's the matter, mate?" Harry's response was to sniffle and lean forward into Sirius' chest. Sirius picked him up and Harry buried his face in Sirius' neck.

As he was quiet for the moment, Sirius began to rock and hum under his breath. Harry whimpered a bit, but did not break out into wails again. Sirius remembered a few weeks ago when Harry had been unusually fussy that Lily had sung to him to calm him down. Sirius could not sing that much was certain, but he kept up with the humming. After only a minute or two, Harry began to fuss again.

"I can't sing," Sirius protested, but Harry began to cry harder. "Okay, okay." Sirius wracked his brain for a child's song, any song, but the only thing that kept popping into his mind was a song from a Muggle album Remus had played for him more than a year ago. There was no way he could sing that to a baby. But no matter how hard he tried, Sirius could not come up with anything else, not even a snippet of something and Harry's cries were getting louder. There was nothing for it.

"Good thing you can't talk yet," Sirius muttered. He rubbed Harry's back and began to hum the tune first. Harry, as if sensing something momentous was about to happen, lessened his crying. Sirius began to sing, quietly at first. Harry stopped crying all together and sniffled. Sirius sang a bit louder and Harry sat up to look at him. Sirius smiled.

"You like that, huh?" Harry grinned and patted Sirius' cheeks with his chubby hands. Sirius stood from the chair and began to dance around the room, Harry in his arms, singing all the louder.

"If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, come on honey tell me so." Harry giggled as Sirius twirled in a circle. "If you really need me, just reach out and touch me, come on sugar let me know."

"Sirius Black!" a voice screeched. Sirius spun around and saw a furious Lily and a red-faced James, who was trying valiantly to control his laughter, standing in the doorway of Harry's room.

"Er, hi Lils," Sirius said sheepishly. She was never going to let him babysit again.

Chapter Text

Day 17

Prompt: Thief

Characters: Charlie, Tonks

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Please, Charlie?" Tonks begged, dragging out the please as long as she could.

He rolled his eyes. "Why are you asking me for anyway? Foster should be able to help you."

Tonks made a face at the mention of her boyfriend. "He's a tosser."

Charlie raised his eyebrows in question. She shook her head. "I don't want to talk about it." Charlie stared at her until she huffed in annoyance. "Fine, he was more interested in me morphing into someone else than in me, all right?"

"Told you he was a wanker from the start." Tonks stuck her tongue out at him.

"Are you going to help me or not?"

Charlie sighed loudly, as if pained. Tonks punched him in the arm and he laughed. Madame Pince shushed them and gave them her death glare. Tonks smiled apologetically at the librarian and lowered her voice.

"Come on, Charlie, you know I want to be an Auror and Professor Snape doesn't like me."

"I think that has more to do with the fact that you can't seem to make it through one class without breaking something." Tonks scowled at him. He chuckled. "Fine, here." He passed her his notes from the previous day's class that Tonks had missed because she was in the hospital wing after setting her robes on fire. Again.

"Can I see your essay too?" she asked. "It will help me understand these better."

"You're a right thief, you know that don't you?"

"It's not stealing if you give it to me willingly," she said sweetly. He snorted and shook his head, but passed his essay to her anyway.

"Thanks, Charlie." She grinned. He shook his head again and went back to his Charms homework, wondering once again how she was always able to get him to do exactly what she wanted.

Chapter Text

Day 18

Prompt: Home

Characters: Katie, Oliver

Pairing: Katie/Oliver

Rating: G

Katie let herself into the flat and flopped down on the couch in exhaustion. Practice had been grueling, as usual. Their captain was determined to win the league this year. If he didn't kill them all in the process first, that is.

She glanced around the flat at the boxes that still lined the walls waiting to be unpacked. It had looked this way for almost six months now, since she and Oliver had moved in. His schedule was just as busy as hers was and they weren't here at the same time very often, being on different teams. And when they were, they were more interested in spending time together than unpacking.

Katie was contemplating just sleeping right there on the couch when she heard the front door open.

"You're here," she said in surprise when Oliver walked into the room. "I thought you had practice."

"Called it early," he explained as he dropped his bag on the floor near the door. "Shaw's wife went into labor." She smiled and stood as he walked towards her. He kissed her rather thoroughly and then pulled away with a smile.

"It's good to be home." She looked around the room incredulously at the complete lack of décor or personal touches and just the barest of essentials unpacked.

"Home?" she repeated. "This is more like a way station where we occasionally sleep than a home." He shrugged.

"Wherever you are, that's home." She gaped at him for a moment before she yanked him down for another kiss.

Chapter Text

Day 19

Prompt: Victory

Characters: Bill, Fleur, Hermione, Ron, Arthur, Molly

Pairing: Bill/Fleur

Rating: G

"What shall we call 'er?" Fleur asked as she looked down at the tiny bundle she held in her arms. Bill sat next to her on the bed, his arm around her, Fleur resting against his chest. Bill nuzzled the top of his wife's head with his nose.

"Today, it's," he trailed off with a sigh. Fleur turned her head up toward him and put a hand on his cheek.

"I know," she said. The two sat in silence for a few minutes and Bill was sure that his wife was remembering just as he was. She cleared her throat a moment later.

"Even zo we," she paused and took a breath, "even zo we lost, we also won, no?"

"Yes," Bill agreed, kissing her temple.

"Zen I zink we know what she will be called, oui?" Bill nodded.

A few minutes later, he walked into the waiting room at St. Mungo's carrying his newborn daughter in his arms. The room was crowded with Weasleys, as well as Harry and Hermione. Bill looked out at the faces of his family and smiled, knowing they had all come as soon as the anniversary memorial was over.

"I'd like you all to meet my daughter, Victoire."

"Victoire?" Ron questioned in confusion. Hermione, unsurprisingly, was the first to understand.

"Victory," she said quietly, her voice quavering a bit. "Her name means Victory." Bill nodded once in Hermione's direction and Ron put an arm around Hermione's shoulders, pulling her close to him.

"Oh, Bill," Molly said, her eyes filling with tears as she carefully hugged her son. He passed Victoire to his mother. Arthur clapped his son on the back, his own eyes bright.

"Congratulations, son," he said. "Well done."

Chapter Text

Day 20

Prompt: Library

Characters: Viktor, Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: K

He was watching her again. He had promised himself that this time he would speak to her, ask her, something. Instead, he was hiding behind a large book, glancing over the top of it every few moments towards the table where she sat.

She seemed completely oblivious to his presence, except those times that his 'fan club' giggled so loudly that they disrupted her studies. She would look up with a scowl and he was never quite sure if she was aiming it at the girls or him. Probably both.

The few times that Harry Potter had joined her had made him scowl. The easy laughter and smiles they shared twisted something in Viktor's gut that he couldn't quite name. The fact that Potter always seemed to be touching her – a hand on her arm, a bump of the shoulder, the tug of a curl – didn't help. Nor did her wide grin whenever she caught sight of the younger boy.

It was after one of these visits that Viktor finally made up his mind. He rose from his table as soon as Potter left; she still had the smile on her face when she looked up at him. Until she realized who he was and then the smile left her face entirely, replaced with a look of confusion. He stared at her in silence for a moment, the voice in his head screaming at him to say something.

"May I sit?" he finally asked.

"A-all right," she replied.

"I vos vondering," he began, then trailed off at the sight of her teeth biting her lower lip. He shook his head after a moment when he realized he had been staring again.

"Vould you attend the Ball vith me?" Her mouth dropped open and she didn't speak for several moments.

"I, I, the Ball?" she squeaked. He nodded.

"You want, you want to go with, with me?" He nodded again. Neither of them was very eloquent, it seemed. "You don't even know me."

"I vould like to. Very much." Her cheeks colored and she smiled shyly.

"All right."

"You vill go?"

"Yes." He grinned. She smiled back. The library had just become a much more enjoyable place.

Chapter Text

Day 21

Prompt: Tower

Character: Severus

Pairing: None

Rating: G

He opens the door at the top of the stairs and steps out onto the Tower. It does not surprise him that he has been drawn here again. It is invariably where he ends up those nights he wakes from dreams that can only be vanquished by walking mindlessly through the corridors until he is so numb, so exhausted, that he merely passes out the moment he falls back into his bed. Peaceful sleep is no longer something he is familiar with.

He walks to the low wall that edges the Tower and rests his hands on the stone. He looks out over the Forbidden Forest, the wind whipping his hair about his face, his robes around his legs. His eyes try to avoid the tomb that seems to be some kind of beacon of light even in the dead of night, the clouds obscuring the moon, but it is impossible. His gaze falls upon it every time no matter how hard he tries to fight against it.

His eyes close and his shoulders slump slightly as he braces his hands against the wall, drawing in a long breath through his nose. How easy it would be to just tip himself over the edge, to take the same path to the ground and just be done with it all. He snorts, thinking there are more than enough suspects right here in the castle should anyone assume foul play. He shakes his head. His end will come, of that he is sure, but he knows that fate will not grant him the privilege of choosing its moment.

He is not sure how long he has been standing there, staring out unseeing over the grounds, his thoughts none that will let him sleep any easier, when he hears a noise from the tower stairs behind him. He straightens automatically and draws his wand and it is only then that he notices the blood on his hands, the roughness of the stone having broken the skin of his palms after gripping it so tightly.

"Headmaster," Filch says in surprise as the door opens and he spies Severus standing there. "I thought…a student…I'm sorry."

Severus waves him off and turns on his heel, making his way to the stairs. He says nothing to the caretaker as he strides past. His robes billow behind him as they always do when he stalks the hallways, his face an expressionless mask, as anyone he might come across would expect. The control he wields over emotion fully back in place, the sting from his palms the only evidence that remains to the contrary.

Chapter Text

Day 22

Prompt: Pain

Characters: Parvati, Padma

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Parvati held Lavender's hand limply in her own. Tears ran silently down her cheeks as she took in the sight of her ravaged friend. Professor Trelawney had said something to her a few minutes ago and Parvati was sure it had been some words of comfort, but she couldn't remember what she'd said. The noise and murmur of voices in the Hall sounded like nothing more than a buzzing in Parvati's ears.

When she had heard You-Know-Who's voice give them an hour respite, she had made her way to the Great Hall with Dean and instantly looked for Padma. Seeing her sister sitting and talking with a few other Ravenclaws had slowed Parvati's racing heart slightly. She had then begun her search for Lavender as Dean moved off to find Seamus. The longer Parvati looked without seeing her, the more her stomach twisted and rolled. When Professor Trelawney caught sight of Parvati and motioned her over, she felt as if her legs had turned to stone.

There was movement to her left and Parvati turned her head slightly to see Padma, cuts and bruises on her face and arms, but whole and alive. Padma sat down next to her sister and put an arm around her, resting her chin on Parvati's shoulder. She didn't say anything, for which Parvati was grateful, as she was sure she would be unable to speak.

Parvati had never lost anyone close to her before. She never knew that it would hurt this much, that the pain would be so physical. The pain ran straight through her chest and seemed to throb in time to her heartbeat. It nearly took her breath away. She wondered if it would eventually get so bad that it would take her over completely.

Padma's grip on her waist tightened as if her twin had sensed Parvati's thoughts and was trying to pull some of Parvati's pain into herself. When Parvati looked at her she was crying too, whether for Lavender or Parvati herself, Parvati wasn't sure. She closed her eyes and still holding Lavender's hand, rested her head on Padma's shoulder, letting her sister anchor her.

Chapter Text

Day 23

Prompt: Content

Characters: Harry, Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Harry laughed as George grabbed Ginny by the ankle and pulled her under water. She came up spluttering and jumped up on his back, pushing on his shoulders until he went under as well. Only because he allowed it, Harry was sure. It was good to see George smile again.

There was an unholy yell and as Harry looked up, a Ron-shaped blur raced past him before plunging into the pond to join his siblings' antics. Hermione rolled her eyes and shook her head as she joined Harry on the blanket, handing him a Butterbeer.

"You'd think they were still twelve years old, honestly," Hermione said, but she was smiling fondly as she watched the three splashing and dunking each other.

"George seems happier than he has in a long time," Harry commented. Hermione smirked.

"What?" he asked.

"I heard that has something to do with a certain former Gryffindor Chaser."

Harry's brow furrowed for a moment before he grinned. "Angelina, huh?" Hermione nodded. "Well, good on him."

Harry took another sip of his Butterbeer before setting it in the grass and leaning back on his hands. Hermione bumped his shoulder with hers.

"I know why I'm not joining in on that madness, but why aren't you?" She nodded towards the pond. Harry shrugged.

"Just don't feel like it at the moment. I'm rather comfortable here." Hermione studied him for a few moments.

"What?" Harry asked when she had been staring too long.

"I don't know, there's something different about you lately. I'm not sure I've ever seen you like this before."

"Different how?" She studied him again for a few seconds before she finally smiled.

"You're content, Harry." He thought about it for a moment and then returned her smile.

"Yeah, I suppose I am."

Chapter Text

Day 24

Prompt: Picturesque

Characters: Molly, Arthur, Charlie, Ginny

Pairing: Molly/Arthur

Rating: G

"Brooms?" Molly questioned.

"It's half a day's hike, Mum," Charlie explained. "We'll be there in twenty minutes this way."

"I haven't been on a broom in years, Charlie. And Ginny-"

"Gin can ride with me," Charlie assured her. Molly looked skeptically at the broom Charlie held out for her. Arthur, sensing his wife's hesitation, took the broom from his son and leaned it against a tree.

"You can ride with me," he told her indicating the broom he held. He leaned towards her and spoke quietly. "We can relive our younger days." Molly blushed slightly and slapped him lightly on the arm.

"Arthur," she admonished, but a smile played about her lips.

"Ready then?" Charlie asked. Arthur nodded and Ginny scrambled onto Charlie's broom in front of her brother.

"Careful now, Charlie," Molly instructed as she settled herself in front of Arthur. "Don't go too fast and none of those Quidditch tricks of yours."

"We'll be fine," Charlie called out over his shoulder and he and Ginny kicked off from the ground and zoomed away. Ginny laughed in delight.


"Now, Molly, don't worry." Arthur followed his son into the air after casting a warming charm on them. "Charlie won't let anything happen to Ginny."

They followed Charlie higher up the mountain and Arthur could see Molly's white-knuckle grip around the broom's handle, her posture tense. Although he couldn't tell for sure, he was quite sure she had her eyes closed as well. Brooms had never been her favorite way to travel and it had been years as she'd said. He tightened his arms around her.

When they reached the spot Charlie had told them about, Molly still sat rigidly in front of him. Arthur looked at the scenery laid out below him and smiled. He knew she wouldn't want to miss this. He moved his mouth to her ear.

"Open your eyes, Mollywobbles." She must have done, for she gasped a moment later.

"Oh, Arthur, it's beautiful." Arthur smiled against her cheek, looking at the picturesque village covered with snow, laid out in the valley below them. He felt her relax back into him as she took in the view and he kissed her cheek.

"Worth a little anxiety?"

"I wasn't anxious."

"Of course you weren't, love."

Chapter Text

Day 25

Prompt: Train

Characters: Remus, James, Lily, Sirius

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"You didn't tell her did you?" James asked as he and Remus followed Sirius and Peter to the train.

"No, Prongs, I told you I wouldn't. Although, I still think it's a bad idea not to give her some warning."

"Come on, Moony. I want to see the look on her face when she realizes," Sirius put in.

"You're not even going to be there, Padfoot," Remus argued.

"Well, you can describe it to me then."

Remus just shook his head as the four boys boarded the train. Sirius and Peter went to find a compartment as James and Remus made their way to the Prefect's carriage. They walked in silence but Remus could almost feel the glee radiating off James.

When they reached the correct compartment, James motioned for Remus to enter first. Remus slid the door open and stepped in. Lily had her back to them, speaking with one of the other Prefects, but she turned at Remus' entrance, smile lighting up her face. Remus returned it, his stomach squirming at the scene that was sure to come and then stepped aside to let James enter.

"Potter?" Lily questioned. "What are you doing here?"

"Good morning, Ev-, I mean, Lily," James replied politely. Lily's eyes narrowed when James used her first name.

"You're not a Prefect."

"No, I'm not." Her eyes narrowed further. "I am, however, the new Head Boy." James reached into his pocket and pulled out his Head Boy badge, wide grin on his face as he showed it to her.

Lily's mouth gaped open, then closed, then opened again. Remus was reminded of the goldfish his grandmother used to have.

"But you…you can't…that's not," she trailed off shaking her head in disbelief. Finally remembering Remus, she looked at him as if begging him to tell her it was just another one of their pranks.

"Sorry, Lily," Remus said. Lily scowled and made a noise of frustration. She stalked up to James and poked him in the chest.

"Just watch yourself, Potter. We may have to work together, but that doesn't mean I have to like it." James held up his hands in surrender. Lily spun back around and James glanced at Remus with a grin. Remus just rolled his eyes and shook his head. This year was definitely going to be interesting.

Chapter Text

Day 26

Prompt: Curse

Characters: Alice, Bellatrix, Frank

Pairing: Alice/Frank

Rating: T for mentions of torture

She woke to white-hot pain. Her back arched in a silent scream until the spell mercifully ended. She gasped in a breath and blinked, immediately taking in the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Where is he?" a voice demanded and Alice turned her head groggily. Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Wh-who?" Alice coughed. Bellatrix snarled and cursed her again.

"The Dark Lord," a deeper voice said once she was released. Alice panted for breath, trying to clear her addled brain. Another Lestrange, she thought. She wasn't sure anymore.

"He, he's d-dead," she finally managed between gasping and coughing. There was a howl and the pain began again. When it ended, her head lolled to the side. There was someone else lying a few feet away. Alice blinked, once, twice and shook her head, trying to clear it, trying to see. Frank, it was Frank, lying there with a blank look on his face, drool slowly running from the corner of his mouth.

"Frank," Alice rasped brokenly. Bellatrix cackled.

"Tell us where he is, where you're keeping him, or you'll go the same way as your precious Frank."

"We're not, he's not," Alice shook her head again, trying to express a coherent thought. "He's dead, gone."

She looked at Frank as she was cursed once more and knew that they would surely die here. She thanked the gods that Neville had not been with her when she was captured. The emotional anguish at leaving their son an orphan overrode the physical pain of the curse. Alice let her son's face fill her mind and she concentrated on him even as they cursed her again and again. As the last bit of her sanity left her, the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile, Neville's name a mere whisper on her lips.

Chapter Text

Day 27

Prompt: Wilderness

Characters: Rolf, Luna

Pairing: Rolf/Luna

Rating: G

Rolf looked up as the light in the tent began to fade. He frowned when he realized that Luna had not returned. She had left shortly after lunch for a trip to the nearby village to replenish some of their supplies and should have been back some time ago. He got up from the table where he had been working and walked to the opening of the tent. Perhaps she was outside.

After he had done a cursory search of their campsite and she was nowhere to be found, Rolf began to worry. He knew she could take care of herself, but they were in the middle of a dense forest in the Carpathian Mountains, a place rarely penetrated by humans, Wizard or Muggle.

His thoughts were interrupted by a soft crack and he turned to see his wife smiling at him. He let out the breath he had been holding and stepped forward to embrace her.

"Are you all right?"

"Of course," Luna replied pulling a few bags from her pocket and enlarging them. Rolf took them from her and they went into the tent to put things away.

"What took you so long? I would have expected you back well before this."

"There were many lovely things to see in the village." Rolf smiled. She had gotten distracted on one of her sightseeing trips again. "And I had to stop and see the Healer of course." Rolf's hand stilled.

"The Healer?" he repeated. He turned toward her in concern. "What's the matter? Are you ill?" His eyes began roaming over her, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"Oh no, I'm not ill." He relaxed a fraction. "I'm going to have a baby." He froze and gaped at her, his mouth hanging open.

"A, a, wh-what?"

"A baby," she repeated matter-of-factly. "Two actually."

"T-two?" Rolf squeaked. He stumbled backward, falling into a chair behind him. She stood in front of him, looking completely unaffected as he stared at her. He sucked in a breath and ran a hand through his hair.

"Twins? We're having twins?" Luna nodded and stood looking at him in that calm way she had about her, as if waiting for him to get to the same place that she was, and had probably been for some time. Rolf took another breath and then reached out and grasped her wrist, pulling her into his lap. Feeling like words could not adequately convey just what it was he was feeling, he instead proceeded to snog her senseless in the middle of the Carpathian wilderness.

Chapter Text

Day 28

Prompt: Dagger

Characters: Bellatrix, Cygnus

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Flashback is in italics.

Bellatrix stepped into her vault, the Sword of Gryffindor wrapped in a cloth. She placed the sword on one of the far shelves and scanned the contents, assuring herself that Dark Lord's cup was still present. A small box to her right caught her attention. She smiled evilly as she moved towards it, flipped the latch on the box and opened the lid. She pulled out the silver dagger and felt the hum of Dark Magic as she gripped it in her hand.

"Bellatrix." Bella looked up at her father standing in the doorway of her room. "Come with me, please." She followed him down the hall and into his study. There was a small box sitting on his desk and he gestured for Bellatrix to sit in the chair opposite him. When she had, he tapped a finger on top of the box and studied her.

"Your birthday approaches."

"Yes, Father."

"Your mother would no doubt have my head for giving you this, as it is not proper for a lady or some such rot. But as you have no brother," he paused and opened the box and turned it to face her. A gleaming, silver dagger sat inside. She looked up at her father in question.

"A Black family heirloom, imbued with certain…substances to curse the wounds it inflicts." He gently pushed the box towards his daughter. She reverently picked up the dagger and turned it over in her hands. "It is yours. Do not tell your mother."

"Yes, Father," Bellatrix answered, her smile widening as she gently ran a fingertip down the edge of the blade. She glanced up at her father to see one his very rare smiles upon his face. Bellatrix set the dagger back into the box and closed the lid. She rose and rounded the desk, bending down to kiss her father's cheek.

"Thank you, Father." He nodded and pulled sheaf of parchment towards him, a clear dismissal. Bellatrix didn't mind, she had a new toy to examine.

Bellatrix pocketed the box as she turned to leave her vault. It had been out of her hands for far too long.

Chapter Text

Day 29

Prompt: Perfume

Characters: Hugo, Mr. and Mrs. Granger, Rose

Pairing: Mr. Granger/Mrs. Granger

Rating: G

"Richard." Jean Granger shook her husband awake. "Where's Hugo?"

"He's right-" Richard turned to the chair next to him, but his six year-old grandson was not in it.

"You fell asleep?" Jean demanded.

"Now, just calm down, I'm sure he didn't go far." Richard stood from his chair and began to scan the department store.

"Is Hugo lost?" Rose asked, her lip trembling a bit.

"No, sweetheart, we'll find him don't worry." She turned back to her husband. "You take Rose and go to that toy shop that he likes so much. I'll look for him here. Call on your mobile if you find him." Her husband nodded and took Rose's hand.

Jean moved quickly through the children's clothing department where she had been with Rose trying on clothes. Hermione and Ron had left the children with them for the weekend as Ron had wanted to take Hermione away for her birthday. She and Richards had taken the children for a ride on the carousel and then Rose had seen a dress she wanted. They had promised Hugo they would go to the toy shop after.

Jean searched through the shoe department and the men's clothing before turning the corner towards the perfume and make-up counters. She saw a small form standing on a stool at one of the perfume counters and nearly wept in relief.

"Hugo!" She gathered him in her arms and hugged him tightly. "What do you think you were doing running off like that?" It was then that she saw the tears on his cheeks. She glanced at the sales clerk who looked a little sad herself.

"What's the matter, sweetheart?" He sniffled.

"I wanted to buy Mummy some perfume, 'cause it's her birthday, but none of those smell like her." He pointed to the wide array of perfume bottles sitting on the counter. Jean turned back to her grandson and smiled a little sadly.

"That's because your mummy doesn't wear perfume." Hugo looked at her with wide eyes.

"She doesn't?" Jean shook her head. Her daughter had not worn perfume for years, after something that had happened during the war. "Oh." He looked very disappointed.

"Why did you want to buy her perfume?" Jean asked. Hugo looked down.

"Cause I miss her," he said quietly. "I wanted to smell it." 

"Oh, Hugo," Jean hugged him again and Hugo wrapped his arms around her neck and squeezed tightly.

"Why don't we find something else for your mum for her birthday and then when we get home I'll show you some photos of when your she was little. All right?" Hugo's eyes lit up at the prospect of seeing pictures of his mother as a child.

"Okay, Grandma." She chuckled and hugged him once more.

Chapter Text

Day 30

Prompt: Knockturn Alley

Characters: Albus Severus, James Sirius, Scorpius, Lucius

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"No way," Albus insisted. "Mum would skin us alive."

"You have to," James returned. "We dared you. Besides, Fred and I did it last year." Albus' eyes narrowed as he looked from his brother to his cousin skeptically.


"Doesn't matter, just that we did it. And you better hurry before Mum and Mrs. Malfoy realize that we're gone." The boys had run into Scorpius and his mother in Madame Malkin's and had convinced both women to let them go to Quality Quidditch Supplies while their mothers waited for the boys' new school robes to be ready. Instead, James and Fred had dragged the younger boys to the entrance of Knockturn Alley and dared them to go into Borgin and Burkes.

Albus glanced at Scorpius who swallowed visibly. Albus was just about to tell James where he could stuff it, dare or no, when Scorpius grabbed his arm and gave a slight shake of his head. Al sighed.

"Fine, we'll do it." James and Fred looked at each other with wide grins. "Come on, Scorp, let's hurry." The two boys darted into the Alley, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone and hurrying down the street.

"Do you know where it is?" Albus asked.

"No, my mum would kill my father if he ever brought me here."

"We could just go back and tell them we saw it."

"But they said they knew what was in the window."

"Don't you think the window display might have changed since they saw it?" Scorpius shrugged.

"Well, what would we say it was then?" he asked.

"I don't know, haven't you seen any dodgy stuff when you've been at your grandparents?"

"No, Mum made them get rid of all that if I was ever to visit them, I guess. At least that's what I overheard Grandfather complaining to Grandmother about once," Scorpius explained. They were still walking quickly down the street and neither was paying attention to what was in front of them. Albus ran into a solid form and Scorpius grabbed his arm to keep him from falling. Both boys looked up and gulped.

"Gentlemen," the imposing figure of Lucius Malfoy said.

"Gr-Grandfather," Scorpius squeaked. Lucius raised an eyebrow and looked from one boy to the other.

"Mr. Potter, I do not believe that your parents would approve of your whereabouts."

"I, erm, n-no, sir."

"And Scorpius, your mother," he almost seemed to grimace on the word, "would be most displeased to find you here."

"Yes, Grandfather." Lucius looked at both boys again before he strode off toward the mouth of the Alley. The boys did not even hesitate to follow him. The looks on James' and Fred's faces when they caught sight of the former Death Eater almost made the whole thing worth it, even after Albus realized that his mother was standing behind them, her face furious. Almost.

Chapter Text

Day 31

Prompt: Catch

Characters: Lucius, Hermione

Pairing: Lucius/Hermione

Rating: G

The wards alerted him to her arrival well before he saw her. Knowing exactly why she was here, Lucius continued to peruse the Prophet, looking completely unaffected when she stormed into the room.

"Would you care to tell me what this is?" Hermione demanded as she threw something down on his desk. He looked over the top of the newspaper.

"It appears to be the latest copy of Witch Weekly."

"With your face on the cover." Lucius glanced at it again.

"So it would seem."

"And why, exactly, is Witch Weekly under the impression that you are the most eligible wizard in Britain?" Hermione demanded. Lucius carefully folded his paper and looked up at her.

"Might I remind you, my dear, that you are the one that insisted on keeping our relationship quiet?" Hermione's eyes narrowed. "What was I to do when the reporter came calling?" He sat back in his chair and folded his hands across his chest, eyes dancing with amusement.

"Oh, I don't know, how about not let her in," she snapped.

"Which would have caused exactly the kind of gossip that you indicated you did not want." Hermione glared at him for a moment before she spun on her heel and made for the door. Lucius, however, grabbed her arm before she reached it.

"Let me go," she hissed.

"I will not," he replied, putting his arms around her waist and pulling her to him.

"You told them you were unattached." She sounded forlorn and Lucius heart clenched.

"I told them I was officially unattached; which I am." She tried to pull away again, but he held her fast. "There is no official record that we are a couple." Hermione relaxed slightly in his arms.

"You are an insufferable prat."

"So I have been told." He smirked, tightening his arms around her.

"You're going to get all kinds of post now, you realize."

"Well, I am quite the catch."

She rolled her eyes. "And humble as well."

He winked at her. "There is one solution to this problem of ours." He kissed her neck.

"And what is that?" She hummed in contentment.

"We could just announce our engagement."

Hermione pulled back from him and stared at him wide-eyed, her mouth opening and closing like a fish. Lucius smiled at his ability to once again render her speechless and then leaned down and kissed her before she could recover.

Chapter Text

Day 32

Prompt: Ice

Characters: Remus, Sirius

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Padfoot?" Remus questioned as he walked into the room.

"Here, Moony," Sirius replied, hidden by the high back of the couch he was half-reclined on. Remus walked around the couch and sat down in the armchair facing it. Sirius held a glass of Firewhiskey in one hand, the bottle sitting on the coffee table.

"How are you doing?" Remus asked. Sirius snorted.

"Brilliant, Remus, just brilliant. I had finally gotten out of one prison and now I'm stuck in another." He drained his glass and poured more.

"I'm sorry, Sirius."

"Stop apologizing."

"But if I'd taken the Wolfsbane-" Sirius cut him off with a wave of his hand.

"Just don't, Remus, it won't change anything." They sat in silence for a few minutes and Remus was just about to leave when Sirius spoke again, almost mumbling.

"At least it's warm." Sirius stared across the room, looking at nothing. "I was always so cold." Remus remained silent. It was rare that Sirius chose to speak about Azkaban. "Even when the Dementors weren't near, it was cold. Even as Padfoot I could never get warm." Remus saw Sirius' hand shake as he brought the glass of whiskey to his lips once again. He downed the rest of the glass and managed to pour another, sloshing a bit over the edges.

"Sirius," Remus cautioned gently, but Sirius ignored him, clearly having retreated into his memories. His hands began to shake harder and Remus reached out and took the glass from him before he spilled it. He looked at Remus, but Remus wasn't sure if Sirius was even seeing him.

"I'm so cold, Moony," he whispered. Remus sat on the coffee table and took his friend's hands and began to rub them between his own. Sirius' hands were like ice. Remus summoned a blanket from across the room and wrapped it around Sirius' shoulders, tucking it tightly around him, then cast a warming charm on him. When Sirius continued to shiver, Remus moved to the couch and sat down next to him, wrapping an arm around him and continuing to chafe Sirius' hands to try and get some warmth back into them.

"It's all right, Padfoot; I won't let you be cold any longer."

Chapter Text

Day 33

Prompt: Space

Characters: Rose, Scorpius

Pairing: Rose/Scorpius

Rating: G

Scorpius and Rose lay on their backs on a blanket looking up at the sky. They were in the meadow at the Potters and Al had gone inside to get drinks and snacks. There was supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, which was how they had convinced their parents to let them stay up so late. Homework.

"It's sort of amazing isn't it?" Rose asked. She turned her head towards Scorpius.


"All of it, space, the stars, the solar system."

"Yeah," he agreed. "When I was little, my mum used to read me this book about astronauts and I wanted to be one for the longest time."

"Your mum read you a Muggle book?" she asked in surprise. He chuckled.

"Much to my grandparents' utter horror, I assure you. I used to try and make Grandfather play space man with me."

Rose snorted at that image. "What changed your mind? About being an astronaut I mean."

He shrugged. "I was five."

Rose laughed and Scorpius grinned. He loved it when she laughed. He took her hand and she let him. They lay in silence for a few moments, just staring up at the stars.

"Besides, I realized that wizards really weren't astronauts." Rose looked at him again and frowned.

"It doesn't matter if you're a wizard. You can be whatever you want to be," she said. He rolled towards her and propped himself up on one elbow.

"How do you always do that?" he asked.


"Make me feel like I can do anything."

Rose blushed. Scorpius stared at her for a second longer before he lowered his head to hers and kissed her. When he pulled back she was blushing harder. But she looked up and held his gaze.

"Well, if me making you feel like you can do anything means you keep doing that, then I suppose I will just have to keep doing it," she said with a grin. He smiled and kissed her again.

Chapter Text

Day 34

Prompt: Nonsense

Characters: Minerva, Elphinstone

Pairing: Minerva/Elphinstone

Rating: G

The first time he asked her they were in Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop. Minerva had been surprised when he suggested the place, although afterward it made sense she supposed.

"Elphinstone," she said with a small laugh. "What kind of nonsense is this?" He smiled at her and took her hand.

"No nonsense at all, I assure you." Minerva was taken aback for a moment before she reached over and covered their hands with her free one.

"You know I am fond of you, but that is all it is. I am afraid my answer is no." To his credit, the expression on his face didn't change. He simply squeezed her hand and they continued on with their tea.

He asked her again when they were touring the castle once, while they had tea in her quarters a year later and another time during lunch at the Three Broomsticks. Each time she would shake her head and smile, but turn him down all the same.

It was a few years after his first proposal that he had come to visit during the summer and they were strolling around the lake. Her arm was tucked into his elbow and she found herself leaning into him more than usual. When they stopped and he turned to her, she knew what he was going to say, but she found herself strangely looking forward to it.

"Marry me, Minerva." He looked at her waiting for the rejection that always came. Instead of the small smile she normally wore, she had a contemplative look on her face.

"All right," she replied. He stared at her in shock for a moment.


"Yes." He leaned in and kissed her.

"I thought you said it was nonsense." She smiled

"Don't we all need a bit of nonsense now and again?" He chuckled and kissed her again.

Chapter Text

Day 35

Prompt: Wings

Characters: Justin Finch-Fletchley, Beauxbatons student

Pairing: None

Rating: G

The horse snuffled and pushed its head further into Justin's hand. Justin rubbed the velvety skin around the horse's nose with a smile.

"Zey are manifique, no?" a voice said to his left. Justin turned to see one of the Beauxbatons students walking towards him.

"They are," he agreed.

"Zey are Abraxan, ze largest of ze winged 'orses." The girl leaned her forearms against the fence that enclosed the horses, just as one partially spread its wings and shook them slightly.

"Beautiful," Justin whispered.

"Zey must like you. Zey do not normally let strangers pet zem." Justin smiled and patted the horse once more before it ambled off toward the feeding trough.

"My mother raises horses," he explained. "I've been around them my entire life."

"What kind?" the girl asked. He chuckled.

"Before today, I would have said the finest horses in all of Britain." She looked at him in confusion. "I'm Muggleborn, so they're just regular horses."

"Ah," she said in understanding. One of the Abraxan spread its wings again, more fully this time.

"I've been here four years now and I'm still amazed by something nearly every day," he said in awe. The girl gave him a smile before turning back to the paddock. They both stood in companionable silence, watching the magnificent creatures in front of them.

Chapter Text

Day 36

Prompt: Moon

Characters: Hope, Lyall and Remus

Pairing: Hope/Lyall

Rating: G

"I'll be right outside, I promise." Hope cupped her son's cheek in her hand. "And as soon as the sun rises, I'll be in to get you." She hugged him to her and his small arms went around her waist, squeezing tightly. She kissed the top of his head, blinking rapidly against the tears. They'd explained as well as they could what was to happen and she could feel him trembling in her arms. 

"I left you some water and some food in case you get hungry. Do you want anything else?" Remus shook his head.

"Hope," Lyall said quietly. She nodded and pulled away from Remus.

"We love you, sweetheart." She gave one of his hands a squeeze and then stood from the bed, following her husband from the room. When she turned back, Remus looked terrified. She took a step back towards him, but Lyall shut the door firmly. He cast a few locking and warding spells on it and then gathered his wife in his arms.

"He's a baby, Lyall."

"I know." He kissed her temple.

Hope turned her head toward the window and watched as the moon began its ascent. Remus' screams started soon after. She struggled in Lyall's arms and then broke free.

"Let me in!" she shouted to her husband when she reached the door. He shook his head. "He's hurting. Let me in!" Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Lyall stepped forward and grabbed her around the waist, tugging her away from the door.

"No! He needs me," she choked, hitting his chest with her fists. "Please."

"You can't," Lyall said, his own voice thick, holding her tightly. "We can't." He cast a silencing charm on Remus' room and pulled her towards their bedroom. Hope sobbed into Lyall's shoulder as they sat on their bed and waited out the night.

Hope was back in front of Remus' door as the first rays of dawn lit the sky. When it had fully risen, Lyall dropped the wards on the room and she rushed inside. Remus was curled in a ball on the floor, a few scratches on his arms and one on his face. The bedding and the pillows were torn to shreds, the chair and plate of food knocked over, but she only had eyes for her boy.

"Remus," she breathed as she wrapped a blanket around him and scooped him up into her arms. He sighed into her neck and gripped the front of her blouse tightly, whimpering when she shifted his weight. She carried him into her bedroom and sunk down into the rocking chair, holding him to her and humming a lullaby. She could feel his tears on her neck as she carded her fingers through his hair.

"It's all right now, Mummy's here."

Chapter Text

Day 37

Prompt: Always

Characters: Andromeda, Teddy

Pairing: None

Rating: G

They sat outside on the porch swing in the cooling night air. It was their monthly ritual during the full moon, something Andromeda had done since the end of the war. She wasn't sure why she had started, perhaps as some kind of tribute to Remus, but Teddy, now five, made sure she continued. He was peaceful on nights like this, his normal rambunctious energy replaced with a quiet thoughtfulness.


"Yes, darling."

"Will I get a new Mummy and Daddy some day?" Andromeda closed her eyes for a moment. There had been more and more questions about his parents lately.

"Do you remember what I told you about families?"

"That there's all kinds?"

"Yes," Andromeda said. "You have me and Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny and all the Weasleys. And you had a wonderful mother and father that loved you very much."

"Victoire gets to see her Mummy and Daddy every day," Teddy pouted. "I want to see mine too." Andromeda kissed the top of his head.

"I know you do, darling, but even though you can't see them, they are still with you." He gave her a skeptical look and she chuckled. "That is your mother's face if I ever saw it. And you know that your mummy could change her hair color just like you can. And your father, well, I never knew anyone who loved chocolate so much until you came along." She tickled his sides and he giggled.

"Your father was very kind, just as you are," Andromeda continued, tapping the end of Teddy's nose. "Your mother, she loved to laugh and she was always getting into mischief." Teddy grinned. "Parts of them are parts of you, do you see?" Teddy nodded, then sobered a bit.

"I still wish I could see them." Andromeda put a hand to his cheek.

"I know. I do too." They sat in silence for a few moments.

"Will they still be with me when I'm big, Nana?"

"Always, Teddy. Always."

Chapter Text

Day 38

Prompt: Galleons

Character: Ludo Bagman

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Ludo crumpled the parchment in his fist; yet another letter from the Weasley twins demanding their winnings from the World Cup. He took a swig of his Firewhiskey and snorted. Two teenagers on their first bet won more than he had in the last two years. He drained his glass and slammed it down on his desk.

Damn Bulgaria. He knew that Ireland had the stronger scoring team, but Bulgaria's defense was supposed to be unstoppable. That, along with Krum, should have guaranteed their, as well as Ludo's, victory. He would have been able to pay off all his debts in one fell swoop. Ludo raked a hand through his hair.

Still, Potter seemed to be holding his own in the Tournament. That stupid stunt in the second task hadn't cost him much after all. Bloody Gryffindors. The maze, though, was a different story. Ludo didn't know everything that was going to be unleashed in the maze, but what he was aware of was more than enough.

He stood from his desk and began to pace. Potter hadn't been very open to Ludo's attempts at help so far. However, Ludo knew he could get Barty to let him be the one to show the Champions the maze. Maybe he could corner Potter afterward. The boy had to win this Tournament. For the sake of Ludo's neck, he just had to.

Chapter Text

Day 39

Prompt: Portkey

Characters: Hermione, Ron

Pairing: Hermione/Ron

Rating: G

Plenty of people that went on holiday went through some stress beforehand. Hermione knew this. Organizing and making arrangements took its toll. However, one usually didn't have a prat for a husband who had not helped out in any way, shape or form.

To be fair, she knew that Ron and George were working on a new product and that they both got completely focused on the task at hand during those times. But she and Ron had planned this trip ages ago and the fact that Ron chose two weeks before said holiday to begin his experimenting did not sit well with her.

Hermione had been left to pack everything for the children for their stay with their grandparents, not to mention drop them off at the Burrow before she went to work that morning, arrange for the cat to be fed, convert their Galleons, organize their itinerary, pick up the Portkey and pack herself. She had instructed Ron to be sure he was packed before he left for work this morning so they weren't rushed that evening. She had stopped back at the house after dropping off Rose and Hugo to find Ron gone and nothing packed. She had been irritated all day.

"One thing," she muttered as she made her way to the Portkey office. "I asked him to do one thing and he couldn't even manage that." The woman behind the Portkey desk jumped when Hermione slammed the stack of files she was carrying down on the counter.

"Sorry," Hermione said. "I'm picking up a Portkey for Weasley." The woman shuffled through some parchment on her desk.

"Set for this evening at 8:00?"

"Yes." The woman slid a piece of parchment towards Hermione, along with a chipped tea cup.

"Sign here please." Hermione did as instructed, quill nearly tearing the parchment. "Enjoy your trip."

Hermione grimaced and gathered her files and the Portkey and left the office. She was fuming by the time she reached the Floo. Maybe she would just take the holiday by herself. She shouldn't have to pack for a grown man anyway.

She stepped out of the Floo to silence. Her anger ratcheted up another notch. She had specifically asked him to be home by six. As she stomped from the sitting room, she heard a noise in the kitchen. Turning she walked through the door and gasped.

Ron was levitating a platter to the table. The lights were dimmed and candles lit. He turned and smiled tentatively.

"I know you're angry and that I didn't help out with any of the planning for the trip." She crossed her arms over her chest. "And I know you've done everything in the last few days to get ready."

"And you think making me dinner is just going to make me forgive you, Ronald Weasley?" Hermione demanded.

"Well, I packed too." Hermione's lips twitched. Ron smiled and walked towards her. "And I got your favorite dessert." He put his hands on her hips. She tried to glare. "And I'm sorry." She sighed.

"You are so infuriating sometimes." She put her arms around his neck.

"I know."

"I thought about taking the Portkey by myself." She twined her fingers in his hair at the nape of his neck.

"I know." He smiled down at her. "I love you." She shook her head, but there was a smile on her face.

"Just kiss me, you prat." That he didn't have to be told twice.

Chapter Text

Day 40

Prompt: Insomnia

Character: Albus

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Albus scratched his signature on the last of the parchments in front of him. He set it on top of the pile, then pushed it aside and sat back in his chair. He flexed his cursed hand and closed his eyes for a moment. It was well after midnight and he should go and lie down for a bit. Knowing he would not sleep, however, kept him at his desk.

Sleep, while often elusive, had become even more so these past few months. Self-imposed at first, given all he still had to discover and impart to Harry, it became a habit he could not break. He was lucky to sleep two or three hours at a time now. He found it did not bother him as much as he thought that it would. Given the limited time he had left, Albus figured he could sleep all he wanted after he was dead.

He rose from his desk and walked toward the window, clasping his hands behind his back. The grounds were quiet and peaceful, the light from the half-moon sparkling on the water of the Black Lake as it lapped gently against the shore. He would miss this view.

After a few minutes of quiet contemplation, he returned to his desk and pulled out his notes and maps. He looked them over once more before deciding that he would investigate this series of cliffs in a few days. He would have to inform Minerva that he would be gone again. He opened a drawer on his desk and took out a clean piece of parchment to leave a short list for his Deputy. If sleep would not come, he would take advantage of its absence.

Chapter Text

Day 41

Prompt: Herbology

Characters: Neville, Hannah, Susan

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Herbology was one of the only times Neville was able to forget about everything else that was going on. He was sure it was partly due to being out of the castle itself. Professor Sprout was less worried about interruptions to her class by one of the Carrows or Snape than the professors inside were and so she was a bit more lenient with them. But it was mostly because of the feeling the greenhouses gave him. Neville would put his hands in the dirt and concentrate on the plants in front of him and everything else seemed to just fall away.

All of his classmates knew this about him, as well as how difficult it was to get his attention when he was working with the plants. It was probably why Susan and Hannah weren't keeping as quiet as they normally would, especially since they seemed to be discussing him. And had Neville not paused to jot something down in his notes just as Susan said his name, he probably would have never heard a word of their conversation.

"Neville?" Susan said and Hannah immediately shushed her. Neville pretended to be engrossed in what he was writing as the two girls stopped talking for a moment. He could feel both sets of eyes on his back. They must have assumed he was oblivious as usual because they picked up their conversation once again.

"Well, why not?" Hannah asked. There was a pause.

"I don't know actually," Susan admitted. "I guess I just always picture him on the train trying to find his toad." Neville felt his face heat, but Hannah sighed.

"None of us are eleven anymore, Susan," Hannah reminded her. "Far from it these days." They were both silent for a few minutes and Neville thought their conversation was over.

"Still, do you think now is the right time to be starting something up?"

"Is that what you told Ernie the other night?" Neville bit his lip to keep from laughing as Susan made a noise of indignation and Hannah giggled.

"It doesn't matter much anyway. I think there's something going on with him and Luna." Susan hummed in agreement and the two fell silent.

Neville's mind, however, was racing with this new information. Apparently, Hannah Abbott fancied him and both she and Susan suspected he and Luna were a couple. He shook his head and went back to his project. The things one overheard in Herbology.

Chapter Text

Day 42

Prompt: Stay

Rating: G

This takes place over the span of many months. I have not specified characters for this, mostly because when I first got the idea I didn't have anyone particular in mind. Once it was finished I decided I liked it ambiguous. Feel free to imagine whomever you wish and if you care to, let me know who it made you think of. Thanks for reading and reviewing! 

"Stay," she says. He takes the parchment from his family owl and crumples it in his fist without reading it. Then he grabs her around the waist and throws her over his shoulder. She shrieks in laughter as he carries her to the bedroom. They don't leave the flat all weekend.

"Stay," she mumbles in the darkness. He kisses her cheek and takes the scroll from the owl, reading it by the light of his wand before he vanishes it and snuggles back in beside her. He leaves the following afternoon.

"Stay," she whispers, her arms around his waist, her cheek resting against his back while he reads the latest missive. His jaw works and he shoves the parchment in his pocket before he turns and wraps his arms around her, kissing the top of her head. He leaves the next morning after breakfast.

She looks up at him but says nothing as he lets the owl in through the kitchen window. He glances at her, but she has already turned to the sink to start the dishes washing. He doesn't even need to read the letter to know what it says. He stares out the window for a few minutes and when he turns back she has left the kitchen. He finds her curled up in the bed and he slides in behind her, pulling her to him. He leaves before the sun rises.

She stands with her arms wrapped around herself when he arrives. She moves away when he tries to take her hand. She shows him the parchment and he recognizes the handwriting instantly. He reads the letter and then looks at her; her eyes are full of tears. She shakes her head. He steps forward and presses a lingering kiss to her forehead and then turns and Apparates away.

He comes through the Floo in a panic, a bit surprised that he is still allowed access. He has been out of the country for more than a year, a family-imposed exile, but returned the moment he was sent the news. He searches the flat, but it is quiet and empty, devoid of everything that ever made it hers. He runs to the bedroom, the bed is all that remains. He sinks down onto it, the newspaper clutched tightly in his hand. He lies back and closes his eyes as his hand falls open. The paper slides to the bare mattress, the wedding announcement mocking him. When he has finally gotten the courage to do what he should have done months ago, it is too late. His arm moves to her side of the bed.

"Stay," he whispers.

Chapter Text

Day 43

Prompt: Bathroom

Character: Cedric

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Cedric walked into the Prefect's bathroom carrying the egg. He wasn't exactly sure he should be doing this at all, given that Professor Moody was the one that suggested it. They weren't supposed to get help from anyone, professors especially, but now that the idea was in Cedric's head, he couldn't not think about it. If he figured it out and helped Harry though, that would even things up. Harry had told Cedric about the dragons after all.

He filled the bath and climbed in, taking the egg with him. When he opened it, the same ear-splitting screech filled the room and Cedric slammed it shut before he deafened himself. He leaned his head back against the side of the bath. This was stupid. How was water going to make any kind of difference? Still, Professor Moody didn't seem the type to tell students something just for a laugh, so there had to be something to what he'd said. Cedric looked down at the egg, brow furrowed.

"I wonder," he said out loud before dunking himself and the egg under water.

When he came up, he had a smile on his face. Until he realized he had no idea what it meant. He listened to the clue a few more times and then floated on his back and contemplated the words.

At one point, he felt like he was being watched and he looked up sharply. No one else could have come in, the door locked automatically when the bathroom was occupied and the charm on the door hadn't gone off to let Cedric know someone else was waiting to use it. He glanced around but all he saw was the mermaid in the painting on the wall laughing and flapping her tail.

It wasn't until much later, the foam and bubbles in the bath almost completely gone, when it came to him. His eyes widened and he turned back to the painting on the wall. He watched the mermaid swim and flounce about and he grinned. That had to be it.

He scrambled from the bath and quickly dried himself. He dressed and then scooped up the egg and hurried out of the bathroom. He had research to do.

Chapter Text

Day 44

Prompt: Birth

Characters: Molly, Arthur, St. Mungo's mediwitch

Pairing: Molly/Arthur

Rating: G

"What about Henry?" Molly asked. Arthur pursed his lips as he contemplated the name.

"I'm not overly enamored with it. John?"

"Hm, possible. I assume Edward is still out." Arthur made a face and Molly chuckled. The mediwitch who had been moving about the room preparing things looked over at them.

"Did you have a girl's name picked already then?" she asked the couple. They both smiled knowingly.

"It won't be a girl," Arthur said.

"Know that for certain do you?" The mediwitch's eyes danced in amusement. She had seen this many times. Couples that were positive they knew the gender of their unborn child, only to be shocked when said child actually made their appearance.

"Quite," Molly replied. "We've six boys already. And there hasn't been a girl in the Weasley family in how many generations, Arthur?"

"Six," Arthur replied. "Or it might be seven, I can't remember exactly."

"Oh, well," the mediwitch paused, clearly surprised by this information. "I suppose you should carry on then."

"That's it, Molly, one more should do it." Molly pushed once more and was rewarded with the sounds of a squalling baby. Her Healer smiled as he looked down at the baby, then glanced up at Molly and Arthur in surprise.

"What is it?" Arthur asked fearfully.

"It's, it's a girl," the Healer answered.

"What?" Molly said breathlessly. "Are you sure?" The Healer laughed.

"Quite sure." He held up the newest member of the Weasley family before handing her to the mediwitch.

"Oh, Arthur," Molly said a short time later after the mediwitch had presented them with their daughter. "She's beautiful." Arthur could only nod and kiss the top of his wife's head.

"Suppose you'll need some time to come up with a name," the mediwitch remarked with a smile. Molly gazed down at her little girl.

"Yes, I suppose we will."

Chapter Text




Day 45

Prompt: Chaos

Characters: Seamus

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Seamus looked out over the grounds. It was chaos. Two giants were locked in battle, while another lumbered towards the castle, flattening everything in its path. He didn't even want to know about everything that had come out of the Forbidden Forest; seeing the giant spiders had been enough. Lights from spells flew everywhere, green and red most prevalent among them. He had never been so glad for the Death Eaters' masks and cloaks, making it that much easier to establish friend from foe.

He had lost track of Dean after Seamus had disarmed a Death Eater and tossed his wand to Dean. He had last seen Lavender and Parvati outside the Great Hall and Neville was still throwing all manner of plants at the enemy. Seamus wiped the line of blood that ran from the cut over his eye and wondered just how many of his friends would walk away from this battle.

The green light of the killing curse shot past his head, pulling his attention back to the task in front of him. He raised his wand and shot a few spells towards the running Death Eater he assumed had cast at him. Seamus thought that the cutting curse had connected, if the grunt he heard was anything to go by, but the Death Eater disappeared behind one of the giants.

Seamus swiped at his cut again and turned toward the forest. A chill began to settle over him and he squinted into the darkness as he took a few more steps forward. Dementors. Hundreds of them.

"Finnigan!" someone shouted from behind and Seamus spun to see Ernie Macmillan coming towards him, Luna at his side. The Hufflepuff pointed and Seamus saw three figures standing much closer to the Dementors. Harry. Seamus watched, waiting for Harry to cast the stag Patronus he was so famous for, but nothing happened. Seamus saw Ron's terrier and Hermione's otter, but they faded quickly and still Harry had done nothing. Heart pounding in his chest, Seamus raised his wand and pictured Lavender's smiling face.

"Expecto Patronum!" He heard Ernie and Luna follow suit and the three of them ran forwards. Luna said something to Harry and the stag finally appeared, chasing away the last of the Dementors with it. Seamus nearly wept in relief and Ron turned to thank them when there was a roar and another giant came out of the forest.

They all scattered, Seamus immediately losing sight of the rest of his friends. He ran back towards the castle, fighting as he went and praying to Merlin that everyone he cared about would be in one piece at the end of all of this.

Chapter Text

Day 46

Prompt: Contrast

Characters: Neville, Ginny, Luna

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Neville watched as the two heads bent low over the parchment in front of them. They were whispering, but Neville still glanced around the library to be sure no one was listening in. Parvati and Lavender sat at the table nearest theirs and Lavender nodded once to let him know they were still keeping track of Madame Pince. He looked back to Ginny and Luna.

He was struck again by the fact that for all their similarities, they were still very different. While they were both independent, Ginny was more forceful about it. Neville supposed growing up with all those brothers almost guaranteed she would be able to hold her own. She didn't take anything lying down. She was fiercely loyal to her family and friends and anyone that tried to hurt them would regret crossing wands with her.

Luna, on the other hand, had a much quieter way about her. While she was brutally honest, her delivery made it nearly impossible for anyone to stay offended by what she said. Uncomfortable maybe, but it never seemed to faze her. She was just as loyal as Ginny, but no one ever seemed to speak about it, least of all Luna herself. Luna simply showed up when she was needed.

Truthfully, Neville couldn't have asked for two better people to help him lead the newly resurrected DA. They complimented each other. Where Ginny would always want to jump into their latest plan to disrupt things for Snape and the Carrows, Luna would be the calming voice to pull her back. Luna was always the one to question plans and make sure they were doing things the best way possible. She was just as enthusiastic as Ginny, but her uncanny ability to read situations and calm Ginny and even sometimes Neville himself, kept them from getting caught much more often than they were.

They must have finally sensed that Neville was studying them because the two girls raised their heads at the same time to look at him. He nearly laughed aloud when Ginny's eyes locked with his and she looked at him expectantly, while Luna simply put that dreamy expression on her face and smiled knowingly as if she knew exactly what he had been thinking.

"What?" Ginny asked at the grin on his face.

"It's nothing," Neville replied. "So did you decide then?" Ginny pushed the parchment towards Neville and began explaining quietly. Neville glanced between the two of them one last time, a smile on his lips, thankful that they were both on his side.

Chapter Text




Day 47

Prompt: No

Characters: Ron, Rose

Pairing: None

Rating: G


"Rosie, you have to get dressed."


Ron sighed. Two and a half year old Rose stood in front of him, chubby arms crossed over her chest, lip stuck out in a pout. He had managed to get her out of her pajamas and in an acrobatic feat that was harder than any trick he'd ever done on a broom, had gotten a shirt over her head. Now, though, she absolutely refused to put on any trousers or jeans and stood in just her knickers and t-shirt, glaring at him.

"Grandma told me she was going to make biscuits today," Ron cajoled. "Don't you want to help her?"

"No, want Mummy!" Rose stamped her foot for emphasis.

"Mummy is very tired, remember? We're going to let her sleep this morning and Daddy is going to get you ready and take you to the Burrow." Rose shook her head, her auburn curls bouncing around her face.

"No, no Daddy, want Mummy." Ron closed his eyes and mentally counted to ten. Ever since Hugo's birth a few weeks ago, Rose had clung to Hermione, jealous whenever her mother paid any attention to Rose's baby brother. In the last few days, the problem had gotten much worse and now Rose didn't want Ron to do anything for her.

He contemplated just taking her to the Burrow as she was. Ron was sure that his mum could get Rose to finish dressing. But he didn't want to admit that he'd been outmaneuvered by a two year-old. He was an Auror for Merlin's sake. Ron looked back at his daughter.

"Well, right now you get me," he said. "And I have to go to work, so it's time to get dressed and go to Grandma's."

"Nooooo!" Rose wailed as Ron sat her down in his lap and tried to wrestle her into the jeans. When he realized she was crying in earnest, he dropped the jeans to the floor and picked her up. Rose cried into his shoulder as he rubbed her back.

"It's all right, Rosie, don't cry. I'm sorry." Rose sniffled and buried her face in Ron's neck. He kissed the top of her head once she had quieted. "Can you put the jeans on now?" Rose shook her head and it took everything in Ron's power not to scream in frustration. "Why not?"

"Want tirt." Ron's brows furrowed as he tried to work out what she was saying. "Like Mummy."

"You want to wear a skirt like Mummy?" he asked after a few moments. Rose pulled back from him and nodded. "And then you'll go to Grandma's?" Rose nodded again. He carried her to the wardrobe.

"All right, pick one." Rose pulled out a flowered skirt that did not match her shirt in any way, shape or form, but Ron had no intention of disrupting the temporary peace. He helped Rose into the skirt and then picked up the bag Hermione had packed the night before.

"Apparate or Floo?" he asked once his daughter was finally dressed.

"Foo!" Rose crowed with a smile. Ron shook his head at the abrupt change in mood. Merlin, he would never understand two year-olds.

Chapter Text



Day 48

Prompt: The Sorting Hat

Characters: Sorting Hat, Sirius, Orion, Dumbledo re

Pairing: None

Rating: G

He had seen it before. The irate parent in the Headmaster's office demanding that his or her child be resorted; that there wasn't any possible way they could have ended up in Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Slytherin. Interestingly enough, no one ever complained if their child went to Ravenclaw. He supposed intelligence was still valued over most everything else.

"I demand that he be resorted! Blacks have always been in Slytherin, perhaps the occasional Ravenclaw, but definitely not Gryffindor! There has been a mistake!"

"Orion, you know that the Hat does not make mistakes," the Headmaster said serenely. "If Sirius has been sorted into Gryffindor, it is because he belongs there."

"No son of mine belongs in that blood traitor's house!" There was agreement from Phineas Nigellus' portrait.

There was a knock at the door and Dumbledore bade them entry. Professor McGonagall walked in with young Sirius Black beside her. His eyes widened when he saw his father, but he said nothing.

"Mr. Black," the Headmaster greeted. "Your father feels that perhaps an error occurred yesterday. He would like you to be sorted again." The boy looked up sharply at the Headmaster's words. He glanced at his father.

"How did you know?"

"I know everything, boy," his father sneered.

"Narcissa," the boy muttered under his breath.

"The choice is yours, Mr. Black."

"He has no choice!" Orion roared. The Headmaster ignored him and continued looking at the boy.

"Would you like to be sorted again?" Sirius glanced at his father once more and then straightened his shoulders.

"Yes, Sir."

Orion looked smug. Dumbledore rose and walked to the shelf where the Hat sat and picked it up before gesturing to Sirius. The boy sat down on a chair and Dumbledore placed the Hat on his head.

He looked into the boy's mind and saw exactly what he had the night before, although now it was magnified ten-fold, defiance of his father strongest among the emotions. The Hat merely chuckled. It was nearly always this way.

"Gryffindor!" The boy's father's face turned deep red and he snarled before he whirled and stormed out of the room with nary a word.

The Headmaster rose and took the Hat from the boy's head and placed it back on its shelf. He winked at the boy who grinned back and then followed his Head of House from the office. Phineas Nigellus' angry mutters continued long after the boy had left.

Chapter Text

Day 49

Prompt: Cozy

Characters: Lucius, Narcissa

Pairing: Lucius/Narcissa

Rating: G

Lucius looked up from his book as his wife shifted on the sofa. She was staring at the unlit fireplace, her face pensive.

"Is something wrong?" She turned to him and gave him a half-smile and then shook her head, looking back at the fireplace. Lucius frowned. Clearly something was bothering her.

"Narcissa," he said and she turned toward him again. He held out a hand to her and when she took it, he gently pulled her towards him. She settled next to him and in an uncharacteristic show of affection he put an arm around her shoulders. She seemed surprised for a moment before she leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Now, will you tell me what is upsetting you?"

She sighed. "Do you think he is all right?"

Lucius' brow furrowed. "Draco?" She nodded. "Of course he is. You have written him nearly every day for two weeks. Surely we would know if he were not." She poked him in the side and he chuckled.

"I miss him," she said.

"As do I, my dear." They sat in silence for a few moments and Lucius felt her shiver. It had been unseasonably cool the last few days and so he flicked his wand and lit a fire in the grate.

"Do you ever wish we had more children?" she asked quietly. He stiffened. She looked up at him.

"You recall what the Healer said," he reminded her.

"I know, but-" he put a finger to her lips, cutting her off.

"If it meant not having you, then no, I do not wish we had more children. Draco is enough for me." His arm tightened around her, images of what he had almost lost that night flashing through his mind. "Besides, eventually another child would have gone off to school as well. It is the way of things."

She said nothing. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. This reminded him of when they were newly married, spending their evenings cuddled together in front of the fire talking. They had not done this since Draco was born, all of their free time devoted to him.

"And I have to say that I am quite enjoying our time alone." She looked up at him again with a smile and then kissed him before resting her head on his shoulder once more. Lucius sighed in contentment as they sat in companionable silence, watching the flickering flames of the fire.

Chapter Text

Day 50

Prompt: Trick

Characters: Harry, Dudley, Petunia, Piers

Pairing: None

Rating: G

The ringing of the telephone caused Harry to look up from the dishes he was washing. He bit his lip as he stared at it. He wasn't supposed to touch the telephone unless directed to by his aunt or uncle. But Harry had heard Aunt Petunia tell Dudley that she was expecting an important call today and now she was out in the back garden talking to the neighbor, Mrs. Fisher. Uncle Vernon was at work and Dudley was off with his friends.

Harry glanced out the window, but his aunt was deep in conversation and hadn't seemed to hear the ringing. Harry was also never to interrupt his aunt when she was chatting with her friends. Harry's eyes darted nervously from the window to the telephone. Surely if the call were that important, Aunt Petunia wouldn't mind being interrupted. Still, Harry didn't want to be punished as he had been the last time. His aunt and uncle liked to pretend he didn't exist most of the time and that meant he did not willingly show his face around the neighborhood.

It was too late now anyway to get his aunt. By the time they got back into the house, Aunt Petunia would have missed the call. Harry jumped down from the stool he was standing on and rushed to the phone.

"Dursley residence." The moment he answered, the back door flew open and Dudley came inside, followed by his friend Piers. Harry's eyes widened as Dudley grinned evilly.

"Mum!" Dudley shouted. "Mum, Harry's using the telephone!" Through the open back door, Harry saw his aunt say something to Mrs. Fisher before she turned to glare at him. Harry gulped and could have sworn he heard quiet laughter on the other end of the line.

"What do you think you are doing?" his aunt hissed through her teeth once she had reached him. She grabbed the receiver from his hand.

"I'm sorry," Harry said immediately. "But the telephone was ringing and you didn't hear it and I heard you tell Dudley you were expecting a call. I didn't want you to miss it and I didn't want to interrupt."

"Lying again?" Harry looked up at her in confusion.

"N-no, Aunt Petunia."

"I told Dudley no such thing this morning." She put the receiver to her ear. "There isn't even anyone there." She slammed the phone back into its cradle and cuffed him in the back of the head. "Finish those dishes and then into your cupboard. There will be no supper for you tonight."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," Harry said dejectedly as he made his way back to the sink. As soon as his aunt had gone back into the garden, Dudley and Piers doubled over with laughter. Harry ignored them until he heard Piers' high pitched voice.

"I'm expecting an important call, Dudders." Harry's head snapped toward the two boys. Piers had sounded almost exactly like his aunt. Dudley was holding his stomach he was laughing so hard. A few seconds later, Malcolm showed up at the back door, panting as if he'd been running. Dudley and Piers high-fived him.

"Have fun in your cupboard, Potter," Dudley said as the three boys left the kitchen for Dudley's bedroom, laughing all the way.

Chapter Text

Day 51

Prompt: Flying

Characters: Ron, Hermione, Harry, Ginny

Pairing: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny

Rating: G

"Fun? You think it will be fun?"

Ginny rolled her eyes. Her brother was such a drama queen sometimes.

"Honestly, Ronald, you dive and roll on a broomstick!" Hermione said in exasperation. "Exposed to the elements with nothing between you and the ground except a piece of wood!"

"There's magic between me and the ground, in case you've forgotten." Ron looked at Harry. "Help me out here, mate." Harry held up his hands in surrender.

"I'm not getting in the middle of this one."

"Besides, Harry wants to go, don't you, Harry?" Ginny questioned, smiling at her fiancé. He shrugged.

"I've never been on an airplane. The Dursleys didn't take me with them on their holidays." There was a tense silence in the room for a few moments.

"Ron, it's perfectly safe," Hermione said, turning back to her boyfriend. "I've flown numerous times." Ron grumbled under his breath.

"I still don't understand why we can't just take a Portkey. It would be much faster."

"And how am I going to explain that to my cousin? I had a hard enough time convincing her it would be better if we stayed in a hotel than with her. She insisted on meeting us at the airport," Hermione said. Ron crossed his arms over his chest. Hermione moved her chair closer to his and took his hand in hers.

"You know if the press got wind of where we were going, we would just be followed again. Won't it be nice to be where no one knows who we are so we can have an actual holiday? Even if we have to take an airplane to get there?"

As much as Ron had liked the publicity at the beginning, it was starting to get tiresome. And he knew that Harry hated it.

"Fine," he said throwing his hands up in the air in defeat. "I still think you're all mental." Harry and Ginny grinned.

A few weeks later, they were sitting at the gate in the airport waiting for their flight to the States. Ron's leg bounced up and down as he looked out the large windows and watched the planes taking off in the distance. Hermione put a hand on his leg and he gave her a sheepish look. She smiled and kissed his cheek before she went back to reading her book, her hand still on his leg.

Ron gulped as their flight was called for boarding. Hermione had said they were flying something called first-class and he had to admit, that the seat he settled into was rather comfortable. He looked across the aisle at Harry and Ginny. They were both looking out the window with big smiles on their faces, Harry pointing things out and explaining them to Ginny. Ron shook his head. How his sister could be excited about this giant metal thing that somehow flew without any magic, Ron couldn't understand. Hermione took his hand and gave him another smile and he relaxed slightly.

After they had been served numerous drinks, snacks and lunch, Hermione turned to Ron.

"It's not so bad, is it?" Ron was actually quite enjoying himself, but he wasn't about to let Hermione know that.

"I suppose not," he said begrudgingly. Hermione chuckled and rested her head on his shoulder. Ron kissed the top of her head as he relaxed back into his seat and closed his eyes. In spite of the extra time it took to get anywhere, he thought that he just might get used to flying the Muggle way.

Chapter Text

Day 52

Prompt: Golden

Characters: Teddy, Victoire

Pairing: Teddy/Victoire

Rating: G

Teddy's quill moved across his parchment, but he was paying no attention to what he was writing. Instead he was surreptitiously glancing at the girl next to him. He had made his hair grow a bit longer than usual so he could hide behind it and watch her without her knowledge.

They were sitting outside under the beech tree on the edge of the Black Lake. It was one of the first warm days that spring and many of the students had taken advantage of it after classes were over for the day. Teddy was writing a Charms essay, or at least he was supposed to be, and Victoire was reading something from her Transfiguration textbook.

She was bent over her book and the sun shone on the top of her head, making her hair seem to sparkle in the light. He watched her grasp a lock of her hair and twirl it around her finger as she read. He couldn't take his eyes off of her and soon the scratching of his quill stopped.

She looked over at him and gave him a blinding smile. He could only stare back at her, open-mouthed.

"What?" she asked when he hadn't said anything for a few moments. He shook his head as if to clear it.

"Nothing," he muttered and turned back to his essay. He could feel her eyes on him, but he forced himself not to look at her. This was Victoire. They had grown up together, known each other since they were in nappies. They were practically related. She was only fourteen. He should not want to snog the life out of her.

But you're not related, that little voice inside his head kept saying. He closed his eyes and told that voice to shut up.

"Teddy?" Victoire asked tentatively when he had been sitting with his eyes closed and his jaw clenched for several minutes. "Are you all right?" He chanced a glance at her and instantly wished he hadn't. The sun had started its descent and it shone behind her head, surrounding her in a golden glow. She was beautiful. Merlin, when had he turned into such a ponce?

"Yes, fine," he said tightly. Her brow furrowed.

"You don't seem fine." Teddy took a breath and blew it out. He forced a smile on his face.

"I'm okay, really." She studied him for a moment before going back to her book. They sat in silence for a few minutes. And then in one swift movement, Victoire leaned over and kissed him quickly on the lips before getting up and running toward the castle. Teddy watched her go, shock slowly giving way to a smile. He gathered up his things before hurrying after her.

Chapter Text

Day 53

Prompt: Ice Cream

Characters: Florean Fortescue

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Surely you can't be serious? Ice cream?"

"Yes, Father," Florean replied. His father sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Florean, you are an intelligent young man. You have job offers from many research facilities, including the Ministry. Why in Merlin's name do you want to sell ice cream?"

"I enjoy history, Father, you know that, but I don't want to spend my life researching."

"What is wrong with research?" his father asked, clearly affronted.

"Nothing. I just don't want to do it."

"And you think ice cream will put food on your table and clothes on your back?"

"I think the few weeks before school starts might keep me afloat for the entire year, to be honest." His father looked at him skeptically. Florean began to pace back and forth across the room as he explained his plans. There wasn't anything like it located in Diagon Alley and even though the Leaky Cauldron sold puddings, it did not have ice cream, nor did the Sugarplum's Sweets Shop.

"Imagine it, Father. It's August, it's warm, everyone is tired from shopping and on the way back to the Leaky Cauldron, there sits my ice cream parlour. Who can resist ice cream on a hot summer day?"

"It all sounds very…Muggle."

Florean frowned. His father had never shown any kind of prejudice against Muggles before.

"All the better then. Muggleborns will be happy to see something that is familiar and Purebloods will be given a little culture."

His father chuckled at that. Florean watched the older man as he steepled his fingers under his chin, a contemplative look on his face. Encouraged by the fact that the man was at least listening, Florean continued outlining his plan, including the empty store front he wanted to purchase.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked when he had finally finished. "Will you help me?" His plans would all be for naught if his father was unwilling to lend him some of the galleons he needed to get things started. His father studied him for a few moments before he spoke.

"Two years," the older man said. "I will give you two years to turn a profit and begin paying back my loan. If it is not a success by then I will be forced to remove my support." Florean smiled widely.

"Thank you, Father. And don't worry. I will not need two years. I plan to show a profit in less than one."

Chapter Text

Day 54

Prompt: Friend

Characters: Lily, Severus, Mrs. Evans

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"For goodness sake, come on, Sev," Lily urged as she dragged him up the front walk of her house.

"I don't know, Lily. Maybe I shouldn't."

Lily sighed in exasperation.

"I told you that Professor McGonagall has already been here. They know all about magic. Now come on." She let go of his arm and hurried to the door. Severus slowed his steps and looked down at his clothes, fiddling with the hem of the too large shirt and staring at the rip in the knee of his trousers. Lily opened the door and then stopped when she realized Severus was no longer behind her. She walked back to where he stood and took his hand.

"Mum was baking biscuits when I left. Let's see if she's finished." She tugged lightly on his hand and he followed her into the house, swallowing in trepidation.

"Mum!" Lily called as they stepped into the front hall. A woman came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel. She looked remarkably like Lily, except that her eyes were the same pale blue as Petunia's instead of Lily's green.

"Hello," Mrs. Evans said with a smile. "You must be Lily's friend Severus. She's told us all about you." Severus could only nod dumbly; startled at the way she had addressed him.

"Why don't the two of you come into the kitchen? I've just pulled out a batch of biscuits."

Severus followed Lily into the sunny kitchen that looked nothing like the dark, dingy one in his own home. They sat down at the table and a plate of still-warm chocolate chip biscuits and a glass of lemonade were placed in front of both of them. Lily's mother kept up a running conversation with them while she dropped more dough onto the baking pan. Once she had slid the next batch into the oven, she excused herself for a moment.

"I told you she'd like you," Lily said as she bit into a biscuit, a bit of chocolate clinging to her lip which she promptly licked off.

"Lily?" Severus questioned. "Why did your mother refer to me as your friend?" Lily looked at him blankly for a moment.

"Because you are, silly." She chuckled and took a drink of her lemonade. Severus felt a curious warmth bloom in his chest.

"Aren't you?" she asked when Severus didn't respond. She looked concerned. He felt his lips quirk at the corners.

"Yes, Lily. I'm your friend."

Lily grinned and went back to her biscuit. Severus took a gulp of his lemonade to hide the large smile that seemed determined to split his face in two.

Chapter Text

Day 55

Prompt: Decoration

Characters: Dudley, Cho

Pairing: Dudley/Cho

Rating: G

"Do you think we need more garland?"

"It looks fine, love."

"Maybe more holly berries." Cho raised her wand to conjure a few more berries on the garland strung across the mantel, before she stopped and looked back at her husband. "Do your parents even like holly? Or should we have used evergreen boughs?" Dudley wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

"You're worrying too much," he said resting his chin on her shoulder. She made an exasperated noise.

"I want them to like me, Dudley. Everything has to be perfect."

"Believe me, whether they like you or not has nothing to do with how we decorate our mantel." Cho turned in his arms and raised her eyebrows in disbelief. Dudley chuckled. "Fine, you're right, they'll judge regardless. But leave the holly. I like it."

"I'm not going to use magic while they're here," Cho announced.

"You don't have to do that," Dudley protested. Cho shook her head.

"We've asked them round so many times I've lost count. To be honest, I was shocked when your mother agreed and when she said your father was coming too, I nearly fainted. I know how they feel about magic. And me."

Dudley sighed. "We probably shouldn't mention that Harry is coming on Boxing Day either."

Cho laughed. "Definitely not." Dudley looked at her with a peculiar expression on his face. "What?"

"It's just," he paused. "What about dinner?"

"What do you mean?"

"You said you weren't going to use any magic while they're here."

Cho crossed her arms over her chest. "I'll have you know that I can cook just fine without magic."

Dudley looked at her skeptically, remembering his birthday breakfast disaster from a few years ago. He didn't think he had ever seen his wife in the kitchen without her wand. She huffed at his expression.

"Fine, I planned to have all the cooking done before they got here." She bit her lip. "I've been practicing cancelling the stasis charm wandlessly."

Dudley couldn't help it, he began to laugh. Cho's eyes narrowed.

"What is so funny?" she demanded.

"You're such a witch, love." She huffed again and he pulled her into his arms. "And I love you for it."

Chapter Text

Day 56

Prompt: Dancing

Characters: Lily Luna, Ginny, Harry

Pairing: Harry/Ginny

Rating: G

Lily Luna Potter loved to dance. When she was five, she and her mother were in Muggle London and Lily saw a group of girls coming out of a building dressed in tights and what she found out later were leotards. They had bags and ballet shoes slung over their shoulders. Lily was fascinated and tugged her mother to a stop in front of the building. After a few moments of pleading, they went inside and Lily watched, entranced, as the dancers leapt and twirled across the floor.

It took weeks of begging and many promises not to even mention the word magic before her parents finally relented and allowed her to take dance classes. Lily fell in love the moment she stepped into the studio. She danced everywhere, at home, at the Burrow, at Uncle George and Uncle Ron's shop, in Diagon Alley. Lily stopped walking anywhere and just danced her way to wherever she needed to go.

At her first recital, she wore a white tutu and pink ballet slippers and she felt like a princess. Grandma and Granddad Weasley gave her a bouquet of flowers afterward and her grandma told her that she had never seen anything more precious. Lily scowled slightly. She didn't want to be precious, she wanted to be graceful and beautiful and perfect. She wanted to be a ballerina.

She practiced every day. She begged her father for a barre and he put one in her bedroom. She spent all her free time doing plies and arabesques and pirouettes. She told anyone who would listen that she would be a prima ballerina one day. Her relatives all smiled indulgently.

When her Hogwarts letter came, she danced through the house in excitement until she realized. Going to Hogwarts meant no more dance classes, no more recitals, no more prima ballerina. Lily stopped short and stared at the parchment in her hand. And then she cried.

The next day, she packed away all her shoes and tutus and awards. She covered her barre with a sheet and took down all her ballet posters. She no longer danced anywhere. She felt clumsy and ungraceful. She picked at her food and rarely smiled. She saw the looks on her parents' faces, heard them whispering about her, but she didn't care. Even her brothers looked worried.

Her mum seemed to always be making a Floo call and the family owl seemed to be coming and going more than usual. Lily noticed these things, but didn't care to try and figure them out like she usually would have. Her mother announced they would go to Diagon Alley the next day to get their school supplies. Her brothers tried to draw her into conversation about some new invention of Uncle George and Ron's, but Lily went to her room.

They had finished all of their shopping and were now in Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Her mum said something to Uncle George and then came and wrapped Lily in her arms, Disapparating a moment later. They landed in front of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and her dad was there waiting for them. Lily looked up at her mum in confusion, but she simply smiled and led Lily down the street.

They reached a stone cottage and her dad knocked on the door. An older woman answered and greeted her parents before smiling at Lily.

"Come, my dear, let me show you something." Lily looked at her parents who nodded and she followed the woman into the house. When the woman opened a door and motioned Lily inside, Lily gasped. It was a ballet studio. She glanced from her parents to the woman and back again.

"Lily, this is Madame Petrov. She's going to give you dance lessons while you are at Hogwarts." Lily's eyes widened. "We've cleared it with the Headmaster and Madame Petrov's Floo has been connected to the Headmaster's office. As long as you keep up with your studies, you'll take lessons twice a week."

"Wh-what?" Her mum knelt down in front of her and took Lily's hands in her own.

"We always knew you loved to dance, but we didn't realize just how much until you stopped."

"We want our dancing Lily back," her dad added with a smile. Lily looked back and forth between the two of them and then threw her arms around her mother's neck. Then she hugged her father. She smiled at Madame Petrov and the two spoke for a moment about her first lesson. As they left the cottage, Lily danced down the walk. Her parents smiled widely behind her.

Chapter Text

Day 57

Prompt: Soul

Characters: Tom Riddle, Myrtle, Basilisk

Pairing: None

Rating:  T for character death

Tom walked briskly down the corridor. He only had a short time before classes began again and it wouldn't do for him to be late. He didn't expect this particular task to take all that long, however. He smirked. Slughorn really was a complete imbecile.

He wondered idly if he would be able to feel his soul split and if it would hurt. Not that it mattered; a bit of pain had never bothered him. He didn't doubt that he would be successful in his task, but he did wonder just how he would know for sure that it had worked.

Tom reached the bathroom and silently opened the door and peered inside. He smirked again when he saw the set of legs in one of the stalls and heard the sobbing. Even if he hadn't seen her run off after the incident he would have known that this is where he would find her. Gossiping girls always provided him with a wealth of information. He was doing the entire school a favor by getting rid of this one. He had never been able to stand crying children.

Tom stepped up to the sinks and commanded them open. He called to the Basilisk just as he heard the stall door open.

"What are you doing in here?" Myrtle demanded. "This is the girls' room. Go away!" Another hissed command and the Basilisk slid from the pipe and into the bathroom.

"Kill," Tom hissed in Parseltounge as he brought his wand up and pointed it at the girl. He began the incantation as the Basilisk swung its head around to look at her. She stared at it for a second before slumping to the ground. Tom finished the spell and the diary in his hands glowed green for a moment.

Tom ordered the Basilisk back into the Chamber and then closed the entrance. The diary seemed to thrum in his hand and he knew it had worked. He didn't really feel any different and when he glanced at himself in the mirror above the sink, he didn't look any different either. A cold smile appeared on his face. His first Horcrux.

He glanced at his watch and without even giving the dead girl on the floor another glance he strode from the room. It wouldn't do now to be late for class.

Chapter Text

Day 58

Prompt: Hello (used as dialogue)

Characters: Harry, Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Every day she had come in, for months now. They had regulars of course, it was a coffee shop, but this woman seemed different. It was probably the way she looked at him, first hopeful as she greeted him, then sad when he simply returned her 'hello' and asked her what she would like. Now, he didn't even need to ask for her order, she always bought the same thing. So they exchanged 'hellos' and not much else. She would sit at a table and drink her coffee, all the while sending little glances his way. It had unnerved him at first, but now, he just felt sorry for her. She obviously missed this person that he looked like quite desperately and he couldn't begrudge her a few minutes of studying him. He could still remember the first time she'd come in.

"Hello, what can I get for you today?"  he had asked. The woman's head snapped up at the sound of his voice and her eyes widened. She looked as if she'd seen a ghost.

"Ha-Harry?" she nearly whispered.


Tears had gathered in the woman's brown eyes and she brushed a curly lock of hair away from her face impatiently. "Oh god, Harry!" She reached out to him like she wanted to hug him or something. "What are you doing here? Why didn't you contact any of us? Why-" but he interrupted.

"Erm, I think you have me confused with someone else," he said. "My name isn't Harry." The woman looked completely confused. "It's Evan." She choked out a sound that sounded like a cross between a laugh and a sob. Her eyes searched his face and she reached a hand towards his forehead. He moved back slightly, his eyes going wide.

"I'm sorry, I," she bit her lip and looked up at him with watery eyes. "I'm sorry." He suddenly felt badly for her.

"It's all right," he said with a smile. "They say we all have a twin somewhere, right?" He brushed his hair away from his eyes and exposed the scar he'd gotten as a child. The tears that had been threatening for a few moments spilled down her cheeks.

"Right," she choked out. She left without ordering anything.

She had come back though, every day since and ordered the same small coffee which she drank while watching him. Sometimes she talked to him, mentioning names of people or places and looking at him hopefully. It was strange, actually, because there were times when he looked at her and some kind of recognition pinged in his mind before it was gone just as quickly. He figured it was just her hope rubbing off on him because he was sure he would have remembered meeting someone named Hermione.

Chapter Text

Day 59

Prompt: Chess

Characters: Lucius, Severus

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Drink, Severus?" Lucius asked as he stood near the sideboard.

"Yes, thank you." Severus directed his chess pieces to their places on the board. He was always black, Lucius always white, the irony of which did not fail to escape him.

Lucius approached with two snifters of cognac and settled into the armchair across from his old friend. A wave of his hand and his own chess pieces had assembled themselves.

"So, how is our illustrious Savior faring in his first year of Hogwarts?" Lucius drawled as he sent a pawn forward. Severus sneered.

"He is as insolent and arrogant as his father was."

"As pampered and spoiled as well, I hear."

Severus snorted. "Naturally." He sipped his cognac and instructed his bishop to move. "You have heard about the Quidditch incident I expect?"

Lucius chuckled. "Yes, Draco spoke of nothing else in his letters for weeks. He was most perturbed that you did not make an exception for him to try out for his team as well." Lucius studied the Potions Master and Severus was aware of the hidden admonishment.

"As you know, I am well aware of Draco's skill on a broom. However, I did feel it…prudent to allow Mr. Higgs to finish out the season given it is his last year. Regardless of Potter's…skill," Severus' lip curled in disgust, "the fact remains that he does not have the slightest notion as to what Quidditch is even about. I have no doubt that Mr. Higgs will be able to handle him." Lucius' rook moved across the board.

"Yes, I informed Draco that he would have plenty of chances to best those beneath him in future."

"Quite," Severus replied acknowledging the silent demand that Draco would not fail to make the House team the following year.

Chapter Text

Day 60

Prompt: Bitter

Character: Peter Pettigrew

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Eye pressed to the crack of the door, Peter Pettigrew stood in the shadows and watched as Snape moved about the room. He was tired of being ordered around like a House-elf. The earlier visit by Narcissa and Bellatrix had been most interesting and if Peter hadn't been forced from the room, he would be reporting it to their Lord right now. Not that he still hadn't tried to eavesdrop after Snape had caught him the first time, but Snape had thrown up that muffling spell he was so famous for and Peter hadn't been able to hear a thing.

He had hated Snape when they were in school, hated him still. Snape treated Peter as if he was lower than the dirt on Snape's shoe, just as he had in school. Snape had hated the rest of the Marauders as well, but his disdain for Peter had always been more than apparent. Clearly, he felt as if Peter were just some hanger-on.

Peter sniffed. His so-called friends had felt the same way about him, Peter knew. Well, perhaps not Remus so much, but James and definitely Sirius. Regardless of the fact that they had called him friend, their constant teasing and jibes showed their true feelings. And Peter knew that most of the professors had felt the same way about him; the forgotten fourth to James, Sirius and Remus' trio. Peter rarely got called in to McGonagall's office for punishment, not even as often as Remus, who didn't suffer as much as James and Sirius. Not that he wanted detention, but it was insulting that his Head of House assumed he could have nothing to do with any of their spectacular pranks.

It was no different now. Peter saw the way the other Death Eaters looked at him; disdain, contempt and disgust plain on their faces. Peter was the one that had found the Dark Lord in Albania. Peter was the one that stayed by his side and kept their Lord alive by milking that horrid snake. Peter was the one that had sacrificed his own hand to help raise their Lord back to power. And still they looked down on him as if he were filth.

Peter rubbed his silver hand, the gift from the Dark Lord gleaming in the darkness. He would show them. One day, he would show them all.

Chapter Text

Day 61

Prompt: Lazy Day

Characters: Andromeda, Ted, Nymphadora

Pairing: Andromeda/Ted

Rating: G

Kneeling on the blanket, Andromeda began to pack the empty food containers back into the picnic basket they had brought. Her wand was in her sleeve, but given they were in a Muggle park, she didn't think it prudent to levitate anything. She kept an eye on her daughter and husband who were a few feet away, watching some older children flying kites.

When Andromeda had finished, she sat back on the blanket and turned her face toward the sun. It was a beautiful summer day and she was glad they had decided on the picnic. She had spoken to Sirius a few days prior and it seemed that things with the war were escalating. That Sirius was right in the thick of it did not surprise Andromeda. She and Ted were relatively unaffected in their quiet corner of the world, but Andromeda had a feeling that their peace wouldn't last much longer.

Hands on her shoulders made her jump and her head shot around to see Ted smiling behind her.

"We scared you, Mummy!" Nymphadora giggled. Andromeda held a hand to her racing heart and forced a smile to her face.

"So you did." She took a good look at her daughter. "Oh, Nymphadora, you're filthy." The six year old beamed as if this were a fact to be proud of.

"Oh let her be, Dromeda. She's a kid. Kids get dirty." Andromeda shook her head as Nymphadora skipped off to pick the small wildflowers that were growing at the base of a nearby tree. Ted sat down beside his wife and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"A bit jumpy, aren't you?"

"I was just thinking."

He pressed a kiss to her temple. "Sirius upset you."

"No. I mean yes, well, not in the way you mean." She sighed and shook her head, pausing to order her thoughts. "I just feel as if this is the last of the calm, somehow. Like there's something just waiting in the wings to pounce as soon as summer decides it's done with us. Or someone. Why I think it's tied to the season, I don't know." She huffed in frustration. Ted's hand rubbed soothingly up and down her arm as they watched Nymphadora play. "It sounds silly, I know." He shook his head.

"It doesn't." He paused for a moment before he smiled at her. "I suppose we'd better enjoy what time we have left then, shouldn't we?" He kissed her and she rested her head on his shoulder for a few minutes before being summoned by the excited shouts of their daughter. As they both exclaimed over the rather disgusting looking bug Dora had found, Andromeda shared a smile with her husband. He was right, she knew, and they spent the rest of the day lazily enjoying the sun and all of Nymphadora's discoveries.

Chapter Text

Day 62

Prompt: Truth

Characters: Remus, Sirius, James, Peter

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Remus climbed the stairs to his dorm. He winced when he bumped his arm against the bannister, the large gash he had given himself the night before still not completely healed. His dorm mates would likely still be at dinner, there had only been a couple of students in the common room. Remus, having eaten in the hospital wing, intended on grabbing his bag and heading to the library before they could question him again.

He opened the door to their room and was shocked to see James, Sirius, and Peter sitting on the end of James' bed, clearly waiting for him. Remus swallowed.

"How's your mum?" Peter asked.

"The same."

"The Healers still haven't been able to figure out what's wrong with her?" James questioned.

"Well, she's a Muggle, so she has a Muggle doctor, but no. I told you that."

"Right," James said, eyes narrowed. Remus moved towards his bed, but saw the three of them exchange glances.

"It's kind of odd that you go see her so regularly. What is it James, every thirty days or so?" James nodded.

"I see her once a month, what's wrong with that?"

"Why don't you just go on the weekends then?" Peter asked. "You wouldn't have to miss class then." Remus toyed with the strap of his bag that lay on his bed and looked at the floor.

"Why do you keep asking me the same questions? I've told you everything already." There were a few seconds of silence and Remus picked up his bag and turned to leave.

"Remus, when are you going to stop lying to us?" Sirius demanded. Remus stopped short.

"I don't," he cleared his throat. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I think you do." The two stared at each other for a few moments, the room deathly quiet. They know, they know, they know, flashed through Remus' mind in time to his racing heart. He looked from one boy to the next.

"I have an essay," he finally managed. Before he could flee the room, James grabbed his arm. Remus couldn't meet his gaze.

"Remus, are you a werewolf?"

Remus shook his head violently. Sirius made a derisive noise and Remus' chest constricted painfully.

"Still lying," Sirius said, shaking his head. His head rose slowly and he locked eyes with Remus. "As if it changes anything." It took Remus a moment to grasp what Sirius was saying, but once he did, he gaped at the other boy.


Sirius shrugged. "Doesn't matter to us, mate." Remus looked from Sirius to James to Peter incredulously.

"B-but, I, I'm, but-" he trailed off into silence again as James chuckled. He let go of Remus' arm and clapped him on the shoulder.

"Sirius is right." James shrugged. "You're still you, yeah?" Remus glanced at Peter, definitely the most cautious of all of them, but he simply wore a beaming smile and was nodding enthusiastically. Remus turned his back for a moment to try and get hold of his emotions.

They knew. They knew and they didn't hate him. They knew and they still wanted to be his friends. The weight of the lies fell from Remus shoulders as he turned around to face his friends. Truth. Maybe it really did set you free.

Chapter Text

Day 63

Prompt: First Home

Characters: Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione

Pairing: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

Rating: G

"Oh, it's lovely," Hermione said. "I can't believe it's the same house." The country house that Ginny and Harry had purchased a few months before had needed quite a bit of work, not to mention updating, but the property itself was what had sold them on it. Harry could already picture the Quidditch pitch they would put in the meadow out back and any future little Potters splashing in the stream that meandered through. The fact that there weren't any neighbors for a few miles didn't hurt either.

"You did a bang up job, mate," Ron said, looking around appreciatively. The front hall, which had looked more like a dungeon when they had first seen it, was now full of light thanks to the large windows they had put in above the front door.

"Thanks. Magic does come in handy," Harry quipped and Ron chuckled.

"Have Mum and Dad seen it yet?"

"No, we were going to have them over for dinner tomorrow." They continued the tour of the first floor through the kitchen and out to the back porch. Ron looked out over the back garden.

"You should have a party. This is a perfect place for it."

"Oh, that's a great idea," Ginny agreed. Harry rolled his eyes.

"I thought privacy was kind of the point of being out here," he said. "You know, so the Rita Skeeter's of the world don't get wind of where we live."

"We'll just invite family and friends. They can Floo in. No one will know exactly where we are."

"You can have one of those, what did you tell me they were called, Hermione?" Ron asked.

"An open house," Hermione supplied.

"Right, you can show off the new house to everyone all in one go."

Harry looked at his wife and his two best friends, knowing he was outnumbered. With a fond shake of his head, he agreed.

"Not so bad, yeah?" Ginny asked as she came up next to him. He slid an arm around her waist and kissed the top of her head.

"Rather nice, actually." Harry looked out at the gathering in their back garden as the sun started to set. People had come and gone throughout the afternoon, some staying longer than others, but it had been fun seeing everyone together. Most of the Weasleys were still here, along with Neville and Hannah and Luna and Rolf. Ginny smiled up at him. "Maybe we should make it a regular thing."

Ginny laughed. "I think you only have one housewarming party when you move into a new house, love."

Harry shrugged. "I'm sure we'll find more reasons to celebrate." He rubbed a hand over the small swell of her stomach.

"Hm, I suppose we will." Ginny's hand covered his and she looked up at him. "Welcome home, Mr. Potter."

Chapter Text

Day 64

Prompt: Room of Requirement

Characters: Seamus, Lavender, Neville, Parvati

Pairing: Seamus/Lavender

Rating: G

The boys looked up from their game of Exploding Snap as the door opened. Lavender and Parvati ran inside and slammed it behind them. They were both panting, sweaty and bruised. Seamus' hand tightened around his cards as he got to his feet, along with Michael and Ernie. Neville was already hurrying towards the pair. He led them over to the chairs the boys had been sitting in.

"I knew you were in here," Parvati said triumphantly as Neville gently wiped at a cut below her eye. Seamus stared at Lavender, his ire rising as he took in the bruise on her cheek and the cut on her lip. His hand curled into fists involuntarily. She met his gaze and gave him a wink.

"Finally had enough, eh?" Seamus asked, looking solely at Lavender. He could feel Parvati's eyes on him, but he didn't react. Lavender shrugged.

"Decided to see what fun the rest of you were getting up to in here." There was a smile playing at the corner of her lips. Seamus snorted as Neville turned to Lavender with some of the bruise paste Aberforth had been able to get for them. An irrational flash of jealousy seared through Seamus as Neville gently rubbed the paste onto Lavender's cheek. Lavender smirked at him. There was a shriek from the corner.

"This bathroom is disgusting!" The boys looked at each other in bewilderment as Parvati stepped from behind the curtain that separated the loo from the rest of the Room. Lavender walked over to her friend and peeked inside, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

"What?" Seamus said. "It works."

Lavender rolled her eyes. "Boys."

"Just ask for what you want," Neville said with a shrug. "Two more hammocks, please." They all watched as two hammocks appeared next to the others. The two girls put their heads together for a moment before they began requesting things of their bathroom. Even Seamus had to admit it was quite an improvement, complete with an actual door instead of a curtain.

Later, after they had eaten a bit and everyone was relaxing on the chairs and couches the Room continued to provide for them, Seamus walked over to where Lavender sat on one of the new hammocks.

"You all right?" he asked quietly. She cocked her head.

"Were you worried?"

"You know I was," he said tightly. She shrugged.

"Parvati knows."

"Not surprised," he said. "And I don't care." She looked up at him in shock. He took her hand and pulled her to her feet. "The secrecy was only so the Carrows didn't have any more ammunition against me, you know that. Just like you know they would have used it."

"And that's changed now, has it?"

He gestured around the room. "Do you see any Carrows here?"

She shook her head. He ran his thumb over the cut on her lip and then replaced it with his lips. Lavender stiffened for a moment before melting into his embrace and wrapping her arms around his neck. There were a few cat calls from the other members of the Room, which Seamus responded to with a silent hand gesture before going back to kissing his witch.

Chapter Text

Day 65

Prompt: Close

Characters: Hermione, Ron, Ginny, mystery Weasley brother (revealed at the end)

Pairing: Hermione/Ron

Rating: G

Easing back slightly, he took a breath. She was too close to him again. In her defense, it wasn't her fault. The Weasley family had grown so large it was quite difficult to get the annual Christmas photograph without everyone being crowded on top of one other.

"Move in a bit more, Ginny," their father instructed. Ginny's move jostled everyone down the line. It was the perfect opportunity to brush her side with his hand. Hermione jumped a bit and turned to look at him.

"Sorry," he said. She flashed him a brilliant smile.

"It's all right," she replied. "Rather close quarters this year." She turned to face the front once again and he swallowed thickly. Why did he torture himself like this? She was his brother's wife for Merlin's sake. He did not fancy his brother's wife.

At dinner, he had sat down next to her. He had no idea what possessed him to do so, as they were packed so tightly together, her thigh or knee continually brushed up against his. He had forced himself to ignore her for nearly the entirety of the meal, talking instead to Harry, who was on his other side. It wasn't until his mum had brought out the pudding that he allowed his attention to be drawn back to her.

He couldn't exactly help it as she had moaned in delight after taking the first bite of the tart in front of her. His hand tightened around his fork at the sound. Ron had given his wife a knowing look and bumped her with his shoulder. She smiled and kissed his cheek before going back to her pudding. He had excused himself abruptly after that and had gone into the living room heading right for the Firewhiskey. He did not want his brother's wife.

Now they were taking this bloody photograph and she kept getting pushed closer to him. He could smell the vanilla of her shampoo and feel the heat from her body and sweet Merlin he was going to do something stupid if this picture wasn't taken soon.

She's your brother's wife, he repeated over and over in his head as he forced a smile on his face for the camera. As soon as they finished, he fled the house and leaned against the fence near the broom shed, trying to calm himself.

"What is wrong with you?" a voice hissed in the darkness. He turned and saw his sister striding toward him.

"I needed some air."

"You know that's not what I meant." There was silence between the two of them for a moment before Ginny spoke again. "Hermione is married to Ron. Our brother in case you've forgotten."

"Leave it alone, Gin," he said tiredly.

"I can't! If I've noticed, how long do you think it's going to be before Mum notices? Or Hermione for that matter?" He said nothing. "She loves Ron. Don't do this."

"I'm not doing anything. And if she loves him so much, there isn't anything to worry about, is there?" Ginny stared at him for a few more moments before she huffed and went back into the house. He stared out into the darkness for a bit longer before he sighed and turned toward to the house. The last thing he needed was for his mother to find him and start asking questions. Because he was not in love with his brother's wife.

They were all sitting in the living room when Ron rose and picked up a small box from under the tree. He carried it to their parents.

"Hermione and I want you to open this."

"But it's only Christmas Eve," his mother protested.

"We know, but this is a different sort of gift." He glanced back at Hermione who beamed at him.

They all watched as the Weasley matriarch pulled away the ribbon and the paper. Inside the box were two bibs, each said something, but he couldn't see what it was from his vantage point. Whatever it was made his mother gasp and bring a hand to her mouth.

"You're, are you-" she trailed off and stared at her youngest son and his wife. Hermione nodded, wide smile on her face. She brought a hand to her still flat stomach and his mother was instantly up and embracing the younger woman.

Everyone else in the room caught on rather quickly and congratulations were soon being passed around. He held back, but knew that he would be expected to hug her as everyone else had and so he let himself. He hugged her tighter than was strictly necessary and held onto her for just the tiniest bit too long. Hermione looked at him in confusion when he finally released her.

"Congratulations, Hermione," he managed.

"Thank you, Charlie." She was still looking at him strangely. He stepped away. She was too close. Damn it, was in love with his brother's wife.

Chapter Text

Day 66

Prompt: Teddy bear

Characters: Edgar Bones, Alastor Moody, OC

Pairing: None

Rating: T for character death, including the death of a child

"Here you go, my darling." Edgar stood in the doorway and watched his wife hand their daughter her teddy bear and tuck her into bed. She pressed a kiss to the little girl's forehead and then rose, brushing her husband's hand and giving him a smile on her way out of the room.

"Daddy, do you have to leave again tonight?"

"A bit later, yes," he replied and sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Why do you always have to go?"

He chuckled at her pout. "You know why," he said tapping the end of her nose.

"I miss you when you're gone."

"And I you, but tonight you will not even realize that I am gone. You will be fast asleep when I leave and still dreaming when I return." He kissed her cheek and she hugged her teddy bear closer and snuggled down under the covers. "Sleep well, little one."

There were screams and calls and flashes of light. Pleading and laughter, cries and shouts of triumph. A little girl huddled in the darkness, clutching her teddy bear. Tears ran down her cheeks as the door was flung wide. She scrambled backwards, pressing herself to the wall as the burst of green flew towards her. The teddy bear fell from her grip as she slid, slack, to the floor.

Alastor slowly walked up the stairs, leaving Emmeline and Elphias with the bodies of Edgar and his wife. They had arrived too late. The boy had been at the base of the stairs, but they had not found the girl yet. He knew better than to hope she had been left unharmed, but the hope was there nonetheless.

Wand drawn, he peered into the first bedroom, clearly the master. He cast a revealing spell, but it showed nothing. Continuing on, he glanced in the boy's room and the loo as he made for the final door in the corridor which stood slightly ajar. A pink blanket on the bed peeked out at him and he slowly pushed the door open. He bent to pick up a somewhat blackened teddy bear when he saw her. Eyes wide and blank, dried tears on her cheeks, she was half hidden by a fallen bookshelf, her nightgown twisted about her legs.

Alastor closed his eyes and took a breath as he scrubbed a hand down his face. He bent down and gently closed her eyes and smoothed the hair back from her face. He shook his head at the utter needlessness of it all, this killing of children and innocents, simply because of their blood or their relatives. Before he picked her up, he tucked the teddy bear under her arm.

"Sleep well, little one."

Chapter Text

Day 67

Prompt: Bored

Characters: Fred, George, Angelina, Alicia, Professor Binns

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Fred was bored. Again. History of Magic had to be the most painful class in all of Hogwarts. Of course, he had known this already from Bill and Charlie. Even Percy, who would never say anything against a professor, had grimaced slightly when Charlie was telling the twins about Binns' class. Still, Fred had thought that his brothers had to be embellishing at least a little bit. The last two years had proven that they weren't, however, and this year wasn't any better.

Fred glanced over at George who had his head in his hand, his eyes drooping shut. Fred elbowed him and George snorted, coming awake. Fred covered his mouth to stifle his laughter. George glared at him.

"What did you wake me up for? This class is dead boring."

"Why do you think I woke you up?" Fred whispered back. George rolled his eyes and rested his head in his hand again, but his eyes remained open. Fred glanced around the room and saw that Alicia and Angelina had their heads together and were writing notes back and forth on a piece of parchment between them. He nudged George again and nodded toward the girls. George shrugged until Fred pulled something out of his bag.

George grinned when he saw the Zonko's label. Fred opened the bag and took out two of the Hiccoughing Sweets. Then he reached in his pocket and took out two more that looked exactly like them, although they were harmless cherry candies. Fred crumpled up a small piece of parchment and threw it at Angelina's back. She turned around and glared at him.

He offered up the sweets and both she and Alicia's eyes narrowed, shaking their heads. Most everyone in their House was already wise to the twins' antics. Fred shrugged and took one of the harmless candies, unwrapped it and put it in his mouth. George did the same. The girls watched for a few seconds before accepting the two Zonko's sweets. Fred and George sat back to wait.

Alicia was the first to succumb and Fred bit his lip to keep from laughing. At first, she didn't realize anything was wrong until Angelina hiccupped as well. When the two girls turned around to glare at the boys, George and Fred put on their best innocent faces. Angelina made a noise of exasperation before raising her hand.

"Miss Jackson," Professor Binns acknowledged. Fred and George snickered, although it was the closest he'd ever come to her name.

"Alicia needs to go to the, hic, hospital wing," Angelina said sweetly. "May I, hic, accompany her?" The sweets seemed to be affecting Alicia more than they were Angelina. She was almost constantly hiccupping.

"Yes, yes, fine," Professor Binns said, waving a hand at the girls. Angelina whirled on Fred. Instead of the anger he expected to see on her face, there was a wide grin.

"Thanks for getting us out of class," she said with a smirk before she followed Alicia from the room. Fred and George gaped at her retreating back.

"Well, that didn't go as expected," George said. Fred shook his head. He was still bored.

Chapter Text

Day 68

Prompt: Smile

Characters: Percy, Audrey, Molly II

Pairing: Percy/Audrey

Rating: G

Elated shouts filled the air as the children ran around the garden of the Burrow searching for Easter eggs. Audrey stood against his father's shed, arms wrapped around her middle as she blankly stared out towards the pond. Percy sighed and walked towards her.

"We could have cancelled it," he said as he reached her. "Mum would have understood." Audrey shook her head and gave him a sad smile.

"The children were looking forward to it."

Percy put an arm around her shoulders and pressed a kiss to her temple. The Easter egg hunt had been Audrey's idea. Although his mother had always given them candy eggs at Easter, they'd never had an Easter egg hunt. Audrey had been a bit surprised that Hermione had never done one either, given they were both Muggleborn, but it hadn't been one of her family's traditions. Audrey's family, however, had done it every year, her father sneaking out into the garden after Audrey and her siblings were in bed to hide the eggs they would search for the next morning.

Audrey and his mother had planned it weeks ago, just before the accident that killed Audrey's father. Audrey blamed herself as she was supposed to meet him for lunch that day and had been running late. A driver had lost control and his lorry had jumped the curb, killing her father where he stood waiting for her in front of the café.

"It wasn't your fault," Percy said for what was probably the hundredth time. She shook her head and gave him that same sad smile. He missed her real smile, the one that would light up her entire face and make her eyes dance. He knew she was thinking of her own Easters as a child and hoped that the memories weren't too much for her. He wished there was something he could do or say to make it better or easier for her.

There was a shout and they both turned to see James and Albus fighting over the same egg. Given the fact that they both had quite a few in their baskets already, Percy wasn't sure what the fuss was all about. Neither did Harry, if the exasperated expression on his face was any indication, as he separated his two sons for the third time that morning. Percy chuckled and looked at his wife, but her eyes had drifted back to the pond.

"Mummy, Daddy!" a little voice called and Percy looked down to see a breathless Molly running towards them. "I finded it!" She triumphantly held up a golden egg.

"Found," Percy corrected automatically. He squatted down in front of his daughter looking into her basket which was empty. "Didn't you find any others?"

"I finded," she frowned for a moment and then corrected herself, "found lots but I wanted the gold one."

Percy smiled. All the eggs were sweets, but whoever found the golden egg got a special treat. Percy knew for a fact that there were enough golden eggs hidden for each of the children to find one. Audrey's father hadn't been able to bear the disappointment on his other children's faces when the first year only one golden egg had been found and had made sure there were enough for them all from then on. Audrey had insisted on the same.

"Now that you've found it, why don't you take it to Grandma and get your prize," Percy suggested but Molly shook her head.

"It's for Mummy. Cause she's sad." Percy looked up at his wife as Molly held the egg out to her. Audrey picked up their daughter as Percy rose to his feet.

"Thank you, sweetheart, but I want you to have the prize."

Molly's brow furrowed in thought and then her face lit up. "We can share!"

Audrey looked at her for a moment before her face broke into a smile, the smile that Percy loved, but wasn't sure he would see again. Audrey rubbed noses with the little girl.

"All right, we'll share."

Molly threw her arms around her mother's neck and Audrey hugged her tightly. She reached out a hand to Percy. He took it and kissed the back of it, then kissed his daughter's cheek. As long as Audrey could still smile, they would be all right.

Chapter Text

Day 69

Prompt: Passion

Characters: Arthur, Molly

Pairing: Arthur/Molly

Rating: G

Arthur Weasley's fascination with all things Muggle began when he was a boy. He had travelled to London with his father and saw an airplane fly overhead. His first task was to discover what it was, his second to figure out how it stayed in the air. His father had helped him find the answer to the first question, but the second remained a mystery.

Arthur's brothers teased him for his curiosity about Muggles and their ways, his father indulged him and his mother seemed a bit wary. Regardless of the fact that she did not share the rest of her family's rigid beliefs about blood purity, she had still been raised a Black. She was hesitant to allow one of her children to muck about in something none of them were familiar with, more concerned about his safety than anything else.

When he got to Hogwarts, Arthur could often be found quizzing the Muggleborns in his house about various Muggle objects. He happily took Muggle Studies beginning in his third year, which fueled his obsession with everything Muggle more than anything else. Arthur, of course, would never call it an obsession, a passion perhaps, but obsession, no.

His wife tolerated his exuberance for the most part, although she banished his collection to the shed outside as soon as Bill was born. She wanted little to do with his tinkering about with Muggle things and was most upset with him when he first brought home the old Ford Anglia.

"What in Merlin's name are you going to do with that?" Molly had demanded, hands on her hips.

"I'm going to take it apart and see how it works," Arthur replied.

"Arthur," she said with a shake of her head. She sighed resignedly. "Just don't let any of the children near it."

His plug and battery collections were another source of consternation for Molly. She didn't understand why he needed so many, but they were all unique in some way. He tried to explain to her that it was no different that Ron's chocolate frog card collection or Charlie's collection of miniature dragon figurines.

"You're obsessed with all of this, Arthur," she had said in exasperation one day when he brought home yet another toaster.

"I'm not obsessed, Mollywobbles." The corner of her lips had quirked at the pet name and he'd pulled her into his arms.

"What would you call it then?"

He shrugged. "A hobby."

She made a scoffing noise. "Obsession," she repeated.



"Hm, maybe more of a passion."

She shook her head, but gave him a fond smile. He returned it and kissed her.

All right, maybe he was a little obsessed, but he had no intention of admitting that to his wife. Whatever would they banter about if he did?

Chapter Text

Day 70

Prompt: Clouds

Characters: Dean, Ginny

Pairing: Dean/Ginny

Rating: G

"That one looks like a Hippogriff." Ginny pointed. "Oh and there's a garden gnome." Dean snorted.

"What?" she asked. He shook his head.

"We played this game when I was a kid, but we never found hippogriffs." They were just outside the Quidditch pitch, having finished their flying for the day. Dean was going to try out for the team and Ginny was helping him practice. They had stopped to rest for a bit when they finished and Ginny had started finding things in the clouds.

He was reclined on his back, resting on his elbows, looking up at the fluffy white clouds that were moving slowly through the sky. It was still warm for September and they were enjoying the first lazy Saturday of school. Dean knew there wouldn't be many others, the professors were bound to start loading them up on homework soon. Ginny rolled to her side, propping herself up on an elbow.

"What did you look for then?"

He shrugged. "Rabbits, dogs, cats. I found an elephant once. My sisters did always look for fairies though. Not that we had any idea fairies were an actual thing at the time." Ginny grinned. "What about you?"

"We did find regular animals sometimes and Ron was always looking for broomsticks and chocolate frogs," she said. Dean laughed. "Charlie managed to find a dragon every time somehow, although when he pointed it out, I could never see it." They were silent for a few minutes, watching the clouds drift past.

"It's strange isn't it?" Ginny asked.

"What is?"

"That we played the same game as children."

"It's not that strange," he replied. She gave him a quizzical look. "Sure the wizarding world is vastly different, but there are still a lot of things that are the same. I mean, our fairy tales are different, but we both still have them. Chess is different, but we both still play it. Our sports are different, but that doesn't make either of us any less enthusiastic about them. We still have jobs, kids still go to school." He shrugged. "We're all still just people."

"I suppose when you put it that way, you're right. It isn't strange at all."

Dean smiled and leaned over and kissed her. She grinned back and then looked up at the sky again.

"Look, a dragon!"

He squinted and turned his head. "I don't see it," he admitted. "It just looks like, I dunno, a blob of nothing."

She laughed and shook her head. "I knew Charlie was imagining things."

Chapter Text

Day 71

Prompt: Guest

Characters: Voldemort, Ollivander, Yaxley

Pairing: None

Rating: T 

Warning for torture

Yaxley yanked Ollivander forward and shoved him to the ground at Voldemort's feet.

"Now, now Yaxley, let us not be so rough. Mr. Ollivander is our guest after all."

"Yes, my Lord." Yaxley pulled the old wandmaker to stand. Garrick swayed unsteadily for a moment before he regained his balance.

"Leave us."

Yaxley and Fenrir departed the drawing room, closing the door behind them. Voldemort began to walk in a small circle around Ollivander.

"Why am I here?" Garrick finally asked. Voldemort stopped in his circling and smirked.

"You are not enjoying our hospitality?" The wandmaker said nothing as Voldemort put his wand under Ollivander's chin. Garrick swallowed reflexively. "I require information, Mr. Ollivander."

Voldemort began detailing the occurrence at the graveyard in Little Hangleton the night of his resurrection. Ollivander's eyes widened for a fraction of a second before his face became impassive, but Voldemort did not miss it.

"Why is it that my wand will not work against Harry Potter's?"

"I do not know, Mr. Riddle."

Voldemort hissed and stepped forward until his face was directly in front of the wandmaker's, his wand pointed at him once again.

"You will address me as my Lord."

"Tom Riddle, yew, 13 ½ inches, phoenix feather core."

"Crucio." Ollivander fell to the ground shaking and screaming. Voldemort lifted the curse as the older man panted on the ground.

"I ask you again why my wand does not work against Harry Potter's."

Ollivander once again refused to answer and Voldemort once again cursed him. And so it went until the wandmaker had nearly passed out.

"Tw-twin cores," Ollivander finally managed.

"Twin cores," Voldemort repeated coldly.

"Sh-share f-feathers from the," Ollivander broke off, coughing violently. "Same ph-phoenix."

"And how do I solve this problem?"

Ollivander lay in silence until Voldemort kicked at him with his foot. "Another w-wand."

Voldemort stared at the old man on the ground for a moment before tapping a finger against his lips. "Any other wand?"

"Y-yes." Ollivander began to cough again.

"And what if this other wand also has a phoenix feather core?"

Garrick shook his head. "Only two."

"Two what?"

"Only two f-feathers from that par-particular phoenix," he broke off with a groan.

"You are certain?" The wandmaker nodded, his eyes closing. "Yaxley!"

"Yes, my Lord?" the Death Eater replied as he came back into the drawing room.

"Take our guest back to his quarters in the dungeon."

"As you wish, my Lord." Yaxley pulled Ollivander roughly to his feet, but the older man sagged against him.

"And do make sure he recovers, Yaxley. I require him to fashion a new wand for Wormtail."

"Yes, my Lord." Yaxley tugged a tripping Ollivander from the room.

Chapter Text

Day 72

Prompt: Temptation

Characters: James Sirius, Ginny

Pairing: None

Rating: G

James peeked through the window into the kitchen. His mouth dropped open at all of the sweets on display in front of him. Tarts, pies, puddings and biscuits were spread over the table in his grandmother's kitchen. He ducked down as his Aunt Audrey came into view, carrying a chocolate cake. James' mouth began to water.

He knew he was supposed to be playing with his brother and sister and his cousins. His mum had told them in no uncertain terms that they were to stay away from the house until they were called for tea. But James' curiosity had gotten the best of him.

All of the sweets were for the big party that Grandma and Granddad were throwing the next day. They had one every summer, although James couldn't really remember the reason why. His mum had sent them all out of the house so they could finish the baking and hide everything from the children.

He peeked through the window again and Aunt Audrey was gone. His mum would surely notice if he took a slice of cake or pie, but she wouldn't notice one missing biscuit, he reasoned. He never could resist his grandma's chocolate chip biscuits. He just had to get inside without anyone seeing him.

Grandma, Aunt Audrey, Aunt Fleur and his mum were in the kitchen. Teddy and Victoire were watching the younger kids in the meadow, but James wasn't sure how long it would take before they noticed he was missing. He had been gone for a good bit already. He glanced toward the orchard where he could hear laughter coming from the meadow and then back to the kitchen.

Biting his lip, James crept to the door. He opened it slowly, inch by inch. It creaked when it was halfway open and James froze. He could hear the clatter of dishes from the kitchen as well as the murmur of voices. When no one appeared in the kitchen doorway, he slid in through the half-open door. He dropped to all fours and began to crawl toward the table.

When he reached the end of the table, he raised his head slightly to peer over the top. He could see the backs of his grandmother and two aunts. He couldn't see his mum, but decided she must be in the pantry getting something.

He spotted the plate of biscuits and crawled under the table, counting chairs until he had reached the spot he knew it to be. Holding his breath, he reached a hand out from under the table to grope along the edge for the plate. So engrossed was he in his task that he didn't notice the set of legs that had come up beside him. Just as he touched the edge of the plate, a hand clamped down on top of his. James yelped.

He looked to his right and his mother's face appeared in front of him, his hand still tight in her grip. James gulped.

"Hello, James," she said in that sweet voice that meant nothing good for him.

"H-hi, Mum."

"What are you doing under the table?"

"I was, er, looking for my, er, my shoe." His mother looked pointedly at his feet, both of which wore shoes. She raised her eyebrows in question.

"I mean Lily's, Lily's shoe."

"Lily's shoe."


"Your sister is outside with one shoe on," his mother said. James nodded enthusiastically. "You're telling me that after we fed you all lunch and sent you outside, your sister went with only one shoe and no one noticed for more than an hour."

"Right," James said. His mum looked at him for a few seconds before she burst out laughing. She let go of his hand and clutched her middle as she continued to laugh. James was confused.

"What's funny?"

His mum shook her head and wiped at her eyes. "Oh, James, you are a horrible liar."

"But, I'm not-" she held up a hand before he could continue.

"Don't make it worse and come out from under there." James crawled out with a sigh.

"Now, would you like me to tell you what I think you're doing in here?" James shrugged and scuffed the toe of his trainer on the ground. "I think you came snooping, saw all the sweets and decided to try and sneak something, despite the fact that we told all of you to stay outside and play." James said nothing. His mum put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't forget that I grew up in this house. I know every creak and sound it makes. I knew what you were up to the moment you opened the door." James' shoulders slumped and his mum chuckled. "Now, back outside." She swatted him lightly on the backside and then turned to go back into the kitchen. James dragged his feet towards the front door. He glanced over his shoulder as he passed the plate of biscuits and then his hand shot out and he grabbed one before he took off in a run.

"James Sirius Potter!" His mum's shout echoed over James' laugh as he shoved the biscuit in his mouth and ran toward the meadow.

Chapter Text

Day 73

Prompt: Romance

Characters: Susan, Ernie, Justin, Hannah

Pairing: Susan/Ernie

Rating: G

"Yesterday, she offered to help me with that Herbology assignment," Ernie was saying. "And the day before that we were in the library and she offered to get a book for me when I realized I had forgotten to bring it with me."

Justin shrugged. "She's just being nice. It sounds exactly like Susan to me."

Ernie sighed as the two continued walking toward the Great Hall. "It's not though, it's different. I can't explain it exactly, but it just is."

Justin glanced over at him with a grin on his face. "Maybe she fancies you."

Ernie stopped short in the corridor and stared at his friend in shock for a minute. "I don't think that's it."

Justin shrugged and they continued on to breakfast, Ernie with a contemplative look on his face.

Susan flopped down on her bed with a groan.

"It's not that bad," Hannah tried to reassure her.

"Not that bad? Han, he has no idea. Nothing I've done has worked." She threw an arm over her eyes. "I don't think he even realizes I'm acting any differently."

"Maybe you need to be more direct. Look at Lavender, for instance."

Susan's hands dropped and she looked at Hannah, horrified. "So I should just grab him in the Common Room and start snogging him?"

Hannah laughed. "No, but you could just tell him that you fancy him, you know."

Susan groaned again.

"Hi, Ernie."

Ernie glanced up from his notes to see Susan standing in front of him. "Hi, Susan." He looked back to his notes, but she remained where she was. He looked back up at her in question. She was shifting nervously from foot to foot.

"Do you want to sit?" He indicated the chair next to him.

"Oh, yes, thanks," she perched on the edge of the chair and looked at the floor. Ernie studied her and wondered just what in the world was going on. Justin's suggestion came back to him, but they'd been friends for six years now and Susan had never given him any indication that it was anything more than that. Still, something was going on with her. He just had no idea what and it was driving him mad.

"Susan, is something wrong?"

She looked up sharply at that and then glanced away again. "No, why would you think that?"

"I don't know, you've been acting different around me lately."

"Oh, well I, erm, I," she huffed and then looked up at him. "There's a Hogsmeade weekend coming up."

"Yes, I know."

"Did you want to go?"

"Well, sure I'm going. Don't I always?" He wasn't sure just what she was getting at. She shook her head.

"No, I mean together, do you want to go together?"

"We always go together." His brow furrowed in confusion when she made a noise of exasperation.

"No, Ernie, not the four of us, I mean do you want to go with me? Together?"

It took a few moments, but realization finally dawned on his face. He reddened immediately after.

"You, you want to go to Hogsmeade with me?" She nodded. "Like, like, a date?" Another nod. They sat there in uncomfortable silence for a moment until a smile broke across Ernie's face.

"Yes, I think I'd like that very much." Susan smiled as well and Ernie reached over and took her hand and then kissed the back of it. She blushed, but didn't let go of his hand as they both settled in to study.

Chapter Text

Day 74

Prompt: Quidditch

Characters: Sirius, Regulus, James, OC

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Sirius glowered as the Slytherin Quidditch team was introduced. His brother had made the team this year, as their Seeker. Begrudgingly, Sirius knew that he would be heavy competition for Gryffindor's own Seeker. Sirius was aware of how well Regulus flew.

"All right, mate?" James asked, clapping a hand on Sirius' shoulder. Sirius nodded curtly and mounted his broom as the Gryffindor team was announced.

The game was dirty, as it always was when Gryffindor and Slytherin played each other. Still, Gryffindor had the upper hand as far as goals went. As he sent another Bludger the Slytherin Chasers' way, Sirius could see that both Seekers were still searching for the Snitch. They both kept each other in sight, but seemed to be giving one another space instead of shadowing each other as so often happened. Sirius couldn't help but think how small the second year looked on his broom.

He was distracted for a moment by a cheer from the Slytherin stands as their Chasers flew toward the Gryffindor goalposts. Sirius sped forward and hit another Bludger toward their Chasers, forcing them to break formation and allowing Gryffindor to steal the Quaffle. Sirius directed his attention back to his brother and saw that Regulus was speeding toward the other side of the pitch.

Gryffindor's Seeker was also in pursuit and a bit ahead of Regulus at the moment. As Sirius watched, there was a resounding 'crack' and Sirius saw a Bludger heading directly for his brother's head. Without thinking, Sirius sped forward, yelling Regulus' name as he did so. Regulus, as concentrated on his task as he was, either didn't notice or pretended not to hear. As the Bludger neared, Sirius flattened himself on his broom and flew into its path, passing close enough to Regulus that he felt the brush of his brother's robes against his.

Sirius felt ribs crack as the Bludger impacted. He grunted and somehow managed to hang on to his broom and make it to the ground before rolling off and grimacing in pain. A whistle blew and there was a cheer from the crowd. Seconds later, James had landed beside him followed closely by Madame Pomfrey.

She muttered under her breath as she examined him, then conjured a stretcher and levitated him onto it.

"Reg," Sirius managed.

"He's all right," James assured him.

"What the hell was that, Black?" a voice demanded and Sirius managed to open his eyes to see his captain glaring at him.

"It's his brother, McClaggen," James retorted.

"You're just lucky your little stunt distracted him from catching the Snitch, Black."

"Honestly, McClaggen, we won, sod off." With that McClaggen stomped off and James followed Madame Pomfrey to the hospital wing.

Sometime later, Sirius awoke to a small sound beside him. He looked up and saw Regulus standing next to his bed in the darkness of the infirmary.

"You're an idiot," Regulus said. Sirius chuckled, then winced as the action hurt his still healing ribs. The two stared at one other for a moment, not really knowing what to say given their strained relationship since Sirius started Hogwarts.

Regulus finally turned and walked toward the doors, but stopped after a few steps.

"Thank you," he said quietly. Sirius just nodded and his brother gave him a small smile before he continued into the corridor and back to the Slytherin dormitory.

Chapter Text




Day 75

Prompt: Shallow

Characters: Megan Jones, Luna, Susan

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Oh, sorry," Megan said when she bumped into someone as she came round the end of the bookcase.

"It's all right," a serene voice replied. The girl, a Ravenclaw, held a book in her hand, but she seemed to be reading it back to front. Megan looked back to the bookshelf in front of her, searching for the book she needed for her Transfiguration essay.

The blonde girl kept paging through her book, a slightly unfocused look on her face and Megan wasn't sure if she was even actually reading it. Shrugging, Megan crouched down to pull a book off the lowest shelf. When she glanced to the side, she saw that the girl wasn't wearing any shoes.

"What happened to your shoes?" Megan asked as she stood. The girl looked down at her feet as if just noticing that they were bare.

"Oh, they've been hidden on me again."

Megan frowned. "What do you mean, hidden?"

The girl shrugged. "Quite a few of my things seem to go missing. Shoes mostly. Although I haven't seen my scarf in a few days either," she said conversationally before she returned to her book.

"Who's hiding them?"

"Oh, a few of my Housemates I expect."

Megan gaped at her. "People from your own House take your things?"

The girl smiled. "It's just a bit of fun. I always get them back eventually."

"But, but, it's January! And you're barefoot!" Megan exclaimed. The girl shrugged again. "It's your House!"

Smiling, the girl patted Megan's arm and then turned and walked off. Megan stared after her for a few minutes before she shook her head and went back to her table.

"What's the matter?" Susan asked as Megan threw herself into her chair, clearly frustrated. "Didn't you find what you needed?"

"I found it," she replied. Susan looked at her quizzically. "There was this girl, a Ravenclaw, blonde hair, younger than us I think, she had this sort of dreamy look on her face the whole time I was talking to her."

"Luna Lovegood," Susan said immediately. "She's a fourth year."

"She wasn't wearing any shoes because apparently her Housemates hid them from her!"

"That's why she doesn't wear shoes?" Susan questioned. "I just thought it was because she's sort of, you know."

"Odd?" Megan supplied. Susan nodded blushing a bit. "Well she is that, but how shallow do you have to be to steal someone's shoes just because they're different? Especially someone from your own House?"

Susan sighed. "You know the other Houses are different from ours, Meg," Susan reminded her. "Not everyone always protects their own."

Megan huffed. "Well, it's stupid. Your own House should at least look out for you, no matter what."

Susan smiled. "I don't disagree but that's why we're Hufflepuffs, I expect."

Megan gave her a half smile. Well, if Ravenclaw wasn't going to look out for Luna Lovegood, then perhaps Hufflepuff would have to. Or at least one Hufflepuff at any rate.

Chapter Text

Day 76

Prompt: Disaster

Characters: Harry, Ron, various Weasley/Potter grandchildren

Pairing: None

Rating: G


"Yes, Ron?"

"It's official. This is a complete and utter disaster."

Harry could only nod as he looked around the ruins of what had once been his kitchen. Chairs were overturned and contents of the cupboards had been strewn about the room. Pumpkin juice was spilled all over the floor and there was spaghetti sauce on the walls. Something green, mashed peas Harry suspected, dripped from the cupboard and onto the counter with a wet plop. And how or why, Harry couldn't fathom, someone had gotten into a bag of flour and everything was covered in white dust. As the two men watched, an upended bottle of butter beer rolled to the edge of the table and then fell to the floor. And as Ron opened his mouth to say something else, a glob of something Harry didn't think he wanted to identify fell from the ceiling and onto Ron's head with a splat. Ron grimaced as Harry cast a quick Scourgify.

"Thanks, mate."

"Don't mention it."

The day had started out all right. The Weasley women had planned a spa day and Ron intended to bring Rose and Hugo to Harry's to spend the day with their cousins. Then Harry and Ginny had gotten a Floo call from Fleur the night before. Bill had been called out of the country on Gringotts business and she had asked if her three children could stay with Harry and Ron. Harry had agreed immediately, Victoire was ten after all and could probably help out a bit and Dominique and Louis weren't any trouble.

Molly had been hesitant and had volunteered to stay and watch the children, but her daughter and daughters-in-law wouldn't hear of it. Things had been fine until Percy Flooed a half hour after the women left. There was an emergency at the Ministry and he wanted to send Molly and Lucy over. They agreed, of course, really they were Percy's children, how much trouble could they be? Things had quickly deteriorated, however.

"At least George didn't have some emergency. I can't imagine what this place would have looked like if Freddie and Roxanne had been here too."

Harry snorted. "I don't think it could look much worse."

"Don't say that!" Ron immediately insisted. He shuddered. "You might incite them."

Harry stared at his friend for a moment before he nodded sagely. "We should probably clean this up before something else happens." Just as he finished speaking, there was a wail from upstairs. Harry sighed. "That's Lily."

"Well, get her before she wakes up Hugo and Lucy," Ron said, look of terror on his face. "I'll finish here and then make sure Victoire and Dominique still have the rest of them under control." The two men had left their two eldest nieces reading a book to the rest of their cousins save Lily, Hugo and Lucy, who they had finally managed to get down for naps.

Harry raced upstairs and pulled Lily from her cot. By the time he changed her nappy, Hugo was also awake. Just as Harry was about to walk back downstairs, a toddler in each arm, Lucy began to cry. Harry sighed and banged his head against the wall lightly before he put Lily and Hugo down to pull Lucy from her cot. He picked Lily and Hugo back up, Lucy walking in front of him.

On their way back downstairs he heard shouting coming from the library. Stepping inside, his mouth dropped open. Books were scattered from one end of the room to the other and Victoire was tugging on Louis' shirt who was attempting to scale one of the bookcases. James and Albus were cheering him on. Dominique was trying to comfort a crying Rose and Molly sat in the corner, her nose stuck in a book, seemingly oblivious to all that was going on around her. They had been gone for ten minutes, fifteen at most.

Ron appeared next to Harry and they both looked at each other and shook their heads in defeat.

"How angry do you think the women would be if we dosed them all with Dreamless Sleep?" Ron asked, looking rather serious.

Harry snorted and then began to laugh in earnest. Ron cracked a smile and looked back at the chaos in front of them. Victoire had managed to get her brother down and was now shouting at him. James and Albus were giggling loudly and Rose had joined in. Lucy had run to her sister and was trying to tug the book away from her and Lily and Hugo were taking turns patting Harry on the cheeks, rather hard too.

"I don't understand it, Harry. They never act like this when we're at Mum and Dad's."

Harry started to shrug and then the two stared at each other.

"The Burrow," Harry said somewhat reverently.

"And Dad's there too. He can help us." Ron turned back to the children. "Oi, you lot. We're going to the Burrow to see Granddad." There was a multitude of cheers and a stampeding of feet as the children raced to the kitchen and the Floo.

"We'll never hear the end of this you know," Harry said conversationally as Ron took Hugo from him. Both men flicked their wands about the room and the library was put back to rights.

"At this point, I just want to survive the day," Ron replied. Harry laughed out loud and Ron grinned at him as they made their way to the kitchen.

"Uncle Harry!" Victoire called. "James spilled all the Floo powder!" Harry and Ron looked at each other and groaned.

Chapter Text

Day 77

Prompt: Secrets

Characters: Andromeda, Narcissa, Bellatrix

Pairing: Andromeda/Ted

Rating: G

"What are you doing?" Narcissa hissed as Andromeda came into the Entrance Hall. She started as her younger sister stepped out of the shadows.

"I'm going to supper," Andromeda said in confusion. "What are you doing?"

"I saw you."

"Saw me what?" Andromeda's heart started beating a bit faster.

"Outside near the forest, I saw you with him."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Cissy."

"Don't play stupid," Narcissa said, grabbing her older sister by the arm and towing her away from the front doors to a small alcove. Andromeda wrenched her arm away from Narcissa and glared at her.

"I saw you," Narcissa said again. "I saw who you were with."

Andromeda schooled her features. "He asked to borrow my Transfiguration notes."

Narcissa snorted. "Well, that's definitely a new way to pass on notes." Andromeda felt her face heat. "I saw you kissing him, Andromeda. What is Father going to say?"

"You can't tell him," Andromeda insisted, grabbing her sister's arms. "Please Cissy, you can't say anything."

"Andi, he's a Mudblood."

"Don't call him that!"

Narcissa's eyes widened at her sister's vehement protest. "Andromeda?"

"Please, Cissy, don't tell Mother or Father. It was just a kiss. It didn't mean anything, please."

"You have to stay away from him," Narcissa insisted. "What if Bellatrix found out?" Both sisters shuddered. "Promise me, Andi."

"You won't tell?"

Narcissa shook her head.

"All right, I'll stay away from him."

Narcissa stood in front of the Black family tapestry, her finger tracing over the burn hole that once bore her sister's name.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish," Bellatrix said with disdain as she came up behind her youngest sister. Narcissa glared at her before turning back to the tapestry.

"Pity I wasn't still at school when this happened," Bellatrix continued. "I could have stopped it before it started." She turned her gaze from the tapestry to Narcissa and her eyes narrowed. "You didn't know anything about it, did you?"

"Of course not, Bella," Narcissa scoffed. "Don't you think I would have said something if I had?" Bellatrix studied her youngest sister for a few moments.

"Of course you would have." With that she turned and left the room. Narcissa sighed and traced the hole once more, before she shook her head sadly and left the room as well.

Chapter Text

Day 78

Prompt: Petal

Characters: Neville, Luna

Pairing: Neville/Luna

Rating: G

"Sorry about this," Neville said as he pulled another pot toward him. Between helping repair Hogwarts and Auror training, he and Luna hadn't spent much time together lately, nor had he had much time to tend to the greenhouses at home either. He was supposed to take her out on a proper date tonight, but he had gotten so involved in his work with the plants that he had completely lost track of time.

"I don't mind," Luna said with a smile. She had Flooed when he hadn't arrived to pick her up and his grandmother had her come through and sent her out to find him. She began to wander around the greenhouse as Neville tried to finish up what he was doing. He hadn't wanted her to see him like this, covered in dirt and sweaty.

"I've seen you in worse shape, you know," she said conversationally as though she could read his thoughts. He gaped at her for a moment before he shook his head with a smile.

"Yes, I suppose you have." The sun had nearly set when Luna reached a far corner of the greenhouse.

"Oh," she said and Neville looked up in concern. He had no doubt that Luna could handle herself in a greenhouse of all places, but there were a few plants in here that were a bit dangerous and Luna tended to be more like Hagrid in her assessment of danger from creatures and plants. What she stood next to, however, was not dangerous in the least.

The evening primrose was just beginning to open, the yellow petals unfurling slowly as Luna stood and watched, transfixed. Neville wiped his hands on a towel and with a second glance at himself, cast a quick cleansing charm before he joined her.

"Evening primrose," he explained. "It's used in quite a few healing potions, but we don't harvest it much for that. It's always been Gran's favorite, so I keep some in here in case I have to replant what's outside." He reached down and plucked off one of the flowers that was only partially opened and presented it to Luna. She brought it to her nose and smelled it once before tucking it into her hair over her ear. Neville smiled at her before he glanced around them.

"This isn't how I expected our first date to go," he admitted sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Is this our first date?" she asked, her head cocked to the side and Neville looked at her in confusion for a moment.

"Erm…yes? At least I intended it to be."

"All right."

Neville suddenly wondered if he had been mistaken about Luna's feelings. "Didn't, didn't you think it was a date?"

"Oh, yes," she said with a nod. Neville's confusion grew.

"Then I don't understand."

Luna smiled at him in that way she had and he couldn't help but smile back. "I knew it was a date, I just did not realize that it was our first one." At Neville's dumbfounded silence, she continued. "I thought that happened some time ago."

"But all the other times we were helping out at Hogwarts or with other people."

"Yes, but we were still together," she said simply. Neville opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again. He had learned long ago that it was usually better not to question Luna's logic. Smiling, he stepped closer to her and took her hands in his.

"Well, if this isn't our first date, then maybe you won't mind this." He leaned down and captured her lips with his. When he pulled back, she was smiling at him again, the petals of the primrose in her hair completely open now.

"We have had a number of dates," she said, twining her arms around his neck.

"Hm, that's very true," Neville replied and kissed her again.

Chapter Text

Day 79

Prompt: Danger

Characters: Ginny, Bill, Molly

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"But, Mummy," Ginny whined.

"No Ginny, it's too dangerous." Her mother continued to the chicken coop as Ginny glared at her back.

It wasn't fair. Her brothers all got to fly, why couldn't she? She flopped down in the grass and glowered as her brothers, save Percy, all flew around the meadow. Even Ron, who was only a year older than her, got to fly. Bill landed next to her a few minutes later.

"What's the matter, Gin-Gin?"

"Mummy won't let me fly." She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted.

"Well, Mum's right, flying is dangerous and you're just a little girl."

"I'm not little!" She jumped to her feet and stomped her foot. Her hair crackled and the tree nearby began to shake.

"Okay, okay, you're not little. Want to take a ride with me?"

Ginny huffed. "Fine," she said and he pulled her up to sit in front of him. They took off slowly and stayed about two feet from the ground.

"Go higher Bill and faster!" Bill rose a bit higher, but didn't change his speed.

"Faster!" Ginny insisted again.

"No, Gin, this is fast enough." Ginny twisted her body to face him.

"Pleeeeease," she begged and then stuck out her lower lip. Bill chuckled and shook his head fondly. He sped up marginally, but it wasn't enough for his sister.

"This is boring," she said a few minutes later. "Let's do a roll. Or a dive!" Her face lit up in excitement.

"No way!" Bill said horrified at the thought of his baby sister diving on a broom, not to mention what his mother would do to him if she found out.

"You're no fun," Ginny groused, letting go of the broom and crossing her arms over her chest.

"Ginny!" Bill yelled, tightening his hold around her middle. "Hold on to the broom!"

"No," Ginny retorted. Bill, his face red with anger, immediately landed and lifted her back to the ground.

"If that's the way you're going to act, young lady, then I'm not giving you any more rides. You could have fallen."

"You were holding on to me."

"That doesn't matter, Ginny, you know what the rules are." Ginny muttered something under her breath and Bill shook his head as he flew off. She scuffed the toe of her shoe in the dirt and glared up at her brothers once more. She glanced at the shed and scowled at the rusty lock on the door. If they weren't going to let her fly with them then she would just have to do it by herself.

Chapter Text

Day 80

Prompt: Apology

Characters: Harry, Dennis

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Harry looked around the Great Hall at the families that had gathered to collect their loved ones. Fred had already been taken away, as had Remus and Tonks. Harry saw Lavender's parents speaking quietly with Madame Pomfrey, as the matron pulled the sheet back up over Lavender's face. Harry nearly turned and left, but he spotted a small, mousy-haired boy in the corner, kneeling next to Colin Creevey. Swallowing hard, Harry walked toward Dennis' side.

"Hi, Dennis," he said softly.

Dennis glanced up and smiled. "Harry! I'm so glad you're all right."

The lump in Harry's throat grew larger. He had apologized to so many people for so many things over the years, but this felt different somehow.

"Dennis, I'm so sor-" but Dennis held up a hand before Harry could continue.

"You don't have to apologize, Harry. Colin knew what he was doing when he snuck back in. I just wish he would have let me come too." Harry sat down beside him and they stared at Colin in silence for a few moments.

"How did you get here?" Harry finally asked.

"The coins," Dennis said. "We made sure we always had them."

"Yes, but how, I mean, why were you at Hogwarts?"

"Oh, well, Colin and I have been in hiding all year," he explained. "We stayed in hotels with our parents for a while, moving around all the time, but then Mum and Dad started talking about going to Spain. She has a cousin that lives there. Col and I didn't want to be too far away in case anything happened here, though, so we left in the middle of the night one night and we've been making our way here ever since. There are some caves up in the hills above Hogsmeade, did you know?" Harry nodded, thinking of Sirius.

"We ran into Hagrid there and we've been staying with him. When we got Neville's message, Colin managed to slip away from Hagrid and came here to help. He made me promise not to come. I almost didn't listen to him, but-" Dennis shrugged as if that explained everything.

"But your parents," Harry said.

Dennis sighed. "I know."

Harry looked down at Colin again. He looked so small and innocent lying there and Harry's throat tightened again.

"Dennis, I know you don't want me to say it, but I am sorry."

"It's not your fault, Harry."

Harry shook his head. Everyone kept saying that and he knew that it was true, but in Colin's case it didn't feel that way.

"But I'm the one that trained him, both of you, to fight. I shouldn't have, we were all too young to be fighting like this."

Dennis shrugged again. "I'm not sorry you trained us and I know Colin wasn't either. And now, things are over, you've won. Maybe I can even come back to school next year."

"No, Dennis," Harry said and Dennis looked at him in confusion. "I didn't win. We won. And Colin had a part in that."

Dennis looked down at his brother proudly. "Yeah, he did."

Chapter Text

Day 81

Prompt: Parents

Characters: Neville, Hannah, Frank, Alice

Pairing: Neville/Hannah

Rating: G

He was nearly five the first time he really remembered the visit. His gran had kept up a running commentary about what was going on in the world while Neville sat in silence and stared at his mother. She watched him back and smiled occasionally. It was the first time she gave him the chewing gum wrapper. His gran had scoffed and told him to throw it away, but Neville had clutched it in his fist and hidden it from her, putting it in a box in his bedroom when he got home.

It's where he'd put all of them over the years; each wrapper he received kept and lovingly placed in the box under his bed. He took them out and looked at them sometimes. To anyone else, they were just bits of rubbish but to Neville they were tiny bits of love, even if his mum didn't know what she was doing or why.

His gran found the box after he had started Hogwarts. Neville had come home for Christmas and she'd had it in her hand, demanding to know why he'd kept them. Neville had tried to explain, but hadn't done a very good job of it. In the end he had just begged her not to take them from him. She had stared at him for a long moment before handing him the box. There had been something in her eyes when she'd looked at him that Neville hadn't been able to identify at the time, but when he was older, he realized it was sadness and maybe a bit of regret.

Growing up, he always hoped that his parents would be cured someday. That maybe a new magical plant would be found or a new potion invented that would reverse the effects of the curse and miraculously restore their minds. He knew better than that now, of course, but every time he came to visit that tiny bit of hope still pricked at the back of his mind.

He came by himself most of the time now. Gran still visited too, but Neville made sure to drop by at least once a week. His box of chewing gum wrappers was nearly overflowing as his mother still pressed one into his hand at the end of every visit. Like his gran had when he was small, Neville made sure to tell them all about the goings-on in the Wizarding world as well as in Neville's own life. He glossed over the end of the war and his part in it, as mention of Voldemort or Bellatrix always seemed to agitate them.

Sometimes, he brushed his mum's hair. He had brought a Muggle chess set for his father because Neville discovered that his dad seemed to like just moving the pieces around the board, something the Wizarding sets didn't appreciate. Other times, they all just sat in silence together, Neville simply studying them and imagining his life if they'd been in it.

Today, he was bringing Hannah round to meet them. She was nervous; although he assured her there was no reason to be. They wouldn't have any idea who she was or the significance she played in Neville's life. Still, he wanted them to know her and she them.

When he and Hannah were ready to leave, Neville stood and kissed both his parents on the cheeks. He waited for his mother to hand him the wrapper as usual, but she passed by him and walked up to Hannah instead. She took Hannah's hand and put the wrapper on her palm, then closed Hannah's fingers around it. Hannah smiled and then hugged the older woman. Neville could only stare as tears shone in Hannah's eyes.

"I'll take care of him. I promise."

Chapter Text

Day 82

Prompt: Date

Characters: Lucius, Hermione, Draco, Astoria

Pairings: Lucius/Hermione, Draco/Astoria

Rating: G

Looking around, Hermione stepped a bit further into the restaurant. She still couldn't believe that she had let Astoria of all people talk her into this. It wasn't that she disliked the other woman; they were, in fact, friends after all their work together on the War Reparations Board. Hermione had even come to tolerate Draco. It was just that Hermione wasn't sure that Astoria, high-society Pureblood wife of Draco Malfoy, was the best choice to choose a date for her, Muggleborn, supposed Know-It-All war heroine.

She glanced about again, searching for the yellow rose Astoria told her the man would have. Astoria was very secretive about the whole thing and refused to tell Hermione who she was meeting. Something about defeating the purpose of a 'blind date' or some such rot. Hermione's eyes landed on a yellow rose in a small bud vase on one of the tables. She smiled and looked up to see who sat at the table and her mouth dropped open.

"Oh bloody hell, you have got to be kidding me." She was going to kill Astoria.

Lucius sighed as he tapped his fingers on the table. He still wasn't altogether sure this was a good idea, but Draco had insisted it was time for him to stop moping about. Lucius scoffed. As if Malfoys moped. He was simply busy, he did not have time for dating, nor had he had much desire to after his wife's untimely death two years ago.

The fact that his son refused to tell him just who Lucius would be meeting was also irritating. Draco had insisted it would ruin the surprise, but Lucius was not fond of surprises. The fact that the woman served on one of the many charity boards that Astoria belonged to was only a minor reassurance. Draco had assured his father he would find his date intelligent and engaging, but knowing the majority of the women who served on those boards, Lucius was skeptical.

He looked across the restaurant and saw a familiar figure standing by the door, glancing about as if she were looking for someone. He was a bit surprised to see Miss Granger here of all places. It wasn't the type of place he would expect her to dine. She must be meeting someone.

Then her gaze landed on him and her mouth dropped open in shock. It wasn't until she had begun to walk towards him that he connected the dots.

"Oh for Salazar's sake." He was going to kill Draco.

"Miss Granger," Lucius greeted as he rose from his chair.

"Mr. Malfoy." They stared at each other for a few moments before Hermione sighed. "Why don't I save us both time and just go."

"Nonsense. It is dinner time and we are both adults. I am not…opposed to having a meal with you, if you are willing."

Hermione snorted. "With that ringing endorsement, how can I refuse?" she said dryly. He smirked.

"As you seemed to be as surprised as I was at whom you were meeting, I am sure you can understand my unfortunate hesitation. However, there must have been some reason as to why my son and daughter-in-law felt we would enjoy one another's company."

She cocked her head and studied him for a moment before she decided he was serious. "All right, Mr. Malfoy, I suppose one dinner can't hurt."

"Indeed," he replied as he pulled out her chair for her. "And please, call me Lucius."

"How badly do you think they're going to hurt us tomorrow?" Draco asked his wife from the corner of the bar where they sat under a Disillusionment charm. Astoria grinned as she saw Hermione laugh again. She squeezed her husband's hand.

"Oh, I don't know. Something tells me that they might just be thanking us instead." Draco noticed his father smile at something Hermione said to him and decided that his wife just might be right. As usual.

Chapter Text

A/N - March 24

Prompt: Diagon Alley

Characters: Dean, Dean's mother

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Dean!" his mother admonished as he got too far away from her again. He couldn't help it, there was too much to look at. And it was all amazing.

His mother caught up to him and glanced in the window of the shop he stood in front of warily. There were barrels in the window full of all kinds of rather disgusting things. Dean thought it was brilliant, but his mother looked like she was going to be sick.

"Are those eyes?"

Dean looked down at the placard that sat in front of the barrel and nodded.

"Eel's eyes," he informed her. His mother shuddered and looked down up at the sign above the door, then the list in her hand.

"Come on, Dean, we've got a lot to get and eel's eyes aren't on the list."

Dean grinned at her as they walked to the robe shop nearby.

Thankfully, the lady in the robe shop had written down which shops they could find everything else that he needed. He had begged his mum for a broom when they passed the Quidditch store, but given that the letter said first-years were not to have brooms and Dean had no idea how to ride one, his mum had flatly refused to even consider it. Dean didn't know what Quidditch was, but it seemed rather popular as the shop was very crowded when they walked past it.

She also said no to the owl as neither of them had any idea what they were for. Dean was allergic to cats and he wasn't all that partial to toads. Since they weren't a requirement, they only gave a cursory glance to the Magical Menagerie.

"Look, Mum, ice cream," Dean pointed out once he had his wand and they were wandering back toward the Leaky Cauldron. "Can we stop?"

"Oh, well," his mum looked a little nervous. Dean couldn't blame her really; there were a lot of strange things around here. Who knew what kind of ice cream wizards ate? Maybe there were eel eyes or toad livers in it or something. Dean walked up to the small sign that hung outside and read down the list.

"Seems all right," he said. "Look, they have strawberry. And chocolate." His mother visibly relaxed.

"At least some things are the same," she said a bit later when they sat at a table enjoying their ice cream.

"Don't worry, Mum, it's going to be brilliant." Dean gave her a wide smile which she returned after a few seconds. But she looked a little bit sad too, he thought.

"I know it will be, Dean. I know it will be."

Chapter Text

Day 84

Prompt: Pleasant

Characters: James, Lily

Pairing: James/Lily

Rating: G

"So great match, huh?" James said with a wide grin as they left the stadium. Lily gave him a small smile.

"It was nice."

James stopped in his tracks and it took Lily a few seconds to realize he was no longer beside her. She turned back with a quizzical look on her face.

"What do you mean, nice?" he demanded.

"Just what I said, James. It was nice, pleasant, fine," Lily replied. James stared at her incredulously for a moment.

"That's it? Pleasant? Afternoon tea is pleasant, Lils. This is Quidditch!"

Lily rolled her eyes. "I have been to Quidditch matches before, James. For the last seven years as a matter of fact."

"But this is professional Quidditch! It's bloody brilliant!"

"If you say so," Lily said with a shrug.

"But, Lily, how can's, it's, but…it's the Falcons! And they won!" He threw up his hands in apparent distress and Lily had to hold back a giggle. She tucked her arm through his and tugged him forward again as the crowd continued to flow around them.

"But it's Quidditch. The Falcons," James continued to mutter under his breath as Lily shook her head fondly and towed him along. When they reached the Apparition point outside the stadium, James pulled her to the side.

"Do you really not like Quidditch?" he asked her seriously.

She sighed. "I never said I didn't like it."

"But," James began to protest, but Lily cut him off.

"James, I didn't grow up a witch. You've had your whole life to cheer on your favorite team. I didn't even know what Quidditch was until seven years ago. I'm not going to be as excited about it as you are."

"But, but you always went to the games at school."

She rolled her eyes again. "Of course I did, James. Like I've said numerous times, I never said I Didn't. Like. Quidditch."

He studied her for a few moments. "Did you want to come to the match today?"

"Do you really think I would have come if I didn't want to?" she countered, eyebrows raised.

"Fair point."

"Besides, we got to spend the day together doing something other than what we've been doing." She looked at him pointedly. He nodded and wrapped his arms around her. She rested her head on his chest.

"Yes, it was nice to have a break from that," he agreed.

"See, what did I tell you? Pleasant."

He laughed and she looked up at him with a grin. He leaned down and kissed her quite thoroughly.

"Now that was bloody brilliant," Lily said once they had parted. James smiled and kissed her again.

Chapter Text

Day 85

Prompt: Float

Character: Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: G

An irritated Hermione huffed. She crossed her arms in front of her and wished once again that she could stand up and pace. But this place, wherever she was, never allowed her to do anything but float. At first it had been nice, peaceful even, but she quickly grew bored. Used to being busy and constantly having something to study, research or do, Hermione was ready to go mad.

While she wasn't positive what had happened or where she was, she figured she had been petrified along with the other students. If she were dead, surely there would be other people here. Although, no one knew exactly what happened after one died, so it was possible. But she didn't think so.

But, she was positive that she had solved the mystery, or at least part of it. She knew that it had to be a basilisk that was terrorizing the school and knew how it was moving about, although she still didn't know who was controlling it. But she couldn't even tell anyone! Maybe she had dropped the notes she had taken and someone had found them and figured it out. She hoped so, although it would depend on who had found them of course. Argh, why did she have to petrified now of all times?

And if she had been petrified then that probably meant that she was stuck in her own mind which made it all the more frustrating. If she were stuck in her own mind, shouldn't she be able to control what she could or couldn't do in here? At the very least, she should have some books to keep her company. She would never be content just to float around with nothing to do. That seemed more like something Ron would enjoy. Hermione instantly chastised herself for being mean; she supposed Ron would eventually get frustrated too, especially if there were no food.

And that was another thing. Why hadn't Harry and Ron been to visit her? Well, she supposed they might have and Hermione just wasn't aware of it, even if she was aware of herself. Or what if they hadn't been allowed? What if she really was dead or Penelope had died or something? Then they would have surely closed the school.

No, she wasn't going to think about that. It couldn't be anyway. Hermione remembered the eyes in the mirror and if she had seen them, then Penelope surely had as well and they were both just petrified. Yes, that had to be it. And she knew that the Mandrakes weren't far off from being ready, so they would probably be awoken soon. At least she hoped it was soon. She still had studying to do before exams.

She groaned. Who knew how long she was going to have to catch up after she was awoken. What if the Mandrakes weren't ready until after exams and Hermione missed them? Her mouth dropped open in horror. But no, no she distinctly remembered Professor Sprout say they would be ready by the end of May which meant she would have a few days at least to revise. Still there was no harm in starting now was there?

After running through the spells from Charms and Transfiguration, going through the high points of the International Warlock convention of 1289, picturing her latest star chart from Astronomy, mentally reviewing the potions they had prepared over the year and listing the attributes of all the plants they had studied in Herbology, Hermione was bored once more. She tried once again to sit, stand, roll over, anything. But she remained exactly as she had been.

Hermione sighed and blew a curl off her forehead. Bloody floating.

Chapter Text




Day 86

Prompt: Control

Characters: Draco, Rosmerta

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Draco watched her from across the pub. She smiled and moved through the room greeting students and adults alike as she delivered drinks to tables. Draco took another sip of his Butterbeer wishing it were something stronger. The Three Broomsticks was so crowded today, he wondered if she would ever take a break. It had to be today, he couldn't wait another two months for the next Hogsmeade weekend.

Finally, he saw her moving off toward the storeroom. Draco gulped down the rest of his drink and rose from his table, threading his way through the crowd toward the bar. He glanced around one more time before slipping through the door of the back room.

Madame Rosmerta was bent over a large crate pulling out more bottles of mead and Draco raised his wand.


She immediately stopped what she was doing, one hand holding a bottle of mead and the other still inside the crate. Draco stayed behind her as he forced her to put down the bottles. He took the package with the necklace out of his pocket and laid it on a nearby chair, explaining what he wanted her to do with it.

"It must get to the school and into the Headmaster's hands. Use a student to do it. Put them under the Imperius so they don't question anything. And do not allow yourself to be seen. Then go back to work as usual." Madame Rosmerta nodded and picked up the package. Draco stopped her before she could walk back into the pub and had her put the necklace on a tray and then cover it with a towel. He directed her outside and waited a few moments before exiting.

As he eased himself back into his seat at his previous table, he watched as Madame Rosmerta walked into the girls' loo. It was heady having this kind of power over someone else and Draco couldn't help the sense of pride that it had worked. He waited until he saw a girl walking out of the loo, the package under her arm. Madame Rosmerta followed shortly after, the tray in her hand now empty and the towel tucked into her apron. She went back to the storeroom, for the mead she had intended to get earlier, Draco assumed.

The girl that had come out of the bathroom was leaving with her friend and Draco blew out a breath. If all went to plan, the Headmaster would be dead by evening and the Dark Lord would be appeased. The knot that had formed in Draco's stomach months ago eased the tiniest bit. He narrowed his eyes at the storeroom door, but decided to keep Madame Rosmerta under the curse for the time being. While he fully expected his plan to succeed, it never hurt to have a back-up.

Chapter Text

Day 87

Prompt: Charm

Characters: Sirius, Minerva, James, Remus, Peter

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Remus, Peter, and James had just disappeared into the secret passage hidden behind the tapestry and Sirius was about to follow when he heard the click of heels on the stone floor behind him.

"Mr. Black!" a sharp voice said and Sirius grimaced. He turned around, smile on his face and greeted his Head of House.

"Good evening, Professor McGonagall. You're looked quite fetching today."

She glared at him, her hands on her hips. "Do you not realize by now, Mr. Black, that your charms do not work on me?"

"Charms?" Sirius repeated, feigning innocence. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Professor." He thought he heard a muffled snort from behind the tapestry, but kept his serene smile pasted on his face and ignored it.

"And I suppose you are going to tell me that being out after curfew has absolutely nothing to do with whatever prank is going to befall some unsuspecting students come morning?"

"A prank? Me?" Sirius brought his hand dramatically to his chest. "You wound me, Professor, really you do." He looked up at her through his lashes and could have sworn he saw her mouth twitch towards a smile. It was gone a second later, however.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor for being out after curfew and detention with me tomorrow night."

Sirius opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again, realizing it was futile. "Yes, ma'am." He turned and began to walk back toward Gryffindor tower, trusting his friends to get back on their own.

"Oh and Mr. Black," Professor McGonagall called after him. He stopped and looked over his shoulder. "Be sure to bring Mr. Potter along with you and remind him that he may want to cast a silencing charm next time if he feels the need to laugh at your misfortunes."

Sirius couldn't help it, he grinned. "Of course, Professor."

His friends joined him a floor up as they came out the other end of the tapestry.

"Mr. Potter can join you for detention? Why is it never Mr. Lupin can join you for detention or Mr. Pettigrew?" James groused as they made their way to their dormitory. Remus smirked.

"Because unlike you, Wormtail and I have learned to control our mirth when a professor is present." James scowled at him and Peter nodded in agreement.

"Look at the bright side," Sirius said clapping James on the back. "Minnie thinks I'm charming." Remus rolled his eyes with a snort and James just shook his head before giving the Fat Lady the password and stepping into the Common Room.

Chapter Text

Day 88

Prompt: Hunger

Characters: Harry, tiny bit of Petunia

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Harry was hungry. His aunt had shut him in his cupboard this morning and she hadn't given him anything to eat all day. He knew it was evening as he could hear his uncle's voice booming away about some person or other that had bothered him.

Harry sighed. He didn't know what had happened. Aunt Petunia had cut off nearly all his hair the night before and when he woke up this morning it had all grown back. She had screamed at him and called him a freak and then shoved him in his cupboard.

Harry didn't understand why these strange things happened to him. It wasn't as if he wanted them to happen. Sure, he hadn't like his haircut, but he couldn't make his own hair grow back overnight. He must just have extremely fast growing hair. Maybe that was why he never looked like he'd had a haircut at all when he left the barber. Harry smiled. That must be it.

The smell of roast beef and potatoes wafted into his cupboard and Harry's mouth watered and his stomach grumbled. Not that he would get much of the food even if he was in the kitchen, but they would have at least let him have something. He wondered if Aunt Petunia would want him to wash the dishes. Then she would have to let him out. He could always sneak something from his aunt's plate. Dudley and Uncle Vernon always cleaned their plates, but his Aunt usually had a little bit of something left.

Harry also really needed the loo. He supposed it was a good thing he hadn't had anything to drink all day either. He flopped back on his bed, the sound of low voices and clinking silverware drifting in from the kitchen and tried not to think about it.

His hand slid under his pillow and he pulled out the drawing he had made in school a few days prior. He studied it in the small bit of light that came through the vent in the door. It was him with his parents, or at least what he thought they might look like given he had never seen a picture of them. His dad's hair was the same as Harry's, black and messy, while his mum had the exact same color eyes as Harry. He'd given her brown hair just because he wasn't sure what color it really was and brown seemed to be most common. Plus, he didn't want her to remind him of his aunt. His dad's eyes were brown for the same reason. Well the common part, not the aunt part.

As he studied it, Harry wished for the millionth time that they hadn't died and wondered what his life would have been like with them. It helped him take his mind off the fact that he was so hungry. He closed his eyes and pictured their house. It wouldn't be anything like his aunt and uncle's house. It would have been cozy and looked lived in.

Maybe the back garden was really big with a stream or a pond. And maybe they had a dog. His aunt hated animals, said they were nothing but a mess. And maybe Harry would have had a little brother or sister too. He smiled as his dad chased his little sister and then scooped her up and tickled her until she was shrieking, the dog jumping and barking around his dad's legs. Harry's mum would bring lemonade and biscuits out onto the back porch and laugh along with Harry. And then he and his dad would kick the football around while his mum pushed his little sister on the swing his dad had hung from the huge oak tree.

Harry sighed and lowered the picture. He rolled on his side and tucked it back under his pillow. It didn't do any good to wish for things he could never have. It just made him sadder.

The door suddenly opened and his aunt stood there glaring at him.

"Get out here and clean up," she ordered before she turned on her heel and stomped off. Harry sighed again. It definitely did no good to wish for things he could never have.

Chapter Text




Day 89

Prompt: Doorway

Characters: Pansy, Draco, Astoria

Pairing: Draco/Astoria

Rating: G

Two words.

All she had to do was walk through the doorway; walk through the doorway and utter two little words and he would be hers forever. Two little words, that was all and she would get everything she had always wanted. So why hadn't she done it already?

She hadn't even wanted to come back here this year, even though her mother had gone on about it. Pansy couldn't care less about N.E.W.T.S. It wasn't until her father began making noise about marrying her off to some third cousin of hers if she wasn't going to finish her education that she started considering actually coming back to redo her seventh year.

And then she had heard that Draco had to come back as well. It was part of his probation from the Ministry. That had made her decision much easier, especially after she had found out that her cousin was nearly three times her age and had a paunch the size of Professor Slughorn's.

She and Draco had reconnected for a bit just after school started, but then that Greengrass bint had turned his head after Halloween. Pansy had had him one more time nearly a month later, albeit after nearly an entire bottle of Firewhiskey. But it was all Astoria's fault that Pansy had drowned her sorrows over the Christmas holidays at that seedy pub in Knockturn Alley and that she was now in this situation at all.

If her father knew, she'd be disowned. And she certainly wasn't going to go looking for the wizard she'd met in the pub. For all she knew, he wasn't even in Britain anymore. She vaguely remembered him saying something about Germany. Besides he'd been much older than her and not all that much to look at from what she could remember. Not that she paid attention to him anyway; her mind had been on someone else the whole time.

And it could be Draco's, she thought, bringing a hand to her belly. Except it wasn't. And the wizard had been blonde; it was what had drawn her to him in the first place. Babies came late all the time and Draco would never know the difference. She would probably be allowed to leave school and be privately tutored. Surely they wouldn't want her here in her condition. She would still take her stupid N.E.W.T.S. Not that she needed to if she was going to be Draco's wife, but it would keep her mother happy and keep her father from asking too many questions.

She stared into the classroom where Draco and Astoria sat studying. He laughed at something Astoria said and she put her hand on his arm and smiled. Then Astoria laid her head on Draco's shoulder and Draco kissed the top of it. Pansy felt the rage well up within her. This was Astoria's fault; she'd stolen Draco away from Pansy. So Pansy did not feel one bit sorry for her.

She took a step forward so she stood directly in the doorway and then stopped again. Draco and Astoria were so wrapped up in one another, they didn't even notice she was there. Draco looked enormously happy, happier than Pansy had seen him look in years. She shook her head. He would still be happy, she would make him happy.

Two words, that was all. So why did she feel like there was some kind of shield charm in the doorway or a sticking charm on her feet? She couldn't seem to make herself move, could only stare at the one man she always thought would be hers. Two words, I'm pregnant. It was all she had to say and she would have everything.

Two words.

Chapter Text

Day 90

Prompt: Sensation

Characters: Tonks, Mad-Eye

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Navigating her way through the crowds in Diagon Alley, Tonks sucked on the sugar quill she had just purchased from Sugarplum's. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and she felt as if she were being watched. She had to be mistaken though; there was no way he could have found her already.

Her hair was blonde today, long and curling about her face in soft waves. Her nose was a bit longer than usual and her eyes were moss green. She had even lengthened her chin and made her cheekbones more prominent. She had looked in the mirror before she left the loo. There was no way he could have spotted her already.

Still, that sensation of someone watching her hadn't gone away. She forced herself to keep walking and not glance around. She sucked on the sugar quill again, adjusting her bag on her arm and making sure her wand was still in position in her sleeve.

The Alley was crowded today, which worked both in her favor by keeping her relatively hidden and against her as she was constantly having to maneuver around the crowd. She bumped into a witch with two young children in tow and muttered an apology before skirting around a young couple more wrapped up in each other than keeping an eye on where they were going.

Tonks grinned and put the sugar quill back in her mouth, pleased with herself at being able to make her way through the crowd without incident. Just as she reached a relatively open area, she tripped over a stone in the road and nearly landed flat on her face. She growled under her breath before she righted herself.

She glanced around her and breathed a sigh of relief, although the feeling of being watched hadn't gone away. She took a few steps forward before a hand landed on her shoulder. She jumped and her sugar quill fell to the ground and shattered.

"Found ya, lass," a gravelly voice said behind her. Tonks spun and came face to face with Mad-Eye. Her shoulders slumped.

"It was because I tripped wasn't it?"

"Course it was because you tripped," he said gruffly as they began to walk toward the Leaky Cauldron. "But you also have a tell."

"A tell?" she repeated.

"It's your reaction that gives you away." Tonks looked at him in confusion. "Most people when they trip that way in a crowd, they get embarrassed, might glance about to be sure no one saw, turn red. You, you get angry. Always have."

"It's because I'm dead clumsy," she said in a huff. "And plenty of people get angry when they trip."

"But the tips of their hair don't turn red."

Tonks sighed. "Bugger."


"So you didn't know it was me before that?" she asked, remembering the prickly feeling at the back of her neck. He shrugged.

"Thought you might be her," He pointed to a somewhat portly woman across the Alley with brown, mousy hair. Tonks snorted.

"Well, my disguise worked. That's something at least."

"That's something all right." Mad-Eye's lips twitched upwards and Tonks nearly fell over in shock. It was the closest he would probably ever come to giving her, or anyone, a compliment and it had been accompanied by something that might be considered a smile on Mad-Eye. He continued on towards the pub, his eye swiveling about in his head.

"You comin' or not?" he demanded when she continued to stand frozen in place. Tonks shook herself out of her reverie and hurried after him.

"Oi, you owe me a sugar quill."

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Day 91

Prompt: Persuade

Characters: Teddy, James, Harry, Ginny, Lily, Albus

Pairing: Harry/Ginny

Rating: G

"Come on, Teddy, please," James begged Teddy through the Floo. "You can use magic now and not get in trouble. It'll be brilliant."

"Where's your mum? You're not supposed to Floo-call without permission."

"Lily's keeping her busy and Al is my lookout. Will you do it?"

"Why don't you just switch the salt and the sugar or something?"

James rolled his eyes. "We do that every year. Dad never falls for it anymore."

"Can't you get something from your uncles' shop?"

"Dad knows all that stuff too. That's the best part, he'll never expect it. And he'll never know it was you because you're not supposed to come over until Thursday." It was the Easter holidays and Teddy was spending the first half of it with his grandmother.

"And how am I going to hide to cast the spell then?"

James grinned. "I know where Dad keeps his Cloak."

Teddy shook his head and threw his hands up in defeat. "Fine."

Harry walked into the kitchen to find his three children busily eating their breakfast. Ginny was at the stove cooking more eggs and he kissed her cheek as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"So what's the verdict this year?" he asked quietly, hiding his mouth behind his mug. Ginny smirked.

"Salt in the sugar bowl, something in the pumpkin juice, hot sauce I think, and that innocent looking sweet next to your plate is actually a rewrapped Canary Cream."

Harry chuckled. "They're slipping."

Ginny smiled at him. "I think they're out of ideas and they know you're more than familiar with all the WWW products." She handed Harry a plate of eggs and then dished up her own before joining her family at the table.

The children watched their father expectantly as he bypassed the sugar bowl and the pumpkin juice, choosing instead to drink his coffee black that morning. He picked up the sweet and thanked them before putting it in his pocket with promises to eat it later. James' shoulders visibly slumped and Al looked disappointed. The rest of breakfast was spent in idle chatter between Ginny and Harry, the children oddly silent.

"Well, I'd better get going," Harry finally said. "April Fool's day is always a busy one for the Aurors." As he rose from the table, he didn't see the look of anticipation on the children's faces, but Ginny did. Before she could say anything, Harry had opened the front door and James coughed loudly. As Harry stepped outside a flash of color surrounded him.

The children burst into laughter and Ginny's mouth hung open in shock. Harry looked down at his hands and froze.

"Daddy," Lily giggled. "You're blue." Al and James were holding their stomachs and nearly falling off their chairs in mirth. There was a snort behind Harry and his eyes narrowed before he wandlessly summoned his Invisibility Cloak. Teddy sat on the floor hand over his mouth, trying not to let any sound escape. Harry looked over at the rest of his family. James had tears running down his cheeks he was laughing so hard and Ginny's shoulders were shaking as she tried to hide her amusement.

"Did you know about this?" Harry asked her. She shook her head.

"No, I swear."

Harry glared at each of the children in the kitchen in turn landing last on his godson.

"Sorry, Uncle Harry," Teddy said between snickers.

"We got you Dad!" James crowed. Harry's lips twitched.

"So you did." He looked to Teddy. "Now that we've all had a laugh, how about the counter, Teddy?"

Teddy shook his head. "There isn't one." Harry gaped at him. "It wears off in an hour."

"Well, I guess I'm going to be late to work today then." As he finished speaking the Floo activated and Davis' face looked out.

"Sir, we've had a call about…er, sir, are you…blue?" Harry groaned and James burst into a round of fresh laughter.

"Happy April Fool's Day, Dad!"

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Day 92

Prompt: Azkaban

Characters: Sirius, Robards, Dawlish, Dementors

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Sirius, flanked by two Aurors, his hand in magical shackles, was led toward Azkaban prison. He felt alternately numb and mad with grief. James and Lily were dead and Remus despised him. Everyone thought that he had done it. The irony of the situation hadn't helped his defense any. Not that there really was one. Crouch hadn't even allowed him a trial, although Sirius thought he should have suspected that would happen. But even Dumbledore hadn't protested.

Dawlish yanked him forward and Sirius growled under his breath as he stumbled and nearly fell. The tattoo on his neck still burned and the shackles were biting into his wrists. Robards had put them on tighter than was strictly necessary.

As soon as they got within a few yards of the door, Sirius could feel it. The icy tendrils of despair began to surround them before Dawlish pulled his wand and cast a Patronus. It was a small wild cat of some kind and patrolled around their feet as they walked into the prison. Sirius saw something vanish back into the darkness, no doubt one of the Dementors moving away from the warmth and light.

They led him down a wide corridor and up three flights of stairs until they reached a cell at the end of another corridor. Robards opened the door and Dawlish shoved him inside. Once the door was closed and magically warded, Dawlish vanished the shackles.

"Enjoy your stay, Black," he said smugly through the closed door and the sounds of their footsteps receded.

Sirius looked around the cell. There was a rickety cot with a threadbare blanket along one wall and a bucket in the corner. Moisture dripped down the walls and pooled in small puddles on the floor. It smelled of mold and misery. He slid down the wall and drew his knees up, resting his elbows on them and putting his face in his hands.

It wasn't long before Sirius could feel it. The feeling of dread, helplessness, and desolation washed over him as did the cold. The Dementors had found him apparently. Despite the guilt he felt over James and Lily's deaths, Sirius knew he was innocent and he held onto that thought as the Dementors gathered around the fresh offering that had come into their mist.

Tears streamed down Sirius' cheeks as he relived all of the horrors he had seen in the war. The destruction of the house at Godric's Hollow and the lifeless bodies of James and Lily tormented him until, unable to stand it any longer, he shifted to Padfoot and howled out his anguish.

He was unsure how much time had passed before he realized that he no longer felt the effects of the Dementors so strongly. Shaking his shaggy head, he morphed back into himself and it was only seconds before the despair returned. Padfoot reappeared and the hopelessness eased. It was warmer too.

He lay down, his head on his paws and closed his eyes. Dreams of Harry and happier times filled his mind and he clung to these. He would survive and someday, somehow, he would find his godson and fulfill his duty to James and Lily. Someday.

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Day 93

Prompt: Reality

Characters: Ginny, OC

Pairing: None

Rating: T for character death

It only took a moment for everything to change. It was supposed to be exciting, standing up with my friends and fighting for what was right. I had been upset when Professor McGonagall had sent everyone that was underage away; I was only a few weeks from seventeen after all. So when Colin Creevey decided to sneak back in to fight, I went with him.

Now, though, I was hiding behind a tree near the edge of the Forbidden forest, face scratched, my arm bleeding. I looked frantically for Colin as the light from spells zipped around me, but there was no sign of him. We had gotten separated what seemed like ages ago now.

I didn't think it was going to be like this. I didn't know what, exactly, I was expecting, but it wasn't this. Good always won out over evil, didn't it? At least that's what my dad always told me. It's what always happened in all those Muggle films he took me to. So why now did it seem like the evil was winning and no one was doing anything to help us?

We were just kids. Kids that no matter how much we had been taught or how hard we'd practiced, were still no real match for the ones we were fighting against. The Death Eaters cast curses and spells I had never even dreamed of and green was the predominant color of the day. That didn't even include all of the Dark creatures they had on their side. We didn't stand a chance.

I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn't hear him until it was too late. I spun, raising my wand, but before I could utter a word I felt a sharp, slice of pain and then all went black. In one moment.

When I woke, all was quiet, save the few moans and whimpers of pain I could hear. I tried to sit up, but the pain kept me from doing so. I was cold and my stomach felt…wet but I couldn't fathom why that would be. It wasn't raining and the rest of me was dry. There was a noise and I turned my head to see someone standing over me. I whimpered and the person knelt beside me. It was Ginny Weasley.

"Is it over?" I asked, but Ginny shook her head.

"Not yet."

"Are we winning?"

"I'm not sure."

"I can't get up."

"I know, it's all right. I'll get someone to help you."

"No!" I grabbed Ginny's hand, terrified now. "Please don't leave me."

"All right, I won't." We sat in silence for a few moments.

"I don't want to fight anymore. I just want to go home."

"I know." Ginny glanced down my body toward my feet and when she looked back, there were tears in her eyes.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing, don't worry, we'll help you."

I nodded. "I'm so tired."

"So am I, but it won't be much longer."


Ginny nodded, one of the tears now running down her cheek.

I closed my eyes and took a shuddering breath, then opened them again. Ginny was still smiling down at me.

"I'm going to go to sleep now."

"All right," Ginny said and brushed a strand of hair away from my face. "I'll stay with you."

"Thank you."

Ginny nodded again.

It was strange because I was having trouble pulling in a deep breath. I wasn't sure why that would be, but I felt colder too. I looked at Ginny to ask her, but my mouth couldn't seem to form the words. I was frightened for a moment, but then there was something else. Some kind of calm, maybe, but I wasn't sure.

I was tired though and so I decided to close my eyes again. I squeezed Ginny's hand and felt my breath hitch and then, in only a moment, there was nothing but peace and calm and warmth, finally.

"I'm so sorry," Ginny whispered as she closed the eyes of the girl that lay on the ground beside her.

Chapter Text

Day 94

Prompt: Playful

Characters: Sirius, James, Harry, Lily, Alice

Pairing: James/Lily

Rating: G

Letting himself into the house, Sirius walked into the front room to find it empty, the house quiet. His brow furrowed. James said they would be home today and Sirius hadn't seen his godson in two weeks. He was itching to spend some time with him.

"Prongs?" he called out. "Lily?"

"Up here, Pads," James called back. Sirius climbed the stairs and headed to Harry's room. James sat in the rocking chair, Harry's head tucked beneath his chin.

"What's up with the Prongslet?" Sirius asked, knowing this wasn't Harry's normal naptime.

"He's sick. Lily thinks he's getting a cold." Harry snuffled and moved his head to look at Sirius.

"Hey, mate," Sirius said squatting down next to James. Harry simply sighed and laid his head back on his father's chest. Sirius frowned. Harry was always excited to see him. Sirius morphed into Padfoot and barked, then bounced playfully around the room. Harry barely looked at him even when Padfoot began to chase his tail, something usually put Harry into a fit of giggles. Sirius changed back into himself and laid a hand on his godson's head.

"Haven't you given him any Pepperup?" he asked James.

"You can't give Pepperup to a baby, Padfoot."

"Says who?"

"Says Lily."

"Why not?"

"Because…because…you just can't."

Sirius smirked. "Which means that's what Lily said and you have no idea." James scowled at him. "You can give Pepperup to a baby and I'll prove it to you. Come on."

"No way. Lils would kill me."

"Just come on."

James reluctantly followed his friend back downstairs.

"Where is Lily anyway?" Sirius asked.

"She went to the market."

Sirius walked into the kitchen and threw Floo powder into the grate and then stuck his head in. "Alice," he said a few seconds later.

"Oh, hello Sirius. What's going on?" She looked a bit worried, not that Sirius could blame her given the current state of things.

"Just a quick question. Harry has a cold and Lily doesn't think babies can have Pepperup."

"Tell her it's perfectly safe, he just needs a smaller dose. I give Nev about a quarter of the vial. The steam startles him a bit, but it works."

"Thanks, Alice."

"Anytime." Sirius ended the connection and looked up smugly at James.

"I don't know, Padfoot. We should probably wait for Lily. I'm sure she'll want to talk to Alice herself."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Look at him, Prongs. He's pitiful."

Harry snuffled again in response. He did indeed look miserable.

"You know Alice," Sirius said. "She wouldn't say it was all right if it wasn't. She and Frank think that kid hung the moon."

Harry whimpered and the sound seemed to crack James' resolve. "Fine."

Sirius went to the cabinet and they got Harry to take the potion. The small bit of steam that came out his ears seemed to tickle him because he giggled and shook his head. His eyes brightened almost immediately and he looked at his godfather.

"Pa, pa, pa," Harry chanted, clapping his little hands, a wide smile on his face. He reached for Sirius who took him from James.

"Feeling better, are you?"

Harry laughed and patted his hands on Sirius' cheeks.

"Pa, pa, pa," Harry said again.

"All right, all right." Sirius said with a grin. He handed Harry back to James then morphed into Padfoot again with a happy bark. James set Harry down on the floor and the baby crawled after the running dog, laughing and babbling. Harry would stop every so often and sit and clap his hands while Padfoot ran around him and licked his face.

When Lily came in the door a short time later, she gaped at the scene in front of her. Harry was giggling while he crawled quickly after Padfoot, then pulled himself up using the dog's fur for leverage. James sat on the sofa laughing.

"What on earth?" Harry was…lively for lack of a better word. She couldn't believe he was the same baby she had left an hour before.

"Mama!" Harry called as she stepped into the room after setting down the bags. "Pa!" He slapped his hand against Padfoot's back.

"Yes, I see Padfoot," she said with a smile to her son. She turned to her husband and crossed her arms in front of her. "Care to explain?"

"Well, you see, Sirius came over and," but Lily held up a hand to interrupt.

"You don't need to say anything else." She looked from the now cringing Animagus to her laughing, happy son and just shook her head. "As long as Harry is happy that's all that matters, I suppose."

Padfoot barked and startled Harry who fell down on his bum. He clapped his hands and Padfoot barked again, then licked Harry from chin to hairline. Lily shook her head with a grimace as both James and Harry broke into peals of laughter, Padfoot's tongue lolling out of his mouth in what could only be considered a dog grin.

"That is so disgusting." She seemed to be the only inhabitant of the room that thought so, however.

Chapter Text

Day 95

Prompt: Homework

Characters: Rose, Scorpius

Pairing: Rose/Scorpius

Rating: G

 "Come on, Rose."

Rose glared at her friend. "I said no, Scorpius. I'm trying to revise."

"For what? We don't have any exams coming up."

"O.W.L.S. of course."

Scorpius rolled his eyes. "Those are months away."

"Only three months, as you well know."

"It's the first nice day. Come and have a walk with me around the lake."


"Just for a little while. No more than an hour, I promise."


Scorpius sighed. This was not going to plan at all. He could keep pestering her, but he knew the tone of that 'no'. She would just get angrier with him and he definitely did not want that to happen.

"Well, if you won't come outside with me, then I guess I'll just have to revise with you."

Rose raised her eyebrows in surprise. Scorpius held back a smirk and settled down next to her. Given the fact that he hadn't brought any of his own books, he moved his chair closer to her and leaned in to peruse the book and parchment in front of her. Rose drew in a breath and Scorpius fought to keep his expression neutral.

"What are you working on?" he asked quietly.

"Po-potions," Rose replied just as quietly. Scorpius nodded. Rose shifted in her seat and glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. Scorpius pretended to be studying the notes that she had taken.

In truth, he was terrified. He could feel his hands sweating and tried to wipe them surreptitiously on his trousers. He had thought about telling her this almost since the beginning of the school year, but he just hadn't gotten up the courage until now. Except Rose had ruined his plans of a romantic gesture under the beech tree on the banks of the Black Lake by insisting on studying instead. He looked down at the parchment again and saw the list she had begun to make for the use of Billywig Stings. Maybe this would work after all.

"I think you've forgotten something here."

"Where?" Rose demanded, moving her head closer to the parchment and, in turn, Scorpius.

"Here, under Billywig Stings." He pointed to the entry and saw her quickly read down the list. He moved his head a bit as she did so.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Scor-," she trailed off as her head came up and they were nose to nose. Rose's eyes widened and her breath hitched. They stared at each other for a moment, frozen until Rose's tongue darted out and licked her bottom lip. Scorpius shuddered and then closed the remaining distance and kissed her.

When he pulled back, she had a glazed expression on her face that he couldn't read. He reached down and took her hand.

"Why did you do that?" she whispered. He rubbed her knuckles with his thumb.

"I've wanted to for months."

"You have?" He nodded. "Oh."

Scorpius swallowed, wondering just what she was thinking. Maybe he had just made a huge mistake and ruined their friendship forever. She stared at him for a few more seconds before moving back towards him and kissing him again. Scorpius smiled against her lips. Maybe staying inside to do homework wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Chapter Text

Day 96

Prompt: Letting go

Characters: Harry, Hermione, Ginny

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Please, Harry."

Harry looked up at the redhead that stood in front of him, tears running down her cheeks. She swam in and out of focus and Harry shook his head before taking another drink of the Firewhiskey that sat in front of him.

"You have to stop this," she begged.


"Because you're killing yourself." Harry shrugged. "We can't lose you too."

"You should go," he slurred.

"Harry." Her voice was pleading, but Harry only heard accusation.

"Go, Ginny."

She bit her lip and stared at him before turning and running from the room.

Hermione heard the frantic knocking on her door and dragged herself from her bed to answer it. She had been home from Australia for less than twenty-four hours and the jet leg had caught up with her. She had found her parents and managed to reverse the memory charm. She had spent the next two months with them, their support helping more with her grief than anything else could have.

Hermione opened the door and her arms were immediately filled with a crying Ginny Weasley.

"Ginny?" Hermione questioned as her heart dropped to her stomach. She hadn't seen Ginny this upset since Fred and Ron…Hermione shook her head to stop that train of thought. "What is it? What's happened?"

"It's Harry," Ginny managed before a fresh round of tears hit her.

"Harry," Hermione whispered with dread. "Ginny is he all right?" When the younger woman didn't answer, Hermione shook her. "Ginny!"

"No, he's not all right," Ginny pulled away and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "He's not all right at all."

Hermione let herself into Grimmauld Place and made her way to the drawing room. She found Harry sitting on the floor in front of the Black family tapestry, a bottle of Firewhiskey in his hand.

"Harry," Hermione said gently so as not to startle him. His head still whipped up and his wand arm rose. His eyes narrowed as if he couldn't place her. "It's me, Harry. It's Hermione."

"'Mione's in…'Stralia," he mumbled drunkenly.

"I got back yesterday." She knelt down beside him and brushed his hair from his face. Harry looked up at her, his expression so broken, her breath caught in her throat. "Oh, Harry, what's happened to you?" She gathered him into her arms, his wand falling from his hand and rolling away. Harry hugged her so tightly she could barely breathe.

"S'posed to be you and Ron. And me and Ginny. My fault," he said brokenly. Hermione's eyes filled.

"It's not your fault, Harry."



"Ron, Fred, Remus, Tonks, Colin, Snape, Dumbledore, Sirius, Cedric, my parents, all of them."

Hermione was crying openly now. Harry had been grieving when she left, but he'd had Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys and Teddy and Andromeda. She was so far into her own sorrow over Ron and the others that she had needed to get as far away from England as possible. Finding her parents had been the perfect excuse, but she had left Harry in the process. From everything Ginny had told her, Harry had pushed everyone away, feeling as if they all blamed him. Nothing could have been further from the truth, but he had taken all of their heartache on himself as usual. Hermione pulled herself away from him.

"You listen to me, Harry Potter. None of this was your fault."

"Died 'cause of me."

"No! They died because of Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Even without the prophecy, they all still would have fought against him, Harry. You know this."

Harry was shaking his head and Hermione knew he was too drunk to process anything. She reached into her pocket and drew out a vial.

"Drink this, Harry."

He recognized the sobering potion immediately and shook his head violently. "No, hurts."

Hermione knew he wasn't talking about the potion. "I know, but I'm here."

She held it out to him. He took it and stared at her for a moment before drinking it. She smiled when she saw his eyes clear. He took a shuddering breath and Hermione took his hand.

"I'm drowning, Hermione."

"I know, Harry. But we're all here for you. Ginny is so worried about you, she loves you."

Harry shook his head. "How can she? After Fred and, and, Ron," he choked out.

"Harry, you've got to let go of your guilt. Ginny doesn't think it was your fault. None of the Weasleys do."

Harry looked up at her, eyes shimmering. "What about you?"

Hermione gaped at him for a moment before she wrapped him in another hug. "Oh, Harry, of course I don't!"

He hugged her tightly again.

"I thought, I thought that when you left," he trailed off and shook his head.

"You thought that I blamed you?" Hermione asked pulling back from him. He nodded miserably. "Never, Harry. I just, I just needed to get away, you know?"

"Yeah." They sat in silence for a few moments before Hermione picked up the Firewhiskey bottle and vanished it to the kitchen. He looked at the spot it had been a bit forlornly for a moment.

"Why don't you stay with me for a while?" she suggested. He looked up at her and studied her for a few minutes before he gave her a tiny smile.

"All right."

She stood and then held a hand out to him, pulling him off the floor, leading him from the room. Harry stopped in the doorway and glanced around one more time. A small bit of weight seemed to lift from his chest as he turned and followed Hermione.

Chapter Text

Day 97

Prompt: Future

Characters: Molly, Arthur, Ginny

Pairing: Molly/Arthur

Rating: G

July 2048

Glowering, Molly Weasley was ushered from her own kitchen for the third time. Victoire hid a grin at the look on her grandmother's face.

"Mum, honestly, we're not going to let you cook at your own anniversary party," Ginny said in exasperation.

"Don't put too much salt in anything. It's not good for your father. And don't forget the treacle tart. You know that Harry," but Ginny cut her off.

"Mum! I know what my own husband likes to eat. Merlin! Now go and sit with Dad or something." Ginny shook her head and stalked back to the kitchen, muttering under her breath. Molly scowled once more and then left the house, walking out into the garden that was crowded with family and friends. She smiled as a few of her great-grandchildren raced by, no doubt on their way to the meadow for Quidditch.

She searched for Arthur amongst the crowd and spotted him sitting under the large oak tree, talking to Harry and Bill. He was completely gray now, well so was she if truth be told, but his smile was still the same as it had been the day she married him eighty years ago.

She shook her head as she looked around again. Eighty years they had lived in this house and watched their children and their grandchildren and now their great-grandchildren grow up. The youngest was off to Hogwarts this fall. Molly couldn't quite believe it some days.

She reached Arthur's side and he grasped her hand before he pulled her down into his lap. Bill and Harry chuckled when he kissed her.

"Arthur," she chided, slapping his chest as her cheeks reddened. She tried to stand from his lap, but he tightened his grip around her waist.

"It's our anniversary," he said with a smile. "Don't I deserve a kiss from my lovely wife?"

Molly simply shook her head fondly before she kissed him again. He released her and she sat down in the chair next to him that Bill had vacated. Arthur took her hand and kissed the back of it. They sat in companionable silence for a few minutes, watching their family interact around them as Bill and Harry wandered away. Molly laid her head on Arthur's shoulder.

"We've had a wonderful life, haven't we?" Arthur asked. She tilted her head to look up at him.

"Are you insinuating that it's over?" she teased. He chuckled.

"No, of course not. But it has been, hasn't it?"

Molly nodded. Although there had been horrific times and grief and sadness, she still thought of Fred nearly every day, there had been far more joyous times.

"Yes, it has been. The most wonderful of gifts." She smiled at him.

"I'd do it all over again, you know."

"As would I." She put a hand to his cheek and kissed him once more.

"Happy Anniversary, Mollywobbles."

"Happy Anniversary, Arthur."

Chapter Text

Day 98

Prompt: Nervous

Characters: Viktor, Zograf

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Viktor skulked into the changing room. He was tired of reporters hounding his every move. He hadn't even been able to speak with his parents before the match without being followed and Quick-Quotes Quills being stuck in his face. At least in Bulgaria, the press respected his privacy for the most part.

He sat down on a bench and sighed. Yes, he was the youngest Seeker to compete at the Cup in centuries, but he wasn't the only person on the team. Their defense was the best in the league this year but Volkov and Vulchanov weren't being harassed as he was.

His mother had told him that if he weren't such a daredevil on his broom that perhaps the reporters wouldn't be as enamored with him. Viktor smiled to himself. He supposed that were true, but if he could perfect the Wronski Feint he would be a fool not to use it to his advantage. And today, he would be a fool not to use every tool in his arsenal to his advantage. His left leg began to bounce up and down as he thought about the upcoming match.

The World Cup. Viktor shook his head in disbelief. There were times that he still couldn't believe it. A hand clamped down on his shoulder.

"Nervous?" Zograf asked with a grin, looking down at Viktor's bouncing leg. Viktor scowled and stilled his movements as Zograf laughed. The rest of the team seemed to enjoy teasing him. Nervous he was, but he would never admit it. Zograf sobered.

"It is good to be a bit nervous. It vill keep you focused." Viktor nodded once and blew out a breath. "You continue to be poetry on a broom and ve vill be all right, yes?"

"Yes," Viktor agreed with a smile. Zograf clapped him on the shoulder again.

"Come, it is time."

Viktor rose and followed his captain. He might be nervous, but he would show the reporters just how much of a daredevil he could be.

Chapter Text

Day 99

Prompt: Bliss

Characters: Alicia, Charlie

Pairing: Alicia/Charlie

Rating: G

Alicia sipped her glass of wine while Angelina and Katie continued to talk and laugh next to her. Even surrounded by as many people as they were, Alicia still felt…separate, as if she were alone on her own little island. She was sure the fact that everyone in the room was paired up, save her, had something to do with it.

Oliver passed by the three of them and leaned down to give Katie a soft kiss before continuing on. The dreamy look on Katie's face made Alicia want to gag. She knew they had just gotten engaged, but honestly. And then there was George who wasn't fooling anyone with the way he kept touching Angelina's stomach whenever he was near her, not to mention that Angelina and a very pregnant Ginny Potter kept giving each other knowing looks. George and Angelina hadn't made a formal announcement, but Alicia didn't think anyone with even half a brain would be surprised when they finally did. She did not begrudge anyone their happiness, least of all her friends, but did they all have to look so bloody blissful all the time? She drained the last of her wine before excusing herself and going into the kitchen in search of more.

Leaning against the kitchen sink, she sighed. She was being ridiculous, she knew, but now that her Healer training was over and she wasn't so busy, she felt like she was missing something. She knew what it was, what everyone else around her seemed to have in spades, but so far, she hadn't found it. Oh there had been numerous dates and a couple of relationships, but nothing that made her look the way Katie and Angelina did. She was beginning to think that she might never find it; at least not in England at any rate.

She was about to leave the kitchen to rejoin the party when an especially loud clap of thunder startled her. She shrieked and dropped her glass of wine, then instantly rolled her eyes at her ridiculousness. She pulled her wand from her sleeve to vanish the mess when there was another bang, not quite as loud as the first. She looked up to see a disheveled redhead coming in the back door, shaking rain from his hair and eyes.

"Hello, Charlie."

Two hands settled on either side of hers where she leaned against the fence in front of the enclosure. She smiled as lips ghosted along the back of her neck before she was pulled back into a firm chest.

"What are you thinking about so hard?"

"Hm, bliss actually."

He tightened his hold around her waist.

"Well, if it's bliss you want, love," his nose nuzzled her cheek as one of his hands moved upward and she elbowed him lightly in the stomach.

"That's not what I meant."

He chuckled. "What did you mean then?" She turned in his arms and put hers around his neck.

"Just that if I hadn't been so disgusted by all the displays of affection that night, I would have never found myself in the kitchen. And as you've already told me that you had no intention of joining the party that night had you not run into me, well," she shrugged.

"So I suppose I should thank Wood for having to snog his girlfriend every chance he got then."

Alicia laughed as her fingers played with the ends of his hair. "And George for being such a sap around his pregnant wife."

"Well, that one I can understand." His hand brushed against the barely there bump of her belly and she smiled.

"Actually, I suppose I should really thank all of you at the Reserve for being such reckless idiots and needing a resident Healer on the premises."

He grinned. "You're welcome then."

She rolled her eyes. "Just shut it and kiss me." Charlie did as she requested and she smiled against his lips. Bliss indeed.

Chapter Text

Day 100

Prompt: Red

Characters: Ernie, Susan

Pairing: Ernie/Susan

Rating: G

Ernie had never really liked the color red.

It represented frustration in his first few years at school; frustration that Gryffindor always seemed to win the Quidditch Cup or the House Cup or both. Seeing the crimson banners in the Great Hall at the Leaving Feast every year and having to be pleased that Hufflepuff had ended up at, or near, the bottom again always grated.

In fourth year, red sparks had preceded Fleur Delacour's and Viktor Krum's removal from the maze; their safe removal, their living removal. And then Cedric had come back and all Ernie could think about any time anyone ever mentioned his name afterward, was Harry Potter, in Gryffindor red, clinging to Cedric's lifeless body.

The year that Death Eaters ruled Hogwarts, red became the symbol of their rebellion, the representation that they weren't succeeding. Red was the gashes and bruises given to Michael Corner as he was tortured for unchaining a first year. It was the cuts given to Neville and Seamus and so many others for standing up for what they believed in. It was the blood that ran across the grounds and inside the castle when the Final Battle took so many.

No, Ernie had never liked the color red.

Now, he sat at his kitchen table and watched the woman at the stove cook breakfast while wearing his shirt. Her red hair cascaded down her back in soft waves. It shone in the light from the window above the sink and he knew from tangling his hands in it the night before that it was soft as silk.

Susan turned, levitating two plates of eggs and bacon in front of her. Once she had placed them on the table, Ernie, in an uncharacteristic show of playfulness, grasped her wrist and pulled her into his lap. She laughed and twined her arms around his neck, giving him a quizzical look.

"I was just thinking," he said, playing with a lock of her hair.

"About what?"

"How much I like the color red."

She grinned and leaned down to kiss him. Yes, sometimes exceptions definitely needed to be made.

Chapter Text

Day 101

Prompt: Memories

Characters: Hermione, Hugo, Mr. and Mrs. Granger

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Hermione set the bag from the Muggle party store on the table. She smiled wistfully as she began to unload the items inside.

After the war, she had found her parents in Australia and managed to reverse the memory charm. However, they were quite enamored with their new country and decided to remain there instead of returning to England. They still visited every Christmas and Hermione and Ron and the children normally spent a week or two with them in the summer. This Christmas, however, her father had fallen ill and her parents had been unable to travel. They intended to come at Easter instead, but Hermione missed them terribly which had precipitated her visit to the party store.

Normally, they spent New Year's Eve with the Weasleys, someone in the large clan always hosting a party. This year, though, Hermione had begged off the party, deciding instead to spend New Year's Eve the same way she and her parents had when she was a child. Instead of wizarding crackers, she had bought Muggle ones, along with the noisemakers her mother had always made sure were on hand for when the clock struck midnight. Hermione picked one up and twirled it around on its stick, smiling at the metallic, whirring noise it made.

"Hermione, it's almost time," her father said as he pulled the five-year old onto his lap. He pointed to the clock and Hermione bounced excitedly as she watched the second hand inch toward the twelve. She held a noisemaker in one hand and had another at her lips, ready to blow into it the moment the clock struck midnight. A purple party hat covered in glitter and sequins sat on her head.

"Five, four, three, two, one!" Hermione twisted the noisemaker around in her hand and blew loudly into the other one. Her father leaned over and kissed her mother, nearly knocking the fake crown that she wore completely off her head, then kissed his daughter's cheek.

"Happy New Year!" Hermione shouted.

"Happy New Year, darling," her mother said, kissing her other cheek.

Hermione sighed and picked up one of the party hats she had bought, Happy New Year written out in glitter on the front. They were garish and a bit tacky looking, but they brought back so many happy memories that Hermione didn't care.

"What's all this stuff, Mum?" Hugo asked as he came into the kitchen. Hermione smiled at her son.

"Things for our New Year's Eve party." She picked up a noisemaker and twirled it around. "Your grandparents and I always had a special celebration and your dad and I decided to do the same this year." Hugo picked up one of the hats and put it on his head.

"How do I look?"

"Very dashing."

He grinned and blew into one of the noisemakers. It unfurled with a whistle, a feather fluttering at the end. Hermione picked up another and blew it back at him and soon they were laughing as the whistling squeaks filled the kitchen, new memories being made without either of them even realizing it.

Chapter Text

Day 102

Prompt: Desire

Characters: Severus

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Severus glanced up at Lily as she spoke to yet another student, his action hidden by the curtain of hair around his face. Regardless of the fact that this was the library and that the two of them were clearly studying together, a parade of her friends always managed to interrupt to ask her some inane question or other. Severus did his best to ignore the way Lily's eyes would light up whenever someone asked for help or advice, wishing that he was the one that put that look on her face. He used to, when they were small and he was the one that was introducing her to magic and all it meant, but no longer now that she was fully ensconced in the magical world.

He tried to convince himself that the feeling that swelled up inside him every time someone else stopped by their table and greeted her with a wide smile was annoyance at having their studies interrupted. In truth, it was something more akin to jealousy. Lily was well-liked and popular and even though she continued their friendship, she had less time for him every passing year.

He was not popular or well-liked, if he was even liked at all. He saw the looks that Lily's friends gave him and had even heard the whispered queries asking why she liked him of all people. Still, they were willing to overlook it because they wanted her company so much.

Even within his own house, he really couldn't say he had friends. Acquaintances, dorm mates, peers he acknowledged as intellectual equals, but not friends. There were those he spent more time with than others that he considered himself closer to, but they came to him because of his knowledge of potions or spells or hexes, wanting him to share what he knew. Perhaps they respected him but that was all.

He watched sometimes, as Lily laughed with others in the Great Hall at meals or outside near the lake when it was warm enough. He would never have that easy camaraderie they seemed to possess in spades. It just wasn't in his nature.

And if ever asked outright if he would want such a thing, he would scoff and insult and sneer before he would ever admit that maybe, just maybe, a part of him desired just that.

Chapter Text

Day 103

Prompt: Glare

Characters: Ron, Hermione, Rose, Hugo, Minerva

Pairing: Ron/Hermione

Rating: G

Ron grimaced as Hermione fixed him with another glare. Well, what he would assume to be a glare anyway. It was a bit hard to tell as she was currently a cat. Her tail swished and she turned and looked at it, then glared at him again.

"I'm sorry," he said for probably the twentieth time. "It was an accident."

"Daddy," Rose tugged on his sleeve. He looked over at his daughter. "Is Mummy gonna be a cat forever?"

"No, of course not," Ron soothed. "I'll have her fixed up in no time." Cat-Hermione rolled her eyes at that. Ron didn't realize cats could roll their eyes.

"Kitty!" two-year old Hugo exclaimed as he toddled into the room. Hermione ran under the bed, no doubt remembering Hugo's less than gentle treatment of Harry and Ginny's new cat.

"It's not a kitty, Hugo," Rose said with a huff. "It's Mummy."

Hugo looked confused. "Mummy, kitty?"

Rose nodded. Hugo still looked confused. Ron dropped to his knees and peered under the bed.

"Come on out, Hermione. I'll think of something."

Hermione stared at him for a moment before she walked back into the room. She continued into the corridor and Ron scooped Hugo up into his arms before the little boy could try and grab her again. They followed her to the library.

"Oh, good idea," Ron said beginning to search the titles. Hermione batted at his foot as he pulled a book from the shelf. She shook her head as best she could. "Er, why don't you tell me which one?" She padded down a few feet and then sat down. Ron stopped and looked at the shelves in front of him, but there were all kinds of Transfiguration books. Hermione pawed at his leg again and he looked down to find her standing on her hind legs looking up at him. He set Hugo down and picked her up. He held her toward the books and she batted at one. He pulled it down and then went and sat at the desk and looked through it.

Unfortunately, Transfiguration had never been Ron's best subject and Hermione couldn't point out exactly which spell he should use as she was a cat after all. After a few minutes of fruitless searching, he sighed and slumped back in the chair.

"Daddy?" Rose questioned her lip quivering as she looked at her mother who was still very much a cat. Before Ron could move, Hermione jumped off the desk and into her daughter's lap, nuzzling her under the chin.

"It's all right, Rosie, we'll figure this out," Ron said.

"Maybe you should call Uncle Harry," Rose said as she wrapped her arms around Cat-Hermione.

"No, not Uncle Harry," Ron repied as he jumped up from the desk and ran to the Floo.

"How exactly did this happen, Mr. Weasley?" Minerva asked in a clipped tone. Ron felt like he was back at Hogwarts.

"I was transfiguring Rose's teddy bear into different animals and we were laughing and I…er…I tripped. The spell ricocheted off the mirror above Rose's dresser and hit Hermione as she came into the room." Minerva pinched the bridge of her nose. "It was an accident!" The two women, well one woman and one cat, glared at him again.

"Hermione, if you would stand here, please," Minerva directed. Hermione jumped down from Rose's lap and stood where Minerva indicated. "This may be a bit uncomfortable." The cat nodded once and Minerva raised her wand, beginning a complex incantation. The cat seemed to shimmer and expand, then contract. Rose buried her face in Ron's shoulder while Hugo watched in fascination from his father's lap.

After nearly a full minute, Hermione finally stood before them once again. Her legs wobbled and Minerva grasped her arm and led her to a chair.

"Mummy!" Rose shouted before running to her mother and grabbing her around the waist.

"I'm all right, sweetheart," Hermione said a bit breathlessly as she kissed the top of her daughter's head. "Thank you, Minerva." The older woman smiled. "Rose, why don't you and Hugo take Aunt Minerva into the kitchen for a moment?" Once the children and the Headmistress had left, Hermione turned to Ron.

"Hermione, I'm sorry," Ron said, putting up his hands in surrender. She tried to glare at him again, but her lips twitched and soon she was laughing. Ron was uncertain for a moment before he joined in. He wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her temple.

"You know, it's actually a good thing I'm not all that good at Transfiguration." Hermione looked up at him quizzically. "She asked for a tiger."

Hermione's eyes widened before she began laughing once again.

Chapter Text

Day 104

Prompt: Falling

Character: Molly

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Molly climbed the steps to the attic, trying to keep control over her worry. Her thoughts were constantly on her family, born and honorary, her fear for all of them never waning. It seemed to grow worse with every passing day and the only thing that seemed to help was to lose herself in some mundane household chore.

She had cleaned the Burrow from top to bottom more than once already. Since the ghoul had taken up residence in Ron's room, she decided to clean out the attic. It had been years since she had been up here to do more than drop off a box or two of one thing or another.

She lit her wand and trained it over the room. There were Christmas decorations and her and Arthur's old school trunks. A few pieces of old furniture stood to one side and a stack of boxes were next to them. Most of the boxes were marked, but a few were not. Molly cast a dust repelling charm as she made her way to the stack of boxes.

Some were clearly things the children had saved as she recognized Charlie's untidy scrawl and Percy's neat penmanship. Her heart clenched at the thought of her middle son, but she shook her head and continued her perusal. A box near the bottom stuck out a bit from the others, but she didn't notice it as she moved closer to the stack. Her shin struck the box and the entire stack teetered precariously. Molly hurriedly directed her wand toward the boxes, stabilizing them before they could fall down on top of her.

She looked down at the box curiously and levitated the others from the top of it. She bent to pick it up and the bottom broke, a cascade of pictures, cards and letters falling to the floor around her feet.

"Oh, honestly," she said with a huff and knelt down next to the pile. The first picture she picked up was one of her and Arthur from Hogwarts, Arthur's arm around her waist as the younger version of them waved at her before Arthur kissed her cheek. Molly looked back at the rest of the pile and picked up a letter Arthur had written to her the summer between their sixth and seventh years.

There were pictures of their family at various stages, cards the children had made for her as young children and letters from Bill and Charlie when they had first started Hogwarts, as well as every letter Arthur had ever sent her. Molly settled herself on the floor and leaned against an old armchair as she fell into the treasure trove of memories before her.

It wasn't until she heard Arthur calling her name that she realized she had spent the entire day sitting on the floor of the attic. There were a few tears on her cheeks, but mostly her face hurt from smiling so much.

"I'll be right down, Arthur," she called as her husband's voice became more frantic in his search for her. She repaired the box and replaced the contents, then settled it carefully on top of her old school trunk so she could find it easily again. She tucked the first picture she had found into her apron pocket to show to Arthur. Taking one last look at the box, she thought perhaps she had found something other than cleaning to occupy her mind tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Day 105

Prompt: Forbidden Forest

Characters: Hagrid, Ogg, Aragog

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Hagrid made his way across the grounds to Ogg's cottage. Professor Dumbledore had allowed him to stay in the castle in one of the guest rooms until the end of term, despite his expulsion. And now Hagrid was to be Ogg's apprentice. Knowing that he really had few options not being a fully trained wizard, as well as being half-giant, Hagrid was extremely grateful to Professor Dumbledore for giving him this chance.

Hagrid knocked on the door at the same moment that Ogg came around the corner of the cottage.

"Good afternoon, sir." Ogg studied him for a moment and Hagrid fought the urge to shift nervously.

"Hard work, this," Ogg finally said. "Especially without magic."

"Yessir," Hagrid said.

"Still, you're a large lad, should make it easier." Hagrid could only nod. "Come on, then." Hagrid dutifully followed the old gamekeeper as they walked about the grounds and explained the duties involved.

"Now, you won't be getting the keys yet, mind," Ogg remarked as they reached the gates. "And I'll still be escortin' the first years. Could use your help in the Forest though and with the gardens of course."

"The Forest?" Hagrid repeated.

"Aye, I'll take you there tomorrow, get you acquainted."

Hagrid smiled, thoughts of finding Aragog on his mind.

It was weeks, however, before Ogg would finally let Hagrid go into the Forest on his own. And even then, Hagrid knew that he didn't have much time before the groundskeeper would come looking for him.

Hagrid hurried quickly through the forest, skirting around where the centaurs usually roamed. There was a hollow that Hagrid had spotted on one of his trips with Ogg two weeks prior. While they hadn't gotten close enough to it for Hagrid to investigate, he remembered where it was.

"Aragog?" Hagrid called out as softly as he could once he had reached the hollow. "S'me, Hagrid." He walked a few feet closer. There was a scratching sound and Hagrid turned to see a leg poking out from behind a tree.

"S'alrigh', it's jus' me."

Aragog scuttled out from behind the tree. Hagrid smiled and explained what had happened after Tom had accused Aragog of being the monster.

"You will leave this place?" Aragog asked when Hagrid explained he had been expelled.

"No, Perfesser Dumbledore gave me a job. I can come visit yeh now and then. Yeh gettin' on all righ'?"

"I am fine. There are plenty of small animals here to sustain me."

Hagrid nodded, then realized he had been there for just a bit too long. "I got to go. I'll bring yeh some meat nex' time."

"Thank you, Hagrid."

Hagrid smiled and patted the spider on the head, then turned and made his way back to Ogg's cottage, whistling all the while.

Chapter Text

Day 106

Prompt: Enthusiastic

Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Colin, Dennis

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Bit…enthusiastic, aren't they?" Ron asked as the two stood and watched Colin and Dennis Creevey practice the disarming charm on one other. Harry shook his head as yet more books flew off the bookshelf behind Dennis while his wand stayed firmly in his hand. Still, Colin cast the spell again, thrusting his wand forward with much more force than he needed to.

"Good thing he doesn't have the wand movements right or Dennis would be part of the bookshelf," Harry returned. Ron snickered. Hermione glared at the redhead before turning to Harry.

"Shouldn't you be trying to help him, Harry, instead of standing here making jokes?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "I have helped him, Hermione. I've helped both of them, more than once. Many, many, many more times than once." Ron snickered again, but wiped the grin from his face at Hermione's dark look.

"Still, they're both here to learn, the same as the rest of us."

"Why don't you give it a go then?" Ron suggested. Hermione glanced at Harry.

"Be my guest," Harry said with a wave of his hand. Hermione fixed a smile on her face and approached the two brothers. She showed them both the proper wand movements again and demonstrated on both Colin and Dennis while the other looked on.

Their first few attempts were as disastrous as all the others and Hermione ducked just in time to avoid being hit full in the face by a large book. Ron and Harry had been chuckling to themselves, but put sympathetic looks on their faces as soon as she glanced their way. Scowling, she turned determinedly back to the younger boys and demonstrated yet again.

Much to Harry and Ron's surprise, Dennis nearly managed to disarm Colin on his next try. It was only a last-minute grab by his older brother that prevented Colin's wand from leaving his hand completely. Ron's mouth dropped open and Harry shook his head fondly in Hermione's direction. She clapped enthusiastically for Dennis and then encouraged Colin to try once more.

As if not to be outdone by his younger brother, Colin managed to nearly perfect the spell as well. Dennis' wand did indeed leave his hand, however it sailed more than twenty feet behind Colin and hit Angelina in the back of the head before dropping to the floor. Oblivious to the now glowering seventh year, the boys jumped up and down in excitement, clapping each other on the back.

Hermione stayed with the pair for a few more minutes until it was clear that they had mostly mastered the spell. She began to make her way back to Ron and Harry with a smug look on her face.

"Never going to live this one down, are we mate?" Ron asked.

"Nope, probably not," Harry agreed.

Chapter Text

Day 107

Prompt: Pet Peeve

Characters: Hermione, Draco

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Granger gave an exasperated sigh before slumping back in her chair. Well, she was actually a Weasley now, but she would always be Granger to him. Draco looked up from his desk and raised an eyebrow, but she ignored him and he went back to the report he was writing. From the corner of his eye, he could see her cross her arms over her chest and frown, a sure sign she was thinking too hard. He opened his mouth to say something when she leaned forward and opened the bottom drawer of her desk. Draco nearly groaned; she was going to get those out again.

She sat back up and in her hand was a yellow notepad with a Muggle pen clipped to the top. Draco scowled. She must have caught his expression because she smirked.

"Problem, Malfoy?"

"No," he bit out through gritted teeth, looking resolutely back at the parchment in front of him. He could feel Granger's grin, but he refused to turn his head and acknowledge it. Instead, he pivoted slightly in his chair so his back was to her and tried to return to his work; try, being the operative word. Because he knew at any minute, it was going to start.

It was a few months after Draco started working in Granger's department that he had seen the aforementioned items for the first time. She had been similarly frustrated that day and after a few minutes of quiet contemplation, she dug in her desk drawer and came out with the notepad and pen.

"What in Merlin's name is that?" Draco had asked, the garish yellow thing nearly blinding him. Hermione looked at him in confusion, then back at the item in her hand.

"It's a notepad," she said, then smirked when he still looked offended. "A Muggle notepad and pen."

"What are they doing here?" Draco demanded. Granger shrugged.

"I've found they help when I'm stuck on a problem. It's much easier to write with a pen then a quill and you don't have to stop for ink every two minutes. Keeps the flow of my thoughts going. I use the notepad because the pen doesn't work on parchment that well."

"Why is it so…so…yellow?" His face twisted in disgust. Granger laughed. Laughed!

"I'm not sure actually." She laid the notepad on her desk and began writing on it. The pen was nearly silent as it moved across the page and Granger was right, she never had to stop for ink. Draco's scowl didn't leave his face, but after a few moments, the novelty of the situation wore off and he went back to his own work. Until the noise started that is.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

He looked up to see Granger with her chin in her hand, staring off at nothing, tapping the pen against the notepad. He waited a few seconds until she started to write again, then went back to his work. Ten minutes later, the noise was back and when he looked up, Granger was in the same position as before. It continued on and off for the next hour before Draco finally made a noise of frustration. Granger looked up questioningly. He was about to yell at her to stop the infernal tapping, but didn't. He couldn't let her know it bothered him or she would just use it to her advantage and drive him bloody barmy.

"Nothing," he ground out and she shrugged and went back to her notes.

For months now, Draco had endured the endless tapping whenever she brought out the ridiculous notepad. He couldn't stand it; it was like someone was tapping out a rhythm on the inside of his skull. He was sure that Granger knew it bothered him, but neither of them said a thing about it. The majority of the time, Draco simply left the office and worked elsewhere until she finished, but today he couldn't do that. He was nearly done with his report and then he was leaving for the day. He and Astoria had a weekend trip planned and the earlier start they got, the better. He refused to let that stupid pen drive him away.

Well after the time he should have finished his report, she was still tapping away. Draco was ready to pull his hair out in frustration.

"Granger!" he finally snapped. She jumped and dropped the pen on the floor. It rolled towards him and before she could get out from behind her desk, he grabbed it and tucked it in the pocket of his robes.

"Malfoy, give me back my pen."

"Come and get it," he said with a smirk. She glared at him and huffed.

"Don't be juvenile."

Draco ignored her and settled back into his chair to finish his report.

"Malfoy!" He ignored her. A few moments later, he heard her quill scratching on parchment and grinned. Problem solved.

After a very enjoyable weekend with his wife, Draco sauntered into his office on Monday morning. Granger was already there, her head bent low over her desk. She looked up at his approach, evil smile on her face. He watched her warily as she bent down and pulled something out from under her desk. When she sat up she had a stack of yellow notepads a foot high and a huge box of Muggle pens in her hands. She smiled sweetly at him as she took a notepad off the stack and a pen out of the box and began writing. It was going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

Day 108

Prompt: Cuddle

Characters: Bill, Fleur, Victoire

Pairing: Bill/Fleur

Rating: G

Bill rolled over and wrapped his arms around his wife, pulling her closer to him. She snuggled back into his warmth, his hands rubbing gently on the small swell of her belly. When she didn't immediately bolt for the bathroom, he hoped once more that the weeks of morning sickness had passed and she was feeling herself again. The contented sigh she gave when he kissed her shoulder led him to believe that this morning at least, she was feeling better.

It was still early, not long after dawn and with Fleur's pregnancy and a near two year-old in the house, he knew they should sleep for a bit longer. But with Fleur's pregnancy and a near two year-old in the house, he also knew to take moments when they could and he kissed her shoulder again.

Her hand covered one of his and she interlaced their fingers as he nuzzled at her neck. She sighed again and he could see the smile on her face.

"Are you awake?" he whispered, kissing her neck.

"Per'aps," she replied, giving his hand a squeeze. Bill grinned and continued with his ministrations.

Fleur had just turned in his arms and leaned up to kiss him, when a cry shattered the mood of the room. Bill groaned and rested his forehead against Fleur's. She chuckled and made to move, but he grabbed her wrist to still her.

"I'll go," he said. "I'll get her back to sleep and be back in a few minutes." He gave her a quick kiss and jumped from the bed, pulling a t-shirt over his head on his way out of the room.

When he reached Victoire, she was standing in her cot with tears running down her face. She reached for him and he picked her up in his arms.

"What's the matter, Princess?" he asked when she buried her face in his neck and gripped the front of his shirt tightly in her chubby fist. He sat down in the rocking chair and rubbed her back, hoping the soothing movements would lull her back to sleep. When he looked down at her ten minutes later, however, she was still wide awake, although she had not let go of his shirt and still hadn't said anything.

"So it's like that this morning, eh?" he said. She looked at him solemnly. "All right, come on then." He rose and carried her into their bedroom. Fleur looked up in question as they walked through the door.

"Someone needed a cuddle this morning," Bill explained as Victoire reached for her mother. Fleur noticed the dried tear-tracks on her daughter's face and immediately pulled her close, kissing her temple.

"Eet is all right ma petite; Maman is 'ere." Bill climbed back in bed and pulled the both of them toward him, wrapping one arm around Fleur, the other running over Victoire's hair.

"Daddy's here too, Princess." Victoire gave a sigh of contentment and her eyes fluttered closed. Bill kissed Fleur's forehead and she too closed her eyes. Bill watched the two of them for a few minutes and smiled before he drifted off himself.

Chapter Text

Day 109

Prompt: Giant Squid

Characters: Neville, Giant Squid

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Neville stood near the edge of the lake, watching the Giant Squid lazily surface and then sink beneath the water once again. The grounds were nearly deserted; it was a bit chilly for September. Not to mention, the Hogwarts Neville had returned to was not the one he had left in June.

He bent down and picked up a stone, trying to skip it across the water. It sunk with a plop. Neville shook his head with a snort, before picking up another. This one too sank, but seconds later it flew back out of the lake and into Neville's outstretched hand. He looked up in surprise until he saw the tentacle peeking out from under the surface of the water.

Smiling, Neville tossed the stone gently back toward the squid, who batted it back at him once again. After a few minutes of their impromptu game of catch, Neville sighed and sat down on the edge of the lake, forearms resting on his bent knees.

Ginny wanted to restart Dumbledore's Army. Neville didn't necessarily disagree with this idea, but he did think that having him be in charge was ridiculous. He was no Harry Potter. Ginny and even Luna, in her own way, had argued with him, pointing to his involvement in both the Department of Mysteries Battle as well as the Battle of the Astronomy Tower last spring. Neville reminded them that they were both integral in those as well and that the three of them should run the D.A. together.

Both girls felt it was important that the D.A. have a leader, who everyone could look to for guidance and instructions. Neville felt that Ginny was more suited to that role, but she hadn't budged when he had tried to convince her. He was a seventh-year, she argued, which had no bearing whatsoever as far as Neville was concerned, since Harry had only been a fifth-year when he started the D.A. in the first place.

He felt something at his feet and looked down to see that the squid had moved closer to shore, one of his tentacles tapping near Neville's foot. Neville reached down and patted the squid, smiling as he waved a few of his other legs about.

"Trying to cheer me up, are you?" The squid slapped two of his tentacles on the surface of the lake, making a splash on either side of his body. Neville chuckled then sighed again. He knew that he was a decent wizard, maybe even a good one, as far as Charms and Defense went. And Herbology, but that wouldn't have much bearing on the D.A. Regardless of his new confidence in some of his abilities, he was nothing like Harry or Hermione, or even Ron for that matter. He still wasn't sure he knew what Ginny and Luna were thinking.

"What do you think then?" he asked, wondering why he was talking to a squid. "Am I leader material?" The squid seemed to watch him in silent contemplation, before the tentacle that lay near Neville's feet curled around his ankle. The squid gave his leg a slight squeeze before releasing him. Neville blinked at the animal for a moment, shocked at the squid's actions. Then he laughed.

"Right then. Well that's a sign if there ever was one, I'd say." He smiled and patted the tentacle again. He watched as the squid slowly moved back to the middle of the lake and sank beneath the surface, waving one arm at Neville until it completely disappeared. Neville shook his head and stuck his hands in his pockets, making his way back to the castle to give Ginny his answer.

Chapter Text

Day 110

Prompt: Mischief

Characters: Fred, George, Filch

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Get in there now," Filch ordered as he dragged the two boys by the arms. "Headmaster will be wanting to hear about this. Dungbombs are on the list of banned items, they are."

George and Fred exchanged grins behind Filch's back. The caretaker continued to mutter under his breath as he went to his desk and pulled out a form to record their crime.

Fred and George looked curiously around the office while Filch was busy writing. There was a row of filing cabinets, all neatly labeled. Most had a range of years printed on the front of each drawer, but there was one that read 'Confiscated and Highly Dangerous'. The boys spotted it at nearly the same time. Fred pointed to it and George nodded.

George glanced back at Filch who was still busily writing with his back to them. George tipped his head to Fred who began to inch his way toward the file cabinet. George watched his brother from the corner of his eye, the other on the caretaker. Thankfully, Filch had left Mrs. Norris to continue her patrol of the corridors or George was sure the cat would be yowling by now.

When Fred reached the cabinet, George reached into the pocket of his trousers and pulled out another Dungbomb. George looked at Fred and they silently counted to three before George threw the Dungbomb directly at Filch's desk.

The stench was almost immediate and Filch began to cough, covering his mouth and nose with his jacket. He began bellowing, reaching blindly for the twins.

"Hurry, Fred," George urged, his eyes watering at the smell. He pinched his nose with his fingers as Fred rummaged in the drawer. Most of the items were from Zonko's and not all that dangerous in Fred's opinion. There was a folded piece of parchment that looked blank, but there had to be some reason that Filch had it. Fred grabbed it and the two boys ran from the office.

When they reached Gryffindor Tower they immediately went to their dorm and sat down on Fred's bed. Fred closed the hangings and pulled the parchment from his robes.

"What do you reckon?" George asked as they looked at it. Fred shrugged.

"Dunno, invisible ink maybe?"

"Revealing spell?"

Fred nodded and George cast it. The parchment glowed for a moment, but nothing happened.

"Maybe there's a password," George suggested.

"Yeah, but that could be anything." The boys suggested all kinds of magical words, but the parchment remained blank.

"Maybe it's really just a bit of parchment," George said with a sigh.

"Nah, had to be a reason Filch kept it." Fred tapped his wand against the parchment, looking thoughtful. "If Filch put it in that drawer, he must have taken it off of someone who was known for causing trouble."

George pondered this. "He could have seen someone using it to do something dangerous. Instructions for a spell or something."

"But then it wouldn't be blank, would it?" Fred shook his head still tapping the parchment, chin in hand. "No, I think whoever he took this from was up to no good."

George sighed again and looked down at the parchment. His eyes widened when he saw lines forming on it. "Fred!"

Fred looked down as well and his mouth dropped open. The lines were faint and both boys moved closer. Just as George thought he recognized something the lines faded completely and the parchment was blank again. They stared at each other.

"Did that look like-"

"-a map?"

"What did you do?" George demanded.

"I dunno!" Fred replied.

"Say what you said again."

Fred repeated what he'd said, but nothing happened.

George frowned for a moment. "You were tapping the parchment when you said it. Do that."

Fred did and the lines reappeared for a brief moment before disappearing once again. The boys' eyes lit up in excitement.

"There is a password-"

"-but we haven't quite gotten it."

They spent the next two hours trying variations of Fred's original sentence, adding words and taking some out until finally the map fully appeared and stayed there.

"It's Hogwarts!"

"And look, everyone's labeled!" The boys marveled at the map for a few minutes.

"You know what this means, don't you Georgie?"

George grinned widely. "Filch isn't going to know what hit him."

Chapter Text

Day 111

Prompt: Mercy

Characters: Barty Sr., Mrs. Crouch, Barty Jr.

Pairing: Barty Sr./Mrs. Crouch

Rating: G

"Please, Barty, show mercy!" his wife begged.

"Mercy? Did our son show mercy when he tortured the Longbottoms? Did he show mercy when he joined the Death Eaters and participated in their reign of terror?" Barty demanded.

"You do not know! You do not have proof! Only the account of another trying to save his own skin!"

"He bears the Mark!" Barty roared. "I have seen it etched into his skin with my own eyes!"

"He was coerced or forced," his wife insisted, sobbing now. "He would not, he would not." Barty visibly deflated at his wife's tears. He put a hand on her arm.

"He is lost to us now," he said quietly. "I must do my duty." He took one more look at his crying wife, before exiting his office and making his way to the courtroom.

Barty steeled himself against his son's pleas and ignored his declarations of innocence and did what he had to do. He sentenced him to life in Azkaban. As his son was forcibly taken from the courtroom, his wife raised her head and their gazes locked. She would not forgive him.

"Please," she begged, gripping his hand with a force beyond what he thought her capable of in her weakened state.

"I cannot," Barty said with a shake of his head. "And I will not leave you there."

"I am dying, Barty," she reminded him. "I won't recover."

"You will, St. Mungo's," but she cut him off.

"Can do nothing for me. No one can mend a broken heart." He shook his head in denial again and she put a hand to his cheek. "But I can die at peace if you do this, if I know our son is free." Barty stared at her.

"Have mercy, Barty; on me and on your son." A single tear made its way down her cheek. Barty squeezed his eyes shut, forcing his own tears away. He had failed them both.

"It will take me a few days to get the clearance." She smiled and squeezed his hand.

"I will be ready."

Chapter Text

Day 112

Prompt: Marry me

Characters: Percy, Audrey

Pairing: Percy/Audrey

Rating: G

Percy stood looking up at Audrey's flat. Audrey had been acting oddly and whenever Percy questioned it, she gave him a rather feeble excuse about work or being tired. Although he tried to be understanding, he never really believed her. Now, he was just resigned to what he knew was going to happen.

The same thing had happened with Penelope. She had begun acting strangely and then distancing herself from him until finally, there was nothing left of their relationship. Percy was just thankful that in that case, he hadn't been carrying a ring around in his pocket for weeks.

He had bought it a month ago. He and Audrey had been dating for nearly two years now. Percy was well-established as the Head of Magical Transportation and Audrey was doing well in the Improper Use of Magic office. He loved her, more than anything, and thought they were ready to take the next step. That was until she had started acting strangely a few weeks ago.

She cited issues at work, but Percy hadn't heard of any problems in her office. Not that he necessarily would have, they did work in different departments, but gossip ran rampant around the Ministry. If it were that big of a problem that it was causing Audrey undue stress, surely he would have heard something about it. The night he had intended to ask her to marry him, she had cancelled their date. And with the way things had been going lately, he hadn't deemed it prudent to ask since.

He ran a thumb over the top of the box in his pocket and looked up at her flat window again. He hadn't heard from her in a week and she hadn't been at work for the last three days. He felt he deserved some kind of explanation and so he had decided to confront her. The thought that she no longer wanted to date him twisted like a knife in his gut. Finally, gathering his courage, he climbed the steps to her flat and knocked on the door.

When Audrey answered, Percy was shocked at her appearance. She had clearly been crying and there were dark circles under her eyes. She was disheveled and still in her pajamas at two o'clock in the afternoon.

"Percy!" she exclaimed in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"Audrey what's the matter?" Percy asked ignoring her question.

"Nothing, I'm fine."

"Clearly, you're not."

Audrey stared at him for a moment before her lip began to tremble and a few tears leaked from her eyes. Percy stepped forward and pushed the door open, pulling her into his arms and closing the door behind him. She cried into his chest for a few minutes before pulling away from him and swiping at her eyes.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly.

"Sorry for what?" he asked, already sure he knew the answer. He steeled himself against it. She shook her head and he sighed. "If you no longer want to see me, at least have the decency to tell me to my face." Penelope had done it in a letter.

Audrey's head whipped around. "What makes you think that?"

He looked at her incredulously. "You've been pulling away from me for weeks; giving me excuses that I know aren't true. What am I supposed to think?"

She shook her head. "It's not, that's not it at all." Fresh tears appeared on her cheeks.

"What is it then?" he demanded in exasperation.

"I…there's something," she shook her head again. "I was scared to tell you." Percy's brow furrowed.

"I just, I know how you like things, ordered and predictable. You have a plan for the future and this, I, this isn't what you expected and," she trailed off and raised her head to look at him. Percy was thoroughly confused. She pulled in a breath and let it out.

"I'm, I'm pregnant, Percy," she whispered. Percy's mouth dropped open in shock. She lowered her gaze. "I'm sorry, I don't know how, I mean I know how, but I don't, I," she looked up at him again. "Say something. Please."

Instead, Percy took her hand and pulled her to the couch. He sat her down and then knelt in front of her. He took one of her hands in his and pulled the box from his pocket with the other. Before he could give it to her, she shook her head violently.

"No, no, I don't want you to do this because of what I said, I don't, you don't have to and I don't want you to feel trapped or," but he put a finger to her lips to silence her.

"I'm not. How could I have known what you were going to tell me today?" Audrey contemplated this. "I've been carrying this around with me for a month. I was going to ask you the night you cancelled our dinner," Percy explained. "I love you Audrey and I want to love you forever if you'll let me. Please say you'll marry me." He opened the box.

"Are you sure? Even now with," she indicated her belly. Percy smiled and kissed the back of her hand before covering her still flat stomach with both of their hands.

"I love you. Both of you."

Audrey began to cry again, but she nodded. Percy slid the ring on her finger and leaned forward to kiss her. When he pulled back, he moved next to her on the couch, drawing her into his side. They sat in silence, Audrey looking at her ring and Percy gently rubbing her belly. Plans were all well and good, but surprises weren't a bad thing from time to time either.

Chapter Text



Day 113

Prompt: Rough

Characters: Harry, Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Hermione shivered before casting another warming charm over herself. She was on watch outside the tent and the months of living rough were starting to take their toll. Ron had been gone for over a month now and she still missed him desperately. And although he would never admit it, Hermione knew that Harry missed him too.

She knew that Harry had the Marauder's Map, had caught him looking at it more than once while he was on watch. Hermione had almost asked him for it tonight, but with no good reason why she needed it, she'd stopped herself. She knew that Harry was watching Ginny on it, but Ron wasn't at Hogwarts.

She wasn't sure how to explain to Harry that just seeing the castle, even in map form, would help her feel better, not to mention seeing their friends' names. She wasn't so naïve as to think that they were any safer than Harry and Hermione were. Well, they might be a bit safer she supposed, as long as they weren't doing anything stupid.

Hermione snorted. Neville and Seamus were the only Gryffindor boys left in their year. Of course they were doing something stupid; more than one thing probably. She didn't doubt that Parvati had probably joined in with them. And Lavender would follow along with Parvati.

Regardless, they were all at least warm and fed, something which she and Harry could not lay claim to. They were fed after a fashion, but definitely not well-fed. And she would give just about anything right now for her four-poster, even if she did have to listen to Lavender's snores and Parvati mumble in her sleep.

Hermione glanced inside the tent when she saw a tell-tale light. Harry was no longer asleep, or maybe he never had been in the first place. Instead, he was lying in his bunk looking at the Map by the light of his wand. Shivering once again, she looked around the campsite before venturing back inside the tent.

"Harry?" she said tentatively.

"Hermione," Harry said in surprise, trying to hide the map beneath him. She gave him a half-smile.

"Don't bother," she said. "I know you've been looking at it."

He gave her a sheepish look before his brow furrowed. "Is everything all right outside?"

"Yes, I just thought I'd come in and warm up a bit."

Harry stared at her for a moment before scooting over in his bunk and holding out an arm to her. She crawled in gratefully beside him and let him put his arm around her.

"What are they doing?" she asked quietly.

"Sleeping." Harry pulled the Map back out and held it up in front of him. Hermione immediately looked to Gryffindor Tower and located all her friends. She then found Luna in Ravenclaw Tower.

"What do you miss the most?"

"Ginny," Harry said immediately, then blushed. 

Hermione chuckled. "I know that, but I meant about Hogwarts."

"Being home."

Hermione smiled sadly.

"You?" Harry asked

"Breakfast. And my bed. And the-"

"Library," Harry finished and Hermione punched him gently in the arm.

"Don't be smart, you prat."

"Were you or were you not going to say library?"

Hermione huffed. "For your information I was going to say the Common Room."

Harry looked over at her with narrowed eyes. "Liar," he said with a laugh.

Hermione huffed again. "Fine."

Harry laughed once more and then squeezed her shoulder before he pulled her closer to him. Hermione snuggled into his side and they watched the sleeping names on the Marauder's Map until they both drifted off themselves.

Chapter Text

Day 114

Prompt: Oath

Characters: George, Angelina, Fred II

Pairing: George/Angelina

Rating: T for swearing.

"You're being summoned," Angelina mumbled, poking George in the shoulder. He groaned as he opened his eyes. It was barely dawn.


George pulled himself to his feet and stumbled down the hall to his son's room. He crossed it in the dark and stubbed his toe on the rocking chair. Again.

"Shit," he muttered, hopping a little as he grabbed his sore foot.

"Sit!" Freddie repeated, happily grinning at his father.

George's eyes widened. "No Freddie, don't say that."


"Shh," George pleaded, picking up his son. "Let's not say that word." Angelina was going to kill him.

"Sit!" Fred clapped his hands. George groaned and sat down in the rocker. He cast a Muffliato around them. "Sit!"

George contemplated the little boy on his lap. At least he wasn't saying the actual word, the 'sh' sound beyond the toddler's capacity as of yet. Angie might believe that he had just learned a new word. Hopefully.

Later, George was in the kitchen making breakfast when Angelina came into the room. She kissed him good morning and then moved to the table where Fred was in his high chair.

"How's my little man this morning?"

"Mumma, sit!" Fred exclaimed. George froze.


"Yes, love?"

"Why is our son saying sit?"

George shrugged nonchalantly. "Learned a new word I guess." He could feel Angelina staring at his back, but he refused to turn around.


George glanced over his shoulder. "Kids learn new words all the time, Ange."

Angelina studied him for a few moments, but said nothing else. George sighed in relief and continued with breakfast.

Two days later, Freddie once again woke before dawn, calling for his father. George once again stumbled down the darkened corridor and once again smashed his toe into the rocking chair.

"Every. Damn. Time," he grimaced.

"Da! Dam!"

George groaned. He was doomed.

Chapter Text

Day 115

Prompt: Muggle

Characters: Sirius, OC, Walburga

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Sirius was bored. His father had taken Reg with him to Aunt Lucretia's and his mother had closeted herself in her sitting room again. Kreacher was busy in the kitchen preparing for the large family dinner they were having that evening. Sirius was supposed to be 'attending to his studies' but with no one around to keep him on task, he had wandered to the front window that overlooked the street.

It was a sunny, summer day and Sirius sighed. His mother rarely let them outside and even when she did they were only allowed in the tiny back garden. Sometimes, Sirius hated living in London in a house hidden from Muggles. He wasn't overly fond of his cousins, except Andromeda, but at least they lived in the country on a large estate and could go outside whenever they wanted.

He glanced at the doorway and then walked to the corridor, looking up and down the hall. He could hear Kreacher in the kitchen and there was a scraping from above him, sounding like his mother moving her chair closer to her desk. Sirius grinned and stole to the front door. With one last glance toward the stairs, he silently turned the knob and stepped outside.

He'd only meant to stand on the front step. He knew the Muggles couldn't see him as long as he stayed there. But once outside, he saw a boy about his age walking down the pavement. He had a small bag in one hand and a ball under his arm. Sirius watched as he stopped a few houses down and dropped the ball to the ground, then kicked it about with his feet. Curious, Sirius stepped forward for a better look until he was on the pavement as well.

"Where'd you come from?" the boy asked in surprise. Sirius froze. "I've never seen you around here before."

"Er, I'm, erm visiting."

"I'm Henry, what's your name?"


Henry cocked his head. "Sirius? What kind of name is that?"

Sirius bristled. "It was my great-grandfather's name."

"Oh, family name, I get it." Henry smiled at him. "Want a doughnut?"

Sirius' brow furrowed. He had no idea what a doughnut was. The boy opened the bag and pulled out a round object that looked to be covered in sugar. It had a hole in the center and Sirius wondered what had happened to the rest of it. He also wondered why Henry was acting as if Sirius was his new best friend.

"All right," Sirius said, taking the doughnut. He took a bite and his eyes widened. It was like cake, but thicker and it was delicious.

"Want to play football?"

"What's that?" Sirius asked. The boy gaped at him.

"What do you mean, 'what's that'?" Sirius shrugged. "It's only the best sport ever."

Sirius opened his mouth to argue that Quidditch was the best sport ever, but remembered this boy was a Muggle. He settled for shrugging again. Henry pointed to the ball on the ground and explained the finer points of football. Forgetting all about the fact that he would be in more trouble than he had ever been in during his short eight years should his mother catch him outside talking to a Muggle, Sirius listened intently. While football sounded rather boring compared to Quidditch, Sirius agreed to attempt to play. They crossed the square to the grassy area beyond and kicked the ball about for a bit.

"Oh, look!" Henry shouted, picking up a coin from the ground. "I'm going to put this in my piggy bank. I'm saving up for a professional ball. "

"What's a piggy bank?" Sirius asked before he could stop himself.

The boy stared at him. "Don't your parents let you do anything?"

"Not really."

Henry shook his head. "Come on, I'll show you." He grabbed Sirius' arm and began towing him back across the square towards his house.

"I'd better not," Sirius said once they'd reached it.

Henry just shook his head again. "Wait here, I'll be right back."

Henry disappeared into the house and Sirius began to think that he should probably just go home. If he were lucky he could get back inside without anyone knowing he was gone. But he was curious about the piggy bank. Why did a bank have to do with a pig? Did pigs eat coins? And how did you get them back out again?

"I know, Mum," Sirius heard Henry call as he came back outside. "Sorry, I've only got a few minutes. We have to go visit my grandmother today." He held out a small porcelain pig.

"See the money goes in this slot here." Henry dropped the coin he'd found into the slot. "Then when I want to get it out, I just pull this." He turned the pig over and the coins inside clinked and jingled. Sirius watched as the boy pulled a black plug out of the pig's belly. He looked inside and saw the glint of silver.

The whole thing was genuinely strange in Sirius' opinion, but he didn't say anything, just nodded.

"Well, see you around, Sirius." Then Henry turned and ran back into his house. Sirius stared after him for a moment before shaking his head and hurrying back to Number Twelve. He quietly let himself in and settled back into his chair. He quickly wiped the sugar off his cheek just as his mother came into the room.

"Sirius," she said sharply and he looked up at her. "You have been awfully quiet down here."

"I've been working, Mother."

She eyed him suspiciously for a few moments before nodding once and turning and leaving the room. Sirius waited until she had climbed the stairs and then grinned before going back to the book in front of him.

Chapter Text

Day 116

Prompt: First Day

Characters: Draco, Astoria

Pairing: Draco/Astoria

Rating: G

Draco woke to Astoria smiling at him, her chin propped on his chest.

"Good morning," she said.

"Morning," Draco replied, trying to stifle a yawn.

"It's our first day being married."

"I thought we got married yesterday," Draco said with a smirk. Astoria rolled her eyes.

"Of course we did, but today is the first official day of our marriage."

"Is that Ravenclaw logic?"

Astoria huffed and tried to move away from him, but Draco tightened his arm around her with a chuckle. "I'm only teasing, love." He kissed the top of her head as she settled back into his side.

"The wedding was lovely, wasn't it?" she asked a few minutes later. Draco ran a hand up and down her arm.

"Mm," he agreed. "Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves."

"I don't think your father enjoyed himself."

Draco stiffened for a moment and Astoria lifted her head from his chest, looking at him questioningly. He sighed and scrubbed a hand down his face. "Don't worry about my father."

Astoria frowned. "He's still upset about what I said after he made that nasty remark about Hermione Granger a few weeks ago, isn't he?"

"Like I said, don't worry about him."

"What did he say?

"Nothing, love, really."

"Draco," Astoria warned.

Draco sighed again. He sat up against the headboard of the bed. "Yes, he's still angry about that."

Astoria shook her head in disbelief. "I can't believe after everything that happened with the war, everything that he put your family through, everything he went through, that he is still holding on to ridiculous ideas about blood purity. For Merlin's sake, the Dark Lord wasn't even a Pureblood."

Draco shrugged. "Father has decided that explains his defeat." Astoria stared at him incredulously. "I don't think he really believes it, but he's stubborn and proud and after espousing the same thing for nearly fifty years, he's not likely to change now."

"Well, I hope he doesn't expect that we're going to hold to his ridiculous beliefs."

"Oh, I'm sure he expects it." Draco smiled at her and she laughed. "Enough about my father. It's our first official day of being married. This isn't how I want to spend it."

Astoria grinned at him. "And just what did you have in mind Mr. Malfoy?"

He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him until she sat on his lap. "I can think of a few ideas, Mrs. Malfoy," he said with a leering grin before he kissed her.

Chapter Text

Day 117

Prompt: Speech

Characters: Neville, Hannah

Pairing: Neville/Hannah

Rating: G

"…be working with both magical and non-magical plants. As you know-"

Hannah smiled encouragingly as Neville faltered for a moment. He glanced at the notes in his hand and continued. He was practicing his opening lecture for his new first-year students and she could tell he was nervous. She wasn't sure why, exactly, given that they were only eleven year-olds.

"...used in many potions." He paused again and glanced at the parchment in his hand. He seemed to have lost his place as he scanned up and down the page. Making a noise of frustration, he crumpled it in his fist and plopped down on the couch, putting his head in his hands.

Hannah rose from the armchair she was sitting in and sat down beside him, putting an arm around his back and leaning her head against his shoulder.

"Why are you so nervous, Nev?"

"I'm not nervous," he said with a glance in her direction. She looked at him skeptically. "I'm bloody terrified."

She looked at him in confusion. "But, you've been helping Professor Sprout teach for two years now."

Neville sighed. "I know that, but this is the first time I've introduced the subject. I've never given the first-day lecture before. I've never been in charge of everything myself before."

Hannah couldn't help it, she laughed. "You faced down Voldemort and killed his snake, for Merlin's sake. Surely you can handle some eleven year-olds."

Neville looked at her incredulously. "Do you know how many Weasleys and Potters are going to be coming to school in the next few years? Not to mention the ones that are already there." Hannah opened her mouth to say something, then closed it again. He did have a point.

"Still, you're going to be fine." She rubbed her hand up and down his back as he sighed again and rested his forearms on his knees.

"I just want them to love it," he said quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, Han, you know that Herbology isn't glamorous like Defense or Transfiguration or Potions. Even Charms has more appeal than Herbology."

"Not to everyone."

He shrugged. She pulled on his shoulder until he turned to look at her. "Not every student may love your class, but they're all going to love you."

He shook his head fondly at her. "Maybe I should bring you along with me. You can stand in the front and cheer me on."

She smirked. "Hm, you might not be too far off from the truth."

Neville's brow furrowed. She took a breath and smiled at him. "I decided to go to Mediwitch training."

Neville's eyes lit up. Minerva had mentioned that Poppy was looking at retiring sometime soon and Hannah had always talked about Healing in some capacity.

"Really? But what about the Leaky?"

She shrugged. "It nearly runs itself these days and I'm sure I can find someone suitable to take over for me."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Sure that I don't want to only see my husband on holidays and the occasional weekend or evening he or I can manage to get away? Let me think about that." She rolled her eyes at him and he chuckled. He turned to face her fully.

"I love you, you know that?"

"I sort of have a little bit of an idea, yes," she said cheekily. He ignored her sarcasm and kissed her instead.

Chapter Text

Day 118

Characters: Lily, Remus

Pairing: Lily/Remus

Rating: G

Remus made his way outside to the grounds, the note Lily had left him still clutched in his hand. The two of them were tutoring a few younger students at Professor McGonagall's request and given how beautiful the weather was, Lily had decided to move the tutoring session outside.

Remus was a bit late; the full moon had only been two days ago and he had been in the library trying to finish a Defense essay before meeting with Lily. He hurried across the grounds towards the Black Lake looking for her as he did so.

The sun was shining brightly, glittering on the surface of the water which was barely moving in the absence of the stiff wind they'd been experiencing the last few days. Remus tilted his head up toward the sun for a moment, letting it warm his face. He smiled as he looked back toward the lake again.

It was then that he spotted her, sitting back on her heels while demonstrating wand movements to the three second-years that sat in front of her. He stopped short, only a few yards from them, as she turned her head slightly and the sun caught her in profile. They had always been friends, but he had never seen her as more than the girl that James fancied. Now though, all the breath left his lungs as he realized how beautiful she really was.

She turned a bit more and saw him standing there staring at her. She smiled and waved and something squirmed in his middle. He had to force his feet to move and his mouth to close.

"Sorry, I'm late," he managed once he'd reached the group.

"It's all right, we've just gotten started," Lily replied, giving him another brilliant smile and Remus was mesmerized by the sparkle in her eyes. Her smile faltered for a moment and she looked at him questioningly. "Remus, are you all right?"

"Yes, yes of course," he said shaking himself from his trance. What was wrong with him? "Sorry, what are we working on?" Lily looked at him for a moment longer before continuing with her explanation.

As they continued to practice with the younger students, Remus kept stealing glances at Lily from the corner of his eye and once he caught her doing the same. Both of them instantly colored. One of the girls in the group kept looking back and forth between the two of them, a small smile eventually forming on her face. Remus ignored it.

"Well, I think that's enough for today," Lily finally said. "We'll meet again on Wednesday."

The younger students gathered up their things, the girl giving Remus a knowing look as she left. Remus shook his head and reached for one of the books Lily had with her at the same time that she did.

Their hands brushed and Remus' mouth immediately went dry. He looked up at Lily who had the same surprised look on her face. They stared at each other for a moment before Remus looked away.

"Sorry," he said for the third time in an hour.

"For what?" Lily asked quietly. He risked a glance at her. The sun was shining through her hair, making it gleam.

"I…I...don't know." He swallowed thickly. Lily studied him thoughtfully for a moment before moving her hand back towards his where it still held the book. Remus couldn't take his eyes off her as she covered his hand with hers and continued to lean forward. James' face flickered through his mind for a brief moment before he leaned in as well and met Lily's lips.

The kiss was brief and nearly chaste had it not been for the jolt of something Remus felt when he moved his lips over hers. Lily must have felt it too, if the small gasp she gave were anything to go by. She pulled away from him slightly, never taking her eyes from his.

"That was-"

"-unexpected," Remus finished. She nodded.

"So do it again," she said with a grin and he smiled before he complied with her request.

Chapter Text

Day 119

Prompt: Music

Characters: Dudley, Cho

Pairing: Dudley/Cho

Rating: G

Dudley let himself into the house, dropping his briefcase next to the table in the entry and shrugging out of his jacket. He was irritated and exhausted after the quarterly meeting in his department. Their new boss was a complete arse and a few of his coworkers had crawled so far up his, well, Dudley wasn't sure they would ever find their way out. Not to mention that they were somehow managing to place the blame for all the mistakes in the quarterly report on Dudley and a few others.

Right now, all he wanted was dinner and to collapse on the couch for the rest of the night, although from the pristine state of the kitchen it looked like his wife hadn't even started thinking about dinner yet. She was between projects at the moment so Dudley knew that it wasn't because she had gotten engrossed in her work. Growling in frustration, he made his way into the living room. She wasn't there either, but he heard the faint sound of music coming from upstairs.

Sighing, he climbed the stairs in search of his wayward wife. He strode down the corridor to their bedroom. The music grew louder as he approached and he only grew more irritated that she was doing god knew what instead of making dinner.

When he reached their bedroom, he flung open the door, intent on letting her know just how annoyed he was. He stopped short when he saw her, however. Her eyes were closed and she was humming under her breath, her hips swaying as she moved to the music. Her long black hair hung in a curtain down her back, gently moving from side to side as she danced.

The sight of her entranced him as it always did and his anger and irritation quickly melted away. He smiled a little when he realized she hadn't even heard him come in, so engrossed was she in the song coming from the radio. He stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She started and spun around, her eyes wide, wand instantly drawn. Dudley held his hands out in front of him in surrender.

"Dudley! I'm sorry, you startled me." Cho dropped her wand on the bed and pulled in a breath.

"It's my fault. I know better than to sneak up on you like that." He stepped forward and tentatively put his arms around her again. She rested her head against his chest for a moment until her breathing calmed.

"Wait, why are you home already?"

He chuckled. "I'm actually late, love."

She turned to look at the clock on her bedside table. "Oh no, I'm so sorry, I completely lost track of time! I haven't even started dinner, I," but he cut her off with a finger to her lips.

"It doesn't matter," he said. "Dance with me."

She looked a bit surprised before taking his hand. He moved her around their bedroom to the music, twirling her from time to time as she laughed. When the song ended, he dipped her and placed a kiss on the tip of her nose.

"Good day at work then?" she asked as he helped her to stand.

"No, absolute worst day ever, actually," he said with a grin. She looked at him in confusion. "And I was in a horribly foul mood when I got home. Until I came up here and saw you."

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. "I'm sorry you had a rough day. Come into the kitchen and tell me about it while I make dinner."

He shook his head. "No, let's go out."

"But you're tired," she protested.

"Let's go out and then I'll take you dancing."

Her eyebrows shot up to her hairline. "Who are you and what have you done with my husband?"

He laughed. "Blame it on the music, love. Now come on." Offering his hand once more, he led her from the room intent on following through on his promise.

Chapter Text

Day 120

Prompt: Soft

Characters: Theo, Daphne

Pairing: Theo/Daphne

Rating: G

"I hate you."

"I know." He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her.

"This is all your fault."

"I know that too." He carded a hand through her hair. It was soft as silk and flowed through his fingers. She sniffled and he leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

"I feel horrible, Theo."

"I know, love. I'm sorry."

She began to cry then and he lay down next to her and drew her into his arms. The soft curves of her body fitting perfectly into the hard planes of his. He wondered, not for the first time, if he would survive all the hormonal swings for the next six months of her pregnancy.

"I don't really hate you," she mumbled into his neck a few minutes later. He smirked but didn't say anything, just continued to card his fingers through her hair. She sighed and relaxed into him. He knew the morning sickness, well that was a misnomer really as it seemed to last all day, was bad. It didn't help that Astoria hadn't had more than a week or two of feeling 'slightly off' with Scorpius. Daphne hated to be outdone by her sister in anything. The fact that Astoria had married and had a child before Daphne did still chafed.

She played with a button on his shirt and he could tell she was thinking. He kissed her temple and waited for her to speak.

"I saw Scorpius today."

"Mm," Theo replied noncommittally, knowing that she had visited with Astoria today.

"He's grown quite a bit, even in a week." She paused again and he felt her smile against his chest. "He barely has any hair still, but what he has is so soft, I just wanted to rub his head the entire time I was holding him." Theo chuckled. "And he smelt so wonderful." She fell silent again and after a few minutes he thought she had fallen asleep. Deciding that a nap wasn't such a bad idea, Theo closed his eyes and began to drift off as well. He was pulled back to wakefulness by her next question.

"Do you think our baby will be prettier than Scorpius?" she whispered. He pulled away from her slightly and propped himself up on one elbow, looking down at her in concern.

"What made you ask that?"

She shrugged, but he could see the beginning of tears in her eyes again. Wanting to stave off another round of sobbing, he leaned down and kissed her softly.

"Of course our baby will be prettier." She looked up at him hopefully. "You're their mother after all." He held his breath and waited. Sometimes she got angry when he complimented her, thinking he was just giving her empty platitudes. She smiled widely at him, however, and pulled him down for another kiss.

Chapter Text


Day 121

Prompt: Crush

Characters: Hermione, Ginny

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Hermione sat on one of the couches in the drawing room watching Ron and Harry play chess. Her gaze kept flicking across the room to where Sirius and Professor Lupin sat talking quietly. Neither seemed to notice her and any time either one of them looked up, she would quickly go back to the book in her lap.

"Keep staring at him like that and he's going to get the wrong idea," Ginny said under her breath as she plopped down next to Hermione on the couch. Hermione startled and turned toward the younger girl.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Ginny," she said with a sniff, keeping her own voice low. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Come off it, Hermione. You watch him all the time." Hermione said nothing. "I don't blame you. He is deliciously good-looking." Hermione turned and gaped at her. Ginny giggled.

"Ginny!" she hissed.

"What?" Ginny asked innocently. "You can't say you haven't noticed."

"He's twice our age!"

Ginny rolled her eyes again. "Is there some rule that says you can't think a man is good-looking if they're past a certain age?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Besides, you seem to have a thing for older men; Viktor, Oliver, Lockhart."

Hermione snorted at the last. "I was twelve, Ginny."

"Thirteen," Ginny countered.

"Thirteen then and if I remember correctly, you harbored a similar fancy for our illustrious Defense professor."

Ginny shrugged. "Most of the girls did; some of the boys too."

Hermione shook her head. "And I never had a crush on Oliver Wood."

"You keep telling yourself that, Granger." Hermione glared at her. "Why don't you just admit that Sirius is attractive?"

Hermione huffed. "Fine, he's attractive, but that doesn't mean that's the reason I've been staring at him."

"So you have been staring at him!" Ginny said triumphantly. Her voice had gotten louder and the boys looked up at them curiously. Hermione turned bright red and glanced quickly at Sirius. He caught her gaze and stared at her for a moment before he winked at her. She turned redder.

"Can I talk to you outside please?" Hermione hissed in Ginny's ear as she grabbed Ginny's arm and dragged her from the room. Hermione pulled the other girl up the stairs and into their bedroom, slamming the door behind them. She fell down onto her bed, hands covering her face as Ginny began to laugh.

"It's not funny!" Hermione insisted from behind her hands.

"Come on, Hermione, don't get so upset. None of them have any idea what we were talking about."

"You don't know that," Hermione said. "I'll never be able to look Sirius in the eye again. Not to mention Harry and Ron."

"If those two prats had any clue what we were talking about, they'd be up here right now. Don't worry about them." Ginny sat down next to her on the bed. "Just admit it, Hermione. You have a crush on Sirius."

"I don't."

"You do."



Hermione sighed and then groaned. She let her hands fall away from her face and glared at Ginny.

"I knew it!" Ginny crowed.

"I hate you."

Ginny laughed.

Chapter Text

Day 122

Prompt: Time Turner

Characters: James, Rose, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Hugo, Albus, Lily

Pairings: Hermione/Ron, Ginny/Harry

Rating: G

James crept back towards the kitchen after his mother and Aunt Hermione had hustled them all outside. And his mum had given Aunt Hermione that look that said she needed to talk to her about something. If they didn't want the children in the house, then they must be talking about something interesting.

"I'm so sorry we were late, Hermione," he heard his mum say. "I swear there are more days than not that I wish I had your Time-Turner."

Aunt Hermione chuckled. James' eyes widened. Aunt Hermione had a Time-Turner?

The women lowered their voices for a moment and James strained to hear what they were saying. He peeked around the door frame in time to see Aunt Hermione pulling something on a chain from under her shirt. She showed it to his mum and then put it back inside her shirt. James' jaw dropped open. She really did have one. He hurried outside to join his cousins and siblings.

"Why didn't you tell us your mum had a Time-Turner?" James accused Rose and Hugo. They both looked at each other in confusion.

"What are you talking about James?"

"Your mum has a Time-Turner!"

Rose rolled her eyes. "She does not. All the Time-Turners were destroyed a long time ago. Well, not destroyed exactly, but they can't be used anymore."

"How do you know that?"

"I read, James."

"Well your mum has one."

"How do you know?" Hugo asked.

"I saw her show it to my mum just now."

"You were eavesdropping again?" Lily questioned. "Mummy and Daddy told you to stop doing that." James ignored his little sister and looked back at his cousins.

"This explains everything."

"Like what?" Rose asked.

"Like how Aunt Hermione is never late to anything and she never forgets stuff."

"That just means she's organized and responsible," Rose retorted.

"Or it means if she messes something up, she just goes back and does it again."

Rose shook her head. "You're being stupid. She doesn't have a Time-Turner."

"Fine, prove it," James said smugly.

"How do you expect me to do that?" Rose asked in exasperation.

"Steal the necklace she wears."

"That's what this is about?" Rose and Hugo looked at each other and laughed. "That's just a locket Dad got her for her birthday. It has mine and Hugo's pictures in it."

"Then why does she hide it under her shirt?"

"She doesn't."

"Well, whatever she showed my mum was inside her shirt." Rose glanced at Hugo who shrugged.

"James, you don't know what that was. It could have been anything," Albus put in.

"If it was just a regular necklace, why is she hiding it?" James asked. No one had an answer.

Rose and Hugo convinced their mother to let their cousins stay the night. Rose and James stayed awake long after Albus, Hugo, and Lily had fallen asleep.

"I still think you're wrong," Rose hissed as the two crept down the corridor toward her parents' room.

"I'm not," James whispered back. They snuck into Ron and Hermione's room and moved silently through toward the bathroom. There was a jewelry box on top of the vanity. Rose grabbed it and they snuck back out of the room.

Once back in Rose's room, they searched the jewelry box, but found nothing but the locket and a strand of pearls that Rose knew her grandmother had given her mother on her wedding day.

"See, I told you."

"Just because it isn't in there doesn't mean she doesn't have one. She wouldn't just leave it lying around," James reasoned. Rose huffed in exasperation. "Where else should we look?"

"Nowhere. I'm going to bed," Rose replied.

"Come on, Rose," James urged. "Just think of how many books you could read if you had a Time-Turner."

Rose bit her lip. She could read a lot more books if she could repeat a couple of hours every day. "Maybe in her office. We're not allowed to play in there."

James grinned and followed his cousin.

"This drawer is locked. I bet it's in here."

"Well I don't know how you think we're going to open it."

"I watched this show on the telly once," James said. "I bet I could get it open. Be right back." He ran out of the room before Rose could protest and returned a few moments later with a butter knife. He stuck it into the space on the side of the drawer and began to move it around. The knife scraped against the wood.

"You're going to wake everyone up," Rose hissed. "James, stop, we're going to get caught."

"Too late," a familiar voice said. Rose looked up to see her Aunt Ginny standing in the doorway. She was quickly followed by Uncle Harry and Rose's parents.

"What have we told you about eavesdropping, James?" Harry said tiredly.

"Aunt Hermione has a Time-Turner!" James insisted. Rose heard her mother laugh.

"You mean this?" Hermione pulled a chain out from under her t-shirt. James and Rose's eyes widened.

"You actually have one?" Rose said incredulously.

"No, I don't," her mother replied. She waved her wand and the charm on the chain changed back into a simple pendant which Rose recognized as belonging to Aunt Ginny.

"You tricked me!" James accused. Ginny smirked. She stepped forward and patted her son's cheek.

"I did tell you that your eavesdropping would get you into trouble one day, didn't I?" James glowered at her.

"Looks like today is that day," she continued brightly. "Grandma has been telling me how much help she could use around the Burrow, especially in the attic. A few weekends with her should straighten you right out."

"But, Mum, the Puddlemere match is next weekend!"

"That's right, I'd forgotten," Ginny said thoughtfully. Then she smiled and leaned toward her son. "Consider it part of your punishment."

"That's not fair!"

Ginny's eyes narrowed "We could make it for the entire summer."

James immediately closed his mouth.

"As for you, Rosie," her father said. Rose looked toward him and gulped. He had that look on his face that he got whenever he and Uncle George were planning some new joke product for the shop. "No books for a week."

Rose's mouth dropped open in horror. "No, Dad, please, anything but that!" Rose glanced at her mother who looked sympathetic, but said nothing.

"Sorry, Rose."

Rose's lip trembled, but she valiantly held in her tears. She did manage to give her cousin a nasty look and nearly grinned at the fear on his face. Now she just had to plot her revenge.

Chapter Text

Day 123

Prompt: Evil

Characters: Seamus, Lavender, Parvati, Dean, Madame Pomfrey

Pairing: Seamus/Lavender

Rating: T for character death

Seamus stepped inside the castle, Ernie leaning heavily into his side. The Hufflepuff had taken a stray curse just before Voldemort made his announcement. Seamus helped him into the Great Hall and towards the dais where Madame Pomfrey was tending to the injured. Once Ernie was settled, Seamus turned around to survey the crowd.

"Seamus," a quavering voice to his right said. Seamus glanced over to see Parvati with tears streaming down her face. His heart jumped into his throat.

"Parvati?" he questioned. She said nothing, simply reached out a hand to him. He took it and followed her from the dais. She stopped after a few feet and Seamus looked down to see Lavender's battered face.

"Oh Merlin, Lav," he whispered and he knelt beside her and took one of her hands in his. She was so still. His eyes raked over her prone form, trying to convince himself that she was just sleeping. He looked back at Parvati. She cried harder.

"No, it's not, she isn't. No." He shook his head violently, kissing the back of Lavender's hand. "Come on, Lav, wake up now. Let me see those beautiful eyes of yours."

"Seamus," Parvati said in choked voice.

"What happened?" Seamus asked, gritting his teeth against the pain that threatened to swamp him. Parvati shook her head, unable to speak. Seamus rose and grabbed her by the upper arms.

"Tell me what happened," he insisted, shaking her a little. "Parvati! Tell me!" Parvati simply sobbed harder, unable to articulate what had happened to her friend.

"Mr. Finnegan," a voice said sharply. He turned to see Madame Pomfrey standing next to them. He let go of Parvati.

"Madame Pomfrey," he said in relief. "Please, you have to help Lavender." He knelt down next to his girlfriend and pulled a lock of hair from her face where it had stuck in the blood on her neck. He looked back expectantly at the mediwitch who wore a pained expression.

"Mr. Finnegan, I'm sorry."

"No," Seamus said. "You can help her. She'll be fine; we just need to clean her up a little." He grabbed the edge of the sheet she was lying on and began to wipe at the blood on her face and neck.

"Mr. Finnegan," Madame Pomfrey said again, but Seamus ignored her. He wet the sheet with water from his wand and went back to work, talking to Lavender the entire time.

"I'm here now, Lav. You're in a right state, but you'll be all right. I'll take care of you." He continued wiping at her face, his vision blurring, but he was unsure why. He felt a hand come down on his shoulder and looked up.

"Seamus," Dean said. "Come on, mate." Parvati stood a few feet behind Dean, looking stricken.

"No," Seamus said stubbornly. "I have to stay with Lavender. She needs me."

"Mr. Finnegan," Madame Pomfrey said as she knelt down next to him. "Miss Brown fell from the balcony in the Entrance Hall. She was then attacked by Fenrir Greyback."

"But she'll be all right," Seamus said. "It's not the full moon. Ron's brother got attacked by Greyback too and he's fine. I don't care if she has a scar."

Madame Pomfrey shook her head sadly. "Her injuries were too extensive."

"But you can fix her," Seamus protested.

"Even magic cannot fix everything," the mediwitch said gently.

"No," Seamus said. "No!"

"Seamus," Dean said, his hand still on his friend's shoulder.

"Dean, tell her. Tell her to fix Lavender."

"I can't," Dean said, his voice cracking a bit. "I wish to Merlin I could, but I can't." Seamus looked from Dean to Parvati to Madame Pomfrey. His heart was refusing to admit what his head was telling him was true. He looked back to Lavender.

"Lav?" he said as he shook her shoulder. "Lavender?" And then his vision blurred completely and he could feel wetness on his cheeks. He grabbed Lavender's hand as his head fell forward. He heard Madame Pomfrey rise and felt her pat his back. Dean sat down beside him, his hand still on Seamus' shoulder. Parvati sat down on his other side, wrapping an arm around his back and resting her head on his other shoulder.

"Why?" he asked brokenly.

"Because Fenrir Greyback is pure evil," Parvati spat through her tears. Dean's grip tightened on Seamus' shoulder.

"He won't live to see the sunrise," Dean said with vehemence. Parvati nodded against Seamus' shoulder. Seamus swiped at the tears on his cheeks before he reached over and gently stroked Lavender's cheek. Thoughts swirled through his mind, unbidden, of what could have been between them and his tears stopped, his expression turning hard. Dean was right. Greyback wouldn't live to see the sunrise. Seamus would see to it.

Chapter Text

Day 124

Prompt: Lies

Characters: Fudge, Umbridge

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"Ridiculous," Cornelius muttered as he reached for the bottle of Firewhiskey in his bottom desk drawer. "You-Know-Who back, Death Eaters, lies, all lies." He poured himself a glass and downed it one go. There was a soft knock at his office door as he poured another glass. He ignored it and continued to mumble to himself as he knocked back that glass as well.

"Minister?" a voice questioned as the door opened a fraction.

"Dolores," Fudge said, hastily banishing bottle and glass back to his drawer. "What are you doing here so late?"

"Just finishing up a few things," she replied as she stepped into his office. "I could ask you the same question, Cornelius."

He heaved a great sigh. "Bad business, Dolores. Horrible night." She took a seat in front of his desk and looked at him expectantly. He proceeded to explain what had happened at the Third Task and the aftermath.

"Surely He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named can't be back."

Fudge snorted. "Of course not. It's just another of Dumbledore's ploys."

Dolores worried her hands in her lap. "The poor Diggory boy." She paused and looked up at Fudge, concern plain on her face. "Minister, you don't think that Harry Potter," she trailed off and shook her head.

Cornelius sat up straighter in his chair. "What is it Dolores?"

"Well, of course I don't like to speak of things I have no first-hand knowledge of, but I've read the articles Rita Skeeter has been writing and he sounds a bit…unbalanced." Fudge's brow furrowed as Dolores continued on. "I do wonder if Dumbledore's influence has been, well, too much for the poor child."

Cornelius frowned. "Dumbledore certainly has his own agenda," he agreed. "One which he does not care to share with me."

"He has so much power over such vulnerable, young minds," she continued. Fudge stroked his chin with his fingertips. "And, you'll forgive me, Minister, but I do wonder if Dumbledore hasn't gone a bit, well, dotty in his old age."

"Yes, yes, I have been wondering the same as of late, Dolores."

"This latest claim seems quite overboard, even for Dumbledore." Cornelius nodded absently. Dolores continued. "To tell such blatant lies, it just makes one wonder what other nonsense he is feeding his students." She sighed in defeat. "If only there were a way you could keep an eye on him." Fudge perked up at this.

"A way to keep an eye on him, indeed," he said softly, looking deep in thought.

"Well, I'm sure you'll think of something, Minister. I'll just say good night then."

"Yes, yes, thank you, Dolores," Fudge replied as she made her way from the office. A way to keep an eye on Dumbledore; it was an intriguing thought.

Chapter Text

Day 125

Prompt: Desk

Characters: Severus, Tobias, Eileen

Pairing: Eileen/Tobias

Rating: T for physical and verbal abuse

They were fighting again. Severus pulled the blankets up over his head and covered his ears to try and block out the shouting. His father hadn't been home when Severus went to bed and Severus assumed he had been out drinking. It was always worse when he was drunk.

There was the sound of a hand meeting flesh and then a shriek. Severus squeezed his eyes shut. There was another slap and then his father began to shout again. Severus could only hear sobs coming from his mother.

"Both of you, completely useless," his father yelled. Severus could hear the fall of his father's boots as he walked from the kitchen. Severus sprang from his bed and ran to the desk that was pushed under the window. He crawled into the space underneath and silently pulled the chair in to hide himself. He held his breath as he heard his father's heavy footsteps come up the stairs.

"Tobias, leave him be, he's asleep," Severus heard his mother cry. His father ignored her and continued up the stairs. Just before the footfalls reached his door there was a scuffle outside and another smack as his mother cried out. Severus huddled under the desk, his face buried in his knees.

His door opened and light from the corridor spilled inside. Severus made himself as small as possible as his father loomed in the doorway. Severus held his breath.

"Hiding from me again, boy?" His father stumbled into the room and attempted to bend down to look under Severus' bed, but he nearly fell over. Severus bit his lip to keep from making even a tiny sound. His father managed to right himself and it was then that Severus saw the whiskey bottle hanging from his hand. His father took a long drink from the bottle. With any luck, he would pass out soon.

"Coward, that's what you are," his father spat. Severus flinched. "Spineless. Useless. Coward." Each word felt like a slap, except a slap probably would have hurt less.

"Tobias," his mother said, grabbing his father's arm. "Come downstairs, I'll make you something to eat."

"Leave me alone, woman!" his father roared and backhanded her once again. He staggered from the room and a few moments later Severus heard a door slam and the creak of bedsprings as his father fell into bed.

His mother looked straight at the desk where Severus hid. He could see blood trickling from her lip. She stood still for a moment before turning and closing his bedroom door with a quiet click. Severus buried his face in his knees and wept.

Chapter Text

Day 126

Prompt: Moment

Characters: Lucius, Severus, Minerva, Bill, Alastor, Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Lucius stood in his study, swirling a glass of cognac in his hand when the Mark began to burn. He dropped his glass to the floor in shock and yanked back his sleeve. The Mark was blacker than it had been in fourteen years and it had not burned as it was now in all that time. It could only mean one thing. He was back. Lucius recovered himself and strode from his study after summoning his Death Eater robes.

"Lucius?" Narcissa questioned as he walked toward the front door of the Manor. He looked up at her where she stood on the upper landing.

"He is back."

The two locked eyes for a moment, Narcissa blanching in fear, Lucius resigned. He then turned and Apparated away.

Severus felt the Mark burn. He closed his eyes briefly; the only acknowledgement of what he knew had happened. He looked toward Albus, who sat in the judge's box, pensive look on his face. Severus could not communicate with the Headmaster in this crowd, nor could he answer the Dark Lord's summons.

He had been expecting this with the Mark growing ever darker all year. However, he had hoped that the Dark Lord would be thwarted once again as he had been the last two times he attempted to return. Severus knew now what his life would be, a life of lies and deception, mistrust on both sides. He would be punished for not responding to the call immediately. He could only hope that the Dark Lord would decide that Severus' position would ultimately benefit his cause.

Minerva trained her wand on the younger Barty Crouch even though he was bound and petrified. She had done the latter when his incessant chatter had nearly driven her mad. The way his eyes still rolled and bugged out of his head was bad enough.

He was back. Voldemort had returned and they would once again be forced to fight against the worst evil the world had ever known. They would once again lose friends and colleagues to his madness. How many of her students would live to have children? How many of them would spend the rest of their days dealing with some injury or nightmares or the loss of a loved one? She shook her head sadly. The young always paid the highest price.

Bill was old enough to remember the first war. Nearly eleven when Voldemort was defeated the first time, he remembered the fear on his parents' faces, the scream of grief when his mother was told her brothers were killed. He recalled the relief they all felt when they heard that You-Know-Who was gone, tempered with the sadness over the death of James and Lily Potter.

He knew his mother would argue with him about being involved, would say that he didn't know what he was getting himself into. He wasn't naïve, he knew the war would not end quickly, nor would it pass without injury or death. But fight he would. He would talk to the Goblins about transferring back to England as soon as possible.

Alastor sat in his bed in the hospital wing. He had been informed of all that had happened during his incarceration in his own trunk by Barty Crouch Jr. Voldemort was back, that much was certain. Alastor never really had any doubt that the megalomaniac would return at some point. He had hoped, of course, but hadn't really believed that he was gone for good.

Albus was reforming the Order. Those that still remained from the first war would rejoin. They had some new blood as well and Alastor was sure he could persuade a certain pink-haired Auror to join. He hated that he had to; hated that they would lose more good people to one man's bid for power. They had lost too many the first time. He sighed. He was too old for this.

Hermione paced in her dorm room, the news that You-Know-Who was back, still sinking in. And Harry, gods, poor Harry. It wasn't enough that he'd been used in the ritual that allowed You-Know-, well, Vol-Voldemort, to regain his body, but he'd had to watch Cedric killed and then see the echo of his parents as well.

Hermione wasn't stupid. She knew there would be more people like the Minister that would refuse to believe Harry. Just as she knew she would be a target, not only because she was Muggleborn, but because she was Harry's best friend. It didn't matter though; she wasn't going to let Harry deal with this by himself. She would stick by him, no matter what, just as she had through all this Triwizard Tournament mess. They would get through it, the three of them, together.

Chapter Text

Day 127

Prompt: Birthday cake

Characters: George, Molly, Percy, Ginny

Pairing: None

Rating: G

George lay in bed looking at the ceiling of Bill's room. He had a hard time staying at the flat over the shop, as there were memories of Fred everywhere. He stayed at the Burrow more often than not, although he hadn't been able to bring himself to sleep in his old room either, so he had moved into Bill's.

Today was April first and he really hoped that everyone had forgotten. He didn't want to celebrate his birthday because he shouldn't be celebrating it alone.

"Morning, dear," his mother said as he sat down at the table for breakfast.

"Morning, Mum," George replied. He could see her wringing her hands nervously. He couldn't blame her, really. Sometimes it was hard to know what would set him off.

"I've made all your favorites," she said quietly. He looked up at her and managed a sad smile. His favorites were Fred's favorites as well.

"I'm not hungry, Mum," he said standing abruptly. "I've got to get to the shop."

"But, George," his mother began, but George strode out the door.

"You're coming to the Burrow for dinner, aren't you?" Percy asked. He had stopped into the shop after work at his mother's request.

George shrugged. "Don't really feel like it."

Percy hesitated. He knew how volatile George could be lately and Percy still felt immense guilt over Fred's death. He had thought more than once that maybe it would have been better if it had been him that died instead of Fred.

"George," he said hesitantly. "Mum would really like it if you were there. It's your bir-"

George spun around before Percy could finish. "Don't say it!"

Percy closed his mouth and looked at his brother. George had his hands braced against the counter and was pulling in a deep breath.

"I'm sorry," Percy said.

George sighed and hung his head. "Tell Mum I'll be there."

Percy reached out a hand to his brother and gripped his shoulder for a moment before he turned and left the shop.

Dinner was a tense affair. Everyone was trying to make small talk to avoid the one topic that sat like a hippogriff in the middle of the room. George kept his eyes on his plate and mostly pushed his food around. After yet another question from Percy to Hermione, who had come home with Ginny for the Easter holidays, about N.E.W.T.S., George rose from his chair. They all watched him silently as he made his way to the door and outside.

He sat down by the pond and stared out across the water. It was a few minutes before he heard footsteps behind him. He snorted, knowing his mum would have sent someone out after him. He was a bit surprised though that it was Ginny and not Bill or Percy. She sat down next to him and rested her head against his shoulder.

"I can't walk down that corridor anymore," she said after a few minutes silence. George stiffened. "I've been late to class more than once because of it."

George plucked idly at the grass. "I can't sleep at my flat. Or in my bedroom here. And I know Mum has a cake in the kitchen and I can't," George paused and swallowed thickly. "I can't look at a birthday cake with only one name on it. It's supposed to have two. There have always been two."

Ginny sniffled and took his hand, squeezing it. "There is a birthday cake in the kitchen. And Mum fretted about it all day. She didn't know if you even wanted one and then when she decided that she would make one, she didn't know what to write on it." George looked out at the pond. He could feel the tears pricking his eyes. "She stared at it for an hour at least. And just after Percy got home and said you were coming she looked at it for a few more minutes. Then she put both of your names on it." The tears escaped George's eyes and ran down his cheeks.

"Percy said he wasn't sure if that was a good idea, but she looked at him and said that it was still Fred's birthday, even if he wasn't here to celebrate it with us." George's shoulders began to shake and Ginny wrapped her arms around him, crying as well.

"So," Ginny stopped and cleared her throat, swiping a hand across her face. "So I think that you should come in and have some cake. Fred would smack you if you didn't." George managed a laugh and turned a tear-stained face to his little sister. He hugged her tightly.

"Thanks, Gin."

She smiled as they pulled apart and then stood and held out a hand to him. He took it and pulled himself to his feet. He let go of her hand as she started to walk back towards the Burrow. She looked at him questioningly.

"I'll be there in a minute. I promise."

Ginny nodded and walked away. George pulled in a breath and let it out, looking up at the sky.

"Happy Birthday, Freddie. I miss you," he whispered before he turned to join the rest of his family inside.

Chapter Text

Day 128

Prompt: Necklace

Characters: Voldemort

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Voldemort seethed as he left the house. She had the locket; the locket that rightfully belonged to himHe was Salazar Slytherin's heir. And Burke had cheated Tom's mother out of the only family heirloom that she had left and sold it to that, that, disgusting excuse for a witch.

She also had the Cup. His strides slowed down a bit as he contemplated this bit of information. He could use the Cup as well; it would serve her right if he did. Two Founder's artifacts. There was a certain beauty in it, actually. He smirked as he reached his small flat. He had a few ingredients to get.

He lay on his bed, the locket in his hands. The Cup sat on his bedside table, already infused with a bit of his soul. The ritual always took something out of him. He hadn't been able to open the locket by conventional means and he wondered what it contained. Hissing in Parseltounge, the locket finally popped open and small bit of parchment fell out.

Opening it, he realized it was a map to the Chamber of Secrets, as well as information on how to find the entrance. He chuckled. He would have loved to have had this information while he was still in school, although he had figured it out eventually anyway. Tucking the parchment back in the locket for now, he closed it with a snap.

He would rest for a bit longer and then he would have to leave. Regardless of the fact that he knew his memory charm on the old house-elf would hold, Burke would be suspicious. And now that Voldemort had decided on Founder's objects for the rest of his Horcruxes, he would need to start searching for them.

He ran his thumb over the locket one more time. Salazar Slytherin, greatest wizard of all time. Lord Voldemort would live up to his legacy. There was no doubt about that.

Chapter Text

Day 129

Prompt: Forgiven

Characters: Draco, Astoria, Scorpius

Pairing: Draco/Astoria

Rating: G

"Scorpius is missing," Astoria said without preamble when Draco arrived home.

"What do you mean missing?" Draco demanded, his heart starting to beat faster.

"I've been looking everywhere for him for over an hour and I can't find him."

"The wards didn't go off did they?" Draco asked and Astoria shook her head. Draco relaxed. "Then he's got to be somewhere in the house, Astoria. I'll help you look in just a minute."

Draco strode into his study and set the stack of parchment he was carrying on his desk. He was about to leave to search for his son when he heard a small scraping sound to his left. He turned and looked at the chair in the corner, a small set of legs on the floor behind it. Draco smirked and walked toward the chair, looking over the top to where Scorpius hid behind it.

"What in Merlin's name are you doing back there?"

"N-nothing," Scorpius murmured.

Draco looked at him skeptically. "Why are you hiding, Scorpius?"

"I-I don't know," Scorpius managed.

"Well, come out of there," Draco said as he pulled the chair away from the wall. "Your mother is frantic." Scorpius stood and walked out from behind the chair, head hanging.

"Noddy," Draco called and the House Elf appeared in front of them. "Please tell my wife that I've found our son."

"Yes, Master, right away," Noddy replied as he disappeared with a crack.

Draco turned back to Scorpius. "Why do I think there's more to this than just you hiding?"

Scorpius shrugged. Draco put a hand on his shoulder and steered the small boy toward the couch. Draco sat down on it and pulled Scorpius to stand between his legs. "Now, what's going on?"

Scorpius shuffled his feet a bit, not meeting his father's eyes.

"Scorpius," Draco warned.

"I was chasing the Snitch," Scorpius mumbled.

"Snitch, what Snitch?" his father asked in confusion.

Scorpius twisted his hands nervously. "The Snitch from the Quidditch box."

Draco's eyes narrowed. Scorpius wasn't allowed in the Quidditch box. Astoria was terrified he would release the Bludgers and get hurt. "Then what happened?"

"It flew fast and high and I had to climb on Mum's desk to get it and, and," Scorpius broke off just as Astoria burst into the room.

"Scorpius!" she exclaimed, rushing to him. She knelt down next to him and gathered him into her arms. "I was so worried."

"I'm sorry, Mummy," he said.

Draco's eyes narrowed again. His son hadn't called Astoria Mummy for over a year. Something had definitely happened.

"It's all right, darling, you're forgiven. I'm just glad you're all right."

"Wait a minute, forgiven for what?" Draco asked.

"Scorpius knocked the picture frame that Daphne gave me for my birthday from my desk and it broke."

"Did he tell you how he broke it?" Astoria shook her head. "Scorpius, would you like to explain to your mother?"

Scorpius bit his lip as he looked up at his mother. He blinked solemnly, his mouth turned down and Draco nearly snorted in laughter. It was the same look he used to give his own mother when trying to get out of trouble.

"Draco," Astoria chided. "I'm sure it was an accident."

"I'm sure it wasn't," Draco returned. "Scorpius went into the Quidditch box and got the Snitch. He proceeded to chase it through the house and, at some point, climbed on to your desk to get it. That's when he broke the picture frame."

"Scorpius, you know you're not allowed in the Quidditch box," Astoria admonished.

"I'm sorry, Mummy. I just want to be the best Seeker like Father was."

Draco rolled his eyes and shook his head. His son was laying it on quite thick. And if the look on her face were any indication, his wife was falling for it, just like Draco's mother always had.

"Regardless, Scorpius, you know the rules. Not only did you go in the Quidditch box, you brought the Snitch into the house which also isn't allowed. No broom for a week," Draco said.

"But Father," Scorpius protested at the same time Astoria said, "Draco," in a pleading voice.

"I could make it two," Draco told his son. Scorpius' lip trembled. "And don't even try that. It's not going to work. Now go up to your room until we call you for dinner." Scorpius dragged his feet as he left the room.

"Draco don't you think you were a little hard on him?"

"No, Astoria, I don't. He's six years old and knows what the rules are. He deliberately disobeyed."

Astoria sighed and Draco put an arm around her and kissed her temple. "I will make sure he knows that I've forgiven him, however."

Astoria smiled up at him and kissed his cheek before leaving the study.

Draco plopped down in his desk chair and ran a hand through his hair, wondering if he would survive this child who was so much like him.

Chapter Text

Day 130

Prompt: Divination

Characters: Lavender, Parvati, Hermione

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Lavender and Parvati sat on Lavender's bed looking through their Divination textbooks as they had been for the last half hour.

"My uncle married a Muggle-born and she told me that Muggles have horoscopes in their newspapers too," Parvati announced as she flipped to the chapter on Astrology.

"They use Astrology?" Lavender questioned in amazement.

"Well, not like we do," Parvati clarified. "I mean they have the same signs and everything, but she said their horoscopes are usually filled with things like, 'You will meet a stranger' or 'You will have a problem at work.'" She rolled her eyes. "That kind of stuff happens every day anyway. You don't need a horoscope to tell you that."

"Why do they even bother then?"

"I honestly don't know." The two resumed their perusal of their textbooks.

"I can't wait until we get to the Tarot cards," Lavender said excitedly.

"Oh, that's another thing my aunt told me. Muggles use those too."

Lavender looked at her skeptically. "How do they know about them?"

Parvati shrugged. "Maybe a Squib?"

"But wouldn't that violate the Statute of Secrecy? I mean Muggles can't just walk around reading Tarot cards."

"They gaze into crystal balls too," another voice said and both girls looked up to see Hermione walking into the dorm.

Lavender gaped at her. "You're joking."

"No, I'm not. They're very popular at Muggle fairs."

"They can't possibly see anything," Lavender protested.

"Well, of course not," Hermione said with a huff. "Just as we won't."

"What are you talking about, Hermione?" Parvati questioned in confusion.

"Oh, come on," Hermione said rolling her eyes. "You can't possibly believe all that rubbish that Professor Trelawney spouted to us today."

"Why are you even taking Divination if you don't believe anything about it?"

"I didn't say I didn't believe anything about it. But you can't teach someone to be a Seer. Either you are or you aren't."

"Professor Trelawney's great-great grandmother was a very famous Seer," Lavender reminded her.

"That doesn't mean Professor Trelawney is," Hermione retorted. "Oh, honestly, just forget it." She gathered up her books and bag and left the room.

"Do you think she'll take the class more than a year?" Parvati asked as Hermione slammed the door.

"Definitely not," Lavender replied. "And you don't have to be a Seer to know that." Both girls laughed and returned to their books.

Chapter Text

Day 131

Prompt: Strawberry

Characters: Molly, Bill, Charlie

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Molly groaned and straightened up, rubbing a hand over her large belly. She needed to use the loo again. She sighed and looked at the half-full bowl of strawberries on the ground in front of her. She wanted to make a strawberry tart for after supper, but at this rate, she wouldn't even get the strawberries picked before dark.

"Bill, Charlie, come inside with me for a minute," she called.

"Can't we please stay outside, Mum?" Bill begged. "I promise we'll be good and I'll look after Charlie."

Molly pursed her lips. She couldn't blame her eldest; it was the third time in an hour. She wouldn't be gone that long and Billy really was such a good little boy. Charlie was usually no trouble either and there were wards up to keep them from wandering to the pond or down the lane.

"All right, but stay right here. I'll just be a minute and then I'll finish picking the strawberries." She sighed. "If your little brother or sister cooperates that is."

"We can help you, Mum," Bill insisted. Charlie nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Molly smiled fondly at her two boys.

"You know which to pick then?" she asked.

"Just the ones that are red all the way round," Bill recited. Molly chuckled.

"Just so. Put them in the bowl and I'll be right back."

She watched for a few seconds as Bill picked up the bowl with one hand and took Charlie's hand in the other. He led his younger brother toward the strawberry patch. Molly smiled at them once more and then hurried into the house.

When she returned a few minutes later, it was to the sound of giggles. She saw the two crouched down in the middle of the patch, their backs to her.

"Did you finish?" she asked as Charlie turned and grinned at her. She nearly laughed out loud when she saw his face. It was covered in red. Bill glanced over his shoulder and while his face wasn't quite as messy, there was no denying he had been eating the strawberries as well. She put her hands on her hips.

"Have you two been eating strawberries?"

"No, Mum," Bill said solemnly, at the same time that Charlie nodded his head. Bill elbowed him in the side.

"No, Mummy," Charlie echoed.

"And I suppose all that red juice just magically appeared on your faces?"

Bill glanced at Charlie's face and his eyes widened.

"I thought you were going to pick the strawberries," she continued, trying for stern, but a smile played at the corner of her lips.

"We did," Bill insisted.

"It looks to me like you did more eating than picking."

Bill looked thoughtful for a moment before he continued. "Well, we did have to pick them to eat them."

Molly burst out laughing. Charlie giggled right along with her and Bill grinned. She bent down and hugged them both before going back to picking the rest of the strawberries.

Chapter Text

Day 132

Prompt: Hidden

Characters: Ted, Andromeda

Pairing: Ted/Andromeda

Rating: G

"Someone might see." Andromeda hissed.

Ted sighed as he moved away from her. "You're the one that asked me to meet you here, remember?"

"I know, I know, it's just," she broke off, shaking her head. They were on the far side of the lake, near the Forbidden Forest. She walked a few feet away from him, her arms wrapped around her middle. When she didn't say anything else, Ted walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let her go.

"Cissy saw us," she finally whispered.

"Saw us what?"

"Here, a few days ago, kissing."

A part of him was relieved. It had been fear of her sister finding out about their relationship that kept it hidden. The other part of him, however, was wary as to what this meant for the two of them. "And what did she have to say about that?"

Andromeda gave a mirthless laugh. "Oh, she had plenty to say about it." She disentangled herself from his arms and stepped away again. She began to play with the hem on the sleeve of her robes, sure sign that she was nervous about something.

"Ted, I think that maybe we should," she paused and took a shuddering breath. "We should end things."

"You think that or Narcissa thinks that?"

Andromeda turned to him, tears in her eyes. "I promised her."

"Promised her what?"

"Promised her that I wouldn't see you anymore."

Ted felt like someone had punched him in the gut. "Why would you do that, Andi?"

The tears were running down her cheeks now. "She was going to tell my father!"

Ted frowned. "Isn't your family going to find out about us eventually?" She looked away. "Or did you intend to keep me hidden away like some dirty little secret?"

"No, I, I," she shook her head. "I don't know!" She pulled in a breath and looked up at him. "You don't understand, my family, they won't accept you, us. I wouldn't see them again, I don't, I don't know."

Ted stepped forward and took hold of her upper arms. "Andromeda, look at me." She looked up, her eyes filled with tears. "We'll be finished with school soon and then it will be time for us to live our own lives. Not the lives our families or our teachers or our friends want us to live, but our own lives."

"But-" she tried to interrupt, but he put a finger to her lips to silence her.

"I love you. Do you love me?"

"Yes," she said immediately.

"My grandmother told me once that love is a gift. She said if it's within your grasp; if you know where it is and who it's with; then you should run to it, grasp it, and never let it go. I'm not letting you go Andromeda." He kissed her and when he pulled back, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

"All right?" he asked.

"All right," she replied.

Chapter Text

Day 133

Prompt: Sunshine

Character: Sirius

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Padfoot heaved himself up onto the bank and somehow managed to make it the few remaining feet to a large bush. He crawled underneath it as best he could and closed his eyes, panting.

When he had finally recovered from his long swim across the sea, he opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. It seemed uninhabited, just a wide expanse of grass and a few bushes here and there before it gave way to a wooded area a few yards away. The sky was overcast and gray and he idly wondered if the Dementors' influence reached this far. Deciding the woods were his best chance for remaining hidden, he crawled out from under the bush and trotted into the trees. He curled up beneath a tree and let sleep take him.

When he woke it was dark. He listened intently, but there was no sound of a search. Perhaps they did not yet realize that he was gone. Unlikely, he knew, but it was possible that they assumed he had drowned in the sea. He was surprised he had managed to cross it himself.

Deciding he could move faster as a dog, Sirius remained in his Animagus form and began to make his way through the woods. As the sky began to lighten from black to grey he found a hollow beneath a tree and lay down to sleep.

Sirius continued on in this way for three days, travelling at night and sleeping during the day. He transformed from Padfoot into himself each evening and foraged for food, subsisting on mushrooms and berries that he found in the woods. It wasn't much, but he had become accustomed to surviving on little, given what they were served in Azkaban.

Just before dawn on the third day, he reached the edge of the wood. He morphed into himself and walked out of the trees. Ahead of him were wide open farm fields. He would definitely have to wait until dark to continue on. Maybe tonight he'd find more than just berries and mushrooms to eat as well. His stomach growled at the thought.

Sirius was just about to step back into the cover of the trees, when the sun broke over the horizon. He stopped and stared, transfixed. It was the first time he'd seen the sun in twelve years. The wood had been dense and not much light had filtered through the trees, even when he was awake to see it. He watched as the sun slowly rose, its rays bathing his face in warmth. Sirius pulled in a breath and let it out, a smile breaking across his face. He stood against the trunk of a tree, his face turned up to the sun for quite some time before he finally turned and walked back into the woods. He looked back longingly at the sun one last time, swearing that he would spend as much time in it as possible once he had caught the traitor.

Chapter Text




Day 134

Prompt: Lips

Characters: Lucius, Narcissa

Pairing: Lucius/Narcissa

Rating: G

"I am sorry," he said behind her, lips at her ear; lips that had just moments ago been scathing and cutting, now warm and soft against the skin below her ear. She tightened her crossed arms even as he wrapped his tentatively around her waist.

"Forgive me," he continued. It was a rare thing for an apology, rarer still that he asked for forgiveness without making an excuse to try and explain his actions; or words, in this case.

And so she wanted to give in, wanted to turn in his arms and lose herself in those lips that she knew could force every thought from her head, even now, even still. But she forced herself to remain where she was, although she did not protest his presence.

They stood there, silently, his lips at her ear, for what seemed like an age before she sighed.

"What is happening to us, Lucius?" Narcissa asked quietly. His arms tightened around her waist, but he said nothing. "We have argued before, many times, but we have never been so cruel, so spiteful to one another." His lips came to rest on the curve of her neck where it met her shoulder. He kissed her softly before he raised his head, his cheek pressed against hers.

"I have not been myself since I returned from Azkaban," he admitted. She shuddered at the mention of that horrible place. "And we both worry for Draco." Her hands reflexively moved to cover his where they rested around her. He squeezed her fingers in response. There was silence for a few moments before he spoke again.

"The Dark Lo-" but she spun before he could finish.

"Do not speak his name here," she hissed. "Not here in my rooms, the one place of solitude I have left in this house."

Lucius' hand came up to cup her cheek, but she stood rigid, rage flaring in her eyes. He gripped the back of her neck instead and placed his lips on her forehead. When she finally looked up at him, his eyes were full of regret, but he spoke with conviction.

"We cannot let this ruin what is ours, Narcissa. We must protect Draco at all costs. We will endure and survive, no matter what happens. But we must do it together."

She stared at him for a few seconds before she nodded in agreement. And then, finally, she let him claim her lips with his. Her arms twined around his neck and he pulled her tightly to him. And she let herself forget, for just a little while, that hell lay just beyond her bedroom door.

Chapter Text

Day 135

Prompt: Chocolate Frog

Characters: Ron, Hermione, Rose

Pairing: Ron/Hermione

Rating: G

Rose sat in her high chair finishing her lunch. Hermione was upstairs resting, morning sickness wreaking havoc on her at the moment. Ron watched his daughter as she smashed the peaches into her tray before picking them up and shoving them into her mouth. He frowned a little as juice ran down her chin, thinking that toddler's eating habits were almost enough to make him lose his appetite. Shaking his head, he took the Chocolate Frog box from his pocket.

"Fog!" Rose cried as soon as she spied the box. She clapped her hands and Ron grinned.

"Such a smart girl, aren't you Rosie?"

"'ose! Fog!"

Ron looked back at his daughter. It had taken him longer than Hermione to begin to understand her toddler babble, but he knew exactly what she wanted.

"Rosie, you're too little for chocolate."

She shook her head, her auburn curls bouncing in her face. "Fog!" She reached her hand out beseechingly to Ron, opening and closing her fingers. Ron cursed himself in his head. Why hadn't he waited until she was down for her nap before he had taken out the chocolate? Stupid sweet tooth.

"Daddy will give you the card, all right?" It was probably another Dumbledore anyway. It wouldn't matter if she ripped it. "Here, have some more peaches." Ron put a bite on a spoon and held it to Rose's lips. She clamped her mouth shut and turned her head away.

"Fog," she said pitifully, looking as if she were about to burst into tears. Ron groaned. Then he glanced at the stairs. One tiny bite couldn't hurt.

"Okay, calm down." He opened the box and pulled out the frog, keeping a good grip on it. Rose giggled as the frogs legs moved back and forth as it tried to jump. When it stopped moving, Ron broke off a foot and handed it to Rose. She stuck it in her mouth as Ron took a bite himself.

"Mo' Dada," Rose said.

"No, Rosie, no more." Ron said firmly.

"Mo', mo', mo', mo'," she chanted, getting louder. He grimaced, not wanting her to wake Hermione.

"Shh, all right, one more bite, but that's it." He gave her a look and Rose simply giggled. Ron shook his head and broke off another foot. Rose happily shoved it in her mouth, her lips smeared with chocolate. Unthinkingly, Ron laid the frog on the table and got up to get a cloth to remove the evidence. When he turned back to the table, Rose had the entire frog in her hand and was happily eating it.

"Rose, no!" Ron exclaimed, reaching to reclaim the frog from his daughter.

"Fog, Mama!" Rose held the frog up in the air and Ron froze.

"Ronald," Hermione said behind him and he gulped at the very dangerous tone in her voice. "Why is our daughter eating a Chocolate Frog when you are perfectly well aware that she is too young for such things?"

"Hermione, I can explain," Ron said as he turned around. Her arms were crossed over her chest and her lips were a thin line.

"I set the frog on the table and I got up to get a cloth to wipe Rose's face. She grabbed it while I was in the kitchen." At least that much was true.

"Ron, you know you can't leave things lying around where she can get them," Hermione said in exasperation.

"I know, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking." He turned back to Rose. "Give Daddy the frog, Rosie."

"No, mine!" Rose said, pulling the frog away from her father and rubbing it through her hair in the process.

"Ron, she's going to need another bath!" Hermione cried. Ron glanced at his wife who looked murderous and then back at the now melting, slimy looking frog in his daughter's hands. There was a hair stuck to it. He crouched down in front of her.

"Can Daddy have a bite?" Ron asked, trying not to grimace. Rose giggled and thrust the frog into her father's face.

"Dada fog!" Ron swallowed thickly and forced himself to open his mouth. Rose pushed the frog into his mouth and Ron gripped it with his teeth, trying not to touch it with his lips or tongue. He gagged. Hermione grasped Rose's wrists, forcing the toddler to release the sweet. She howled in response as Ron ran into the kitchen and spit the frog into the bin.

"Fog, Dada," Rose sobbed and Hermione cleaned her face and hands. "Mama, fog." Hermione picked her up and nuzzled her head as Rose buried her face in her mother's neck, crying for her lost treat. Ron picked up the box and took out the card. He smiled when he saw who it was.

"Look, Rosie," he said and Rose sniffled as she turned her head. He handed her the card. "Who's that?"

"Mama," Rose said with a smile as she took it, holding it up for Hermione to see. Hermione made the face she always did when presented with one of her Chocolate Frog cards; somewhere between a fake smile and a grimace.

"Yes, there's Mama," Hermione agreed. Rose stuck her thumb in her mouth and held the card to her chest.

"Mama," she repeated as her eyes began to droop. Ron sighed in relief that toddlers were so easily distracted.

"I'm sorry, Hermione, no more chocolate around her, I promise."

Hermione looked as if she were going to shout at him, then sighed tiredly and kissed the top of Rose's head. Ron stepped forward and kissed Hermione's temple. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled the two of them toward him. Hermione laid her cheek against his chest.

"Let me put her to bed and then I'll clean up in here. You rest."

"Rest with me?" she requested. He smiled as he took the now sleeping Rose from Hermione's arms.

"Clean up can wait," he said and the three of them made their way upstairs.

Chapter Text

Day 136

Prompt: Too Late

Characters: Harry, Ginny

Pairing: Harry/Ginny

Rating: G

"Harry, wake up. Harry!"

Harry's eyes snapped open and he sat up in a panic, his eyes darting around the room. A hand settled on his arm and he jumped, pulling his wand from under the pillow.

"It's me, Harry," a quiet voice soothed.

"Ginny?" His arm lowered, his wand dropping to the bed.

"Yes. You were having a nightmare." She didn't say again, although they both thought it. Harry flung the blankets off his legs and stood, pacing in Ginny's small room. Harry and Hermione had been sneaking out and switching places after Molly and Arthur were asleep a few times a week and then sneaking back in before they woke up. Harry was starting to suspect that they might know.

He ran a hand through his already messy hair, the sweat drying on his skin. He stopped in front of the window and braced his hands against the sill, letting the slight breeze from outside cool him.

"Will you tell me, Harry?" Ginny asked, just as she did every time he woke her having a dream. Usually, he told her not to worry and just crawled back in bed and gathered her into his arms. It had been that way all summer, but Ginny and Hermione were leaving in a week to go back to Hogwarts and suddenly Harry felt some kind of urgent need to tell her.

"I'm too late," he said quietly. He heard her sharp intake of breath, shocked that he'd actually said anything, he was sure. She got out of bed and padded toward him.

"Too late for what?"

He sighed and shook his head, wondering why he was burdening her with this, thinking that maybe he shouldn't. She must have sensed his hesitation because she moved behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her cheek against his back.

"Too late for what?" she repeated.

"Too late for all of you."

Ginny remained silent waiting for him to continue. Harry raked a hand through his hair again. "It's the Final Battle except I didn't go into the forest. Voldemort attacked again after the hour was up and everyone is fighting, but as I watch, all of you are taken down, one by one. You, Ron, Hermione, your brothers, your parents, Professor McGonagall, Neville, Luna, everyone. I keep running towards everyone, trying to help, but I'm always too late." He felt Ginny's arms tighten around his waist.

"All of you, you all die until it's just me. And then," Harry trailed off, staring unseeing out the window.

"And then what, Harry?"

"And then I let him kill me. Because I don't want to be in a world where all of you aren't." There was silence for a few seconds before Ginny moved in front of him.

"But that's not what happened," she reminded him. "You did go into the forest and you protected all of us. He's gone, Harry and he's not coming back. Not this time. You saved all of us."

"Not everyone," Harry protested. Ginny gently brushed his hair from his eyes.

"No, not everyone," she agreed. "But they chose to fight and they were proud to stand up for what they believed in. It's not your fault."

Harry grabbed her and pulled her tightly against him then and she held on for all she was worth. She felt him shaking, though when she looked, his eyes were dry. When he finally calmed, she stepped away from him and took his hand.

"Come back to bed, Harry."

Harry let himself be led back to bed. Ginny lay down and gathered him to her and he rested his head on her chest. She rubbed his back soothingly and hummed under her breath until he drifted off once more.

Chapter Text

Day 137

Prompt: Pixie

Characters: Minerva, Severus, Filius, Albus, Poppy

Pairing: None

Rating: G

Minerva McGonagall walked into her classroom with an armload of essays that she had just finished grading and promptly dropped them, her jaw following suit rather quickly. There were creatures everywhere. Mice and rats scuttled about the floor, while birds took refuge on the backs of chairs or on window sills, a few sat atop the blackboard. Something bumped her foot and when Minerva looked down, a hedgehog had curled into a ball at her feet. Nearly all the cages in the corner of the room had been opened. Minerva pulled her wand and began sending the animals back into their cages, muttering about Peeves under her breath. When she had finished, she heard a small squeal and looked above her to see a hedgehog sitting on the chandelier.

"How in Merlin's name?" She stared at the tiny creature, dumbfounded, before gently summoning it and setting it back in its cage. Sending the essays to her desk with a wave of her wand, Minerva closed and locked the classroom door and headed for Albus' office, lips in a thin line.

Severus Snape stepped into the storeroom and froze. Vials and containers were upended and scattered everywhere. Many were broken, their contents now unusable given their mixture with others. A large puddle of…something spread slowly across the floor before Severus vanished it with a wave of his wand. His jaw ticked in anger as he closed and warded the storeroom. He spun on his heel, robes billowing behind him as he strode to Albus' office.

Filius Flitwick was whistling as he made his way from his office into his classroom. He stopped short as he came around his desk. All of the small chests he had set out on the students' desks before lunch were tossed about the room. The cupboard doors were all flung wide and feathers, pillows and bits of fabric used for severing and mending charms were everywhere.

Filius turned in a circle, quite unable to process what exactly he was seeing. Who would ransack his classroom and for what purpose? Even Peeves at his worst never did things like this. Without a second glance, Filius closed and locked his classroom door before hurrying towards the Headmaster's office.

"Do you realize how many ingredients I have lost?" Severus demanded. "I will not be able to conduct any of my classes today. I want the perpetrators punished!"

"Thank goodness we don't keep the owls in the classroom until I need them. There wouldn't be any mice left! Not to mention the mess the birds have made." Minerva scowled. "I want Peeves questioned right now, Albus!"

The Headmaster held up a hand.

"Even at his worst, Minerva, Peeves has never caused this kind of destruction," Filius pointed out.

"It was students then, I knew it!" Severus growled.

"Now, Severus, we have no proof of that either," Albus chided. Before any of them could protest, a face appeared in the Floo.

"Headmaster, I need you in the infirmary immediately," Madame Pomfrey insisted, disappearing before anyone could ask questions.

It was complete chaos when they arrived in the hospital wing. Vials of potions and salves were broken on the floors and linens were strewn about. Madame Pomfrey was pointing her wand at a student who was sitting on one of the rafters above her. The girl was crying and shaking her head.


"Oh thank Merlin," she said as the four stepped into the room. She turned her attention back to the student. "It's all right Miss Mavery. I'm just going to lower you gently." The girl shook her head again, sobbing harder.

"Filius, if you would help Poppy please," Albus instructed. The Charms Master nodded and hurried to the mediwitch's side. The sound of breaking glass drew their attention and Minerva, Severus and Albus made their way to the supply closet. The door was slightly ajar and Severus grasped the handle, yanking it open and three wands pointing inside.

Two blue Pixies chittered at them before flying back into the ward.

"Immobulus!" Minerva and Severus shouted and the Pixies froze in midair. Albus conjured a small cage, then summoned the Pixies, locking them inside before releasing them from the freezing spell.

"I do wonder how Cornish Pixies found themselves in Scotland," Albus mused. Minerva and Severus looked at each other knowingly.

"Lockhart," they said in unison.

Chapter Text

Day 138

Prompt: Rain

Characters: Xenophilius, Pandora, Luna

Pairing: Xenophilius/Pandora

Rating: G

It was raining the first time they met. The rain pattered lightly against the windows of the library as Xenophilius sat in a quiet corner reading.

"Excuse me."

He looked up to see a blonde standing in front of him, smile on her face. He was immediately taken by her.

"When you've finished with that, might I have a look?" She indicated the book in his hands. Xeno looked down at the book and then back at the girl.

"Please, take it," he said, offering it to her.

"Oh, no, I can wait until you're done with it."

He swallowed and screwed up his courage. "We can read it together."

She cocked her head and studied him for a moment before she nodded. "All right then," she said and sat down next to him.

It was raining the first time that he kissed her. They were sitting outside, enjoying the first warm day of spring, discussing all manner of things. The rain came without warning; the sky simply burst open falling in heavy, fat drops onto their heads. They jumped up and he took her hand as they ran towards the castle.

Pandora was laughing and tugged on his hand before they reached the doors. He glanced at her as she let go of his hand and began to dance in the rain. She beckoned to him and he joined her unabashedly, the two of them laughing and soaked to the skin. When they finally decided to go inside to get warm and dry, he pulled her to him. She looked up at him, eyelashes sparkling with raindrops and he pressed a kiss to her lips.

It was raining the day they married. Not a deluge like it had been the day he first kissed her, but a continuous steady rain that didn't look like it would let up anytime soon. Xeno fretted a bit, concerned that Pandora would be upset, until she insisted that rain on your wedding day was good luck. The simply cast Impervius charms on all their guests and continued on.

It was raining the night Luna was born; a loud, wicked thunderstorm that rattled the windows and brightened the sky as if it were day every time the lightning flashed. The storm raged on all through Pandora's labor and just as their daughter made her appearance into the world, the storm ceased, one last flash of lightning showing the brightness of the moon in the sky.

"Luna," Pandora whispered as Xeno passed the baby to her. "We'll name her Luna."

"Luna," Xeno agreed, kissing both his wife and new daughter on the forehead.

It was raining the day that she died. Xeno had been out collecting samples and the gathering clouds had driven him back inside. He was met by a tearful Luna. As he rushed to the library and found his wife lying on the floor, eyes unseeing, the rain began. It was a gentle shower as if the very sky was weeping for their loss. Father and daughter sat side by side, the rain running in rivulets down the windows matching the tears on their cheeks.

It is raining the day before Luna is to leave for Hogwarts. Xeno looks at the picture of his beloved Pandora on his desk and his heart clenches. He watches the softly falling rain for a few more minutes. Then, he calls for Luna and the two of them go outside and dance in the rain. His daughter laughs and holds her arms up to the sky and Xeno smiles, seeing her mother in her face. It is then that he knows that pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it.

Chapter Text

Day 139

Prompt: Whisper

Characters: Severus, Narcissa, Lucius

Pairing: Severus/Narcissa

Rating: T for infidelity

She arrives a few minutes late. When she takes down the hood of her cloak, Severus knows. He turns his back to her, his hands clasped tightly behind him as he looks out the window.

"Severus," she whispers.



"Severus," she whispers. He turns from the bookshelf in front of him to see Narcissa Malfoy standing at the end of the row beckoning to him. Brow furrowed, he walks toward her.

"Narcissa," he greets.

She wrings her hands. "I need your help, Severus."

He raises an eyebrow, but she simply presses a piece of parchment into his hand and then turns with a smile. "Lucius, look who I've run into."

"Severus, old friend, we haven't seen you in far too long." The three exchange pleasantries, Severus promising to come to dinner at the Manor in a week's time. Narcissa glances over her shoulder one last time as Lucius leads her away.



"I'm sorry, Severus."



"I'm sorry, Severus, I didn't mean to get you involved in this."

Severus shakes his head as he hands her the vial. "What will you tell him? When you are…unsuccessful."

"I don't know, I will think of something." She hesitates. "Do you think I am doing the right thing?"

"It is not my place to say."

Her eyes plead with him to give her some kind of comfort.

"But every boy needs his mother," he says. She gives him a slight smile before she Dispparates.



"It is best, for Draco, for all of us."



"It is best, for Draco, for all of us," she says, as if trying to convince herself.

"If you've changed your mind," Severus begins, but she shakes her head as he hands her another vial.

"No, you know that the Healers have told me that I could die the next time. As much as I long for another child, I will not leave the one I have motherless."

"I take it that Lucius has not given up on his quest?"

She sighs. "No, he is consulting specialists in Switzerland now."

"I never thought Lucius would be so fixated on this."

"He views it as a failure."


The brittle smile she gives him is more than enough answer. Unthinking, he draws her into his arms to comfort her.



"If he found out, I don't, I couldn't," she trails off.



"If he finds out," Narcissa says breathlessly as Severus' lips trail down her neck.

"I do not plan to tell him," Severus says as he pulls back to look at her. She is nervous, but he can tell that she wants this as much as he has come to. He has fought with himself for months now, against his growing desire to have her, but also comfort and protect her. Lucius has nearly gone mad with his quest to prove the St. Mungo's Healers wrong about the danger to his wife should she try to carry another child. After four miscarriages and the stillbirth that nearly caused her to bleed to death, Severus would have thought that Lucius would not need outside corroboration.

She answers his unspoken question with a kiss and they are lost to each other.



"And what of Lucius?" Severus asks.

"He has given up," she says in confusion. It has been almost three years since she lost the last baby and Lucius gave up his quest more than a year ago, something Severus is well aware of.

"That is not what I meant." He turns and Narcissa looks away from him.

"I love my husband." She sounds as if she must say it aloud to convince herself of it.

"Things don't get better just because you want them to."

Narcissa raises her head and looks him in the eye. "You don't love me, Severus, you never did. Your love has always been reserved for another."

He stares at her, but says nothing.

"We both knew this day would come," she says.

"Yes, I suppose we did."

She has been getting her potions from the apothecary in Diagon Alley for almost a year, now that Lucius has agreed with the Healer's initial assessment, yet they have continued to meet. Draco will start school in just two months and neither of them is so naïve as to think that Severus will not be the boy's Head of House. Should their affair get out, neither would recover from the scandal and there is a great chance that they would both be dead.

She steps forward and rises up on her tiptoes, brushing her lips against his cheek.

"Goodbye, Severus," she whispers. She pulls up the hood on her cloak and without so much as a backward glance, walks out of the room.

Severus crosses to the sideboard and fills a glass with Firewhiskey, downing it in one go. One last look around the room is all he allows himself before he Disapparates. He has lessons to plan.

Chapter Text

Day 140

Prompts: St. Mungo's

Characters: James, Sirius, Marlene

Pairing: None

Rating: G

"We need some help here," James called to the Welcome Witch as he walked into the hospital supporting an injured Sirius. They'd been ambushed by Death Eaters and Sirius had taken a slicing hex to his side. James had patched it as best he could before Apparating them both to St. Mungo's.

Apparition seemed to have reopened the wound which James hadn't been able to fully close in the first place given that Dark Magic had been involved. The side of Sirius' shirt was soaked with blood. Sirius hissed in pain as James adjusted his arm and grazed his side.

"Sorry, mate," James said apologetically. After being checked in by the Welcome Witch, they made their way to the lift and up to the fourth floor. Sirius was pale and breathing heavily and James looked at him worriedly.

"Hold on, Padfoot, we're almost there."

"'M fine, Prongs," Sirius managed and James snorted.

"Fine, right."

The lift doors opened and James helped Sirius out. They were met by a Healer they both recognized.

"What have you two gotten yourselves into now?" Marlene McKinnon demanded, hands on her hips.

"You know us, never a dull moment," James joked while giving Marlene a pointed look.

"Bring him in here then," she said and James followed her into an exam room. He eased Sirius onto the cot that sat against one wall and Sirius let out a shuddering sigh.

"We need to get his shirt off," Marlene instructed. James moved to help her and Sirius gave the Healer a lopsided grin.

"If you wanna see me naked, all you had to do was ask, McKinnon." He somehow managed to waggle his eyebrows at her. Marlene rolled her eyes.

"Obviously the hex affected your brain as well," she returned, gingerly peeling the blood sodden shirt away from the wound before she banished it all together. James grimaced at the mess that was revealed.

"Dark curse?" Marlene questioned. James nodded. "Do you know which one?"

"Nothing I've heard of before. And I'm pretty sure it was Dolohov, so who knows?" He looked to Sirius, but his friend had closed his eyes and looked like he was about to pass out.

"Lie down before you fall down, Sirius," Marlene instructed. She continued to inspect the wound after he had complied, muttering counter-curses over it. Each one failed to close the cut fully and James could see that Marlene was getting concerned.

"I'm not sure what this is," she finally admitted. "I may have to pull in one of the senior Healers if this doesn't work." She set to work once more, look of concentration on her face. James sighed in relief as Sirius' flesh began to knit together. Marlene cleaned the blood from his skin and then turned to the cupboard behind her and withdrew a few vials.

"Blood replenisher, pain potion and another to keep away infection." Sirius dutifully swallowed each one as James supported his shoulders. "It's probably going to scar and you'll need a few days' rest."

Sirius shook his head. "James and I are on assignment tomorrow."

"Someone else will just have to go in your place," Marlene replied, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I'll be fine."

"You will not be fine if you don't rest for a few days. You'll reopen that wound and I might not be able to close it again."

"I'll be careful."

"Damn it, Sirius, if you don't listen to me I'll keep you here, bound to a bed if I have to."

Sirius gave her his trademark smirk. "Why, McKinnon, I didn't know you were so kinky."

Marlene glared at him. "You are exasperating."

"I'll make sure he rests," James interjected. Marlene looked at him skeptically. "All right, Lily will make sure he rests."

Sirius gave James a look of horror. "You're going to turn me over to your wife?"

"If you don't listen, then yes, Padfoot, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

Sirius shuddered and Marlene let out a small laugh.

"Two days at least, Sirius, and I'll check it again at the meeting. And no Apparition, you'll have to use the Floo."

"Thanks, Marlene," James said.

She nodded and made to leave the room when Sirius grabbed her hand. She turned back to him.

"Thank you," he said quietly. Her smile softened and she squeezed his hand.

"Try not to get yourself killed, yeah?"

Sirius winked at her. "I'll do my best."