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Four Leaf Clover of Love

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Suffocating, stagnant, vicious, yet addicting. A sweet, yet moist scent invaded the whole room. The room corresponds to Kaede J Nouvelle. Protagonist of the day, as it was her nameday of all days. A day where she could indulge as much as she wanted. Or was allowed to.

More namely was that she was allowed not to do something, but to do someone. Her desired prey of choice, her beloved since she owed her life to her. 

Riri laid face-down on the bed, eyes gleaning and glistening with tears and a mixture of newfound emotions. The fear of being ‘offered’ as sacrifice, the doubt of Kaede’s intentions, the realisation as she surrendered herself to indulgence, just to name a few. Most of them already drowned in luscious sensations. Deep inside she knew what she was getting into, but there was something she hadn’t quite expected.

Glad and grateful, Kaede observed upon the bare back of her partner, a canvas covered in marks of love and desire, and lipstick. Blue eyes scanning every inch of her beloved, landing upon that which was a gift for both. A pendant ringing with every move from both of them, a clover of good luck.

Kaede couldn’t feel any more bliss than now, for not only she got to share her day with her most important person, but also got to share more than that, something she was afraid might just scare her away. Fortuitous enough that wasn’t the case, for said secret was now buried deep within Riri.

At first pain, the feeling she was being torn apart, slowly turning into tingling pleasure, and the sensation of fullness within her guts.


Clenched teeth and hands gripping the sheets for dear life, a warm sensation building up in her very core, added was a shiver crawling up and down her back, both by Kaede’s soft breathing and sweat caressing her back. Her whole body swayed back and forth by Kaede’s very moves. Muffled sounds of pleasure echoing along the soft creaking of bed, rhythmically along their private dance.

As for the birthday girl, devious hands exploring the front of her prey’s frame, from the southernmost private area, through her soft and silky abdomen, stopping at her graciously endowed bosom, fingers sinking into Riri’s fair skin, forcing a gasp out of her. With her grasp set, their intimacy took a new turn, a faster and harder one.

Riri’s eyes widened as the sensations inside her went up in revolutions, now unable to keep herself from letting out that which was music to Kaede’s ears. The brunette didn’t wait long to also get that closeness she had longed for, flesh to flesh feeling as her quite prominent front came in contact with Riri’s back.

But not too long it took for her to want more.


A fleeting respite was to get the sensation of her guts being messed with away, even if she knew it was far from over. Eventually she found herself getting turned around, laying on her back with arms and legs sprawled all over as her mouth gasped for air. She could now see her, her who had been chasing her for who knows how long, her who finally had gotten her prey, her who she surrendered herself to, her who had taken her with no intention of letting go.

Yet now those hands that hadn’t done anything but to send pleasure through every nerve of the girl’s body now rested on her pink-tinted cheeks, pink as her hair. Equally as pink eyes stared into Kaede’s blue ones, or did as much as the tears clouding them let her, though, it was more than enough to notice she was getting closer. Not something she wasn’t getting used to already, but added to the newfound feelings inside her. Just close enough to feel each other inhaling and exhaling. 



A soft whisper, those blue eyes with once luscious and lustful intention now bearing a glitter of kindness and longing.

There was much more Kaede wanted to say, but much to her surprise she found her own brain going into disarray the moment her lips got captured by Riri’s. An action that lit the fuse of her true feelings towards the pink girl. Feelings she let out in full.

Arms strongly embracing Riri’s frame, who in turn did the same with her legs, inviting Kaede to keep on her deeds.

A soft groan, silenced by the brunette’s mouth, was the response of her insides getting invaded once again, along with her hands clinging and clawing her back gently. This only enticed Kaede to stick herself closer to Riri. Acts of intimacy getting savage and luscious by the second. Their cores beating in sync as the built-up pleasure could be contained no longer.

Maybe it was wrong, maybe she would feel guilty about it, but even Kaede knew she wanted to, and even more if she didn’t want it, Riri refused to let her go, gladly receiving her partner’s feelings deep inside.


Every ounce of strength gone, relief taking over. Kaede let herself fall beside Riri, chest rising and lowering with every deep breath she took. Every word she had readied for this moment was gone, but they wouldn’t compare to the experience they both had. 

Slowly raising an arm, she brought it over her eyes, shielding them from light and to prevent Riri from seeing her in her current state. No, she wouldn’t allow her to see her cry.




The soft voice of her loved one, not coming from beside her, but rather from on top, along a somewhat heavy feeling pressing against her belly. 


“Please don’t be sad… if it’s what you fear, then no, I won’t hate you, nor I will leave you”


Riri’s hands gently took Kaede’s free one, holding it close to her chest in reassurance. Kaede removed her arm from her eyes, now moving her hand towards Riri’s. And even if there were tears in her eyes, they were of happiness.


“Besides, your birthday is far from over”.