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OffGun+ January 2022

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Khai’s eyes rove over Third’s face. “Can I really kiss you?”

Third doesn’t open his eyes, just nods.

Khai doesn’t ask again, bringing his lips to Third’s.

It feels right. So very right. Even here, with the truth potion in place.

“Third?” Khai asks, because something else is happening, too. He feels a tingling that dances beneath his skin, concentrates in his heart, his fingers.

“Khai,” Third warns. “Don’t ever do something that stupid again. Don’t make someone bare their soul just because you can’t handle having a crush.”

“How could I?” Khai asks. He takes Third’s hand and watches the string threading between their fingers. “Third and Khai were meant to be. The magic agrees.”

Third looks down, startled.

“Hey,” Khai says, more gently. “You don’t need to cry again.”

Third blinks and a tear starts to slide down his cheek. “But I’m still scared, Khai.”

“I get it.”

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It’s terribly cold and wet here, but it’s such a nice place to take photos. Gun is just shivering in the thin shirt he’s wearing, wrapping his arms around himself.

Off, however, is wearing a big, fluffy coat and he opens it up, pulls Gun to him. “Come on. Get warm.”

“But Papii will get cold.” Gun plucks at his own wet clothes.

“Then take it off first,” Off tells him, leading Gun to glare at him. “Fine, just come here.”

Tentatively, Gun huddles up against Off before sliding his arms around Off’s waist, inside the coat. Off closes it up behind Gun, hugging him, until they’re both toasty.

“If Gun was my faen, would Gun have any qualms about it?” Off asks.


Off nuzzles Gun’s hair. “I’m serious.”

“What if it’s a bad idea? What if we break up?” Gun returns unhappily.

Off places a kiss to Gun’s temple. “What if it’s a great idea and we’re together forever?”

“That sounds really nice…”

Off nods resolutely, kisses Gun’s cheek this time. “And then I could always keep you warm. Or cool you down. Or make you--”


“Dinner,” Off finishes with a smirk. “Why? What was nong thinking?”

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After they’re huddled up in Off’s coat a little while, sheltered now from the rain, Gun asks, “What did Papii think Gun was thinking?”

Off hums, whispers in Gun’s ear, “Make you…come so hard you forget your name.”

Gun balks. “As if you could.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Gun never said yes to being Papii’s faen, so why would Gun challenge Papii to do…that?” Gun’s face is red, but he juts his chin up boldly.

“If I can do it, will you promise?”

Gun shakes his head. “Gun wants Papii’s heart, not just his body.”

“You can have that, too.”

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They’d been joking about hypothermia in this cold, and Sean had just wanted to warm White up, keep White from faking immunity to everything.

That’s what he tells himself as he fucks into White, still can’t call him by the right name and just says, “Fuck, baby, feels so good.”

Their heat steams up the windows, keeps them hidden from prying eyes. He wants to laugh: this is actually a good cover.

But he can’t laugh, not when White’s thighs are still trapped in his pants, the side of White’s face pressed into the seat as Sean pounds into him.

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Tam stumbles from the house horrified, walks away assured, scrubbing his bloodied hands clean with fistfuls of snow as he wanders out from the village and into the dark woods.

The pond that had once been his temporary sanctuary is frozen over and yet he steps out, uncertain whether he wishes the ice to crack, to be swallowed up.

A voice calls to him and Tam startles, starts to slip and steadies himself.

“You’ll freeze out here, nong. Why don’t you come inside?”

Tam doesn’t remember seeing the little house there before, somehow exuding warmth even in the depths of white winter.

Tam’s eyes strain to adjust, to fully realize the form of a handsome man watching him intently.

The man continues, “It will take more than snow to wash away your sins.”

“That’s not any of your business,” Tam returns, treading carefully. “Unless phi wants to sin with me.”

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They’re just watching random videos one day and Maetee casually mentions that he absolutely loves penguins.

So T-Rex does a lot of research, finds a humane place, takes Maetee there one day without telling Maetee where they’re going. The element of surprise is nice, but it’s even nicer knowing Maetee trusts T-Rex to surprise him.

T-Rex leads Maetee through the park chatting away about all the different animals before eventually leading Maetee inside a building, and he’s actually a bit nervous as he brings Maetee to the penguins, like there’s something extra special about it.

In the chill of the room, Maetee stares at the penguins in awe, watching them waddle around, dive. He turns to T-Rex and smiles and T-Rex’s heart thumps.

“Do you know much about penguins?” Maetee asks.

T-Rex shakes his head. He really doesn’t. He just wanted to find them for Maetee.

Maetee shuffles his feet and starts digging into his pocket. “Well, um. I found a pebble a few weeks ago and I made it into a bracelet. Do you…want it?”

T-Rex blinks, takes the proffered bracelet with pleased confusion. “Thank you.”

“Mh.” But Maetee turns away, blushing, his eyes on the penguins once more.

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“And I had to make a cake!”

Gun rolls his eyes. “Papii, P’New already told me all you had to do was frost it and you still made a mess.”

Off pouts at Gun. “You’re just so much better at it than I am.”

Gun hmphs, but Off knows he enjoys the compliment, letting it go to his pretty little head. “Gun would make a cake for Papii’s birthday, but Papii is so skinny now.” He turns, as if no longer paying attention, but Off catches him, reels him in.

Off rests his chin on Gun’s shoulder. “I want to be stronger,” Off says, squeezing Gun, lifting him up just enough for Gun to squirm before setting him back down. “But mostly, I want to be healthy, so that we can be together for a long time.”

Gun twists around in Off’s arms. “Gun could still make Papii a cake…”

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Gun doesn’t need to be sitting in Off’s lap, but it’s been a while. People might get the wrong impression—an impression that Off is available to be clung onto by anyone other than Gun while Gun is present.

Gun understands the appeal. He’s the reason his Papii is so approachable now.

But it’s more reason to make himself clear.

Off sits down and when Gun goes to him, Off makes room like it’s only natural.

They get a few looks, but there’s minimal teasing these days.

It’s so normal that they don’t necessarily think about how they might be perceived when Off’s hands settle under Gun’s sweater, securing him in place, sliding up from Gun’s hips to his waist and caressing Gun’s skin. It’s the sort of touching that might be scandalous were they not so intimately familiar, but now only serves as comfort.

Which is why it comes as something of a shock when Nanon asks, “P’Off, is it really appropriate to be…groping P’Gun like that?”

Off’s fingers still over Gun’s ribs. “Groping?” Off asks.

Nanon gives them a look.

Off brings his hands up and gives Gun’s chest a real squeeze, making Gun squirm.

“Groping,” Nanon repeats.

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Maybe it’s a Freudian slip.

Sean means to say he’ll fight Black—or White, or whoever it is; he’s thinking more and more it must be White—but he says fuck.

And it’s not like he’s been thinking about fucking White. But then again…maybe he has.

He just hadn’t expected to say it there in the hallway at school or for White to freeze like that and then for the idea to hit him hard that it’s exactly what he wants to do right now.

And then he’s pushing White into the nearest office, not caring which professor’s desk is about to get ruined.

White is grabbing his shirt, pulling him in and pushing him away in equal measure, but they’re both breathing harshly and White is looking into his eyes—and those eyes, those aren’t Black’s eyes, no matter how much White looks like Black everywhere else—and they’re crushing their mouths together and White’s legs are spread enough to give Sean room to settle between them, White backed against the desk that scrapes loudly against the floor in their haste, with the force of the way Sean is kissing him now.

The wet, desperate sound of mouths meeting, the rub of rough fabric against rough fabric, the jangle of belts and the jingle of zippers, all these add to their panting. White whimpers as Sean gets a hand on him and hesitates before doing the same, his bandaged hand resting on the crux of Sean’s neck as the kiss becomes more a messy yet tenuous connection of lips and tongue and teeth.

Sean breaks it, too close, and looks into White’s eyes. Those eyes. “White,” he whispers, aloud for the very first time, and he kisses White again as he’s coming, as White is coming with another jerk of Sean’s wrist.

“Wh-what did you say?” White asks, still shaking, coming down from orgasm but fueled by adrenaline, from what they’d done and what Sean had said.

Sean shakes his head, purposely wipes his hand on White’s shirt. “Nothing.” He tucks himself away, zips up, turns to go.

Sean.” White swallows, suppressing the tremble in his voice. “What did you call me?”

Sean smirks. He was right. He glances over his shoulder with a neutral expression. “I’ll tell you if you ask again tonight.”

“I’m not going to do that again,” White claims.

Smiling now, Sean replies, “Of course not.”

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“Come to yoga with me. It’ll be good for you, Jum,” Tay says.

“Yoga’s the thing where you put a blanket on the ground and then show everyone your ass, right?” Off scrutinizes Tay with far too much judgment considering he’s already going to say yes. He has nothing better to do and Tay is right: he needs to at least pretend to exercise.

“You use a yoga mat,” Tay corrects. “And you’re thinking of ‘downward-facing dog.’”

Off scowls. “How does that sound better?”

“Please, Peng!” Tay is already grabbing his stuff. “It will be good for your health and for your spirit.” He pauses. “And my instructor is very cute.”

That factor helps. Off is curious to know what kind of person Tay thinks is cute.

Tay lets Off use the old mat he complains is too thin and Off shows up in sweats and feeling awkward, ready to half-ass it in his embarrassment. Everyone is getting set up and Off keeps glancing around, wondering who might be that “cute instructor.”

Finally, a shorter guy heads to the front and calls for their attention and it only takes Off a minute to realize he’s staring at the guy.

It only takes fifteen minutes for Tay to somehow trip over the edge of his own mat and hurt himself. “Stay,” he tells Off, as he limps to the side and the instructor, Gun, tries to help him.

This leaves Off feeling more exposed than before, with an empty space beside him, and Gun’s attention drawn to him.

“Bend your knees more.”

Off is staring straight at the ground, too scared to fool around and get hurt like Ai’Tay.


Off startles when Gun pats his leg. “What?!”

Gun chuckles and his smile makes Off wobble. “Bend your knees, phi,” Gun says, much more gently.

“Oh.” And Off does, feeling a little better.

“Good,” Gun praises, then continues on.

Off watches him and Gun glances back, their eyes meeting before Gun blushes and looks away, begins instruction for the next pose.

Tay waves his hand towards Off, then scoots over closer, but not close enough or quiet enough that everyone can’t hear him as he whispers, “You should get his number, Peng.”

Gun clears his throat, but the next time he passes by, he corrects Off’s posture for down dog a little too long.

When class ends, Off wonders if he should forget the whole thing, wanting to leave quickly…but he can’t figure out how to roll the mat properly.

It gives Tay just enough time to call Gun over to help.

“Like a helpless puppy…” Gun murmurs, taking over the task.

“Did you just call me Papii?” Off asks, eyes skimming up to meet Gun’s.

Gun shrugs. “If that’s what Papii wants.”

Tay coos beside them. “I told you yoga would be good for you.”

Gun smirks at Tay’s comment, then schools his expression. “Right. Yoga is very beneficial.” He looks straight into Off’s eyes. “It’s why I’m so flexible.”

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It’s been five minutes.

Gun isn’t even on a PvP server so why won’t this undead warlock leave him alone? The guy is so many levels above Gun that he only shows up as a skull.

If Gun even attempts fighting him like the guy seems to want—because why else would a Hordie be chasing him down?—he’ll lose in one hit. So what even is the point?

Gun says, “leave me alone” into chat and hits send.

The undead responds, “What are you doing over here?”

Gun rolls his eyes. Why is the guy being so proper? He replies: “sm”


Like that, Gun’s cheeks heat and he quickly types in, “SCARLET MASTERY!!!!! now leave me alone or i’ll report u”

The Hordie just stands there for a minute and Gun is about to walk away, thinking he’s gotten the better of the guy.

Then pops up: “Monastery*”

Gun keysmashes.

“Unless you’re looking for a master.”


“...Or do you want to be mine? ;)”

Gun is seriously confused. This guy is such a troll—not literally—but now he’s flirting? Maybe it’s because he’s playing a female night elf (they’re pretty).

Fuck it.

Gun types back, “u know im a guy”

“A short guy”

Gun is going to lose it. He starts to type “no” but…it’s true. Instead he types, “y do u think so?”


Gun starts running again.

The undead keeps following.


Gun ignores him.


Gun ignores him some more.

“I’m sorry”

Gun stops running again.

He gets another: “:)”

Gun heaves a sigh. “ok thx, bye”



“I’m going to add you as Tumcial”

And then the Hordie kneels to log out.

Gun watches with a strange amount of fascination as the undead disappears, then resumes his journey.

A minute later, he gets a friend request from Tumcial and, for some reason, accepts it.

Tumcial sends a tell: “Can we play together? I’ll power level you. ;)”

“r u seriously flirting thru wow?”

Tumcial adds him to a group. The next tell just says: “Yes”

Gun joins the group. He can just see what happens…

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When the stranger turns away, Tam can’t help but follow.

Although no fire is lit when Tam enters the cabin, warmth permeates the room, in all defiance of the snow still falling outside.

“Who are you?” Tam asks, shutting the door behind him.

The man moves with a grace and dignity, but Tam can feel a darkness there, one that trembles at the same frequency as his own. He pours from a kettle and, in the dim candlelight, Tam sees steam rising. Tam wanders over to watch as the dried tea leaves twist and flutter in the hot water.


The mystical atmosphere is broken by the word, startling Tam from the trance he’d been in. He bumps the table and the water sloshes over the side of the cup.

“Careful, nong. You’ll burn yourself,” Thawin warns. His voice is gentle, but Tam feels compelled to listen, to do as Thawin says.

It’s the second warning Thawin has given him. The opposite warning.

“Why do you care what happens to me?” Tam asks, tilting his head, watching Thawin. Then, “How?” He gestures to the tea, to the room, to Thawin.

“Why should I tell you my business if you won’t tell me yours?” Thawin replies.

It’s a fair point, much as it annoys Tam to hear. “Fine. What do you want to know?”

Thawin hums, sips the tea and Tam isn’t even surprised he drinks unscalded. “Are you running from something?”

Tam shakes his head. “Not anymore. Not ever again.”

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Gun is living the life. At least in Azeroth.

Honestly, his new celestial mount against the evergreen trees? Too gorgeous.

And all it took was him whining and gushing, then Tumcial told him to check his in-game mail.

Gun wants a cute companion?

Gifted to him.

He’s on voicechat with Tumcial and all he has to say is, “Papii, it’s cute,” and Tumcial will pretty much get it for him.

Tumcial takes very good care of him…in World of Warcraft.

They haven’t met yet in person, but their flirting has definitely increased. They have each other’s phone numbers. They text and talk every day.

Gun’s friends have gotten a bit curious about who this guy is, spoiling Gun so much.

“Papii is just a friend,” Gun answers.

“His name is in your phone as ‘Sugar Papii.’” Jennie gives him a look.

Gun blushes. “It’s a joke Gun and Papii make.”

“Your lockscreen is your WoW characters posing together,” she continues.

“Isn’t it cute?” Gun returns.

Jennie huffs and taps at the screen. “Why don’t you just meet up with him already and make him your sugar daddy for real?”

Gun hesitates. He wants to meet Tumcial. But there’s always the fear that the person you’ve been talking to online is nothing like the person they are in real life. They’ve texted a lot. They’ve spoken on the phone and in voicechat. Tumcial is the person who tells him good morning and good night every day. Tumcial cheers him up and gives him advice and had offered to pay for his WoW subscription.

…But Gun doesn’t even know the guy’s real name.

“Where does he live? I’ll get you a train ticket. Or a plane ticket.” Lower, Jennie adds, “And then you can ask Papii to pay me back after.”

Gun shakes Jennie’s arm. “I can’t, P’Jen!”

“Where does he live?” she repeats, getting out her phone like she’s ready.

Gun bites his lip, mumbles, “Bangkok.”

“Here?!” Jennie shouts, and Gun covers her mouth but she licks his hand. “Noo. Meet him. Today.”


“Better to know now,” she tells him.

Chapter Text

Tumcial is more than happy to agree to meet Gun in person and, even though it’s their first meeting, suggests a nice place for dinner.

Jennie watches the phone call happen, clapping as Gun says yes and hangs up the phone.

“Wait, where?” Jennie asks when Gun tells her the restaurant. She gives him a look. “Aren’t you already in his debt? He pays for your meal there and I think you’ll have to put out, nong.” She winks.

Gun rolls his eyes, despite his red face. “He plays WoW, P’Jen. He’s probably a…a nerd or something. Maybe I should cancel.”

“Absolutely not. You are going to go and you are going to look hot--as usual, I know,” she adds, before Gun can protest the phrasing. “If he’s a nerd… Well.” She shrugs. “He seems like a loaded nerd, so see what you can get. You can be his trophy husband!”

“We’ve never even met,” Gun emphasizes.

Jennie puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Nong.” She looks into his eyes. “You like him, right?” At the squirrelly way Gun glances around, she continues, “You do. You like him a lot. So go meet up with Sugar Papii and find out if it’s real.”

“What if Papii doesn’t like me?” Gun asks. “What if… What if he doesn’t buy me the new expansion like he promised because Gun isn’t who Papii thought?”

Jennie clicks her tongue. “Nong, it’s not just about the game, is it?”

Gun shakes his head.

“I know you’re scared, but maybe he’ll be handsome and it’ll be perfect,” Jennie says. “Come on. Let’s choose an outfit.”

At that, Gun perks up a little. Maybe meeting Tumcial will be fine.


…But what if it’s not?

And what if Tumcial doesn’t think he’s cute? What then?

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Off has weathered a lot of comments about his World of Warcraft habit.

But he’s not totally addicted. Not until he starts chatting with someone in the game. He doesn’t know why he starts following or why he starts flirting since he really is just messing around at first, but something compels him to keep talking to the cute little night elf. Well, the night elf isn’t little. She’s a normal size for a night elf.

But the guy playing the night elf?

…Off just had a hunch, and the guy confirmed it.

Power leveling and some idle flirting turned into talking every single day, to thinking about Gun--and he knows Gun’s name because of voicechat, because Gun likes to talk to him like that, and likes to call him Papii--all the time. So what if he’s bankrolling Gun’s virtual habits? It’s really not that much and it seems to make Gun happy. Very happy, even.

Remembering the way Gun says “Papii” has kept him up on more than one occasion, their joke about Off’s status in Gun’s life as Gun’s “Sugar Papii” had made Off laugh and had made him embarrassed and had made him also very happy.

Gun is so cute. At least, his personality is cute when he talks to Off. His voice sounds cute. The way he plays WoW is cute.

“Peng, are you seriously buying another mount for that night elf?” Tay asks. “Stop wasting money!”

“It’s my money,” Off tells him.

“You don’t even know him,” Tay says. “Maybe he’s a scammer.”

“He never told me to do it,” Off replies.

“It’s cute,” Arm interjects. “It’s like Khun Jumpol has finally learned how to love.”

“I know how to love,” Off says. “Just like I love my dear friends.”

“Awww!” Tay gushes, and hugs Off. “Well. Fine. But when you find out he’s some creep who lives in a basement and murders people for fun, know that I warned you.”

Off gently pushes Tay away. “Got it.”

“I still think it’s sweet,” Arm says. He pats them both on the back.

When Gun calls him and suggests they meet up in real life, Off agrees eagerly. He’s grown so curious--and so fond. He doesn’t even care what Gun looks like. If Gun is really who Off thinks he is, really acts the way he does online…

Off is already in love with him.

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Off knows he’s paying and he hopes Gun does, too.

He wouldn’t suggest a place this expensive and expect the other person to pay.

He’s nervous, but in the excited way, wondering what Gun will look like, wondering what it will be like to meet face-to-face instead of talking through computers and phones.

Off hears the voice and his heart stops, like the whole world is frozen except for him and the guy at the entrance of the restaurant. The extremely gorgeous and somewhat short guy who is talking to the host, eyes searching blindly for Off.

Off thinks to make him struggle but instead he sucks in a breath and walks from his reserved table up to the front.

“Hello,” he says to Gun, and wonders if Gun will realize by voice as quickly as he had. He swallows, speaks some more to drive it home, “Are you meeting someone, nong?”

Gun’s eyes brighten with recognition, his cheeks flush a beautiful pink. “Papii?”

The host clears his throat and steps aside, gesturing Gun in.

Off can’t help the way the corners of his mouth quirk up into a smile. Papii.

“Papii is…” Gun seems at a loss.

Off forces a frown and pulls out his phone, shows Gun the lockscreen where Gun’s night elf rogue smiles back. “Nong, I think I’ve been catfished.” He only manages to hold the moue of his lips so long before he chuckles at the bewildered almost awed expression on Gun’s face. “You’re much cuter than your avatar,” he murmurs, and he offers his arm to lead Gun back to the table.

Gun’s soul returns to his body and he huffs. “Of course I’m cuter. Gun is the cutest. Did Papii ever think different?”

Off shakes his head, pulls out Gun’s chair and lets Gun take a seat. He goes to push in the chair, leaning close to Gun’s ear as he says, “Not for a second.”

Gun tilts his head up and their eyes meet. Off sees the doubt there, the yearning. “Really?”

Off hopes Gun sees the reassurance looking back and whispers, “Really.”

Chapter Text

The dinner with Papii--Off, Gun learns, not that he’s going to stop saying Papii--goes exceedingly well.

Off is handsome and funny and pays for the meal and tells Gun he’s cute (okay, Gun needed to make sure).

And Off flirting…in real life…

Gun’s whole brain is melting.

“Can I get a picture of you?” Off asks as they’re finishing up dessert. “Or should I just keep imagining you like this?” And he shows his lockscreen again.

It’s embarrassing and endearing and overwhelming that Off actually has Gun’s character as his lockscreen picture. Gun hasn’t shown Off his own, the evidence of how much Off already means to him, but he’s got to keep what advantages he can, doesn’t he?

He lets Off take a picture there in the restaurant.

Once they get outside, Gun takes out his own phone. “Er. My friends are worried you might try to take advantage of me”--a lie, but Gun is trying very hard to hold onto his dignity--“so can we get a picture together?”

Off chuckles. “Evidence for your friends in case you go missing?”

“Mh,” Gun hums in agreement, not trusting himself not to blush and beam when Off looks at him.

Off positions himself next to Gun, leaning over to make it easier for Gun to take the picture, and Gun’s heart thumps in his chest as their shoulders brush.

“We look cute,” Gun says, then realizes he’s given himself away.

“Very,” Off agrees. “But I’m with the cutest person, so of course the picture turned out cute.”

Gun shakes, too shy, too happy. “Papii,” he manages. “Gun is…”

“Embarrassed?” Off finishes for him. “So cute.” He hums. “Can I take this cute person out again sometime? Our dates in Azeroth have been great, but I think there might be magic in the real world.”

“Dates?” Gun repeats, dazed. Then, “Magic?”

“Mhm.” Off stares into Gun’s eyes. “Do you feel it like I do?”

And Off’s meaning is crystal clear, so Gun nods.

“Another real date?” Off asks, unmistakable excitement in his voice.

“Yes, Papii,” Gun agrees. “Another real date.”

Chapter Text

Gun goes out with Tumcial again. Off. Papii.

They’ve gone out a few times now, and Off always pays. They’ve kissed a couple of times, but they’ve never been to each other’s places, haven’t even made out properly.

They still mostly hang out on WoW, the in-person thing too new, but tonight they’re chatting and Off sighs. “Nong, I don’t want to pressure you, but…do you want to come over?”

“Wh-what?” Gun is usually eager to hang out with friends, but his feelings for Off make things complicated. If he goes over, what does that mean?

“We can do the instance,” Off continues. “Bring over your computer. Or I can come get you and help.”

“Is Papii okay?” Gun asks, starting to get worried.

Off is silent for a long time, which isn’t like him these days. “Maybe Papii is lonely,” Off finally admits.

“Uiii. Okay. Er. Can Papii come pick Gun up?” He gives Off his address before realizing Off might see what his place looks like, logs out and shuts his laptop and cleans up by shoving everything into closets Off won’t see. He gathers what he needs and checks the time. It’s dark already. Does Off expect him to stay over? Should he stay over?

Gun grabs a few things just in case but tells himself it’s a bad idea, even as he texts Jennie that he’s going somewhere and might not be back tonight.

Her message reads: “Booty call? 👀”

“going to play wow @ papiis”

Gun doesn’t have time to check his messages again before there’s a knock on the door.

Gun checks himself in his phone camera, then answers the door.

Off is standing there, looking smug and sheepish all at once, and Gun is hugging him, kissing him on the cheek. A new thing for them. Off smiles at him, then peeks over his shoulder. “Your stuff?”

Gun nods and lets Off grab his laptop bag and the bag with his clothes in it.

Off sees the contents and raises an eyebrow. “I guess I don’t have to ask if you’ll stay over.”

Gun whines, embarrassed, but he shrugs. “It’s late. Gun doesn’t want Papii to have to drive back tonight.”

The ride over to Off’s takes a little while because of the traffic, even now, but it’s not too bad and Gun is nervous all over again when they get to the door.

But Off doesn’t make a big deal of it, just lets Gun in and helps him get his laptop set up so they can play together. He gives Gun a quick tour of the place.

“You can put your stuff in the spare bedroom, nong,” he says finally.

“Oh. Papii doesn’t want to sleep with Gun?” Gun responds, then feels his whole face heat. “I mean. Sleep. In the same bed. Not that we have to.” How did Gun become the one saying all this?

“It’s up to you, nong,” Off tells him.

After they finish the instance and Gun dings twice on the new mage Off is helping him power level, they end up on Off’s couch, just kissing turning into a real make out session.

Then, breaking apart for air, for calm, they go to Off’s room to sleep together--just to sleep.

…But Gun maybe wants more.

Chapter Text

Off has Gun in his bed.

He has Gun in his bed. And it was Gun’s suggestion.

Honestly, Off is happy with whatever time he gets with Gun, and however they spend it. He really was lonely tonight.

It felt good to go and pick Gun up, to help him level while in the same room with him, and, of course, the kissing was a nice bonus.

Now he gets to spoon Gun and pretend the way Gun occasionally brushes back against him isn’t giving him ideas about what else he wants to do with Gun.

He tries desperately to think about other things.

Like how when he leaned over to help Gun during the instance, he noticed that Gun’s framerate was rather low, even though the connection was good, and Gun’s settings didn’t even have the graphics quality maxed out. He can guess the laptop is a couple of years old and Gun had said WoW was all he really played on it when Off asked him about games.

With that thought in mind, Off has a plan for tomorrow. He’ll just have to figure out how to break the ice.

Off closes his eyes, intent on sleeping, but the next time Gun rubs up against him, he maybe presses back…just a little. Off wraps an arm around Gun and murmurs a soft, “Sweet dreams, Gun,” against the back of Gun’s neck.

“Sweet dreams, Papii,” Gun mumbles back.

Off suppresses a chuckle. Gun sounds as frustrated as he is.

Chapter Text

“You’re an elf? But you’re so much taller than me!” Gun whines.

“Raised by elves,” Off corrects, handing Gun a mug of cocoa.

Gun takes a sip and winces, rubbing at his leg. He can’t believe he’d tripped in the park and a grown man dressed as an elf--claiming to be an elf--had come to his rescue. Or that he had let said elf into his apartment.

He seems harmless. Maybe…not totally sane. But not, like, malevolent.

“Well, Gun, it’s been great to meet you, but I’m on a mission from Santa.”

…Right. Gun clears his throat. “What’s the mission?”

“I’m supposed to find my human family and take care of them,” Off tells Gun.

“You seem good at that,” Gun says, before he realizes what he’s saying. “At taking care of people.”

Off blushes and smiles at Gun. “Well, I could take care of you, too, if you want.”

Chapter Text

Gun wakes up in Off’s bed and finds himself as frustrated as he was when he went to sleep, if not more so.

Off is pressed up against him and as hard as he is and Gun shifts his hips back before he remembers that they’ve been taking it slow in real life. Right now, he’s not sure why, some distant voice in his head saying they haven’t known each other that long or that dating in WoW doesn’t exactly count--especially since they weren’t dating in WoW until they were dating in real life, which is a recent life update, and--

Off’s hand grabs Gun’s hip.


What was he saying? Slow?


But then Off groans, clearly in the midst of waking up, and pulls back, lets go. “Morning,” he slurs with a yawn.

Gun turns to watch Off stretch and it takes everything in his power not to swing a leg over Off’s hips and straddle him, rub against him until at least they--

“Gun?” Off says, startling Gun from his thoughts.


“You’re awake,” Off replies, and he smiles. “Do you want to go shopping today?”

Gun is suddenly much more alert. “Shopping?”

“Mh,” Off hums. “I was thinking I could buy you a new laptop.”

“A laptop?” Gun asks, turning fully onto his side to look at Off. “Isn’t that expensive?”

Off shrugs. “I want to get it for you. Can I?”

Oh. Okay. Should Gun allow that? “Sugar Papii,” Gun teases, but the way Off looks at him makes him blush.

“Sugar Papii,” Off confirms, and he does lean towards Gun then, hand cupping Gun’s cheek as he sneaks a soft kiss.

They get ready, Off letting Gun shower and dress first before he does the same. It’s bright out today and Gun realizes that in his panicked state of considering only the possibility of staying with Off, he hadn’t brought a hat. He frowns at the light.

“Here,” Off says, and sticks something on his head. “To protect you from the sun.”

Gun, of course, has to check himself out in the mirror.

“Cute enough for the cutest?” Off asks and Gun gives a shrug. “I can get you something more your style when we’re out shopping.”

“If Papii wants…” Gun hedges, secretly eager.

“I want to make you happy,” Off says. “Whatever you need, tell Papii, na.”

Gun swallows, blushing harder. “Okay, Papii.”

Chapter Text

Before they go shopping, they get breakfast and Gun, being Gun, feeds Off from his plate, lets Off return the favor.

Gun and Off talk about what laptop would be best and if Gun would want to play other games what he would need and Off ultimately drops…a lot of money. On something way nicer than Gun needs.

Gun feels a little bad, but Off really does seem pleased at being able to take care of him, and Off had insisted on the nicer computer, so…

“Thank you, Papii!” Gun squeals, bouncing up to press a kiss to Off’s cheek.

Then, there’s the hat. And maybe Gun tries on a few scarves, and there’s this beautiful bracelet, and then…

Well, Off treats him. All day.

Including dinner at a fancy restaurant at the end to conclude the date properly.

They get back to Off’s car and Off tilts his head. “Want me to take you home now, nong?”

And the thing that’s been at the back of Gun’s mind all day--and since last night--is brought sharply back into focus. “Gun can stay again,” Gun suggests.

Off raises an eyebrow. “You don’t have to repay me, Gun. In any way.”

Gun bites his lip. He glances down at the bags at his feet, then to the ones in the backseat. “What if Gun wants to repay Papii?” He rests his hand on Off’s thigh.

Off kisses him, but Gun breaks it, moves lower. He frees Off from his jeans and gives him a couple of strokes before taking him into his mouth.

Off’s hand is gentle on Gun’s back as Gun’s head bobs, as Off tries to stifle the sounds he wants to make.

Gun swallows down everything before he sits back up in his seat. “Was that okay, Sugar Papii?”

Chapter Text

Gun doesn’t go home that night, either.

After they get back to Off’s place, Off carrying in all of Gun’s bags, they set up Gun’s new laptop and start the software download for the game.

And since they have time to kill, they take a shower--together this time.

And then maybe Gun likes the way the new bracelet shines on his wrist, jostling with each thrust. It’s easy to see when he’s on all fours and Off is taking him just how he likes.

They play some WoW after that. And this time sleeping in Off’s bed isn’t just sleeping.

The next morning, Off has to go out and, when Gun is too tired, just gives Gun a kiss and tells him he’ll be back.

Gun stretches out, naked in Off’s bed, thinking of what he might do to Off when Off gets back, when he finally checks his phone after ignoring it almost since he left his apartment.

He has a million missed calls and messages and hits FaceTime for Jennie before he can think better of how he looks.

“Uiii, nong! You’re not dead!” she greets, then her eyes widen. “And you’re not wearing clothes either!”

“Mh,” Gun hums, turning red. “I’m at Papii’s.”

“Kid gloves off,” Jennie warns. “Did you let your sugar daddy do unspeakable things to you?”

Gun shrugs and scratches his nose, showing off the bracelet.

“Hoi! What sort of kinky shit did a shiny thing like that that cost you? Your Papii into some weird roleplay? Make you call him daddy in bed or something?”

“He just let me do whatever I wanted,” Gun tells her, rolling his eyes and trying to sound nonchalant, but he’s still blushing.

“Nong, you’re going to have to make an account for me on that Worldcraft game so I can find a sugar daddy, too.” Jennie grins at him.

“Papii’s not my sugar daddy,” Gun claims, feebly.

Jennie’s gaze bores into him through the screen. “Sugar Papii,” she corrects. “Now don’t bore him until you’ve got the ring on your finger, Dale.”

Gun huffs. “Shut up, Chip.”

Chapter Text

It’s at this point that Thawin lights the fire.

He does not stoop or scrape, simply holds out a hand in the direction of the logs and the room is alight with flickering flame.

“What will you do now?” Thawin asks, his voice even. He seems almost friendly, but that intensity still sparks under the surface of his gaze.

Tam hesitates. He’s spent his whole life yearning for something more, but now he’s a bit at a loss.

Thawin chuckles. “You can stay here, if you’d like. Until you figure out where you’re going.” Thawin takes a second cup from a shelf.

“It’s okay, phi,” Tam starts, nervous. Something about the stranger’s hospitality seems more threatening than his sudden appearance or his apparent power.

Thawin is already brewing more tea. “Stay here,” Thawin says. “I can keep you warm.”

Tam takes the cup and stares into it. “I can’t…”


Chapter Text


The word seems to echo through Tam’s mind, tantalizing and seductive and convincing just in Thawin’s tone of voice. Perhaps more than just tone of voice.

But Tam keeps his wits and shakes his head, trying rid himself of the undue influence Thawin must be casting. He forces a smile instead. “You say you want to keep me warm? Phi, I’m not stupid. You want to fuck me or kill me or both, so tell me the truth.”

This makes Thawin smile, like he thinks Tam worthy, and Tam stands his ground as a tingle of frightened excitement trills through him. “Nong looked like he sought death,” Thawin says finally. “I thought to at least give him choice in the matter.”

“In how I die?” Tam presses, feeling a rush of shame at Thawin’s words.

“In whether you live or die,” Thawin says, something cordial about him.

Tam suppresses the tremble in his voice. “And what is it you actually want from me? Phi never said.”

“The choice is truly Nong Tam’s.”

Tam had never spoken his name, but he doesn’t question how Thawin knows. Of course Thawin knows.

Tam glances out the window, the cloak of winter white enclosing them effectively into Thawin’s cabin, and he’s certain death awaits him out there.

So here, he must choose life.

It’s not as if choosing someone as handsome as Thawin is a hardship.

Tam leans back against the table and sips his tea. “Is there a bed in here, phi?”

Chapter Text

Although it had taken a while for Pick to admit his feelings, that seemed to be the only thing keeping him from trying to get into Rome’s pants whenever opportunity arose. In that way, he was very much like anyone else who likes sex and has just gotten into a new relationship.

They’re out camping with Porsche and Emma and everything is going so much better than the last time, which Pick makes sure to emphasize is because Din ruins everything—which is sort of sweet, because, on the other hand, he says doing things with Rome makes everything better. There’s a lull in the afternoon and Emma suggests a hike, which Porsche—the man and the dog—both readily agree to, and Rome is about to join them when Pick says he might nap.

Rome knows when Pick suggests they can snuggle that Pick isn’t tired at all: Pick is horny.

And, right now, Rome is just like Pick in that way.

They say their goodbyes and Emma says they won’t be gone too long, which Rome still imagines will likely be at least an hour. He acts nonchalant as he climbs into the tent but he’s practically vibrating with excitement.

Pick is pretending he didn’t orchestrate the whole thing, lying there, propping himself up on one elbow and giving Rome a curious look.

“P’Pick wants to snuggle?” Rome asks. “P’Pick must be so tired…” But Rome is trailing a hand down Pick’s chest.

“Are you tired, Rome?” Pick returns, but he’s tugging at the hem of Rome’s shirt, grazing his fingertips over Rome’s chest.

Pick kisses Rome first, hands still wandering. He gets Rome’s shorts open and gives Rome a couple of jerks before Rome whispers, “We should be quick. Just in case.”

They get stripped and Pick spoons Rome, kissing Rome’s shoulder as he presses in. They rock their bodies together slowly and, at Rome’s nod, the way Rome reaches back to grab Pick’s thigh, they start to speed up, seeking pleasure, enjoying each other.


Pick and Rome still. Neither of them had shushed the other so their eyes dart to the flap, the shadows around the tent.

Pick manages to pull the open sleeping bag over them just before the sound of the zipper.

“Good nap?” Porsche asks.

“Still tired,” Pick replies. “Zip it back up.”

Porsche chuckles, but does as asked, but not a second later do they hear Emma groan in disgust.

“We’re just snuggling!” Rome calls, embarrassed, but he has to bite back a moan when Pick starts fucking him again.

After they finish, Pick and Rome emerge from the tent without even attempting dignity. It’s too late for that.

“So you were too horny to hike,” Emma confirms.

Rome shuffles his feet.

Emma glares at him. “You have a hickey,” she says, then turns around to help Porsche start on dinner.

Rome swivels to Pick, who feigns innocence. “P’Pick,” he whines.

“You wanted to snuggle, too,” Pick says with a shrug.

Chapter Text

The school bell rings and Off lets out a sigh of relief.

It’s been a very long day, what with the way his sons both came to complain to him about their boyfriends on top of teaching and all the other student drama.

Certain times of year, it just seems like all the teenagers are having issues.

And now he gets to deal with it full-force at school and at home—not to even mention Nong Force and his apparent crush on Off. Another headache.

Off texts Win and Chimon to meet him at the car and, suspiciously, they both show up only minutes after he does.

“Nong Ohm got suspended,” Win tells Off, earning a glare from Chimon, who had already told Off this morning when it happened.

“I know,” Off says, waiting to see if Chimon will say anything back.

“I heard your prom king boyfriend cheated on you with the girl in your history class,” Chimon returns.

…Off had heard that story, too. Although he doesn’t know whether that one is true.

“Nong, leave your brother alone,” he says to Chimon. To Win, “You, too.” He sighs. “Let’s be kind to one another, na?”

Win and Chimon glare at him, but at least they’re not glaring at each other.

Off can’t wait to get home and let Gun deal with it. Gun is always so much better at dealing with their sons when they get like this than he is.

Chimon opens his mouth again and Off holds up a hand. “Tell Dad.”

“But—” Win starts.

Off does have some parts of parenting he’s very good at, so he calmly suggests, “Do you want Dad to make it all better or you want Papii to find chores to keep you both busy all through the long weekend?”

Chapter Text

Khai wants to ask Third a million questions, but now is not the time. Their hands are still joined, are still tied, and Khai has to be happy with that.

“We don’t have to talk,” Khai says. “Not until after it wears off.” He perks up. “Unless— Unless Third wants to ask me something. You can ask me anything.”

Third shakes his head. “Not now.” He stares at their hands, too.

They sit together for a few minutes and, slowly, the magical bindings fade away.

Khai wants to kiss Third again. Badly.

But he doesn’t dare to try it, not now.

Third isn’t ready to commit wholesale to Khai and Khai understands. Given his history, and the way he’s fucked up everything having to do with courting Third—See? He knows a few words… Maybe.—Khai knows that Third needs him to not be a complete dumbass for at least five minutes.

But…Third loves him.

And the magic confirms it. They’re supposed to be together.

Khai has only just realized that he’s taken Third for granted far too long so, for now, he doesn’t press.

He can learn to be better, if it means Third won’t try to leave him.

Chapter Text

It takes a while for Third to warm up once they start dating, but maybe that’s because Third has always been closer to the cold.

Which becomes more and more apparent the closer they get.

The first time they fuck, Third’s magic goes crazy, icicles forming and falling from the ceiling, barely missing Khai’s back.

Third’s eyes are glowing as he tries to protect them from his own magic and he forces them closed, mumbling an apology for how bad he is at all of this, how he was never meant for intimacy.

Third doesn’t need to apologize. Khai is still amazed they made it here when he’s screwed up so many times.

Khai is nothing compared to Third, really.

Khai’s eyes don’t glow with magic, ever. Third is the only one of their four-person coven who is that powerful, that special, not that it’s why Khai loves him.

Khai loves Third because…Third is Third. Third is the best person Khai has ever met, has shaped his life, has helped him learn and grow in every way. Third is the one Khai can’t live without.

So if an icicle crashes into him when they make love, he’ll deal with it.

Chapter Text

The icicles are back, but Khai can tell Third is close. If he can keep this up--the noises Third is making are increasing in volume, coming out almost choked, like he can barely stand it--he’s pretty sure Third will come from his dick alone. Which would make Khai pretty damn proud of himself.

Third’s fingernails dig into Khai’s shoulder and the icicles are threatening to crash down any second.

Khai just needs to-- to--

And Third lets out a moan that only means one thing, but the ice--

Khai tries to brace for impact, the chill heavy in the air. He glances back as the icicles burst into flurries of snowflakes and fall harmlessly to their skin, to the bed, the floor.

Third’s wide eyes are glowing as he watches the snow fall. “Ai’Khai, what just happened?”

Khai shivers and smirks. “Khai Khunpol is just that good, right?”

Chapter Text

“Papii…is a very quick learner,” Gun praises. He stares down at Off.

The taste of Gun coats his tongue and it takes a second for Off to decide, to swallow. He moves up Gun’s body, wants to kiss Gun but isn’t sure if that’s okay or not, is still figuring this all out.

Gun initiates the kiss, must be able to taste himself. Gun licks into Off’s mouth and Off is embarrassed, turned on, starts to grind against Gun.

“Papii is so good,” Gun assures, breaking the kiss. “So good.”

Off kisses Gun again, then promises, “I can do better.”