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how slow the peonies grow, how sweet their blooms

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The Ghost King turns the full weight of his attention onto Kunlun.

“You enjoyed the kiss I gave you the other day, didn’t you?”

Wei’s eyes widen.

“I enjoyed it greatly, yes,” he stammers out.


Kunlun smirks and saunters over to where Wei is carefully tending the fire in the cave where they’re staying the night. Kunlun asked him to do it around noon and he has barely moved since then.

“I have something else you might enjoy.”

Wei cocks his head to the side expectantly. He's so cute, Kunlun thinks; he hardly looks like a creature whose nature it is to feast on humans.

He walks right up to Wei and, putting a gentle hand under his chin, tilts his face up. He leans in and presses another kiss to Wei’s mouth.

Not a short, sweet one, like before, but a longer and more intense kiss, one which demands reciprocation. Wei gladly gives it, letting instinct lead him as he presses his lips back against Kunlun’s. His hands automatically go around Kunlun’s waist.

Kunlun gives in to a desire he's had for a long time and runs a hand through Wei's hair, silky as night and just as dark.

He pulls back to observe Wei's reaction.

He has that same oddly intense and still air as always, like a predator perpetually about to strike, but now his attention is laser focused on Kunlun.

“Good?” asks Kunlun.

Wei swallows.

“You're right, I did like that. I liked it very much.”

Kunlun smirks.

“Oh, that's not even a hint of what I meant to show you. Come.”

After thinking for a moment, he sits with his back to a nearby rock, leaning against it. He gestures the young Ghost King over and arranges them so that Wei is sitting in the cradle of his legs, front to back.

“Lean against me,” he instructs, and Wei goes completely pliant in his arms.

Kunluns reaches over and slowly starts undoing the fastenings of Wei's robes. There's not much of a reaction, but that's par for the course with him.

When he gets the robes open enough to see the undershirt, he slides his hand underneath it and up along Wei's stomach.

“How's this?” he asks.

Wei turns to him with a look on his face like he's been slapped — but in an enjoyable way.

“Your touch,” he says, “it's…”

Kunluns hums in agreement. He knows what Wei means, that revelation of being touched for the first time. His hand wanders a little further up protruding ribs, and he makes the happy discovery that Wei is human in at least one way. He rubs his thumb back and forth across the nipple, his hand wrapped around Wei's rib cage.

“And this?” he teases, making sure his breath blows hot over Wei's ear.

“Good,” says Wei, his voice is surprisingly steady.

Kunlun takes his time exploring, running his hand up and down Wei's side, thumbing at both of his other nipples just to see if it elicits a stronger reaction.

It does.

He also makes a delightful discovery: Wei has no navel, just smooth skin where one would usually be. He strokes in circles around the area, enjoying the novelty of it.

Wei relaxes further, his hair tickling Kunlun’s nose. As he moves the hair aside, an idea strikes him and he leans down to place kisses along the smooth skin of  Wei's neck and on his ear lobes.

“And how does this feel?'' he asks, deliberately lowering his voice an octave.

Wei looks at him with big, dark, reproachful eyes.

“You are mocking me,” he says.

Kunlun laughs.

“Not at all, my dearest little ghost. I'm just —  I'm enjoying myself. Are you not enjoying yourself?”

Wei relaxes back into his hold with surprising alacrity.

It's amazing how easily he trusts — well, how easily he trusts Kunlun specifically; how easily he believes Kunlun when he says that he has no ill intentions towards Wei.

Experimentally, Kunlun runs blunt nails along Wei's torso, light enough to scratch a little but not to hurt. Wei lets out a full body shiver; Kunlun does it again.

“Kunlun,” says Wei.

Kunlun smirks.

“That's my name.”

Wei's breath catches in his throat.

“You —”

“Me,” whispers Kunlun, before leaning in to suck a mark into the crook of Wei's neck.

It will disappear in a few seconds, if it appears at all; but nevertheless, it gets Kunlun a rewarding squirm from Wei.

“Do that again?” says Wei, and Kunlun tsks.

“So demanding!” he chides in a mock serious tone.

He complies anyway, moving up to right behind Wei's ear and sucking on the flesh there — even giving it a little nibble, which elicits soft, pleased sounds.

Kunluns fingers have been hovering over Wei's waistband for a while and now he slowly moves them down, rubbing at the very root of Wei's dick through his thin trousers. Wei's breathing deepens, and after a few moments of teasing he takes Kunlun’s hand and places it directly over his dick.

“Oh dear, darling,” says Kunlun with apparent mirth,”here I am trying to be gentle with you and show you all the pleasures of the flesh, and all you want is to get straight to the action.”

Wei shoots him another reproachful look. It's not quite the weapon that he might wish it was, because all it does is make Kunlun want to tease more and more. He puts his hand on Wei’s dick through his trousers, wrapping it loosely around the shaft, and moves back and forth. Wei whines and pushes up into the light touch.

Kunlun can't help but chuckle.

“Sounds like someone’s enjoying this,” he says.

Wei turns just enough so that Kunlun can see him nodding frantically, as if that will encourage Kunlun to stop teasing. To be honest, Wei isn't the only one, ah, enjoying this. Kunlun is refraining from grinding against Wei’s back, but even so he's starting to get hard.

Using a level of focus that mortals could only dream of, Kunlun begins a triple attack: with no warning, he nibbles on Wei's neck, pinches one of his nipples and slips a hand into his trousers to put a warm hand on his cock. Wei gasps and whines, pliant as putty in Kunlun's hands, helpless against the onslaught of affection. He cries out Kunlun's name; Kunlun takes his lips, slick with saliva, off Wei's neck for a moment to say:

“I'm here, Wei. I'm here.”

“Kunlun!” Wei cries again, and isn't it sweet to get such a keen reaction from so little? 

On impulse, Kunlun puts his thumb on Wei's lower lip and rubs. Wei's tongue seeks his finger out frantically, and Kunlun allows Wei to draw his thumb into his mouth and suck like a small animal seeking comfort. He pushes his thumb down against Wei's tongue, moving it back and forth to feel those lovely sharp canines.

His other hand works gently, lightly, over Wei's shaft, playing with the foreskin. Wei is gasping for air; he doesn't sweat, really, or get warm as a human might when excited, but he does get that lost look on his face and his eyelids flutter. His tongue works under Kunlun’s thumb and wordless cries come out of his mouth, so Kunlun moves his hand back to Wei’s chest to let him speak.

“Kunlun,” Wei says, as soon as his tongue is free, “Kunlun, Kunlun!”

“I'm here,” Kunlun rumbles in his ear, “what do you need?”

“More,” Wei says, his usual reticence swept away, “more, more, please.”

Kunlun takes out Wei's dick and takes a moment to lick his hand before putting it around the shaft and starting to stroke it in a steady rhythm. As much as he wanted to tease a moment ago, Wei's moans have made him soften. All he wants now is to see how frantic Wei will get as he approaches the edge, how loudly he will call Kunlun's name.

He presses his free arm against Wei's torso, caging him in and keeping him pressed against his chest. It brings Wei firmly in contact with his aching hard cock. He takes a moment to appreciate the slight relief the contact brings before focusing once more on Wei’s pleasure, laying kisses and little kitten licks on the shell of his ear as he jerks him off and urges him on gently:

“That's it, Wei, that’s great. Let me hear you enjoying yourself.”

Wei gasps and thrusts into Kunlun’s hand. His hands clutch at Kunlun’s knees until apparently it’s not enough and, heedless of the arm holding him down, he half-turns to put an arm around Kunlun’s neck and kiss him. Kunlun kisses back messily and with tongue, letting Wei lead the kiss while he focuses on the movements of his hand.

The sweet pressure on his cock is gone, but Kunlun pays it no mind. He alternates between long strokes and short ones at the head, keeping the movements of his hand gentle and slow in the interest of helping Wei savour the experience. It’s not much use; Wei doesn't last long. He comes a few moments later with a strangled cry.

He spills slowly over Kunlun's fist, tears falling from the corners of his eyes and a ragged moan leaving his mouth.

“That's it. Let it all out, Xiao Wei. You’re doing great. That's it.”

As he works Wei through the orgasm, Kunlun realizes with a start that this may well be the first time Wei has come. He’s certainly shown no interest in sex prior to this.

He lets go when Wei’s body goes limp all at once and coaxes Wei back into his lap so he can hug him from behind, running a soothing hand up and down Wei's bicep. He looks at the tears flowing  down Wei’s cheeks.

“That's great, Xiao Wei. You did great. How was that?”

Wei turns on his side to huddle into Kunlun, who unties and rearranges his cloak so that it's covering Wei. Then he has a better idea and goes to hunt down a blanket for the both of them to lay under.

“Kunlun –” Wei says, burrowing into Kunlun's chest as they lie together under the blanket.

Kunlun pats his back and props himself up with an arm under his head so he can watch his little ghost, waiting for him to keep talking. Words, however, seem to have abandoned Wei, who gazes at Kunlun with a serene blankness behind his eyes.

“I'll take it to mean you like it, then?” Kunlun says, his tone more gentle than teasing, “would you like to do it again some time?”

Wei’s head whips up, his docility from a moment ago completely gone.

“Again,” he says.

“Not right now,” Kunlun chuckles, “I think you need a moment to recover.”