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Chasing Waves

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“He will be cocky. They always are.” Claire Beauchamp sits, her feet crossed at the ankle, her arms crossed over her chest, and stares at her editor and best friend, Geillis Duncan. She has been a reporter for the Scottish Sun for close to ten years now and knows of which she speaks.

“Undoubtedly. Your job hen, is to get past that, to the real person under his professional persona.”

The he in question is raising surfer, Jamie Fraser. Scotland doesn’t boast many surfing champions and their paper had been lucky enough to be granted an interview with the lad. Geillis wants her best reporter on it and that is Claire.

“I will do my best.” Claire is resigned. Geillis gets her way and that is that. Besides, a lot of her fight was a part of her reputation, as Geillis also well knows. To peal the onion that was this bloke’s persona was a personal challenge. One she looks forward to.

A smirk from her editor. “I know you will.”


“You ken I hate the PR bullshite.” Jamie Fraser tells his Godfather and manager, Murtagh Fraser. “I don’t feel comfortable with it. I would rather be catching a wave.”

Murtagh understands. Jamie has been shy since childhood. He really only feels comfortable in the water. “I ken it well. I am nae nutter. The Scotland Sun wants to do a feature on you. Ye ken how important that is?”

He nods. He understands it is just he fears saying something that will make him seem a clodheid. Reporters always made him nervous. He had never made a shambles out of an interview but he constantly fears he will. “I will talk to him.”

Murtagh grins as he delivers the news. “Her. They are sending a lass out, an English woman.”

Jesus, Mary and, Joseph as if he wasn’t nervous enough! “A lass?”

“You will be fine. Just be yourself.”

She has the background and makes an outline, noting the history of the sport near the top. It will be combined with the surfer, Jamie Fraser’s personal surfing history and, she sincerely hopes, a bit of his personal history too. The Scottish Sun is no rag. They don’t search for the rubbish on their featured people but a bit of color is always helpful.

Gathering up her notebook and recorder, she heads off to meet her newest interviewee. She is meeting him at Stoer Bay. The drive takes a good hour. During that time she tries to line up her questions. She finds it helps to have an idea what to ask and, more important, the sequence to ask them.

A lass. A bloody lass. The only lass he has ever been able to be himself around is his sister, Jenny. Now he is to impress this reporter, Claire Beauchamp. He paces up and down the shore line, his mind struggling to calm his racing heart. The waves are beautiful and he longs to be riding the face of one instead of…

“Jamie Fraser?” her accent is a mix of English and several other things. He stops pacing and turns. Then totally loses himself. For she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

He is taller then she expected with amazing curls, of chestnut color that seem more red in the sun. He turns when she calls him but doesn’t speak. “Jamie, I am Claire Beauchamp. I believe you are expecting me?” Still he stands, mouth slightly open. Goodness, is he a dullard?

Speak Jamie before you really throw a spanner in the works. She is already looking at you like you’ve nae sense! His mental arse kicking finally engages his mouth. “I am. I am sorry mistress. I didn’t expect someone so..” So what Jamie? You can’t say beautiful or she will think you a pervert. “Young.” He mental let’s out his breath.

“Well I thank you. I am not that young. You may call me Claire. May I call you Jamie?”

“Aye Claire.”

“Wonderful. We can do this one of several ways. We can sit down here.” She nods to the table, “Or we can walk the shore. Whatever you are more comfortable with.”

He chuckles. “I honesty Claire. I am more comfortable out in the water. But I doubt your little machine is water proof.”

She returns his chuckle. “Not that water proof or am I dressed for it.” She wears casual clothes, knowing she was doing an interview on the beach. Jeans, with a blue button down blouse, tucked in. Kicks on her feet. Her hair, a mane of dark circles that perpetually drive her crazy, are in a high tail.

“Aye, I see you aren’t.” He is. With swim trunks and a t-shirt that clings to his muscles, he is the picture of a healthy Viking male.

“No. So here or..”

“Let’s walk.” She thought as much. He seems the type that needs to be active. They start out. She asks him how he came to enter the sport. “By pure accident. My da gifted me with a boogie board when I was five. By the end of the summer, I was riding small waves with it. Riding the faces just came natural. Like I was born to surf.”

She has her title. “Born to surf.” Or so she thinks at the time. “So you went from a boogie board to a surf board when?”

“I was ten and two. My da keep gifting me with bigger boards until he saw I needed the real thing. Saved up for half a year. For my birthday he gave it to me.”

“What a wonderful gift.”

“Aye, I wish he could have seen me use it. Before I could get in the water, he was felled by a stroke. It came out of nowhere.”

She stops, dumb for a moment. That wasn’t in any of the background she had looked up on him. He stops beside her, looking down and kicking at the sand. Now why had he told her that? He hadn’t meant to. It wasn’t a secret it just wasn’t discussed. “I am truly sorry Jamie.” A shrug as he continues to examine the sand.

“Twas a long time ago.”

“Eleven years. Not so long.” She was right. It wasn’t. The ache he feels when he thinks about him.. Murtagh had done his best and Jenny saw that he was raised as right as she could but..

“I started competitive surfing when I was thirteen. Won several competitions before I finished upper school.” His head is back up and he is walking again. Moving on. Alright.

“Did it become your life or is there something or someone else that occupies your time?”

He grins as he looks out at the ocean. The waves are stunning. A sigh as he turns back to Claire. “Chasing waves is the majority of my life but there are two lasses that own me heart and soul. Maggie and Kitty.” Now he is referring to his nieces but doesn’t make that clear. Murtagh wants him to have more of a ladies man persona.

“Do the ladies have knowledge of each other?”

He grins slyly as he prepares to stretch the truth a bit more. “Well Maggie is aware of Kitty but Kitty isn’t aware of Maggie.” Or anyone else as she is only a week old.

“Living dangerously Jamie.”

“I am a surfer. It is in my blood.”

“Anyone else or is it just those two? No ladies on each shore?”

“Those are the two I love.” Oh Jenny will want to kill him for using her lassies such but, he doesn’t wish to straight out lie.

It is enough to get her started. Unlike some of her colleagues, she doesn’t like to do long, drawn out interviews. She prefers short, quick ones, ones that keep her subjects on edge. The last one she will do, will tie everything together. That will be long. It is a surprise to Jamie when she announces that is it for today. A welcome one. Now he doesn’t have to keep telling little half truths. One reason he dislikes interviews.

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His house lays on the beach. It is far from where he grew up in the Highlands. There are days he misses it. The mountains, the smell of whatever stew is boiling on the old stove, bread raising. The sounds of the children. The running feet of his namesake, Wee Jamie. The squeals of Maggie as she follows. And now, the feel of newborn Kitty in his arms. The hugs of his sister and the smiles of his brother-in- law. Aye, he misses home.

Despite the ache of homesickness, he loves his beachfront house. Loves being able to step out and surf anytime the fancy takes him. Loves the smell of the ocean feeling his domain in the summer. Even the chill of the icier water in the winter.

Today, as he returns home from the interview, the comforting presence of his things around him, is very welcome. “It is the half truths.” He thinks to himself as he slips his shoes off and walks into the bedroom. “To close to lying.” If he was being completely honest, he would admit it was lying.

He pulls the rest of his clothes off and enters the shower. He lives in a fairly secluded spot but, not quite secluded enough to clean off in the ocean, as he would prefer. As he enters the shower, he contemplates all he told her. Claire. Did he make a fool out of himself? Maybe, with the lies. The spots of honestly. Talking about his dad, the love of the sport, do they make up for pretending to be someone he isn’t? A lass at ever shore, what a joke.

“Right! What would she say if she knew the truth?” he says as the water beats down on him. She. Crips. She that is so beautiful, so intelligent. He hardens just thinking about her. His soapy hands move down to his cock, twitching at the thought of her. “I know.” Breathed as he starts to stroke himself. He hardens farther and his breath comes faster as he pictures her, hair down, her strange whiskey eyes shining as she wraps herself around him. He sees his hands, one on her bum, holding her close, the other on her breast, working his way into her fancy blouse.

His eyes close and he licks his lips as he pictures rubbing her nipple as he kisses her, then across her neck, down to. He cums hard, almost dropping to the floor under the force of it. Shuddering, he washes himself off. He hasn’t cum like that, ever. But he had never masturbated to the thought of a specific person either.

“Damn!” mumbled to himself as he gets out and towels off. “She thinks me a womanizer, a typical dude. It can’t be farther from the truth and I can’t tell her.” He slips warmer clothes on and goes through the house shutting windows. Winter is coming, the quote Game of Thrones. He starts a fire and sits by the fireplace only seeing her. He is in trouble.

The image won’t allow for him to date a specific lass, to settle down, raise a family. He has comforted himself by the knowledge that he will find her after he retires. But, “what if I have found her now?” A harsh chuckles as he throws another log in. “She is probably married, at least dating. I am a fool to think her available. Her, with those whiskey eyes and that bum, that intelligence and the ability to hold a lad hostage with her smile. Taken, I am sure. If she isn’t, I am, by the sport I dedicated my life to. So I need to forget her.”

It will be easier said then done, he knows. Then Murtagh text him to let him know that, “Miss Beauchamp wishes another interview.” He stares at the message. Of course she does. They had barely started talking. It is with both joy and dread, he text him back.


“Tomorrow. She wants to see your house. For color.”

To have her here. Oh God. To have her here, Oh God! Both his excitement and fear are evident in his chaotic thoughts.

“Home is fine. When?”

“Around noon. She assumes you don’t get up early.” He laughs, with a touch of hysteria. He will tomorrow to make sure his house is fully cleaned.

“That is fine.” He lays the phone down and tries to picture her sitting beside him, walking through his house, in his bedroom. He hardens again.

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So, what did the lad do to you, huh?” She stares at Geillis as she looks up after reading her notes on the interview.


Geillis shakes the papers as she says, “Logical follow-up questions not asked. I know your work hen and this,” she shakes them again, “isn’t up to your standards.”

Claire rolls her eyes. “You ask me to get to the real person. I will in my own way. There was honesty there but, yes, he is keeping a secret. I will discover it. I always do. In fact, I have already arranged to interview him again at his home. He will be more open there.”

“Well, I take back what I said. I should have known you have a plan.” Claire smirks.

“I always do. The mystery lies in the two ladies he mentioned..”

“Maggie and Kitty?”

“Just so. Between now and tomorrow, I intend to find out more about them. If I know more then he realizes I do..”

“Brilliant. Well I will leave you to it.” She hands back her notes but hesitates to leave. “Do you think he meant to speak of what happened to his dad?”

“No. I believe that was the most honest he was being. I could build on that but..”

“Yeah, the lasses are better.” Claire nods as her mate and boss, leaves. She is soon deep in the search for information on Maggie and Kitty.

She starts by looking into his family, just seeking to find someone to speak with. She never expected to find… “Son of a…” She stares at the screen, her hands fisted by the mouse. The article is about his sister and her husband and the birth of their first daughter, Maggie. Article is maybe to strong a word, it is just a blurb, a bit more then a birth announcement. “The lass, Margret, who will be called Maggie, joins big brother, James Junior, called Wee Jamie. The lad is named after his uncle, famous surfer, James Fraser.”

“Bloody hell!” She whisper screams, attracting the attention of Mary Macnab, working a few desks over. She waves her concerned look off. Maggie is his niece that means Kitty probably is also. A quick search of recent births confirms that also.

“Katherine Murray, born to Jenny and Ian Murray, joins a brother James Junior and a sister Margret.”

She was born a week ago. “No knowledge. Of course not. She is a newborn!” she thinks. He is brilliant but she has him now. Why make up a pretend love life? She will find out.

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He answers the door in a white t-shirt that clings to his chest, not that she notices. She is a professional, so she tells herself, here to get the truth out. Not to see his blue eyes, staring softly at her or the ways his hair is perfectly tussled. No, she doesn’t see the way his jeans cling to his legs or how long those legs are.

“You may come in Claire.” He smirks at her as he stands aside, holding the door open. How long had she been standing here cataloguing his assets? Jesus!

“Thank you Jamie.” Her head comes up and she tries to find her professional persona again. He watches her walk in, watches her bum in the trousers she has on. She isn’t the only one checking the other out.

“Welcome to my home.” It is impressive. Clean with a feel for the location. A beach style, of course, with windows facing out to the ocean.

“It is quite lovely.” He directs her to a seat and she seats down. He takes a seat across from her.

“May I get you a drink?”

Her answer tells just how frazzled he has her. “This isn’t a social call.”

He looks like he has been slapped. “But I was raised with manners Claire.” His tone is the sharpest she has ever heard from him. Shame immediately covers her face as a blush raises.

“Your right. I’m sorry.” How to explain that his glaze makes her loss herself? Why does it? She has interviewed plenty of handsome men. Why is he?

“It is okay. Ah, um, you wish to just get on with the interview then?”

Why was she being such a bitch and how did she lose the upper hand? She knows his secret, or part of it. Sitting up straight, she smiles. “I will take a glass of ice water, if you don’t mind?” He returns her smile and stands. He walks to the kitchen and returns with it. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Claire.”

She takes a sip and then says, “This is quite different from the Highlands, I imagine.” He chuckles.

“Aye. When I return home it is like entering another world. One that is filled with all the wonderful memories of my family and past.” She makes a note of the wonderful quote that will be featured in the article.

“How wonderful it must be to see family.”

“It is. It is funny. When I am with them, I am torn, wanting to be here. When here, I long for home and them.”

“It must be hard. How often do you get home?”

“I try to make the major holidays, birthdays, that type of thing. I was last home a week ago.”

She could follow up, force the truth out of him. But not yet. She wants to keep him on his toes. “Your family supports your career?”

“My sister and her husband. My Godfather. They are all the family left, well and my sister’s children. Yes they support me. Well now.” She leans forward, sensing a story. Having interviewing many a Scot, she knows they are good storytellers. “At first they were horrified. My sister, Jenny scolded me. You ken she raised me after da died. Oh she was upset. ‘ You will come crawling back home with nothing. You can’t make an actual living at surfing. There is no way.’ It took me winning many championships before she stopped fussing. Murtagh, my Godfather told her not to worry, that he would, ' see to me.’ Would make sure I wouldn’t starve. I haven’t so she is calmer.”

“No I would say you are doing well.” Now, she thinks. “As your other mother, what does she think about Maggie and Kitty?” She drank some more water as she watched the blood leave his face. Gotcha!

“Ahh, well she… ahhh.”

“I imagine she loves them if you do.”

“Ahh yeah she…”

“And because they are her daughters. Why did you lie?”

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“Why did you lie?” The question echoes around his head as he desperately tries to come up with a lie to explain away the first. But he can’t. Not to her. He doesn’t know why but he realizes the truth must be told. She waits, arms crossed with a scowl on her face. It doesn’t mar her beauty.

“Do you ken what it is like to have to be someone your not? To wear masks that hide the authentic you because he would be someone unacceptable in his field? I imagine you don’t Claire. I imagine you are always you, that you never hide behind a façade. Well, I do. To stretch the truth, tell a half truth is easier then breaking through that façade.”

She swallows hard, thinking she knows what he is hiding. “Oh. It is 2022. Being gay is…” His nervous chuckle interrupts her.

“Nae lass. I’m not gay. I love the ladies. I am just not the ladies man I need to be.” A bit softer, “Or they say I need to be.”

“I see. That isn’t such a bad thing, not to be a player.”

He doesn’t know why. She has enough. What makes him add, “I’m not even in the game.” Is something he thinks about for a long time after.

“Not even in the…” it doesn’t take her long. Her wide blown eyes meet his. “You’re a virgin?”

Even at this point, he could deny it. Say he has had a lover or two, just doesn’t have anyone currently. But, he has come this far.. “Aye I am.” A rush to explain, like being such was something shameful, “My da didn’t get time to sit down and have the full talk with me. He did, however, tell me this. That, just like a farmer is responsible for ever seed he plants, responsible to see it brought to harvest, to take care as it grows. As he is, we men are responsible for ever seed we sow also. That before we plant our seed in a lass, we better make sure we are responsible enough to see to anything that may be started. He said that he kens I will be tempted, told there are ways to prevent such, and there are. But none are a hundred percent. To make sure that any lass I lay with, I am willing to be with, to raise bairns with. So, well, I’ve yet to find her.” He shrugs as if uncomfortable with this much truth. He is. He hasn’t been this truthful in years.

“Jamie, what an amazing father you had. And to follow his advice as you have..”

“Thank you but you can’t print it.”

“But why not? I think people will be interested in seeing the real you behind the façade.”

“Murtagh has went to a lot of effort to build up my persona. This is who people think I am. I know it isn’t truthful or easy but…”

“And if you find her, this one that your father spoke of?” She leans in to ask and his heart skips a beat. He can’t even say it is all lust, nae, not with sharing his bloody soul with her. What if he has found her and she sits across from him? “Will you hide your true relationship so you can maintain the playboy image?”

“I don’t ken.” He really doesn’t. Looking at her, feeling his blood pound hot in his veins, he is unable to come up with a good answer. That is when his weather radio goes off, blaring. They both jump.

“What in the…?”

“It is my weather radio.” He hurries to turn down the blaring noise. They both listen as the announcer reports a freak thunderstorm with gale force winds, coming in off the ocean.

“Oh man, I need to go now.”

“Claire, you can’t leave until the storm passes. It is way to dangerous to drive in those winds.”

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“What?” her mouth falls open as she stands. The corner of her eye catches sight of the waves crashing into the sure and she realizes he is right. Damn it!

“You see them and it is just the beginning. They will get stronger and, the wind that is causing them will be strong enough to bend trees. You absolutely can’t leave until it settles. I’m sorry.” He stands and goes to gather up his emergency supplies, candles, torches, before he pulls the heavy blinds and curtains down over all the windows. She watches with wide eyes.

To stay with him, to experience the storm with him, she feels on the edge of something… something though she isn’t sure what it is. He lights the candles as the natural light is cut off. Now the room has a dreamy, romantic feel.

“It will safe? I mean, the winds won’t take the house?”

“No, we will be safe. This house was built to withstand sea storms. Now that we are protected against any broken glass from shattered windows, we will be fine.”

She is relieved, about that anyway. It is being with him for however long the storm lasts. Then another thought hits her. “Oh, do you have a guest room?” He smiles and she notices that awesome hair glows in the candle light, showing a bit of red.

“Aye, no concern there. We needn’t share a bed.” Thank goodness for that. She isn’t sure how that would have worked out. “Shall we continue the interview?” the wind is picking up, almost drowning out his words. She shakes her head.

“No, I fear I couldn’t concentrate.”

He is relieved. This will give him some time to figure out how to answer her. “Understood. How about tea. It is that time. I should cook before we lose power.”

“That sounds good.” She follows him into the kitchen. On the way, he shows her the guest room. She is really glad to see it. It is done up as nice as the rest of the house. “Did you have an interior decorator?”

He laughs. “Don’t have faith I could have done it myself?” He crocks one eyebrow up at her. She feels herself flush.

“It just.. ah um…I mean that it is so well laid out that..”

“My sister.” He let’s her off the hook. “She has an incredible eye for this stuff.”

“That she does.” They head into the kitchen where he surprises her by making a wonderful tea. Trout cooked to perfection, roasted vegetables and rolls that are melt in the mouth, good. He serves white wine and they talk about things other then his confession. She tells him about her childhood, about being raised by her uncle all over the world.

“He was such a good parent, for being thrust into the role. Let me explore my natural curiosity as much as was safe.” A chuckle before she takes another sip of the fine wine. “I recall once, I wanted to explore an old cabin that was near one of his dig sights. He gave me a torch and sent me in. I found out later that he had already been in, removed all that was unsafe, as he knew I would be asking. I was six or seven.”

“You seemed born to be a reporter.” He takes his own sip, his eyes soft. The dishes are loaded in the dishwasher, the table cleaned up and, they are in the living room, sitting in the candle light, talking. The second bottle of wine sits on the table before them.

“Oh I was. Was interviewing the members of his crew, the townspeople who came to watch, really anyone who would answer me. I even put out a paper of sorts.”

“Did you?” His eyes get more dilated the more he drinks and he knows he has to be careful.

“I did. Called the News Digger, I wrote it out by hand and used Uncle Lamb’s copier. It was passed to whoever would takes it. I reported on the weather, what we were digging for, what was for dinner, just anything I could think of.”

A strand of hair has escaped her careful style. He longs so to touch it. “How old were you?”

“Eight when I stared it. As I got older, it got better. By my teens, it was four pages long, once a week, professionally typed and, had pictures I cut and pasted. More color too. Was including things about the towns we were in, the people. I was quite proud of my little paper.”

“As you should be. It is quite an accomplishment.” He hears the slur in his voice and puts down the wine. “What did your uncle think of it?”

Her smile grows. She leans back on the couch and he gets a heady wife of her perfume. He pulls in a deep breath. “Oh, he was so proud. Bragged to everyone about it.” His drunk head finally hears the past tense.

“What happened?”

“A sudden stroke. He was on a site. I was already in university. They called me and..” She shook her head as the emotions of that day returned. “It was, the worst day of my life. When my parents died I was young. It didn’t feel the same. He was my mum and dad, my best friend, my teacher. Everything.” He moves closer and places his arm around her. It feels like the right thing to do. She rests back against him. Whether it is the alcohol or the emotions, she feels comfortable in his arms. The electric goes out. They are suddenly in dark only broken by the candle light. She turns and looks up at him finding the same stunned look on his face she feels in hers. His eyes drift down to their lips and the move closer.

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Her heart is pounding. Is she going to allow this? Her body screams yes and her heart agrees. Her mind though.. He breaths against her lips and shivers run up and down her spine. “Aye or nae?” Oh, she just expected.. a choice. What does she want? Oh want is not what she needs to be thinking right now. Just a taste won’t hurt right? Justification. She usually is more logical but..

“Yes.” Whispered against his own lips. A moan from her or him. It doesn’t matter. They come together gently. Moving carefully over each other’s lips. She tastes the wine, much more sweet there then in the glass. He softly touches her hair as his other hand stays on the couch. They sit side by side, only their heads turned to each other. Her own hands find his shoulders. They continue to move over each other’s closed lips. All her body is focused on that connection. She knows if she wants it to be deeper, she needs to initiate. But… just a taste right? They are neither one fully sober and he is.. no this is enough.

He has kissed a lass or two. He may be a virgin but isn’t completely innocent. Even got to what the Yanks call second base. But, this, this gentle kissing with Claire, is more arousing then anything else he has ever experienced. He knows he can happily kiss her this way all night. Just this. He feels her fingers digging into his shoulders and wonders if he is doing something wrong. He pulls just a bit away and she makes a type of meowing sound and attempts to get him to come back. Alright then. With renewed confidence, he returns to her lips.

She moves her hands to his hair, twisting her hands through those curls and holds him to her lips. Somehow, their bodies have gotten closer. Her chest is pushed against his. Her bra is suddenly to tight, as is her pants. His hands move down to her back, holding her tight. He doesn’t stay at her lips, moving down to her chin and neck. Her meows get louder. He recalls his fantasy..

Oh God what is he thinking! They can’t do.. He drops his eyes. “Shall I get you something more comfortable to sleep in?”

She is just as dazed. Just a bit of eye contact had her imagining the most… Shit, she so wants to kiss him but she can’t. It won’t end well. It won’t end there. Besides, she is here as a reporter not.. “Thank you Jamie. That would be nice.”

“They will be a bit big but..”

“We will make it work. It is one night.”

Later as she lays in his strange guest bed, a torch in arm’s length, she relives her fantasy and touches herself to relief it. A few doors down, Jamie is doing the same thing.

Chapter Text

She wakes confused. Where is she? The sight of the room, slowly brings it back. Jamie, the storm, the almost kiss. Right. Is it still storming? She walks over to the blinds and curtains covered window. Opening it, she squints in the light. The bright sunlight. No storm. She can… the thought leaves her head when she sees Jamie, in a full body surfing suit, catching waves. They are huge from the storm and she understands why he would want to be out this morning. Still, the size of their faces, takes her breath away.

He had woke at dawn. You can take the lad out of the farm but not the farm out of the lad. His head is a bit fuzzy from the wine, but he recalls the night. Every detail. On silent feet, he goes to check on his house guest. She lays, on her side, cuddled against the extra pillow. He is so tempted to join her. She looks so warm and inviting. Resisting, he slips out and into the kitchen. Coffee and breakfast is made. He eats and covers the plate he made for Claire. He leaves a note.

“Catching waves. Enjoy breakfast. Please don’t leave until I return. Jamie.” Then he puts his wet suit on, grabs his favorite board, and heads out to conquer the faces the storm had left.

She makes her way to the loo then to the kitchen, drawn by the smells of coffee and breakfast. She smiles when she sees the note. No, she wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye. Besides, she has some things to sort out. Here, watching him ride the giant faces over a breakfast she didn’t have to make, seems the best spot to do it.

What is he to do about Claire? More specifically, his feelings for her? He rides the face in and looks to his house. His heart skips a beat, when he sees her, sitting at his kitchen window. She looks deep in thought, also. What is she thinking about? Him or her article? Her article! Will she out him? Oh, Murtagh will skin him if she does. But how long can they keep this ruse up? Especially with him falling for her. He firmly replants his feet back on the board and pushes back out.

He is beautiful in his element. She watches him move back out. What is she to do with the information he gave her last night? He wasn’t drinking then so it is open for her to print. But should she. A coup, no doubt. The Scottish Sun can sell so many papers and increase their online subscriptions with the information. The reporter in her wants to do it. But the woman… the woman she was last night with him, the one that shared as openly as he did.. that one screams no! No way she should break his confidence. A sigh as she takes another bite and another sip of coffee. She is at war with herself as she watches him catch his waves. One thing she does know, the title of the article. ‘Catching Waves’. Now just what is to be it’s contents?

He almost hopes she does. Then he will be free. Free to… but he doesn’t know if it was the wine or something else that caused what almost happened last night. Did she go to bed aching for his touch like he did hers? How, in heaven is he to find out? He can’t just ask, can he? Maybe… All he knows is he has felt nothing like what he feels for Claire. He has to figure out what to do. He feels his heart lift as he rides the biggest face yet. This is easy. Love, lasses, that is what is hard.

Chapter Text

She is cleaning up the kitchen when he comes back in. “You don’t have to do that.” His hair is slicked back and his wet suit emphasis every muscle and hard plane on his body. She forces herself not to look down. “I will get it after I change.”

“It really isn’t an issue. Go change. You must be freezing.” He shrugs but heads out to do it. She leads her breath out and leans against the sink. Crips! What is it about him?

By the time he returns, her nervous energy had the dishes placed in the dishwasher, it started and, the table wiped down. She is rinsing out the rag she used to clean the table, when he comes up behind her. “Thank you.” His breath tickles her ear and she finds herself with a sudden rush of desire. God help her.

“No problem.” Does her voice tremble?

“Thank you also for staying.” She moves to walk around him. He moves out of her way. A brush of arms and they both catch their breaths. “Let’s ahh, go sit down in the other room, if you have a moment?”

“Sure.” They walk that way, careful not to touch. He takes a seat opposite her. “What did you want to talk about?” She is fettling with one of his throw pillows and makes herself stop.

“Do you want a surfing lesson?” She frowns at him. “As part of the whole interview.” He adds.

“Oh, well in that case, ah sure.”

“You don’t have to.”

“No, no. It sounds like fun.”

“Wonderful, ah, one more thing before you go.”

“Yes?” Is he going to kiss me? Runs through her head.

“The information I told you, ah, about my, hmm, virginity, are you going to use it?” He places his hands on his knees and looks at her with those ocean blue eyes, “Look, I told you, knowing you are a reporter and we’re interviewing me for a story. I won’t pitch a fit if you do. I just need to warn some people.”

She bites her lip and he tries to think unsexy thoughts, less his body give him away. “I have been pondering what to do. I don’t know Jamie. How about this, as I still have some work to do on it, including learning to surf, it seems,” they both chuckle, “when I decide, I will tell you. Which way would you like it to go?”

“Hmm, a grand question. I am conflicted. On one hand, it coming out, would free me but, I fear losing fans and things. It is fifty fifty at this point.”

She nods. “I will take all that into consideration.” She stands and he jumps up to join her. “Thank you Jamie, for everything.”

“You’re quite welcome Claire. May I call you about the lesson or..”

“Let me see your phone.” He picks it up off the table and hands it to her. She enters her number. “Call me and we will find a convenient time.”

“I will.” He sees she has saved it under ‘Claire Reporter’ like he could ever forget who she was.

She walks out and he watches her drive away.

Chapter Text

Murtagh walks up the beach towards him. The sun was shining brightly after the storm and his Godfather/manager is wearing a tank top. Jamie, himself has just taking a swim and is drying off. “Jamie, my lad.” They hug and Murtagh pats his bare shoulder. “I canna see how you handle swimming without a wet suit in those temperatures.”

Jamie shrugs and smiles. “I’ve build up a tolerance for it.” They take seats on the sand. Warmed by the sun, it isn’t to bad to sit on.

“How was the interview?” Murtagh, not one for to much small talk, jumps right into it.

“Long. The storm came up and she ended up having to spend the night.” He can’t keep the smile or blush off his face.

“Oh really. That must have been awkward.”

Jamie shrugs and looks out onto the crashing waves. “Not to bad. I made her dinner and we talked. She had a most interesting childhood. It was nice.” He doesn’t reveal the almost kiss.

“Well good. It is about time you had a date, a real one, even if it was forced.”

“Aye, oh, she agreed to the surf lesson.”

“Good. So, did the interview last through the evening or was she just talking about herself?”

He needs to tell him. If she decides to print it besides, he needs to tell someone. “Ah, yeah, a bit of both.” Murtagh, who knows Jamie’s tells well, looks at him with his bushy eyebrows raised.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

“She knows.”

“Knows what?” His hands fist in the sand.

“The big secret. She knows that I am a virgin.” Murtagh stands, staring down at Jamie as the tightness of his fists let’s the sand slip through.

“You told a bloody reporter this?” Every word is precise.

“She found out who Maggie and Kitty are and..”

“You didn’t think to lie!” He is pacing back and forth in front of him.

“For half a second. I just couldn’t.” Murtagh stops and stares at him.

“Shit! You have feelings for her! Don’t you?”

He can’t deny it. “I do. I’ve never felt around anyone the way I feel about her.”

“A reporter!” he throws his hands up toward the sky. “I bloody reporter! He has to fall for a reporter!” Jamie watches all this with a smile. “Did you at least tell her it was off the record?” his smile fades.

“No. I did ask her not to print it.” His Godfather walks out to where the tide is coming in and yells out loud.

“Jamie, you are not naïve when it comes to reporters. You always say it is off the record. Always. She will print it. It is the scope of her career. Then what? All of our hard work gone.”

“Murtagh, I am not so sure that is a bad thing. To live the truth.”

He takes a seat back beside him. “Jamie, you are a brand. Surfer dude with the beautiful women that hang on your arm. The bachelor that everyone wants. To have it revealed that you have never taken a lass to bed will make you out to be a not only dishonest but probably gay too. You agreed to play this game until you retired..”

“Or until I found her. I have, I believe.”

Poor Murtagh looks goober smacked. “This reporter?”

“Claire aye.”

He stands. “I need to go talk to Jenny. I pray you aren’t paying to dear a price.”

Chapter Text

“Okay, out with it!” They are alone in the break room. Mary and everyone else have returned to work. She looks at her boss with a frown. “Come hen, I know that you are holding something back. I’ve been your best mate to long, not to mention, a reporter.” Claire sighs. She had told her the basics, about the storm and having to spend the night. About the planned surfing lesson. But that is all.

“Yeah, there is something.”

“He didn’t make any moves on you, did he?” Geillis walks over and turns the telly off and Claire knows she is serious. Her editor is serious about watching the local news. She has stated many times that old saying about keeping your enemies close. “They are competition, make no mistake about it. If there be something they are reporting and we aren’t, we need to be on and quick.” So, it is a big deal, her turning off the noon report.

Maybe it is the shock of that that has her answering like she does, “I wish.” It is said in a whisper but Geillis hears. Her chestnut hair rips around as her green eyes meet her best reporters.

“Say again Claire?” Claire doesn’t want to and looks down at her salad as if it holds the key to turning back the last few seconds of time.

“There was something, a kind of electricity in the air.” She admits to her lunch. With a shuddering sigh, she looks up to Geillis, who has taken a seat by her, “But he was a perfect gentleman.”

Geillis is conflicted. On one hand, she is thrilled her mate is finally getting out there but, it is with a subject. “Well damn! That is complicated.”

In the middle of her confession, she decides to go all in. Geillis can be trusted. “Made more so by the fact he told me a secret. Something no one knows.”

Geillis, the editor, comes out, “A scoop?”

“It would be huge.” A low whistle from Geillis.

“Off the record?”

“No.” They both get quiet for a moment as Claire picks at her salad. Geillis is drumming her hands on the table.

“Personal or professional?”


“Oh. He hasn’t gotten serious with one of the lasses, Maggie or Kitty, has he?” Her eyes are full of sympathy for her mate and manic joy at the idea of the front page story.

“They are his nieces.” She looks around to make sure no one is loitering around the door. When it is clear, she adds, “It is actually the opposite.”

“Is he gay?”

No,” a deep sigh, “He is a straight virgin.” She feels a weight lift off at telling someone.

Geillis jumps up and starts pacing. Her mind is already making plans for the headline. The banner will be one of the biggest they have done. “He told you this, off the record.” A nod. “Beautiful, simply beautiful. I knew you would get something, but this! I could kiss you. Claire this is..”

“Hold on Geillis. I don’t know that we should print it.”

Chapter Text

“You are a bloody fool, a true clodheid, James Fraser!” His sister greets him at tea with her hands fisted against her hips. A flush raises in his face. It is his life after all. He knows that they are all concerned about what he told Claire but..

“Listen Janet, I know you and Murtagh are worried that what I told will effect my career but, it is my career, after all.” He stands at his full height, towering over his diminutive sister.

“Your career? Do you think that is what I am referring too?” Now he is lost and a frown replaces the flush of anger.

“It isn’t?” She rolls the blue eyes she shares with him.

“My self centered little brother. Nae, ye nutter. O’ course I care but that isn’t what has me mad. Nae, tis’ Maggie and Kitty.” When he is still frowning, she shakes her head. “Seat down you big fool.” He does, with poor grace, in the seat across from her. “Ye told that reporter that they are your nieces.”

“I did nae! She found that out all on her own.”

“Oh really? Fully on her own?”


Her calm tune fools him. When those blue eyes storm up, he is unprepared. “Who told her their names, eh?”

Oh. Damn. He is in trouble. “Well I...”

“You told a fuking reporter my daughter’s names. If she prints them with the added detail that they are your nieces, your fans will be looking for any information they can get on them! Tell me brother that I am not right?” She is looking at him like the time she caught him stealing his first sip of whisky when he was ten and three. Deep trouble.

“I dinna think.” A confession made in the same way he said the same on the occasion of his first drink. “I’m sorry.”

“They have always been off limits. My children! Ye ken it well, James Mackenzie Fraser!” As when she was both his sister and mam, her use of all of his name’s has him cowering. He might be six feet plus to her a hair over five feet but…


“I swear if any of your fans shows up here or any pictures of the bairn’s are printed both you and this reporter will have to answer to me!”

“Put it on me. It is all my fault. Claire was just doing her job.” Fear for himself is nothing compared to fear for her. Jenny sees this and her focus changes.

“Murtagh says that you have a thing for the reporter.” He sighs. She has said what she was going to on the subject of the bairn’s.

“It is more then that. I am in love with her.” It is the first time he has said it aloud. To see Jenny’s mouth fall open and stay that way is quite satisfying.

Chapter Text

How is he to ask her to both, keep his secret and keep his nieces names out of the article? He ponders this as he works up the courage to call her. He hasn’t been this nervous to speak to a lass since he was still in school.

“You can do it, Jamie.” Admitting how he felt to Jenny had put those feelings in the front of his mind. This didn’t help his anxiety. Finally he forces himself to press the button that will connect them. He counts the rings. When they get to five and he is thinking he will get her machine, she picks up.

“Hello.” Her voice takes his own for half a beat. “He..”

“Hello Claire. It is..”

“Jamie. Hi. Ringing to set up a surfing lesson?”

Right. The lesson. He will soon see her. “Aye among other things. I spoke to my sister and… well she was right miffed at me for revealing the bairn’s names and..’

“She needn’t worry. We won’t print them.”

“That will be a relief to her and me. She was quite fierce about it.” He hears her move about. Is she at home? Oh Dhai! The wonderful clear sound of her laugh feels his ears and he feels a bit faint.

“Gave you quite the piss, did she?”

“Aye, used all three of my name’s. N’er a good thing.”

“No. Well I am happy to safe you from her wrath.”

“Thank you. Ah, have you decided what you are going to do with the other information I gave you?”

Her chuckles completely die down. “I will be honest. My editor wants to print it.”

“Oh.” Murtagh will be furious but.. well he will get over it. It might even be a good thing.

“But, I have talked her out of it.”

It takes a second to realize that he heard her right. “Your not printing it?”

“Exactly. My angle is that you wish to keep your private life, private. That is true, right?”

“Quite. Thank you Claire. To argue with your own editor for me..” the emotions he feels are overwhelming.

“She is my best mate. That helps. I owe her, she says. Another scope. She knows I am good for it.”

“You are a fantastic reporter.”

“Thank you Jamie. Now to see what kind of surfer I can be.”

The lesson, right. Head in the game Fraser. “Aye. We are to have some fairly gentle waves tomorrow. Would that suit?”

“Perfect. Shall I meet you at your place at nine?”

“Perfect Claire. See you then. Thanks again.”

Chapter Text

When he opens the door to her ring at nine, he is surprised to see she already has a wetsuit on. Her hair is tamed back in a tight, high tail. Her feet are clad in sneakers. She watches him inventory her for a moment before she asks, “Acceptable?” He flushes before nodding.

“Aye, sorry I just didn’t expect you to be so ready.”

“A good reporter always does her research.” She smirks and he flushes.

“You are right. Sorry.” He steps out and grabs the two boards he has placed back. One is his current one. The other is a long board, a foamie. It is perfect for beginners. “Come Claire. We will get you started in wave riding.” She follows him down to the beach. Like her, he is also wearing a wet suit.

“The boards are different.” She nods to them as their feet touch sand and he lays them down.

“Aye, this,” he nudges the soft fiberglass board with his bare foot, “Is perfect for beginners. Light weight, long for stabilization.” She nods. It is impossible to take notes out here, so she commits it to her reporters memory. The lesson is the last thing needed to complete the article.

“Shall we get in the water?” He is shaking his head no.

“Not yet. Balance is worked on first and that is done here, on the sand. Slip your shoes off.” She does and he reaches for her hands, “May I?”

“Yes.” Their hands meet and there is a shock of awareness. Both let their breaths out. He guides her to the long board. She steps on as he keeps her hands. A squeeze warns her that he is letting go. She nods and firmly plants her feet. He lets go but stays close enough that he can catch her if she falls. She doesn’t. Good. “I expected the board to be slippery.”

“That is the board wax. Keeps you from sliding about.” She laughs, her arms out as she pretends to ride a wave. He watches her, his eyes shine with emotions. To see someone he.. No, those thoughts won’t help right now. “Grand job. Now I will attach the leash.” He kneels down at her feet, “Are you right or left handed?”

“Right why?” He has her right ankle and slips a strap around it.

“This will keep you from separating from your board. That can be danger to yourself and others in the water with you.”

“So, we are going to the water?”

“Not quite yet.” He stands and retakes her hand, “On your belly.” She slips down with his help. “you need to feel the muscles you will be using to paddle out with.” He attaches himself to his own board before he lays down, facing her. “This will feel a bit silly but we are going to paddle the sand.” She laughs as she copies his movements. They are paddling. He watches her face as she works the unfamiliar muscles.

“Owe! I see where you get your muscle definition at.” She says as she discovers previously unknown muscles in her back and shoulders.

“It is some hard work.” They work those muscles for a few more minutes before he moves on. “Now you learn to pop up.” He explains as he effortlessly does it himself. He then lays back down and shows her step by step. “Push up with your hands tucking your feet under you. Your dominant foot should end up where your hands were and your other around a shoulders length away.”

She watches it a few times before trying it herself. It is awkward but after her fifth time, she isn’t to bad at it. It helps she can mirror him, as he faces her and is a lefty.

“I think I have it.” She grins as she stands in the typical surfing position.

“Grand job. Now, we go out in the water. Not to far. Stay by me.”

“Yes sir.” She salutes and he rolls his eyes but smiles. He stands off the board, showing her how to walk it out, leash on.

“We aren’t trying to catch a wave yet, just getting you used to paddling.” She nods. Once they reach the water’s edge, he moves then out a bit before laying the board down. She copies him and gets on when he does. “Good, now paddle.” They both do, as she learns not to lie to high or low on the board. When she has her ‘sweet spot on the board, he takes them a bit farther out. “Find a focus point on shore. This will help keep you from drifting to far out.” She nods.

The ocean is calm under them, no big or even medium sized waves break. Perfect. He catches her eyes and slips up. She swallows hard before doing the same. Suddenly, she is doing it! Not wave riding but riding the water’s surface. Her heart starts to pound and she can’t stop smiling. “Jamie! I am doing it!”

“Aye, you are.” She is. Not only standing, in the water, riding across the surface tension but, taking more of his heart each second. He recalls Jenny’s reaction to his confession.

“I have waited so long to hear that bráther and it is a reporter!” Aye tis. As she starts to laugh, he feels something break free in himself as he starts to join her.

The ocean moves them back towards the shore. When they reach it, she goes to step off and falls. He jumps off and kneels by her. “You okay?” She just takes his neck and pulls him down by her. What they have been fighting is suddenly to much. Their eyes meet, his startled and hers determined.

“I am wonderful. I need to kiss you.” He swallows hard. Need. That is just the right word.

“I need to kiss you too.” He confesses before lowering his head. Gentle and tender, passion held in tight check. The water splashing around them, the feel of their hearts beating against each other, their breaths mingling as tongues carefully explore. She moans as the wetsuit leaves little to the imagination. She feels ever hard plane of him and how the kiss is effecting him.

He has kissed a lass or two but it is nothing like kissing Claire. Feeling her tongue’s tip run over his lips, the way she molds against him, her breasts against his chest, her left leg twisted around his right. His hands get restless, running over her hips before moving up. Lips move firmer against her and tongues caress farther then the tips. When they come up for air, his hands are on her bum and breast.

“Jamie, where did you learn to kiss like that?” She feels his hands and adds, “And exactly where to touch me to turn me on?” he feels himself blush even as he moves his hand to take more of her breast.

“I admitted to be a virgin not a monk.” He says before his finger finds her nipple and starts to stroke it. She pulls him down for another deep kiss.

Chapter Text

She paces in front of the door that leads to the printers. It isn’t that she has never had a front page piece before just never had one that had such a personal angle. A flush raises on her neck as she thinks of how personal. The kisses with the waves hitting them. The kisses that might just have become more had his Godfather/manager not came up.

“Interesting surfing lesson Jamie lad.” He stood over them. “I came to observe and be a life guard but seems neither is needed.” His bushy eyebrows had risen to his hair line. She chuckles recalling their reaction. Jumping up and almost being taken down by their boards. He had shown Murtagh what he had taught her. They arranged for another lesson for later.

Geillis just knew of the surfing. All else would wait. The last few days are spent putting the finishing touches on the article. Her nights in restless dreams of Jamie, her and Jamie. Damn. Another circuit around the room.

Chasing Waves, catching up with Jamie Fraser, was the headline. A picture of him, huge smile, wetsuit on, holding his board, is under the banner. More pictures are inside. Geillis said it is the best article she has ever written.

“There be a heart to it.” She had said, her own eyebrows raised, “Like something a love one would write. Not that it isn’t professional. It is. Just with heart.”

Good. That is good. She wanted to portray him as more then just the hot dude his PR is wanting. A family man, intelligent, giving, yeah. That and so much more.

“Claire?” she turns whipping her hair around her face. “Hot of the presses.” The first copy is handed to her. She smiles and nods her thanks before sitting down at the table and laying it out before her.

Yes, the picture captures him. The surfer, yes, but also the gleam of intelligence in his eyes, the smile shows his sweet personality. She moves down to the words printed under her byline. She wants to see them in print and to see what quotes are highlighted.

“James Fraser is many things. A world class surfer, a family man. A wonderful storyteller, teacher and, an all around sweet man.” She smiles at the opening sentence. A perfect setup.

She reads on. The first highlighted quote comes a fourth of the way down the page. “Surfing is in my blood. I was born to surf. My da started me on it with the purchase of my first boogie board.”

The next was at the bottom of the page, next to a picture of him at home. She had taken it and is fascinated by the look in his eyes. They glow at looking at her. “Aye, I miss the Highlands. Miss my family. It will always call me back. But, here, next to the ocean, steps away from the waves, well, it calls me in a different way.”

She smiles. He will love that.

“He keeps his private life just that. Despite rumors of a lass on every shore, Jamie wants the answer to that kept off record. This is a request that this reporter will honor.”

“Under biggest regret, he speaks of his late father.” “He knew that this would be something other then a hobby. On my twelfth birthday, he bought me my first real board. Soon after a stroke felled him.” He shakes his head, his blue eyes turning stormy, “I wish he could see me. To know his faith in me was justified.”

She stops and catches her breath. She recalls his raw grief there. A shuddering breath and she continues.

“His sport isn’t an easy one. This reporter found that out as he offered her a surfing lesson. Even after one lesson, her arms and back are sore from using unfamiliar muscles. She did manage to ride the waters surface, as he is an excellent teacher, but catching the face of a real wave will take a few more lessons.” She flushes recalling what else he taught her, the anticipation of what else he has to teach her and she him.

The article concludes with an overview of his championships, from his first at thirteen up to the world championship he was going for this year.

“He will love it.” She thinks as she fetches some other copies and goes to deliver them to him.

Chapter Text

He opens the door in low hanging sleep pants and nothing else. Oh, in her excitement, she forgot how early it was. “Claire?” He rubs the sleep out of his eyes and tries to focus.

“I’m sorry. I forgot how early it was. Just wanted you to be the first to see this.” She holds out the paper towards him. All sleepiness leaves his face.

“The article! Wow, yeah I want to, please come in.” She follows his muscular back in, resisting the temptation to touch him. “I thought it came out tomorrow.” He leads her to the kitchen where he starts coffee.

“In digital form yes. But we still believe in running actual physical copies. I brought enough for your family.” He presses the button to start coffee and walks over to her. Having awakened from a dream of their kisses, seeing her here, so fresh-faced and smelling so good, he wants to kiss her. Oh he wants to kiss her, but priorities.

“Thank you Claire.” She hands him the copies and joins him at the table. When the coffee is done, she stands to get it. Knowing from one of the questions that he takes it black, she pours for him and her. He reaches for the cup when it touches his hand without looking up from the article. She drinks hers while watching him.

To see someone completely taken in by what she has written is a joy. He reads all the way through. Then his soft eyes meet hers. “It is brilliant. Perfect. You kept your word.”

“Of course.”

“Murtagh feared you wouldn’t. I didn’t but feared your editor might.”

“I can understand that. No Jamie, we still have journalistic integrity. You really liked it?” To answer her question, he stands and walks over to her. Taken her hand, he lifts her up.

“I loved it.” He then lifts her head and touches her lips. She wraps her hands around his neck and stands on tiptoes to get closer. They both moan. His bare chest feels wonderful against hers. His hands bury into her hair. They kiss with all the passion of before. It is the only way he can express his feelings for her now. She doesn’t know what she feels outside of tenderness and lust.

She presses closer and feels what the loose sleep pants can’t hide. Her groans turn to moans. Lips travel down her neck as his hand finds her breast again. “Jamie!” breathed out as he cups and strokes, his lips stroking over the planes and valleys of her neck. “Good!” He slips his hand under her shirt and moves over her bra. She runs her hands over his chest, finding and teasing his own nipples.

“Claire, keep touching me like that!” Pleaded as his moving hand pushes under her bra.

“Oh hell Jamie, you too!” His hand on her nipple is heaven. She feels faint with it. He is suddenly lifting her, carrying her to the living room. The newspapers still lay open on the table. He places them both on the couch before seeking permission to lift her shirt off. Permission she eagerly gives. Her bra follows. The look one his face has her almost giggling. “What is the matter Jamie, haven’t you seen a topless woman before?”

“Aye, I have. Just not one I can touch.” He lifts his hands and takes all of her breasts in his own. They are soon lost in each other. She finds out what his nipples taste like and he does the same. This throws her into a rare nipple orgasm. When she calls out, he looks up, thinking he had hurt her. When she pushes his head back down, he understands and suckles with renewed enthusiasm.

“Jamie, I want you.” She is throbbing, her puss soaked. He is hard as steel against her.

“As do I, so much I can barely breath.” She smiles and reaches out to touch him. He stops her. “But we can’t.” at her chest fallen look, he continues, “This is to important to rush. I feel things for you Claire. To simply shag isn’t what I want. Not entirely anyway.”

His cock is still a heavy rod between them. She sighs. It makes sense. But God! “I understand. But my body is having trouble agreeing.”

“Mine too.” He shudders as he moves away. She places her bra and shirt back on. “I am so sorry Claire.”

“Don’t be. It was fun. Someday?”

“I pray so.” She nods.

“I better leave if we don’t want to.. Ah, let me know your family’s response.”

For a moment his lust addled brain thought she was talking about the make-out session before it caught up. The article! “I will. Thank you for bringing it over. Thank you more for your words. I feel seen, you know.”

“You are Jamie.” She places her hand on his cheek and his eyes close. It is almost more then she can bare. A kiss on his forehead and she starts out.

“Wait! May I take you out? A real date not an interview or surfing lesson disguised as one.”

“That would be lovely Jamie.” She smiles at him before slipping out. He is left with a throbbing boner and a huge smile.

Chapter Text

He rereads the article. Claire has done it again, proven again that she is his best reporter. He had debated having Geillis add the secret the subject had revealed. It would have made for a more sensational story but..

“That is what we are about. We aren’t a tabloid.” He says aloud in his empty office. Column Mackenzie, owner of the Scottish Sun, likes to get in before his employees and stay long after. It is one reason he is twice divorced and why his children hardly know him. But, the paper is his life. It isn’t something he has ever apologized for.

“And we don’t sensationalize.” Unfortunately. Because the idea of a huge banner announcing that Jamie Fraser, alleged womanizer is really a virgin. He chuckles. No, it won’t be printed but it is still a delicious thing to think about. The lasses would be coming out of the wood work to try to change his status. Poor lad.

He chuckles again. To be in his twenties and have his first time again. He has blessed, was Mr. Fraser, whether he knows it or not. He looks at Claire’s by-line again. Geillis had implied that his reporter was one of the lasses seeking the opportunity to de-flower the lad. But not as one of the many groupies. No, seems she has feelings for him. Something he could have said after reading the article anyway. Her heart was in it. Not a bad thing.

“It is about time too.” He thinks. Claire was almost as dedicated as he himself was. It may be to late for him to be anyone but a paper man but his star reporter, “She has a chance to have a life outside here.” He confesses. He hopes she takes it.

He laughs loud. “And de-flowers him well.”

Chapter Text

His lips trail down her body, over the swell of her breasts. They land on her nipple and give it a lick, causing her to arch up, seeking. He translates her body language like it was a wave he is catching. A gentle suck turns a sigh into a moan as her hands fist in his hair.

Ah, the taste of her nipple, the way it pebbles and elongates in his mouth. The sounds his attention to it brings out in her. He would stay all night if it wasn’t for the siren call of her glistening honey pot.

Oh, he is going, oh yes please Jamie! His lips and tongue move down her body as those glorious eyes meet hers. She nods her permission and he licks across her folds. That is enough to make her cry out, then he opens her up.

He never knew this act would bring him as much pleasure as it does her. That her sweetness would draw him in deeper, seeking her pleasure like he does the highest wave. He licks up and down before, inpatient, she moves his head to where she wants him and keeps him there.

That tongue is incredible. He draws her pleasure out brilliantly. Flicking across her budded clit taking her to the unbearable edge of pure pleasure. Then he sucks it in. She screams as, shaken, she cums harder then she ever has. Her legs lock around him as she shakes, bliss filling her body. Her nipples are diamonds under his hand.

He sucks and licks until they are rewarded as she arches up, screaming as she cums. Her nipples are as hard as his cock. To plunge into her as all he longs to do. She is equally eager, pulling him up to take his lips, licking herself out of his mouth before rolling him over and mounting him. When she slips onto him, drawing him into her moist heat, he feels faint. It is a good thing he is on the bottom. When she starts to slide up and down, he knows what heaven on earth is.

He is huge! Bigger, in every way, then anyone she has had before, he fills her. She feels the tip of his cock at her cervix. Placing her hands on his chest, she starts to move. He takes her breasts and draws her down towards him. His tongue comes out to tease as she rides him harder. Her orgasm just a hair away.

He is wrong. Heaven is her squeezing him as she finds her pleasure again. It is the sounds she makes, sounds he knows only he can bring out in her. It is the feel of her nipple pressing against his tongue and, the relief of both of them, when he takes it into his mouth and suckles hard as her orgasm continues to pull at him.

He holds her down against him as he starts to pound up. To close to remain passive, he must move, must chase his own pleasure. She doesn’t mind as the power of her own cumm,’ing had wiped her out. The feel of him, pounding up, has her own the edge again. She isn’t surprised when it takes her back over as he falls himself, biting down on the nipple he had been sucking.

He wakes with his throbbing cock in his hand. A bloody dream! It had felt so real. He walks into the bathroom and strokes himself off, reliving the dream. He screams out her name as he cums.

She wakes with her night shirt pushed up and her hand buried between her legs. Shit, it was a dream. A dream that left her aching with unfilled desire. She brings her free hand up to her breasts and plays with her rock hard nipple as she finds her clit and gets herself off. Her climax has her arching half way off the bed. His name is on her lips.

Both, lost in their longing for the other, have trouble falling back to sleep. Both are glad the date is tomorrow.

Chapter Text

“Do you know how to ride?” He is driving them towards Lallybroch and a blush cover her face. He sees out of the corner of his eye. “I didn’t mean to offend. It is just not everyone knows how to ride horses and I..”

“No offense. I do.” He still wonders at the blush but lets it go. He can easily blush also, recalling his dream of the night before. Had she? No, probably not. He doesn’t need to project his longing on to her.

“Good. He have a few gentle horses. I thought the easiest way to show you Lallybroch would be on a mount.” Now he is blushing. A mount indeed. He recalls the dream and her slipping unto him. The feel of.. He must make those thoughts bugger off, least he embarrasses them both with his body’s reaction. Twenty-Six years of virginity and he has never felt such want before. He needs to be careful. “Where did you learn to ride?”

“Let’s see, that would have been in Egypt. One of Uncle Lamb’s digs. I was six maybe seven. The people we were staying with had beautiful Arabian horses. I begged Uncle Lamb to let me learn to ride. He rarely denied me anything.”

“Spoiled were you?”

She laughs. “Oh very.”

He longs to spoil her, but not just with possessions. No, he wants to spoil her with affection, with his time, with the gift of multiple orgasms. “Good. Beautiful women deserve to be spoiled.”

“I am not beautiful and all women, no, all people, deserve that.”

“I stand corrected. You are beautiful though, even more so when a blush covers your face.” Her hands go up to feel the heat and she blushes harder.

“You aren’t a chore to look at either.” She replies. He grins and takes one hand off the steering wheel to take hers. Entwining their fingers together, he rests them between them. “Will I be meeting your family?”

“Not this time. Kitty has her month check-up then they are taking the bairns out.”

“Oh.” He hears it, the disappointment in her voice. “That why you chose today.” They are pretty close to Lallybroch and he pulls over.

“Claire, I want you to meet my family and they want to meet you. Jenny was very pleased with the way you wrote the article. She was just as upset that she won’t meet you today.” He sighs bringing her hand up to kiss the back. “I just want you all to myself today. I want to introduce you to my home before my family overwhelms you. Is that alright?”

She is smiling. “That is lovely Jamie and perfectly okay.” Because she has wanted too and because he is so close, she reaches up and touches his lips before replacing her lips with her fingers. It is sweet, just a quick press but, it makes them both dizzy. “Take me to your home. Take me to Lallybroch.”

He pulls up under the arches and stops, wanting to see her face at first seeing it. He isn’t disappointed. Her mouth drops open as she stares at the brick manor house that raises before them. “Lallybroch.”

“Jamie, she is brilliant. Three hundred years old.”

“Aye, near enough, three hundred and thirty. How did you?”

“The niece of an archeologist, recall?” They step out and walk the rest of the way up. “He taught me a lot about old architecture.” She stops to lay hands on the old bricks. “What you have seen.” She says to them.

“A lot. Several raisings, the first indoor plumbing in these parts, first phone and electricity. I imagine, if she could talk, she would have a lot to say.”

“I imagine you are right.”

He takes her hand. “Would you like a tour of the inside or outside first?”

“The outside while we have the light. You can always show me the inside later, after dark.” Her voice turns sultry at the end and he swallows hard. Would his dream..? No, best not to think thoughts like that.

“To the barn and Donas and Sleepy then.”

“Which is mine?”

“Oh sleepy, definitely. Donas can be, “ He pushes the barn door open and they enter to the sweet smells of hay and oats and the sound of neighing horses. “a bit tricky.” He walks them over to a stall. The horse inside is magnificent. Tall with a shiny coal black mane, he neighs and shows his teeth at their approach. “Meet Donas. Donas, be nice. She is a lady.”

“Oh now, why are we acting so cross. Don’t you want to get some exercise, stretch those legs?” she goes to pet him and Jamie grabs her hand to stop her.

“Claire he may bite.” Donas surprises him, extending his neck out for her to touch. “Ye little flirt!” he is amazed at his, usually, aggressive stallion. She rubs the side of his neck with her eyes raised. “Claire, I swear, he is usually a wee shit.”

She giggles. “I guess I have the touch.” Again, his mind goes to the dream.


They are soon mounted up and riding around the massive grounds. As they ride, they talk. “I swear. I thought poor Lamb was going to have a stroke.”

“Fourteen. You were precocious.”

She rolls her eyes as they stop by a small loch. He helps her down and they take seats by it. “It was just a kiss.”

“With a grown man.”

“Seventeen is not really grown.”

“Close enough.”

“So, who was your first, ahh, kiss.”

He smiles, places his arms behind him, as he settles in to tell the tale. “Her name was Laughaire, my uncle’s daughter. I had went to spend the summer with them. Jenny thought I needed time with a lad. I was fifteen, Laughaire twelve. When my uncle found out..”

“Yes?” her eyes sparkle.

“He woke me by grabbing a hold of my cock. Held a knife in his other hand. Threatened to geld me were I to ever lay a hand on her again. I didn’t.”

“Christ lad, no wonder you are still a virgin.”

“Nae, that has to do with my da’s instructions to wait on the one. I think, were he to have lived, it might have been different. But as it was one of the last things he told me..”

“I understand. How will you know if a person is, the one?”

His heart gives a mighty lurch. He turns to her. “It will be someone I am unable to get out of my head, someone who stars in my dreams,” she gasps at this,” Someone who I see our children in when I look in her eyes.”

“Oh, will she dream of you too?” He loses his breath just to have her give it back when she takes his lips.

Chapter Text

It is strange, her nervousness. She, who has interviewed heads of state, is freaked about meeting Jamie’s sister. She knows why, of course. This isn’t professional. Though they hadn’t declared their feelings, at the loch, the fact that there is something more then lust between them, is quite obvious.

Jenny is more then his sister. Her approval of her is important. Thus the nerves as she gets ready to go to his beach house for his nephew’s birthday party. Wee Jamie is turning six and she is meeting his uncle’s family. Oh boy!

She has forgotten her disappointment in not meeting them that day. The conversations they had then, both spoken and not, has her shaken as she dresses. For before he was just a crush. Someone she wants but not someone who she may.. Shaken her head, she puts those thoughts behind her. If she is to get through this day, she mustn’t think them.

He waits for her outside. Already clothed in a wetsuit as the plans are surfing lessons for his oldest nephew and niece, he is so beautiful. From the look in his eyes, she is having the same effect on him. “Claire, thanks for coming.” He draws her up to him and they gently kiss. It is only the sweet giggles of a wee lass that draw them apart.

“We are here bráthar.” So she meets Jenny. Maggie, she of the giggles, stands beside her mam. Ian, with the birthday boy, by his side and Kitty in his arms, completes the family. Jamie is unfazed. He turns to his sister with a big grin.

“So I see, piuthar. Meet Claire. Claire, my family. Jenny, my beloved sister,” the woman in question, rolls her eyes but has to smile back at him. “My heart brother, her husband, Ian, my nephew and the birthday lad, Wee Jamie, the giggler Maggie and, of course, the newest member of our family, Kitty. Family, Claire.”

“It is nice to meet you.” She is thankful for the long introduction. It gave her time to compose herself. “Happy birthday,” she directs to the little guy, in his own wetsuit. He is tall, like his uncle, with the sandy hair of his dad. Maggie has her mam’s face surrounded by curls slightly darker then her brother’s. Kitty is the only one with Jenny’s dark hair. All three children are adorable.

“Thank you Miss Claire.”

“Are you going to be our auntie?” Maggie asks.

“Margret Ann Murray!” her mam calls out.

Strangely, her question relaxes Claire. She kneels beside the abashed child. “Well, right now, I am a good mate of your uncle’s. May I be a good mate of yours also?”

“Aye. I would like that.”

Everyone relaxes. Ian, with a chuckle, comes up and offers the hand not holding his daughter. “Nice to meet you lass. We were pleased with the article you wrote on Jamie.”

“Thank you. Nice to meet you and you sweet lamb.” The baby is so beautiful.

“Aye, we were. Ye did well Claire.” Jenny joins them. “Well with my inquisitive bairn also.” Claire smiles. Seems her second impression was good anyway.

“Thank you Jenny.”

“Mam, may we get started?” Wee Jamie stands inpatient beside her.

“Aye. I know how much you have looked forward to this.”

Claire, who is just observing today, joins Jenny in beach chairs, as they watch the children and their uncle in the ocean. Kitty lays content in her mam’s arms. Her da is at the shore.

“I am really glad you liked the article.”

She nods. “You captured him. So few can.” They both look to him, standing in the calm water, patiently coaching the children. “They see the surfer and that is all. But you, you saw him.”

Claire feels a lump in her throat. She had multiple awards for her reporting but none meant as much to her as the words Jenny had spoken. “Thank you.”

“There is something, eh? It doesn’t just come from Jamie.” Her breath hitches. Jenny is one perceptive lady. “Nae just lust either.”

“No, not just lust.” She admits it a loud for the first time. It is also the first time she has admitted it to herself.

“Brilliant. I don’t want my brother being in love with a lass that doesn’t feel the same way.” She turns back to the lesson, leaving her to ponder her words. Is this love?

Chapter Text

Alright hen, what is it?” She looks up from the tea cup she has been spinning around. Lunch with her editor/best friend is a Saturday tradition. They are dining outside today as the weather is surprisingly mild.

“Are you asking as my editor or mate?”

“How am I to know that Claire before I know what is on your mind?” It is a reasonable question. Claire sighs, pushing her hair back with on hand before resting her elbows on the table and placing her head on her hands. Geillis watches this with a smile. Claire is preparing to confess something.

“I’ve been on two dates with Jamie.”

“Date, dates?” She nods, biting at her lip. “The hell you say!”

“I meet his family.” Geillis eyes grow large and her mouth drops open. “They are wonderful.” She smiles before turning serious. “This is off the record.”

“Aye hen.” They stop as the waitress delivers their orders. She smiles at then both before asking if they need anything else. “No, we are good. Thank you.” Geillis is anxious to hear what Claire wants kept off the record.

“His sister told me that he loves me.” She whispers it.

“Woo, that is…”

“Scary. Gell after… how can I trust my heart to another?”

“Wait! Hold it. You feel the same?”

“I dream of him. Him and us. I first I thought it was just lust, due to the nature of the dreams. But, I think it is more. Much more.”

“I think it is wonderful! I worried for you hen that you wouldn’t get past.. No, love him Claire. Feel free to love him.”

“I don’t think I have a choice. Still terrified though.”

“My dear Claire, if it doesn’t scare you, what’s the point.” They both smile then giggle. Before they know it they are fully laughing. It draws the attention of the other diners but neither care. Claire is finally given her heart away again and it is brilliant.

Chapter Text

“He will love you.” They are getting ready to meet Murtagh. She only knows him as a voice on the phone, this man that is like a father to him. Nervous barely covers how she feels. That and they still haven’t discussed the elephant in the room, or the beach, in this case, their feelings for each other.

“Why will he love me Jamie?” He looks at her and smiles.

“You are beautiful, brilliant, sweet, have a great sense of humor, keep your word. That is just off the top of my head.”

“ Is that why you love me?” it is on the top of her tongue but..

“Jamie lad and this must be Claire.” He is big but not as tall as Jamie with full facial hair and the most extraordinary eyebrows. They seem to possess a life of their own.

“Aye. Murtagh meet Claire Beauchamp. Claire my Godfather and manager Murtagh Fraser.”

“It is very nice to meet you lass.” He takes her hand and gives it a gentle squeeze.

“You too Murtagh. To put a face to your voice.”

They take seats on the sand. Jamie places his hand next to hers but not on it. Murtagh is on the other side. They watch the tide come in as the sun starts to descent towards the ocean.

“I want to thank you lass for keeping your word and not printing Jamie's secret. I know it may seem strange to you but, he is a brand. If they knew..”

“I understand. Besides, had I printed it, he would be overwhelmed by the ladies wanting to be the one to change his status. I didn’t believe he would want that.”

“Nae.” There is only one lass he wants to bed. Ow to get the courage to tell her. “I sure didn’t wish that.”

“No, with the world championship to prepare for, that is where your head needs to be.” There is an unspoken message, a warning, in that statement. Claire hears it and turns to him.

“It is. Jamie is an excellent surfer.”

“Aye lass, he is. But he will be competing with the best in the world. His head needs to be fully in the game not..”

“Not what Murtagh?”

“Not on what I caught you two about when you were supposed to be given hers surfing lesson.”

The tension thickens. Claire moves instinctively closer to Jamie. He is glaring at his Godfather. “I’ve a right to a private life.”

“Of course you do Jamie. It is just now is not the time to get involved with a lass. There will be time for that later.”

He stands and walks out to where the waves meet the sand. Murtagh sighs. “He is more than a surfer.” Her eyes flash in the setting sun as she talks to him.

“He is. But he has been working towards this his whole life. He is like a son to me and I would have to see him hurt by a lass that just..”

“That just what?” she stands, her hand on her hips, and glares at him.

“Wants to get an itch scratched, to see what it is like to sleep with a virgin.”

Claire's face turns beet red. “You think that is all I am about?” She throws up her hands and a harsh chuckle escapes her lips. “I would never use anyone that way especially Jamie. I bloody love him.”

“You love me?” as focused on Murtagh as she had been, she didn’t hear his almost soundless footsteps back. “You love me!”

“I do. I didn’t mean to but, I do.” His eyes drift shut in gratitude before he takes her in his arms.

“Thank the saints! I love you too.” They are both crying as they hug each other tight. “Murtagh, you had no call to speak to her thus.”

“Didn’t I? I needed to make sure her heart we true. To protect you.” He sighs. He will talk to him more about it but for now.

He is kissing her, this woman that he loves that loves him. The one. And it is everything.

Chapter Text

They walk down the beach hand in hand. Murtagh has left, promising to find a time to get to know her better, later. “I shall leave you two to talk, eh? He placed emphasis on the word talk. Not that they intended to do much else. Not right now, at least.

“You’re a miracle.” He tells her as they walk along the edge of the shore, their feet and bottom legs being sprayed by the salt water.

“A miracle?” He nods.

“Aye, just so. I thought, when my dad told me the one who would complete me was out there, that it was a way to keep me from sin.” They both giggle. “His death, soon after, engraved those words on my heart. But, I still imagined I would find a lass, after I retired from surfing. That she would be, a good lass, pretty and smart, we would be married and have babies. It would be nice but.. I never expected to find, the one. It will be more than nice and comfortable with us. It will be heat, fire, a dedication and love beyond anything either of us could imagine.”

She is speechless for a moment. “Wow Jamie. You are too, you know? I never expected to love anyone again. After..” a deep sigh. “ You should know. I have an ex, Steven Bonnet, an Irish chap.” They stop and take a seat on a smooth rock by the water. He keeps her hand.


“He was so charming. So bloody charming, at first. Seemed the perfect man. Then we moved in together. That is when his true side came out.” She pauses, looking out at the ocean. “He turned controlling, monitoring all I did. When I went out on a lead, he would follow. Said it was to keep me safe. He knew exactly how long it took to get from the office home. If I was late, “another pause, “at first he would yell, then apologize for it, always saying it was because he loved me so much, he feared something happening. Then one day, a train stopped, fully on the track. No way to get around it. My mobile had no signal; this was before there were towers everywhere, anyway, I was close town hour late. He didn’t give me a chance to explain, just punched me, over and over.”

“Fuking hell!”

“Right, I lost consciousness. When I regained it, he was by me, weeping. The same thing. He didn’t mean it he was just so worried. I may have been a fool for a bit but, I wasn’t no ones punching bag. I left, went to the coppers. He was arrested, I got an order of protection, that I renew each year”

“Has he been about since?” his voice shakes with rage. That someone had dared to. In his fury, he almost missed her answer.

“haven’t seen him since I testified against him. He got a month in lock-up.”

“That’s all!”

“First offense. “

“Bloody crips!”

“I know.”

“So you don’t know if he is still about?”

“Don’t Jamie. It is long over.”

“As you wish.” As long as he stays away.” He adds in his head. If he doesn’t, he is mine.

“Thank you. You’re the first man I have dated since then.”

“You honor me. I swear to you Claire that I will cause no harm to you let no harm come to you, as long as I can prevent it.” She smiles, takes his face in hand, and kisses him.

Chapter Text

“It is an interesting place for a date.” She follows him into the gym.

“Aye, I can take you somewhere else after, if you prefer?”

“No, I like interesting and I think I will like watching you work out.” Her voice turns sultry and he feels himself harden under his loose gym shorts. It is going to be a long afternoon.

With the World Championship coming up, he must make sure to stay in shape. The gym time is absolutely necessary. He wants Claire with him. Honestly, he wants her with him all the time. He will just have to focus on the work out. Or try to.

“Come Claire.” He takes her hand and leads her to the first machine. A tower, quite necessary to keep his arms and back muscles in shape. She takes a seat and watches as he starts to row. Lord, the way his muscles move under the smoothness of his skin! His head is down, focused as he moves faster. His curls catch the light. She squirms in her seat longing to run her hands through them. He looks up after a few minutes and catches her look. Me too, he thinks.

Murtagh believes the sexual tension between them will help keep him hyper focused on winning. He gets it but isn’t sure he, ahh they, can wait that long. He has waited twenty-six years for her, after all.

They move through the gym. The leg weights are next. His thighs are awesome. Her eyes move up then down, with a blush. Even un-aroused he is big. Her heartbeat speeds up as she gets wetter.

So it goes throughout his workout. Every stop, every machine, brings more and more sexy thoughts. As his sweat and pheromones increase, it becomes almost impossible not to act on the growing tension.

Finally after lifting a ton of weight, he is done. “I need to shower.”

“Want company?”

Chapter Text

His huge eyes meet hers. She watches him swallow. “Are you serious?” In answer she takes his shaken hand and leads him to the shower. It is a good thing that his gym was just his. Not that a audience would have stopped her. She wants him to much. But it might have been a bit awkward for him. Once there, she drops his hand and lifts her shirt up. “If you want me to stop just tell me.”

He, slack jawed, just shook his head. A second later he is starting to strip himself. She slips her bra off and he stops swallowing hard again before he resumes taking off his loose gym shorts. Now she stops in the middle of taking her own pants off. His boxer briefs are unable to hide the size or condition of his manhood. It strains against the material, like a huge snake trying to get out of a bag. She quickly slips her knickers off. Then she reaches for his last layer.

He has never felt such want. His cock is as hard as it was ever been. When she reaches out to pull his underwear down and her hand makes contact with him, he feels like he might cum right then and there.

“You are magnificent.” She breaths out when he is fully exposed.

“You, Claire mon ghrá, are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

“Seen a lot of nude women, have you?”

“None that compare to you. None that I can touch.” He reaches out and takes her breast in one hand and cups her sex in the other. She moans as she takes him in her hands. Cock and balls.

They stumble into the shower and he removes his hand from her breast long enough to turn it on. They come together under the steaming water. Lips searching for places that hadn’t been tasted before. Hands still work over the heat of each other. She strokes the amazing length of him. His long fingers find the place where his cock seeks to be and enters. He thrust as she strokes. They find each other’s lips and the kiss is a violent taken. Neither mind. Groans as they both get close. He jerks his lips off of hers and finds one of her incredible breasts and takes her nipple and most of her breast in a huge suck.

“Yesss, oh hell Jamie close!” Fingers move faster over both their sexes. They are both close. Her head falls back against the wall of the shower as the pleasure builds to a breaking point. She feels his balls tighten under her hand and knows they are going to cum close together.

A second later, he jerks off her breasts as a grunting howl builds, she is shaking, his name a rendition echoing around the shower. As she thought, they cum together, within a millisecond of each other.

Stunned eyes meet the others. “Next time,” his voice is hoarse and breathless, “I want to be buried balls deep in you and feel that amazing pussy tighten around me as you find your pleasure.”

“Yes Jamie, please.” He grins and dips his head again, given her other breast some attention. His hand, still buried in her hot wet depths, finds her clitoris and starts to stroke. “Ohh, oh Jamie!” It doesn’t take long. She is soon shuddering against him again as the sweet pleasure runs through her again.

“Lasses get at least two.” They do manage to finally shower before the hot water runs out but it is a near thing.

Chapter Text

She plans it carefully. Every detail is thought out. It isn’t a typical first time. It must be perfect. The bed has all fresh linens, scented by a sweet smelling conditioner. The bed is surrounded by candles. Their glow the only light. She places petals over the bedspread. The idea was to set it up like she wanted her first time to be, not the fumbling around in the back seat of the bloke’s car that it was.

Then she prepared herself. A long bath with lots of products to make her smell and feel good. Shaving everywhere. Her hair is washed and scented with perfume. She slips a silky robe over her bra and panties.

He is right on time. She invited him over to see her house. If he suspects there is more, his suspicions are confirmed when he sees her. “Claire you… where are your clothes?”

She smiles as she leads him in, shutting and locking the door after him. “I thought this would be easier. You see I told wee lie. I do want you to see my house but, more then that, I want you to see me, speed out on my bed.” He swallows hard, his eyes drawn to the openings in her robe, exposing tantalizing glimpses of her cleavage, stomach and, thigh.

“Baby, You could have just asked me to come over and …”

“F*CK me?”

“Nae, make love to you.” He takes control, slipping his hands around the satin, finding her bum and pulling her close. “Do you want me to make love to you?” It is breathed against her ear and she feels goosebumps raise as her nipples become diamond hard.”

“By God yes!” His lips are on hers. She expects a violent taken but he is gentle, running his lips softly over here. Persistent until she opens and lets him in. Tongues touch and he taste her toothpaste. Moans grow as he hardens against her. He squeezes her bum through the satin as she starts to move against him.

“Bedroom?” The move that way together, never not touching. They get the door open and stumble in. “Claire!” His blue eyes, reflected in the candle light, show awe.

“You like it?”

“I love it. It is perfect.” She lets her breath out “A fantasy come true.” He continues as he reaches for the stash holding her robe together. He unties it as he continues. “Seeing you spread out, these glorious brown curls, reflected all their colors in the candle light.” He pushes the robe off and stops to admire her tiny red bra and panties. “This alabaster skin shining. The shivers that will come over it as I kiss you all over.”

“You will be quite handsome yourself in the glow. That red hair, those planes and muscles.” She lifts his shirt off, running her hands over his chest and down before undoing his belt. The sound it makes as it drops to the floor seems to break the spell they have each other in. They come together in another frantic kiss as his pants are pushed off. He has to stop to remove his shoes before removing them. It brings a giggle to his Sassanach. He grins and shrugs.

“A bit anxious.” She nods. They face each other in their underwear. With a bigger grin, she loosens her hair and climbs up on the bed. Laying down she motions for him to join her. He stands and just looks at her for a moment. “Mo nighean bhòidheach, ghnèitheach.” He growls out, turning her on more then she already was. He is on the bed, his lips fastened over her bra, sucking her nipple up through the lace.

“Oh, that feels wonderful.” Purred out as her hand goes to his head to hold him there. Her other plays with her other needy nipple under the bra. He sees and gets impossibly harder. His hand skims down her body, finding her knickers already wet. He growls as he places his hand on them, his long finger searching for and finding her clitoris. He pulls her bra out of the way and takes her nipple fully in. “Jamie, I am going to cum!” More then once, if he has his way. Stroking, sucking, he brings her to a glorious finish, her body flushed, her back arched, as his name flows out of her lip.

“One.” He breathlessly says as he moves her bra fully off and slips her sodden knickers down.

“Huh?” she is in a wonderful post-orgasm haze. He grins as kisses the tip of each exposed nipple.

“The first of many times you will call my name in your pleasure.” He takes a moment to suckle the nipple she had been fondling. “”As I can’t guarantee how long I will last inside you, I intent to make you cum several time before then.” He returns to nibbling on her nipple.

“You are well on your way.” She moans as she arches up, urging him to take more. It is a task he is eager to do. “Oh harder, I may..” She does a moment later. It is rare for her, a nipple orgasm. But Jamie brings out all her passion and desire.

“Two.” Whispered as he moves down, kissing over her super sensitive skin.

“Jamie, I don’t think I can. I need you inside me.” He tightens to the point of pain.

“One more baby. Please.” He nuzzles over her dripping pus and she opens her legs for him. She usually can’t but it is Jamie. Anything is possible. “You smell delicious.” That is all he says for the next ten minutes. The sounds he make match hers. Moans, groans and, keens as he buries himself between her legs, determined to give her the biggest orgasm yet

The pleasure is incredible. It is like nothing she has ever felt. It builds like one of his massive waves. The face getting closer and bigger the longer he licks and sucks. There will be no wipeout as usually happens when a bloke is down there. No need to fake it. She will just ride the wave of pleasure in, as long as it lasts.

“Oh oh oh yes, oh yes ahhhhhhh!” She feels it on the end of every nerve on her body. She knows if she isn’t filled by him and soon, she may die. Maybe a bit hyperopic but it really feels that way. Nerveless hands try to reach for his boxers but he is faster, already has them off. As she is on the pill and it is his first time, there is no need of a barrier. She guides him to the promised land where he gratefully sinks in.

It is like nothing he could imagine. The feel of her, wet and slippery as a water ell, all around him. Her breasts pressed against his chest. The choked way she says his name. The feel of her nails in his shoulders. The way she meets each of his chaotic thrusts. He won’t be able to hold out long and is glad he has brought her to orgasm three times. It builds, crashing against his spine and tight balls. One more thrust and..”Claire! Oh my God Claire!”

He is so lost that it takes him a second to realize she says, “Four.” As she cums again herself.

Chapter Text

They sit up on her bed. She rests against him They have their breath back. “You came with me?” he is amazed by this.

“I did. I believe Mr. Fraser, male virginity is highly underrated.” She kisses his chest as he chuckles.

“Happy to be of service ma’am.” They both begin to giggle, falling together in a naked heap that leads to their conversation becoming physical. When they come back up for air, they decide to get dressed so they can really talk. They even move to her living room and she gives him the promised tour.

“Where do we go from here?”

He looks at her with fear. “What? Your not thinking about ending this, are you?”

“Jamie, I love you. No baby. I meant, do we keep this secret or do you want to go public?”

“Oh!” He breathes out in relief.

“In all honesty, even knowing they are just PR girlfriends, I am not sure I will be able to handle another woman on your arms.”

His chest raises with pride. “I don’t want another lass by my side. Only you my Claire.”

Her hand runs over his face. They both breath harder. “So, we come out as a couple? Will that affect your career?”

“We do.” He brings her finger to his lips and kisses it before sucking it for a few seconds. “I don’t think it will. My surfing will stand alone.”

“Yes.” She reaches down and opens his pants before slipping hers down. She takes him on the couch. All he can do is hold her as she bounces on and off him until she takes them both back over the edge.

As their bodies cool and their heartbeats slow, he says, “I need to tell Jenny and Murtagh our plans.”

“No, we do.” He smiles, kissing her sweaty neck.

“Aye, we do.”

Chapter Text

Jenny and Murtagh sit and wait as Jamie tries to find the words to tell them. After a few minutes of increasingly heavy silence, Claire squeezes his hand and turns to them.

“We are making this relationship public.” No asking as that sets a bad precedent.

“The hell you say!” Murtagh calls out. “Jamie, you can’t be serious.” Jenny just smiles. It is about time her brother has a life outside surfing.

“We are quite serious. This is the real thing and I am not walking around with some absent minded blond instead of the love of my life.”

“The love of his life.” Jenny thinks in joy. Thank you God! She stays silent for now, awaiting Murtagh’s reaction.

“Well, I am happy for you obviously but, we can still keep the professional and private separate.”

“No we can’t.,” He leans over the coffee table and meets his Godfather/ managers eyes.

“Jamie is right. I will not have him walking around with a hired escort on his arm.” Claire adds, resting against her man’s back and staring at the older man also.

“Good for you lass.” Murtagh’s eyes move away from the couple to Jenny.

“You agree with this insanity!”

“Insanity? Falling in love is insane? Wanting to have the person you love share your life is insane?”

Murtagh throws his hands up in the air and stands. He takes several deep breaths as the three of them watch him. “We have based his entire persona on the idea that he is the typical surfer, with a lass on each shore and now we tell people that he is a virgin that just now found his love?”

“We don’t have to mention his virginity.” Jenny injects.

“Besides it isn’t true now.” Admitted with shy pride.

Murtagh loses his scowl for a moment. He flashes Jamie a quick grin. “That is excellent but it doesn’t change the problem.”

“I have a solution.” They all turn to Claire. “We don’t have to go back and correct what is already out there. The public doesn’t need to know that I was his first..”

“And only.” Jamie says.

She smiles at him. “Right. They don’t need to know that. Just say that he is off the market. That he has found the person he wants to be in a serious relationship with.”

“Brilliant.” Jenny enthuses.

“It may work.” Murtagh offers.

A public statement is put out on his social media, with a picture of the couple, sitting together on the couch that Jenny took. Casual. They wait for the reaction. Surprisingly, it comes from an ex of Claire’s.

Chapter Text

He looks at the article in rage. His Claire in a relationship with some surfer! No! She is his. This situation will not stand. He will put an end to it. One way or another.

Steven Bonnet paces through his flat after reading the article. He has alerts set up to show him anytime Claire’s name come up on-line. Ninety nine percent of the time it is her by-line. Not this time.

“Scottish surfer Jamie Fraser and reporter Claire Beauchamp announce their relationship.” The headline blared. The article goes on to discuss that the bloke’s player days had ended after he meet Claire who, “swept him off his feet.”. “I knew she was the one. That I would want no one else.” Claire, a by-line reporter for this publication, feels the same. “He is everything I didn’t even realize I was looking for.”

“Bollocks! I am the one she is to be with. She will be mine again. I just need to remind her of my presence.” He grins.

The article allows for comments. He knows that Claire will be monitoring them. Another smile as he enters, “Congratulations Claire. Glad to see you have gotten past your old blokes. I know you will be happy. I will see to it. SB, your old friend.” He presses submit with another smile. She will get the message and contact him or he will make his presence more obvious

Chapter Text

“It is Steven.” She whispers at seeing the comment.

“Your ex?”

She nods. “Yes. He was quite obsessive.”

Jamie snorts. “You needn’t worry about him. I have known chaps like him. Bully’s. More bark then bite. If he does bite, well, I bite harder.”

She tries to put him out of her mind. Happy, she is so happy. A job that satisfies, a man that satisfies in a totally different way. Steven is part of her past. She isn’t worried about him.

Leaving work one day, she is singing softly under her voice as she heads out into the car park. Murtagh had come by to discuss the press coverage of the Surfing world championship. Another reporter, Mary, is covering it. She now has a conflict of interest. She is the most content she has ever been and then she sees her car.

The windows are all smashed, the tires all flat. A note stuck on one of the pieces of glass says, “ do I have your attention now?’ Steven! Her legs give out and she falls on the pavement. She wants Jamie but Geillis is closer. She presses her number.

“Hen? I thought you were heading home.”

“Steven he has… my car… please come.” It is all she can say. The phone drops from her face as she starts to shake, the shock taken over. That is all she knows until Geillis' arms wrap around her. Murtagh, who had also comes , mumbles something in Gaelic.

“Who is this bloody bloke, this Steven?”

“Steven Bonnet, an ex of hers.” Geillis answers. She holds her mate tight as she stares at what the nutter had done. “We need the police. Call 999.”

“Jamie.” Claire moans out. Murtagh and Geillis’ eyes meet.

“I got him. You call the coppers.”

The police arrive first. They take statements from all three while getting pictures of the car and removing the note.

“So this Steven Bonnet is an old bloke of yours?” Someone had fetched Claire a blanket and she is a bit calmer.

“Yes, we broke up over five years ago.”

“You’ve had no contact since then?”

“No, other then…” She explains about her and Jamie, the article and comment.

“Claire!” He takes her in his arms. She clings to him.

“Jamie, I presume.” The sergeant detective inquires.

“Aye.” He wasn’t concerned with the coppers. “You aren’t hurt are you? The bloody bloke dinna harm you?”

“No, I didn’t see him. Just came out to find my car this way. I knew right away it was him, even before I saw his note. He is just this way, you see?” she is talking to both of them now, Jamie and the officer. “He saw the article and decided that I wasn’t to be happy without him.”

“If he can’t have you, no one can, type of thing?”

“Just so.” She starts to shiver again. Jamie holds her closer.

“I am so sorry Claire. I didn’t think he was dangerous.” He will pay for this, that is a vow Jamie will see kept.

“We will get him.”

“May I take Claire away? I don’t think being here, seeing what he has done is a good thing.”

“Yes. Miss Beauchamp, we will be hauling your car away. Is there anything you need out of it?”

“No, I’ve my..” She looks around for her purse and laptop bag.

“I have them hen.” Geillis and Murtagh stand out of the way of the CID team.

“Thank you.”

“We will have a report for your insurance agency.” She nods as Jamie helps her to her feet. “One more thing. He knows where you work. He may know where you live. I wouldn’t..”

“I am taking her to my house. Murtagh, will you give him the contact information.” He does as Geillis carries her things to the boot of his car. She is buckled in and they are off.

Chapter Text

Her full body shakes have turned to quivers by the time they pull up at his place. He helps her in, keeping his arm around her until they get inside and he gets her sat down on the couch. “I will make you some tea, eh?” She nods, pulling her knees up and wrapping her arms tightly around them.

He hurries in the kitchen, waiting impatiently from the whistle of the tea pot. As he does, he keeps peaking around the corner at her. She still sits in the same position, staring at the moon lit ocean out his window. He adds a generous pour of whiskey to hers and brings it in.

“Come love, have a cuppa, it will help.” She unwinds herself and reaches for it. A sip and she is looking at him. “If there is something tea and whiskey can’t fix, I’ve yet to find it.” This brings a smile, to his relief.

“I never saw that in him. Controlling, yes. It is why I left him. But violence, at that level… I couldn’t imagine it. I am scared.” he kneels down in front of her, placing his hands on her knees.

“I know babe. I promise that he won’t get to you. All he has done is make a huge enemy, nae enemies. I saw the look in Murtagh’s eyes. He has brought the Viking out in us. This is something he will regret. I swear it.”

She takes a few more sips often before sitting it beside her. She curls herself over him, her arms over his back and her head on his shoulder. Her lips are by his ear when she says, “I’ve never been the type to need a man. My uncle taught me to be very self reliant. But Jamie, your my safe space. As soon as you arrived, I felt better. I knew then that nothing could touch me. Thank you.”


He stands and lifts her up. The teas sit, growing cold and forgotten as he carries her into his room. The lovemaking is achingly tender. She cries with her orgasm. He shudders and whispers her name with his. She is held close to him all night. Safe.

Chapter Text

He wakes before her. With soft eyes he watches her sleep. Her body and face is completely relaxed in sleep. He vows to do all he can to keep her that relaxed. Starting with..

He slips out of bed and heads to his kitchen. Breakfast in bed is just what is needed. He starts coffee, sits the tea pot on, after fetching it and the cups from the living room and starts breakfast.

The smell of the coffee wakes her. She stretches, trying to figure out where she is. It comes back and she gasps. “Jamie!” she whispers. Where is Jamie?

He is cutting strawberries into hearts to add to the waffles. Humming in domestic contentment, he knows he can do this for the rest of his life. Making breakfast for Claire and then, Claire and their bairns. “A bit a head of yourself, aren’t you?” he questions himself. Maybe. But it will happen.

She slips clothes on and goes in search of coffee and her man. She finds both in the kitchen. “Jamie, what are you..?”

“Claire, you are to still be in bed.”

They talk over each other and laugh.

“I was making breakfast for you. To be served in bed.” He explains.

“That is so sweet Jamie.” She takes a seat at the table.

“Coffee or tea?”

“Coffee first.” He pours her one and sets the table with the sugar and cream. He returns to cutting strawberries as she stirred and then sipped the coffee.

“How are you feeling this morning?”

“Better then yesterday. I can’t believe he had the nerve to..”

“It is the last violent thing he will do you, you have my word.”

“Jamie, you can’t promise to..”

He sits the plate in front of her and takes a seat across from her. “I can and do. I love you and to see you so.. no, bloody Bonnet is going to pay. Go ahead and eat love. I will stop talking about him.”

She takes a bite and moans. “Is there nothing you can’t do?” she asks after swallowing. “This is excellent.”

“I can’t whistle or blink.” She looks up to see him closing his eyes rapidly.

A giggle. “Is that supposed to be a blink?”

He shrugs. “I told you I can’t blink. Oh, I also can’t hear music. I mean, I can hear it but it is all noise. I can’t distinguish a beat.”

“How horrible!”

He shrugs again. “I get along well enough. Besides now the only music I am interested in is the ones we make together.”

They eat and then he says, “I would like you to stay here. At least until Bonnet is caught.”

“At least?” Her eyebrows raise as she stabs the last bite and brings it to her lips. He swallows and blushes.

“In all honesty, I can’t imagine waking up without you beside me but, will you please stay until he is caught?”


“Thank you.” They do dishes together.

Chapter Text

Murtagh stops by to check on her. “How are you feeling lass?”


“Better now. Thank you.” He nods.


“I am glad to hear it. The bastard best stay away, least he has to deal with me.” He pops his knuckles as he glares. She comes up and kisses his cheek.


“I feel quite safe in you and Jamie’s presence.” The kiss causes him to blush. He makes a Scottish noise that can mean anything.


“Well, ahh, I didn’t just come by to check on you. Jamie, with the lass safely here, you need to get back to practicing. The world championship is quickly approaching.”


He has been thinking about something for the last day. Now is the perfect time to talk about it. “I’ve something to discuss with you about that.”


“That is?” He looks to his Godson, his head tilted. Jamie’s left hand starts to beat a tempo on his thigh, a nervous habit that both his listeners picked up on. Claire frowns as she watches him.


“With this going on with Claire and the bastard not being picked up yet,” his fingers start moving faster, “I think it is best that I drop….”


“No!” it comes from Claire. “Absolutely no! Drop out, that is what you were about to say, right?”


“Aye.” He says it softly, having never seen this side of his Sassanach.


“Not happening! You have worked to hard and you are to bloody good. He will not be taking that away from you.” They both look at her. Murtagh with a grin and a nod. She had said all he would have said. Jamie with frustration.


“Claire, I understand but..”


“You listen to me, Jamie Fraser! That bloody f*cling bastard has taken enough. My sense of worth, for awhile, my sense of safety and security. He will not take from you too.” She stands right in his face. He takes her arms.


“Baby, if he hurts you, he will be taking something a lot more important then a bloody surfing competition.”


She sighs and rest her head on his chest. He wraps his arms around her. “I will be with you. As long as I am with you I am safe.”


He lets out a ragged breath. “Alright. You will stay close to me, Murtagh, Jenny, someone, right?”


“Or Geillis or my big boss Column. I swear it.”


“Golly good. So you need practice, eh lad?” A amused Murtagh says.


“Aye, I guess I do.” He brushes his lips over her head. “Up for a trip to the beach?”


“Yes. Bring on the sand, surf, and you in a wetsuit.” They all laugh.

Chapter Text

“Angus is a bit..”

“Yes?” They are waiting on his cousins, Angus and Rupert to come with Murtagh. They are going to be going to get what she needs from her apartment.

“Ah, how to describe him? He is a short man that has the personality of a giant. A huge flirt. He doesn’t like many people but will defend you to the death if he does.”

“I like him already. Rupert?”

“Ah Rupert.” He settles back on the couch, with a grin. “He is a big man, sweet, a real gentleman, old world manners. But get him mad. Let’s just say if Bonnet shows up he will be leaving in a litter if nae a body bag.”

“I definitely like him.”

They come in with a bunch of noise. “Claire! The lass that finally stole my cousin’s heart!” He is little man, his face in a wide grin, his eyes alight. “Stand lass and let us have a look at you.” Charmed, she does. He takes her hands. “Ah Jamie, a right beautiful bird you have there.”

“Claire, as you have probably guessed, this is Angus Mhor. Angus, my Claire. Claire Beauchamp.”

“Charmed to meet you Angus.”

“Charmed indeed.”

“Angus, move ye blimey bloke. Let me get a chance to greet her.” He is big, with a round kind face. “Mistress Beauchamp, I am Rupert Fraser. It is an honor to meet you lass.” He takes her hands and brings one up to kiss the back.

“Very nice to meet you also Rupert. You are both as described.”

“How did you describe me then, Jamie?” Angus asks.

“A small man with the personality of a large one.”

“Ah, that will do.”

Murtagh reminds them that they have a job here. Claire has seen he is the one who keeps everyone on schedule. Well, with the Fraser’s, someone has to do it. Claire gives them a list of things that she needs from her flat.

“No lingering over her lingerie.” Jamie warns Angus.

“Who me?” His eyes are rounded in a parody of innocence.

“I will take care to get your delicates, mistress.” Rupert offers.

“That would be most welcome. Thank you.”

They are soon off. Claire giggles with Jamie after they leave. “You are right. It is hard to describe Angus.”

“Aye. But he is a grand lad under all that. A heart of gold to those he loves.”

“I really like your family Jamie.”

“Good. What to join it?” Was on the tip of his tongue. Way to soon Fraser, he tells himself. “Good, they like you too.” Is what he says.

Chapter Text

They walk along the edge of the beach. Claire’s items have been fetched with, ' no sign of the bastard.’ Rupert seemed disappointed in that. All her things had found homes in either his extra drawers and counter spaces. They decide a walk on the beach is just the thing to do before bed.

Her hand is tucked securely into his. She is by the water. He walks and scans, watching for any threats. “He was controlling from the beginning, I just didn’t want to see it. It started out with small things. He would get upset when I was late. He said it was because he was worried about me. I thought it romantic.” A harsh laugh.

“Baby, you don’t have to.”

“I need to. I caught him with my phone one day. He said it had rang and he was just checking for me. I knew it hadn’t. I was right outside the door. But I let him get away with the lie. I thought myself in love. It wasn’t that. Never.” She feels the surf come up on her bare feet. Her eyes close as she breaths in. “No never love. It got worse after that. I put a passcode on my phone and he accused me of hiding something. Of cheating. Me, no it wasn’t me. I couldn’t convince him. It was the first time he hit me.”

Jamie makes a noise of Viking rage. “He will pay.” Vowed in a stern voice.

“Yes, the coppers will arrest him and the crown courts try him, right?”

“Aye, as long as I don’t catch him first.” She sighs.

“I should have left them. But I was in a co-dependent relationship. So I learned with therapy after. He had complete control over me. I insisted that you stay in the competition because I didn’t want the same for you. No control over you!” she kicks at the incoming surf. Noit ever!”

“Okay baby. I will continue. May I ask, what made you break his hold on you?”

She swallows. He lets her walk in quiet as long as she needs. “I got pregnant.” She sees him jerk out of the corner of his eye. “He was excited, at first. Then he got it in his head that I was cheating. That the baby wasn’t his. No matter what I said, he insisted that, ' the little bastard wasn’t his.’ He told me to get rid of it. I didn’t. I couldn’t. So he,” she starts to shiver and he places his arm around her. “he made sure I lost it. Kicked me repeatedly in the lower abdomen. I passed out. When I came to, he and our child was gone. I was bleeding heavily. I saw, I saw the tiny thing surrounded by the bloody remains of it’s first and only home. It is buried in the back garden of his flat. I did that and then gathered up my things and went to Geillis.”

His rage is barely under control. That he had… He takes several deep breaths. “I am so sorry Claire. He deserves to die in his own blood. If he ever touches you again.. I can’t give you back your first child b I swear, when or if you are ready to have another, I will treasure you both.” She is crying and her tears fall faster at his words. She turns in his arms and reaches for his lips. He gladly gives them to her.

Chapter Text

He is glad for the workout. It gives him a way to channel his rage, a rage that hadn’t faded even with the passionate love making right there on the beach. After home and a shower, to get sand out of places it had never been before, they made love again, softly, facing each other on the side. They had fallen asleep, still joined. When he woke and saw her, nestled into his chest and thought of the bairn, nestled in her womb that it’s ' father' had kicked out of her, he had to do something. A phone call to Murtagh to arrange an intense workout, was just the thing.

Now, with his lass watching in awe and his Godfather in approval, he puts all the rage he feels into his workout.

“Murtagh, is there anything I can do to help him prepare?” He turns away from Jamie to look at the lass standing beside him.

“Whatever you are doing? Look at him. He hasn’t worked out so hard in a long time. Whatever you are doing, keep it up.” She grins. Making love to Jamie is no problem. He grins to before turning back to watch Jamie.

“Hold the plank.” Jamie, hands and legs on the ground, his back making a table, nods. No problem. He is imagining his hands on Bonnet’s throat, his legs holding him down as he strangles the live out of him. A small smile covers his face. “It strengthens his arms and core.” He explains to Claire.

“I can see that. How long can he hold it?”

“Until he is dead.” Jamie thinks but answers her with, “Ten minutes is my personal best. I am trying to beat that today.”

“Impressive.” They watch the time on Murtagh’s stopwatch.

“Ten minutes Jamie.” Murtagh informs him. He nods and locks his arms and legs tighter. “Eleven.” Claire watches, biting at her lip. He wasn’t harming himself, was he? “Twelve.” She counts in her head and when she reaches Thirty-nine seconds, he breaks position. “Twelve minutes, thirty-nine seconds. Grand job. How are those arms?”

“I didn’t even feel it.” It isn’t just bravado. She can tell by looking in his eyes, that he is telling the truth. Was she dating Superman. She asks it aloud. He laughs.

“Nae Claire, just me.”

Next is jogging in place to work out his legs. He sets his mind on running after Bonnet and again, beats his personal best. He does it all day. From lifting weights to swimming, above and below the water. Murtagh finally calls an end to it.

“We don’t want you injured. Go home and let Claire work the tension out of you.” It is an offer he doesn’t want to refuse.

Chapter Text

Covered in sweat and smelling of pheromones, it is hard for her to keep her hands off him. “Jamie, for the next few hours I just want it to be you and me. No talk of exes. No thought of them either.” She has pulled off his sweaty shirt. She then unbuttons hers. Her black lace pair draws his eye.

“Aye. Shower first?”

“Why? Your just going to get sweaty again.” She presses her face into his chest, breathing him in before taking his nipple in her mouth.

“Shit!” he groans as his fingers tangle in her hair. “So good!” She grins before sucking harder. She teases them both until he moves her mouth up, taking it in a desperate kiss. They fall on his big couch, her on top and she glides across his erection as he works her shirt and bra off. His lips are soon on her nipple and she is the one swearing as her rocking and his sucking take her over the edge.

“Ahhh!” pressing against his hard cock, she cums.

“I need to be inside you!” He growls. Bodies are rearranged so clothes can be taken off. She slips over him, sheathing him in her moist heat. “Oh yes!” They move together. She speeds up and then slows down, slipping up and almost out before fully covering him again. His head is thrown back, the veins on his neck, prominent, as she pulls him close before backing off.

He takes it as long as he can before flipping them over and taking control. A few deep thrusts and she is cumming again. “Oh Jamie! Oh God!”

“Just me baby.” A tease before he does something unexpected. He slips fully out.

“What?” is all she gets out before he has slipped down. He gives her breast some attention before moving down and burying himself there. “Oh!” Her fingers find purchase in his hair as he laps up her climax and then starts to lick at her clitoris. “Oh f@ck!” He holds her trembling legs open as he pulls her up, up, up to the Mount Everest of climaxes.

Her body seizes, her legs almost slamming shut over his head, her body arches like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. The noises she makes are unworldly. Screams and whimpers. Her body turns red as her blood rushes to the surface of her skin. Finally she lays panting.

“Not as dead as you look, I pray.” He says, running his stubble up her side, watching her super sensitive skin shrink under it.

“No,” a whisper but he hears it. “Please.” Her weightless arms try to reach for him.

To enter her again is amazing. She still throbs, deep inside. The feeling is earthshaking. He meets her awed eyes as he moves carefully in and against her. His climax, a few minutes later, is the strongest he has ever had.

Chapter Text

“You will keep a close eye on her?” Jamie asks again. He is preparing for the first day of competition in the World Surfing Championship. Worry for his Sassanach has him on edge. It will be such a public place and he will be unable to watch her.

“I promise. You don’t need to worry about anything outside surfing your very best lad.” Murtagh assures him.

“I know it is just, she is my whole world. We’re something to happen to her..”

“Not on my watch. Look at me Jamie. As vowed to be by your side, I promise the same for her. Claire is a part of you. I will see her safe.” He lets his breath out and a smile appears. It is all he needs to hear. His Godfather’s word is his bond. If he says it, it will be done.

“Thank you.”

“Go lad, get signed in.”

Claire arrives with Geillis, who is covering the event for the paper. She has returned to work a few days ago. Both had been nervous but, Geillis came and got her each day with a promise that she is working only, in house. “She will be in her cubicle. All around her will be protecting her, as will I. Our owner, Colum, also understands the situation and has extra security.” With that assurance and him picking her up each night, it was working. They will all feel better once the bastard is picked up.

“Have I missed him?” She asks Murtagh after Geillis drops her off with him and goes to interview some people. With this being the first time the championship is being held in Scotland it is a huge deal.

“No, he just went to get signed in. Wanted to make sure I would be keeping both eyes on you.”

“I will take no chances, don’t worry.” Her car was at the shop being fixed but she doesn’t know if she can ever drive it again. Will she always see it smashed, with that taunting note?

“Claire, mo ghrá !” She turns as he sweeps her into his arms.

“Jamie!” She hugs him tight. “Are you ready?”

“So ready. Been training my whole life for this. To have it be in my home waters.. with the lass I love by my side, how can I lose. I don’t need to win to win.” She grins up at him.

“But you will try?” Murtagh raises his bushy eyebrows at him.

“Of course I will. I am going to give it my absolute best.”

Interviews follow. Everyone wants to talk to the Scottish surfer. Claire stands next to Murtagh and watches as her man talks about what this day means to him. Several of the interviewers, lasses, giggle and flirt but he ignores their unprofessionalism, keeping his eyes on her.

The competition soon starts. She stands with him, Murtagh and, Jenny, as they watch some of his competition. They all look good to her but the others see little things that they explain, will take points away or add them. They educate her as they watch. She knows what to watch for when Jamie has his turn a bit later.

It is no surprise to any of them when he gets a near perfect score on his first time out.

Chapter Text

The second day starts out as expected. Jamie signs in and is called away for interviews. As before, Murtagh stays close to Claire who walks around taking in the sights. She isn’t there as an official reporter but you can’t fully turn off that reporters instinct. That is why, when she gets a text, from a source wanting to meet her with a scope, she can’t refuse.

“Under the boardwalk? That doesn’t sound safe.” Murtagh grumbles when told.

“You have to understand sources. Some don’t want to be known. I have meet them in far more dangerous places.” She explains as she turns o head that way.

“Excuse me. You don’t think I am not going with you, do you?” He has taken her arm to stop her forward movement.

“Come Murtagh. Most won’t want anyone tagging along.”

His eyes grow stormy. “I made a promise to Jamie and I will be keeping it. Where you go, I go.”

Meanwhile under the boardwalk

He paces back and forth. Dressed in Bermuda shorts, sandels’s and a t-shirt with a wired brimmed hat low over his eyes, he waits. Knowing her she won’t be able to resist the lure of a source. With all the people moving about, all the screams of excitement from the spectators, getting her away should be easy enough. He tightens his fist. The thought of him having her, that hollow headed surfer, no! She is his and she will be back with him.

Murtagh and Claire

“Fine. But stay far enough back so we can talk in private.”

“No promises lass. I sense trouble. Just know I won’t let it befall you.”

Despite her irritation she has to smile at that. “Alright. Let’s go.” They walk towards the shadows under the boardwalk.

He sees her coming. Who is that with her? Not the surfer, that is someone else. Damn! She was to come alone. He can do nothing but fade back into the shadows and disappear. As much as he wants to get her back, he can’t risk being seen. He knows the coppers are after him. Another time. He slips away and drives off before they reach the underside of the wooden structure.

“The texts says here.” She frowns as she looks around. “Where are they?”

Murtagh huffs. “Maybe changed their mind. Saw me with you and..”

“Took off. See that is why I told you that I needed to do this alone.”

“Not happening. Look I don’t believe it was a true source. Geillis is the reporter here today isn’t she?”

“Yes but..”

“Lass we have to head back. Jenny text that Jamie is up.”

“Alright. There is nothing to do here anyway. If not a true source, who do you think it was?”

“Bonnet.” He grabs her arm when she stumbles, her face as white as a ghost. “Dinna fash lass. I won’t let nothing happen to you. I swear it. Come, let’s watch Jamie win.”

She takes several deep breaths. “Alright, I’m ready.”

Chapter Text

She doesn’t let him know anything is wrong, even as she mentally kicks herself for falling for it. He has just time to give her a quick kiss and an ‘I love you' before heading off to show the judges his stuff. Paddling out, he pops up like a Jack in the box, before catching a huge wave. He rides it like he is flying on it, as graceful and mystical, as an hawk in flight. She watches awed, as he sores higher and higher. When it seems he can’t go any higher, he does, riding literally the very peak of the wave. A low awwww, runs through the crowd, echoed by Claire.

When he drifts back up, he is meet by a cheering crowd but Claire is in front. His eyes search her out and when they find her, they light up, and she runs into his arms, unmindful of the water. They hear cameras flash but neither care. He holds her close, lifting her up as Murtagh fetches his board.

No one is surprised by his scores, straight tens. It puts him in the lead with only a few more surfers to go. They watch the others, all very good but it is clear that none will beat his scores. Murtagh and Jenny are celebrating even before the final results are announced.

“In third place, with a respectable overall score of Fifty-Two, Pierre Garden, from France.” The man steps up, bows to the crowd and takes the trophy. “In second with a score of 56, is Scott Kenny from America.” He steps up and tips his cap to the crowd before taken the trophy. “Finally, to no one’s surprise, our overall winner with an unbelievable perfect score of sixty is Jamie Fraser, from right here in Scotland.” He steps up as the crowd screams his name. His family’s cheers echo the loudest. He bows low toward the crowd then to Claire with the owlish way he has, he blinks, before taken the trophy.

“Thanks to my late da who bought me my first board. I know he is looking down with pride. “ he lifts the trophy up towards heaven. “ Tapadh leibh da. Tha gaol agam ort. For my Godfather Murtagh, who has never let me give up. To my darling sister, brother in- law and, nieces. To my Claire, Mo ghaol, mo chridhe, mo chompanach anam, I love you so very much. Thank you all, for believing in me. Thank you to my competition for not making it easy.”

He gestures for Claire to join him. She does and he deeply kisses her as the flashbulbs of the presses cameras go off around them. “Tha Gail Agam ort, Claire.” He whispers for only her to hear.

“I love you too Jamie and I am so proud of you.”

Chapter Text

“What is it?” he can tell she has something on her mind. It is the day after the championship. They had came home to celebrate their way and now we’re spending a quiet hour together, or trying. But her jumpiness makes him anxious. “Come baby, tell me.”

“Murtagh will be here soon then we will..”

He grins. “Are you two planning something, a surprise for me?”

She smiles back. They are, her and his family. But this isn’t what she needs to discuss with him, unfortunately. Murtagh arrives soon after. The two men exchange a hug. Then they all have a seat.

“So Jamie, first of all, spectacular job out there yesterday.”

“It is my waters, my country, with my love watching, I couldn’t lose.” He hugs her to his side and she smiles but there is something off in it. “Alright Claire, what has you so, stressed or whatever is happening. Something is bugging you and, now that Murtagh is here, I want to know what it is.”

“Maybe something to toast your win with first.” She starts to stand and he pulls her back down.

“Later. Talk to me.”

“Okay ahh there was a incident, or almost incident, yesterday.”

“What!” he looks between Claire and Murtagh.

“Nothing happened Jamie.” His Godfather assures him.

“What almost happened?”

“I got a tip, a source wanting to speak to me under the boardwalk.” Said softly as she waits for the anticipated explosion. He merely starts breathing hard and turns to Murtagh.

“I was suspicious right away. Insisted on going with her. She..”

“I didn’t want him to afraid it would cause issues with.. I know, alright. I was stupid. With all that is going on.”

“No one was there. But there had been. I could feel him.”

“Bonnet?” It is the first thing he has said since they started talking.

“I think so.” He starts rubbing the bridge of his nose. Claire starts to say something then stops.

“I am going to call the detective this John Gray chap, and see the status of the investigation.” He stands and walks out. Both Claire and Murtagh look at each other. He returns a few minutes later. “They have a sting planned to try and trap him.”

Murtagh nods as Claire says, “I am sorry Jamie.”

He softens his face and re-joins her. “You can’t turn off the reporter in you. I am just glad Murtagh was there. Now, when’s the party?”

Chapter Text

Detective Sergeant John Gray looks at the officer that will be playing the role of Claire in the trap they have set up. They hope to nail Steven Bonnet today and throw him in the dark where he belongs. Gina Flowers is a huge part of this plan . She favors Miss Beauchamp from a distance and that should be all they need, if the plan works.

“I sit at the table, order tea and seem nervous.” Officer Flowers goes over the plan once more.

“Just so. We will have eyes on you the entire time.” Bonnet is dangerous. They know this. One reason the sting was planned. The knowledge he was steps away from getting his hands on Claire, had their governor ordering DS Gray and those under his command to do something.

“The lass is the girlfriend of our new surfing championship. We can’t have her kidnapped.”

The sting is simple. A message had been sent to Bonnet, reportedly from Claire, asking him to meet her at a pub they had frequented a lot while together. That she wants to, ' put this to rights.’ He will walk in. See Gina, assume it is Claire ( or so they sincerely hope) approach her and they nail him.

They have the entire pub. All there, including the bartender, are coppers. They are taking no chances that a civilian get hurt or that they lose him. Drinks are poured, conversations about the football match on the telly, about the parliament, wives and husbands, normal pub talk. Gina sits at a table in the corner nursing what looks to be a whisky. Everyone waits.

When the door opens, only the pretend bartender looks up. It is Bonnet. He nods at him and he nods back as his eyes scan the pub. The conversations continue. But all are aware the suspect is in the premise. They tell when he spots Gina. The tension goes out of him and he heads her way. It is the signal they have all waited for. The bartender, aka DS Grey, nods to the patron’s, the coppers in front of him and they raise.

As the suspect heads towards Gina, they head towards him. One knocks against him, in what could be a drunken stumble. “Watch yourself mate.” Bonnet grouses. His Irish accent confirms his identity.

“Sorry mate.” Said as he seems to pass him. In reality he is setting himself up to assist his partner in the arrest. His partner grabs his wrists and goes to snap cuffs on them.

Bonnet swings out, hitting the copper in the face. He goes to run and the pub comes alive. Gina and the others around her raise and get control of him. “Your not Claire.” He stares at her as the cuffs are snapped on.

“No. Officer Flowers and you are under arrest for malicious mischief, stalking and, assault on a peace officer. You may remain silent but be aware that anything you do say may be used against you later in court and it can affect your case…”

He is hauled out and the officer he hit heads to hospital for treatment for his broken nose.

Chapter Text

“I hope it is good news.” Claire waits anxiously for the Detective Sergeant. John Grey has called and said he had news.

“I am sure it is. They are quite good at their job.” Jamie reassures. Inside, he is hoping the same. Not that he wants her to leave. No, just the opposite. But not living in fear would be nice for her.

He arrives twenty minutes later. Jamie answers the door and ushers him in. “Miss Beauchamp,” he tips his hat to her before taken it off. “May I sit?”

“Yes, of course. You have news?” She and Jamie sit across from him.

“I do.”

“Would you like some tea?” Claire is nervous about what he is going to say. A bit of a delay.

“No, thank you. Relax Miss Beauchamp. It is good news.”

“Good?” Jamie let out a breath he doesn’t recall holding.

“Yes Mr. Fraser. Mr. Bonnet fell right into our trap and is now in the dark where he belongs.”

“You got him?” She can’t quite believe it.

“We did. He sits in jail awaiting trial.”

“Oh thank God!”

“Will he get bail?” Jamie asks.

“We are going to fight against it. With a felony stalking charge as well as criminal mischief, it isn’t likely. I will let you know if he does. We’ve proven it was him waiting for you under the boardwalk that day. You are quite lucky.”

“I had a wonderful bodyguard.” She is shaking with the release of the nerves and the knowledge of how close she came to being his captive again.

“A grand thing.” He moves to stand. “I will let you know if he gets bail.” They both stand with him. Jamie offers his hand.

“Thank you. You’ve no idea the relief you have brought.”

“You’re welcome. I have some. He broke a man’s nose during the arrest and tried to kick out the squad cars window. Bonnet is one dangerous man. Everyone is safer with him off the street.”

Claire hugs him. “They are. Thank you!”

He leaves and they both seem to melt into the couch with relief.

Chapter Text

“A lady’s day out is exactly what I need.” She tells Jamie as she gets dressed. She will be going out with Geillis and Jenny. It will be the first time they meet each other.

“And deserve. After all drama of the past few months.” Jamie will be out surfing, just for fun without the pressure of preparing for a competition.

“As do you my love.” She reaches up to kiss him and he pulls her close, deepening it. “Hmm.” She sighs when they move apart. “I won’t be late.”

“Take all the time you need. I will be here.” She sighs and rest against him. They need to talk about the future. But not right now.

“I know baby.” She turns and heads out. First she drives to Lallybroch. Both Jenny and Geillis had offered to meet her at the spa that is their first stop but, she free to drive again, wants to come get them.

“How are the children?” She asks when Jenny climbs in.

“They are bawl. Ian has them. Kitty is now partly on the bottle. They will be fine.”

“But will he?” Jenny laughs.

“Oh aye. It will be good for him. I’ve been thinking about the party. A surprise it should be. We can have you two come for Sunday dinner and..”

“Surprise! I love that idea. It is a big deal winning the world championship. He deserves to be celebrated.”

“Aye, he does. You really love him, don’t you?”

“I do. I love him more then I realized it was possible to love someone.” She confesses to her. A flush raises over her cheeks. Will Jenny get all bushy. No. She simply smiles.

“That’s brilliant then.”

They pull up at Geillis’s flat. She comes out. She climbs in the back seat and Claire makes introductions. “Jenny Murray meet Geillis Duncan, my editor and best mate. Geillis meet Jenny, Jamie’s sister.”

Handshakes are exchanged over the seat. “Nice to meet you Geillis.”

“Aye you too Jenny. Where are we going Claire?”

“To the spa first. I so need a manicure. This stress had been hard on my nails.” She shows him to her before starting back off.

“Good grief lass,! Yes you do. How are your nails Jenny?” She holds them up.

“Mammy style. Short to prevent scratching a bairn. But I do want them shaped and colored.”

“That’s reasonable.”

Sitting beside each other, soaking their nails in solution to soften their cuticles, they talk some more. “So, do you have any children, Geillis?”

“Oh no! The paper is my baby. Don’t get me wrong. I love children, other people’s. Children I can give back.”

Claire laughs and Jenny smiles before her eyes narrow and she frowns. “Do you feel the same way Claire?”

“No, I want children of my own someday.”

“Good, I know that Jamie does.”

“She said someday Jenny. Right now she is as committed to the Scottish Sun as I am.” The manicurist arrive and sit across from each of them. Their hands are lifted out and dried.

“Is this true Claire?”

“Jenny, it is alright. Both Jamie and I are career focused right now.”

She breaths out and nods. It’s true. She just worries about Jamie getting hurt. It is an idea she, as his big sister/ mam can’t handle. “You two have talked though, about bairns?”

“Not specifically. Why?” She senses there is something Jenny knows that she should know.

“Well, are parents left us twelve apostles spoons. Wee Jamie, Maggie and, Kitty each have one. As I am not planning on having anymore..”

“Are you saying..?” The room stills. Even the manicurists stop to hear the answer.

“Aye, the lad wants a bairn for each of the remaining spoons.”

“Nine!” Geillis calls out. From around them there are mummies of ' that is to many’ ',Is the lad crazy’.


“Nine, ahh yeah, we will have a talk about that.”

An hour later, as they leave the spa with their freshly seen to nails, Geillis is still muttering about the number. “Nine does he think Claire is a bloody dog or cat, able to have litters?”

“Nae Geillis, he just wants a lot of children.” Jenny replies as they enter their next destination, a shopping mall.

“He wants,” a Scottish noise of irritation, “and what of Claire who would be carrying and birthing all those babies?”

“It would only be with her permission.”

“Hey guys, I am right here and can answer for myself.” Claire interrupts what is beginning to be a real fight. “And can speak for myself.”

“Okay then, do you want nine children?” A lady browsing blouses beside them mumbles, “Good Lord!”

They move a bit away. “No. No I don’t. But comprise is the soul of a good relationship. Jamie and I will talk about it. We will come to a number we both can agree on.”

“Well put.” Jenny says.

They start looking at clothes. All is calm for awhile. They pick out some clothes for themselves and Jenny some for her children ho are outgrowing everything, as she explains. They laugh together. It is over lunch at one of the many restaurants that the subject comes up again.

Jenny is talking about the difficulty in juggling her two oldest children’s schedules. “Wee Jamie has football at the same time as Maggie’s piano lessons. Ian and I split up and then change every week so we don’t miss anything. We want the bairns to understand that we are there for both of them.”

“Then there’s the baby.” Geillis mentions. Jenny nods?

“Aye, but she goes where I go right now. Still on the breast.”

“Can you imagine having more then three?” Claire shots her a look, which she ignores.

“Nae that is why we stopped at three. But if Claire and Jamie decide to have more then that, I am quite sure they could handle it. They would have support, wouldn’t they?” They hold each other’s eyes for a moment. Geillis gives in first, lowering hers.

“They would. I just don’t want to lose my best reporter.”

“Who says you would? I can do both.” Claire looks at her mate.

“Not successfully.”
“Nae you can’t!” They both interjects at the same time. A look towards each other and manage a small smile.

“Well, you agree on something.” Claire laughs. “As for the rest, we will figure it out. It isn’t a pressing matter. Shall we finish eating so we can finish shopping?”

“Yes let’s.”

Chapter Text

“So, Geillis and Jenny got along?” They are heading to Lallybroch and the surprise party designed as a family dinner.

“Basically. There was one thing that Jenny mentioned that shocked us both.” He turns to look at her before turning back to the road.

“What was that?”

She grinned. “Apostles spoons.” She watches as he swallows.

“I ah, was going to discuss that with you.” He flushes.

“I love you Jamie but there is no way I am going to have nine children.”

“It is just that I have always dreamed of a big family.” He confesses.

“We will find a comprise.”

“Aye.” She takes his hand. He grins at her. “Does this mean we have a future?”

“Of course you nutter. We have a future. You are the only man I will ever want. Ever.

They drive into Lallybroch holding tight to each other’s hands. He opens the door for her and escorts her in. As they enter the dark Great Room and he flips on the light, his family yells out ‘ surprise!’ He jumps as Claire laughs beside him. “You knew about this?” He is smiling after being over the initial shock.

“I helped plan it.” Jenny comes up and grins at Claire.

“We got him.”

“Aye you did sis.”

“World Surfing Championship deserves a party.” He allows himself to be lead in as Ian joins them, patting him on the back. Murtagh stands, holding Kitty, with a huge smile.

“A true Fraser, this one is. Hardly even jerked when we all yelled.”

“Used to her mam.” Jamie teases as Wee Jamie comes up and hugs him.

“She can be loud. Congratulations Uncle Jamie.”

“Thank you lad.” Maggie joins them and Jamie turns to her. “Why Maggie, look at you, looking so grown up.” She blushes and courtesies in front of him.

“Mam says I am growing to fast.” He meets Jenny’s eyes as she stands talking to Claire. He nods. They are. Jamie already meets his chest and is wearing his first kilt. Maggie stands with her brown eyes and dark hair looking like she is ten instead of seven. He isn’t ready for the bairns to grow so fast either.

“I agree. Slow down, eh?”

“I will try Uncle Jamie.” He grins and lifts her into his arms. “You are the best surfer in the world, eh?”

“So they say.”

“I already kenned it.”

“Did you now?”

“Aye. I tell all my mates in school how good my uncle is at surfing. Let them brag about football and cricket. We are surfers.” He laughs and kisses her forehead before sitting her down.

He takes Kitty from Murtagh and holds her as he announces, “We are surfers! Thank you my wonderful family for your incredible support for my unusual career. I couldn’t have made it this fair without your faith in me.”

A cheer goes up. The toasts start. Dinner is served soon after, before anyone has a chance to get to sloshed. It is a wonderful time of family togetherness. Claire feels right at home surprisingly.

Chapter Text

They sit, cuddled together. They had left Lallybroch quite late and they should be sleeping but would rather discuss the future, both immediate and later.

She traces his hand. “Do you have names picked out for these nine children?”

“I have some.” Confessed as he runs his hand up and down her back. She sits mostly in his lap.

“May I hear them?”

“You know we don’t have to have nine?”

“Oh I know that!” They both laugh. “I still want to hear.” She confesses as the giggles die down.

“Alright. Well for a lad I was thinking Alastair. It is a take on..”

“Alexander, your middle name. I like it. Strong, you know?”

“Aye, means defender. For a lass I like Catriona. It means pure.”

She grins as she places her arm around his neck and rests her head on his chest. “Have high standards for a daughter, do you?”

“And for a son. I would pray all our children would wait for true and lasting love before making love.”

“Our children.”

“Am I presuming to much?”

She sighs in contentment. “No baby. There is no one else I want to have children with.”

His answering sigh tickles her ear. “I know you can return home now but, I would really love it if you would stay.”

“Live together?”

“Aye. Would you share my house, my bed, my life?”

“Jamie, I was going to ask you if I could stay. Yes baby. I would love to stay.” His arm comes around her and he holds her tight.

“You have made me so happy.” She relaxes farther.

“I am glad for you have done the same for me. I have never been happier then I am right now?”

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

They enter the courthouse, hand in hand. The Crown’s attorney meets them. “Hello Miss Beauchamp and Mr. Fraser. I am Ned Gowan, the Crown’s attorney. I will be prosecuting Mr. Bonnet.”

“You will get him, right? He won’t be coming out?”

“Aye. I see him into the dark.”

She sighs out in relief. This hearing to put him away is hard for her to attend, as he will be here. But, with Jamie by her side, she is determined to do it. She wants him deep in prison, a guest of the crown as long as they can keep him there.

They enter and see him by a man that Mr. Gowan introduces as Gerald Forbes, his attorney. Claire nods while Jamie ignores them both completely. They raise when the judge enters.

“Mr. Bonnet has been charged with stalking and felony mischief. Is the crown ready to precede?”

“Yes Mí Lady.”

They listen to testimony of the coppers that investigated the damage to her car. “Yes, Mi Lady. The hand writing matches that of the defendant.” The hand writing expert confirms. Claire watches the jury. They seem to believe their witnesses.

She stands straight, one eye on Mr. Gowan, who stands so she isn’t in the eye line of the defendant. Her other eye is on Jamie. After she is sworn in, Mr. Gowan takes her through her relationship with Bonnet. Her voice stays steady until she gets to the miscarriage.

“He kicked me straight in the abdomen, saying that ‘the f*cling brat had to go’” she says her voice shaking.

“Objection, Mr. Bonnet isn’t accused causing a miscarriage.” Mr. Forbes calls out. The judge looks to Mr. Gowan.

“Goes to show the defendants state of mind, Mi Lady.”

“I will allow it.”

Claire explains leaving, starting a new life.

“When did the defendant reenter your life?”

“When Mr. Fraser and I came out as a couple. He made a comment under an article about us.” The comment was entered into evidence.

“The next time you heard from him was when he left the note on your car?”

“Yes sir.” She describes finding the damage and all that happened after. The note and pictures of the car is entered into evidence. The jury’s faces blanche at seeing the state of her former car. They move on to the Surfing Championship and the strange text message.

“Mí Lady I enter the transcript of the text and the report it came from the defendants phone, into evidence.” It is excepted.

“Why didn’t you leave, if Mr. Bonnet was treating you so bad?”

“I believed myself in love with him.” She responds to Mr. Forbes. He, unlike Mr. Gowan, stands in a way that puts him in her eyesight. ,She keeps her eyes on the attorney and Jamie. “I now know that it wasn’t love.”

“You discovered this when you lost the baby?”

“When my child was murdered, yes.”

“Objection to the term murder Mi Lady.”

“Sustained. Miss Beauchamp, murder is a legal term and the defendant isn’t charged with that. You can use the term killed.”

“Thank you Mi Lady. When my child was killed, yes.”

“Why didn’t you go to the police if you thought Mr. Bonnet had killed your baby?”

“I should have. I just wanted away but I should have. Maybe my car wouldn’t have been destroyed.”

It doesn’t take long. The jury returns within a few hours of leaving. He is found guilty on all counts. The judge sentences him to twenty years. It is finally over.

Chapter Text

“I am going to take you out on a night on the town. Show you off as I have wanted to, now that he is locked away.” Jamie announces as they are driving back home.

She is riding a wave of pure joy. His idea sounds bloody perfect. “What a wonderful idea!”

She thinks he looks good in a wet suit but in a suit and tie he is breathtaking. The sight of him has her standing, her mouth open as she tries to find the words that have fled her mind. He grins and comes up, taking her hands in his, bringing them up to kiss them.

“I feel the same.” His eyes gleam with love. “You take my breath too.”

He made reservations at the finest restaurant in town. He leads her in with pride. The maître, a surfing fan, greets him with enthusiasm.

“Mr. Fraser, an honor to have you and your guest here. We have reserved the best table for you. Come.” With a smile to Claire, he leads them after the gentleman. He takes them to a private table a lit with a soft glow from the candles. A vase of flowers in the center completes the romantic look. Jamie pulls Claire’s seat out. After she is seated, he finds the maître has done the same for him.

“Thank you..” He pauses for his name.

“Seamus, Mr. Fraser.”

“Thank you Seamus. I am Jamie and this is my lady, Claire.”
“You’re welcome Jamie and Claire. May I bring out some wine?”

“Champagne, your best bottle please.”

“Right away sir.”

He hurries away and they smile at each other across the table. “He’s cute.” Jamie’s eyes narrow. “Come, my love, your not jealous, are you? You know I see, really see, no one but you, don’t you?”

“Aye, as I only see you.” He takes her hands as Seamus returns with a bottle of champagne in a silver ice bucket. He places it and two chilled glasses on the table.

“Are you and the lady ready to order?”

“Truly Seamus, we have yet to even look at the menus.”

“Yes sir. I will give you and the lady some more time.” He bows at them and walks away.

“Shall we look at the menus?”

“I would rather look at you but yes, let’s.” He replies. She reaches out and strokes his face. For a second, time seems to stop. His heart starts to pound at the knowledge that she loves him as much as he does her and they will be together when they are as old as they couple to their right, who seem to be celebrating a golden anniversary.

They eventually get to looking look at the menus. After they order, Jamie pours them each a glass of champagne. “A toast, to justice.” She offers.

“Oh aye! To justice.” They clank their glasses together. A sip. It is wonderful champagne. “To my lady, my love, my future.” She returns it, her heart speeding up. Was he going to.. it is early but.. He sees the strange look on her face. “Are you alright?” He sits the glass down and reaches out to touch her face.

“I ah, are you.. ah is this about..?”

“Celebrating the freedom from fear, the justice served today. That is what.. baby what do you…?”

“Sorry, I was thinking..”

Seamus deliveries their food. He frowns at the look on their faces. “Is there something amiss with the champagne?”

“No Seamus. It is wonderful. Everything is excellent.” Jamie assures him. He nods and slips away. “Sorry baby. You were saying?”

“Jamie, it is silly.”

“I want to hear what is on your mind. No matter how silly you think it is. Please.”

“Okay. I thought this might be a proposal.” She is flushing at the end. He stands and moves his chair so he can place his hand around her.

“Not silly. I will propose to you when the time is right. I want you as my wife, Claire. As romantic as this is, it isn’t where I want to pop the question.”

“I will say yes, you know.”

“Oh aye. I know but it is nice to hear.” They grin at each other before he pulls his plate over and they start eating.

Seamus is giving a good tip before they take what is left of the champagne and catch an Uber to head home to continue the celebration.

Chapter Text

He is full of lust and love. Both emotions guide him as he helps her out of the dress, kisses her exposed neck, chases the goosebumps that come up on her skin. Following them down her back, her soft sounds of pleasure tells him he found another erogenous zone. So he slows down, exploring the planes of her shoulder plates, running his five o’clock shadow over her fair skin.

She holds tight to bed posts. The feel of his stubble on her is driving her crazy. “You have a lot of sensitive skin” He states as he moves down to her spine, sending shivers of ecstasy through her, “ shall I explore all of it?” Her body reacts immediately to what he is saying, sending a flood of moisture to her tiny knickers and tightening her nipples to aching points under her bra.

“Oh God! Yes please!” He chuckles as he slips her dress the rest of the way off. His hands come around to cup her breasts as he runs his lips and cheek all the way down to her knickers. A groan.

“Claire you are as wet as a water lily.” He growls as he moves his hands to slip them off. He kneels behind her and runs face over her bum as his hands run over her sodden sex. The sounds she makes has him as hard as a steel pipe.

“Please Jamie!” Growled as his fingers work deeper in. He slides one finger inside and strokes her clitoris with his thumb. His face moves across the delicate skin of her bum as he works her up, up and, a bit more. “Ohhh, ahhh Jamie!” He is rewarded by her vagina tightening around his finger and a flood of moisture coating his hand. “Take me!”

“I will baby, after exploring all your delicate skin.” He stands up and removes her bra. He slips her sheer nylons off her legs after removing the heels. No she is completely bare to him while he remains fully dressed. She reaches up to remove his tie and he stops her. “No love. You first. He sits her on the bed and kneels before her again. He is tall enough to reach her breasts and runs his rough cheeks over her mounts. She is panting, one hand holding the edge of the bed the other holding on to his head via his hair. When she tightens her hand to the point of pain, he opens his mouth and draws her nearest nipple in. He feels her shudder before she lets out a keen that turns into a small scream. His cock tightens to the point of being almost unbearable. He isn’t done yet.

After suckling her quite thoroughly, he traces down her quivering belly with his stubble. She sits, elbows back, shaking in anticipation as he goes down her legs and comes up to her inner thighs. She makes sounds of pleading without words, her legs falling open before him. It is all he can take and he sets in to feast driving her to the sharp edge of sanity as his tongue laps her clitoris like a lolly. It doesn’t take long and she is soon screaming as her legs draw up and her body falls back on the bed. He is up, pulling clothes off as fast as he can. Longing to feel her puss squeezing him, he takes no time sitting her back up and, standing, lining himself up and thrusting into her.

“Yes! Oh yes!” She yells out as he, as big as she has ever felt him, presses fully into her.

“Claire, oh Claire!” Her body, still orgasmic, tightens and loosens around him. He presses in and out, following the rhythm her body sets. She holds him tight as it builds again, the pleasure impossible to bear.

“Jamie, I can’t!” Her nerves are to sensitive. She feels on the edge of self combustion.

“Hold on baby,” a gasp as he feels his balls tighten and that tingle in his back that means he is there, “I’ve you and am cumming with you.” They both shake as the mutual orgasms almost drive him to his knees. It is only the way she clings to him, an anchor amount the waves of pleasure that threaten to take her under, that keep him upright.

After their breath returns and their hearts stop racing, they lay down, wrapped tight together. “That was..” The reporter is out of words. There are no words to describe it.

“Aye, it was. Sleep baby, I’ve you.” She is soon in dream land and he watches her for awhile. “I am going to marry you.” He tells her sleeping form, “and soon.” He pulls a blanket over them and joins her in sleep.

Chapter Text

He insisted that she keep her eyes closed as he leads her towards the area he has set up. She leans against his arm and does. “I smell the ocean.” She tells him. He grins but doesn’t comment. He simply continues toward the blanket with the picnic set on it. When he gets there, he lowers her down and takes a seat across from her. “You may open up now.”

She does. “Oh Jamie. How lovely.” Her eyes reflect the setting sun. He has tried to time it perfectly. It will be a full bright moon. That is when…

“I wanted to give you a special night.”

“More special then last night?” She arches her eyes at him as he starts to make up plates handing her one.

“In a different way.” He says with a smile. The tiny ring box feels like a weight in his pocket. If she hadn’t said she would say yes..

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

He comes out of his daydream of their first child at her question. How long has he sat there lost in his dreams? He looks over at the sky over the endless ocean and breaths out a sigh of relief. “Aye.” He turns towards the food but tastes nothing.

“So good. You plan the best meals.” She says as she takes the last bite.

“I am glad you liked it.” Again he looks towards the sky. The sun has been swallowed up by the ocean and the moon is raising. Perfect. “A picnic wasn’t the only reason I brought you here.”

“Well the sunset was lovely.”

“Aye it was. Almost as lovely as you.” She blushes.

“Your sweet Jamie.”

“I have a question for you. You are the one that I spent my life looking for. The only one I will want. The person I want to share my heart and soul with. The person who I wish to be walking on the beach with when we are both old and gray. The one who I want to combine my DNA with. Claire, I love you more then I thought it possible to love anyway. Will you share my house, my name, my clan, my family, will you share my board? Will you be my wife?”

She is nodding, through her tears before he finishes. “Yes! Yes Jamie!” He almost drops the small box as he takes it out. He opens it and she gets speechless at seeing it.

“I thought the diamonds look liked waves going around it. Do you like it?”

“Oh yes. Jamie it is bloody perfect.” He laughs through her tears as he slips it on her finger. A perfect fit. He had measured her finger one night while she slept.

“Yes it is.” He takes her lips and they fall down on the blanket as the moon raises higher over them.

Chapter Text

She invites Geillis to join her at Lallybroch so they can tell everyone together. They sit in the huge living room and watch the nervous couple as they stand hand in hand.

“Alright, what is this about?” Murtagh finally asks. He sits beside Ian, with Jenny, holding baby Kitty, by his side. Geillis sits beside them with Wee Jamie and Maggie sitting on the floor in front of their parents.

“Uncle Jamie, what is it? You look like you are about to burst.” His nephew offers.

“Come, tell us before you do.” Maggie loves the reveal of secrets. She feels this will be a big one.

“Shall we love?” He nods to her. She puts her left hand out. Geillis reacts first. She stands, mouth open before rushing over to her and hugging her close.

“How brilliant! I am so happy for you both.” She loosens the hug to see the ring. “You did very well, Jamie lad.”

“This is a bit sudden, isn’t it?” Jenny replies as her husband stands and pats Jamie on the back.

“Good man.”

“What is going on?” Wee Jamie is confused.

“Your uncle is getting married. He asks Claire to marry him.” Murtagh says with a huge smile. Claire thinks that she has never seen him smile so big. Wee Jamie shouts out.

“Auntie Claire will be really Auntie Claire!” He dances around. His sister, equally excited, does the same.

“Yes! We love her Uncle Jamie!” She says hugging both of them. Jenny hands a wiggling Kitty, who is feeding of the excitement in the room, to Ian and walks over to her brother and his fiancé.

“May I talk with you a second?”

“Jenny, I know you are concerned. You were born to be cautious but, Claire is the one. There is no one else I will ever want. We love each other dearly. We are going to be married and soon. And no, she isn’t pregnant. You can accept that and be a part of our joy or..” He lets it tangle and waits for her.

“If your sure, that is good enough for me. Welcome to the family Claire.” She hugs her as her children bounce around them and Murtagh talks about how to announce it. Jamie just smiles, as happy as he has ever been.

Chapter Text

“Would you have,” she hesitates before continuing. She and Jamie are starting wedding planning but Jenny’s hesitation at accepting is on her mind, “ ahh.”

“Claire, what are you trying to ask me?”

“I know how important Jenny and your family is to you. I just wondered if, she still had doubts would we, ahh, still be planning this wedding?”

“Claire, my goodness, how could you even… Yes, yes we would. Jenny is important to me and I am glad for her blessing but.. Your my world Claire, don’t you know that? This wedding, committing myself only to you, forever… That is going to happen no matter who likes it or don’t.”

“I just don’t want to come between you and your family.”

“You are my family. Shall we plan this wedding?”


It will be on the beach, of course. That was easy. His nephew and nieces would all be in the service. Wee Jamie as a Junior groomsman, Maggie and Kitty as flower girl and ring bearer.

“Murtagh will be my best man.” He decides.

“Geillis my maid of honor.” It could be no one else but her best mate.

Those details are easy. It is keeping the press and fans away. “Maybe do it before we announce the date. Release the pictures on that date.”

“It could work. So when do we want to do it?”

“I would marry you tomorrow.”

She smiles at him and gives him a kiss.” I think it will take a bit longer to get the cake and dress. Not to mention flowers, rings.”

“Aye, a month. Can we do it in a month?”

“With Geillis and Jenny helping..” They look at each other and laugh. “Yes, I think so.”

The wedding will be on the beach, by their house. The reception at Lallybroch. They all well on their way to planning their nuptials.

Chapter Text

The photo shoot has her nervous. She isn’t a celebrity, used to such. But, Murtagh insisted that their engagement be announced right.

“It is important for the PR. This won’t be just featured in the local papers, you know?”

She does and it is another thing that is making her nervous. “You are in love. That is all you have to show. You will do fine.” Jenny assures her.

Jamie is outfitted in a suit, she in a beautiful dress. They stand together, his arm around her and someone hands her a glass of champagne. “We are celebrating, are we not? Besides, you look nervous love.” The photography says. She takes a drink and then just holds it in her hand. They look adoringly at each other and then towards the camera.

“Beautiful. You are stunning.” The assistant says as the camera continues to flash. “Perfect.”

Finally they are released. Claire finishes the glass of champagne. Jamie giggles and holds her to his side as they await the proofs . A picture is picked and sent to the papers and news stations. It will also be posted on Jamie’s social media pages. That is something he and Claire will do themselves.

“How about, ' off the market'.” He suggests as they sit at together. His tablet is open and the picture ready. Now it is just the caption.

“No, it makes you sound like property. Maybe just simple. We are engaged. Planning a private wedding.”

“Aye.” He bends over it, thinking. Then, with a smile, he starts to type.

“I am so happy to announce that she said yes! I will be marrying the love of my life in a private ceremony. Thank you for respecting our privacy at this time. 💗💗💗💑.”

He shows her and she smiles. “Perfect, my darling.” They post it and talk about plans for their honeymoon.

Chapter Text

Wedding dress shopping is something she is looking forward to. She is taking Geillis and Jenny, the two women who’s opinion she values most. They head out, full of ideas.

“A beach wedding, it needs to be casual.”

“But not to casual.” Jenny adds.

“I want something in-between a princess dress and a fancy sundress.” She informs her mates.

“We should find something here. They have a brilliant selection.” Geillis leads them to the door of Blush and Ivory.

“The name gives promise.” Jenny comments as she follows them in. Claire laughs. That it does.

“Claire Beauchamp! You are engaged to the surfer, eh? The lad who won the championship?”

“Jamie Fraser, yes that’s me.” The lass who comes out to greet them is excited.

“We shall find you the perfect gown. A formal or casual affair?”

“A bit of both, actually. A beach wedding but not fully surfer casual.”

“Ah, I understand. Oh, may name is Anita.”

“Claire, as you know. This is Geillis, my best mate and Jenny, my soon to be sister -in-law.”

“Wonderful. Come let’s find you your dream wedding dress.” She follows thinking.

“I haven’t really dreamed of a wedding. Hell, before Jamie, I hadn’t even thought of marriage. He changed everything. Turned my ordered world upside down.” The thought makes her smile as they walk through the lace and silk, the satin and taffeta.

“Now this one was designed with a beach wedding in mind.” She holds out a lace dress with a empire waist, that flows like a cloud.

“Oh!” it was truly lovely. She slips it on and stands before the lasses feeling like a princess.

“It is beautiful on you.” Geillis feels tears coming seeing her in a wedding dress.

“Stunning.” Jenny agrees. She lifts up the skirt and walks in it. It could work. She does want to see a few more through.

The next has a more plunging neckline. Less lace and more whisper thin material, layered across the skirt. Ending higher up, it will be easier to walk on the beach with it. It also makes her feel like royalty. She tries a few more, including on with a touch of color, blue bows on the front and back.

At the end, she knows exactly which one she wants. She even finds one to wear after the ceremony.

Chapter Text

Wedding day. It is her wedding day! She wakes in Geillis’ guest room. They are following the tradition of not seeing each other until they meet at the alter, or in this case, at the water’s edge. Geillis is already up, coffee made. She hands her a cup. She takes it with a smile. “Thank you. It is my wedding day! Can you believe it?”

Geillis laughs. “Actually no. I never thought you would get married.”

“Me either. I don’t think I would have had I not meet Jamie.”

“Your welcome.” She smiles bigger.

“Thank you Geillis.”

“Let’s get you ready, eh?”

Jamie paces in his living room as Murtagh watches with a smile. “It is today. Not long.”

“I know. I just can’t wait.”

“A few hours. Have you your vows ready?” Jamie stops pacing and smiles. He believes he has been writing his vows since he first saw her.

“Aye, I do.” Jenny will be there soon. She and Ian are preparing the children for their roles there. Wee Jamie will stand beside Murtagh as his junior groomsman. Maggie will be carrying the rings, pulling the flower girl, Kitty, in a wagon behind her.

Geillis puts the last of her makeup on and the dress is carefully slipped over her head. She has chosen the one that is mostly lace with a satin backing under it. A crown of flowers replace the traditional veil. A ring of flowers are placed on her left ankle. She will be walking out barefoot.

“Oh you guys are so beautiful.” Jamie tells his nieces. His handsome nephew stands beside him. Kitty seats in the wagon, playing with the lace on her dress.

“Kathleen, stop it.” Her mam moves her hands. Maggie grins at her baby sister. She knows their mam is fighting a losing battle.

His heart beats faster when she and Ian line the children up. It is about to start. Geillis comes up, beams at the children. Murtagh bows low to her. “Shall we?” She takes his arm. The procession is lead by Wee Jamie wearing his first kilt. Maggie follows, pulling her baby sister, still playing with the lace, to their guest’s amusement. Geillis and Murtagh follow and the music changes to the wedding march and everyone stands.

She knows there will be moments she will remember forever. The moment she steps out between the surf boards that make the aisle and sees her groom will be one of them. She knows she is beautiful bride but Jamie is magnificent. Dressed as his ancestors were at their own long ago weddings, complete with a kilt in Fraser colors, a linen shirt, tall boots, a tartan attached to his shoulder. His eyes alit at the sight of her. She knows her eyes are the same. The sand is warm under her bare feet. She vows to remember how it feels, the sand, the slight breeze, the ohhs and ahhs of their guests, mostly the look on Jamie’s face.

He is reaching for her hand before she reaches him. Their hands come together and he pulls her to him. “You are so beautiful.” He whispers. When he goes to kiss her, the minister laughs.

“A moment Mr. Fraser.” He says through his giggles.

“Sorry.” A titter goes through the guests and he hears Ian laugh aloud. She squeezes his hand.

“Me too.” She whispers.

“Shall we start before the groom jumps the gun?” The laughter fades out. He turns to the couple. “Alright guys. I don’t need to ask if you are ready.”

They did the traditional vows, at first. Then he invites them to say their own.

“Jamie, I love you. Lord alone knows how much. I never saw you coming. My life, I thought it was complete. But it was just in a holding pattern until you came to fit into the pieces I didn’t even know we’re missing. Now, I can’t even imagine living a day of my life without you in it. I vow to be by your side no matter how high the waves get. I vow that this fire between us will never be put out, that I will love you as much on our fiftieth anniversary as I do today. No one or nothing will come between us. I vow to be all you need, that you will never feel alone again. I will never break your heart.”

“Oh Claire, I was looking for you. I know that there was a lass out there that would be the last lass I would see, the only one I would ever really see. When I saw you, I knew you were the one. I will love you as long as I draw breath, no, as long as my soul exists. I vow to be the husband you deserve, the father our children need, I vow to help with ever task, never saying it isn’t my job. I vow that no other lass will turn my head, no other woman will own my heart. I find myself falling more in love with you everyday and I can’t see that ending.”

The giggles of earlier have been replaced by sniffles as their family and friends react to their vows. “Do you have rings to present to each other?” Jenny nudges her daughter and she recalls she has them. She hands them to her uncle and aunt.

“Claire, I give you this ring to represent the never-ending circle of my love for you.” He slips it on her hand.

“Jamie, I give you this ring to represent the never-ending circle of my love for you. And to show the world you are taking.” She adds and poor Geillis is startled into a gasping chuckle.

“You never have to worry about that. May I kiss her, please?”

“It is may pleasure to present Mr. and Mrs. Fraser. Yes, you may kiss.” He takes her face and kisses her with the passion he had been feeling since he saw her come towards him. Cheers and applause greets this.

Chapter Text

She laughs as he carries her over the threshold of their door. Not stopping there, he carries her all the way to their room. Leaving for a honeymoon in Hawaii the next day, their wedding night will be spent here. “My wife!” He declares as he sits her on her feet by the bed.

“My husband.” The joy of using those words for each other runs through them both as they start their married life together. “Come here and let me see what you got on under that kilt.” He grins and takes a step closer. She slips her hand under it and is surprised to find just him. “James Fraser, you risked flashing everyone?”

“Nae,” his voice comes out a bit strangled as she now had a tight grip on him and his stroking, “I took my underwear off just before I left.”

“Very good. Because he is all mine.” She drops to her knees and the sight of her in her reception dress, kneeling in front of him, almost made him come completely undone. She lifts the edge of his kilt up and ducks under. Holy shit!

The feel of her mouth, her hands, one holding and massaging his balls while the other strokes the rest of his cock, the sight of her head bopping under the material of his kilt, the sounds of pleasure she makes, the lass means to kill him! His head falls back his hands land on her head as his on wee sounds, groans and moans, spill out. “Baby, you are going to make me cum!” He tries to get her to move but she tightens her grip and continues.

There is time, plenty of it. She wants to taste him, feel him slide down her throat. To bring him the ultimate in male pleasure. His balls tighten under her hand and she moves deeper. A thrust and a cry of her name and he jerks filling her mouth and throat with salty taste of his spunk. She swallows and then again taking him all in. She then licks him clean.

He helps her to her feet and meets her eyes. “Christ baby, that was… I didn’t expect you to..”

“I finish what I start. There is plenty of time to make love.”

“Aye.,” He catches his breath. “My turn.” He seats here on the bed and kneels down and slips her ankle flowers off. Then he moved his hands up her inner thighs, causing shivers to move under her skin. He finds her knickers and eases them off. White lace and as he discovers when he gets them to her ankles. Meeting her eyes, he brings them up to his nose and sniffs them. “Baby you smell delicious.” Then he pushes her dress up until it reaches her upper thighs. “I can’t wait to taste you!” Her legs are parted and he kisses up stopping just short of her honey pot.

“Please!” it takes everything not to thrust into his face.

“Hmm,” the hum vibrates against her aroused skin and she is unable to stop. She jerks her hips, bringing herself to his mouth. He groans and starts to lick arouse her. He finds her clitoris already full, pressing against his tongue. With a smile, he focuses on it, licking across the super sensitive bud.

“Yes! Oh God baby! Yes!” Her hands find anchor in his hair and she shamelessly rides his face. Then he starts to suck. “Yessssssssssss!” Her climax is massive! It almost drowns her. He isn’t done and, when she comes down some, he bits the tip and she screams as pleasure, sharp as the point of needle, overwhelms her. His fingers are in her, his mouth still centered over her. One more. He slows down. His tongue moves down and he slides in and out of her. “Jamie baby, I don’t know that I can.” Her legs still shake, her breathing is still hard and, she feel her heartbeat everywhere.

“One more.” He comes up to say. His tongue slips under and to the sides of her clitoris. He moves a bit faster with his fingers, slowly building her back up. When she starts to move with him again, he just barely touches the tip of her pleasure button with the tip of his tongue. A deep groan and she starts to jerk. Suddenly she seems to explode, water or something, spraying his face.

A few minutes later, they lay on their sides, facing each other. “What was that?” He had washed his face off.

“I bloody squirted. Never done that before. It is a type of female ejaculation.”

“Wow. Well your wedding night is a good time to.”

They eventually get all the way undressed and make love.

Chapter Text

Thirteen and half hours. It is the longest flight she has ever been on. They are honeymooning in Hawaii. Jamie wanted somewhere he can surf and Claire somewhere she can live in her bikini. So Hawaii. She spends the majority of the flight, asleep against him. They left for the airport early the morning after their wedding. Neither had got much sleep.

When they fully awake, when the plane prepares for landing, they are in a whole new world. The white sand, spread out under them, the incredible blueness of the Pacific ocean, it is enchanting.

“Aloha, welcome to Hawaii.” They are greeted as soon as they clear the international check in. Lei’s are placed over their necks and they each get a kiss on the cheek. They walk towards baggage claim and Jamie fetches their luggage. The head to the hotel in a rented car. They windows are down and she sticks her head out the window and laughs as she breaths in the ocean scented air. It is so wonderfully warm. He laughs at seeing her joy.

“Mr. and Mrs. Fraser.” He says when they approach the desk. It feels so good to add the Mrs.

“The honeymoon suite.” The man at the desk smiles brilliantly at them as he slides the key cards over. “Congratulations. Enjoy your time here on the island.”

“Oh we shall.” Claire assures him as they take them and head towards the elevator, as it is called here.

Chapter Text

Hmm, maybe we should have went to Alaska instead.” She looks aghast at her husband.

“What?” He steps up and runs his head down her neck to the top of her bikini top.

“Then,” his voice is husky, “No one else could see you in this.”

She smiles and moves to press her lower region against him. He groans, low and deep. “No one besides you, will see me out of it. Do you want me to change?”

“No,” it comes out strangled. “No I,” He loses his trail of thought as his hand cups her breast.

“We can skip the luau and stay in?” She offers, feeling as turned on as he is.

“No,” He makes himself move away. “We must go to one. You want to experience Polynesian culture and food. There is time.”

“The rest of our lives.” That thought made them both smile. He takes her by the hand and leads her out.

They sit with the others as gentleman in an Hawaiian shirt explains some of the culture references and the food. “The luau is an ancient festival but the modern festival started around 1819. Before, you see, men and women were separated at meal time. Even for a celebration. “

“That would never do.” Jamie whispers to his wife. She hushes him but with a smile.

“The term itself comes from the taro leaves that are at the core of the food served. That brings us to food. Poi, crushed taro leaves, they go with everything. Kalua pig, is prepared in an underground oven called an imu. It is served shredded. Laulau is meat wrapped in taro or luau leaves. It is also prepared in an imu. Then there is haupia which is coconut pudding. For a lighter fare, we also serve poke. It means to cut into pieces and is prepared with raw fish, soy sauce called shoyu, green onions, kukui nut and, limu, you would know it as seaweed.”

Hula dancers came out and started dancing around them as the meal started to be served. They are beautiful women but Jamie has eyes only for Claire. The older gentleman beside him notices. “Honeymooners?” his accent is American.

“Aye. We have been married but three days.”

“How sweet. Very newlywed. Earl and I, I am Margie, by the way, what was I, oh yes. We have been married twenty-five years. This trip was our children ‘s anniversary present.”

“How wonderful.” Claire replies to the older lady.

“They are good kids.”

“Margie, My name is Claire and this is my husband, Jamie.”

“It is very nice to meet you both. May I give you a piece of advice, the little woman and I received on our wedding day?”

“Absolutely Earl. After twenty-five years it must have worked.” Jamie replies.

“Love her like she is leaving. Treat her, in other words, they way you would if you were trying to win her heart again.”

“Or, keep dating.” His bride adds.

“It is very good advice.” The music starts up and they all turn towards it. Claire rests her head against Jamie’s shoulder and smiles when he sees Earl kiss his bride. They are a sweet couple.

Chapter Text

Jamie wakes before his wife. He kisses her sleeping cheek, slipping out of bed. Coffee is started and he leaves a note. “My love, I am off to take a run. Back soon. I love you. Jamie.”

She wakes, stretching, her body loose from the previous nights love making. Her hand reaches for Jamie. It finds the note instead. When her eyes adjust, she reads it.

His feet beat out a rhythm that says her name as he passes the beautiful scenery. The beach, the tropical plants, the people all smiles. Why not? They either live or are visiting this paradise. His smile has little to do with where he is but, who he is with. His wife!

She raises and slips his button down shirt on. The smell of coffee draws her to the small kitchen that is a part of the bridal suite. She pours a cup and waits for her husband.

He starts to walk, chasing his breath as he heads back towards the hotel. It is fairly stable when he re-enters the suite until he sees her. She stands, her hip on the counter, her long legs bare, his shirt barely covering her. He swallows hard.

“Good morning Jamie.”

“Aye, it is.” He walks up to her, slipping his hands around her waist and under the shirt. It confirms what he thought, that she is fully nude under it. His hands find her bum and squeeze it.

“Shower first.” She is turned on also. His body, sweaty and his hair disheveled, his face still scuffy, oh she wants him.

“Shower,” he lifts her by her bum and holds her to his waist. She wraps her legs around him and he walks them into the bathroom. Water is started and clothes fly off. He slips the buttons open and she lifts his shirt off. His shoes are kicked off and she slips his shorts and underwear off together. His shirt falls of her and he gets his socks. He takes her waist and leads them into the shower.

“Baby, will it ever stop, the want of you?” he growls out as he takes her breast in one hand and her bum in the other. She groans low as he works her nipple.

“I sure hope not.” They kiss desperately as his hand on her bum moves to hit her pussy too. Fingers quickly work her into a shaking orgasm. She cries out into his mouth.

“Baby, I must have you now!”


“Turn around. I want to take you the back way.” She turns, her hands holding on to the rails on the other side of the shower. Her bum is up in the air and he caresses it before lining himself up and taking his hard cock in his hand. He thrust himself into her and she cries out. He gets deeper then ever in this position. He grabs her breasts and rubs her nipples as he pounds harder.

“F*CK yes Jamie!” He needs to cum but not before she does again. One hand leaves her breast and slips down to where they are joined, placing his thumb on her clit, pressing down. “Hell! I am going to cum so hard!”

“Cum baby! Squeeze me hard. I want to feel you milk me!” The combination of his hands, cock and, the naughty talk is all she can stand. She jerks and screams as her body floods with the sweet pleasure. Jamie only last one more thrust before coming himself.

Chapter Text

They have red hair, as red and wild as they are. Curls long even on the lad, glow in the sun as they play on the beach. “Mama, come see!” She watches herself walk towards the children, sitting on the sand. They have a sand castle in front of them.

“Grand job darlings.” Jamie emerges out of the water. He joins his family, lifting his daughter up, lifting her over his head. She laughs as he flies her around.

“Do me daddy!” her baby brother calls out. He carefully sits his daughter down. He then lifts the boy up, flying him around the beach as his wife and daughter watch with a smile.

She wakes with a smile. Jamie, who had woken ahead of her again, had been watching his bride. “Good dream?”

“Yes I.. we had a son and daughter. Playing on the beach. “

He smiles. “Quite nice.”

“Yes,” then her smile fades. “I pray they come.”

“Why wouldn’t they?”

Her hands go to her abdomen. “What he did. I hadn’t thought of it as I was preventing pregnancy. But, what if when he caused the miscarriage, he damaged me? What if I can’t have children?” Tears gather in her eyes.

“Oh Claire, my love, it matters not.”

“How could it not?” She sobs. He draws her to his chest.

“Because your enough. This is enough. If we can’t have children, then this, us, our life together, it is enough.” Her sobs get louder. “Children can come in many ways, also. We can adopt. Foster. Be great a great auntie and uncle. Really, my darling, it is alright.”

“You are a wonderful man, Jamie.”

“You make that so baby.”

“I want to find out.”

“We will have tests done when we get home, alright?”

“Yes.” He strokes her back and she settles back into a calm state. She will feel better when she knows, one way or the other.

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The water is as blue as the sky, the sand as white as snow. They walk out on it, their hands as entwined as they can be. He holds their boards with his free hand. They waves are perfect. He can surf higher but his wife is still a novice. Just high enough to be a challenge but not a threat.

“Oh, it is like a bath.” She sighs out as the Pacific touches her toes.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?” He lays the boards down and they finally release each other’s hands.

“Yes, but not because of the warm water the beauty of the ocean and beach. No, baby, it is because I am with my husband.”

“Lord, how I love you!”

“As I do you.” They recall the boards, that are trying to drift away. They are grabbed and they take them and walk out, laying them down when they are waist high. She recalls the feel of paddling against the feel of the water. It is different in a bikini, in the warmth of the Pacific. When she is far enough out, she lifts up, to see Jamie doing the same. He does it with more grace but, they are both soon riding the waves. Their laughter echoes across the water as the warm air runs over them, the waves lift them higher, the sun warm on their bare skin.

They surf for a few hours, splashing and swimming in the water between waves, to cool off some. Finally exhausted, they head up on the beach. A lounge chair build for two, is the perfect spot to rest. They order lunch from there, resting and watching the others play, swim and, surf. It is the perfect last day of their honeymoon. One more night and they are heading home.

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She wants to do something different, something that will make their honeymoon more memorable then it will already be. So after they watch off the Pacific and sand, she leads her husband to the bed. She lays him down at first. Her hands work over his cock. She is the only one that has ever touched him this way or will. The thought of that turns her on more.

“God baby!” he groans out.

“Like that?”

“Oh yes! Please.”

“I have an idea, something we haven’t done.”

“What could,” A strangled groan as she massages his balls, “we haven’t done.”

“My husband, let me show you.” She sits up releasing his now rock hard cock. “Come kneel in front of me. This might work, with the height difference.”

He does willingly enough. She tries kneeling herself but it doesn’t quite line up. “Claire, what are you trying to do?” He is willing to help. He just has to know.

“Get your cock between my breasts.”

“Oh God!”

“Yeah, I am going to have to lay down and have you sit over me.”

She lays down and he carefully sits, his cock lined up with her breasts. “Now what?” He is turned on to the point of bursting and the thought of getting a boob job isn’t helping.

“Put yourself in my hands.”

“Always.” He just gets out before she has his cock in hand. Laying with her head and shoulders prompted up against the headboard, she guides it over her breasts, running the head over her nipples bringing moans to both of them. She runs him all over her mounts before placing him in the center and pressing them closed beside him.

“Now move. Slowly at first.” He does sliding up and down groaning increasingly loud. Then she dips her head, giving him a lick or suck at that sensitive tip.

“Claire f@ck!”

“Faster.” She instructs. He grabs the headboard on either side of her head and starts to really thrust. She catches him about half the time.

“Baby I am going to cum!”

“Coat me baby.” He groan and then grunts as he jerks once more and sputters semen all over her breasts and neck.

“Oh lord, that was..” She grins as she takes him in hand, placing him in her mouth to suck him dry. He makes a sound like a growl. She lets him go when he starts to soften.

He gets the energy to go get a wet towel to clean her a few minutes later. “She couldn’t have gotten much out of that.” He thinks. Well, she will. He wipes her clean and then kisses the areas he has cleaned. “Oh!” She calls out in surprise as his lips close over her nipple. She had been drifting off when she feels him tugging. His hand plays with the other before diving between her legs, stroking as he sucks. “Oh baby yes!” She is fully awake now as he finds her clit, strumming it as his lips move to the other nipple. “Close! Oh please!” he slows down as his lips move from her nipple and start down.

He wants her to cum in his mouth. His tongue dips into her belly button and she arches up. He files that away before moving down, licking straight he opens her lips and centers in on that clitoris. A quick lick and a suck and she is making her ' I’m cumming’ sounds. He licks again and she presses up against his face. Her incoherent sounds are intermixed with his name. Suck and lick until she screams, her body shuddering, as her skin erupts in goosebumps. Ah there! He drops his head a bit and drinks in her own pleasure juice.

“Now, you may sleep baby.”

“Oh God Jamie.” He laughs as he comes back up, covers her, and kisses her forehead. Her draws her to himself and they sleep.

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She is nervous, flipping nervously through a magazine, she doesn’t even see, as they wait to be called back. Jamie sits beside her, hands clasped between his knees, his eyes on the door where the nurses come out to call the patients. Dr. Abernathy comes highly recommended. They had looked into it as soon as they returned home. The sooner they know, the sooner they can plan.

“Mrs. Fraser?” She drops the magazine and Jamie fetches it, placing it back on the stack, before following his wife. “We need to get your weight and vitals.”That done they are lead into an examination room where she is directed to put on a paper gown only, “ you can keep your socks on,” and told the doctor would be right in.

“These thing can’t be more revealing if they tried.” She complains. Jamie offers her his jacket. “Thanks babe but I guess I can hold on, if it is only a few minutes.”

It is. Dr. Joseph Abernathy, “call me Joe,” knocks and enters at her invitation. “Hello Mrs. Fraser, Mr. Fraser, it is nice to meet you. I see here that you need a checkup to make sure all is alright with your reproductive system. May I ask why there are concerns?”

“Well, my ex, I got pregnant and he didn’t take it well. Kicked me in my abdomen until I miscarried. I need to make sure he didn’t do any other damage.” Jamie takes her hand halfway through this recitation and strokes his thumb over it.

“I am sorry for your loss and pray the responsible party is locked tightly up.”

“Thank you. He is.”

“It is smart to be concerned. An unborn baby isn’t easily dislodged. Let’s make sure all is well.” He stands slapping his hand on his thigh. “We will start with blood work. Certain minerals need to be at a certain level to aid conception. We will make sure you are as healthy as can be. Then I will do a regular pelvic exam. Then we will do an ultrasound of your ovaries and uterus. Sound good?”

“Wonderful doc.” Jamie answers.

“Joe, Mr. Fraser.

“Jamie and Claire, then.”

“Jamie and Claire then.” He agrees.

Blood is drawn and sent to the lab. Then she lays down, placing her feet in the stirrups. “Ugg.” She says when she is completely open to her doctor ‘s glance.

“Sorry. No fun but necessary.” He slips his speculum in and opens her. “You let me no if there is any frank pain.”

“Yes Joe.”

“Cervix is tightly closed, as it should be right now. I am going to take some smears for a pap.” She nods and he does. “Removing the speculum. Now I am going to feel your ovaries.” Jamie watches as Joe slips his hand up in his wife and uses his thumb to press down on her. “Any pain?”

“Just general discomfort.”

“Good. I believe all is alright but the ultrasound will confirm.”

A lady rolls the machine in. “Hello I am Heather, your ultrasound technician.”

“I will leave you to her capable hands and talk after.”

The ultrasound was easy. The wand travels over her abdomen and the strange inner world of her body comes into view. Pictures are taken. “Everything okay?” Claire asks.

“The doctor will tell you.” But she smiles at them.

A few minutes after she leaves, Joe returns, also with a smile. “I have good news. Your ovaries and uterus are in great shape. I see no reason why you can’t conceive.” She sags in relief.

“Thank you Joe!” Jamie enthuses, shaking his hand.

“Thank you!”

“You are both welcome. I am glad everything is alright.”

They walk out almost dancing.

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Jenny invites her over a week after they return home. “Just me, that’s what she said. I wonder why?”

“Dinna fash to much about it. She likes you, you know? Besides, you are family now.” Jamie soothe. He knows but, Jenny wants to surprise her new sister.

“Okay, I will try.”

She drives into Lallybroch later that day. Jenny meets her at the door. “I needn’t ask how married life is treating you. You are glowing.” Claire smiles as a blush raises. “No embarrassment. It is a grand thing.” She puts her arm around her and leads her in.

“I am glad to see you again Jenny.” They walk into the house and towards the kitchen.

“You also Claire. As much as I love my brother, and I do, it is nice to have a sister.”

“I feel the same, being an only child.”

“Well, you aren’t now.” Claire feels tears gather. She loves Jamie beyond telling but, to be a part of a family, that is a wonderful bonus. “You’re a Fraser. Our clan and history now belong to you.” They sit at the table, opposite each other. Jenny has the table set for tea. “It is one reason I wanted to see you.”

“Is there a list of rules and regulations I need to know?” she teases.

Jenny laughs, her head thrown back, with real enthusiasm. “Oh my dear,” she wipes her steaming eyes, “If there were, I would have broken at least half and Jamie the rest.” She takes a sip of her tea. “No. I do have something to give you though.”

Claire sits up straighter, her eyes on her. A present, outside of the ones that are Jamie and his family, it seems to much. Jenny clears a spot in the middle of the table and lays an old box there. She nods for Claire to open it. She lifts the flap. “Oh! There apostles spoons, right?”

“Aye. Our parents left them to be divided between us. I wonder if they were hoping we would have six bairns each. With you starting your married life, it is time you have the other six. For your future children.”

“Oh Jenny,” She lifts one with reverence. It is beautiful silver, an old design. Hundreds of years old, she would say. “I, we will treasure them.” Jenny rests her head on her hands, perched on the table.

“Aye, though Jamie’s, it is us women that keep the past close, that passes it to the next generation. We are the heart of our families. I know you will treasure them. That as the bairns come, they will mean more. Motherhood, it strengthens the tie to the past and future. That is what they represent. I am so happy to be able to give them to my sister.”

They stand and hug and Claire feels a secret Jenny has been hiding. Her eyebrows raise. “Maybe not six but at least four?”

“Aye. I didn’t want to steal your thunder. I ken this one and Kitty will be very close together. It wasn’t so planned. Things happen.”

“Are you happy?”

“After I got over the shock, aye.”

“That’s all that matters then.” They sit and talk babies over the rest of the tea.

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Six months after receiving the wonderful gift of the spoons from her sister, she is at work. She had returned a few weeks after her honeymoon. Jamie is back to surfing with the added job of some product endorsements. Being the world champion has it’s perks. They are both eagerly awaiting their newest niece of nephew, due any day.

She sits at her desk, researching a story on NIH nurses and their daily lives. A sweet feel good story to break up the bad news that seems to fill the news these days. She has no idea she will soon be able to observe them up close and personal.

The row of numbers representing hours at home and work, starts to blend together. She stops, closes her eyes to focus them, before opening them again and being able to read it. Okay then. Eyestrain. She makes a mental note to make an appointment with her optometrist and continues. A few minutes later it goes blurry again and she feels slightly dizzy. A frown as she lays her head down amidst the paper covering it. Her eyes close again but she feels increasingly unsettled. Something is wrong. The blackness behind her eyes loses all color, the spectrums of rainbow lights she had been seeing, gone. So is she, slipping off her desk chair on to the floor almost soundlessly.

“Claire!” She comes to with an anxious Geillis kneeling by her.

“Gel what,” She looks around with dazed eyes. The perspective is wrong. Why is she on the floor. “why am I on the floor?”

“It seems you have passed out. Now lay still. There’s an ambulance on the way.”

“Gel I don’t need..”

“Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Fraser! Don’t you move! You’re you to get checked out.”

“Oh God! The last thing I recall, I was doing research and then..”

“That’s why you are going to the hospital.” Geillis holds her hand and tries to smile.

“I scared you huh?”

“Don’t ever do that again! I have rang Jamie. He will meet you there.”

The ambulance soon arrives and she is loaded onto the stretcher as her colleagues look on. “I’m alright, really.” She tries to reassure them. She is a little scared herself. She has never passed out before.

In the ambulance, she answers the paramedics questions. No daily meds. No drugs. Moderate drinking. Plenty of exercise. Her vitals are good now. They drive to the hospital where Jamie waits.

“Oh God baby! Are you alright?”He runs up as the unload her. “Is she alright?”

“Your husband?” She nods to the paramedic.

“Someone please..”

“Your wife passed out but appears fine now. Vitals are all stable. They will work her up and make sure but.. it doesn’t appear serious.”

“Thank God! When Geillis called..”

They are reassured more by a calm doctor. “We will do some tests. “

“What kind?”

“We will draw blood and tests for infection, check her iron levels, pregnancy. Most times it turns out to be something small. She is a bit dehydrated so we will start fluids. Don’t worry Mr. Fraser.”

The nurse comes in and starts an IV after drawing blood. Claire asks her about her work / life balance. She tells her about her young daughter she leaves with her sister to work. “She choose to the stay at home role. I know I can trust her with her auntie but it is hard.” Jamie makes a Scottish noise of sympathy.

“Thank you for sharing. I can’t imagine how hard it would be.” She places tape to hold the IV in place.

“It isn’t until you have your own that you know.” She gathers her supplies and the drawn blood. “I hope you get to feeling better. “

“Thank you.”

Waiting is difficult. They discuss Jenny ‘s impending labor, the pictures he took today to advertise the newest surf board he was endorsing, and the redecorating they want to do at home. It is but an hour but a long one. Yes, the doctor has assured them it was probably nothing but, it is the probably.

“Mrs. Fraser?” They stop in mid-conversation.

“You have my results?”

“I do.” He comes in and stops at the foot of her bed. “You are pregnant. Congratulations.”

“Pregnant?” She whispers.

“That being a bit dehydrated caused you to faint. Keeping hydrated should solve this issue.”

“Good, ahh.”

“A shock? I take it you two weren’t trying?”

“We have been married just a little over six months. We meet to wait longer but..” Jamie looks at Claire who is smiling through her tears.

“But this is wonderful news. We are having a baby!”

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He watches him pace about on the sand for as long as he can stand. “Jamie, what is on your mind lad? No trouble in the marriage, I pray?” His bushy eyebrows raise in concern.

James stops mid-stride. “Oh no! Claire and I,” His eyes grow distance, “we are brilliant.”

“Very good but something is bugging you.”

“Not bugging so much as… terrifying and thrilling at the same time.” Murtagh frowns and tilts his head.

“What are you going on about?” Jamie laughs as he takes a set on a rock. He lets his legs swing like a little boy as he gazes out at the mighty Atlantic. Murtagh continues to look at him like he has lost his mind.

“Parenthood. The greatest adventure of all. We are on the cusp of this mighty wave and, in eight months, it will reach the shore.”

“Claire’s pregnant!” Murtagh’s look of concern transforms into a huge smile.

“Aye. Just found out but, we don’t want anyone else to know until after the third month, just in case.”

“Understand. What amazing news! I thought you were going to wait through?” Jamie shrugs.

“Aye, but things happen. We are shocked but happy.” He climbs down. “So Murtagh, ready to be a Godfather again. Claire and I have already discussed it. There is no one else we wish to help guide our child to adulthood.”

Murtagh is trying to be strong but, Jamie’s words have a year falling. “Aye, I would be honored.” He wipes it away and turns to the ocean as he gets himself together. “Any special plans to tell Jenny and everyone?”

“We shall have a barbeque on the beach and tell them then.” Murtagh places his arm around him.

“Perfect. Congratulations lad.”

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“Well hen? What made you pass out?” Geillis and their boss, Colom, stand by her desk. She has been floating the last few days that the doctor had ordered her to stay home. She happily did as her husband made her nutritional smoothies to keep her hydrated and they sat and discussed names, nursery themes and, what kind of diapers to use.

She looks up at them with a smile. “Well I was dehydrated, for one thing.”

“Christ alive lass, drink more water. I canna have my best reporter fainting away at her desk because she isn’t seeing to herself.”

“Don’t worry Colum. Jamie had my drinking all the time over the last few days. I even brought one of the smoothies he made with me. See?” She pulls the bottle, with the paper ‘s name, out of her bag. She sits it on the edge of the blotter.

“Verra good. I am glad it was that simple.”

“Well it wasn’t ..”

“I think there is..”

Claire and Geillis talk over each other. Geillis gestures for her to go on. “It was one thing. The other ‘s a bit bigger.” The faces in front of her get serious. Colum’s wrinkles reaching his bald head as he frowns. Geillis swallows.

“What is it hen?”

“A tiny thing right now but it will grow.”

“F*CK! Cancer! We will find you the best doctors. It won’t …”

“No Colum,” she stands and waves her hands in the frantic man’s face. “No, not cancer. A baby. I am pregnant.” He lets out a breath, collapsing into one of the chairs in front of her desk.

“Hell! Thank the saints.”

Geillis looks at her for a moment before her face splits into a grin. “Brilliant Claire! What amazing news. Oh, it is good news isn’t it?”

“Very!” She comes around her desk and they are soon hugging. Colum has recovered and lifts himself out of his chair. He takes a turn embracing her.

“Congratulations Claire. The paper will give you all the support you need.”

“Thank you Colum.” He smiles at her. More then his best reporter, she is like a daughter to him.

“Now, you sit back down. Do you need anything? Pickles and ice cream?”

She takes her seat with a laugh. “Not right now but I will let you know.”

“Aye, ye do that.” He kisses her cheek and heads back to his office with a happy hum. Geillis and Claire look after him with matching smiles.

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They are home, resting. Her feet rest in her husband’s lap and he rubs them. A normal evening until his phone rings. With a frown, he reaches for it. “It’s Ian,” he tells his bride before answering it. “Hello brother..”

His frantic voice interrupts him. “Jamie, Jenny is in labor! Mrs. Connor from next door is watching the bairns. We need you guys at the hospital. Lord it is a month early.”

Jamie catches his breath as Ian’s flow of words slows down. “Deep breath braither, we are on the way and a month isn’t to early.”

Claire holds on his arm. “The baby?” He nods as he rings off with Ian.

“Jenny is in labor a month early and Ian is a bit freaked. We need to get to the hospital.”

“A month isn’t bad.” He nods as he fetches the shoes she had kicked off by the couch. She slips them on and they are off. They are both thinking the same thing, how are they to keep their secret in the presence of new life. Claire rests her hand on her child as they drive to the hospital to help their sister have hers.

Ian meets them at her door. His eyes are huge and his hair stands in tuffs where he has ran his hands through it. Jamie draws him to himself. “No worries. We are here and she is strong.”

“Aye, it is just, the bairn is coming fast.” They hear Jenny crying out and Claire hurries in to her.

Her sister withers around on the bed, her sweaty hair clinging to scalp. Her eyes are full of the pain that is tearing through her body. Claire comes up and takes her hand. “Breath with me!”


“You can! Look at me. Breath.” Claire breaths in pants and Jenny copies it, her fingers crushing her sister’s hand. “Very good. Now pull one in,” They do together before slowly letting it out. The pain loosens it grip and she does too.

“Sorry about your hand. How did you know to do that?” She can’t say she was researching for her own birth.

“The telly. All the fictional births. I assume they did some research.”

“Aye, guess they did. Thank you Claire.” The men enter and Jamie comes up, brushing his sister ‘s hair off her forehead and given it a kiss.

“In a hurry this little one is, eh?”

“Aye, oh!” Claire focuses her again and they pant their way through another contraction.

“Three minutes apart.” Ian reports.

“I need up. Need to walk.” They help her up and place her robe over her. The four start to walk the halls, stopping every three minutes then two as the relentless pain continues to open her uterus. “Last one Ian! You hear me! Your getting fixed!”

When they get to less then two minutes, they lead her back into the room and ring for the midwife. “Just a lip away from ten. A few more contractions.” She cheerfully says. Jenny glares at her, her gown covered in sweat.

“I can’t . Done,!”

“You can. You are. Come on sister. You can do this!” Claire holds her swaying body, she had insisted on standing up, as her body finishes opening.

“Grand. You are ready to push.” She looks around the room. “All but daddy need out.”

Jamie and Claire start to leave until Jenny calls out. “No, I need them. My brother and heart sister. They stay.”

“Ahh,” she catches her glare as she clings to the bed and starts to push. She would prefer her on the bed but has a feeling this one makes her own rules. “I guess that is alright.”

“Where do you need me?” Claire asks.

“Hold my hands. Ian, my back. Jamie just..” She can’t say more as the ancient urge to press down, to get the baby out, overwhelms her. Ignoring who was in the room, she strips the gown off and stands in just her slipper socks as she struggles to bear down. Claire grabs her hands and supports her. Ian is at her back, offering support as his brother goes to the window on the other side of the room. He looks out it avoiding his sister ‘s nudity. The midwife slips between Claire and Jenny.

They become one as they work to get the infant out. Claire breaths with Jenny, keeping her focused, Ian presses on her back and moves with her, pelvis to back, moving in the way he had when the bairn was started. The midwife rubs oil over the straining perineum, easing the way in hopes to avoid tears. Jamie, well he watches the outside and says prayers for Jenny and the coming bairn.

“That’s it, just a bit more.” The midwife sooths as more and more of the baby’s head is exposed. Jenny grunts as her child slowly emerges. “Good job. One more. Now pant.” She does, they all do. She cleans the baby’s mouth and nose out and then tells her, “ Okay one more big push.” A squeeze on Claire’s hands and one more deep grunting push and the shoulders slip out followed by the rest of the baby. Everything gets quiet until a second later.


“Waa waa!” The baby cries and from the window Jamie whispers, “Thank you God.” Jenny collapses against her husband as the midwife lifts her to her mam.

“What are you going to name her?” It is a bit later and Jenny and her daughter are tucked into bed. Ian, with a smile that doesn’t quit, seats beside her. Claire and Jamie have seats on the other side of the bed. She smiles at Claire.

“Caitlin Claire.” She tells her.

“Oh Jenny! Thank you. You don’t have..”

“My darling sister, I want too. We do. Why shouldn’t she be named after her strong auntie.”

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The sight takes his breath. His wife stands caressing her small baby bump, the mount under which their son or daughter lies. Her eyes are far away and full of contentment. “Little one, I am so happy you are coming. You are the result of the love your daddy and I have for each other. We will love you with equal fierceness. Oh wee one, you will be so welcome to our family. You have your daddy and I, an auntie and uncle, cousins,” a laugh, “so many cousins. Your Auntie Jenny just had another little girl. It hurt, it hurt a lot and mummy isn’t looking forward to that. But, it is worth it at the end. Life. To hold your cousin when she was just an hour old was amazing. But to hold you. Oh little one to hold you.. I can’t imagine how incredible that would be.”

It is all Jamie can take. He walks in and wraps his arms around them both, “Nor can I.” He says in a choked voice. “To see us in him or her..” His voice trails off and they sway together. She fully relaxes against him. “I love you both so much.”

“We love you too. Oh Jamie I can’t even say how much.” He kisses her head and sighs in the deepest contentment he has ever know. His whole world is in his arms. If he never catches another wave it won’t matter, as long as his wife and child are alright.

Chapter Text

Time passes quickly and they are soon headed for the sonogram that should reveal the gender of their little pickles and ice cream, as Jamie has been calling him or her since hearing what Colum said. Their plan is to let their family know after, so they can give them all the information at once. It will be nice to stop avoiding her sister in law, who’s sharp eyes and mama ‘s sense would immediately know their secret.

“What are you hoping for?” She asks as they wait in the waiting room.” He smiles, his hand going to the bump.

“A healthy baby.” He replies with a smile.

“Yes but pickles or ice cream?”

“A lass that looks like you that I can spoil rotten or a lad that I can teach all I know, really either shall be fine.”

“Alright.” She still sounds dubious but they are called back just then.

On her back, her husband ‘s hand in hers they both watch the screen as the strange gray starts to turn into recognizable images. The steady, ' thump thump thump', of their child’s heartbeat is a brilliant soundtrack to seeing little hands. They both were already in tears at just that sound. The sight of the tiny hands has Jamie choking back a sob.

“Look at them Claire, those tiny fingers!”

“I can’t wait to feel them.” She replies, her own tears steadily falling.

The sonogram tech laughs, “This must be your first baby.”


“Well let’s see what else we can see.” Arms, shoulder, she stops at the face.

“Oh my!” Claire breathes out. Eyes, tightly closed, a tiny nose, a mouth that seems to be blowing kisses. “Look Jamie!”

“I canna do less.” He takes in every detail of his son or daughter ‘s face. That little face would be in their life, in their home for at least eighteen years. To get a first glimpse.. “He or she is so lovely.”

“Ready to find out which?” They both nod and she moves down the body. They see the chest, the belly, and then, “Can you tell?”

“A boy, right?” Claire asks. She thinks it is a penis she sees but.. she waits for the professional to confirm.

“Yes. A boy.” Claire ‘s eyes are still on her son, her little pickle but, she feels her husband shudder with emotion.

“Mo mac. Tha Gail Agam ort. I love you so much. I canna wait to meet you.”

“Asher. I think he is an Asher.” Claire states through her tears.

“Aye, hello Asher Fraser. You will have a middle name as soon as your mammy and I decide on one.” Then to the technician, who is fighting her own tears. “He is already? Healthy and all?”

“He is. Perfect.”

They breath sighs of relief as they watch their son move around.

Chapter Text

The reveal is carefully planned. A barbeque on the beach, a sign that holds a picture of the ultrasound and the legend, ‘we’ve been keeping a secret '. They will then tell them it is a boy.

“They will be totally shocked.” Jamie hasn’t stopped smiling since he saw his son. Claire knows, despite what he said, he is thrilled his first born will be a son.

“They will.” Claire is hiding her bump behind the grill until they see the sign. Then, she will pop out and show what they have been hiding.

“I can’t wait.” She can’t either. To share this with her family, to see their reactions, to share motherhood with her heart sister. No, this will be brilliant.

“Well, it is about time we see you Jamie. We thought you were upset with us about something.” Ian greets him as they step out of the car. His nephew and mobile nieces run up to him.

“Uncle Jamie!” his namesake reaches him first. He hugs him close.

“You have grown.”

“Aye, something ye would know if you saw us more often. It was been three months brathiar.” Jenny accuses as he lifts Maggie and Kitty up. She holds Caitlin in her arms. “Why Claire hasn’t seen Caitlin since she was a week old. What is up Jamie?”

“You are right. Something is. Come and you will see.” He carries the lasses around to the beach. The tempting smell of hamburgers and hotdogs fill the air. Claire stands behind the grill. The sign is between their guests and her. “See.” He waits for a beat for someone to see the sign.

“God almighty, Claire is pregnant!” Ian calls out, having seen it first.

“Sure am.” She steps out wearing a shirt that emphasizes her baby bump. Jenny squeals for joy and hands her youngest to her husband. She runs over and hugs her sister in law tight.

“My darling sister, how did you keep this from me?” Claire is laughing as she hugs her back. How she has missed these hugs!

“That is why I had to stay away. We wanted to wait until I was through the first trimester. Then decided to wait until we knew the gender.”

“Which is?”

“We are having a son!” Jamie announces. Ian slaps his back with the hand not holding his daughter. Everyone is laughing and celebrating. The wee ones, Kitty and Caitlin, don’t know what about but are laughing because the others are. Claire now sits, holding Caitlin as the guys finish cooking.

“So, you are over the worst of the sickness.” Jenny corrals Kitty as she gets to close to the grill. The lads are discussing fatherhood and, ironically, not watching out for her.

“I am. Not looking forward to labor though.” She smiles down at the baby who is softly cooing.

“No, it is no fun, as ye know. OH, you were pregnant when she was born.”

“Yes. It was hard to hide it. But, that was definitely about you, you and her. I didn’t wish to steal your thunder.” Jenny smiles.

“Yes Miss Kitty. You may join your sister and brother if you stay away from the hot.” She lets her go and watches as she joins her siblings, playing in the sand, away from the grilling.

Later, as they are eating, Wee Jamie looks to his auntie. “You are having a boy, right?”

“Yes. We are having a son.”

He places his burger down on the plate and wipes his mouth. “A grand thing. We have way to many lasses.” His mam, who had just handed Caitlin to her daddy for a burb after her feeding, jumps to her feet.

“James Ian Murray, apologize to your auntie and uncle, right this instant. That was quite rude.” He flushes but stands and looks at them under lowered lashes.

“I am sorry Auntie Claire and Uncle Jamie. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“It is already lad.” Jamie sooths.

“Jamie, it isn’t .”

“Jenny, it is. The lad was being honest. We want that, eh?”

“Jenny, his tone might be a bit harsh,” she turns to her nephew, “We shall work on that, eh?” he nods and gives her a shy smile,” but he is right. I mean, in what he feels. He is an excellent big brother and will be an awesome cousin.” Claire sooths all out.

“Aye, but the lad will work on his manners, eh?”

“Aye dad, I will.” The celebration continues.

Chapter Text

She doesn’t realize. As she sits on the bed, her hand rubbing absentmindedly over her bump, where Asher is moving about, reading a book on childcare, she is driving her husband cray. He can’t focus on the football game on the telly. She glows in her nightgown with her hair lose around her face. She is breathtaking. He turns the match off and turns to her resting his own hand alongside hers. She smiles.

“He is moving a lot.” He feels it, under his hand, a kick.

“Strong legs.” His hand creeps up her body to land on her breast. He cups it before finding the nipple and rubbing it through the cotton.


“Oh!” she places the book to the side. “So you want to, even through I look..”

“Beautiful. Stunning. Yes, I want you. I want you so bloody much Claire. Please say you will have me.” He has opened up her gown (it opens in front for breastfeeding) and is fully massaging her sensitive breast.

“Yes, yes my love I will have you.” He drops his head pulling her nipple in and sucking hard. “Ohhhh! Yes Jamie!” he cups the other pulling at her nipple.

Changing sides after a moment, he lays her down and moves his hand down her body to find her dripping honeypot. “You are so wet. God!” He returns to sucking as he places a finger then two under her knickers. A thrust has her arching her bottom.

“Ahhh! Please, I am going to cum!” Another thrust with a lick to her nipples tip and she is screaming out. Clothes are quickly taken off and he buries himself between her legs, his tongue making figure eights over her clitoris. “Ohhhhhh!” She gets louder as he pulls her up and up some more. Finally at the crest, he tips her over. “Yesssssss!” He comes up and slips in her while she is still orgasming.

“Oh Claire!” He moves slow, afraid of hurting the bairn, until she grabs his bum and pulls him closer.

“Take me Jamie. Take me hard!”

“It won’t hurt,” a deep groan as his back tingles with pleasure. “Asher?”

“No, it won’t .” She is moving up, searching for what his cautious thrusts are denying her.

“Alright.” He places his hands on either side of her and starts to really move.

“There! Ohhhh!” She shudders as she lets go. He presses a few more minutes before her explodes in her.

“He is quiet now.” His hand is back on her bare now, belly.

“We rocked him to sleep.” He laughs.

“I was thinking of Beach for his middle name.” He says.

“Asher Beach Fraser.” She tries it on. “I like it and it fits.”

“So our pickle is officially named.”

“Yes but let’s keep it a secret for now.”

“Aye.” He rests his head on her stomach and softly talks to his son.

Chapter Text

Jenny gets together with Geillis to plan a baby shower for them. “It must have a surfing theme.”

“Agree.” Geillis says. They plan out decorations, food and, games. It is set up for a month before she is due. “To give Jamie time to set everything up.” As Geillis comments.

“And Claire time to reorder it.” Speaks the voice of experience. Jenny knows her sister in law will be soon nesting.

Surfboards are everywhere, on the tiny bodysuits for baby boy Fraser, on the cake and cupcakes and on the banners. Jamie walks in, Claire’s hand firmly in his ( she is getting to big to walk without assistance). They both smile.

“Quite nice.” She says, taking the seat that she is directed to. Geillis places a stash around her neck and shoulder and Jenny places a crown. Both say, “Mammy to be” Jamie takes a seat beside her as cameras flash. They wish to have a record of everything to do with the baby. Jamie is surprised to see Murtagh, Ian and, Claire’s boss, Colum. When he says this to Claire, she replies, “Yes, they wanted all the important people in our lives to be here. Besides, now you’re not the only guy.”

A very good point.

“We shall start off with games. Now for the first one, we are going to test who knows Claire best, by what she craves most.” Jenny stands in the side of the hall they rented out and addresses everyone.

“Oh, I will win this one.” Jamie stage whispers to Claire.

“But, as Jamie has an unfair advantage, he isn’t a participant.” She says with a grin.

“We will pass out cards and pencils. You simply write as many cravings as you can on them. You will have five minutes. The one that comes up with the most, wins.” Geillis continues.

“Wins what?” Colum asks.

“A nappies pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower wins a gift certificate.”

The cards and pins are passed out and the timer set. Furious scribbling begins.

“Time.” The cards are collected and dallied. “The winner of the first nappy pin is Colum. He listed nine items.” Jenny reads them out and Claire and Jamie agree that they are all accurate.

Other games, including the guys favorite, who can change a diaper fastest, won by the expectant father, though Ian was right at his heels, follow.

“Now presents. We have one more game, a tie breaker,” Colum and Ian are tied, “There is a gift here that should be hard for a man to identify. Whoever does, wins.” Geillis announces.

“Presents!” Claire is excited to see what their friends and family have brought their son. Her and Jamie are set by the presents table and Jenny prepares to take notes on who gifted what.

They open up bodysuits and nappies, blankets and crib bedding, unbelievably tiny socks and gowns. Her office gifts them with a pram and his top sponsor with a crib. It is unique as it has waves and surfers on the rails. Then there are the more personal things.

“Jamie was wrapped in this when he came home, as was our dad. Now it is time for the newest Fraser to be.” Jenny and Ian present her with a tartan in the Fraser colors.

“Oh guys this is…” she is crying and can’t continue.

“Wonderful, thank you.” They all four hug.

“You know I love you like a sister. I know you will take lots of pictures of little pickle but, I want you to have some professional ones.” She hands her an envelope. Inside is a certificate for a professional photo session. “They will take some at the hospital and then document the whole first week. I hear they change a lot and I wanted you to have those memories.” With more tears, she hugs her best mate.

“It’s perfect.”

Murtagh comes over. He has contributed to the pile of nappies and gave then adorable bodysuits that proclaim the baby as a future surfer. He has one more present.

“Claire, when Jamie was just a bairn at his mam's breast, I knelt beside her and made a vow. I would like to do the same now.” Speechless, she just nods. He kneels beside her as Jamie watches tears in his eyes. “Claire Fraser, as long as the Lord allows me to draw breath, I promise to protect the child you carry. I will stand by his side as confidant and protector as he grows and a mate to him when he is a man grown. No harm will come to him as long as I can prevent it. I thus vow.” All present have tears in their eyes when he stands. Claire hugs him as tight as her pregnancy will allow.

“Lord, I don’t know how to follow up on that but we have one more present. It is from Mary,” The lass, who works beside Claire, raises her hand, with a blush. “This is the gift that will determine who wins the gift certificate. Ian, Colum, are you ready?” The both nod. She hands the big bag to Jamie and he removes the tissue paper and pulls out a huge basket. He hold it up towards Colum and Ian.

“Okay lads?” They take a moment.

“Ah, is it a nappy holder?” Ian guess’s .

“What is your guess Colum?” Jenny asks before answering Ian.

“It is a Moses’ basket.” He states with confidence.

Mary turns to look at him. “How did you now that?”

“I was looking into one myself, a way to keep the bairn by her as she works.”

“Just my thought.”

“Thank you Mary. I love it.”

As Jamie loads the haul up ( The crib will be delivered, thank goodness), Claire laughs as Jenny comforts her husband, father of four, for not knowing what it was. Geillis splits the remainder of the cake between Claire and Jamie and Jenny and her crew. They clean up the hall and Jamie takes Claire home, to finish setting up the nursery and prepare for the coming of Asher Beach Fraser.

Chapter Text

She sits up with a gasp. A pain, unlike any she has experienced, runs from her back, tighten her uterus so it raises up. Oh! Is this a first contraction? She places her hand over the tightness. Is it like her nose or chin? That is how the midwife had told her to judge it. If it felt like the tip of her nose, it is just Braxton Hicks. Her chin is the real thing. Oh, it is as hard as her chin.

When it eases, she wakes her husband. “Jamie?” He sits up, eyes wide.

“Is it time?”

“I just had my first contraction.” She calmly says. He isn’t calm.

“Okay! Hospital bag, it is by the door right? Right! I will get my shoes and, wait, should we be dressed? I should, right?” He starts to stumble to get his clothes and she stops him.

“First Jamie, remember. They need to ask an hour and be five minutes apart. We have a bit. You time them and I will, rest. That seems the best option.”

“Right, rest baby. I will open the app,” He reaches for his phone and does. The app times the contractions by how far apart they are and how long they last. It can’t tell the intensity. Jamie judges that by the look on her face and the way she squeezes his hand as the pain runs through her. She quickly finds resting is near impossible.

They are sporadic at first. Six minutes, five, then seven, six again. She tries laying down and closing her eyes between them. But laying becomes undeniable. She must be on her feet and she must walk. She rests between, laying her body against Jamie. “Oh God! Oh hell! This huuurts!” A moan as it raises, pulling her uterus as tight as a drum.

“Breath, my love. Pull in” She takes in a shuddering breath. “Good, now out. Again.” They get through that one.

“Five minutes apart for an hour now. Come baby, let me get you dressed and to the hospital.”

But she is suddenly stubborn. “Now, I don’t want to. Not yet. I want to be here and walk on the beach. Can we walk on the beach first? Please.”

For his woman, he would do anything. Seeing the pain she is in, he would try to stop the tide, if that’s what she asked for. “Okay baby.” He helps her to the shore line, stopping twice as the pain immobilizes her. It is early dawn and beautiful. They walk, moving with the rhythm of her body and the tide. When the app announces they are steadily four minutes apart, he starts her back towards the car, where he has already placed the hospital bag.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to ring Geillis or my sister?” At a steady, four minutes apart for five hours, the contractions are wearing on them both.

“No, we, arrrr, can do this. We started him and, holy hell! We can finish what we started!” He presses on her back, applying counter pressure that seems to help some. His mind is full of prayers for her and Asher. Even after being in the room when Jenny gave birth, he isn’t prepared to see his wife in such pain. It tears his guys out.

Pace, press, pant, pray. They move through the room, the soothing sounds of the ocean around them from the music app. The room is calmed by the scent of lavender and vanilla from the infuser. The lights are down as low as they can be and the nurses still do their job. This helps for awhile. Between her husband’s strong arms, the atmosphere and the breathing she learned, she made it through the first seven hours with just a few screams. She mostly moaned and swayed, working with the rhythm of her body.

“That’s it, my love, very good.” He sooths his hands down her raising uterus. “A bit more. That’s it. It is going down now.”

Her eyes are tightly closed. She is the ocean, the waves, the moon that controls them. She will raise above this pain for her child is at the end of it. Sway, breath, breath, sway.

Her eyes suddenly pops open and a wail starts and raises with the death grip her uterus has on her body. “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!” She screams out. Pulling away from her husband’s grip, she grabs the edge of the bed and holds tight, an anchor against the agony, though a thin one.

“Claire, baby, you must…”

“You must shut up! You did this.” He reaches for her and she jerks. “Don’t touch me!” A growl then a scream as the pain reaches its peak. The midwife comes in just then and Jamie stops her.

“Something is wrong.” A whisper, “ I think.. I think she is dying!”

“Mr. Fraser, no one making that much noise is dying. Your wife is just entering the last stages of labor.” She walks in and stands by Claire. “Claire darling, I need to check you.”

“Yes, yes, get him out please.”

“It will be soon.” She sooths. She is right. Claire is at seven, almost eight. “A bit more.”

It raises again, the beast that is called transition. She screams, she curses, she won’t let anyone touch her. Jamie is freaked and keeps looking to the midwife for reassure. She reassures them both. It seems to last forever but, in reality, it is the shortest part of labor. Ranging between five to seven contractions.

“Oh I need to push!” She groans out. A quick check and she is given permission. “Help me Jamie.” He is smart enough not to say anything smart but just to position himself behind her as she pants and strains.

“Good, now push as your body tells you to.” She does, pressing down through one of the strongest forces on earth, a contracting uterus. Jamie holds her, whispering encouragement.

“You are so strong, so brave. I couldn’t do what you are doing. I love you so much.”

“Oh God!” A scream as the baby’s head reaches her opening. “Burns!”

“Yes, I know. Push through it. It will be numb in a moment.” The lights are still down, the music still playing and, the room still smelling wonderful. They wanted a calm birth, for their son to entering the world in peace. The midwife sooths oil over the emerging head, helping the head to open up the cervix without tearing. A few more pushes and the head and face is out. Claire is instructed to pant as his head and nose is cleaned out. “A few more pushes. That’s it.” She closes her eyes and bears down as hard as she can. A giving way as he slips out the way he was started. She feels a emptying as his shoulders are delivered and he slips out. A second of silence and then…

“Wah! Wah! Wah!” as Asher Beach Fraser takes his first breathes.

“Oh my God!” Claire whispers as she holds her son tight. He is still covered with the bloody remains of his journey out. “My son. Oh my baby!” Jamie holds them both and cries.

Chapter Text

“Now recall the baby is quite wee and you must be gentle.” Jenny tells her children. They are quite excited to see Uncle Jamie and Auntie Claire ‘s baby.

“Yes mam.”

“Yes mam. Member, I was good with Caitlin and Kitty.” Maggie reminds them.

“Baby!” Kitty calls out grabbing at Caitlin, who let’s out a yell.

“That is who you need to worry about mam.” Wee Jamie says. Ian grins as Jenny and him get the children out of the car. They meet Murtagh As he also steps out of his car. The family walks in. Claire sits on the couch the baby in her arms. Jamie sits beside her, a big smile on his face.

“Family meet our son, Asher Beach Fraser.” Jenny laughs and Ian walks up and pats his shoulder.

“Perfect guys. May I hold him?” Aunt Jenny asks.

“Of course.” She slips him into her arms.

“Oh hello laddie. You are so your daddy.”

“He has Claire’s chin and ears. Toes too.” Jamie says as he takes Kitty and Caitlin in his arms. “What do you lasses think? Ready to meet your cousin?”

“Baby!” Kitty yells out.

“Be careful Uncle Jamie. She is a bit rough with Caitlin.” Wee Jamie warns.

“Thank you for the warning.” To his niece. “You must be gentle with your sissy. You are the big sister now.”

“May I hold him Auntie? Maggie asks.

“Come sit by me and you may.” She does and her mam carefully places him in his cousin ‘s arms. “Mind his head and neck.” Auntie and mam say together. Murtagh sees him clearly with him being in Maggie’s arms.

“Lad,” His voice breaks as he turns to Jamie, “He is ye lad.”

“Accept his ears, toes and chin, Uncle Murtagh.” Wee Jamie recall. He smiles at the lad before kneeling by Maggie and Asher.

“Aye lad.” Then to the baby, “Asher Beach Fraser, look at ye lad.”

“Wanna hold him?” Maggie offers.

“Aye lass. Thank ye.”

“Mind his head.” She reminds him. Everyone laughs but he is staring down at the baby.

“A ghille bhig, seasaidh mi ri d' thaobh gu bràth.”

It is wonderful introduction to his family.

Chapter Text

Five Years Later

Jamie walks out towards the waves next to Asher who holds his own board. He has been on boards since he has been able to sit but today will be his first real surf lesson. His daddy had retired two and half years ago when his sister, Evelyn Grace was born. He still does endorsements but the days of traveling around the world have ended. He won’t miss his children’s lives.

“See daddy and Asher.” Claire points out to Evelyn. The lass walks with her, gathering sea shells. The lass loves the water but loves the shore and the discoveries found there more.

“Aye mammy. See pretty?” She holds up a shell.

“Quite pretty.” She isn’t just talking about the shell. Her daughter is beautiful. With chestnut curls that are always dancing as their owner is always in movement. Her blue eyes, like her daddy and brother’s, are alive with the joy of her discovery. “Come love, Let’s sit and watch daddy and Asher.” She plops her bum down and her mammy joins her with a laugh.

“Recall what I told you son?”

“Aye daddy.” They push out. Jamie keeps his eyes on his son as he stands like her was born to ride the waves. His chest swells with pride. He stands with him. The child carefully catches his first wave. Jamie’s eyes fill with tears. “Look daddy! I am doing it!” From the shore, his mammy cheers with his little sister.

“Aye son, you sure are.”

“I am going to surf in the Olympics.” He declares.

“Ye shall if you wish too.” They surf for a bit longer before joining their lasses.

A perfect day. A perfect time chasing Waves.

The End