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It's NOT a crush!

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Episode 1: At the café – It´s not a crush!


The bell on the door ringed when Pick entered the café. A cute guy behind the counter looked up and smiled warm.

“Good morning, P´Pick. The usual?” Rome asked and Pick hummed as an answer. This big friendly smile got him every time. It made him feel weak and Pick hated it but at the same time couldn´t get enough of it.


Since the day Pick had discovered this little café near the campus and had noticed Rome for the first time, he visited the café nearly every day. Rome had entangled him in a conversation that day and his laugh had captured Pick´s heart immediately. It hit Pick off guard. Normally Pick hated people and especially those ´always happy´ guys got on his nerves. It was a miracle that he was friends with Porsche to be honest. But Rome was different. He had something fascinating that Pick couldn´t ignore. He was so happy and open. He always started a conversation with Pick regardless of all the work he had when the café was busy. He found time to talk to him and always responded with a big smile that melted Pick´s heart. And Pick let him and stayed near the counter, took all the time Rome offered him and enjoyed it. It was a nice feeling and Pick liked it spending his time with Rome… But he would never say it out loud.


“Here” Rome´s voice teared him from his thoughts. He placed a steaming cup of coffee in front of him and smiled his signature smile. “I hope you like it.”

“Hm” answered Pick, took the cup, and placed himself next to the counter. He watched Rome working. It was kind of reassuring watching Rome making coffee. He looked always so lively doing it. Pick was amazed by that. He knows that he was a grumpy guy – Porsche told him that often enough, thanks buddy – and he knew he was always annoyed by anything. But with Rome´s present… he felt weirdly balanced.


Porsche liked to annoy him with his theory that he spent so much time in the tiny café because of his crush on the cute barista. Pf! As if! Rome was a boy. It was impossible for Pick to have a crush on a boy. He always liked girls. Until now he never looked after a boy crossing the street. His feelings for Rome were no way near something romantic.

He told Porsche the exact same thing and got a laugh and a hard punch on his shoulder as a response. He had just shaken his head and said there was always a first time. As if Pick would look after Rome on the street…


Pick blinked when Rome passed him on his way to a table and Pick followed him with his eyes. He couldn´t resist to admire Rome´s statue while he tried to balance two cups and some pastry on a tray. It should be illegal to wear tight jeans like that.

Pick shook his head in disbelief when he realised where his eyes travelled. Quickly he turned away and took a big gulp of coffee. It tasted as good as always, Rome really made the best coffee Pick ever had.


“Alright” Rome sighed, standing behind the counter and looking at Pick.

“Tell me, how was your day so far?”

Pick shrugged with his shoulders and kept drinking his coffee.

“Normal”, he simply answered. Rome kept his piercing gaze at him, so he lowered his cup and added, “I got up, had breakfast, and got here. Porsche already got on my nerves about his animal rescue idea on my way. He can´t even hold back his annoyance this early and had to text me about it constantly, stupid prick”, he shrugged, “But nothing special, really.”

Rome giggled sweetly at the mention of Porsche´s name and Pick clenched his teeth. He noticed that a while ago that Rome always giggled and looked happy when he talked about Porsche. He didn´t like it. He sipped at his cup.

“It´s funny how annoyed you are every time you talk about him”, Rome said and added, “How is his rescue plan going? Will it get realized? You talked about it quite a while, but it seems like nothing happens.” He leaned against the work surface, cocked his head, and smiled illegally cute.

“Ask him. He´s the one with this idea, so he needs to put it in action. I´m just helping him when there is work to do. I´m not responsible for the organisation.” Pick shook his head and emptied is coffee.

“But I think he will wait till exam period is over. Our last exam is in two days and he mustn´t fail.”

“I see, and aren´t you stressed out about it?”

“No, not really. It´s easy, I will definitely pass.”

Rome nodded and looked at his empty cup. He smiled soft.

“Want some more?” he asked and cocked his head to the other side. Pick swallowed. Rome had no idea what an effect this little gesture had on him… or had he?

Pick hesitated shortly but shook his head.

“I have to go. My lecture is about to start.”

Rome seemed disappointed but kept smiling, “Okay, study well!”

Pick nodded and raised his hand.

“See ya” he mumbled.

“Have a good day, P´Pick. See you tomorrow” Rome responded and waved, smiling.

Pick turned around quickly and left the café. Hopefully Rome couldn´t see his red ears.






Pick had a horrible day. In the morning he hadn´t heard his alarm and had gotten late to class. He almost had missed a very important information about tomorrow’s test and had to listen to a long speech from his professor about responsibility. Because of that he hadn´t time to eat breakfast and had to take his next class suffer in hunger. On lunch break he only had gotten to take some bites of a meat stick he had bought because his ass of a friend had dragged him to every facility on campus to promote his animal rescue club. He had seemed less stressed about their test than Pick had expected, and he had impressed him with his ambition to open the club at this certain time. (Of course, nobody really had listened to their speeches because they were busy learning.)


Now it was noon, and his mood was horrible. Exhausted from the day Pick dragged himself to the little café near the campus. He couldn´t get his usual morning coffee today and the only thought he had was to see Rome´s warming smile. The knowing ring from the bell sounded when he opened the door and Rome looked up from his work. He smiled broadly at the sign of Pick and waved enthusiastically. Pick immediately felt better.

“There you are, P´Pick. I thought you wouldn´t come in today” Rome said happily.

“Aou, what´s with you? It´s not like I´m here every day” Pick shouted and right away sat down on his usual chair at the counter. Rome frowned.

“But P´Pick. You are here every day except our closing day.”

“Oi, and I´m here right now, aren´t I? Why do you have to be so noisy?” Pick shook with his hand in defence and looked around. His ear felt hot and he didn´t like it. He looked back at Rome and added, “Don´t you have work to do? Make me coffee, extra strong. I´m exhausted.” Pick sighed and stroked his hair. Rome bit on his lips but nodded quickly.

“Of course, you look horrible.”


Rome smirked for a second but then frowned.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes, why not? Can´t I just be tired? Why do you ask so much today…”

“Hey, why are you so aggressive? Stop putting it out on me and just tell me what´s bothering you.” Rome crossed his arms and looked upset at him. Pick jerked at his tone. He can´t bring himself up to look at him and just mumbled something.

“What? Speak clear.”

“I just had a rough day, okay? Got a lot to do” Pick said loudly and sulked a little at the end. Rome kept starring till Pick had enough.

“Stop starring a hole in my head. Go, make coffee.” Rome shook his head but followed Pick´s suggestion. But he didn´t stop starring at him while preparing the espresso shot. Pick started to feel uncomfortable. He shifted in his seat, Rome´s gaze got under his skin and he didn´t know what to do.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Rome cut through the silence and Pick jerked again. Rome really had some nerves… But he also sounded worried? Pick was irritated. Did he actually care about him that much?

He looked around and noticed that not that many customers were present. The café was nearly empty, and it was quieter than usual. In the morning every table was taken, and customers entered and left the café constantly. Rome was always busy with work and had barely time to talk to Pick. Sometimes Pick had to drink his coffee intentionally slow till Rome got some time to talk. But at noon, almost closing time, it was quiet and only a few customers got in and out. It was kind of soothing and Pick appreciated it to be almost alone with Rome. He sighed.

“Okay, okay, I tell you. Stop starring! It gives me chills, man.” He shook his head.


“Where should I begin? I overslept today and had to listen to the stupid speech from my professor about my sense of responsibility and how I should improve my commitment in class. And because of that I didn´t get to eat breakfast.” Pick rolled his eyes. Rome nodded compassionate when he placed a big cup of coffee in front of him. Pick cleared his throat and tried not to look too pleased about Rome´s presence. The delicious smell of coffee got to his nose, and it calmed him. He took a gulp of the hot drink and closed his eyes in enjoyment when the taste of coffee spread through his mouth. Rome really made fantastic coffee.

He opened his eyes again and noticed that Rome stood opposite of him and looked at him with dreamy eyes. Quickly Pick looked down to his cup and tried not to blush.

“And during lunch Porsche dragged me to every facility on campus to promote his animal rescue club. What an ass. Finally, he decided to actually open the club and of course he had the nerves to engage today when I´m in worst shape possible. I even didn´t got time to eat again. Stupid friend made me suffer just to show off in front of some chicks.” Pick rolled his eyes. He knows that Porsche didn´t just do all this to impress some girls. He really cares for animals, but he can´t deny that this a very appreciated side effect – which wasn´t actually working but he had tried.

Rome nodded again while frowning and stared at Pick with sharp eyes. Pick swallowed. A short silence hung in the air.

“What are you starring, hn?” Pick shouted after he couldn´t take it anymore, “Am I that handsome?”

Rome took a moment to answer.

“Yes, you are.”

Pick couldn´t hinder himself to gasped flustered. He didn´t expected such a bold answer.


“Are you hungry?” Pick almost choked on his coffee when he heard Rome.

“W-what?” Pick stammered and looked up. Rome was standing behind the counter, looking on the ground, his hands tight on his apron.

“I mean, I know you´re having an up-coming test tomorrow and particular no time to fool around, but… It sounded like you didn´t eat enough today, so I thought that- I mean, it´s almost closing time and…” Rome hesitated for a moment and looked to the side. Pick just stared at him and couldn´t really realise what was happening right now.

“I know a small place not far from here. It has really good food and I thought if you want, we could…” Rome interrupted himself and seemed to think for a moment. Then he looked Pick deep in the eyes and ask, “P´Pick, do you want to go out and eat with me?”

… … … Pick blinked. Rome blinked. As if all the sounds around them disappeared, everything was completely silence. Pick only heard his blood running through his veins. His mind was blank. He didn´t know what to think. What to do. He was… overwhelmed. Rome, the cute barista who Pick secretly NOT crushed on had ask him out. Picks mouth went dry.

Rome´s cheeks turned pink, and he starred shy at the work surface.

“You mean, you,”, Pick pointed to Rome, “and I”, he pointed to himself, “Eating? Together?”

Since when did he forget how to make a sentence?

“It wouldn´t take long if you haven´t the time! And we don´t have to. It was just a thought. It´s okay if you don´t wa…” Pick interrupted him and shouted.

“No! I mean, yes. Well… yes, I am very hungry, and I don´t need to study anymore…. so-“ Pick stuttered and felt his ears turned red. He was such an idiot. Rome seemed to be stunned for short time, then he giggled and nodded released.

“Okay, I just need to work for about 20 minutes. After that we can go.”






Pick was irritated. Until now he had one of the most horrible day of his life and he had nothing in mind than finally getting home. And now he was sitting in a cosy restaurant with Rome right in front of him and he wished the night would never end.


They had gone there in silence, just a few words here and there and Pick had tried very hard not to scare Rome away with his loosen tongue. The time they had gotten their food, the awkward mood had disappeared, and Pick noticed how relaxed he felt. Rome had also noticed that, and had smiled relieved. They talked casually while eating. Pick realised how little he knew about Rome. They had talked almost every day, but it had been mostly about work or studying or other unpersonal stuff. Rome had been the one, who asked Pick some questions about his life and Pick always had answered – annoyed and with a bunch of curses but he always had given an answer – but he never had asked back. Pick felt guilty and cursed himself for the lack of sensibility. It wasn´t that he didn’t want to get to know Rome. It was the opposite. In his mind he had tons of questions for Rome, but he always had stopped himself from actually asking. He wasn´t good at this type of thing. This… caring. He wasn´t very emotional and a ´heart on the tongue´ person. He kept things for himself and only reacted defensive to personal questions.

But today he felt this upcoming feeling of wanting to know more about Rome. So he did and got rewarded.

Now he knew that Rome was also a student but on break. He wanted to fully be prepared for his final exam and had taken some time out. He has a best friend named Emma, both knew each other since high school, and they made a phone call every day to keep them updated. Rome smiled and told Pick about his photographic club and showed him some of his pictures. He seemed to glow at Pick when Pick had said that they were not that bad.

Pick enjoyed the night more than he would admit and forgot all his bad energy of the day.



“That was nice” Rome said when they got to the entrance of his condo. Pick insisted on bringing Rome home and ignored Rome´s protest.

“Mh” hummed he and looked at Rome.

“But you didn´t have to bring me home.” Rome seemed flustered and kept fiddling on the seam of his shirt.

“As I could let you walk alone in the dark. Look at how small you are. Someone could easily kidnap you.”
“Hey! Maybe I´m small but I´m not helpless.” Rome stamped with one foot on the ground and started pouting.

´Cute´ Pick thought and he smirked. Provocative he laid a hand on top of Rome´s head.

“And what do you want to do against me, shorty? Huh?” he smirked and noticed how Rome´s cheeks turned pink. He furiously tried to push Pick´s hand off his head.

“Stop it” Rome whined, but Pick had too much fun to just stop. He replaced his hand with his forearm and leant against his head.

“Ai´Shorty you have the perfect size to lean on”, he laughed. Rome whined again and squirmed under him. Pick´s laugh grew louder as he kept going.

“Hm, suddenly I feel very very tired.” He fake yawned and leaned even more against Rome. Too late he noticed that Rome took a step back. Pick lost his balance and fell forward his eyes wide open. Out of reflex he grabbed Rome´s shoulders for support and ended right before Rome´s face.

Pick swallowed. That wasn´t planned. He caught his breath when he realised how close he was to Rome. Both were starring in each other eyes, no one made a move. Pick´s ears stared to burn, and he noticed how red Rome´s cheeks were. The blush reached his ears, and it was… seductive. Pick caught his mind asking himself how far his blushing would go down his neck and under his shirt. Pick gasped and pulled away. He felt it. He felt the longing to kiss Rome. It wasn´t that big yet but it was there in his mind and… no. No no no no.


Pick stepped two steps backwards, took a deep breath. He felt like he couldn´t breathe. Rome´s scent was too tempting, he needed distance. He had too many thoughts in his head. Pick began to panic.

Rome just stood at the same spot and looked flustered.

“Err” was his try to speak, and he cleared his throat.

Pick simply starred at him, his eyes restless. From Rome´s cheeks to his eyes to his hair, which was too soft for a human. Back to his eyes and finally to his lips. To these seductive, full lips which looked so kissable in Pick´s eyes, it scared him. Rome´s lips parted as he spoke.

 “Well…then, good night, P´Pick”, he smiled shy and brushed over his heated cheeks, “Thank you for bringing me home.”

Pick cleared his throat. His mouth felt dry.

“Then, see you tomorrow” Rome said and smiled. Then he was gone.

Pick could just reply with a mumbled, “See ya.”






Finally, their exam period was over! They left class right after the test and were on their way to the canteen to celebrate when Porsche grabbed Pick on his arm and dragged him somewhere. Pick immediately complained and tried to escape his grip but couldn´t get free till they were upsides the campus.


“You jerk, what´s your problem, huh?” They stood by a bench and Porsche sat down pointing beside him. Pick grumbled but also sat down, crossing his arms.

“What´s up with you, Pick?” With a serious expression Porsche leaned on his legs and looked at his friend.

“What do you mean?” Pick returned the look with mistrust.

“You act strange. You´re in deep thoughts the whole day and don´t listen to me. I was really anxious about you back inside. What´s wrong?”

Pick turned to him outraged and shouted, “Nothing is wrong! I´m hungry, okay? You still have to make up for yesterday, you know? You owe me lunch.”

Porsche rolled his eyes and leaned back.

“How can you think about something like that when we just had an important exam? You confuse me sometimes. And stop complaining about yesterday. You too enjoyed it to flirt with the girls.” Pick clicked his tongue in objection. Porsche noticed the difference to his usual behaviour and leaned forward.

“Or not? Did you maybe thought about someone else back then?” He grinned broadly, “I see, are you absent because of that? Is there a certain barista in your head?” Porsche wiggled with his eyebrows and smirked mischievous. Pick made an indignant sound and hit his shoulder hard.

“Barista my ass. Stop your dump conclusions.”

Porsche made a painful face but didn´t stop smiling, “But I´m right, right?”

Pick stayed silent.

“Dude, I know you since forever and your eyes say clearly that this cute barista is on your mind 24/7. What happened this morning?”

“Ha? Nothing happened…”, Pick became meek, “How should it, I wasn´t there today.”

“What?!” It was clear to see that Porsche was seriously surprised. “But you´re there every day. Bro, you had changed and are on time since you go there. Normally no one gets you out of bed and you were late most of the time. But since you hang up with Rome, you´re even up before me.” Porsche patted him in the back while laughing. Pick grumbled.

“Shut up.”

“Now spill it. You know me, I will not let it go, till I get my information.”

Pick looked at him with a piercing gaze, but knew damn well that Porsche was very insistent and would annoy him for the rest of the day, if he didn´t give in. Pick sighed in defeat.

“Okay, chill. I will tell you.” Porsche paid him his full attention.

Pick cleared his throat and looked to the side. “So you know, I was at the café in the evening-“

“Hah! I knew it! I knew you were in a hurry because of Rome.” He hit his thigh in excitement and smirked satisfied.

“Shut up!” Pick responded and pushed his shoulder. Porsche noticed that he was uncomfortable right now and couldn´t stop grinning.

Pick clicked his tongue and continued, “Well, and then… I was there and Rome…”

“Yeeess-“ Porsche dragged the word out. He moved closer to Pick, who pushed him away right away.

“If you keep interrupting me, I won´t say anything.” If looks could kill, Porsche already would lay on the ground, rattling. And if Pick hadn´t known Porsche forever, he would have received at least one punch. But Porsche was too important to Pick to seriously injure him. So he just used his death look and hoped for the best. Sadly, Porsche seemed to be resistant to it.

Porsche raised both arms defensively.

“All right, all right. I don´t say anything more.” But he continued to grin annoyingly.

“… well… Rome and I were out eating. Something normal friends do.” Pick ignored Porsche, who raised his eyebrow sceptically, and said: “And I accompanied him home. The end. Nothing special.” Pick looked away and leaned on his thighs. Porsche leaned in his field of vision and smiled broadly.

“Except for the fact that you had a date with Rome, of course.”

Pick jerked and turned around.

“I didn´t had a date with Rome! It was just… dinner” he said. Porsche nodded unimpressed.

“Mhm, but when you go eat with me, you don´t stammer.”

“That´s different!”

“Really? How?”

“That´s….!!! Oh, fuck you.” Pick leaned back in frustration and grumbled something. Porsche laughed.

“Mh, thanks. Nice as always, buddy.” Surely, he turned sideways and eyed Pick.

“And where´s the problem? You were eating, and? Did you frighten Rome away with your bad personality?”

“Oi, I have a great personality. Don´t mistake me with yourself” Pick countered and tapped Porsche with his finger on the chest.

“Of course, Mister ´I´m always pissed and bully everyone´.”

Pick cursed outraged and showed him the finger. Porsche laughed. He had too much fun teasing his friend. It was rare to see such an emotional side of Pick and Porsche – the good friend he was – took advantage of it and pushed further.

“What did you do? Bad at flirting?” Pick´s look was sharp as a knife while he was trying to kill Porsche with it.

“I didn´t flirt!”

“Aaaah, so that’s the problem.”

“W-wha…no! Argh!” Pick pulled his hair in frustration. He groaned in defeat and finally gave up.

“I teased him and somehow I lost my balance and on thing lead to another and… we almost kissed and now I don’t know how to face him again!” Pick buried his face in his hands. Porsche didn´t say a word, just spaced out for a moment. He clearly hadn´t expected that.

“This morning I wasn´t at the café but stood in front of it and couldn´t bring myself up to enter. Gosh, how pathetic.” It was quiet for a while. Then Pick shouted: “Don´t you want to say something? Useless friend…” He eyed his friend and grabbed his shoulder to jolt him forcefully.

“Oi!” Porsche shouted and freed himself from the grip. “I try to process the fact that my best friend just told me unsolicited that he almost kissed a guy, even though he hits the ceiling every time I tell him he has a crush.”

Pick jerked by the last part and jumped up. Frantic he shouted, “I don´t have a crush!”

“Yes yes, and I´m not human, I´m a dog, woof. Come down.” Porsche rolled his eyes and pulled Pick back on the bench. Pick continued to stare holes in his head. Then he sighed.


“So?” he asked.

“I´m still thinking what I should say.”

“Hurry up, I´m starving here.”

“To summarize that again: You have a crush on Rome-“
“It´s not a crush!”

“Okay okay, you have a not-crush on Rome, you two had a not-date and last night you almost had not-kissed and now you don´t know what to do.”

“Mh.” Pick rolled with his eyes. Did Porsche have to repeat that again? So embarrassing.

His friend grumbled for a while tapping his chin.

“How about telling Rome how you feel?” he said finally and looked at Pick seriously.

“Porsche!” Pick looked at him in disbelief.

“I mean… I think it´s the best if you become clear with yourself. What exactly you feel. Look into yourself and ask you, what is it that you want and how you feel toward him. And tell him that. But don´t you dare to ignore the issue. That’s important. You have to solve it somehow or it will grow into a serious problem.”






He had decided to ignore the topic and to pretend nothing happened.


Pick looked at the sign of the little coffee shop. The curvy letters were nothing but frighten to him. He didn´t want to be there. Curse you, stupid Porsche. It was his fault that he stood at the café and had to took deep breaths to calm down.

Pick swallowed and wiped his hands off his pants. He actually had planned to just go home right away and didn´t show up at the café but Porsche had pestered him the rest of the day, he had no other choice but to give in. So now he stood by the door and hated it.

His phone buzzed in his pocket and with an annoyed grunt he took it out. One message from Porsche. He sighed.

´Are you there yet?´ he read on his screen and Pick rolled his eyes. Porsche didn´t let him go till he had promised to update him of any of his steps, so he made sure he didn´t back off. His original plan was to follow him but now that the exam period was over, he arranged a meeting with the principal about his club and he had to stay in the university building – to Pick´s luck.

But he constantly received annoying messages from his pain of a friend.


To make sure Pick didn´t lie to him, he insisted on a picture for proof. Pick was more than pissed at this point but had no other choice than to make a quick selfie of him in front of the door. His middle finger right in the centre.



´Cute, luv u 2´

´that’s a nice place ô-ô´

´Maybe I should visit it myself sometime…´

´Don´t you dare!´



Pick hated the thought that Porsche would disturb his alone time with Rome. He wanted to have it just for himself and not share it with that idiot.



´Now go inside!´




“Chill, man” Pick mumbled and sent a mad emoji. He looked back at the door and locked his phone. Here goes nothing…

With a deep breath Pick entered the café. He felt the tension in his whole body when he peeked at the counter … … where nobody was. Huh? He looked around irritated and scanned the inside of the café. Where was Rome? His phone vibrated a few times.



´Go go. Don´t hesitate. ´

´I believe in you, bro´

´/°3°/ <3´

´Show me that you are there´

´I need a pic!´


´He´s not here.´


´what do you mean?´


´Hes not in the café´




´I swear it youre lying im coming right up to beat your ass…´



´Im telling you, hes not here´





Pick sighed and took a picture of the empty counter.






´That’s disappointing´

´but a really cute place I have to say´



Pick frowned as he walked up to the workstation and scanned it. Maybe Rome was behind that giant coffee machine and hide himself. He was so tiny, he could easily get lost there. But no, no Rome there. Pick scratched his head in confusion. His phone vibrated again but he ignored it and put it back in his pocket. He had enough of his friends dump messages and embarrassing smileys. Why did he listen to him anyway? He should have stuck to his actual plan and just went home. 


Annoyed he turned around, ready to leave when he heard a surprised noise from behind.

“Oh, P´Pick!”

He twirled around. Rome made his way from the door marked ´staff area´ to the counter and placed a large container on the floor in front of him. He groaned a little but then smiled at Pick.

“Hn” was the only noise he managed to get out. His throat felt dry all the sudden and his nerves were even more tense than before. Damn it, why didn´t he just ran away? Now he had to face Rome and his bright cute smile that made his knees weak. How could a person have such an influence on him? It was scary.

“Sorry for the wait. I had to get something from stock” he apologised and brushed over his neck. Pick´s glance followed the hand and rested on the neck hem of his shirt.


Without any sound he watched Rome putting the container in place and then starting to prepare some coffee. Rome looked at him.

“Extra strong coffee like yesterday? You look exhausted again. How was the exam?” Rome said and smiled gently. The rattle of the cups was infinitely loud in Pick´s ears and he wiped off his sweaty hands on his pants.


How could Rome be so calm? His mind was running circles by now and he had problems keeping his cool on the outside. Inside he was screaming. Wasn´t it uncomfortable for Rome that they…? That they had gotten so close yesterday? Pick was irritated and overwhelmed and he had to cover up his panic right now!


“Oi, I´m not exhausted! Just a bit tired, that´s it” he said grumpy and leaned casual against the counter. Rome frowned at him as he filled the cup with steaming coffee.

“Oh, okay. So how was the test?” he asked and placed the cup in front of Pick.

“It was excellent!”, Pick said loud while his ears heat up. He looked to the side. Maybe that was a little too exaggerated, he thought. Rome jerked at his loud voice and was surprised by his statement but smiled relieved.

“That’s great to hear.”

“Hn.” Pick drank some coffee to distract his mind a little from Rome but failed because the taste of coffee just reminded him how perfect Rome was. Why was Rome always in his head? Annoying.


“And how was your day till now? Also great?” Rome asked and ripped him out of his thoughts. Pick peeked at Rome, who stood at the end of the counter cleaning the surface. He followed his movement with his eyes as he snorted, “Why are you always so noisy, shorty? What has my day to do with you?” That sounded snippier that it was intended. Rome turned around and frowned at him.

“I ask you every day about your day.” Well, that was true… Damn it. Pick clenched his teeth together when he realised how stupid he sounded.

“And that’s really annoying. How would you react if I always ask you about your day, huh?” he tried to fire back. Rome paused for a second but continued his task as had nothing happened.

“I would be very happy about it because that means you care about me, and I would tell you about my day.”

Pick almost choked on his coffee. He didn´t expect such a bold answer. Er swallowed the hot drink quickly and thought for a moment.

“… okay.”

“What?” Rome turned around in a flash and looked at him with big eyes.

“Tell me” Pick mumbled and annoyed looked away.

“… about my day?” Rome sounded confused and Pick felt frustrated. What was so difficult to understand? Rome acted as if he never asked him that before… which was sadly true, if he was honest. He never ever had asked Rome about his day. Damn it, he was an asshole.

He nodded after hesitating for a second. Now that he had started it, he had to pull it to the end.

“Yes, what else? Or don´t you want to tell me suddenly? How troublesome…”

Rome seemed flustered for a moment but then smiled broadly at him. That smile killed him inside…

“My day was exhausting as usual. Today there were a lot of customers and my workmate was running late so-“

“You have a workmate?”, Pick asked all the sudden, surprised by that. Rome blinked irritated. Pick slapped his face mentally for that dump question. Of course, Rome had colleagues. How could he manage such a place on his own? As a student to sum it up. But fact was, Pick never saw any of his workmates since he visited this place. It was always Rome behind the counter.


Rome giggled, “Yes, but they always come in after morning when it gets busier. In the morning and now in the evening it´s just me because there are not that many customers.”

 Pick frowned, “But it´s always busy in the morning.”

“Right, but I can manage that alone.”

Pick shook his head by that statement.

“You should not work that hard. If it´s too much you should receive help” he said. Rome always seemed very busy in the early hours. Pick could not picture how it could be even busier later that day. He noticed how pissed he got at Rome´s colleagues to let him alone with all that work.


Rome blinked perplexed and peeked at Pick shortly.

“Don´t worry, I got this. It´s not for long anyways” he muttered while shaking his head. He rounded the counter and started to wipe about the rest of the surface.

Pick´s eyes opened wide.

“What do you mean?” He sat up straight and now Rome had his full attention. The cup in his hand completely forgotten.

“Well, it´s just a month till I start my studies again. That mean I will have less time working here.” Oh. The surprise hit Pick unexpectedly and he set down the cup too harsh, it clinked loudly. Both flinched and looked at the cup which was to Pick´s luck undamaged.

Rome shrugged his shoulders and carefully put the cup away. He smiled lightly and continued his cleaning. Pick noticed that the smile was not as real as it should be. He grumbled.


After a moment of silence Rome cleared his throat and mumbles flustered, “Done. Uh, we´re closing now, so…” He fiddled at his apron and looked around like he didn´t know how to act right now. Pick raised an eyebrow.

“And? You´re kicking me out?”, he asked sharp.

“No, but-“, Rome hesitated, “I will clean up now and have to lock the café, so… well, actually yes, I´m kicking you out to close it.” He laughed abashed and scratched his rosy cheek. Pick observed the movement of his fingers.

“So this is how you treat your customers?” he complained with a shook of his head but couldn’t hold back a smirk. Rome pouted.

“Since they had the audacity to visit here almost closing time and pester the workers, yes.”

“Ts…” Stubborn Pick crossed his arms and didn´t move while Rome put up all chairs, locked the checkout and gathered his things. He still didn´t say a word when Rome lifted him up by the arm and dragged him outside, so he could lock the door. He just stood near him and waited. There was a short pause which neither of them knew what to say.

“Well, then. See you tomorrow, P´Pick” Rome said smiling and he turned around to walk away. But Pick hold him back.

“Wait, where do you think you´re going?”

Rome looked at him in surprise and asked, “At… home?”

Pick bit the inside of his cheek while looking away and collecting his courage to say the words he had in mind.

“I´m hungry” he managed to say. Rome just blinked confused. Pick growled unpleased and did the next thing without thinking.

“Come on.” He grabbed Rome vigorous by his shirt and dragged him with him. He struggled to keep up with Pick´s large steps and stoppered after him till he adjusted his walk to Pick´s speed.

“Where are we going, P´Pick?” he asked, catching his breath. Pick muttered annoyed.

“Finding something to eat. As I said, I´m hungry.”

Rome was perplexed for a moment, just blinked, and seemed uncertain. But then he couldn´t hold back a bright smile that reached both of his ears.






At this point Pick had changed his daily routine. From now on he didn´t visit the café at morning but in the afternoon to wait till Rome was free. Then they had dinner together. They even went shopping a few times since Rome loved to wander around the mall. One time they had watched a movie at the cinema, because Rome had told him that he was obsessed with horror movies and Pick didn´t believed him that he didn´t got scared by them. It ended with Pick mostly shutting his eyes and desperately trying to ignore the horrible sounds around him. He only had opened his eyes to glance at Rome, who seemed to had the time of his life watching murder with glittery eyes and staffing popcorn in his mouth. It had been kind of frightening.


They spent most of the semester break together, but all came to an end when the new term began, and Rome started studying again and wasn´t working at the café every day.

Chapter Text

Episode 2: At university– It’s not a crush!?



Pick was pissed. No, that wasn’t even close. He felt more like an aggressive ball of bad mood which would explode any minute if someone just dared to look at him. Everything was annoying and awful, and he had the need to punch something or someone for no reason, just to let out some steam. Porsche had to be careful at this point that he didn’t end up being the target of his anger.


With grinning teeth, he poked his lunch and it looked more like murder than eating if someone had asked Porsche. He sat opposite to his friend and tried to find some words to cool his mind.

“Why are you so aggressive these days, Pick?” he asked frowning while sipping at his drink. Pick looked up for a moment but continued to stab his vegetables. Porsche swallowed.

“Seriously, I’m used to your bad mood but that’s beyond the usual.” Porsche wouldn’t give up, he had to find out what had bitten his friend that he was that aggressive. Pick sighed heavy and threw the utensils on his plate.

“Shut up, Porsche. You suck.”

“You say that every time I talk. Stop avoiding the topic and tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing.” Pick avoided eye contact.

“Mhm, just like last time, huh?”, Porsche drew an eyebrow and slurped soundly at his straw, “Got rejected by Rome?”

Pick jerked.

“Wait, really?”, Porsche was surprised, “That’s why you not busy anymore after class? Rome really dumped you?”

“No, what? How you get such a stupid idea? Rome would never dump me. I’m awesome.” Pick ignored the snort of his friend.

“What did you do then?”

“Nothing! He- …”, Pick interrupted himself and ruffled his hair in frustration, “He started his studies again. I haven’t seen him since.”

Porsche blinked irritated, “And why? He got a lot to do?”

“Don’t know.”
“What do you mean?” Porsche again slurped his drink and Pick stabbed him and the bottle with his eyes in annoyance then sighed frustrated.

“You really are dim as hell… Rome doesn’t work at the café anymore, so I can’t visit him!” He tossed his head to the side, laid his elbow on the table, and leaned his chin on his hand. Porsche lowered his drink slowly.

“… are you dump? Doesn’t he study here at our university? How is it possible you can’t see him now? It’s just the next building! This short distance won’t kill you, man.”

Pick groaned in his hand. Of course, his friend didn’t understand.

“You don’t understand it.”

“Well, yeah? As I said. What is your problem, bro?”

Pick slammed his hand on the table, anger in his eyes when he shouted, “It’s-! How would it look like if I just go there and suddenly hang out with him?”

Porsche made a doubtfully face.

“Like you’re friends? That’s not a big deal.” It was! At least for Pick. He grunted at his friend.

“Why don’t you just text him? Ask him if he has time to eat dinner with you later or something. You met during break the whole time, so it’s not that unfamiliar.”

Pick hesitated for a moment and felt his ears turn red. “Well….idonthavehisnumber” he muttered embarrassed, his eyes fixed on his hands.

“What? Don’t mumble, I can’t understand a word. Did your dad teach you no manners?”

Porsche really got on his nerves today. He showed him the finger and shouted some curses at him. Porsche just laughed. He was used to this kind of response.

“So?” That damn persistent idiot.

Pick straightened his back and said loud, “I don’t have his number, happy now?” He could see how Porsche’s laugh fell and got replaces by a shocked grimace. He jumped up.

“You don’t have his number? Are you dump? You hung out for a long time already and you still don’t exchanged numbers??” Porsche’s shout attracted attention from some students and Pick lifted his hands to calm his friend down.

“Sssh, calm down, dude. And sit down, people are staring.”

Porsche shook his head in disbelief but sat down. He starred at his friend, a big question mark above him. Pick shrugged his shoulders, “It never came to that…”

“Sometimes I doubt your intelligence…”

“Fuck you, it’s not that easy.”

“False. It’s a piece of cake. Just say, ‘hey, let’s exchange numbers, so we can chat’. It’s that easy. How often do we approached random girls and asked for their numbers?” Pick snorted devious.

“They’re women.”

“So? Men, women, there’s no difference.”

Pick buried his face in his hands and blushed.

“All these years I – the flirt expert himself – teached you everything about flirting. And everything was in vain. I failed as a friend and a mentor.” Dramatically Porsche touched his chest and sighed heavy. Pick lifted his eyebrows in amusement.

“Flirt expert? In what an illusion are you living in? You’re the worst at flirting. Chicks rather change the sidewalk than talk to you. And what mentor? You’re nothing but a pain in the ass” he laughed and lifted his arms in defeat when Porsche offendedly hit him on the shoulder.

“Fuck you.”

Pick kept laughing and successfully had changed the topic of their conversation.






To his dislike he couldn’t get the conversation out of his head. It was true, it wasn’t that big of a deal to visit Rome. Pick must admit that they didn’t just know each other briefly. He could almost call them something like friends. After all they had had some in-depth conversations and Pick had found himself almost open up to Rome. Of course, he’d managed to suspend it in time.


Pick shouldn’t act like a fool and get his shit together. He was well aware of his bad mood, and there was no benefit in batting at people all the time. His professors already darted him with lecturing gazes. And his focus suffered in class too because his mind kept wandering. It started to affect his studies which was bad. He had to find a solution immediately and the only thing that came to his mind was Rome. Rome, with his cheering bright smile, his mellow eyes, his teasingly pink cheeks, his soothing voice, his lips that–

Pick jerked as he caught his thoughts. He frantically shook his head. No no no no, stop. He threw his thought back in the dark corner of his head and set of his way to the facility of communication arts.



He has never been to any of the other facilities on his own while paying attention. He never needed to. When Porsche and he had promoted the animal rescue club he had just followed his friend and didn’t bother to look around. And now he had difficulties finding the right way and cursed himself again because he had to wander around like an idiot. Why was the building that huge anyway?

Asking for directions was out of the question. Pick didn’t want to look weak or helpless. He had to keep up his cool image, so he ignored all the questioned looks he got from students and tried to plan his tactic to find Rome on his own. He needed some clues where to begin, damn it. He cursed himself for being too stubborn in the past to ask Rome questions about him. He basically only knew his facility and that he likes to spend time at the photography club. … the photography club! That was a clue! The club rooms were all together at the same place, upstairs. Many signs were showing the way.


Pick followed the directions and were pleased to find a door with a camera designed sign. He found it. But what now? He paused by the door, unsteady what to do next. He couldn’t just burst in the room asking for Rome. That would be way too embarrassing. But how could he find Rome? What if he was right through that door, working on something? Or what if he wasn’t there but somewhere else? The building was huge, he had no chance to actually find him by accident.

Pick ruffled his hair in frustration. He cursed his ill-thought-out action. Why couldn’t he think through his plans before starting them?

Suddenly he got distracted by a loud voice, “Rome, wait!” Instantly he looked in the direction of said voice and saw a male silhouette running to a corner, talking to someone behind it. He can’t hear them talking but observed them till the male waved and ran away. Immediately Pick started walking to the corner and looked behind it. In fact, there was Rome, walking away with a notebook in his hand. Jackpot!

Without thinking he followed him through the building till Rome settled down at a table outside. He was too busy getting his lunch out of his bag that he didn’t notice Pick, who walked towards him. Without comment he sat down opposite of him and snatched his drink. Rome freaked at the sudden movement and had to hold his anxious chest. Appalled he stared at Pick who torn the bottle open and gulped half of its volume. Then he retorted Rome’s stare cocky.

“Yo” he said.

Rome seamed to calm down from his shock and stuttered, “U-um… hi?...” Pick put the bottle down and grabbed Rome’s lunch box instead. Without shame he took half of the sandwich and bit into it with relish.

“Y-you, w-what… hi?” Rome repeated obviously overwhelmed with Pick’s sudden appearance.

“What? Am I not allowed to visit you? Should I go again?”, Pick asked sharp and made a move to stand up. Without hesitation Rome grabbed his sleeve and pulled him down again.

“No, stop. Don’t leave. I- I was just surprised, I didn’t expect you, that’s all.” Now he was smiling happily. Pick made himself comfortable again and took another bite of the sandwich.

“Hm, the sandwich tastes okay but I don’t like pickles” he commented, and Rome nodded still irritated.

“You should eat too, you know? Your break isn’t that long. What are you waiting for?” Pick pointed at the other half with a quick nod. Rome followed his gaze and looked at it for a moment. Slowly he picked up the sandwich and ate restrained. The awkward silence was unbearable for Pick but he didn’t know how to end it properly. They exchanged glances, no one knew what to say. That was not how Pick pictured their meeting. He had hoped that Rome would beam at him, smiling broadly and asking a million question. But Rome just set there, chewing in silence.


“Uh, and?”, Pick rasped finally founding his voice, “How’s university going?”

Rome jerked a little at the sudden noise and looked puzzled. Then he smiled. Pick felt the corners of his mouth rise as well.

“It’s still odd to be here again, but I also missed it a lot.”

“And you? How’s it going?”

“Great, I guess…”
“Hm.” And again awkward silence. Pick could pull his hair out in frustration. This was not as planned.  The air felt thick and heavy in Pick’s lung, he breathed deep in and out as he kept eye contact with Rome. Slowly he got lost in his eyes, founding himself dreaming about those eyes looking at him in desire and- A loud ringing yanked him back to reality and the eye contact broke.

Rome had jerked heavy while dropping his sandwich and was now searching for his phone in his bag. With hasty hands he found it and took the call.

“Hello?” he rasped and coughed slightly. His cheek turned red to Pick’s amusement. He smirked.

“Oh, right. Yeah, I’m on my way. – yes, don’t worry, I’ll be on time. – See you, Emma” Rome said with his gaze at his bag. Pick almost started sulking when he heard his responses.

“P’Pick I’m sorry, but I have to go now. Emma and I are having a group meeting any minute.” Pick nodded grumbling and watched Rome picking up his lunch again. When he reached out for his drink Pick snapped it before Rome could. He blinked irritated and looked at Pick who opened the bottle in demonstration and sipped at it. Rome huffed soft but smiled amused.

“Well then, see you around, P’Pick. Thank you for visiting me.”

Pick hummed, “Are you here tomorrow as well?” He was amazed how casual he sounded. Rome nodded.

“Good. I’ll be here. But bring more food tomorrow. That little sandwich doesn’t fill the stomach properly” he said and stood up as well, the bottle still in his hands. Rome bit his lip and tried to cover him smiling.

“I will. Until tomorrow, then.” Rome beamed and waved happily as he walked away. Pick looked after him, the bottle up to his chest.






And again, Pick’s routine had been mixed up. Could it even be a routine at all if it changed every  damn month? Pick adjusted his days at Rome’s schedule by now and met him before class, at lunch or after class depending on his free time. Sometimes they met up at the lunch area or they sat outside in the sun. From time to time, they even studied together at the library, but Pick kept distracting Rome from his notes, so it was not really useful.

He constantly ignored Porsche and his duties at the animal rescue club, ditching club meetings and couldn’t care less when Porsche whined about missing his friend at break. Pick only rolled his eyes about his attitude. He should man up and stop crying like a baby. He had Pick around all the time before, he could bear some time out. Besides it was Porsche who complained about his bad mood the other day. He should be happy now that Pick leaved him alone. And it wasn’t like they never saw each other. They had class together and he actually showed up at the club when Rome was busy with developing pictures at his club, so no reason to whine.



He was just on his way to Rome, holding a pink cupcake with white sprinkles. Rome loved them. It turned out that he had a sweet tooth. Just gave him something sweet and his mood rose rapidly.

Pick was gifted some chocolate from a random girl one day, but he disliked chocolate and wanted to throw it away. Rome hold him up with the words, “You can’t just throw away a gift you just received. It takes a lot of guts to give something to your crush, so appreciate it.” Pick had told him that he didn’t know her and didn’t felt any guild towards her, but Rome had insisted in it, so Pick did what he thought was the best. He handed the chocolate to Rome.

“Here”, he had said, “Eat it.” Rome had been flustered but accepted the offer and had eaten the chocolate in joy. His eyes were sparkling, and he had moaned pleased by every bite.

So Pick didn’t restrain and bring something sweet to every meeting, just to see Rome eating it happily. It grew into an addiction at some point (the fact that he moaned in enjoyment every time he ate them, had nothing to do with this, just for record).


Pick arrived at the venue and ascertained that Rome wasn’t alone at the table. Emma sat next to him, and both giggled while talking. Pick growled.

He only knew it was Emma because he recognized her face from Rome’s lock screen. An unpleasant feeling grew in his stomach, but he kept it cool and walked over.


“Oh, P’Pick” Rome called excited and straightened his back. He shifted around on his seat as Pick put the cupcake in front of him and couldn’t hold back grabbing it greedy.

“Thank you! And this is Emma by the way.” He was grinning broadly. Emma looked at him sceptical and nodded her head in greeting. He nodded back.

“Finally, we both meet. Rome keeps telling me so much about you, it’s nice to have a face to all his stories.” She smiled at him and laughed when Rome nudged her shoulder embarrassed.

“Oh well, he hardly ever talks about you” Pick teased her in response with his famous rude behaviour and got kicked under the table by Rome. His warning gaze pierced his face but that didn’t bother Pick. Quite the opposite, it amused him. His statement was a big lie, Rome always talked about his best friend and their awesome friendship. He disliked it in an odd way… and he was an asshole, so why pretending being nice.


Emma giggled.

“Rome told me that you have no shame. He didn’t exaggerate. You’re a jerk.”

“Thanks” Pick replied, and both exchanged a look.

“Phi, I have to be honest with you. I don’t know you but the rumours about you are very loud. And bad. You’re a bad person with a dirty mouth who likes to bully others. If I could, I would forbit Rome to meet you. But it seems like he really cares about you – I don’t know why – so I let him. But here’s my warning. If you gonna hurt my precious friend in any way, I swear I will make your life hell.” Her face was dead serious. Pick pretended to be unbothered but had to swallow hard at those words. ‘Even I’m an ass, I would never hurt Rome!’ That’s what he actually wanted to say to her but he only managed to say, “As if I’m scared of you.”

He couldn’t suppress his smirk which made her mood even worse when she gasped and started yelling and hitting his shoulder. Rome had just sat beside them, listening, and eating his cupcake.






Everything was going smooth. The awkward atmosphere disappeared by the time, and it gotten easier to communicate. Pick noticed that Rome slowly stated to open up and wasn’t holding back his true personality. He talked back more often and was telling his opinion without hesitation. Something Pick really appreciated because now he felt like he wasn’t forcing Rome to something he didn’t want to. Some day he had dragged Pick somewhere quiet to talk to him in serious.


“P’Pick, stop bringing me sweets every time. I’m gaining too much weight. I’m happy with and without you bringing me sweets. Just be there for me and I’m happy. No need to spoil me so much.”


Pick was a bit sulky about it but at the same time happy that Rome didn’t just deal with him because he got rewarded with sweets. Pick responded in his nature and teased him that he already could see some padding – a big lie – and pocked his belly while laughing. And it was the perfect distraction for his fast-beating heart.



Emma was regularly sitting by them and interrupted their time together, but Pick said nothing about it. He still got chills when he thought about her cold stare that day. Rome formed the habit to bring self-made food for their lunch breaks with the reason it was healthier than canteen food. Pick doubted that was the only reason but appreciated the free food which was way better than the muck they sell on campus.

Pick witnessed what a great chef Rome was. Pick was a disaster in kitchen and even could burn water by accident. But Rome was an artist with food. And Pick couldn’t be happier with the thought that Rome applied so much effort in making food just for him. (To be honest, not only for him but for Emma too. She ate as well but Pick had a right to dream, okay?)



His stomach rumbled as he was thinking about yesterday’s lunch. He couldn’t tell what it was, and his inner pickiness had been sceptical, but it had tasted so damn good, Pick had dreamed about it at night. He was excited about today’s menu.

He shook his head to prevent him falling in a real daydream and tried to focus on his professor who gave a very boring and dry lecture about general medicine. Pick yawned and looked at his watch. Almost done, thankfully.

He turned his head to Porsche next to him who had lost his interest a long time ago and was sleeping soundly on his notes, arms racked on the table. Brave of him, Pick thought.

He giggled in amusement when he had an idea and was searching for a marker. With his tongue sticking out he drew some shaky lines on his friend’s face.


He was finished with his masterpiece the time the professor called it a day and sent them home. He roughly shook Porsche awake by the shoulder, who startled up with a confused look.

“What?” he asked sleepy and looked around. “Already done?”

Pick grabbed their stuff, darned it in their bags in a hurry and pulled a dazed Porsche out of the room.

“Come on you sleepyhead.”

“Why’re so in a hurry? Slow down, I just woke up.” He yawned again and narrowed his eyes at the bright sun light. Pick looked back at his friend and observed his artwork in satisfaction. He smirked and hurried to take a photo with his phone. Porsche just brushed with his fingers through his hair and was puzzled by the action. He frowned.


“Nothing”, said Pick still grinning and he took another picture. Porsche blinked confused and suspected something bad.

“What did you do?” he panicked and snatched Pick’s phone to look at the screen. He looked at it in horror. There were sloppy marker strokes on his face. At his chin was a wobbly tongue, he had two triangles on his forehead which should represent ears and he had a lot of dots on his cheeks. Pick had tried to mimic that dump dog filter. With marker. On his face…

“Dude, are you crazy? What the fuck?!” Porsche looked at him speechless and Pick busted out laughing. “Bastard, you will pay for that!”, Porsche yelled and put his laughing friend in a headlock.



“Douchebag, you get that back some day, I swear.” Porsche nagged while rubbing his face with some paper towel in the men’s bathroom. Pick stood beside him, leaning at a sink, and still giggling.

“How old are you? 10? Damn it, that shit is hard to get off” Porsche cursed and threw the crumbled-up paper towel in the sink. “I swear, you will pay for that.” He shook his head and continued to clean his face.


“But tell me, what have I done to deserve this?”

Pick shrugged.

“I was bored.”

Porsche frowned and splashed his red face with water, after he gave his friend a sceptical glance.

“Don’t you think it was a bit exaggerated?” Another shrug and Porsche sighed. Why was he friends with this immature jerk again? Porsche snored. But he had to admit it was a tiny little bit funny.



As they left the bathroom, Pick lifted his hand and walked away.


“Hey, wait a minute.” Porsche ran after him and threw his arms over Picks shoulders.

“Oh no, you will not run away from me again, pal. I’m coming with you!”

“Nothing doing.” Pick tried to get rid of the weight on his shoulders, but Porsche had a tight grip on him. With sharp eyes he then tried to scare his friend away but dense as he was, Porsche didn’t even flinched but walked happily whistling beside him.


“Porsche, seriously. Go. Don’t you have something better to do?”

“Nope”, Porsche responded smiling and kept walking in joy, “I let you go so many times, I have enough. Rome must learn how to share. I miss my best buddy so much.” He squeezed Pick quickly and Pick grunted.

“But I don’t want to share.”
“Awww, is there somebody sulking? Buhu.”

“Shut up.”

Porsche laughed.



In the meantime, they arrived at the other building and Porsche still stuck at Pick. His friend was like gum, how often Pick tried to free himself from his grip, it got stronger and he stuck harder on his arm. And he had to accept his fade. With furious eyes he sat down at the table towards Rome and stretched his leg under the table. Thereby they bumped at Rome’s and Rome winced a little but made no move to end the leg contact. Emma who sat beside him eyed Porsche curious as he sat down as well. He greeted everyone with a bright smile.

“I see we have a new member in our group. Hi, I’m Rome and this is Emma” Rome said happy and pointed at himself and his friend. Porsche grinned.

“Hi, I’m Porsche, the best friend of this grumpy here.”

Pick grunted.

“Nice to meet you.” Rome darted a quick questioned glance at Pick and bumped his knee at his. Pick rolled his eyes and shook his head lightly.

“And? What great things are we doing now?” All three looked questioning at Porsche.

“Chatting and eating” Emma answered.

“Ha? That’s it? I thought you do some cool activities. Ey, why are you always in a hurry when all you do is just sitting? You constantly ditch me for that? What the hell, man?” Porsche seemed upset. He hit Pick on the shoulder and started pouting. Pick pierced him with an angry gaze.

Meanwhile Rome started putting boxes of food on the table and revealed today’s lunch. Porsche’s eyes went big.

“Woah”, escaped his open mouth, “Okay, that is a very good reason” he said and wanted to grab a pancake roll, but Picks slapped his hand away.

“Hands off, that’s mine.”

Offended Porsche held his hand and pouted at him. “Is your name written on it?”

“Yes.” Ostentatiously Pick grabbed the pancake roll and ate it in one bite.

Rome and Emma watched their interaction with glee and started eating.

“Oi, why are they allowed to eat but I’m not?”

“Shorty made it and N’Emma has his permission. You don’t, so hands off.”

“N’Rome” Porsche turned to Rome and looked at him with puppy eyes. Rome giggled and nodded.

“Ey!” Pick shouted offended. Startled he had to watch his friend eating two pancake rolls in a row.

“Wait, I said that’s mine!” Pick moved forward and both started fighting over the food. Emma laughed at them and shook her head in amusement. Rome seemed to be entertained as well because he smiled to whole time.


“Tell me, P’Porsche” Rome began to speak, and Porsche looked at him with a full mouth.


“How’s your animal rescue club going? I didn’t hear from it since you opened it.”

Porsche swallowed surprised and then smirked at Pick.
“You told him about my club, hm?”

Pick kicked him under the table. “Shut up.”

Porsche laughed and turned towards Rome again. “Well, it’s going great. We’re in fact not that many members but we already helped two pounds nearby and we plan to make a bigger trip in an area with a lot of stray animals to take care of them. I mean this dude and I are vet’s to be, we can try to help hurt animals and cure them. And the other members can feed them.” Porsche told them with shiny eyes.

“Wait, you know what? I have an idea. Do you two want to join? You could sign up and get to cuddle a lot of cute cats and could pet some rabbits. Or you could play with dogs. Everyone loves dogs.” Porsche grinned and excitedly leant forward.

“I don’t like dogs” suddenly Emma escaped while she ate detached.

“Whaaaat? How could you dislike doggies?” Porsche was shocked.

Pick sniffed amused when Porsche started to persuade Emma who great dogs were. He didn’t listen anymore and focused more on Rome, who seemed to be interested in Porsche’s speech. He smiled and nodded every so often and Pick noticed the risen blush on his cheeks. He disliked it. He noticed the blush before, at the café when he had told some stories about his friend. Rome had the same pink cheeks back then and Pick hated it. While Porsche lifted is arms in excitement talking about whatever, Rome laughed hearty. Pick growled.



“And what exactly did Pick told you about me? Only good things, right?” Porsche’s voice teared him out of his thoughts and he raised an eyebrow. Rome smiled.

“Well, mainly he complained about your clinginess. He thinks that you just exaggerate.”

Porsche laughed.
“Yeah, sounds like Pick.”

“Apart from that he admires your ambition but thinks your flirt skills are dreadful.”

“Wait, wait, wait, I beg your pardon? I am king of flirting. Not like this douchebag who after all this time didn’t manage to get yo-“ Pick immediately kicked him hard in the shin to silence him. Porsche howled in pain and flinched. “Damn it, bastard! What was that for?”

“You know that, you chatterbox.”

Porsche sulked but continued while rubbing his leg.

“Anyways, I’m definitely better at flirting that this guy.”

“As if! What was it last time when that girl ran away crying because you stared at her like a creep the whole time?”

“I was flirting with my eyes! Eye contact is sexy! Don’t know, why she was crying. Maybe her grandma died or something.”

Emma butted in.

“You really know nothing about women, do you? If you really just stared at her all the time, the only solution for her was that you were a stalker and a pervert.”

Sulky Porsche gasped. Pick burst into laughing.

“I told you, creep.”

“You don’t have a say in this matter. You last flirt didn’t work till today.”

“But I know how nonetheless.”

“Said who? N’Rome?” Another kick at his leg.

“Well so far I couldn’t assess it, he doesn’t really flirt in my presence, but I assume that Pick is as dense as you in this matter” Rome suddenly said and looked at Pick meaningful. Both Porsche’s and Pick’s jaw fell. Emma couldn’t hold herself back and burst into laughing, holding her stomach. Porsche joined after a short time and almost fall off his chair.


After they settled down a bit – Pick was dead pissed by now – Porsche said, “Now give me your numbers, so I can add you to our group chat and you get informed about our club activities.” He handed his unlocked phone to Emma while grinning. She took it and whistled approvingly.

“Not bad, that a good trick to get a girl’s number” she said but typed her number, nevertheless. She gave it to Rome, who also typed at the screen and finally returned it to Porsche.

“Sweet, thanks” Porsche smiled and put his phone back in his pocket.

Emma and Rome shared a quick glance then she focused Pick inviting. He blinked irritated and returned the stare with a questioning shrug. Emma sighed disappointed and looked away. Porsche who saw the looks could count one and one together and gasped alarmed.

“Ha?! You still haven’t asked him for his number?” he yelled bewildered and jumped off his chair in disbelief. The whole table shrugged by the sudden loud voice and all three of them looked at Porsche. Pick slid lower on his chair. He turned his head embarrassed.

“Shut up.”

“Dude, you meet each other for months. Months! And you’re still too dump to ask for his number? Are you kidding me? How the fuck did you communicated?” Porsche’s yelling attracted a lot of attention, which was even more bothersome for Pick than his yelling itself.

He hissed, “Can you please drop your voice. People starring already.” Porsche didn’t react and kept starring at him. He wanted an answer. Pick glanced at Rome, who bit his lip and looked down at the table. Emma perforated him with her stare and wanted the answer as well. But the problem was, Pick hadn’t an answer.

“You know, one can also communicate without a phone” was the only thing Pick could think of as an excuse. They never talked about chatting or calling. If they wanted to meet, they set a time and date. It wasn’t necessary until today to have the other’s phone contact.


Porsche slumped back in his chair and kneaded his forehead frustrated. Then he smashed his hand on the table and focused Rome.

“N’Rome, give me your phone.” Expectant he reached out his hand and bended his fingers. Rome hesitated shortly but passed him his unlocked phone. Annoyed he tapped the screen and returned it.

“Here, now you have this idiot’s number. Even I’m not sure if he deserves yours. You can still decide whether you really want to write him.”

Rome took his phone nodding to Porsche and starred at it. A faint blush grew on his cheeks and his mind seemed to digress.

Pick kicked his friend again and as punishment he got in a headlock and his hairstyle ruined.



When he received a message from Rome in the evening, he had the odd want to thank Porsche for his sneaky move.




‘Good night, P’Pick. Sweet dreams’






Again, Exam period had started. And the whole atmosphere on campus had changed rapidly. Instead of laying in the sun outside, students gathered in the library and at the learning areas to focus on their notes and beat as much information in their heads as they could. All the serenity changed to seriousness.

Pick could just laugh about them. He wasn’t influenced of the stress and restlessness, he lived his life as before. He never had trouble with exam, he was one of the lucky who didn’t had the need to learn to succeed good grades. He just listened during class and knew enough for the tests. Of course, he also looked at his notes but mostly right before the exam or he exchanged knowledge with Porsche. But he never really learned weeks before or even made summaries about all the topics. He was gifted in that aspect and Porsche constantly whined about it, how unfair it was and how much he hated studying.

And Rome was a little jealous too. He wasn’t as gifted as him. Rome had to work really hard for his grades and started learning and recapping his lectures months before the exam. Quite a model student. And a problem for Pick, because now during this phase he couldn’t enjoy the time with Rome like before. They couldn’t fool around the whole time because Rome had to learn, they hadn’t time to go eat because Rome had to work on some parts of his final assignment. He stopped bringing homemade food to their meetings because he had no time. He only approved Pick’s presence because he had sworn to not disturb Rome’s study. Something Pick just kept for a couple of days.




“Well, studying hard again?” Pick greeted Rome who was sitting in front of a pile of books, busy writing something in his notebook.

“You know that I have an important exam soon. Of course, I’m learning.”

Pick joined him at the bench he was sitting and looked bored over his shoulder.

“True, but all you do is studying the whole time. You should do something else as well.” It was starting to annoy Pick that Rome didn’t gave him the attention he wanted. He just sat there bored and waited till Rome studied enough and instead of eating out with him or go somewhere, he went home and left Pick on his own. He hardly got responses to his messages.

And when Pick tried to chat with him in person, he was hissing at him that he should be quiet. It was really frustrating. Pick just wanted to enjoy spending time with Rome and not sit there, getting ignored.


Pick growled sour. Impulsively he snatched Rome’s notebook and held it up out of his reach.

“Hey, that’s not funny. Give it back.”

Pick laughed and stretched his arm a bit more when Rome bended towards him, trying to reach his notebook. He kneeled at the bench, one arm on Pick’s shoulder and the other stretched as far as possible to pull on his sleeve. Thereby Pick’s head got pressed against his chest and when he lowered his arm behind his back, Rome followed the movement and they ended up in a strange hug. Rome’s upper body slit down a bit and his arms moved to Picks neck. Out of reflex Pick laid his free hand on his back and his face automatically snuggled in the crook of Rome’s neck. He breathed in his scent and closed his eyes. He gave off a pleasant warmth that lulled him instantly and he got a little dizzy. The notebook was forgotten, also his bad mood. What only mattered was Rome’s warmth and his breath that gently stroked his hair. His heart beat fast in his chest and his ears turned bright red.


“P’Pick?” Rome’s voice vibrated softly, and he looked up in trance. Rome’s face was quite close, so that he could see all the details in his face. With dreamy expression he looked deep in the beautiful eyes which returned it the same way. He swallowed and for a second his gaze shifted to his full lips. They looked so inviting. And he wanted… … … a peck. A little peck, just a little… To taste if they are as sweet as they looked. Just to check… just…

He twitched forward slightly but at the same moment jumped with fright when he realized what he had just thought. Forceful he pushed Rome back and leaped up. Rome lost his balance as he was falling backwards and could barely hold himself on the bench by grabbing the table. Confusion was written on his face when he looked at Pick who was bright red and dealt with the situation the best way possible… … He ran away.

“P’Pick!” Rome yelled after him, but Pick ignored him. He just rushed away, to the next men’s bathroom to cool down.


Violent he thrust the door open and rushed to the sinks to splash his face with water. He needed to cool down, get rid of this damn warmth that Pick could still feel on his skin. He supported himself on one of the sinks and looked at his reflection. He saw his eyes in panic and closed them to take a deep breath. When he opened them again, he saw Rome standing behind him. He twired around in shock, he didn’t hear him come in. Rome looked at him reproachfully.

“What was that?” he shouted upset, and Pick hesitated, shifting his eyes to the side.

“Just forget it” he muttered quickly and wanted to leave the bathroom, but Rome frustratedly groaned, grabbed him by the arm and pushed him in one of the stalls, closing the door immediately.

“W-what’re you doing? Hey!” Pick shouted angry but he lost his voice the next second because Rome firmly shoved him on the toilet seat and straddled his lap. Err, what?!

“Rome, what-?” He was interrupted by a pair of soft, determined lips. With wide eyes he tried to process what was just happening. The soft lips started to move and kissed him, and all his feelings collided. Everything was spinning and all he could think of was Rome and all he could feel where those lips pressed on his.

Rome nipped at his bottom lip and made an unsatisfied sound. His brain tried to signal him to move, to push the boy off his lap, to run away. But those lips felt so good, he didn’t listen to the voice which slowly faded. Rome’s fingers lightly caress his cheek, but he stopped the pressure on his lips and started to lean back. That was the point Pick threw all his anxiety away.

Quickly he grabbed Rome’s head and pressed their lips back together. He kissed him heated, impulsive and desperate while his feelings overwhelmed him. He looped his armed around Rome’s back and squeezed him tight, humming pleased when hands caressed over his neck and fingers clutched his hair. Rome kissed him back with passion and it drove him crazy how he moved is body against him. Suddenly a cheeky tongue slid over his bottom lip and Pick couldn’t hold back a soft panting. Rome used it to slip his tongue in. Their kiss grew fiercer, Rome’s body steady against him and the heat in Pick grew. Everything was spinning. He didn’t know how long they kissed but it didn’t matter as long as it didn’t stop.

But eventually the sinful lips moved away, and Rome looked at him panting with red cheeks and hooded eyes. Pick was panting too and returned the gaze.

“Fuck” escaped his mouth, he was still dizzy. His voice sounded rough, and he noticed how Rome’s fingers tugged harder at his hair for a second. His eyes fixed at his lips with want and he lowered the distance again.

Then BAM! The awareness hit Pick like a punch, and he jerked heavily. What were they doing?! He had kissed Rome! Rome! Kissed! In the men’s bathroom! Fuck!


Panic ran through his body, and he jumped up. Rome yelled in surprise when he unexpected fell off his lap. He landed on the floor, cursing, and rubbing his bottom. Pick looked down at him, still I shock. He breathed hectically.

“Fuck” escaped him again, but with much more panic.

“Ouch, damn it. Are you crazy?” Rome asked angry and looked up to him. His lips were swollen and red and looked so fucking delicious, Pick couldn’t help it but stare at them. They looked way too inviting… bloody hell, he needed to get out of here! Immediately!

He twirled around and just dashed away.


Chapter Text

Episode 3: At home – It’s not a crush!?  Fuck


Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!


He was going crazy right now. He couldn’t get to close his eyes all night. He was just lying in bed, turning from left to right, unsettled, his mind restless.

What had he thought back then? He had kissed Rome! And it had been not only a little peck and it didn’t happened by accident. No, there had been want behind it, he had wanted to kiss Rome. Wild, untamed, intense. He never ever had kissed someone with that much passion. Never lost his control like that. Fuck, what kind of mess got he caught in?

He was straight, damn it! He couldn’t have the desire to kiss a boy. That was not possible! He liked girls, he wasn’t gay… impossible.

Assuredly he was just confused, because he spent too much time with Rome and hadn’t gotten in contact with a girl in a long time. That was the reason for sure!



When the sun started rising and the birds started to wake their fellows, Pick decided to get up. He took a quick shower to clear his mind and drove to the campus with a tense face. His hands were still clenching at the steering wheel when he arrived at the parking lot. He took his time in the car to breathe deep. His knuckles turning white when he tightened his grip and with a sign, he let go of it.

He had decided to get rid of the problem once and for all. He simply would ignore everything about it and pretended it didn’t happened. That was the best and surly the same thing Rome wanted to do. It was impossible that the kiss wasn’t just a slip. And Rome would agree with him. It was on both behalf to forget the whole topic and just move on. Yes, that was a good plan.


He nodded to himself in the driving mirror and left his car. With determined steps he entered the building and started his day.



Moreover, Pick had decided to reduce his time with Rome. Obviously, it wasn’t good for him to have him around that much. It only confused his head. The up-coming semester break was ideal for that plan. He would slowly reduce their lunches together in the last two weeks before break, so Rome could get used to it, and at break they wouldn’t meet at all and he was free when university started again. It was a good plan and Pick decided to implement it today.


But jokes on him because Porsche cancelled out his plans without knowing. He had organized a club meeting right after lecture that Pick as well as Rome and Emma had to attend.

So much for the plan to avoid Rome today, Pick thought while he was sitting towards Rome in the club room. He didn’t really listen to Porsche’s rambling about their great work and the plans for semester break.


Pick tried to look as less as possible at Rome’s direction, he wanted to avoid any contact. And it was working well but then suddenly his phone vibrated in his pocket and his lock screen showed Rome’s name.



‘P’Pick? Can we talk?’



‘Please stop ignoring me’



He ventured a cursory glance over the table and met Rome’s intense starring, his phone still in his hand. Damn it.

Quickly he lowered his eyes back to his hands and put his phone back without checking the messages. It buzzed again and Pick could see out of the corner of his eye that Rome typed harsh on his screen. But he continued to ignore every buzzing in his pocket.



When the meeting was over Pick didn’t hesitated one second, snatched his bag and rushed out of the room without saying a word. He wanted to avoid any type of conversation, especially with Rome who seemed to have decided to bother Pick during the whole meeting to catch his attention.

Shorty could be really stubborn if he wanted to….

The moment he threw pens at him Pick almost lost his temper, but he could hold back last minute. And he had seen him coming towards him after Porsche bit his goodbye. But Pick was at least as stubborn as Rome was, so Pick had made a quick getaway before Rome could reach him.


At the parking lot in front of his car he had to pause and had to catch his breath. He had sprinted to his car and hadn’t that much stamina to be unbothered by it.

He sighed and peeked at his phone. The lock screen showed 4 unread messages from Rome, the last one was viewed,



‘Why do you ignore me completely? ‘



Pick huffed frustrated and ran his fingers through his hair. Fuck, it was harder than he had expected. He buried his head in his hands.

“Why are you ignoring me?” a voice resounded suddenly behind him and startled he swirled around. Rome stood there, an arm length far from him, his arms crossed and his face serious.

“What’s all this about, P’Pick?”

Restless and nervous Pick’s eyes shifted from right to left.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Don’t play dumb. You know exactly what I mean.” Rome sounded furious. Something Pick wasn’t used to. Normally Rome was lightheaded, cheerful. But the Rome that stood in front of him was cold and seemed… hurt?

Pick quickly turned to his car and unlocked it. He wanted to go. Needed to bring some distance between them. He couldn’t stand Rome right now.

“That’s none of your business” he said dismissive and clenched his teeth together.

“Oh no, you will not run away from me. We’re gonna talk to each other. Before that I won’t let you go.” Rome ran up to him and snatched his car keys out of his hand. Pick gasped upset and looked at him in disbelief.

“Give them back right now! I have nothing to say to you.”

Pick took a step forward to Rome, but Rome also took one backward and held his hands behind his back, so Pick couldn’t reach him and the keys. His face was serious.

“Really? And what’s about the kiss yesterday?” Bam, directly the hot topic? Damn it, Pick didn’t want to talk about that kiss or even think about it. It was confusing him. Why couldn’t Rome just pretend it didn’t happened? Pick got angry.


“Tsk, what kiss?”

Rome squinted his eyes for a second as something had hit him and when he opened them again, he looked at him sharply.

“We kissed yesterday, P’Pick. For a long time.” He took a step to Pick who backed off.

“That wasn’t a kiss.”

“No? Then how do you want to call it? Unrestrained making out?”

Pick flinched heavy by the last words. How could he phrase it like that?

“Definitely not. Nothing happened yesterday!”

“Stop denying it! We kissed. And it was both of us! You even started it!” Rome’s voice grew louder and louder and in Pick was boiling anger. He wanted to argue? Great, as he wished!

“You kissed me first! You suddenly pushed me in the stall and attacked me!”

“Yes, because you had looked at me full of longing before! Are you even know how you looked like at the table? You nearly undressed me with your gaze.”

Pick blushed startled and tried to cut him off but Rome didn’t let him.

“And then suddenly you pushed me and scooted away. The heck? What was that? And in the bathroom, you still looked at me with that needy face. That was definitely the last straw for me. My patience can also run out, you know?” Furious he waved his hands around and his face turned desperate, reproachful, and sour. He sighed deeply.

“Since forever I flirt with you and every time I think, now he will take the first step. But no, you chicken out ever damn time! And I couldn’t take it anymore! So, I thought, fuck it, I do it myself. And you returned the kiss, you were into it as much as I was. You can’t deny that.” Rome closed up to Pick and started to poke his chest with his index finger.

“And now you act like a big asshole. Talk to me! And stop running away!” With his face ice cold, he crossed his arms.

Pick was overwhelmed by Rome’s speech. How could Rome say such a bullshit? Now Pick was really angry.

“What do you want to hear from me? It was an accident! A mistake! A one-time thing!” Furious he pushed Rome back to increase their distance. Rome stumbled back and looked at him in surprise. All his confidence seemed to disappear, and Pick noticed how his eyes become moist.

Almost noiseless he asked, “Y-you think it was a mistake?” But Pick was too much outraged to considerate Rome’s feelings.


“Of course, men don’t kiss each other. That’s disgusting.”

Rome gasped horrified.

“You’re kidding me? You flirt with me for months. Months! And you constantly send me mixed signals and confuse me. I always ask myself, what he wants, if he’s just making fun of me. So, it’s just a game for you? One of your poor pranks? Are you having fun making someone fall for you just to drop him the worst way possible?”, he yelled, his voice broken, the last words were cracking, and the first tears ran down his checks.

“F-fall?” This word had thrown Pick off course. Shocked he looked at the crying boy.

“Yes, Pick. I have falling for you. Hard. Since you had started visiting the café, I was head over heels about you. At the beginning it was a simple crush, but then you ramp up the contact and searched my company. You showed obvious interest. Of course, I fell deeper” Rome slammed his words at Pick’s head, wiped over his wet cheeks several times with despair but the tears didn’t stop.

“You’re gay?”

“Yes”, Rome said without hesitation, “And I like you.”

Pick couldn’t believe his ears. That couldn’t be real. No! Impossible! T-that… no!!


Pick screamed, “But I don’t! I’m not gay, I could never! I’m straight, I like girls!”

Rome ducked his head as if Pick’s words had slapped him in the face. More tears were running down his cheeks.

“So it was really just a sick game? You made fun of me growing feelings? You’re pathetic, Pick. A rotten and heartless asshole”, Rome didn’t yell but whispered broken, standing there with slouchy shoulders. The car keys tight in his fist, his knuckles turned white.

“You’re right! It was all fake, get it in your head already” Pick said regardless it was all a big lie. And he immediately regretted his words when he realised, he had gotten too far. Rome looked at him with wet and sad eyes, crying in silence, telling him with his gaze how much he despised him. Rome despised him from the bottom of is soul and it broke Pick’s heart. Shit!

“I understand” Rome’s voice was cold and bitter.

“I should have listened to Emma” he whispered when he tossed the keys at Pick, turned around and rushed away.


Pick stood there stunned, looked after Rome who was already out of sign. When he came to his sense he cursed loudly and kicked the wheel of his car.


Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!






The next day Pick didn’t visited Rome at lunch. Porsche tried to address it but Pick just shrugged his shoulders and avoid an clear answer. Saying he didn’t feel like it and changing the topic. It was obvious that something serious had happened but Pick didn’t want to talk about it and Porsche had to accept that – for once. But Pick seemed different, and Porsche started to worry.

He behaved the same, like nothing were wrong. He was late to class – his ‘early phase’ had ended the time he didn’t visited the café in the morning.

They fooled around, laughed together, teased each other the usual amount, joked together. Everything was normal. Too normal. And that was it that worried Porsche. Pick didn’t seemed bothered or involved as it had nothing to do with him. And Porsche doubted that.

He had asked Emma and had tried to get information from her, but she had just ignored him. It was something serious and Porsche had no idea what he should do.






The atmosphere had dropped completely. Pick didn’t even once visit Rome and avoided his name and the whole topic as it was something toxic. The last day before semester break Pick was gone right after class without a last word or any goodbye. He drove away and Porsche could just look puzzled after the car.

What the fuck did his friend do? He needed answers. Desperately!






Pick locked himself in his room. He had hidden his phone under a pile of dirty cloth so that the constant vibration of Porsche’s spam couldn’t bother him. Feeble he threw himself at his bed and growled annoyed.

He was mad. At Rome but more at himself. He really had acted as a total bastard, and he regretted his words. That he had hurt Rome. It had been horrible to see him cry. It wasn’t his intent to hurt Rome. He had been just overwhelmed with the love confession and he hadn’t known how to react. And it was haunting him every day how horrible he had responded. He had the worst reaction someone could ever had. And there was no excuse for it.

But how could Rome say these things? He and flirting? With him?

He never looked at him in that kind of way, Rome had just imagined that… right? Argh!


Pick kicked frustrated in the air and pulled at his hair, rolled to the side, and pressed his pillow at his face, screaming in it. When he couldn’t get enough air he tossed it to the side, laid back on his back and starred at the ceiling. Fuck.



Pick was overwhelmed. During his whole life he never ever had felt attracted to a person as much as he felt towards Rome. Even with his ex – his high school romance for half a year – he never felt that connected and he had loved her very much back then.

But it couldn’t be compared to the connection he had with Rome. With Rome he felt… carefree, as if he could be his truth self. As if Rome could look through his rough shell and right inside him. He felt safe with him. And he wanted to be beside him, all the time. Keeping him by his side. To protect him from everything and everyone. Rome belonged to Pick just as Pick belonged to Rome. They belong together.

Rome… with his catching laugh, his permanent cheerfulness, his happiness which was the opposite to Pick’s aggression. Rome with his brown eyes which captured him every time. His pointy nose which wrinkled each time he laughed. The dimple that appears every so often he smiled broadly. His full lips which were soft as fuck and forbitten inviting and fitting Pick’s perfectly.

Rome was just… Rome. His Rome. His Shorty. … … … fuck.


He growled again in his pillow. Damn it, Rome was right… He- … he had fallen for him. Deeply.




Since their fight Pick had struggle to collect his thoughts and feelings. He had tried to ban all his unwanted feelings deep inside his brain, crammed all of them in a box in his mind but every time he tried to close it the whole content busted out and spread through his brain.

He could only think about Rome. About their time together, their funny nights when they teased each other. How they snoozed outside in the sun. How Rome studied beside him, focused on his notes while sticking out his tongue. How he wiggled his nose when he smelled something delicious. How he blushed when Pick praised his food. His habit to lift one leg slightly when he took a good photo. The cute little messages every night that wished him sweet dreams.


Everything collapsed at Pick all at once and he was entirely swamped with all the feelings that he had ignored before. And now all of it rained down on him. Suddenly he realized how he had stared at Rome. What he had felt every time he had looked at him. Why he had been that desperate to meet him at the café. Why he had set everything in motion to spend his lunch with him. Everything burst in front of him, and he only could try to get the situation under control.


One single kiss and his freaking world stood upside down. Rome literally had kissed him out of his mind. Fuck.


Everything was spinning when Pick laid in his bed and recalled what had happened once again. And he realized that he made the biggest mistake of his life.






After some time, he took enough courage to admit to himself that Porsche hadn’t been wrong with his comments and his teasing – he had hit the mark.

Pick picked his phone out of the pile of dirty cloth and wasn’t surprised to have a bunch of messages and missed calls. Porsche had desperately tried to reach him and had spammed texts and calls. Mostly there were spammed question marks and cursing.

But he had no message from Rome.



‘Bro whats going on?’

‘answer me!’

‘Dude, seriously. Take my call!’




‘Damn it!!!’

‘Fuck you don’t ignore me’



‘idk whats going on but N’Emma doesn’t talk to me anymore and Im sure it has something to do with you. Youre relly strange lately I noticed that and Im sick of all this confusion. Can you please tell me whats up?’

‘Im your best friend and im worried yk? Please, if somethings wrong, tell me’


‘text me if you ready to talk. ANYTIME okay??’




Pick rolled his eyes. Sometimes his best friend really was a pain in the ass. Too dramatic. He sighed when he tapped at recall and it only ringed once until Porsche answered the call.

“Dude! It’s about time!” he yelled as greeting. From the other side he could hear some rustle and crackle. Pick rolled his eyes again.

“Tsk, fuck off. You have no patience. It’s not that long.” Pick scratched the back of his head and sat down on his bed. The call was already getting exhausting.

It was silent for a moment. The rustle had stopped.

“Pick, you didn’t answer for three days” Porsche said slowly.

“Ha? What?” Pick blinked stunned and had to look at his lock screen to check the date.



“I didn’t notice that.”

“Obviously.” It rustled again. Pick frowned. What was Porsche doing?

“But seriously, what was that?”

Pick sighed and rubbed his forehead, slumped backwards at his bed, and stretched his arm out.

“That’s… difficult to explain.” Porsche didn’t answer him and Pick could hear engine noises. What the…?

“Mhm, I thought so. Chance your cloth in something fresh and air your room. I don’t want to choke when I’m there.”

“What? Oh no, you’re not coming here” it escaped Pick’s mouth in panic and he jumped up to his window.

“You bet! My best buddy is in a crisis and it’s my duty as a best friend to be there for you. Someone has to lend you a shoulder to wail.”

“Fuck off, I don’t wail” Pick shouted angry when he saw Porsche’s car entering the entry. Damn it.


“Beside that someone must give you a kick in the arse. I don’t know exactly what’s going on but I’m sure that you fucked it up and you need someone like me to tell you how bad.” Porsche got out of his car and waved at his window, knowing that Pick stood there even he couldn’t see him.

“… I hate you” Pick said dry.

“Aww, me too, babe. Now open the door.” With that Porsche cut the call.


When Porsche arrived at his room, he sniffed in disgust immediately.

“Didn’t I just tell you to open that damn window?”

Pick showed him his finger, but still opened the window.

“And you stink. When did you shower the last time?” He sighed and slumped himself at Pick’s bed, closing his eyes. Pick grunted and leaned over Porsche, an evil grin on his face. He pressed his armpit on his friend’s face and laughed when Porsche jerked up in surprise and disgust. He twisted under him, shrieking, and trying to escape the headlock Pick pulled him into.

“Say that again.”

“Yuck, let me go you pig. Okay, okay, I’m sorry that I’m too honest to lie to your face that you scent like a field of flowers. Dude, let me go or I puke at your bed, I swear.” Pick still laughed while letting go and watched his friend gasped exaggerated. He sprinted to the window, hung half of him outside and took deep breaths of fresh air. Mad he looked over his shoulder and showed Pick his finger.

Pick’s laugh grew louder, but he followed Porsche’s advice and took a shower. But just because he could play for time a bit.



“Now tell me. I’m all ears. What did you do?” Porsche asked after they made themselves comfortable on Pick’s bed.

An “Argh” escaped Pick frustrated and he squeezed his pillow at his face.

“That bad?”

“Mhm. This time I really fucked it up.”

“What happened?”

“… I made out with Rome…”

“Woah, what? Really? How did that happen?”

“We fooled around that day, and one leaned the other and we got a lot closer. I freaked out because it was too physical and ran into the men’s bathroom. Rome had followed me, pushed me in one of the stalls and well… then it somehow happened.”

Porsche whistled.

“Just kissing or more?” He got the pillow thrown at his face.

“Just kissing! What are you thinking?!”

“Just asking. Making out could mean many things.”
“We’re just kissed! And I… well, I panicked because – fuck, I kissed a damn guy! Willingly! That killed me, so I dumped him without saying a word and ran away…”

“Wow, that was quiet a dick move, I have to say.”
“I know and that wasn’t even the worst.”

“It gets worse?”

Pick threw him a blasted gaze.

“Sorry, please continue.”

Pick sighed defeated.

“I really fucked it up very badly, Porsche.”

“What did you do?”

“I wanted to ignore him, okay? Just pretending nothing happened. I mean, a kiss could destroy a friendship and I’m no gay, that kiss couldn’t have a meaning.”


“Let me finish. Before I lose my guts here.”

Porsche shut his mouth and nodded quickly.

“...Rome wanted to talk about it, I ignored him and wanted to forget him, but Rome disagreed and confronted me in the parking lot. We argued and … Rome confessed to me. And… he said I had sent him mixed signals and he wanted to know if I feel the same.”

“And did you tell him?”

“… no, I did the absolute most terrible. I yelled at him that it was impossible for me to like him and that the kiss was just a bad mistake and… I told him that I just played with him and that I made fun about his feelings.”

It was silent. Porsche starred at him speechless and shocked. After he came back to his senses, he hit Pick hard at the back of his head.

“Are you out of your mind? What the fuck, dude. That’s cruel. How could you do that? I’m shocked. I’m very disappointed in you, Pick.”

Pick endured the scolding and ducked his head.

“It was horrible to see Rome cry”, he said weakly, “And I regretted it the moment I said it. I just was so angry and… I don’t know, man. I hate myself for that.” Now he actually felt tears piling up and he had to fight them back. Fuck.


Porsche crawled beside him and laid his hand thoughtful on his back. Pick sniffed and blinked aggressively to avoid crying.

“Shit, you really fucked it up.”

Pick nodded depressed.

No one talked for a while, Porsche stroked his back in slow motion while Pick fought with the lump in his throat. Then Porsche coughed slightly and sat towards Pick to look at him sober.


“Be honest, okay?”

Pick nodded.

“Do you like N’Rome?”

Pick swallowed and noticed that new tears started to pile up. His cold attitude was gone a long time ago, so he couldn’t hold them back anymore. They leaved his eyes and ran down his checks. He squinted his eyes and nodded slightly. Porsche pulled him into a hug.

“That’s nothing bad, Pick. Quite the opposite, it’s something beautiful. You shouldn’t feel bad about your feelings.”

“But he’s a guy, Porsche.”

“And? Whether a guy or a girl or none. Rome is Rome. And you have fallen for him and not his gender, right? Although it would be an advantage if you feel attracted to his body.” Porsche laughed and Pick slapped him briefly but laughed as well. Gently Porsche pushed Pick away to look at him insistent.

“It’s okay. Really.”

Pick nodded hesitant.

“Take a deep breathe.” Porsche demonstrated it and breathed deep in and out. Pick mimicked him and both breathed together.

“Okay, that’s better, right?”
Pick nodded again.


“Good, then-“ Porsche changed his mood in an instant and slapped Pick hard at the shoulder.

“How dare you to tell N’Rome such harsh things?! I thought you had some kind of manners!”

“I don’t know. I freaked out. I couldn’t think clear.”

“You have to fix it, you understand? Get your shit together and clean this mess.”

Pick nodded in agreement.

“I know. I must put things straight.”
“Yeah, and as fast as possible. The longer you wait the harder it gets. If it’s not late already.”

Pick gasped shocked. Quickly Porsche added, “Don’t you dare to give up that easy, just because it’s a lot of work ahead of you! You have to fix it!”

“Yes, I know. But how?”
“I don’t know. Think about it. You did it, you fix it.”

“You’re not helping.”

“I can’t help you, I’m not involved. I just can kick your ass and dry your cheeks when you blubber again.”
Pick kicked Porsche at his thigh.

“Fuck you.”

Porsche laughed.



“And have you ever imagined N’Rome naked?” Porsche asked unexpected and received another kick.







His alarm teared him out if his sleep and he grumbled unpleased when he tried to reach his phone without open his eyes. He turned it down, rolled around and tried to go back to sleep. He didn’t want to get up yet. His bed was to comfortable and warm. With the blanket covering him entirely he slowly sank back in his dreams, but suddenly someone pulled his blanket away and left him in coldness. Pick whined unhappy, turned to lay on his stomach and pulled his pillow over his head.

“Porsche, get lost. Leave me alone.”

“Oh no, nothing doing. You will get up, now. Times up to be lazy all day, now it’s action-time.”

Pick grumbled but sat up, because Porsche threatened him that he would pour a bucket cold water over him when he wouldn’t get up immediately. That jerk.

Instead of thanking him that he had gotten to stay overnight after they talked till night, he woke him up early in the morning and threatened him. And that even before he got coffee. Pick snorted tired.


After a refreshing shower they both sat in Pick’s kitchen with a cup of coffee and were discussing their next steps.






“That’s a dumb idea” Pick said while they were hiding, sitting in a bush outside from Rome’s condo complex. They surely looked like weirdos who stalk somebody.

“Shh” Porsche hissed and raised his spyglass which he intended to bring with them. They made them look super undercover and not creepy at all.

“That will never work” Pick rolled his eyes and received another ‘shhh’.

“That’ll be awesome, trust me. I thought that through.”

“That exactly what concerns me.”


At that moment the front door opened and Pick couldn’t believe his eyes that it was Rome who leaved the house, carrying a big sport bag. He looked horrible. He had red eyes and seemed pale and bleak. A big contrast to his cheerful nature. Pick crouched deeper in the bush to make sure that Rome didn’t recognize them. But he seemed too deep in thoughts to notice his surroundings.

Porsche pulled nervous at his sleeve when Rome disappeared behind a corner. Both followed him as inconspicuous as possible to the tiny café Rome worked at.


Pick frowned when Rome entered the café and wasn’t going behind the counter but towards a table to another guy. They hugged and Rome sat down, and they started talking.

“It’s a really nice café, we should visit it all together next time.”

Pick slapped the back of his head and watched the table vigilant.


“Ouch. As if they could hear us.”

Leery they watched their small talk and inside of Pick grew a weird feeling.

What was going on? Why were they meeting and why seemed Rome so happy all the sudden? He smiled during the whole time, and they hugged again before Rome left. Pick growled.

“Easy tiger. Control your jealousy. You’re not in the position to get between them yet. You turned him down, remember?”

Pick looked at him angry.

“Sorry, but it’s true.”


“Now it’s a good opportunity for you” Porsche said and pointed at Rome, who stood outside the café and seemed to struggle a bit with his bag. Pick drew a deep breath and swallowed. He felt uneasy all the sudden and had to wipe his hands against his pants. Porsche was right.

He slowly stood up, ready to walk up to Rome. But then Rome’s phone started ringing and while Rome took it out of his pocket, Pick plopped down on the ground again. All the confidence left his body and he watched Rome taking the call.

“Hi”, they could hear him from far away. His voice sounded hoarse.

“Yes, we’ve finished right now. -  Yes, I’m on my way. – Mhm, I’ve got everything we need. – See you soon. – love you too.” Rome smiled at is phone before he put it bag and started walking towards the city.

Pick’s inside was boiling. With whom had Rome spoken to?! Why had he told them he loved them? Who did he love? Who! The jealousy grew bigger, and Pick felt like he was on fire. And he was visiting that person right now? Was it a date? Was he already over him? Had he even really loved him or was it just a quick affection and he had moved on?


Insecurity captured his mind and he swallowed. Fuck, what had he done? He had crumpled up his only chance and had thrown it away like a useless piece of paper without thinking. And now he had lost the most precious person of his life. Just because he was too stubborn. Gosh, he was such an idiot.



They followed Rome again this time to another apartment complex. He disappeared inside and Pick cursed.

“Damn it, we can’t follow him inside”, He teared his hair in frustration, “And we don’t know, who he visits. Fuck.” Furious he kicked a small stone.

“And he will probably stay for the night, he had a pretty big bag with him”, Porsche added, and Pick looked at him stunned.

“You mean, he spends the night with some stranger?” The jealousy returned. A picture of Rome and a guy cuddling appeared in his head, and he growled.

“Not some stranger. Someone he loves” Porsche noted and watched with glee how his friend freaked out. He started laughing at the face Pick made.

“Calm down, no need to panic.”

“How can I be calm when Rome is there upstairs by a random dude, probably getting hit on?!”

“N’Emma lives here.”

… … …

“And you couldn’t tell me that sooner??”

“It was way too funny watching you panic”, Porsche laughed, “I wish I had taken a picture of your face.” Pick hit him offended but he was also revealed. It was just Emma, his best friend.

“But that also means that he won’t leave the building till tomorrow or even the day after. So, I would say we stop for today and try again later.”





“Why do you know, where N’Emma lives?”






Pick behaved alarming possessive these days. He now went to Rome’s condo complex every day to observe the entrance.

Rome had gotten at home a while ago but he couldn’t encourage to talk to him that time. So, he sat in front of it at a bench on the other side of the street and watched Rome leaving and entering daily, just to chicken out every time he got a chance to talk to him.

He had tried to call him, but Rome blocked every call and didn’t even read his messages anymore.

Pick was desperate.

He sighed and shifted on the bench, his bottom feeling numb from sitting.

His behaviour slowly resembled Porsche and that was something scary for him. He felt like a fool, and he should stop his creepy actions. Maybe he had a better idea at home…


But all the sudden Rome turned the corner and caught Pick’s attention. He was deep in thoughts, his hand inside his jacket and the other… linked with the guy, he had visited that day at the café!

Pick was shocked. The guy kept talking insistently to Rome while Rome seemed abstracted, nodding occasionally. The guy laid an arm over his shoulders, stopping him from running past the entrance. Rome looked confused and freed his shoulder from the grip and dismissed himself. The guy returned the gesture but held his hand, stopping him from leaving. He spoke with a stern face while Rome lowered his head and seemed uncomfortable. He shook his head in a stiff motion.


Pick clenched his teeth. What was going on? What were they talking about? He frowned and looked askance at that scene. Didn’t the dude realize that Rome was uncomfortable?

Suddenly the guy pulled Rome into a hug. The short guy looked surprised and seemed to struggle in his arms. That was too much for Pick. He growled and jumped up to walk towards them. He had seen enough! Nobody harassed Rome without consequences!

Furious he ripped them apart and shielded Rome from the guy.

“Leave Rome alone!” he yelled outraged and clenched his fists. The guy looked at him totally confused, held his hands up in defence.

“Um, what?” he asked dumbfounded.

“P’Pick?” Pick could hear Rome’s small voice behind him but Pick kept is gaze at the suspicious guy who seemed to be not conscious of having done anything wrong.

“Keep your dirty hands off of Rome!” Threatening he raised his fist, ready to punch him.

Immediately two arms wrapped around his arm and Rome squeezed his fist against his chest.

“Stop, P’Pick. Don’t”, Rome shouted and stood between them. Pick looked at him angry. Did he want to protect that guy?

“But he hugged you without your permission!”

“What? How you get that? P’Good is a friend, he can hug me whenever he wants.”

“But you struggled against it!”

“I was surprised. I’m sensitive these days and I didn’t expected a hug to comfort me. But what has it to do with you? What are you doing here?” The last part Rome sounded cold, and the last sentence hurtled at him like a blade. He winced. Right, actually he wanted to start his confrontation completely different and not that impulsive. Damn it! He messed up again.


Flustered he looked to the side.

“I want to talk to you.”

Rome looked at him in disbelief.

Behind him Good coughed slightly.

“I don’t want to interrupt you guys but I think I should go. That has nothing to do with me. N’Rome, it was great today. We see each other the day after tomorrow at work. I hope you can clarify whatever this is between you two. If something happens, you have my number, N’Rome” Good said and waved as a goodbye.

Rome turned to him and nodded, pulled him in another hug to thank him – Pick growled dark – and looked after him till he disappeared behind the corner. Then he turned around to Pick, contempt in his gaze.

“Goodbye, P’Pick” he said coldly and rushed past him.

“Wait!” Pick exclaimed after him and followed him inside. With an unusual speed Rome took two steps at once and Pick had trouble to keep up. Rome was fast.

“We’re not done yet” he shouted at Rome, already out of breath.

“You bet, I’m done with you” was Rome’s sharp response and he speed up a little more. My gosh, how could Rome run up the stairs so fast?

“But I’m not! Ai’Shorty, slow down. Don’t run away!” Pick stumbled after him, his legs trembling by now.


He arrived at Rome’s floor and could see Rome standing by his door, fiddling with his keys.

“I can do what I want. Stop following me or I call security!” he shouted and pushed his door open. He slipped through it and wanted to close it quickly behind him.

Oh no, that will not happen, Pick thought when he ran towards him. He got so far, he couldn’t give up now. It was probably his last chance to try fixing this mess. If he retreated now, he would regret it forever. He had to act now!

Determined he rammed his foot between the closing door and flinched a bit at the pain that grew in his foot. But he didn’t back up, pushed the door open again, slipped through it, and slammed it behind his back.

Rome looked at him bewildered.

“W-what are you doing?”
“We need to talk.”
“I see that quite different. Leave my room immediately.”

“No, not before you talk to me.”

“I don’t talk to reckless bastards who make fun of the heart from a supposed friend by stomping their feelings with glee.” Ouch.

“Rome, please let me explain.”

“Explain? I don’t need an explanation from you. You have hurt me, P’Pick. You toyed with me and my feelings. For months you had raised my hopes, just to pry them away from me in such a brutal way. You crushed me. You yelled at me that you find people like me disgusting. Do you know how that felt? To hear that from a supposed friend? No, of course not. It hurts! Horribly! But instead of accepting that I don’t want you in my life anymore you appear at my home, attack my friend, and tell me you want to talk. Are you kidding me? I’m done with you! I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore!” he yelled and started crying bitterly. Angry he wiped over his eyes.

“Now leave my room. I don’t want to see you ever again.” His voice changed and sounded weak and broken. It broke Pick’s heart.


Quickly he caught Rome’s wrist and pulled him against his chest, hold him tight in his arms. Rome trembled and cried, and Pick tighten his grip a bit more, buried his face in his hair. Rome tried to push him away, to free himself from the hug but his arms had no strength left, so he gave up and sobbed defeated. He buried his face in Pick’s shirt. Pick stroked his hair gently.

“I’m sorry” he whispered.

“Stop it.”

“I mean it. Not that I played with your feelings but that I lied to you.”

Rome frowned.

“… I don’t understand. You’re not sorry for playing with me but for lying to me?”

“No, um- I… I didn’t play with your feelings. At least not knowingly. I just said that because I was angry because… I know it’s not an excuse and it doesn’t make it less wrong. But I mean it with all my heart, Rome. I’m really sorry.” Rome looked up at him with wet eyes.

Pick placed his hands on Rome’s reddish cheeks and caressed the skin under his eyes with his thumps.

“I was overwhelmed. With the situation. With myself. And mostly with your words. Your… confession.”
Rome swallowed and lowered his head. Pick pulled it up right away.

“Did you mean it?” Pick had to ask again.

Fear was written in Rome’s face and he freed himself from Picks grip. He walked to his couch and sat down, patted beside him to invite Pick to sit down as well. After a short hesitation Pick sat beside him.


“P’Pick” Rome said and swallowed. “What do you want?”

Pick breathed deeply and bit the inside of his cheek. He had thought about it for a long time, what he wanted, and he had made a decision. He sighed and took one of Rome’s hand. He caressed it gently. He kept his gaze at his hand which seemed fitting perfectly in his.

“How do you know that you’re gay?” he asked. Rome took a moment to answer.

“How do you know that you’re straight?” he asked back. Pick shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know, it’s the usual.”

Rome’s hand gripped firmly for a second. Then he laid his second hand over both of theirs.

“The usual. Why is it ‘the usual’? Because society says it?”

Pick squeezed his hand.

“You’re not meant to be what society tells you. You just have to listen to yourself what you are and who you wanne love. It’s your heart. You can’t force an opinion on yourself just because someone tells you. Be yourself regardless of the other.”

Pick felt his tears rise and he turned his head to the side. He didn’t want to cry in front of Rome. That would destroy his cool image and he didn’t want to show any weakness.


“I felt I’m not into girls very early and I had similar thoughts. That I was wrong, that my feelings were abnormal, because society tells you that every fucking day. But I realized that’s not true. I’m gay and I can’t chance that. And I don’t want to because it’s part of me and I’m proud of it.” Rome squeezed his hand gently and dragged it to his heart. Pick turned his head to him and looked at him with wet eyes.

“The question is, what are you feeling, P’Pick?”

“I- I don’t know”, Pick sighed, “You’re more important to me than anything else. It was horrible to think that you’re gone and not a part of my life anymore. That I lost you forever. I want to have you around me, see you happy. I want to hold you and not letting you go.”

The grip tightened on his hand. Rome leaned to him and pulled him in a warm hug. Arms looping around his neck, and he pressed the small body at him, sighed and closed his eyes. Let his calming scent soothe him a bit.

“But… I’m not gay. I like women” he said sheepish and confused. Rome stroked his hair softly.

“You don’t have to be gay like me. You could be bi, pan, or something else. You don’t have to label yourself if you still don’t know. Just listen to your heart.”

Pick nodded.




“I like you.” He felt how Rome’s breath stopped for a moment and teared dropped at his skin. Next, he felt the corner of Rome’s mouth risen.

“I like you too.”

That sent a chill down his spine. He squeezed Rome even tighter who sobbed again. Pick pushed him gently to look at his face. Rome beamed at him while tears ran down his face. He wiped them away with his thumps. Rome smiled.

“You cry too much.”
“And you cry too little.”

Both giggled. Pick observed Rome, his Rome who sat towards him and presented his bright smile. His gaze darted to his lips and Pick had to think about how they felt on his. How perfect they fitted, and Pick wanted to repeat it. He leaned forward.

“P’Pick?” Rome asked but sighed as soon as his lips touched his. Slowly they started moving, enjoyed the contact without rushing it. Pick carefully broke the kiss to dry Rome’s wet cheeks with his hands. Rome closed his eyes and laughed. When he opened them again, he looked at Pick tender, it took Pick’s breath away. A warm feeling flowed through his body. It was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. And Rome gifted it to him.

He smiled back and tried to put all his feelings into it.


Rome’s hands slid to his hair, and he pressed his lips against his again, this time with more pressure. The restraint got lost in the growing fire of passion. They kissed hotly, Pick’s hands erratic at Rome’s hip. Rome straddled his lap, pressing and rubbing himself at him. Pick gasped when another pleasant chill ran down his spine. It was too good to be true. Rome felt too perfect in his arms.

He intensified his movements and Pick supressed a moan when he felt the growing bump in Rome’s pants. He hadn’t believed it was possible that he got turned on by something like that. But the way Rome looked like with red cheeks, strangling his lap while rubbing himself at him and kissing him uncontrollably. That was the hottest thing Pick had ever experienced.

Soon Pick’s hands moved under his shirt and explored the smooth skin underneath. Rome gasped into his mouth and Pick felt the goose bump under his fingertips. He grinned into the kiss when he scratched his sides and Rome cringed a little.

He gave him a quick annoyed gaze but didn’t break their kiss but added his tongue. Pick lost himself in the kiss and let the passion control him completely. One shiver followed the other every time their tongue collided. Fuck, it was way hotter than he had dreamed.


He got braver when he determined grabbed Rome’s butt and squeezed it. The moaning he received ran straight into his dick. Fuck.

Persistent he kneaded his firm butt, cursed low when another wave of pleasure rolled over him. The grip in his hair tightened and Pick gasped. He broke the kiss – Rome commentated it with an unpleased hum – and pressed is lips against his neck. Explored the unknown skin, tasted it and nipping at it to draw some hot gasps from Rome. He followed the skin to the neckline of his shirt. Demanding he sucked at the collarbone and Rome moaned. Tugged at his hair till Pick gasped in pain. He put his head back and immediately some delicious lips landed on his. Rome kissed him with abandon, his hip restless. Pick’s back pressed solid in the fabric of the couch while they kissed rough, he moaned hoarse.

His hands were still on Rome’s butt, kneaded it steadily while pressing him even tighter against him. Their bulges met and they both gasped at the same time. Shit, it was intense. Even more intense than he had imagined. Never was making out this hot. And he never was as needy as he was right now just from a little groping. If they continued, he would come just from rubbing himself at Rome. Fuck!


Now it was Rome who broke their kiss to groan. His lips pressed greedy at his neck, sucking at his skin. He seemed to enjoy teasing the sensitive skin. Pick gasped every time Rome’s teeth scratched over the redden spots and he unknowingly pushed his fingers under his waistband, to feel the smooth skin around his tailbone. Rome moaned moist at his neck and sucked harder. They parted with a smack and he sat up. He nibbled at Pick’s bottom lip with seductive eyes.

“Fuck, that’s way better than I imagined” he whispered and rolled his hip again at Pick. He answered with a gasp. Fuck, his pants started to feel too tight around him and it was uncomfortable. He wanted to open them, right now.

A hand left his hair, stroke from his cheek to his neck to his chest. Deeper and deeper till it grabbed his bulge without shame. Pick jerked up in surprise when an electric shock of pleasure rolled over him.

“Relax. Enjoy it” Rome murmured throaty and entangled him in another kiss while massaged his dick through his pants. Bloody hell, that was hot.


Pick totally lost himself in the kiss, enjoyed the chills that emerged by every touch of Rome’s tongue and every grab of Rome’s hand.

Suddenly he felt the cheeky hand straight on his dick and he opened his eyes wide, moaning in surprise. Fuck, when had Rome opened his pants?

He looked at him shocked and faced Rome’s hungry gaze, his teeth bit his bottom lip.

“Fuck, that was hot. Do that again” he said greedy, and his hand started moving again. Pick wanted to supress it but he way this sneaky hand caried his sensitive skin and played with the tip he couldn’t hold back and the sounds escaped his throat on their own. He dropped his head on Rome’s shoulder and moaned brokenly.

Rome bit his ear lobe and moved his hand so skilfully that he had trouble not to come in an instant.

Shit, Pick felt like he couldn’t breathe because of the pleasure that ran though his whole body. Rome was too fucking good at this.

“P’Pick” Rome moaned impatient in his ear and Pick’s brain completely switched off. All he could sense was Rome on his lap, nibbling on his lope and his hand tight around his dick.


His hands were now entirely vanished in Rome’s pants, groping the firm skin. His wrists hurt a bit because the waistband was uncomfortable tight around them, and Pick wished he could get rid of that damn fabric.

“Shit, Babe. Feels good” Rome panted at his ear and stroked his thump over the tip, smirking pre cum everywhere. It was sticky but damn hot.

Rome stopped, retracted his hand from his dick and his teeth from his ear and fiddled with his own pants.


Pick used the short break to breathe deeply. The lack of oxygen and the sensation of pleasure made him dizzy. He swallowed because he felt his climax was coming soon.

He turned his attention to Rome and observed him. His lips were glossy and puffy, his hair laid messy on his forehead. His cheeks and ears were red, and he was out of breath as well. When he looked up and their eyes met, Pick could see pure desire and impatience. It was the hottest thing he ever saw.

He couldn’t hold back and had to slam their lips together. With passion he licked over those delicious lips. Rome returned the kiss with at least the same amount of passion. Hungry and needy they pressed their bodies together.

He felt Rome’s hands working between them and curious he looked down. Rome’s lips travelled to his cheek, caressed it while he pulled at his pants. He felt the pressure at his wrists disappear and instinctive he took advantage of the new room and stroked the plump butt cheeks.

Rome sighed and leaned in his touch, kissed him passionate.

Pick’s hands travelled up, scratched over his sides and his back, receiving sighs and gasps which let his dick twitch. Rome’s fingers run over his chest, cling on his shirt. Impatient they tugged at the fabric, slipped under it to caress his stomach down his crotch. Rome nibbled at his lips, kissed his way to his neck, biting the skin and sucking onto it.

Pick’s dick longing for attention, he was ready and needy, he needed Rome’s hands to continue. Please.

With dark eyes he watched how Rome freed his own dick out of his pants and he had to gasped when he felt it right at his.

That was a new feeling. And it was more exiting that every wet dream he ever had. He had never imagined it was possible for him to get turned on from another dick, but now he sat here, Rome’s right at his and he felt too damn turned on, his dick might burst any second.


“Shit” Rome moaned, released his neck, and grabbed both their dicks and stared moving in a slow pace.

Out of reflex Pick thrusted his hip forwards, the unknown feeling prickled though his whole body. It drove him crazy.

“Fuck, it’s good” it escaped his mouth. Rough he pressed their mouth back together. It wasn’t a real kiss, both were too distracted from the feeling at their crotches but they didn’t stop the contact, moaning in the mouth of the other, panting raspy while Rome worked both to the edge.

Pick’s hand slid in Rome’s hair, cling on it. The other was placed on his tailbone, pushed his hip demanding forward to intensify the contact.

“P’Pick” Rome moaned and panted hectic.

All concerns vanished by now and Pick acted by instinct, leaning in Rome’s grip, moving his hip in rhythm and moaning unrestrained when his climax rolled over him. Rome speeded up, worked him through it, milked him dry and reached it right after him.

Loudly he moaned his name, clinging at his lips like a drunk when he slumped down, hanging in his arms, his head at his shoulder. Pick pressed his nose in his hair, kissing his temple, stroking his back.


For a few seconds, no one spoke. Just their heavy breathing echoed through the room.

“Wow” it escaped Rome’s throat and he looked up.

“Mhm” Pick answered, he couldn’t find better words.

“That was hot” Rome said, and his eyes darken a bit when they eyed Pick, his arms looping his neck. Out of the corner of his eye he could see his sticky hands and he scrunched his nose.

“Don’t worry, I won’t smudge it in your hair” Rome giggled when he noticed Pick’s glance. Pick frowned disgusted.

“Thanks, and not on my clothes too, please” he mumbled. Rome laughed and kissed him again. Pick returned it, tired but happy. They kissed for a while till Rome cut it to stand up and searching for a cloth to clean them. Pick looked after him and noticed his open pants which just hung barely at his hip.

He blushed when he realized what they did. He had fucking made out with Rome at his room, and he had given him a handjob. Holy shit! He had a dick pressed at his and he had fucking liked it. A lot. They both had come! Fuuuuuck!

Pick felt the panic grow and he swallowed heavy.


When Rome came back with clean hands and a cloth, Pick couldn’t look him in the face. Embarrassed he kept his eyes at his lap while taking the cloth, his whole face felt hot. As fast as possible he cleaned himself and closed his pants with shaky hands.

Of course, Rome noticed his behaviour and straddled his lap in an instant to distract him from his spinning thoughts. He took his head in both hand and forced him to look at his face.

“Whatever you’re thinking, stop it. Don’t you dare to regret it now” he said with a determined voice, and he looked at him reproachful. Pick slightly shook his head.

“I don’t” he rasped.

“Then what’s on your mind?”

“I- I need to process what just happened. That we-… you…” he couldn’t phrase it, his ears grew red.

“That I jerked you off and you have come with my dick at yours?” Rome said bold. Pick looked at him with wide eyes, his mouth open and close in shock.

“… hn.”

Rome gave him a peck.


“That’s good. Was it good?”

“…. Y-yes.”

“Great”, He kissed him again, “Then there’s no reason to panic.”


“I liked it too.” Another peck. “Although more would be even greater of course.”
He giggled when he noticed Pick’s aghast gaze.

“I know, it’s too early for that but I’m allowed to dream. I waited months for that, to be so close to you. I can wait another while.” He kissed his cheek and cuddled at his chest, buried his face in the crook of his neck. He hummed satisfied.

Pick closed his eyes and tightened the embrace.






“Are we dating now?”


“A whole sentence, please.”
“Yes, we’re dating now.”

Rome beamed at him and squeezed him tighter, showered his whole face with kisses. Pick laughed. He could get used to it.



Chapter Text

Special: Rome’s smutty secrets – I’m head over heels <3 (Part One)


Rome’s life was upside down the moment Pick visited the café for the first time.


He had ordered a coffee with an obvious bad mood and had settled at the counter while grunting at his smartphone. From the start Rome was fascinated by his handsome face and he insisted on starting a conversation. The guy had just responded with an impudent comment and swore a lot but Rome didn’t gave up and continued to try cheering him up. When the handsome darted off, Rome thought about him the rest of the day. He had told Emma about their meeting with a dreamy voice and although it had been rather an unpleasant conversation than a sweet one, he only had good feelings about it. Emma had shaken her head in disbelief and pointed out, how bad his taste in men was.


When Mr. Handsome visited the café the next day Rom couldn’t believe it. He felt his heart beaten fast, and high on feelings he had asked Good to cover all the early shifts from now on. He hadn’t told him why, but Rome desperately wanted to see Mr. Handsome every day and he planned to became friends with him. Somehow.

Rome enjoyed seeing his attractive face and hearing his raspy voice. He managed to engage him more and more in conversations and slowly he opened a little and told Rome some facts about him. Rome found out that he was a medical student at his university and wanted to be a vet. Rome was fascinated by him. He appeared to be a rough and heartless guy but inside his deepest wish was to help vulnerable animals.


He was so sweet in Rome’s eyes and he couldn’t stop starring at his handsome face and his sharp eyes which seemed to piece right through Rome. His height was a plus too, Rome liked taller guys. Visually he hit his taste in men 100%. He lived in his head rent free and Rome wasn’t tired dreaming about him. Even at work he couldn’t resist and Good often had to remind him to continue his work. Rome blushed every time Good teared him out of his thoughts. He should probably stop fantasizing about him. At least at work.




He finally knew his name! Yes!

After forever in which Rome desperately tried to get to know his name without being too obvious, he finally succeeded. He had simply asked him, what seemed like no big deal but for Rome it was a big step. Mr. Handsome had been confused for a second but then had introduced himself.

Pick was his name. What a great name. Pick, P’Pick. Rome sighed pleased. He played with the name in his head, and he concluded that the name could be moaned perfectly. Very good.




Rome became bolder and drifted their conversations more and more into more serious topics. Sadly, Pick wasn’t very chatty and Rome had trouble to get him to answer, but the effort paid off. Mostly Rome took over the talking and asking and convinced Pick to reply to him eventually. He kept his cold attitude on the outside, but Rome noticed slight changes in his responses and actions. Rome was very proud of that. But at the same time Pick didn’t seemed to enjoy their talking. He always pulled faces and it was very hard to get a serious answer out of him. Rome tried to stay optimistic, but it bugged him.

He gained more confidence through the time, and he started flirting more open. He made several passes towards Pick, but his reactions were too reserved and unclear, it bothered Rome.

He tried to hide his disappointment, but he had already realized that Pick would be just another crush from afar. He hadn’t a real interest in Rome, even though he visited him constantly. Rome felt the tug in his chest every time Pick acted cold, but he kept ignoring it and smiled through it.




Rome stood at the counter, shifting from one foot to the other while chatting with Emma.


‘Emma, im so excited!!!’


`Don’t have to! Keep calm, its not a big deal. You have asked a lot of guys for a date’


‘True, but this is P’Pick!! That’s totally different!’

‘What if he hates me after T-T’


‘Rome, honey. Youre overreacting. The worst that could happen is that he says no’

‘But he won’t’

‘Who could resist that adorable face of yours? <3’


‘<3 <3 <3 thx gurl’



‘btw i really really want a pic of that sweetie pie. You always fancy his handsome face but I have no idea how he looks like ._.’

‘Take a picture!!!’


‘How im supposed to do that? That would be very weird’


‘take it hidden, when hes distracted or something. Or ask for a selfie idk’

‘get creative’

‘but I want a pic today’

‘pls <3’



‘alright, I try’



But Pick didn’t come. Rome waited to whole morning with a beating heart only to close his shift disappointed and sad. He tried to cover his disappointment in front of his co-workers till he was in the staff room, collecting his stuff. He felt the tug in his chest again. It grew stronger over the time. It started to worry him.

He sighed and stuffed his apron in his locker. Apparently, his crush had lost interest in him. Understandable, he was annoying as hell with all his questions.


He sighed again. And the day was so promising at first…

When he took his bag Good suddenly came rushing in and stopped him from leaving. With frantic movements he asked him if he could take over Paos evening shift because he called in sick last minute and Good had nobody to replace him but Rome.

Rome groaned frustrated but agreed. He was too nice to say no.


So in the evening he stood behind the counter again and gathered extra hours. But destiny was on his side because all the sudden Pick appeared completely exhausted and moody. He had a tense jaw and a piercing gaze at him, which attracted Rome more than he would admit. He looked hot with his hair messy and his untidy uniform, which showed more skin than usual. Rome had to swallow, he felt the urge to slide his hand through the open collar. He wanted to touch the seductive skin, wanted to dig into the messy hair, pulling him close, kissing him like crazy.


Rome shook his head slightly to stop his thoughts. Not here, not now. That was definitely the wrong time to get lost in his daydreams. Later, when he was alone at home, he had enough time for that.

Quickly he concentrated at Pick again, who explained to him how miserable his day was. But his mind was still in clouds. He noticed how his crush grew bigger every time he learned something new about him. He seemed to be a fun person, even if he was rough and cursed too much. When he told stories about him and Porsche, his best friend, it made Rome smile instantly because he got to know a different side of Pick every time. It was nice.


He sticked to his plan and managed to ask Pick out. It had cost a lot of courage and his heart almost jumped out of his chest, but he got all the words out without too much stutter, and he was very proud of that. It was disguised as eating with just a friend but in his head, he called it a date.

He even had a chance to take a quick – and a little blurry – picture of him. Pick was talking to the waitress giving their orders when Rome took out his phone and snapped a quick shot. He had stared at his screen with a beating heart and couldn’t believe he finally had an actual picture of him. And he was shocked at how Pick looked damn hot even blurry and in bad lighting. The sharp shadows in his face featured his cheekbones and Rome had the urge to press his lips against them.

Quickly he put his phone in his pocket to focus on Pick again. He felt his cheeks burning but tried to ignore it.


Pick really surprised Rome at the end of the evening with his behaviour. He had never thought that Pick was the type of guy how guided their date home. His heart had beaten so fast he feared that Pick could hear it. How could this guy be so sweet? He was perfect... … …

And annoying. In an attractive way. His childish side pulled with his nerves and he really didn’t want to find it attractive but he loved it to get teased by his partner and Pick somehow knew exactly what button to push to drive Rome up the wall. And Rome loved it.

His heart almost dropped out of his chest as they tripped. They were so close to each other… They had nearly kissed and as shocked as Rome was by that he couldn’t believe how turned on he got. This close Rome could admire all of Pick’s visual features and he was even more attractive. His manly scent teased his nose and Rome had no other profoundly wish than hugging him tight and kissing him out of his mind. But he noticed Pick’s panicked face and decided to resist his needs. He didn’t want to cross a line and chase him away. He definitely didn’t want to risk too much. But it was sign. A sign that Rome’s hopes and dreams might be not as hopeless as they seemed. He felt his heart jumping like crazy when he laid in bed later, recalling the day.

With trembling hands, he opened the picture he took from Pick, starring at it for a long time. He recalled his close face, remembered the warmth coming from his body. How his eyes pierced his. He could basically feel his hot breath on his skin.

Slowly he guided his hand down his body, imagining it was Pick’s which caressed him and worked him through his climax.


After he had stared at the ceiling for a long time. Now he couldn’t deny that his crush had grown very big, and he had to admit to himself that he was falling in love. Or better he had already fallen.

And he had come to a conclusion that night. He wanted Pick. He wanted to win him over, at all costs. He had seen the desire hiding in his eyes. He didn’t was as averse to it as he showed him. Rome wanted to test it.

His heart started beating loudly in his chest.




After Pao got back to work, Rome insisted on working the latest shift. Pick had set his visits in the evening almost closing time and Rome didn’t want to miss that. And Good was an understanding manager who granted him his wish without hesitating. He just teased him a little and tried to draw his reasons out of him. Good and him were good friends and Good had told him that he had noticed his unusual behaviour. He was curious and didn’t stop asking him what was going on. But Rome didn’t cave in and kept silent.


But he told Emma of course. She had asked him million questions the day after the date, so they facetimed, and Rome had to tell her everything that happened. She didn’t really agreed with him about how hot Pick was but that wasn’t shocking. They had different taste in men – lucky, because it could cause trouble if it was otherwise. But she was happy for him.

Till he told her about the almost kiss…


She frowned which looked funny with the facemask on.

“Rome, please be careful. If he’s really straight, you should back off quickly.”

Rome pouted and turned around, laying on his stomach with his phone near his face.

“I know, but I’m sure he wanted to kiss me too. He had peeked at my lips many times.”

Emma made a serious face. Her mask wrinkled at her forehead.

“Maybe he acted on impulse. But what if he’s like the others who can’t admit that he can’t resist your charm? I don’t want to see you broken again because that bastard breaks your heart.”

Rome smiled a bit sad when the memories of his past run through his head.

It was true, he had many bad experiences with past crushes who were ‘straight as hell and not that’. He remembered the times he ran to Emma in the middle of the night, hugging her for hours, crying his heart out because again a guy couldn’t own up to his sexuality. She was always there to comfort him.


“I know, I will be careful. The thing from high school will not be repeated.”


He had learned from his past. And he knew now, how to read the signs and how to stop himself from over fantasizing. At least that was what he was persuading himself of. The increasing uneasy feeling skilfully ignoring, he concentrated on the warmth in his heart.

“I hope so, because if not, Pick has to watch out!”

Rome laughed.

Yes, he hoped too.




They met more and more frequently, had more and more dates – Rome named their meetings like that in his head – and he fell deeper and deeper. At the end of the semester break he couldn’t without Pick anymore and was head over heels.

Emma was happy for him and teased him sometimes but at the same time he noticed the worried side glances. Rome understood her. Since the ‘almost kiss’ both didn’t talk about it and nothing similar had happened. Rome had hoped they could repeat it somehow or it happened another opportunity. But it was futile.

Pick wasn’t proactive. He always acted distant, and it started to annoy Rome.



Even more it took him by surprise when Pick stood in front of him all the sudden and claimed his lunch. And started to continue his visits. Rome didn’t expected that and the warm feeling spread through his whole body.
Gladly he attempted to move his schedule, so his breaks were in synch with Picks. Just to see him every day. With joy he woke up early in the morning to prepare fancy lunch. He wanted to impress Pick and win his heart. The way to a man’s heart was through his stomach, Emma once had said.




He was sure about his feelings, and he evermore felt the sexual attraction towards Pick. More and more Rome caught himself yearning for physical contact or touches from Pick. How his thoughts shifted to something lewd in an instance when Pick did or said something. And his nightly activities became more frequent. By the time, he was embarrassed how heavily Pick influenced his mind and he couldn’t keep himself under control.

But Rome was a man with needs and now he had the urgent need for Pick’s dick.

Rome had to contain himself not to jump Pick. Really, Pick had a crazy effect on him.



And Pick mocked him constantly. Something Rome found hotter than he should. But shamefully he was a big sucker for bullies. He wasn’t proud of it, but he got turned on when Pick teased him, called him shorty, or pushed him away. It was hotter than every flirt. Although Rome was almost at his limit. At this point Pick should step up his game and make a move.

Rome was very impatient lately. He was really good at flirting. He knew than from many sources. He could proudly say that he had turned the heads from many men before just with a simple smile. He knew about his charisma and features that appeal seductive. Especially his lips. He was aware of his cuteness and used it shamelessly. And now he tried everything to break through Pick. But that stupid donkey always escaped the last second or changed the subject to avoid a new flirt attack. It was frustrating!




It pissed him off and he raged about Pick’s stupidity with Emma on a daily basis. How could someone be that slow on the uptake…  It hurt Rome’s dick. Emma had stopped replying to just letting him go. It was useless because Rome was deeply in love with that idiot, and she could just be a good friend and rage together with Rome about Pick.


The day she finally met him in person, she was sure that she didn’t like him. He was a straight idiot indeed. But an idiot who had also fell in love without noticing. Or without admitting. Emma saw the glances between them, and it was pretty obvious. Now she knew what Rome meant about mixed signals.

She had told Rome her investigation and her concerns. Rome’s heart had skipped a beat, hearing that Pick had obviously a crush on him. He ignored the negative things she also told him. He had learned to suppress the unpleasant feeling in his stomach and instead bathed in the cosy warmth of love and happiness which let his mind run wild.

It wasn’t just wishful thinking to see some signs from Pick as well. It was real.




The day Rome got to know Porsche was one of the funniest days he experienced in a while. Porsche was a funny and quiet dumb guy. Rome liked him from the beginning. He matched with Pick, and it was great to hear about his crush from his best friend who knew him for an eternity. Rome was a little bit jealous that Porsche knew Pick inside out. He had the permission to touch Pick every time without fearing awkwardness. Rome didn’t dare to touch or hug Pick like he normally did with friends. He feared the unpleasant consequences like yelling at him or asking to many questions. Pick wasn’t a person who liked a lot of physical contact. He avoided it as much as possible, and Rome tried to respect that. If it was his choice, he would cling to Pick 24/7. He would hug him constantly, tugging at his neck and kissing him mindless. But he knew he had to restrain his desire. He could only give in in his dreams when he was alone in bed. It was just barely satisfying if he was honest, but what could he do? Hopefully something because he was at his limit…




“You’ve really bad taste in men, darling” Emma said while laying together with Rome at his bed. Both were busy at their phones, listening to some music. Rome laid at his back, his phone in the air. He was starring mesmerized at the new number at his display.

“Finally, I have his number” Rome mumbled, he still couldn’t believe it.

“Uh yeah, I know. I was there. He’s such a douchebag that he couldn’t even manage to ask for your number but to rely on his friend to get it” Emma nagged while shaking her head. She threw her phone at the blanket, grabbed the remote instead and started to scroll through the playlist they were listening to. Rome didn’t pay attention to her, his finger remained at the reply button.

“Should I write him?”

“Honest answer? No. He doesn’t deserve it. But I know you will write him regardless of what I say”, she shrugged her shoulders, “Do it.”

Rome sat up nervously and opened the chat. He hesitated.

“What should I write?”

“Don’t know. Something. Hello. Or this is the good-looking guy’s number who flirts with you for months.”

“Emma!” Rome yelled laughing and hit her shoulder slightly. She giggled.

“I have to thank P’Porsche again tomorrow” Rome said while tipping.

“Tsk, that’s also a weirdo, don’t you think? Too obsessed with his club and he knows nothing about women.”

“But you like him.”

“W-whaaaat? What gives to that idea?”

“I know you, sweetie. And you definitely gave him that look.”

“I- No, I don’t!”

“You have at least the same horrid taste in men like me. You can’t deny that.”


Rome stood up to prepare his daily skincare routine – facemasks. He chose a hydration one with a cute animal print. Emma had started painting her nails with some glitter nail polish.

“You pick more horrible guys than me.”

“What can I say? I love bad boys” Rome laughed.

“Damn right and P’Pick better everything.”

“Hey, he isn’t that bad.”

Emma stopped painting her big toe for a second to look at Rome with a frown.

“He bullies younger students and starts a fight with everyone who glance at him wrong.”

Rome looked to the side and pouted.

“But he had some good sides too” he mumbled and snuggled up in his blanket.

“Mh, if you say so. I think he’s too bad to be honest. And his expressions are way too cold.”

“I think it’s sexy.”
“I know, and this is what worries me.” Rome laughed as an answer and quickly Emma joined.

“At least I don’t like idiots who are too confident in themselves that they frighten women while flirting.”





The day Rome lost his patience once and for all would always remain in his memories. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he had seen the desire in Pick’s eyes. His heart had beaten like crazy. Finally, it was happening, the next step had come. He finally was receiving the kiss he awaited eagerly. But no, Pick had chickened out again! He had fled again, had Rome left alone. But Rome had enough. Enough was enough. He couldn’t wait any longer. For an eternity they tipped around each other. Now it was time for some action and for Pick to show some balls. Literally.

So, Rome followed him and took what he was craving for. He had kissed Pick, with all the passion he felt. He had inserted all the emotions and the desire that had built up inside of him and Pick had kissed him back with such passion, it took Rome’s breath. He was dizzy from his lust. It was way better than any dream he had, and Pick could kiss like a god. Rome couldn’t stop his thoughts to fantasise about all the things Pick could also do with his skilful lips. How his lips would feel at his skin, his whole body. He shivered slightly. He wanted to have Pick’s hand and lips all over him. Fuck, he wanted more.


But Pick ditched him. Again. He shoved him away and ruined all hope when he ran away. Immediately Rome got ran over with doubts, the bad feeling in his stomach returned, got even stronger.

Had he exaggerated? Had he gone too far? Had he just imagined it? No, definitely not. Pick had kissed him with the same passion. He must feel something toward Rome. But why did he panic? Maybe after all he was one of the jerks who couldn’t accepted their queerness? Was Rome just some experiment?

It hurt his heart thinking about it. It felt like all the air was taken out of his lungs and he couldn’t breathe. His eyes burnt when the tears started to pile up.

He wanted to stay positive. He wanted to hope for a happy end. Destiny hadn’t just gave Rome Pick for nothing. It meant something. Rome was sure.


When he succeeded to calm down a bit and stood up from the cold bathroom floor, he felt miserable. He had instantly called Emma for comforts and wasted no time to throw himself in her arms to cry out all his pain. Through sobs he had told her everything that happened and his doubts that overpowered his mind. Emma had listened passionately till he had let it all out. She consoled him, held him tight in her embrace and didn’t care about the snot Rome wiped all over her shirt. When his tears ran dry and he stopped sobbing, she tried to hold her anger back. If it was her, she would forbit Rome any contact to that jerk. But she knew her best friend, it was too late for that. She couldn’t bare another complete breakdown from her precious friend, but she feared that it would end up in a catastrophe again. At the moment all she could do was to give Rome the advice to wait how Pick would react to it the next day. Maybe Pick just needed some time to think.




At university Rome got ignored and was given the cold shoulder. Something that made Rome angry. He hadn’t cried out his soul just to be treated like that! How dare Pick to ignore him when they made out the day before? Rome didn’t put up with that shit. He wanted to talk about it. They should talk about it even if Pick didn’t want to.

A small part of Rome noticed the obvious rejection and wanted to stop him. The fear to get bullied for his feelings, made fun of from his crush and be a fool in front of everyone again still haunted him. But Rome was stronger than before. He wouldn’t let him get humiliated like in high school! He was confident to face his crush eye to eye to confront him with his feelings. He needed answers. He deserved answers! And he would get them from Pick. He will not back off!



And he regretted it to the last degree when Pick told him that he had just played with him. That he had once again fell for a straight guy who used him for fun. And again, he was left alone with a heart shattered into pieces.


It hurt. His heart felt like a foreign object that got rejected from his body. It beat in his chest but wasn’t part of him. It hurt bad.

He had forgotten how a broken heart felt. Didn’t remember how much it could rip his insides apart. All the gentle shivers and the pleasant tingles were vanished and left alone was the twitches in his chest.


He had locked himself in his room, tangled in his blanket while crying in a pile of used tissues.

He couldn’t talk about Pick, couldn’t even think about his name without feeling hurt. Every little thing reminded him of him and triggered the tears. He had turned off his phone, he couldn’t handle calls or messages at the moment. He wanted to be alone.




“It hurts” he whispered barely hearable, his voice failed. He was sitting on Emma’s bed with his hands fiddling at his nails. He trembled when his tears ran down is face. Emma sat in front of him with a concerned face, her arms stretched out for a hug. Rome shook his head and hid his hands inside his sleeves. He didn’t want to hug, to afraid that he would break down again.

Everything was too much right now. He sobbed and his eyes itched. He was amazed how many tears the human body could produce.

Emma caressed his arms, took his hand carefully and pet it slightly. She was there for him, every time. Rome immediately burst out crying and threw himself in her arms, clinging at her shirt, his face buried in her shoulder. Emma tightened her grip around his back and joined his crying. They let it all out together till no tears were left and they fell asleep.



After a while it got better. Rome calmed down and now let all his anger surface. He cursed at all men and Emma agreed with him with pleasure. Together they got creative and invented lots of never known insults which lightened Rome’s mood a bit.

But Rome didn’t know what to do. He was deeply in love with Pick. That idiot had settled down in his heart and Rome couldn’t do much about it. From day one he had seized it, but now shattered it without caring. Rome felt betrayed.


“What should I do now, Emma?”
“What do you think? We grab a shovel, a rope and some tape and when it’s foggy and dark outside we-“

“Just kiddin’. No, but seriously. I would do nothing. Forget that bastard. He’s no longer part of your life. He’s dead for us!”

“But I love him.”

Emma sighed depressed.

“I know. But he isn’t good for you. He has toyed with you and broke your heart. He deserves no mercy. The best is to withdraw him out of your life and move on. It will hurt for a while but some day it will heal.”

Rome nodded slowly. He didn’t want to accept it but Emma was right. He should hate Pick, really. But his heart was still beating like crazy while thinking about him. Love was shit!


His phone buzzed next to him, and he gave it a fleeting glance. Just to squeak alarmed and starring at the screen in disbelief.

It showed a message from Pick.


‘N’Rome? Can we talk?’


“E-emma…” Rome stuttered and immediately tears left his eyes. Damn it.

Emma reacted in an instant and snatched his phone to hold it out of his reach.

“Oh no, don’t think about it!”

“But he wants to talk! Maybe he wants to apologize.”

“And? He can say good-bye to that! You won’t give in that easy. Over my dead body! Just let his guilty conscience choke him to death” Emma yelled angry and blocked Pick’s number before Rome could even protest.




Semester break started, which means Rome’s part-time job started yet again. But he didn’t feel good these days and he wasn’t confident that he was capable to smile the whole day at costumers. He was sure to break down instantly when he entered the small café. Everything remembered him about Pick. But he couldn’t just call in sick for no reason.

He had arranged a meeting with Good to ask for some days off. He didn’t thought it would be the exact café of all places, but he couldn’t make a good excuse why he didn’t want to be there, so he bared with it. Somehow.

With a large bag to overnight at Emma’s place after and stomach-ache he made his way to his workplace. He assumed the worst but got surprised. Good’s present soothed his anxiety and it wasn’t that bad after all. Good was an understanding manager and a really good friend and Rome felt confident enough to tell him roughly about his love problems. Good had wished him good luck and to get better soon. He had asserted that he was allowed to take as many days off as he needed to recover. Everything for his favourite employee. Rome had smiled and pulled Good in a warm embrace as a thanks. He was grateful to have such a good friend.


With a better mood he visited Emma and fulfil their overdue movie night. Rome painted Emma’s nails because she said he could do it way better than her. She tried to style his hair – she had an obsession for kpop lately and wanted to try a certain hairstyle – and they watched some horror movies to tattle about the actors and to rate their hotness. It was a great evening and Rome could forget his broken heart for a while, thanks to Emma.


But Emma had to take up the topic one more time.


“You know, I deliberated.” They laid next to each other in bed and listened to Emma’s favourite kpop band.

“Hm?” Rome turned his head at her. She was still looking at the ceiling.

“It doesn’t make sense.”


“Well, his behaviour. If he really just played with your feelings as he claims it, why would he hide his affection? I mean, if he really wanted to make fun of you, why didn’t he obviously flirt with you?” she frowned and looked at Rome. Rome looked down at the blanket and tugged at it.

“Emma… please, stop.” His voice sounded weak, and he fought with the lump in his throat. Emma sighed and sat up.

“Sorry, but it doesn’t fit. I don’t want to tear your wounds open but I’m really good at reading people and his gazes towards you weren’t fake…”

Rome felt the tears and he had to blink them away. He sighed and sat up as well, a pillow tight in his arms.

“I… I know. I thought about it too. It doesn’t fit. It seemed too… real. Too real to be just a prank.”

“Right. And it would be a really long prank too. After all it went on for months.”
Rome swallowed, his eyes burned.

“What do you want to say, Emma?”

“I think we should make P’Pick jealous.”

“Hah?” Rome looked up. He thought he misheard Emma.

“Well, if his feelings were fake like he said, he’ll be unbothered when you find someone new.”

“But I don’t want to find someone new.”

“And you don’t have to. Just pretend in front of him and we will observe his reaction. If he gets jealous, it’ll be a sign that he is in fact a jerk in love.” Emma gestured with her hands and seemed determined. Unlike Rome, who looked at her incredulous. His eyes were still teary.

“I don’t know… I don’t think this is a good idea.”­
“Come on.”

“What if P’Pick doesn’t react? That would be a brutal affirmation. Or he is jealous but still doesn’t admit his feelings? No, I don’t do that. Either way I get hurt and I’m sick of getting hurt.” At that point the tears left his eyes and angry at himself for crying again, he wiped them away.

Emma nodded downfallen and petted his back.

“Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. You were right. It’s better to just forget him.”




One day he invited Good for lunch to thank him for his kindness and to deepen their friendship a bit. They knew each other quite a while but hadn’t really spent time together. Good was a good-looking and good-hearted guy and Rome appreciated him in his life. For a second, he had thought about Good as a better match for him than Pick, but he noticed quickly that Good wasn’t his type.

And sadly, Good wasn’t Pick, the jerk he was still deeply in love with.


And then Pick entered his life again after days.

Good had noticed his bad mood on their way home and asked him what had bothered him lately. Rome didn’t want to talk about it and had to fight back the tears. Good seemed to saw them and decided to pull him in an embrace. Rome, who was too emotional to handle physical contact at the moment, pushed at his chest and was trying to escape it. But then he was dragged out of his arms and behind someone and to his surprise he saw Pick who stood between Good and him and seemed to fight with Good any minute.

Horrified and overwhelmed Rome tried to settle the situation and to save Good, before he realised that his lost love stood in front of him.


He couldn’t bear that. Pick’s face alone let Rome’s heart skip a beat and he didn’t like it. He didn’t want to have those feelings, they would kill him someday.

He fled, wanted to kick Pick out of his life but that stubborn idiot ran after him and wasn’t easy to get rid of. Didn’t he has some kind of bad conscience towards him? He had hurt Rome a lot and couldn’t even respect his feelings now and didn’t even try to disappear. He had toyed with him. How dare he was showing his face in front of Rome again. Rome wanted to yell at him, letting out all his anger. He wanted to scream in his face how hurt he was. What this sick game had done to him.

Never in his life he had expected that Pick would open up to him. That he would explain the mess in his head and tell Rome his inner thoughts.


Now everything made sense. The way Pick reacted. His behaviour towards him, his confusing signals that seemed to mean anything but nothing. Pick didn’t even noticed them and of course was taken by surprise from what Rome had told him. Pick hadn’t been sure about his feelings and had struggled with it.


And never ever Rome had expected that Pick would confess his feelings. Rome couldn’t believe his luck and all the doubts decreased. He could tell that Pick was telling the truth and that he meant his apology for being an asshole. And shamefully Rome had to admit that he had already forgiven Pick. He couldn’t resist that dork and his heart was beating like crazy when all the emotions that he suppressed lately came back to surface and ran through every part of his body.

He gave in and let out his desire. He showed Pick how much he loved him and got the best response he could ever wished for.



Holy shit, this man was so damn sexy. His suppressed moaning. How he melted in Rome’s touches. How overwhelmed he seemed. Rome enjoyed the impact he had on him. It made him proud. He wanted to educe every emotion Pick had hidden inside and made him loosen himself in his grip.

Rome had seen many dicks in his life and had even played with some but in his eyes, Pick had by far the most beautiful dick he had ever seen. He enjoyed every second he could do what he wanted with it. And he almost lost his mind when he felt Pick’s hand at his butt. How bad he had wished for that before. It was like a dream came true. But better. And he wanted more. Didn’t know how to deal with his needs, it was so hot and he didn’t want to do anything than to undress both of them and take what he was craving for. Pick inside of him, unrestrained moaning, fucking Rome out of his mind.

But he knew that he wouldn’t get more by now. It was a big step for Pick even going that far and Rome had noticed how insecure he was the whole time. Rome decided to hold back, for Pick’s sake, and to wait for a better moment.

But Pick had to watch out because Rome couldn’t hold back that long. He was just a man and he had needs. Urgent needs and now he had tasted what he could have and his hand wasn’t enough anymore.



Wait for it, Pick. You can’t escape forever.



Chapter Text

Disclaimer: It’s getting hot 🌶🌶🌶



Special: Rome’s smutty secrets – Teasing is a sign of affection <3 (Part Two)


“It’s sweet of you that our first official date takes place right here” Rome giggled and lifted his glass to take a sip of his iced latte macchiato. Pick winced and kicked him slightly under the table.

“Keep it down, shorty.” He hissed and turned around with a frantic gaze. Rome frowned and removed his legs out of Pick’s reach.

“Why? P’Pick, you should start getting used to it. We’re together now, of course we have dates.” Sometimes Rome didn’t understand Pick. At first, he played the possessive boyfriend who growl at every man that laid a glance at Rome, and the next moment he pushed him away because his hand touched him a little. It bothered Rome. They were together for quite a while and little by little Pick should get used to it. He should accept the fact that he had a boyfriend now.


“Yes, but that doesn’t mean everyone must know.”

“Why? Are you ashamed of me?” Rome asked sulky and gave Pick a reproachful look. He knew that it was new for Pick and that he needed time to feel comfortable with it. And Rome wanted to be the understanding boyfriend and support him, but he had his limits too.

“What? No! Not a bit, but- … I don’t like to peddle with my relationship” Pick mumbled and gave him meaningful look. Rome could tell that he really meant his words and of course he was aware that Pick was a very private person. He didn’t show his emotions and inner thoughts openly and especially love and affection was something Pick hid as much as possible. Rome sighed and returned the gaze with a smile and a quick peck in the air. Pick’s ears started to redden, and he quickly looked down what caused a pleasing warmth spreading inside Rome’s chest.

“Hm, then it could get difficult for you. I’m a really clingy person.”

“Mhm, I noticed that already. And I’m still not accustomed to it.” Pick rolled his eyes in annoyance, but Rome knew that he didn’t meant it. Pick wouldn’t admit it but he loved cuddling with Rome the same he did.

Sneaky Rome looked around, then snatched one of Pick’s hand that laid on the table. He started drawing circles at the back on his hand.

“What’re you doing?” Pick asked and wanted to pull his hand back, but Rome grabbed his wrist before he could escape.

“Getting you accustomed to it” Rome said mischievous, widened the circles, stroke over every finger then back to his wrist. He caressed the soft skin and slowly slipped inside the sleeve. At the same time, he made sure to hold the eye contact with Pick and to send meaningful gazes. He noticed his boyfriend getting uneasy.

“Stop it” Pick said and tried to interrupt the moment, twitching his fingers. But Rome didn’t let him go. He had too much fun teasing him.

“With what? That?” he smirked and scratched over the skin under the sleeve. Pick shivered and got goosebumps on his arms and his ears turned red. Rome liked that reaction. Very much.

“I mean it, Rome. Not he-“

“Oh hey!” a familiar voice yelled suddenly and immediately Pick pushed Rome’s hand away and hid his under the table. Startled he looked at the entrance. Rome grunted disappointed and turned around to look as well. By the door stood a frantic waving Porsche with a startled looking Emma. Rome sighed annoyed but waved back with a smile while Pick looked anything but happy to see his friend.


“What are you doing here?” he asked cold and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I told you I want to visit this cute little café someday. It’s even cuter on the inside. Suits you, N’Rome” Porsche warbled jolly and sat down next to Pick without asking.

“Thank you, P’Porsche.” Rome smiled with rosy cheeks and played with the straw in his drink a bit embarrassed. Pick grunted, which made Rome dart a glance at him.

“I’m free today, so I thought why not testing the world-famous and unique coffee à la N’Rome. But it seems like you’re also free today.”

“Yes, it’s my day off”, Rome answered and made an apologizing face, “But world-famous and unique coffee à la N’Rome? Where do you hear that?”

“Haha, Pick used to call it that way. Every day he has raved about the amazing coffee his cute shorty has made him. The best coffee someone has ever made if I remember correctly.”

Quickly Pick pulled Porsche at him in rage and covered his mouth yelling, “Shut up!”, while Rome’s mouth opened when he realised what Porsche just revealed. He looked at his boyfriend amused. That was interesting.


Porsche laughed and freed himself from Pick’s grip.

“He has beamed every time but has banned me from visiting myself. Obviously, he was already possessive that time” Porsche kept going and laughed cheerful. He messed with Pick’s hair who started hissing at him. He tried to remove the annoying hand out of his hair and combed it with his fingers to style it back. Rome bit his tongue to prevent himself from laughing.

“Cute” he mumbled and stared at Pick. Even now he discovered something new about him and he liked what he heard.

Pick blushed and cursed silent which made Rome smirk pleased. He grabbed his drink and faced Emma who had sat down as well. Noisy he slurped at his straw.

“And what are you doing here? Are you two on a date?”

Emma’s cheeks redden, and she slapped the shoulder of her friend.

“Don’t pretend to be clueless.”

“Hah? You knew?” Porsche butted in and looked perplex back and forth between the two.

“Of course. Emma and I tell us everything” Rome explained and giggled. In an instant Pick blushed as again.

“E-everything?” he stammered and looked horrified. Rome almost felt sorry for him…

“Everything.” Emma winked. Pick stared at them with an open mouth and then looked angry at Rome who found his face adorable.

“What did you tell her?”

“Not what you’re thinking, Phi” he giggled. Emma straightened in her seat.

“Aha, there’s more? I’m all ears.”

“No way. That’s none of your business! That’s between Rome and me!”

“Aaaaah, that kind of thing, I see.”
“What? No, not- argh!”

“It’s okay, Phi. Your sex life isn’t my business.” Emma giggled. Of course, she already knew more than she admitted right now but Pick didn’t have to know. He already looked like he would panic any minute.


“Huh? Sex life?” Porsche butted in, “What sex life?” With a big question mark hovering over his head, he looked at his best friend who slipped down on his seat in embarrassment. He avoided eye contact. Porsche’s eyes grew big, and he stared back and forth Rome and the blushing Pick.

“Hah?! You two-“, he pointed at both of them. Pick kept quiet. Porsche gasped and pulled at Pick’s collar.

“Something’s going on between you two and you jerk don’t tell me! I’m your best friend! I’m entitled to know with whom you have sex!”

“Porsche!” Pick yelled alarmed and smashed his hand over Porsche’s mouth, locking around in horror.

“Are you insane? Don’t yell! There are people around.”
“For how long?”

“We didn’t have sex, damn it.”
“No, for how long are you fooling around?”

Pick darted a quick glance at Rome and sighed. Rome lifted an eyebrow in confusion and observed the two. He didn’t expect that Pick hadn’t told Porsche yet. It was almost three months ago…

“During semester break.”

“D-during?? That was an eternity ago! Why am I hearing about it just now?”

“Because that got nothing to do with you.”

Stunned Porsche looped Pick’s neck and tugged his head down.

“Well as your very best friend I have indeed the entitle to get informed when my best friend makes out with his crush.”

“Take your hands off of me.”

“Buhu, don’t make a fuss. You should get used to physical contact or else it gets difficult having sex.”
“Can you please stop talking about sex? I don’t want to talk about it with you in public.”
“Sissy yourself.”

“Really? I’m a sissy?”

“Obviously Mister ‘I screw up every time I’m trying to make the first move’.” He pointed with his eyes at Emma who seemed to be very much interested in the menu right now. Porsche blushed and released Pick’s head.

“That’s different” he mumbled and peered furtively at her. Her cheeks were pink as well. Both seemed to be embarrassed. Meanwhile Rome continued slurping at his drink in peace. The situation amused him very much.


“Can we please change the topic?” Emma asked and turned her attention to Rome.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you have a date with P’Pick?” She sounded offended and Rome knew only too well why. He sat his glass aside, gave Pick a quick glance and then turned his upper body to Emma.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you but I didn’t even know myself. Pick spontaneously dragged me here.” He smiled at her apologizing. Emma pouted a bit but started nodding.


“Nh, to spent time with him. Only him. So get lost you two” he heard Pick grunting.

“Don’t be so rude you sulky child. We’re all friend here.” Porsche laughed and threw his arms at Pick again to give him a bear hug. Pick growled and broke the hug harsh.

“But seriously. Are you together now? Like really really together?” Porsche asked and looked at them curious.

“Isn’t it obvious? Stop asking dump questions”, Pick answered annoyed. Immediately Porsche jumped off his chair and raised his fist in the air.

“Wuhu, our plan worked!” Forceful Pick dragged him back down, gazing at him with anger.

“What plan?” Rome and Emma asked with one voice. Emma crossed her arms over her chest and darted the two men a strict gaze while Rome was looking puzzled around the table.

“Well, our plan to win Rome’s heart back. That moron right here didn’t got off his backside without me, just locking himself up and crying in his room.”

“Porsche, shut up.”

“But it’s true. Hadn’t I burst into your room and dragged you out of your depression to stalk Rome, you would still lay in that stinky room.”

Rome almost choked at his own salvia. Did he had heard right?

“You stalked me?” he asked shocked.

Porsche paused appalled while Pick flinched. With frantic gesture he shook his arms and head.

“But not as creepy as you might think. We-… we followed you one time when you met that guy.”

“Yes, that was funny. Pick was really jealous when he embraced you. Or when you entered Emma’s condo he thought you would visit some random guy to get laid.”

“Porsche. One more word and I choke you to death.”

Rome turned his head sideways and uttered a ‘ha’. It was getting better and better. Pick had been possessive even back then. It started tickling inside his stomach.


“Interesting” Rome said with sparkly eyes. He saw Pick swallowing. Rome thought a moment but gave his idea a shot and slid his legs against Pick’s. His foot caressed his calf gently. Mesmerized he observed his reaction when Pick cringed surprised.

“Ai’Shorty, don’t pride yourself on it” Pick shouted but Rome noticed the slight insecurity in his voice.

“Tell me more” Rome said to Porsche, ignoring Pick’s protest. But he didn’t pull back his legs.


While Porsche reached back to tell their plan ‘how to win back Rome’s heart’ in detail, Rome started playing with the drinking straw. He knew that Pick was watching him observant, and he was aware of the effect his gestures had. He tried to gather as less attention as possible while making clear movements with his lips, sucking at the straw, licking lewd over the plastic. He kept the eye contact the whole time with Pick, sending meaningful glances.

Pick slipped unsettled at his chair. He obviously didn’t pay any attention to Porsche’s story, instead looking at Rome’s lips like he was hypnotized. Rome had fun and had to hold back a revealing laughter.

It got more and more difficult listening to Porsche and to respond at the right time with an ‘aha’ or a ‘really?’. He was too immersed in seducing Pick. He smiled at him meaningful and bit his bottom lip. Pleased he recognized how Pick supressed a gasp. His ears were glowing bright red. He seemed to struggle a lot with the whole situation and tried to escape it by breaking their eye contact to look at the table, breathing heavy. But Rome didn’t stop yet, didn’t want to end here.

His legs were still at Pick’s. Emphatically he raised his left foot to stroke up his calf to his knee and further. Pick cringed and quickly tugged his foot between his legs. His eyes pieced him furious. Rome grinned and started sucking again. On purpose he spilled some milk foam at his upper lip, left it for a second while starring at Pick intense. Then he licked it away with his tongue and winked seductive. He saw how Pick bit his lips painfully and shutting his eyes, fighting a wave of arousal. Rome loved it.


When Pick opened his eyes again, he searched for Rome’s to shoot him some angry but desperate gazes. Rome grinned mischievous. To provoke him even more, Rome licked over his lips again. Pick followed the movement and swallowed. His ears were burning.

Suddenly Rome felt a kick at the leg that wasn’t trapped between Pick’s. He got teared out of his trance and looked beside him to meet Emma’s blaming eyes. She lifted an eyebrow and shaped the words ‘stop it’ with her mouth. Rome coughed and nodded slightly.

Porsche seemed to didn’t notice any of it as he was just finishing his speech.

“… and the rest is history”, he said and sighed dramatically, “Well and now I want to get updated about what happened after.” He faced Pick who flinched like he got caught. Porsche noticed his embarrassment and laughed.

“Dude, is it that embarrassing for you? Don’t worry, there’s nothing to it. Everyone falls in love eventually and acts like a dumbass some day. That’s normal and as long you fix it in the end, everything’s fine. Right?” Questioning he looked around. Rome and Emma giggled in agreement. Pick slapped Porsche’s side and grumbled unpleased.

When he looked back at Rome, he received a wink and another suck at the straw which startled him again. He lost his patience.

“Rome, stop it!” his voice broke out and angry he hit the table. The three others looked at him in surprise and it was silent for a second. Embarrassed Pick slit down his chair, regretting it immediately.


Emma was the first one who broke the silent. She smirked.

“Let that poor guy drink if he’s thirsty”, she said and winked at Pick’s shocked face, “He’s just longing for some liquid.”

“Right”, Porsche butted in, still clueless, “If you’re thirsty too, you should get some as well.”

Emma snorted a laughter and Rome couldn’t hold back as well and together they burst into laughing. Porsche blinked at them confused. He didn’t get the joke and looked questioning at Pick. But his friend was just sliding even lower in his chair and wished to disappear.






“What was all that about?” Pick asked upset when they entered his room.

Rome followed him and exhaled a trembling breath. He couldn’t hold back any longer and now they were finally alone. Without hesitating he stepped behind Pick and looped his arms around his chest. He squeezed his face against the broad back, breathing in the manly scent. Pick made a surprised sound and turned around halfway.

“What-?” he said but Rome didn’t let him finish his sentence, turned him around fully and jumping him. His arms embracing his neck and his legs wrapped around his waist. He pressed his lips at Pick’s open ones and didn’t waste a second to entangle him in a sloppy kiss, sliding his tongue into his mouth. Pick returned it with the same passion, supporting his lower back with his warm hands. The strong hands which Rome wanted to feel all over his body. He gasped in excitement. Yes, that was how he liked it.

He shifted his whole weight against Pick, who tripped backwards till his legs bumped at his bed. He lost his balance, yelled surprised and together they fell on the sheets. Pick gasped when he felt Rome’s whole body pressing against him, especially at his lower belly, near his crotch. Rome didn’t feel disturbed with the new position. He continued kissing Pick demanding while moving his hip. His hands were restless, caressed his shoulders to his chest and under his shirt. Fingers touched his heated skin and he grinned when Pick flinched because of the sudden contact. His lips detached with a loud smack. Desire was burning in his half-lidded eyes when he gazed at Pick. Pick was flustered and a slight blush rose at his cheeks. It invited Rome to shower them with pecks.

“Ai’Shorty, wait a minute. What’s wrong with you?” Pick asked, grabbing the back of Rome’s head to tear him from his face. Rome grumbled sour and leaned in even more, biting at the skin. He didn’t want to talk right now, they had enough talking for the day. All he wanted was to take the next step. He yearned for Pick, couldn’t he see that?



Almost two more hour they sat together with Emma and Porsche at the café, talking about minor things. But instead, Rome wanted nothing more than getting home as quick as possible, jumping Pick like a dog in heat. Because he felt exactly like it.

He had to admit that he was enjoying the stories of Porsche who had a very talkable day and kept revealing Pick’s secret without care. And the faces Pick was pulling while trying to stop his friend from spilling embarrassing facts about him were more than pleasant to see. But the little game he played with his boyfriend had made him very horny and it wasn’t the best sitting between his friend with a boner with a perfect view at the blushing man of his dreams, who was piercing him with intensive gazes the whole time. Actually, Rome shouldn’t complain. For example, he had learned how jealous Pick was every time he got spotted with another man. It amused him and the caught expression Pick made, made him even more horny. Through the whole conversation he had the pressing need to pull Pick towards him and smother him with kisses in front of everyone. He always was a sucker for jealous guys and the thought alone Pick would foaming with jealousy made him randy. More randy than he already was.


“You’re so sexy when you’re angry” Rome whispered hoarse into Pick’s ear and kissed his cheek. His hands travelled downwards.

“N’Rome, stop it. Take your hands out of my shirt” Pick struggled and grabbed his forearms. With a puzzled expression he scanned his boyfriend. Rome snorted amused and smirked.

“Why?” He pinched one of his nipples.

“Ah! Rome! What’re you doing?”

Rome sighed and gave Pick a meaningful kiss.

“I want you” he said and caressed his chest down with both hands. Pick gasped. It seemed to surround him that Rome was this honest and bold, but it overwhelmed him at the same time. Rome grinned and a thrilling shiver ran through his spine. He imagined with what he could overwhelm Pick furthermore and gasped again.

Rome let his face hover over Pick’s, his hands still under his shirt and Pick’s hot breath wafted over his lips. Pick looked him deep in the eyes, seemed to not know how lewd he was looking at him, and Rome felt the urgent need to claim those rosy lips. He jerked his face forward. But Pick got there first and smashed their lips together, kissed him with passion. He growled into his mouth, sticking his tongue between his plump lips. Rome gasped and looped his arms around Pick’s chest, pressing them together. He felt like he had been drowning before and finally getting some fresh air.

Pick deepened the kiss, pressing his hands against Rome’s back, scratching along his sides and lastly grabbing his hip to turn them around. Determining he pressed Rome into the sheets and kissed him hungry. Rome responded the same, scratching his back. Pick’s hands travelled further, explored unknown places and Rome panted. He had trouble concentrating when Pick suddenly grabbed his hip again, but this time under his top. Rome gasped and broke the kiss to look at Pick with blurry eyes that screamed desire. Yes, that was what he wished for.


Pick retorted the gaze and then kissed his way from his cheek to his neck to suck at the thin skin. A wave of pleasure ran through every part of his body by every peck. Rome moaned jerky and pushed his hip up, against Pick. He felt the promising bulge inside his pants. Pick let out a brief gasp and Rome moaned again. The sound travelled directly into his dick.

“Finally” he gasped and impatiently tugged at Pick’s shirt, rolled it up to his shoulders. Pick squirmed.

“Wait, wait. Don’t you think it too fast?”

Rome paused and blinked in disbelief.

“Hell no! I’m waiting for that for ages” he replied and kissed him emphatically. Eager he pulled at the fabric again.

“You always chicken out every time we make out. Before it can get sexy you stop and go away. But I can’t stand it any longer.” Determined Rome pushed their crotches together, grinded desperate till Pick pushed him back into the sheets.

“But Rome. Wait” he tried again, and Rome started pouting.

“Maybe we should talk beforehand.”

Rome groaned resigned and tossed his head back. He closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in deep. He needed a lot of patience with that jerk.

“Is it really necessary?” he asked and hoped that Pick was just joking and would take him the next second. But Pick nodded serious. Rome sighed defeated, removed his hands slowly out of Pick’s shirt and rested his upper body on his forearms. Pick rose from his lap – to Rome’s sorrow – and sat down next to him.

“It’s a big step and I don’t know-“

“Are you a virgin?” Rome cut in and raised an eyebrow. Pick looked at him stunned. His ears turned red.

“What? No! How’d you get that? Of course not! I have very much experience. I’ve got a lot of skill!” Pick defended himself and leaned to Rome outraged. Rome groaned inside and liked to scream at him that if it was true, he should already skilfully fuck Rome out of his mind!  But instead, he took the chance to pull Pick back over him, trapping his neck with his arms.

“Then show me” he whispered lewd and bit his bottom lip. Pick’s gaze got caught on that and he had to swallow. Slightly he shook his head what made Rome groan again in frustration. Pick cleared his throat and looked to the side.

“But that’s different. You’re not a woman and I don’t know-“ Rome’s head which he had thrown back again, darted back up and he interrupted him immediately by squeezing his cheeks, forcing him to look at him.

“P’Pick”, he said serious, “Stop overthinking. Just do what feels right. If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you. But I doubt that you could do something that doesn’t turn me on.” Rome’s voice was determining and his gaze firm. He smacked a kiss on Pick’s lips. Pick nodded slowly and returned the gaze.

“Good”, Rome smiled and let his hands disappear under Pick’s shirt, caressing his back and pressing him at his chest, “Now fuck me.”

He shot up and captured Pick’s lips, biting them hungry. He hoped Pick would finally let go and drop his doubts.


With success because at the same moment he felt Pick moving. He pressed himself against Rome, deepened the kiss, scratching over Rome’s sides. Rome moaned impatient, filled with a thrill of anticipation.

He got rewarded when he felt cheeky fingers straying into his waistband. He sighed pleased and grinding his hip to show Pick how much he liked it. Pick seemed excited because right after, he shoved both hands inside Rome’s pants and grabbed his butt. Rome moaned when he felt the warm hands directly at his skin. Yes, just like that.

Pick kneaded his butt firm. Not too powerful but firm enough to let his skin prickle. He smirked into the kiss and kissed his way to Pick’s ear. He bit at the lope and sucked. Pick gasped suppressed and stopped for a second. Rome tugged his head firmly at his own neck, giving himself more room to explore.  Pick hummed pleased and took the invitation as well, kissing and biting Rome’s neck, licking over his collarbone with relish. Meanwhile he continued massaging his butt cheeks, pinching the skin. Rome gasped and leant into the touch.


Then the gorgeous hands left the tightness of his pants, now paying attention to his back and chest again. Rome couldn’t hold back the unpleased mutter, he already missed Pick’s grip. But in the same moment he groaned loudly and surprised when Pick suddenly pulled up his shirt and put one of his nipple in his mouth.

Fuck, that was intense. His chest was very sensitive, and Pick played on that flagrant whilst kissing, licking, and sucking at his nipple. He teased him to his limit, obviously enjoying the overwhelming sounds Rome made. Rome rose in pleasure when Pick bit it suddenly, his teeth were scratching it teasingly. Rome threw his head back, his hands brushed aimless over Pick’s back. He didn’t know how to release all the arousal that accumulated inside of him. His dick was twitching in his pants, his hip was restless and moving against Pick.

Pick detached with a smack and looked at Rome with glazed eyes. His cheeks were red, and his lips were glossy. Rome moaned just from that view and bit his bottom lip hard. He could feel his climax was already close. And Pick seemed to notice it too then the next second, he sucked at his other nipple while pinching the already thrilled one. That was the final drop. Rome groaned loud braced his head against the sheets and bent over backwards, leaning his chest into Pick’s touch. His hip rubbed restless at Pick’s crotch while his dick was still trapped in the tightness of his pants. He wrapped his arms around Pick’s head and pressing it vigorous at his chest while coming.

Heavily breathing, he needed some time to collect himself and to process what just happened. He had really come just because of some nipple play… holy shit.

In disbelief he looked at Pick who returned it with a lascivious gaze. He had his chin laying at his chest, his arms were wrapped around his waist. For seconds they watched each other till Rome embraced Pick’s face to lift it up. Without hesitating Pick followed and they kissed again.


“Fuck, you make me go insane” Rome mumbled into the kiss and Pick grinned.

“I told you, I have skill.”

Rome nibbled at his bottom lip, dragging it till it snatched back.

“I hope there’s more to come.” And right away he grabbed Pick’s shoulder to pushed him facing backwards in the cushions. Eager he straddled his lap, ignoring the unpleasant stickiness in his pants and teared at Pick’s trousers. He hurried to slide his hand down his crotch and grabbed it unresisted. Pick jerked up and moaned in surprise. Rome gasped and immediately put pressure on it again. He loved it to educe those sweet tones from Pick. They all ended up straight in his dick. Just a groan from Pick got him hard again, regardless that he had come seconds ago. He was horny as fuck and very much impatient.


Harsh he flung his arms around the neck of the man under him and licked over his inviting lips.

“Do you have lube and condoms?” he asked husky and pecked his rosy cheek sloppy. Pick gasped and turned his head embarrassed. He seemed to struggle for words. Rome lifted an eyebrow and smirked.

“Don’t tell me that makes you embarrassed?” he asked and grinned when he saw his cheeks blushed darker.

“Come on, where are you hiding them? Without lube and condoms, it gets difficult to fuck me.”

Pick panted startled and looked at him with big eyes. Dumbfounded he opened and closed his mouth, searching for words but he just made some absurd noises.

It amused Rome very much but he hadn’t the patience for his boyfriend to gather himself again, so he crawled off his lap and kneeled in front of the little cabinet beside his bed. With an asking expression he pointed at the first drawer.

“Here?” he asked at Pick’s direction, who slowly shook his head. Rome sighed mentally. He pointed at the drawer underneath and Pick’s neck started blushing as well. Aha.

Rome opened it. Inside was some lube, different kinds of condoms and one single box of tissues. Rome smirked amused. How innocent…

“Take your clothes off” he demanded, took the lube and a condom, and stood up. When he faced Pick, he met his wide shocked eyes. Defensively he crossed his arms over his chest. It was completely unnecessary because his shirt was still tugged under his armpits so his whole chest was already revealed. It made the scene very funny. But Rome didn’t say that and hold his grin back. Instead, he crawled back at him, smiling seductive.

“Come on, take it off” he whispered in his ear and tried to detach his arms. Pick turned his head in embarrassment. Rome knew because of previous conversations that Pick wasn’t as confident as he was always pretending. He was pretty insecure about his body. Especially his belly. Rome found it totally reasonless. Pick was the most beautiful man he knew. He found him more attractive than any other man and tried to show it as often as possible.

Rome straddled his lap again, still tugging at his shirt and arms till Pick gave in and lifted them in the air. Rome pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it away. Rome’s eyes brighten when he got rid of that annoying piece of fabric. A shirtless Pick was the protagonist of his dreams and finally he had him in front of him. Rome hugged his neck, pulled him close and kissed him passionately. Thereby their crotches collided. It made Pick shiver. Rome grinned and shoved his tongue between Pick’s lips. Yes, finally.



“It’s too hot” he panted against Pick’s mouth and broke their kiss with a smack. Pick followed his movement, didn’t want to stop their kiss yet.

“What do you me-“ he started but the words got stuck in his throat when Rome spread his legs to sit up a bit. Pick watched him mesmerized when Rome straightened up, lifting his arms and top over his head. Slower than usual he held the position, acted as his arm got stuck in the fabric, lewdly stretching out, showing his chest. Let his body, his pale skin and his pink nipples do the work. Lastly, he tossed it away the same way he did before with Pick’s. He felt Pick’s bulge at his butt when Pick started grinding, and edgy he joined the movement, grinded against him. They both groaned the same time. Pick grabbed his head with both hands and yanked him down to press their lips together, starting another kiss. He panted pleased. He got addicted to Pick’s kisses and couldn’t get enough of it, yearning for his lips, his touch, his body.

His hands travelled to Pick’s hair, tugging at it, and leaning in to intense the kiss even more. Finally, he could feel Pick’s skin right at his and greedy he rubbed his chest at the revealed skin. Shiver after shiver ran through every part of his body. Pick felt so good.

Pick’s hands weren’t passive as well, circling around Rome’s buttocks, scratching along the seam of his pants up his spine to caress his scapulae. Rome thrusted his hip, sending Pick signals that he was more than ready.

“I can’t wait to finally feel you inside of me.”
Pick growled at his words and broke the kiss trembling.

“I- I don’t know h-“

Rome interrupted him with another kiss.

“Ssh, I got you. Do you want to do it or should I?”

“What?” Pick was overwhelmed. It wasn’t possible to get even redder than his face already was. Rome sighed silent. He had wished so bad that Pick would finger him but he didn’t look like he was capable to do it right now. And he didn’t want to ask too much of him to malfunction even before Rome got to the good point.

Therefore, he nodded understanding and took the lead.


Abruptly he stood up and undressed fully in one go. Forceful he kicked his pants off his legs and settled himself back at Pick’s lap even before he had realised what just happened. He got back to his senses when Rome had already grabbed the lube to squeeze a good amount of it on his fingers and started preparing himself.

Two warm hands placed at his thighs, squeezing them irregular while soggy lips caressed his neck.

Rome couldn’t decide even if he was embarrassed to kneeling over Pick, fingering himself or if he got turned on by it, to sense Pick all around him while doing it. His arm laid at his shoulder, his hand tugged at his hair to hold his balance. He closed his eyes and huffed.

He added another finger, stretching himself. He leaned his forehead at Pick, catching his piercing gaze. It triggered a wave of lust that went from the top of his head to his toes. His legs trembled. Fuck, it seemed as if Pick wanted to eat him.

Rome moaned and tugged harder at his hair. He had brushed his prostate. Shit, that should be enough. He didn’t want to wait any longer.

He was about to remove his fingers when suddenly an unknown finger joined and squeezed inside the tightness.

“Ah, fuck! What?” Appalled and turned on he gasped and looked up, meeting Pick’s gaze. Pick moved his finger along with his inside him and bended it slightly.

“I thought I’ll help you a bit” he whispered against his lips and smirked, bending his finger even more and hit his prostate in on go. Rome groaned cursing. Clearly Pick had fun teasing him, he could see the sparkles in his eyes. He should feel blessed that Pick started to be proactive but right now he had to stop him continuing before he would finish without the actual fuck. Determining he draw his fingers out and grabbed Pick’s wrist.

“That’s enough” he whined and yanked at the wrist, but it didn’t move. It rather pushed more in the other direction. The finger dug in deeper, and a hand appeared around his sobbing dick as well. Rome rasped.

“Why? It just started” Pick purred and licked the skin under his ear, kissing his neck and his cheek till he reached his lips, entangled him in another kiss. His hand moved slowly up and down, causing Rome to shiver again and again.

Suddenly he pushed in another finger, stretching the entrance wide. Rome’s world was spinning when the pleasure rolled over him and he struggled to breath. Firm he tugged at Pick’s hair and forced his head back. Pick made a painful sound and stopped moving.

“Yes, but if you continue, I’ll come before you ram your dick inside me and that’s definitely not what I want” Rome hissed and shrank when all the sudden Pick removed his fingers to lay both of his hands on his butt to press him against his crotch. Both moaned.

“Fuck, I want you. Right now”, Rome groaned and tugged at Pick’s trousers, “Undress yourself. Immediately!”

Pick lost no time and lifted his hip to strip. Rome slid up to give him more access and finally the last piece of fabric was gone. Rome grabbed a condom, opened the package with his teeth while sliding back. He looked at Pick’s dick, craving for it. With nervous movement he put the condom on it, bathe it in lube and stroke it a few times. Pick’s hip jerked yearning against him, and he pushed his head in the cushions. His mouth was open while surveying him with wolfish eyes.

Rome spent no more time, positioned himself by supporting himself at Pick’s lower abdomen with his slippery hand and carefully sitting down. Rome moaned silent when he felt his inside filled up bit by bit.

“Fuck” he heard Pick gasping and Rome peered at him. His eyes were shut and his mouth still open, his hands cling to his thighs. The feelings overwhelmed him as much as Rome. Pick’s hip trembled in excitement when he tried to burk a sudden thrust. It causes Rome’s slick hand to slip and he lost his balance. In one go he sat down at Pick’s hip and took his entire dick. He screamed in pain and pleasure. It took his breath away. Fuck, he had never felt filled like that. It was incredible!


He panted frantic and tried to collect himself again and at the same time he tried to become inured to the feeling. Pick gently stroked his legs up to his sides, trying to soothe him a bit. He was biting his lip firm, probably to hold back his instincts to thrusting his hip. Rome had to swallow at the view. Pick looked god damn sexy laying under him, tossing his head overwhelmed with his lust. His ears and neck were bright red, and his hair a mess. Rome leaned forward, changing the angle, and pulled him closer. Both moaned at the same time when they felt the movement. Rome pressed his mouth rough at Pick’s and started moving, rolling his hip up and down.

Pick returned the kiss sloppy, growled into it and scratched his back and waist. He grabbed it and pressed him down. Moaning he rammed himself in him. Rome threw his head back, panted aroused.

“Fuck me” he gasped in Pick’s ear and scratched his shoulders. Pick gasped as well and thrusted again, testing it and rolled his hip while changing the angle to work them both to the edge.

“Yes, just like that. Don’t stop” Rome moaned loud with narrow eyes. Lustful he leaned into Pick’s thrusts, taking it all. Kissing all the skin he could reach. He sucked at his collarbone and attached himself in the crook of his neck, biting and sucking till it turned red. Everything was spinning.


Suddenly Rome got pulled around. With a yelp he landed in the soft cushion. Pick raised his one leg, placing it on his shoulder. The other got tugged at his waist. With craving eyes Rome observed the panting Pick. How he slowly pulled out just to ram back immediately. He worked him to his climax in a slow pace, stroking his leaking dick in the same rhythm. Rome moaned loud. He felt extremely aroused. Every thrust sent electric pulses through his body. Every stroke pushed him further to the edge. Arousal filled his whole mind. Restless his arms searched for support, grabbing the bed frame in despair while Pick continually thrusting his hip, working him further and further to his climax. Rome felt Pick’s teeth at his thigh and jerked when they started scratching and sucking at the delicate skin. By now Rome was panting hectically and tossed his head till he saw stars. He bent his back when he was coming with a scream.

Pick didn’t stop, fucked him though his orgasm, didn’t stop his hand but quickened it till he was whimpering. The oversensitivity overwhelmed him and when he felt Pick cramping and leaning forward to groan hoarse into his ear, it felt like coming again.



Hard breathing Pick had collapsed over him, his head rested at his unsettled chest while both tried to calm down. Rome’s heart pounded like crazy, and he felt like he had participated three marathons at once. Automatically he wrapped his arms around Pick, caressed his hair while staring at the ceiling in disbelief.

… they had sex. Rome could hardly believe his luck. Pick had slept with him! And it had been good. Damn good!

A broad smile creeped up his face and he tightened the embrace around Pick’s head. He then lifted his head up a bit to look at him, smiling. Rome’s heart skipped a beat and he pulled him up into a kiss, giggling.

“And? How was it? Good?” Pick asked mischievous and broke the embrace, rolled to the side. Rome pouted immediately and followed him. He cuddled to his chest, his head resting in the crooks of his neck. Happily, he breathed in his scent and smiled when he noticed a big red mark on his neck. He pecked it proud.

“More than that. I hope you know that from now on there’s no turning back. You stuck with me forever” he giggled and pulled himself up to his level to meet his eyes. Pick smiled and brought their foreheads together. Rome closed his eyes and sighed happy.

“I think I got addicted.”












Pick frowned when he looked at Rome’s screen background.

“Is that… me?”

Rome flinched and pressed his phone to his chest.

“Err” he responded and turned around slowly to look at his boyfriend. After they had cuddled for a while and had taken a shower afterwards, they had ensconced themselves back in the freshly made bed.

Pick gazed at him horrified and sat up.

“When did you take photos of me?”

“Um, do you want the comforting or the honest answer?”

“The honest one of course!”
“I take pictures of you since our first night out.”

“Yes, I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist. At first Emma forced me to take one because she wanted to know how you look. But when I had it, one thing leads to another.”

Pick still looked at him stunned.

“How many?”


“… you took 32 pictures of me?!”

Rome shrugged his shoulders.

“What can I say? I’m a photographer.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“Oh please, don’t be pathetic. Surely you’ve taking some of me in secret as well.” Actually, it was just a joke but suddenly Pick’s ears blushed. Rome sat up as well.

“Really? You took photos of me?”

Pick grunted something.

“You’re cute” Rome said, leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek. Then he laid back down and turned his attention back at his phone which had buzzed three times by the time.

“The topic isn’t off the card” Pick grumbled and snorted exhausted. He snuggled back in the cushion and pulled Rome closer.

Rome sighed pleasant and smiled. Then he tipped.


‘mmm, a very cute pic of you two. A little naughty of you to cherish your first time like that tbh but I didn’t expect less from you’

‘and sexy body’

‘(I can see the hickey this far you piranha)’


‘eyyy all mine. Stop starring’


‘You sent me the pic oc I look at it in detail. The angle is a little off but it shows more than enough skin’

‘how was it? As you wished?’


‘better!!!! It completely satisfied me’


‘perfect!! So the waiting was worth it. Tell me the details when u r visiting. Yk I need details <3’


‘sure <3’



Aloud he heard Pick’s voice behind him.

“You definitely won’t tell Emma about our sex life!”






The End <3