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january with offgun! (drabbles & short stories)

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Off placed a mug of hot cocoa in front of Gun in hopes of making him feel better. Unfortunately, the younger one only looked up at him and rolled his eyes before looking away coldly. This makes Off sigh and he sat down beside Gun, trying to look at his face despite it being very difficult with Gun not at all looking back at him.

"Ai'Gun, if you don't tell me what's wrong, I'll never know how to make it up to y--"

"I-I don't want you to make it up for me, okay?! I,... I want you to reassure me that..." Gun stopped himself from speaking any further and instead he stood up, grabbing his bag along the way, before stomping out of the office. Tay, who had been watching the fight unfold, winced loudly for Off to hear.

"What happened?" he asked the older male. Off looked at him, face filled with stress and worry. Off shrugged with shame and shakes his head.

"I don't know... he's been like that since I came back from my most recent event." Off answered. Tay made a face and stood up, clapping his hands.

"Well, whatever it is, you messed up. He denied hot cocoa!"

"I know, idiot..." Off hissed. He needed to figure out what Gun was so upset about.

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Gun was pouting while hugging P'Kwang when Off entered the room and spotted him. Gun immediately let go of their manager and looked away, his mood obviously bad again. Off had finally figured out why Gun was so mad at him and, well, needless to say Off felt like shit. But at the same time, it was his job!

But when Off thought about it "just being his job" his mind always trails back to when Gun said he wanted reassurance. Off didn't understand why because Gun was never the type to be insecure or self-conscious about himself and their relationship but Off can only assume that people do have their days where... they just feel out of it and, yeah, Off felt extremely bad after figuring it out.

Off walked over to Gun as he silently waved their manager away---who clicked her tongue jokingly but obliged anyway---before he sat down beside Gun once again. "Gun?" he started. Luckily, the younger responded. Though with just an almost inaudible grunt, Off was happy he was still replied to. "I'm sorry, Gun..."

Gun looked at him, eyes wide as if he didn't expect Off to say those two words.

"Gun, I'm so sorry for giving that fan my sweater, I know you've been eyeing it for quite some time now because it looked cute but, look, I'll buy you a new one, okay? If I had the choice to not give it to her, I would have never done so. You know that, love," Off told, holding Gun's cheek in his hand while staring into his eyes.

"Papii..." Gun said, lips starting to quiver slightly.

"I don't know what went through your mind when you saw me give it to her but please, it's nothing. She was just a fan who wanted my sweater."

Gun didn't answer, instead, he looked at Off with furrowed eyebrows and teary eyes. "You did have the choice not to give it to her, though, Papii. It wasn't, like, an item-selling event!" he scolded, pouting. Off smiled weakly and kissed Gun's forehead.

"I didn't want to anger her or look rude," Off said. "But I admit I wasn't thinking it through and just gave it to her straight away, I'm sorry for that, baby."

Off heard Gun huff and he laughed lowly. "You have to go shopping with me tomorrow in place of P'Kwang as punishment!" Gun exclaimed, crossing his arms.

The older smiled and nodded. "Sure, Gun. Anything you want, I'll pay for it, too!" he added and Off swore he saw Gun's eyes shine with excitement afterward.

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"P'Pick, look at that penguin over there!" Rome exclaimed, tugging on the senior's sleeve as he pointed at the black-and-white animal across them. The shorter male laughed in amusement when one of the penguins tripped on its own foot and tumbled down. "Pfft- did you see that!?" he asked and looked at Pick, who surprised him when he saw him smiling at him.

"P'Pick?" Rome called out, flushed at the fact Pick was looking at him. The latter didn't respond which only made Rome more conscious and nervous. "I-Is there something on my fa--"

Before he could finish speaking, Pick left a small peck onto his lips before moving away with yet another smile. The younger one subconsciously brought his hand to brush against his lips as he felt himself blush and heat up. "H-Huh!?"

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"Okay, okay. Let's take five!" Third exclaimed into the megaphone before he jumped off his director seat and walked to the bathroom to freshen up. He was starting to wonder if they did their castings well enough or not because god damn it the actors were DIFFICULT to work with. Almost every day was he stressed as he tried to stop himself from yelling. In the restroom, he turned the faucet on and cupped a handful of water before washing his face with it.

Suddenly, he heard the door open, making Third look in the direction just to see his one and only husband.

"Aw, Khai... aren't you supposed to be helping with the sounds?" Third asked, his forehead almost immediately creasing. Khai smiled at him and shook his head.

"Well, technically, I was helping but... you know me," Khai chuckled as if he was flaunting himself, "I saw my lovely husband walk into the bathroom, obviously pissed off! I just had to see what was up. Caring, aren't I?" Khai said, smiling as his arms slowly spread open. It was an invitation to hug and Third wasted no time accepting it. "Wanna talk about it?" Khai asked.

Third huffed and hugged his husband even more. "The actors... they're a handful."

Khai let out a gasp. "The ones who kept messing up the fireplace scene?" he asked and Third nodded, making him curse and groan. "God, even I was annoyed of them!" he exclaimed, causing Third to finally break out a smile and giggle.

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T-Rex sighed as he leaned even further against Maetee's chest. He learned a very important lesson today and that was: convincing Maetee to watch a horror movie with him was the worst idea you could ever choose to go through with. T-rex didn't know what was going through his head and he most definitely couldn't figure out how he thought Maetee could go through a whole horror movie, filled with paranormal activities, quietly.

Because T-Rex was now on their shared bed, cuddling with his best friend in their bedroom, watching Frozen 2 on Maetee's laptop as T-Rex's apology for putting him through a huge amount of jumpscares and in general, fear. T-Rex felt bad about it at first, and he still kind of did, but thinking about the fact his day was to end with his most important person's hugs and cuddles, T-Rex just smiled into the pillow he was hugging.

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"Are you sure you want to give that to your, may I remind you, crush?" Arthit asked as he pointed rudely at the crystals in Bright's hand. The latter, who had been staring lovingly at Tam the whole time, finally looked at him with an offended face and moved his hands away from his friend.

"So, what? I saw him watching some videos about crystals the other day! This," he showed one of the crystals, "would be a great conversation starter!" he finished, smiling brightly. Arthit looked at him with a stoic face and shook his head.

"Do you even know the names and meanings of those crystals?" his friend asked and Arthit swore he saw Bright's breathing halt almost instantly. "You idiot." Arthit remarked.

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"Good morning, Punn!" Momay greeted the boy beside her in the elevator with a bright smile. Punn looked at her and gave a small smile back.

"Good morning." he said. Momay looked at his hands and noticed two Starbucks drinks in his hand. One was iced coffee and the other looked to be an Americano.

"Who're those for?" she asked before she realized they were about to reach their floor.

Punn looked down at the drinks he was holding. "One's for Thawin and one's for me." he responded. Momay's eyes widened at the fact her coworker just called their boss just by his first name ONLY... but she doesn't say anything about it. She just took her focus away from it and brought it back to the drinks, assuming the Americano was for Mr. Thawin whilst the iced coffee was for Punn.

But when Momay entered Thawin's office to send her long-overdue documents, she couldn't help but notice a cup of iced coffee on his desk.

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Off frowned at the sight of his best friend and crush, who were snuggling together so closely on the couch while giggling as if they were in their own world. Don't get him wrong, he knew Tay didn't feel anything for Gun since, for once, Tay has a girlfriend and is straight. But still, the sight is not fucking pretty. Off could only roll his eyes and turn away to lessen the pinches of jealousy in his heart.

He made a mental note to scold Tay later on and... as much as he didn't want to do it yet, he'll confess to Gun soon.  

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As Pick watched Rome from afar playing with the snow, making snow angels, and catching snowflakes on his tongue with a big smile on his face, he is reminded of just how nervous he was for... everything. It was the day. He and Rome have been together for 4, almost 5 years now and after a month of trying to convince his father to just let him finally propose to Rome, he finally could do so. The only thing left was if Rome would agree.

Pick's confident he will.

Okay, maybe not.

Rome has never brought up the question of marriage and at first, Pick didn't really care because he, too, wasn't thinking about marriage. But that was the past. Pick wants to get married now and he just hopes Rome agrees that it's time, too.

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Third placed the last snowglobe he bought on top of their coffee table and smiled. He looked around their living room and checked the area one last time, making sure there wasn't anything that was out of place or anything that looked weird.

Ever since their last visit to Korea for New Year, Khai seemed to have become less energetic and more... solemn. At first Third didn't think much of it, just thought his lover was tired and all but when it hit the 1-week mark and he was still sulking, Third automatically began to worry.

He tried to ask what was wrong so that he could possibly make him feel better but Khai just shook his head and said it was nothing every time. Then, a few days ago, Third assumed that it was because Khai missed the snow in Korea! He remembered how happy and excited the taller male was when they finally experienced winter, and so, Third did a little something-something today while his husband was out and decorated their living room with snow, snowglobes, some fake snowballs, snowmen plushies, and more!

Third was pulled out of his deep thoughts when he heard the door open. He immediately walked to the front door and saw Khai before he gave him a hug, which undeniably surprised Khai because that wasn't something Third did usually.

"Hah?" his boyfriend unintentionally let out. Third chuckled and pulled away from the hug to look at Khai.

"Welcome home, Khai." he spoke and pecked him on the lips. It was obvious to Third that Khai was getting weirded out by his sudden change but he also could see him slowly becoming happier by the second. Khai responded by also giving him a small kiss on the lips before pulling away.

That's when he noticed what was behind Third, which was their living room but, just like how Third decorated it, it was filled with winter-themed decorations.

"W-What's that?" Khai asked, slightly confused. Third looked back at the living room and smiled.

"Winter Wonderland!" he answered, still smiling. Khai looked at him and visibly softened. He was surprised Third knew what had been making him so sad these days because yes, he did very much miss the snow. But, then again, it's Third. Third who knew him inside out. "Do you like it?" Third asked.

"I love it."

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When Maetee saw T-Rex looking up at him with big, pleading eyes and with his lips jutted out in a small pout, he immediately knew the smaller male wanted something from him. And when T-Rex wanted something, he didn't give up easily.

"What is it...?" Maetee asked. He knew that whatever it was that T-Rex wanted, it was going to be something his---perhaps a hoodie T-Rex took a liking in or even a random pen he probably saw on Maetee's desk. But no matter what it was, they both knew Maetee was going to give it to him in the end. Always.

Instead of a verbal response, T-Rex only pushes his pleading expression even more. "What is it?" Maetee repeated, raising a brow.

T-Rex looked down and with a low voice, whispered, "...rf"

"W-What?" the taller one asked. "I didn't hear that, sorry..." he added and T-Rex looked back up at him.

"Your scarf!" T-Rex told. "I want your new scarf... it looked pretty." he said, blushing slightly. Maetee couldn't stop himself from smiling at what his best friend said but he also nodded to properly reply.

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"You are unbelievable!" Off exclaimed. Gun looked at him, smiling in surprise.

"EXCUSE ME!?" he exclaimed back. "You better take back what you just said." Gun added.

Off laughed sarcastically and shook his head. "No, I said what I said. Jack Frost is not hot. And even if he is, I'm a thousand times hotter."

"IN YOUR DREAMS!" Gun yelled, hastily taking his phone and searching up the character. He then showed a picture of Jack to Off. "HE DOESN'T EVEN COMPARE TO YOU!" he told, smiling happily at their playful banter.

Off pouted jokingly, crossing his arms as well. "You know damn well I'm hotter than a white-haired dude with no shoes."

"Whatever floats your boat, Papii!"

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Punn cursed under his breath when he walked out of their office building and saw that it was raining heavily. From his floor's window, it just looked like the type of rain that would let out in less than 10 minutes... but he was wrong.

So, now, he's at the company building's lobby, waiting for the rain to stop. It was 7:28 PM and Punn just hopes he could get home before 10 PM.

Fast forward 30 minutes later and he's still in his spot in the lobby, on his phone. 7:58 PM and the rain still hasn't stopped... if anything, it seemed to have become heavier. Punn couldn't handle it anymore and decided he would just call a cab for the night (something he didn't really do since he would usually just walk home). Though before he could even press the call button, someone sat beside him.

Punn's head almost immediately whipped his head to the person beside him. "Oh, Sir Thawin... good evening." he greeted, hiding his shock well.

Thawin merely smiled and nodded at him. "Why are you still here?" his boss asked. Punn put his phone down to his lap and pointed to the exit with his thumb.

"I didn't think the rain would last this long so I decided to do a little more work but... it still wasn't over even when I finished everything." Punn responded. He saw Thawin nod once again.

Suddenly, Thawin stood up and Punn assumed he was going home. He was about to greet his boss goodbye but then Thawin took his coat off and placed it on Punn's shoulders. "Come on, I'll take you home."

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Bright looked at the sleeping stranger on his couch in fear and worry. Today, Bright and his friends had the plan of going out and have fun but when he was on his way to leave his house, he noticed the boy in front of his door cold and unconscious.

So, like a normal person, he took the stranger in and placed him near the fireplace. Bright provided the boy with one of his blankets so that he could warm up even more. He doesn't know what he got himself into, doesn't know where the boy came from, and/or how long he's been in front of his house.

Bright knew nothing and it was scaring him... but he had to focus on the small male still sleeping on his sofa in peace. He figured he would ask him when he woke up.

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When the boy finally woke up, it seemed like he had more questions for Bright than he did for the stranger because he immediately walked over to Bright, desperately asking where he was and how long he's been unconscious.

"Look, look!" Bright exclaimed, gripping his the boy's arms to stop him from squirming around. "First of all, you're at my house. Second, I don't know how long you've been out... I found you in front of my house like that." he explained. The boy's breath halted after what Bright said and he frowned, squirming out of Bright's loosening grip.

"I-I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you," the boy spoke and before Bright knew it, he was crouching down and was on his knees with his head low. In a panic, Bright went down to his level and brought him back up.

"Woah, woah, woah! No need for that...!" Bright exclaimed in shock. Never in his life did he think he would experience someone begging for something he didn't even know.

"I'm indebted to you... please, wh-what--"

Bright chuckled nervously to cut the stranger's words off as he scratched his nape. "No, really- there's no need for that debt, indebted thing, or whatever! Um..." he trailed off. "Can you tell me your name?"

The boy looked at him with his doe eyes before whispering a small, "Tam..."

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"P'Pick has experienced snow before!?" Rome exclaimed in shock, the bread he's eating hanging between his teeth.

Porsche nodded in place of Pick. "Yes! Pick visits the USA once a year for at least... a week or so." he told. Rome gulped down the bread and stared at the two best friends in amazement.

"That's amazing..." he whispered. Porsche noticed how Rome became fidgety and he couldn't help but ask if he was okay. "Y-Yes! I'm fine. It's just that... well, the thought of snow already makes me so happy but... I've never experienced it."

"Oh..." Porsche frowned before, suddenly, his eyes lit up and he patted Rome's hand to get his attention. "Why not go with Pick to the USA this year? I think he's going during winter so it's perfect!" he told. Pick, who was eating his lunch in peace, choked out of nowhere, and Emma who was also silently eating her lunch and listening to Porsche and Rome's conversation, handed him a cup of water.

"AI'PORSCHE!" Pick exclaimed.

"REALLY?!" Rome exclaimed as well. The smaller male looked at Pick. "P'Pick... can I?"

And Pick wanted to refuse. He really did. But with the way Rome was asking him with his big eyes and plump lips pouted, it was practically impossible.

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"This will be your bedroom," Thawin told after he opened the door for Punn to see. The latter inspected the room and gasped when he noticed a balcony. "Is something wrong?" the taller male asked, not understanding Punn's surprise.

Punn turned to him for a short moment before fully entering the bedroom. "I didn't expect a balcony..." he said lowly but loud enough for Thawin, who was now also in the room, to hear. Before Thawin could give the younger male a response, Punn gasped again---this time with his hand over his mouth, making the older laugh quietly.

Dramatic much? Thawin couldn't help but think but, his thoughts were cut off with how Punn suddenly ran towards the balcony's doors, and Thawin then realized he noticed that the balcony overlooked the mansion's garden. He followed the shorter male and looked at his excited expression.

"Ah... this is the gar--"

"Is that an evergreen forest?" Punn cut him off, still in shock. He rarely showed big, showy emotions but it was difficult not to at that moment. Thawin laughed audibly at Punn's reaction.

"What if it is?"

"Aren't those like, a thousand freaking dollars?!"