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January collection of drabbles and short stories 2022

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White was curled on the bed, clutching his chest as the pain shot through his entire body. He was shaking, gasping for air but to no avail. 

"Black." He manages to stutter in between the painful stabs. The door suddenly opened, revealing a tall frowning man. 

"White." The voice was calling him, keeping him out of the darkness. He tried to focus on the person holding him in his warm embrace. 

"Sean." He sobbed, squeezing the man's arm as another ache jolted his body. 

"It will pass soon," Sean spoke up, rocking their bodies in a comforting way. 

"Black will be alright." He added, kissing White's sweaty forehead.

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The ice in his americano was slowly melting. Pick sight for an umpteenth time today, glancing at his watch to check the time. Rome was late. But Rome was never late. Pick fumbled with his phone, considering to call his tiny boyfriend. Why would be Rome late? Is he alright? Did something happen to him? He frowned at that thought. He should have picked Rome up instead of waiting here. Is this how Rome felt every time he was late for their date? 

Pick nervously looked at the entrance, spotting his boyfriend running towards the cafe. His lips curved in the relieved smile as Rome entered the shop. He looked around, probably trying to find him. His eyes widened when he saw him. 

"You are already here," Rome spoke up, sitting across his boyfriend with a stunned expression. 

"And you are late." Pick answered, smirking. Rome immediately glanced at his watch.

"It's just five minutes." He rolled his eyes, pouting as Pick laughed at him. 


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Khai was acting strange the whole week. It wouldn't have bothered Third if the weirdness of his boyfriend weren't weirder than usual. He would mumble to himself all the time, disappearing for hours, or sit in front of his laptop, searching God knows what and ignoring him most of the time. Third was determined to give Khai a piece of mind for neglecting him. 

"Khai!" He burst angrily inside their apartment, stopping in his tracks as the cold air hits his exposed skin. He shivered, watching his breath appear in the small steam. 

"Khai?" He called his boyfriend again, stepping further inside the apartment. His eyes went wide, seeing the white snow covering their living room floor. He jumped a little as the warm blanket covered his shoulders.

"What's this?" Third asked, tilting his head to get a better look at Khai. 

"Surprise," Khai answered as he wrapped his long arms around him, pulling him closer, sharing his body heat. Third didn't say anything, waiting for his boyfriend to continue. 

"You said that you want to see snow. We can't go out of the country right now, so I thought of bringing the snow to you." Khai explained, pushing the still stunned man closer to the pile of white substance. Third crouch down, running his fingers through the cold surface. 


"You can find a lot of things on google and youtube." Khai chuckled as he joined his smiling boyfriend. 


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The sun was high in the sky, sending its warmth on the land under. The wind was blowing here and there, playing with the grass on the field. The young man ran through the meadow, laughing as the tall stems tickled his nose. His red plaid shirt fluttered in the breeze,  making him giggle more. His vacation was going well so far. He needed time for himself away from the hectic city, and when his best friend invited him to spend a week or two with him in the countryside, he didn't hesitate.  

"Slow down, Gun!" New shouted, trying to catch up with the tiny hyperactive human. 

"Slowpoke!" The guy yelled back, laughing at his best friend as he ran further away from him. He turned a few times, looking over his shoulder, making sure New was still following him when the sudden gush of wind tore off the straw hat from his head. The headcover flew away a meter or two, rolling on the ground. 

"No!" Gun shrieked, sprinting after his precious belonging. The wind must have had fun playing with the short male, making it harder for him to get his hat back. 

"You meane!" Gun shouted when the wind blew the fashion accessory from his reach again, stopping him in the middle of the step. 

"Is this yours?" 

Gun got startled by the sudden call. He turned around to face the owner of the voice with a pout still lingering on his face. When he saw his university crush holding his straw hat, he almost forgot to breathe.

"Yes." He managed to answer, watching the most handsome guy walking towards him. 

"Hey, Gun!" New shouted as he managed to catch up with his friend. 

"Hi, Off. You are here for the vacation too?" New asked, spotting the familiar face. 

"Yes. Visiting grandma." Off answered, clutching the hem of the hat in his hand tightly as his eyes never left the shorter man in front of him. 

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"It's so beautiful." The tiny voice spoke up.

"Right, and soft to touch." The other voice agreed.

"Try to touch it." The voice offered. 

"Really? Can I?" The smaller male hesitated. 

"Sure. It's all yours, anyway." The taller man smiled, scooting closer to his roommate.

"I have never touched anything so smooth yet firm before." The younger guy said.

"I am happy you like it, T-Rex." Maetee sighed in relief. The door suddenly burst open, startling the two boys. 

"What the fuck are you doing to my brother?!" Watee yelled, glaring at Maetee, ready to beat him up for trying to corrupt his innocent baby brother when his eyes landed on the fabric in T-Rex's hands. 

"I got a scarf from Maetee," T-Rex answered, blinking at his brother confusedly. 

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The gloves were his only protection. He never took them off. The only expectation was when he was alone. The black fabric was the reason he could mingle with other people. Yet still, he preferred to stay as far as possible. Allergy. The excuse he had for anyone asking. And they believed. Mother told him he was gifted, yet, it was a curse for him. The unique ability he was born with never did him any good. Hearing people thoughts by touching them was a nightmare. 

"Mr Taweesilp." The secretary called his name.

"Your turn for an interview. CEO Thawin is waiting for you." The women lead him inside the conference room, pointing at the seat in front of the table. He sits down, observing how the chair in front of him slowly turn around, revealing the most handsome man he ever saw. Their gazes collide, and he swears he caught a glimpse of gold in the CEO's eyes. 

"You are special." The man said as he stood up from his seat, walking around the table, stopping right before him. Punn was like in the daze. He tried to bling away the strange feeling building inside him when the guy took his hand in his, slowly kissing the leather covering it. He wanted to pull away from the touch, but the CEO didn't let him.

"Like me." He added as he carefully started the take off Punn's glove. 

"No." Punn managed to whisper, but it was too late. 

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"Oh, you are so cute, Pet." Tay coed, pinching Gun's puffed cheek. 

"No." Gun protested with a sleepy voice, trying to push away older's arm. The short actor was napping on the sofa in their resting room when the door opened, revealing his friend.  

"Let me cuddle you." Tay pleaded as he squeezed himself next to the lying man, attempting to pull him up to his lap. 

"No, P'Tay." Gun protested, shuffling further away from the other. Tay managed to grab the sleeve of Gun's fluffy oversized sweater, making the cute actor squirm. 

"Peng." Off, who just arrived inside the room, spotted the two fighting figures, spoked up. 

"Oi, Peng. Gun doesn't want to cuddle with me." Tay pouted, pointing at the smaller male kneeling on the other side of the furniture. His hair was messy, and the stretched sweater revealed his pale shoulder. 

"Adorable." Off murmured. He marched towards the couch, kicking his best friend off of it and taking his place. 

"Come here." Off commanded, and it took Gun only a second to crawl on his lap, cuddling him. 

"Not fair," Tay whined, glaring at the pair. 

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Third was roaming through the street, clutching his t-shirt closer to his body as the night breeze got colder. It wasn't the first time Khai asked him to leave the condo, but it was as the first time he had nowhere to go. Bone and Two were busy with some chicks, and he didn't have enough money to stay at the hotel for the night. 

"Third?" A familiar voice interrupted his tray of thoughts. 

"Un?" Third smiled, recognizing the tall, handsome man standing before him. 

"Why are you out in this weather, dressed like this?" Un asked, pointing at his shorts and an oversized t-shirt that was barely hanging on his shoulders. 

"I..." Third tried to think of a good excuse. 

"Don't tell me Khai kicked you out again." Un frowned. 

"He didn't kick me out." Third tried to argue with his friend. 

"Sure, so you don't want to stay at my place tonight?" Un asked with an eyebrow raised, waiting for the shorter's male reaction. The pleading look Third had sent him spoke more than words could. 

Third was currently showering as Un prepared something edible to eat when his friend's phone started to ring. As soon as his eyes landed on the caller's ID, his face automatically frowned. He took a glance at the bathroom door, checking if Third is still inside before he answered the call. 

"Hey, Third. You can come back. She left." Khai announced, making Un's blood boil. 

"Third is in the shower, and he won't come back today," Un, answered trying to emphasize each word. 

"What the fuck are you saying!" Khai's angry voice rang through the speaker. 

"I am saying that Third will not come back to you, Khai." Un laughed, hanging up, satisfied with how he pissed Khai off. The phone started to ring once again, but he turned it off. 

"Serves you right, you asshole." He murmured as he waited for Third to come out of the bathroom. 

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"Cold," White hardly murmured as his teeth chattered due to frost. He curled more into Sean's chest, hoping to get a little bit warmer. 

"I am going to kill you Yok if we get out of here alive," Sean growled, wrapping his long arms around White's tiny body. His pale skin was icy to touch, his plump lips started to turn blue, and he was trembling uncontrollably, making Sean worried. 

"I didn't know it was freezing truck." Yok tried to justify himself. 

"Gram and Black will get us out." He added.

"Sleepy." White stutter, leaning closer to Sean's body if it was even possible, slowly closing his eyes. The taller man gasped, shaking White's small frame to keep him awake. 

"You can't sleep, baby. Stay awake for me." Sean pleaded desperately. 

"Just a little bit more." He added, kissing his boyfriend's frozen lips.

"The truck stopped," Yok shouted, jumping on his weak legs and starting to bang on the wall. The truck's door suddenly burst open, revealing angry Black and worried Gram. 

"You are here." Sean sighs in relief. 

"Gram." Black barked at his gang mate, signalling him to get his twin out of the vehicle as he wasn't done with scolding Yok. The tall man climbs inside, walking to the two seemingly cuddling figures. 

"Give him to me," Gram spoke up, kicking Sean's leg to get his attention. 

"I will return him to you outside." He assured his friend. Sean hesitantly let go of White. As soon as the weight was lifted off of him, he stood up and wobbled his way out, waiting for Gram to put his frozen boyfriend back in his arms. 


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Gun yawned, shutting the door behind him quietly. Today filming was exhausting, and the only thing he wanted right now was to huddle up beside Off and sleep. But his other half was with Tay and Arm. He sighs, tiptoeing to his room, not wanting to wake up his sister and grandma. He slipped inside his darkened bedroom, ready to switch on the lights when he noticed a movement on his bed. His brows furrowed. Gun shuffled closer to get a better look. 

"Papi." He gasped, spotting a familiar figure sleeping peacefully under the covers. He ran to the bathroom, took a quick shower and changed into his pyjamas. Soon he slipped under the blanket beside his beloved Papi. The older instinctively pulled him closer, burying his nose in his hair. Gun giggled softly. Nothing could beat the feeling of falling asleep next to the person you love the most. 


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The sweet, warm chocolate like liquid never tasted this horrible before. His apartment didn't feel like home today too. Rome pushed the half-empty cup away, glancing outside through the foggy window. The sky was shady, full of dark clouds and hard rain. The cocoa on his table would have been the best company for this kind of weather, but Rome's mind was elsewhere. 

Why was Pick so dense? Why was he repeatedly hurting him? Did he find some type of sick pleasure in it? Was it fun for him? Rome's head was full of thoughts. Maybe it was time to stop chasing after a man who would never like him back. Perhaps he should move on. The lonely tear escaped his eye, rolling down his pale cheek. His phone pinged, announcing a new message. He hesitantly picked it up, trembling while reading it. 

"I am sorry, Rome. Forgive me, please." 

His heart skipped a beat. He can't let go, after all. 

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"Stupid," Watee commented as he shook his head, leaving shivering Maetee and his frowning brother in the living room alone. 

"Are you still cold? Do you need more blankets? Tea? Coffee?" T-Rex was babbling, placing his warm hand on the older forehead as he was sneezing. 

"You don't have a fever." T-Rex commented with relief. 

"Cuddles." Maetee pouted, pulling the shorter man closer to his still cold body. 

"Why were you sitting in front of an open fridge, anyway?" T-Rex asked, eying his taller boyfriend. 

"We have an assignment for a class. The theme is winter." Maetee mumbled as he buried his nose in T-Rex's fluffy hair, sniffing the floral scent. 

"Smart." T-Rex nodded before he cuddled closer to his boyfriend in an attempt to make him warmer. 

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"Are you sure, little snowflake?" The gentle voice asked.

"I am." The snowflake answered, looking down on the earth from his spot on the cloud. 

"You will die there." The voice warned him. 

"I know." The little snowflake nodded.

"Just once, I want to see him up close, just once." The snowflake pleaded.

"He's only human. He won't know you are a snowflake. Are you still sure?" The gentle voice asked again.

"I believe he can make me alive." The snowflake smiled, observing the tall man playing with the small kid in the garden below. 

"Little snowflake, you still believe in that silly tale?" The voice frowned. The snowflake nodded again with a big grin on his face. He fell in love with the human the first time his pearl eyes landed on him. That male was tall, handsome, his eyes kind, but his smile was the most beautiful thing the snowflake ever saw. 

"I know he can." The snowflake smiled. 

"You silly thing." The voice sighed. 

"You will melt before you even have a chance to touch him." 

"I can do it." The snowflake showed a determined look. The voice sighed once again. 

"Then go. But I warned you, little snowflake." 

"Thank you." The snowflake mouthed, disappearing through the clouds. The fragile snowflake was falling down the sky, the sun rays burning him. But he didn't mind as long, as he could, at least touch the tanned skin of his human he would be happy. His body was warm, melting into nothing. He was so close yet so far. 

"Just a little bit more." The snowflake pleaded. He knew that even if he touched the human, it didn't mean he would turn into the human himself. He needs to get recognized. It's nearly impossible. In Thailand never snowed.

Maybe the sun goddess heard his plea, giving his love a chance. The second his cold body touched the warm cheek of his beloved human, his heart skipped a beat. He was happy as he slowly melted on the heated skin. 

"Snow?" The man spoke up, confused. The one word was enough. The world seemed to stop as the cold wind lifted what's left of the tiny snowflake, twirling it in front of the stunned man. And in the second the whole dance stopped, leaving only the tall guy and short pale human standing in front of him. 


"Liar." The tiny voice spoke up. 

"I am not lying." The other voice answered, grinning.

"Mommy! Daddy is lying!" The small kid stood up from his place on the sofa, running into the kitchen. 

"Is he?" The short male laughed, picking up his son and sitting him on the high chair. 

"I wanted to know how you two met, and he told me a fairytale instead." The child pouted. 

"It's not a fairytale." The tall man laughed before he walked closer to his husband, wrapping his long arms around his slim waist, attempting to kiss him. 

"Papii, behave." The guy scolded lightly. 

"Sorry, Gun, my little snowflake." The man smiled, stealing a quick kiss and letting the other go, before he joined his son at the table, receiving another glare from him. 

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Gun never felt this nervous in his life. He was standing in his room, digging through his suitcase for almost an hour, trying to find something nice and cute to wear. Off invited them to a barbecue, stating that his grandma didn't see New in a while. He was mad at his best friend for not telling him about Off. The anger disappeared the moment the handsome male smiled his way, though. 

"Are you ready?" New burst into his room. 

"I don't have anything to wear." Gun pouted, pointing at the scattered clothes on the bed. 

"Really, Gun?" New rolled his eyes. 

"Off would find you cute, even if you'd show up wrapped in the blanket." He added as he picked up a white oversized shirt and blue ripped jeans and throw them his way. 

"Make it quick." New snickered before he left. 

"Off thinks I am cute?" Gun whisper, his cheeks turning flush. 

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Punn watched the glove slowly slide off of his hand, exposing his sensitive, pale skin. Thawin's smile grows wider.

"So beautiful." He exhaled, lowering his face nearer to Punn's slender fingers. Punn freezes, his eyes following Thawin's every move. He gasped as the moist lips touched the tip of his thumb, lazily continued to his forefinger and middle finger. Punn had to shut his eyes, preparing for the invasion of foreign thoughts to his mind. Yet nothing happened. He snapped his eyes open as the CEO's lips travelled further on his palm. The sudden wave of pleasure ran through his body, making him shiver. 

"Truly beautiful," Thawin smirked as he stroked Punn's flushed cheek. 

"These fingers are precious and special." Thawin continued, holding the small hand in his. 

"We are the same." 

"We are?" Punn whispered confusedly. He dared to look into the eyes of the other, spotting the same golden reflection he caught before. 

"Of course. We were both born special. And we can do incredible things together." Thawin smiled, leaning closer to Punn's face. 

"You with your hands and me with my eyes." He grinned before his mouth collided with his. 

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The song playing on the radio was old evergreen with an upbeat melody and nonsensical lyrics. But Sean likes it anyway. It was nice to listen to it while repairing the motorcycle, and pissing off Black with it was just a little bonus. 

So it took him by surprise when Black came down while humming the old melody happily. 

"Nice song." Black smiled Sean's way, appreciating the others music taste. Sean frowned, glaring suspiciously at the younger man. He observed his face, trying to find any sign of pretence but didn't find any. Black tilted his head to the side, pouting slightly unintentionally. And it was all it took for him to realize who was standing in front of him. 

"Fuck." Sean cussed, standing up from the floor, marching towards the stunned guy. 

"White?" He pronounced the name Black forbid him to say. Black's eyes went wide, obviously panicking, and Sean knew he was right. 

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Off was wandering around Gun's newly renovated room. It was well designed, and Gun made a lot of an effort to make it this lovely. The colours and branded decorations were so Gun. He had to chuckle. But the one thing did catch his eye. In the middle of the main wall stood the white fake fireplace. 

"Fireplace, Gun?" He asked the smaller man who was sitting comfortably on the leather couch. 

"It's nice, Papii." Gun pouted. 

"You do realize that you can't set the fire inside it, right?" Off's eyebrow raised mockingly. He loved to tease the younger male. 

"Meane! I know it's fake." Gun sulked. Off chuckled at his cute expression before he went back to sit beside him. 

"Why fireplace, thought?" Off asked, genuinely interested in the reason why his boyfriend decided to construct one of these useless things in his studio. 

"It's romantic," Gun murmured, his cheeks turning bright red. 

And if Off's mind was immediately filled with imagines of him and Gun lying in front of the fireplace under the warm blanket while their naked skin rub against each other, then no one had to know about it. 

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"So squishy." Porsche coed as he pinched Rome's cheeks. 

"Right? I told you, his cheeks are fluffy." Emma chuckled, poking her best friend's cheeks too. 

"Cute." Porsche chuckled, squishing Rome's slightly flushed cheeks more. 

"Adorable." Emma nodded, glancing back at Pick, who was silently sulking and glaring their way. She smirked, exactly knowing what was going inside her senior's head. Turning back to face her best friend and boyfriend, she began to lean closer. She whispered something into Porsche's ear, making him grin, and in an instant, the short male disappeared in between their bodies. 

"What the fuck." Pick cussed, standing up from his chair, marching towards the giggling bodies. He grabbed Porsche's collar, pulling him harshly away. 

"My." Pick practically growled before he dragged confused and blushing Rome to his chest, letting him snuggle closer into his warmness.  


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The diner was already served on the table when Third came out of the bathroom. He was wearing Un's shirt and pants, which were too big for him. Un finds himself staring at the shorter male, realizing he looked tinier and adorable in his clothes. If he didn't have feelings for Two, he would definitely go for his friend. 

"Did my phone ring?" Third asked as he took a glance at the device lying lifelessly on the coffee table. 

"No," Un responded as if he didn't piss off Khai through the call just a minute before. 

"I thought I heard it." Third shook his head. "Guess I misheard." He shrugged, walking over to Un. 

"Let's eat before it gets cold." Un smiled, gesturing to Third to sid down. 

The diner went well. Talking with Third was one of the Un's favourite things. They never argued even if their opinions were different, and the conversation was smooth regardless of what topic they talked about. In times like these, Un wondered why can't just fall for each other instead of going through constant heartbreaks. Third, didn't deserve to be treated like trash. 

After washing the dishes, which his shorter friend had to help with, they were ready to watch a movie. Settled down on the spacious sofa, almost cuddling, and animated film playing on the TV, the stranger could have thought they were a cute couple. 

The sudden banging on the door startled them. 

"Stay. I am going to take a look." Un spoked up, standing up from his spot and walking over the entrance. As soon as he opened the door, he was welcomed by the angry-looking Khai. He frowned. 

"What do you want?" Un asked even though he knew why the asshole was here. 

"Where is Third?" Khai growled, trying to glance behind his well-built body. 

"Why would I tell you?" Un challenged. 

"I know he's with you. Let me in." Khai demanded as he tried to pass through. 

"He indeed is inside. But I am not letting you in." Un, said sternly, pushing Khai further to the hallway. 

"You fucker! Third! Third!" Khai shouted, calling for his best friend. Un, heard a shuffling from behind him, sensing the younger guy. 

"Khai? What are you doing here?" Third asked, evidently confused with the whole situation. 

"I am taking you home," Khai answered, waiting for Third to come to his side.

"He's not going anywhere. You kicked him out of the house only in shorts and a thin shirt without money and a place to go, again. I am going to take care of him this time." Un retorted as he stopped Third from answering. He knew Third would go back to this asshole, and he was keen to teach Khai a good lesson. 

"You have no saying in this." Khai hissed, glaring at him. 

"And that's where you are wrong, Khai. Third is moving in with me." Un, said, shocking both Khai and Third.

"What? Third, is it true?" Khai asked, waiting for Third's answer. The tiny man looked at Un, trying to read what was in his mind. After a while, he hesitantly nodded. 

"Yes. I am moving in with Un." 

"You heard him. So fuck off. I will pick Third's things from your apartment tomorrow." Un smirked, slamming the door right in front of Khai's shocked face.

"Thank you." Third murmured, tears spilling from his doe eyes. Un's resolution to knock some sense into Khai was stronger as he pulled crying Third into his embrace. 

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Maetee and T-Rex were sitting on the sofa, watching some romantic drama, which Maetee didn't even pay attention to it. He was nervously fidgeting, glancing from time to time over his smaller companion. His roommate cuddled to his side, with his head comfortably laid on his shoulder, distracting him with his cuteness. 

"Oooh," T-Rex's giggled, his adorableness showing even more. 

"What?" Maetee asked, trying to look at the TV instead of the tiny ball of cuteness.  

"It's romantic."T-Rex pointed at the screen where the man was placing a coat over the lady's shoulders to keep her warm. 

"You like it?" Maetee asked unsurely. And when the younger guy nodded with a smile, he knew he had to buy a nice coat and take T-Rex to the coldest place in Thailand. 

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Shaky breath and the soft pale skin trembled under his fingers. The bare slender body responds to his every touch. The wanton moaning escaped the sinful mouth every time his wet tongue trailed its way down the delicate neck, biting here and there, marking it. It was like music to his ears. The way the slim body arched with each deep thrust and the heat swallowing him was like a drug. Addicting, ecstatic, thrilling. And he can't stop. He knows when Black finds out, he will kill him. But for now, he doesn't care as long as he can have White under him, shouting his name in pure ecstasy. 

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He knew he promised Papii to save up money. He knew Papii would get angry. But it's so pretty, and it's in the sale. And he would look so adorable in it, so he can consider it an investment, right? He bites his lips, closing his eyes as he clicks on the buy button. 

"Gun!" The angry voice echoed through the living room. Gun gulped, knowing exactly why was his boyfriend yelling. He considered hiding behind the sofa or locking himself in the bathroom when the angry Off stomped his way right to him. The taller man was holding a small package in his hand.

"What is this? Didn't I tell you not to spend too much money?" Off was scolding him. 

"It didn't cost much, Papii." Gun pouted, using his puppy eyes on the older actor. 

"Don't." Off frowned, averting his gaze away from the tiny man. 

"I am sorry. But I swear you will like it." Gun shuffled closer to Off, grabbing the box and running for it. 

And if Off drooled from the sight later that evening over his boyfriend in the new sleepwear, it's a story for another time. 

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The music in the club was so loud White couldn't hear his thoughts. Todd asked to meet him here for some reason he didn't understand. White never liked this kind of place, too many people, alcohol and sweating in one area. He forced his way through the crowd of swaying bodies, walking over to his friend's VIP table. 

"White, sit down." Todd greeted him with a smile, pointing next to him. He sits on the leather couch, glancing back at the dance floor and shivers. 

"Why did you want to meet here?" White asked, eying his friend sipping the light brown liquid from his glass. 

"You need to loosen up a little, White. And you owe me for telling you about Black." Todd grinned, pushing one of the full glasses to him. 

"Are you a debt collector or what?" White asked, rolling his eyes to hide how nervous he was. He took the glass and swallowed the bitter beverage. 

"What's up? You look nervous." Todd eyed him suspiciously. White blinked a few times before he glanced towards the dance floor. 

"You didn't come alone. Fuck, White!" The taller man spat out angrily. 

"No, he didn't, you prick." Sean pops up from the crowd, standing in front of Todd and glaring right back at him. 

"You took your watchdog with you? That means you don't trust me." Todd turned his attention on White. 

"I know it was you, Todd," White murmured, standing up and walking to hide behind Sean.

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Cute, absolutely adorable. It was the only thing popping in his mind when he spotted Rome in the crowd. The dog and cat club were hosting the celebration masquerade party. The members were supposed to dress as animals. Porsche choose a dog, Emma was a cat, and he was forced to wear the lion costume. He imagined what animal would suit Rome the most. Mouse? Kitten? No, he didn't like Rome. But he can picture his friend as an animal. It isn't weird or anything. 

Or maybe it was because seeing the cute little Rome dressed as a tiny penguin did strange things to his heart. He wanted to hug his small frame, kiss his pouty lips, caress his fluffy hair, and hide him away from the people's stares. 


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Gun's eyes were sparkling as he watched the glistering icicles dangling from the shopping window. They weren't real, yet they felt like it. He wanted to touch them. His smile grew wider when the gentle breeze swung them from side to side. 

"Pretty." He sighs in delight. 

"They are." The voice coming from next to him spoke up, startling him. He turned his head to the side, spotting a tall, handsome man admiring the same decoration. His cheeks flushed a little when the man turned around, sending him a blinding smile. 

"You are cute. I still can't believe you agreed to date me." Off grinned as he took Gun's hand in his. 

"You are weird, Papii." Gun giggled, tiptoeing and kissing the taller's cheek.  

"Let's go. The movie will start soon." He added, dragging Off towards the cinema. 


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Un was standing in front of Khai's apartment, ready to pick up Third's things. His shorter friend insisted on joining him, but he firmly refused, knowing he would give in to that asshole's pleads. He took a deep breath before he knocked on the door. Nothing happened for a while, though he heard the shuffling from inside. He banged on the door with more force and didn't stop till they opened, revealing pale-looking, exhausted Khai. 

"I am here for Third's things," Un spoke up, eyeing the man in front of him. He was searching the area behind him like he expected someone to be there. 

"He didn't come with me." He announced, pushing Khai away and walking inside the apartment. He looked around, frowning. 

"You didn't pack Third's things?" Un asked, amused. 

"Did you think I was joking? Or did you thought you would talk Third out of it?" He spat angrily, turning around to face Khai. He was startled. Khai's face was paler than before, eyes glistering with unshed tears and that sad expression on his face, make him look quite pitiful. Did he finally understand what Third meant to him? Un was still not convinced enough, deciding to dig further. 

"Nevermind, where is his room? I am going to do it myself." He huffed, turning his back to Khai again, walking around to search for the right room. The other man didn't say anything, letting him roam around, following him like a lost puppy. It was when he entered Third's room and started to put clothes inside the suitcase Khai spoke up. 

"Is he really going to move in with you?" 

"I wasn't joking, Khai. You act like a dick to him 24/7. You don't care how he feels." Un, faced him as he grabbed another shirt from the wardrobe. Khai seems to be frozen on the spot as his words dig deep inside his heart. 

"I do care for him." He murmured, avoiding the eye contact with Un.

"What a weird way to show it. You are hurting him repeatedly, and you are not even ashamed of it. Did you think I would ignore it forever? Third is special to me, and I will not stay still any longer." Un declared, waiting for a reaction. He had to be sure Khai won't hurt his tiny friend anymore. 

"If you have nothing to say, then go away, and let me work. I don't want to stay here longer than necessary." He growled, putting more clothes in the open suitcase. 

"Are you two dating?" Khai held Un's arm, stopping him from continuing. 

"Whether we are dating or not is not your business." He shook off Khai's hand, challenging him with a raised eyebrow. He was watching Khai's face changing from shocked to angry in a flash. 

"It's my fucking business! Third is mine." Khai growled, making Un laugh. 

"Your's? Are you kidding me? You don't hold ownership over Third. He's yours in what way?" Un poked Khai in the chest with his pointy finger, making him stumble back. 

"Do you like him? Don't make me laugh more." He continued to piss Khai off. 

"I do! I fucking love him!" Kahi shouted, pushing Un, ready to punch his face. 

"Then you should go, and fucking tell him. But I swear if you make him cry again, I am going to kill you and take him away from you for good." Un retorted with equal force. 

"What?" Khai asked disbelievingly. 

"I told you to go and make him yours, you stupid ignorant," Un repeated, pointing at the door. 

"He's waiting for you." He added, shaking his head, watching Khai running out of the room and slamming the entrance door behind him. 

"At least one of us will have a happy ending," Un muttered, walking to the living room and turning on the TV as he waited for the future couple to come back. 

Chapter Text

To the Gun's surprise, walking ower to Off's house didn't take much time. He started fidgeting as soon as they stopped in front of the small wooden gate. New rolled his eyes at his behaviour. 

"We are here!" New shouted, making Gun jump a little. An older woman appeared a second later, a wide smile plastered on her wrinkled face as she pulled New into the hug. 

"It's nice to see you again, New. And you must be Gun?" The woman grinned, pulling the stunned boy in her arms too. He only managed to nod before she started to speak again.

"Off was talking nonstop about you. He was right. You are cute. He always has this dreamy expression when he speaks about you. And I finally know why." She giggled, leading the confused Gun and laughing New inside the house. 

"Off is in the backyard. Go, and help him?" The old lady pushed Gun outside. Gun shook his head, still trying to comprehend that his crush had a crush on him. He could feel his cheeks heating as he spotted Off, preparing the things for the barbecue. He looked so handsome doing it. 

"Gun?" Off smiled, a little surprise visible on his face. 

"Hi," Gun whispered, biting his lower lip. He didn't know how to act around the older man, now that he knew about his feelings. It was weird and beautiful at the same time. 

"Do you need help?" He asked, blushing. 

"Are you alright? You sound strange." Off frowned, taking a few steps closer to him. Gun instinctively stepped back. 

"Your grandma." Gun stuttered, avoiding Off's eyes. 

"My grandma, what?" Off frowned, confusedly. 

"Cute," Gun muttered again, peeking at the taller man shyly. Off's eyes widened as realization hit him. His cheeks turned bright red.

"Fuck! Grandma! You blabbermouth!"Off yelled, storming inside the house, leaving stunned Gun behind. 

"You told him?!" He heard Off's voice coming from inside.

"I am sorry it just slipped out of my mouth when I saw him." The woman apologized. 

"You can't tell him I like him instead of me!" Off scolded her, probably not realizing Gun could hear him. 

"You know, he can hear you?" Grandma laughed.

"Fuck." Off cursed again. If the situation involved someone else, Gun would have laughed too.  He hears someone approaching. His heart was hammering in his chest with such a force he could faint. 

"Did you hear?" Off asked as he stood in front of him. Gun nodded because he didn't trust his voice.

"And?" Off added, anticipating an answer from the smaller male. 

"I like you too," Gun whispered, biting his lip nervously. 

"That's good." Off replayed with a smile. 

Chapter Text

T-Rex snuggled further under the blanket, loving the toasty warmth that still lingered there after Maetee sneaked out of bed. It was way too early for him to get out. He was curious why his boyfriend did get up in this unholy hour, though. T-Rex decided to lay and wait for Maetee to come back as his eyes slowly closed again. 

"T-Rex." Maetees's tender voice woke him. He stretched a bit, blinking at his smiling boyfriend. 

"I made breakfast in bed." He announced, shoving T-Rex a tray with two coffee mugs and half-burned toasts. 

"Nice." T-Rex smiled, pulling himself into the sitting position, waiting for Maetee to join him. 


Chapter Text

Rome was running through the hospital hallway, tears streaming down his face. His heart almost stopped when he received a call from Porsche. The only thing he could understand was his boyfriend's name, hospital, something about penguin tank, fall, and possible hypothermia. He abandoned everything and rushed there. He imagined the worst-case scenario.

"Rome!" Porsche called his name, waving at him from the end of the hallway. 

"P'Porsche, how is P'Pick? Is it bad?" Rome asked, sniffling and clutching the taller's hand.

"Aside from the hypothermia and small bump on his head, he is alright." 

"Can I go inside?" Rome asked, glancing at the closed door. Porsche nodded. Rome peeks through the crack, scanning the hospital room. He noticed Pick lying on the bed with the blanket tightly secured around his body. His face was paler than normal, and he had a patch on his forehead. Rome couldn't stop a soft sob escaping his mouth as he walked over to his boyfriend's side. He carefully sits on the stool, observing him. He wanted to caress his face, but he was scared the touch would wake Pick up. 

"Rome?" Pick groaned, pulling himself up to the sitting position. 

"P'Pick," Rome whispered, standing up and helping him to get more comfortable. 

"What are you doing here?" Pick asked, eying his boyfriend. 

"P'Porsche called me," Rome answered, ready to sit back on the stool, but his boyfriend stopped him, dragging him on the bed next to him. He wrapped his still shaking arms around Rome's tiny frame, enjoying the contact and warmth his cute boyfriend was radiating. 

"You cried." Pick pointed out as he wiped the wet trails from Rome's puffed cheeks. 

"I was scared," Rome admitted, hiding his face in the crook of Pick's neck. 

"I am going to kill Porsche for scaring you." Pick groned, thighing his grip on the younger boy.

Chapter Text

White knew that Black knew. It was crystal clear. The way Black glared at Sean every time he got too close to him told him he was right. White wanted to tell Black, but he was scared. Black would kill Sean for sure. And he didn't want Sean to be dead. 

"White," His twin called him, ripping him out of his thoughts. 

"Yes?" He whispered, trying to be brave for Sean and him. 

"I know." Black simply said.

"I know, you know." White gulped, his eyes searching for Sean and a quick escape route. 

"I don't like it," Black growled, crossing his arms over his chest.

"It seems so." White gulped. He saw Sean sprinting to his side from the corner of his eyes, and he prayed for his boyfriend to turn around a let him deal with his brother alone. 

"Black," Sean stopped next to White, sneaking his hand protectively around the younger's waist. 

"Sean," Black answered, frowning at the gesture.  

"I know," He added.

"And?" Sean asked, pulling White closer. 

"I don't like it." Black sighs.

"But he likes you for some absurd reason, and who I am to stop him." He continued. White released the breath he didn't know he was holding until now. 

"Thank you." White smiled, jumping at his brother, hugging him. 

"You hurt him, and you are done for." Black threatened, petting White's head before walking away. White was happy. Sean was still alive, even though his brother knew the truth. 

Chapter Text

Gun was roaming around the kitchen, cooking himself something to eat. He didn't have any schedule today, enjoying the work-free day. He intended to stay in bed the whole day and call Papii after his filming ends. The clock on the wall showed a few minutes after three, and Gun was almost done with the cooking when the sound of a doorbell echoed through the apartment. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He didn't expect anyone to visit him today. He skipped to the entrance, opening the door for the person behind them. 

"Papii?" Gun tilted his head in confusion as he saw the taller actor standing in front of him. Before he could continue with asking, the older man launched himself forward, pulling him into the tight embrace. 

"I missed you." Off whispered, pushing Gun inside the flat. 

"I missed you too." Gun smiled, kissing Off's neck. He was sure, Papii's schedule wasn't supposed to end this early, but he didn't complain at all. Whatever reason his Papii had for running to him, they can discuss later.