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January collection of drabbles and short stories 2022

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Off was wandering around Gun's newly renovated room. It was well designed, and Gun made a lot of an effort to make it this lovely. The colours and branded decorations were so Gun. He had to chuckle. But the one thing did catch his eye. In the middle of the main wall stood the white fake fireplace. 

"Fireplace, Gun?" He asked the smaller man who was sitting comfortably on the leather couch. 

"It's nice, Papii." Gun pouted. 

"You do realize that you can't set the fire inside it, right?" Off's eyebrow raised mockingly. He loved to tease the younger male. 

"Meane! I know it's fake." Gun sulked. Off chuckled at his cute expression before he went back to sit beside him. 

"Why fireplace, thought?" Off asked, genuinely interested in the reason why his boyfriend decided to construct one of these useless things in his studio. 

"It's romantic," Gun murmured, his cheeks turning bright red. 

And if Off's mind was immediately filled with imagines of him and Gun lying in front of the fireplace under the warm blanket while their naked skin rub against each other, then no one had to know about it.