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Summer Nights Where Nothing's Sure

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Wooyoung sighs as he pushes himself off the mattress he was sitting on dressed in nothing but his boxer briefs. For now, he ignores the trail of work clothes leading to his current position from the open door where he had started undressing. It's Sunday night, and he's just worked a busy service at his family's pub. There's no one but him here. He'll deal with the clothes later. His beautiful mother let him leave early, knowing he had plans with his friends he hadn't seen for a while. She always told him he worked too hard and didn't need to devote himself to the business as he did. But they were his family, and it was their livelihood. He wasn't just going to abandon them to live his own life. 



They almost sold the place a few years ago, and he had started planning his future. He was going to study abroad, dating people just for fun, one day finding the love of his life. But then his little brother Kyungmin came along, and they had to put him through school as well, so the pub remained. Wooyoung wasn't bitter about it, he adored his brother and his family, and he was good at managing the restaurant. That didn't mean he couldn't mourn the life he imagined he could have had. 



His friends should consider themselves lucky he's a social person at heart because the ache in his bones threatens to drag him under the covers and off to a sound sleep. But he gets up, and gets dressed, and makes his way over to the restaurant Yeosang had texted him earlier. Having to scroll up past a million drunken excited messages from the rest of his friends to make sure he had the address right. 






Soon enough, he's squeezing his way through the rowdy barbecue restaurant to find his friends in the back corner. They all whoop and cheer as soon as they spot him raising their glasses and sloshing drinks everywhere. A mini fire erupts in the BBQ pit as the alcohol hits the flames and Seonghwa's eyeballs almost burst out of his face. Wooyoung cackles and slaps Jongho on the back as he settles himself next to the rosy-faced baby of the group. He notices the new face sitting across from him and offers a nervously reciprocated smile. 



Their friendship group of 7 has been the same since their last year of high school when they formed a street football team and played every day after school. Of course, they all have friends outside of the group, but no one new has joined their little group since then, so it's unusual. Wooyoung is always happy to make new friends, though. 



They're sitting at one of the bigger tables in the restaurant. Wooyoung returns a wave from Hongjoong and Mingi, who are at the far end, before most parties turn their attention back to Seonghwa, who is still tackling the flames, batting away Yeosang, who is offering to pour the jug of water into the fire pit. 



Wooyoung turns back to the new person. Jongho is unusually affectionate next to him, settling his head on Wooyoung's shoulder in his tipsy state, so Wooyoung takes the opportunity to steal the younger boy's glass of beer and soju, prying it from his hands. The drink is unappetisingly warm from being held for so long. He turns to greet the new face across from him.

"Hello, I'm Wooyoung," he says, raising his glass to cheers. The handsome new face meets his glass with a light tap. 

"Choi San," he replies. A pink-cheeked Yunho turns from where Seonghwa and Yeosang have managed to put out the flames and are now apologising profusely to the restaurant manager while the rest of the group laughs. 

"San's my neighbour!" he says, "He doesn't have friends, so I said he could have mine if he wanted" San punches Yunho in practised affection and looks up at Wooyoung with sparkling eyes. Wooyoung grins and raises his glass before downing the whole drink. San takes a sip of his own. 



It's too early to blame the alcohol, so he blames the fact that he's been single far too long for the fact that San's smile punches the air out of his lungs. The new guy is breathtakingly gorgeous, and Wooyoung wants to curl up and make himself a home in his dimples. 



He makes a genuine attempt to act normal and ask San a couple of questions to get to know him, but his friends quickly hijack the conversation, and many shots of soju are forced upon him. Somehow Jongho has turned the restaurant into a performance hall, and everyone watches in silence as he warbles into his spoon-in-empty-soju-bottle microphone. Cheeks aching from laughing and face burning from the alcohol, he leans back in his chair to enjoy the show. Yeosang, Seonghwa, Yunho, and San are gently swaying their arms to the song. Wooyoung forces himself to look away from the sliver of skin visible above San's waistband with his arms raised. Like a scene from a drama, the whole crowd cheers for their talented baby, and Wooyoung's heart bursts with pride for his dear friend before they are interrupted by Mingi shouting,







The karaoke dream is tragically short-lived when the instigator Mingi vomits in a lane moments after leaving the restaurant. Seonghwa tells everyone to go home, and they all reply,

"Yes, eomma," much to his continued chagrin despite the years of tomfoolery from his friends. There's a chorus of goodbyes and hugs are shared as they part ways, and Hongjoong shrieks and runs away when Wooyoung tries to kiss him goodbye. 



Wooyoung takes the train home with Yunho as he always does, this time with the addition of San.

"So how did you guys meet?" he asks

"I told you we're neighbours," Yunho says

"Thanks, stupid I have neighbours too. I don't go inviting everyone in my apartment block to dinner with my friends," he says jokingly, but San looks uncomfortable while Yunho laughs. 

"I'm joking, I'm joking, I'm joking," he reassures San while he feels the alcohol remove what little inhibitions he had adds, "And you're hot anyway, so you can stay" San looks nervous for a different reason now, and Wooyoung sits back smugly in his seat. Yunho tells the entirely uninteresting tale of how they recognised each other through work and decided to start hanging out when they realised they worked in the modelling industry together, as well as being neighbours. 



Wooyoung thinks it's a bit too fitting that San is a model. He seems to Wooyoung a fake person, entirely too perfect to be real. He allows himself to stare at the boy sitting across him while Yunho fills in San on everyone else's background story now that he's met them. 

While Yunho tells San about how Seonghwa is a teacher and Hongjoong is a musician and former captain of their football team, Wooyoung notices that San is a good listener. He keeps eye contact with Yunho and nods to show he is paying attention. 

When Yunho tells a funny story about when he and Mingi first started modelling, Wooyoung notices the way San's straight nose dips down slightly when he smiles, the way he covers his mouth with his hand when he laughs big and heartily.

When Yunho mentions Wooyoung and Yeosang's years of friendship, he notices how San's eyes dart across his face pausing at his lips before meeting his eyes now more confidently than before. 

And when Yunho proudly tells the tale of their baby Jongho, the recording artist, Wooyoung notices San's exceptional posture, how he holds his head high, exposing his neck. And what Wooyoung finds there is a smattering of freckles he hadn't noticed in the dim restaurant light. He forces himself to look away when he starts thinking about kissing the freckles one by one. Thankful to be arriving at their stop before he got too carried away in thought.






Wooyoung can't deny that he likes running the little family business. Their shop is small, with about six small tables on the floor and four additional bar seats. Small enough that he can run on his own on a quiet night. He tries to be a filial son by sending his mum home early every night. 


Wooyoung's clearing tables at the tail end of a quiet Wednesday night when Yunho arrives with San trailing behind him. He grins at the sight of his friends nodding to a clear table for them before running up to the counter to sort out the bill for one of the regular customers. 



Approaching the table as they take their coats off, he notices San's neck freckles again. He's wearing an oversized hoodie today under his black jacket. Wooyoung thinks he looks cosy and adorable, then berates himself for noticing when he's never paid attention to what Yunho or anyone else is wearing.  

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" he asks, 

"We were two sad souls buying beers from the convenience store to drink alone, so I thought we should come here instead," Yunho answers. Wooyoung smiles at San, who has been looking around, 

"I always walk past here, but I've never been in," San admits, "It's so nice in here" Wooyoung thanks him and decides it's quiet enough now that he can join them. He prepares a pancake and ramen for his friends while Yunho follows him behind the bar to help himself to a couple of soju bottles. 



Yunho's draped his coat on the chair next to him, so Wooyoung has no choice but to sit next to San. Settling in beside him, he realises how broad San is, their shoulders almost touching. He wonders what he looks like under the baggy clothing Wooyoung always sees him in. He reels that thought back before it can get away with him. Instead, asking Yunho and San about what they've been up to with work. 



Yunho's still working on the drama he got a role in a few months ago. Wooyoung can't even pretend that he's going to watch it, but he knows Yunho doesn't love him any less for it. He's just not a drama-watching kind of guy. He finds out that San did a photoshoot for a luxury fashion brand that will appear in magazines and billboards. Wooyoung begs him to say the brand, but San just winks at him mischievously. 



Wooyoung wants to ask more about San. About his work, what brands he's modelled with. About his hobbies, his interests. All he knows about San so far is that he's hot, and he's polite. Which is enough for Wooyoung so far, but he's curious now, and he's starting to get annoyed at Yunho for apparently coming here just to talk about his crush. A girl on the drama set. Wooyoung doesn't listen to the conversation enough to figure out if she's an actress or one of the staff. Instead, he's sneaking glances at San, who's nodding politely as always—asking further questions at appropriate moments. Wooyoung stares at San's hands as he eats. There's nothing exceptional about them, but they look soft, and he wants to hold them, maybe lick. God, he's been single for so long. 



"Oh my god, can you please shut up" he finally cracks it at Yunho. San laughs in shock at his sudden outburst. Yunho laughs too

"I'm losing my appetite because of your crush," Woooyung continues. 

"Sorry, man. What about you? Anyone new in your life?" Yunho asks him. He glances over at San, who appears just to be moving the remnants of his chive pancake around his plate, 

"No," Wooyoung sighs. "It's a bit stupid how long I've been single." 

"How long has it been since the last guy?" Yunho asks; Wooyoung gasps in mock horror

"Did you just out me to a stranger?" he asks, 

"You would have outed yourself with that theatrical gasp in no time anyway," Yunho deadpans. San is laughing again. 

"It's okay," he offers, "I'm bi, so you're safe with me" Wooyoung can't even pretend that's not exactly what he wanted to hear. He throws an arm around San's shoulders and faces Yunho, 

"We, as the LGBT community, have had enough of your hetero nonsense," he declares, 

"Fine, I need to pee anyway. You can be gay in peace," Yunho says, getting up to the bathroom.

"Hey, why am I involved in this? I don't mind-" Wooyoung cuts San off by biting his shoulder, causing San to shriek. He cackles at San's expression, clutching his shoulder in shock. To Wooyoung's delight, San replies

"Is that how it is?" and tries to bite Wooyoung back anywhere he can reach. Wooyoung's stomach aches from how hard he's been laughing. 






Unfortunately for Wooyoung's single ass, it's like that for the rest of the week. It feels like all of his friends have conspired to torture him about their love lives. Jongho comes in the next day, and when Wooyoung chastises him for texting too much instead of hanging out with his hyung, it's like Wooyoung opened the flood gates. He sits for 10 minutes resisting the urge to roll his eyes while Jonho babbles on about his makeup artist noona crush. 



A couple of days later, and this time its Yeonjun. He's seeing someone new; they met in a club, the sex is incredible. But, unfortunately, his dear friend doesn't even have the decency to order a drink to make this worth Wooyoung's time; he just takes his ear hostage for a while before kissing his cheeks goodbye as if he's European. 



Wooyoung's almost at his wit's end when Hongjoong comes in one day and sits with his laptop at the bar. It's a busy night, and he's working alone, so he doesn't have time to think about how Hongjoong is here alone. Usually, he is never apart from Seonghwa. 

"Where's your husband?" he asks, and Hongjoong blushes. Hongjoong hyung blushes? "What's happening?" Wooyoung asks again, squinting.

"Seonghwa's at drinks with his work friends," Hongjoong answers, 

" why are you acting weird?" Wooyoung asks.  

"It's funny you said husband actually because I wanted to tell you that I'm planning to propose to him," Hongjoong says with a small smile. Wooyoung would scream if it weren't for the remaining customers. Hongjoong and Seonghwa have been together since high school. They have always joked, calling them husbands since they announced their relationship. The way they bicker, the way they understand each other. They're perfect. He can't believe the day has finally come.

"Really? Really? Really?" he asks while Hongjoong just smiles and nods as he starts packing away his things. 

"What are you doing? You can't just leave after you told me that" Wooyoung needs more information now.

"I was going to tell you before, but Seonghwa just messaged me that he's coming home. I better go." 

"You're going to spend your lives together. You can spend ten more minutes with me!" Wooyoung shouts after Hongjoongs retreating form. He gets a slight wave in response. 



Wooyoung smiles to himself for the rest of the night as he cleans up after the last patrons have left. He even smiles while washing dishes, and he keeps smiling when he takes out the bins. His smile only drops when he's locking up about to leave, and he realises he's going to have to find a date for the wedding. There's only one person he can think to invite. 






A shirtless Yeosang shrieks when Wooyoung lets himself into his apartment on Monday night. 

"Why are you screaming?" Wooyoung sighs, setting his bags down in the kitchen

"Why are you here?" Yeosang asks, covering his nipples with his hands. 

"Hello? You invited me. You invited everyone." Wooyoung says, unpacking his ingredients for dinner. The group dinner that Yeosang had agreed to host this time. Yeosang gets his phone to check the time and sighs. He goes off into his bedroom, Wooyoung assumes to get a shirt. 

"You love me!" He shouts at Yeosang's retreating form. Of course, he could have prepped the food in his own house instead. But Yeosang's kitchen is enormous with beautiful natural light, and Wooyoung misses him anyway. 



With the beef marinating in the fridge and the vegetables prepped for later, Wooyoung settles himself down on the couch next to Yeosang, who is playing a shooting game on his phone. 

"Talk to me," he whines. Yeosang doesn't react. He nuzzles into Yeosang's side and tries again, "Talk to meeeee." 

"What do you want to talk about?" Yeosang asks, not looking up from his game. 

"I don't know. I'm so bored all I do is work. Tell me something fun." 

"Seonghwa hyung is going to propose," Yeosang says. Wooyoung bursts out laughing. Yeosang just glances at him briefly before returning his attention to the game. 

"Wow. Hongjoong hyung told me yesterday he wants to propose too." 

Yeosang snorts. Wooyoung sighs, lying down on the couch, forcing his head onto Yeosang's lap. 

"They disgust me. I want what they have" Yeosang doesn't reply, but Wooyoung is used to that, so he continues, 

"Everyone is falling in love these days, Yunho, Yeonjun, even our baby Jongho." 

"Jongho?" Yeosang finally puts his phone down and pats Wooyoung's head just the way he likes.  

"Yeah, he has a crush on a makeup artist or something I don't know. The point is, where is my crush. No, I want someone to crush on me and woo me. I'm sick of having crushes." 

"What about Yunho's friend?" Wooyoung sits up, narrowing his eyes at his friend. How did Yeosang read his mind? 

"What do you mean?" he asks innocently. Yeosang rolls his eyes. 

"I already know you think he's hot because you're predictable. But he was checking you out that day Yunho brought him over."

"You don't know anything. I don't even know if I think he's hot." 

Yeosang doesn’t reply. 

"Wait. Did you say  he  was checking  me  out?" Wooyoung asks incredulously. The doorbell rings, signalling the rest of their friends' arrival. Yeosang just smirks at him before getting the door. 



They file in one by one at the agreed-upon meal time. Hugs are shared, and drinks are poured as Wooyoung pulls the bulgogi out of the fridge to start cooking while Seonghwa starts setting the table with the side dishes he brought over.



Wooyoung looks over at the couch where Jongho and Mingi have teamed up against Yeosang and Hongjoong in what appears to be an intense game of FIFA, considering all the noise coming from that area. Seonghwa notices him looking over and smiles, shaking his head.

"This family is so loud," he says fondly. Wooyoung smiles. He has to agree, but he knows he is the loudest of all, so he cannot comment. 

"Speaking of family..." he trails off, raising his eyebrows at his hyung. Seonghwa's eyes go round, and he looks around to make sure no one is within hearing distance. Seonghwa is so cute that Wooyoung can't help but laugh, leaving the stove to hug his hyung. 

"Did Yeosang tell you?" Seonghwa whispers, 

"He just mentioned it, but he didn't tell me any details," Wooyoung replies, returning to the stove. 

"There are no details. I'm freaking out. I don't know what to do," Seonghwa continues to whisper frantically as if the FIFA boys aren't absorbed into the television screen. Wooyoung laughs again. He wonders if Yeosang or any of the others know that Hongjoong also plans to propose. Furthermore, he wonders if anyone else knows Seonghwa's plans as well. 

"Do you think he'll say "Yes"?" Seonghwa asks again, and Wooyoung can only giggle in response. He needs to start a group chat. He pulls his phone out when Seonghwa goes off to set cutlery on the table. 



Wooyoung added Yeosang, Mingi ,  and 2 others to the chat 

Wooyoung changed the group name to The Proposal 


Wooyoung: okay so 

Wooyoung: are we all aware that mum and dad are both planning to propose to each other

Wooyoung: ? 

Wooyoung: also where are you yunho food is almost ready



Wooyoung looks up at a loud gasp from the living room, which seems to have come from Mingi, who is now underneath Jongho, attempting to smother him with a cushion. So his assumption that Mingi had no idea was correct. Hongjoong, who is currently playing a game against Yeosang, thankfully, does not react. 

"What happened?" Seonghwa asks

"Oh, I just...I saw a cute dog," Mingi says sheepishly. Wooyoung resists the urge to roll his eyes at the unnatural response. Mingi and Jongho adjust their clothes from their scuffle as they settle back on the couch. 

Wooyoung glances nervously at Seonghwa, who does not pry further. Maybe Wooyoung should have waited until after everyone had parted ways to bring up the topic. However, the introspection ends quickly when he sees Jongho typing and looks back down at his phone. 



Yunho : I'm 2 mins away, but omg what 

Yunho : I knew about Seonghwa hyung but not Hongjoong hyung too

Jongho : Mingi hyung almost ruined it 


Jongho : To no one's surprise, neither of them told Mingi hyung for this very reason

Wooyoung : anyways 

Wooyoung : do we just let them both go ahead with their plans and not tell them about the other?

Jongho : obviously 

Yunho : open the door 4 me let's talk later



Wooyoung feels his heart rate pick up when he realises Seonghwa is right behind him. He puts his phone away in the most natural way he can manage, handing over the plate with his finished bulgogi on it for Seonghwa to put on the table. He unconsciously adjusts his clothes as he heads for the door, glancing at the mirror in the entryway before unlocking it. He feels his heart rate pick up a little more, but he's oddly disappointed when he finds Yunho standing alone. Wooyoung hadn't allowed himself to think about looking forward to seeing San until this moment. He told himself over and over again not to expect him to come. To be happy to spend time with his friends. That there was no reason, San would go anyway. His heart sinks a little at the realisation that he really did want San to come after all. He feels a mild sense of dread as he accepts that he is developing a crush, but he manages a smile at Yunho regardless. 

"Hey!" Yunho says, raising the heavy bag in his hands that clinks and rattles as it moves. "I brought the booze!" 

"You didn't bring San?" he asks before he can stop himself. Yunho looks confused

"Why would I bring San?" 

"I don't know. You invited him to the restaurant that night." Wooyoung knows he's trying to reason with himself more than Yunho, but he can't help it. Yunho doesn't get a chance to reply again.

"Yunho!" Mingi comes to collect the bag from him. 

"Dinner's ready!" Seonghwa calls, and Wooyoung turns to take his place at the table, bumping into Yeosang standing right behind him, just smiling as if he knows something Wooyoung doesn't. Wooyoung punches him softly. 






Wooyoung feels sleep creep up on him settled into the couch after dinner, belly full of food and heart full of love. The oldest two are sitting holding hands at one end of the sofa in a rare display of public affection from Hongjoong. Jongho is on Wooyoungs other side browsing YouTube on the tv while the two tall boys wash up. Wooyoung thinks at this moment, surrounded by his friends, life could not be more perfect, and he lets himself drift off. 






When he wakes up, it's to soft noises in the kitchen—someone trying very hard to eat as quietly as possible. He keeps his eyes closed and rolls over, adjusts his blanket, and settles back to sleep. He's vaguely aware in the back of his mind that the blanket wasn't there when he fell asleep and that the noises in the kitchen are probably Yeosang getting ready for work. But, Yeosang's couch is comfortable, and he's already sinking back to sleep before he can finalise any thoughts about maybe getting up. 



When Wooyoung wakes up the second time, it's dead silent, and there's soft light creeping around the living room curtains. He feels incredibly well-rested. He stretches out like a cat in the sun before venturing off to find his phone and figure out the time. Someone has thankfully plugged his phone in to charge in the kitchen, and he's surprised to see he's slept until almost midday. He wonders how he slept through the noise of his friends last night. His stomach grumbles at him, but after a quick inspection of Yeosang's fridge and cupboard, he finds only cereal and ramyeon. Unfortunately, it's a Monday which means almost everyone he knows is at work today, so he will have to take himself out for lunch. Wooyoung doesn't mind his own company, but he does wish anyone else had a similar schedule to him so he could do more on his days off. It's been years since high school that he's had work on weekends and days off mid-week. Maybe he should think about how to befriend someone who also runs a restaurant and has a similar schedule. 



He ignores the group chat messages for now while he washes his face and collects his keys and wallet to head out. He shoots Yeosang a text to let him know he's leaving and heads off to the train station. 



The train is relatively quiet, so Wooyoung can settle into a seat to catch up on the daily news, aka group chat messages. He starts with the main chat with all 7 of them that had somehow maintained the boring group name Yunho set it as six years ago when they formed their team. 



Mingi + four others messaged in Football Team 

Mingi : did I leave my glasses at your house sangie? 

Mingi : did anyone see them? 

Yeosang : no 

Hongjoong : no 

Jongho : no 

Yunho : no 

Mingi : you guys only reply this fast when it's not helpful =.= 



Wooyoung adds another "no" to the chorus before checking the newer, more critical group chat, in which he notices everyone had been busy chatting away while he was sleeping. 



Mingi + four others messaged in The Proposal

Jongho : why did wooyoung hyung think it would be a good idea to put mingi hyung in this chat he's going to ruin everything 

Yunho : should we all chip in for acting lessons for his next birthday?

Mingi: :( 



Wooyoung can only assume there was another incident where Mingi almost ruined the surprise. He laughs to himself as quietly as he can. A few more people crowd the train carriage now as the train passes a couple of stops. Wooyoung glances around quickly to check if there's anyone nearby who looks like they need the seat more than him before returning to the messages. 



Yunho : Good morning children what is our plan?

Yunho : I think we should convince them to do it at the same time 

Yunho : We need to set them up somewhere in public so we can watch who gets in first 

Mingi : Hidden camera in a bush or something

Yunho : Yes!

Yeosang : Picnic? 

Yunho : Boring but romantic. Perfect for them

Jongho : At night time near the river? With fairy lights

Yunho : Such a romantic our Jongho

Mingi : I have fairy lights we can use but how do we plug them in?

Yeosang : 12 extension cords plugged into each other

Yunho : Why specifically 12?

Jongho : There's battery operated lights you geniuses

Mingi : :( 

Jongho : Anyway who do we think will pop the question when the moment comes?

Jongho : I'm betting ₩100,000 on Hongjoong hyung 

Jongho : Anyone in? 

Yeosang : I'm betting on Seonghwa hyung

Mingi : Me too Seonghwa hyung

Yunho : I want to go with Hongjoong hyung to make the odds more even but I think it will be Seonghwa hyung

Wooyoung : I'm betting on Hongjoong hyung

Wooyoung:  Did anyone ask them what their plans were before you started organising a picnic date? 



He adds his last message before locking his phone and putting it in his pocket. He's been aware of the proximity of the person who came to stand in front of him at the last stop for a couple of minutes now, but he wanted to allow them to realise maybe how close they were and take a step back. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the empty seat next to him, so he knew this person wasn't hovering directly over him because the carriage was full. He looks up, ready to give the stranger a piece of his mind, but the expletives get caught in his throat when he looks up to find San smiling down at him. 



"Hello," San says.



Wooyoungs mouth hangs open with words unsaid while he takes in the image of San standing before him. Not caring how blatantly obvious it is that he is checking him out from head to toe. 

San's dark hair is styled back with one strand hanging down perfectly over his expertly filled in eyebrows. His skin is glowing, and his lips are painted pink. Wooyoung thinks they look like jelly that he wants to bite. He's wearing an oversized brown knit over straight-leg jeans with white sneakers. Wooyoung drags his eyes back up to meet San, who is no longer smiling, instead looking at Wooyoung with an expression he can't read. Wooyoung's throat feels dry as he tries to croak out a greeting.



"Hey," he says, quickly clearing his throat. He tries not to think about their position with San's crotch essentially in his face as he stands between Wooyoung's legs. San's holding on to the rail above him for balance as he sways with the moving train. Wooyoung feels dizzy. He stands up to greet San with a hug as he would any of his friends. There's no need for his belated thought that San may not be the hugging type when he easily wraps his arms around Wooyoung to reciprocate.  

"I thought you would never look up. I was starting to get nervous standing here," San says, pouting as he pulls away. Wooyoung forces himself to stop thinking about biting his lips. He's not sure if he should tell San he was about to swear at him thinking he was a stranger invading his personal space. Or if he should explain why he was so absorbed in the group messages. He chooses to sidestep the topic altogether.

"What are you up to today looking all fancy?" he asks instead. San smiles, 

"Fancy?" he repeats. 

"The hair, the makeup" he waves a hand at San, who chuckles slightly, 

"I just had a photoshoot. And what about you, cutie?" he says with a wink

"Me?" Wooyoung asks, head snapping down to make sure he was still wearing the baggy cargo pants and hoodie he fell asleep in, unconsciously reaching up to check his beanie still covered his messy hair.

"Where are you off to?" San pushes,

"Don't make fun of me. I fell asleep on Yeosang's couch in these clothes," he says honestly. 

"I wasn't making fun of you!" San says, but his eyes sparkle mischievously

"I was going to get lunch near my place" He hazards a guess that San is heading home after work with nothing to do as well, "Do you want to come with me?" he asks. San grins brightly. 

"Yes!" he says, "I'm starving."

Wooyoung easily returns the smile as they reach their stop.