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tote of a life time

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To say this quaint cafe was popular would have been an outright lie. They all knew it.

Seokmin happened to stumble in one day, desperate to find a toilet. The story is quite the laugh, actually.

He clutched his stomach, face screwed in pain, and approached the blank faced barista in the empty restaurant. He choked out something about needing the bathroom, and the barista sighed. He mumbled something about ‘having to order something first’ and Seokmin groaned.

He had the decency to straighten slightly and look at the small chalkboard menu. His eyes, and bowels, settled on a tote of thirteen cookies with a slight smile that twisted in discomfort again. The worker nodded his head, putting the order in, before handing him a key for the bathroom. Seokmin jumped out of his skin in appreciation, skittering to the bathroom.

Anyway, they came to know this restaurant after he shared the cookies over the story, relishing in their soft and sweet warmth. They were hands-down the best cookies they had all eaten.

Now Hansol came for a different reason.

After the introduction through his friend, he decided to check the place out on his own. The restaurant was wedged between two well known shops, mostly overlooked. Even he had walked past this strip many times, but would never bat an eye at the place. 

This had nothing to do with looks, really. Even the name of the place had a nice ring to it; Shining Diamond. A little cheesy, albeit, but nice nonetheless. The inside was even nice, artsy in a cluttered way that Hansol loved. Stickers all over the walls, the counter, and the back of the register. There were mismatch rugs strewn across the floors, with random chairs and tables all around.

Even the bored boy that dealt with Seokmin was described as lanky, with a black mullet and many earrings.

Peering through the window, being met with the sight of the place, excitement settled in Hansols stomach. Walking in, he glanced around, seeing many college students boring over assignments, bringing a smile to his face. God, he thought, My life is such a movie… It’s crazy, wah.

He looked forward to the counter, where a different boy was making coffee, back turned to Hansol. Hansol strolled forward, glancing between the menu, and the abundant stickers littering the counter. Glancing up, the boy was still turned away. Hansol took in his peachy blonde locks, and lightly colored clothes. He couldn’t say he matched the place, but also wouldn’t say that he didn’t.

When he turned around, coffee in hand, he barely glanced at Hansol, before calling out a name.

It was as if everything was happening in slow motion. 

The boy was… simply put, beautiful. A small focused pout, that smoothly twisted into a sweet smile, adorned his pink lips. Fluffy bangs fell over his round eyes perfectly, begging to be brushed out of the way. His skin was lightly tanned, way more than Hansols at least. 

Hansol managed to brush away the thoughts, removing the flowers that framed the boys face from his mind, when they locked eyes again. His smile turns a little toothy, and Hansol finds himself mirroring him.

”What can I get for you today?” The boy says, voice smooth and sweet as chocolate.

Hansol breaks eye contact, looking at the menu again. He finds that his hands are damp with sweat, but ignores it to stare intently as the neat scrawl of chalk. After a short while, he makes he decision, looking back up, meeting the same brown eyes again.

”One small strawberry lemonade, and a tote of chocolate chip cookies,” He smiles lightly at the grimace that adorns the other boys face. It’s gone quickly as he puts in the order.

”For here, or to go?” He asks.

”To go,” Hansol says, sliding his card across the counter. 

On his way out, Hansol glances back at the boy, making eye contact with him. His breath hitches when he shows him an award winning smile, and he stumbles out, splashing some juice through the lid.