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It's wanting more that's gonna send me to my knees

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How had she gotten here again? Oh, that’s right.  She had done a favour for the Marvin family in exchange for their forgiveness of Bess for what happened at the Hunt and Roast with Diana Marvin’s spider sapphire watch.  Nancy helped provide some context for Bess’s actions, but the tiny favour they had asked had sealed the deal.  It had really been nothing for Nancy, not given her skills as a detective, but a very small, selfish part of her was now wishing she hadn’t made the deal.  If it wasn’t for Bess wanting to reconnect with her family so badly, Nancy might not have even bothered.

A Marvin family heirloom set of wedding rings had gone missing a week before the big event, and the groom, some distant cousin of Bess’s, hadn’t wanted to alarm anyone in the family, particularly the bride, and really didn’t want to get the police involved if it wasn’t necessary.  Nancy agreed to help, but only on the condition that he helped mend the rift with Bess and the rest of the Marvin family, and if necessary, get Nancy an audience with Diana Marvin herself to plead Bess’s case.  Her terms were quickly agreed to as finding the rings was far more important to him than some family rift.

As promised, Nancy tracked down the missing rings, stolen by a wayward groundskeeper who was deeply in debt with the wrong people, and the Marvin cousin had kept up his side of the bargain.  Bess was now on, if not good terms, at the very least, neutral terms with the rest of the Marvin clan, and Diana Marvin had forgiven her, though was very unlikely to bring Bess into the family as close as she had previously been.  Bess was just happy to have her long-lost family back once more.  Now Nancy was stuck, sitting in a sea of wedding guests on the grounds of the Marvin estate at what felt like the longest wedding ceremony of her life.  It had been hard to refuse when the bride herself, having found out about the incident, had insisted Nancy and her friends who had helped in the investigation attend the large, lavish wedding.  Nancy had tried to search her brain for every excuse in the book at that moment, but came up completely blank and promised they would attend.

Bess was over the moon to hear they had all been invited and very quickly got to planning everyone’s outfit for the day.  Unsurprisingly, the event was a formal-to-semi-formal affair, which Bess explained meant that they needed to be dressed up.  She very easily arranged suits for Nick and Ace before dragging both Nancy and George shopping.  She could never argue that Bess didn’t have good taste, and she kept it fairly simple for both of her friends, knowing that neither one of them really dressed up too extravagantly.  

The simple medium blue silk satin backless dress with thin spaghetti straps she had picked out for Nancy was perfect.  Bess had also taken the time to sweep Nancy’s long auburn locks into a simple but elegant updo.  She had wanted to make sure that everyone fit in with the other guests in attendance as much as possible, without going too overboard.  Simple and elegant seemed to be the order of the day for all of their looks.

She glanced over at Ace in his dark blue suit and matching striped tie, two seats over from her in the back row set up at the outdoor ceremony, Bess seated between them.  He looked good, there was no denying that, and Nancy couldn’t help the wanton thoughts that trickled to the forefront of her mind.  He was checking his phone, clearly as bored with the wedding ceremony as Nancy.  He looked up suddenly, sensing someone watching him, and caught her eye.  They silently communicated with subtle eye, brow and head movements.  It was clear they both needed to get out of there before they lost their minds to boredom.  Ace gave a subtle nod of his head and leaned over Bess, who was seated between them, to quietly whisper to Nancy.

“I just got a hit on that thing you asked me to look into.  We should try to sneak out while no one is looking and investigate.  Don’t want to disturb the party.”

“Oh, no, is it something that can wait?” Bess looked between the two of them as she spoke in a hushed voice, clearly worried about leaving the family wedding early and potentially upsetting the new armistice with her relatives.

“No, but you, George and Nick can stay.  It might look suspicious or rude if we all get up and leave.  Nancy and I can go check it out.  We’ll be back before you know it.”

Bess looked relieved, her anxiety at the thought of needing to leave too high to really question what it was the two of them were up to.  Nancy could see for herself it was a flimsy excuse, but as long as Bess didn’t question it, it was fine with her.  “Alright.  Promise me, if you run into any trouble, come get us or send us some kind of message to let us know you need help.”

“Of course, Bess.”  Nancy smiled at her and squeezed her hand in reassurance.  She shared a knowing look with Ace as she moved discreetly out of her seat.

Ace crouched down as he got up from his seat.  Bess slid behind him in the chairs to move next to George while Nancy and Ace made their stealthy getaway.  Nancy glanced back at the trio, watching as Bess leaned over to Nick and George, clearly explaining the situation to them as Nancy and Ace made their getaway.

Once they were out of sight of the ceremony and its invitees, Ace grabbed Nancy’s hand as they slipped unnoticed into the house, avoiding staff and caterers that moved around preparing for the reception to follow after the ceremony.  They moved along the hallway, sliding quietly along the wall as they kept their presence hidden from those currently in the house.  They narrowly avoided being caught by a maid as they rounded a corner into the next hallway.  Nancy’s heart was pounding with excitement, getting a thrill from the evasive maneuvers.  This wasn’t exactly new territory for them, especially her, but there was an added anticipation of what was coming next.

Halfway down the hall, Ace slowly pulled open a door slightly and peered in.  He gave a slight nod to Nancy indicating that the coast was clear before pulling her in behind him.  As soon as the door was quietly latched closed, she felt Ace press against her and back her up as gently as he could into what she could feel was shelving inside the presumably large storage closet, his lips immediately finding hers, even in the pitch dark.  This was their little secret from the rest of their friends, this thing they had going on.  Nancy wasn’t sure what to call it and neither she nor Ace had defined exactly what their relationship was.  It just was.  

Ace’s right hand held her hip as his left slid along her neck and jaw, his movements tender and demanding all at once.  Nancy gripped his bicep through the suit jacket as she closed her eyes leaning into their kiss.  It was hungry and passionate, like a lust-filled fever dream that came on too quickly.  It took her breath away in a way she was not yet ready to analyze.  She knew this was dangerous territory, but every time they came together in this way, she was too weak to fight it.

She could feel the heat of his hand as it slid along the fabric of her dress, moving to her bare back as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  Ace broke away from their heated kiss, trailing his lips down the column of her neck until he hit the spot that caused her to let out a soft moan of pleasure. Her head tilted back against the shelving as her hand slid into his hair at the back of his neck, her fingers gliding through his soft hair as he kissed and sucked at the tender skin on her neck.  She noticed that her eyesight had adjusted to the darkness when she could see the soft curls at the ends of his hair as her left hand played gently with the strands.

“Ace…” she let out in a faint whisper only he could hear, tinged with need, knowing that they needed to be quiet or risk being caught.  Her right hand reached out for something to grasp onto and hit something wood.  It was hard to concentrate on anything besides Ace’s lips on her neck and his hand now massaging her left breast through the satin of her dress.  She managed to deduce that there was some kind of built-in rolling ladder next to her.  She grasped onto it as she tilted her head back against the shelving, allowing Ace more access to her neck.  His lips returned to hers as he pulled down the right strap of her satin dress and slid his hand along her bare skin.  She shivered with a burning need at his touch along her naked shoulder and back.  He gently pinched at her nipple through her dress, drawing a shuddered breath from her lips between kisses.

The need to feel him closer seemed to increase as quickly as her desire.  She lifted her right leg and rested her foot on the third rung of the ladder, the heel of her shoe securing it in place.  She pulled Ace between her legs as best she could, the satin dress parting at the slit in the side leaving her leg exposed.  His left hand moved from her back to slide up her bare leg towards her hip.  She could feel him hard against her, pressing into the space where her left thigh met her torso as his left hand slid along her inner right thigh.  His fingers slipped into her panties. She tore away from their kiss momentarily and had to bite her bottom lip to prevent a moan from escaping as his index finger rubbed gently against her clit.  She was already highly aroused between her desire for Ace and the thrill of possibly being caught.

As Ace continued his delicious ministrations, rubbing faster and driving her to distraction, she grabbed at his belt and worked quickly to undo it.  Her breaths started coming in short, quick pants and it took everything in her to concentrate on what she was doing.  Fumbling hands finally got his belt and fly open and she wrapped her warm hand around his stiff cock.  He let out a quiet moan into her ear, stilling his hand for a moment and resting his forehead against hers.  His right hand grabbed onto one of the shelves as he tried to stay focused.  

“Ace,” she quietly begged him as she stroked him once, her thumb gliding over the tip.  He removed his hand from inside her panties despite her soft protesting groan and shoved it in his pants pocket, quickly producing a small square packet.  He carefully tore the packet open with his teeth as Nancy grinned at him.

“Eagle Scouts always come prepared,” he whispered tantalizingly into her ear as he placed the condom on the tip of his cock.  Nancy slid her hand down his shaft as she helped roll the condom down and into place.  Ace pushed her black lace panties aside and positioned himself at her entrance as she moved her hand out of his way.  He thrust into her suddenly, lifting her ever so slightly off the ground and bracing her against the shelves so that she was at the perfect height and angle.  She let out a breath of surprise and relief as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, her left foot finding purchase on one of the lower shelves.  He stayed still, allowing her to adjust to him inside her, until their eyes met in the darkness, his gaze intense and heated.  They leaned towards each other and their lips met in a tender, soft kiss.

Ace rolled his hips against hers, eliciting a soft gasp from Nancy’s lips.  Her right arm wrapped around his shoulders, her fingers entangling in his hair, as he started to move at what felt like an achingly slow pace at first.  Their lips met again as his thrusts started to become faster and more regular.  He entwined the fingers of his right hand with the fingers of her left, pressing their clasped hands against the sturdy shelves behind them, trying to find a bit of leverage as he moved within her.  Nancy turned her head to the side, letting out quiet, breathy moans.

Ace buried his face into the crook of her neck as he groaned out in pleasure, trying to muffle the sound as best as he could.  He moved his right hand between them again, rubbing the pad of his thumb against her sensitive clit.  Nancy let her head fall forward and bit into the shoulder of his jacket to stifle her moan.  They needed to be quiet and he was doing all kinds of things to her that were starting to make it impossible.  Her head became clouded and she couldn’t think of anything except what Ace seemed to be expertly doing to her body.

Every muscle in Nancy’s body seemed to tighten and constrict as he sent her spiralling over the edge of her orgasm.  She bit her bottom lip harder than she’d intended, her head tilting back, closing her eyes as she arched against him, riding out the wave of pleasure that washed over her.  Ace was still rubbing his thumb against her, but she could feel his thrusts becoming more erratic and she knew that he was close.

In her daze of pleasure, riding out the tail end of her orgasm, she leaned her head forward and worried his earlobe between her lips.  She flicked her tongue playfully against his earring before moving her lips to his neck, eliciting a clear but silent response from him.  Ace moved his hand up to grip her hip and thrust himself into her one last time, groaning quietly into the crook of Nancy’s neck as he toppled into his own climax. She leaned back, resting her head against the shelf behind her as their breathing settled and he lifted his head from her shoulder.  He stayed buried in her warmth, not yet ready to disconnect.  

Their eyes met briefly before Ace leaned forward and captured her mouth with his, unguarded and still in the haze of passion.  It was moments like this that she could almost pretend that they were more than they were; that it was more than physical and friendship.  She could imagine whispered declarations of love before reality crashed around her.

Ace pulled away from her ever so slightly, keeping a hold on her as she untangled herself from him and found her balance once her feet were back on the floor.  She still felt a little wobbly and leaned back against the shelving a bit as she adjusted her clothing back into place while Ace did the same, shoving the used condom back into the package until he could find a waste bin to dispose of it.

She groaned slightly as she rested her head on his shoulder, whispering to him, “I’m not sure I can make it back to the ceremony.  I don’t think my legs have the strength at this point.  Can we just… wait here until the reception starts?  We can rejoin once the party has started.”

“Of course,” he quietly replied as he wrapped his arms around her and rested his forehead against hers.  Nancy pulled out of his arms and slid down to the floor, just a little too tired to keep standing.  Ace joined her shortly and they sat side by side in silence, leaning against the shelves and waiting for the party to start.  “I think we should talk - about this,” Ace started.

Nancy felt a sort of panic start to build in the pit of her stomach.  She admitted to herself that she had no idea what he was about to say, but all she could think was that he wanted to end what they were doing.  She was worried about the ramifications of what his next words could mean for them and their friendship.  They were in an okay place, if extremely complicated, and she didn’t want anything to change.  Well, she did want things to change, she wanted more, but she had convinced herself that what she wanted wasn’t even remotely possible.  Trying to go back to just being friends wasn’t going to work for her.  It would be too difficult and would only bring about awkwardness that she wasn’t ready for.  If she could just put it off a little longer, keep him in her bed for just a little longer, maybe she could survive this and survive the inevitable ending.  Maybe the more memories she had of them together could make it easier.

“Look, Ace, I don’t think we need to talk about this.”  She turned her head to look at him.  “I mean, if you’re on board - we’re both single - we can keep doing this; friends who have sex - sex friends.”  Ace looked at her with an unreadable expression.  Nancy held her breath as she waited for him to say something.  She could her nerves on edge and a sense of anxiety settling in the longer the silence went on.  All that was running through her head was please don’t end this .

“Yeah,” he finally replied and Nancy let out a breath of relief as they both turned back to look ahead into the darkness, the only source of light creeping in under the door of the closet.  If she couldn’t have all of him, she would hold onto the parts of him she could have.  It was enough for now.

After another moment of silence, Nancy spoke again.  “You know, it’s probably going to be a while before the reception starts.”

“Yeah, I think those Catholic ceremonies are pretty long,” he added.  After a beat, they moved towards each other, their lips crashing together as Nancy slid into his lap, straddling him.  Ace’s hands were immediately on her thighs, pulling her closer.

If this was all she could have from him, it had to be enough.