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Greeting a New Sunrise

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Iruka huddled into the warm blankets that laid over his shoulders, hair down for once after being in a ponytail all day. In his hands was a cup of coffee, something he normally wouldn’t be drinking so late. But today was New Year's Eve, and he had a good excuse to drink the caffeinated beverage.

Tonight, was the night he would stay up to catch the first sunrise of the New Year, letting its warm glow cast light and shadow on his tiny excuse of an apartment.

The only thing missing, was the presence of his partner by his side.



Kakashi grimaced under his mask as his arm throbbed. Shinobi and skilled ANBU or not, even he struggled with pain when he had multiple injuries. He was sure he’d dislocated something, likely broken a bone or two somewhere as well, but he ignored all those injuries as he darted through tress to get to Konoha.

It was New Year's Eve after all.

The passing of time hadn’t mattered before, but after meeting Iruka, after finding something, no someone to come home to, things had changed.

He wanted to ring in this New Year with Iruka. He had to get home.



Iruka yawned as the clock ticked on. At midnight, fireworks exploded in the skies above Konoha, and cheers erupted form civilians and shinobi alike who were celebrating. He enjoyed the view from his balcony for a brief while before his frown returned.

He knew missions were important, and he would never fault Kakashi for taking any. But, sometimes, especially at times like these, when he wanted his partner’s presence by his side, he sometimes wished that Kakashi would say “no” just once. He knew it was a selfish thing to ask, but then again, wasn’t everyone entitled to selfishness sometimes?



Kakashi felt his shoulders relax as the gates of Konoha came into view. His arm still ached, and he knew Iruka would give him hell for not seeing a medic later, but for now, the thought of seeing him, of knowing that Iruka was safe—that Iruka was a safe space for him to come home to, for him to be, a safe space for him to keep this fragile heart of his—made him happy.

So, he merely nodded to the guards at the gate, ignored any shinobi that were out and about, and made his way to Iruka’s.



Iruka was startled out of a doze at the sound of his window opening. He perked up, knowing there was only one person who would enter his apartment through a window.

His lover smiled, perched on the windowsill, one hand waving hello, the other hanging awkwardly at his side.

He’d give Kakashi a riot act later for not getting his injuries seen to. But for now, as he helped the man inside and brought his ink-stained hands to Kakashi’s face, he could only smile.

“Happy New Year Kakashi.” He murmured as the first sunrise of the New Year greeted them.