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Build 'em Up

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  1. “Don’t ruin this.”


Jimmy looked carefully around each and every entry. He felt quite thrilled to be able to accompany Kasie in judging the annual Science Fair. The only problem was there was a complete lack of air conditioning in the hall which did not do well in the sultry summer heat. Kasie was still walking around, making sure she was happy with her decision. Jimmy stepped out for some air, determined to find some shade. As he walked out the building, he spied a girl carrying one of the fair entries in her arms Jimmy was horrified when he saw her trying to lifting the trash bin lid to dispose of it.

“Hey, don’t ruin this,” he shouted, catching the girl completely off guard.

The young woman froze, not sure what to do next.

“It’s one of the entries for the Science Fair, it needs to be inside so it can be judged alongside the others.” He said calmly, noting the girl’s terrified expression.

“It’s ok, it won’t win. It’s rubbish. And it’s my entry so I’m not destroying anyone else’s entry.”

The girl looked upset. Jimmy didn’t know much about the entries, but he knew Kasie had quite liked this one and it had definitely made the short list.

“You don’t know that it won’t win. “

“People like me never win. My Mom told me I shouldn’t waste my time on things like science when I’m never going to use it when I’m running a home.

Jimmy felt a bit heart broken that any parent would say such a thing to their child, especially when they had worked so hard on their creation.

“You know, it’s not rubbish at all. It might not win, but after all the work that’s gone into its creation, it deserves a chance, don’t you think?”

She shrugged, clearly not having the energy to disagree.

“So, will you put it back for me? Please.

Without another word, the girl took her project back inside. Jimmy smiled to himself and after cooling himself off, he returned inside the hall just in time for Kasie to read out the winners. He stood to the side and watched with delight as the entry that nearly went in the bin claimed second prize.  Once the presentations were over, Jimmy told Kasie about what had nearly happened. Kasie went straight over to her and made sure she knew how good her entry was. When they left the event, the girl was smiling. Kasie noticed Jimmy’s goofy grin.

“That was good work there, Jimmy.”

The pair bumped fists and carried on their way home.