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Rinko confesses except she has no idea how to confess

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Rinko approached her best friend’s door timidly, this would be her most important sleepover with her.

She’d been in love with her dear Ako for quite a while now, and was hoping tonight she could confess to her.
Her and Ako had been friends for a good few months now, and every second that passed Rinko seemed to fall more in love with her. Ako was basically the first person Rinko felt close to, she felt safe around her.

She shook her head and snapped out of her thoughts, and knocked on the door. Before she could even take her hand off the door she heard Ako’s footsteps running over. She opened the door and pounced onto Rinko, giving her a big hug. She was the only person Rinko felt comfortable being this intimate with.

“RIN-RIN!! I missed you!!! Cmon come inside!!” She grabbed Rinko by the hand and brings her upstairs in barely any time. Ako had a huge grin on her face- presenting her room as if Rinko had never been there before. Rinko put her bag down and sat on the bed, turning to her friend.

“So.. what would you like to do first?”

Ako took a moment to think, tapping her foot on the ground. “Hmmmm welll we got a buncha time!! I wanna do some makeovers first cause you forgot last time.. you didn’t this time right?”

“No- no don’t worry I brought my stuff this time.” She chuckled softly before leaning down to get her supplies. The supplies in question being a lot of nail polish, hair supplies, and some makeup. Ako had been wanting for them to do eachothers for a little while now, but Rinko kept forgetting to bring supplies for it.

“I wanna do yours first!!” Ako announces, sitting on the ground and patting the spot next to her.

Rinko moved to sit across from her friend, bringing her bag with her and handing it to Ako.

Ako got started almost immediately, and the time seemed to pass quickly. She made two pigtails in Rinko’s hair, and it was surprisingly soothing. After she felt pleased with that, she moved on to doing Rinko’s eye makeup. Occasionally placing her hand on her cheek, to apply the makeup more steadily, or holding her hands to paint her nails, which ended up failing because each time Rinko quickly covered her face with her hands, setting back Ako’s progress.

After finishing Rinko’s makeover, she took her over to the mirror.

“Soo what do you think!?” She asked excitedly, very proud with her work.

“I love it, thank you.” She said smiling Ako really did do a nice job, although Rinko would never do her own makeup like this, she enjoyed it and gave Ako a head pat to show her appreciation.

“Okay okay now cmon it’s my turn!!” Ako announces, running back over to her spot on the floor.

Rinko walks over and turns her around, so she can do her hair, which is.. actually really soft. There were a few tangles but she carefully brushed them out, and tied Ako’s hair into a messy bun.

Ako turned back around once she was done, and Rinko started working on her eyes now. Although while doing it, she couldn’t help but take a few moments to admire Ako’s face, but snapped out of it the many times Ako questioned her sudden stop in movement.

It didn’t take too long for Rinko to finish, as soon as she was done Ako rushed back over to the mirror and jumped happily, thanking her friend. She said a few other things but Rinko didn’t exactly listen, she was focused on her happy expression. She was really cute when she got excited. Now would be a perfect moment, right? But before Rinko could open her mouth, her friend gasped loudly.

“Ooh!! We should watch a movie or something!!” Ako turned to look at her friend, who seemed a little out of it, but she brushed it off and continued. “We could watch something scary hehe..”

“Are you sure you want to do that? I don’t want you getting to scared.,,.”

“Yeah I wanna! And shush I’ll be fine” she replies, pouting.

“Alright then, should I make some popcorn while you get the movie ready?” She stands up, and follows Ako downstairs.

“Yeah sure!!”


About half way through the movie, Rinko was already starting to doze off, that was until Ako jumped and grabbed onto her as if she were holding on for her own life.

“A-Ako? Are you alright?” Rinko tried to ignore the way her heart was pounding.

Ako didn’t really respond, she just clung on tighter. They stayed like that for a few moments, Rinko started running her fingers through Ako’s hair in an attempt to calm her down, after a little bit it seemed to have worked.

“Sorry.. I got surprised..” Ako finally responded, pulling away from Rinko but not letting go of her hand.

“Oh y-yeah don’t worry! I didn’t mind” Rinko replied, mumbling the last part.

They continued watching the movie, Ako never letting go of her hand.

The movie ended and Ako moved in a little closer to Rinko. The both of them sat there for an hour or so, just chatting. It was nice. Then Ako yawned and looked up at Rinko.

“Hey Rin-rin can you carry me back up?”

“H-huh??? Why.??” Rinko responded, standing up, flustered at the request alone.

“Mmm I’m tiredd…. Don’t wanna walk” she stretched her arms out making grabby hands at Rinko while continuing to whine “cmooon cmon”

After a moment Rinko sighed and gave in, scooping up Ako in her arms. She didn’t weigh a lot, so she was easy to carry. She was also really warm..

“Onwards!!!” Ako shouted, cueing her friend to bring her upstairs.

Once they got upstairs the two took turns playing Neo Fantasy Online, their favorite game. After a little they easily got worn out, and moved over to the bed.

Ako was sleepy, but continued to ramble about her games. She was talking a lot, Rinko just looking at her. In all honesty she couldn’t pay attention to her words at the moment. She could only focus on how happy her Ako looked, and how warm she felt in this moment.

Ako looked at Rinko towards the end of her ramble and leaned in a little, slightly annoyed. “Hey Rin-rin are you even listening..??”

Before Rinko could even form a coherent thought she leaned in and kissed the other.

After a second she pulled back away, shocked at her own actions, and bolted.

She ran to the closest bathroom in the house and locked herself in there, breathing heavily, but way to fast.

She was panicking, she knew she was. She attempted to slow down her breathing and calm herself but nothing seemed to work. Her heart felt like it was going to pound out of her chest.

Why did I do that?? I didn’t wanna do it like this, it wasn't right. It wasn’t a good moment. I shouldn’t have- now she hates me I’ve ruined it.

Rinko continues telling herself these things, not able to control it. She started rocking herself, still trying to calm down but nothing could stop the tears.

She hates me now. Why did I do that? Why-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice calling out through the door.


Rinko curled up into a ball, hoping if she did it hard enough she wouldn’t be here. She’d wake up and everything would be fine.

“H-hey Rin-rin can you open the door? Please?”

She curled up even harder. Shaking her head, Ako couldn’t see her, but got the message.

But she didn’t feel like waiting, she grabbed a penny from her room and ran back over.

She unlocked the door.

And threw herself onto Rinko, holding her, hoping she’d never have to let go.

Rinko held her back, apologizing profusely.

Ako pulled away for a second to hold the others face in her hands.

“Hey I’m not mad okay?! Don’t apologize, okay? I love you Rin-rin” she said, smiling, before returning the kiss.

The two of them stayed like that for a bit, holding each other and exchanging small and soft kisses, happily mumbling “I love you” to each other.

They both started dozing off, so Rinko picked up her love again and brought her back to her room. She placed Ako down on the bed before getting dragged down with her.

They took a few moments to situate out their feelings, and once they felt pleased they continued holding onto each other, fingers entwined.

“I love you, Rinko” Ako said, smiling at her.

She kissed Ako’s forehead and replied.

“I love you too”

They fell asleep like that, happier than ever.