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It was for a rare change that Sensei finished his work early; perhaps owing to the fact it was Christmas Eve.

Thankfully his workload was lightened by his students. Those not busy sorting things at their own academies were there helping him fill out forms, delivering messages and acting like a group of secretaries for him as a 'thank-you' for his hard work throughout the year since he'd met them all. Yuuka, naturally, was at the forefront of it all; aiding the others when she had completed her own workload.

Now as the day turned to night and the last of his students had departed, leaving the Schale building remarkably quiet. Sensei stood alone within his office, sorting through the last couple of documents and sifting them into some Manilla envelopes, ready to post them once Christmas itself had passed. Idly his gaze was drawn to the frosted windows of his office, admiring the slow-falling snowflakes beyond, wondering how the Abydos girls were getting on. Snow in a desert must be quite the sight.

Just then knocking at his door made him pause, turning in surprise. ''Hello?''

''Sensei.'' A familiar voice spoke from behind his door. ''May I come in?''

Hina, Head Prefect of Gehenna.

''Of course.'' Sensei readily agreed, surprise melting into delight as he watched the door open.

Hina marched inside, graceful and elegant as ever, but gone was her usual uniform. Instead the short but stoic student wore a Santa dress that fell to her knees, the black belt around her waist jointed by a string of white pom-poms up her front, a fur trim at both the hem and the part around her collarbone, reaching just past her bust. A matching festive capelet was draped over her shoulders, tied together with a green bow. It seemed even the strict Hina wasn't immune to the call of Christmas.

''I hope you aren't busy.'' Hina remarked, looking around the room. ''Forgive me for not dropping by earlier. I've been quite occupied myself.''

''It's alright. And no, I'm not busy.'' Sensei alleviated her concerns, smiling. ''Cute outfit, by the way.''

''Hm? Oh, thanks.'' Hina nodded slightly. ''Ako picked it out for me at my behest. I thought it right to wear something so festive, considering the season.''

Sensei just chuckled and agreed with a nod. ''Mm. So, what brings you here? And so late?''

''I require your help.'' Hina informed matter-of-factly. ''As our sensei, you should be prepared to act as deputy Santa.''

''Well, I've never done such a thing before...''

''Hence why you are 'deputy' Santa.'' Hina informed simply. ''I will be leading the operation, but I require your help delivering presents.''

''Around all of Kivotos...?!'' Sensei questioned in alarm.

''Of course not.'' She quashed the apprehension within him swiftly. ''Just Gehenna. Other student councils have already arranged for their districts to be taken care of, but due to a sudden outbreak of the cold at Gehenna I've found myself short-staffed... and, I do not wish to wake the rest of the Prefects, considering how hard they've been working the last few days. They deserve a rest.''

Sensei smiled at the subtle softness in Hina's tone. Even though she might pretend to be tough and harsh, Hina really was a soft girl at heart.

''Sure then, I'd be happy to help.'' Sensei agreed then, laying down his now-finished work. ''I enjoy spending time with you anyway.''

''Hmph. Good.'' Hina turned slightly... before she registered his words and her face went red. ''H-Huh?! Wait, um...!''

Sensei just chuckled however, picking up his coat and meandering towards the door, a hand on the flustered Hina's back coercing her towards it too.


Their trip to Gehenna was mercifully quick.

Spending just a few minutes to gather up their sacks of presents Hina swiftly sent him on his way along with a list of students to deliver to, alongside a curt but informative list of details about the students in question.

For example one of his targets was Junko. Though she was a heavy sleeper she apparently trip-wired her door so she could try and catch Santa, necessitating him to open the door extremely slowly and then snip the wire with some scissors. Once that was out of the way it was trivial to cross her surprisingly neat room and leave her present by the foot of her bed – a collection of expensive cook books and accompanying dry ingredients, apparently.

Next, perhaps owing to his experience with them, he was tasked with Problem Solver 68 – who had apparently decided to sneak back into the dorms for the festive season. Hina knew obviously but was willing to overlook it given she had more pressing matters to deal with, and a battle in Gehenna's grounds was the last thing anyone needed on Christmas Eve, especially not at night when many were sleeping. Thus, Sensei found himself visiting the four slumbering girls.

Aru came first, and was by far the easiest. All it took was unlocking her door with the master-key loaned to him, dropping her present – some fancy scarf – by her bed and then disappearing before the snoring sniper could wake, pointedly not commenting on the fact she slept in a big festive onesie and hugged a Santa doll in her sleep.

He made a mental note of it though. Teasing her later with that revelation would prove to be quite entertaining, of that he was sure.

Kayoko was next on the list. With a collection of signed CD's wrapped in a neat little box Sensei found himself doing the same as he did for Aru, though he was mindful to be more subtle considering she was a lighter sleeper. Thankfully Kayoko was sane enough to not booby-trap her room in some strange attempt to capture Santa Claus.

In contrast to Mutsuki herself, his next target. Hina's notes gave him a warning about live mines by her bedroom door, so sensitive that he couldn't even open the door – forcing him to go outside, walk around to her window and use a ladder to get up to her open window, leaving the present just inside. Small mercies that she hadn't had the foresight to booby-trap her window too... though, he suspected next year she might do just that. He made a mental note to not be Santa for Gehenna next year.

Or he'd have Hina do that part. That way at least Mutsuki would wake not to an injured Santa, but a very ticked off Head Prefect in her bedroom. The thought almost made him chuckle.

Haruka was the last girl on his list, but perhaps given her nature she was even worse than Mutsuki. Her door, her window, even her vents were booby-trapped with bear traps, bombs, wire-triggered shotguns, to the point that he wondered if she expected Santa to come attack her rather than just deliver a present. The only place unguarded was her bathroom window, perhaps due to the fact the bathroom door was itself guarded with multiple defences. Thus, not willing to test how good her traps were, he wisely just left her present in the bathroom and climbed back down the ladder.

There was a couple other students on his list he didn't recognise, all of whom he completed easily and mercifully without having to tip-toe around live minutes or pre-aimed shotguns. Thus he finished with time to spare, returning the ladder to the storage room and making his way over to the designated meeting spot in the courtyard.

''Haah...'' Exhaling a slow, heavy breath Sensei shoved his hands into his coat pockets, waiting.

With how cold it was he'd rather their rendezvous spot be inside, but he had to admit the courtyard looked beautiful at this time of year. The whole area was somewhat flat and let the snow rest upon it in a single wide plain, the snowy blanket stretching out to the street beyond and leaving it almost like a winter wonderland, the sight alone worth enduring the cold. Thankfully, however, he wasn't left waiting for too long before he heard distant crunches of snow, preluding the head of white hair that gradually came into his sight from around the corner of a dormitory building.

Silently smiling Sensei raised a hand high, waving Hina over. She waved back and picked up the pace a little, trudging through the thick, powdery snow up to his side. In the cold her cheeks became naturally red, standing out against her pale skin and only making her seem cuter than normal, though he held his tongue lest he embarrass her. Though the thought was tempting all the same.

''I hope you weren't waiting long, Sensei.'' Hina inquired as she finally got within speaking range

''Not long. About five minutes at most.'' Sensei smiled. ''So, who else do we have to deliver to?''

''Hmph. Here's another list; I'll bring out the sack in just a moment. You take the west wing again whilst I go for the east wing...''


It would be another three hours before both of them finished; spending their evening going from one room to another delivering presents.

By the time they finished it was nearly midnight, the cold taking their toll on the duo and fatigue creeping into their bones. Thus when Hina suggested returning to her personal quarters to warm up before he made the trip back to Schale he was more than happy to agree, the two of them walking through the long dark halls of Gehenna back to her room, one located farther from most other rooms on account of her status. As such they could raise their voices beyond a whisper; allowed to murmur words to one another as they made idle conversation.

When Hina rattled the key in the lock and popped the door open, however, she revealed a rather quaint bedroom. Though lavishly decorated and immaculately organised, it wasn't as grand or massive as he was expecting. If anything Hina's room was small; the walls not too far apart and the bedside window small and with a simple pull-down blinds to cover it. Her single bed was covered by a dark purple quilt and neat pillows, her desk was adjacent to it and all her other bits of furniture were spaced mere centimetres apart, compacting everything into the small space.

''Make yourself at home, Sensei.'' Hina remarked as she entered, letting him in before shutting the door behind him. ''I don't have a coffee machine in here unfortunately, but I can make us some snowball drinks, if you'd prefer that?''

''Sure.'' Sensei warmly agreed.

Gesturing for him to sit on her bed the Head Prefect meandered over to her below-desk mini-fridge, taking out a modest bottle of advocaat and some lemonade, plucking two glasses out of one of her drawers and planting both down onto her desk itself. In the quiet the glugging of the yellow advocaat sounded all the louder as she poured them both half a glass, filling the other half with fizzy lemonade and stirring them together with a spoon.

Hina glanced back at him, her cheeks retaining their rosy hue as she handed him a glass. ''Here. Merry Christmas, Sensei.''

Sensei smiled, lifting his glass and lightly clinking it against hers. ''Merry Christmas Hina.''

As one both took a drink. The soft exhale that escaped them both was intimately audible in the quiet, both just sitting and enjoying the silence – until Hina soon broke that silence.

''Thank you for your assistance, Sensei.'' Hina spoke up. ''I couldn't have gotten through them all without you. Not without staying up until the early hours, that is.''

''It was a pleasure. Kind of fun too, at times.'' Sensei warmly remarked.

Hina nodded slightly, staring at him for a long moment, before quickly looking away. ''By the way, earlier... did you mean what you said? About how you... enjoy, spending time with me?''

''Of course.'' He agreed without hesitation.

''Even despite how... stiff, I can be?'' She hesitantly admitted.

''Yes. Because I know you're soft on the inside.'' Sensei remarked warmly, taking her left hand into his right – running his thumb over her knuckles soothingly. ''I envy how hard you work, especially whilst still juggling regular schoolwork. You're certainly someone I wouldn't mind spending more time with – work permitting, of course.''

Hina blushed, lips pursing softly. ''I... enjoy spending time with you too, Sensei... despite the embarrassing things you say sometimes...''

He chuckled lightly – only for the sound to trail off as Hina suddenly moved closer, and crept onto his lap. The Head Prefect did so slowly, cheeks aflame and only growing darker as she carefully straddled him, her drink left on her desk and both her hands coming to settle on his shoulders, one hand sliding down and taking his glass off him, moving it also onto the desk. The sudden closeness rendered him silent, his eyes staring into her embarrassed purple ones, easily able to see the way that her lips pursed together, and the daring emotions that gleamed in her eyes.

''I enjoy spending time with you a lot.'' Hina softly repeated, swallowing. ''And... I want to spend a lot more time with you, Sensei...''

The words drifted off, her voice becoming softer than a whisper as she leaned in – and then daringly pressed her lips against his. The kiss was slow, gentle, uncertain even. Her lips were soft and small against his own, the kiss becoming slower as she began to hesitate, when Sensei finally reacted and moved his hands to her waist, slowly kissed her back. The subtle gesture of affection encouraged Hina, the petite Prefect gaining some confidence back as she dragged out the kiss.

Then with a mutual exhale they drew apart. Their lips hung mere inches apart, both panting lightly, and with little more than a murmured 'Hina...' he leaned back in for as second kiss. Hina met him halfway, eyes screwing shut and a sound of happiness bubbling from her throat, one hand moving to the back of his head and deepening the intimate smooch, dragging it out for as long as physically possible. Just kissing her alone felt intense, her frame so petite, yet her soul so powerful in any other moment than now.

''Mm... Sensei...'' Hina breathed as she drew back from the kiss. ''I'm... not very experienced with this. Could you... take the lead?''

''How far do you want to go?'' He murmured back, kissing her cheek and relishing how red it became. ''I don't want to hurt you.''

''...all the way.'' Hina breathed, gripping onto his clothes. ''If only for tonight, I... I am yours. Make me remember that.''

The softly-spoken words sent a shiver up Sensei's spine, and with naught but a murmured agreement he complied, leaning back in and kissing her. Hina groaned into the slow, intimate kiss, both of them savouring the hot lip-lock. His hands weren't idle either though, daring to slid down her waist and hike the back of her dress up, both hands touching her ass. Naturally Hina tensed up, nearly squeaking before she quelled the sound, embarrassment darkening her cheeks.

When she offered no protests Sensei got bolder with it, his fingers sinking into her small but perky rear, feeling her soft flesh between his fingertips. He lifted her up a little bit, moving his hands under her rear and cradling her closer to him before luring her into another kiss, both of them moaning quietly as they savoured the intimacy of the moment, just doing this much already exciting enough – but both wanted more.

''Mn... Sensei...'' Hina breathed, embarrassed as he slid both his hands up her sides – hiking her dress up further. ''You have to take the capelet off first...''

Sensei paused, then chuckled, releasing her sides and moving his hands up to her collarbone. Pinching her green bow he untied the knot and let her capelet spill open and slip from her slender shoulders, taking a second to admire them and run his hands along them, relishing how such a simple touch made Hina shiver in anticipation. He imagined she had few potential lovers considering her frosty exterior to many, perhaps encouraging him to take it slow, to not ruin her first time.

Moving his hands back down Sensei hiked her dress up once more, soothing her with a quick kiss to the lips – before he pulled it up and over her head. It caught momentarily on her horns but he got it off, dropping her red Santa dress onto the bed next to him and leaving Hina clad in naught but a pair of red panties... and nothing else. Everything from her flat stomach to her slender shoulders was bare, his gaze drawn to her small but perky breasts, admiring their slight shape.

''Mn... Sensei, don't stare...'' Hina murmured through pursed lips, clearly embarrassed no matter how much she tried to hide it.

Sensei just kissed her chin. ''Tell me if you want me to stop.''

Hina huffed softly. ''I wouldn't have let you strip me if I wasn't sure about this. I'm just... not comfortable, being seen in the nude.''

''Not quite nude yet.'' He remarked with a light, teasing lilt, tugging on the side of her panties.

Hina blushed and shot him an flustered look, one that melted into exasperation when he leaned in and claimed her lips in another kiss. Moving both his hands down to her ass Sensei grasped it, lifting her up a little and turning to his left, kneeling on the bed. He had only to shuffle forth a few steps before he laid her down, easing her back down against the chilly purple bed covers and resting her head against the pillows, treating her like a princess. The way she demurely squirmed and looked up at him told him that she knew that.

However she trusted him he knew what he was doing, submissively shuddering as he leaned down – their lips once more making contact in a kiss. He slid his hands up and tangled his fingers between hers, holding her hands and gently pinning them to the bed as he laid atop her, dragging the kiss out until she relaxed – only then moving further south, pushing his face into her neck and kissing her collarbone. Hina tensed, a soft whimper escaping her, one that escalated in volume when he went down to her collarbone and sucked on her pale flesh, forming a small hickey there.

''Ah... Sensei...'' Hina breathed. ''More...''

Sensei gladly gave her more – swiftly shuffling back down to her breasts. Small as they were he took her right into his mouth, lips pursing around her rosy nipple and sucking on the little nub, earning a stifled moan from the Prefect. His hands slipped free from hers and he came to hold her waist, steadying Hina as he moved to her other nipple and sucked on that one too, the soft sounds his lips made coaxing a moan out of the elegant student. One of her hands tangled themselves into his hair, holding him into her bust as his tongue lapped around her rosy nipple, making her thighs rub together in building arousal.

Something that tempted him to move south. He took it slow, kissing between her small breasts and down her taut, flat stomach, making sure she felt every little kiss and occasional love-bite, working his way down to her waist. Her red panties hugged her hips nicely but he passed over them for now, targeting her inner-thighs first and nipping at them, leaving more hickeys there – making sure anyone who saw knew that he'd been between those slender thighs. He could almost envision the questions she'd get the next time she went to the Prefect club's shower.

''Mn... Sensei, it feels good...'' Hina breathed out, blushing as she tugged on the waistband of her panties.

Though she said nothing her request was obvious, tempting him to hook his fingers under the waistband and pull them down. He didn't pause to stare, continuing to pull her panties down and caringly guide her leg out of her panties until they were off her ankles, leaving her completely naked atop her. His gaze ran down her front to between her legs, admiring her bare slit even as he himself undid his jacket and undershirt, both ending up on the bed behind him and leaving him shirtless in front of her. The way Hina's purple gaze roamed over his chest told that she liked the view.

Her gaze most assuredly went back to his face however as he laid down on her front, both his hands landing on her thighs and spreading her legs apart, his head moving between them. Slow, hot breaths teased her lower lips – before his tongue went to work, sliding along her smooth slit. Just feeling his tongue against her made Hina gasp, shoulders curling inwards as she tensed and a soft, strained moan passing her lips as he licked again, his tongue teasing her folds.

''Ah... hah...'' Softly she panted, one hand resting atop his head. ''Sensei...''

She trailed off, words melting into a whimper as he laid two fingers on her pussy lips and spread her open, revealing the quivering pink flesh within – his tongue soon shoving inside her. Hina arched her back with a stiff, drawn-out moan, her toes curling and hips rocking slightly, pushing her pussy towards his mouth. Humming Sensei held onto her butt and pushed his tongue in deeper, swirling it around her clenching insides and relishing the moans he tongue-fucked out of her.

Just having her naked beneath him was arousing enough, but with his head between her thighs and his tongue buried inside her he couldn't deny his own arousal, his stiff shaft straining against his pants. Sliding one hand down Sensei idly rubbed at his crotch, stimulating himself just a little whilst his other hand kept her ass up off the bed, allowing him to eat Hina out with slow, intense strokes of his tongue. It spoke to her inexperience that just that alone was enough to make her gasp and whimper, her hand tugging on his hair as he ate her out.

''Mm...'' Sensei hummed, rubbing her hips – pulling his tongue back long enough to speak. ''Have I ever told you how cute you are, Hina?''

''E-Eh? Um...'' Hina squirmed a bit, bashfully looking to the side. ''...t-thank you...''

He smiled, kissing her inner-thighs. ''Your pearly-white skin... your slim thighs...''

He kissed up to her stomach – and latched onto her hand as it slid down towards him, kissing the back of it. ''Your slender fingers, your cute breasts...''

Hina whimpered at his soft, affectionate words, his lips kissing over her breasts and moving further up. ''Your pretty face, your sweet voice...''

Soon he leaned over her, pecking her on the lips. ''You're beautiful all around, Hina.''

Unable to muster a reply Hina just exhaled a soft moan, eyes half-lidded as she peered up at him. Her gaze lingered on his for a long moment before flickering south, gazing at his bulging crotch, and in a moment of boldness the petite student slid a hand down and palmed his crotch – feeling his bulge. Sensei shivered at her dainty touch, rocking his hips slightly and pushing his bulge into her palm, tempting her to unzip his pants and slide her hand inside; finding his hot cock and curling her fingers around it, tugging it out into the open.

''Mn...'' Hina bit her bottom lip, stroking it slowly. ''It's bigger than I expected...''

''How big did you expect it to be?'' Sensei teased gently.

''I don't know. I never really thought about it, I suppose.'' She breathed, admiring his shaft as she stroked it. ''Are you... going to put it in?''

''Not yet.'' Sensei assured, smiling wryly. ''Not until I've made you cum with my mouth first.''

''Y-You can't just... say something like that...'' Hina breathed, cheeks scarlet. ''...not that I dislike it, though...''

''Oh? Into dirty talk, Hina?'' Sensei teased.

''...perhaps.'' Hina tried half-heartedly to be vague, but it was obvious by the way she squirmed a little. ''Maybe you could do a little of that...''

Sensei just smiled and hummed, leaning down until his lips brushed against her ear and only then speaking in a low whisper. ''Hm? Do you want me to tell you that I'm going to pin you down? That's I'm going to stick my tongue back in... here~?''

Adding to his teasing words Sensei slid his right hand down, two fingers inserting themselves back into her weeping pussy. Hina tensed up with a gasp, lips pursing cutely together – only encouraging him to keep whispering lewd little phrases into her ear, relishing how the mighty Hina acted so cutely embarrassed.

''Maybe you want me to say that I'll stick my tongue in here, eating you out until you cum and cum and cum again, until I leave you so numb the only thing that you can feel is me pushing inside you~?'' Sensei drawled the words out as sensually as possible, loving the whimper he coaxed out of her. ''Do you want it? Hm? Do you want me inside you?''

''...y... yes...'' Hina whispered out, breathing laboured.

He scissored his fingers apart inside her. ''Say it Hina. Tell me what you want.''

''I-I want you...'' She bit her lip. ''I want you inside me...''

He took his fingers out, sliding it up her pelvis. ''You want me in here?''

''Yes...'' She nearly whimpered the word out.

''And where do you want me to finish?'' He inquired, smooching her ear. ''Do you want me to cum inside you? If it's not a safe day for you that could cause problems. Do you want it outside then?''

He kissed just below her ear. ''On your stomach? Your chest? Your neck? Your face, mouth, lips? Where do you want me to cum Hina?''

''In... inside...'' Hina softly rasped, stroking his cock tentatively – short, sudden strokes that coaxed a grunt out of him.

''That might be dangerous.'' Sensei half-teased, half-warned.

''I... I don't care...'' Hina breathed, pursing her lips as he ran his fingers over her folds. ''Sensei's... I want to feel you inside me, completely... even if I end up... getting pregnant, I don't care, so long as it's you.''

Sensei responded by planting a quick kiss on her neck, then on her lips – wasting no time in shifting down to her waist once more. Hina had barely a scarce few seconds to prepare before his tongue was back, sliding along her slit only once before he pushed it inside her, coaxing out a soft whimper from the elegant Head Prefect, her vaginal walls clamping down on his slippery-wet tongue as it slithered on inside, licking and lapping at her walls.

His teasing words and playful foreplay had gotten her wet, her honey slick against his tongue as he licked her walls, eating her out in earnest. Hina grasped onto his hair with a gasp, back arching off the bed and a moan soon to tumble from her lips, the sound daringly loud in the quiet. Covering her mouth with her free hand did little to muffle the erotic sound, her soft voice rising to a sweet pitch as he tongue-fucked her to a shivering, toe-curling peak.

''Sensei... S-Sensei...!'' Hina repeated his name in short, gasping breaths, one leg sliding down the bed as she dug her heel in. ''Oh... this is...! M-Mmph~!''

Spasms rippled through Hina, her petite body tensing up and her free hand pushing him between her thighs – until with a short, gasping cry she orgasmed on his tongue. Sensei gladly ate her out, his tongue wet and nimble as it lapped at her quivering wet walls, lapping up her honey with relentless vigour. His nose rubbed up against her clit and extended her powerful orgasm for a little bit longer, her body twisting and turning slightly as he pleasured her beyond her wildest dreams.

And then all at once her orgasm passed, a sharper gasp escaping her throat, before with a lower moan Hina went slack against the bed. Sensei withdrew his tongue and leaned back, one hand idly coming up to his chin to wipe away the juices coating it, his eyes lustfully running over her bare, glistening sex and twitching legs, watching her chest rise and fall with every heavy breath she drew. Shudders traversed her body at regular intervals, lifting her back up off the bed slightly before she pushed herself back into the purple sheets, letting out a soft moan or two as the aftershocks hit her.

''T-That was... incredible...'' Hina confessed, still panting as she put her elbows under her. ''I never thought it would feel so good...''

''Glad you know now, eh?'' Sensei teased.

Hina's cheeks burned and she looked aside, then peeked back at him and demurely nodded. He chuckled at the demure sight and was about to get on top of her... only to be surprised when Hina took the initiative and instead shifted forwards onto her hands and knees, crawling towards him, her eyes on his still-exposed cock – intent on paying him back. Sensing that Sensei shifted over to the edge of the bed, swinging his legs over said edge and shoving his pants and boxers off fully, his shoes joining Hina's on the floor and leaving his cock erect and exposed for her.

''I've... never done anything quite like this, so my apologies if I'm not good at it...'' Hina muttered softly as she neared his side, naked body laying down on his front. ''But I'll do my best.''

''I know you will.'' Sensei soothed, laying his left hand on her back and stroking it, admiring her taut back muscles. ''Take your time.''

Hina demurely nodded, her warm breath washing over the tip of his dick – before with a burst of confidence Hina kissed the tip. The kiss was quick but full of passion, her lips smooching it before following it up with another quick kiss, and then another; chaining lewd kisses over the head of his shaft. Her right hand wasn't idle either and came around to grab his shaft and stroke it, slow up-down bobs of her wrist getting him off and stroking a moan out of him.

Taking that as a good sign Hina got bolder with it, gripping his dick more firmly and escalating it, her movements swifter and becoming closer to a jerk than a stroke. Her lips too touched the tip of his dick, said lips parting over the head and engulfing it entirely, soon reaching just past the tip before she sucked back up to the very tip. Though the movement was slow the affection she poured into it was obvious, tempting his hand up into her white hair and gently nudge her down a bit, convincing Hina to take more of him into her wet, warm mouth.

''Mm... damn, Hina...'' Sensei moaned slowly. ''Your mouth feels good...''

A muffled moan escaped his lover, embarrassment obvious as she slid her lips deeper down his shaft, taking nearly half of his cock between her pale pink lips before slurping back up to the very tip. She peeked up at him, tucking some white hair from her face just so they could lock eyes, her head bobbing into his crotch as she gave him head. Peering into her purple eyes he never could've imagined seeing her lips around his cock prior to now... but, he found himself liking it. Liking seeing her suck him off, of her being intimate with him.

''Mn...'' Leaning down a tiny bit he brought his lips close to her ear. ''Can you go deeper for me, Hina?''

Hina shivered and obliged, willingly taking more of his girth between her lips, sucking on more of him. He felt her open her mouth a little wider to accommodate his cock, taking him even deeper until two-thirds were down her throat, going in further – until she suddenly gagged and reared her head back. Sensei kept a hand on the back of her head, slowing her retreat so she didn't whack him on the head with her halo, letting her off his dick gently.

''K-Kuh... sorry...'' Hina whispered, wiping her mouth. ''Triggered my gag reflex there.''

''It's fine.'' Sensei soothed, cupping her chin.

Hina let him tilt her head back, eyes fluttering shut as he leaned down and stole a quick kiss from her. Their lips remained sealed together for just a few seconds but when they pulled apart Hina's cheeks were left burning a fresh shade of crimson, still not used to such romantic affection. Not content with what she'd done thus far however the petite student guided him back into her mouth and went back down again, enveloping more and more of his dick within her wet, warm mouth – until once more he hit the back of her throat.

Only this time she didn't back up. Holding herself down she stayed where she was, gagging around his cock, but forced herself down even more – accepting the last few inches of his girth down her throat. Sensei couldn't hope to contain his moan of pleasure, clutching at her head as he throbbed deeply within her throat, her face buried into his crotch. Then with a wet exhale Hina pulled back up, slurping halfway up his dick before going right back down, managing to not gag so much this time.

''Mmk, ghk, gh, glp, Mmph...'' Repeated, wet gulps and gags escaped Hina as she bobbed her head, deep-throating his cock with evident determination.

Each subsequent suck coaxed heat up his cock, his nerves afire as he felt Hina's sensual lips purse and suck on his shaft. He rocked his hips and got more of his shaft inside her, unable to resist the urge to plant his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed her down more, struggling to keep his groans of bliss under control lest someone else overhear.

''Hina...'' Sensei breathed. ''I'm going to... hold your head down... swallow it all, please...''

A muffled hum of agreement came from the nude Hina, her head bobbing even faster as she sensed his mounting orgasm, slurping away on his shaft. Sensei groaned through gritted teeth, pushing her head down faster and loving the wet grunts he coaxed out of her, his fingers getting tangled in her white locks as he practically face-fucked Hina, heat pulsing up his cock in hot, needy throbs, preluding the spike of pleasure that lanced up his shaft.


Until with a sharp, muffled grunt, Sensei blew his load in Hina's mouth. He pushed her head down just as he came, earning a stiff grunt from Hina as he sheathed himself down her throat and unloaded inside it – splattering thick white ropes down into her throat. She swallowed it all obediently, gulping several times as it went down her throat, before at last he loosened his hold and she slurped back up to the tip; gasping as she let the tip spring free from her lips.

''Ah...! Hah, haah...'' Hina panted, wiping her lips dry. ''D-Did that feel good, Sensei?''

''Very...'' Sensei groaned blissfully, petting her back. ''For a first-timer you did amazing.''

''H-Hmph...'' Hina just huffed, looking off to the side in embarrassment.

Sensei smiled at that, his eyes running down her bare back all the way to her small, perky ass, his hand sliding down and groping it. Hina blushed at his boldness and squirmed her ass out of his one-handed grip, sitting up cross-legged instead. Bare of cloth he could see everything, his hand sliding up to her breast and lightly groping it, earning a cute shudder from Hina before he leaned in and kissed her, muffling her ensuing moan as he eased her backwards onto the bed, climbing on top of his nude student.

''Mm... Sensei...'' Hina breathed, breaking off the kiss and meeting his eyes. ''Take me now, please... I need you in me...''

Sensei agreed with a wordless hum, both hands touching her inner-thighs and spreading her legs apart. Hina didn't resist, resting back against the dark purple quilt and leaving her pussy bare to him, nervous as she watched him rub the head of his cock against her folds. He didn't immediately put it in, just rubbing his dick against her puffy lips and earning a soft moan from Hina, knowingly teasing her.

Until soon he moved on top of her fully, one arm supporting his weight whilst his other took aim – and then with a slow roll of his hips, he pushed inside. Hina gasped and clutched at the bed sheets on either side of her, body tensing as his cock breached into her, slowly piercing through her hymen and going in even deeper. She bit her lip and peered into his eyes, maintaining eye contact despite the pain, but didn't tell him to stop – her gaze silently begging to keep going.

''Mn... ahn...!'' Hina tipped her head back, stiff – and then gasped as she felt his cock press up against her innermost parts. ''A-Ahh... is it... all inside now...?''

''Yeah. Tell me when it stops hurting.'' Sensei softly said.

Hina just jerked her head in a nod, shuddering as he leaned down and brought his lips against hers - kissing her to soothe the pain. She reciprocated, showing a vulnerability she rarely did to anyone else and wrapping both arms around him, clutching at his back as she got used to having his girth within her. It took some time; her inner walls tightly squeezing him the entire time they waited, coaxing the occasional grunt or groan out of Sensei's throat.

Then Hina gently whispered for him to move. Sensei obliged, slowly rearing his hips back before easing himself in – pumping just an inch or two inside her. Hina squeezed him tightly, just moving about inside her a challenge, but with some effort he managed. Hina winced and gasped but with every thrust she got more used to his girth, her pain turning to discomfort, and her discomfort in turn into pleasure. A hand to her breast helped with that, his thumb sliding over her perky nipple and rubbing it about, coaxing a tender moan from his white-haired lover.

''Mmph... Mm... ah...'' Softly Hina moaned against his lips, pulling back from the kiss for air. ''It feels so large inside me, I'm surprised it can even fit...''

''Mm.'' Sensei hummed an agreement. ''Does it feel good yet?''

''A little.'' Hina conceded, warmth darkening her cheeks. ''I... I want you to move more.''

Sensei just smiled and kissed her cheek in response, earning an embarrassed sound from Hina before she kissed him back, both of them going at it once more – lips on lips, his chest nearly touching hers and their pelvises flush together as he drove himself between her nether lips. Her arousal helped ease him into her, his slow thrusts gradually growing firmer and faster, pumping him in deep and pressing him up against her innermost parts, fucking out more moans from his petite lover.

Hina wasn't entirely submissive though. With tentative slowness she moved both hands lower down his back, holding onto him whilst both her legs wrapped around his waist, keeping him inside her at all costs - silently reminding him where she wanted him to finish. The thought left Sensei hissing in arousal, his hips daringly picking up speed and driving him into her faster, the slow slap of skin-on-skin ringing in the quiet. The risk of being caught was low and in that moment neither cared if they were; too busy loving each other to mind.

''Mmph~'' Hina moaned into his mouth as they kissed. ''T-Talk dirty to me again...''

Sensei grunted an agreement, kissing her neck and earning a sweet mewl from her – ghosting his lips to her ear soon thereafter. ''You feel so tight, it feels so good for me too, you know? Makes me want to... blow my load, Mn, in you as soon as I can... to paint your insides white... Mn...!''

Hina whimpered back, arousal and excitement making her clench tightly around his pulsing cock – and with a soft groan of pleasure he fucked the tight student harder, his pelvis slapping against hers louder as he moved. The headboard of her bed banged against the wall slightly but neither stopped to care, the heat in their joined parts growing to an addictive peak, one that only encouraged him to find her lips in another kiss.

''M-Mmph~'' Hina dug her nails in, holding him tight even as they broke off the kiss. ''Sensei... don't stop, please don't stop...''

''I won't.'' He kissed her neck. ''Let's do this more later.''

''Later...?'' She breathed.

Another kiss to her neck. ''In your office. In the snow. In the bathroom, the closet, in the open, in the alleyway – anywhere you want.''

Hina held onto him tighter, her walls near-strangling his shaft as he rammed it between her formerly-virgin lips, hilting inside her vice-like sex. The dirty-talked filled his mind too, so many lewd ideas coming to his mind. Of bending Hina over her desk and fucking her raw, of pinning her to the snow-covered ground and hilting inside her, of having her ride him in a bathroom stall, of both face-to-face in a closet as she roughly rode him, pushing her against the courtyard statue in the middle of the night and unloading inside her, of pushing her up against the alleyway wall as he stuffed her tight tunnel with his girth.

So many lewd ideas swirled around their minds that their ends raced near; his cock pulsing against her clenching walls and only making the sex more intense. The headboard banged and their grunting, gasping breaths intermingled between their lips, brushing against necks or chins before they sealed their lips together and moaned into each other's mouths, their hands roaming over each other and fondling each other blindly, committing each other bodies' to memory.

''Sensei... Sensei...'' Hina gasped against his lips, holding him firmly. ''I'm almost there, hurry, please...!''

Sensei groaned back and let loose, his pace becoming fierce and ravenous, pounding Hina's pussy until she cried out into his mouth, back arching – and then screamed as she climaxed, her vaginal walls clamping tight and pushing him to an instant orgasm, his seed pouring into her clenching depths as he slammed between her walls, pumping his seed into her womb and most likely knocking her up.

''M-Mmph~!'' Spasming beneath him Hina took the creampie, her legs spasming each time he gave a short, sudden thrust into her.

Sensei shuddered, pulling away from her lips and pressing his face into her neck instead, inhaling her sweaty scent as he came down from his high. He wasn't sure how long they stayed like that, his dick throbbing within her tight walls, their mixed fluids slowly leaking out of Hina's quivering folds.

Until soon with a low moan he pulled out. Hina moaned softly, untangling her limbs from him and gazing up at him as he climbed off her, on his hands and knees as he looked down at her. For a long moment they just stared, panting, before with rosy cheeks Hina reached up and cupped his cheek.

''...stay with me, tonight.'' Hina quietly asked. ''My bed has room for two.''

''...Mm. And by the way, Hina?''


A kiss to her cheek silenced her; warmth flooding it a moment later.

''Love you.''

''Ah... l-love you too... Sensei... hehe~''


Morning came, and with it Christmas Day.

By the time the sun rose many students were already up; early-risers making sure to be in their finest uniforms... whilst others just spent their time lazing about or visiting friends, trading presents. The yearly feast wouldn't be until evening and the grand lunch was still many hours away too, giving plenty of time for the majority of students to just lay in until a later hour.

Ako was not one of them. Waking up early she freshened up and put on her usual uniform, determined to make sure things went smoothly as ever – and that they didn't have any surprise bomb presents like last year. No points to guessing who did that 'prank'.

Shaking off the thought Ako smiled, passing by a group of students she was familiar with and bidding them a cheerful good-morning and getting one in return. The hallway ahead of her grew quieter as she got away from the more populated corridors, making her way down towards Hina's bedroom. It was only when she got to the office that morning that she noticed Hina not only wasn't there, but hadn't even arrived, which was odd. Sure she'd usually wake up later on Christmas morning, perhaps just wanting a longer lie-in for once, but this time she was sleeping in for way later than normal.

Thus Ako had opted to go check on her ever-strict leader, a note of curiosity entering her expression as she neared Hina's bedroom door.

''Hm...?'' Ako blinked as she grasped the handle, noticing it was unlocked. ''Did she already leave, maybe...?''

Slowly Ako pushed the handle down, peeked inside... and surprise froze her expression as she looked inside Hina's quaint bedroom, and found herself staring at quite the scene. Namely of Sensei laid within Hina's bed with the petite Head Prefect laid on top of him, both obviously naked beneath the quilt pulled up to their chests; their shoulders bare and their eyes lightly shut, fast asleep.

''...fufu.'' Gently Ako smiled and shut the door. ''I won't interrupt. Sleep well, president~''

With a merry chirp Ako made her way over to a nearby window and stood guard so nobody else found them, watching the students pass through the courtyard below with a smile.