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Shinkō no hiyaku/A leap of faith

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And Takemichi can remember thinking "I'm about to beat this bitch up"

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3rd Pov:

“He’s the one who knocked me out” raged the bully. And suddenly 10 boys including the bully was surrounding the Takemichi. Takemichi did not like all their disgusting gazes on him. Lowering his head, he dropped his bag on the sand ground. He was so done with this stupid boys. Kisaki was panicking but he acted like he's not afraid. He couldn’t help but looking at Takemitchy with a worried gaze. Kazutora and Baji was confused did they miss a chapter? “What the hell is going on?” shouted Kazutora.

One of the boys replied with a “That stupid blueberry beat our boss up!” Baji and Kazutora looked at Takemichi then exchange looks with each others crackling their knuckles. Kisaki was scared but refused to leave Takemichi, so he stood with a fighting pose.


Suddenly in a cold voice they heard Takemichi speak “They are mine, so don't get in my way”

The three boys froze and slowly looked at Takemichi but they can't see his face clearly. “Takemichi are you crazy? THEY!” Kisaki shouted till Takemitchi glared at him.

Takemichi’s shining blue eyes were dull and lifeless blue irises which made Kisaki get a  shiver down his spine.

Kisaki didn't respond and backed away to let Takemitchy  fight on his own. Kisaki was ready to help Takemichi whenever he needed it. Baji and Kazutora didn’t know what to do, they wanted to help Takemitchi but they were taken aback when he glared at them. So they decided to stand back.

As Takemichi approached the boys the air got heavier and soon everyone was overwhelmed. Takemichi knew he could let out a pressuring aura similar to Mikey’s dark impulse. He didn’t like doing this but the boys was seriously pissing him off. The bullies was afraid how the hell did a 12 year old have such pressure? The air was cold and heavy. The smell of sweat destroyed natures fresh smell.


The boy Takemichi beat up in the class decided to get his revenge and ran at Takemitchi with a punch. When the guy came close enough to Takemitchy, Takemichi curled his hand in to a fist and aimed for his nose. Takemichi may or may not have forgotten to pull his punches.

One thing Takemichi knew was that his punches were strong so he wasn’t surprised to hear a crunch as the boys nose broke. Eliminating his vision and knocking him out, blood splattered everywhere. Takemichi hated blood, so he wiped his hands on the boys clothing before standing up.


The rest of the boys were so shocked they took a step back before coming at Takemitchy all at once. Normally Takemichi would just hit them at their pressure points but he was extremely pissed. Dodging all of their punches, Takemichi punched and kicked all of them in vital areas. Hopefully he didn’t break any bones. Realizing they were all knocked out Takemichi took a look at himself. For the first time ever he wasn’t bruised or beaten up. Well he thought he bled but then he realized it was the bullies blood. Baji and Kazutora was about to help but before they could all the bullies were bruised and beaten on the floor. They didn’t know Takemichi was so dangerous.

Takemichi was sitting on the ground looking at the sky with a grin on his face. He enjoyed that fight a little too much . He wasn’t happy about the blood that stained his school clothes. He’ll throw it away and buy a new one. There was blood all over his hands but before Takemitchy could wipe it off. The boys ran to see if he's hurt but they were surprised that he's in great condition. But was that his blood on his hands or the bullies? Kisaki knelt and sincerely apologized.


Wiping his hands off his shirt he patted Kisaki's head while saying he’s OK and it’s not Kisaki’s fault. Meanwhile Baji and Kazutora was having a private conversation about Takemichi. They didn’t know that such an angelic looking person was so dangerous. Then Takemitchy got up and took his phone from his bag asking the chief to cook something delicious and told him there will be visitors. “Let’s get going guys it’s getting late.” Takemichi called as he got up. “Sure cutie/blueberry” said Baji and Kazutora at the same time. Takemitchi short circuited, what the hell? This 2 handsome boys just flirted with him. Did Takemichi just think Baji and Kazutora looks handsome? I mean they are but eh this is too confusing for our protagonist. So he pushed it at the back of his mind.


“Simps” Kisaki said rolling his eyes Making both Baji and Kazutora snap their heads towards him “like you aren't glass  bitch.” Kisaki looked them dead in the eyes before replying “He’s handsome but I’m not simping for him. You two are down right flirting and simping. Down bad I say.” Baji and Kazutora blushed before shouting profanities at Kisaki.

“Are you done now?” Takemichi asked while staring at them.

“Yes sir” they answered nodding their heads. And like 3 puppies they followed Takemichi while insulting each other and Takemitchi couldn't bring himself to care. They looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Back at the park two silhouettes witnessed everything. One of them pulled out their phone dialing a number. When someone finally answered the one of the silhouette muttered a quick “We found him boss” before putting down the phone. Following the boys from a distance. Takemichi and the dumbass trio finally arrived at Takemichi’s house.

What the hell? Takemichi’s RICH? The 3 kids look at each other with surprise Pikachu faces. Kisaki quickly adjusted his expression and acted normal while the other 2 were brainstorming things they could do.


Takemichi welcomed them with a smile while removing his shoes. The boys were surprised to find inside shoes their size. Realizing he’s covered in blood Takemichi led them to his room. Opening his closet he took out clothes surprising the right size for his 3 new friends. “It’s my old and new clothes try it on I’m going to wash off” Takemichi mumbled walking with a bundle of clothing to the bathroom.

Kisaki calmly undressed and fit on the clothes, it was soft and comfortable. On the other hand our simps were a bit too exited, they got to wear Takemichi’s clothing. And it was so soft. After undressing the boys all threw themselves on the beanbags in Takemichi’s room. After a few minutes Takemichi walked out of the bathroom dressed with a towel around his neck. Takemichi asked them if they were allergic to anything and was lucky when they replied with no, not that they’re aware of.

Pulling out a karaoke set Takemichi asked them if they wanted to play. And so the boys spent their time singing, they were surprised at Takemichi’s voice but they were glad they got to experience it.

Time passed and the when the time came the boys went to the dining table and sat. Muttering a itadakimasu they dived in. After eating Takemitchi asked if they’d like to stay the night. They obviously agreed, Baji decided to call his mom to let her know. Kazutora and Kisaki didn’t care enough to let their parents know so they just agreed. They decided to bath and Takemitchi gave them  pjs. By night all 4 of them decided to watch a horror movie. Kazutora and Baji both sat next to Takemitchi so Takemitchy was stuck in the middle. Kisaki just decided to move away from the simps. He was worried about Takemichi so decided to checking up on him every now and again. Eventually he gave up and enjoyed the horror movie with popcorn, throwing it at Kazutora and Baji every now and then.


Eventually Takemitchi fell asleep with his head on Kazutora’s shoulder. He looked like an angel. As well as peaceful. Nothing like whatever the fuck happened today.

Baji took Takemichi off of the couch and placed him on the king sized bed. The boys all joined him while continuing the movie. Eventually they all fell asleep cuddling Takemichi. Kisaki cuddled Baji while muttering goodnight big brother. Baji then decided that he’s going to be the best big brother ever. Noticing no noise coming from Takemichi’s room Mr. Butler opened the door. Noticing the boys all cuddled up and asleep he put off the television and tucked them in. No one would know he snuck a picture of the 4 boys.

Takemichi slowly woke up to birds chirping and sunlight beaming on his face.

Opening his eyes he saw the boys sleeping in the bed and Baji is almost falling off of the bed. Kisaki was next to him holding Baji. Kazutora was hugging Takemichi so Takemichi slowly got away from Kazutora's grip. Getting up Takemichi fall onto Baji's body,  waking him up. Baji yelled looking like an angry cat before realizing it was Takemichi who woke him up.

Takemichi told Baji to calm down and go back to sleep, Kisaki woke up due to the noise before turning around and cuddling whoever was next to him. Takemichi looked at the 3 boys and was surprised to see Baji cuddling Kisaki as Kisaki cuddled Kazutora. They looked like brothers, Takemichi definitely didn’t take a picture.


Takemichi decided to feed Lola, but first he had to find him. Realizing he’s between the boys Takemichi carefully picked him up before going to the kitchen. “Let’s feed you kitty” mumbled Takemichi walking downstairs.

Returning upstairs Takemichi tried waking the boys up,, keyword tried. Only Kisaki woke up. Sacrificing his bedding Takemichi and Kisaki decided to dumb some ice water on them.

Startled Baji jumped up and ran after Kisaki with murder on his mind, Kisaki ran for his life.  

Kazutora just laid in the bed like a wet cat looking at Takemitchi eventually getting up and getting ready with everyone. Takemitchi was tired after everything that happened yesterday and asked the chauffer to take them to school. When the four got out of the car the other students were amazed. They didn’t know that they had rich children at this school.


Takemichi saw Hina and was that Emma? holding hands. “Is that Emma?” Baji asked Kazutora. “Yeah, I didn’t know she attended our school, but who’s the girl she’s with? Looks she’s blushing while holding her hand. I thought she liked Draken-kun.” answered Kazutora.


Takemichi was a bit worried, was Kisaki going to target Emma now? Will Hina reject Kisaki again? Can’t he save anyone? “Let’s go greet them!” said Kazutora since he was intrigued. Finding no reason to object the boys went to the girls.


Hina introduce herself and Emma. All the four boys can easily tell Emma like Hina. Takemichi was worried about Kisaki. The boys introduced themselves. Kisaki was fine now, he let go of Hina when he got a friend yesterday. A friend who would be with him till the end and that was enough for him. Hina put her left hand on Kisaki's shoulder and said "Hey Kisaki-kun, It was nice to talk to you again."

Kisaki didn't replied but nodded and mumbled "you too Hina" Maybe the future might be ok was Takemichi’s last thoughts.

3rd Pov  

The whole squad which was made up of Hina, Emma and the boys decided to eat lunch on the roof before going their separate ways. The teachers never paid attention to Takemichi due to his high status and wealth. That’s why Takemichi never bothered learning because no matter how bad his results were, somehow he always passes. He knew it was the work of his parents but he couldn’t bring himself to care. So today just like every other day, Takemichi entered the classroom and dosed off during lesson time. Hina might scold him when she finds out he wasn’t paying attention in class but Takemichi couldn’t worry less at the moment.  


Many of the children and teachers feared Emma due to her being the sister of Manjiro Sano. Therefore Emma normally had a peaceful, undisturbed day at school. Today she decided to chat with Hina in class, the work that they were doing right now was boring. The teachers normally didn’t care about what Emma does but they didn’t want one of their top students Hinata Tachibana to get involved with Emma, so when they noticed the girls chatting in class the punished them by making them run laps around the sports field. Emma and Hina couldn’t care less they packed their bags and left. Arriving at the sports field the girls ran laps while hopelessly flirting with one another. Emma thought Hina wouldn’t like her back but it seems as if Hina was flirting with her. Emma decided to leave it alone and just enjoy the time she had with her new found crush. She always loved Draken but he’s always busy with Mikey so she gave up on him.    

Kisaki's classmates didn't even have the courage to look at him nor make fun of him because of the incident yesterday. Kisaki couldn’t care less, he just opened his books and did his work, he figured out he’s the only smart one in the group, excluding Hina. Hina’s a smart girl so if the 2 girls join the boys, there’ll be 2 or 3 smart people depending on Emma’s grades. He decided to try tutoring his friends in exchange for them teaching him how to fight. A win for both of them. Kazutora decided to ditch his underling and spend the day dreaming of Takemichi for some reason the boy was the only thing on his mind. Baji was struggling in class, he wanted to get good grades for his mom this time but the work was confusing. He finally gave up and thought of Takemichi, when he snapped out of his daydream he realized he scribbled a drawing of Takemichi in his book. “cute” mumbled Baji before turning the page and trying to focus again. 


When Takemichi’s English lesson was over he was asked by the teachers to stay after class. Takemichi thought it had something to do with his parents but the teacher was acting to weird for it to be something about his parents. Apparently someone wanted to meet

him. Takemichi was nervous, he finally got his newest goal and decided to look after his friends he couldn’t die now. Takemichi thought it was fishy but went along with it. If he  does die he was definitely not sad that he made the choices he made. Leaving the class with rather nervous thoughts the classmates thought about how lucky he was to skip math class. In the hallway Takemichi realized who wanted to meet him. It was Inui-san? Takemichi hid his emotions with an expressionless face very similar to Inui’s. The teacher left and Takemichi couldn’t help but think of how dumb that teacher was, he left a student with a stranger.


STRANGER DANGER EXISTS YOU KNOW! Inui couldn’t help but think about how surprisingly cute this boy was before remembering just how deadly he was. He was about to introduce himself when the boy spoke. Is that the sound of an angel was Inui’s though before snapping out of it. “Who are you? Did I do something to offend you? How do you even know me?” the words came rushing out of Takemichi’s mouth. “Hi sorry to startle you, you definitely didn’t offend me sweetheart, I’m taking you to meet my boss Shinichiro-San he was interested in you.” Replied Inui was a calm face. Takemichi took a step back and drew in a breath and nodded before following Inui. Takemitchi knew he's going to take him to the Black Dragon. Both of them was slowing crossing through the school playground when both Hina and Emma noticed this and stopped the two boys.

“Takemichi-kun ,where you going? School isn’t over yet, it wasn’t even break!” asked Hina in a worried tone. Emma was of thinking possible scenarios and reasons as to why Inupi was here with Takemitchi. Takemichi didn't had  the time to explain, he didn’t think he should say anything so he just waved at Hina signaling that he's okay and went with Inui. Gazing out the window Kisaki realized Takemichi was leaving the school grounds with a blond boy, he wanted to shout or jump out the window but knew he couldn’t so he turned back to the front and hoped Takemitchi would be fine. When they left school another person approached them. Was that Koko-San? Time passed and Takemichi finally came to a destination.  It looked like a bike store? Takemitchi thought it would be an abandoned park or something. 



Taking a look at his surroundings Takemichi saw a  slim, six feet tall figure. He had heart-shaped face and  looked  a lot like his younger brother Manjiro Sano. And a little like Takemichi as well. Takemitchi really didn’t know what to say, he never met Shinichiro in the other timelines. “Hey don’t be afraid I’m Shinichiro Sano, nice to meet you?.” Shinichiro said with a calming smile. Takemichi guessed Shinichiro wanted him to introduce himself. 


“I’m Hanagaki Takemichi, nice to meet you Shinichiro-san.” Mumbled Takemichi, still confused as to why Shinichiro even knew who he was and what Shinichiro wanted to do with him. “Well Hanagaki-kun I think you know why I brought you here?” questioned Shinichiro. “Umm actually I don't have the slightest idea.” Takemichi said while looking towards the ground. Shinichiro looked at Takemichi then looked at the Inui and Koko who was in the sides. “Well you see Hanagaki-kun, I heard that you stood up for a kid and beat up the bullies on your own.” Shinichiro said while puffing out his cigarette. Takemichi looked at Shinichiro how does he even he know about the incident? 

“I did because that's what a hero will do! Always save someone whether you're capable or not.” said Takemitchi with a smiling face. Shinichiro was so shocked that his cigarette fell to the ground. Both Koko and Inui was also surprised. Takemichi was confused about their reaction. Shinichiro then took a deep breath and smiled at Takemichi coming closer to him and putting both his hands on Takemichi’s shoulder and with a proud face asked “Hanagaki-kun join the join the black dragon and when the time comes be the leader and lead the gang to a better future!” Takemichi was shocked he looked at Shinichiro who was griping his shoulders. “You want me to join a gang? Er by the sounds of it your gang?” Takemichi asked. To be honest he was about to shout yes but decided to act a bit clueless. “Yup, my gang!” answered Shinichiro.

“Then I guess I’ll join Shinichiro-san” Takemichi said with a smile. Shinichiro let go of Takemichi and ruffled his hair while saying  “Thanks for agreeing little guy”  Takemichi just smiled at him and felt two hands around his shoulders and looked back and saw it was Inui and Koko who was smiling.

“Congratulations Takemichi.” Said Inui while patting his shoulder. “Yeah, congratulations Hanagaki, let’s go buy lunch. I’ll pay” said Koko. Hearing a phone vibrating, Takemichi realized it’s his. Opening his phone he realized that he had Miss call 25 missed calls. “Shit, they all called me at least 5 times” Shinichiro asked “What’s wrong?” and all Takemichi did was give him a pointed look while saying, you fetched me from school this morning, it’d know lunch time and my friends are all looking for me!” Takemichi didn’t mean to scream but he knew the boys would probably do something stupid if he wasn’t there soon.    

“Fuck, you’re right let’s go I’ll drive you to school” Shinichiro said while  running to his motorcycle. “Hop on Hanagaki.” Shinichiro said before starting the bike. Takemichi climbed on while waving at Inui and Koko who waved back. Shinichiro went on full shit speed and Takemichi clenched on to Shinichiro's waist which had a gentle scent on it which Takemichi loved. To the point where he unintentionally hugged Shinichiro and Shinichiro- looked back and smiled before he focused on driving. After a few minutes they arrived at school. Takemichi got off the bike before bowing and thanking Shinichiro. It was Shinichiro’s fault

he wasn’t here but 

Takemichi had a weak heart.   

"Isn't that Shinichiro, with a blackberry cute boy-?" 

"Wait is Shinichiro smiling at the boy!" 

"Does Mikey know about this?" 

"It's my first time seeing this beautiful creation... he's perfect for my modelling too"   “They kinda look similar though... is that boy his brother? A secret love child!” 


Takemichi and Shinichiro were walking inside the school to meet his classroom teacher to discuss what happened Shinichiro went to meet the teacher while Takemitchy went to the rooftop to take a clear breath and to be alone. Kisaki, Kazutora, Baji, Hina and Emma came to the rooftop 10 minutes after Takemichi came in. Baji came suddenly and hugged Takemichi from behind wrapping his arms around Takemichi. Soon the others joined for a big warm group hug. They didn’t know Shinichiro was at their school.  



“Where did you go Takemichi?” Kisaki asked what was on all of their minds. Takemichi went silent and said "it's a little problem that I didn't know would happen this early but it's fine now" and smiled which calmed the boys and girls down. 

Kisaki was still suspicions but he didn't want to make Takemichi more stressed since Takemitchi looks like he was done. And so, Takemichi managed to get rid of the suspicions slowly. Shinichiro searched for Takemichi but couldn't find him then he bumped into Mikey. “Nii-san what are you doing here?” Mikey asked surprised to see his brother at school.  Shinichiro was surprised that he bumped into

Mikey. “I had work related things to do Otōto” said Shinichiro while ruffling Mikey’s hair. “What work do you have at our school?” asked 

Draken with a curious face. “Nice to see you Draken, as for what work I have here do you really want to know?” Shinichiro asked. The boys decided to lay it off and Shinichiro slipped away before they could even ask anything else.   

《Flashback to Motorcycle scenes》  

“Shin I have a favor to ask.” Mumbled 

Takemichi against Shinichiro’s back. “Ask away Michi” chuckled Shinichiro. Yes they already have nicknames for each other. “ I’m the leader after you so I want to keep my identity hidden from the other gangs till then. If that’s ok,  I’m planning on not tell my friends either.” Takemichi asked. Shinichiro slowed the motorcycle for a while to think and agreed saying “It will be tough to hide a beauty like Michi from people but let’s do that. I’ll ask Koko to make new designs for our uniforms as well.” Shinichiro said before speeding off.   

《End of flashback 》  



Shinichiro left the school and started to light a cigarette while smiling knowing a new era will arise with Takemitchy. 

And with that the school ends with everyone going their separate ways home. Before the boys split apart Kazutora and Baji each pecked Takemichi’s cheeks both boys blushed and ran away. Takemichi almost short circuited after feeling their lips on his cheeks as for Kisaki he just hugged Takemichi and reminded him to let everyone know he’s safe. Hina and Emma was laughing at Kazutora and Baji being simps  they both hugged Takemichi and said farewell walking home together. 

Takemichi got home and saw Mr. Butler hang up a picture of his friend all cuddled up on his bed in a giant frame on the living room wall. Takemichi blushed from embarrassed and went to his room quietly he liked the photo. 

Mr. Butler just laughed and was super happy

Takemichi finally got friends.  



Checking his phone Takemichi realized that Shinichiro’s death day is near. He needed to figure out a plan so that Kazutora doesn’t try stealing the bike again this time. He could just use his allowance to buy the bike for Mikey but how’s he going to bring up Mikey’s birthday when he’s not supposed to know the date of Mikey’s birthday. Everyone knows the Invincible Mikey but they don’t know his personal details. It will be weird that Takemitchi knows it. He’ll think about it later. Getting undressed Takemichi took a shower before eating and going to bed. “I’m tired I’ll think about it tomorrow” mumbled Takemichi while dosing off.