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Can I paint your nails in a non homoerotic way ?

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It was a day in Mankai dorm like any other except that today, room 104 was unusually quiet. Its occupants were sitting across the table of their shared bedroom. Silently. And more surprising, Banri was getting his nails painted not by Yuki or Azuma, but by his roommate


"Excuse me?" Banri was so startled by the request that he forgot to be rude.  


"Your nails. Can I try painting them?" 


"What the fuck Hyodo?? Why would you do that?" He watched the other pull out from his desk drawer a small bottle of what looked like purple nail polish. With sparkles. Uuurg even his taste in color is shit. 


"Have this role study with my workshop. I'm playing a beautician so I need to study nail painting." 


"YOU??? A BEAUTICIAN? WITH YOUR BIG CLUMSY HANDS AND UGLY MUG? That's the funniest shit I ever heard." Banri howled. 


"Like I don't know that you asshole." Juza mumbled, looking away. "'s just that no one I could ask is home right now, only Sakyo-san and Chikage-san but I don't think they would- " 


"OKAY OKAY I, as autumn troupe leader, will sacrifice myself for the sake of my fellow troupe mate. Might as well spare the others from your legendary clumsiness." Banri extended his hand in a very dramatic manner. 


"..nevermind I'll wait. I'm sure Azuma-san would agree, and It'd feel nicer painting his nails than yours." Juza started walking away and he felt his sleeve being grabbed. 


"OI HYODO are you implying my hands don't feel nice? You fucking daikon I'll let you know my hands are smoother than a baby's ass. JUST COME BACK HERE."




At the beginning it was easy. Banri could scroll on instablam using his free hand, and it helped calm his nerves. He did sneak a few glances from behind his screen, to check how Juza was doing. He was terrible at it. Though, he seemed to get better as he diligently painted each of Banri's nails. He was careful about not touching his fingers, but some angles were hard to reach.


He almost dropped his phone the first time he felt his fingers carefully held up. He bit his lips. Oh shut up you dumb heart you totally didn't skip a beat. 


Juza's fingers felt warm. It was not the first time their hands had touched - they had sparred plenty of times for the sake of plays. But never did the contact linger for so long. And his hold was surprisingly delicate . Maybe he had just assumed his hands would be rough from fighting, but he should know that this big guy would never retaliate if he could avoid it. And probably thanks to Azami's close watch, he seemed to be taking care of his skin. 

Damn, his hands did feel nice. 


He had to put down his phone when Juza moved to the second hand. At first, he fixed his gaze on a very interesting crack on the opposite wall. Then the ceiling. Then the floor. But his eyes eventually found their way back to the man in front of him. 


Banri knew this face, from the long hours spent in the practice room. His focused look. His slight frown. He had never really paid attention but actually… he noticed there were sparks of gold in what he assumed were just dull yellow irises. To be honest if he had to describe him, ugly was not the word. He was rather okay to look at. Not that he’ll ever admit it to his face of course. 


His eyes wandered to his lips, which were slightly plucked. 


No no no Settsu Banri you did Not think that was cute. The gross mouth he uses to shovel down sweets like a savage does not qualify to be called cute . Okay maybe he did find it a little bit entertaining. You wouldn't believe that such a scary looking dude had the sweetest tooth on earth. There was such a gap between his big frame and the way his eyes always sparkled like a child whenever you put a cake in front of him.


"..oi. Earth to asshole. I'm done." 


"Oh." Banri blinked and looked down. He felt somewhat disappointed as his hand was gently put back on the table. 


The last bit of work was actually nicely done. Banri held up his hand under the light to look at his nails more closely. The paint was in fact, not as bad as he had expected. Purple mixed with dark blue, giving it a richer aspect, behind the sparkles that shone like constellations in a dark sky. Actually, this color looked almost like his … 


"So." Juza looked straight into his eyes. 


"It's huuh. Not as terrible as I thought." He coughed and looked away. “You took so damn long I need to huuh. Poop.” 


Banri texted one of his acquaintances in Yosei about that workshop because heck if he could witness that priceless performance he WOULD.

However, he found out no one heard about that beautician exercise thing. 






"So Juu-chan, how did it go?" 


Juza was munching on the cookies he brought back from home. "Dunno. He just fled after." 


"Daaang how dense can Settzer be?? 


"I was so sure this technique used by the heroine in chapter 321 of Rabu Rabu Catch would make his heart flutter!! Did he look any differently at you?" Muku asked, while browsing the pile of manga stacked next to the table. 


Juza frowned slightly, reminiscing. "I think he looked at my face the whole time. And when I looked back he… avoided it. His hands were soft..."


Kazunari threw his hands in the air. "OMG THAT'S A SIGN. Mukkun, I think they're ready for the next step. It's time to initiate plan K." 


"Kazu you don't mean… This??"


Confused, Juza watched Kazunari slip a manga in his hands. He looked at the cover and dropped the cookie he was holding. 


"Operation K is." Kazunari paused and pulled sunglasses from inside his (?) shirt collar. "KABEDON TIME." 


Muku howled. "JUU-CHAN THIS WILL WORK. If he doesn't confess under the moonlight in the next days I will Not believe in shoujo manga anymore." 


Sakyo, who had been silent the whole time, finally got up. "Let me get some rope."