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In the Blackest of Rooms

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Shigaraki liked gaming in the dark. The glow of the screen eventually started to hurt his eyes, but until then it was comforting. Almost nostalgic. He didn't indulge often, too busy even before having his pretty pet to take care of. But occasionally, he wanted to do nothing else. 


It'd been a few weeks since he last spent hours on a game, grinding out level after level and he itched for it. Itched for it in a way that left him snappy. But then again, he had his pet to think of now. Shouta hated being left alone for anything but his work. And both Dabi and Toga were out. Spinner didn't seem interested in his pet like that, and Kurogiri was always oddly absent whenever he went to find a babysitter for Shouta. 


And thus, his idea came to light, the image spinning around and around in his head until the urge for a day spent gaming and with his pet was undeniable. But still, he waited until his pet woke, his gloved fingers carding through his hair gently. Shouta grumbled softly as he came to consciousness, nuzzling closer and burying his head in Shigaraki's chest more. 


Sometimes Shigaraki can't believe taking Eraserhead, taking Shouta , worked. That it seemed to take so little before the former hero was eating out of his hand. And somehow, he was here now, here in a reality where Eraserhead was Shouta , was Kitten . And Shigaraki just had to say a word and he was eager and waiting. It was surreal that every night before sleep, he could hear a vulnerable voice saying,  "I love you," in a tone so saturated with said love, that he couldn't disbelieve it. 


And of course, other times, he just wanted to rail his Kitten on every available surface no matter who was watching. Or listening. And perhaps that was the end goal of the day, but Shouta didn't know that. Shigaraki continues to stroke his hair, humming as he waits for him to wake fully. Dark eyes slowly open to meet his, groaning in a way Shigaraki found adorable. 


Shouta has never been a morning person. Not even when waking up with Shigaraki's mouth on him. Shigaraki has tried. But Shouta would forever be adorably grumpy in the mornings it seemed. Perhaps left over from his days as a teacher. So Shigaraki strokes his hair and coos for several minutes, until the grumpiness has calmed and Shouta is relaxed. Only then does Shigaraki speak, "I thought we should have an easy day today... And since Toga and Dabi are out, you can come with me today. I want to game, and I know you hate being left on your own." 


It's true. And what Shouta didn't know was that since the issue with Overhaul and some of those lesser minions, Shigaraki hated leaving him on his own as well. Shouta hums, nuzzling into him, "Sounds like fun, Tomura." 


His libido spikes every time Shouta uses that name. So he hums in return and his fingers tighten in his hair before he tugs, tilting his head back to press a kiss that quickly becomes deep and heated to his lips. Shouta responds so beautifully that he almost loses himself. But he pulls back slowly, and they reluctantly put clothes on instead of lounging as they were. 


Breakfast and snacks are gathered and Shigaraki leads him back to his game room. He settles down and situates a pillow at his feet along with a blanket, Shouta just gives him a smile and immediately settles down, head resting on his thigh as he eats his breakfast. 


As his console turns on, Shigaraki smiles down at him, stroking his cheek, "Perfect Kitten." 


He puts on his headset, leaving one ear out in case Shouta needs anything before he joins his usual group of friends and jumps into the game they have going. Shouta doesn't move, throughout his game play he stays still and quiet, sometimes watching, sometimes with his eyes closed. 


They break to eat, to use the bathroom but soon enough they settle back down. And Shigaraki starts his games again. Several rounds are completed before Shigaraki drops a hand to Shouta's head, playing with his hair a few moments before tugging lightly, speaking even while his mic is on, no fucks given, "Doing okay down there, Kitten?" 


Shouta hums in agreement and the boys on his chat speak: 


"Kitten? You got a girl Dusty?" 


"A girl? Did you hear that hum? Nah, Dusty has a whole ass man." 


"Down there? Where's your boy at Dusty? You been holding out on us?" 


Shigaraki can't help the amused chuckle, "My Kitten is between my legs. Has been all day." 


One of them whines, "And he's been that quiet? Man, I wish my girl would do that..." 


Shigaraki smirks, "You just have to know how to handle them. A little bit of that and they'll do whatever you want. Isn't that right, Kitten?" When Shouta looks up at him worriedly, Shigaraki merely nods. 


So Shouta answers, his voice soft and oddly sweet, "That's right.... I like doing what he wants." 


The simple truth ringing in his voice has the other gamers groaning: 


"Oh, he actually sounds like he means it." 


"And pretty... I bet he's pretty. So fucking unfair Dusty." 


"How did your Crusty ass get something sounding that sweet? What the fuck and why haven't you shared before?" 


That has Shigaraki perking up, ideas forming into plans,  "Oh? Interesting... let's play something else for now." 


Shigaraki taps Shouta's cheek, guiding him to his length before freeing it and Shouta of course takes him in easily. But just as Shigaraki wanted, his gaze is away from the screen. So he types out his offer to the others in his chat. The support is overwhelming so he bides his time, waiting until he's fully hard in Shouta's mouth before starting. 


He gets Shouta's attention, stroking his cheek and waiting until dark eyes were trained on him. He smiles, "Come up here Kitten." 


Conversation on the other end of his line stops, attention diverting to him, just how Shigaraki liked it. Shouta moves easily standing but Shigaraki stops him to pull down his pants, gesturing for him to kick them off. 


The bright spots of pink on Shouta's cheekbones are endearing. Even more so when he does as "told" and kicks away his pants before settling in his lap. Shigaraki's chin hooks over Shouta's shoulder and he murmurs, "My friends think you should play a game. They want to meet you, Kitten. Think that would be okay with you?" 


Shouta chews his lip, he's not normally required to speak actually to anyone who is not Dabi or Toga, when he talks at meetings it's not to anyone. But... Shigaraki wouldn't have asked it of him if he didn't want him too. So he slowly nods, murmuring, "I can do that." 


Shigaraki kisses his cheek and he can hear the chorus of male's cooing at him even before Shigaraki settles the controller in his hands and a firm reminder, "Remember to be nice to my Kitten..." He can hear the affirmative and slowly relaxes even as the headset is fitted over his head. 


He swallows before saying, just as soft, which contradicts his deep voice he knows, but he can't help it, "Hello?" 


"Hello there!" 


"Hi Dusty's Kitten." 


"You sound even more adorable up close. Are you ready to play a game? Have you played before?" 


Despite the hard length he can feel underneath him, he starts to relax at their voices, all surprisingly nice. Shigaraki seems content to hold him close and keep his head on his shoulder so Shouta answers, "I'm excited to play, but no. I'm afraid I haven't played before so I'll probably not be of much use." 


"That's okay, Kitten. Dusty can give you pointers." 


"And we'll cover for you. You just focus on having fun." 


Shouta smiles, "I can do that. Thank you guys." He does look to Shigaraki, half concerned at the unknown men using Shigaraki's name for him, but the male seems unconcerned. 


He helps him navigate the controls, explaining them before they start and helping him get into the right game. Once in, Shouta clumsily stumbles around, managing to get a couple lucky kills, but mostly getting killed which he apologizes for. And then is immediately reassured that it's more than fine. 


He plays through that game, and almost through another when Shigaraki shifts, and he pays him no mind. If the headset hadn't been on, he would have heard the familiar snap of a cap. But he didn't and so when two slick fingers prod his entrance, he's surprised enough to let out a small yelp. 


It's instantly caught by the males, and they all go quiet before one curses, "Fuck, it's really happening isn't it?" 


But he doesn't sound upset, instead it's eager. Almost as eager as the soft mewl Shouta let's out when those two fingers press into him. Though he cuts it off in embarrassment when he remembers that the gamers on his headset can hear him. 


They don't appreciate that though, one of the other's piping up, "None of that Dusty's Kitten. Don't be shy. We want to hear your pretty voice make every pretty sound you want." 


Shouta can't help but feel a brief moment of betrayal. He had been set up, but he can't complain when those two fingers twist to purposely brush his prostate. He can't complain when the men in his ear are calling him pretty and practically begging to hear everything. 


When two fingers become three and the lube starts squelching in a filthy, vulgar noise, his moans become needy and he can only get out a breathless, "Please...." 


The game had long ago been abandoned, no one interested in playing. And one of the men groans, "Now that's what a perfect hole should sound like..." 


There comes agreement, "Practically gagging for it, aren't you, Kitten?" 


Shouta whines in agreement even as Shigaraki smirks, speaking to the ones on the headset, "Oh, my Kitten never gags for anything. Not anymore." 


There's animated cursing at that and Shouta can hear faint wet sounds, slaps through the other men's mics. Shigaraki pulls his fingers away, but Shouta isn't left waiting for long. The tip of length is pressing in, in mere moments. And Shouta doesn't bother to contain his pleasured moan, the stretch burning the perfect amount even after the prep. 


The noises grow louder along with the cursing in his ears, praise growing along with it. Filthy sentences that Shouta responds to with breathless thanks. At least until Shigaraki starts moving and words become too much to get out. 


Instead he contents himself with listening, unable to hear much else, not with how good of a headset Shigaraki had. But he does get snippets of how he sounds amongst the harsh slapping of Shigaraki's movements. And even he has to admit that the praises he's being lavished in by these strangers are not unwarranted. He sounds sinful. 


The controller is abandoned on the couch as his pleasure makes it hard to focus, Shigaraki's teeth press against his shoulder, not breaking skin. Dry lips coast up the side of his neck and as he grows closer to peak Shouta can't help but start to plead. 


"Please... oh please let me cum. Please, I'm so close. Please let your Kitten come." 


And to the sounds of his pleading there's cries in his ears as the three males climax, drowning out any hope he has of hearing an answer. But what can't be drowned out is the hand on his length, stroking him almost tenderly and the teeth returning to bite down hard. 


Shouta sees white as he screams, coming undone violently even as he feels warmth splash into him. He falls back against Shigaraki's chest, headset still on. He comes down to a chorus of praise he can barely understand for how they speak over each other. 


When Shouta gives a soft whimper, Shigaraki takes the headset off, putting it on his own head with an amused chuckle, "My Kitten appreciates all your kind words. And I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves. I'm going to go take care of him. I'll see you all next time." 


There's fervent thanks before Shigaraki signs off, Shouta coming down properly by then. Shigaraki massages his stomach, humming, "Let me know when you can move, Kitten, I have your plug so you don't have to walk back all messy." 


Shouta turns his head to nuzzle Shigaraki, pliant in his hold. He eventually grumbles a vaguely word-like noise, causing Shigaraki to laugh and slip from him, a plug that Shouta doesn't remember feeling him look for or get pushed into him. He relaxes at the familiar feeling before squirming in his lap. 


Shigaraki hums and continues stroking his stomach, "What is it, Kitten?" 


Shouta grumbles again before mumbling, half accusatory, "You planned this." 


There's another genuine laugh from the pale headed male, "I did. What of it?" 


This time the grumble is muffled against Shigaraki's neck, "Could have warned me." 


"But surprising you is half the fun... Like the present waiting for you in our room." 


Shouta's heart flutters and he pushes up to stand, pulling his pants on eagerly, "Well, let's go get this present." 


Shouta's new sleeping bag had room for two. If he wanted.