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Don't Leave

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Leaving was so much harder than Gregory had expected it to be. From the moment he stepped inside the Pizzaplex, he feared for his life. Security was on him before the night had even started, and his only safety could be found inside Freddy’s cake hatch, and even then, it was limited. 


So why was leaving so hard? Animatronics that he used to sing along to and dance with now wanted him dead. A killer rabbit wanted his head for reasons unknown. And nobody was waiting for him on the outside. Nobody would mourn his death, and if his body was hidden well enough, nobody would even realize he was missing. He didn't exist, he didn't matter. 


With every step he took, he was conscious of how loud it was, he was constantly looking over his shoulder, he was always listening for potential danger. One advance he had on his side was not a single one of his hunters knew how to be quiet, so he usually heard them before he could see them. Chica’s loud chewing and digging through garbage. Roxy’s insults of how useless and worthless he truly was hit closer to home than she probably realized. And Monty’s loud footsteps and thumping made him the easiest to avoid.


Vanny was dangerous, and even if she was human, she was the one Gregory was most fearful of. She was insane . Every moment that she took seemed like a dance or a game. She didn't run at him unless she was sure that she could grab him, and instead opted for skipping and letting the bots do the work. Her teasing and the only sentence she would say sent chills down his spine, that would be playful if it wasn’t filled with so much malice. “Do you wanna play a game?”


Freddy was adamant that something was wrong with his bandmates, and they were malfunctioning, that they were being controlled and that they would never attempt to hurt him under normal circumstances. Funny, Vanny was the only other living person in this damned place that they didnt attack. 


Doesn’t mean that Gregory feels bad for stealing their parts, they can be rebuilt, he can't. 


So why? Why was leaving so hard? Because he doesn’t have anything out there for him? Or because the only person who cared for him had to stay?


“Gregory…Do not return.” Freddy spoke softly. Gregory felt tears gathering in his eyes once more. “It is not safe for you. It will never be safe.” He reasoned, putting a large hand on Gregory’s shoulder, “I will miss you, Superstar.” Freddy fought off his own tears, he had to be strong. He couldn’t guilt the boy into staying with him, if something bad happened to Gregory under his watch because he stayed, he wouldn’t be able to handle it. He cares so badly for Gregory, but he cannot lose another person he cares about. It didn't matter how badly Freddy wanted the boy to stay, he had to leave. 


Gregory didn't want to leave, he didn't want to go. Please…don’t make him go. The doors were open, and he could feel the cold air whipping behind him, chilling him to the bone despite the fact he was still standing inside the heated building. It was cold, snow was sure to fall soon, and Gregory wasn’t sure if he could handle spending another holiday alone. 


Gregory could feel emotions spiraling inside him, the air whipping at his back, the wind surrounding him, and blowing his hair about. It was getting hard to see, hard to think clearly. 


Overwhelming so, he launched himself at Freddy, wrapping his small arms around his protector, his only protector. Freddy was quick to embrace him back, squeezing tightly, but careful not to hurt the boy in his arms. They have hugged many times throughout the night, but this one just felt different. His head rested on the bear’s chest, right under his neck. He was so warm, the difference between Freddy’s arms and the outside gave his body whiplash. It was a hug that he felt safe in. Was this a feeling that a father would give to a son? Damn if Gregory knew, but whatever this feeling was,he didnt want it to stop, who knew the next time he was gonna receive a hug? It was a feeling that he craved, spending so many nights crying because he knew he was never going to have a family of his own.


Gregory felt a sob crawl up his throat, the truth was hanging at his lips, the horrible urge to spill over and tell Freddy everything, that he has nothing, that outside of these walls, he is nothing. Freddy always knew what to do, right? Maybe Freddy could help him!


Gregory pulled back slowly, and Freddy let him, letting the child take his time. 


No. He can’t do that to Freddy. He’s already risked everything just by helping him. He heard Venessa. If Freddy was caught helping, he would be dismantled, replaced, he would die. Gregory aggressively smeared the back of his hand onto his cheeks, removing any evidence that he had been crying. He could do it. If going back to the streets meant that Freddy would be okay, then that’s all that matters. He’ll be okay, he’s been alone most of his life, and the streets were familiar. Even if that means he can never see him again. 


Freddy helped him. Now it’s his turn to help Freddy.


Gregory wrapped his hand around Freddy’s large paw. “I’m gonna miss you F-Freddy.” 


Freddy’s ears wiggled a bit, a large smile on his lips. “I’ll miss you too Superstar, go find your parents, I’m sure they’re missing you.”


Gregory choked on a sob again, and Freddy mistook it as a child missing his family. “P-Please don’t forget me, Freddy.” Gregory pleaded.


Freddy used his free hand to brush Gregory’s hair, a touch which he leaned into. “Never Superstar, I would never forget you.”


Gregory could feel his tears coming back, so he quickly tore away, turning around to face the dark parking lot, the sun starting to rise. He could hear Freddy shouting goodbyes behind him, but Gregory didn't dare answer them, he didn't want him to know he was crying. The cold surrounded him with such a forceness that only made him cry harder. 


Freddy is gone, and he’s alone again.