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Totally Spies!

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Despite the massive gates at Frontier's entrance, the security is surprisingly lax. Akira had expected the guards to ask for a student ID (which Yachiyo had already forged) when she arrived at the front gates, but instead she was just directed into the school. It seems the uniform is enough to fool them, though to be fair, they would have no reason to assume a student from another school would try to sneak into Frontier.

The hallways are completely empty, not unexpected considering it's the middle of class hours. It would be troublesome if a teacher caught her outside and discovered she wasn't a student, so until lunch she would have to hide. 

Spotting a bathroom, Akira makes a sharp turn, making sure the coast is clear before locking herself in a stall. Sitting down on the toilet seat, she pulls out her phone, getting herself comfortable for the next hour or so.

And why, exactly, was Yukishiro Akira skipping her own classes to infiltrate Frontier Academy?

It all started when Akira got the role of a spy for Siegfeld's next play. It was a role that Akira had no experience with, but she was determined to put all of her effort into practice. However, Yachiyo offered a more 'interesting' way to practice.

"What if you tried being a real spy?" 

Akira raised her eyebrow at that. "I do not think the government would allow high schoolers to join their intelligence agency."

"Not for the government, I meant more like a Siegfeld spy gathering info on the other schools," Yachiyo clarified, "I can even sew you a uniform for that school, so no one will suspect a thing."

"Stop trying to get Akira involved in your LARPing. That is an insane idea," Michiru (correctly) pointed out, "there's no way the teachers would approve that."

Somehow, the teachers did. Something about how method acting would greatly improve one's understanding of the role, and how letting Akira practice layering by acting as a spy acting as a student of another school would be a boon to her skills. Michiru was fuming when she heard this, but with nothing in Yachiyo's way, the plan of getting Akira to 'spy' on another school proceeded. 

Finally, Akira hears the bell go off, marking the start of the lunch period. She hurriedly exits the bathroom, briefly taking in her surroundings before making her way to the cafeteria. She's already memorized the school's layout in preparation for this, so she's able to easily make her way there.

Unsurprisingly, the cafeteria is mostly packed, but Akira sees a few empty seats as students leave to eat in their classroom. Akira doesn't have the luxury of such a choice (she would definitely get caught if she was in a classroom she didn't belong in) so she has to get her lunch quickly before all of the seats disappear.

One of the signs immediately call out to her. 'KaraiKare. We'll make you regret being born, or you get your money back.' That's certainly a bold claim, and Akira wonders if they'll actually honor that promise. She watches eagerly as they drop spoonfulls of chili sauce into the curry pot before ladeling it onto a plate of rice and spicy katsu. And whereas one might top off regular curry with a handful of chopped scallions, this one is instead topped off with a dozen jalapenos. Akira can feel heat radiating from the finished dish, and it's almost enough to make her eyes water. Wonderful.

With the plate of 'food' in her hands, Akira starts looking for an empty seat where she can eat. Instead, her eyes catch something else; a head of blonde hair.

Akira is now caught in the middle of a dilemma. On one hand, Aruru would surely blow her cover. It would mean she failed her goal of acting as a spy. But on the other hand, Akira wants to talk to her girlfriend.

Luckily, Akira doesn't have to make a decision. Before she can choose, she feels a hand on her shoulder.

"Why hello there, stranger." She hears Kocho Shizuha's voice next to her, only barely louder than the ambient noise in the cafeteria. "You must be new here."

"Nonsense," Akira replies, craning her neck slightly to look Shizuha in the eye. "I've been a student here since my first year."

"Really?" Shizuha is staring at her like she doesn't believe a word Akira is saying. "Then what's the name of Frontier's first student council president? If you really are a student here, you surely know the answer."

Akira didn't expect a history quiz. Her silence speaks volumes. "Oh, you don't remember?" Shizuha smiles. "Don't worry, we can help refresh your memory. If you'll just follow me..."

Akira has been captured by the enemy.

The only semblance of comfort Akira has while locked in an empty classroom is the plate of spicy curry, now lukewarm. While it didn't make her regret being born as promised, it was enough to almost make her tear up, which is more than most dishes can say. If she's ever allowed back on Frontier, then she'll definitely buy it frequently.

As it stands though, she's not sure if that will happen. She'll be lucky if she gets off with a warning and a permanent ban from Frontier. At worst, they'll probably call her parents and she'll get chewed out in addition to being banned from Frontier.

A bell blares through the intercom, signalling the end of the lunch period. Akira wonders if she'll be stuck here alone until the end of school. Surely Shizuha wouldn't forget about her, right?

She hears the door being unlocked and opened. To her surprise, it's not Shizuha who steps it, but Aruru.

"Hey Akira-chan!" Aruru cheerfully greets, closing the door behind her. "What are you doing here?"

Aruru's bright smile is a relief to Akira, who feels the tension dissipating from her shoulders. "Kocho-san locked me here."

"No, no. I don't mean in this room. I meant why are you here, in Frontier?"

"I'm a s-" The word spy nearly left Akira's mouth, but when she sees Aruru's smile turning mischievous, she suddenly realizes what's going on. "...I'm a student here."

"Really?" Akira nods. "Huh..." Aruru trails off, still smiling from ear-to-ear. Akira watches as Aruru opens her bag, pulling out a big pack of spicy snacks. "Maybe this'll convince you to tell me the truth?"

Akira's mouth starts to water at the sight of her favorite snack. She desperately wants to reach out and grab it, but Aruru is keeping it just out of reach. And besides, this is like a game, and Akira wants to win.

"My loyalty is worth more than a pack of snacks."

"Your loyalty? So you are a spy!"


Aruru sets the snacks down on a table, just out of Akira's reach. She walks towards Akira, closing the distance between them before cupping Akira's hands in her face. "Who are you loyal to? Who do you serve?"

"I will take that answer to my grave."

"...I wonder what I can do to pry those lips open." Aruru thinks aloud, and Akira feels her throat becoming dry as Aruru leans closer, hot breath against Akira's face. She breaks character for a second, ensuring Akira doesn't mind, but once Akira gives her the okay, she closes the final few inches, their lips meeting in a chaste kiss. If any residual spiciness is left in Akira's mouth, Aruru doesn't seem to mind. Meanwhile, all Akira can taste from Aruru is a sweetness that she's eager to get more of.

Unfortunately, Aruru breaks the kiss, still giving Akira that troublesome smirk. "I'll give you more kisses if you tell me who you're working for."

...her research didn't tell her that Frontier would have such a formidable weapon up their sleeves. Truly, she was no match for Aruru.

As classes end for the day, and the pair walk off hand-in-hand, a single question nags Akira's mind.

"Aruru, if I may ask a question."

"Sure, what's up Akira-chan?"

"What is the name of Frontier's first student council president?"

The only response Akira gets is Aruru giving her a weird look. "What? Why would I know that?"

"I thought all Frontier students would know that."

"Who told you that?"


Akira can see the gears turning in Aruru's head, before realization dawns on her face. "Oooooohhhhhhh. She was lying." Aruru says, matter-of-factly.

"She lied?"

Aruru nods. She briefly observes her surroundings, ensuring no one is in earshot before speaking quietly, "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but... Yachiyo told Shizuha beforehand that you would be infiltrating the school today. And because we also have a play like that scheduled soon, Shizuha wanted to practice while having fun by messing with you. That's why we were so prepared--the empty room, the snacks, everything!"

"And the teachers didn't mind you skipping class just to do that."

"Oh, yeah! The teachers didn't mind at all. They said something about how 'method acting would help us understand the role', and how 'letting us practice layering by acting as a spy acting as a student would also make us better actors.'"

So it's the exact same reason as to why teachers let Akira infiltrate Frontier. Were there no normal acting schools in this world?

"I see. Well, I'm quite grateful that Kocho-san decided to do that. It was quite an experience. I certainly wouldn't mind doing it again."

"If you want me to kiss you, you can just ask."

"You'll have to pry that truth from my lips."

She hears Aruru giggling before pushing herself up on her tiptoes. "If you insist~"