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The Dragon Queen

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It was a warm afternoon, with were getting rarer with the changing seasons, soon it would start getting colder and she would have to start closing the windows before she freezes in my own house. But for today they could be open wide, and Takemichi could just lay around on her day off. Being a paramedic is no joke, gets you tired like nothing else, but she wouldn’t change it for nothing. Everyone she helped is important no matter for who, but they are, and someone must do it.
“Hum.” Takemichi laughs a bit. “If Akkun, Takuya, Makoto and Yamagishi could see me now. The cry baby really became a hero, didn’t I? Or at least it’s what they call me.”

The blue eyed girl was put out of her thoughts quite sudden. “Those names on the television. I-I know them.”

“Two people were victims of today’s attack. Hinata and Naoto Tachibana didn’t survive the truck collision. We can only imagine what the family is going thru..”

“Oh no! Hina – chan! I didn’t talk to her in some time, but she was my best friend since middle school. I should have spent more time with her, at least called, I was so busy with my job and so tired. She was right I should have taken more days off, should have listened to her. Hina always had this annoying habit of being constantly right. “ Takemichi said while fat tear drops feel of her face.

“And little Naoto too.” She is sobbing by now. “I remember Naoto being so nice, ever the good brother this one, even all grown up. I should have spent more time with both, more than anyone else I know how fragile a life is.”

And that day were all sadness and tears from then on.

The next day didn’t bring relief either. Takemichi cried herself to speed at some point, but it didn’t help her to feel better. She almost didn’t go to work that day, but she wanted to keep her mind from what happened, otherwise Takemichi knew that she would just cry herself to unconscious again. So with light breakfast, she didn’t think she could stomach much right now, she got out to get the train.

“I will need to ask when the service will be.” The young woman thought while waiting for her train to arrive. she really didn’t want to believe that she would be asking this about her close friends. They were just so young and full and life. Just think about it made her eyes wet.

Maybe she wasn’t paying enough attention to what was happening around herself. In her defence, she had a good reason to, but when she fell it was too late. Someone pushed her on the tracks right when the train was arriving, and she had been in enough accidents scenes like this to know that nothing could be done at this point. she was done for.

“Hinata, Naoto, I’m sorry but I will be joining you soon. I wish…I wish I could have saved you.” That were her least thoughts before darkness enveloped her. It was the end.


But then, she woke up.

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“I – I woke up?” Takemichi was very very confused right now. Least thing she remembers was the bright lights of the train getting close really fast. There is no way she survived that; it just wasn’t possible. So, what is she doing here alive?
She mentally went over the steps of immediate treatment of trauma patients, so she could see if something was wrong. “Ok, girl, get a grip.” Focus, first airway. “Yeah, nothing in the way, cool.” Second breathing. She took five breathes to make sure that it was working. “Good, good I can breathe, just fine.” Third, circulation. She looked at herself and saw no signals of blood stuck anywhere, nor any suspiciously pale member. “Excellent, blood is where it should be, doing bloody things.” Next disability. She moved around her arms, legs and head to see if anything were wrong. When she deemed it was ok, she tentatively got up and walked a bit. “Everything working, cool.” Last one, she looked at herself to see if she had any injury. “Nothing. So weird.”
It’s like she never got in the accident in the first place. Well, the good news is that she is not minced meat, bad news, nothing makes fucking sense here. Actually, where is she?
She looked around and saw that it was her room, but it was different from before. It still had a double bed, sure, but the sheets were from her favourite movie when she was a kid with the matching pillows and there were her old posters all around. “My old guitar. It’s here.” Takemichi said while picking the instrument up like a precious, fragile memory.
“This – this is my old room. Back from when I was in middle school.” She keeps looking at everything, sometimes touching some old trinkets that she had forgotten to exist. Until she got to the mirror. “What?! My old blond hair!” The girl said when she finally understood what she was seeing.
“Oh god, why did I ever thought it was a good idea to paint it? Such a horrible shade too. I’m not gramma, I don’t look good in blond hair.” She wined to herself, not liking one bit what it was reflected.
“But, what am I doing here?” It made no sense. Was she hallucinating? Was she lost in a type of limbo? Was this the afterlife? Because if it were, she got to say she is disappointed.
A noise took her out of her thoughts. Looks like some old song and buzzing? But where is it? She keep looking for it until she found the source under her pillows just when it stopped ranging for the third time.
“It is my old flipper phone” Takemichi says with nostalgia. “Ha, and Yamagishi said I wouldn’t find the exact same blue shade of my eyes.” She found it of course. Did she have to go to Rupoongi to find it? Yes. Did she had to pay more, because it was a super limited edition colour? Also yes. Did she regretted it? Absolutely not. He had to pay BBQ for her and she is a big eater after all. She made every cent worth it in form of delicious meat. Akkun and Takuya even got little dragon phone case and accessories for her and Makoto, well, he was too busy laughing at their friend financial misery.
She flipped it open to find her old phone screen, a picture of the five of them in Tokyo Disney sea, with the characters ears and bags and smiles so big. She remembers that day, she was sad because her grandma had died recently so they surprised her with a visited to the park and stayed with her till the next morning. They even made her food, painted her nails and done her hair. She misses them so much, her silly boys.
While Takemichi was looking at the photo something on the top of the screen caught her attention. “What? April 2005? But that was 12 years ago. What does is have to do with anything?” Just when she was starting to get even more confused the phone started to ring again, with a name she knew well. But it couldn’t be, could it? She didn’t hear of him in 10 years, not one peep. It would make no sense for him to call her. But nothing is making sense since she woke up, so what if it is really him?
She forces herself to not get her hopes up when she presses the green button. She can’t help it, she wants it to be him so bad, but she doesn’t think she could handle the heartbreak if it isn’t. But, could she handle being him? Hearing his voice again after so long, Takemichi also doesn’t know.
“H – Hello.” “OI, MICHI! Finally answering your phone! You have any idea how worried we were when you didn’t show up in the arcade and didn’t answer our calls! You really wants to give me grey hair don’t you?!” She doesn’t believe it! It IS him! Alive and bossy like not a day have passed. With his teenage voice that cracks when he is mad. How can it be?
“A – Ak – Akkun?” Takemichi says not bothering to hide the crying from her voice. She is just so happy, so, so happy.
“Michi? Michi what happened? Why are you crying? Fuck! Just tell me where you are we are going the – “
“ I – is it re -a - lly you A - Akkun?” She knows it is him, she can feel it in his voice, but she desperately needs some form of confirmation. Just something to guarantee that she is not dreaming again.
“What are you talking about? Of course it is me.” She is crying freely now. It is really him. He is here, on the phone with her, acting like a worried mom with her again. And, and she can hear the other voices too. They sound worried and get closer to the phone by the second. Takuya, Yamagishi and Makoto, they are all here, they are all well and here, she is listening to them. She really doesn’t understand what is going on, oh but she is so so happy. Whatever god decided to gift her this she is eternally grateful.
“Michi, you are scaring me. Tell us where you are and we will be on our way, I promise you.” The blond can hear the red hair boy telling their friends to pick up their shit quickly, because they are going to leave now and she can’t help but laugh. Those are really her boys, aren’t they? They are back to her.
“I - I’m ho – me Akkun” The girl says trying to calm the crying down again. “I – I just had a horrible dream.”
“ A dream? A dream had you bawling you eyes out over the phone Takemichi?” Akkun says don’t quite believing the girl, while signalizing to the others where they would be going.
“It was really bad Akkun, like really, really bad.” She was quietly sniffing now, having calming herself quite a bit after her initially outburst, when she heard a sigh on the other side of the call. “Ok, Michi. You know what, me and the boys are going to buy that nice chocolate that you like and some strawberry milk and we are going to have a sleep over at your place. How that sound?”
“But Akkun, that’s expensive chocolate. You don’t need to spend that kind of money.”
“Of course, we do, our crybaby hero is sad, we need to do something. Don’t worry about it, it is on us ok.” Akushi said with his voice becoming soft and calm at the end. Takemichi stayed quiet for a few seconds before answering. “Do you think you could also buy some hair colour? I want my hair back to black.” The line was silent after that and it was starting to scare her. But before she could say anything she heard one loud cheering.
“The gods must have smiled at me today, for you finally decided to take that ugly ass colour out of your head.”
“NO! No take backs! I will be there and will do your hair. Akkun will make a new person out of you. Guys! Quick, this is a rare moment of Takemichi lucidity, we must not waste it!”
She could only laugh and shake her head while waiting for her house to be invaded by four very loud and probably very worried teenage boys.
And she was right. About half hour later she got four flushed boys and a suspicious number of bags with them. Looks like they ran all the way over here she though with an amused face. Well, amused now, first thing she did when they got there was hugging them like her life depended on it while crying again.
It was quite relaxing now. They were eating the chocolate right after Akkun finished her hair. He died it black and made a kind of longer pixie cut for her, enhancing her curls. She felt relief to look back what she was before and Akkun almost cried saying that she is so much prettier now.
“So, what got you so sad Michi? What kind of dream was it?” Said the long hair boy sitting by her side.
“It was bad Takuya.” Just thinking about it made her eyes water. “Someone hurt you. Really bad. You, snif, you died. I – I was at your funeral, and you looked so young at your photo Takuya.”
The boys looked sad to hear that but motioned for Takemichi to continue and she did.
“Akkun, Yamagishi and Makoto were there too, you know, b - but that was the last time I saw a - any of them.”
“What happed to us Michi?” The boy with glasses asked.
“A – Akkun was in jail. I – I think he tried to get back at the people who hurt Takuya, but things got out of hand. Y - Yamagishi and Makoto just disappeared, and I was so alone. I-it was awful.”
“Hinata and Naoto were t - the only o - ones left for years, but they got killed too. Collateral damage of some big dog fight. Hina – can was going to g - get married that same week you know. S - she even in – invited me.” At this point the brunette was sobbing again.
“Shiih, shiih. It’s ok, it’s ok. We are here, nothing happed.” Takuya was hugging her again, he was always so warm and calming, she really missed this.
“I don’t want that to happen. I can’t go through that again, I just can’t.”
“Hey, we aren’t going anywhere, ok. There is just no way we will leave you alone. You would get yourself in too much trouble playing hero to random people on the street.” The red hair boy said while caressing the girl’s wet cheeks.
“Hahaha” Only Akkun to make her laugh in a situation like this.
“You know. There was one part of my dream that was actually nice.” She said while nuzziling Akkun’s hands.
“Really? What is it?” Makoto asked getting closer so he could hear better.
“I was a paramedic there and I helped so many people guys, you wouldn’t believe it.”
“Ha! Of course, she would be something cool and fancy like that.”
“I don’t think it is fancy Makoto, there was a lot of messes. Most of the time actually.”
“Yeah, but that’s so you. Running out to face danger and helping people. I bet you look really cool doing it too, first thing I would do is break my glasses, I tell ya.”
“Hahahahahaha. Well, I don’t know about looking cool, but most of them really appreciated my help. Even if they were really confused at first by my tiny ass self going running to them.”
“Ha! Even on her dreams she is tiny, but don’t worry we love you anyway”
“Wow, thanks Yamagishi” Takemichi said while rolling her eyes.
“You are welcome fair lady” The boy said still laughing at the brunette.
“Hey” Takuya interrupted. “I heard that Tokyo Disney Sea has a new performance, something about the Aristocats.”
“I love the Aristocats!” The girl says almost jumping from her place on the bed.
“I know. That’s why I think we should go this weekend and check it out. What do you think?” Takuya suggests with a knowing air.
“Yes! Yes! A hundred times yes!” Takemichi said jumping and hugging Takuya, who immediately started to blush at being the sole focus of her attention.
“Well, it is settled then. This weekend will be spent seeing some people dancing in cartoon cat costumes. And Michi, better let poor Takuya go before he spontaneous combust”
“AKUSHI!!!” Nether less to say, Takuya was even redder after this.
Whatever god you talked the ear off to give me a second chance grandma, thank you so much. I know it was you, I don’t know how or why, but thank you so much for this. I will not waste this life. I will protect my important people, just keep wanting me, ok. I will make you proud! And thank you for bringing my silly boys back to me.

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“Who the fuck?!”

“Oh. It’s just that crazy girl again. Ignore it. It’s a “I’m dealing with emotions scream”. Trust me, you will know how to differentiate them in no time. Welcome to the neighbourhood.” While a newcomer was starting to regret his decision of moving to a more “calm” part of the city. A small girl is having a melt down in her room, two houses after.

“Ok Takemichi, it’s not time for panicking.” Said girl said while pacing back and forth inside of the room.

“You came back in time. That is no big deal. It’s not as scary as the movies say. You are just tinier, younger and more awkward. No biggie, just teenager shit.” Who was she kidding? This is huge and she is a mess. BUT! She just received a second chance, so she WILL get her shit together and not screw this up.

First things first, she needed a plan. What did she want to change and how to do it. Well, the most important thing is to not let Takuya die. Whoever hurt him better hide because she is out for their blood. Thinking about it, removing this event would also solve Akkun's arrest and Yamagishi and Makoto's disappearance. Four birds with one stone she thought.

Now, to the things she wanted to keep the same. She wanted to be a paramedic, that, she was sure. It was a very demanding job, but it was the right one for her and she loved it. So that stays. Well, for that she will need to start working out like yesterday, she was so out of shape it was embarrassing. Takemichi remembers how she could lift almost 3 times her weight and help take people out of the accident scene fast. At least she wasn’t as bad as she was the first time, it seems like some of her hard-earned muscles and reflections came back with her.

Talking about coming back, her tattoo also came back with her. She cried when she saw it. The tattoo that she made in honour of her grandmother came back with her. She was so thankful for it, part because it means so much for her and part because she really didn’t want to go through the process of healing a tattoo on her back on her own ever again. Too many awkward positions to properly take care of it. And to be honest, this gives her a confidence she never had at this age, and she likes it very much. She is ready to take the world!

Two hours later show her that taking the world may be a little more complicated than she initially thought.

“I just want to find a dojo in this god forsaken neighbourhood! Is that so much to ask?!” She clearly forgot how early 2000’s technology was bullshit and was almost dying waiting for the sites to load information.

So, before she threw her computer out of the window of her two-store house, the brunette decided to get out of there and go looking for it herself. Takemichi put some black sweatpants with a blue dragon design on the left leg, a black shirt, a blue hoodie and some sports sneakers and went out. She is going to find one goddamn martial art dojo if it’s the last thing she does. Preferably a Muay Thai one, yeah, she really likes to train in this style.

True to her mission, she walked the whole morning and got a bit into the afternoon. However, she couldn’t find a single Dojo that was decent. The owner of one of them laughed in her face and the other acted like she was some weak, harmless girl. Takemichi sincerely hopes they enjoy their newly broken noses. The audacity of man sometimes.

She was taken away from her gloomy thoughts by the loud growling of her stomach. Ugh, now I am frustrated and hungry. She thought bitterly. The brunette then proceeded to look for someplace to eat which she found on the next block over. At least she could find something today.

The cafe she found was kinda cute now that she was seated and could look around properly. It was modest in size, but not small and there were cute cotagecore decorations scattered around. There were flowers everywhere even hanging from the ceiling and they were very colourful and pretty. Even the food was pretty. She ordered a meat kasudon and it came in the cutest plate ever and her drink has flowers in it. Like real flowers that she can EAT. How cool is that?!

She was happily enjoying her meal when she heard someone speak to her.
“So, this is the tiny menace that beat one of our boys.”

She looks up from her adorable meal to find two boys looking at her with quite amused faces. The first one was tall, with dyed long hair in funny pigtails and beautiful purple eyes. Second one is also tall, though smaller than the first one, he has his hair loose and bangs combed back, the colours are different too, the light blue complimenting the blond quite well he also has the same beautiful eyes then his brother? Cousin? And those round glasses sure are cute. But what exactly 2 pretty boys were doing talking to her?

“Ahm. Hello?”

“Ohwn. Look brother, even her voice is cute.” Said the boy with the braids. His eyes never leaving her, as if he was waiting for her to do something incredibly cute and he was going to miss it if he so much blinked.

“Ni – san, stop embarrassing us. You are making her uncomfortable.” The blond said this time, giving his brother a pointed look.

Takemichi was getting more confused by the second. She never met any of them the first time, she doesn’t remember even hearing of someone with their description. Was it her destiny to spend her second chance at life confused as hell?

“Sooo…. Can I help you?”

“Ahhhh! I can’t with this cuteness!” “Shut the fuck up brother!” Both said at the same time while sitting down on the same table as her. In her distraction she barely notices the staff bringing the extra chairs for them. She had seen some paramedics two years in the job that didn’t move as fast. How efficient, she thought.

“I’m Haitani Ran and this is my cute baby brother Rindou.” The taller one said, pointing at himself and then to the boy next to him with a big smile.

“My name is Haitani Rindou and I am very sorry for my oaf of a brother. He never got a grip of his manners.” He said, pinching the bridge of his nose in defeat.
“I’m Haganaki Takemichi. Nice to meet you Haitani -sans” the brunette said with a smile

“Oh, you don’t need to be so formal with us Haganaki – san”

“Yeah tiny, it would get very confused with the two of us here.”

“Well, then you don’t need to call me Haganaki either, Ran – chan, Rin -chan.”

“R – Rin -chan?” Oh, he was getting quite red on the face. Was it something she said? Is he feeling well?

“Hahahahahaha. Don’t worry about him, flower My baby brother is just not used to pretty girls calling him by cute nicknames. To be honest, neither am I.” Ran was having the time of his life right now. His brother is flushed by a couple of words, who would have thought.

“Eh! Why is that?”

“They tend to be too intimidated by us.” Rindou responded, still a bit red in the face.

“Oh. I understand. Talking to two pretty boys can be a little intimidating.” Takemichi said, bobbing her head in a positive gesture, like it was the obvious answer.
It seems that it was indeed not the correct answer, because the two boys stayed very quiet after she said it. When she looked at them, they were staring at her like she just completely threw them out of their game and now they aren’t sure about what to do with her.

“Did I say something wrong?” Were they offended by something she said? Maybe they were shy and didn’t like to be called pretty to their face.

“You don’t know who we are?” Ran asked a little more serious this time.

“Ahm, no? Should I? I’m sorry, I’m terrible at keeping track of the media. Are you rising idols? In a band? Models? I’m sure you are very good at your job. I will be sure to check it later.” Oh no. She probably is making an ass of herself in front of them. But it is so hard to remember who was popular right now, she hasn’t been in this year in 12 years, so many things happened.

“Oh, no no no bunny. We aren’t fancy like that. We are quite well known in this area, that’s all.” Ran was quick to assure her, going back to his bubblier self.

“This area?”


“Ruppongi!? Why do I always end up in Ruppongi?” No wonder she was so tired before, she basically walked to the ends of earth.

“You didn’t know you were here?”

“No. I was walking for so long and was so tired, it must have slipped me completely”

“Then it was destiny. We were meant to meet and be friends. Take -chan” Ran said, clapping his hands in front of himself to give more effect.

“Why were you walking so much Takemichi – chan?”

“I wanted to sign up to a martial arts dojo, but it seems that as soon as they look at me, they decide that I’m too fragile and refuse me.” The brunette said getting mad again. Who that stupid bitches think they were to decide that SHE was too weak?! They had no idea of what she had gone through.

“They clearly are stupid, girly. Don’t listen to them.” “And terrible at running a business if they turned you away that easily.”
“Thank you Ran – chan, Rin – chan.”

“But say. we came here at first, because it got to our ears that you knocked out one of our members. Is it true Take -chan?”

The girl stopped for a bit. She didn’t remember beating any pretty boys recently. Who could be their friend? And it is not like her to just punch people for no reason, so what could have happened? She was almost saying that they may have the wrong person when one event from earlier popped in her head. And her anger was back.

“You mean the useless slob that was harassing that poor girl? He was being a dick and making her very uncomfortable, so I gave him what trash like him deserves. I will NOT apologize and if you are friends with this kind of person maybe WE shouldn’t be friends Haitani – san.”

“Wow, wow, wow. We definitely do NOT want you to apologize for that, sunshine.”

“Yes. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Takemichi - chan. We just wanted to confirm if it was true.”

“And to thank you for taking the trash out for us, of course.”

“Oh. ok. Sorry for my outburst then.” Takemichi said sheeply.

“ That’s nothing to apologise, Take - chan. We liked your enthusiasm.” Said Ran, making Takemichi blush a little.

“What are you doing with a person like him though? You two seem so nice.”

“Oh, trust us blueberry pie, we are not this nice with just anybody. Normally we are pretty mean.”

“ Yeah. You are the first person in a while that is not afraid of us. It’s quite refreshing really.”

Takemichi thought about it for a bit. She wanted to confirm something.

“Do you agree with what that boy was doing?”

“What?! No!” Both answered at the same time, looking offended at her question. Good.

“What would you have done in my place?”

“Break his legs and the hand he was touching the girl with. Actually, we would break both hands, just to be sure.”

“ We were out today to solve that problem really, you just got to him first, pumpkin. Good work by the way.”

“Then you should be hanging out with this kind of person anymore. You two are nice, and should surround yourselves with nice people too.” Takemichi said while smiling at them.

“Are you volunteering to be our friend, Take - chan?”

“ I thought we were already friends Ran - chan.”

“Ohhh. What is it? Big brother is blushing? I never thought I would see the day!”

“Shut up, Rindou! You are redder than a tomato right now!”

They continued teasing each other in front of her for a bit. If she was honest it was quite nice. It had been a while since she had one of those funny and light hearted moments But alas, she needed to pay for her meal and get back to her mission. Haganaki Takemichi doesn’t give up just because some idiots said no to her, no ma’am. Back to Dojo searching she goes.

However, when she was going to ask for the bill, Ran and Rindou made a sign for her to stop.

“Don’t worry about it, Takemichi, we have already covered it.”

“Oh, I can’t take advantage of you like this.”

“You are not taking advantage of us, Take - chan. We want to thank you for helping us out with our trash problem earlier.”

“ Ok then, thank you.” She did a shallow bow and was about to get up when she felt something pulling her hoddie’s sleeve. Looking up, she could see that it was Rindou, looking a little uncertain.

“Could we exchange contacts? So we could, you know, make plans and all.” Rindou was looking at her behind those round glasses of his. So adorable, she thought.

“Of course Rin - chan. Let me just get my phone. You too Ran - chan.”

“ Ohwn. Take - chan didn’t forget about me.” Ran said with a hand on his chest for dramatics.

“You have Wednesday Addams hair. It’s hard to not notice you Ran - chan.”

“Must you hurt my feelings, bunny?”

“I never said it was bad. Just stated some facts. You are strangely handsome with them, though I have a feeling that your loose hair would break even more hearts. That and Wednesday is my favorite character of the show.”

“You make me blush, bunny.”

“Another thing Takemichi - chan. You said you were looking for a Dojo, here, take this. We train there, it is a very good place and they won’t be looking down on you for stupid shit like you being a small girl.” Rindou said, standing his hand to give her the Dojo’s business card.

“Really?! Thank you so much Rin - chan!” Said the brunette while giving a hug to the duo haired boy. Said boy, who was getting redder by the moment.
Rindou didn’t immediately hug her back, but slowly he wrapped his arms around her, trying to not make the moment awkward. God, when was the last time someone who was not his brother hugged him? He couldn’t remember. Was it always this nice?

Ran was happy for his brother, he really was. Rindou deserved to be hugged more often and he would totally tease him for this lately. But he wanted some hugs too, damn it.

“I will go there right now and see it for myself.” Takemichi let go of Rindou and picked her things up to get there before the sun started to go down. It could still get kinda chilly outside at night and she still needed to get by the convenience store before going home.

“Don’t forget to mention our names tiny. We will call and say we will send you, so you can get a very nice discount.”

“Thank you so much Ran - chan, Rindou - chan!” The small girl said hugging Ran this time, who seemed far more confident to hug her back then his brother.

“Don’t forget to message us, Takemichi - chan”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” The brunette said as she exited the cafe. Leaving the two brothers alone.

“So, what do you think of her brother?” Rindou finally asked when he determined she couldn’t hear them anymore.

“ That tiny girl has the biggest balls I ever saw in my life. That stupid waste of space is at least two times bigger and three times havier than her. And she beated his ass in less than five seconds.”

“She looked at us straight in the eyes too. No fear at all. Don’t remember having a conversation with someone who could do that in a while, Ni - chan.”

“I know. It seems that our little bunny has some pretty sharp teeth and one hell of a left hook. How refreshing don’t you think?”

“Cut the pet names a bit, brother. Don’t want her weirded out by your weirdness.” The youngest said with a pointed look.

“Don’t worry little brother. I would never do anything to make our newest friend uncomfortable. We both want more of those nice hugs of hers, don’t we?” Ran said with a teasing tone, which made his brother face redden again.

“A - anyway. We still have some trash to take out. The man from earlier and a few like him are already in the hideout waiting for us.”

“Of course. We can’t leave all the fun to Take - chan after all.” The oldest brother said with laughter in his voice.

“But first.” Ran called the manager of the cafe, who was quick to come by their table.

“Y - yes sirs. Is there anything I can help you with?” They could see the girl was, indeed, very intimidated by them. This woman was at least a foot taller than Takemichi and bigger too, but here she was, basically trembling in her shoes. Well, back to the usual world, it seems.

“You saw our new friend, right? She seemed to quite like this place and said she wanted to come back as soon as possible. We trust that you would take very good care of her when this happens” The braided boy said with a smile.

“O - oh. Thank you so much, sir. The staff quite liked her too. Of course, we would do anyt..”

“ So, if we hear that she ever charged a single yen in this fine establishment or that her experience was anything other than perfect, we will get very upset.” Ran’s smile was getting sharper now and Rindou’s stare was getting colder.

“O - of course, s - sir. Nothing b - but the best to your f - friend.”

"Excellent. Contact us if there is any problem with supply or staff, we will fix it.” They said getting back to their more relaxing expressions, what did nothing to reassure the poor girl’s nerves.

“W - we will do it, right away, sir.”

"Wonderful. Come on brother, we have a mess to clean up.”

“I wouldn’t exactly say clean up, Ni - san. If anything we will be dirtying the fuck out of those floors.”

“ Hahahaha. That’s true baby brother, that’s true.”

Both boys finally left the cafe, hoping they could meet their interesting new friend soon. She has something in those sapphire eyes of hers that just make you want to get lost in them and never look away ever again. They could listen to her talking for days too, her voice was so calming and exciting at the same time. It was nice to not talk about business with someone else for a change. But alas, duty calls for the moment.

Meanwhile, three blocks from there.

“Ehhh! What do you mean it’s free?!”

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe that Ran - chan and Rin - chan could get me a free pass at the dojo. And everyone there was so helpful too. They sure are great friends. I need to ask them when the trial ends though, the nice lady at the reception refused to tell me.”

Takemichi was so happy with the new dojo. In the three days she was there they helped her to get a solid routine that would get her back to her future shape and no one gave her shit for being tiny or a girl. Well, there was one bitch, but she broke his jaw, so, yeah, problem solved.

Now she just needed to pass the convenience store to get some eggs, milk and some yakult, maybe a bar of chocolate too and then she was going home sweet home to finish her newest project. Or it was what she thought, because, just two blocks from the convenience store she heard a commotion.

She couldn’t exactly hear voices, but it sounded like someone had fallen? Perhaps they slipped? That could cause some nasty injuries. The girl decided to get a little bit closer so she could see what was going on and maybe help. But as soon as she got a few steps closer she saw a boy getting ganged up on by four others, who had a mean look in their faces. The boy seemed tired and there was blood going down his face, but he looked determined to keep fighting and by the three other boys on the floor, he was strong. But 7 against one is a bit unfair, isn’t it?

“Hey! Leave my friend alone!”

Everyone seemed to be startled by the small girl who just walked in the middle of the fight. What the hell was she trying to do? Get killed? Because, those boys wouldn’t let her go just because she was a tiny thing.

“Ah! Fuck off tiny! Our business is with this bitch over there.” One of the taller boys said. “So, fuck off, before we beat you too!”

“You are out of luck then, because any business of his is my business too. So I will say it once more, leave my friend alone.” Takemichi was already in front of the hurt boy in a defensive position, a threatening look on her face.

The boy really didn’t know what to think. What the fuck was she trying to accomplish? Does she have a death wish? Why the hell is she trying to “protect” him? Fuck. Now she will get hurt too. He won’t be able to fight and protect her at the same time. Fuck her and her completely unnecessary need to stick her nose in his fucking business.

“Listen here girly, if you think we will spare you because you are a gir…

The stupid swine never had a chance to finish his sentence, Takemichi gave him a straight kick on the jaw and he became too busy spiting blood. Not that it was that big of a deal, he fell unconscious pretty quickly too.

“You bitch! I will crush your skull on the floor! Get her!”

The hurt boy from before didn’t know if he believed what he was seeing. That tiny girl, who could barely get to his shoulders, destroyed those boys who were giving him trouble. One after the other, they fell on the ground like the worms they were. Most unconscious and bleeding from somewhere, just from one hit. The whole thing took about 5 minutes, but by god it was beautiful, she was beautiful.

“Y - you are a m - monster.” Said one of the boys on the floor. Blood dripped down out of his face, maybe she knocked a tooth out or two and probably broke his leg by the way it was bending wrong. Fear clear in his features.

“No. I’m strong.” And beat him one more time successfully knocking him out.

After deemed that they weren’t in danger anymore she turned around to the hurt boy she was trying to help.

“Hey. Are you ok?” Takemchi asked in a soft voice, she didn’t want him to think she was hostile.

He seemed in shock. Keep staring at her like he didn’t believe what he was seeing. She supposed that she was a bit aggressive there, but she couldn’t let these brutes beat this poor boy. The brunette knew she needed to have caution with this one, he seemed so scared.

“I know it’s a strange situation, but please listen to me. I was passing by and saw them beating you up and got really worried, so I came to help you. I have absolutely no intention of hurting you whatsoever.” He wasn’t trying to run away and looked like he was actually listening to what she was saying. Good, it’s progress.

“May I get closer to you and examine your wounds? I have first aid training.”

When he made an affirmative sign with his head, Takemichi approached slowly, making sure that her hands were at his view at all times. She started to look for wounds, scratches, concussions, anything that needs treatment. Thankfully the boy seemed to have some scratches, blood knuckles and a cut on his scalp, but nothing serious.

“Well, there is nothing too bad. When the ambulance arrives they will take care of this quickly an.."


“Yes. I called them here, because I got worried for you.”

“No ambulance.”

“Look, you need to get treatment for this.”

“No ambulance. Please.”

Takemichi knows she should insist, but he sounded so vulnerable saying that. Well the wounds aren’t so bad, maybe she could make an exception. She takes a deep breath before continuing.

“Ok. But you still need to disinfect those. Let's do something different, I will help you with this. Sounds good?”

“Would you do that for me?” He asked genuinely surprised.

“Of course, I will. Let’s go to my house ok? It’s not far from here.”

As soon as the boy made a positive sign, she approached him again and hold his hand, so she could guide him to her house. He walked sheepishly, letting her take him wherever she wanted.

“By the way, my name is Haganaki Takemichi. Nice to meet you.” She said with a smile so bright that almost blinded him.

“Sanzu Haruchiyo .”

True to her word, the girl's house was just a few blocks away. She let them inside her house, made him sit on the sofa and was addressing his injuries, with all the care in the world. Taking her time cleaning them and her touches were so soft too, as if those weren’t the hands that beat those guys down.

Sanzu couldn’t believe it. This, this goddess appeared out of nowhere, saved him from one painful beat down and now she was caring for him. Like, like, he was something important. Her hands were so soft and she apologized to him when disinfecting his wounds. Nobody had ever done that. He is staring, he thinks. She probably didn’t notice, so concentrated on helping him. He should stop either way, he knows she will see it, but he just can’t seem to tear his eyes from her.

“ Ok. Now, I need you to take off the mask Sanzu -san.”

Oh. He spoke too soon.

“The mask stays, Haganaki - san.”

“No. I need to see if they didn’t do anything. Mouths are a pretty common place to get hit in fights and they bleed a lot.”

“I will not take off my mask, Haganaki -san.”

He knew very well that he sounded ungrateful, but she would see his scars and, and it was so nice to be treated with care for once. Just this once he didn’t want to be seen as a monster, the loyal mad dog, just this time.

“That was not what we agreed with Sanzu - san.” All the time her voice was firm, but calm. Like she was commanding him out of respect and love and not fear and threats. He didn’t even know it could be possible to command that way, to want to obey that command, but here he is.

“That I did, didn’t I.” He knew he was done for, no need to prolong the suffering he supposes. Either way, he will remember her fondly and he will be in debit of her of course. Even if she didn’t want to get near him anymore.

Takemichi didn’t like the defeated tone Sanzu gave her just now. He sounded so sad, like his world crumbled on his hands and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. Maybe those boys knocked a tooth off and he is embarrassed? Maybe he has some deformity that he didn’t want her to see. But she just can’t let it go, safety in the first place. She thought.

When he took off his mask, Sanzu was ready for the screams. For the awkward smiles and looks of fear, pity and disgust. He was already in the position to get up as quickly as possible when she inevitably asked him to leave. But he really wasn’t ready for what she did.

“So beautiful.”

If Sanzu had turned his head faster he would have dislocated it. He looked at her, eyes wide open, not believing what he had just heard.

“W - what?”

“You are so beautiful, Sanzu - san.”

“B - but I’m a monster.”

Takemichi’s heart sank hearing that. He sounded so confused, like he heard it so many times he believed it. Who was the monster who told this to this kid?

“Who said that?”

“Everyone. All the kids ran away when they saw my scars, that’s why I covered them up.”

“Well, they were lying. You are one of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen.”

“But my scars.”

“They are beautiful too. You know, I have my fair share of scars as well.”

The small brunette put her hands on her hair, near her forehead on the right side, she put it aside a little to show an old cut that resided there.

“I got this when I was defending two kids from a group of middle schoolers. They were bigger and it was a 3 against one fight, but I didn’t back down and chase them off. They got some hits in though. One of them hit me in the head and my skin opened, you wouldn't believe the amount of blood at the time. Had to get some stitches after.” The girl said with laughter in her voice, before looking at him again.

“They are a sign that you fought something and you survived it. Be proud of them.”

Sanzu is speechless. This angel was saying he was beautiful and she said it more than once, so he did hear her right. Now she was caressing his face, being particularly soft when she brushes around his scars near his mouth. She is almost straddling him now in how close they have become in this conversation, but he really doesn’t care about it at the moment. The only thing that matters now is her soft hand on his face, her other playing with his long pale blond hair and her impossible blue eyes looking straight into his soul. He doesn’t think he is worth this kindness, but she gives it anyway. He wants to keep looking at those eyes, he realizes, he wants to protect this smile forever.
Perhaps, he was wrong all along. He thought Mikey was his king. Invincible Mikey, who was strong and charismatic, Who had the power of a gang on his back and an iron fist control over it. But he was wrong, he realizes it now. Haganaki Takemichi was meant to be his queen and his queen she shall be. And for the first time in a long while he was happy.

“ Even Haru - chan’s smiles are pretty. So cute.” She said with the most beautiful smile he has ever seen.

Oh. He didn’t expect that.

“My queen?" His face was probably red now, he knows. But damn, she called him such a cute nickname and with such fondness in her voice.

“Eh! Queen? Who is queen, Haru - chan?” The girl asked, confused.

“You are, my queen.”

Ok. Takemichi’s face was on fire now. Haru - chan was already pretty with his mask on and even more with his mask off. But now he was looking at her like she hung the moon and stars, with that gorgeous smile of his, his hand on hers. It was not fair, he and that beautiful pale, long and soft blond hair, shiny light blue eyes and that amazing soft, kinda deep voice calling her queen. It’s obvious that she was gonna blush, ok.

“I’m not a queen, Haru - chan.”

“Yes you are. My queen.”

Damn this boy and his perfect smile. She won’t be able to get him to stop with this nickname and she knows it. Takemichi can see the stubborn shiny in those eyes, she is stuck to be eternally blushing around him apparently.

“Say Haru - chan. What do you think of making something to eat and putting on some studio Ghibli movie to relax for a bit. After I check your mouth of course, don’t think I forgot.”

“ Whatever my queen wishes.”

Some days later, Takemichi had an awesome idea.
“Takemichi, what the fuck?!”

Or maybe more like an impulsive idea, but it was a good one, ok. No matter the incredulous faces of her mizo boys.

That takes her to present day at her so waited Disney date with her friends. She doesn’t get what their problem is really. She just invited her new friends to come too, they were just four people and only one of them could come, so it wasn’t like she brought a crowd.

“Look, I just wanted to bring my new friends along so you all could meet each other and have fun. What better place to do that than Disney? It’s the most magical place on Earth. And just Haru - chan could come, so it’s not like our group got really big or anything.”

Really, what was wrong with her boys? She thought. Haru - chan was much better now, his wounds were healing great and he was even without his mask. The brunette was so proud of him, she knows it must not have been easy.

Meanwhile Sanzu was not impressed at all. When his queen asked him if he wanted to come with her to Disney after he mentioned that he never went to the place, he was ecstatic. She wanted to spend time with him and was so considerate too, he was really not used to that. She even praised him for not coming with his mask today, his queen was too kind to him. Of course she told him that they would be meeting her other friends there from her school. He, however, was not expecting to find weeklings who cower at his sight. His queen really needs to find better company. He thinks. What exactly can those waste of breathable air do for her?

Takuya just can’t believe this. It was supposed to be a nice Disney outing for them, so they could cheer their friend up from her horrible nightmare days ago. She told them about these new friendships of hers, alright. They were worried at first, she never made so many friends in so little time and thought they may want to take advantage of her good heart, but she seemed really happy and was eager to introduce them, so they let it slide. They should not have done that. Because, now there is one tall boy, with the coldest eyes he has ever seen, looking at them like he wanted to crack their heads open with his bare hands. And by the almost sick look on Yamagishi’s face, he is dangerous, like really dangerous. Thank god Akushi decided to speak, because he really couldn’t right now.

“Takemichi, we don’t have any problem with you making new friends or bringing them over to hang out. It’s just that, the way you described him, we thought he would be a little … different.”Akkun says, pausing to look at Sanzu up and down, who meets him with such a cold look, he gets shivers.

“I know. Haru - chan is way prettier in real life, but I described him the best I could to you.” The girl says like it was the obvious answer, earning a soft look from the blushing boy in question.

“We know you did.”

“Can we just go please? I really wanted to get the cat ears headbands to watch the Aristocats show with them.”

“Ok Michi, lead us there.”

It made the girl smile from ear to ear and move them to the nearest store so they could buy their headbands.

“Gishi. Who is that boy?” Akushi asked seriously when he deemed that said boy was too occupied in the other section of the store with Takemichi.

“Yeah man, he gives me the creeps.” Makoto said, stealing a quick look at the duo.

“Sanzu Haruchiyo, the loyal mad dog of Tokyo Manji gang.”

The others immediately let out a gasp. Why was such a dangerous person following Michi like a lost puppy?

“I don’t know what is going on here, to be honest. He was always described as cold, cruel and most of all, dead loyal to Toman lider, the invincible Mikey. This makes no sense.” Yamagishi said pointing at where a very energetic Takemichi was putting a Marie headband on a smitten Sanzu, while she was supporting a Berlioz one.

Well, he doesn’t seem to be so dangerous, for Takemichi at least. They will keep an eye on him, though.

On the other side of the store Sanzu was living the best day of his life. His queen was wearing matching headbands with him and was giving him so much attention. She was now looking at one red dragon pendant, he thinks she said it belonged in a film called Mulan, something about a girl that saved China. It's fitting he guesses. It comes with a golden necklace from what he can see, it is quite beautiful, even if she deserves better quality materials. He will still buy it for her of course.

Takemichi couldn’t be happier. Her friends were getting on way better than before, she saw the performance she wanted with matching headbands, they ate cute disney themed lanches and she even found that Muchu necklace she was looking for ages. Haru - chan was so nice giving it to her. But the best part of it all was when in the final number of the day they were to choose one couple for singing a disney song with them. She almost fainted when the light stopped on her and Haru - chan to sing “A whole new world” from Aladin. She was so nervous to sing in front of so many people, but she needed to make this experience really cool for Haru - chan, it was his first time coming after all. He also said that this was one of the few movies he had ever watched as a kid, so she won't back down. She thought, determined. The brunette just didn’t count on Sanzu’s voice being so beautiful.

It made her tear up just hearing it. She is sure he is going to receive offers for a singing career when this is done. She sang the whole song with him, hoping that no one could hear the crying in her voice. They got so many applause at the end, she was sure her face was red as a tomato. Good thing the fireworks started quite soon, shifting everyone’s attention again. Yeah. It was a great day.

It was a wonderful day, Sanzu thought. He spent the entire time with his queen watching theatrics, musical numbers, going on the rides and it was the most fun thing he has done in his entire life. But when his queen started to sing, he thought he died and went to heaven. That was the only explanation for hearing such an angelic voice. He almost fell on his knees right then and there but the boy couldn’t disappoint his queen like that, so he sang with her. When he saw those beautiful eyes tearing up, he started to panic. He didn’t know what he did to displease her, but he swore he was going to fix it. However, she just said that his voice was so beautiful she was tearing up and he wanted to cry too then. Not only is he beautiful now, but he has talent, who knew. His queen was too kind for him, but it was ok. He will protect that kindness.


And to protect that kindness is the reason why he is here. His queen is strong, he knows. She will fight with her head held high and fire on her eyes and she WILL win. He knows that all. It still doesn’t mean she had to stand alone every time, nor that she should waste her time with useless fights. Because, of course, she is the only one who is actually competent in that group of wastes of space that she calls friend. Her heart is too good, too warm. His queen is too kind, so he will be cruel for her.

“If isn’t Mikey’s loyal mad dog. I will be honest, I was quite surprised when you called. Thought the boss hated my guts.” The other boy said with a laugh in his voice.

Truth be told, Sanzu hated him. This ugly piece of trash that made him wait in this disgusting alley for shit and giggles. He hated waiting, but it was for his queen, so he needed to cooperate with this street rat.

“Toman has nothing to do with this.” Sanzu retaliated with ice in his voice.

“Oh. And why are you here then? I thought you lived and breathed for your beloved commander. And without the mask too, it must be a special occasion.”

“I’m here because we have a mutual interest. Haganaki Takemichi.”

The atmosphere change was immediate. The other boy’s laugh and smile disappeared and he became tense. The whole air became heavy.

“What happened to Michi? What have you, Toman dogs, done to her?!”

“We did nothing, you stupid bitch! They don’t even know her, not yet at least. I’m here because of the Kyomasa fiasco that happened today.”

The other seemed to get really angry when he mentioned the name. Good. Sanzu needed that anger.

“I thought that my queen would be safe at her school, she is strong after all. But I didn’t count for the useless pests that follow her around everywhere and that they could get her in trouble. You heard the rumors about Moebius right?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“I can’t protect my queen all the time, I don’t go to her school and she forbade me from following her there. But you can.” Sanzu says, pointing to the other boy.
“I was already planning on doing that, didn't need your meddling.”

“ Good. I would beat your ass if you weren’t. So, do we have an understanding?”

“Yes, we do. I will be more careful starting tomorrow.”

“Good to see I didn’t waste my time coming to this disgusting place.”

Sanzu turned himself around to get away from this alley, when he heard the other boy call for him.


“How did you know about me and Takemichi?”

“Hahahahaha.” It made him laugh. The audacity of this question.

“I’m the vice captain of the sixth division of Toman. When I saw Takemichi making that specific gift for her “precious friend”, I knew that it was for you. After all, how many tigers we have in Tokyo, Hanemia Kazutora?”

Chapter Text

Takemichi knew this day would come. She knew since she figured out the whole time travel thing, it doesn't make it any easy thought.
First time she noticed something was wrong was when her silly boys wouldn’t spend as much time with her as before. She thought it was weird at first, but she had made other friends and had to spend time with them too, so she didn’t think much of it. But then the excuses started to get weird and more frequent and Takemichi started worrying.

Everytime she went out with her new friends her boys would text her from time to time just to see if she was ok. She understood it. They were worried, it’s ok. But the texts stopped too abruptly and they were so tired all the time. Something was very wrong and she will find out what.

“What is eating you alive, Michi?” Oh, right. Kazutora was back. She was wondering what took him so long.

He sat behind her, his legs side to side with hers, his hands circling her torso in a hug. She loved it. She thought as she pressed her back to his chest, her hands touching his arms. They have known each other for only three weeks, but it seems that they have been friends for all their lives. Kazutora was so easy to be around and he was a very tactical person, much like herself. So, hugs, pets and touches became natural to them very easily. Hell, they go to places holding hands sometimes and don’t even notice, it gives her a warm feeling inside.

“My boys are hiding something from me. Something bad Tora - chan.”

“Why do you think that?”

“They are avoiding me, I know they are and they give stupider reasons every time. They are so tired lately, sad too, I can feel it. Don’t even try to say I’m crazy, I know what I saw.”

“You know very well the only time I questioned your judgment was when you decided to befriend me. Other than that you seem pretty sane.” The boy said resting his chin comfortably on her head.

“I still don’t know what is so bad about befriending a guy who spends an hour and all his arcade chips to get a random girl a dragon plushie, just to make her happy.”

“You were looking so sad, I couldn’t just let you there. Pretty blue eyes full of tears.”

He was making her blush now. Damn him and his ability to see right through her.

“You are proving my point, you know. Tora - chan has a good heart.”

“I’m not a nice person, Michi.”

“And yet, you stopped to make a stranger smile.”

He laughed a little and tightened his hug, returning his attention to the movie. Takemchi also went back to watch the television. She will go back to investigate tomorrow, she will find out what is wrong and she WILL fix it. But for now she was warm and safe in Kazutora’s arms, so she could relax a little.


Her prediction was right, because the very next day she found out what was going on with her boys.

They had ditched her again, she thought bitterly. Akkun said they wouldn’t be able to go home with her, because they were doing important delinquent stuff. As if they really are delinquents. Her boys sure like to dress for the job, but wouldn’t get into a real gang, she knows they don’t really want to. So this is one more stupid excuse to make her not follow them and it is driving her crazy.

She was going to the bathroom to wash up her face in an attempt to calm herself. She needed to think and a hot head wasn’t going to help her. The girl was passing one of the older kid's classrooms that was with the door slightly open when she heard.

“Hey, are you going to the fight ring at the back of the school today?”

It made Takemichi immediately stop. A fighting ring?

“Don’t know. Heard that the guy fighting today was weak as hell. Some middle school trash.”

No. It can’t be. They wouldn’t get involved in something so stupid.

“Yeah. But it’s easy cash, the other guy is way stronger than him. Besides, I’m betting it’s going to be a bloodbath, don’t want to miss the show. What’s the name of the poor sod again?”

No. no. no.

“Takaya or something like that.”


Her Takuya is going to be beaten up, he doesn’t know how to fight. None of them do, to be honest, but he is especially bad at it. It was when it clicked. It was June already, Takuya died in June. He died on a warm day of summer, before the festival they were supposed to go together. He died abruptly and too young. His body was put in a casquet too small and kept closed because someone had hurt him badly and he was disfigured. Then it struck her. Takuya was beaten to death. Her small, kind hearted Takuya was beaten to death by someone bigger and stronger than him, in front of an audience and nobody did anything. She is a paramedic, she was called to situations like this, she knows exactly what those victims look like and just imagining her friend like that makes her want to vomit.


Takemichi opened that door with a kick, scaring the hell out of the 2 boys inside, but she couldn’t care less. The brunette got one of them by the shirt to get him closer, she must have been scary, because those 2 certainly looked terrified.

“Where is this fight ring?”

Akushi was worried. Takemichi was suspecting them. They knew she saw right through their stupid excuses and was starting to get sad. They fucking knew ok. But what were they supposed to say? That they got beat up by real delinquents and now they are slaves to these brutes? That they are forced to fight in this stupid fight ring and most of the time they get beaten up? No. They could endure it. It was their mistake, so they would face the consequences. Besides, they could try to take advantage of Michi, try to coerce her to something by threatening them and they would rather die than let it happen. So yeah, telling Michi about it was out of question. But now he was worried about Takuya. He was the weakest amongst them and no matter what they did, those brutes demanded that he flighted today. Akushi was scared that Takuya was going to get hurt, like really hurt. He couldn’t let it go like this, so he got a kitchen knife this morning and brought it with him. If they hurt Takuya, he would hurt them too.

The boy was almost invading the arena. His grip on the knife tightening every punch his friend received. He was going to kill someone, he could feel it. But before he could actually do something, a scream, no roar was heard.


Everyone looked up to see this tiny girl in school uniform at the top of the arena. The girl was sweating, like she ran all the way here, her hair disveleched, fists clenched in anger, eyes wide open and hyper focused on the fight. She looked ready to kill. Most people seemed aware of her, open space for her to rush down to the boy bleeding in the center of the place.

“Takuya! Takuya calm down ok. I am here. Everything is going to be ok.” Takemichi said while looking for injuries, her hands on his face trying to comfort him.

“No Michi. Please, you need to go. They will hurt you.” The boy was getting desperate. He was terrified of something happening to his precious friend. He couldn’t protect her.

“Hey! Who let this bitch enter?”

The voice made Takemichi pause.

“You are so pathetic that your girlfriend had to come and save you?”

Takemichi looked behind her shoulders to find a tall boy with short black hair and divelished school uniform. He was smoking a cigarette with a smug expression on his face and she wanted to rip out his jaw with her bare hands.

“You are the one hurting my boys.”

“Those weaklings? They are useless, make me waste money. But beating them up sure feels go.."

He didn’t finish his sentence. The girl already had him on the ground with the force of her kick.


She was fast, he didn't have time to get up, she was already on him dispatching blow after blow.


Her knuckles were dripping red by now, but she can’t stop.

She keeps seeing Takuya’s small casket, his photo, he is so young and Akkun was in jail and Yamagishi and Makoto disappeared.

And Takuya’s face was on her patients bodies, the ones she couldn’t save, because they bled too much.

Takuya was hurt, he was bleeding red on the ground.

And no one did anything.


Can you hear?







She heard a sound of something crushing and that made her stop. She looked at the boy under her and oh my god, what had she done?

He was breathing still, but there was so much blood. He was imobile and she broke his jaw, that was what made the sound then, the girl thought.

The place was dead quiet. Everyone was looking at her, most with fear and some with admiration? She doesn’t know and doesn’t have time for it. She may hate this piece of trash, but she won’t let him die and her boys need medical attention too. She picks up her phone with her dirty hands and calls an ambulance, telling them to hurry because the boy is very hurt and no, she didn’t see what happened to him. The second she turns her phone off she looks up again. It 's still silent.

“Whatever this bullshit was, it’s over!” The girl said leaving no room for contestation.

“Kiyomasa doesn’t have any more power, you are free!”

This seemed to have the desired effect. The crowd screamed in joy. Most of them were forced to be there and lived in fear of retaliation, but that tiny girl freed them all. She was a hero.

Takemichi on the other side, was feeling anything but a hero. She picked up her boys and got out of there as fast as she could. She ignored the worried glances of Yamagishi, the nervous chic of Makoto, Akkun calling her name, Takuya gripping on her arm and the blood red dripping dripping, dripping from her knuckles. She just needed to keep them safe, she needed to get them medical attention and then, then she would think.


Kazutora was in the middle of a Valhala reunion when he received a call. His mood immediately increased when he heard the ring song he picked for his favorite girl and didn’t delay on picking up the phone.

Snif “T - Tora.” snif.

His blood went cold.

“Michi?! Michi, talk to me, what is happening?”

“ C - can you *snif* pick me -e up, p - please?”

“I’m on my way. Where are you?”

When she finished giving him her location he was already getting off on his bike. Kazutora never drove so fast in his life. He doesn’t know how many laws he broke and frankly couldn’t care less. The only thing that mattered was finding Takemichi.

He found her exactly where she said she would be, but he had to take a step back when he saw her. Her hands were covered in blood, she had some in her clothes too and had her arms around herself in an attempt to calm down a little, but it wasn’t working much.
He ran over there, leaving his bike on the street and kneeled in front of her. The boy put his hands on her arms to draw her attention.


She looked at him with those big doe eyes full of tears and pain, but she seemed so happy to see him.

“Tora.” The girl threw herself on his arms and he immediately cached her in a hug.

“ Come on Michi, let’s go home.”

He wanted to bring her to her house first, but she refused saying that her friends would go there searching for her and she couldn’t face them right now. He also couldn’t bring her to his wing in Valhalla, it would be big and private, but he wouldn’t get her to a gang wearhouse. So it only left one option. He brought her to his one room apartment downtown, it was small and cramped, but had everything he needed to survive, so they could hide there.

The girl was lethargic and Kazutora really didn't want to think about what happened to get her like that. She would talk to him later, now she needed a bath. He helped her undress, taking care to not see anything, and got her to the bathroom area, closing the door to give her some privacy. Meanwhile the duo haired boy looked for clothes that the girl could use, he didn’t have many of those. The boy settled for a large shirt that was big on him and could be used as a dress and a pair of new boxes still in the package, so she would be wearing something underneath. He knocked twice to let her know he was there and waited for the door to open a bit so she could get everything she needed.

When Takemichi gets out, Kazutora has to remember to breathe, because she is so beautiful wearing his clothes. Maybe he can convince her to wear them more often. But that is a wishful thinking for another day, now his girl is suffering and that can’t stand.

She walks in his direction and sits on his lap sideways, with their legs kept close and her whole body against his. He wrapped his arms around her and softly started to caress her hair. They stayed like this for a long time, just feeling the warmth of each other's bodies, completely silent if not for the sound of their breathing.


"Yes, Michi?"

"I almost killed someone." Oh, he did not expect that.


Takemichi took a deep breath and wrapped her arms around his torso, trying to make the space between them even smaller. As if there was any at this point.

"Some brute called Kiyomasa was making slaves out off my cousin and my Mizo boys."

"He had a fighting ring and was making them fight. My Mizo boys don't know how to fight, Tora."

Tears were starting to pool on her eyes, but Kazutora just kept caressing her hair, waiting for her to continue.

" When I found out about this, I ran so fast. I ran and prayed that I got there on time. Do you know what I found when I got there?"

The girl's expression grew dark at this.

"Takuya was on the ground, bleeding. There was a brute there with him, acting all high and mighty, because he was winning."

" That son of a bitch told him to keep beating my friend. That if he stopped, he would hurt him. They were going to beat Takuya to death behind a school and no one did anything."

"I saw red."

Her grip on him tightened, but the boy didn't move.

"I went down there and stopped everything. I swear that I just wanted to get my boys out of there. I swear to you Tora. But when that brute came, the only thing I could see was Takuya's dead, bloody body. I lost it."

" I beat him to the ground and kept hitting and hitting him. I didn't even feel what I was doing. All I could think was Takuya's beaten body and a too small coffin and I just couldn't stop."

The brunette was openly crying now, wetting her friend's shirt.

"W - when I came b - back I thought I k - killed him. There w - was so much b - blood. I broke his j - jaw, knocked out s - some teeth and a - almost broke his skull."

" I - I was so s - scared, Tora."

Kazutora was silent for a moment. He let her cry freely, not a care in the world for the mess. His head was also in turmoil, what could he say to this that won't upset her even more?

" It's not your fault, Michi." He finally said.

Takemichi took her head out of his chest to better look at him. The duo haired boy took a deep breath and continued.

" You just wanted to protect your friend. You saw him get hurt and lost control. It 's normal."

" I don't regret it."

" What?"

"I don't regret beating that piece of shit up. I didn't want to go this far, but I' m not sorry."

" Does that make me a monster?"

"NO!" He said, tightening his arms around her.

"No. You are NOT a monster. You are the most selfless, kind and loving person I have ever met."

" You are capable of feeling pity for this useless piece of trash and stopped yourself when you thought enough was enough. That's better than what I would do, that's for sure."

" You are beautiful inside and out Michi, never doubt that."

She smiled at him through her tears feeling so relieved that he didn't run away from her. She didn't know what she would do if he did. She hid her face in the crook of his neck, inhaling deeply. He always smelled so good and it calmed her down so fast. And Takemichi really, really loved his tattoo.

"You are tracing it again." He said with humor in his voice.

" I really love it. It fits you so well. My tiger."


After a moment she broke the silence again.

"Have I ever shown you mine?"


" My Tattoo."

" No. I think I saw it peeking from your shirt sometimes, but that was it."

" Look closer then."

She smiled at him and got back a bit, just to have enough space to turn around. She then got the back of the shirt up all the way through her neck. Her bare back fully exposed to him.

Kazutora was speechless.

From the end of her neck to her lower back, extending to her shoulder blades and dripping to her sides a huge dragon stared at him. It had black scales that shined with the deem light of the room, golden details that look like precious jewels dripping down her skin. And the eyes. Beautiful sapphires stared back at him with the fury of an endless sky. It was enchanting, it was beautiful, it was … it was her. She was the dragon.

"You can touch it, Tora - chan."

At her permission, the duo haired boy started tracing the drawing. It was so intricate and detailed. He wondered how long it took to complete it, how much it hurt. He hissed when he remembered his own pain back then. His tattoo hurt quite a lot and it was way smaller. But she is stronger than him, always was, Michi would put through the pain with pure determination and spite. And the result is beautiful.

"My grandma always said I was a little dragon. I was small but I would conquer the world."

Takemichi got quiet again for a moment before continuing.

" She said that if someone needed help, I would come roaring and fight the problem away. Be it with my fists, my words or my actions, I would always fight and I would win."

"When she died I got this tattoo to remind me that I'm still her little dragon, to remind me that life is still worth fighting for, even if it gets lonely sometimes."

"I thought my grandma would be disappointed with me today, but you calmed me down and made me feel less alone. Thank you, Tora - chan."

She had turned around by this point and was smiling so sweetly at him that he could almost convince himself that it was love. That she actually loved him.

"Tora - chan."

"Yes Michi?"

"You are my tiger, Tora - chan."

" That I am."

" And I am your dragon."

Kazutora could feel the exact moment that the tears started to fall from his face. How long has it been since anyone was his? That someone cared about him? It had been so long he almost forgot what it was like. He almost forgot this happiness. The smile on his face was so big his cheeks were hurting.

"You are, Michi."


Yesterday was filled with emotions for Kazutora, some more familiar than others, but it exhausted him. He still had that warm feeling inside from when Michi said she was his. So when he saw his friend at his door his heart skipped a beat. Was she ok? Had she gotten into another fight? Did her so-called friends make her upset?

"Hello Michi."

" Hi, Tora - chan."

" Missed me already?"

" Always. But, I came because I have some very important news for you."


" Yep. It would be better if we got inside first though."

The duo haired boy didn't think much of it, his friend always had a new thing going on. So he just let her into his house and got some tea for both of them, while they talked.

" Tora - chan, I went to your house."

" I know, Michi. I brought you here."

" No, Tora - chan. I went to the house that was supposed to be yours. And I talked with your mom."

His blood went cold. What was she doing there? Why did she go there? Worse. What did that woman tell Takemichi? He was sweating now and his anxiety was increasing really fast.

"Why?" It was the only thing he managed to get out.

" Because I wanted to give you something and that place was listed as your formal address, so I went there."

"I understand now why you live here."

Oh no. He needs to calm down. Maybe that woman just badmouthed him, she liked to do that. Maybe she didn't talk about the incident at all.

" She told me why you went to juvie. Warned me about you."

Ok, he is panicking now. He can’t lose her too. She is the only good thing that happened to him in a long time, but since when is he allowed good things? His life is a series of disappointments, he should have expected this. She is too good for him anyway, too pure. Takemichi shouldn't be tainted by him.

" I slapped her in the face."

What?! She did what?!

" I was so angry. You were a child, still are, but you were a smaller and scared child and she abandoned you."

" You did a horrible thing, that's true. But you didn't want to do it, it was an accident. You had very good intentions, just went the wrong way about them. You paid for your mistakes and now you have another opportunity to get it right."

Wait, was she on his side? Impossible, no one is ever on his side. He must be hallucinating, that's the only explanation.

" That's why I did something about it. I hope you don't get mad about it Tora - chan, but I couldn't let it continue like that."

She passed him some papers into his hands. Kazutora was confused and a little bit air headed from this conversation, but he tried to read it nonetheless.
He can't believe it. No, he must be reading it wrong. No one would have done it for him, he wasn't worth it. There is no way.

" Is everything alright, Tora - chan." She asked him softly and seemed so concerned about him.

The boy got his head up, tears flowing freely, hands trembling around the edges of the paper.

"H - how?"

" It wasn't fair. So I made a deal with her. I wouldn't call the police on her about child abuse and she would put the child support money your dad is forced to pay and some of her own too into your account. She didn't seem to like it but was more afraid of the police, so she did it."

He immediately checked his account and it was there. The money was there, he didn't need to depend on the gang's money anymore. He has his own.

" Also. If you want, you can come live with me."

" Y - you would w - want to life w - with someone like m - me?"

" You can cook, clean, and iron the clothes. You got some mad skills at couponing and can always find the best quality things when we go buy stuff, be it groceries, electronics, etc. You can handle my clingy ass and don't bat an eye when I am all draped over you and you listen to me talk for hours about something you have no idea about, just because it makes me happy."

The brunette put her hands on each side of his face.

" You are a good person, Tora - chan."

He was sobbing by now. He felt so much love. No one had ever done anything like this for him before. No one thought he was worth this much care, this much love.
Takemichi let him cry on her shoulder. Arms around him in a secure embrace, she let him pour out his emotions on her, while she caressed his back and his hair. Eventually he stopped crying but his grip was as tight as before. As if he was afraid that if he let it go it would all disappear.

"Tora - chan."

"Yes, Michi."

"Let 's go home."


They got everything they could carry and went out for the day. They would come back for the rest, but right now there were more important things to do. They held each other's hands all the way, both nervous and excited.
They were now at the girl's house or more accurately, their house now and wasn't that exciting? They were just sitting at the table, but their hearts were beating so fast.

“Oh. I almost forgot. Wait here, Tora - chan.”

The brunette was back almost as soon as she was gone and she brought a yellow package with her.

“Here. All this kinda started because I wanted to give this to you. I hope you like it.”

Kazutora opened the gift with care, trying to not rip the packaging. God, when was the last time someone got him a gift? He needs to keep his emotions under control, he already cried two years worth of tears today. When he finally pulled the present out , he knew it was all to waste, the boy could feel the tears pooling on his eyes again.

“It is a knit tiger plushie. I made it to match the dragon one you got me at the arcade.”

“You made this for me?”

“Of course. It’s not much, but I made it with love. Did you like it?”

“I love it. Thank you so much.” Kzutora said, hugging his plushie.

“That’s good, because it is going to be your home warming gift.”

Takemichi then took Kazutora’s free hand on hers.

“Welcome home, Tora - chan.” Her smile was so big when she said that.

“I’m home, Michi.” And for the first time in so long, his smile was blinding too.

Chapter Text

“Eh. Is this the right place?”

Takemichi was in front of a very luxurious building right now. Her friends invited her to the pool and with the hot weather she immediately agreed. But now she isn’t so sure if she is at the right place, it seems too fancy.

She checked the address again to confirm that yes, it was the right place, before she got in. The second she stepped inside a well dressed man came to greet her.

“Excuse me, miss. You are Haganaki - san, correct?”

“Hello sir. Yes, that’s me. My friends invited me here.”

“It’s a pleasure to have you here today Haganaki - san. Please follow me.” He said with a deep bow, before gesturing for her to follow him.

“Please, allow me to carry your luggage.”

“Oh. That’s not necessary.”

“I would insist on it, Haganaki - san. It’s not right for our estimated guest to carry unnecessary weight.”

She gave him her purse, still a bit awkward about all the attention. They were treating her like someone important and her bag isn’t even that heavy.

He guided her to the elevator and pressed one of the buttons. The whole trip was mostly done in silence, which just agitated the girl more. But it changed when they got to their destined floor. Takemichi was stunned.

It was one huge garden. There were trees and flowers and plants everywhere, it was so colorful and beautiful. As they started to walk through the place she could see at least two fountains that looked like something she had seen on photos of fancy onsens. One of them had a huge karpa fish from where the water was coming from and there were real karpa fish swimming there too. That was so cool.

She noticed that there was an open area as well with big glass windows. Perhaps they stayed closed during the winter so the place could still be used. She was so distracted by everything that she didn’t notice they had arrived at their destination.

“Bunny!” “Takemichi - chan!”

Takemichi snapped out of her trance to see they had arrived in a styled pool in the middle of the garden, her friends were already there.

“Ran - chan! Rin - chan! Long time no see!” She was so happy to see them again. They normally could only meet once a week. They were probably busy with school and their careers as models? Idols? Both? Well, she doesn’t know exactly but she will support them either way.

“We missed you so much blueberry pie.” Ran was the first to get to her, his big arms envolting her on a hug.

“I missed you too. Come on Rin - chan, where is my hug?”

Rindou is the shyer one, their physical interactions always left him blushing, but he hugged her as tight as his brother.

“Ran - chan, you have your hair down. So pretty.” The girl said as she combed part of his hair with her fingers.

“Thank you, fawn.” He was blushing, but she didn’t noticed still playing with his hair.

“Takemichi - chan, did you get our present?”

“Oh. I did, it was so pretty. Thank you very much.”

“We are gla..”

“I couldn’t wear it though.”

It made them pause. Maybe they were too forward? Should they have waited a little more to give her something like this?

“Was there something wrong with it?” Rindou tried, a little disappointed that she wasn’t wearing the gift.

“If you don’t like it, you can say it, bunny. We won’t be mad, we promise.” Ran was also a little disappointed, they spent an hour choosing this present, wanting it to be perfect. But, of course she didn’t have to like it for their sake. They physically can’t get mad at her, she is too precious.

“No. No. It is nothing like this. I love it, but it didn’t fit.”

“It didn’t fit?” The brothers were confused. They were so sure they got the measurements right. They even got an informant from her school to get the measurements from her uniform, they are so gonna beat him up by the way.

“Was it too big, pumpkin?”

“Oh, no. It was too small.”

“Too small?” Ok, now they were confused. She was so tiny, they were worried that it would be a little big on her.

“Yeah. The bikini was so soft and such a nice color too. I love sky blue, but it was too small. Look, I will show you my real size.”

Takemichi took off her clothes to reveal a neon green two piece swimsuit.

“See. I need it to be a size or two bigger so I can wear it.”

Ran and Rindou were not expecting that at all. She had soft muscles all over her body, which gave her a strong yet feminine look. She also had some scars, from previous fights no doubt, either way they would ask about it later. If the person was still around, they would have a very long conversation with them. But all that they had somewhat expected from her, what they were not expecting however were the big soft looking boobs and her absolut dump truck of an ass. And those thighs. She could crush their heads with those thighs. Easy!

Oh, no.

Now they were thinking about it.

“ O - oh.” It was all that Ran managed to say about it without combust from blushing. Rindou, on the other hand, looked like he was going to pass out at any second.

“Yeah. I think my clothes kinda hide my real measurements. Hahaha. My friends always say I don’t know how to dress properly.” The girl said, scratching the back of her head.

“D - don’t worry, bunny. We can exchange it for the right number for you later.”

“Really? Wouldn't it be too much work? I can do it myself, if you tell me the store you got it from.”

“Of course not, Flower. We will do it for you.”

“Thank you.” Oh. Now she was smiling, they loved that smile. It made them all warm inside.

“You have a tattoo.” Rindou, who was still very much red, suddenly said, pointing at her back.

“I do! Look, look.” Takemichi then turned her back to them so they could see better.

“Oh my. To think I have been calling you Bunny all this time and you didn’t correct me once, sweetheart.”

“Not my fault that you thought I was a bunny, Ran - chan.”

“And she bites too, I like it. But that 's better, you know. Now we don’t have to worry about scaring you.”

The brothers also took off their clothes, staying in their swimming trunks and showing their full body mirrored tattoos.

“Wow! Those are so cool. And you match, that’s so cute. I wish I had someone to match tattoos with me.”

The girl thought it was so nice of them to do the body art this way, it got her a feeling of how important they were for each other. Two halves of a whole. It was really cute of them. And of course, they have very nice bodies. She needs to look away before she makes a fool of herself. She can already feel her face heat up, despite the cold water of the pool.

“Maybe we can plan future tattoos for the three of us, Takemichi - chan.” Rindou said, feeling a bit courageous at the moment.

“Look at that. Our tiny dragon made my baby brother bold.”

“Shut up ni - san!” Rindou threw water at his brother's face in an attempt to make him quiet.

“Hahahaha. We can do that. We just need to think about a really nice design, so when you are all famous in your pretty boys' careers and forget about me, it doesn’t bother you guys.” The girl said as a joke. Of course she would like to have match tattoos, she was being sincere in that part. But she can’t help but remember that she didn’t meet them in her first life and pretty boys like them tend to hang out with the cool kids and have entertaining lives. She is not fancy nor all that interesting. Her idea of a fun night is to knit some clothes or plushies at home while listening to Disney songs and drinking tea.

The boys didn’t seem to appreciate her joke though, because they got really quiet. The brunette sensing the mood change, got a little nervous.

"Was it something I said? I was only joking boys."

" You said we would throw you away." Rindou was looking so sad when he spoke. His big purple eyes shining behind his round glasses.

" Do you think so little of us, pumpkin?" Oh no. Now Ran was sad too. His long hair covering part of his delicate face, giving an even more melancholic air to him.

" No! It isn't like that! You are my friends! My precious pretty boys!" She said putting a hand on their faces.

“Then why did you say that?”

“It’s just.. Look, you two are the cool kids ok. It’s not that you would abandon me at random or something. It’s just that I’m boring. I’m not tall or have a nice sense of style, I don’t eat in fancy restaurants or know the latest trend, I’m also not rich and can’t pay for the most things you two can. My idea of a nice friday night is watching a marathon of Ghibli movies and dancing around the house to some random song I’m obsessing about at the moment.”

She stopped to breathe a little before continuing.

“I also know I’m not the only girl in your lives. You sure have some pretty girls and boys after you, so yeah. I know you will eventually become too busy for little old me, but it’s ok. I will treasure our time together forever.” The brunette finished her reasoning with a smile on her face. She hoped that they understood her this time. She didn’t want them to think she thought they were bad friends or anything. But what they did next surprised her.

Ran picked her up by the back of her tights and closed all the space they had between their bodies. She immediately put her arms around his neck for support at the sudden change of positions. Rindou got closer too, chest on her back, his arms also circling her, his face on her hair. The girl was blushing right now, not that she disliked the proximity, but the brothers weren’t usually so physical with her, Kazutora is the bold one of her boys.

“Never talk about yourself like that again, you hear me Takemichi.” Ran said unusually seriously.

“Come on, boys. I didn’t mean it like th..”

“You are important to us. We don’t care how much money you have, if you are stylish or “cool”. You are perfect just the way you are and we won’t let anyone say otherwise. Not even yourself.” Ran’s eyes were so full of emotion when he was talking that it gave Takemichi chills. He was looking straight at her, their foreheads touching.

“There is no one else for us. Just you. You are our special person.” It was Rindou’s turn to talk now.

“You are the most precious person to us. We will never leave you behind, you are unforgettable Takemichi.” He had lowered his head to speak right on her ear and it was sounding so intimate. It made her heart race.

“You are stuck with us now.” “Forever.”

Takemichi was sure she was crying now. She didn’t know she was so important to them, it made her so happy to see that love in their eyes directed to her. She wasn’t used to being the center of so much love at once. Normally people don’t stay in her life for long, but they were unwilling to work hard for her company. It made her heart warm.

“Lucky me, then. Hope you are prepared for a lifetime of Haganaki Takemichi.”She hugged them both at the same time and hoped that she could show how much she appreciates what they are doing for her.

The brothers were basking on the girl's love, greedily getting everything she was willing to give them. They looked at each other above her head with a silent agreement in their eyes. They are going to make sure she understands just how important she is, they are going to make her see it, they swear. And in the meantime, they are going to spoil her rotten.


Takemichi was coming back home after a little shopping trip, she took more time than she thought and it was already dark outside, well at least the weather was cooler now. She was suffering this summer, she really didn’t remember it being this hot, damn it. But the shopping trip was fun, she even met that girl that she saved from some weirdo a while back. They immediately clicked together and even exchanged numbers. She was so excited to have more girl friends, she loved all her friends, but the number of boys around her was increasing fast and she needed some girl touch sometimes. She can’t speak with them about periods or the pretty lacy underwear she saw in the store or the cute actor in the movie. She tried with her Mizo boys and they got embarrassed and acted really weird about it. Maybe she should try again with her newer friends, they are pretty boys, perhaps they have more experience with this. There is no way any of them haven’t gotten a girlfriend who also talked to them about it or something like that. Yeah, she will give it another try.

She was almost home when she heard a commotion.

“Ah? What is it? It is coming from the children’s park.”

She got closer to investigate and saw some bigger kids bullying a smaller one. Oh no. Not on her watch. The girl set her shopping bags aside and ran to help the small child.

“Hey! Stop this bullshit right now!” She said punching the biggest one there.

“Get away from him, you brutes!” She picked up an empty glass bottle and broke it, pointing at the bullies.

“If I see any of you picking on him again I will be angry and you don’t want me to be angry.”

They ran away pretty quickly after that.

“Hump. Cowards.” This is the second time today that she has to beat up some assholes. She doesn’t know what is happening in her new life to be this much bitch punching, but apparently, it is her new side job now.

“Are you ok, kid? Did they hurt you somewhere?”


“Wait, Naoto - chan?”

It was Naoto, Hina's baby brother. He was so young, smaller than her. How long has it been since she had to look down to talk to him? Too many, that's for sure. And here he was, alive, strong and so tiny. She wants to cry.

“Oh, Naoto - chan. I missed you so much.” She was hugging him now, he was so soft. Last time she saw him, he was all tall and fit. He had been going to the gym if she remembers right. Said that he wanted to impress some nice girl he had a crush on, always asking her for tips. She would gladly give it to him, even if she didn’t understand why knowing her favorite flowers or her ideal date would help him. But she wished him all the luck in the world. He even said that she would have a very special role in his wedding, she was so excited about it. Takemichi tightened her hold around him, so glad he was alive.

“I missed you too Michi - chan.” He said, hugging her back.

“Naoto - chan, since when are you being bullied?”

The boy tensed a little, he clearly didn’t want to talk about it.

“It’s nothing really.”

“That didn’t seem like nothing to me.”

“Look, I didn’t want to burden people with it, ok. I'm a man. I’m supposed to be strong one and solve my problems.” Oh, his eyes were watering now. He is really sad, she thought.

“You are right. Strong people fight for themselves, but you know what stronger people do? They fight for those who can’t fight alone, but the truly strong ones admit when they need help.”

The boy looked at her curiosity.

“It is really difficult to admit we need help, even I struggle with it sometimes.”

“You? But you are the strongest person I know.”

“Yeah. But it’s hard to understand that you can’t fight every battle, that sometimes we need another pair of legs to support our weight. It requires courage.”

Naoto stayed quiet for a minute, thinking about what he just heard. It was quite different from what the other boys said at school, but Michi was always smarter than any of them anyway. She is the smarter person he knows, aside from his big sister, of course.

“I understand.” He said at last.

“I don’t think those pests will bother you anymore, but if someone else messes with you, come and find me ok? I will make them stop.” She said petting his head, with a smile.

“Ok.” He smiled back.

Takemichi ends up taking him home, just to make sure no one would try to jump on little Naoto again. She was planning to go back to her house right after it, but alas, the universe did not agree with her plans.


“Hi Hina - chan. I came to deliver this little man home.” She says pointing to Naoto.

“Naoto! There you are. I was starting to worry. Come on, get in, you too Michi.”

“Oh, thank you Hina - chan, but I have to go back home.”

"Nonsense. We barely spoke since the classes started again, you must stay for dinner.”

And that’s how Takemichi was basically kidnaped by her friend for the night. They had dinner, watched some variety show on tv and now they were in Hinata’s room talking about all things and nothing at the same time. She missed this, she missed her friend. But when she met her again here, all alive and happy she almost cried then and there. She was so glad her friend was fine, it just took a while to get rid of that sad feeling that her friend was hurt in the future. She wouldn’t let it happen again, so Hinata would be in her life a long while yet and it made her heart feel really full.

“So, how is your boyfriend, Michi - chan?” That threw her away from her thoughts full force.

“Boyfriend?” The brunette asked, confused.

“Yeah. The blond and black haired boy that spends a whole lot of time with you. He is our senpai, isn’t he? You know, I’m kinda mad with you. I got home from a family trip to find my best friend got a boyfriend and didn’t even tell me. I didn’t even get the chance to practice my shovel talk.” The pinkette was pouting, she thought they were supposed to tell each other everything. Her friend hiding such an important change in her life is a low blow in her opinion.

Meanwhile, Takemichi is very confused.

“Are you talking about Tora - chan? But he isn’t my boyfriend, he is my friend.”

“Michi, you don’t have to lie to me. I’m not gonna judge you. I know that you like the bad boy/ delinquent type. He is really pretty too, I have to admit.”

“Hina - chan, I’m not lying. Tora - chan is precious to me and I love him to pieces, but we are just friends.”

Hinata was absolutely not convinced by this. There was no way that her friend wasn’t in a relationship with that boy, not with the way they are attached to the hip and touching all the time.

“Michi, I was looking for you today so we could spend lunch together and when I found you two on the roof, I had never closed a door so fast in my life.”

“Eh? I didn’t see you. Why didn’t you go to us? We could have spent lunchtime together. I’m sure that Tora - chan would have loved you too.”

“Michi, you are my friend so I’m gonna be honest with you. I thought you two were gonna fuck on that roof.”

“EEEHHHH?! W - what? H - how could y - you think t - that?!” Now the brunette was really red. She was so embarrassed. How could her friend think that?! They were just sitting together, nothing out of ordinary. Ok, she was on his lap, but when wasn’t she on his lap?! It’s totally his fault for being so comfy.

“Takemichi, you were on his lap, your clothes half opened and your face was on his neck.” Hinata said clearly not amused.

“I’m always on his lap. We are two clingy bitches, that’s why we were always touching. And it was really hot, so we opened some buttons from the uniform, just that. My face was on his tattoo. I like to trace it, it calms me down, ok. He does the same with mine.”

Oh fuck, her friend was in denial. Hinata thought.

“Well, I don’t know what kind of bullshit you two got going on then, but he better be treating you right. And for the love of god, be careful. I had to distract your Mizo boys all recess so they didn’t find you two.”

“Tora - chan always treats me well. And why would you do that?”

“So they didn’t try to punch your pretty boy for being so close to you.”

“ That’s ridiculous. Why would they do that? They know Tora - chan can beat them all up blindfolded and with two arms behind his back. Makes no sense for them to pick a random fight with him. And they all know I don’t tolerate my boys fighting each other.”

“They would be trying to defend your honor.”

“From what?”

That was when the pinkette gave up. Her friend was in denial and she knew a lost fight when she saw one.

“Nothing, it is a boy thing.”

“Boys are weird sometimes.”

“Yeah, they are.”

Hinata just hoped that her precious friend was alright. Not that this boy seemed bad news or anything, she could see the love in his eyes every time he looked at the brunette. But she would give him the shovel talk anyways, she still had to look out for her friend. After all, Takemichi tended to be too good for everyone and forgot to take care of herself. But that’s ok, Hinata will do it for her.


Meanwhile in a temple not too far from there.

" I'm telling you guys, this girl is a Godsend. She saved my buddy and his girlfriend from some moebius dirtbags. I don't know what would have happened to them if she wasn't there. I will be eternally grateful to her."

" This is the third time this girl appears out of thin air and helps us a great deal. First she helps Emma, then she dismantled Kiyomasa's fighting ring and now she saves Pah - chin's friends." Said a purple short hair boy.

" I agree. We can't let her go without proper acknowledgement and retribution. She did us a great service." Spoke a tall boy with a dragon tattoo on his head.

"We will start to look for her, then. Don't worry boss, we should be able to find her in no time." Said a boy with pink hair and a big smile on his face.

" It won't be necessary."

All eyes went to the until then silent male.

" And why not, Sanzu?"

" I know her. I can bring her here. Though I would suggest that we have this encounter in a more friendly atmosphere. Meeting a bunch of strange guys in an abandoned temple is not very attractive for a girl."

"Hah?! Since when Sanzu knows people?! He barely talks to us!"

" She is my queen and that's all you need to know." The blond boy said, giving the other male a pointed look.

" Ohhwwn. Big bad Sanzu has a girlfriend. How cute."

" She must be one crazy bitch if Sanzu of all peop…"

The boy couldn't finish his sentence, because Sanzu had him pinned on the wall by his neck.

" If you ever think about my queen wrong" The blond touched the other boy's side with a very sharp knife with warning. " I will kill you."

"O - ok. Ok, fine. I understood."

Sanzu then let him go, if a bit reluctantly and went back to his place within the reunion.

" Fuck! I can't wait to meet this chick! She got mad dog Sanzu to be her jealous boyfriend! We will be best friends! Mark my words Fuyu, we will get her to our division!"

"Right, Baji - san! We will do our best!"

" Oi! Who said she will be in your division? The fourth division is clearly the best! She won't even think about you losers when she sees us!"

"Eh! She should stay in the third division! She helped us the most, so she should be with us!"

" Don't worry, we will get her to our division. She will appreciate that at least someone isn't screaming in her face all the time. Better start practicing how to talk to girls, it seems you are going to need it, Hakkai."

" I - I will do my best Taka - chan."

" Eh, don't worry Sanzu. We will get your girlfriend to our division."

" She is not my girlfriend, she is my queen."

"Your queen, then."

" Oi! Stop getting ahead of yourselves! We don't even know if she would like to join us! This is to thank her for what she did! If I catch any of you harassing her about it , I will pound you to the ground!"

" Don't worry Draken. We will be perfect gentlemen."

" You better be!"

Over the top of the stairs there was the leader of the gang, who watched this interaction with amusement.

"Eh. You seem like a very interesting person, Takemichi. I can't wait to meet you."

Chapter Text

" You know, I don't think you should go."

The brunette stopped tearing her wardrobe down to look at her friend.

" We already talked about it, Akkun. Haru - chan wants to introduce me to his friends. Apparently I helped them a great deal and they want to say thank you."

"That's nice and all. But his friends are the fucking Toman!"

"I know. He told me he was the vice captain of the fifth division, remember?"

"Yes I do." Said the red haired with a grim expression.

“So I knew what I’m getting into from the start. Now, please help me find something to wear that doesn't make me look like a fool that dresses herself in the dark while drunk.”

Akushi, very reluctantly, helped her find some clothes for their outing. He hoped that if she appeared small and cute, they wouldn’t want to fight her. Yamagishi had said that Toman had a code of honor after all, at least he thinks he did. They were kind of distracted by Takuya’s panic attack when Takemichi said she had been invited for a Toman's encounter by the phone. Makoto was surprisingly responsible that day.

He was helping her with her hair when they listened to someone at the door.

“Don’t worry Michi, I will get the door.”

“Thank you, Tora - chan.”

Oh yeah. There was this new headache too. Hanemiya Kazutora had been a constant pain in their asses for weeks and now he was living with their friend. Akushi can’t even remember when was the last time he slept right, because he was so worried that that delinquent would take advantage of his kind friend. Takemichi assures them that he is the perfect gentleman and that he does way more than he should around the house. It’s spotless clean and the cooking is good, he had to admit, but it doesn’t mean they had to like that there was a whole ass gang boy living with their only female friend. He wants to keep her all to himself too. Doesn’t leave her alone at school and can’t keep his fucking hands to himself. Everyone thinks they are together, even Hinata doesn’t believe them when they say that it isn’t the case and worse, they all think it’s cute. What is cute about this? Nothing, that’s what. He isn’t even all that. He is just pretty and tall and fit and cleans the house without Michi asking and his cooking is really good and healthy and he waits for Michi every night to have dinner and makes sure she eats too and he takes her to school everyday on his bike and he does everything she asks him to without complaining and carries the bags when they go grocery shopping and randomly brings flowers to her because she mentioned that one time, three weeks back that she would like to have some around the house. But it’s irrelevant! Michi deserves someone better ok!

“Haru - chan! You are here!” The girl was already hugging her friend by this point.

“It’s always good to see you, my queen.” The boy said, hugging back his tiny friend.

Oh yeah. The other headache just arrived. Akushi thought.

“Come here Haru -chan, I bought some special hair accessories just for you. Sit, sit, I will put them on.”

“My queen shouldn’t have bothered.”

“Nonsense. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to get them for you. They are all sea themed too. No looking now. Just wait until I have put them on your hair.”

Haruchiyo sat on the bed and patiently waited for the girl to do whatever she wanted as usual. She has been using him as a personal styling doll these days. She said with so many new friends with long hair she had to learn how to style it for them and he was more than willing to let her use him as she saw fit. He has been taking way better care of his hair now, since she said she liked it. So he invested in new, better shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, oils and creams, he also searched how to better care for it and started a personalized hair care routine. It was all worth it when she compliments him and spends hours touching and playing with his hair. It makes his heart beat faster in a good way.

"It 's ready. Do you like it, Haru - chan?” She excitedly asked him.

He looked at himself in the mirror and had to blink a few times to convince himself he was seeing right. She did a french braid on him, but she used some kind of silk ribbon that went from light blue to turquoise and finally to water green and intertwined it with his hair, giving it a soft touch of color to his pale blond. Then there were the hair clips, all around his head and braid. There were some starfish, little waves and jelly jellyfish, with the dagling, little, delicate tentacles moving together with his head. It should be too much, but strangely it was stylish and soft. He looked beautiful.

“I loved it. Thank you so much. But I’m afraid I didn’t bring my queen anything in return.”

“You don’t need to get me anything, Haru - chan , you know it. You are so cute! Haru - chan is always beautiful, but you look like a mermaid prince right now. So pretty.”

Sanzu was totally blushing at this. His face, ears and neck were hot at the positive attention and compliments his queen was giving him.

“Look, Haru - chan. I even bought these ones for me so we can match.” She said pointing to the golden star hair clips on her hair

“Now we are the sky and the sea and we both have stars on our heads.”

She looked so excited to match with him, even going as far as to buy all these things so everyone would know they were together. It made him feel so full inside. The knowledge that someone wanted to be seen with him, wanted to show it off to other people. Normally, no one wanted to be seen with him, he was the bad news. Too brutal, too uncontrollable, too imperfect. But this tiny girl was never afraid of him, she liked his company and wanted to show him off like he was something good in her life. Sanzu never was someone’s something good before, he is still getting used to it, being her good thing. Because he was hers, that's the truth. He stopped being Mikey’s sometime between her treating his injuries and her saying he had value, that he was also important, he also mattered. He stopped being Mikey’s and became hers first instead and he has never been so happy in his life.

“That’s wonderful, my queen.” Sanzu said, his eyes growing soft.

“Oh no, look at the time! We need to go, Haru -chan. Your friends must be already waiting for us.”

Right. They were supposed to meet his “friends” in the park in 15 minutes. He can already feel the headache coming. He hoped they weren’t going to embarrass him too badly in front of his queen.

Takemichi put the food inside the picnic basket with care, so nothing would get out of place and got a medium sized bowl with some of the pastries she made as well. She then got her heart blue sunglasses, her dragon haori, her keys and her phone that she put in her Totoro bag, before getting close to the door to say goodbye to her boys.

“ Here Akkun, some of the food I made. Don’t forget to share with Takuya, Yamagishi and Makoto. Don’t think I won’t know if you eat them all by yourself again.” She said, giving the bowl to him.

“Auch. Michi got me again.” Akushi was putting his hand on his chest, fake hurted feelings.

“Hump. I always know when you boys are up to something. It’s my superpower.” Takemichi said, smiling.

“Tora - chan, I will be back for dinner, so don’t worry, ok. Want me to bring something?”

Kazutora picked her up by her waist and brought her to his lap in a tight hug. She hugged him back just as tight. Her silly, clingy tiger.

“I just want you home safe, nothing more.” The duo haired boy sounded almost desperate in his request. Eyes full of emotion looking straight into hers, their noses almost touching.

“I will come home in one piece, you overprotective tiger. Don’t worry.” The brunette said, making their foreheads touch. “But now, I really need to go, Tora - chan.”

He nodded and reluctantly let go of her. Takemichi said her goodbyes once more and reminded Kazutora to lock the door, before heading out. But before Haruchiyo could follow her, he was dragged back by Kazutora’s dead firm grip on his shirt.

“If you, Toman trash, touch one strand of her hair wrong, there will be no god capable of protecting you from me.” He was dead serious, eyes of a person ready to murder.

Sanzu scoffed at this and freed himself from the other boy, going back to follow the girl out, before briefly turning around.

“No need to get your panties in a twist, you mangle cat. If they do that, I will gut them myself.”


“Sooo. This turned out to be a picnic?” Hakkai is not complaining, mind you. He likes the idea of a nice picnic with his friends. It’s just very different from what they usually do in formal meetings of captains and vice captains like this.

“Well, we couldn’t invite her to meet us in an abandoned, empty place at night. She doesn't know us. So meeting in a public, open place like this at daylight is much more attractive and she would actually come instead of being suspicious.” Mitsuya explained, while arranging the towel on the grass.

“ Apparently, when Sanzu asked her about meeting us, she insisted on bringing food and it would be very impolite of us to not bring something too.” Mucho said, while putting down the bowl with his dish on the picnic towel. His food was clearly one of the more healthy options there.

“She better eat what I brought, my mom took time to make it.” Baji was putting his own dish down, but instead of being in a simple one color bowl like Mucho’s, his was in a yellow one with little daisies all around.

“I can see, she chose the package too.”

"Shut up! Mom said it would give a good impression and she is always right!”

“Yeah! My mom did it too, see.” Chifuyu showed them his own green one with sunflowers.

“You will feel like losers when she likes our dishes more, because they have a feminine touch to it, instead of your testosterone filled bullshit!”

Draken was praying to any god who would listen for a moment of fucking piece. Haganaki hadn't even arrived yet and he could feel the headache coming. Was it too early for taking his pain medication? Maybe he should save it for later, when he undoubtedly will have to fix whatever misunderstanding his friends will create with this girl. Perhaps she is a sensible person too? It would be nice to talk to someone sane that wasn’t Mitsuya.

“Mikey! Get away from the food!”

“Ehh. But, I’m hungry, Ken - chin.”


“Stop calling me that! You can eat AFTER Haganaki arrives and you will let her eat too.”

“Ok, Ken - chin. I’m going to let her eat, don’t worry. Emma said she would castrate me if I didn’t.”

“Good. I would let her.”

“I knew that having hope for this to go smoothly was stupid.”

All of them stopped what they were doing to pay attention to the new arrival. Sanzu was there with … a soft hairstyle and hair clips, it seems. And was that a cute picnic basket in his hands?

“Did you lose a bet, weirdo?”

“Crass like always. I don’t know why I thought you were capable of behaving like a civilized human being for 5 minutes.”

“You wanna fight, asshole?!”

“Eh. So these are your friends Haru - chan? They seem really lively.”

Everything stopped when they heard the new feminine voice coming from behind Sanzu. They hadn’t seen her before. The girl came to full view now and was smiling brightly at them.

“Hello. My name is Haganaki Takemichi. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” She said, giving a small bow.

Meanwhile, there was only one thing in the heads of all captains and vice captains of Toman.


Holy fuck! This is not what he was expecting at all! They said she was small, but they also said she was a monster in battle. An unstoppable force that didn’t know the meaning of the word lose. Baji is NOT doubting her capacity ok! But he was expecting a fierce warrior looking woman that was probably going to smack him in the face. That is a cute kitten! His heart can’t handle it. Baji is not good with girls, much less cute ones. They are scared of him. They think that he is a brute and are intimidated by his fangs. Oh, no. Will she be scared of him? He doesn’t want that. He will be carefull. Yeah. His mom teached him about it. He will be on his best behavior and she will want to be his friend.

Chifuyu is having trouble keeping his heart in check, because fuck, he wasn’t ready for it. She appeared from thin air, all cute and friendly, and her smile was so beautiful. She looks like a shoujo protagonist, so pretty and with a heart of gold and she knows how to fight. Oh no, she is smiling again. Be still my heart.

Mitsuya is a rational guy. He knows that size and clothes have nothing to do with someone’s capacity to do anything. He knows she is a vicious warrior and a very selfless person for helping their friends without asking for anything in return. He admires her. That being said. He is also a big brother of two little girls and seeing her is making all his senses go hawlkwire. She is so tiny and cute and is happily chirping around them.Who the fuck let her fight those brutes?! He will need names. Now. The only thing he can think is how much he wants to protect her and maybe make an orange juice for her to drink. Yeah, it is hot, she will need the hydration. Oh, he just had an idea for a dress that would look so cute on her.

Hakkai is panicking right now. He tried so hard to be ready to meet Haganaki - san. He even asked his sister’s help, so he was prepared. But when he saw her it was all for nothing. She is just so cute and tiny and her voice is so soft. She looks like those fairytales princesses, that are pretty and kind, with a heart of gold. Oh and her eyes look so kind and determined, he wants her to look at him like that forever. He is sure he is going to make an ass of himself and Taka - chan will be disappointed in him. Yazuhaaa help me!

Pah - chin is surprised. He really didn’t expect that she was this tiny thing, who would even want to fight her? She was so cute. The only thing he wanted to do to her was offer to carry her bag or something. If he didn’t already have a girlfriend he might have fallen in love with her right then and there.

Peh - yan is controlling himself right now. He can’t act like an ass and he is really trying not to, but the only thing he wants to ask is who the hell let her fight?! She is so soft and tiny and cute. Why was she doing the fighting? Didn’t her friends have any honor? She is good, he knows, he had listened to the rumors, but she shouldn't have to be bothered by these things. He swears that if she lets him be her friend he will fight for her.

The Kawata twins are stunned.

Nahoya wants to beat someone up. Who the fuck wanted to harm this tiny fluffy thing? He wants names. He will beat the shit out of them. He also wants to go there and hug her and offer to make some food. Perhaps she likes ramen, he and Souya know how to make some very good ramen. She will like it, he is sure. The pink haired boy also has a huge urge to protect her. He wants to pick her up and put her in a nest together with his baby brother, where he could keep both of them safe and warm forever.

Souya wants to cry. She is so cute and pretty, he wants to hug her for an hour at least. She is so soft and her hair is fluffy and her voice is nice. He wants to protect her against the world. Maybe she will be his friend and they will be able to hang out and she will talk to him with her pretty voice and smile brightly at him like that.

Mucho is not believing in what he is seeing. He will beat his informant up for this. He was not prepared for it. She is a wide eyed fawn. He knows that size doesn’t define strength. Just look at his commander for god’s sake, but still. He didn't even think it was a possibility. She is way smaller than he thought and is dressed all cute too. They will have to proceed with caution to not scare her away, especially the big guys like him. Was it the reason why Sanzu was hiding her away? So she wouldn’t be scared of them and don’t want to talk to him anymore? How do they even know each other in the first place? It doesn't make any sense.

That’s not much that catches Mikey's attention these days, but the girl in front of them right now definitely does. She is smaller than him and capable of fighting off guys three times her size, with is fucking amazing. She is also really cute, dare he say she is cuter than Emma, not that he will ever tell her that. He likes to live. Her eyes are so pretty too, he feels drawn in by them, like he is going to fly in that endless sky. But her voice is the best thing, it is like the whole world has gone quiet and she is the only thing there with him. He wouldn’t mind that actually.

Draken is going to have an aneurism, he can feel it. He gave one look at the others and their stupid expressions shot is stress levels to the max. He can’t let those assholes ruin this, they have to be nice to her, not act like uncivilized monkeys that never saw a girl before. She needs to feel at ease with them, they want to thank her for all the things she did and now, seeing her for the first time he is even more impressed. She is so tiny and yet so strong, he feels proud of her and at the same time he wants to beat the shit out of those people. Picking a fight with a girl and one this small. Scum, all of them. She was so cute too, all happy to see them, it warmed Draken’s heart. He wanted to pick her up and keep her close to him so he could protect her forever. But first they have to make a good impression, which could be a little difficult for him. He is one huge bitch, with a scary face and a fucking head tattoo, so he has to plan this right. Maybe if he smiles more and curves himself a bit he will appear more friendly? Yeah, maybe she will be less scared of him like that. She will, she…She is coming at him?

Takemichi is making a straight line to Draken and he is confused. He thought she would be wary of him, but here she comes, all bright eyes and barely concealed excitement in seeing him.

“Your Tattoo is so cool.”

Oh. He was not expecting that.

“Thank you. Not many girls like it” Draken said, blushing a little. It’s not everyday that a cute girl tells him he is cool to his face like this.

“Eh? Why not? It’s so stylish and cool.” The girl said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“They think it’s intimidating. A dragon tattoo on the head of a big, scary guy and all.”

“Scary?” She looked confused

“Uhm. Yeah. I’m scary, haven’t you looked at me?”

“But you are a pretty boy.”

Ok. Now, Draken was confused and maybe blushing a little more. Damn it. Of all things to call him, she chose the only one that nobody had ever called him before.


“You are a pretty boy. You are just big and have a stylish tattoo. Are you sure people are scared of you? Maybe they are intimidated because they think you are cute.``

Now Draken is really blushing. Like red from head to toe. He was called cute by the tiniest, cutesy girl he had ever seen in his life. She barely gets to his chest, yet here she is, not a single drop of fear from him. Is this how she conquers people? By getting them all hot and feeling the need to protect her, because she is clearly too precious for this world.

Mitsuya decided to pity Draken and shift the focus, before his friend spontaneous combust.

“Do you like dragons Haganaki - san?”

“ I love it! It’s my favorite animal ever.”

"That 's good. I also really like them. Did you know that I designed that tattoo? I also have the same one myself, it’s a funny story actually. Maybe we could talk about it while eating?”

“Wait! You are Draken and Mitsuya, the twin dragons of Toman! Haru - chan told me about you. Oh my, I was so excited to meet you guys! Can we take a picture together? Please?” She was already taking her camera out of her bag. Almost jumping from excitement.

That surprised everyone there. People normally want to get away from them as soon as they find out who they are, but she clearly isn’t like most people. So the three of them got in position to take the photo, the boys thought they should let a little space for her, so she wouldn’t be overwhelmed by them. But Takemichi wasn’t having none of that. She got herself in the middle of them, intertwining their arms, pulling them close to her, smiling impossibly bright. Draken and Mitsuya were blushing so much that they were sure that it would appear in the picture. But they couldn’ help it, she was so soft and looked even smaller up close like this, all happy to take a photo with them.

Meanwhile, all the others couldn’t help but feel jealous. What is so good about those two that she wanted to take a picture with them. They have a very solid reputation in the delinquent world too. That was totally not fair.

“Awwn. It is perfect. Thank you for the photo. We should take more of those, this time with everyone. And thank you too, Haru - chan. You always take the best pictures.”
“Always happy to serve, my queen.”

“Now I have my three dragon photo! Ihhh. I was so excited about it”

“Three dragon photo?”

“Yes! Draken - kun, Mitsuya - kun and me. I also have a dragon tattoo, you see. Mine is on the back, it’s a little different and a bit bigger too. Look, look. I came with this easy to untie top so I could show you.”

Takemichi then took off her haori and untied the lower part of her lilac top so they could see all of her tattoo. She hoped that they liked it. It wasn’t so modern styled like the boys, but she thought it was quite cool too.

Meanwhile the boys are having a collective heart attack. Not only she basically striped her back naked for then without hesitation, but fuck, her tattoo was awesome. It was a work of art that took her whole back and some of them were salivating. The pain she must have felt for it to be done, the courage it took to do this, the thought behind every detail. It was simply stunning

Draken had to physically contain himself from touching her. He wanted so badly to run his big hands over that small, pretty back of hers. She was so beautiful. He could see the muscles there, stretching every time she moved. That dragon looked fiercely at him, challenging him, making him feel agitated. He liked it. He liked it very much.

Mitsuya could feel the drool pooling on his mouth, but he couldn’t care less. She was a work of art and was letting them see it. He wants to kiss all of her back, wants to take his time admiring it, memorize how every trace of that tattoo fits on her skin. He wants to dress her up in his clothes, see his art on her skin, touching her. He is a rational one, always using his brain before his fists, but now, he feels like every bit of the dragon he is.

Baji is drooling, he knows that. He can feel the spit escaping his mouth and dripping down his chin, but the only thing he can think of is that he wants to bite her. Baji has always been a biter. Ever since he was a little kid he would bite his friends and even his mom to show what he was feeling. If he was happy, he would bite you, if he was sad he would bite you, if he was anxious, he would bite you and if he was tired of your bullshit, he would also bite you. That’s just how he is and that tiny girl is making his gums itch for her. He wants to bite her entire back, he wants to leave marks that would look so pretty with her wild tattoo, he wants to know how she tastes on his tongue. Baji Keisuke is hungry for this tiny dragon.

Mikey hasn’t been this excited since the birth of Toman. This girl was beautiful, she was wild, she was fearless, she was. She was perfect. Nobody has a fucking tattoo like that and is not badass and she is talking to them without one single drop of fear and she knows who they are. He had seen grown ass adults cower for less. He wants her by his side, needs her. He can hear his thoughts now, it’s never so quiet inside his head. She will be part of Toman, he decides.Will look so pretty wearing their uniform, standing by his side at meetings. Mikey can barely wait.

“I think they saw enough, my queen.”

“Oh right, silly me.”She tied her top again and put her haori back.

“Here I’m holding everyone from eating, you must be really hungry. Look at you, drooling.”

“No problem, Haganaki - san. We loved seeing your tattoo, it’s really beautiful.”

“Own, thank you, Mitsuya - kun. And no need for formalities with me, we are all friends here.” She said as she got back to the picnic basket to take out her dishes.

Mitsuya was going to respond to her, but Mikey was faster.

“Then you don’t need to keep the formalities either Mitchy - chan.”

Takemichi stopped at this, looking up to where Mikey was crunched down next to her, still smiling.

Draken thought that that was it. Mikey finally managed to piss her off. He was so distracted by her that he forgot to keep his bullshit in check. The tall blond was prepared to apologize to the girl, but then she did something totally unexpected again.

The brunette blinked twice before opening a big smile and saying.

“Ok, Manji - chan.”

Mikey didn’t stand a chance. He was so red he was hot. She managed to shut him up so fast, Draken was feeling emotional.

She then proceeded to take out her dishes, arranging her decorated containers together with the boy’s.

“I brought some of my specialties today. This is my secret recipe quiche, everyone likes those, so I thought it would be a good idea for a non - sweet dish. These are my mini berry cakes, also universally liked. Then Haru - chan told me that Yasu - chan didn’t like sweets very much, so I made some dark chocolate cupcakes for him.”

“You made a different dish just to accommodate me?” Mucho asked, surprised.

“Of course I did. We can’t have Yasu - chan feeling excluded.”

“You didn’t need to go through the trouble Takemichi - san.”

“Nonsense. You are Haru - chan’s capitan, of course you deserve the effort.”

She then looked at him more intensely, eyes going soft.

“Thank you for taking care of my precious Haru - chan and always making sure he comes home safe.” She said, before bowing to him.

“Please Takemichi - san, there is no need to bow to me. I’m just doing my job. I really appreciate the cupcakes though. Thank you for thinking about me.” Mucho was feeling warm inside. She troubled herself with an entire dish just for him and thanked him for his efforts. It was nice.

Meanwhile Sanzu was feeling emotional behind his indifferent facade. So that’s why she was so adamant to include the cupcakes, to thank Mucho for looking after him. No one had done that before.Thanking someone for taking care of him, no one ever bothered to.. His queen is too good to him.

“You are welcome.”

“Oh, but that’s not all. I also brought my special pink and yellow lemonade.” She said with the cutest bottles of lemonade they have ever seen on her hands.
“And for the grand finale, a little sea birdie told me someone here really likes Taiyaki. So I made my own recipe to bring here today. There are 3 Taiyaki’s flavors here, I hope you like it.”

Mikey wanted to kiss Takemichi right now. She brought him Taiyakis! This was clearly a declaration of love. He waited no time in indulging himself. But as soon as he took the first bite he went still.

“Manji - chan? What happened? Does it taste bad? Do you have allergies?! I asked, but Haru - chan said you didn’t and”

The stressed girl’s rant was interrupted by Mikey taking both of her hands on his, a serious look on his face.


“Yes, Manji - chan.”

“Break up with Sanzu and marry me.”


“Mikey!!! I told you to not harass Takemichi you weirdo!” Draken said, taking Mikey away from the girl.

“But Ken - chin, her food was the best thing I have ever eaten in my life! How can I not feel in love?!” They boy wined, still in his friends grasp.

“I don’t care! Stop making her feel uncomfortable right now, you asshole!”

True to be told, her food was also the best thing he has eaten by far. It was so tasty and rich, he was ruined for any other pastries forever. Maybe he also fell a little bit in love with her after eating her delicious food. But that doesn’t matter, because she seems very happy with her boyfriend and he will not destroy that. Sanzy really is a lucky guy.

“I’m happy that you like my food guys, it was made with love. But, hum, I don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Wait. Are you not dating Sanzu?”

“Oh no, Na - chan. He is my precious Haru - chan, but we are not dating. ”

“But, you got here holding hands.”

“Both me and Haru - chan like holding hands a lot, Fuyu - chan.”

“Sanzu likes holding hands?” Souya felt his brain hurt. Sanzu. Holding hands? Their Sanzu?!

“He does! And his hands are so soft too. Just like a prince.”

Sanzu was so red right now that he was certain everyone would be teasing later for sure.

Meanwhile most of the boys were silently celebrating, they still had a chance after all.

They were eating now, happily talking with each other about any and all things. She warmed up to them in no time at all and they didn’t have any chance against her charm. Hakkai thought this was a good moment to try to talk to her a bit. He was still nervous, but he was confident he could make a nice comment about her food without looking like an unsocialized heremite.

“ T - Takemichi - s - san.”

“Yes, Kai - chan.”

Oh no, she called him a cute nickname. Calm down Hakkai! You can do this. You can talk to her like a normal person, you, you… She has such pretty eyes! Yazuha didn’t cover that in her classes!

“I - I w - wan - t en, I - I…”

Mitsuya was ready to help Hakkai. He knew how much his friend suffered because of his anxiety and that he made an effort to overcome his problem for today. He was proud of him for trying, but he also wasn’t letting him make a fool of himself. However, before Mitsuya could do anything, Takemichi was ahead of him.

The brunette took both of the stuttering boy’s hands on hers and started to talk with a calming voice.

“Kai - chan let’s do something ok. Close your eyes and breathe in, let’s count. Come on, together. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, breathe out. Again. Breathe in…”

After a few times Hakkai was feeling way better and could think clearly again.

“Are you feeling better, Kai - chan?”

“I am, Takemichi - san. Thank you. I just wanted to say that I really liked your food, especially the mini berry cakes. They were delicious.”

“Oh, thank you, Kai - chan. You make me blush. No need to thank me, it was just a case of anxiety, I saw many of those. And you don’t need to be so formal with me. Call me some cute nicknames too. It’s not fair that only I do it, you know.”

“O - Ok, then. M - Micchi - chan.”

Hakkai feelt warm inside. She was so patient with him and didn’t judge him for his anxiety problem. She even helped him. It was so nice of her. He wanted to present her to his sister. The boy is sure Yazuha would appreciate her too.

The other boys’s eyes softened at seeing this. Hakkai was one of the gang’s babies and seeing the girl being so nice to him pulled the strings of their hearts. Especially the big brothers of the group. Nahoya, Mitsuya and Draken had a stupidly soft smile on their faces.


“And to think our mad dog was so soft.”

“I will skin you alive you pink menace”

“Nah. You won’t. Your “queen” would be upset with you if you did it. And god forbid your queen to be sad because of you”

“And you are awfully smug for someone whose hair was called cotton candy.”

“Don’t listen to him, big brother. He is just jealous that Mitchy likes our fluffy colorful hair.”

“Yet, it’s mine that she spends hours playing with.”

“ We will see about that.” Nahoya said with a grin.

Haruchiyo was about to retaliate again when he heard the brunette approaching their group again.

“Why are you running my queen?”

“I heard some women near the bathroom say that there are a group of dangerous looking boys around here. So I came as fast as possible.”

“Don’t worry Takemitchy, I will keep you safe.” Mikey was quick to say.

“Oh no. I came because I was worried for you guys. It’s a relief you are all fine.”


“I don’t think you had to worry about it, my queen.”

“Haru - chan! Just because people are intimidated by yours and your friend’s cuteness, it doesn’t mean you are untouchable. These people won’t spare you because you are pretty.”

“ She does know they were probably talking about us, right Taka - chan?”

“I don’t think she registers us as intimidating, Hakkai.”

The boys didn’t know if it was hilarious or amazing that this tiny girl thought she should be the one protecting them and not the other way around. It made them even more interested.

They were so distracted with her that they didn’t see the other group of boys getting closer.

“This is the bitch who beat up my boys?! If they lost to this tiny thing, they deserved the humiliation.”

All Toman’s members were immediately on guard. The light mood from early being completely overthrown by a heavy atmosphere.

“What the fuck you want here Osanai?”

“Hello for you too Baji. I’m good, thank you.”

“Cut the shit. The hell are you doing here? Came for a beating?” Nahoya asked, already cracking his fingers.

“As much as I would like to dirty my shoes with your blood.I didn’t come here to play with you kids. I’m here for that whore over there. She beated my boys you see, can’t just let her do that. It would set a precedent.”

The boys positioned themselves in front of her in a protective manner. They wouldn’t let any harm come to their new tiny friend.

“Well, you are out of luck, because she is under our protection and unless you want a fight with Toman, I suggest you to fuck off.” Mikey said with a threatening smile

“Ah, but I can’t do that. I already planned this today, even waited until it was dark and people would give us privacy. I w..”

“Leave my friends alone!”


When they find her, Takemichi is standing in front of Osanai and his lackeys, threatening pointing a finger at him. How the fuck she got there and any of them noticed? But more importantly. They need to take her away from there now!

“You have balls girl, I will admit. But you are in no position to. AHHHHH!!!!”

“I said, get away from my friends.”Her voice was low and threatening.

Osanai was on the ground, a piece of bone picking out of his leg. Takemichi kicked it in an angle that made it easier to break, one punch and he was completely out of commission. She looked at his lackeys, now trembling in fear.

“If I see any of you near me or my friends again I will get really angry. Do you want to see me angry?”

“N - no, ma'am.”

“Good. Now get him and scram, before he bleeds too much.”

They picked up their unconscious leader and ran as fast as they could to the nearest hospital.

“No one told me we were against the blue eyed dragon!”

“That’s not a girl, that’s a demon!”

“She is a monster!”

When they were no longer at view the girl turned around and went back to the group.

“Are you guys ok? Did any of them hurt you? Kai - chan, do you need me to do the breathing exercise with you again?"

They just couldn’t believe their eyes. They were protected by their tiny friend. They should be doing the protection, the fuck just happened? But she was so fast and fierce and brave. Why did she do that?

“My queen, you should have let us handle it! We would have protected you!”

“I know. But my body moved on it’s own. Hehe. I promise that next time I will let you big boys participate too, ok?” The girl said, putting her hand to caress Sanzu’s cheek.

They were in awe. This tiny girl is a wonder, a precious thing full of light and love that shined with the force of a sun. And they wanted to bask in her warmth.

Mikey picked Takemichi’s hands again with more care this time, eyes way more soft.

“Marry me, Mitchy.”

“Ehhh. Manji - chan. What are you saying!?” The girl said with her face growing red.

No one reprimanded their commander this time. They wanted to ask the same question.


“Tora - chaaann! I’m h..”

Before Takemichi managed to finish her greeting Kazutora had already pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Hello to you too, my silly tiger.” The girl said, returning the embrace.

“You might want to let go of me though. Today was hot and I’m all sweating and disgusting.”

It only had the opposite effect, because now the boy sat down, bringing her to his lap and burying his face on her neck. The brunette only laughed and tilted her head to give him more space.

“I was so worried.”

“I’m a strong girl, Tora - chan. I can take care of myself, promise.”

“I know. You are stronger than I will ever be, but I still worry.”

“Overprotective tiger”

“But I’m your tiger.”

“You are.”

“Tora - chan, can’t we cuddle after I take a shower? I feel disgusting.”

"Uhum. I just missed you. We spend so much time together that I got used to your constant presence. It’s weird to not have your weight on me or your hands touching my body.”
Kazutora got his head up, his nose touching her and cheek when he spoke. His hands going up and down her back.

"Own. I missed you too. It’s weird for me too, you know. When your hands are not wrapped around me or when I don’t feel your body on mine, your warmth. You spoil me too much, Tora - chan.”

“He he he. And I will spoil much more. Go take your bath and then come to eat, I made dinner and I will tell you. My crab is to die for.”

“Ehhh. Sounds delicious. I will be back in no time, you will see.” She said, already up and running to the bathroom.

“I’m counting on it” The duo haired boy said with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Chifuyu and Baji were joined by the hip. They did everything together, study, eat peyoung yakisoba, skip classes, go to Toman meetings and they have frequent sleepovers at each other's houses. They are even raising a cat together, their little angel Peke J. So it was safe to say that wherever one was the other would be not far behind. However, today was not like most days. Chifuyu had to go to the other side of Japan for his aunt’s wedding, apparently the love of her life is rich and the party will last for a week or something. Baji is happy for her, he really likes the idea of marrying your soulmate and creating a new life together and genuinely hopes she is happy. What does not make him happy, however, is the lack of Chifuyu in his life. What is he supposed to do without his best friend? Go to the arcade? But Chifuyu is not there to play with him. Study? He doesn’t understand shit without Fuyu there. Read the new chapter of that shoujo manga that both of them like? He wouldn’t betray his friend like that. So he thought he would visit his new friend after school today. They normally go together, but he figured it would be ok if he went alone this once. This decision is the exact reason why he is in such a predicament right now.

“Kei - chan drives so safely, how nice.”

Baji, as a matter of fact, doesn't drive this slow ever, but he is terrified of Takemitchy falling off his bike. So today he is the most exemplary driver in Tokyo. He should never have mentioned he was having difficulty with his homework to her, he should have known she would try to help him. But she was being so nice to him and was playing with his hair and didn’t flinch when he got a little rowdy. He lowered his guard and now she will know just how stupid he is. He really didn’t want her to find that out. Not that he thinks she would be mean or anything like that. She is too precious for it, but she will look at him with disappointed eyes, like pretty much everyone in his life does when his academic life is mentioned.

But that is irrelevant now. What is important is the tiny girl at the back of his bike going home with him for a study date and he will make sure they get there as safely as possible. Man, he will have to buy an extra helmet first chance he gets.

They arrive not long after and Baji offers to carry her bag to his house. They actually live in the same neighborhood, who knew.

“Please make yourself at home.” Baji said, opening the door to her and making space so she could enter his home.

“Thank you for inviting me.”

She left her shoes at the door and got in with only her socks and oh my god, her shoes were so small next to his. She had tiny feet. Baji’s heart can’t take this adorableness. However, his internal screaming was interrupted by a voice coming from inside.

“Keisuke, welcome home baby. I didn’t expect you so earl… Oh. Hello there.”

Baji’s soul left his body in that moment. He didn’t think his mom would be home now, she must have changed her shift. Oh no. He never brought a girl home. His mom will make all sorts of assumptions.

“Hello. I’m Haganaki Takemichi. You must be Kei - chan’s mom, nice to meet you, Baji - san.” The girl said bowing to the older lady.

“Oh dear, no need to bow to me. It’s nice to meet you too. And you can call me Kiyoko. Baji - san makes me feel old.”

“Ok, Kiyoko - san. You have a pretty name.”

“Thank you, dear.”

“Keisuke! Why didn’t you tell me you were bringing such a cute friend over?! I’m so under prepared!”

“It was a last minute thing! I mentioned that I was having a hard time with homework since Fuyu is not here and she offered to help me.”

“Oh. That's so nice of you, dear.”

“It’s no problem at all, Kiyoko - san. I’m happy to help.”

“I insist that you have dinner with us tonight. It’s nothing fancy, since I didn’t know we were having company, but I like to think that I’m a decent cook.”

“That would be amazing, Kiyoko - san. Thank you for inviting me. I will just let my friend know that I won’t be back for dinner.”

“Your friend?”

“Oh yeah. We live together.”

“And you shouldn’t also let your parents know that you won’t make it to dinner?”

“My parents are working abroad, Kiyoko - san. I haven’t seen them in 10 years. Honestly, not sure if I would recognize them if they came home at this point.” The girl's smile grew sad at that. She has accepted her situation, but it still broke her heart that her parents chose work over her.

“Well. You are always welcomed here dear. Between you and me, I love Keisuke to pieces, but I always wanted a little girl too, you know. So, if you ever need a mom, I’m your person.” The woman said with a kind smile.

“Thank you, Kiyoko - san.”


After the heartwarming conversation the teenagers went to Baji’s room so they could get some studying done before dinner while his mom went to the market to get some ingredients and “Leave this door opened Keisuke or so help me.” What did she think they were going to do in that room?!He invited her over to study! Just that! Well, maybe she would play with his hair or if he was lucky, they would cuddle a bit, but nothing inappropriate mom, damn it.

“So, Kei - chan. Let’s begin, shall we. Show me what you need help with.

Baji took a deep breath and showed her all his weekly homework. If he was about to show just how stupid he was in front of his friend, he might as weel make the best of it. Takemichi on the other hand, didn’t bat an eye at the volume of work in front of her. She just chose the subject physically closer to her and started there. She explained to him the topic and instructed how she would do the exercise herself before passing it back for him to complete it.

Baji didn’t know how to feel about this, because for the first time in his life he understood what was being taught to him. It never happened. Never. He was looking skeptically at the exercises, he must have understood it wrong. Yeah, that’s probably it. He understood it wrong and Takemitchy would have to explain it to him all over again and by the end of it she would have that tired face Chifuyu had everytime he taught him. The boy just hoped his friend didn’t treat him differently after that or made jokes about it like some of his friends did. He knows they don’t want to upset him, but it hurts a little. He really tries to be a good student.

Baji gives back his answers to Takemichi already waiting for the disappointed look on the girl’s face.

“Good job, Kei - chan. All correct answers. We can pass to the next one now.”



“You got everything correct. Do you want to pick the next subject to work on?”

No. I - it can’t be. Baji is not smart. He already made his peace with it too. He doesn't understand things the first time explaining it, he doesn’t get all the answers right. It doesn't matter how hard he tries, Baji Keisuke is not a smart kid.

“Can you look again? I think you may have missed something, Kitten.”


The girl picked up the paper again and escaned all the questions before looking back at the boy with a confused expression.

“No, Kei - chan, everything is right. Got all the answers here.”

“No. It can’t be right! I - I don’t just get all the answers right and understand everything this easily, that’s a smart kid thing, I am stupid.”

“Baji Keisuke! Never talk about yourself like that again!You are not stupid! Who said that to you?”

“Everyone. Everyone, everyday, all my life. I mean, mom and Chifuyu never actually said it, but I could see it in their eyes, you know. That tired look that said: How can you not understand something so simple? And they try really hard to help me, but my useless brain makes it so difficult.”

Baji was getting agitated right now. He was not smart, everybody says so. He is not. He can’t, h - he can’t be.

Takemichi had enough of this. She got up from her place and sat right beside him touching his arm to catch his attention.

“Kei - chan, look at me.”

The boy obeyed and the girl moved her hands to his face.

“You are not stupid, Kei - chan. You just learn differently, that’s all. And even if you really had harder time learning, it still doesn't mean that you are stupid. There are different types of smart, no one’s brain is completely useless.”

Baji's eyes were wet. Can he really do well at school? Be like those smart kids that got gold stars and good comments on their work, that make the teacher proud? Can he make his mom proud of him? But, but

“B - but everyone s - said.”

“They were wrong, Kei - chan.”

Baji was sobbing now. All his life. His whole life everyone told him that he couldn’t do it, that he simply didn’t have what it took. And this little girl, who has known him for less than 2 weeks, believed in him and helped him. His tiny friend changed his life, she really did. He will treasure her forever.


Dinner was lively. Kiyoko wanted to know everything about her son’s new friend. When he told her about his new friendship she got worried. Keisuke is a good boy, but he forgets his strength sometimes and gets a little rowdy. There was also the problem with his teeth. Personally, Kiyoko thinks that they are cute, but she had heard the comments her son gets for them. So when he said his new friend was a tiny girl she prepared herself for some misunderstanding and maybe some heartbreak. But it seems she didn’t need to, because this girl, who was smaller than she thought, was completely at ease with Keisuke. So naturally she wanted to know all about this cute, lovely new addition to her table.

“So, you two met at that picnic sometime back?”

“Yes, Kiyoko - san. That’s the first time I saw Kei - chan. He said you made the roll cake he brought that day. It was really good.”

“Thank you, dear. I’m glad you liked it. I’m sure your dishes were amazing too. Keisuke here couldn’t stop talking about how delicious they were.”

“They were! I wanted to bring some for you, but they were finished so fast.”

“No, worry, Kei - chan. I can make more of those next time I come here.”

“You don’t need to go through the trouble dear.” Kiyoko didn’t want to trouble her son’s friend like that.

“It’s no problem at all. I like baking and would love to give some to you and Kei - chan.” The brunette said while smiling.

“You would do that?” Keisuke asked, looking at her with emotional eyes.

“Of course I would. You are my Kei - chan, after all.” Takemichi said as she combed a part of his hair with her hands.

Keisuke immediately leaned against her. Her caresses were always so good.

“Thanks, Kitten.” Baji said, giving her a fanged smile.

“Own. I love your teeth so much, Kei - chan. Doesn’t matter how many times I see them, they are always so cool.” Takemichi was fascinated by Baji’s fangs. She thought it was one of the coolest things she ever saw in her life. She had to contain herself to not run her hands over his teeth.

"Look out, kitten. I can bite you.” He said, turning his head a bit to playfully nibble on her hand.

He shouldn’t have been surprised that his friend did something unexpected. It’s all she does apparently. But when she gets up from her place and gives him a tiny bite on the cheek, he is still shocked.

“And I can bite you back. You are not the only one who has sharp teeth, you know.” She is laughing when she tells him that and properly shows him her own teeth and then he sees it. She has tiny sharp fangs on her mouth too. They are too long and too sharp for it to be normal and not only that. Looking closer now, all of her teeth were a little sharper than normal, she … she looked like a real kitten. Baji wants to hug and kiss her and he really wanted to pass her tongue all over those tiny sharp fangs of hers.

Kiyoko was looking disbelieving at their interaction. Maybe she misread the situation and her son brought his girlfriend over? Was he afraid he wouldn’t get her approval? How could she not approve of this girl? She is perfect. She is nice, polite, has a very decisive personality, is smart, pretty, cute and can deal with Keisuke with no problem. What was there to not like about her? Was he afraid that she would be upset that there was another woman in his life? Of course she wanted him to be her baby forever, but more importantly, she wanted him to be happy and Takemichi made him very happy. Keisuke hasn’t stopped talking about her in weeks, always with that heart filled gaze and he would get so excited to visit her. Even now, when he brought her over, he was acting so loving, Her son is always loving, but now, he has love dripping from his eyes, she can see it. Well, it seems she got a daughter in law and a very cute one at that. Keisuke always had good taste. She thinks with a soft smile on her face.


Takemichi was at her last period for the day. She was glad it was almost over, it had been quite a tiring day and Tora - chan had to go home early so she would go home alone. Well, they could go to that tea house another day and then they could even go all dressed up too. It would be so cute, she would take pictures and put them in her photobook. And Hina - chan invited her to go to Harajuku and eat that big colorful cotton candy there, it would be so much fun. She was so excited about it. and … what is this noise? It was coming from outside apparently and it was getting louder? Suddenly the door was opened full force, interrupting the class.

“Oi, Mitchy! There you are!” Mikey said from the door, happy to finally find his friend.

“Hi, Manji - chan. What are you doing here?” The girl was happy that her friends were there, but also confused, because they don’t go to her school.

“We came to get you so we could hang out.”


“Yes, we. Hi, Takemitchy.” Draken said, revealing himself and scaring some of the students and the teacher.

“Oh, hi Ken - chan. She greeted him with the same enthusiasm she did to Mikey.

“Come on, Mitchy. Let’s take a nice ride near the river and then we can eat Taiyaki. I promise that I will share with you, even if they aren’t as good as yours.” Mikey was blushing a bit just from thinking about it. Mitchy on the back of his ride, the sun setting on the river, creating a very nice colorful background, he feeding her some delicious pastries, hearing her beautiful voice. Just perfect.

“And I promise that we will do something you actually like, despite the whines of this one.” Draken said, pointing to Mikey. True to be told he didn’t protest as much at his idea of cutting classes to go see their new friend. He really liked to spend time with her and may or may not be blushing at her pretty blue eyes shining in happiness in seeing him.

“I would love to.”

“Great, let’s go..”

“After school.”


“This is my last class of the day and there is only 30 min left. We can go as soon as it ends.”

The whole class was silent. Is this girl suicidal? Does she not know who she is talking to?

"Ah, come on Mitchy. You are already smart, let's play for today." Mikey caught her wrist lightly pulling on it to get her to follow him.

" Mikey! If she doesn't want to go, stop pestering her."

"I want to go. We just need to wait a few minutes for the class to finish, you can wait with me if you want. There were two absentees today and they happened to sit beside and behind me. You can use those seats, I'm sure that sensei wouldn't mind." The brunette said, pointing to said chairs.

Mikey and Draken looked at the seats. They would be sitting so close to her, maybe it wouldn't hurt to wait a little bit. They looked at the sensei who was slightly trembling at the attention.

" Ne, sensei. We will stay here for a bit." Mikey informed him with a smile, before taking up the place beside Takemichi.

"You don't mind, do you?" Draken asked, looking directly at the man who trembled even more.

" O - of course n - not"

Draken then proceeded to sit behind Takemichi where he stayed for the rest of the period. It was actually nice, they thought. To stay near their friend like this. Maybe if every class were the same they would be way more interested in actually attending them.

True to her word, as soon as the class was over Takemichi followed Mikey and Draken to the exit, much to the relief of the other students and sensei. Though the other classes were very curious of them and were trying to get a glimpse of the boys who massacred the third year.

They were surprised to see little Takemichi with them. Well, it made sense after the Kiyomasa incident, but they were the captain and vice captain of Toman. It was a whole other level. And she looked so tiny compared to that big guy, will she be ok?

Takemichi on the other hand was shining in happiness. Her two friends and her are going to have so much fun together and… Oh no. She forgot she was supposed to go out with Hinata today. She is such a bad friend. How could she forget? But maybe Hina would want to come with them? Yeah, and she could introduce them and they would all go eat together. That would be great. Now, she just needs to find Hina - chan and..

“What do you think you are doing with Michi - chan?!”

Oh. It seems she doesn’t need to do that after all. How lucky.

“Hi, Hina - chan!”

“Michi - chan! What are you doing with these scary people!? And you! Get the fuck away from her!” Hinata said, putting Takemichi behind her. Why the hell does her friend keep getting involved with the shadiest people in Japan?

“Scary people? Where?” Takemichi started to look around, searching for these scary people. She needs to be ready to protect her friends after all.

“I think she is talking about us, Takemitchy.”

“Ken - chan, you are not scary, we already established that. “

“Who is that Mitchy?”

“Oh, how impolite of me. Manji - chan, Ken -chan, this is my friend Tashibana Hinata. Hina - chan, These are some of the new friends I told you about, Sano Manjiro or Mikey and Ryuguji Ken or Draken.” Takemichi said, happy that her precious friends could finally meet.

On the other hand, Hinata was not amused. These delinquents were the ones her friend keeps talking about? She made them sound like some fluffy, cute idols and not these scary looking boys.

“Are these your new cute friends with pretty hair that you liked playing with?”

“Yes! Don’t you think they are pretty? Manji -chan is small and really strong, like me! And Ken - chan is big and has a really cool tattoo and he picks me up and carries me around so I can be tall like him. And their hair is so nice, they take very good care of it.”

Both boys were really red after listening to their tiny friend praise them like this. She sounded so sincere in her compliments. It was rare that someone had nice things to say about them and to be this excited about their presence. It was really nice to hear. And if Draken asked his sisters some hair advice or if Mikey asked Emma about it, no one needs to know.

Hinata was looking at that and wasn’t believing what she saw. It was worse than she thought. They were simps. Did every boy she told her about in that picnic thing is simping for her? Oh no. Maybe they are. She is not ready for that many simps combined with her friend’s painful oblivion. Her mizo boys will have a stroke, she can feel it. And she really is not excited about what will happen when her boyfriend finds out about all those boys after his girl.

“Yeah, I can see it.”

“Do you want to hang out with us today? I told them I would spend some time with them today if they behaved in class.”

“And they did?” She asked, a little skeptical.

“They were on their best behavior.” The brunette proudly said.

The level of simping of those boys. Hinata swears it’s giving her a headache.

“I think I will pass this time, Michi - chan. We can go get some cotton candy another day. My mom told me to go to the market anyway.”

“Are you sure, Hina - chan?”

“I’m sure.”

"Ok then. See you tomorrow, Hina - chan." The girl said after giving her friend a hug and leaving the school, taking the two boys with her.

Hinata prompted started walking back inside. She stopped at the third door and opened it to reveal Akushi, Takuya, Yamagishi and Makoto in a self-study period.

"Hinata? What are you doing here? Is everything ok?"

"I have some information that I think you should know from me first, so you have the time to process it yourselves before shit hits the fan."

Oh no. They didn't like this one bit.


"Do you remember that picnic with some boys that Takemichi had a while back?"

And now they are liking it even less.


"All simps."

. . .

"Why must god test me like that?!"

"I don't have the health requirements for this."

"Why must they pester our Michi?! Can't they find another poor soul?!"

"Everytime I turn around another boy comes crawling from the gutter, I swear!"

Meanwhile Takemichi is happily riding in the back seat of Mikey's bicycle while chatting with him and Draken, totally unaware of her friend's breakdown.

" You remind me of my older brother, you know. He always jumped in to defend what he thought was right, odds be damn."

" He seems like a really nice person."

" He was. Shitty at fighting, though."

"He was strong when it mattered. "

"He was. My favorite person in the world. He is the reason I wanted to become a delinquent."

They had stopped at one park near the bike road and were watching the sunset together.

" I wanted to give back the delinquent's honor. Too many of us were forgetting why we fight and becoming something ugly. I'm gonna show everyone how it's done." Mikey said, smiling sweetly at Takemichi.

"I think it is a very nice goal. I will be watching you Manji - chan."

" That's what we wanted to talk to you about today, Mitchy."

"Ken - chan?"

" We wanted to invite you to Toman."

"Eh? Me?"

"Yes. You are small but your strength is absurd and you don't show fear going against people way bigger than you. That and your reputation is growing every day."

"Oh. I had no idea that I had a reputation at all."

"But more importantly. You did all that to protect your friends. There are not many people built like that these days." Draken said, putting a strain of her hair behind her ear.

"What do you say, Mitchy? Would you stand by my side? Fight by our side? Let us protect you as you did for us?" Mikey was holding her hands in his now, caressing them with his thumbs.

" I - I, W - well.."

" You don't need to answer now, but think about it, ok?" They asked with a soft gaze.

" I will."


Baji was going to visit his dear friend. He has been doing so good at school lately. At first everyone thought he was cheating which made him quite sad, but soon enough they saw that it was not the case and it had been deemed a miracle. All his teachers wanted to meet his new tutor. They have been complimenting him and his mom has never been so proud. She said he should bring Mitchy home more often and doesn’t seem to understand that she was not his girlfriend. Not that he doesn’t want her to, but they are not like that mom, please chill. Anyways, he thought he could do something nice to her to show his gratitude. So he picked up some ice cream and drinks so they could refresh themselves a little bit. He also picked up one cute pair of necklaces he saw at the store. He thought they were cute, one of them had a dragon pendant and the other had a wolf one. She liked dragons and he liked wolves too. They had cool fangs like him and were nice and friendly and also a little misunderstood. He hoped she liked it too, the thought of them wearing matching items made him feel really warm inside and hot on his face.

When he got to her house he noticed that there was a bike parked there. Maybe it belonged to that friend she talked about. Good thing he brought so much food with him. That way he could also offer it to her friend and cause a nice impression. Baji thought, proud of himself as he rang the doorbell.

“Kei - chan! How nice to see you.” His tiny friend said, hugging him.

“Hi there tiny. I brought food.”Baji said, showing her the bag without stopping the hug.

“It looks delicious.Get in, get in. I will put it in the fridge.”

Baji got in looking around the house, soaking in the images of every corner of that place. It was cute like her, all round corners and soft colors mixed with some points of rebellion here and there. And of course there were dragon decorations, like the koi like one that decorated the diner table and holded a colorful flower bouquet.

“Nice flowers.”

“Thank you. Tora - chan brings me some every few days. I tell him he doesn’t need to bother, and that we have a garden, but he says I smile too prettily every time he brings it for him to stop. They are really beautiful aren’t they?” The brunette said with a smile on her face and blush on her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Baji’s world stopped. He had heard it right? No, it can’t be. It must be someone else. He was still in juvie and even if he got out he would contact him. There is just no way.

“Oh there he is. Tora - chan, Look who is here.”

When Baji turned he almost forgot to breathe. It was really him and healthier than he ever remembered him looking.

“K - Kazutora.” His mouth was dry, he could barely swallow. His tongue felt heavy, like it had too much to say, yet could say a word. His mind was so confused. Was he released early? Why didn’t he tell him? Weren’t they friends? Didn’t they tell everything to each other? Didn’t he promise that he was going to pick him up from juvie? Why was he here?

“Hello, Baji.” Well, at least he seemed as agitated as him.

“Do you guys know each other?” Takemichi asked confused

“ He is the boy I told you about Michi.”

“Oh. So Kei - chan and Tora - chan are good friends already, how nice. I will put this in the fridge and will come back. You make yourself at home, ok Kei - chan.”

As soon as the girl left the room it became clearly colder.

“How long?”

“2 months.”


“Why what, Baji?”

“Why the fuck did you not tell me you were out? Why didn’t I know anything?” Baji was agitated and a little angry. Rightfully so, he thought. Why did his friend leave him in the dark like this?

“Tried to contact you, didn’t work. I thought you didn’t want anything to do with me after all.”

“You know that's not true!”

“Do I? Everyone left. They threw me away like yesterday’s trash. Why wouldn't you? ”

“I sent you letters all these years! I promised I would stand by your side no matter what! You are my friend!”

“You have everything! They abandoned me to rot in juvie! But you! You, they welcomed back with opened arms, didn’t they? Captain of the first division of Toman. Heard you even have a new best friend now? That pretty blond that follows you everywhere like a dog.” Kazutora said bitterly.

“Don’t talk about Chifuyu that way!”

“Protective aren’t we?”

They were silent for a few moments more

“He didn’t take your place.”


“He didn’t! I have enough space in my heart for the two of you.”

Kazutora clearly wasn’t expecting that from the look he made. It was quiet again for a few moments.

“ Why are you here?” Baji asked again

“I live here.”

Keisuke was surprised by that. He was the friend she was talking about? But how the hell did this happen?


Kazutora seemed to think for a little while. He took a deep breath before responding.

“I saw her tearing up in front of a claw machine in the arcade we used to go to as kids. It took one look into those beautiful, big, blue eyes of hers and I was done for. For the next hour I spent all my chips trying to get her the stuffed dragon that she wanted and I got it.”

He laughs a little bit before continuing.

“You should have seen her face when I gave it to her. Her smile was so big you would think I had hung the stars on the sky. It was the first time in years that I felt warm. And after that I just couldn’t leave and she welcomed me back with the same warth every time, so I stayed.” Kazutora had tears pooling in his eyes at this point, but he couldn’t care less. He wanted to make Baji understand, he needed to.

“I stayed and I was loved in a week for all the time I wasn’t in my life. And I loved her too. I never knew I had so much of it inside of me, never thought I was capable of so much love.”

The duo haired boy cheeks were wet by now, but it didn’t matter. He still had so much to tell, he needed to keep going.

“ She went to my mother’s house, you know. She got that woman to give me the child support money that should have been mine from the beginning. I don’t have to rely on the gang's money anymore. I never even dared to dream about this possibility. Never dared to hope and that little girl, who knew me for less then a month did all that without asking for a single thing in exchange.”

“I was in a really dark place, didn’t think I would live past fifthteen. But then Takemichi appeared and suddenly I was doing well in school. I liked to watch anime and Ghibli movies and eat homemade onigiri while doing my nails. I was cleaning the house while dancing to Disney's songs and cooking for two and counting the minutes to go home and the world wasn’t so cold anymore.”

Kazutora then looked straight into Baji's eyes. Both of them were crying now.

“She gave me a home and so much love. She saved me. But I wasn’t the only one, was I, Keisuke?”

Baji started to really cry now.

“S - she said I was not stupid. She t - taught me in a way I could u - understand and now I’m in the m - middle of the class and g - going up. A - and she calls m - me by a c - cute nickname and s - she even bites me back when I do it. And s - she doesn’t treat me l - like I’m a mindless b -brute. I love her so much.``

“What is going on here? Why are you two crying? Something happened? Tora - chan, Kei - chan?” Takemichi was confused. She left her friends for 15 min and came back to both of them crying. Were they fighting? Did they have an emotional heart to heart? Were they hurt? What’s going on here?

Kazutora wanted to say something to his precious girl. He could see she was starting to tear up because of them and he didn’t want to upset her. But he couldn’t say anything, the words were stuck in his mouth, so he did the only thing he could think about. He opened his arms in a silent invitation for her. She was in his arms in no time, taking Baji with her. They stayed in that hug for a long time, trying to pass their feelings through it.


“It’s raining hard outside, I think you should sleep here, Kei - chan.”

Keisuke was exhausted. He basically confronted 10 years of insecurities in 1h and he didn’t want anything more than to sleep for a week, so he accepted her offer.

“Here.” Baji looked confused at Kazutora as he was handed some clothes and a towel.

“Those are mine. Take a shower and go to bed. Second door to your right.”

After the much needed shower, Baji was going to what he assumed was the guest's bedroom so he could sleep his new traumatic experience away. But when he opened the door, he found out he wasn’t alone, nor was it the guest’s bedroom.

He was in Takemichi's room from what he could see and Kazutora was there too?

“Took you long enough, Kei - chan. Come here, there is a spot for you.” The girl said getting a bit to the side to make some space for the long haired boy.

Keisuke got closer to them and stopped right beside the double bed.

“What’s wrong, Baji?” Kazutora asked from his place on the bed.

“Is it really ok for me, for us to sleep like this?”

“Like what?” Asked the girl.

“The three of us on the same bed.” Keisuke said blushing all over.

It’s not that he didn’t want to, he really did and he had had sleepovers with Mikey since they were kids and he and Chifuyu are constantly doing it too. But Takemichi was a girl and it was different, ok. He had never done that.

“There is no problem, see? Just come here.” Takemichi gestured for him to get beside her.

Baji swallowed dry before getting into the bed and laying beside her, still quite nervous.

“Tora - chan sleeps here quite frequently and sometimes Haru - chan does too. So there is no problem for you to do the same. After tonight, I don’t think either of you should sleep alone.” The girl said while combing his hair with her hand. Meanwhile Baji didn’t know what to do with this new information. He can’t say he is surprised about Tora, they are really close, but Sanzu?! Now, he didn’t see that coming. But she is right, he doesn’t want to be alone right now.

“And thank you for the necklace. I loved it. I will wear it tomorrow and we are going to take a cute picture together, ok.?” She asked, touching his forehead with hers.
“Ok.” He responded a little breathless under her gaze.

“Goodnight, Kei - chan.” She said giving him a kiss on his head, before turning and doing the same thing to Kazutora.

The other boy looked at him. His eyes silently tell him that this is a common occurrence. That this love is freely given here and that he should love freely too. Both boys got up a little bit so they could reach her and give the girl a kiss on each cheek.

“Good night Michi/Mitchy.”

To say that it was one of the best sleeps that Baji ever had would be an understatement.

Chapter Text

"Emma - chan, Hina - chan, you are going too fast! You know I'm not good at this kind of thing." The brunette said with a pout.

"We know Take - chan. That's why we came with you today." Said the blond coming in her direction with yet another Yukata.

"And it is more fun this way." Added the pinkette.

There was a summer festival coming up and they were excited to dress up together. That is until they saw the thing Takemichi was planning to wear. Saying it was too small was an understatement and it was way too tight on her. They understood that she was reluctant to leave it. It was the last one her grandmother bought for them to go to the festival together, but she just couldn't wear it anymore. It took them almost two hours and a lot of tears to convince her that getting another one was ok and that she could keep that one as a memento. So now the three friends were yukata shopping for the day.

"What do you think about this Sakura one, Take - chan?"

" It's pretty, Emma - chan. But I don't think it is the one for me."

"Ok. Let's keep looking then."

"Michi - chan, look at this one. It's green with orange trees."

"It's really nice, but it's still missing something."

They got back to the racks trying to find a good piece for their blue eyed friend. Until they heard her screaming.


Both girls ran in the direction of their friend only to find her all teary eyed holding a yukata on her arms.

" This one is perfect."

"Take - chan!/Michi - chan!"

She almost gave them a heart attack. Well, at least it was going to look really cute on her.

They were now in a cafe down the street. It was one of those that sculpted the foam on the coffee, so each one of them now had a cute foam sculpture. Emma had a vulpix, Hinata had Luna from Sailor moon and Takemichi had Shenron from Dragon ball. After the obrigatory pause to coo and take pictures of their beverages, they finally started to eat and talk.

“So who are you taking to the festival?”

"Normally I go with my Mizo boys and Hina - chan. When I was smaller we would even make little dates out of it, so one festival I was Akkun’s date, the next I was Takuya’s, next one I was Hina - chan’s. It was so fun! I have to show you the pictures sometime.”

“Oh my. This is gold, I need to see it.” Emma said, with her eyes practically shining.

“I will tell you we were the cutest couple of them all. Unfortunately for me, Michi here didn’t accept my confection.” Hinata said, faking sadness.

“Hina - chan. You know I would love to date you, but I’m cursed to only like men.”

“Nooo. All my plans to seduce Takemichi and marry her before my brother had the chance are ruined now.” Emma dramatically said, also faking sadness.

“I’m sorry, Emma - chan.”

"It 's ok, Michi. We are big girls, we can deal with our broken hearts.”

“But, didn’t you say the boys are grounded, Take - chan?”

“They are. They won’t be able to come with us this time.But Ken - chan invited me to go with him.”


“Yeah. He asked me last week when he and Manji - chan and I went for a ride after we got coffee in that cute flower themed cafe.”

Emma can’t believe this. She always knew that Draken was a very straightforward boy and that he was head over heels for Take - chan. But to think he would act this quick, she is impressed. Go Kenny!

“But what about your boyfriend?”


“I already told you Hina - chan. Tora - chan is not my boyfriend.”

“And I already told you that he is, even if you two are the only ones who doesn’t understand this, apparently”

“Do you have a boyfriend, Take - chan?.”

“No. Hina - chan is overreacting, because we both are very tactile people.”

At that Hinata’s expression turned defiant as she crossed her arms.

“Michi, I never saw a person more in love in my life. He is basically your husband. He brings you to school everyday, spends every second he can by your side and can’t keep his hands off you.”

“As I said, we are very tactile people and very affectionate with each other. It is not a crime to want to take care of one another, you know how our family situation is.”

“ I think it’s really nice that you two like each other so much and there is absolutely no problem in wanting to provide comfort and care for a friend. But if his hands on your thigh were any higher he would have been fingering your pussy.”

“EEEHHHHH!!!?” The brunette was so red right now, she could barely breathe. How could her friend think about it?

“You don’t look at me like that, you two should be more aware of your surroundings if you are going to spend your free period doing this.”

“W - we weren’t d - doing anything!” Takemichi was blushing so hard her face felt on fire.

“Oh, really? So you were on his lap, one hand on your waist, the other centimeters of your pussy, basically under your skirt, his face buried on your neck, your hand on his hair, the other holding his arm and I clearly remember you saying:“not too hard Tora - chan”. All this is a friend’s thing?” Hinata asked with the most unamused face on earth.

Emma was shocked. She knew that many boys wanted to get close to Takemitchy and that the girl was a bit oblivious, but to be this close, to someone to be playing this hard, she will have to reconsider her approach.

“I - it was not l - like that!!!”
“Wasn’t It?”

“NO! I already said that I’m always on his lap! Why would I sit in the cold, hard chair, when I can sit on his warm, comfy lap instead! He was hugging me from behind, so of course I would hug him too! And I said that because he was nibbling on the same place Kei - chan had bitten me yesterday, so it was a bit tender. Tora - chan, started to bite me too after he saw Kei - chan doing it, but I bit them back, so that is fair!” Why didn’t her friend understand her situation? Now Emma - chan will start to think strange things too.


“And the hand?”

“What about it? His hands are nice and soft, I like them on me. If I am comfortable enough with a person and they are ok with it too, I see no problem in being personal like that. I get my hands all over him too and Kei - chan and Haru - chan are starting to get very personal with me as well. But right now, Tora - chan is the only one who is comfortable enough to be like this and the same also applies to me!”

Hinata went quiet for a bit. Eyes analyzing the situation in front of her. After some minutes she started.

“Would it be so bad?”


“If he was your boyfriend? Would it be so bad? Are you ashamed of him or something?”

“I would NEVER be ashamed of him. Of any of them. Never imply otherwise.” Takemichi said with a warning tone in her voice.


“Then why do you not make it official with him? Hell, you can have more than one at the same time if everyone is okay with it.”

“They do not think about me this way, Hina - chan. I was one of the only ones who helped them, if not the only one who did. They are probably mistaking their feelings of affection and gratitude for romantic ones and I can not let them do that. It would only bring suffering for them and they already had enough of that for a lifetime.They do love me, but I don’t think they are in love with me. Do you understand now?” The brunette had a tone way more soft now, almost sad.

Hinata did understand. She knows her friend is wrong, of course, those boys are in love with her. But she understands where she is coming from. They will have to work harder to win her heart it seems. Takemichi is trying to protect them even from themselves. They are very lucky to have her in their lives.

Meanwhile Emma was deep in thought. Her new friend’s heart was way more kind than she expected. She really is a golden girl and deserves the world and all happiness it can provide. That was when she decided that she would stay by her side forever, she would support that golden heart with all her might. And she would also give some tips to the poor lovesick boys that keep gathering in her grampa’s Dojo to simp for her friend. She hopes that Mikey or Draken manage to get her heart, it would be awesome to have her as a sister in law. Well, if Baji or Mitsuya end up getting to her first it wouldn’t be all that bad, she supposes. They would make some cute babies too.


The day of the festival arrived and Draken was nervous. He didn’t know what came over him to invite Takemitchy to be his date and he almost fainted when she said yes with that blinding smile of hers. Mikey had almost knocked him out saying that it was a rebellion against Toman or something just as ridiculous. But in the end Mikey went with him to buy a yukata for the festival. Granted that he pouted the entire trip, but it was nice either way. Now he was waiting here with Emma, who came to enjoy the festival and he quotes “Win the heart of that cute pinky girl.” Draken is cheering for her, they would look cute together.


“Ah! Ken - chan and Emma - chan are so pretty!”

Draken had turned around to greet his tiny girl and her friend, but when his eyes found her he was at a loss of words. She was wearing a sky blue yutaka with black dragons all over it, it looked like they were flying all over her. She had a golden head piece that looked like a fan on the right side of her head, she was also wearing light makeup, some blush, a tinted lip gloss and some glitter eyeshadow, just enough to make her eyelids have a golden shimmer. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“You are beautiful.” He said at least, with a breathless voice

“You are very handsome yourself, Ken - chan. You always look extra pretty with your hair down.” The brunette said with a blush on her face.

Draken could feel the cupid’s arrow straight through his heart. He thanked Emma for the idea of not coming with his hair in his signature braid.

“Come on Hina - chan, let’s get going before those two get even more lost in their little world.” Emma said, which made both of them blush even harder and follow the other two girls to the fair.

Draken was having the time of his life. He and Takemitchy ended up with matching yukatas, both with dragon prints, even if hers was way more lively than his black one. They looked nice together, he thought.

“Attention ladies and gentlemen! Who on this fine night is capable enough to win the prize?!”

Draken was stopped from his walk by a tiny hand on his arm. He looked down to see that Takemitchy had stopped walking and was paying attention to what the purple heired boy was saying.

“We have two prizes today, dear public! First, we have two tickets to the most popular event of this summer: Soft summer cloud at Tokyo Disney!” He said as many people signed when he showed them the tickets.

“Second, we have this incredible motorcycle engine, launched this year by Honda! You look close, dear customers, even looking at it makes you seem faster!” Oh god, it was the new engine he and the boys were looking at in the magazine just the other day. He remembered spending 5 minutes tracing it on the page, he wanted it so much, it was even better up close.

“If you want either of these prizes you will have to go through a test of strength.” The purple haired boy continued to say. “ You have to punch our machine as hard as humanly possible! If you make it vibrate with the max capacity the victory is yours! But you need to be quick, the prizes are one of a kind and they only last until someone wins once!”

Draken knew exactly what he would do. Mikey may have the deadliest kick, but he had the meanest right hook of all the gang and he would win this. He would win this game and he would get those Disney tickets. Draken had spent 1 hour consoling a crying Mitchy, because she wasn’t fast enough to buy the tickets, which sold out in 3 hours. So he would get it for her. He could already see her teary smile, yeah, it would be worth it. He could get the engine the old fashion way, working hard, saving up and buying it himself.

Having solidified his resolve, he approached the host and paid for his turn in the game. He was optimistic as he saw that the other people didn’t get even close to the level of strength necessary. When his turn came he prepared himself, he only had one chance, because he still wanted to treat Takemitchy to some other game and food tents and he had been so nervous earlier that he forgot to pass at the bank. But once was all he needed. He got in position and punched with all his force. He saw his schore going up and up, he was almost there!”

“Wow! This was the closest we got all day! But unfortunately it still didn’t get to the max, so sorry dear competitor, but you still didn’t win!” Draken didn’t believe it. It could be true, he knew he had enough force to break a car, hell he had done it before. It doesn’t make any sense, he should have won, unless. Oh no. This was a scam. The too good to be true prizes, the flamboyant, attractive host, the impossible to win games. It was a scam and he fell for it, he was so disappointed in himself right now. The blond boy had only thought about how it would make his tiny friend so happy if he won that he totally looked past the clear signs.

He was ready to get Mitchy and get the fuck out of there, when he heard it.

“I would like to try, please.”

Oh no, Mitchy didn’t know it was a scam. He won’t let them fool his tiny friend like this. He got near her and talked quietly, so only she would hear it.

“They are scamming people, Mitchy. The machine is rigged, there is no way to win. Toman will resolve this when there aren’t this many civilians around, so let’s go get that dango that you wanted, ok.”

To which Takemichi smiled before answering.


“I know what I’m doing, Ken - chan. Don’t worry and thrust me, ok.”

With this, the girl paid for her turn and got in position.

“Come on, dear customers! Let’s cheer for the pretty lady so she does her bes..”


There was a huge noise and if the people weren’t there and saw it with their own eyes they would believe it. That tiny girl destroyed the machine and now it was streaming max points.

“Eh. It seems like your cheers worked everyone, I did it!” She said, making a victorious pose.

Everyone started to madly cheer for her, they were amazed. But Draken, oh, Draken looked like he saw an angel. His eyes were shining, you could hear his heart beating for her at that moment.

Oblivious to it all, Takemichi walked up to the horrified host and inquired after her prize.


Takemichi was sitting on an eating bench with Hinata and Emma, calmly waiting for Draken to be back from getting more dango for them. He was taking a little while, but the brunette thought it was probably because of the lovely old lady who worked there. She blushed so much when she said they were a cute couple, she ended up talking with them for a whole ten minutes and gave them an extra dango as a gift. It was so nice of her, she will make sure to always come back to her in the future.

Her nice thoughts were interrupted by her phone ringing.



“Hi, Gishi - chan.”

“Takemichi, is Draken there with you?”

“Not right now, why?”

“This is not good. I got the information that Moebius was after him for the hospitalization of their lider. It’s not a good time for him to be alone.”

“But I’m the one who beated him up, not Ken - chan.”

“Yeah, but it was said that it was done in the name of Toman and Draken is an easier tag than Mikey, so they are coming for him.”

“Alert everyone then, I’m going after Ken - chan!”


With that, Takemichi turned off her phone and turned to her friends.

“Ken - chan is in danger! I’m going after him, tell everyone who can to come here, Moebius is starting a war.”

“It’s not a good idea to go alone, Take - chan!”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to be fine, I’m strong. Tell everyone and be safe Hina - chan! Emma - chan!” The girl said as she started to run into the direction Draken had gone.


Takemichi had got to the dango tent, but she was not lucky. Draken was already gone. She was walking around, searthing, when she heard some boys talking about a gang fight near the trees. She had to punch them exactly once for them to start trembling and tell her what they knew. Now she was running as fast as she could and prayed that she was on time.


“Taka - chan?! We don’t have time to talk! Ken - chan is in danger!”

“I know. Your friends told me. I was looking for both of you, now we just need to find Draken.”

“ He is at the east parking lot! We need to go now!”

“Hop on! I will get us there!”

Takemichi got into Mitsuya’s bike and he drove as fast as possible to the place. He was afraid. Afraid for Draken and what might have happened to him, Afraid to bring Takemitchy there, but she would go with or without him, afraid of what he would find when he got there. But now was no time for fear, he would save that for later. They arrived at no time, to find that their friend was bleeding on the head and surrounded by the enemy, but was still standing and fighting.

“Ken - chan!/ Draken!”

“Hey there! About time you got here, guys!”

“Ha! A small, weak boy and a tiny, cute girl in a yukata! Is that your reinforcement?! Pathetic!" Said one of the boys there.

“Why are you doing this? Don’t you have anything better to do on a festival night than this bullshit? ”

“What are you talking about? Avenge our boss, hurt Toman and get back our pride by slaughtering the Draken! Is there a better thing to do on such a lovely night?!”

“Shut the fuck up! Ganging on one person like this! Cowards!”

“Hahahaha! Such strong words for a small fly like you! Get the fuck out here girl! We don’t have any problems hurting little girls like you!”

At that Mitsuya and Draken got angrier and way more defencive. They would hurt her over their rotting corpses. But Takemichi was faster and made the person shut up real fast with a kick that broke their jaw and left him bleeding and unconscious on the floor.

“I wanna see you try.” She said dangerously, giving everyone there a shiver in the spine.

They were ready to jump the three people there, when they heard a unique sound.

“Fucking finally. I can sit down a bit.”

It was the sound of Mikey’s CB250T approaching them fast over the rain.

“Eh. What is happening here?”

“Hahahaha. Mikey! I was waiting for you!” A voice suddenly said from behind the Mobius members.

A Tall, skinny guy with tattoos on his hands appeared. He had a huge smile on his face and a crazy look directed at the Toman’s leader.

“And here I thought you would come to the party. Do you like it? I prepared it for you with love.”


“Isn’t it obvious, Mikey? We are going to pound you to the ground and paint it with your blood.”

“And you needed all these people just to confront me? Hump. Pathetic.”

“It's not my fault you didn’t prepare for your own party, commander.”

“Good that I actually prepared then.” Mikey said with a grin as the bike’s noises started to get louder.

The whole Toman was there and they were really mad. Especially after the captains and vice captains saw that Mitchy was also in the fight.

“Ara, ara. Tonight will be better than I expected.” Hanma said before looking back at his man.

“Listen here! If any of you run away from this fight, I will personally hunt you down and beat every tooth out of your mouth!”

“Come on Toman! Attack!”

After that she could see much else. She was punching everyone left and right and could see her friends doing the same. She also helped some of them when she could, but fighting in a Yukata was not the best situation. The brunette was looking for Draken left and right, she got a bad feeling when he disappeared from her sight and needed to find him as soon as possible. She could swear that she saw a silver shine in all that mess and a shiver runned down her spine, she needed to find her friend now. And find him she did, on the floor, bleeding like a gutted animal. She screamed.

“Mitchy! What 's wrong?!”

“SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE NOW! KEN - CHAN WAS STABBED!” Takemichi was still screaming, but she was at him in less than a second. She could be panicking right now, but she had been in that situation hundreds of times and her friend would get in the list of people she saved, even if it was the least thing she did.

The girl analized the wound quickly and ripped off a piece of her yukata to tie Draken’s wound and make pressure on it as she acessed his general conditions. He had a good chance, she thought.

“Someone help her to get Draken away from here!” Mikey screamed. Hanma was still blocking him and he was starting to get nervous.

“There is no need! I can do it alone! You wrap this up boys!” Takemichi said as she got up with Draken on her back and started to run in the direction of the street at an impressive speed.

She was going through a minor street when she met with Hinata and Emma who were shocked by a blood covered Takemichi carrying a much larger, unconscious Draken on her back.

“We already called the ambulance, but they are having problems with the crowded streets, because of the festival.”

“Don’t worry. I will carry him to the main street and meet them there. It is going to be ok.”

“Not so fast.”The voice made them stop. What the fuck is wrong now?

They turned around to see that it was Kiyomasa and some of his lackeys.

“Kiyomasa?” Draken, who had woken up in the meantime, asked.

“Surprise bitch! You thought you could just kick me out of Toman like that and I would go quietly?”

“Is all this because you couldn’t accept your mistakes?”

“Accept my mistakes?! You were the ones without vision! My fighting ring was making good money, but you were too studid to understand a good idea even if it pissed on your face!”

“You really are disgraceful, son of a bitch!”

Takemichi had put Draken down at this point and was looking murderous at the boys.

" What have I said about hurting my friends?"

" I - I ain't afraid of you girly! I have this now!" The boy said, showing his knife.

The girl only gave one look at the weapon, before going back to the boys in front of her.

"Takemitchy! Get Emma and Hinata and run! I will take care of this!" Draken said with a smile on his bloody face.

" Ken - chan."

Everyone looked at the tiny girl. The place seemed to quiet down as she turned around to the wounded boy and spoke softly but firm.

“Never ask me to abandon a friend in need again.”

“I will win this. After all, I’m also a dragon and they were eager to fight one, weren’t they?”

“I will stay too!”

“I will as well!”

Draken had never seen such a fire in someone’s eyes before. She refused to leave him and didn’t back down even in the face of clear danger. Looking at her like this, so tiny, but so strong, so determined. That’s someone Draken wanted to fight with, someone he wanted to share his life with. He will become a person worthy of all these things, he promises. So he took a deep breath and said


The girl in question smiled and leaped in the direction of the enemy. She had a battle to win. She took care of four of them easily and was preparing to take some more when she caught that silver shine at the corner of her eye again. Those cowers really don’t know honor. She turned really fast and managed to stop the knife, but it impaled her hand.

“Takemichi! / Takemitchy!”

She thanked the adrenaline running through her veins, because this would be hurting like a bitch otherwise. But now she was looking directly at Kiyomasa’s terrified eyes, his hand in her deadlock.

“Haven’t I told you to not hurt my friends?”

The boy had a horrified look in his eyes, he was scared and she was angry. She forced his wrist until it broke and while he was screaming she took the weapon off her hand. She knew it wasn’t the best, but it was her best bet at the moment.

“Y - you are a m - monster! D - daemon!"

“No. I’m strong, because I have a good reason to be. People are counting on me, so I can’t lose.”

“Run! Run! She will kill us! She ..”

Before they could go anywhere they were knocked out by the newcomers.

“Michi! Are you ok?!”

“Boys?” Takemichi asked, impressed and relieved at the same time. Her Mizo boys are here.

“I’m so sorry we just got here now.” Takuya said with sad eyes

“We looked for you everywhere.” Yamagishi spooke this time.

“I was fine, boys. I’m strong, remember?”

“Doesn’t mean you have to fight alone everytime.” Her eyes softened when she heard Akun say that. Her silly boys, always trying to take care of her.

“You are bleeding!” Makoto said with a very worried tone.

“This is not important right now. Ken - chan is the one who needs help.” Takemichi said, while going back to draken and making him lay down again.

He weakly took her wounded hand in his.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t strong enough.”

“You are more than enough at everything. Don’t worry ok.”

At this moment the paramedics arrived and took both Draken and Takemichi with them.


They arrived at the hospital with their hearts pounding on their ears. They were praying that Draken and Takemichi were ok. When they saw the brunette with a wrapped hand talking to a doctor they felt relief and anxiety at the same time.

“Are you also here for Ryuguji Ken?”

“Yes and Haganaki Takemichi too.” Mitsuya said

“Well, Haganaki - san, suffered a stab through her right hand. We gave her some stitches and will need some painkillers and a bit of physiotherapy, but other than that she is fine. Ryuguji - san, however, was a different case. He was stabbed in the abdominal area and needed surgery.”

Everyone sucked a deep breath at this moment. Please don’t be what they were thinking. Please let their friend be ok.

“He pulled it through. I will tell you, this girl here is a hero. If she hadn’t noticed him at the time she did, if she didn’t carry him near the ambulance instead of waiting for it, if she didn’t take care of his wound the way she did or didn’t let him exert himself, he would probably be dead right now.”

The doctor closed her eyes and took a deep breath before looking at Takemichi again.

“You grabbed him with both hands and didn’t let him go anywhere. You gave that boy a new life girl. I’m proud of you.”

“What kind of paramedic would I become if I let my precious Ken - chan die?” Takemichi said with tears running down her cheeks

“Well, don’t take too long, Haganaki - san. I would like to work with you.” She said before turning to the other kids present.

“Ryuguji - san is resting right now. He will most likely wake up tomorrow, but the visiting will be allowed one hour from now. Please, excuse me.”


WIth that, the doctor took her leave and all those people started to cry. They were so relieved, so happy that both of their precious friends were ok. Some of them were gathered around Takemichi. Baji was hugging her from behind, Chifuyu was doing the same thing on her right and Sanzu was by her feet, also hugging her while he kneeled. Others like Mitsuya, Hakkai and the Kawata twins were near, but trying to let her have breathable space. They would be all over her later. Mikey, though, went straight to Takemichi and kneeled in front of her, hands on hers, eyes staring through her soul.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. I will never be able to pay you back for this. And I’m sorry for letting you get hurt.”

“There is nothing to thank me for, Manji - chan. I couldn’t just let my precious people get hurt and not do anything. I love you all too much for that.”

And it was after those words that they decided that they would protect her with their lives. She was clearly a gift from heaven to help them, so they would be thankful and treat her with the love and care she deserves.


True to her word, Draken was awake the next morning and one of the first things he did was ask for her.

“Ken - chan is ok! I was so worried. So, so worried.” Takemichi said, hugging him from her place beside his bed.

“It would take much more than that to finish me off, tiny. Don’t worry.” He responded, hugging her back.

“Don’t take these things lightly! You could be seriously hurt, you know.”

“Yeah. I heard that the only reason I’m even alive is a certain cute, tiny, dragon. Must have been my lucky day that it decided to be on my side.”

“Hump. As if I would just abandon you, because we were outnumbered. Ridiculous.”

“Of course.”

“Now you need to concentrate on getting better so you can enjoy the prize I won last night.”

“Oh. Are you inviting me to the Disney festival, Mitchy?”


Now that confused Draken.

“But then what are..”

“I didn’t choose the tickets. I chose the engine.”

“But why?”

“I saw you looking at it the other day. Your eyes were shining and I may or may not have heard you talking to Taka - chan about how much you wanted it and your crazy financial plan to get it. So I got it for you.”

“B - but, you wanted to go to that event so bad. You cried when you couldn’t buy a ticket.”

“I did. And I do want to go. Very much actually.”

“Then, why?”

“Because the happiness you will feel when you get the engine is more important to me than going to some Disney event. We can always go to the next one, this time we will get those slippery tickets. Believe it.” The brunette said, making a pose she saw in her favorite anime.

Meanwhile Draken’s eyes were wet and his heart was full. This girl is really something else, isn’t she?

“You know. When those guys said you were a demon, they were wrong. Because I clearly remember seeing an angel.”

“Ken - chan! You will make me blush. I’m not all that.”

“You are right. You are way more.”


Later that day in the temple.

“So Takemitchy is part of Toman now?”

“Yes. Ken - chin gave her my old uniform but she should have her own.”

“Don’t worry Mikey, I will make one for her.”

“Good. We need to make her as comfortable with us as possible. She did too much for us already.”

“I agree. And Kiyomasa? Any sign of the son of a bitch?”

“No boss. He disappeared in the borders of Roppongi. There is no hide or hair of him. My suspicion is that he also pissed the Haitani off. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched.”

“It’s possible.”

“Ok. Now to more important things.”

The place went quiet again while they waited for their commander to talk.

“Takemitchy’s place in Toman.”

And that was when hell broke loose.

Chapter Text

Kazutora was deep in thought.

When Takemichi came home with a torn, bloody yukata and a banded hand, he almost went on a murderous spree. Someone had hurt the love of his life and he would make them pay. Baji and Sanzu had to physically restrain him so he didn't end up in juvie again. He thought it was bullshit. As if he would get caught. But Michi said she wanted to spend the night with him, so he decided that his revenge could wait. His dragon needed him and that was all that mattered.

So he stayed with her. He stayed when she cried, he stayed when she took off the torn, bloody yukata that she was so excited to wear. He stayed when she was trembling as she told him what happened with Draken, he stayed when she threw up because of her panic and he stayed when she finally exhausted herself to sleep.


They forget, he thinks. That Takemichi is not only made up of smiles and cheer and love. That she is also made of sadness and worry and weakness. In their defense, it is easy to forget. She is a bright light in their lives, made up of warmth and dreams, it's hard to see that she is also made of limitations. When it's so common to see her doing miracles, it's difficult to remember that there are things that she can't do, that she is human too. An angel made of flesh and bones and hope, just like them.


But Kazutora will never forget it again. He will fight by her side, doesn't matter against what, he will stand by her till his last breath. It's the least of what he can do.


The other thing on his mind is Draken. He hated to admit it, but he was worried about him and was so relieved when Michi said he was going to be ok. Draken abandoned him 2 years earlier in a juvie cell and never looked back. He abandoned him to die and Kazutora was still worried about him. He wondered whether it made him a better person or an idiot. But that is a problem for another day. He had his girl to take care of now.


Takemichi woke up late again and like the other days she was so tangled up with Tora that she didn’t know where one ended and the other began. They slept in the same bed many times before, but now it seems wrong if they don’t do it. Even if the weather is still hot she just can’t get enough of his warmth. The brunette knows they created a codependent relationship and that is not health, but she just can’t stop. Sometimes she forgets that she lived another life before, it was a good one, but it was also hard and lonely. Being a paramedic also comes back to haunt her sometimes. Like when she saw the girl that bled to death in front of her when she found Draken on the ground. She saved many people, but she is no god and couldn’t save everyone. Tora doesn’t ask when she gets weird because of the memories he just accepts it and stays with her for as long as she needs and she does the same for him. She knows that they are pushing some boundaries with each other, Hina - chan has a point even if she doesn’t want to admit it. She told her the truth that day, they both are very tactile people and she likes his soft hands all over her, it makes her feel safe. But the boundaries between them are disappearing fast. She really doesn’t know if she will be able to stop it or slow it down or even if she wants to.


"You are thinking way too much for someone who just woke up." Kazutora said as his fingers combed her hair.

"Humm." She loved when people played with her hair. It sends little pleasure shocks down her spine.


She opened her eyes to look at him, his big yellow ones looking back at her. The brunette buried her face on the boy's chest and he tightened his grip on her. He laughed when started nuzzling him.


" What’s wrong baby? Hum?" The duo haired boy started to kiss her. First her hair, then her temple, then her cheek. It was when he started to kiss her neck that he got a reaction.


"T - Tora - chan."

"Yes, Michi." He could feel her fingers on his hair.


"We have to get up."


"Do we?"


Kazutora was kissing her throat now. They had shifted and he was basically on top of her, she could feel his weight pinning her to the bed. Takemichi knows she should put a stop to it. That he was probably mistaking his platonic for romantic love and she should be the reasonable one here, since she is the "adult". But it just feels so good. Tora's affection is so sincere, he is so loving, how could anyone have wanted to hurt him? She doesn’t understand it.

" Y - you are going to give me a hickey i - if you keep going."


Kazutora gave her throat one last wet kiss before shifting again to make their foreheads touch.

"You could give me one too, so it would be even." He said with a grin on his face. The nerve of this boy.

"You know, I will do something better." She said with a mischievous smile.

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. Close your eyes."

The duo haired boy shot her a playful look before closing his eyes. Takemichi put both her hands on his face and pulled him down, locking their lips. It was a quick peck, nothing more. So when the girl opened her eyes again and saw her tiger tearing up, she almost panicked. Did she push a boundary he was not ready for? Did she read the situation wrong? Did she betray his trust?


Takemichi was getting really nervous and was starting to get up to address the situation, when she was pushed down again. Tora was kissing her. First it was a peck, then another and another and then there were teeth and tongue and it was warm and wet. He was pinning her to the bed again, harder this time. She could get out really easily, but she clung to him tightly instead. He did the same, one hand on her cheek, the other around her waist.


She doesn’t know how long it went on, she was more worried about the way his tongue was exploring her mouth or how warm his body was against hers. Suddenly she was very aware of how much bigger than her he was, how heavier he was. It made her moan a little in his mouth and he must have liked it, because he became way more enthusiastic after that.They separated when the air became absolutely necessary, panting and with their faces red.


“Wow” The duo haired boy said, his mind still hazy.

“Hahahaha. Did I surprise my tiger?”


“You did.”


“Ok, but now, we really have to get up.”


Kazutora actually let her go this time. She took her time to take a shower and to choose to wear a cute flowy floral dress and she matched with some butterfly accessories and a black haori with golden details. She also chose her matching floral platform to wear when she got out of the house. When the brunette was happy with what she saw, she went downstairs to meet Tora in the kitchen. When she got there, her friend was making brunch, since they woke up too late for breakfast.


“Are you going somewhere, Michi?”


“Ken - chan got out of the hospital yesterday and he is going to stay at the Sano’s household for a while, so we are doing a get well party for him. I baked a cake just for that, remember?”


“Oh, it is today then.” He said, while putting their food on the table.

They eat the whole thing and Kazutora insists on washing the dishes so her clothes stay clean. Takemichi got up to leave when she got the call from Haruchiyo saying that he was almost there. The blue eyed girl stopped one more time and turned around to her friend.


“Are you sure that you don’t want to come too? Maybe you could talk it out with them.”


“Mikey is there, Michi. There would be no talk, just blood.”


“You know I would never let him do that. My boys don’t fight each other, you know that.”


“I do, baby. But let’s give Draken some time to be pampered ok? He deserves it.”


“Hehehe. Silly tiger.”


“Your silly tiger.” Kazutora had gotten near her again.


“Mine.” They kissed again, way more chaste this time, before she gave him goodbye and headed out for the reunion.


She and Haruchiyo were the last to arrive at the party, so when they got there everyone looked at them.


"Mitchy! You came!"

"Of course I did, Manji - chan. Ken - chan came home, nothing would have prevented me from coming. And I came bearing gifts."Takemichi said, showing the package to them.


" You didn’t need to do all this for me, Mitchy."


" What?! Ken - chan coming home and getting better this fast? It 's a joyful occasion. Of course I had to be all pretty and bring my surprise orange cake."


She went straight to Draken and gave him a forehead kiss and hug, being mindful of his still tender wound. Draken was so red after this he was a bit dizzy. His angel is so loving, it made his heart warm.


Meanwhile, everyone was feeling jealous of the affection their friend was receiving. They agreed that he deserved every bit of it, especially now, but they were jealous either way. Well, except Emma. Emma was planning their wedding on her head already.


Takemichi went back to get her cake and put it on the table with the other foods. Before making two bowls of food and going back to where Draken was. He thought she was going to sit next to him and was happy about it. However, Takemichi is nothing if a tiny sized surprise package and today would not be different. Instead of occupying the space on his side, she sat on his lap, put one bowl down and picked a pair of chopsticks up. She then picked a portion of the food and put in front of her friend.


" Say "ahhh" Ken - chan."


Draken almost fainted right then and there. She was on his lap, basically straddling him and trying to feed him his food. All that while looking like the cutest thing in the world. He will not survive this friendship.


Everyone's jaw was on the floor. Their tiny friend was all over their big wounded friend, making one of their secret dreams come true. It was so not fair!


" Takemitchy! Why are you all over Ken - chin like that?!"


" Ehhh! Ken - chan deserves to be pampered too, you know. He is tender right now. And you are never too big or old to be hand fed."


" Of course Ken - chin deserves all the love, but do you need to sit on him?"


That made the brunette actually pause for a moment, before looking at the tattooed boy under her.


" Ken - chan, am I making you uncomfortable?"


"No." The boy responded with a blush that covered his face, neck and ears.


" See. No problem then." The girl turned again, continuing to feed her friend despite the other boy's incredulous looks.


Emma, on the other hand, was taking enough pictures to make an entire photo shoot. She was so going to show them to Hinata later.


After they finished eating and fighting over Takemichi's delicious cake, Mikey got all of them around the table to address the second most important point of the night.


“So, before we continue the party in honor of Ken - chin’s fast recovery, there is something we need to settle.”


Everyone was quiet, waiting for the important announcement.


"Which division Takemitchy will belong to.” And as soon as he finished the sentence, everyone lost their shit.


“She should be in the third division! She saved my friend and his girlfriend! We would be honored to show her her new life in Toman!”


“Ehhh! Clearly she should stay with the fourth division! She spends every wednesday with us making food and going through building a menu for our future restaurant! We have many things in common so she would be very comfortable with us!”


“Fuck you two! She will be a member of the first division! She clearly likes us more and she basically changed our lives so of course we also love her more than any of you bitches!”


“ You are all delusional. She was friends with Sanzu first and we also saw her identify five traitors since she got here. She even made them confess everything and give information from their own gangs, all that without spilling one drop of blood. It’s obvious the best fit for Takemitchy is the fifth division.”

“I think she will thrive better in the second division. She likes kiting, with compliments my sewing so we can help each other in that aspect. She also has done wonders to Hakkai’s self - esteem and his social ability. And of course she fits really well with our mediator unit.”


Draken knows he should be more worried about the bullshit going around him, however, Takemitchy is still on his lap, playing with his hair. The whole world can burn for all he cares right now.


Mikey had an impassive face during all the talking and screaming. He seemed to be in deep thought about it, weighing the arguments carefully. After about half an hour of pure chaos the blond boy put his right hand up, making the room finally go silent. He then took a deep breath and started to talk.


“I’ve heard you and came to a decision.” Everyone was looking at their leader expectantly.


“Takemitchy will belong to . . . the second division.” He finally said, pointing to the place where Mitsuya and Hakkai were sitting.




“This is not fair!”


“She should be with us! We are way better than them!”


“Commander, please, reconsider!”


“Silent! It’s my final decision! Unless Takemitchy herself has a problem with it, it’s her division for the foreseeable future!”


At that the rest of them were silent, but pouting for the rest of the night. They should have been the ones chosen, damn it. Meanwhile the second division captain and vice captain were glowing. They were so happy their dear friend would be part of their division and had so many plans of cute, nice activities to do together, they mean, team building exercises.


“We are very happy that you were entrusted to us, Takemitchy. We hope to get along well with you in a professional way and if you have any problems don’t hesitate to bring them to me or Hakkai, ok?” Mitsuya said from his sit on her right.


“The pleasure is my, Taka - chan, Kai - chan. I hope I can be a valuable addition to your division.”


“O - Of course, you will be. Micchi - chan is a - awesome.”


“Oh, stop it, Kai - chan. You are going to make me blush.”


Later that night, when all of them went to their homes after wishing Draken a good recovery for the last time, the tattooed boy came to Mikey with a question.


“Why put Takemitchy in the second division?” It’s not that he thought it was a bad idea, but he was curious about his friend’s point of view.


“Well, it was a tricky situation, I won't lie. Mitchy is a good combination to all divisions and all of them would be willing to be patient and teach her her new functions. But I thought that as a mediator division, Mitsuya and Hakkai would be a better choice for her, also that is the less bloody division, so it would be a kind of protection.”

Draken was impressed. He thought his friend would say something petty like: “To get her away from the more rabid dogs that want to date her.” Who would have thought his friend was so mature.


“And of course, Mitsuya and Hakkai are not going after my Mitchy like those traitors. Mitsuya doesn’t like anyone and Hakkai is incapable of talking to a girl without making a stuttering mess out of himself. It’s the perfect plan.”


And Draken spoke too soon.

Chapter Text

Takemichi was stressed. She is part of a gang now and as much as she is excited about it, she is also scared. The brunette has never done something like this before and Kazutora’s near panic attack when she announced that to him did nothing to ease her mind. He had little room to talk, being in a gang himself, but she knew his worries were valid, so she promised him that she would be careful and that she would not be alone with members she didn’t know. She also had walked in on her duo color haired friend, basically threatening Kei - chan and Haru - chan if anything happened to her. She thought that was a bit much, considering she could take care of herself. But the girl also knew that her friend was very protective of her, so she let it slide.


But she didn’t have time to think about it right now. She needed to concentrate on getting to the event before the presentation. It was Haru - chan’s school fair today and his class is doing a talent show. She got heartbroken when he said that he wasn’t going to participate because no one would be watching anyways. So she promised she would be there cheering on him if he ever considered getting in. Her friend seemed to think about it for a while before timidly agreeing to participate this year. She was so happy that she would be able to go and support him like that, she wanted him to have at least one good memory of these events.


She finally got to the fair and it was a huge deal apparently. There were many stalls, everyone with different themes for different classes. There even was a maid cafe, she was so going there later. But first, she needed to find Haru - chan.


Haruchiyo was regretting every single decision he made in his life. Why did he decide to participate in this bullshit? He hasn't bothered in 5 years, no one came to see him anyway, so why play in this circus, only to see all the other parents there when he was alone? But his queen promised she would come and that she would cheer for him from the audience. He is sure she has way better things to do than come to his stupid school fair, but she sounded so exited to see him participate. He never had somebody excited to see him before, it made him feel like a little kid again, so sure that his family would come for him. It made him feel warm inside. So he went back to his school the next day and said he would be participating in his class talent show and they better include him, date lines to inscription be damned. Well, maybe he should have reconsidered, because from that day on he was the number one topic of gossip. It was a good thing that all the school trembled at his sight, even more now that he forfeited his mask and his scars were visible.


Sanzu was minding his own business in the backstage, waiting for his turn, when he heard the commotion outside. Just his luck, he thought, it seems to be coming in his direction. If the bitch bothered him he would knock them out. Simple. He was almost getting up to do it, when the source of the noise entered the room.


“Haru - chan!”


Haruchiyo felt all the annoyance leave him at once. It was his queen! She came! She came to see him, just like she promised. And she was all prettied up too. She was wearing a pretty reddish brown top with golden waves all over it and a mid turquoise skirt that had some sea decorations on the hem. Her jewels are also sea themed, with fake pearls necklace and jellyfish earrings. She was also wearing some lip tint and a bit of eye make up for what he can see. His queen is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.


“You came.” It was the only thing he could say at the moment.


“Of course I did. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Her voice sounded so happy, it made his heart feel warm.


“You are beautiful.”


“Thank you, Haru - chan. I wanted to match the event and since you are my mermaid prince, I came with a sea themed outfit.” Takemichi said with a small blush on her face.


“Besides, I brought something for you.”


Takemichi picked a blueish sea dragon hair clip, decorated with pearls and showed it to him.


“I thought that you could be nervous in front of all those people, so I brought you one of my favorite clips so you would feel less alone up there.” She put it on his hair, doing small braids with his side hair.


Sanzu wanted to cry. His queen is just so good to him, she is so kind. He will love and cherish her forever.


When she was done with his hair she went back to his front and took his face on her tiny hands. He circulated her waist with his arms, so they could be closer. He didn’t think that she would sit on his lap, but he liked it better this way. If his queen saw fit to give this kind of intimate affection to an undeserving dog like him, who was he to complain. She gave each of his scars a kiss, before kissing his forehead.


“Don’t forget that it doesn't matter what place you get, you are always the number one for me. Just have fun alright.”


“As my queen wishes.”


He thought that she would go after that, but his queen put a hand around his neck and another on his cheek and pulled him over for a kiss.


Haruchiyo forgot how to breathe at that moment. His queen was kissing him. His kind, strong, loving, perfect queen was kissing him. He didn’t even dare to dream about it. He was in no way worthy of her, but apparently she saw worth in him. Her lips are so soft and her tongue is so small compared to his, her hands so tiny, yet so strong gripping his shirt and his hair. He could feel her tiny breaths on his face and her taste, her taste is divine. He must have done something really good in his past life to be able to live this now. He really doesn’t want it to end, this paradise.


Unfortunately, they had to part so they could breathe.


“My queen.” The pale blond boy called like a prayer.


“My mermaid prince.” The black haired girl answered.


She made her forehead touch his and looked right in his eyes, blue on turquoise.


“Good luck, Haru - chan. You are already the best.” She gave him a quick peck on the lips and got off him, finally leaving the room.


Sanzu was so dizzy he barely listened when his name was called. Yeah, he was very lucky today indeed.


Takemichi got a place in the audience quite near the stage, so Haru - chan could see her easily. The girl heard his name being called and was excited about it. He didn’t tell her what he was doing so it was a surprise for everyone. She saw him walking on the stage and couldn't help cooing at him. He was so cute up there, all ready to play guitar it seems.


The small girl started to jump and wave at the boy, so he would notice her. And he did. The pale blond boy waved back at her, a shy smile on his lips and eyes shining. He got to the microphone and prepared himself.


“I would like to dedicate this to my most special person. I hope you like it, my queen.”


He started playing and it was such a pretty song. She didn’t know he could play and to do it so well, her Haru -chan is really talented. It seems to be a success with the audience too for what she saw. But then her friend did something very unpredictable, he started to sing.


“ Maybe it’s the way that you say my name”


“ Maybe it’s the way that you play your game”


“But it’s so good”


“ I’ve never met anyone like you”


“But it’s so good”


“I’ve never dreamed of somebody like you”


“And I’ve heard that love comes once in a lifetime”


“And I’m pretty sure that you are that love of mine”




“I’m in a field of dandelions”


“Wishing on everyone that you’be”






“And I see forever in your eyes”


“I feel ok when I see you”






Takemichi was crying. It was so beautiful. Haru - chan had the most beautiful voice she has ever heard.


And she was not the only one who thought that, the whole audience was stunned. They would never have guessed that the scary boy had such a beautiful voice. Looking back right now, was he really that scary? He had always been pretty, maybe he was just shy? And those scars could be from an accident right? Oh my. How could they not see it before? He was an idol.


“I’m in a field of Dandelions”

Oh my. There was a new voice singing and it was as beautiful as the boy’s. They started to look for the person responsible for such a wonderful song then they found her. It was a little black haired blue eyed girl, she was also really pretty and cute. They were singing for each other, the people realized. She was the queen he was talking about.


“And I see forever in your eyes”

“I feel ok when I see you”






As soon as they finished the audience went crazy. They couldn't stop cheering, many of them had recorded it with their phones or cameras and uploaded it on their social media. They were the most popular presentations in the history of that school.


After that, it wasn’t long until it was announced the winner. And of course, Sanzu got the first place by far, they even gave Takemichi a pretty bow to represent her efforts. Harichiyo got his name in a trophy and got a nice photo taken, so it would be hung in the class trophies corner.


Sanzu was so happy that day. For the first time ever someone came to his school presentation. For the first time ever someone was there cheering for him. He could feel his kid self jumping from happiness. All that thanks to his queen. The blond haired boy thanked the havens everyday for her. The girl who changed his life, who made him more than that hollow shell of a human he used to be. He knew he was crying, he could feel the wetness on his face, but he was also wearing the biggest smile of all his life right now.


" Haru - chan. Why are you crying? Don't cry, I'm here with you." The girl said, trying to dry the boy's tears.


" I'm happy, my queen. I'm so happy. " He said as he hugged her and pulled her in for a kiss.


Mitsuya was taking his little sisters to the park so they could play a bit and he could go over some homework in peace. He was just looking over them in the slider for a bit when he heard a familiar voice.


“Taka - chan? Is that you?”


He turned around to find his tiniest friend behind him with a shopping bag in her hand, coming in his direction.


“Mitchy. How nice to see you here.” The silver haired boy got up to hug the girl.


“What are you doing here, Taka - chan?”


“Well, I…”


“Who is she, ni - chan?”


Mitsuya looked down to see Mana and Luna really close to him and now were looking at her with very curious eyes.


“She is pretty.”


“Oh, thank you, dear. You are very pretty too.”


“Mana, Luna, this is my very good friend, Haganaki Takemichi. Takemitchy, these are my sisters, Mana and Luna.”


“Oh, so this is why Taka - chan seems so dependable and mature, he is an older brother to two cute girls. How nice. I’m Takemichi, it's a pleasure to meet such polite, pretty girls.”


At that all of the silver haired siblings blushed.


“Are you ni - san’s girlfriend?”


“Luna! Did you not hear what I said? She is my friend.”


“Yeah, starshine. Your ni - chan over there doesn’t like me this way. But he is my precious Taka - chan and my new dependable captain.”

Mitsuya’s face was as red as a tomato right now. She keeps complimenting him in front of his sisters nonetheless. His sisters who are looking at both of them with mischievous eyes.


“ Do you want to play with us, pretty lady?” Luna asked with puppy dog eyes.


“I would love to.”


Then Takemichi, Mitsuya and the girls played together for at least two hours and by the end of it his baby sisters refused to let Mitchy go yet so he invited her for dinner with them. He tried to cook for them all but his friend was having none of that and insisted on helping him. In the end they made some delicious curry with miso soup and rice.


"This is so good!"


"Yeah! Best food ever!"


"Eh. What is this? You never liked my food that much."


"That's because pretty lady's food is awesome!"


" Yeah! And she is really pretty too!"


"She should come over all the time!"


"Takemichi can't come here everyday, girls. She wouldn’t get anything done that way, she has her own home too, you know." Mitsuya said, putting another spoonful of curry in his mouth.


" Then she should just live here!"


"That way she would be here forever!"


"Girls! Stop harassing, Mitchy! That way she won't feel comfortable coming here again. Do you want that?" Mitsuya is embarrassed that his sisters are all over his friend this way. They can be over enthusiastic sometimes.

" Noooo!!!"


" Ha ha ha. Don't worry Taka- chan. They are adorable. I will come here when I can, just not everyday, ok?"


"Ok." The girl's said in unison.


After dinner, Mana went to Takemichi and started to pull her black skirt with her tiny hands.


"Pretty lady, I want to show you something."


" Oh. What is it?"


" This." The girl said, showing her a plastic golden crown with colorful plastic jewels.


"Wow. How pretty. Is this yours?"


" Yes."

" Oh, but that would mean that you are a princess. Princess Mana."


" Really?"


"Of course. I wouldn't lie to you would I?"




" Then you are a princess. You and your sister."


" Wow. I’m a princess. Then, then, ni - chan is a king. Because he is older and he is in charge.” The girls said, very excitedly.


“Yeah. That sounds about right.”


“And you are the queen.”


“Eh. Me?”


“Yes! Because you are older and you are pretty and nice and ni - chan said you are strong and have a dragon tattoo like him. And queens should be nice and pretty and strong and you match ni - chan. So you are the queen.”


“Oh. Thank you for thinking so highly of me. I will try to be the best queen ever, so I make my princess proud.” Takemichi said with a happy smile on her face.


“There you are. What are my favorite girls doing?”


“Ni - chan, nee - chan, pretty lady said I was a princess. See. I even have a crown.” Mana showed them her plastic crown on her head.


“Oh, I see. She is completely right. You are a princess.”


“Right? And if I’m a princess, nee - chan is also a princess and ni - chan is a king, because ni - chan is in charge, right?”


“I can’t argue with that logic.”


“And pretty lady is a queen, because she is older like ni - chan and she is pretty and strong and nice and she smells good and a queen should be all those things, right ni - chan.”


“Yeah, ni - chan. She is perfect for a queen.”


“Yeah. She is, isn’t she.” Mitsuya had a soft look in his eyes saying that, which made Takemichi blush.


“So now you get married.”






“Yeah! The king marry the queen and they live happy ever after. Don’t you pay attention to the stories you read for us before bed ni - chan?” Mana asked her brother like it was obvious.


“Mana, those are fairy tales.”


“But, don’t you want to marry the pretty lady?”


“It’s not like that. You can’t marry someone without their consent, that is wrong.”


At that Mana and Luna seemed to think for a bit, before going to stand before Takemichi.


“Pretty lady, would you like to marry our ni - chan? He is nice and makes pretty clothes and tells bedtime stories.”


“Yeah, he would treat you real nice and he got the best hugs and kisses our boo boos when we hurt and he smells nice even when he is hot and sweaty.”


Mitsuya was mortified. His sisters were trying to marry him to his friend and he wouldn’t mind that at all, hell, he would make the tux and dress himself. But he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable and by all the red in her face, she was very uncomfortable. He was ready to tame his little devils when he heard a tiny voice.


“W - well. I - I wouldn’t mind m - marrying, Taka - chan.”


“Y - you wouldn't?”


“N - no. It sounds n - nice.”


“O - oh. Hum. I - it sounds nice to m - marry you too.”


“And then she will be our nee- chan from now on.”




Nonetheless, Takemichi gained a new nickname that day.


Takemichi was heading home after a quick trip to the market. She was craving some watermelon and with the weather getting colder it would be harder to get hold of them. She was almost on her block when a girl stopped her.

“Excuse me miss. Are you the girl in this video?” The girl proceeds to show her a video from Haruchiyo’s school fair.


"That 's me.”


“And do you know this boy?” She asked, pointing to her friend.


“Of course I do. That’s Haru - chan.”


“Oh thank god. Do you know where he is right now?”


“Why do you want to know?” Takemichi asked, not feeling comfortable in sharing personal information like this.


“I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Akashi Senju, Haruchiyo’s little sister.”


To say that Takemichi was surprised was an understatement. And to tell the truth, she was a bit skeptical too, after all, Haruchiyo never mentioned siblings before. But that girl did look like her friend and her desperation seems very real.


“Haru - chan never mentioned siblings. Are you sure that it’s my Haru - chan?”


“I swear it’s him. We have been looking for him for so long, we feared that he .., that …” The girl couldn’t say it and looked like she was holding back tears.


“That he was dead.”


The blue eyed girl turned around to see a tall guy with black and white hair, a scar and the same eyes as the girl and her friend. He also looked a bit shaken.


“Sorry if I scared you girl. My name is Akashi Takeomi, Haruchiyo’s big brother. It looks like you have been taking care of my spitfire of a baby brother.”


“You didn’t scare me, don’t worry. Haru - chan is very dear to me and gives me no trouble at all, he is very gentle actually.” She said with a smile, before collecting her thoughts and asking again.


“Look. Are you sure that the Haru you are searching for is my Haru - chan? Because you do look like him, but I’ve known him for 4 months and he never mentioned any of you and his surname is different.”


At the last part they seemed to get confused.


“What do you mean his surname is differ..”


“Get the fuck away from her now!”


Sanzu was approaching them fast and he was fuming. The boy and the girl looked like they saw a ghost.


“My queen! Did they hurt you?” The pale blond boy asked in concern, looking for any signs of conflict.


“They didn’t Haru - chan. Don’t worry.” The brunette said, bringing a hand to his face to caress him. It made the boy’s eyes soften for a moment.


“ Ni - ch…” “ I’m not your brother!” The boy answered so fast and with such anger that it scared both of the newcomers.


“Look Haru. I know you are mad but..” “You got the wrong person!”


“You got the wrong person. I’m an only child.”


It made the girl finally start to cry and the boy got such a sad, painful look on his face that Takemichi didn’t know who she should comfort first.


“That’s bullshit! Do you think I would forget how my own baby brother looks?!”


“I’m not your fucking brother! My name is Sanzu Haruchiyo and I don’t have anything to do with any of you!”


“You changed your name, so what?! Were you expecting that it changed shit?! Who said you were not our brother anymore?!”




“You said it.”


They were quiet after this. The girl was looking horrified at her brother and he looked horrified at himself.


“Haru, baby, I …”


“Shut the fuck up! I already said I’m not your brother!”


“Ni - chan. Ni - chan, please. We were searching for so long. Please, please come home.”




That’s when Takemichi decided to intervene. She saw enough heartbreak and even if she was behind his back, she could see the tear trails on her friend’s face.


“Enough of this! This isn’t getting anywhere and only causing pain. Haru - chan, let’s go home.”


“NO! Please! We just found him, we can’t!”


Sanzu put himself between the two girls, ready to defend his queen. But she touched his arm, making him relax a bit and went to talk to the girl.


“Now it’s not the time ok. Take some time to process the situation, we will meet again.” The brunette said, while passing a tiny piece of paper with her phone into the other girl’s hand.

The white haired girl understood what she was trying to do and let them go after that.


When they got home Sanzu was clearly shaken, so she guided him to the sofa and sat him there. She then proceeded to sit sideways on his lap and give him a hug. He returned the hug in no time and took her touch his hair once for him to start sobbing on her shoulder. He was shaking in her arms and his hug was tight and desperate, but she didn’t mind. He was suffering and she would be there for him. She kept caressing his hair and back and telling him that it was ok.


After some minutes Sanzu finally stopped shaking and his crying was reduced to tiny hiccups. Takemichi was still caressing him and saying comforting words in his ear.


“Hey Dog, I brought you this. Come on, it will make you feel better.”


They both looked up to see Kazutora with a teacup in one hand and a box of tissues in the other.


“Thanks, mangle cat.” Sanzu said as he picked the items from the other boy's hands.


Takemichi’s heart was warm. It made her really happy to see how their relationship got better from the mess it was in the start.


“So if you need something else just call me, if you don’t, I will be in the kitchen not listening to this conversation.” Kazutora motioned to get out of that room, when he felt a hand stopping him.


“You can stay, I guess. It will probably also become your problem very soon, so it’s better if you have the story.”


At that Kazutora silently sat by their side and looked expectantly at the other boy. Sanzu took a deep breath before beginning.


“So, it started when my mom died.”

Chapter Text

Takemichi was so excited. Today was her first day in Toman and she was bouncing on her feet. Mitsuya gave her her own uniform yesterday and now wearing it she was feeling so powerful. It was also very flattering, her friend was very talented, she has to remember to ask him how much he would charge to make some clothes for her.


" It fits you really well." The brunette turned around to see Kazutora getting into the room.


"Doesn't it? Taka - chan is awesome."


" He always was."


Kazutora got close to his friend, picked her up and went to sit on the bed with her on his lap. He then buried his face on her neck and deeply inhaled her scent.


" I know you can take care of yourself, I know that, but please, please be careful."


" I will, don’t worry."


"And please, don’t ever mention me to Mikey. Not that you know me, not that I live here, don't mention absolutely nothing."


" Ok, Tora - chan."


"Promise me."


" Tora - chan, I think you are exaggerating. Manji - chan is very nice to me."


" Mikey likes you. I think he genuinely likes and cares about you, but the second he learns about our relationship it will not be enough to save you from him. Mikey is like me, he also needs help, but people are afraid to mention it to him. So please be careful, there is no bigger love than Mikey's, but there is also no bigger hate."


" I understand. Don’t worry, I will be careful."


"Thank you."


Kazutora could feel himself relax a bit. He knew he could trust her to be smart about it, but he was just so scared of something happening to his most precious person.


They were hugging for a bit, it was way easier to be like this when the weather was not so unbearably hot. The duo haired boy didn't think it was possible for them to get closer, but as the weather gets colder they spend more and more time all over each other. And he was loving it. He loved the way they wake up together, the way they just laze around in each other's arms, the way they cook or just go buy groceries holding hands. And holy fuck he loved when they kiss. It felt like heaven every time and he was completely addicted.


Kazutora put one hand on each side of Takemichi's head and started to kiss her face. First her forehead, then her cheeks, then her lips. The kiss was slow, but full of emotions, there was no space between them. He loved when he could feel her whole body against his, how her tiny hands would fists his hair or his shirt, slightly pulling it sometimes. He also loved how her legs would hug waist and the little sounds that she made. Fuck, he was so in love with her. The boy doesn't know why she chose to give him all this love, he is in no way worthy of it, but he happily will take everything she was willing to give him.


They separated, breathing heavily, but Kazutora immediately started to kiss her neck.


" T - Tora ahh."


He was driving her crazy. Takemichi could feel herself getting hot under his ministrations. He was mixing his kissing with light bites and licking. The brunette was embarrassed by the sounds she was making, but she would be lying if she said she wanted him to stop. She definitely didn't.


She could feel his hands all over her. Kazutora has always been her bold tiger, but he really has been way more eager since they started kissing. He would let his hands wander higher on her legs and lower on her back, he would take a handful of her and squeeze as if to feel how her body feels in his hands. It makes her feel like she is on fire. She doesn't know how he manages, but it makes her feel so wanted, so special, it feels good that someone wants you that much, that someone needs you that much. Takemichi could feel that her boy's kisses were getting lower, that he was pulling at her clothes and she was feeling so good.


The doorbell took them by surprise, bringing them back to reality. And they were kinda surprised at how far they have gone without realizing. Their clothes were wrinkled, the first two buttons of Takemichi’s jacket were opened, with Tora's face buried in her chest, just above her breast. They were also all red and clearly hot and quite bothered as well. The girl stayed back to tide it up a little bit while the boy went to get the door.


“Kei! How nice to see you again!” Kazutora said, giving his friend a hug.


“Tora! I missed you, man!” Baji said, returning the hug.


“Kei - chan!”




Takemichi had jumped on Baji, who was fast enough to catch her and was now holding her in an above the floor hug, while nuzzling their faces together.


" Is my favorite girl excited for today?"


" Yes! I'm so excited." She said very happy, before getting more shy.


" Do you think they will like me?"


" Of course they will! There's just no way they won't love you and if they don't, just talk to me. I will fix it for you real quickly." Baji said with confidence, which caused the girl to laugh a little.


“Ok. Let me just get my stuff so we can go.”


As soon as the girl was out of view, Kazutora turned to Baji with a serious expression on his face.


“Please Kei, keep an eye on her. She is too kind for her own good and people might try to take advantage. And for the love of god, neither of you say one word about me.”


“Don’t worry, Tora. I will take care of her and you know Mitsuya. Always the big brother type, he will hover over her. And of course, my lips are sealed.”




Just as they were finishing the conversation Takemichi came back ready to go out.


“Bye, Tora - chan. I will be home in no time.” She said as she hugged him.


“Bye, Michi. I will wait for you to get home.”


“You can go to sleep if you are tired. I will not wake you up this time, I promise.”


Now it was Kazutora’s time to laugh as he cupped her face with his hands and kissed her forehead.


“As if I can sleep without you anymore.” He said, making his girl smile shy at him.


After that, Takemichi and Baji hopped on the boy's bike at the sounds of his promises to come for more sleepovers, because he missed sleeping with Mitchy too and it was not fair that Tora hogged her all for himself.



Getting there, she saw all of those people and got a bit nervous again. It was her first time after all. Baji’s presence helped quite a bit, though. She was holding his hand as they passed through the gang and got close to the stairs.


" Mitchy!" She heard, before a blurry figure attached themselves to her.


" Ha ha ha. Hi Manji- chan."


" I missed you so much. Why do have to be so far away from me?"


" Manji - chan, we saw each other yesterday."


" So? We should spend more time together, I don’t understand why those traitors keep hogging you away from me." The blond boy said with a pout.


" I'm their friend too, Manji - chan. I will spend time with them as well, but don't worry. You will always be my precious Manji - chan." The girl said giving Mikey a kiss on the cheek, which made him get quite a bit red.


" Your ability to stop Mikey’s bullshit will never stop impressing me, tiny."


" Ken - chan!" The brunette momentarily stopped to hug Mikey to attach herself to her tall friend instead.


" Hi, Mitchy." The boy picked her up from under her legs and hugged her close to him.


" Ohhh. I'm tall." Takemichi said with the enthusiasm of a little kid.


" Ha ha ha ha. You are. You are pretty too. Toman's uniform suited you very well"


" I always knew Mitchy would be perfect in our uniform, but never thought she would be this pretty."


" Manji - chan, Ken - chan, you will make me blush."


" But it’s the truth. You were the best model I ever had."


" Taka - chan is right. You are very pretty Micchi - chan."


" Taka - chan, Kai - chan, hello to you too."


As soon as the girl was on the ground again she went happily jumping to her friends, leaving her other boys a bit behind.


" She was worried that people wouldn't like her."


" That's ridiculous. I could see their curious eyes on her as soon as she arrived. They were quite fascinated by what I could see."


" If anything they are going to be a bit too friendly, but don't worry guys. I will make it very clear to them that she is totally off limits."


All the noise stopped when Mikey and Draken got up to their place in the shire. The whole gang's eyes were on him.


“I called you here today so we all could welcome our new member, Haganaki Takemichi. Takemitchy, present yourself.”


The small girl also got upstairs and stood in between Mikey and Draken.


“My name is Haganaki Takemichi, please treat me well.”


Everyone was stunned. This is the ferocious Blue eyed dragon? The demon girl? The invincible monster who feeds on their fears? This is a tiny cute girl! They want to protect her! And she seems so nice too. They all hoped she would be part of their division so they could be better friends.


“She is now part of the second division under Mitsuya and Shiba. I want you to treat her well and if there is any inappropriate behavior you will be punished. Your captains and vice captains will be on alert at all times for that and have the authority to punish you as they see fit. And of course, anyone who has a problem with Takemitchy over here will answer me.” Mikey said, making a shiver run down everyone’s spine and those who had a crush on the cute, strong girl whined as their chances were crushed.

"That 's all. Dismissed."


Takemichi got down as soon as Mikey allowed. The girl went straight to the third division and held the arm of the boy standing there. He looked quite surprised at her attitude, but she just needed to confirm something.


“Oi Mitchy! What are you doing?! Did he do something to you?” Mikey asked, making a beeline to them. Pah - chin and Peh - yan also got close quickly in case they were needed.


The girl just squinted her eyes at the boy in front of her for a bit, before widening them as realization hit her.


“Te - chan! Te - chan, it has been so long! How are you? Where have you been? Wow, you really changed, I barely recognized you.” She said as she gave the boy a hug. Meanwhile the boy was a mess of stuttering and blush.


“Mitchy, who is he to you exactly?” Mikey asked with a threatening smile on his face.


“He is Kisaki Tetta. I met him with Hina - chan a while back. They were being bullied by some high schoolers and I got in the middle of that and fought them off. Look, I even got a very cool scar out of it.” She said showing her head scar. It made them sick. A bunch of older kids hit a small child in the head enough for it to tear open. If they ever found those people again, they were dead.


“So we became friends after that. We would do everything together, we even had this dream to become delinquents together, but one day Te - chan just disappeared and we didn’t see him anymore. Me and Hina - chan were so sad. But it’s ok, because you are here now. Oh my, I will totally tell this to Hina - chan. We have to schedule a reunion.”


“It’s nice to see you too, Michi. I - I really missed you.” He said with a small smile on his face.


“I missed you too, Te - chan. Come on, give me your number, we have to keep in touch. I will also send it to Hina - chan, so she has it too.”




As both of them exchanged numbers, Toman’s heads exchanged looks. Yeah they will have to keep an eye on this childhood friend, he was getting too cozy with their precious girl.



It was a very normal day in her life when they decided to show up. She was walking home from school when she heard two bikes getting close.


“Oi Sunshine.” “Hi Take - chan”


“Ran - chan, Rin - chan. How nice to see you.” Said the girl hugging them.


“It’s really nice to see you too. Are you busy today, tiny?”


“No. Not today. Why?”


“Because now you do. Hope on, baby. We are going to pamper you.”


“Yay! Let’s have fun together boys.” She said getting on Ran’s bike, the closest one to her.


She noticed both of them were looking at her with a surprised face.




“Nothing. It’s just that’s not the first thing people normally think when someone says they are going to pamper them.”


“Well, pampering is making the other person happy right? Spending time with Ran - chan and Rin - chan makes me happy, so it is spoiling me.”


At that, both of the boys' expressions softened quite a bit. They really got lucky with her, didn't they. Well, she better be prepared for some love, because she will get everything she deserves today.


Takemichi didn’t know what exactly she was doing here. It was one of the most expensives stores in Roppongi and way above her budget. Maybe they want her opinion on some clothes? Like shopping with friends. Yeah, that must be it. They are used to buying in these types of stores, of course they would come here. After they are done she would tell them to go to a more simple store so she could do some shopping too.


So when they got in, she went straight for the sitting area and started to admire the beauty of the place. It was not everyday that she had the opportunity to enter somewhere this fancy. The girl stopped when she noticed the two boys in front of her with a confused look on their faces.




“Do you not like this store, Take - chan?”


“I do. It’s so fancy and the clothes seem really nice.”


“Then why are you sitting down, flower?”


“Oh, I’m waiting for you two to choose, try on the clothes and show me, then we can go to another place where I can do the same.”


“But why can’t you do it here?”


“Well, I kinda can’t afford anything here. He he he.” The girl said, scratching the back of her head.


“Who said you will be paying?”




“My baby brother is right. Who said you will be paying for anything baby? We are here to pamper you, remember?”


“I couldn’t possibly ask for you to spend so much money on me.” The girl was blushing right now. She couldn’t even think about asking her friends to spend so much money like that.


“Good thing you aren’t asking then. Besides, we saw you eyeing that nice blue dress over there.”


“W - well, it looks pretty and I liked the hearts.”


“You heard the lady. She wants the pretty blue dress with hearts.”


After that one of the store employees went to get the dress and many other items that Takemichi shyly said she liked. After that she went to the changing rooms to try them on, while the boys waited outside.


Ran and Rindou were talking when they heard the voice of their girl saying she was ready.


“Come on, princess. Don’t leave us hanging here.”


Takemichi got out of the room with the dress and a blinding smile on her face.


“I think it is so pretty. What do you think?”


They didn’t have words. She was gorgeous. The dress hugged her curves just right, complimenting her already beautiful body. The blue was exactly the same as her eyes and the hearts seemed like they were coming straight from her, giving a cute and loving aura to her.


" And here we thought you couldn’t be even more beautiful."


"Thank you." The brunette said with a blush on her face."


No need to say that they bought the dress and some other clothes that also fitted beautifully on their girl. Much to Takemichi's despair when she saw the price of them.


After that they got to a shoe store and did the same thing and after that a jewelry shop, where the brunette almost had a stroke with how much they spent on her. It only made the boys laugh though. After many shopping bags from fancy stores, one very extravagant dinner later and a relaxing bubble bath in the boy’s huge bathroom they were relaxing in their massive bed.


They were watching a movie on their tv, she was laying on Ran, while Rindou was laying on her. Takemichi had to admit that she was feeling very relaxed after everything and it was really fun to spend time with them. However, that was one thing that was bothering her every time she hung out with the brothers. Feeling like it couldn’t wait anymore, the girl thought the best way to start that conversation.


“Ran - chan, Rin - chan.”


“Yes, Princess/ Take - chan.”


“Why do you always spend so much money on me?”


“What kind of question is that baby? You deserve the best, so it’s only fair that we give it to you."


"Does it bother you, Take - chan?"


"No. It doesn't. It's just . . . You do know I'm not with you because of the money right?"


Truth to be told they knew that, deep inside they do. But the problem is, they live in completely different worlds. She is a bright light in their dark lives. When their friendship was still new, they kept waiting for the subtle insinuations of money and the " I wanted that/this so much, won't you buy it for me?" They prepared for it, everyone did it and they would be happy to indulge her, she was way nicer than any other person who has approached them. But it never came. She never even commented on the topic and more often than not she was the one bringing them gifts. Be it something that reminded her of them or delicious baked threats. The only thing she would ask off them was their time and friendship and it scared them. Because, what did they have to offer to her? They didn't have a stable home life or good achievements at school or nice friendly hobbies or a bright future ahead. They were dangerous gang leaders with hands stained with blood and it would probably only get worse from there. Ran and Rindou knew it was only a question of time before she realized that and abandoned them with their darkness. But they didn’t want to be abandoned by her, everyone already left, they didn’t want to lose her too. The only person who didn’t tremble in fear when heard of them, the only person who looked at them with kind eyes. So they tried to give her the only thing they had that she didn’t, money. She had a heart of gold and they would cover her in jewels to match. She only had to say it and it would be hers. But if she didn’t want that, what would they give her? They have nothing more to give. She would go away.


“That's all that we can give you, Take - chan.” Rindou said with a sad tone.


At that, Takemichi looked at them confused.


“What do you mean?”


“We are not the best company. We can’t offer you a peaceful future or a nice welcoming home to come back to. There is just me and Rindou and it has been like this for a long time. We are surrounded by violence and did some things we can never take back. We are not good people and besides the money, there is nothing more we can offer you. That's just how it is, sweetheart.” Ran explained with a sad smile.


“That’s not true!”




"That 's not true! Ran - chan and Rin - chan are awesome! You are nice and kind and always worry about me and you go to places I want to, just to make me happy and you are also nice to each other. Ran - chan is such a good big brother, always worrying and taking care of Rin - chan. Even when you are tired, I know you never rest until you are sure your baby sibling is ok. And Rin - chan is a good little brother too. Always helping his ni - chan and taking care of him too. You do anything for him, no matter how hard it is. You may not have anyone else, but you have each other and that’s what matters. And you also have me! I love Ran - chan and Rin - chan, because you are you. I don’t care about money, you could be penniless and I would still love you exactly the same. So never again say you have nothing to give to me, you are more than enough.”


Ran didn’t know when it was the last time he cried, maybe when he realized that their parents weren’t coming home again, but he definitely never cried from happiness. The long haired boy could feel the tears coming down his face nonstop, but he could also feel his heart full enough to burst. This tiny girl is just so precious, she sees good in them and she speaks of it with such a confidence that he can see himself believing in it. Believing that there is a chance for them still, a future where they didn’t need to fight all the time, where he didn’t need to be strong all the time. Isn’t that beautiful? A future with her. Now that he would look out for.


Rindou knows he is crying. He can’t see anything because his glasses are all fogged up and he can feel his ni - chan hugging him. But this time there is also a tiny hand patting the back of his head, trying to calm him down, while the other was around his older brother. Takemichi is the best thing that happened to them in a long time, she is kind and understanding and her smiles are warm and pretty. And her love, oh, her love could get you drunk on it really fast. You felt like the most important person in the world, like you were worth so much. He never wants to go without it ever again, he wants to stay by her side and he will. He and Ran will stay by her side for as long as she wants to love them and they will love her in return.


Meanwhile in another part of the town


“How the fuck is she part of Toman?!”


“I don’t know. It must be recent, she wasn’t part of the gang in the fight of the festival.”


“I know it’s recent you stupid bitch. I was at her gang presentation. Fuck! It got things way more complicated.”


“Is the boss jealous that he has competition now?”


“Shut the fuck up!” Said the boy with a blush on his face


“He he he he he.”


“Hump. Now we have to speed up the plan as much as possible. But first, we have to get rid of that nosy dog.”

Chapter Text

Chifuyu is so happy. Normally he and Baji - san go to see Takemichi together, but today his captain is busy so he will spend the whole day with his favorite girl alone. He made many plans so it will be so much fun. He hoped that she liked it and would be willing to spend more alone time with him in the future.


He was close to her school when he saw her and her group of friends at the gates.


“Takemichy!” He said, making her turn around and smiling happily at his sight.


“Fuyu - Chan! How are you? What are you doing here?” The girl said as she hugged him.


"I'm better now that you are here with me."


"Fuyu - chan, you will make me blush like this."


“Great, another fucking simp.”


Chifuyu looked at the other boys there, still hugging Takemichi. They were clearly annoyed with him.


“Well, hello to you too.” The blond boy said with annoyance clear in his voice.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello cat boy. Where is the big bad wolf that normally comes attached to you and growls at us?” Akkun asked with the little patience he had.


“I should beat your ass for talking about Baji - san like this.”


“Now, now. Fuyu - chan calm down, you are not going to beat anyone and Akkun, stop being rude to him and talking bad about Kei - chan. They are nice.”


Yeah, nice. Nice nutjobs that’s what they are. Always pestering their precious female friend and taking all her time. At least she isn’t sitting in this one lap nor is he biting her. Strange fuckers. The worst part though is that Takemichi thinks it’s cute. He doesn’t understand how but she does. He hates every single one of them and would much rather go back to simple times when there were just them, Takemichi and Hinata, those were good times. Well, Emma can stay, she is nice and polite and that new girl Takemichi made friends with can stay too, he supposes. Senju, he thinks. Yeah that’s her name. She is a little violent, but sweet and both of them make Takemichi and Hinata happy, so they were also happy. But those boys should go, pests, all of them.


Meanwhile Chifuyu was equally pissed off. Who those bicthes thought they were? Just because they know Takemitchy longer they think they are more important? Ha! As if. If anything they are in the way. They are weak and make his precious friend have to rescue them all the time, yet they act all big. They should be happy that Takemitchy found someone who can actually fight and take care of her instead of hiding behind her strength and kindness all the time. And they also had the audacity to talk about Baji - san. They are lucky Mitchy is here, otherwise he would break their bones.


Oblivious to the staring contest going on above her head, Takemichi turned back to Chifuyu.


“So why did you come here today, Fuyu - chan?”


“Oh, I was wondering if you would like to come with me to the new cat cafe that just opened in Akihabara. They seem really cute and I thought it would be nice.” The blond boy said with a deep blush on his face.


“Of course I will go with you. We will have so much fun, Fuyu - chan.”


The blond boy got so happy that she wanted to go with him and she seemed all excited too. He felt warm inside.


“But Michi, you keep spending time with those pests, spend time with us for a change.”


“Yeah. We miss you.” Takuya said right after Akushi. He doesn't hate them all like his friend does, but he misses the time they would spend together.


Takemichi walked over to them and gave them all a hug.


“ Sorry that you feel that way. You are my precious silly boys, of course I want to spend time with you. But I also made new friends and they deserve my attention too. That doesn’t mean that I love you any less, ok. Let’s spend the whole day together tomorrow. How about that?”


They almost had to squint at her brightness. She was so loving and they understood why those boys wanted to take all her time for themselves. But they are in for a surprise if they think they are going to let them hog their precious girl all for themselves. For now though, they would play along, they could never deny her anything after all.


“Ok, but tomorrow you are all ours.” Akushi said, pulling Takemichi to himself.


“All yours.”


She hugged her Mizo boys one more time before taking Chifuyu’s hand on hers and taking him on their little date to the cat cafe.


Arriving at the place, Takemichi could barely contain her excitement. It was so cute. All decorated with cat themed things, even the food and drinks. And all those cute cats, she wants to pet them all.


Getting there they sat at a place near the window and they had cat themed drapes. Both teens were so excited to be there. They had just ordered their food when some cats approached them.


" Fuyu - chan look. They look like us."


And they really did. Chifuyu observed a small fluffy black cat looking at them with her curious big blue eyes. Right after her there is a siamese hovering over her in a protective form, but you could see there was curiosity in his light green eyes.


The cats approached them and it seemed that each one of the felines wanted to go to one of them but were reluctant to separate from each other. So they kept looking at the humans and at themselves as if unsure of what to do. Takemichi noticed it and got an idea. She got up from her place and went to sit on the lap of a very red Chifuyu. The second she did that the cats jumped on them. The black cat was very interested in the blond boy, meanwhile the siamese seemed obsessed over the brunette.


Chifuyu was in heaven. His most precious girl was sitting on his lap all happily laying on him. She had her head on his shoulder and neck, so he could also lay his head on hers and smell her delicious perfume. He could also feel her warm body against him and she was so soft. He loved how well she fit in his arms.


And of course there were also the cats. The cute cats that seemed to have grown out of any initial mistrust they had and now were the most loving animals in the world. Yeah. Chifuyu’s day was the best.


She was in Baji’s room now. She and Chifuyu went there after their cute date at the cafe and read some chapters of the new shoujo manga they were reading right now. And of course they introduced her to the famous Peke J. This cat was her new best friend and decided that her lap was the most comfortable chair in the world. Unfortunately Chifuyu had to go home first, but it's ok because Baji was still here with her.


They were laying on his bed, well Baji was. Takemichi was laying on him, very happy about the caresses she was receiving.


"So you and Fuyu had fun today hm."


"Yeah! We ate delicious cute food and the cats were so cute too. And after a while we were there a big fluffy black cat appeared and started to play with us. He reminded me of you."


"Did he?" Said the boy, tightening his arms around her.


"He did. He was big, fluffy, pretty, nice to hug and had cute teeth. "


"Oh kitten. When you say things like this, it makes me want to bite you all over." Baji said with a fanged smile as if to show it off, but his eyes were dripping with love.


" I will do something better."


Takemichi positioned herself to be face to face with Baji, took his face with both of her hands and lowered herself, giving him a kiss straight on the lips. It made the boy immediately respond.


Keisuke had his hands all over her, making her feel hot under his ministrations. She could also feel his tongue intertwined with hers. It was bigger than hers and it definitely wanted to explore every centimeter of her mouth. He moved his legs with the kiss, so she was straddling him a bit. With both of her legs at his side and her upper body pressed on his. His strong hands held her in place.


They barely stopped for breathing, but when they did, Baji would bite her lips in such a seductive form that she couldn't help, but to start kissing him again. And the growling. Oh my. He was growling in her mouth and it seemed like it was going straight to her core. It got her so excited.


Baji doesn't know how he got here, kissing the love of his life like this, but damn he was loving it. She is so soft and warm under his hands and her mouth is divine. He is addicted, that's for sure. Her tiny tongue dancing with his and her little gasps and moans are driving him crazy. He can feel every little pointed tooth inside her mouth now, he can feel her tiny hands on his hair, her legs trying to hug him even though the position is difficult for them. He never wants to stop kissing her. Baji wants to stay in this state of bliss forever.


Keisuke changes their position for a bit, sitting with her on his lap. It made Takemichi immediately hug him with her legs and bury her hands on that pretty, soft hair of his. The long haired boy stopped kissing her for a moment, holding her bottom lip with his fangs again, making her open her mouth wider. He then proceeded to shove his tongue so deep inside her that she had to hold onto him to keep herself together. She could feel his hunger. Baji was smaller than Kazutora, but he was wider and had more muscles. And she could feel every single one of them right now. Tora and Baji were her bold boys and they always looked like they wanted her so much, like they could eat her all up. And right now, Baji looked hungry for her.


When they finally separated, breathing heavily, the boy still seemed dead set on tasting her. He licked her lips first and then moved to her cheek, where he started to include tiny bites to his ministrations. It all was making Takemichi feel very hot and tight her hold on him. But when he licked a long stripe along her neck, only to bite there too, she could help but to moan louder.


Baji was enhanced. She tasted so good. He wants to lick every centimeter of her body, he wants to taste her whole, to see how many flavors she can offer him. He wanted to make her sing like this every time. Her voice, her movements, her taste were driving him insane and he was loving it.


After Baji had licked and bit Takemichi's neck and a bit of her shoulder, they finally stopped for the time being.


" Oh kitten. Now I want this everyday. You will be tired of me by the end of this month." Keisuke said, nuzzling his face on her cheek.


"I would never get tired of you, but if you keep kissing me like this we will tire each other out in another way." Takemichi said, still a bit dazed.


Baji blushed from head to toe with her insinuation. He won’t be able to stop thinking about it now.


" You will be the death of me, kitten."


" Ha ha ha ha ha."


Kyoko just got home and was about to call for her son when she noticed a pair of tiny shoes at her door. She then went searching for her future daughter in law so she could greet her and scold her son for not letting her know she was coming, again. Now she was underprepared, again. Damn Keisuke. She wanted to make a good impression as a mother in law. You should help your poor mom, pup, those things are important.


She found them in her son’s room, sleeping. She had to suppress an "owwnn" to not wake them up. Kei was hugging her from behind in a big spoon, resting his jaw on top of her head and hugging her in a protective manner. The girl was hugging his arm, with her legs intertwined with his. She was also wearing one of his T - shirts that looked more like a dress than a shirt. They looked so peaceful like this.


She decided to let them sleep for a little longer. They were just too cute to wake up now. Kyoko couldn't help but to remember when her baby was small, just a little pup running around her. Her son is growing up fast, isn’t he? Well, maybe soon she will have a new pup to take care of. A blue eyed, curly haired one, perhaps. Yeah, she would like that. Not too soon of course. They are still a bit too young after all.


Wakasa always thought that he was meant to be alone. He was a leopard after all and they were dangerous, fierce animals, but also lone ones. And that was ok, he had accepted that, until he came along. Shinichiro was kind and loving and dead set on making friends with him. He didn’t understand at first, but as time went on understanding didn’t matter anymore. All that he needed to know was that he was warm and nice and it made him feel happy. Wakasa wanted to spend his life by this boy's side, so he did. He was by his side when he played hero around the neighborhood, when he discovered that he was an older brother, when he formed a gang, when he dismantled the gang and when he built the bike shop. And he stayed by his side at his funeral. Imaushi almost forgot that he was a leopard and that they were lone animals. Shinichiro almost made him forget, that’s why life must have thought it needed to remind him. He had Takeomi and Benkei still, but without Shin it just wasn’t the same and he had accepted that. That he was supposed to be lonely for the rest of his life. That is until he met her.


This tiny girl came to his gym to train there and the stupid bitch he had hired earlier that week told her she was too small and frail for it. He was about to interfere when she basically jumped over the reception table and broke the asshole's jaw with one punch. He laughed so much he was almost out of air. He just regretted that he couldn’t talk to her that day and he didn’t see her again till one month later when surprise, surprise, she was walking around with Takeomi's missing baby brother.


He approached them and started talking, much to the chagrin of the younger boy, who seemed to want to pick the girl up and run away. However unfortunately for him the tiny girl was very friendly and was more than willing to talk to him. He apologized for the incident and said he changed the person at the reception. She forgave him immediately and from then on they became friends.


Before Wakasa noticed his days became filled with bright smiles, big eyes, warm hugs, little treats, eating together, cute pictures hanging on the walls and a chorus of Waka - nii, Waka - nii. And for the second time in his life he saw himself not alone anymore. He became a big brother, who would have thought. The white leopard of the Black Dragons is a doting big brother to a tiny, cute girl and she is so smart and kind too. He is proud. Is this what Shin had felt about Mikey and Emma? Must have been. He even screamed at Omi because he wanted to go after Takemichi because of his little brother. He knew that Takeomi was just desperate and sad and that he would do anything bad to her. But she was his little sister now and no one was going to upset his little sister.


Benkei thinks it was doing good to him, this big brother thing. Said he looked happier.


“Waka - nii! Let’s get some food together. And then we can go to one of those photo boots and take cute photos.”


Yeah. Wakasa thought with a smile.


“I’m coming, Michi.”


He is happier now.

Chapter Text

Mitsuya was at his sewing club when he heard that someone was looking for him. He bet it was Pah - chin and Peh - yan again, those two come to bother him every chance they get. Apparently his vice president thought the same thing, because soon enough everyone could hear all about how those stupid delinquents are trouble and only come here to bother president - san. He could already hear the complaints going around his class. And soon enough it was all proven to be true, when his two friends in question opened the door to greet him.


“Yo Mitsuya! Hope ya not too busy!”


“Does it matter if I am?”




“Then no.”


“You troublesome delinquents! Taking advantage of president - san like that! You have no shame!”


“Please, calm down Yasuda - san. They are lost causes, but they are my friends. Don’t worry, I know how to deal with them. ”


“Y - yeah! And for your information we came here to bring Takemichy, so we didn’t came to bother.” Peh - yan said with a blushing face. Did that girl have to be so close to him while screaming at his face? Why did she have to be so infuriating and cute? It’s not fair that she doesn’t let him speak too!


“Let me guess, it’s another delinquent.”


“Takemitchy is the new addition to Mitsuya’s division.”


“I knew it! It’s probably just another violent boy that will take advantage of president’s - san kindness and time. And . . .”




Yasuda immediately stopped speaking when she saw a cute, tiny girl standing behind the tall boy she was talking to. What was she doing here? Was she lost? Were those boys bothering her? It makes no sense, they may be delinquents, but they would never do something bad.




Her thoughts were interrupted by her president's voice and the fact he got out of his chair and to the other side of the room so fast she almost didn’t see him. Now he was hugging this mysterious girl. Well, it was a very cute scene, she will have to admit, but it didn’t make any sense in her head.


"You are a sight for sore eyes, Mitchy. It's so good to see you."


" I missed you too, Taka - chan."


As soon as the girl said that she noticed that they weren’t alone in the club, she stopped hugging her friend to greet everyone in the room.


“Hello everyone. My name is Haganaki Takemichi, it’s nice to meet you. Thank you for taking such good care of my Taka - chan.”


After introductions were made, everyone was curious as to what such a cute tiny girl was doing there.


“Oh, me? Taka - chan said he wanted to take some of my measures so he can adjust my clothes.”


Takashi is an honest boy. So he will be honest with himself and admit that he has no idea how he managed to make Takemichi’s uniform. He is very professional, he had taken measurements from girls before, no big deal. He even did some of Emma’s and Yazuha’s clothes and of course he made some for his sisters too. He knew that his friend would have to take some of her clothes off so he could measure her and he was prepared for that. However, he was not prepared for the sight that greeted him when she took her school uniform off.She was soft, but also had firm muscle all over that perfect body of hers. The blue eyed girl was wearing a cute blue set for underwear, with that bra seeming to be struggling to hold all of her perky breasts. it seemed so soft, he wanted to touch it so badly. and her ass, oh my god, her ass was so round and big. He wanted to hold it with both hands. And the way her panties were constricting them, making them stand out even more. How the fuck was she hiding all of that under those baggy things that she wore? He had no idea. But he knows two things. That he almost died of a nose bleed that day and that he will make some clothes for Takemichi from now on. She deserves to be admired like the goddess she is.


Meanwhile Yasuda had a revelation. They way that the president looked at the girl, the way he ran to her side as soon as he saw her, his soft looks directed to her, her happiness at being at his side, her wide smile directed at him, her even coming here in the first place. The president has a girlfriend! How had she not noticed before? Well, to be fair he has been happier lately, but she didn’t dwell much on it. Now looking back it’s obvious. She is happy for her president.


“You are Yasuda - chan, right?” The question took the girl away from her thoughts


“Oh, yes. That’s me.”


“Peh yan - chan was right, you are super cute.”




“I - I beg your pardon.”


“Peh yan - chan always talks about you. He goes on and on about how cute and smart and dedicated you are and how brave you can be.”


“D - does he now?”


“Yes! And he is a little shy, but he would like to ask you out sometime.”


She looked at the boy in question, who looked a second away from combusting. Not much different from her own face.


“I - is this true?”


“Y - yes. I - I really admire you and w - would be honored if you gave me a chance.”


“W - well. I suppose we could enjoy each other's company during a picnic in the Tokyo park next sunday.”


“I - I would like that.”


Mitsuya couldn’t believe his eyes. Peh and Uda were dancing around each other for months now. Both clearly liked each other, but neither had the courage to make the first step. He thought it would go on for way longer before they suddenly kissed or something. But Takemichi made them have a full conversation without any screaming and landed them a date in less than five minutes. He was starting to think that she was a miracle worker.


Takashi didn't lie when he said he wanted to take some of Takemichi's measurements. If he was to continue with his plan of dressing Takemichi like the goddess she is, he will need those. Yasuda even said she could take them for him. He knew she was only trying to help, both him and Mitchy. There were some girls that preferred that the female members took their measurements for them. However Takemichi was his muse and if anyone thought that they would touch her they are very wrong. Only his hands would touch that perfect skin of hers. It only took one look for the others to understand this. They were quick to leave the place and Takemichi, bless her heart, didn't think anything of being alone with him in the room.


The lilac haired boy was measuring her again. The girl in front of him only in her underwear, showing that beautiful body of hers. He almost lost all cool again, but this time he was more prepared. He managed to restrain himself as his hands moved all over her. From her hips to her legs to her arms to her chest. This time he was successful, he managed to get everything without making an ass of himself. But the second his eyes fixed upon her tattoo he almost lost everything again. That piece of art on her skin that seemed to complement the unmatched beauty that was this girl. He couldn’t stop himself from touching it, from tracing every line in there. He got closer and closer to her, slowly, as if waiting for her to stop him. Finally, he gave her back a kiss. It was sensual even as a chaste thing. He could hear her gasp.


"Taka - chan."




He repeated her name again and again as if calling her, while he continued with his ministrations. He kissed her whole back, while his hands caressed her. Mitsuya could hear her little gasps and by god it excited him like nothing ever did. The boy got up again, hugging his precious girl from behind, not stopping the kissing at any second. Takashi kissed her head first, then he went down to her temple, her cheek and her neck, all while he turned her around for him.


Takemichi couldn’t suppress her voice anymore. She doesn’t know why basically everyone of her boys were dead set on making her a mess under their ministrations. She should be a responsible one and stop it, she knows. But they really have the ability to make her blind to everything else besides their own time together. They know exactly what to do to make her weak. Just like Taka - chan is doing right now. Kissing her neck like this. Like he is worshiping her. She can feel his smile on her skin. She pulls his hair a bit, forcing him to face her, only to smash their lips together.


Mitsuya is in heaven. He is kissing Takemichi, he is really kissing her. He knows that kisses don't have specific tastes, people don't taste like other things, he knows that. But he can swear Takemichi tastes like honey and love. He doesn't doubt that she is the only one in the world that managed that, his little miracle worker. She was fisting his shirt, on her tiptoes, her other hand on his hair trying to get a better grip on him. Maybe he should grow it. So she could pull it as much as she wanted to.


Their kiss was so hot. She didn't know how he managed it. It wasn’t as intense as Keisuke or Kazutora, nor it seemed like he was worshiping her, like Haruchiyo. It was so sensual, it made her feel like the sexiest girl alive. He had one hand on her face and the other holding her by the waist, almost lifting her from the ground.


When they stopped, they were breathing fast, with swollen lips and lust filled eyes. Takashi immediately wanted to continue, to eat her whole, but he knew it wasn’t the moment nor the place. He will do it right, with a nice diner and a nice place, just the way she deserves. In the meantime, they could kiss and of course, he will dress her up. The others will forget how to breathe when they see what he has in mind for her.


It was another meeting night for Toman. Mikey and Draken at the top of the stairs giving the announcements, all the divisions listening carefully. Takemichi was placed between Mitsuya and Hakkai and way too close to the commanders for a rookie. And every captain and vice captain counted the seconds to be close to their precious friend again. Not that she noticed, of course. So yeah. Normal. Well, almost normal. The vice captain of the fifth division was missing. They even waited for him a bit, but they had to begin the reunion. Takemichi didn’t like it one bit. Haru - chan was never late, she was very worried.


The reunion was almost over when she received a call from Kazutora. He knew she was at a Toman's reunion so if he was calling it was very important. She answered the phone without caring if she interrupted Mikey or not and she was glad he did.


" Michi, I found him. The leader ordered him caught and beaten. I managed to get where he is, but can't do much against the commander. Can you get Toman there? It's not a trap, that I can guarantee."


" I will. Thank you baby."


" Oi Mitchy. Who were you talking to..






"YES! VALHALA GOT HIM! I KNOW WHERE HE IS AND I'M GOING TO GET HIM BACK!" The girl said as she started to run to where the bikes were.




All the gang got their bikes. Takemichi was ready to get in Mitsuya’s or Hakkai’s when she heard Mikey.


" You are coming with me Mitchy! Lead us there!"


Without thinking twice the girl jumped on the vehicle and held the boy's waist firmly. She was completely oblivious to the blush on the blond's face.


The gang roared through the streets of Tokyo. More than 200 bikes could be seen. They drove to an abandoned building in Shinjuku that had the drawing of a headless angel on the side. They had arrived at the place. Takemichi jumped off Mikey’s bike as soon as she recognized that it was the right spot that Kazutora described. Toman hot on her heels.There were some members on the door, but the brunette knocked them out so quickly it was almost funny. Seeing a tiny girl massacring boys two times her size. It didn’t take long for them to find Sanzu. He was tied up and beaten, surrounded by at least 10 members of the other gang. When she saw the blood on her precious person, Takemichi saw red.

"You hurt my Haru - chan." It was said with such a voice that made the enemy boys take a step back.


" I'm going to make you bleed."


She didn't give them any chances. The curly haired girl basically jumped on them. She punched and kicked and broke bones at a terrifying speed. Even the gang veterans were scared. To think such a small, cute girl could do all that and with such a voracity too. Even her own gang was terrified. That was their little angel? The one who brings biscuits and sweets for them sometimes? The tiny girl with the perpetual good mood that makes everyone happy? Thank fuck she was on their side then, she would destroy them if she wasn’t. When she was done with them she ran to Sanzu’s side and freed him, while looking at his injuries.


“Haru - chan! It’s ok now, Haru - chan. I’m here. I will take care of you.”


Haruchiyo used one of his hands to caress her face. You could see the rope bruises on them, but he had a bloody smile on his face.


“My queen. My queen came for me.”


“Of course I came! You are my precious Haru - chan. I love you.”


“You love me?”


“Of course I do. My perfect mermaid prince.”


“What a happy day then. My queen loves me.” Sanzu could feel his eyes get wet as he spoke.


“Don’t cry Haru - chan. We will get you to the doctor ok. It doesn't seem to be anything too bad, but you must be hurting. Just breathe and stay with me.”


“ I always will.”


They did get him to the doctor. Takemichi basically picked her friend up bridal style, put him on his bike with her and drove them to the hospital. After making sure that he could actually stand the trip that way and scream that “The police are coming! I can hear the sirens! Get the fuck way from here now!” As she predicted Sanzu looked worse than he actually was and after a couple of stitches, pain medication and careful observation he was liberated to go home. With Takemichi insisted to be her home for a while so she could keep an eye on him and make sure that he was really resting and not doing anything stupid. Some of the other members tried to offer their house instead, but the brunette was unmovable in her decision.


The boys insisted that they accompanied her home at least, which made her happy. They helped to get Sanzu in the guest room and even made something for them to eat. After this night they deserved it. After they went home, not without some hugging, Mikey finally verbalized his thoughts.


“You know. Mitchy’s house is very cute, but there is something strange.”


“What are you talking about, Mikey?”


“It seemed like someone else lived there.”


“Eh! Mikey, that's clearly crazy. You are just shaken that Sanzu was hurt right under our noses and now he is going to spend some time alone with Mitchy. “


“I don’t know Baji. I’m furious. This is definitely a declaration of war and Toman will have to prepare. I’m glad that Haruchiyo is ok even if I think he should just have stayed with me instead of hogging my wifey. But there were some weird clothes there.”


“Oh those. Yeah, she wears her friends' clothes sometimes.”



“Yeah. There are even a couple of my shirts there you know. She likes to do that.”


“And I didn’t know that?! That’s unacceptable! Treason against Toman, all of you! I will bring some of MY clothes for Mitchy to wear too! She will be so cute.”


As Mikey started his daydream of Mitchy wearing his clothes and his plans of destroying the new gang, Baji could finally relax. Nothing that could be noticed from the outside but, he breathed better knowing that Kazutora would live another day. So he started engaging Mikey in his thoughts, teasing him for Takemitchy having already worn his clothes and helping him in his battle plans. He also wanted to see those bitches suffer, they hurt his friend too after all. And just like that, everyone forgot about Mikey's previous comment. Everyone, but a certain pair of twin dragons that also thought there was something not quite right with Takemichi’s house. It was indeed too lively for only a single occupant lifestyle.


Meanwhile, in another part of the town.


“You should have seen her! She was a bloodlust monster! Why didn’t you tell me that she was so fun?!”


“Shut up! She wasn’t supposed to be there at all. How did she find out? We were supposed to use him to blackmail Mikey.”


“I don’t know. But she looked like a goddess. The goddess of war.”


“She is a goddess. Always has been and I will give her the life that she deserves. But first I need to get rid of those peasants that think they are deserving of her love. Inconvenient flies, that is what they are. Come on Hanma, I need to think.”


“You are very interesting indeed Ta - ke - mi - chi - chan. I hope we can be good friends.”

Chapter Text

Sanzu was in heaven. Well not exactly, but it’s pretty close.


Since he was beaten up in an ambush about a week ago he has been staying at his queen’s house and it’s the best thing that ever happened to him. After meeting his queen of course.


Now don’t get him wrong, he will kill those bitches. Make them bleed under his boots and tremble in fear at the mere sight of him. The blond boy had so many ideas he could feel himself salivating in anticipation sometimes. But that is a problem for future Sanzu and current Sanzu was enjoying his time off very much.


As soon as the Toman members left the house that day he went back to his queen’s room where he has been sleeping since then. She is mindful of his wounds but still sleeps half over him which makes him feel so warm every time. There are also the kisses. She kisses him all the time now. He wakes up to being kissed on the forehead and cheeks and goes to sleep the same way. Sometimes she would kiss his whole face, others they would full on make out and others she would even kiss his wounds as if trying to will them to heal faster. They have so much time together now. Aside from the kisses, with he obvious love, they do other nice things too. Like cooking meals and just laying on the sofa watching tv or listening to the radio, they even sing together. His home has never been so lively before.


And there is another thing. Sanzu will admit that he hated him at first, that crass street cat, but he is not so bad after some time of forced coexistence for the sake of his queen’s happiness. But now, after this week, maybe he isn’t bad at all. He knew that Kazutora was the one who leaked the information of his whereabouts and it was something that could get him killed depending on the gang. So why? Why did he risk so much for him? He wanted to understand. So when his queen was out with her other friends one day he asked. Haru was honestly expecting to be told to fuck off or something, it’s what he would have done for sure. But the other boy just stopped what he was doing, got both of them a glass of water, sat on his side on the bed, took a deep breath and started to tell him the story of his life. And it was then and there that Haruchiyo understood. Between the tears and hiccups of the other boy he understood. They weren’t so different after all, both of them victims, rejected mistakes and abandoned. And look at that, they were even abandoned by the same people, by their families, by Baji and by Mikey. Their families didn’t want them, unnecessary additions that’s what they were. Never doing anything right. They were better without them.


Baji’s hurted more, because he genuinely liked them, he wanted what was best for them. But that boy had a savior complex the size of his stupidity. Haru doesn’t know what feeds that compulsion on, maybe it’s the need to be the hero when everyone around you says you are the scary, violent villain. Maybe it is to prove that he is deserving of love, after his dad left. He remembers some crying words about how he said it was Baji’s fault that he left, something about him being stupid or not worth it or some other bullshit. But what matters it’s that Baji needs to save you. Be it saving Haruchiyou from suffocating in his family, be it Kazutora from his parents or Chifuyu from the older bullies. But he can’t save everyone all the time and that’s when it gets ugly. He couldn’t save Haru so he went after Kazutora, when that also didn’t work he went after Chifuyu. He also hovers over Mikey, trying to save him from his darkness. This makes you feel like shit. Tastes like betrayal in your mouth like nothing else. Where was Baji when he needed him? Why did he barely look at Haru anymore? What makes him less worth it in his eyes? Kazutora and Baji are talking because Takemichi made them talk their shit out and because they were separated by juvie. He doesn’t doubt that if Baji had simply given up on Tora like he did with him, the duo haired boy would have greeted him with a knife instead of a hug. This shit is going to get him killed one of these days.


And Mikey. Mikey was the worst of them all. He appeared in their lives when they were at their lowest, desperate and hurting, like this invincible god that is standing his hand to you. Saying that you are now his and he will help you and how wonderful it is to belong to someone when no one wants you, to have someone tell you you are worth something. He knows now that Mikey was just a kid trying his best to protect his precious people, but then, it felt like everything. But that is the thing isn’t it? He was just a kid, but he was a kid that put fear in adults hearts, that had everyone on their knees, be it with words or his fists. And he took the “belonging to him” way too seriously to be healthy for him and for the others. He would make himself sick to help you, but he also would destroy Haru’s face or kill Kazutora with his bare hands and no one would do shit. He is the invincible Mikey after all and they were his. His to care, his to love, his to hurt and his to kill. Just how he looks at Haruchiyo with barely any interest after deforming him for something he didn’t even do or how his eyes darken with promises of murder when anyone mentions Kazutora’s name. Mikey’ s abandonment is the worst, because you may not survive it.


But he and Kazutora also had another thing in common. They were saved. Sanzu doesn’t like to think about what would happen to him if his queen has not appeared in his life that day, he suspects it’s the same for the other boy. They were shown kindness and love and so many other happy things. They will never be able to pay her back for what she did for them. Two life times is still not enough, they knew. Both boys would have been happy just staying by her side, but his queen is not but giving and gentle and she offers them the intimacy they so desperately desire. He doesn’t understand what she sees on them that it is worth touching her that way, of pleasuring her like this, but they will make sure she doesn’t ever regret it.

So maybe, Haruchiyo thinks, maybe he and Kazutora weren’t so different after all. Maybe they could be friends. It would be nice. To have a friend again.


His thoughts were interrupted by a soft hand on his hair and an even softer voice.


"Oh look at you."


The long haired boy looked to his side to see his queen approaching him. She climbed the bed and layed over him, as she caressed his hair.


"My strong, handsome mermaid prince. You are healing so well. Making me so proud."


"It's all thanks to you, my queen."


"She works miracles, doesn't she?"


Haruchiyo looked up to see that Kazutora also got in bed with them.


"You know that's not true! I'm a bit more knowledgeable than most, but Haru - chan did almost everything on his own."


"Let's agree to disagree, ok." The duo haired boy said as he planted a kiss on the girl’s back.


"Humm. You know. Both of you have changed quite a bit since we met."


"What do you mean?"


"You two looked so tired and thin. I used to worry so much about you. Like your souls were barely hanging on. But now look at you. All strong and happy. My handsome, smart, loving boys." Takemichi was now caressing both of the boys' faces.


Both boys' hearts almost bursted from love. They didn’t know what they did to deserve her, but they will be thankful for the rest of their lives.


Kazutora moved first. He got closer to Takemichi and started to kiss her, his tongue exploring her mouth like it belonged there. He pulled her into his lap like a well trained motion and she went with no resistance at all, already knowing the most comfortable position to be.


“I love you. I love you. I love you so much.” The duo haired boy said between the kisses.


“I love you too. Both of you. Ah. Tora.”


The boy in question was already kissing her neck. Usually he wouldn’t leave marks on a school night, but he seemed hungry for her today. Sucking, biting and licking her neck this rough. It makes her want to lay down so she can feel his weight on her as he does that. She wants him to take off this shirt so she can feel his bare back on her hands and wants to wrap her legs around him. Her bold tiger always makes her feel so good.


The universe must have heard her, because just when she decided to pull Kazutora to lay down, Haruchiyo kissed her. Her prince was just as enthusiastic as Tora. He bited her lips and sucked her tongue like he desperately wanted a taste of her.


“Ahh. Ah. B - boys. Hn.”


Haru and Tora suddenly pulled away from her, but before she could be confused about it she felt a pull on the hem of her shirt. She instinctively raised her arms and in one fluid motion the boys took her shirt off. What they didn’t expect however was that Takemichi wasn’t wearing anything under it, leaving her uper part completely bare to the boys.


They could do nothing but stare. She was so beautiful. Her breasts looked so soft and full all while looking perfect for her. There were little stretch marks adorning them on the sides, still pinkish in color, proving that they were a newer development then they thought. It looked like little quartz pieces poking from her skin, as if proving that she was even more precious then they had originally thought. Her nipples were so cute too. They looked nothing like those from the woman they saw in the magazines they looked trying to find a clue in how to navigate the woman's body. It was not like they could ask their family about it and they didn’t exactly have friends with experience anyway. But hers, hers were little shy things that peaked up at them as if with interest. They were surrounded by equally light pink areolas that somehow made them look innocent and delicious at the same time. Like a hidden forbidden fruit that was placed right in front of them. Her waist was also driving them mad. It looked like the perfect place to put their hands on, to hold her near them. So soft, but firm at the same time. They were going crazy with want.


“I - it’s no fair, you know.”


Her voice seemed to wake them from their dreamy state.


“What is not fair, Michi/ my queen?”


Takemichi didn’t make a move to cover up, even with a blush that was reaching her chest. She looked at them in the eyes and shyly answered the question.


“That you two are still dressed while I’m half naked.”


Nothing more needed to be said as both boys took off their shirts, making them all show the same amount of skin.


Now it was Takemichi’s turn to look. They were both stunning as well. She was not kidding when she said that they had filled out. What once were thin muscles in a skinny body, now are hard, solid strength in soft but firm muscle all over those bigger bodies. And they were not only larger, they were taller too, as if their change in diet and environment made up for the lost time and poor care. A thing she was glad for, but now it was making her blush even more. They were handsome. Haru was thinner, but taller and his hair was falling over his shoulders as rivers of white sand that led directly to his green eyes, that looked more like those paradise places with green, clear waters she only ever saw on tv. Kazutora was smaller, but bigger and he looked like a real tiger right now. Looking at her this hungry. His striped hair falling on his face, giving him a wild look and his honey pools of eyes, dripping with want, seemed to shine under his bangs. Yeah. She may be a little out of breath with so much attention from these boys.


Haru was the first one to move this time. He slowly got his hand close to her, giving her the chance to stop at any moment. When she didn’t, he finally touched her. Very light at first, but it made her feel as an open nerve, feeling every little movement of his hand. Tora was second, a little more bold, he held her other boob on his hand gently. It seemed to fascinate him.


“It’s heavier than I thought and way softer too.”


“Ha ha ha. Only you can think about that while holding my boob.”


He laughed with her, even Haru laughed, just a little bit.


After that they got bolder. She found herself laying on Haruchiyo, with Kazutora between her legs all while they played with her titties. The boys would touch and squish them while drinking her reactions like it was the last glass of water in kilometres.


“Ah. Ahhh. T - Toraah. Ha - Haru. hmm.


She was feeling so good. She will not be a hypocrite and say that she never touched herself. She is a healthy teenage girl and she had played and explored herself plenty of times before. But it was so different from having her boys do it for her. Of having their hands all over her body, feeling and touching and squishing. Takemichi was starting to sweat under them, she could feel herself getting wet and she got a little panicked about it. No one had made her get wet like this before, even her boy's previous ministrations that got her all bothered didn’t make her feel so damp down there. But all of this was forgotten when a new sensation flew through her body.


“Aaaahh. Ah Ahh.”


She had to stop kissing Haru to breathe and understand what was going on. Looking down, she saw Kazutora licking and sucking on one of her nipples and oh fuck she did not expect it to feel this good. He was gently holding one of her boobs in his hand as he played with it with his mouth. Takemichi's hand went to the back of his head, gripping on his hair which seemed to only encourage him more. Haruchiyo also got bolder in his ministrations, biting and licking her neck as he pinched and massaged her other nipple. He even changed their position a bit so he could also nib on her breasts. She was getting really wet now. There is no way they didn’t notice too, at least Kazutora must have noticed, being firmly pressed over her and all. She was very embarrassed to say that she may have unconsciously pressed her hips on him a bit as she grew more desperate for release. He definitely noticed, because now he had released her poor abused nipple and was kissing and biting her belly now. She could only hope that she hadn't made him uncomfortable and he would want to repeat this in the future, because she liked it very much. The girl was about to push them away so she could go to the bathroom and finally get herself off when she felt it.


Tora had his two hands on the hem of her shorts as he mouthed at the limit between her belly and her pelvis, his eyes looking at her, asking for permission. She burned like she never did before. No one had ever touched her there other than herself, was she even ready for that? To have someone see her most private place, to see her this vulnerable? The brunette looked at Haru to see the same expression mirrored in his face. How could so much love and want mix like this, she thought. The mere thought of her boy's pleasuring her there made her feel so hot and excited at the same time. Her perfect boys.


She looked at them though her half lidded eyes and gave them her permission.From then on she could not have anticipated how dedicated to her, her boys were.


Kazutora almost didn’t believe that his love gave him permission. He honestly thought she would say no, she was giving them so much already. Letting them get away with so much. But she said yes and he will make her feel like the most loved person in the world. He made his research, read every single magazine he could put his hands on and even hired a prostitute for a for some information. He didn’t touch her, of course, but she had experience and could tell him what to do. That woman was nice enough to demonstrate some techniques to him with her co - worker. They thought he was being a sweetheart for going after the information, even if they never saw someone do it the way he did it. He didn’t care if he was unconventional, he only cared about making his dragon feel good and he was determined to do so.


As he took her cotton shorts off, the duo haired boy had to stop and breathe for a bit. He knew that she was wet, he could feel it very well and he almost lost all his cool when she gave those little trusts into him. But it didn’t prepare him for the real thing, his love was dripping. He almost came right there at the sight. She was so perfect. It was light pink like her nipples and it looked so soft too, all juicy, especially with all the slick. They did that. He and Haru made her feel this good and they will make a bigger mess out of her yet. They will make sure she feels just like she deserves.


He looked at her to see that Haru was taking her hands off her face. It made him laugh a bit, of course she would try to do that. But she mustn't right now, his love needs to see exactly how much they loved her. How much he loved her.


His eyes never left the girl when he started to kiss her legs. The boy started near her feet, giving every centimetre of skin the same love and adoration. As he got to her thighs, he got more worked up, giving hickeys and bites to those beautiful pieces of art. As he got closer, her tiny little meows got higher and more desperate. He knew he shouldn’t be mean to her, but she deserved the time and adoration, so he kept his slow pace. However it wasn’t long before his face was mere centimetres of her pussy. The boy couldn’t help but look at it. Just like the rest of her body it was soft and looked so innocent and delicious at the same time. He still doesn’t know how he managed that. It was so small too, how will she be able to take them? Will she even be able to? It really didn’t matter to him, he would love her the exact same even if they never got to that part. His imagination got wilder and he got himself thinking, will she ever be able to push a baby out of there? Such a small opening, won’t it hurt her? His brain is working in overdrive as he could practically see her in a bed, looking all tired, but happy, a small, fussing bundle on her arms. Kazutora has to blink a few times to come back to reality, he can’t get ahead of himself now.


He touches her lips gently and she takes a deep breath. It encourages him, so he keeps moving his fingers up and down her slit to understand what she wants him to do and to ease her on this new experience. It was when he touched a round structure at the top that she screamed. It was so immediate that it scared them. Takemichi had tears going down her cheeks now and they were properly kissed away by her boys.


“Do you want to stop, my queen?”


“ N - no. It j - just felt so good.”


Hearing that Tora knew exactly what he had found and what to do next. The duo haired boy licked a fat stripe from the bottom to the top of her pussy, before sucking on her clit, gently at first. She immediately put her hands on his hair. The girl was trembling now and couldn’t contain her voice anymore.


“Aaahhh, oh, ooh. T - Toraah, ahh.”


The boy was in extase. She tasted divine. He won’t be able to live without it anymore, there is no doubt of it. He will bury his face between her legs and eat her out at any opportunity he has. He wants to do this everyday now, to wake her up like this, to hear her sing like this everyday. He doesn’t know how the guys from his gang complain about having to do this for their girls, whiny little bitches, that’s what they are. Useless scum that don’t know a good thing even if it slapped them in their faces. He wants to stay like this for as long as he can, tasting her like this, having her velvet walls contracting around his tongue and fingers, her legs trembling around his head and her fingers gripping his hair. He wants to brag to everyone who would listen, about how perfect she is, how she is soaking his face right now, and how sweetly she is screaming his name.


“ Aaah ah, T - Torah. W - wait aah. I - I w - will oooh”


His grip on her thighs became stronger, clearly a sign that he wouldn’t go anywhere. He just got more determined, leaping at her with vigor as his fingers massaged her clit non stop.


“Ahhh. T - Toraa - chaah aaahh. P - ple - ase, please ah ahh. K - Kazutora, KazutoraaahhHH.”


She was really crying now, trembling on their arms as she was still riding the aftershocks of her orgasm. Kazutora didn’t stop though. He kept licking all her juices, eating them up like he was starving. It was just when he deemed her sufficiently clean that he got his head up, face dripping with her slick even after he tried his best to keep it from escaping from his mouth. He kissed her.


“Did you like it, Michi? Did I make you feel good?” The boy asked, looking directly into her eyes.


“Y - yes.”


“Good. You felt divine. I don’t think I can keep living without doing it with you anymore.”


He saw her face getting even more red than it already was, but he didn’t stop there.


“Gonna do it with you everyday. I will wake you up like this. Make you feel this good, make a mess out of you. I’m gonna eat you out so much that every time I get close to you your first reaction will be to open your legs for me. I’m going to lick every centimetre of your skin, make you feel like the goddess that you are.” As if to seal his promise, he licked her ear, right before starting to nib it.


Meanwhile, Takemichi was almost passing out. Since when her tiger learned to talk like that?! Would he actually do what he promised? She felt herself trembling in anticipation just thinking about it.


“Love.” Kazutora called, making her attention go back to him.


“Are you good for Haru now?”


She looked at said boy. He was looking at her almost desperately, but it was more than clear that he wouldn’t move a muscle without her explicit permission. His eyes were so pretty like this, it was making her get wet again.


She gave her permission and the boys changed places. Kazutora was holding her from behind, while Haruchiyo was laying over her.


Sanzu was trembling with want. His queen was being so generous giving them the opportunity to pleasure her like this, to see her like this. He thought that Tora was being too bold at first, taking things that weren’t his to take. But as it proceeded he understood that his queen was more giving than he first thought. She was too good for them. Letting them see her like this, to touch her like this. He never thought that his queen would let him serve her this way. To have this kind of privilege. He will make it his mission to serve her to the best of his abilities. To make sure that there is not that she wants that he can’t deliver. He may not be experienced with things like this, but he will learn. He will learn and he will memorize everything that she likes so he can be the best to her always. He is hers and hers alone. Hers to serve, hers to use and hers to love.


Haruchiyou started a bit differently than the other boy. He kissed her feet adoring as a servant you do to their master. He licked both of them and sucked her toes, before slowly going up those strong, perfect legs of hers. Sanzu took his time adoring her, loving every piece of her skin, marking it up, so she would remember him later. Remember that it was him giving her this pleasure. His hair is also different from Kazutora’s. Longer and a bit thinner, it fell on her softly, tickling her a bit. Like tiny butterfly’s kisses on her skin.


When he got to the main part, he also had to stop a bit to control himself. His queen was perfect even here. But of course she would be. She is his queen after all and she is perfect in every shape or form. He will have to do a thorough research on how to proceed from here later. She is so small and from what she told them, untouched. He will have to understand how to make the experience the most pleasurable possible, if his queen ever let him cross this line. He wants all the sounds she makes to be from pleasure, never pain. His queen shall never feel such a vile feeling in her life, it’s beneath her.


She is so wet right now. Soaked to the core. It makes his chest swell with pride. They made this, he made this. He gave her this pleasure and he is about to give her so much more.


Sanzu starts to lick her pussy gently at first, he knows she is still sensitive from before and he wants her to enjoy it. Her hands go to his hair this time as she gives tiny trust into his face.


“Haru ahh Ha - aah ru hummm”


Ah, this is heaven then? The boy thought. He knew his queen would be delicious, but nothing prepared him for the real thing, she was divine. He could stay here forever, between her legs like this. Pleasuring her like this. He was addicted now, that’s for sure. Incapable of living without it. Will she let him do it often? Would she let him get on his knees and service her like she deserves? It’s nothing more than what she deserves. To sit on a throne, covered with the most beautiful clothes and jewels as he, her servant, eats her out like this. Giving all the pleasure that is rightfully hers. Her vassals are not worthy of seeing such a precious expression on her face, but that would be a demonstration of power worthy of her. People think Mikey is still the commander of the gang, fools all of them. He is not the strongest, nor the most charismatic and even less the commander. His queen is. She is the true leader and he will make sure she has everything she ever dreamed of. Maybe one day he should really do it. Get on his knees and serve her as she commands them all. Make sure she tightens around his fingers and tongue as deliciously as she is doing now while she is deciding all of their futures. That's the bare minimum of what she deserves.


Her moans are driving Sanzu crazy. He has two fingers in her, his thumb on her clit and his tongue working hard to not let a single drop of slick escape his mouth. The boy can feel her trembling, her thighs messing his hair all up, she is close he knows it.


“Haru ohhh Haru haru haru haru ah ahhh Haruchiyooh Haru ahhh ahhhHHH.”


Fuck. She soaked him. It was delicious, so perfect. He wants to make her do that again and again and again.


Takemichi is basically sobbing right now. It was so intense and she was so sensitive. She feels like an open nerve, feeling every blow of air in her burning skin. It didn’t help that Haru still had his face buried in her very sensitive pussy.


“Shhhh, love. It 's ok. You are ok. We are here with you. Haru is just cleaning you up. You soaked us so nicely, so good to us, so perfect. We will stop here today, you cried enough, ok?” The duo haired boy said as he kissed her damp temple and licked her tears.


She could only dip her head in agreement as she weakly tried to hold them for grounding. One hand in Haru’s hair, the other in Tora’s arm.


When Haruchiyo finally deemed her clean enough he got his still, soaked face out of her cunt. She almost hissed when the cold air touched it for the first time, but she was busier being mortified at the mess she made of Haru - chan’s face. It was all shiny and dripping. Not that it stopped him from kissing her deeply. She did not taste so bad at least. She thought.


“My queen. Was I good for you?”


“Y - you were v - very good.”


“I’m happy. You ruined me, my queen.”


“W - what do y - you mean?”


“I tasted you. How can I live without it anymore? You got me addicted.”


“I - I’m not this good I’m s - sure.”


“You are the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I want to stay with my face buried between your tights forever. Wanna eat you out in front of all those idiots that follow you around like lost puppies. Show them how you deserve to be treated.”


“ I - I just I don’t I - I.”


“Can I do it? Not now. Today was too much already, but can we repeat this?”


“W - we can. B - but, what about you?”


“We are good, Michi. Don’t worry ok.”


“ B - but…”


“It’s ok, my queen. We also got our release. You don’t need to worry.”


“Now, we are going to have a nice long bath and a hot dinner and then we are going to sleep ok?”


“O - ok.”


“Perfect, my queen. Let me help you.”



“ . . . Hina - chan. . . Why do I feel I’m being interrogated?”


“That’s because we are interrogating you! How dare you to experience such life changing events and not tell me?! We have known each other for 8 years! Is our friendship a joke to you?!”


“Ehhh! No, no. I just thought you wouldn’t be interested in knowing about it.”


“Not interested! Hina - chan, what kind of female influence have you been in Mitchy - chan’s life?!”


“I try ok! But she is a different specimen sometimes! That’s why I brought the heavy guns. You!”


Well, it’s not exactly what she envisioned when she explained to Hina - chan why she came a bit late to school that day. They tired her out and she overslept. It was as simple as that. She being 5 min late was not the end of the world, ok. But it was nice to have a sleepover with the girls. She only ever had those with Hina - chan. It was so exciting to have so many girl friends now. Sure, In the beginning she had to explain her situation with the boys for Yasuda and Senju. Both girls seemed to take Hina and Emma’s side saying that, yes the boys were in love with her. But she won’t buy it. They are too young and she appeared in their lives like a life savior, they surely are mistaking their gratitude and friendship for feelings for her. And of course, they are horny teenage boys and she is a horny teenage girl too, she supposes, so there is nothing wrong with some physical contact. As long as everyone is consenting and ready for that step. She had spent her whole previous life without having one boyfriend. She didn’t even kiss anyone, well, she did kiss Akkun and Takuya a couple of times. But it didn’t count. Those were friend kisses, just to experiment, you know. No one ever wanted her before, now suddenly, everyone falls head over hills for her? Highly unlikely. Not that she could use this argument, they will think she is crazy for sure.


“ He he he. Haru - nii has some nice moves. Mitchy - chan is going to be my sister in law.”


“No no no. She is going to be my sister in law. Don't forget that she also kisses Mikey, Kenny and Baji. I have 3 times more chances than you.”


“When any of them have a tongue game good enough to make Mitchy - chan late for school, you talk to me.” Senju said, drinking her milkshake.


“You menace!"


“Hey! No destroying my house please! I swear, the only civilized one here is Yasuda - chan.”


“Yasuda - chan is a lady after all.”


“Thank you for the kind words, Hinata - chan, Takemichi - chan. And I think you are all wrong. Clearly, Mitsuya - san will be Takemichi - chan’s future husband. He is mature, has a good head on his shoulders, is very talented with a good future plan, he is also very kind and good with children. President - san is the superior candidate.”


“Have you ever seen Take - chan interacting with Kazutora? They are already married, she is the only one who doesn’t know it.”


“Hey hey. Ahm. How about we talk about other things for now? At this rate we will destroy Hina - chan’s room.”


“Ok. So I heard that there will be a new Pokemon game in 2 weeks.”


“No way! Really?”


“Yeah. There will be so many people at the stores that day. I heard that they made double the quantity of the last release, because it sold out too fast.”


“What do you think about going there?”


“I don’t know Mitchy. The line for this type of thing is very long.”


“No. You misunderstood me. We can go to the mall and go to that Pokemon cafe next to the big Pokemon store, that way we can eat and take cute pictures.”


“And it’s not going to be so packed, because everyone is going to be at the store.”




“Takemichi - chan, you're a genius."


“He he he. I try.”


“So it’s a date right? Everyone has to go.”


“ We will go, don’t worry Senju - chan.”


“Hey. How about for the next date we go to Tokyo Disney? It’s one of Mitchy’s favorite places. Just us girls.”


“Ohhh. I want to do that. We could dress up like the characters. It will be so fun!”


“Count me in.”


“Me too.”


“I will also go.”




“Hey girls.”


“Oh, hi mom.”


“Hi Tashibana - san/ Auntie / Hinata’s mom.”


“I came bringing snacks for you.”


“Thank you!”


“You are welcome. Now, you know the rules, not too much noise and I want you sleeping by 23:00h. Tomorrow is still a school day, young ladies.”


“Don’t worry mom, we know.”


“Good good. I like your pajamas girls. Very nice, all of them. Take - chan with the dragon theme, like always.”


“He he he. You know me Auntie.”


“I do.” The woman said, combing Takemichi’s hair with her hand.


“Don’t stay up too late, girls.”


“We won’t.”


“So. What do we do now?”


“Wanna see some tv? I think there will be a new episode of that series by this hour.”


“Cool. Turn it on.”