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Extra Spicy

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“A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from everyone else's.”

The disapproval in Steve’s voice had your eyes sliding from Bucky to meet the gaze of the Captain’s. He only stared at you helplessly, silently begging you to stop what was about to happen. The tension in the air was so thick, you kept having to remind yourself to breathe through your mouth as the plethora of scents in the air continued to assault your sensitive nose. When Steve glanced back at Bucky, you could only watch from the sidelines as the two super soldiers had a silent conversation through minute facial expressions.

“I gotta do this, Steve,” Bucky said, tightening his metal fingers around the hilt of the knife he had fisted in his hand.

“Come on, man. Think about your past, you know you’re gonna regret it,” Steve warned, crossing his arms across his chest and giving Bucky his best “disapproving Cap” face. 

Bucky had made up his mind long before Steve interjected—you’ve known him long enough to tell—so when he tilted his head back and let out an odd warrior cry of a shout to psych himself up, you pressed your lips together to try and hide your smile. With enthusiasm rivaling the nights he got lucky, Bucky dug into the plate of extra spicy ghost pepper chicken tenders. He cut one of the two pieces in half before stabbing it with his fork and quickly shoving it into his mouth. 

At least he was using utensils this time and wouldn’t need you to help him remove gobs of hot sauce from between the plates in his metal hand like you ended up having to do six months ago. Bucky’s shout of pain when he tried to jerk off in the bathroom that night without properly cleaning his metal hand after eating hot wings wasn’t something you’d soon forget… or soon let him forget.

Steve rolled his eyes before rubbing his forehead, and you glanced at the dozen or so photos scattered across the wall above his head which showed the customers that had completed the restaurant’s Ghost Pepper Challenge. Almost every single photo on the wall had captured challenge winners in varying stages of pain and discomfort, and you wondered if they actually felt like they won anything at all. Their sweat-drenched red faces were worrisome since at least half of them appeared to be seconds from passing out when the photo was taken. 

Steve was right, Bucky definitely could have learned from the obviously painful mistakes made by those in the photos, but it appeared stubbornness was the one personality trait that had remained constant ever since the thirties when he was a teenager and boxing above his weight for extra cash on Friday nights. Hydra may have tried to brainwash the stubbornness out of him, but they only succeeded in redirecting it to his mission directives… until another stubborn asshole named Steve Rogers helped him remember by letting Bucky beat his face in.

A soft whimper of concern bubbled in your throat when you caught sight of the trembling in Bucky’s flesh hand as he picked up the second half of the first chicken tender and stuffed it into his mouth. He was absolutely headed for the same result as the people in those pictures, but he was halfway done and wouldn’t throw in the towel now.

Bucky coughed, dry-heaved, and then wheezed, gratefully accepting the napkin you passed him when his nose started to run. “One down,” he gasped, slamming his right fist down on the table soft enough to not break it, “one to… go.”

“Yeah, I can’t watch this. I’m gonna go back to the hotel and look over the files on our target’s known associates that Hill dropped off earlier,” Steve said, pushing his empty plate toward the middle of the table before he stood from his chair and grabbed his jacket. As he slipped his arms through the sleeves, he looked down at you. “Buck’s gonna be messed up for a while, spicy foods never sat well with him when we were growing up, and since the serum doesn’t change your taste buds…” Steve shook his head at Bucky’s splotchy and sweaty face before he shot you a look. “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Punk,” Bucky rasped before placing another piece of chicken in his mouth, which immediately made him start coughing and gasping for breath as he chewed. Despite the fire in his mouth, he still managed to raise a metal middle finger at Steve. 

“Bucky,” you admonished in a sigh as you patted him on the back before smiling up at Steve. “I knew that when I bonded with him, Steve. Whether it’s a bad rut or spicy chicken, I’ll always be there.”

Steve exhaled quickly out of his nose in amusement, watching his best friend writhe in pain, and tapped the end of the table with two fingers. “You two are perfect for each other. Good luck.”

“See yah later, Steve,” you laughed, and once the door closed behind him as he disappeared out of the front of the restaurant, you turned to face Bucky. “So, how are you feeling?”

Bucky looked at you as lovingly as he could through watering eyes and a face as red as the first time you talked dirty to him during a heat. He smiled at you through the pain. “Almost…”

There was only one piece of chicken left, the final half of the second tender, and you could see employees and customers alike watching with expressions ranging from amused to horrified as Bucky scooped it up and shoved it into his mouth with a grunt. He chewed fast, swallowing with a soft whimper, before raising his hands above his head in triumph.


You squeezed his thigh as the restaurant staff started heading toward your table with a camera and flimsy paper certificate, and tried to keep the amusement from your voice. “You are so gonna regret this.”


“I regret everything,” Bucky whined from behind the bathroom door. “It burned more coming up than it did going down.”

“Well, yeah, of course it did. Instead of just the ghost pepper sauce, you also have your stomach acid joining the regurgitation party.” You locked your phone and tossed it on the bed next to you before tucking your hands behind your head. “Make sure you brush your teeth, baby.”

“I know, ‘mega,” Bucky cooed, and you heard the toilet flush before the water turned on. You heard him wash his hands before the low buzz of his electric toothbrush filled the air.

According to Steve, Bucky has always been clingy and grumpy when he didn’t feel well, so the Captain had quickly gathered his laptop and mission files the moment you returned with a whiny Bucky in tow, telling you he would be back in a few hours. You didn’t blame him for fleeing, though, since Bucky’s stomach pain was causing his normal musky Alpha scent to have a bitterly sour bite to it due to his distress, and the change in his best friend’s scent made Steve distressed, as well. 

After flipping over to lay on your stomach with your head pillowed on your folded arms, you were just getting comfortable when the bathroom door opened and Bucky emerged, rubbing his stomach through the thin t-shirt he was wearing.

“That sucked,” he murmured. 

You frowned in sympathy and waved him over to you. “Well, at least you waited to puke until we got back. Apparently, if you upchuck while you’re still at the restaurant, it doesn’t count as completing the challenge because you didn’t keep it down.”

Bucky grimaced, shuffling across the hotel room towards you. “I don’t wanna know how many people finished ‘em but ended up being disqualified for puking.” He burped, winced, and shivered. “Ugh, those tenders were no joke.”

There was something making your nose twitch, aside from the bitterness of distress in Bucky’s scent, and you sniffed the air around him delicately a few seconds after he plopped down on the end of the bed. “Y’know, your scent… it’s got this weird spicy undertone now.”

“Yeah?” Bucky looked at you over his shoulder and smiled, taking his time to admire the curve of your ass and how soft you looked nestled in his bed. “Do ya like it?”

A soft hum of thought rumbled from your chest as you inhaled. “It’s… not offensive, but it’s a strange accompaniment to the normal spicy undertone of cinnamon in your scent. It’s almost like… too much spice.” You shrugged and rolled over onto your back, smirking when you found him staring at you hungrily. “My guess is that it’s similar to how eating a lot of garlic makes your sweat smell like garlic because of the intensity of the aroma. It’ll probably go away after you shower.”

“So you’re saying I’m,” Bucky’s lip curled into a wicked smirk, “extra spicy?”

Whatever sarcastic reply you were about to quip back at him was replaced by a squeal when Bucky twisted his body, leapt forward, and pounced on you, pinning you to the bed as he nibbled and kissed along the smooth skin of your neck. Bucky would sometimes get into these intense yet playful moods during and after your missions when he needed to make sure you were safe, and you were more than happy to play along, squirming and giggling as he let his more dominant and wild Alpha side out to play.

“Mmm, Omega,” Bucky rumbled into the skin of your neck before lightly nipping at the scar from your mating bite. “Want you.”

The softness of Bucky’s hair tickled your skin as you ran your fingers through his locks, stopping to scratch his scalp once in a while and enjoying the rumbled purr of complete bliss you received from him in response. “You have me, Buck.” 

Bucky smiled against your collarbone before leaning back to trail his hands down to the bottom hem of your shirt. He looked up at you through his lashes as he tugged on your shirt like a playful puppy trying to get your attention, and you smiled as you leaned up to assist him in pulling it up and over your head. Bucky’s shirt and pants as well as your jeans and your bra are quickly added to the pile of discarded clothing on the floor next to the bed, leaving both of you in just your underwear. 

In a move that would be impossible for someone without fight and stealth training, Bucky had you pinned down so he was hovering over you, his feet positioned on the inside of your knees to hold your legs open. Based on where his legs were, it seemed to be some kind of modified version of a leg lock, but instead of keeping your legs together to stop someone from kicking out like the normal move does, he was keeping your legs open while still pinning them down so you couldn’t move. The cool of his metal hand made you shiver as he began pawing at your breast, while the other wiggled into your panties to stroke your slick folds.

All of your senses were being overwhelmed by everything Bucky, but when you took a deep breath, you realized the extra spice you’d smelled earlier had shifted from overbearing to more of a sweet kind of heat, complementing the mix of your scents in the air. Bucky’s warm fingertip slid up between the lips of your pussy and gently circled your clit, making you whimper and moan as goosebumps cascaded over your skin. As the sensations caused by his touch grew in intensity, your body went limp under his and your legs fell further open on their own accord, the sight of you spread open drawing a deep animalistic growl of satisfaction from Bucky.

“You’re practically dripping, doll, so slick and warm,” he whispered between affectionate yet possessive kisses to your lips, jaw, and neck. “Gonna knot you, baby. Need ta feel this tight pussy around my cock.”

“Bucky!” you gasped as he increased the pressure against your clit, rubbing and flicking your hard bud with dexterous fingers. The pleasure rocketing through your body made your hands shake, causing you to fumble slightly when you reached up to slide your hands past the elastic of Bucky’s boxer briefs and wrapped your fingers around the hard, thick warmth of his shaft. He hissed at the contact and growled when you gave him a long, slow stroke from the sensitive ridge at the base of his cock all the way up to the leaking tip.

“Fuck, Omega!” Bucky jerked his hips forward, chasing your touch when you pulled your hand away. “Doll, I… need… gotta see… nghhh.”

Sometimes, when Bucky reached the point of pleasure where his eyes were permanently half-lidded and his hands were constantly touching or caressing you, his words didn't flow as eloquently as they usually did. It was almost as if his brain reverted back to a primal Alpha state, where he could only communicate with grunted noises and gestures. Luckily, you and Bucky had been mated for well over a year, so you knew exactly what he wanted. 

Shimmying out of your panties took some extra effort on your part since Bucky didn’t seem to want to break contact with your skin long enough to help. Instead, he appeared to be perfectly content to sit back on his haunches to watch you slide the cotton fabric down your legs. Once they were dangling from your foot, you bent your knees and spread your legs, the obscene display exposing your slick-glistening folds to his gaze.

Bucky’s nostrils flared and his eyes fluttered shut as the intoxicating scent of your slick sent fire surging through his veins to pool in his loins. His cock twitched in anticipation and he grunted his approval, pushing down the front of his underwear just enough to expose himself, leaving the rest of the fabric bunched around the top of his thighs. Bucky’s cock was rock hard, long and thick like always, and he gave himself a slow stroke from root to tip, causing you to whimper and him to puff his chest out at your reaction to his cock. The dark red ridge of his knot at the base of his cock was slightly swollen, and the bead of precome at the tip twinkled at you in invitation. As much as you wanted to lean forward and lick it off to savor the taste of him, you relaxed back on the pillow, waiting for Bucky to make the first move so you could follow.

When he didn’t immediately pin you down and slam himself inside you like usual, you tilted your head, raising a questioning brow as his lust-darkened cobalt eyes danced over every inch of your exposed skin. Bucky’s jaw clenched and he narrowed his eyes, and you nodded when it finally hit you.

“Yes, Alpha,” you mewled, waiting until he moved back just far enough to give you room to lift yourself up and turn over. Once you settled, you were on your stomach, ass high in the air, with your hands folded under your head, the slick dripping from your pussy on full display for him. Bucky’s growl of approval made your inner Omega preen and you teasingly wiggled your hips in invitation.

Bucky shuffled closer on his knees until he was right behind you, and you shivered when the cool metal of his palm gently traced the curve of your back down to your ass, giving your flesh a firm squeeze before he spread your slick cunt open with two fingers. Despite the warm scent of spice in the air, the hotel room was somewhat chilly, so you whined quietly as it cooled the exposed slick between your legs and made goosebumps appear all over your body. 

Fortunately, the cold sensation was quickly replaced by the familiar heat of Bucky’s cock sliding between your folds to gather your slick, and you nearly wept in pleasure when the thick head of his cock pushed forward and slipped inside your entrance. The amount of slick dripping from your hole allowed him to slide all the way in, the stretch only causing you mild discomfort. The wanton moan that spilled from your lips echoed in the hotel room when his hips finally rested flush against your ass, leaving his cock practically throbbing with need when he was buried to the hilt inside you.

“Take me… so damn well, doll,” Bucky murmured through a throaty growl, his brain struggling to form coherent sentences. “So tight… all… for me.” He grunted a choked-off noise when the temperature difference between his metal and flesh hand as they gripped your hips made your pussy clench around him in excitement.

Bucky inhaled sharply when the warmth of your sheath disappeared as he guided your hips away until just the tip of his cock was resting inside you. The metal plates in his arm whirred, the only warning you got before his fingers tightened again and he pushed forward, slowly feeding your greedy pussy every inch of his slick-shined cock, no doubt savoring the sight of it disappearing inside you.

“Need…” Bucky rumbled out a deep half-growl, half-moan as the movement of his hips leveled off into a steady rhythm. Well, steady until the downright filthy slapping sound of skin meeting skin seemed to drive him wild with lust, making him increase his speed to take you at a nearly inhuman pace. “Mine,” he snarled, his breath coming out in a harsh staccato that matched each thrust of his hips.

“Yours,” you answered, even though it wasn’t a question. Bucky belonged to you just as much as you belonged to him despite the raw, possessive Alpha currently in the driver's seat of his brain. “So good, Alpha, so big!”

Bucky’s fingers twitch and tighten around your hips, and you moan at the mental image of those ten long bruises on your skin, each one reminding you of this moment for days. Finally losing the battle to keep your eyes open through pleasure-heavy eyelids, you stretched your arms out in front of you and fisted your hands in the soft satin sheets to ground yourself as Bucky slammed into you with rough, deliberate movements. When his cock twitched and throbbed inside you, the thick vein along the top of his shaft rubbed deliciously against your sweet spot, making you see stars. All of the muscles in your body tensed for a moment before relaxing entirely when your orgasm slammed into you. The waves of mind-numbing sexual euphoria crashing over you had you screaming Bucky’s name and title as trembled. A low, triumphant rumble vibrated through Bucky’s chest, his skill as your mate evident by your moans of satisfaction, his slick orgasm-soaked balls, and your body’s submission to him. It greatly pleased the Alpha deep inside him that had risen to the surface.

The moans, whimpers, and gasps tumbling from your lips as you tumbled from one climax into another seemed to spur him on, and you let out a shocked “oh! ” when Bucky’s metal arm wrapped around your chest and you were jerked upright and held in place, your back pressed firmly to his chest. His pace never faltered, and you could feel his breath coming out in animalistic pants against the back of your neck where his nose was pressed, allowing the hidden fire of your delectably alluring scent to surround him.

“Gon’ come,” Bucky warned through gritted teeth, the punishing rhythm of his hips beginning to falter. He flicked his tongue out and licked the sweat from your skin, moaning at the taste.

“Fuck! Need your knot, baby! Please… James.” Drunk on pleasure, you were mindlessly babbling and the use of his first name caught him off guard. A particularly hard thrust of his hips served as a reprimand and reminder of who was in charge, sending you reeling as you corrected yourself. “Alpha, please! Knot me!”

The light scraping of Bucky’s teeth over the scar that remained from when you had first bonded together sent you sobbing in pleasure and spiraling into another orgasm, one which had you slumping forward to press your face into the mattress. The hoarse shout of a scream that tore from your lips had you bucking your hips against him wildly, trying to draw out every last bit of pleasure possible. Bucky gasped, struck completely still, his knot beginning to swell at the sight of his cock disappearing inside your spasming pussy as you frantically slammed yourself back onto him. With his orgasm swiftly approaching, his enthusiasm matched yours when he firmly grabbed both of your hips and pulled hard, spearing you on his cock and forcing the entire girth of his knot into your pussy with a feral shout, one you echoed with equal fervor.

“Fuuuuuck!” Bucky shakily dragged out the word with a moan as his cock continued to pulse and fill you over and over, the little jerks of his hips heightening his pleasure when his knot tugged at your entrance. 

At this point, you were nearly delirious with the ecstasy you were feeling, but the warmth of his seed in your belly made your entire being clench, sending another small—but in no way less gratifying—orgasm searing through your pleasure-ravaged body. Bucky nearly doubled over at the unexpected sensation of your pussy squeezing his knot, and he bent down to press himself against your back as he continued to kiss, nibble, and lick your mating scar as if it was as fresh as the day he put it there.

“Wow,” you sighed when you finally floated back down to your body, turning your head to the left so you could speak. “I am one-hundred percent certain I now know why the French call an orgasm ‘la petite mort’. Pretty sure I transcended into another plane of existence with those orgasms.”

Bucky rumbled out a soft chuckle as he nodded against your skin, trying to clear the post-orgasmic haze from his mind so he could regain control of his human limbs; his metal arm was rock solid where it was wrapped around your front to support your hips. “Yeah, that was pretty intense. I don’t think I’ve let myself go like that since the night I claimed you.” Using his flesh hand, he brushed the hair out of your face to make sure you were okay, then gently stroked his thumb along your cheek. “You ready to shift positions?”

Even though you felt like a boneless lethargic sloth, you nodded and smiled when Bucky leaned down to press a kiss to your temple. With the strength of a super soldier honed by practiced ease, Bucky scooped you close to him and moved so he was laying flat on his back before arranging so you ended up splayed out on his chest, your head tucked just below his chin, while you waited for his knot to go down. 

When you felt his muscles tense under you, you opened a bleary eye and tilted your head to look up at him. “What?”

“Steve… he said he’d be back in a few hours. It’s been almost two and a half since we got back from the restaurant.” Bucky leaned up and frantically looked around before his eyes zeroed in on the bunched-up comforter partially hanging off the bottom corner of the bed, likely pushed there during the course of your lovemaking. “Can you grab that?” he asked you, pointing a metal finger at the comforter. “I don’t think Steve’ll appreciate seeing us all… au naturale when he gets back,” a growl of residual possessiveness rumbled through Bucky’s chest as he tightened his hold on you, “and I definitely don’t want that fathead to see my girl naked. You’re all mine.”

“Well, seeing as how your knot is currently buried inside your mate, I think you can rest assured I’m not going anywhere, Buck,” you teased, flashing him a cheeky smile before nuzzling back into his chest to breathe in his comforting scent. The spicy smell had faded quite a bit, but you could still feel it tickle at your nose if you focused. When Bucky didn’t relax, you sighed. “When you called me ‘Mega’ while you were still in the bathroom, I could tell you were in a playful mood. I already told Steve you were probably gonna jump my bones and to wait until I gave him the all-clear to come back.”

Bucky’s hand froze on your lower back where he’d been absentmindedly tracing random shapes on your skin with his fingertips. You were about to ask if he was okay when hysterical, full-body laughter burst from his lips, making your head bounce around on his chest. “Damn, am I that predictable?”

“Only when... you’re horny,” you said through a yawn and smile. 

“Naughty girl.” Bucky lightly and playfully swatted your ass, then lifted his head to kiss your forehead before wiggling you a little bit when he saw your eyes flutter closed. “Don’t fall asleep yet, doll. I… uhhh, I came a lot, so we gotta get to the bathroom before my knot goes down or we’ll end up ruining the sheets.” You snorted a laugh at the hilarious picture your mind painted, and you could feel the peaceful smile on Bucky’s lips when he kissed your forehead. “I’m gonna carry you to the bathroom, alright?”

“‘Kay,” you agreed sleepily, wrapping your arms around his neck and locking your ankles behind his back when he sat up and began to shuffle over to the side of the bed.

Bucky’s metal hand curled under your bottom as he stood up, your limbs wrapped securely around him despite your exhausted state. When you hissed and flinched at the cold metal pressed against your skin, he easily switched to supporting you with his flesh hand and made a mental note to contact the Wakandans to inquire about some kind of temperature regulation feature for his arm. “I love you, dollface. Let’s get cleaned up.”

“Love you too, Buck,” you murmured, nuzzling your face into his neck to savor the last vestiges of the extra spice in his scent as he carried you into the bathroom and shut the door behind you.