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A Moment of Rest

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The sun began to set over Da'at. The barren wasteland slowing down at the end of the day. They found shelter in an abandoned building, somewhere safe where they could turn in for the day.

Yakumo sat down, exhausted from the long day. Putting his hat aside he started to unpack his belongings. Nuwa strode over and sat down with him. Resting her head against him, she let out a sigh. They were silent but they didn't need to speak. Just being side by side was already comfortable enough.

Closing her eyes, Nuwa mindlessly spoke. "Say Yakumo.." She wrapped her arms around his neck, cuddling closer. "Why don't we have some fun?"

He scoffed, "You know we can't afford that with danger lurking around every corner." Nuwa sat up, "You know what I mean."

Before he could respond, Nuwa quickly slid herself into his lap. She lazily ran her finger down the curve of his jaw. Gazing into his eyes, she smiled briefly before leaning in.

They shared a soft kiss as they moved their lips against each other. Slowly easing the tension they shared from the long day. They needed this chance to unwind, something mutual to distance themselves from stress. Feeling bold, Yakumo slid his tongue into her mouth. Nuwa let out a quiet laugh and kissed him back just as enthusiastically. Trailing her hands from his face, Nuwa began undoing the buttons on Yakumo's shirt. But before she could continue, a hand stopped her.

They parted and Nuwa looked back at him almost disappointed. "Come now, you know what I want." She leaned in close, speaking softly against his neck. "You mean so much to me. Let us indulge for once." Not leaving much room for protest, she began nibbling at the skin of his neck.

Yakumo hated to admit it, but he was enjoying himself as much as she was. A light blush spread across his cheeks from the slight arousal. He turned his head away, trying to hide it. Nuwa began to suck harder and Yakumo felt his breath stall. She smiled against him, pleased with her results.

Experimentally, she grinded their hips together, teasing him further. Clenching his teeth, he let out a hiss. Breathing sharply from the sudden jolt that ran through him.

Nuwa looked at him mischievously, "Yakumo, you know I don't like it when you're quiet. I want to hear you."

She rolled her hips again, this time more vigorously. Yakumo let out a groan. He looked away, embarrassed from his shameful display. Nuwa let out a low laugh and ground her hips again, feeling the bulge forming beneath her ass.

Relentlessly, she repeated the same motion. Just a simple movement and she already had him flustered.

"Nuwa please…" He said under his breath.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you." Nuwa's lips curved into a smile. Just seeing him so vulnerable was a sight she loved to see.

Yakumo grumbled. He knew it was embarrassing, but he felt too impatient.

"God… please just touch me."

"See? That wasn't so hard." She said laughing to herself.

Lifting herself off his lap, she undid the belt from his pants. Sliding his cock out, it was already slick with precum.

"Hmm what to do with you?" Nuwa said playfully. She wanted to drag this out, to watch him squirm from desperation. Already hazy, Yakumo stared at her. So close to begging her for help.

"Should we take it slow? Or fast? Something out of love or pure lust?" She ran her finger down to the base of his cock and Yakumo felt himself shudder. "I want to treat you right. Give you what you deserve." she said as she placed a light kiss on his lips.

Wrapping her hand around him, Nuwa gave him a light stroke. Yakumo's breath hitched as she slowly moved her hand. The pace was excruciatingly slow, dragging on longer than it should.

"Nuwa…" He said, almost a whisper. With his free hand, Yakumo pulled her face closer to his in a kiss.

Nuwa picked up the pace, pumping him faster, harder. His breathing got heavier, barely keeping up with their kisses. Grounding himself, he kept from bucking his hips, despite being needy for contact. Tangling his hands in her hair, he needed something to hold on to.

Kneading his brows together, Yakumo knew he was getting close. He broke apart from their kiss, panting harshly. "Nuwa… Nuwa.." He moaned softly.

Suddenly, it all stopped. Yakumo opened his eyes to see Nuwa staring at him.

"You looked like you were having a good time, but I can't let you have all the fun."

Nuwa stood up, stripping herself from her clothes. "Let me have my fun." She said, crawling into his lap.

Sitting up she reached behind her, sliding her fingers inside herself. "Wait-" Yakumo grabbed her arm. It was so sudden but he didn't notice how tightly he was gripping her. Clearing his throat, he loosened his grip. "Sorry.." He said quietly. "Let me." Taking off his gloves, he moved to replace Nuwa's fingers with his own.

"My aren't you a gentleman." She said teasingly.

Yakumo eased a finger in, slowly swirling it. Carefully watching for Nuwa's reactions before he added another. He felt her lean into his touch. Grabbing onto his shoulders to keep herself steady. He added another finger, lightly scissoring them. Nuwa's breathing sped up, her breaths heavier. Yakumo curled his fingers inside of her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. She let out a sigh, quietly moaning for more.

"You're so good to me Shohei.." Nuwa said between breaths. She grinded her hips to get more friction between them.

Goading him on, Yakumo added another finger. Nuwa panted harder, eagerly moving against his fingers. Picking up the pace, he moved his fingers more forcefully. Aiming to hit that spot he knew she liked the most. Nuwa moaned louder, digging her nails into his shoulder.

Yakumo pulled out his fingers and she let out a gasp. Catching her breath, Nuwa quickly grabbed his hand and brought it up to her face. Fingers still slick, she wrapped her lips around them and began to suck. Swirling her tongue around him, she gazed into his eyes. She knew keeping eye contact with him made him weak in the knees. The kind of look where he knew she would look so pretty between his legs.

Nuwa moaned around his fingers just to tease him further. Enjoying the feeling of watching the blush spread across Yakumo's cheeks. Riling him up felt like second nature to her.

Satisfied with spurring him on more she removed his fingers. A string of saliva trailed from her lips and Nuwa gave him a dark look as she licked them. Flashing him a quick smile, she lifted her hips. Nuwa grabbed onto his cock, giving it a few strokes for good measure.

Yakumo breath hitched. "Enough of this Nuwa… Please.."

"Patience my dear." She said, placing a kiss on his forehead.

Positioning herself, she angled her hips to line up with his cock. Yakumo let out a shuddering breath as Nuwa straddled his hips, sinking further on top of him. Nuwa let out a pleased sigh as she took him in fully. Adjusting to the new sensation, Nuwa rolled her hips slightly and Yakumo let out choked noise.

"You ready?" She said with a sweet smile. Nuwa caressed his face, her eyes gazing at him more seriously than before. Regaining his composure, he nodded back.

Lifting herself up, Nuwa moved her hips against him. She began at a slow pace, watching Yakumo's face contort, desperate for more. Looking for something to hold onto he grabbed her hips. Desperately needed more friction, he rocked his hips with hers. "Nuwa.." He said, begging her to continue. She picked up the pace, slamming her hips down on him. Matching his hips to the same rhythm, they wanted more.

Nuwa's breath became more ragged, moaning his name softly. She gripped his shoulders tighter, clinging on to keep herself grinding on top of him. Yakumo could feel her hot breath on his neck, her body shaking against his. He dug his nails into her hips, helping her keep up with a faster pace as he moved his own. Hotter and heavier as edged each other closer.

He knew she was getting close watching the way she frantically moved her hips. Harder and more uneven than her previous movements. Yakumo felt himself getting close too, wanting more with each thrust.

"Shohei please… I'm close."

He quickly moved one of his hands to her clit, rubbing it firmly. Nuwa crumbled on top of him, writhing as she came on top of him. "Shohei.. Shohei." She moaned as she rode out the wave.

Just the sight of her in such a state was enough to send him over the edge. She looked so beautiful. Muttering curses under his breath, Yakumo fervently climaxed alongside her.

He felt Nuwa draped over him, breathing heavily from the aftershocks of her high. Catching her breath, she nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck, placing light kisses on his skin. Enamored with him and expressing the gratitude they both shared. She dug her nails into him and clung tightly, seeking the warmth from his body. Nuwa held on to him and spoke softly.

"Stay with me Shohei. I never want to let you go."

Yakumo leaned his head against hers. He felt his breathing steady, slowing down to a gentler tempo.

"Of course." He said, hugging her tightly. Yakumo knew he wasn't the best at expressing his feelings, but he knew being with Nuwa was something comforting to him. "I don't know what I'd do without you. I can't afford to lose you either."

Nuwa hugged him back, squeezing him gently. "Thank you." She said under breath.

Leaning into his touch she calmly felt the rise and fall of their chests. Lulling them into a peaceful state. No longer needing words because they knew being in each other's presence was enough. A simple comfort that stayed with them all those years ago and would linger for days yet to come.