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He's close. Kageyama immediately knows he is from the moment he turned the vibrations up to max. It was a new toy of his which arrived just a few days ago, a thick white dildo with a pink vibrating tip to complete it, an average size for compliment and it's already enough to get Kageyama spasming, his forgotten hoodie already fallen down from his shoulders long ago which left his unclothed chest gleam with sweat and crimson blush.

And that's what has been happening the moment he glanced at where it was sitting in his opened closet just when he washed up right after he was finished from working on his thesis. The toy was a bit special considering Kageyama had only been interested about them just three weeks ago just because of an accidental click on a site which explains different types of toys and it was only a third of his so-so collection, if one egg vibrator and a magic wand would be considered parts of a collection already, of toys. It was recommended to him by an ad when he was scrolling though the site he has used to buy his last toys and it seemed interesting.

It was way more than interesting, now that Kageyama finally had the courage to turn the vibrations up with its tip fully directed at his overstimulated prostate which has been abused for more than fifteen minutes as Kageyama experimented on the feeling, and it was quite successful, with him tightly clutching his bed's futon as he sits on the floor with his carpet so he can spread his legs to a W position for a more comfortable stretch, which left the dildo fully inside his quivering walls that made Kageyama helplessly gasp and moan with tears prickling on the corners of his eyes.

The reddening tip of his own dick that glistened because of his own precum drags onto his soft carpet and Kageyama keens as he absentmindedly rubs it more to the surface for more friction and he breaks even more.

With every passing second, he felt the now familiar knot in his stomach as he feels another wave of vibrations spread throughout his body and Kageyama almost collapses, "Mmgh—! Fuck...a-ah..!" Along the way of trying to resist his orgasm just so he can feel more of this binding pleasure he'd only been introduced to just recently, Kageyama reminds himself that the walls of the apartment weren't that soundproof especially in his room and he quickly bites his hand to stop himself from uttering any other sound.

The room's air gets even thicker as Kageyama chokes up a moan and he vulnerably lays his forehead on his bed with the arousing feeling of every little thing makes even more fog in his mind, and his eyes automatically close.

He was so out of it that Kageyama didn't even hear the click of his door's lock before a heavy weight of something drops onto the wooden floor with a thump. Kageyama dazedly opens is eyes with a pant and he goes still when he locks with the familiar golden eyes of Tsukishima, his roommate.

"Kageyama..." Tsukishima looked at him in shock as the scene registers both on their minds.

Kageyama was about to respond when a last poke of the dildo's vibrating tip suddenly hits his prostate and he immediately comes hard. His mind completely goes into utter white as his whole body spasms by how strong his orgasm was that continued on for forever, the strings of his still-ungoing cum splattering all over the carpet without no plans to stop.

He can feel the bend of his everything, from his waist and his sat-crossed legs trying to steady itself on the floor. Kageyama's head unconsciously throws back to the air, shaking hands trying to cover his shrilled scream that only ended in nothing because Tsukishima had already heard it all, saw it all.