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For you, and you alone

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Job interviews. Magnus hates doing them, but he needs to hire some new people at his club. He has just had Pandemonium redecorated and renewed, and he needs to get in some bartenders, some bouncers, and some professional Doms and Subs. Magnus is ambitious, when he bought the club, the former owner was on the verge of bankruptcy. Now Pandemonium is one of the most important and famous clubs in the BDSM scene in New York.

He is proud of it, it’s a safe place, where people can have fun, where everyone can find what they need. But it’s also tiring, last months have been challenging, to say the least.

Next interview is with a young man, who applied for one of the professional Dom positions. He hasn’t exactly sent his resumè, but just an email asking for an interview. He said he has been a professional Dom for an appropriate amount of time, that he was 27, gay, and that he had just moved to NY. Not much, admittedly, but Magnus needs people, so he is interviewing as many applicants as he can.

However, this one is really young, he’s only 27, so Magnus is not sure it’s going to work, he may lack the necessary experience and, on the other hand, customers, who book a session with one of his employees, need someone who knows what they are doing. Magnus figures that all the Doms working at Pandemonium need to be both authoritative and reassuring.

Magnus is 34 and he has been a Dom since he was 20. He started working at clubs when he was really young, he was broke and needed a job; he started as a stripper when he was barely of legal age, then as a bartender, eventually as manager. He learnt how to run a club and, mostly, what made a club a successful one.

So, the last thing he needs is someone inexperienced.

He’ll just give him a few words, he has some minutes to spare after all, but he’s already thinking about how to decline his application in a polite way. He really needs someone reliable and not someone who improvises; this job doesn’t allow mistakes.

All those sensible and logical thoughts are easily swept away as soon as Alexander Gideon Lightwood enters his office.

What the fuck??

Magnus widens his eyes. In spite of his age, Alexander gives off confidence and authority from his whole being, his posture, his way of walking, his intense gaze.

The man looks at him from bottom to top, as if he was the one who has to evaluate Magnus and not the other way around, then he smiles, satisfied with what he saw and Magnus is almost blinded by that smile. He struggles a little to regain the ability to speak, as Alexander reaches out to shake his hand.

“Hi, you must be Magnus, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Alec.”

“H..Hi. Yes, it’s me, and the pleasure is all mine. Please, take a seat, Alec.”

Magnus shakes his hand briefly and firmly, trying to get a hold of himself.

Alec sits down on the chair in front of Magnus’ desk and crosses his long, long legs with a surprising grace. Everything about him screams power and sex. 

“So, you’re here for one of the Professional Dominant positions, am I right?”


“So, how long have you been a Dom, professionally?”

“Eight years. I used to live in L.A., actually I was born here, but I came back only about a month ago. In L.A. I had worked at Red Velvet for the last five years, if you need some references I can ask the owner to contact you.” 

Magnus briefly ponders that information.

“It won’t be necessary. Tell me more about you. I need someone to go on stage regularly, do you have any experiences of that kind of performance?”

“Of course. I’m a rope master. I studied Kinbaku and Shibari in Japan for almost one year. So I’m used to performing as a “Bakushi”, especially with the aim of impressing the audience. Also, I’m kind of specialized in impact and pain play, as I enjoy them extensively. I can actually do pretty much almost anything, apart from dangerous practices obviously, not suitable for a place like this. I think, hope actually, they are forbidden anyway, like breath play, blood play, and so on. In any case, I’m open to almost any sort of practice; I don’t think there is a kink I haven’t at least tried. And I used to perform for the audience very often, so it won’t be an issue.”

Magnus feels a strange heat pool in his stomach. The way this young man speaks, it’s so sure and appealing.

When he says there is nothing he hasn’t done, Magnus has the urge to ask to prove it, with him, right now. As a sort of test. It is reasonable, right? He has to be sure he is well trained, after all. It’s about the safety of his clientele we are speaking about, isn’t it? 

Magnus is a professional Dom too, he owns the club, so his role is not really negotiable. 

But in his private life he is a switch, he loves both roles equally, he finds release and pleasure both in dominating and in being dominated. And he is a sucker for tall, dark, authoritative men. However, he has always preferred to sub only to his partner in life, men or women they may have been. And because it has been at least four years since his last relationship ended… Well, he misses the mere feeling of submission enough to have this weird and absolutely misplaced instinct to drop on his knees in front of the man sitting, gorgeous and unattainable, in front of him. It was as if this Alec had immediately unlocked something in him, something powerful, something that he had kept at bay for so long.

“Oh this is interesting, Alexander; oh, can I call you Alexander?”

Something passes in Alec’s eyes, something dark and dangerous.

“Well, Magnus, I think you can. I like the way it sounds when you say it.”

That voice… it does something weird to Magnus’ stomach. The worst thing is that unexpectedly he blushes. This is crazy! He just can’t become red because a young and surely less experienced man speaks and looks at him that way, that sinful, suggestive, absolutely erotic way. He notices the cocky smirk on Alec’s face. 

Fuck! He knows what he is doing to you. 

He tries to pretend nothing has happened, to pretend he is not getting hard in his pants. Because he is not. 

Magnus clears his voice. 

Alexander Gideon Lightwood, you want to play? Let's play, then!

“So, Alexander,“ he rolls his name in his mouth more than necessary and looks at him with an amused grin on his lips, “let’s talk about your schedule and of course about money.”

“Ok, I’m listening.”

“I need someone to go on stage once or twice a week; we also organize seminars and special events, especially on weekends. And I need you to be here at least another one or maybe two evenings a week. Clients will book their sessions with Clary, she is my assistant. She will send you the form they have to fill in, so you know what to expect. I need you to fill out a form too, to know your hard nos. Everything sexual is allowed, but of course we recommend always using protections.”

“Of course. What about the pay? Am I allowed to have clients outside this club?”

Magnus hands him a sheet of paper. It’s a sort of rate table. 

“Here you can find the pay per session. You will have a weekly pay, to which we will add commissions based on the actual number of sessions that will be booked, both through Clary, and directly by our clients during the evenings here. As regards demonstrations, shows, events, the pay will be agreed from time to time, and sure, what you do outside the club is none of my business, as long as it doesn't affect your shifts here or you don’t see our customers privately.”

Alec reads the sheet carefully, nodding.

“I think I can grant you five or six evening per week, if it’s ok with you. But I’d prefer not to work on Sunday, unless you plan some important events I may attend. Of course, only if it is not a problem.”

Magnus is quite surprised, it’s a lot, other employees, both Dom or Sub, work only two or three times a week. 

But Magnus refrains from remarking it. Evidently the boy has very pressing needs, or he is in need of money; in any case, Magnus is not here to judge, he needs a Dom and Alexander embodies that perfectly, he is that impeccable Dom Magnus has often imagined in his most lascivious dreams.

“Oh, it’s perfect Alexander. I think we can start with a trial period, one month maybe? After that, if we are both satisfied, you can sign a permanent contract. Can you start tomorrow?”

“It sounds like a plan, Magnus, thank you.”

“You’re very welcome Alexander.”

Magnus uses his most velvety and eliciting voice, as he gets up from behind his chair.

However, he does not realize that his tight leather pants cannot hide his evident and quite "remarkable" erection. Alec's eyes slowly lower down and at the same time a crooked smile appears on his lips.


But in the end he has nothing to be ashamed of. He is a young and healthy man and this is what happens when someone like Alec shows up at his door exuding sex from every pore. 

So, great Alec, you know how to do your job, it seems, and here is the proof. You passed the test, you're hired, congrats.

Magnus swallows a groan at the dirty images that are flowing before his eyes and walks to the door, swaying his hips more than necessary, to say goodbye to Alec.

Alec calmly gets up from his chair, and heads to the door held open by Magnus.

"So Magnus, see you tomorrow. You know? I can't wait to work for you."

He says the last two words almost whispering and standing so close, that Magnus has to fight so hard not to throw himself at his feet and worship him.


This man will be the end of him; how could he work with him, if he doesn't even manage to carry on a simple conversation without drooling?

“Sure, see you tomorrow. Can you come at 5 instead of 6? So Clary can make you sign some documents, you know, for the insurance. And I need to show you the club and outline some further rules we have here.”

“Of course, no problem. It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Magnus.”

As soon as Alec leaves his office, Magnus rushes to the bathroom to wash his face with some cold water. He needs to regain his control, the interviews aren’t over for the day, and he has to be focused and professional. Looking at the mirror, all he can see is a horny mess, though. He laughs at himself. It has been years he's been so affected by someone. He has to admit that Alec seems a pretty interesting man, and dangerous in a very good way.