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Let’s Talk About Dinosaurs

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Nyasasaurus Pirringtoni is believed to have walked the earth in the middle triassic era, which is about 243 million years ago. Its fossils were found in Tanzania near Lake Nyasa, and the name Nyasasaurus means Lake Nyasa lizard.


Source : Smithsonia Magazine



"Doc, it looks like we have to take action, the muscle movements in his heart are getting weaker if we force the heart to pump more, the muscle work will be more forced and can leak"

I can see Professor Jack's worried expression, we've been in the operating room for five hours trying to save a patient with heart failure. this should have been a normal operation to install a pacemaker but ended up being a major operation due to abnormal muscle work

I gave some opinions to professor jack as the head of surgery, I knew he was in need of some opinions because on his face he looked like a confused person. I admit he is a cardiologist in this country but this is a very sudden and complicated case, I myself am only an assistant who can only help him.

I looked at the camera which was pointing at the organ that was beating so fast, the movement was abnormal and seemed to have to slow down with each beat. I gave Professor Jack some advice and he started to understand what I meant.

he asked me to take over and start installing some devices to slow down the speed of the heart muscle and seal off some of the parts that looked like they were going to leak and my suggestion worked. we can all breathe easy, even though the heart can't go back to normal as usual, at least the function can be used again.

Professor Jack gave me a satisfied smile, and he asked me to stitch up the postoperative wound. five stressful hours had passed and we were all finally out of the operating room. I walked out taking off the scrub and washing my hands which were covered in blood and professor jack was standing next to me doing the same.

"After this please come to my office, I want to give you an important task" said professor jack walking past me while patting my back lightly

It's been a year since my official appointment as a doctor, actually I had plans to take up a specialist but I guess I'll have to put it off because I'm starting to enjoy my job now.

Professor Jack's office is on the top floor of this hospital, he is a legendary doctor and even sits as the chair of the executive director. several times I accompanied him for major surgeries and doctors' conferences you could say I was his favorite assistant. even because of that many other doctors envy me , they hardly ever even talk to me except for work matters . I myself don't mind it because why talk to people who want to bring you down.

Several times I knocked on the door until I heard Professor Jack's voice telling me to come in. the office is very big there is even a balcony overlooking the meekong river. I've always wanted to have an office like this.

"Nanon, 2 days ago I spoke to my friend from the hospital in Chiangmai. Coincidentally, they need a doctor to work there. I recommend you to work there. Do you want to? Isn't this an advantage for you so that you can deepen your knowledge at the same time? help a lot of people?"

what? I didn't hear wrong right? chiang mai ? I thought he would send me to study in Holland or America? and now instead telling me to go to chiang mai??

"You don't have to accept it, I can ask another doctor, for example, doctor chimon ?"

chimon? damn it! why did he carry that person's name, didn't he know we were sworn enemies?

"How long will I be there?"

"7 months isn't a long time right? after that I will ask the hospital to fund your specialist course in the Netherlands as you wish. nanon, you are a great doctor so great that I recognize your abilities. Being a doctor is not just about money or skills of course. The doctor's duty to treat and heal the sick is a noble service."

"I'll think about it first"

"Okay, I'll give you 3 days to think about it because they really need you there"

my legs felt like limp after that talk, not that i don't want to go to chiang mai but there are still many things i can't let go of in bangkok, i never even went to chiang mai before. I don't know what the situation is like there or there is a danger that I can't face. Really I even doubt myself whether I can live alone or not.

it was 7 pm when i got home and aunt som greeted me with a warm smile and led me to the dining room. Aunt Som is a housemaid who has served in this family since I was a child. she was like my own biological mother, a mother figure that I could not get from my own biological mother. ironic isn't it?

"Are mom and dad home yet?" I asked aunty som who put the bowl of soup in front of me

"madam and master came home this afternoon but only took a moment to get clothes and then flew to Macau, they said there was a business client who asked for an urgent meeting"

I can only take a deep breath. I'm used to like this seeing the state of my house which is always quiet every time I come home. Why have a house this big if no one lives in this house? I'll even only meet them on national holidays or my birthday, it's only for a moment they will come while pretending to smile and give me lots of expensive gifts.

they didn't even show up for my important days at school, watching me graduate to become a doctor. even dad was very angry with me because I didn't want to work with him. Since I was young, I wanted to be a great doctor who is skilled in everything, but they wanted me to be the heir to the company and work for the family because I was the only child. You could even say that my mother hated me.When I was little my mother once told me that I was the reason she became fat and not beautiful anymore. mother never held me even never held my hand at all. my mother gave birth to me only as a condition for her to be accepted into my father's family. the three of us are like strangers forced to live together if it weren't for aunt som, maybe I would have run away from this house long ago.

"Auntie, I got an assignment letter to Chiangmai"

aunt som smiled happily and then stood beside me "you know right chiang mai is where aunty is from?"

"But I've never been there even I don't know how things are there? There's no aunt to help me"

aunt som then took my hand and gently stroked it "becoming a doctor is a good and blessed thing, didn't nong nanon ever tell aunt that you want to save many people? this is your chance to do that good thing"

I smiled then hugged aunt som tightly "greatest aunt in the world"

1 hour journey by plane I finally arrived at chiang mai airport. according to the information given to me, there will be a messenger from the hospital who will pick me up and sure enough there is a man waiting for me with a giant banner even bigger than him with my name on it. it looks so embarrassing when he screams loudly calling my name i feel like i want to go back in and fly back to bangkok.

Slowly, I finally approached the man. he is a few inches taller than me and his body is so big I can even assume that he really likes sports even when standing close to him I look smaller. but his appearance really looks very slovenly like he doesn't pay much attention to his outward appearance and wears whatever clothes are available. I mean how long has he not washed his clothes? And look at his messy hair!!

"doctor nanon? I am ohm, ohm pawat. I was sent to pick you up"

he held out his hand in front of me. he looks like a bum who hasn't showered in days. fortunately as a curmudgeon, his body smells very good at least I won't vomit now.

"where's your car? I brought a big suitcase"

"ahhh please come with me"

he carried the large banner in both hands and tore it apart with great ease. is he a hulk? this is not wrong pick up right?

an old jeep greeted us in the parking lot, there is no air conditioning even the roof is just a tarpaulin and the tires are full of mud. where was this guy before picking me up? He's not a member of a kidnapping syndicate that's rife on TV, right?

"Oh, the car was stuck in the mud hahahaha, I put the suitcase in the back seat"

dammit! he seems to read my mind, what from the look on my face can be seen clearly?

he opened the door and greeted me to go inside "sorry can't pick you up in a luxury car but it's useless to use a luxury car because it will damage the car"

"Huh? Where is that place?"

"You weren't told beforehand?"

he looks like a confused person but now I'm confused about where exactly I will work

"at chom thong near doi inthanon"

" I'm not working in downtown chiang mai?"

he instead laughed out loud "no... you think you will work in the city center? many hospitals are already full of great doctors, you will work far north of thailand. about 9 hours from the center of chiang mai"

what ? they didn't tell me about this! you mean i will work in the hinterland? this is not a joke right? I'm not dreaming right? if i'm dreaming please pinch my hand because i hope i don't want to wake up from this reality.



to be continue



This is just my side project because I'm excited to make Ohm Nanon's ff. I fell in love with this couple since watching Bad Buddy and finally I made this ff. the story is very light and even different from many of my other ffs which have mature theme. nowadays it's just about 2 people with different natures who slowly fall in love lol! but there are still adult scenes but not much and finally hope you like it

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note :

Acrocanthosaurus is a theropod dinosaur in the family Carcharodontosauridae within the superfamily Allosauroidea. Only four Acrocanthosaurus specimens have been found, all from Texas and Oklahoma. The arms and shoulders of Acrocanthosaurus are much larger and more heavily muscled than the arms of Tyrannosaurus rex. Acrocanthosaurus has extremely long vertebral spines along the neck, body, sacrum and proximal tail. they also the largest meat-eating dinosaur of the early Cretaceous period.


when he said the trip would take nine hours, he really wasn't lying to me. It's been five hours and we haven't even reached our destination. I don't even know where we've been. along the way both my eyes are very difficult to close because of many things in my mind. for example like he took me to a strange place where I would be a victim or he would sell all my organs or worse he would rob all my stuff then kill me and leave my body just like that on the side of the road. just imagining it was already terrifying, I couldn't let my guard down at all. Even though I'm not an expert in martial arts at least I can protect myself with a few scalpels in my bag.

I turned to him and he was still concentrating on driving. it's a bad car to drive, although the weather in chiang mai is very cool but for me being in this car is very stuffy.

“You didn't sleep? You kept your eyes open for five hours. Aren't you tired?" he asked, I'm sure he's been secretly watching me the whole way

“No, I'm not tired at all" I answered, I positioned my seat to be more comfortable. Sitting in the car for a long time makes my butt feel hot.

“city people are great, they love to stay up until morning"

“Where are you from?" Really this is not out of curiosity, just small talk that is not important because along the way we always kept our mouths very tightly

“Bangkok” he answered cheerfully

“Huh? Bangkok? You're also from the city why are you mocking me?"

he laughed "yes i'm from bangkok but you really look like a real city person. look at your appearance you are very neat! you wear a shirt and long pants like a person who works in an office"

So what ? Is it wrong to always dress formally? "Really why? I am a doctor who always meets patients every day, of course I have to take care of my appearance every day"

“But it looks like you won't need all those clothes there, it's useless you bring a lot of formal clothes"

“Huh why?" His words just now made me curious, what's different about my style of dress in the city and there? I will both meet a lot of people right?

“well, let's see" he shrugs his shoulders and has a mysterious smile on his face.

I'm sure he's plotting to frame me

Damn, that makes me hate him even more. what does this man know about fashion? look at how it looks like this? karl lagerfeld would definitely rise from the grave if he saw this man's appearance.

suddenly the car we were driving stopped at a gas station which turned out to be a lot of food vendors. he told me to come downstairs because he wanted to buy gas and go to the bathroom and told me to wait at one of the places to eat.

“You can order any food, remember you can't go anywhere wait for me here, watch out if you disappear!"

he told me to think that I was a child who must obey his mother. yes even so I have to obey because I myself do not know where to go. I finally went to a place that served khao soi (curry noddle soup) which I was familiar with because aunt som used to make it for me

I ordered a non-spicy curry noodle because I don't really like spicy and I think the spicy taste on the tongue will reduce the original taste of the food and it will make the original taste of the food disappear.

that person suddenly came and sat directly in front of me.

“aunty, I ordered the most spicy pork curry noodle” he said while shouting at the selling aunty and he just looked at me while showing off his big smile

he supports his chin with both hands and looks at me while still showing his annoying looking smile

"What's wrong with my face? Why are you always staring at me earlier?” I said while sipping hot noodles, to be honest this tasted really good. maybe hot food i need on a long trip

"As long as we are together I have never seen you laugh or even smile. You seem to keep that expression on your face.”

The seller's aunt put down the hot bowl of noodles he ordered. Look at that red soup, won't it be too spicy?

“so gooodddd!!!! northern food is the most delicious!!” he continued to slurp the still steaming hot noodles into his mouth voraciously. “Auntie, your cooking is the best” he gave two thumbs up to the seller’s aunt

the way he eats is so messy that even red gravy sticks around his mouth. Has this man never been taught proper eating etiquette? even with such red sauce he doesn't taste spicy at all? his face didn't even indicate he was feeling hot at all just the sweat that kept dripping from his forehead.

"You don't taste spicy at all?" I furrowed my brows watching him eat it already made me feel surprised

he shook his head and wiped the sweat with his arm. really this man is he really from bangkok?

"How about you? Your gravy is just as clear as water it won't have any taste at all"

"authentic taste is best"

"Just say you don't like spicy" he sneered as he lifted the bowl and sipped all the gravy.

"ahhhhhhhh~~~~~ eating hot and spicy is really good. Auntie I want another bowl"

I just shook my head at his behavior. you could say we are very different 100% difference there is nothing in common from us. I went back to eating slowly and calmly, spooning the soup, sipping it slowly then rolling the noodles with a fork and putting it in my mouth then chewing it slowly. That's proper eating etiquette unlike the man in front of me who just another bowl came he had almost finished it all.

he kept burping while stroking his stomach, his eyes still looking ahead as the car started moving again. there are still 4 hours of travel before we arrive at our destination and he doesn't stop blabbering asking me a lot of things like favorite color even my shoe size, stupid questions keep coming out of his mouth.

"can you shut up? my head almost exploded with all the unimportant questions you keep asking me" I screamed in frustration

"Really why? It feels quiet I hate it, we are travel partners now if we just stay quiet it feels boring and makes me tired so quickly answer my question what is your dress size?"

"For God's sake, do you want to buy me clothes to ask for my size?"

"Come on, who knows when it's your birthday I intend to buy you clothes or shoes as a gift so I don't have to ask your size again"

"Do you know when my birthday is?"

he shook his head "that will be my next question hahahahaha"

for God's sake I want to kick this guy out right now

"So when's your birthday?"

"December 18"

"Wow I'm older than you!!!" he said that with enthusiasm

"So when is your birthday?" really I'm not curious about this at all.

"March 22"

"Hey idiot, we're only a few months apart"

he laughed giddily "it doesn't matter what matters i'm older than you so you should call me phi"

"Idiot and I don't want to"

I lowered my body a little and turned my gaze towards the side window and closed my eyes because I'm lazy to serve this crazy man constantly better to sleep because my body is so tired.

"hey don't sleep!!! you have to accompany me to the destination!!! hey sleeping prince wake up"

I can even hear his screams and he keeps shaking me but I don't care, I'm sleepy and tired!!! and the sound gradually began to be heard and I walked into dreamland



I don't know how long I've been asleep and I heard someone shouting my name and I slowly opened my eyes the louder the screams got louder.

I rubbed my eyes and stretched a little, it turned out the car had stopped and I looked to the side and there was no such chatty figure. I raised my seat and I saw him and some people in front of the car. I immediately got out of the car and walked over to him but some people stopped me and asked me to shake hands

"Hey hey that's enough... the doctor is tired, chief seems like you should immediately prepare a room for the doctor" he said to the old man beside him. the old man was dressed in all black with a cloth tie around his head.

It was already evening when we arrived, this is an inland tribal village located near the Doi Inthanon National Park The village is located on the slopes of the mountain, there is a tribe called the Karen Hill Tribe, the original tribe in this place. the hallmark of this tribe is the women with long necks with many gold bracelets around their necks. all houses are traditionally built using bamboo and there is even no electricity here because electricity is not easily accessible here and many tribal members reject modernization.

The tribal chief directed me to a bamboo house not far from the main house which I would live in as well as a place of practice. a simple house and even no mattress at all but the air in this place is very cool and cold. I remembered what the man said that it was useless for me to bring a lot of formal clothes because they weren't needed here.

"The welcoming ceremony will be held tomorrow morning, so please rest first" the chief said to me

"So what was your first impression of this place??" he said mockingly, he leaned his back against the support post and folded his arms.

"It's not bad it's just that I'm tired, and you! Where did you sleep? You didn't sleep here, did you?"

"I can sleep anywhere, my mattress is the earth and my roof is the sky”

"Oh I forgot to ask you, what business are you doing here? You want to take advantage of the people, don't you?"

he laughed out loud "'t you see the news? recently found dinosaur bones and some ancient royal heritage sites on the mountain"

"So what's that got to do with you?"

"Oh I found all that" he said that proudly

"Huh???" I screamed in disbelief

"If you don't believe me just come to the excavation tomorrow morning, good night sleeping prince" he gave a wink and just left

hah ?? Is what the man said true? I can't believe it at all, I better sleep because tomorrow will be a long day waiting for me.


to be continue


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Note :

Megalosaurus, (genus Megalosaurus), carnivorous dinosaur and the subject of the first scientific description of a dinosaur ever published. Known from fossils of the Middle Jurassic Period (about 176 million to 161 million years ago) in Britain, it was described by William Buckland in 1822 on the basis of scattered bones of the vertebrae, hip, hindlimb, and a lower jaw fragment with some daggerlike teeth.


when he said it's useless I brought a lot of formal clothes I thought it was just a joke but in fact I was really cold and my body was shivering all night. luckily I brought some warm sweaters and a jacket that wasn't too thick to keep me warm. looks like I have to go to town to buy some warm clothes.

The chief invited me to come to his house for a welcoming ceremony that I couldn't attend yesterday. we only got to the village when the sky was already dark and it was impossible to have a lively welcome ceremony. he and his wife serve various types of food which I don't even know the name of the dish but consists of various types of vegetables I heard from the man's chatter yesterday that this tribe is famous for agricultural products.

the welcoming ceremony was very big and lively like welcoming a president. they give various kinds of garlands and serve assorted dishes. the little girls dance the traditional dance after that the boys dance with shields and daggers. I myself had never witnessed this before in the city I was astonished at how rich the culture is in this tribe.

"It's a dance before going to war, the men who will be sent to the battlefield will dance as a goodbye to the families left behind" the man suddenly stood up while folding his arms and giving a smile.

I looked him up and down and he was really well dressed. he wears a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the sleeves, the shirt is actually not too tight or his body is just too stocky making the man look "masculine" coupled with beige chino pants and a pair of boots I mean his appearance is very different from yesterday. he looks like a bum whereas he looks tidier and that also supports his look. basically he just looks neat not because I'm attracted to him.

"Why are you dressed so neatly?" i asked , not out of interest just out of curiosity why he was dressed so well.

"oh I'm going to meet some people from the government"

"Oh...." I said briefly then went back to watching the dance again

he snorted in annoyance "'oh just oh ?"

"why? you want me to praise you?"

"oh...of course...of course not" he snorted in irritation again

after the dance was over the chief told us to enjoy the food that was served. I sat with some men and a small child in a pavilion and the annoying man followed me.

"You said you were going? why didn't you leave immediately?"

"Those people haven't come yet and the tribal chief hasn't held a welcoming party like this in a long time"

he pushed me to give him a seat, the chief and some men laughed at us.

"ohm, look at you making him uncomfortable!" tribal chief said

"chief, why didn't you guys hold this ceremony when I came? this makes me feel jealous" he pretended to be angry and pursed his lips

The tribal chief hit the man's head "You have been here many times, I am tired of always welcoming you"

he rubbed his head, I'm sure it must hurt

"doctor, that man hit me looks like I have a bad bruise on my head" he took my arm and kept pressing his head against me made me uncomfortable and felt iritated. this man is acting like a child.

"Doctor, you don't have to listen to his whining. My nephew is really annoying" said Chief Chief then pulled his body away from me

"nephew ?" I asked in confussion, are they related ?

the tribal chief took some snacks and put them on my plate "his mother is my sister, she met a city man and left this village, not long after this stupid boy appeared with his father. he said his father found an ancient site not far from here"

"I continue what my father did, and solve unfinished problems"

I can see the expression on his face change when he says that as well as the chief

the tribal chief suddenly hit the man's arm "don't talk about it anymore"

"So why? Can I not do it?" he suddenly raised his voice

what is the meaning of these two conversations? solve unfinished problems? what's the problem? ahhh I can't interfere with their problems. I am only here to work and serve for 7 months after that I will go to the Netherlands to continue my studies. it was the perfect plan for my future.

the sun was directly overhead when he said he wanted to take me to the dig site. he said the location was not far from the village only a few meters away and he lied, he fucking lied. we've walked so far until my feet feel numb but we're still in the middle of the forest where there's not even a path at all, every time I ask him is it close? he just said still there or soon while laughing. I'm pretty sure he's just playing tricks on me.

"In the name of God, if you frame me I swear I will kill you" I gave him a final ultimatum and he just smiled.

the journey finally came to a campsite and I could see the excavation site that had not yet arrived. there were already many people maybe members of other research groups. he told me to sit in the tent to take a breath and gave me a glass of water to drink it was like in heaven.

"Wow ohm, who is he?" asked one of the men , he looks like a european man but speaks thai ?

"everyone, let me introduce him. his name is nanon or you should call him doctor nanon. this is a new doctor who came from town" ohm introduced me in front of many people

there were 5 people there 3 men and 2 women, they were dressed so dirty they might even have been exposed to mud.

"My name is Ink, I'm a paleontologist here. Oh, the easy explanation is that I research fossils." The tallest girl introduced herself, followed by the tiny girl next to her.

"My name is pa, I am a geologist here. I am in charge of researching the rocks here" she reached out and I greeted her warmly, she was very beautiful.

the european man came forward then stretched out his hand "I'm a drake, good friend ohm. I'm a zoologist, or a veterinarian? Obviously I really like animals"

my first impression was that he was a very "cheerful" man

a man with braces alternately came forward and reached out "I'm frank, I'm good at digging hahahaha"

"I am first, here I am helping Ohm as a historian and biologist" the skinny man also greeted me in turn "we are a team from Bangkok University, Ohm who found it all and asked us to help him"

finally the annoying man who had been smiling all day , stepped forward with arrogant and pride then stretched out his hand "it seems you already know my name but I am the leader here. I have many skills so you can say I am the greatest" he said with an arrogant tone and his other friends immediately mocked him.

"enough...enough... you better take him to the dig site, and we'll all get back to work rather than hear your ramblings" first said that to ohm who was still standing on the rock showing off his two burly arms, i can guess that first is a person the most mature and logical thinker in the group than their whiny-looking leader.

frank and ohm took me to a dig site not far from their camp, only the rocks seemed to be stacked and some of the buildings looked like they were still in the ground and there were some shovels and bulldozers around.

"The excavation work will start again this afternoon because the ground is still wet because the rains for the past few days have made it difficult for us to dig deeper" said frank

ohm stood between the stacked rocks and gave me a command to get closer to him "you can see everything more clearly from here"

I stood close to him and climbed onto one of the flat stones , this quarry was like a house with a very large yard . I don't know about archaeologists or anything, and that's just my assumption

"We thought that we found a relic of kingdom of Rattanatingsa, the majestic kingdom that used to be centered in Chiangmai," said Ohm pridely "My father found some ancient temples around here, you see that temple?" he pointed at some temple buildings at the bottom of the hill not far from the place "so i thought maybe i could find more sites around and my guess was very correct"

"So your father is an archaeologist just like you?" I asked him and a big smile spread across his face

he looked at the temples with a proud look while putting his hands on his waist "he is my idol, he is the most famous thai archaeologist"

but somehow the proud expression with a big smile was replaced with a sad look that I can't interpret as a look of missing something?

"Your father isn't with you at work now?" I asked and frank suddenly hit my arm lightly and his expression meant that I looked like I had done something wrong

"my father is dead" said the man in a low tone, a tear fell from his eyes and it indicated that I was asking him the most sensitive thing, damn I want to hit my own mouth

"Hey guys, you want to see the dinosaur bone site that Ohm just found?" frank suddenly said to lighten the mood

"Sorry..." I apologized in a guilty tone to the man walking beside me

"It's okay, it's been a long time" he said wiping his tears with his arm and returned a smile to reassure him that he was really okay.

but the gaze turned sad and to distract it I asked him again about everything I didn't really care about but it managed to distract him and that proud smile began to reappear making me feel a little relieved and feel no guilt towards him.

it seemed to be late afternoon by the time we got back to camp, we spent a long time at the dinosaur bone dig site because the man was raving non-stop. like he was hoping to find a t-rex or megalosaurus bone and his friend frank said there was no way the two dinosaurs could survive the sweltering heat of thailand and the man pouted like a child and kept on sticking to his will. his eyes lit up like a child when he described how they accidentally found dinosaur bones or told me there are different kinds of dinosaurs and the t-rex is his favorite dinosaur. the two men argued with each other just about dinosaurs hahahaha it was entertainment in itself for me.

"ohm, looks like you have to take the doctor home, soon it will be night and the streets will definitely be dark" ink, the tallest girl said to ohm and the man was busy with some artifacts

"Oh, phi nanon how did you get here from the village??" asked pa in a low tone, the other beautiful girl and gave me a glass of hot tea

"On foot, we passed a lot of tall weeds" I said while sipping tea

"Huh weeds? Phi nanon walked through the middle of the forest?" ask pa in a confused tone, and I answered with a nod

ink, the tall girl immediately hit their leader's arm "you teased him huh? why did you show him the way through the middle of the forest??? here already has good road access!!! you have to take him home by car!!!" and that girl keeps hitting that stupid guy and it's worth what he did to me.

"awww~~ ink, it hurts" he complained and immediately looked at me with a smile, I feel like I want to kill that guy right now

My gaze seemed to make him flustered and he immediately dragged my hand and even made the tea I brought spill out

"Sorry...." he said awkwardly, he put the cup I brought and gave it to pa “phi ohm go first, I'll bring a lot of food" he said goodbye to the other members

"phi ohm, you have to come here again" shout pa while waving her hand

I haven't had time to say goodbye to the others, the man kept pushing me to get into the truck and I kicked his thigh with my leg from behind and the man immediately groaned in pain.

"You deserve it" I folded my arms and didn't want to see this idiot's face

"sorry, really I didn't really want to prank you" he said in a pitiful tone

"hurry up come in the car and take me back"

he suddenly touched my cheek with his index finger "if you're angry you look cute" that stupid guy teased me and it made me angry

I hit his head hard enough and he was again moaning in pain and I could hear the other members laughing at us.

we arrived back at the village when it was evening, and the chief and his wife greeted me in front of the house I was temporarily living in. I greeted them and apologized for coming home too late.

The chief's wife gave me a pretty heavy basket, she said it contained my dinner. I don't like receiving it.

"Sorry if I'm a bother" I gave a wai to the chief's wife

The old woman smiled gently "It's okay, you are a guest here and we should be the ones thanking you because you are willing to come to a remote village like this"

"Enough drama, tomorrow you have to cook yourself if you don't want to bother other people" said the man and managed to get a death blow from the tribal chief

"I will open my practice tomorrow, tonight I want to clean and arrange the house to make it look comfortable welcoming patients"

"Do you want me to help?" said the tribal chief "this child will help you" the village chief pulled his nephew so that his body leaned over and he tried to let go of his uncle pinched from his ear and groaned in pain

"Uncle, I don't want to help, there's still a lot of work to do" he rubbed his reddened ears

I just smile amused by the behavior of this uncle and nephew

"Why are you smiling?" he shouted at me

"Really, why? Is there really a rule that you can't smile here?"

The tribal chief hit the annoying man's arm again. "Shut up, go to the village hall, there are some people waiting for you"'

the man continued to nag as he walked away from us and the chief and his wife also said goodbye to go home.

I brought the basket into the house and put it on the table near the bed. in this house there is only one room which I occupy as a private room and I will make the living room as a place of practice. The chief told me that tomorrow the patient bed and table and chairs would be delivered to my place so I would just organize and clean this place.

I opened a basket of food and set it on the table, each basket had contents such as khao niaw (sticky rice) in the first bowl then laab (spicy salad) with assorted vegetables, kaeng khae (picy curry of herbs, vegetables, the leaves of an acacia tree , and meat), and sai ua (pork sausage) in the last bowl, a simple dish with a delicious taste.

I didn't feel the tears running down my cheeks when I ate the food, it made me miss aunt som but I'm here alone and I don't even know how I will survive in this place for a long time. all of this still feels foreign to me, it's still 1 day I'm here but I always long to go home not because I feel like I'm alone here but more miss how busy and complicated work at the hospital is while here I feel like I can relax and take a break from the complexity of life urban.

tomorrow is the first day I will receive patient visits, hopefully everything will go well and hopefully I will feel more comfortable living here.



to be continue



Chapter Text

Note :

brontosaurus, (genus Brontosaurus), genus of large herbivorous sauropod dinosaurs living during the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous epochs (163.5 million to 100.5 million years ago). Its fossil was first discovered in western North America in 1874 and first described in 1879 by American paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh.


I'm not a person who is good at reading other people's facial expressions, even reading people's thoughts is impossible. even to socialize with other people I still can't not because it's impossible but more because I don't want to.

But that guy right now ,he made that facial expression again. I don't even know what to do right now. the man was just silent making facial expressions that I can't describe. he did his job well, obeyed what I told him but he just kept quiet. where did the chatty guy who made my ears hurt yesterday?

finally because I was annoyed with him, I walked up to him and gave him a water bottle "if you don't want to help me, I can do everything myself" I said a little emphasize my words

he took a water bottle and gulped down its contents until empty then he sat on a chair and leaned his back against the wall, he seemed to be trying to regulate his emotions with his breath "those people are so annoying, I don't know how to deal with such people?"

"Don't do violence it's not good" I said trying to remind him, I really hate violence. people's emotions can be controlled easily why should use wounds?

"So that I don't bother you?" he said in a seductive tone

"it was one of them…" I stopped what I was saying because it's useless to talk at length with that person

"Then, what else? come on !!! you are a very economical person who makes words" he walked over to me and continued to follow every where I walked "come on, do I have to pay to chat with you?"

the man kept following me like a duckling following its mother. God, why did his mood change so quickly? where was he who was like a man who wanted to punch someone else?

"Can you sincerely help me? Soon the clinic will open and our work here isn't done yet!!” I snapped at him then he stood with pursed lips.

he lowered his head then reached out his hand trying to grab mine “sorry... i'm sorry” he said that with a tone full of regret

I tried to get rid of his hand then held his head and rubbed it gently “thank you for helping me, if you have a problem you should think about considering the root of the problem first. I don't know what happened to you and those people from the government. but don't get emotional for a moment in the middle of an argument. You don't want to take a big risk, right?” I tried to give him advice even though I didn't really know what his problem was with those people. this morning while delivered my breakfast, the chief's wife just told me that they argued all night.

he then looked at me with a smile “you gave me a little relief. thank you for your advice” then he stroked my cheek


damn why is my heart beating so fast?

"You know what you remind me of a brontosaurus" he said suddenly

hah ? what does this man mean? why does he compare me to a dinosaur? what a childish mind

"You are like a brontosaurus, you look scary from the outside but you are actually a soft man" he said that with giggling

“Nonsense, why are you comparing me to an extinct animal?” I emphasized to him a little that I don't like

"No ... not because of that, I like to describe people I just met with dinosaurs so I can remember that person for example like the chief is like a pterodactyl" he said in an excited tone , he then laughed amusedly to himself like someone who was imagining something.

"Why did you do that?" I said handing him some books to put in the cupboard

"my dad taught me about it because i have a bad memory i'm not good at remembering people's faces but if that person leaves the deepest impression on me i will remember it forever" he said that in a low tone, like someone was hiding something and that facial expression came back again

This is the first time I've met a man with a boy-like innocent mind. with his gentle smile in contrast to his burly body. he's actually not that bad it's just his behavior that irritates me. the first impression was just a cover maybe if over time I got to know him he wasn't a bad person, it was just his appearance that made my first impression of him look bad. he kept talking how he really liked dinosaurs. it was his father's profession that made him who he is today. he likes freedom and exploring new things. looking for a new, different memory he calls it.

"how about you? how did you become a doctor? was your father a doctor too?" he suddenly asked me

The question left me speechless, I am now not because of my parents. not like him with a loving father and mother. I grew up on my own, lonely, alone, trying to survive only by relying on my own abilities. no one I know ever taught me about the world, only aunt som who is always beside me. I never envy other people because it's useless to expect a lot from my parents, they will only be busy worshiping money and power.

"Why are you just silent?" he tilts his head while looking at me

"None of your business" I snorted annoyed, not his fault actually my mood turned into annoyance

"look at you!!! you look like you're no longer a brontosaurus you're showing signs that you're a t-rex!! haummm" he imitated a loud voice while both hands imitate the movement of the dinosaur

I threw the book at him and it hit him on the head, subconsciously it made me smile. Shit!!! what's wrong with me?

"oh look at Mr. t-rex smiling!!" he said while stroking his head

I threatened him by pretending to throw the book back at him and he just laughed while pretending to be scared

"I will throw the book at you if you don't finish your work soon"

a loud noise from outside startled us, the chief was already standing by the door folding his arms. the threatening voice sounded like an order to his ears, he looked like a soldier who submitted to the general even though his face was like someone who was forced to obey orders

we finally finished at exactly 12 noon, I was planning to open the clinic around 1pm after lunch. The tribal chief actually came to deliver my lunch from his wife, I actually had refused since this morning because I felt it was a hassle for the husband and wife but they remained firm and told me because I'm not used to it here. maybe I'll start cooking myself the day after tomorrow once my schedule starts to settle down and I can manage my time as efficiently as possible. here there is no market at all, if you need food you have to grow it yourself but because I am a new person here so some people deliver their crops as a means of payment for my services to treat them.

lots of people were already queuing outside after the clinic opened. I was quite worried that they would not accept my presence and refuse modern medicine but they accepted me with open arms. some people complain of abdominal pain and dizziness, and some people come with festering sores. So far, I haven't had any serious cases that I have to deal with. I myself don't bring much medicine from the city, only general medicine and some medical equipment. looks like I'll have to order extra medicine and some tools to stock up and just in case there's an emergency. The distance from this village to the nearest hospital is very far, about 5 hours by car, so it is impossible for them to come to the hospital every day for treatment.

"Try to open your mouth wide" I ordered a girl who sat on the bed while holding her mother hand tightly , she came complaining of toothache for days.

"how doc? is it dangerous?" her mother asked in a worried tone

"Only change baby teeth to adult teeth, the old teeth will fall out by themselves after the teeth fall out the pain will subside. If it still hurts, compress it with cold water. Please don't pull it out forcibly" I gave advice to the mother and her face returned full of relief. I stroked the sweet girl's plump cheeks, her cheeks were full of tears and endured the pain. must be painful for a child, I can feel it. "You'll get better soon, the important thing is not to chew hard food, okay?" she nodded even though her eyes were still full of tears.

her mother kept shaking my hands and giving me a basket full of corn to me even i kept refusing but she persisted even put the corn on the table. looks like the next few weeks I will continue to eat corn.

The sky was already dark when I received my last patient. he was an old man who complained his legs hurt for a few days and I told him to lie down on the bed. I rolled his trousers up to his knees and I saw a wound with pus mixed with blood almost all over his calf.

"How long has this wound been?"

"I forgot but I remember getting injured after coming from the fields"

I put on new gloves again though I try to be as clean as possible in treating each of my patients then take alcohol and a cotton ball using tweezers to clean and sterilize the wound then put a few drops of betadine on a new cotton ball and treat the wet wound. looks like the wound isn't that deep so I can treat it with just wound medicine and there's no need for stitches. after giving betadine I closed the wound with gauze sponges that had been moistened with betadine and put a bandage on to avoid bacteria.

"Please don't open the bandage, make sure the wound doesn't get wet with water. Tomorrow come here again to see if it's dry and to change a new bandage"

"Thank you doc, I'll be back tomorrow"

I finally finished my work for the day, I stretched my muscles and went outside to breathe the night air.

"Doctor, have you finished your work?"

a man stood near the front fence of the house lifting his luggage, then he walked towards me it turned out that the man was drake. one of that person's subordinates

"ohm told me to give you this, he said he didn't want to see you freeze to death it was troublesome"

damn that person even wished me bad things!!!

"thank you tell him that"

after delivering the goods, the man immediately said goodbye to return to the camp because their work had not been completed. I opened the plastic bag and looked inside, a thick jacket and warm steam bananas.

secretly it turns out that the man is paying attention too. Well, at least I won't be cold tonight.


to be continue ^^

Chapter Text

Note : Buitreraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid dinosaurs that lived during the Late Cretaceous of Argentina at the Candeleros Formation. Buitreraptor was described in 2005 and the type species is Buitreraptor gonzalezorum. It was rooster-sized and had a very elongated head with many small teeth.


The chief's wife helped me to organize the contents of the baskets the patient had given me. almost all of its contents are their produce and some of it is cooked food. I asked chief's wife and other womans who help me to distribute to the local people but the old woman refused and accepted more cooked food for lunch because it quickly went stale.

"You keep cassava, corn and some tubers in the barn, the rest you can boil for snacks" the chief's wife gave me advice

I see lots of baskets full in front of me ,they gave me so much that I might even last a lifetime with their gifts. I told them that they don't have to pay me because I myself already got the salary and necessities I need from the government but they still insist on giving me all this. luckily there was the chief's wife and a few women who helped me organize everything. in fact it seems I have to make a list of how to spend all of this.

The chief's wife came closer to me then helped me to arrange the cassava "I'm worried about my nephew" suddenly the chief's wife changed her tone to a low one

"what's up with ohms?" I asked her, to be honest I was a little worried about that guy since yesterday. That unusual expression on his face still lingers in my mind. The man who used to be chatty suddenly turned quiet

"He's been arguing with people from the government for the past few days, I don't know what they were arguing about but I'm sure it's about excavations"

"They have permission to dig, right?"

the old woman nodded her head slowly "yes, but people from the government keep threatening him. I don't know what he was threatened for? he keeps his mouth shut every time we ask. I'm just afraid something bad will happen to him like what happened to his father"

"What's wrong with his father?" I asked out of curiosity, i remember the expression on that guy's face changes every time mentions about his father

the chief's wife just smiled while shaking her head "it's not good to talk about dead people, I'll put this rice in"

damn!!! not because I'm curious, I care a little about the people who have helped me. I mean we'll see each other all the time and for sure we'll be meddling and curious about each other's lives. damn why does this frustrate me? wouldn't it be better to be silent and just go about everyday life without knowing much? damn that person is really annoying

"What are you doing? does your head hurt?" ask the chief's wife

I shook my head then took a sweet potato "I just don't know what to do with these sweet potatoes?" I replied giving an excuse, I can't tell her I'm thinking about her nephew or she'll think nothing of it

her and the other ladies who helped me laugh

"How about you make klue khai chueam (sweet potatoes in condensed milk) ?" other women give opinions

"Do you know how to make it?" asked the chief's wife "you only need sweetened condensed milk then steam the sweet potato"

I shook my head with an awkward smile "Honestly I can't cook"

the chief's wife and the other women laughed making me ashamed of myself. what's wrong if I can't cook? aunty som is a great cook and i'm too busy when it comes to kitchen

"it's okay if you can't cook, just let your future wife cook for you" the old woman teased me

"How about I introduce my daughter to you? She will soon graduate from high school" another woman even offered her child to me, what the hell is this? like a matchmaking event?

i'm too busy living alone to think about how to survive on my own. love seems impossible for me. I've never been in love and it's unlikely I'll ever die alone and I don't care about that. " need, I'm not too focused on a relationship" I said trying to politely refuse. it's true that love is the last thing in my life, I don't have time to think about a serious relationship, or does it seem like I don't need love?.

the women just laughed at my answer while the chief's wife just smiled like she knew what I meant? Who knows ?

the chief's wife and the other women helped me tidy up the rest of the basket after that we had lunch with the cooked food they gave me. a simple meal consisting of several side dishes with assorted vegetables, a warm chicken soup and a plate of warm rice with still steaming smoke. simple but feels very delicious

when we eat together, the women were busy gossiping about their husbands some were complaining about the attitude of their children and some were talking about the harvest and other things. but one thing is for sure they never complain about their life. they seem very grateful for the existing limitations, they even feel proud of what simplicity they have now. I even always ask them if I'm really intruding on their life and they answer with a friendly smile that I'm always welcomed very warmly in their house even my presence seems to help them.

I don't even understand all this, a limited life is inversely proportional to all the luxuries I get in the city but I always feel that I always feel lacking and feel empty but here I feel like I have a new life, a new life which is only temporary...

yeah sadly just temporary

"Can I ask you a favor?" The chief's wife came to me and gave me some lunch boxes. "The men are gathering at the village hall to discuss the construction of the bridge, can you deliver lunch for them the rest you can also look around the village here"

I smiled then took a lunch box that was quite heavy from her hand "Great idea, I just happened to have not had time to walk around the village here"

"You know the direction to the village hall, right?" ask the chief's wife

"From here, just go straight to the village head's house and turn left, right?"

"Wow you are starting to memorize the streets in this village" teased an old chubby woman

"You will eventually become a resident of this village when you feel more comfortable" a thin woman also teased me

and I just answered with a friendly smile. It's not that I don't want to become a resident of this village but it seems there isn't a exact reason to stay in this village yet.

The roads in this village are still paved with dirt, not even concrete. not too crowded just a few farmers passing by on bicycles carrying their rice fields and a few small children running around. I put one of my hands in my jacket pocket which the man gave me. talk about that guy? Where is he now ? Has he not come all day?

oh God nanon, why are you thinking about that stupid man? I pat my own cheek yeah its because the air here is very cold considering this village is on the slopes of a mountain. yeah its cold super cold .

ahh by the way yesterday the tribal chief reminded me not to leave the house at night because the streets would be dark and the fog that fell covered the view considering that there was no electricity here. even though the sky is not dark yet right now, the fog has started to fall even though I can still see around.

the distance between the house I live in and the village hall is not too far but I am quite happy to see the journey around with people's houses made of wood and buildings with characteristics that indicate their tribe and in some people's houses, old women spin cloth with traditional tools that later they will sell the final cloth in the city. a traditional handcrafted fabric with a different motif, each made with care and patience. sometimes there will be some foreign tourists who come to see how rich this simple village is. the tribal chief welcomed the arrival of the tourists in a friendly manner because it greatly helped the amount of their income.

It wasn't until I arrived at the village hall that I could see crowds of people in groups and I could hear some people arguing very loudly. out of curiosity i finally tried to get closer and jostled to see what was really going on and i could see ohm and his friends drake, first and frank were arguing with some uniformed people i could tell they must be people from the government. several other old men and tribal chiefs tried to break up the debate.

"no.... i will never leave that to the government" ohm keeps shouting the same thing over and over

give up what? what are they really arguing about?

"but this has become the government's responsibility" an old man wearing a uniform doesn't want to lose to voice his opinion

"I've put forward the proposal many times, and you know what their response was? that they didn't care about it and told me to be free to do anything and now that I've got the results you guys want to just snatch it away? A stupid thought from people who have power over this country

The man's facial expression seemed to want to let out all the anger he was holding in, is this still related to their excavation project? why am I lingering here, it's better if I don't have to interfere with their business. I just put the lunch box on the table and went back home to open the clinic.

I tried to step forward in the middle of the crammed crowd and kept pushing me even though I almost lost my balance several times until my hands finally managed to reach the table and put the lunch box down until a strong push sent my body bouncing and my back and hands hit the legs of the chair

damn... it hurts so bad

"sorry.....forgive me, I'm sorry"

I see my hand hurts so much that I don't know who keeps apologizing to me, damn this is going to be a huge bruise.

"I'm sorry... really I'm sorry"

I lifted my head and saw the young man's expression full of regret even his eyes were watering and tears were trickling down his cheeks.

"Okay... then how about we continue it next week at the office" I could hear the tribal chief trying to defuse the atmosphere and disperse the crowd.

I tried to stand up and a hand tried to help me but it accidentally touched my back and I sighed quite loudly.

"ohm you have to bring the doctor back home" the village chief ordered

"Don't worry, it's okay... I'm fine"

"'re hurt" he then took my right hand and put it on the back of his neck "i will take you home" and he help me to walk

he then led me to get into his car and helped me to a comfortable sitting position. all the way back to the clinic we were just silent. his eyes kept staring ahead but I could see a gleam of fiery anger in his shining eyes.

"What were you arguing about earlier?" I started the conversation.

"In the past we had submitted a report to ask the government for excavation funds but they seemed to ignore us and only gave excavation permits and after we found a valuable site they just casually claimed that it was the result of their search and would sell it to the British Museum"

"Huh? Shouldn't it belong to the state? why would they want to sell it to a museum in another country?"

"that's why it makes me angry" both hands gripped the steering wheel very tightly "corruptors only care about money and money" he beat the steering wheel to vent anger

finally we reached the clinic and he led me down and some ladies greeted us

"Oh my. What happened to the doctor?" said the old woman in a worried tone

"Is there anything we can help with?" the chief's wife offered to help as well as the other women but I just shook my head

"It's just a minor injury and it looks like I can't open practice today"

"it's okay, focus on your healing after that then heal the patient"

I smiled kindly hearing the women, they were very kind and caring to me.

The chief's wife then pulled the man away for a bit then they talked, I couldn't hear their conversation. they only took a moment and then ohm came back and led me into the house while the chief's wife and the other women who had helped me said goodbye.

"You seem to be famous among the old ladies" he teases me

"if my hand didn't hurt i would have hit you really hard now just pretend you're lucky"

he then raised his hands and laughed "you know what? every time i see you for some reason i feel like immediately feel good, you are a great doctor"

what the hell is that? Am I a psychologist?

"So what can I do for you?"

"Please get some ointment in the upper cupboard" I pointed to a cupboard beside the practice table

"So what does the ointment look like?"

"Yeah, it's shaped like an ordinary ointment with white and blue lines" I saw some bruises starting to look purplish.

"found it!!.... should I help you apply it?"

I snatched the ointment from his hand "no need, I can do it myself..... ouchhhh" I moaned in pain

"No need, huh?"

he squeezed the contents of the ointment onto his finger and rubbed it over the bruises on my calf that had even widened. I groaned in pain several times even trying to straighten my legs.

"I'm sorry, I was too emotional" he said with his head down while rubbing the ointment. he doesn't dare to look into my eyes

"It's okay, I'm in the wrong situation"

he then rubbed the ointment onto the back of my right arm even to move my hand it hurt like i was hit pretty hard.

"You should roll up your sleeves"

"It's okay, I can do it myself"

"You are a very stubborn doctor"

he forced to roll up my sleeves but i couldn't resist because my whole body ached

"See the bruises extending to the back, you should take your shirt off"

"You are crazy?" I screamed loud enough

"How can you put ointment on your back if you don't take your clothes off!!"

"I can do it myself" I emphasized my words

"no!! how about ? with the mirror? okay well turn your body to the wall then take off your clothes if you feel embarrassed"

damn it, I'm like obeying his orders!! I turned my body then unbuttoned my shirt and lowered my shirt half

I can feel the cold cream starting to feel on my back and a soft finger touch which unfortunately makes my heart beat really fast.

"Does this hurt?" he asked softly

"if you slam hard enough of course it hurts"

"Sorry, I'm an idiot who can't control my emotions"

After not feeling any touch, I put my clothes back on and turned my body. and I saw the young man sitting across from me bowing his head.

I reached out my hand and rubbed his head slowly "it's okay, next time try to control your emotions. slowly you can do it"

he then raised his head and our eyes met and looked at each other.

damn, that gaze made my body freeze even more and my heart beat was getting out of control until the hand touched my cheek and his face was getting closer and closer...

nanon, dammit why are you so numb at a time like this?




to be continue


Chapter Text

Jaxartosaurus (meaning "Jaxartes lizard" after the early name of the Syr Darya) is a genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur similar to Corythosaurus which lived during the Late Cretaceous. Its fossils were found in Kazakhstan. Jaxartosaurus had a large crest that it may have used for visual identification, or to vocalize with members of the same species, as inferred for other lambeosaurines. They were likely herbivores, grazing on low-lying plants.


have you ever fallen in love? If you asked me I would say out loud that no, and probably never will.

I don't know how people know that they have their heart and feelings for another person they even just met. or how to know that the stranger is their future?

and to me it feels very weird. how do people know they are… in love?

they never taught me the meaning of love maybe because i grew up without any love in our house or just a feeling of denial growing inside me? I don't even feel jealous of the couple that I always see every day for example like professor jack who always gives his wife a sweet kiss in front of the hospital every morning or when the nurses talk about handsome men who are patients in the hospital or even When doctor min cried all day, she locked herself in her house because of her cheating partner?

is that love?

Isn't love just a delusional feeling created by humans to make themselves happy?

a heart that keeps beating very fast and irregularly? desire to meet each other? or a sharp glance at each other? is that a sign that humans are in love? Or are they experiencing signs of another feeling? such as mental disorders for example?

So how do I feel right now as our eyes lock into each other's visions filled with light with our heartbeats racing against each other in a dance and a soft touch of his fingers caressing my cheek? and the forward motion drew closer and closer as my heart beat beat faster and more irregularly until a warm kiss was felt on my lips.

a brief kiss that even made it hard for me to close my eyes. Our eyes met each other again after that and my body........, even my body was frozen, I couldn't move it


an apology wakes me from a daydream, a feeling of shock that I can't explain

"Looks like I have to go.... err.... hope your wound will heal soon and once again I sincerely apologize"

the awkward steps slowly left leaving my still stiff body trying to process what had happened to me. I touch my lips, cold lips that had just felt a brief warmth.

I move my footsteps towards my bedroom, still with a feeling of shock that even makes my brain heat up and I sink my face into the soft pillow and scream....

nanon..... what the fuck is that?????

a kiss? weird feeling ? what happened to you just now?

I couldn't even sleep the whole night, my brain was still working on processing what just happened to me. I screamed in frustration at myself because this wasn't me.

a knock stopped my frustrated scream. I looked at the clock on the table at exactly 7 in the morning. I move my weak steps to open the door and a little girl is already standing in front with a smile and her hands full of her luggage.

"The chief's wife couldn't deliver breakfast for the doctor because she had to go to town so she told me to take it to the doctor"

I smiled then took everything in her hand "thank you, may I know your name?"

"may..." she answered cheerfully

"hello may, thanks for delivering it for me"

she then gave a wai and said goodbye to go home.

I put a basket and a few boxes on the table and opened the lid of the food. looks like I really have to learn to cook my own food.

I just looked at the rows of food in front of me that looked delicious but somehow my mind was still thinking about it.

this isn't love right? just a momentary illusion stimulated by an atmosphere of compassion?

I grabbed my hair hard reminding me not to fall asleep just an annoying little peck. damn it! this is really annoying i don't like it. If he comes again I'm really going to punch him in the face.

fuck!!! nanon!!! I'd better keep myself busy with my original purpose here. I'm just here to seek experience not to serve disgusting things in the name of love. damn!!!

To get rid of my annoyance and frustration I ended up opening the clinic early. The cuts and bruises I had from yesterday's misfortune were much better. some people are already waiting in front to start treatment and sure enough when I'm busy I can focus more on my original plan without even any disturbance in my brain.

the weather started to get hotter in the room and I finally decided to stretch the muscles in my body after the last patient I had to treat. a young man who complained the past few days his head felt dizzy.

"So how many days have you had a headache?"

“looks like it's been a few days”

I asked him to reach out and put a sphygmomanometer on his arm to measure his blood pressure because I suspected it might be because of his blood pressure or because of the stress from overwork.

strange... his blood pressure is normal and according to his mother's his diet is regular and never late for meals, he also doesn't work too hard.

“Can you describe how it hurts in your head? is it like a sharp stab or when you see your eyesight is blurry?”

"When the headache strikes again, it feels like I can't control my balance, such as weakness in one body, sometimes legs or arms"

“When he worked too hard he suddenly started coughing and vomiting continuously” his mother added "There will come a time when he will forget what he just did. I asked him but he looks like a confused person”

"Have you ever taken headache medicine?"

he shook his head "only drink made from spices by my mother"

"Doc is he okay?" his mother asked in a worried tone

“I can't confirm his condition because I don't have the proper tools. I will give you some medicine to drink tonight if the condition gets worse please bring him here immediately”

I gave him some medicinal pills to relieve his headache. I can't immediately diagnose what disease he suffers, it's just an assumption that I can guess.

"thank you doc"

the mother and her son said goodbye and I was finally able to rest for a while.

"doc!!! doc !!! Help me"

I heard a panicked scream from outside the house. The young man who just came with his mother was already lying on the floor covered in blood that kept coming out of his nose

I immediately sat up and raised his head and put his neck on my thighs, lifting his neck higher than his head helped to stop the continuous bleeding process. I asked his mother to get a tissue to wipe the blood from his nose. I tried to check his temperature because cold sweat kept dripping down his head. he seems to be groaning constantly complaining that his head hurts

"Doc, what happened to my son?" his mother keeps screaming in panic

I tried to stay calm, and tried to stop the blood that kept coming out of his nose "i can't diagnose for sure what is happening to your son because I don't have the proper equipment. We have to take him to the hospital for further treatment"

"But.... the hospital is very far from here"

"I will ask the chief to take him to the hospital"'s not that the chief and his wife are going to town so who should I ask for help?

nanon don't panic. try to think more calmly.

"Auntie please keep trying to stay calm and I will try to find help" I asked his mother to take my place

I immediately went out walking in all directions to try to find help and unfortunately why did the residents just seem to disappear even though the atmosphere was very quiet

"Phi nanon?"

a scream was heard not far away and i immediately turned around and saw ink and pa

"Thank goodness I met you guys" I immediately ran towards them

"what's wrong phi nanon? why does phi look worried?" ask pa

"Are you guys bringing a car? I need someone to take my patient to the hospital immediately"

"what ??" they shouted at the same time

"we came here with ohm, i will tell him soon" said ink , they immediately ran back while i went straight back home to tell aunt and his son

"The car will be here soon, does the blood keep coming out?" I asked his mother, I could see the panic that appeared on the old woman's face

"It seems the bleeding has stopped but his face looks very pale"

I checked his pulse which felt weak and immediately injected painkillers and i also put an iv in his hand because the young man kept screaming complaining that his head was hurting so much.

" he okay?" A familiar voice sounded from outside, a voice that suddenly made my heart beat really fast

calm down nanon calm down... you have to calm down

"Can you carry him in the car?"

he immediately nodded and squatted down, I immediately helped the young man to walk and helped him lift his weak body on his back

he doesn't seem to complain that it feels heavy even though he says he doesn't feel anything. I'm sure this guy can lift tons of rocks

he put that frail body in the back seat to sit with his mother

"Mr. doctor, you should come too" he said with a smile

I can only be silent and try to forget everything and we all hope that he is well and everything will be ok.

"as you might have guessed doctor nanon, we've done an MRI and other tests that there are cancer cells in the frontal lobe of his brain" Professor Mike explained to me that it was exactly what I thought

Professor Mike is the head of the hospital in Chiang Mai who is also Professor Jack's friend. I immediately called Professor Jack on the way to the hospital after getting a signal on my cellphone and asked for his help, luckily Professor Jack immediately picked up my phone and asked his friend Professor Mike to immediately handle the patient I brought

"Is it already in danger stage?"

"The cancer cells haven't completely spread in the brain so we can still operate on him as soon as possible after chemotherapy is done to ensure that it stops the circulation of cancer cells and kills the host, how do you know right away that it's a symptom of cancer?"

"He said some symptoms which I thought was a tumor but because of the continuous blood coming out of his nose so I suspected something was wrong in his brain tissue"

Professor Mike laughed "it's not wrong if you are Jack's favorite student, I heard a lot of things about you from his mouth that rarely praises people"

I smiled proudly hearing the words and praise from professor mike "Thank You and I'll explain to his mother about a follow-up examination"

"Thank you, hey, are you interested in working at this hospital? I even wonder why professor jack put you in the hinterland when you are such a great doctor”

I shook my head, somehow I'm not interested in working in the city it seems the village is slowly starting to make me comfortable "I don't know either, but thanks for the offer maybe professor jack has other reasons why he put me in the village"

professor mike put his hand on my shoulder and patted it lightly "I think I know the reason" and he immediately said goodbye to go back to check on other patients

and maybe someday I will also know that reason, which I'm sure is a good one.

I told everything to his mother even his mother almost fainted hearing everything. To be honest, I am very jealous of him, his mother is even loyal to accompany him under any circumstances. the love of a sincere mother that I never got

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked me while handing me a bottle of cold water

I shook my head "thank you, I'm fine"

he immediately sat next to me and rested his back against the wall "i envy him, my mother died when i was little so i didn't get to feel a mother's care"

Why do we understand each other's feelings? the feeling of a child who has never received a mother's love.

"Sorry about yesterday" he suddenly said about the incident that I wanted to forget

"its....its okay" I replied nervously

"You must be surprised? I also don't know the exact reason why I kissed you"

I widened my eyes and looked straight at him, damn how come this man's mouth can be so free to say the words "remember we are still in the hospital, it's rude to say things that are not worth talking about here"

he then smiled "sorry, but somehow i'm attracted to a guy like you"

"But unfortunately I'm not interested in a man who often gets angry like you"

"So if I can control my emotions you will be attracted to me?"

"hah??" I raised my voice suddenly his big hand covered my mouth

his index finger right in front of his lips and our eyes met again "hey remember we are still in the hospital...."

we looked at each other awkwardly even we were like clumsy people after that i couldn't even control what I felt.

"I..... I'm going out for some fresh air" I gave an excuse to avoid getting close to him.

I walked out to the hospital for a breath of fresh, cool night air. My stomach rumbled because all day I only had breakfast.

when I walked towards the place to eat, I saw the mother kept her head down even as tears continued to drip down the table. I immediately approached her after paying for the goods I bought.

"Are you okay ?" I asked her

the mother immediately lifted her head then shook her head "no, I'm not fine, I just came from administration and talked about surgery and chemotherapy costs, there are so many expenses that I have to bear. I'm just a widow who survives by knitting cloth and i dont have much money even my son's savings are also not enough. I don't know what to do?" the mother immediately burst into tears

I patted the mother lightly on the shoulder, it is true that the cost for cancer treatment is very large, there is even no assistance for the poor from the government. Isn't that very unfair for the poor who are unable to get proper health rights?

"I can help" without hesitation I immediately said so.

"No... please don't... I've been too much of a hassle for you, doctor"

"I really can't help completely but I will try to ask for help from my connections"

"Really doc?" like there is a smile of relief that radiates from the expression on the mother's face

I smiled trying to give the mother a relieved smile "yes, I'll try my best to help you"

I immediately said goodbye to her then took my phone out of my pants pocket and looked for a contact for someone I didn't even think I would need help with . after a few dial notes a soft hello sounded "hello dad? it's me nanon, I need your help"

looks like now I have to lower my ego a little, yes just a little.



to be continue


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Note :

sickle-clawed dinosaur that flourished in central and eastern Asia during the Late Cretaceous Period (99 million to 65 million years ago). It is closely related to the North American Deinonychus of the Early Cretaceous in that both reptiles were dromaeosaurs. Both possessed an unusually large claw on each foot, as well as ossified tendon reinforcements in the tail that enabled them to maintain balance while striking and slashing at prey with one foot upraised.


maybe people hope that if they leave home, they will also leave their family and the past that follows them but they also forget that every bond formed from their childhood will remain imprinted and affect their lives even when they reach adulthood though. a painful past made by an older person who was supposed to act as a protector even became the perpetrator of violence that changed their lives. A broken piece will never come back together to make it perfect.

many people would say that I was a child full of luck. born into a rich family with golden spoons i use and all the privileges i could get by relying on my surnames. people would bow as low as possible and even cling so that they could hope to be on their equal footing with me. but they don't know that the golden palate was born from a broken family who only pretends to be happy only in front of them.

an authoritative man with an admirable title was simply a father who was not even fit to be called father. fathers who are supposed to teach their sons how to be a good son, share what they know for the first time, sit down to talk about their daily lives. Dad only thought that I was a soldier who had to be forged and educated in such a way as to resemble him for use in the future. all the education, training and all the facilities he gave me were just tools that I would use to replace him. If I disobey and do whatever I want but he doesn't like it, a blue bruise will be imprinted very big all over my body. a sign to remind me that I can't be myself, I can't do whatever I want and I have to do what he says.

Who should I complain to if there is no one I can ask to share my sad story with? when I came to school I was not the only student who came with many bruises all over their body. they shared the same fate as me, a soldier forged in their damaged family. even school is not a shelter for them. we gather here, where our parents hope to get the same education as children who have the same position as them.

a poisonous place that even i wouldn't make good memories of in school is just a place that deserves to be called a battlefield rather than a school. we will compete with each other's brains and abilities both mentally, physically or whatever even if we are allowed we can kill each other to get the top position. Our parents don't even care if we attack each other because they don't expect us to be close friends here. that's what my great dad expected of me, looking for foes not friends. I grew up to be a cold man, lack of empathy who is even like a man who doesn't need anyone else in his life. The selfishness that grew within me became like a shield I could use to escape my father's control.

aunty som who changed me to grow up to be a child with strong convictions who can grow up without the support of my family. My selfishness brought me here, to a village that hasn't even been a month since I've been here. I can feel a warmth that has been missing in my life. but my selfishness brought me back to face him, I needed that privilege and I felt small again when a low voice spoke into the speakerphone.

"I called the head of the hospital to discuss this" and the call ended without him asking how i was. a conversation like two strangers.

I swear this is the last time I ask for his help.

"Hey, I have to get back to the dig site now. Do you still want to be here or do you want to come with me?"

a warm voice disturbed my emotions. I turned around and looked into the sharp eyes

"hey are you okay? why are you crying?"

cry ? did i cry? a meaningless cry coming out of just an unimportant conversation?

"You're not sick right? Should I take you to see a doctor?" the two warm hands touched my cheeks, his long fingers wiped the tears that kept falling

I shook my head and pushed his hands away "idiot, I'm a doctor there's no way I'll get sick"

"You also forget that you are also an ordinary human being, you can also get sick, feel pain and feel the shift of emotions"

I wiped my tears with my hands "I said I'm fine, I just need sleep"

"Okay, so you're going home with me right?"

I walked ahead of him "come on stupid, you walk too slow"

"Oho, you're making fun of me?"

I don't know what's different about him compared to other people trying to get closer to me. him with his innocent smile or weird jokes that keep coming out of his mouth or some other way from him that I'm not sure how?

all the way back to the village he kept telling stories non-stop, about how the history of the streets in chiangmai, or how he humiliated the tribal chief in front of many people and made northern-style jokes that even I didn't understand. he seems to know what i'm feeling and trying to distract my tangled mind

"Come on smile, I kept telling stories all the way and you still put on that famous poker face of yours?"

"Then there's no reason for me to be entertained by your stupid story" without him realizing that I was secretly entertained by it

"You know, when I was little my dad bought me a toy figure in the shape of a dinosaur. I named iy, Vely. because the dinosaur was a velociraptor. I didn't really like the velociraptor because it didn't look like a real dinosaur., do you want to see it ? I still have it. dad told me to keep it in my purse as a lucky item" he pointed at his bag which was in the back seat and told me to take it

I took his wallet out of his bag, a black leather wallet that was even tattered and deserved to be thrown away. he told me to open the contents of the wallet, only some notes, cards and some bills. I showed him that I didn't find that stupid dinosaur

"You open the zipper, I put it there so it doesn't get lost"

I unzipped the coin holder and reached into the inside, finding a toy figure that was very small even the size of a pinky finger and the original color had even faded.

"Cute isn't it, my little vely?" he smiled proudly "you can keep it!!"

"huh? for what?"

"lucky thing, I thought you might need it more than me"

I looked at the small object again, how can an old object with a strange shape like this be called a lucky item? I'm too skeptical to believe in such a thing. I don't even believe in ghosts, everything in the world to me can be explained by logic.

"Quickly put it in your wallet!!"

"I don't believe in that"

"I don't care, quickly put it in your wallet or your luck will soon be lost"

"You are crazy!!!"

"Come on, quickly put it in, I'm sure luck will soon come and side with you"

instead of him continuing to force me I finally did what he said and put the little thing in my wallet and he immediately smiled proudly

"Well then, good boy!! I'll take you somewhere nice" he reached out his hand and stroked my hair gently

damn, every time he touches me why my heart always beats very fast. Am I like a puppy who always wants to be touched??

we turned through the rice fields continuously even we passed the corn fields and away from the busy streets. maybe this is the only car that passes this way, I didn't even see any houses because we continued past strange gardens with very tall grass. I said I don't believe in ghosts because for me humans are crueler than ghosts, and this is what I'm afraid of what if we get robbed??

After passing through several gardens and rice fields, the car finally stopped in a forest. he told me to get off first because he was going to take something from the trunk of the car

I admit that the air here is very cool, the trees in the forest are also not too thick so sunlight can enter and beautify the atmosphere

"ahhhh you smile, I know for sure this thing can make you smile"

I put on a flat face again then looked at him, he brought a mat and a box.

"Let's go, the place I want to show you is not too far from here"

we walked into the forest, I even thought we were like being taken into an imaginary forest full of glittering fairies. because it's too beautiful even I take many pictures on my cell phone.

"Isn't this place beautiful? I named this place the dream forest"

"How did you find this place?"

"a few months ago i came to chiang mai again and i accidentally got lost around this place then because i was curious i finally went into the forest and found other more beautiful things"

no wonder he is an archaeologist, he is a man full of curiosity

he told me to keep going, even our journey didn't feel far because of the beautiful scenery around it. I even like entering a disney movie, with all the beauty like the forests in a fairy tale, maybe I will even meet mythical creatures like Unicron, for example?

"hey doctor, look over there" he pointed to the north and oh my god, he was right that there are still more beautiful places than this

a clear lake with tall trees towering around it, the reflection of the sun even makes the water in the lake sparkle like stars. I'm too amazed to even describe the beauty of this place

"beautiful isn't it? I'm sure no one has ever come to this place"

he told me to sit on the mat he had laid out in the meadow by the lake. a beautiful place for a short break away from the fatigue of everyday life, a suitable place for inner healing and relaxing the mind.

I need it right now, it seems I have to thank the man who is now sleeping beside me. I didn't think this was what I needed.

I lay down beside him, not right next to him then closed my eyes and inhaled the fresh air that entered my nostrils.

The beautiful sleep began to enter and I seemed to forget everything, forget the past, now and maybe I want to be like this continuously. If I had to choose I would like my time to stop right here at this place.

I don't want to go back to walking in my complicated life, I just want to be here in this place maybe with him isn't a bad idea.

and I think I have to give it more than just a word of thanks. Learning to accept new people in your perfect life doesn't sound very good but to that person it doesn't seem to matter.

but that still doesn't mean love, right?


To Be Continue


Chapter Text

Note :

Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk the Earth. With a massive body, sharp teeth, and jaws so powerful they could crush a car, this famous carnivore dominated the forested river valleys in western North America during the late Cretaceous period, 68 million years ago.


I think I believe that I don't need love in my life. that love is present in the midst of my life that I have designed perfectly it seems to ruin everything. they think that with the presence of love in the midst of their lives, it will end like a love story in a fairy tale ending happily ever after, isn't it not necessarily? that's what makes me lazy to bring love in my life. You will fall in love, break your heart, cry then be happy or vice versa. it's a complicated process that I've always tried to avoid.

The more I avoid the presence of love the more love tries to get closer. I'm tired of it, and why not try to accept it?

I don't really think about if the love that comes to me comes from a man, woman or other gender what I care about is how that person is willing to patiently teach me the meaning of love.

I don't really think about my sexuality label, the world has seen that it's normal. but there is a different world where people see that something that is not normal is forbidden by Their God.

weird ,

I don't really believe in anything too religious. I believe in God but I don't really care about a religion that prohibits its followers too much. I know the prohibitions and limitations with bad things but isn't it normal when people love each other regardless of anything?

Isn't love a form of freedom in growing feelings? absolute freedom without any limitations? sometimes many people use love as a form of rebellion for freedom in a relationship. Isn't it quite ironic that we have to rebel and fight just so that we can be free to form a relationship or bond that is “official” in the eyes of society?

but what about me now? should I rebel with my own life that I must learn and accept the presence of a love in my life?

I felt fingers gently touch every strand of my hair until a voice broke my thoughts “I'm curious about what's in your brain? what are you thinking right now? I feel like I want to turn into small particles to enter your brain so that I know better what to do with all your thoughts."

“Even scientifically if you turn yourself into a particle and enter my brain all you can see are my brain cells throbbing and working. it's impossible for you to know what I'm thinking” I opened my eyes and made him startled

"I don't know about how the human brain works so naturally I'm wrong" he said that nervously

I laughed, a simple word from a simple man who even looks and thinks innocently "I forgot that you only know about dinosaurs"

"You're so cute when you laugh" His index finger touched the dimple on my cheek

we stared at each other in silence without any awkwardness in the midst of us "you want to know what i'm thinking?"

“hmmm….” he muttered but his bright eyes still looked at me

"love, i'm thinking about love"

he smiles but those fierce eyes make his smile look even cute.

“Turns out you're the romantic type," he said

I raise my body and adjust my sitting position “I've never been in love… so I don't know what love is”

he then also got up and sat right next to me "I have, but I don't know if it's a sweet or a bitter memory?"

I lifted my head, breathed the fresh air "what do you think love is?" i don't know why I suddenly asked him such an innocent thing

"love huh? I think love is something that cannot be interpreted, everyone interprets what love is according to how they feel about love. some say love is love or love is a feeling that must exist in every human being. but for me love is a life lesson to accept someone and a life commitment where we learn to be happy and to suffer."

"So you think love is more than just love is love?"

he then lay back down folding his arms to support his head "love is more than just love is love, love is big and has many meanings, you have to feel true love before you know what love really means? like I said everyone is different in expressing what love means. how about you? what do you think love is?”

I lifted my head up, saw a lump of white clouds that looked like cotton candy in the middle of the ocean and then thought for a moment "for me love is a freedom, a form of freedom for a human being in his life"

he then pulled my hand making my body fall and lay beside him "if you say that love is freedom, i want to unlock it so you can be free to feel the meaning of love"

the lips got closer , and we kissed.

not a hot kiss but a sweet soft kiss. His warm hand touched my cheek and I accepted it by wrapping my hands around his neck. Every sweet kiss made me feel like I was flying.

If this is love a freedom I think I want to feel that feeling forever

Shortness of breath made us end the sweet kiss. our eyes looked at each other without any strange feeling shaking in our midst. our lips knit together a warm smile and every touch of his hand on my face makes me feel that i'm starting to feel the meaning a warm feeling i've never felt before

"so…. do you want to start learning what it means to love with me?” his hands cupped my cheeks and brought our foreheads to stick together and i could feel the hot breath roar even though i closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes slowly looking at the two fierce brown eyes but weird for me it felt warm "if you are willing to be patient to teach me, I don't think it's a bad idea" and we laughed at each other, laughing at our journey in learning the meaning of love

he then stood up and stretched out his hand "so you want to start right now?"

I reached for his outstretched hand and smiled "I guess so, maybe a lot of people are waiting for us"

“ahhh I forgot about that…” he shouted in frustration "drake keeps calling me to come back to the dig site because we found something new"

I raised my eyebrows "something new?"

“Looks like we found a new dinosaur bone around the temple that we just discovered before. I still hope we find the t-rex”

"Speaking of t-rex, I thought you looked like a T-Rex"

"hah? What does it mean? I thought I was a triceratops or a mosasaurus. why do you think I'm a t-rex?”

I shrugged my shoulders and walked slowly leaving him "secret...."

"hey.. come on !!! I've invited you to my secret place now you have to share your secret"

“well… just find out by yourself” and I ran away from him

“damn…. you are so adorable!!! my little devil!!!!”

I can't tell him that I secretly searched the internet about his favorite dinosaur and got the fact that the t-rex is the most romantic dinosaur among other types. I wish I could keep this secret really tight hahahahaha

he told me he couldn't take me back to my house but had to stop by the dig because drake kept calling on his cell phone. in my heart I keep wanting to know what is going on why are they in such a hurry? are there still problems with people from the government? but my mouth seemed to be suffocating not daring to say anything. I just hope everything will be fine and nothing bad will happen

"Hey where are you from? I keep calling you a thousand times you don't pick up my call?" before we got out of the car , drake already asked us. His facial expression was that of someone who was panicking.

"Sorry, dude! You already know my situation from Ink, right?”

"hmmm... tell me after this, but this one is more important" drake immediately dragged Ohm into the excavation while first told me to enter the tent with ink and pa

I was like an ignorant fool who saw many people around me passing by with a facial expression like a panicked person. I even asked the couple in front of me with the same facial expression, they seemed confused when they wanted to answer my question. It's really none of my business even my presence here feels unimportant and unnecessary but at least maybe I can calm them down even though I can't solve the problems that occur.

ink continued to stroke her girlfriend's back, pa who had been biting her fingers since earlier. she looks scared with a very pale face "don't worry, everything will be fine. phi ohm can definitely negotiate with them"

"I don't understand those people's thoughts, rotten thoughts that thirst for everything" she said in a high tone, as if there was emotion in every word she said.

"nanon, I'm sorry we brought you in the middle of a situation like this" ink apologizing to me. I don't know why she apologized to me though.

"It's okay, you don't need to apologize to me. Err.... not that I want to interfere but I'm sorry in advance, what's really going on?" I even hesitate to ask that question.

"You know that idiot from the government told people to destroy the dig site, the dinosaur bone that was just found by phi ohm was stolen by them" pa says that with so much emotion that she is ready to destroy everything around her if ink doesn't tell her to sit down.

"Pa, we can't solve problems with emotions. It's better if we calm the mind and discuss together without getting angry between us"

"But phi ink, their behavior is unforgivable. This is out of bounds"

"I'll talk to the dean for advice from him. If we solve it ourselves. I'm sure the guys prefer to solve it by hitting each other"

I agree with Ink's words, I don't want what happened that time to happen again. I can't side with one side but what those people are doing is out of bounds. doesn't greed take advantage of everything?

the men returned to the tent with angry expressions on their faces even a man as calm as first slammed his hat on the floor full of emotion

"I can't let this happen. they broke the agreement” ohm really looks angry. the man who is full of jokes, his face looks like it's filled with embers

ink stood up then walked into the crowd of men who were filled with anger “hey… let's ask the dean's opinion, we'll call professor arm to ask him for advice. We're also under the university's protection here so they should also know the situation we're in.”

"I also agree with Ink, if we solve it ourselves the problem will be long and complicated" Frank also stood up and tried to cool the situation down

“But look how cruelly they dismantled and damaged the fruits of our labor and stole the bones. I don't know what they're thinking?” Ohm continued to inhale and exhale full of emotion.

I can understand how irritated they are. they worked hard for several months and those people who were said to have the power easily shattered their dreams.

"hey drake, have you told the chief about this matter?" now calm man , first who started talking at least he started to control his emotions even though I'm sure only for a moment.

"I've contacted the chief of the tribe first moreover he is also involved a lot with this project"

ohm seemed to keep on holding his breath to muffle the emotions he kept releasing "I'm going to the city with First and the chief to take care of this. ink and pa can you guys help drake and frank clean up the mess here?”

ink, pa, first and everyone nodded. I'm sure ohm is a great and wise leader even though he easily expresses his high emotions but he really cares about his team even I'm sure they are like family to each other.

He took me home, it was getting late when we arrived I even just remembered that all day I haven't eaten and showered. the wise man stood in front of me then stroked my cheek with tenderness. the man whose expression was full of anger now turned into a calm man who displayed a sweet smile in front of me. I'm sure he's hiding everything he feels for me. I coded to him alternately stroking his cheek signaling that I was trying to always be by his side he seemed to understand my code then took my hand and put it on his cheek

"warm" he said, his eyes closed and kept my palm on his cheek.

"I told you never to get emotional in any situation right?”

“Hmmm… I'm trying to control my emotions right now. I tried to be a good leader but it seems in vain doesn't it?”

“hey…” I pulled my hand then put both of my hands on his cheek and brought his face closer to me until i can see that sparkling fierce brown eyes full of sadness “remember, you are a good leader. so good that I admire you. I'm sure you can solve this problem. Let's just say that the government is a lava rock that comes out of volcano”

The friendly smile finally appeared "did you forget that dinosaurs became extinct due to volcanic eruptions?"

"ahhh really? Is there any research?” damn, I seem to have to find out a lot of other things from the internet

he laughed out loud “hahahahaha…. okay okay, I know what you mean, what you mean is that this problem is just a trial and surely we can get through it right?”

Gosh, it's a shame talking about dinosaurs with a dinosaur expert is such a big mistake. I want to bury my shame!!!

he pulled me into his arms deeper and tighter. I can even hear his heart beating very fast, his warm body and soft kisses on my head.

"Shouldn't I be the one trying to calm you down why do I feel otherwise?"

"I think it's the same, we both need a tight hug and encourage each other"

maybe he's right, I need that too.


to be continue


Chapter Text

NB : Spinosaurus, a genus of theropod dinosaurs belonging to the family Spinosauridae, known from incomplete North African fossils that date to Cenomanian times (roughly 100 to 94 million years ago). Spinosaurus, or “spined reptile,” was named for its “sail-back” feature, created by tall vertebral spines. It was named by German paleontologist Ernst Stromer


When we start a relationship, we will feel each other's concern as if there is an inner bond that is connected. we will feel each other an inexplicable bond of feelings. We will worry, be happy, feel sad even when we are not together. a sense of mutual trust begins to arise when we start a bond of dating relationship. mutual trust will relate that we begin to learn to trust each other in our respective partners but sometimes excessive trust will cause a very deep sense of worry. a feeling that I had never felt before.

the worry that began to arise slowly began to spread within me impacted the deepest sense of fear in that person. It's been 3 days, I haven't heard any news from that man. I kept asking ink and pa who came daily to accompany me but the couple didn't know anything either. they were just as worried as me they even said that their deepest fears were at a glance in their minds.

even drake and frank who also had to go back and forth seemed to close their mouths tightly. they just say that everything will be fine and i have to believe in ohm. but can i hold on to that belief continuously?

I kept walking back and forth thinking about the man's condition. the man who is now my lover, I don't even know how he is. all my concentration seemed to be dispersed even when I started receiving patients, my brain was still floating thinking about that man. an annoying feeling if you don't know anything about people you love who disappearing for 3 days!

I was really trying to slowly bustle myself by taking in more patients than before to at least calm me down a bit. but the tangled thoughts remain in my brain, a friendly smile is inversely proportional to the complexity inside of my brain that even I can't give my maximum concentration in dealing with patients. 70% of my brain is full of that man, the missing man who I'm sure has the same complicated brain as me.

"are you okay, doc? you seems to be thinking about something?"

"it's okay maybe I have a lot on my mind right now"

I'm checking on Tung's mother, the mother of a guy who a few days ago I had to take to the hospital for brain cancer. I even had to force his mother to come to my house so I could check her health because I was worried that she would fall ill too.

"How about Tung, is he getting better?"

Tung's mother then displayed a smile that radiated warmth, she took both my hands and held them tightly. "I really don't know how to repay your kindness, doctor. Thanks to your help, Tung's condition is getting better. The operation also went well and maybe in a few days he will return home."

"I'm trying to help as much as I can. I'm really glad my help means a lot. What about the chemotherapy?"

"He will be having chemotherapy starting tomorrow, so after this checkup I have to go back to town"

"thankfully everything went well. if i got the chance i would stop by to see tung""

"Doctor, if the doctor has a problem and needs help, please tell us, we will immediately help you as much as we can even though we can't help financially but we can help with the power we have"

"thank you for the offer" I stood up then took some immune vitamins and some other supporting vitamins to give her "please take it once a day after dinner to maintain your immune system and health"

"thank you doc"

I didn't realize how busy I was until that women left. time passed too quickly, the color of the sky has turned dark. I don't even feel tired at all. maybe bathing with warm water makes my mind more relaxed and calm but in fact, I keep thinking about him in my every daydream. sipping hot black coffee while holding my head up to look at the dark sky, silently praying in my heart for safety for the man I miss the most. the two eyes that couldn't open again brought me back to sleep. I hope that in my sleep, those small hopes come true and tomorrow is a new day that brings good news.

when i finally fall into deep sleep, I started dreaming. a strange dream where I kept walking and I couldn't even stop my steps. the step was getting heavier and heavier until a hand stretched out in front of me, when I grabbed it my steps became lighter again.

I follow where the outstretched hand drags me away, a beautiful place like heaven where there is no trouble there is only eternal happiness. The outstretched hand wrapped around my waist hugging me tightly in a warm embrace until a soft kiss was felt on the nape of my neck.

I slowly opened my eyes, and saw that the helping hand in my dream turned into reality. I know who it is, the man I've been missing for days.

"I'm sorry I woke you up, I'm sorry I also can't give you news" he said softly, the roar of his warm breath felt at the nape of my neck

I took his hand and put it together with mine in a warm grip and kissed the back of his hand gently then put it on my chest "at least you got home safely that's enough"

I turned my body position then opened my arms wide "looks like this guy needs a hug"

he smiled then his body went into my arms

I wrapped him in a warm hug then stroked his head "I'm sorry too because I can't help you"

he buried his head in my chest, his hands reached out to my waist and hugged me tightly "I'm scared, I've never felt a big fear in my life but somehow this all scares me"

I reached out my hand and rubbed his back gently, giving him a signal that I will always be here with him "it's okay, we humans sometimes feel that we are smaller than we think. We don't always have to be perfect. Having fear is a very thing. natural. but hey, remember! I will always be here and accompany you continuously"

he smiled then took my hand and held it tightly "I know, do you want to come with me tomorrow to the city? accompany me to face my fear?"

I nodded slowly "OK, I have to take some medicine supplies at the hospital as well as visit Tung, his mother just came to check her health and tell his latest state"

"How is that guy?"

I sighed "his mother said, the surgery went well and he will start chemotherapy tomorrow. I just hope he returns to his normal health. I feel sorry for him and his mother"

he smiled "I thought you weren't the type to care about other people but look now you care too much"

"hey I'm a doctor of course I have to care about my patients" I pretended to be mad at him

he took my head and put it on his chest. I felt warm kisses repeatedly on the top of my head. "I know that, my nanon is the perfect man"

perfect? do you think i'm perfect?

the next day, he dropped me off at the hospital to pick up a delivery of medicine ,buy some bandages and other personal necessities for me while he had to see first first. I'm actually a little worried about what they're going to do. ohm told me that they are going to legally sue some members of the government and they are gathering the evidence they need

"You seem to be in a lot of trouble?"

professor arm seemed to wake me up from my frantic thoughts. I was talking to professor arm about tung's state but somehow my mind keeps drifting to that person over and over again.

"just lack of sleep" I half lied, to be honest indeed these few days I also lacked sleep because of thinking about that man. Come to think of it I've never felt worry so deep like this before.

"Are you sure it's okay there? Are you starting to miss the city atmosphere?"

"Hahahaha... it's not just that something else is bothering me"

"Ahhh personal stuff? I guess I shouldn't know about it, right?"

to be honest professor arm reminds me of professor jack, they have the same caring power and are always sensitive to what the other person feels like they know what other people think.

"oh by the way nanon. I talked to your father yesterday about you and tung"

I immediately widened my eyes, wait! Professor Arm knows my father? I didn't even say anything about professor arm and about me being right now to my dad? "How do you know about my father?" i said nervously

"We've been friends for quite some time, even Professor Jack!"

hah ? Professor Jack too? I don't even know anything about this

No wonder my dad never asked me and asked how I was doing all this time. I am still controlled by him even without me knowing that maybe for the rest of my life dad will still control me hahahahhaa my life is still spinning in the same circle. It sucks when I think that I can finally be free and have a life of my own choice until it turns out that I have been secretly and without realizing it, my life has been full of jokes.


to be continue


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Note :

plesiosaur, (clade Plesiosauria), any of a group of long-necked marine reptiles found as fossils from the late Triassic Period into the late Cretaceous Period (215 million to 66 million years ago). Plesiosaurs had a wide distribution in European seas and around the Pacific Ocean, including Australia, North America, and Asia


I kept thinking about it, my hand even continued to shaking and cold sweat continued to come out of my palm, my head was like circling and I tried to catch my breath while closing my eyes.

damn, fuck, fuck !!!! Until when the bastard man controls my whole life?

I hate my life, I thought that I could run very fast in fact I just ran fast in one place without me realizing that I couldn't do anything.

perfect ? Do you think I'm perfect? My life is full of relentless disappointment.

I hate all this, I want to escape all the bonds. I want to live according to what I want but it looks like all the efforts I do to escape from the bastard's who proudly called himself a "father" just ended in vain.

Damn !!!!!!!!!

I sank my face in my arms. Crying in silence trying to remove all the heavy of my head in every drop of tears that continued to flow without stopping until a hand that gently stroked my hair. Slowly I looked up with blurry vision, I saw the man with his friendly smile.

"Do you want to continue your cry again?" The man said.

I shook my head, and wiped my eyes full of tears "I look stupid right? Far from the perfect word like you imagined?" I say that with sobs

He kept gentle caressing my head and helped me wipe my tears "when I say you are perfect, you are perfect but you don't have to pretend to be perfect if you are with me"

I smile, what kind of thing I have done in the past until I met this man now. I realized that this might be the person who would help me escape the rope that continued to ensnare my life. I like being able to breathe with a relief every time i saw his smile, his warm hand was like pushing me to be able to run away from a dark place that continued to be in my life.

"If you're not ready to tell what's in your head its okay, but remember that it's not what you show your weakness to me. I won't judge you, I just want you to depend on me"

I smiled again, I wiped my tears back and tried to set my breath again "Is your meeting done?"

he sat next to me and let out a heavy breath “First and the Dean will take care of all documents we need and prepared everything to file a lawsuit. They told me to collect evidence"

"Are you sure you will sue them?"

He raised his shoulders and leaned his body to the chair "honestly I wasn't sure, but this concerned our discovery and dad's life too. They are too deep to interfere"

"Are you really okay?" I confirmed my question.

he nodded and smiled, I'm sure it was just a pretend smile to make me less worried about him.

We are both at the lowest point in our lives right now but I also always want to remind him that I will always support and be by his side. I grabbed both of his hands holding him a warm grip that soothed the heart and a sweet smile that radiated, a caress on his cheek made him take my hand and place it on his warm cheek. his eyes are closed as if he is feeling relief and warmth even if only from my hand

"Ohm, I just want you to know that although I also have a problem but I also want to help you. We must support and strengthen each other together. If you have a serious problem, you better tell me I will also do the same. We'll figure out how to get out of the problem together."

"You know, I think I want to thank God that I met you at the right time"

I laugh, laugh at a beautiful coincidence

"I also want to thank God, that I can learn to share with others which I never even thought I would do"

he kept kissing my hand and holding both my hands tightly then he pulled me towards the car parked outside the hospital.

"Do you want to return to the village?" he asked me with his hand still tightly gripping mine

"Looks like we should have dinner first, do you have any chiangmai food recommendations that I should try?"

he stopped to think for a moment "would you like to eat something warm? or something light in taste?"

"I think warm food is suitable for this season" it's been very cold in chiangmai these days because it has entered the long rainy season, so I think the soupy food is very delicious

"How about rice noodles? You don't really like spicy food, do you?"

"Actually I can eat spicy food but I prefer the original taste, I think chili changes the original taste too much"

"Huh just say you're picky about food"

"oh you're making fun of me?" I let go of his hand, and he looks irritated which I think he's just pretending to be angry because i know he's secretly smiling. this man loves to tease me hahahaha.

After going around in circles we finally decided to go to a place that is famous for its street food. ohm led me to sit at a table in the middle of the arena, and then he went to order food.

chiang mai is a big city with very cool air at night, because today is saturday a lot of people come to visit this place, especially couples.

"food has arrived, this is for you which is not spicy and this is for me"

he put a bowl of food with smoke still billowing, the smell of tomatoes is felt when you smell it

"Do you know the name of this food? If you knew I would kiss your cheek as a gift"

I chuckled "kanom jeen nam ngiew*, right?"

"Ahhh damn, why do people from Bangkok like you know the name of this food?" he snorted in annoyance

I just laughed, ahh too bad I guessed right so lost my chance to get a special prize ahhahaha maybe later ? and he didn't know that the aunt who took care of me from childhood was from northern Thailand and this food is the food she often cooks when I want eat something warm.

"how does it taste? delicious isn't it? I purposely chose this food because you wanted to eat something warm"

"Delicious, there's a lot of meat and the tomato broth also taste fresh in the throat"

the air in thailand tonight feels very cold, it's only natural because thailand is located in the highlands. several times the wind touched my skin made me shudder coldly and rubbed my hands for warmth until a jacket was placed on my shoulders.

he sat back down and ate his food "I don't want the doctor to catch a cold, it can be dangerous if you get sick"

I took his hand and rubbed it gently "it's okay if the doctor is sick, he now has an assistant who will take care of him with his special treatment" I gave him a wink

he is like a person who acts confused even his cheeks are reddened "ahhh damn, I'm really weak with you"

and we both laughed, it seems people who fall in love will be a lot of awkward and go crazy.

it was already midnight after we finished dinner. the atmosphere in this place is even more crowded with many visitors, it's only natural that many people will come to this place to just have dinner or have a casual chat.

"Do you want to have a snack? There are many snack vendors here?" he asked

"You're still hungry? It turns out your appetite is very big"

"ohooo .... you reply to my taunt huh? come on do you want to stay here or go home?"

"Should we go back to the village now? It's already midnight there's no way we can go back to the village now"

he looked at the clock in his hand "ahhh you're right, should we look for a hotel around here?"

hotels ? did I hear wrong?

"Don't think negative first, your thoughts always go in a negative direction only"

I threw the scallions at him "I....i don't think anything like that"

he chuckles "come on so what do you think?"

"If you go to Chiang Mai, where will you stay?"

he thought for a moment "I mostly stay on campus or first's house but we can't suddenly come to his house it looks rude"

"Does a master's student like you dont have a dorm ?"

"Why live in a dorm if you spend your time studying outside? Do you want to sleep in a city park?"

"You think I'm a tramp, huh? You seem like the one who looks like a tramp with that way of life"

he laughed out loud, his messy way of life was inversely proportional to mine which was all orderly I was also thinking hard about how he had lived all this time.

"I know where we're going to sleep tonight, it's not far from here either."

"I'm starting to suspect you"

"hahahahaha come on I won't kidnap you, I'm sure you'll like the place"

he took my hand and took me away, this man is a man with a million surprises that made me fall in love. damn .... why do I always obey him?

as he said the place was not too far away, but entered so many alleys that even only one car could pass. a simple house that seems old-fashioned but doesn't look haunted even I feel that this house is like a traditional house with a large yard.

he opened the car’s door and lead me to come down, took my hand and led me towards the house. he took the key from his trouser pocket and opened the door. he turned on all the lights, all the furniture was covered with white cloth but strangely the house was very clean even as if there was no dust at all.

he opened the cover and told me to sit "you wait here" and he entered a room

he then came with a pair of pajamas and towels and handed them all to me "do you want to take a shower? I'll buy you a toothbrush"

"Is there warm water?"

"there is warm water in the bathroom in the bedroom there, you know how to turn it on right? You just have to turn the faucet on"

I nodded and he pointed towards the bedroom he had just entered then he went out to buy a toothbrush.

the rooms in this house seem old-fashioned but feel warm like you are in your childhood room which is very comfortable even the sink and bathtub are still old-fashioned.

I didn't take a shower too long, because I thought taking a shower at midnight was not good so I decided to go back out of the room and walk around the house to pass the time while waiting for him.

a lot of furniture covered with white cloth like this house has not been inhabited for a long time but for some reason I don't feel scared at all being in it. I idly opened the cloth covering a cupboard in the living room because I accidentally saw a figure that looked a little bit and of course this glass cupboard contained a lot of figures with family photos. a man and his wife and their infant child was sitting among them. there were so many pictures of them in the glass cupboard that there was even an old camera placed in it.

"Why did you take off the cover?"

I almost jumped when I heard a loud voice suddenly "ohm, I'm sorry"

he came closer to me, even my chest was beating really fast because I knew I was being presumptuous. "Ohm I'm sorry, I was just curious"

he dropped his luggage and suddenly hugged me really tight, he buried his face in my shoulder and i could hear a low muffled moan. I raised my hand and stroked his head gently "It's okay, I'm here. It's okay" I repeated those words over and over to calm him down.

"they're my parents, this house is my parents' house. my childhood home" he tightened his hug

"Thank you for inviting me here, forgive me if I'm presumptuous"

"It's okay, thanks for coming here with me"

he lifted his head and his face was wet with tears. I wiped his wet eyes and kissed his lips

he took my waist and brought us closer, he kissed my lips. a soft kiss that grew hotter and hotter. I gently pushed his chest then held his cheek.



to be continue