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Let’s Talk About Dinosaurs

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Note :

plesiosaur, (clade Plesiosauria), any of a group of long-necked marine reptiles found as fossils from the late Triassic Period into the late Cretaceous Period (215 million to 66 million years ago). Plesiosaurs had a wide distribution in European seas and around the Pacific Ocean, including Australia, North America, and Asia


I kept thinking about it, my hand even continued to shaking and cold sweat continued to come out of my palm, my head was like circling and I tried to catch my breath while closing my eyes.

damn, fuck, fuck !!!! Until when the bastard man controls my whole life?

I hate my life, I thought that I could run very fast in fact I just ran fast in one place without me realizing that I couldn't do anything.

perfect ? Do you think I'm perfect? My life is full of relentless disappointment.

I hate all this, I want to escape all the bonds. I want to live according to what I want but it looks like all the efforts I do to escape from the bastard's who proudly called himself a "father" just ended in vain.

Damn !!!!!!!!!

I sank my face in my arms. Crying in silence trying to remove all the heavy of my head in every drop of tears that continued to flow without stopping until a hand that gently stroked my hair. Slowly I looked up with blurry vision, I saw the man with his friendly smile.

"Do you want to continue your cry again?" The man said.

I shook my head, and wiped my eyes full of tears "I look stupid right? Far from the perfect word like you imagined?" I say that with sobs

He kept gentle caressing my head and helped me wipe my tears "when I say you are perfect, you are perfect but you don't have to pretend to be perfect if you are with me"

I smile, what kind of thing I have done in the past until I met this man now. I realized that this might be the person who would help me escape the rope that continued to ensnare my life. I like being able to breathe with a relief every time i saw his smile, his warm hand was like pushing me to be able to run away from a dark place that continued to be in my life.

"If you're not ready to tell what's in your head its okay, but remember that it's not what you show your weakness to me. I won't judge you, I just want you to depend on me"

I smiled again, I wiped my tears back and tried to set my breath again "Is your meeting done?"

he sat next to me and let out a heavy breath “First and the Dean will take care of all documents we need and prepared everything to file a lawsuit. They told me to collect evidence"

"Are you sure you will sue them?"

He raised his shoulders and leaned his body to the chair "honestly I wasn't sure, but this concerned our discovery and dad's life too. They are too deep to interfere"

"Are you really okay?" I confirmed my question.

he nodded and smiled, I'm sure it was just a pretend smile to make me less worried about him.

We are both at the lowest point in our lives right now but I also always want to remind him that I will always support and be by his side. I grabbed both of his hands holding him a warm grip that soothed the heart and a sweet smile that radiated, a caress on his cheek made him take my hand and place it on his warm cheek. his eyes are closed as if he is feeling relief and warmth even if only from my hand

"Ohm, I just want you to know that although I also have a problem but I also want to help you. We must support and strengthen each other together. If you have a serious problem, you better tell me I will also do the same. We'll figure out how to get out of the problem together."

"You know, I think I want to thank God that I met you at the right time"

I laugh, laugh at a beautiful coincidence

"I also want to thank God, that I can learn to share with others which I never even thought I would do"

he kept kissing my hand and holding both my hands tightly then he pulled me towards the car parked outside the hospital.

"Do you want to return to the village?" he asked me with his hand still tightly gripping mine

"Looks like we should have dinner first, do you have any chiangmai food recommendations that I should try?"

he stopped to think for a moment "would you like to eat something warm? or something light in taste?"

"I think warm food is suitable for this season" it's been very cold in chiangmai these days because it has entered the long rainy season, so I think the soupy food is very delicious

"How about rice noodles? You don't really like spicy food, do you?"

"Actually I can eat spicy food but I prefer the original taste, I think chili changes the original taste too much"

"Huh just say you're picky about food"

"oh you're making fun of me?" I let go of his hand, and he looks irritated which I think he's just pretending to be angry because i know he's secretly smiling. this man loves to tease me hahahaha.

After going around in circles we finally decided to go to a place that is famous for its street food. ohm led me to sit at a table in the middle of the arena, and then he went to order food.

chiang mai is a big city with very cool air at night, because today is saturday a lot of people come to visit this place, especially couples.

"food has arrived, this is for you which is not spicy and this is for me"

he put a bowl of food with smoke still billowing, the smell of tomatoes is felt when you smell it

"Do you know the name of this food? If you knew I would kiss your cheek as a gift"

I chuckled "kanom jeen nam ngiew*, right?"

"Ahhh damn, why do people from Bangkok like you know the name of this food?" he snorted in annoyance

I just laughed, ahh too bad I guessed right so lost my chance to get a special prize ahhahaha maybe later ? and he didn't know that the aunt who took care of me from childhood was from northern Thailand and this food is the food she often cooks when I want eat something warm.

"how does it taste? delicious isn't it? I purposely chose this food because you wanted to eat something warm"

"Delicious, there's a lot of meat and the tomato broth also taste fresh in the throat"

the air in thailand tonight feels very cold, it's only natural because thailand is located in the highlands. several times the wind touched my skin made me shudder coldly and rubbed my hands for warmth until a jacket was placed on my shoulders.

he sat back down and ate his food "I don't want the doctor to catch a cold, it can be dangerous if you get sick"

I took his hand and rubbed it gently "it's okay if the doctor is sick, he now has an assistant who will take care of him with his special treatment" I gave him a wink

he is like a person who acts confused even his cheeks are reddened "ahhh damn, I'm really weak with you"

and we both laughed, it seems people who fall in love will be a lot of awkward and go crazy.

it was already midnight after we finished dinner. the atmosphere in this place is even more crowded with many visitors, it's only natural that many people will come to this place to just have dinner or have a casual chat.

"Do you want to have a snack? There are many snack vendors here?" he asked

"You're still hungry? It turns out your appetite is very big"

"ohooo .... you reply to my taunt huh? come on do you want to stay here or go home?"

"Should we go back to the village now? It's already midnight there's no way we can go back to the village now"

he looked at the clock in his hand "ahhh you're right, should we look for a hotel around here?"

hotels ? did I hear wrong?

"Don't think negative first, your thoughts always go in a negative direction only"

I threw the scallions at him "I....i don't think anything like that"

he chuckles "come on so what do you think?"

"If you go to Chiang Mai, where will you stay?"

he thought for a moment "I mostly stay on campus or first's house but we can't suddenly come to his house it looks rude"

"Does a master's student like you dont have a dorm ?"

"Why live in a dorm if you spend your time studying outside? Do you want to sleep in a city park?"

"You think I'm a tramp, huh? You seem like the one who looks like a tramp with that way of life"

he laughed out loud, his messy way of life was inversely proportional to mine which was all orderly I was also thinking hard about how he had lived all this time.

"I know where we're going to sleep tonight, it's not far from here either."

"I'm starting to suspect you"

"hahahahaha come on I won't kidnap you, I'm sure you'll like the place"

he took my hand and took me away, this man is a man with a million surprises that made me fall in love. damn .... why do I always obey him?

as he said the place was not too far away, but entered so many alleys that even only one car could pass. a simple house that seems old-fashioned but doesn't look haunted even I feel that this house is like a traditional house with a large yard.

he opened the car’s door and lead me to come down, took my hand and led me towards the house. he took the key from his trouser pocket and opened the door. he turned on all the lights, all the furniture was covered with white cloth but strangely the house was very clean even as if there was no dust at all.

he opened the cover and told me to sit "you wait here" and he entered a room

he then came with a pair of pajamas and towels and handed them all to me "do you want to take a shower? I'll buy you a toothbrush"

"Is there warm water?"

"there is warm water in the bathroom in the bedroom there, you know how to turn it on right? You just have to turn the faucet on"

I nodded and he pointed towards the bedroom he had just entered then he went out to buy a toothbrush.

the rooms in this house seem old-fashioned but feel warm like you are in your childhood room which is very comfortable even the sink and bathtub are still old-fashioned.

I didn't take a shower too long, because I thought taking a shower at midnight was not good so I decided to go back out of the room and walk around the house to pass the time while waiting for him.

a lot of furniture covered with white cloth like this house has not been inhabited for a long time but for some reason I don't feel scared at all being in it. I idly opened the cloth covering a cupboard in the living room because I accidentally saw a figure that looked a little bit and of course this glass cupboard contained a lot of figures with family photos. a man and his wife and their infant child was sitting among them. there were so many pictures of them in the glass cupboard that there was even an old camera placed in it.

"Why did you take off the cover?"

I almost jumped when I heard a loud voice suddenly "ohm, I'm sorry"

he came closer to me, even my chest was beating really fast because I knew I was being presumptuous. "Ohm I'm sorry, I was just curious"

he dropped his luggage and suddenly hugged me really tight, he buried his face in my shoulder and i could hear a low muffled moan. I raised my hand and stroked his head gently "It's okay, I'm here. It's okay" I repeated those words over and over to calm him down.

"they're my parents, this house is my parents' house. my childhood home" he tightened his hug

"Thank you for inviting me here, forgive me if I'm presumptuous"

"It's okay, thanks for coming here with me"

he lifted his head and his face was wet with tears. I wiped his wet eyes and kissed his lips

he took my waist and brought us closer, he kissed my lips. a soft kiss that grew hotter and hotter. I gently pushed his chest then held his cheek.



to be continue