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Let’s Talk About Dinosaurs

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Note : Buitreraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid dinosaurs that lived during the Late Cretaceous of Argentina at the Candeleros Formation. Buitreraptor was described in 2005 and the type species is Buitreraptor gonzalezorum. It was rooster-sized and had a very elongated head with many small teeth.


The chief's wife helped me to organize the contents of the baskets the patient had given me. almost all of its contents are their produce and some of it is cooked food. I asked chief's wife and other womans who help me to distribute to the local people but the old woman refused and accepted more cooked food for lunch because it quickly went stale.

"You keep cassava, corn and some tubers in the barn, the rest you can boil for snacks" the chief's wife gave me advice

I see lots of baskets full in front of me ,they gave me so much that I might even last a lifetime with their gifts. I told them that they don't have to pay me because I myself already got the salary and necessities I need from the government but they still insist on giving me all this. luckily there was the chief's wife and a few women who helped me organize everything. in fact it seems I have to make a list of how to spend all of this.

The chief's wife came closer to me then helped me to arrange the cassava "I'm worried about my nephew" suddenly the chief's wife changed her tone to a low one

"what's up with ohms?" I asked her, to be honest I was a little worried about that guy since yesterday. That unusual expression on his face still lingers in my mind. The man who used to be chatty suddenly turned quiet

"He's been arguing with people from the government for the past few days, I don't know what they were arguing about but I'm sure it's about excavations"

"They have permission to dig, right?"

the old woman nodded her head slowly "yes, but people from the government keep threatening him. I don't know what he was threatened for? he keeps his mouth shut every time we ask. I'm just afraid something bad will happen to him like what happened to his father"

"What's wrong with his father?" I asked out of curiosity, i remember the expression on that guy's face changes every time mentions about his father

the chief's wife just smiled while shaking her head "it's not good to talk about dead people, I'll put this rice in"

damn!!! not because I'm curious, I care a little about the people who have helped me. I mean we'll see each other all the time and for sure we'll be meddling and curious about each other's lives. damn why does this frustrate me? wouldn't it be better to be silent and just go about everyday life without knowing much? damn that person is really annoying

"What are you doing? does your head hurt?" ask the chief's wife

I shook my head then took a sweet potato "I just don't know what to do with these sweet potatoes?" I replied giving an excuse, I can't tell her I'm thinking about her nephew or she'll think nothing of it

her and the other ladies who helped me laugh

"How about you make klue khai chueam (sweet potatoes in condensed milk) ?" other women give opinions

"Do you know how to make it?" asked the chief's wife "you only need sweetened condensed milk then steam the sweet potato"

I shook my head with an awkward smile "Honestly I can't cook"

the chief's wife and the other women laughed making me ashamed of myself. what's wrong if I can't cook? aunty som is a great cook and i'm too busy when it comes to kitchen

"it's okay if you can't cook, just let your future wife cook for you" the old woman teased me

"How about I introduce my daughter to you? She will soon graduate from high school" another woman even offered her child to me, what the hell is this? like a matchmaking event?

i'm too busy living alone to think about how to survive on my own. love seems impossible for me. I've never been in love and it's unlikely I'll ever die alone and I don't care about that. " need, I'm not too focused on a relationship" I said trying to politely refuse. it's true that love is the last thing in my life, I don't have time to think about a serious relationship, or does it seem like I don't need love?.

the women just laughed at my answer while the chief's wife just smiled like she knew what I meant? Who knows ?

the chief's wife and the other women helped me tidy up the rest of the basket after that we had lunch with the cooked food they gave me. a simple meal consisting of several side dishes with assorted vegetables, a warm chicken soup and a plate of warm rice with still steaming smoke. simple but feels very delicious

when we eat together, the women were busy gossiping about their husbands some were complaining about the attitude of their children and some were talking about the harvest and other things. but one thing is for sure they never complain about their life. they seem very grateful for the existing limitations, they even feel proud of what simplicity they have now. I even always ask them if I'm really intruding on their life and they answer with a friendly smile that I'm always welcomed very warmly in their house even my presence seems to help them.

I don't even understand all this, a limited life is inversely proportional to all the luxuries I get in the city but I always feel that I always feel lacking and feel empty but here I feel like I have a new life, a new life which is only temporary...

yeah sadly just temporary

"Can I ask you a favor?" The chief's wife came to me and gave me some lunch boxes. "The men are gathering at the village hall to discuss the construction of the bridge, can you deliver lunch for them the rest you can also look around the village here"

I smiled then took a lunch box that was quite heavy from her hand "Great idea, I just happened to have not had time to walk around the village here"

"You know the direction to the village hall, right?" ask the chief's wife

"From here, just go straight to the village head's house and turn left, right?"

"Wow you are starting to memorize the streets in this village" teased an old chubby woman

"You will eventually become a resident of this village when you feel more comfortable" a thin woman also teased me

and I just answered with a friendly smile. It's not that I don't want to become a resident of this village but it seems there isn't a exact reason to stay in this village yet.

The roads in this village are still paved with dirt, not even concrete. not too crowded just a few farmers passing by on bicycles carrying their rice fields and a few small children running around. I put one of my hands in my jacket pocket which the man gave me. talk about that guy? Where is he now ? Has he not come all day?

oh God nanon, why are you thinking about that stupid man? I pat my own cheek yeah its because the air here is very cold considering this village is on the slopes of a mountain. yeah its cold super cold .

ahh by the way yesterday the tribal chief reminded me not to leave the house at night because the streets would be dark and the fog that fell covered the view considering that there was no electricity here. even though the sky is not dark yet right now, the fog has started to fall even though I can still see around.

the distance between the house I live in and the village hall is not too far but I am quite happy to see the journey around with people's houses made of wood and buildings with characteristics that indicate their tribe and in some people's houses, old women spin cloth with traditional tools that later they will sell the final cloth in the city. a traditional handcrafted fabric with a different motif, each made with care and patience. sometimes there will be some foreign tourists who come to see how rich this simple village is. the tribal chief welcomed the arrival of the tourists in a friendly manner because it greatly helped the amount of their income.

It wasn't until I arrived at the village hall that I could see crowds of people in groups and I could hear some people arguing very loudly. out of curiosity i finally tried to get closer and jostled to see what was really going on and i could see ohm and his friends drake, first and frank were arguing with some uniformed people i could tell they must be people from the government. several other old men and tribal chiefs tried to break up the debate.

"no.... i will never leave that to the government" ohm keeps shouting the same thing over and over

give up what? what are they really arguing about?

"but this has become the government's responsibility" an old man wearing a uniform doesn't want to lose to voice his opinion

"I've put forward the proposal many times, and you know what their response was? that they didn't care about it and told me to be free to do anything and now that I've got the results you guys want to just snatch it away? A stupid thought from people who have power over this country

The man's facial expression seemed to want to let out all the anger he was holding in, is this still related to their excavation project? why am I lingering here, it's better if I don't have to interfere with their business. I just put the lunch box on the table and went back home to open the clinic.

I tried to step forward in the middle of the crammed crowd and kept pushing me even though I almost lost my balance several times until my hands finally managed to reach the table and put the lunch box down until a strong push sent my body bouncing and my back and hands hit the legs of the chair

damn... it hurts so bad

"sorry.....forgive me, I'm sorry"

I see my hand hurts so much that I don't know who keeps apologizing to me, damn this is going to be a huge bruise.

"I'm sorry... really I'm sorry"

I lifted my head and saw the young man's expression full of regret even his eyes were watering and tears were trickling down his cheeks.

"Okay... then how about we continue it next week at the office" I could hear the tribal chief trying to defuse the atmosphere and disperse the crowd.

I tried to stand up and a hand tried to help me but it accidentally touched my back and I sighed quite loudly.

"ohm you have to bring the doctor back home" the village chief ordered

"Don't worry, it's okay... I'm fine"

"'re hurt" he then took my right hand and put it on the back of his neck "i will take you home" and he help me to walk

he then led me to get into his car and helped me to a comfortable sitting position. all the way back to the clinic we were just silent. his eyes kept staring ahead but I could see a gleam of fiery anger in his shining eyes.

"What were you arguing about earlier?" I started the conversation.

"In the past we had submitted a report to ask the government for excavation funds but they seemed to ignore us and only gave excavation permits and after we found a valuable site they just casually claimed that it was the result of their search and would sell it to the British Museum"

"Huh? Shouldn't it belong to the state? why would they want to sell it to a museum in another country?"

"that's why it makes me angry" both hands gripped the steering wheel very tightly "corruptors only care about money and money" he beat the steering wheel to vent anger

finally we reached the clinic and he led me down and some ladies greeted us

"Oh my. What happened to the doctor?" said the old woman in a worried tone

"Is there anything we can help with?" the chief's wife offered to help as well as the other women but I just shook my head

"It's just a minor injury and it looks like I can't open practice today"

"it's okay, focus on your healing after that then heal the patient"

I smiled kindly hearing the women, they were very kind and caring to me.

The chief's wife then pulled the man away for a bit then they talked, I couldn't hear their conversation. they only took a moment and then ohm came back and led me into the house while the chief's wife and the other women who had helped me said goodbye.

"You seem to be famous among the old ladies" he teases me

"if my hand didn't hurt i would have hit you really hard now just pretend you're lucky"

he then raised his hands and laughed "you know what? every time i see you for some reason i feel like immediately feel good, you are a great doctor"

what the hell is that? Am I a psychologist?

"So what can I do for you?"

"Please get some ointment in the upper cupboard" I pointed to a cupboard beside the practice table

"So what does the ointment look like?"

"Yeah, it's shaped like an ordinary ointment with white and blue lines" I saw some bruises starting to look purplish.

"found it!!.... should I help you apply it?"

I snatched the ointment from his hand "no need, I can do it myself..... ouchhhh" I moaned in pain

"No need, huh?"

he squeezed the contents of the ointment onto his finger and rubbed it over the bruises on my calf that had even widened. I groaned in pain several times even trying to straighten my legs.

"I'm sorry, I was too emotional" he said with his head down while rubbing the ointment. he doesn't dare to look into my eyes

"It's okay, I'm in the wrong situation"

he then rubbed the ointment onto the back of my right arm even to move my hand it hurt like i was hit pretty hard.

"You should roll up your sleeves"

"It's okay, I can do it myself"

"You are a very stubborn doctor"

he forced to roll up my sleeves but i couldn't resist because my whole body ached

"See the bruises extending to the back, you should take your shirt off"

"You are crazy?" I screamed loud enough

"How can you put ointment on your back if you don't take your clothes off!!"

"I can do it myself" I emphasized my words

"no!! how about ? with the mirror? okay well turn your body to the wall then take off your clothes if you feel embarrassed"

damn it, I'm like obeying his orders!! I turned my body then unbuttoned my shirt and lowered my shirt half

I can feel the cold cream starting to feel on my back and a soft finger touch which unfortunately makes my heart beat really fast.

"Does this hurt?" he asked softly

"if you slam hard enough of course it hurts"

"Sorry, I'm an idiot who can't control my emotions"

After not feeling any touch, I put my clothes back on and turned my body. and I saw the young man sitting across from me bowing his head.

I reached out my hand and rubbed his head slowly "it's okay, next time try to control your emotions. slowly you can do it"

he then raised his head and our eyes met and looked at each other.

damn, that gaze made my body freeze even more and my heart beat was getting out of control until the hand touched my cheek and his face was getting closer and closer...

nanon, dammit why are you so numb at a time like this?




to be continue