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Let’s Talk About Dinosaurs

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Nyasasaurus Pirringtoni is believed to have walked the earth in the middle triassic era, which is about 243 million years ago. Its fossils were found in Tanzania near Lake Nyasa, and the name Nyasasaurus means Lake Nyasa lizard.


Source : Smithsonia Magazine



"Doc, it looks like we have to take action, the muscle movements in his heart are getting weaker if we force the heart to pump more, the muscle work will be more forced and can leak"

I can see Professor Jack's worried expression, we've been in the operating room for five hours trying to save a patient with heart failure. this should have been a normal operation to install a pacemaker but ended up being a major operation due to abnormal muscle work

I gave some opinions to professor jack as the head of surgery, I knew he was in need of some opinions because on his face he looked like a confused person. I admit he is a cardiologist in this country but this is a very sudden and complicated case, I myself am only an assistant who can only help him.

I looked at the camera which was pointing at the organ that was beating so fast, the movement was abnormal and seemed to have to slow down with each beat. I gave Professor Jack some advice and he started to understand what I meant.

he asked me to take over and start installing some devices to slow down the speed of the heart muscle and seal off some of the parts that looked like they were going to leak and my suggestion worked. we can all breathe easy, even though the heart can't go back to normal as usual, at least the function can be used again.

Professor Jack gave me a satisfied smile, and he asked me to stitch up the postoperative wound. five stressful hours had passed and we were all finally out of the operating room. I walked out taking off the scrub and washing my hands which were covered in blood and professor jack was standing next to me doing the same.

"After this please come to my office, I want to give you an important task" said professor jack walking past me while patting my back lightly

It's been a year since my official appointment as a doctor, actually I had plans to take up a specialist but I guess I'll have to put it off because I'm starting to enjoy my job now.

Professor Jack's office is on the top floor of this hospital, he is a legendary doctor and even sits as the chair of the executive director. several times I accompanied him for major surgeries and doctors' conferences you could say I was his favorite assistant. even because of that many other doctors envy me , they hardly ever even talk to me except for work matters . I myself don't mind it because why talk to people who want to bring you down.

Several times I knocked on the door until I heard Professor Jack's voice telling me to come in. the office is very big there is even a balcony overlooking the meekong river. I've always wanted to have an office like this.

"Nanon, 2 days ago I spoke to my friend from the hospital in Chiangmai. Coincidentally, they need a doctor to work there. I recommend you to work there. Do you want to? Isn't this an advantage for you so that you can deepen your knowledge at the same time? help a lot of people?"

what? I didn't hear wrong right? chiang mai ? I thought he would send me to study in Holland or America? and now instead telling me to go to chiang mai??

"You don't have to accept it, I can ask another doctor, for example, doctor chimon ?"

chimon? damn it! why did he carry that person's name, didn't he know we were sworn enemies?

"How long will I be there?"

"7 months isn't a long time right? after that I will ask the hospital to fund your specialist course in the Netherlands as you wish. nanon, you are a great doctor so great that I recognize your abilities. Being a doctor is not just about money or skills of course. The doctor's duty to treat and heal the sick is a noble service."

"I'll think about it first"

"Okay, I'll give you 3 days to think about it because they really need you there"

my legs felt like limp after that talk, not that i don't want to go to chiang mai but there are still many things i can't let go of in bangkok, i never even went to chiang mai before. I don't know what the situation is like there or there is a danger that I can't face. Really I even doubt myself whether I can live alone or not.

it was 7 pm when i got home and aunt som greeted me with a warm smile and led me to the dining room. Aunt Som is a housemaid who has served in this family since I was a child. she was like my own biological mother, a mother figure that I could not get from my own biological mother. ironic isn't it?

"Are mom and dad home yet?" I asked aunty som who put the bowl of soup in front of me

"madam and master came home this afternoon but only took a moment to get clothes and then flew to Macau, they said there was a business client who asked for an urgent meeting"

I can only take a deep breath. I'm used to like this seeing the state of my house which is always quiet every time I come home. Why have a house this big if no one lives in this house? I'll even only meet them on national holidays or my birthday, it's only for a moment they will come while pretending to smile and give me lots of expensive gifts.

they didn't even show up for my important days at school, watching me graduate to become a doctor. even dad was very angry with me because I didn't want to work with him. Since I was young, I wanted to be a great doctor who is skilled in everything, but they wanted me to be the heir to the company and work for the family because I was the only child. You could even say that my mother hated me.When I was little my mother once told me that I was the reason she became fat and not beautiful anymore. mother never held me even never held my hand at all. my mother gave birth to me only as a condition for her to be accepted into my father's family. the three of us are like strangers forced to live together if it weren't for aunt som, maybe I would have run away from this house long ago.

"Auntie, I got an assignment letter to Chiangmai"

aunt som smiled happily and then stood beside me "you know right chiang mai is where aunty is from?"

"But I've never been there even I don't know how things are there? There's no aunt to help me"

aunt som then took my hand and gently stroked it "becoming a doctor is a good and blessed thing, didn't nong nanon ever tell aunt that you want to save many people? this is your chance to do that good thing"

I smiled then hugged aunt som tightly "greatest aunt in the world"

1 hour journey by plane I finally arrived at chiang mai airport. according to the information given to me, there will be a messenger from the hospital who will pick me up and sure enough there is a man waiting for me with a giant banner even bigger than him with my name on it. it looks so embarrassing when he screams loudly calling my name i feel like i want to go back in and fly back to bangkok.

Slowly, I finally approached the man. he is a few inches taller than me and his body is so big I can even assume that he really likes sports even when standing close to him I look smaller. but his appearance really looks very slovenly like he doesn't pay much attention to his outward appearance and wears whatever clothes are available. I mean how long has he not washed his clothes? And look at his messy hair!!

"doctor nanon? I am ohm, ohm pawat. I was sent to pick you up"

he held out his hand in front of me. he looks like a bum who hasn't showered in days. fortunately as a curmudgeon, his body smells very good at least I won't vomit now.

"where's your car? I brought a big suitcase"

"ahhh please come with me"

he carried the large banner in both hands and tore it apart with great ease. is he a hulk? this is not wrong pick up right?

an old jeep greeted us in the parking lot, there is no air conditioning even the roof is just a tarpaulin and the tires are full of mud. where was this guy before picking me up? He's not a member of a kidnapping syndicate that's rife on TV, right?

"Oh, the car was stuck in the mud hahahaha, I put the suitcase in the back seat"

dammit! he seems to read my mind, what from the look on my face can be seen clearly?

he opened the door and greeted me to go inside "sorry can't pick you up in a luxury car but it's useless to use a luxury car because it will damage the car"

"Huh? Where is that place?"

"You weren't told beforehand?"

he looks like a confused person but now I'm confused about where exactly I will work

"at chom thong near doi inthanon"

" I'm not working in downtown chiang mai?"

he instead laughed out loud "no... you think you will work in the city center? many hospitals are already full of great doctors, you will work far north of thailand. about 9 hours from the center of chiang mai"

what ? they didn't tell me about this! you mean i will work in the hinterland? this is not a joke right? I'm not dreaming right? if i'm dreaming please pinch my hand because i hope i don't want to wake up from this reality.



to be continue



This is just my side project because I'm excited to make Ohm Nanon's ff. I fell in love with this couple since watching Bad Buddy and finally I made this ff. the story is very light and even different from many of my other ffs which have mature theme. nowadays it's just about 2 people with different natures who slowly fall in love lol! but there are still adult scenes but not much and finally hope you like it