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The Scintilla Amplification

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The quietude of the kitchen allowed every decibel of sound to be enhanced for Claudine, like the curse which was sensory overload had decided to embark on her all at once.

She would chalk it down to nerves, navigating the conversation she wished to have with Kaoruko in her head while she washed the remnants of her cup and dried it to prolong the dialogue from occurring.

There was little point in drawing it out any further since they would have to leave for school soon when Fumi, Shizuha and Tamao dropped by due to having practice together.

Claudine was aware that when it came to the heiress, it was better to be forthright.

"I was thinking of asking Tamao out".

Kaoruko halted the motion of picking at her breakfast and glanced up at Claudine whom had moved opposite her, the kitchen island leaving a distance between them.

"I don't know what you want me to do with that information".

The blonde didn't either, her plan to be succinct now defenestrated and she was tempted to follow. However, this was simply a foray into improvisation and she had faith in her talents to do so.

"I just wanted to run it by you since, you know.." she motioned in the air with her right hand like she was twirling a lock of her hair.

Kaoruko raised a fine eyebrow, "I know what?".

"You both have a lot of unresolved drama".

"Oh? That's rich coming from Tendou Maya's proclaimed rival" the heiress scoffed, mood irksome given the conversational gambit Claudine had opened with.

"I'm over that" Claudine replied and toyed with the edge of the countertop, "We actually get along better now".

Kaoruko couldn't refute that but she still didn’t want to give the girl opposite her the satisfaction of reacting to her plans of asking Tamao out.

She did want to react.

Why Tamao?

"Good for you. Well, I have places to be so I'll be on my way".

"You really don't have an issue with it?".

"Why would I?" the girl enquired whilst standing up, "Do as you please. It doesn't concern me".

Claudine's gaze never left Kaoruko when she went to clean up, looking for any ticks the heiress displayed when something frustrated her. Much to her dismay, there was none other than the incisive lilt to her voice which was the norm these days given their looming graduation. 

Either that or Kaoruko’s acting prowess had reached a zenith of adroit levels.

The blonde was irritated by either answer.

She followed Kaoruko to where she was stood near the sink, "Alright. I was just telling you".

"Are you telling me or asking for my permission, Kuro-han?".

Kaoruko couldn't hide her frown now when she faced the blonde, especially when Claudine smirked, "I wasn't asking for your permission".

"Sure. Well, I don't care anyway".

"Doesn't seem like" she hit back.

"Why are you still here? Tamao-han is probably heading this way to practice with us so go and ask her out. It's her funeral if she says yes to you".

Claudine's smirk widened a tad, "Why are you getting so annoyed for, Kaoruko?".

"Me? Annoyed?" Kaoruko repeated and slowly stormed up to the blonde, "Well, I might be. It's the default setting I have when it comes to dealing with you".

"A default setting? I'm honoured you think of me enough to have that".

Kaoruko rolled her eyes hard enough to almost get a glimpse of another dimension concealed behind an illusion, the incipient phase of their arguing commencing.

For some reason, it had increased over the last few days with Claudine seeming to instigate it, as if she had missed the earlier stages of their friendship.

"You shouldn't roll your eyes like that. It would be a shame if something so pretty were to get stuck in your head" Claudine smiled wryly.

"Wow, with those pick up lines, Tamao-han will definitely fall for you..and then roll away when she hits the ground in embarrassment for you. Maybe you should spare her the trauma and date someone used to your dramatic ways and thinks your cute in the right light".

Despite her protests, there was definitely a rubicund tinge to Kaoruko's cheeks, though Claudine's was following after Kaoruko's last remark.

They were more or less squared up to each other, Kaoruko's chin tilted up as Claudine leaned forward, both asserting their stubbornness.

"Yeah? Maybe I should find someone like that. She would be damn special, that's for sure".

"Go for it, Kuro-han, I'm sure she already thinks the world of you".

Claudine clenched her fist, "Fine" she huffed, "Are you free this Saturday or do you not take any days off from being a brat?".

"I'm sure I can free up my schedule since spending a few hours alone with you is equal to a week's worth of work and exhaustion" the heiress retorted.

"Is Saturday afternoon okay or do you need a few more hours of preparation to behave like a human?".

"No, no, meeting at noon gives me plenty of time to prepare myself for your idiocy".




Their stare down ensued for a while, now realising that they were somewhat winded and unaware of their audience whom found their interaction fascinating and were somewhat astonished that neither had been called into a revue.

"Would you want to date Saijou-san?".

Fumi held back from choking at Shizuha's question.

"I don't see why not" Tamao answered, feeling Fumi's horror, "But I have my eyes on another temperamental blonde".

"You do?" Fumi asked, trying to remain composed and indifferent.

"I wonder if Daiba-san is available".


"Just kidding".

Shizuha chuckled as they listened on.

"Why can't they just ask each other out like normal people?" Fumi groaned from the living area, turning away from the duo in the kitchen.

This was way too much sexual tension to deal with in the morning.

"Bold of you to assume any of us are normal, Yumeoji-san".

Tamao smiled at Shizuha's response, thinking back to her conversation with Arisa in regards to the students of the theatre world.

"We might be a little odd but we're good people".