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Rin saw nothing but water everywhere. It filled her lungs and consumed her vision. She felt her lungs burning, then suddenly, pain shot through her entire body. She cried out, unable to make noise, trying to reach the surface, holding her hand out to someone, anyonebut she couldn't move at all, rapidly sinking deeper and deeper down into its depths.

But... there was someone beside her.

They were holding her hand.

She was overcome with sorrow, and yet didn't know why.

Her grief only made her feel worse, but then the person's hand tightened its grip in an attempt to comfort her. She was thankful for the person's company, but it did little to soothe her. But the person stayed with her.

As she sunk deeper, so did they, the water turning from a normal blue to an ominous and horrifying red.

Tears easily fell from her sore eyes, as they both drifted down, down, down...

Then, as she neared the bottom, she felt that person let go.

She reached out for them, now able to move, but she felt something hold her back. Swollen, misshapen hands dug their nails into her skin and pulled. She tried to scream, kicking and thrashing, but the thing was stronger. It bit into her shoulder, drawing a great amount of blood. It took another bite, this time it was deeper, and she could see the chunks of flesh float towards the surface. She tried screaming again, but was silenced by the bloodied water.

Everything was red.

The person holding her hand was floating towards the top, being torn apart little by little. She could only watch as the person was eaten by hideous creatures.

The creature moved its way to her arm, and bit again. 

She was fading away, and as she closed her eyes, she could hear the sounds of tidal waves, children's screams, and then silence.


"Rin... Rin! C'mon, wake up!"

Rin jolted up in her bed, panicked and sweaty, her thoughts clouded by panic and confusion. Seitaro sat beside her, a concern evident in his expression. Unable to speak, Rin merely pulled him into a hug, and began to cry.

"Shh... it's alright... You're safe." Seitaro accepted her embrace and began to rub her back soothingly. "Don't worry. I'm not gonna let anything hurt you or the kids..."

She felt more secure hearing his words, but she was still shaken from her horrible dream. It continued like this for quite some time until Rin's sobs became quiet sniffles. He still continued to hold her in his arms, whispering comforting words into her ear occasionally.

Rin let out a shaky sigh, and let herself go limp in his arms. 

"I... I dreamt that I was drowning, a-and the corpses... oh god, there was so much blood, I couldn't stop it, and you..." 

Rin began to sob again, and Seitaro shushed her. 

"Rin, it's okay..." He said softly, cuddling her close to him. "The curse is over, we're safe. Those girls are gone, remember? And they aren't coming back. We're free. The kids are alright. I'm alright. And we're all alive. I won't ever let anything hurt you, never again."

Rin couldn't stop crying, memories flooded back to her in instants, and it all hurt so much. They could have all been dead, her children could still die possibly. Probably not due to that curse, but she couldn't know. She'd never know.

It was horrifying.

But she took solace in the fact that her lover was here, her children were safe.

And those rotten bodies were returned to the earth, where they belonged.

Eventually, she ended up falling asleep again in Seitaro's arms.