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Snowball fight

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Snowball fight

They dance around the practice room in pairs, trying not colliding between them while twirling and spinning around to the sound of the music being played until the last notes start to fade in the background and nothing except silence and the panting of their breathings can be heard.

Then, two claps resonate breaking the silence settling in the room.

- You did great today, girls. Now go and get changed so you can go back to the dorms before the weather gets worse. And please, be careful on your way.

Sakuragi-sensei tells them kindly before she leaves the room.

As soon as she’s out of the room and the door closes, Karen promptly flops onto the floor tired from practice.

- Arhg, finally – Karen whines.

- Karen-chan! – Mahiru scolds her, kneeling next to her with a bottle of water and a towel in hand while Hikari just rolls her eyes.

- Bakaren – Hikari murmurs as she walks away from them to get her own bottle of water and drink a big gulp of it.

- Futaba-haaaan, take me to the dorms.

In another part of the room, Kaoruko complains at the same time as she clings onto Futaba’s back tiredly, making the pink haired girl huff but still support her weight so she doesn’t fall.

God knows the consequences and the amount of yelling she’ll have to endure if she lets her fall...

- Oi Kaoruko, you’re heavy – the pink haired girl says a bit tired and exasperated, gaining a light shove from the other girl.

Nana, Claudine and Maya can only look at the scene unfolding in front of them with amused expressions on their faces, while Junna just pinches the bridge of her nose sighing heavily.

- Girls, we should listen to Sakuragi-sensei and get changed to leave promptly if we don’t want to come across a storm.

She ends up saying seriously, getting everybody’s attention.

- Going!!

Karen exclaims, bringing her hand up to her temple in a salute and quickly sitting up, following Junna’s orders to leave before the weather gets worse. Junna just rolls her eyes while the rest of the girls chuckle at Karen’s antics, gathering their things and bags to go and change their clothes in the changing room so they can go back to the dorms all together.

As soon as they step outside the building, they’re greeted with the sight of their surroundings completely covered in white and snowflakes falling.

- It’s snowing! – Karen exclaims, quickly but carefully running down the few steps of the school’s entrance to let the snowflakes fall on her as she spins around with a happy smile on her face.

The girls gaze up at the sky, seeing the snowflakes falling then at the white snowed landscape surrounding them, bringing a fond smile to their faces.

Kaoruko, who is once again clinging onto Futaba’s back just like she did minutes ago in the practice room, quickly straightens up and takes the pink haired girl by the hand, startling her before she starts to run with her, careful to not slip.

- O-Oi! Why are we running!? – Futaba asks her confused while Kaoruko just laughs slyly, without saying a word as they run away.

Karen, upon seeing them running away, quickly grabs Hikari’s and Mahiru’s hands to run after them, forcefully dragging Hikari and Mahiru with her.

- Come on, us too! – she exclaims cheerfully, laughing and infecting her partners with her joy.

- Karen-chan! – Mahiru laughs, following her happily, while Hikari chuckles yet lets Karen drag her too, following them stubbornly.

Nana smiles joyfully at their friends’ playfulness and takes Junna’s hand to follow them.

- Come on Junna-chan, we can’t fall behind! – she exclaims happily, giving Junna a big smile that makes the other girl blush before she runs at the same time as the tall blonde, leaving Claudine and Maya behind by themselves.

- Méchante va... I guess we can’t be left behind, can we Tendou Maya? – Claudine tells the brunette with a smirk on her face, gaining a sly grin back from the other girl.

- Of course we can’t, Saijo Claudine.

Maya says, and with that, they start to run chasing after their friends before they reach an open area, finding the girls already split in pairs or trios in the case of Karen, Hikari and Mahiru, all of them with big grins on their faces before they show them the snowballs they’re holding in their hands.

- Merde – Claudine curses, begrudgingly taking Maya’s hand to take her with her, running to hide behind a nearby big stump – quick, duck and start making snowballs.

Maya ducks just like Claudine has told her to do, but stares at the ash-blonde confusedly, almost clueless, seeing how she gathers a big handful of snow in her hands.

- Why? – she asks her confused, seeing Claudine gazing up at her bewildered.

- What do you mean why? Isn’t it obvious?

- No? – the brunette asks the other girl innocently and clueless, tilting her head and even though Claudine finds the gesture terribly cute, she can’t help but sigh exasperated at the other girl.

- Because it’s a snowball fight!

Maya keeps staring at her confused, not even blinking, trying Claudine’s patience.

- Méchante va, we have to make snowballs to throw them to the other girls and hit them with them. Haven’t you ever played this?

Claudine says, looking back down at the snow to keep making more snowballs.

- No.

Claudine snaps her head up, staring at Maya shockingly who lowers her head in a mix of embarrassment and sadness, and Claudine can’t help but look at her sadly.

She sighs and hesitantly places her gloved hands over Maya’s, taking her hands to gather a big handful of snow in between them. She then presses them together to start compacting the snow before they give it a rounded form.

- You just have to do this and voilà, you’ve just made a snowball – Claudine says softly, blushing lightly as she sees the expression of pure bliss on Maya’s face after discovering how to make a snowball. She then clears her throat – K-Keep making more like how I’ve just taught you and when we have enough of them, we can begin the snowball fight.

She sees Maya nodding, smiling beamingly as she quickly start making more snowballs as she taught her to do to stock them up until they have enough.

Claudine can’t help but smile at how beaming Maya looks doing that before she shakes her head and pokes it out from behind the stump where they’re hiding to see if the others are ready, then ducks again, seeing Maya looking at her with big wide eyes.

Damn, stop being so cute!

Claudine thinks to herself, shutting her eyes and taking a deep breath to calm herself down before opening them again with a fiery spark of determined burning in them.

- Listen to me Tendou Maya, we won’t stop throwing the snowballs at the others until we’re the last ones standing and win this fight, did you hear me? So when I tell you, start firing them with all your might.

Maya nods, slightly amused at how competitive Claudine can be over a snowball fight and watches her peeking out once again before she gives her a signal with her hand.

- Now! – Claudine hisses at her and soon, she starts to throw part of their snowballs at Karen.

Maya promptly follows her example, trying to fire at Karen too but the snowball she throws barely gets close to where the auburn girl is.

- Seriously? – Claudine says stunned, looking at Maya who blushes slightly in embarrassment before she regains her composure and clears her throat.

- I apologize Saijo-san, I didn’t calculate correctly the distance nor does the strength I should have used – Maya apologizes, taking another snowball in her hand to throw it at Karen, this time a bit closer to her target but still not hitting any of the three girls.

Claudine looks at Maya out of the corner of her eye, seeing her furrowing her brows almost frustrated and giggles quietly.

- Looks like there’s something Tendou Maya isn’t good at – Claudine teases Maya, seeing her smiling calmly back at her.

- I’m merely having some mercy at them. Just watch my next try – Maya turns slightly to wink at Claudine before she takes another snowball in her hand, taking a deep breath before throws it to Karen, failing miserably in her try and eliciting a loud laugh from Claudine who just ended hitting Hikari with hers.

- I’ve just saw it – she says between laughs before she sees the other three girls ready to fire at them – watch out!

She warns Maya, dodging some snowballs before she obliges Maya to duck again to hide behind the stump.

They quickly make and stock up more snowballs, laughing as they do it before they try again, watching the crossed fire of snowballs between all of them before they start to get hit by them.

They try their best to hide from the hail of snowballs suddenly thrown at them by the other girls who seemed to have all agreed on the same target. But even trying their best to hide and dodge the snowballs, Maya starts to get hit by the most of them, unable to defend herself from them much to Claudine’s concern.

- Hey! It’s not fair if all of you go after us! – Claudine yells at them, dodging more snowballs while trying to fight them with more on her own.

- It is! You two are the top stars!

Kaoruko yells out, irritating Claudine who starts to throw the snowballs with more strength than before, not paying attention at how Maya is doing until a snowball passes by her really fast, almost brushing against her cheek until it crashes into Maya’s face.

Claudine hears her squealing slightly and looks back at her to see Maya’s face covered in snow, making her gasp.

- Maya! – she yells, quickly approaching the brunette to help her clean the snow off her face, seeing her with a distant look in her eyes that makes her furrow her brows concerned – Maya? Are you okay? Are you hurt?

She asks the other girl, not obtaining any answer nor any reaction from her. Claudine is about to ask her again when she starts to get hit by several snowballs at the same time, one particularly hitting her really hard in the back.

- Kya! – she squeals in pain, turning around quickly to send a death glare at an amused Kaoruko – Kaoruko! You little shit!

She yells out angrily, trying to raise her arm to throw a snowball back at her when she’s attacked by more snowballs, making her recoil until her body hits Maya’s, somehow working as a shield to the brunette from the merciless snowballs’ attack.

This finally awakes Maya from her trance, seeing Claudine completely covered in snow and shivering yet even so protecting her from the attack, so the brunette takes a drastic decision and takes Claudine by the hand, forcing her to run away with her, trying to dodge the snowballs that keep coming their way in their run away.

Maya keeps running, leaving the girls and the open area behind until she comes across a small wood, guiding Claudine and her into it and behind one of the thickest trunks that are in there.

She hides them and pins Claudine against it, making sure none of the girls followed them before she directs her attention back at the ash-blonde, seeing her still shivering from the cold. Maya can’t help but feel guilty for not have reacted before therefore Claudine ended up taking the worst part of the merciless attack.

Maya sighs lightly and gets closer to Claudine in an attempt to be the one shielding her, this time from the cold while trying to warm her up.

- W-What are y-you doing, i-infuriating girl!? – Claudine whines and squeals startled by her sudden proximity, and Maya can only smile at her.

- I’m trying to keep you warm – she says calmly with a soft smile on her face, pulling her body even closer to Claudine’s.

Claudine blushes furiously but says nothing, enjoying the warmth Maya’s body provides her with.

- I-I’m only letting you do it b-because it’s cold – Claudine says stubbornly yet blushing slightly in embarrassment.

Maya, upon seeing the ash-blonde with her mouth slightly open, breathing labored and with her cheeks and nose red due to the cold yet acting so stubbornly, can’t help but find her so endearing cute that she shortens their distance to kiss her tenderly.

Claudine, far from pushing the other girl away, just pulls her closer by the lapel of her coat to deepen the kiss, eliciting a smile from Maya in the kiss before it ends and they pull apart, both of them panting hard.

- Tu es vraiment mignonne, ma Claudine (You are really cute, ma Claudine) – Maya says with a charming and sweet smile on her face, caressing the ash-blonde’s cheek tenderly while infuriating and making Claudine blush at the same time.

- S-Shut up, infuriating woman! – Claudine squeals, blushing even harder, before shoving Maya lightly to go away, hearing the brunette laughing behind her.

Claudine starts to walk off, stomping in the snow before she stops abruptly and turns around, quickly going back over Maya’s spot to stand next to her and pull her into a rough and deep kiss, catching the brunette off-guard and leaving her completely breathless.

- Don’t you dare to think this was going to end like that, Tendou Maya. I’ve won – Claudine declares triumphantly before she turns around to leave for real and Maya can only laugh and grin foolishly at her, following the ash-blonde before she dares to take her hand in hers to go back to the dorms together.

At the end, the both of them pretty much ended up winning the snowball fight.