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My Twisted Mind

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Hi guys,

I dont know if people are still reading or are keeping updated with this story, but I've decided to stop writing this and my other stories. I was planning on re-writing them, but as I've sat down these past few weeks to try writing them I've found myself not able to continue them. I'm gonna leave this chapter up and upload the other parts of these stories again as they were, so people who enjoyed them can read them up to where they've been updated.

To be honest, I love 5sos and their music but I've found myself reading less fanfics, and I've found my interest in writing fanfics for the diminishing alot over the past few years. When I started writing stories for them I was 14/15 and had just started listen to them, and at the time I was reading a crap-ton of 5sos fanfics myself, so I was getting lots of inspiration for stories for ones I was reading. However, as I said I haven't been reading as many fanfics for 5sos lately, and I've found that I don't really have the inspiration to write for them anymore.

I do plan to keep writing fanfics, but I'm going to move onto other fandoms and stories that I have inspiration for, and try to write the entirety of stories before I post them, so that I can update fairly regularly, and not have to worry about when to find time to write when I have a busier schedule. I'm going to keep these fics up under this pseud, CalumSlutTBH, since it's a pseud I made mostly for writing 5sos, and I'm going to write my other stories under my original name, KookiesandCream22. If you want to check out the stories I'm planning to write under there, they are going to mostly be Kpop stories, I have a Stray Kids one that I'm currently writing and a couple others that I have ideas for, so if your interested in kpop too you can read the prologue for the Stray Kids story thats already been posted.

Thank you to everyone who has read, given kudos, bookmarked or subscribed to this story, hopefully the you can continue to enjoy what was written previously even if it is unfinished.

Thanks for reading,