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Rendezvous Point

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"No talking about work," Wang Yang says, extending another finger. "Except during meals."

Zhu Yilong shoots Bai Yu a look before he can cut in about technicalities. Bai Yu rolls his eyes, as if it hadn't been his idea to make Wang Yang repeat the rules, "just to make sure." He can keep his mouth shut now.

"Two hours of phone usage per day," Wang Yang continues.

"I bargained him up from half an hour," Bai Yu says so quickly Zhu Yilong can't attempt another glare.

"Well, thank you," Wang Yang tells him. "I appreciate it."

"He just decided two hours was better," Zhu Yilong says. "I don't remember any bargaining."

Bai Yu just waves his hand at Wang Yang, hurrying him along.

Another finger goes up. "No talking about," and here Wang Yang lowers his voice to a conspiratorial whisper, "monkeys--" which makes Bai Yu break into giggles.

This was a terrible idea. This was such a terrible idea.

"--at any time," Wang Yang finishes in his normal voice. "I think that's it."

"No primates either," Bai Yu says. "Like, gorillas. Not allowed." He gives Zhu Yilong a look. "Found that out the hard way."

"Oh please," he says.

"I won't mention any animals," Wang Yang cuts in. "Just to be on the safe side."

Bai Yu laughs. "Bit drastic."

Zhu Yilong smiles at Wang Yang. "I do like animals," he says, then glares at Bai Yu, preemptively.

"Getting some mixed messages," Wang Yang stage-whispers, his face turned towards Bai Yu. "Are gorillas not animals?"


"I'll get started in the kitchen," Zhu Yilong says over the sound of Bai Yu's laughter, then gets up from the couch. He's stopped by Bai Yu's hand as he passes the recliner and he makes a point of heaving a big sigh before bending down to kiss Bai Yu.

This is going to be fine, Bai Yu's lips say, and he smiles into the kiss, stroking his fingers briefly over Bai Yu's hair.

Maybe it wasn't such a terrible idea after all.

He's halfway through chopping up veggies when he realizes this was the first time he kissed Bai Yu in front of someone else without worrying about it first. Or during, or after. He kissed Bai Yu, and Wang Yang was there, and that was all there was to it.

It's not like they hide their relationship in front of their closest friends, the ones that know, but they don't touch a lot either. Sometimes even a peck on the cheek seems like too much, outside of their own home. Even when he feels at ease around his friends, a small part of him is always aware, always thinking about how visible his love is allowed to be.

Here, in this space, he doesn't have to think about anything. That's true in various ways, and it's still true with Wang Yang present.

He puts the knife down and stalks back into the living room.

Wang Yang and Bai Yu are talking about a director they both know, which is work-related, but "it counts as meal time as long as someone is preparing food!" Zhu Yilong would say something disapproving, but it's not a rule either of them enforces much. He likes when Bai Yu gets excited about a new project.

Bai Yu looks up at him mid-sentence and he leans in to kiss him, his fingers resting briefly on his cheek. "Hey," Bai Yu says quietly, his lips a little shiny and his eyes sparkling.

Zhu Yilong kisses him again.

"Sweetheart," Bai Yu murmurs against his lips. "You're making Yang-ge jealous."

"It's okay," Wang Yang says, his voice warm and amused, and Bai Yu raises a hand to cup the back of Zhu Yilong's head, pulling him close again, his tongue slipping into Zhu Yilong's mouth.

"Now I'm getting jealous," he hears distantly, and he breaks away, smiling against Bai Yu's lips. The fingers in his hair scratch gently over his scalp, Bai Yu's eyes searching his.

"You're going to make it up to Yang-ge, aren't you," Bai Yu says, his palm warm against the back of Zhu Yilong's neck.

He nods slowly.

Wang Yang is smiling at him when he finally straightens and turns to look, and he thinks that Wang Yang understands. Why he kissed Bai Yu. Why he wants to say yes to Bai Yu, yes to anything, as much as he can possibly give him. Why they invited Wang Yang here. All of it.

"Whatever Xiao Bai says," Wang Yang tells him, his hands raised in mock surrender. "I've memorized all the rules."

He ducks his head away, and smiles, and drops a quick kiss on Bai Yu's hair before he goes back into the kitchen.

They can start with dinner.

After that, they'll see.




Wang Yang doesn't get to help much during dinner prep, but he does get to poke around the various pans and comment on the delicious smells, making Yilong smile. His pants are swishing against the kitchen floor, bare feet bumping against Yilong's slippers as Yilong softly recounts his mother's recipe for sweet and sour ribs.

He's wearing what he'd be wearing at home, because he was told to feel at home here, so he brought his softest, most well-worn t-shirts, and he fits right in with Yilong and Bai Yu.

It's not quite home, but it's something close enough.

Yilong starts talking about his current project the second he sits down at the table, which makes Wang Yang snort, which in turn makes Bai Yu grin. The rule probably exists solely to force Yilong not to think about his work for some of the time at least.

Wang Yang is content to listen, and eat, and chime in every now and then with a story from the Rebel set Bai Yu hasn't heard yet.

Bai Yu shoos him out of the kitchen when he offers to help with the dishes, and he doesn't protest much, laughing as he's sent back to the couch to "watch TV or something." He settles on some drama a friend managed to score a small part in, making a little game of trying to spot her while he listens to the soft clatter from the kitchen and becomes one with the sofa cushions.

He doesn't move when Yilong shuffles towards the couch, just turns his head to smile at him. There's enough room for Yilong to get comfortable, wherever he wants.

Yilong chooses the floor.

Wang Yang opens his legs to let him scoot closer, his head coming to rest against Wang Yang's knee.

"Comfortable?" he says, turning down the volume to a low background hum, then reaches out to fit his palm around the back of Yilong's head.

Yilong smiles at him, leaning into his touch just as sweetly as he did the first time, back in his hotel room.

"You know you can do whatever you want," Wang Yang says, running his fingers through Yilong's hair. He knows Bai Yu sent him here, and he thinks he knows why, but a small part of him still wants to make sure. "You don't have to make it up to me."

"I know," Yilong says, lifting his hand to slowly slide his fingers up the inside of Wang Yang's thigh. "We're glad you're here."

He can't help moving into Yilong's touch, his breath hitching as Yilong runs his fingertips over the outline of his cock.

This is where the loungewear comes in handy, he supposes.

"I'm glad too," he says, his hand still in Yilong's hair. Yilong's hand is barely moving, whispering over his pants just enough to light up his nerves. He takes a shaky breath. "Would Xiao Bai like me to ask you nicely?"

Yilong looks up at him again, a banked heat in his gaze, and then he slowly shakes his head as he frees Wang Yang's cock.

"Kind of him," he gets out before Yilong takes him into his mouth, and then he loses all track of time.

He's achingly hard, his cock covered in Yilong's spit and his own precome, and his hands are roaming over Yilong's head, Yilong's shoulders, the back of his flushed neck. It takes him a moment to realize Bai Yu is joining them, folding himself up on one end of the couch to watch, all his soft parts protected where Wang Yang is utterly exposed.

He lets his legs fall open further, his hand cupped loosely around Yilong's head, and he can't bring himself to look away from Yilong as he says, "Did you tell him to go extra slow?"

Bai Yu snorts softly. "I told him not to let you come without me there to watch."

Yilong makes a small noise around his cock and he answers it with a shivering exhale of his own. "Well, he certainly accomplished that," he tells Bai Yu, his voice slipping away on the last syllable as Yilong takes him in deeper.

"Tell him," Bai Yu says quietly. "He likes to hear it from you."

"Oh sweetheart," Wang Yang breathes, stroking his fingers over Yilong's cheek. "You're doing really well." He shifts his hips, just barely thrusting up into the heat of Yilong's mouth. "I'm this close to pleading my case with Xiao Bai."

Yilong pulls off to take a breath and his lips stretch into a smile, his eyes still closed.

Wang Yang cups his chin to gently lift his head, stroking his thumb over his cheek. "Good boy," he says softly. "You're such a sight."

In his periphery, he can see Bai Yu carefully unfolding himself, leaning the angles of his long body against the couch. "Now," is all he says.

Yilong leans in again to nuzzle at Wang Yang's cock, to suck the head back into his mouth, with more urgency now. "Is he going to swallow?" Wang Yang says, his fingers stroking more roughly through his hair.

"If you're very good," Bai Yu says, and Wang Yang huffs out a laugh, a small moan escaping his throat as Yilong tightens his fist around the base of his cock and slides his lips down, down, down.

"Fuck," Wang Yang says, his fingers in Yilong's hair tightening.

"Good start," Bai Yu says, and then everything goes hazy and hot and desperate.

Yilong swallows it all, in the end, his lips sealed tight around Wang Yang's cock, his throat working, and Wang Yang has to gently pull him off when it gets too much. He takes a deep breath as he slumps back against the cushions, carefully tucking himself back in.

Yilong is sucking in lungfuls of air, his head bowed, and Wang Yang reaches out to smooth down strands of hair he left in disarray. "Xiao Bai can be proud of you," he says, feeling the couch dip as Bai Yu settles down next to him, pressed close against his side.

"Oh I am," he says, reaching out to fit his hand around Yilong's nape. "Very proud."

Wang Yang moves his hand away, but Bai Yu stops him with a jerk of his head, so he puts it back, gently petting Yilong's hair. He can feel Bai Yu's body heat seeping into his side, warm and reassuring, and he leans into it, his head practically on Bai Yu's shoulder.

"Cuddler, huh?" Bai Yu whispers at him, a grin in his voice. His thumb is stroking the side of Yilong's neck, coming to rest behind his ear.

Something must have filtered through the undoubtedly pleasant haze in Yilong's head, because it briefly looks like he wants to open his eyes before leaning back into Bai Yu's touch.

Wang Yang smiles. "Want to blow his mind?" he whispers back, and then he turns his face towards Bai Yu, his nose almost touching his hair. Bai Yu just raises his eyebrow, waiting, so Wang Yang carefully presses a kiss just behind his ear, the sound unmistakable in the quiet.

Yilong's eyes fly open.

Bai Yu is probably looking right at Yilong as he leans his head to the side, giving Wang Yang access to lay another kiss on his neck. He lingers a little, sliding his lips over the soft skin.

Bai Yu opens his mouth to lick his lips, and they're tangled so close that Wang Yang can hear the soft, wet sound of it. A moment later, Yilong is surging up, bracing himself on Wang Yang's knee to kiss Bai Yu, a harsh sound escaping his lips.

He must still taste faintly of Wang Yang, too.

"Not as easy as Xiao Bai makes it look, huh?" Wang Yang says, his voice gentle as he briefly presses his lips against Bai Yu's hair. He can see Bai Yu smile against Yilong's lips, and then he untangles himself from them both, making room for Yilong to climb into Bai Yu's lap. "I'll see you in the morning," he says, laughing when they both raise a distracted hand at him.